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“Take the 100 Day Challenge and I’ll turn you into an unstoppable powerhouse!”
- Gary Ryan Blair
Create Your Own BIG BANG!
A Special Report from Gary Ryan Blair
Date: September 23, 2009
Situation: 265 down and 100 days to go in 2009.
Objective: Develop a massive action and implementation
plan to ensure that you finish the year strong!

We are all staring down the barrel of the same reality--the clock is
ticking and no matter how you look at it, there’s but one quarter left in
this calendar year.

You must consider the remaining 100 days of this year as a now or
never opportunity to finish the year strong, exceed expectations, and
for some, use it as a final chance at redemption.

Let’s cut right to the chase, by looking at the results of your actions
year to date, that REALITY tells you if you have been successful or not in
achieving the goals you set earlier this year.

As it relates to your goals, your demonstrated actions have allowed you

to be in one of three positions.

You have either:

“Gary Ryan Blair has created an
1. Exceeded your expectations of what you thought you
exciting, hands-on approach for could achieve.
defining what you desire in life
and for charting a course toward 2. Met expectations of what you set out to accomplish.
that end. This goal-setting and 3. Fallen below your desired expectations of what you
life planning program is a vital wanted to accomplish.
tool to help you turn your
dreams into reality!” Regardless of the position you are currently in, you CAN have the
best quarter of your life.
Ken Blanchard,
best selling author of “The But you must do a few things in the manner presented in the next
One Minute Manager” few pages.

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The 100 Day Challenge!

As someone who participates in or leads more than fifty strategy

sessions per year with leading companies like IBM, Starbucks, Disney
and many others, I’m well aware that we all began this year with great
hope and determination. I’m also well aware that many goals and plans
fall far from being realized.

The Solution

So what specifically can you do in order to capture the brass ring? What
can you do to ensure dramatic and ongoing performance gains? Work
harder? Longer? Set realistic goals?

You don’t stand a chance of succeeding with that strategy, yet that is
“Gary Ryan Blair’s has developed exactly what the majority of people will do.
a powerful, practical program
Most people operate within a mindset that success comes one step at
that shows you how to set goals
a time.
and plot strategies for each
area of your life. It’s a serious While unspoken, the court of public opinion says that we must move
program, for serious people, who systematically from our present level of achievement to the next. Then, the
want serious results!” thinking goes, from that stage we can begin working toward graduating
to still the next higher level in the sequence—gradual progress.
Brian Tracy,
This is a false and unfortunate misconception, and it’s clearly reflected
best selling author of in the way people function.
“Maximum Achievement”
They go about, day to day, striving to make incremental gains in their
performance. They repeat the same unnecessary routine which is the
pathway of conventional growth.

The good news is that life does not always have to operate in that
manner. In many areas of your life, you must reframe your beliefs and
think in terms of radical breakthroughs.

I’m here to tell you that you can make a series of radical breakthroughs
from your present level of achievement to one that is several levels
higher -- directly.

What I’m going to share with you in the next few pages has the power
to change your life and blow your mind as you are about to learn how
to create your own Big BANG!

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The 100 Day Challenge!

Creating your own Big BANG implies an explosive jump, a controlled

explosion in your personal performance that puts you far beyond the
next logical step.

The Big BANG is a strategy for stunning advances in the achievement of

your goals and is a proven process which you can implement to finish
the year strong.

You might want to compare it to multiplication instead of addition

“The Personal Strategic Plan by -- it means a geometric, and if performed consistently a perpetual
Gary Ryan Blair offers a straight progression in your effectiveness.
forward, sometimes in your face
approach to getting serious Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?
about your life and intended
Right now, this instant, you are capable of exponential growth. You
accomplishments. If you want to
have the ability to multiply your performance, dramatically exceed
make the most of your life, you
your best expectations, and achieve goals on a scale that in the past
simply must invest a few dollars seemed impossible. You can do all of this once you begin to implement
in yourself and learn from The the Big BANG strategy.
You begin the progress by stopping: you must stop settling for things
David M. Corbin, as they are, and surrender the belief that change is only marginal and
Author Illuminate: Harness-
ing the Positive Power of
Life is prepared to give you a breakthrough—a spontaneous creation
Negative Thinking
experience any time you become willing to allow it.

Few people or organizations ever come close to reaching their full

potential. Most do not even come close, and barely scratch the surface
of what they can possibly accomplish.

