Imagine a life without persecution of creed, or discrimination because of religious belief. This is easily attainable.

My name is Christopher Stewart or Criostior Stiobhaird I would like to continue my studies in another language; I am fluent in Irish and English, currently doing Humanities in Belfast MET. I have greatly changed my perspectives on life and society from around 2007, you could say I was a street corner scum, drinking alchohol and smoking cannabis, but I beg to differ, i believe not that our choices control our lives but our lives control our choices, indeed a book cannot be understood by reading the last few pages, just as a symptom cannot be cured, unless you look at the underlying problems, sociology has been an interest my whole life, from a very young age I have been aware of the structures and classes in society and everyday living. I live in Ardoyne, at the present moment Ardoyne is very much a socially deprived sub-district of Belfast, a town in Northern Ireland, seperated and segragated the country is split, jsut as most of the worl has been split, who's agenda, we dont know yet, but still the struggle and fight for “information” has been going on in Ireland for a long time.

Information is the key, and lack of information produces a systematic de-evolution of the human psyche and a prolonged manipulation of the mind, which in turn leads to allot of confusion, closed doors hysteria and mass ridiculization of anything beyond the Accepted norms. The ego and the sub-conscious are in a constant battle, a spiritual metaphysical duality so to speak, to free the human soul from perdition or in fact to free the soul from slavery, Factors beyond the socially deprived population are holding the humankind below their true possibilities; it includes propaganda and advertising, a de-sensation of moral and societal beliefs, the traditional religions of simplistic star study is replaced with confusion, a bombardment of euphemisms’ and in-contemplative riddles, the melee of lies, the barbaric and never ending destruction of sovereignty and individuality, ushering toward a group think mentality.

This is a tactic, coined and made occult by the assassins, the Jesuits; it is in a way, satanic control of information to induce a false sense of realism and corrupted morality, lies upon more lies, leaves the mind searching and craving desperately for any glimpse of so called truth, albeit the mind will fight ferociously to protect its regalia of false information, its truth, this is the ego, and the ego is not Omni-present, nor is it all knowing, it will only try to do what it has to do to survive that is all, that is all the ego is need for, a mechanism to survive and to struggle on. The ego, could be called a product of a cataclysm, what cataclysm, I don’t know, but do hope to find out. No doubt it would have to have been great, so great as to reduce the population of earth to almost 95 percent of its original populous; it would have to be cosmic. 100,000,000,000,000 tons of water could do the trick.

Anyway, history is illusive and can only be understood by doing factual studies on the beliefs and societal beliefs of man, myth is one thing, but at one stage most mythologies have been referred to as fact, not fiction. Does this mean that at one point in time/space an immortal man, supposedly stole the knowledge of fire from a god named Zeus, and gave it to the mortals, What does this symbolize? , What does this signify? , allot of things spring to mind on the matter of the unattainable information and the knowledge of good and evil, the key to the universe, the hermetic mysteries, What does life encompass? , What are the mechanisms of life after death? or vice versa.

Apathetic to anyone's current condition, the social classes are solid and undisputedly the cornerstone of how a human being, can fulfil their dreams and desires, it can shift a person beyond their capacity of thought or it can do the opposite, indeed. Language is unbelievable interesting, agus bha mhaith liom leabhair cupla teanga eile. At the minute my situation directly controls my ability to explore the earth and fulfil my desire to learn, it prevents me from exploring possibilities beyond that of a typical hood-rat, a social reprobate. I work shifts in Royal Mail sorting office, often nightshifts and I often have to sleep for 2 hours then get up for tech, I have had a stimulating and honestly a learned life, full of possibilities to adapt and progress but more than often I’ve chosen otherwise, I was a very different human before I awoke to the possibilities of greater meaning in life, I work hard and I’m undaunted by long hours and gruelling work, I am a Chef or Commis Chef and would no doubt find it easy to get work in the Hospitality trade in Holland, but I wish to do something else,

I wish to travel to Rotterdam and learn the Dutch language, I will need assistance to find employment and college or university placement, I will hopefully have mastered the beginners class and intermediate in Belfast MET long before I leave for Holland. I have

many reasons for choosing to learn the Dutch language; personally speaking they have a more subtle social structure and interesting “way of life” than much of the world. I believe, from my own studies that the ecosystems and human classes are of the world are this way because of simply one or two reasons and these can easily be addressed.

I would like to take my life into a direction of Linguistics and History, to a realm of Philosophy and Alchemy, I wish only to learn. If life would be so kind, when I’m capable of progressing from Holland I would like to return to France, where I was as a young boy and learn the French language, from there I would hope to make it to India, where I will study the Sanskrit languages, I have an inherent fascination with researching people and lands, I have a good base knowledge of Astrology, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, all these being learned within the past four years, I do have some varied opinions on governments and public education systems, but that’s for another time, or perhaps it is not.

“The more I study religions the more I realize that man has never worshipped anything but himself, all though misconstrued, still perceptions of himself.”

Everything you've learned in school as "obvious" becomes less and less obvious as you begin to study the universe. For example, there are no solids in the universe. There's not even a suggestion of a solid. There are no absolute continuum's. There are no surfaces. There are no straight lines.

I put forth that education is the key only when accompanied by observation and proper assimilation of the said information. Anything else is futile and destructive to the human psyche. We need to leave the terrestrial brain think, and move out from the bubble, the bubble is destroying us, destroying the plants and probably the planet. In the future I would hope to continue the studies and teach the knowledge I would have attained in Languages, Philosophy, Occult Sciences and the Modern Sciences. I hope to write and inform, to form the right to the left, it need a massive restructurization to move us from the point were hoping to be at. I will use the analogy of the salmon trying to get up the river to reach back to their original place in the flow, as a mannerism to describe how the human being is thinking at the minute, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. This is lies, and propaganda.

Exo-sociology is basically an understanding of the world and universes as a system of anthropologic systems, from plants beings, brains, sentient and indeed deities. The brain has not reached its genetic capabilities and this is the fact that underlies the whole system we live in today, for a true system, will help and promote all aspects of evolutions in man. Extraterrestrial live is going to be an imminent “change” that will bring on allot of de-compartmentalization of the elites systems. When and I can’t stress that enough, but when “They” come from above, what is going to happen?

For me too study, I need help.

"Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people."

christopher stewart