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partners reviewed
Pioneer BDP-320 is quite clearly
the best Blu-Ray player
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Pioneer er, Home C inema Cho
Adam Rayn

Pioneer has focussed its

efforts on delivering the
best possible performance
What Hi-Fi Magazine
If the arts of cinema and music
are your driving passion and a
If you have at least as much music on CDs and on your iPod as you
have movies on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, an all-round system that option form of entertainment that you
take great pleasure from then
delivers excellent value for money is ideal for you. ONE you probably have a special
room reserved for listening
Your equipment: and viewing. You want the best
and most powerful equipment
1 option available – and you will settle for
BDP-320 Blu-Ray three nothing less.
Disc player
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If you are a dedicated fan of movies and looking for a state-of-the-art
system to set up in your living room, you would probably like these
option distinctive components, faithful in every detail.
two Your equipment:

BDP-LX52 Blu-Ray
Disc player
Home Cinema Choice
January 2010 PAGE 8 - 10
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Hi Def TV
Awards issue 2009 PAGE 11
Your equipment:

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AV Receiver PAGE 12 Disc player What Hi-Fi Home Cinema Choice
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Home Cinema Choice
3 May 2009 PAGE 14 - 16 Home Cinema Choice
December 2009 PAGE 20 - 23
Home Cinema Choice
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BDP-320 VSX-919AH S31 Speakers BDP-320 VSX-919AH S31 Speakers

the awe-inspiring good looking,
vsx-919ah smart and rich sound
series 3 speakers
The VSX-919AH AV Receiver from Pioneer boasts a range
of awe-inspiring features, including internal decoding The Series 3 range of speakers combines smart, slim looks with precise sound reproduction and
of advanced HD audio formats to truly enjoy a full HD have been designed with the intention to satisfy music as well as design lovers. Their new drivers
viewing experience. Dynamic picture and sound is and advanced technologies create a dynamic sound restitution, free of internal and external
optimised for your living room with Pioneer’s built in acoustical disturbance.
Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) technology,
a technology that actively “listens” to determine the size
and speaker position of the speakers in relation to the The elegant Series 3 line-up consists of three models:
listening position. the S-31 floor-standing speaker, the S-31B bookshelf
When connected to a Pioneer Blu-ray Player via HDMI, speaker and the S-31C centre speaker, all available in a
the VSX-919AH uses a proprietary PQLS technology for a light or black wood coloured finish and with removable
jitterless transmission, resulting in high-quality sound as grilles. Complementing the range is a compact sized
it removes any timing issues between the player and the black subwoofer for multi-channel settings: the S-51W.
receiver over HDMI. Furthermore this entry level receiver To match sound excellence with avant-garde design,
can up-convert analogue sources to an HDMI signal with French product designer Steeve Senescat –the creative
up to 1080p resolution. “The 919AH fires out a potent, attention-grabbing brain behind the EX Series’ appearance- created a
sound. Bass is taut and punchy, and the Pioneer distinctive line of minimalist speakers, assembled with
Aside from the extensive technical features, the spits out sound effects with breathtaking accuracy”
VSX-919AH has a user friendly and colourful GUI great attention to detail. Their clever round shaped
(Graphic User Interface). This Pioneer receiver also What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, September Issue. cabinet increases rigidity and prevents unwanted
comes complete with an iPod Digital USB connection sound from enclosure diffraction. The innovative
that provides direct plug-and-play enjoyment of all design also ensures that all Series 3 speakers have an
your favourite music stored on your iPod or iPhone, “While other manufacturers charge you tens of identical sound balance when used in a multi-channel
whilst displaying album artwork and photos on your pounds for a dedicated iPod dock, the ‘919AH setting, which increases the listener’s feeling of being
connected flat screen TV. comes with it’s own connector, complete with immersed in the sound stage.
composite video output. The Amp even shows your
Partner the VSX-919AH with the BDP-320 and you can By removing redundant parts of conventional
album artwork on-screen. It’s a great feature”
also put away one of the remotes, as these perfectly speakers while respecting the Pioneer heritage and
partnered products can be controlled using a What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, September Issue. characteristics, a balanced and understated style
single remote. emerged. The speakers’ slim silhouette with curved
lines and flush mount grilles add to the series’
performance and clean appearance.