Maybe, just maybe, the time has come for you to study the face in the
mirror and decide once and for all that you are ready to rock the world.
If not you, who? If not now, when?

Let me be perfectly clear on this point, creating your own Big BANG is
not about getting to the next level, what we’re talking about here is a
powerful strategy for getting to the next orbit!

I’m talking about increasing sales by 500%, about dominating your

market niche, worldwide distribution and consumption of your product

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The 100 Day Challenge!

or service, financial freedom on a mind blowing scale, exceptional

physical health and vitality, about finding a cure for the incurable.

So, hold on tight as you are about to learn how to make dramatic
performance gains that will allow you to achieve every goal you desire
and finish this year with a bang – your BIG BANG.

Let’s Do It!

For just a moment, I want you to put yourself in the shoes of Jeff Bezos,
founder of

“When Gary Ryan Blair talks, You have the idea to create a new kind of business, something the world had
people should stop, listen never seen before. You are starting from scratch, have absolutely no market
and learn. He has done an presence, and are competing in a world of retail and publishing giants.
exceptional job of making the
To say that the deck is stacked against you is an understatement.
complex subject of Personal
Strategic Planning and goal Yet, within a few lightning quick years, you sit on top of the mountain.
setting easy to understand You have created one of the most recognized brand names on the
and apply!” Internet, become one of the richest men in the world, and have been
crowned “the king of e-commerce.”
Tom Eagar,
President - Professional Your face is on the cover of Time, and you are a regular at White House
and power elite dinners.
Global Marketing

This, my friend, is a Big BANG.

Jeff Bezos and offer an ideal example of how visionary

people and companies often use an over-the-top mission as a powerful
mechanism to stimulate robust progress.

Big BANG is an acronym for Big Bold, Ambitious, Noble Goal. Applying
the Big BANG formula to your life or career can allow you to create
monumental, quantum-leap performance and profitability gains that
are truly astounding.

The Big Bang Theory

Sir Fred Hoyle was one of Britain’s best-known mathematicians and

astronomers in the last half of the 20th century. In his 1950 BBC radio
program, The Nature of the Universe, he coined the term “The Big Bang.”

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The 100 Day Challenge!

Today, the Big Bang theory has become widely accepted, among
astronomers and in society.

According to the Big Bang theory, there was a moment, known as t =

0, at which the size of the universe was zero and the temperature was
infinite. According to the theory, the universe then started expanding
at near light speed resulting in spontaneous creation.

What is a Big BANG?

The Big BANG combines boldness, ambition, and nobility to create

a visionary goal that empowers extraordinary performance on a
“This Personal Strategic Plan magnificent scale.
is not only thought-provoking
but highly effective. Gary Here are the characteristics of the Big BANG formula and how it works:
helps you to find your personal
mission, articulate your goals Bold—a Big BANG is saturated with boldness. It requires a fearless,
daring, and courageous spirit, nerves of steel, and a massive dose of
and develop action plans for
their accomplishment. I highly
recommend this program It’s roll-the-dice-and-bet-the-house boldness. It can mean taking
to everyone.” extraordinary risks, and, when you decide upon a course of action,
boldness demands that you execute it aggressively, and I mean very
Bryan R. Davis, aggressively.
Director - All Pro Dad
Those who act boldly recognize both a fundamental right as well as a
pragmatic reality.

One of the boldest David versus Goliath business moves of the past
decade was Jeff Bezos’ stunning creation of Bezos offers
a textbook example of David not only beating Goliath, but becoming
Goliath in the process.

After all, Bezos could scarcely have been bolder when he challenged
a well-established industry, leveraged a largely untested new medium
and created an entirely new type of store.

But, as we all know, that boldness created tremendous retail shockwaves

and has revolutionized the way we buy.

Even so, boldness alone isn’t enough to create a Big BANG. Creating
your own personal Big BANG also requires that your goal be…

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The 100 Day Challenge!

Ambitious—a Big BANG requires a strong, intense, passionate, and

singular ambition to achieve a particular goal. That means setting goals
that are as grand in scale as they are bold in formulation.

It was ambition that created the Seven Wonders of the World, and it is
this formidable force, which provides the psychological fortitude that
screams “faster, higher, braver, further.”

Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have fueled their
company’s explosive growth with a very ambitious mission: Google’s
mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally
accessible and useful.

