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Ch. 6 Legislative Branch: Essential Questions

Directions: Use your book and notes to answer the following essential questions. All responses should be
TYPED and in o!plete sentenes. This is for a grade.
". #dentify appropriate bill
An appropriate bill is a legislation earmaking funds for a certain purposes.
$. %hat is it alled to di&ide a state into odd'shaped distrits for politial reasons(
To divide a state into odd-shaped districts for political reasons is called
). To pigeon holding a bill !eans to set it aside without onsidering it.
*. E&ery year !_eleted ongress!en !eet to !ake our nation+s laws.
,. -ur legislati&e branh is bicameral onsisting of two houses.
.. #dentify and e/plain the two different types of bills.
"rivate bills concern individual people or places and "ublic bills apply to
the entire nation and involve general matters.
0. %hat three roles do ongress!en ser&e when they are at work(
The three roles congressmen serve #hen they are at #ork are la#making$
case#ork and helping the district or state.
1. %hy is it i!portant that appropriation bills start in the 2ouse of 3epresentati&es(
%t is important that Appropriation bills start in the &ouse of
'epresentatives because appropriation bills involve the making of money
and the founders believed that those closest to the people should be in
charge of such matters.
4. 5ist the differenes between the qualifiations for representati&es and those for
To be a senator you must be at least !($ a ).*. citi+en for at least nine
years$ and a resident of the state you represent, to be a member of the
&ouse of 'epresentatives you must be at least -$ a ).*. citi+en for at
least seven years and a resident of the state you represent.
"6. 2ow is the nu!ber of representati&es fro! eah state deter!ined(
The .ensus is used to determine the number of representatives in the
&ouse of 'epresentatives.
"". Eah 7ongressional ter! lasts two years with two separate sessions. %hen does it
/ach term of .ongress begins January third of odd-numbered years.
"$. #f the house and senate pass different &ersions of the sa!e bill how do they work out
the differenes(
%f the house and senate pass different versions of the same bill and need
to #ork out the kinks they #ould form a conference committee.
"). 2ow are the rules for debate of a bill established in the 2ouse of 3epresentati&es(
%n the &ouse of 'epresentatives t0he 'ules .ommittee sets the terms
for debate.
"*. The !ain person in 8enate who an deide whih bills get ignored or get studied is
known as the _"resident pro tempore_.
",. 2ow !any &otes are needed to stop a filibuster( %hat is this proess alled(
Three- fifths of the members votes are re1uired to end a filibuster, this
process is called cloture.
".. %hat kinds of bills do senators filibuster(
2ost senators filibuster bills they do not #hich passed$ such as the
filibuster conducted during the debate on the .ivil 'ights Act of 3405.
"0. 2ow !any &otes are needed to o&erride a president+s &eto(
A t#o-thirds vote from .ongress is needed to override the presidents
"1. #dentify selet o!!ittees.
*elect .ommittees are committees created to a special 6ob for a limited
period of time.
"4. %ho selets the speaker of the 2ouse of 3epresentati&es(
%n the &ouse of 'epresentatives members of the 2a6ority party choose
the speaker at a caucus, the entire membership then approves the choice
of *peaker of the house.
$6. %hat is the responsibility of the 9ie President in 7ongress(
%n .ongress the 7ice-"resident is the official president of the *enate$
though he rarely attends and votes only in case of a tie.
$". 2ow does the nu!ber of 8enators o!pare with the nu!ber of representati&es(
There are four hundred and thirty-five representatives and only a
hundred senators.
$$. %here !ust a ta/ bill be introdued(
A ta8 bill must be introduced in the &ouse of 'epresentatives.
$). 2ow is the nu!ber of representati&es fro! eah state deter!ined(
To determine the number of representative in each state the census is
$*. :ranking pri&ileges refers to the free sending of 6ob-related mail given to
members of .ongress.
$,. The day to day leadership of the 8enate is handled by who!(
The day to day leadership of the *enate is handled by the "resident pro
$.. %hat does the elasti lause or ;neessary and proper lause< allow 7ongress to do(
The elastic clause allo#s .ongress to stretch its po#ers to meet ne#
$0. The president+s power to &eto an at of 7ongress is an e/a!ple of checks and
$1. #n "40. for! what kind of o!!ittee to in&estigate the deaths of =ohn :. >ennedy
and ?artin 5uther >ing(
%n 3470 the &ouse formed the *elect .ommittee on Assassinations to
conduct an investigation on the deaths of John 9. Kennedy and 2artin
:uther King Jr.
$4. #f the President refuses to sign a bill into law while 7ongress is @-T in sessionA what
happens after "6 days(
%f the "resident refuses to sign a bill for ten days and .ongress is not in
session then the bill dies.
)6. 2ow does the Bill of 3ights li!it the powers of 7ongress(
The ;ill of 'ights limits the po#ers of .ongress by banning it from
interfering #ith the rights listed.