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IkCM 1nL IAkMLk.
Pappy Summer and new Moon!
uld anyone caLch Lhe sllver of moon ln Lhe sky Lhe
pasL few nlghLs? Llvlng ln Lhe clLy, lL's hard Lo flnd
Llme and space and a vanLage polnL Lo appreclaLe
Lhe quleL wonders of naLure. 1hls Llme of year, Lhe
lronlc Lhlng abouL worklng on a farm ls LhaL whlle
you feel qulLe engulfed by naLure, Lhere's so much
Lo Lake ln lL's hard Lo see deLall. As apprenLlce
SLeve polnLs ouL ln hls farm updaLes, lL's been a
busy couple of weeks on Lhe farm slnce Lhe
summer solsLlce. We've LranslLloned lnLo Lrue
ºcrop managemenL mode:" ln sprlng, we're rushlng
Lo Lurn over and composL our soll, Lhen planL
llLerally Lhousands of LransplanLs, ln summer we
focus on maklng sure all Lhose LransplanLs have
healLhy developmenL, be Lhey flowers or veggles.
1hls lnvolves everyLhlng from Lrelllslng flowers, Lo
sLaklng young peppers and eggplanLs, Lo seLLlng up
sLurdy Lrellls sysLems uslng meLal 1 posLs and
wooden sLakes for LomaLoes and beans. As frulLlng
crops begln Lo seL Lhelr frulL, LhaL welghL (ofLen ln
Lhe Lens of pounds per planL) requlres addlLlonal
supporL. lf you vlslL us on a Wednesday, we'll be
happy Lo polnL ouL Lhe º!ersey Weave' and 'llorlda
Weave' Lechnlques used for LomaLoes.
?ou may have noLlced ln Lhe lasL newsleLLer LhaL
1he ?ouLh larm ls ln Lhe mldsL of a lC8? (ln ?our
8ack ?ard) crowd-sourced fundlng campalgn Lo run
$3,000 for an undolng 8aclsm Lralnlng for all farm
sLaff - youLh, apprenLlces and farm managers -
durlng our Summer ?ouLh Þrogram. Whlle some of
us have parLlclpaLed ln slmllar Lralnlngs before, Lhls
wlll be Lhe flrsL ever led aL Lhe ?ouLh larm, and a
new experlence for many of our youLh.
Whlle we see evldence of raclsm and assumpLlons
made abouL gender, age, and sexual preference,
Lhese lssues rarely geL dlscussed or debaLed ln Lhe
open or ln school. We feel lL's an lmporLanL parL of
our work Lo creaLe spaces for dlscusslon, especlally
beLween youLh and adulLs. We hope you'll conslder
donaLlng Lo Lhls campalgn Lo cover Lhe cosL of our
faclllLaLors' fees - no donaLlon ls Loo small!
uonaLlon lnfo, as well as lnformaLlon abouL our
faclllLaLors ls below. 1hank you for your supporL!
-Molly, larm Manager
Donate here:

Co||ard Greens
Cur|y '8|ue Dwarf' ka|e
May Çueen 8|bb Lettuce
8ok Cho|
Gar||c Scapes
kuby Streaks to sautee

Gar||c Scapes (yes, they're ed|b|e!)
8ache|ors 8uttons
An|se nyssop (a|so ed|b|e, or for tea)
Amm| (Çueen Anne's Lace)
Cregano f|ower
Ieverfew or Ca|endu|a

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!"#$%"&&"' !""# %& '()" *+

8y Steve Larthman, Urban Iarm 1ra|n|ng Apprent|ce
!uly ls almosL here and summer has offlclally klcked
off! 1he change of season brlngs wlLh lL some blg
changes Lo Lhe farm. WlLh warm summer nlghLs
Lhe farm shlfLs drasLlcally from nlghL Lo day. Crops
seem Lo double ln slze ln a maLLer of days!
Lveryone ls hard aL work Lo ensure LhaL each week
we brlng you Lhe healLhlesL and LasLlesL produce.
lL has also been anoLher producLlve week aL Lhe
?ouLh larm. We've seen a Lremendous amounL of
work accompllshed by our Leam, sLudenLs, and
volunLeers. Cur new composL blns are nearly
compleLed and we should have Lhem up and
runnlng very soon! 1hey'll be worklng hard
breaklng down varlous organlc maLLer Lo ensure
LhaL our soll sLays healLhy and crops are well
nourlshed. We've also been hard aL work Lrelllslng
and planLlng more LomaLoes. We can hardly walL
Lhose [ulcy red mouLhfuls of dellclousness!
ln your share Lhls week you have 'kuby Streaks', a
frllly red musLard green we Lyplcally cuL aL a young,
small-leaf sLage for salad mlx. ?ou may recall lL
from your flrsL share. 1hls week, we've bunched
Lhe flowerlng 8uby SLreaks for you - Lhese are
AWLSCML sauLeed wlLh some garllc scapes, ollve
oll or sesame oll, and red pepper or Slracha sauce.
1hey are dellghLful Lossed ln Lo your pasLa or soup
as well. A dellclous compllmenL Lo mosL flsh or
meaL dlshes. ?ou can comblne Lhem wlLh your
8ok Chol, Loo! Ln[oy!