“Put your future into the very Today, Google has made extraordinary progress toward Page’s and
capable hands of Gary Ryan Blair Brin’s ambitious agenda. Throughout the world, people use Google and
and his outstanding goal setting Google Apps to manage their business and their life. They dominate
their market and few have doubt that their mission will be achieved.
and life planning program.
You’ll be happier, healthier, and
All phenomenal performances owe a great deal of gratitude to raw
wealthier! Gary is an absolute ambition that demonstrates to the world that anything is possible if
dynamo and his information will you want it badly enough.
revolutionize your life.”
Finally, creating your own Big BANG involves adopting goals that are…
Mike Litman,
Host - The Mike Litman Show Noble—a Big BANG is championed by a noble cause that inspires and
challenges people to perform at an uncommon level.

After all, when you strive to better the lives of others—your family, your
colleagues, your customers—you have a purpose worth pursuing, even
when you might otherwise quit.

Shining with exceptional and noteworthy qualities, a noble goal is

grand and impressive in both appearance and thought.

Noble goals unleash the human spirit, and our world has been greatly
blessed by men and women pursuing bold, ambitious, and noble goals,
goals that created a Big BANG!

Consider the expansive legacy of Jimmy Carter’s work with Habitat for
Humanity. The organization was founded with the outsized goal to
eliminate poverty housing and homelessness worldwide.

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The 100 Day Challenge!

Former President Carter embraced the organization, helping citizens

in 87 different countries build more than 150,000 homes and provide
more than 750,000 people with safe, solid, affordable shelter.

Along the way, the organization and Carter have changed the way
millions of people think about the problem of substandard housing—
and its solution.

Goals vs. Big BANG

All people and companies have goals. However there is a huge

difference between merely having a goal and becoming committed to
a huge, magnificent challenge that burns the bridges to any possible
comfort zone.

A true Big BANG is clear, compelling and serves as a unifying focal point
of fully engaged effort—often creating immense team spirit.
“Gary Ryan Blair has created the
absolute best training on goal A Big BANG engages and energizes people by grasping a larger-than-
setting and personal planning life ideal worthy of achievement. It forces all eyes to look up into the
that I have ever heard” heavens and then energizes those individuals to extraordinary action.

Burke Hedges Are You Ready for a Big BANG?

best selling author of “Who
Stole the American Dream” We are unaware of the day, moment or event that will change our lives,
and probably that’s just as well. However, when it arrives, you can count
on a change in your life forever.

Are you ready to get your ticket punched in a big way? Are you seriously
ready to make a sudden, courageous, and monumental change, change
on a grand scale that will change your life and those around you forever?

If you answered “Yes,” then you’re ready to create your Big BANG.

A Big BANG calls out for a monumental goal that is transparently clear,
amazingly simple, and tenaciously spirited. This type of goal wants a
challenge and needs a challenge.

This type of goal requires an internal sense of urgency about results

that even high-performers struggle to comprehend.

The level of discipline and intensity of focus required to achieve this

type of goal requires that you say “adios” to your comfort zone.

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The 100 Day Challenge!

A profound and unwavering commitment to achievement is mandatory;

once you set a Big BANG you’ll be working without a net.

The process begins with your ability to answer one question:

What single, super-sized goal, strategic alliance, or objective must

you achieve in order to create a Big BANG?

Answer the question. Then take decisive action—laying the groundwork

to make that ambition a specific, time-bound, and measurable goal—
and, finally, implement!
“To succeed, we must unlock
the gates to increased personal Once the decision is made with absolute clarity and a commitment is
and corporate productivity. enforced with the tenacity of a bulldog, you are positioned for a Big BANG.
Gary Ryan Blair’s goal setting
It’s time to fasten your seat belt as you will be moving faster than a
and personal strategic planning
speeding bullet, and you will have far more momentum than a
program provides a system locomotive.
which focuses energy
toward the achievement of What we are talking about here is not the defensive, keep-up-with-the-
worthwhile goals!” Joneses-type speed. We’re talking about proactive speed, the kind that
leaders use as preemptive, competitive, and offensive weapons.
Robert Allen,
We’re talking about creating a climate and a culture of speed—speed of
best selling author of
decision-making, speed of execution, speed of performance feedback.
“Nothing Down”
When speed is combined with intense focus, your performance leads
naturally to what the Big Bang theorists call spontaneous creation.
This effect catapults you into a higher level of increased energy,
excitement, and options.

Let’s be perfectly clear about what’s at stake here. For those who really
can create a Big BANG, the rewards can be extraordinary:

• Financial prosperity
• Market domination
• Ownership of de facto industry standards.
• Lasting position on the leading-edge by incorporating
technological advances.
• Rapid responses to market opportunities.
• Opportunity to claim premium prices.
• Attractive and strategic distribution channels.