Round shaped cabinet increases rigidity and prevents

unwanted sound from enclosure diffraction

BDP-320 VSX-919AH S31 Speakers BDP-320 VSX-919AH S31 Speakers

BDP-LX52 VSX-LX52 S81 Speakers

BDP-LX52 VSX-LX52 S81 Speakers BDP-LX52 VSX-LX52 S81 Speakers

7.1 Multi Channel Receiver
The VSX-LX52 delivers the highest quality sound plug in HD video camcorders and games consoles
regardless of what is being played with a unique with minimal effort. It is also compatible with iPod and
9 band Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration system iPhones and comes complete with its own digital USB
(MCACC) which will measure and determine the connection so the user can enjoy playing tracks and
reverb characteristics of any speaker combination. viewing pictures without the need for an additional
This allows the user the ability to precisely tune their docking station.
entertainment system and speakers with This AV Receiver partners perfectly with the BDP-LX52
minimal effort. Blu-Ray player and with Pioneers PQLS technology
The VSX-LX52 boasts 4 HDMI inputs as well as an built in, together they will deliver multi surround sound
additional front panel HDMI input that allows you to that is completely jitter free.

“The VSX-LX52 creates a seamless surround sound field”

and “Surround effects skip from speaker to speaker with
incredible agility”
What HiFi, Ultimate Blu-Ray Guide, November Issue.

iPod digital & Front HDMI for

video inputs. HD camcorder or
games console.

BDP-LX52 VSX-LX52 S81 Speakers BDP-LX52 VSX-LX52 S81 Speakers

BDP-LX91 SC-LX82 EX Speakers

LX-Series AV Receivers
MINAMOTO - Only the best
‘Minamoto’ describes our selection This expressive yet refined power
of only the finest and best suited is capable of conveying the full
materials. Our goal is to achieve the soundstage, from immersive, powerful
ideal drive for every channel, perfectly surround to even the most delicate
expressing the original source. of sounds. Additionally, high quality
Featuring a unique Direct Energy HD analogue to digital (ADC) and digital
Amplifier, which harnesses the full to analogue (DAC) converters work to
potential of ICEpower analogue Class maintain high resolution performance
D technology; our LX receivers yield throughout the entire digital signal
the highest possible efficiency. With processing chain from input to output.
equal drive towards each channel via Each LX amplifier and receiver is a
the shortest possible signal path, the masterpiece: its source and materials
construction sets the benchmark in are scrupulously crafted at each stage
efficiency and power density. of the creative process.

WAZA - Technique, skill and experience

‘Waza’ describes the craftsmanship of Our unique Full Band Phase Control
our engineers, nurtured by more than eliminates bass phasing problems
70 years of knowledge and experience. to improve multi-channel sound
It is their ability and skill that give each fields whilst the Optimum Mode
LX amplifier and receiver its soul: its automatically analyses dialogue, bass
perfected soundstage. and surround settings to obtain the
best balance at any volume.
Our engineers rigorously tune and
precisely calibrate the soundstage with When connected to one of our Blu-ray
highly advanced sound field correction players via HDMI, the Multi-Channel
technology. Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS)
‘speed synchronises’ the digital
The Advanced Multi-channel Acoustic
audio data between the receiver
Calibration System (Advanced MCACC),
and the player to deliver jitterless
certified by AIR Studios, measures and
audio transmission of multi-channel
analyses the reverb characteristics of
uncompressed LPCM audio, resulting
your speakers and optimally tunes
in strikingly clear sound.
the sound output to your setup.

TAMASHI - In artistic harmony

‘Tamashi’ describes the stage when our recording studio, has lead to the
craftsmanship becomes one with the development of our MCACC calibration
original. What you see and hear is in system and their seal of approval –
harmony with the artist’s intention. seen as the benchmark for high-end
For more than 70 years, our single- audio products. AIR Studios are
minded goal has been to reproduce involved from the prototype stage,
sound and vision as close to the where our LX amplifier and receivers
original as possible. To fully understand are put through rigorous tuning.
the intricate requirements – from a The THX Certification of our LX
music or film-maker’s perspective – we products means that you can enjoy
have collaborated with the creators, the best possible cinema experience in
sound and recording engineers from your home. Originally the inspiration
both industries. of George Lucas, THX was created
Our partnership with AIR Studios, for optimum performance in movie
possibly the world’s most renowned theatres.

BDP-LX91 SC-LX82 EX Speakers BDP-LX91 SC-LX82 EX Speakers

BDP-LX91 SC-LX82 EX Speakers

BDP-LX91 SC-LX82 EX Speakers

BDP-LX91 SC-LX82 EX Speakers

BDP-LX91 SC-LX82 EX Speakers

BDP-LX91 SC-LX82 EX Speakers

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