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Corruption, bribes, forged evidence confessions of a

Russian officer
A senior Russian police officer who dared to denounce the corruption of his colleagues in a
YouTube video has been fired just two days after his confession.
So scandalous was the content of his upload, Major Alexe !y"ovs#y "anaged to reach his
desired destination $ %ladi"ir &utin. &osted on 'riday ()ov. *+, the seven "inute confession has
been viewed over ,--,--- ti"es in just three days. .is "ain co"plaints/ that young recruits
only sign up to earn "oney through bribes, and that high$ran#ing officers order staff to forge
evidence against innocent people in order to boost statistics.
)othing new there $ the police are thought to be the Russian public0s least respected institution.
'or an officer to say it hi"self, however, is 1uite so"ething. 2ndeed, an internal investigation
was i""ediately launched by the 2nterior Minister. The result ca"e 34 hours later/ 5These
clai"s are not verified5. 6y nightfall, !y"ovs#y had been discharged. The story doesn0t end
there however. &ri"e Minister %ladi"ir &utin, who the video was addressed to, says he is aware
of it.
I must say that the situation in the Moscow region has improved this year
7yud"ila Alexeyeva runs hu"an rights organisation 5Moscow-Hesin!i "roup5.
89e have had several cases li#e this one. 9e0ve been contacted by police officers, cri"inal
investigators and state prosecutors who have been forced to violate the law and then been fired
or even prosecuted for refusing. 2n only a few of these cases have we been able to help. :ne of
the" involved the case of a group of district prosecutors fro" the &rovince of Sverdlov ;central<.
They told us that they were being forced to ta#e part in property sei=ures by other prosecutors
fro" the sa"e district. 9e succeeded in getting one of the said prosecutors fired.
Another ti"e a police officer in the &rovince of &er" ;also central< had been sentenced to eight
years i"prison"ent because he uncovered a "ass oil theft at a refinery. To silence hi", evidence
had been forged which >proved0 that he hi"self had stolen a barrel of fuel. 9e were able to help
because the witness that had been forced to give evidence ca"e to us.
And finally, a case in the &rovince of A"ur ;east<. A prosecutor was being forced to charge an
innocent person instead of the real cri"inal. .e refused and was fired, and his superiors then
prosecuted hi" and put hi" on a wanted list. 9e "anaged to have the case against hi" annulled.

82 "ust say however that the situation in the Moscow region has i"proved this year. ?urrently
we only have one case in Moscow, although there0s nothing we can do about it. 2n April, @--4 a
police"an beat up four young "en but was never brought to justice. :n the contrary, one of the
young "en was charged with assault on the police"an. The only thing we could do to help was
to find hi" a lawyer.5