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The 100 Day Challenge!

• Higher staff morale and commitment.

• Off-balance competitors, put on the defensive by
constant innovation.

That’s not a bad harvest to reap, is it? The opportunities are there,
waiting for you.

The key is to recognize the competitive power of speed and to turn the
pursuit of speed into a central organizing principle in your company
“What do Olympic Gold and career.
Medalists, Academy Award
The Big BANG Effect Test
Winners, and Noble Laureates all
have in common? Answer: They Directions: The following set of questions will help you determine if a
all have a passionate obsession present or future goal is capable of being called a Big BANG.
with excellence, and they have
intense goal focus. Take part in Read each question; then answer each item by drawing a circle around
the “Y” (“Yes”) or “N” (“No”).
the 100 Day Challenge... it show
you how to become one of the Y N 1) Does committing to the goal take you outside of
great ones!” your comfort zone?
Y N 2) Does the goal create a good degree of stress and make
Dr Lyle Koca you question your own sanity?
Koca Chiropractic Clinic Y N 3) Does the goal raise an uncomfortable level of fear
of failure?
Y N 4) Does the goal generate a high degree of excitement
and passion?
Y N 5) Is the goal costly in terms of time and effort and
demanding of great sacrifice?
Y N 6) Will the goal take you far beyond past accomplishments
to a place you have never been before both mentally
and physically?
Y N 7) Will the goal require an unprecedented amount of
power and momentum to achieve?
Y N 8) Will the goal’s implementation and attainment require
a fundamental transformation in your beliefs and habits?
Y N 9) Will the accomplishment of this goal change your life
and those around you in a meaningful way?
Y N 10) Is the goal something that you are absolutely convinced
that it is noble and must be accomplished?

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The 100 Day Challenge!

How Did You Do?

If you answered most of these questions with a “Yes,” it’s definitely a


If you were unable to score a “Yes” with some of the questions, I

suggest you step back, evaluate, and think bolder about the goals you
want to pursue.

EVERYONE should enjoy the experience of creating at least one

Big BANG in their life.

A Big BANG, unlike most realistic goals, must stretch you and your
associates to the extreme limits of faith. That’s the biggest difference
between a realistic goal and a Big BANG goal.
“In creating the 100 Day
Challenge, Gary Ryan Blair In the pursuit of most smaller and realistic goals, we still think we have
has given us a much needed control over its attainment. With a Big BANG, there’s absolutely no real
control. It’s all trust; it’s all faith; it’s all perseverance; it’s working without
blueprint for living a life
a net yet absolutely believing that success is inevitable.
of excellence.”
A Big BANG requires profound trust in your own abilities and those of
Bobbi DePorter your team.
President, Quantum
Learning Network Clearly, the creation of a Big BANG is not for the faint of heart. It requires
you to shine a spotlight on your soul and inspect yourself for will,
courage, and spirit.

However, if you want to enjoy the type of growth mentioned in this

Special Report, then you have no choice but to get into the game and
play to win.

Playing not to lose or only for small, gradual, incremental growth is an

outdated and flawed strategy, yet it explains why so few people in any
generation really make things happen on a grand scale.

Why don’t you choose to be that next person?

Each of us is poised on the brink of transformational change and

explosive growth, whether we know it or not.

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The 100 Day Challenge!

As such, we already have everything we need to multiply our

performance, exceed our best expectations, and achieve our goals
on a scale that once seemed impossible. All we have to do is get the
ball rolling.

So what are you waiting for? Adopt your own set of bold, ambitious,
and noble goals and unleash the power of your personal Big BANG in
your work life, in your home life and, just maybe, in the lives of countless
other people as well.
“Everyone once in a while a
The Big BANG you create will become your defining
message comes along that
moment of monumental growth!
delivers a transformational
message appropriate for the A Big BANG requires the boldness of Jeff Bezos and, the
Boardroom, Classroom, Locker ambition of Larry Page and Sergey Brin and their team at Google, and
Room and Living Room. The 100 the nobility of Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity volunteers.
Day Challenge is that kind of
Use these examples to frame your own expectations for your future.
message. It is a treasure that can
Then ask, “Can I create a Big BANG that will propel my life to
and should be enjoyed by all.” unprecedented levels?”