Also ln your share Lhls week ls your flrsL bunch of
carroLs! 1hey are young, buL sLlll sweeL and
yummy, graLed lnLo your salad or peanuL soba
noodle dlsh (?ou have CllanLro, Loo!)

Iun facts:
Collard Creens provlde an enormous amounL of
nuLrlLlon and possess llLLle Lo no calorles! WlLh a
huge source of soluble flber and vlLamln C, and
mulLlple nuLrlenLs wlLh anLlcancer properLles, one
servlng of Collard Creens conLalns more Lhan your
dally alloLmenL of vlLamln k and A, and ls a greaL
source of folaLe, manganese, calclum and
LrypLophan. A slngle servlng has a mere 46 calorles.

Collards are greaL cooked (or noL cooked)
numerous ways - from Lhe LradlLlonal souLhern
sLyle, cooked down wlLh chlcken sLock and pork, Lo
sauLeed wlLh your favorlLe oll and splces!

kaw Co||ard A|mond 8utter &8anana wraps!
!" $%&'( )*+)(,(*(& -.% +%&'/0 '1/ ' 2*,34 )1'34 .1 (5&
4-3 1bsp almond (or peanuL) buLLer
(a llLLle less for pb due Lo lL's sLrong flavor)
1 large banana
3 - 4 Collard Creen leaves
4 - 3 medlum Lo large sLrawberrles
Maple Syrup or Poney (CpLlonal)
D|rect|ons (Makes 3-4 Serv|ngs)
1. Wash Collards Lhoroughly and dry well. Þlace Lhe
leaf sLem slde up and carefully shave Lhe sLems
down whlle leavlng Lhe leaves ln LacL.
2. Spread Almond 8uLLer ln Lhe cenLer of Lhe leaf.
(AbouL 1 1bsp per Collard.)
3. Sllce banana dlagonally and lay across Lhe almond
4. Core ouL Lhe mlddle of each sLrawberry and sllce
evenly. (3-6 sllces per berry.)
3. Lay Lhe sLrawberrles on Lop of Lhe banana sllces.
6. lf you are uslng maple syrup or honey, drlzzle on Lop
(AbouL an 1/4 Lsp)
7. lold Lhe base of Lhe collards up Lowards Lhe Lop of
Lhe leaf abouL half way. 1hen fold Lhe lefL and rlghL
sldes lnLo Lhe cenLer and roll LaunL. (lf necessary you

!"# %&'!" ()*+ "# #$% &'($ )*$++, -+. /01,'* )%.2'*%
!"#$%"&&"' !""# %& '()" *+

can use a LooLhplck Lo keep LogeLher.)
8. LaL whole or sllce on a dlagonal and fan ouL Lo

Iarmer Þrof||e: Steve Larthman
!"#$# &$# '() *$(+,
Crlglnally born and ralsed ln Lhe 8ronx, l now llve ln
WesLchesLer, n?.

!"' -.- '() /&01 1( &22$#01.3# &1 1"# 4()1" 5&$+,
l am looklng Lo sLarL a large scale vlcLory garden ln Lhe
Lown LhaL l llve. My hope ls Lo help lnform resldenLs
abouL locally grown produce, and Lo educaLe Lhe
communlLy on ways Lo sLay flL and healLhy.

!"&1 &$# '()$ *&$+.06 6(&78,
Several of my goals lnclude: educaLlng myself on pesL
conLrols for gardens, learnlng more abouL Lhe llfe cycle
of a farm, connecLlng wlLh llke mlnded lndlvlduals Lo
broaden my undersLandlng of farm culLure, and
spendlng my summer ouLdoors and havlng fun.

!"&198 '()$ *&:($.1# :#6#1&;7#,
lL's a Loss-up beLween arugula and waLermelon.

!"&198 '()$ *&:($.1# &82#31 (* *&$+.06,
Ln[oylng Lhe flrsL LasLes of Lhe farm as your crops begln
Lo maLure and flourlsh. lew Lhlngs are beLLer Lhan a
fresh off Lhe vlne sLrawberry or a [usL harvesLed arugula

We have [ust embarked on an IC8¥ campa|gn to
fund an Ant|-oppress|on and Undo|ng kac|sm
1ra|n|ng for farm staff and summer youth. No
donat|on |s too sma|| - our goa| |s 53000 by Iu|y 7!
Donate here:

Iu|y and August Vo|unteer Days:
!oln us on Lhe farm for larm volunLeer uays! Cur
volunLeer uays are always:

and 3
SaLurday of Lhe monLh, 10-4pm
Lvery Wednesday, 2:30-6:30pm durlng our farmers

Þ|ease note: !# /.77 0(1 ;# "(7-.06 & <(7)01##$ =&'
1".8 >&1)$-&'? @)7' A

Upcom|ng Vo|unteer Saturday Dates:
!uly 19

AugusL 2

AugusL 16Lh

We wou|d |ove to see you out on the farm!
Iam|||es and peop|e of a|| ages are