Generator Circuit Breakers

Retrofit Application
Reasons for generator circuit
breaker refurbishments
Most power plants are more than 20
years old. For this reason alone,
refurbishment is needed in order to
renew power plant production by
replacing GCBs and related equipment.
Antiquated GCBs require maintenance
times that are expensive when power
plants produce hundreds of MW. They
could also need spare parts that are
becoming increasingly more difficult to
GCB retrofitting increases a power
plant's life while reducing outage costs.
With the latest in GCB technology, the
plant is more reliable and profitable, as
well as being better protected and able
to meet new electricity market
At Alstom Grid, we consider retrofit
projects as a partnership with our
Cover letter
Power plants are being asked to generate more power as the world's consumption increases. Production
must be secured and reliable. In this context, the Generator Circuit Breaker (GCB) retrofit deserves a closer
Is your MW
Retrofitting your Generator Circuit
Breaker ensures you a fast return on
investment and a strong partnership
for the future.
In conclusion
Alstom Grid SAS core values are: Trust,
Team and Action. Sharing them with
our customers creates efficient
partnerships, destined for positive
Within a retrofit project, a thorough
understanding of the power plant is
essential to clearly ascertain the project
Power plant refurbishment covers a
large field of activities, from civil works
to new equipment commissioning.
Optimising the replacement of existing
equipment within plant time constraints
is a major consideration, along with
securing the equipment production and
We consider a GCB retrofit as a turnkey
project and our dedicated Retrofit team
will support you by first offering an
extensive site survey to provide the
most adaptable and global solution.
Advantages and benefits
Life extension
Power plant owners have to protect their key devices to produce power from the generator and the transformer,
amongst others. Protecting these devices is the GCB - and a well-protected power plant is one with the highest
levels of reliability, availability and safety. Our GCB's also have a minumum 30 year life span.
An Alstom Grid GCB solution increases the reliability and safety of power plants and brings the following
An antiquated GCB needs more
maintenance than a new one and can
lead to unscheduled downtimes. Add
the difficulty in obtaining spare parts
and the math is simple - maintaining an
antiquated GCB is a heavy investment.
A new GCB not only has the latest
technology, but offers a warranty period
where maintenance during the first
years is covered.
GCB retrofits save customers
High performance
Our Generator Circuit Breaker technology is consistently updated due to our significant investment in R&D, giving
you the highest level of quality and innovation.
All of our SF6 GCB models are equipped with the FK type spring-operated mechanism, which enables up to 20 000
The advantages of this technology are:
• High reliability, availability and quality
• Simple, clear functional principle
• No more hydraulic leakages
Rapid Installation
Power plant owners have a major constraint: the optimisation and the safety of power production.
How is it possible to overcome this constraint?
Our solution is to retrofit the existing GCB during a unit shut down for maintenance with an optimised duration of
works. Our latest generation of GCB is very adaptible and can be delivered either assembled - or when space is a
concern, unassembled - enabling us to propose universal solutions.
Our technical process for retrofit projects
Customised Customised Customised Customised
analysis analysis analysis analysis
The Alstom Grid GCB retrofit team has developed a pertinent offer, which fits the criteria of reliability,
adaptability and availability. From the site survey, adaptation to the available space, existing bus bars and
civil engineering to commissioning - Alstom Grid proposes an optimised and integrated offer that reduces
installation and commissioning times.
Customised analysis Retrofit realisation
After receiving approval of the solution,
we work together with our local
partners on the execution of the
following tasks:
• Dismantling existing
• Civil works adaptation
• Bus bar adaptation
• Erection of the new
• Commissioning in
collaboration with the client
All site works are performed according
to time schedule milestones.
Information collected during the site
survey enables us to make technical
feasibility studies.
To aid in the studies, we use 3D
software to issue detailed proposal
views followed by the installation steps.
This preparation allows us to define an
optimised time schedule for
manufacturing and site works to
minimise the unit's shut down.
The proposed offer is then elaborated
on a turnkey basis where we take full
The first services we offer to the
partnership include step by step
directions the project will take and a
complete analysis of constraints. This
enables us to propose the most
adapted solutions.
A site survey report will be carried out
by our GCB retrofit team to collect all
GCB technical and environmental data.
At every stage of the retrofit project we share a hand
in hand relationship with our customer to find the
best solution together!
Solution Solution Solution Solution
Retrofit Retrofit Retrofit Retrofit
realisation realisation realisation realisation
USA, New York HPP
12 x FKG2S without enclosure
Panama, Enel Fortuna
3 x FKG2S without enclosure
Worldwide retrofit know-how
Spain, CH Sallente
10 x FKG2S without enclosure
Italy, Angelo
2 x FKG2S conbined
Germany, Stadtwerke
1 x FKG2S combined
France, Grand Maison
14 x FKG1N without enclosure
France, La Rance
12 x FKG2S without enclosure
Switzerland, Ferrera & Sils
8 x FKG2S without enclosure
Russia, Zagorskaya
12 x FKG2S without enclosure
Slovakia, Vojany PP
1 x FKG2S
Vietnam, Ialy HPP
2 x FKG1N combined
Taiwan, Tongshaio
2 x FKG2S without enclosure
China, Anshan
1 x FKG1N without enclosure
China, Xin An Jiang
9 x FKG1N without enclosure
Argentina, Salto Grande
14 x FKG2S with enclosure
Brazil, Vila Do Conde
2 x FKG2M with enclosure
Brazil, Presidente Dutra
2 x FKG2S with enclosure
Saudi Arabia, PP8
10 x FKG2S without enclosure
Spain, CH Sallente site
Works stage
Old GCB New retrofitted GCB installed
Proven experience all around the world.
Global expertise supporting adapted solutions
Localised sales offices
Villeurbanne, France
Central sales office and competence centre
Suzhou, China
Shanghai, China
Charleroi, USA
Moscow, Russia
Chennai, India
Central sales office & competence centre
Villeurbanne, France
Proximity is key to providing the level of service excellence expected by customers. The Alstom Grid GCB
team is located in key regions around the world, ensuring the most efficient support and expertise to assist
our customers during the different stages of their projects.
Skilled Alstom Service teams are also spread throughout the world, providing immediate support, training
and supervision.
Our range of generator circuit breakers
Alstom Grid offers the perfect generator circuit breaker solutions for installation in new power plants or for
the refurbishment of existing ones. All GCBs are designed to meet the customer's specific needs. Both circuit
breaker-only and combined solutions are available.
* For more information, please contact us.
ALSTOM Grid Worldwide Contact Centre
Tel: +44 (0) 1785 250 070

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