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Latest news from Summa Group 2014

Summa News 2014
Reconstruction of Komsomolskaya OPS Completed
Stroynovatsiya, a Summa Group company, has completed the reconstruction of the Komsomolskaya Oil
Pumping Station in the Republic of Kalmykia. The pumping station was reconstructed as part of the first
phase of the expansion of the capacity of the pipeline of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) from
28.2 million tonnes to 35 million tonnes per year without using anti-friction additives.
During the reconstruction, the work was
done to modernize the equipment at
the sites, including the main pumps and
filters, pressure wave smoothing
systems, temporary sludge storage
receptacles, metering equipment, etc.
The company has also completed the
reconstruction of access and on-site
roads with landscaping.
Summa News 2014
The company has successfully
completed the difficult work related to
the reconstruction of the existing
Komsomolskaya pumping station.
According to the schedule, this year we
will complete the construction of
pumping stations 3 and 4 (NPS-3 and
NPS-4) in the second phase of the
capacity expansion of the CPC pipeline
system, said Eldar Nagaplov, Chairman of
the Board of Stroynovatsiya.
Summa News 2014
The expansion is planned in three phases and scheduled for completion in 2015. As a result, the pipeline
capacity will increase to 67 million tonnes per year. The CPC expansion project involves the construction
of 10 additional pump stations (two in the Republic of Kazakhstan, eight in the Russian Federation), six
crude oil storage tanks near Novorossiysk and a third single point mooring at the CPC Marine Terminal,
as well as the replacement of 88 kilometers of pipeline in Kazakhstan. As part of the expansion of the
CPC pipeline, in the period from 2011 to 2015, Stroynovatsiya, on the request of Caspian Pipeline
Consortium-R, will build four new pumping stations (NPS-2, NPS-3, NPS-4 and NPS-5).
Stroynovatsiya wins tender for the redevelopment of the
Vladikavkaz airport
The company Stroynovatsiya won the competitive tender and signed a contract for the redevelopment
of the Vladikavkaz airport valued at 1.7 billion RUB. The customer is FSUE Administration of the Civil
Airports. The project includes the reconstruction of the 3,000 meter long runway (flight strip), taxiways,
the airport apron and the utility networks, as well as the construction of a central distribution
substation, landing aids, radio navigation and air traffic control, service and industrial roads and lighting
equipment. The project is to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2014.

Summa News 2014
Work on the flight strip will be carried out in several stages: 1) repair of sections on both sides of the
flight strip up to 1000 meters away will be conducted without stopping operations, with limitations on
types of aircrafts; 2) reconstruction on the middle part of the landing strip within 1000 meters will
require temporary shutdown of flight strip operations with corresponding flight changes. Vladikavkaz
Airport is located 5 km northeast of the city of Beslan and 25km northwest of Vladikavkaz. In terms of
administration, the airport territory is located in the southern part of the Prevoberezhny District in the
Republic of North Ossetia Alania.
About Summa Group
Summa Group specialises and invests in port logistics, engineering, construction, oil and
gas sectors as well as telecommunications. Summa Group is a diversified private holding
that comprises of more then 10 000 people in 40 regions of Russia and abroad.

Mr Ziyavudin Magomedov is the founder and shareholder of the Summa Group which
will reach its 10 year anniversary in 2014.
Summa News 2014