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2014 High Voltage Rectifier - Transformer Rectifier Unit, ESP Control - Precision Series Controller, High Voltage Transformer Rectifier Sets and ESP T 1/4
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High Voltage Rectifier
Mevadhashma offer the High Voltage Rectifier and supplier is one Roof
Solution of the global market and in the process we have joint venture
and established cordial business relationship.
We can offer ESP Transformer Rectifier suitable for ESP OEM majors like
ALSTOM (GLOBAL), FLSmidth, GE Energy, Schneider to name a few.
Also we can offer directly to industrial segments for ESP application to
CEMENT Plants, THERMAL Power Plants, STEEL plants, COGEN plants
suitable for ALSTOM INDIA, THERMAX, BHEL, ACC, ELEX India Esp's, etc.
Our offered rectifiers are primarily designed for ESP power supply
applications and over the years have also developed customized rectifier
sets for research application in organizations like Institute of Plasma
Research and BARC.
Our Product Line:
Transformer Rectifier Sets
ESP Control Precicon Series Controller
ESP Management System Precicom
Transformer Rectifier Unit
Salient features of mevadhashma corona Transformer Rectifier Unit
Hermetically sealed construction.
HV transformer, rectifier, AC reactor & choke Assembly is lid mounted
for convenience and ease of maintenance and repairs.
Conforms to Ingress Protection class IP-65 as per IEC PUB 947-1.
Doubly Wound, cross over winding with electrostatic shield between
primary and secondary.
High Frequency Choke for surge protection of rectifier stack diodes.
High Voltage Rectifiers for better stability and shield for induction
free signal waveform.
HV Rectifier Stack design consists of special glass sealed passivated
avalanche diodes, with controlled avalanche characteristics, which
conduct the currents associated with transient waves in their
biased direction without being destroyed in the way that normal
diodes are, thus ensuring highest possible immunity to traveling
Standard Protections Include:
Current Limiting Reactor, High Frequency Choke, Dial Thermometer
Pressure Release Valves, Pressure Switch, Oil Level Gauge.
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ESP Control - Precision Series Controller
Salient features of mevadhashma corona ESP Control - Precision
Series Controller - III
Third generation micro controller for electrostatic precipitator
Improved collection efficiency.
Energy saving feature based on VI characteristic.
Additional optimization modes:
a) Charge ratio.
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High Voltage Rectifier
Transformer Rectifier Unit
ESP Control - Precision Series
High Voltage Transformer
Rectifier Sets
ESP Transformer Rectifiers
EU Series Electroplating
30.6.2014 High Voltage Rectifier - Transformer Rectifier Unit, ESP Control - Precision Series Controller, High Voltage Transformer Rectifier Sets and ESP T 2/4
b) Back corona.
Load status mode: Enabling selection between different operating
parameter values for varying plant conditions.
Serial interface for communication Rs 485 modbus protocol.
Inbuilt rapping motor control feature for upto three independent
rapper motors.
Computer aided ESP control management system: Precicom II.
Control cabinet
Fully customized control cabinets.
Interfacing option with all available ESP controller makes.
Options for stand alone panels as well as cascaded arrangement.
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High Voltage Transformer Rectifier Sets
MEVADHASHMA offer Transformer Rectifier Sets for Electrostatic
Precipitators (ESPs) are industrial workhorses suitable for installation in
Power, Cement, Chemical, Paper and Steel Industries.
Our state of the art Digital Controller "SPARC" delivers high performance
through continuous optimization of the TR set operating parameters.
MEVADHASHMA ensures high product quality and finish by means of
stringent Quality Control Processes of the Materials and Assemblies
used to build the TR set.
The finished product undergoes 100% factory acceptance tests prior to
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ESP Transformer Rectifiers
MEVADHASHMA offer ESP Transformer Rectifiers ( TR ) is an IP55 oil
cooled Assembly suitable for outdoor installation. The TR is designed
with a conservative temperature rise and is provided with special
surface treatment for extended life in ESP rooftop environments.