Andy Andrews, I know you can. The real question is… Will you create a Big BANG and
New York Times Best-Selling follow it through to completion?
Author of The Traveler’s
Gift & The Noticer The 100 Day Challenge

Take the 100 Day Challenge and I’ll show you step-by-step how to finish
the year with a Big BANG!

Creating your own Big BANG is a move you’re already prepared to make,
you just have not done it yet.

You have the potential, the resources are readily available, and the
100 Day Challenge is the perfect opportunity to make monumental
performance gains. What’s missing is your decision to go for it.

Say the word—yes, and give me the next 100 days and I’ll turn you into
an unstoppable powerhouse!

Beginning September 23rd, I’m going to be releasing The 100 Day Start
Fast Finish Strong Challenge at

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The 100 Day Challenge!

It’s going to be a wild ride, and I’ll be IN YOUR FACE every step of the
way for 100 straight days until I help you achieve every goal you want
to achieve!

Say the word—yes, and I’ll teach you about commitment and absolute
accountability. I’ll prove to you that you can deliver results that are in a

There’s no more goofing around... no more stalling, delaying, or

“starting on Monday”. The train is leaving on September 23rd with or
without you.

Last year over 19,000 people from all over the world said “Yes, I’m Ready
for a Challenge?” and on September 23rd you’ll have the opportunity to
participate in the biggest program launch on the planet.
“Gary Ryan Blair is a man on
a mission to inspire, promote Here at The GoalsGuy, we’re going to push, and poke, and prod you
and celebrate excellence. You onward and upward every single day for the rest of this year... and we
won’t stop pushing until you get everything you want out of life this
simply must participate in the
year... and beyond.
100 Day Challenge!”
When you register for The 100-Day Finish Strong Challenge...
Les Brown, New York Times
best-selling Author of Live I’ll PUSH you forward with your own Massive Action Plan that will serve
Your Dreams as your success blueprint for creating your Big BANG...

I’ll POKE you along with powerful coaching teleseminars and I’ll surprise
you with other performance improvement experts...

I’ll PROD you into action with daily “Strategy and Accountability”
messages... specific action-oriented tips to help you stay motivated and
on-course to achieving your goals.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also get 100 coaching videos, 100
powerful mp3 messages for your iphone, and a series of world-class
web seminars.

After listening to these programs you’ll learn how to instantly implement

the same techniques used by the worlds top goal setters.

Sure, it’s easy to talk big with lofty “resolutions” at the start of the year.
But with your permission, I’m going to be ON YOUR CASE to make sure

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The 100 Day Challenge!

you don’t start goofing off next week ... or even throwing in the towel
in the final days of the year.

No way. Not this time. Not ever.

I’m going to stay “ON YOUR CASE” all 100 days helping you to finish the
year strong and if you follow my strategies, I’ll show you exactly how to
create your own Big BANG.

I REFUSE to let you fail, and I’m COMMITTED to making you succeed!

The clock is ticking...are your ready to get your ticket punched? Are you
through settling for what could have been? Are you going to say yes
and astound yourself with what you are about to achieve?
“Blair brilliantly focuses on
excellence as a sustainable You have to decide with certainty exactly what it is you want... where
competitive weapon. Like the you want to go, how high you want to climb, what obstacles you want
to leap over, which walls you want to finally break through... and, I’ll be
air we breathe, we too often
there to help you do it... every step of the way.
take this critical intangible for
granted. As Blair makes perfectly So, what are you waiting for?
clear, we do so at our ultimate
competitive peril” Get started by signing up for this life changing program on
September 23rd.
Steven P. Sitkowski
Subject: “The 100 Day Start Fast Finish Strong Challenge”

Start Date: Wednesday, September 23rd

Registration Begins: 11am Eastern

Start Location:

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

PS. If you own a company or manage a large group of people and want
your entire team to participate in the 100 Day Challenge, call us for special
program ideas at 1.877.462.5748 or email:

PSS. Feel free to share this report with friends and associates.

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The 100 Day Challenge!

How We Can Help

Gary Ryan Blair For over 12 years, we’ve been helping firms like IBM, Apple Computer,
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Since the day we first opened the door, our mission has been to inspire,
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Gary Ryan Blair is a visionary and • On Demand Web Seminars, a suite of world-class offerings,
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and over 4 million people
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that what you learn in our programs really can change your life.
60% of the Fortune 500 use
material from The GoalsGuy If success is your destination, than let The GoalsGuy guide your journey.
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The 100 Day Challenge!

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