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1. Popeye likes to eat ___ .

A. cucumber
B. celery
C. egg plant
D. spinach

2. Bimo always has a ___ of fried rice for his
A. cup
B. plate
C. bowl
D. spoon

3. Gardening is my best ___ .
A. like
B. hobby
C. do
D. want

4. Iva likes yoghurt ___ milk shake.
A. much
B. good
C. better than
D. prefer

5. Dina is ___ the floor now.
A. sweeps
B. sweeping
C. clean
D. cleaned

6. What is this?
This is a/an ___ .
A. bread
B. croissant
C. apple
D. corn

7. Hana : ___ did you do to spend your
Nita : I visited my grandparents.
A. What
B. When

C. Where
D. Why

8. The worker is very ___ after working hard.
A. strong
B. weak
C. tired
D. hard
ball basket
The best arrangement is ___ .
A. 1 4 3 2
B. 2 4 3 1
C. 1 2 3 4
D. 4 3 2 1

10. Drinking much ___ makes us healthy and
A. milk cream
B. ice cream
C. pop ice
D. coffee

11. I ___ the beautiful scenery in Kaliurang with
both of my eyes.
A. hear
B. find
C. see
D. touch

12. ___ these vegetables still fresh to cook?
A. Is
B. Are
C. Do
D. Does

13. X : Where does your brother go?
Y : He goes ____ Pangkalpinang.
A. about
B. before
C. in
D. to

14. The students claps their ____ because they
are happy.
A. body
B. wrist

C. ankle
D. hands

15. Nina : My name is Adnina Maharani Utami.
___ Nina.
A. You can call me
B. Im fine
C. Let me call you
D. Your name is

16. Bagus : Where are you from, Niko?
Niko : I ___ from Pagaruyung.
A. am not
B. do from
C. am from
D. from
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17. Will you take me a ___ of sugar, please?
A. bowl
B. slice
C. cup
D. spoon

18. My grandfather goes to the massage center
because he has problem with his ___ .
A. eyes
B. back
C. mouth
D. moustache


The best arrangement is ___ .
A. 3 6 5 4 1 2
B. 3 5 4 6 2 1
C. 5 3 6 4 1 2
D. 5 6 3 4 1 2

20. My father likes to play ___ as his hobby.
A. mini ball
B. squash
C. football
D. golf

21. X : Do you have any food in the refrigerator?
Y : ___ .
A. Yes, I do
B. Yes, I have
C. No, I havent
D. No, I didnt

22. There ____ many apples in the basket.
A. have
B. do

C. is
D. are

23. Aldo : Do you like eating meatballs?
Ega : Yes, I do. It is espescially ___
A. chicken
B. beef

C. goat
D. pork

24. The following things are fruit, except ___ .
A. banana, pineapple, mango
B. mango, mangos teen
C. melon, banana, algae
D. watermelon, celery, cherry

25. This is the famous fruit from Arab. It tastes
very sweeet and the colour is dark brown.
A. date
B. banana
C. star fruit
D. chocolate
26. Bowo ___ jogging to cycling in the Sunday
morning sport.
A. prefers
B. likes
C. had better
D. would rather

27. X : What does the rabbit like to eat?
Y : It likes to eat ___ .
A. avocado
B. carrot
C. pineapple
D. banana

28. The following games are modern, except:
A. Ragnarok Online
B. Play station
C. Scrabble
D. Hide and seek

29. The ___ goes to the pit stop after racing on
the circuit.
A. swimmer
B. guitarist
C. racer
D. runner

30. The Siomay seller walks and brings the food
on his ___ .
A. shoulders
B. aims
C. ankle
D. foot

31. ___ is the primary food for Madura people.
A. Orange
B. Date

C. Corn
D. Sausage

32. Dont forget if you want to buy pecel lele,
ask the ___ too.
A. carrot
B. spinach
C. cucumber
D. sprout

33. Brian brings shuttle cock and racket, he wants
to play ___ .
A. chess
B. badminton
C. water polo
D. squash

34. X : Can you play the big bass drum?
Y : ___ .
A. Yes, I can
B. Yes, I am
C. Yes, You can
D. No, I dont

35. There are some flowers ___ in the vase.
A. in
B. on

C. after
D. at

36. My mother always makes up her ___ before
going to the office.
A. eyebrow
B. ear

C. face
D. hair

37. Today is April 14, after tomorrow is ___ .
A. April 13
B. April 14
C. April 15
D. April 16

38. Andi has a ___ of fried rice for his breakfast
and a ___ of energy drink.
A. cup glass
B. bowl cup
C. glass plate
D. plate glass

39. We can find a bottle of coke ___ drinking tray
in the refrigerator.
A. inside
B. out of
C. after
D. under

40. Hamid : What hobby do you like best?
Iwan : I ___ drawing cartoon and
playing guitar.
A. like
B. have
C. want
D. go

Teks untuk nomor 41 43

Her name is Viandra. She lives 41 7 Jalan Murai
Jatinegara Jakarta. She studies at SD Pelita Jaya,
Rawamangun. She is 42 class 6. She goes to
school 43 foot.

41. A. in
B. on
C. at
D. under

42. A. in
B. on
C. at
D. under

43. A. in
B. on
C. at
D. under

44. X : What do the tourist like to do in the
Y : They like ___ and sunbathing there.
A. reading
B. singing
C. surfing
D. collecting stamp

45. Dino brings me a ___ of chocolate as the
A. bar
B. bunch

C. tea
D. slice

46. The Policeman looks handsome with ____ on
her face.
A. lips
B. eyebrow
C. moustache
D. beard

47. What picture is it ?
This is ___ .
A. pear
B. pie
C. peas
D. peanut

Teks untuk nomor 48 50

Healthy Food

What is healthy food? Well, a healthy food must
be clean. It must not have bad bacteria in it. It
must contain protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, or
minerals. In short, it must be nutritious.
Fruit and vegetables are healthy food. They
contain a lot of vitamins. We must eat them
everyday. But, we must also eat meat, eggs, and
rice. They give us a lot of protein and

48. Oranges can give us a lot of ___ .
A. protein
B. carbohydrate
C. vitamin C
D. fat

49. Bad bacteria can make us ___ .
A. ill
B. strong

C. healthy
D. wealthy

50. How must a healthy food be?
A. it must contain bacteria
B. it must be nutritious
C. it must not contain protein
D. it must be expensive

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