Operating parameters and Diagnostics are conveyed to the operator
through the Control Cabinet, a standard and user friendly interface for
quick site deployment.
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EU Series Electroplating Rectifiers
For the quality conscious metal finisher, MEVADHASHMA offers its highly
rugged, EU Series Electroplating Rectifiers suitable for installation in
Metal Finishing Environments.
These rectifiers deliver constant current despite fluctuations in the main
supply & plating conditions, thereby achieving metal savings through
consistency in plating thickness.
If you are presently using conventional "Auto transformer" type
Rectifiers, and would like to upgrade to solid state type, see our
document "Advantages of Solid State Electroplating Rectifiers over Auto
transformer type Rectifiers".
High Current Rectifiers for
Electrochemical Application
Battery Formation Rectifiers
Non Woven Filter Bags
Perforated Sheet
Fabrication & Industrial Spare
30.6.2014 High Voltage Rectifier - Transformer Rectifier Unit, ESP Control - Precision Series Controller, High Voltage Transformer Rectifier Sets and ESP T 3/4
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High Current Rectifiers for Electrochemical Application
MEVADHASHMA has been supplying High Current Rectifiers used is
various electrochemical applications such as Hydrogenerator,
Chlorination, Water Treatment, Electro winning of metals, Chloro-alkali
electrolysis, Polarization Rectifiers, Coating processes, Aluminium,
Electro colouring, etc.
MEVADHASHMA can supply rectifiers in variety of configuration such as :-
6 pulse / 12 pulse / other pulse configuration.
air / oil or water cooling.
Primary controlled as secondary controlled
Variety of transformer connections such as delta / star, extended
delta, zig-zag etc.
Technical Specifications of High Current Rectifiers For
Electrochemical Application:
Voltage Range : up to 400 VDC.
Current Range : up to 50,000 ADC.
Transformers : Oil Cooled or Dry Type as per IEC 76.
Variety of Transformer Connections (Delta / Star, Zigzag, Extended
Delta, etc) with Optional ON LOAD or OFF LOAD Taps.
Rectifiers: Water or Air Cooled as per IEC 146, with multi pulse
configurations (6, 12, 24 pulse) for reduced Harmonics.
Options: Polarity Reversing, Pulse Operation, Current Profile
Supply : 220 V - 33 kV AC, 50 / 60 Hz.
Key Features:
Designed for High Reliability continuous duty operation with High up-
Rectifier Configuration, Controls and Features are supplied as per
Application Requirements.
Ready interface with Plant PLC / DCS, suitable for Automatic
Wide range of allowable input voltage variation and ambient
All routine Tests and Type Tests done prior to despatch.
CE marked Transformer Rectifiers can be supplied for installation in
the EU.
Optional Turnkey Contracts taken up including Installation and
Supply of DC Busbars, Power Cables (HV / LV), Power Factor and
Harmonic Correction Systems, DM Water Cooling Systems.
Professional Engineering Group to handle documentation and
approval requirements of Electrochemical Projects.
Chlorine / Hydrogen Generation.
Water Treatment - Desalination & Waste Water Treatment.
Electrolysis - Chlor-Alkali, Permanganate and Chlorate Production.
Electrophoretic Painting.
Electrowinning of Non Ferrous Metals.
Electroheating - Production of Graphite, Polysilicon and DC Arc
Furnace Applications.
Cathodic Protection.
Polarization Rectifiers.
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30.6.2014 High Voltage Rectifier - Transformer Rectifier Unit, ESP Control - Precision Series Controller, High Voltage Transformer Rectifier Sets and ESP T 4/4
Battery Formation Rectifiers
MEVADHASHMA offers a complete range of Battery Formation Rectifiers
for the Battery Manufacturing Industry. Our Battery Formation
Rectifiers are used world over by manufacturers of Flooded Lead Acid &
VRLA batteries, Telecom / Traction Cells and other Battery Technologies.
All Rectifiers are IC-controllable, and the comprehensive POWERFORM
software enables the user to maximize productivity and minimize energy
consumption through its inbuilt
Program library, monitoring and data collection / analysis tools.
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