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IkCM 1nL IAkMLk.
Pello ?ouLh larm CSA members!
We hope you en[oyed your flrsL CSA share lasL
week!! We absoluLely love laLe sprlng on Lhe farm
because lL hlghllghLs such lncredlble crops. Creen
garllc can only be harvesLed earller ln Lhe season,
and lL remlnds us Lo appreclaLe each phase of our
harvesL. Pow dld you use your share lasL week?
We'd love Lo hear abouL any reclpes you found or
creaLed! ?ou may even flnd your reclpe
hlghllghLed ln one of our newsleLLers, so please
send any reclpe suggesLlons Lo
l began my work on 1he ?ouLh larm as an eager
learner and veLeran of hard work. l grew up ln Lhe
woods of norLhern vermonL, and durlng my
summers, when school was ouL, l would wake-up
early and dlsappear lnLo Lhe woods. l would make
forLs ouL of fallen wood and creaLe whole
communlLles lncludlng a Lown hall, a docLor's offlce
and a sLable, Lo house all my lmaglnary horses.
8elng ln naLure allowed me my own space Lo geL
losL and creaLe my own world.
When l moved Lo n?C, l yearned for LhaL space. l
mlssed Lhe connecLlon l had wlLh naLure and Lhe
freedom Lo explore and learn from my
envlronmenL. Cne of Lhe many reasons l love
worklng on 1he ?ouLh larm ls LhaL l see Lhe same
connecLlons l made when l was young and ln
naLure now made everyday wlLhln our urban
communlLy. l geL Lo experlence a seven-year-old's
LasLe for fresh splnach for Lhe flrsL Llme. l geL Lo
waLch our hlgh school sLudenLs move from belng
weary of Lhe soll and Lhe worms LhaL llve ln lL, Lo
belng consclous soll advocaLes and bullders of
lncredlble composL plles and worm havens. l Leach
adulLs Lo malnLaln and Lraln crops and geL greaL
pleasure waLchlng Lhem geL losL ln Lhe process, and
pulled away from Lhe dally wear-and-Lear of urban
1here are a loL of Lhlngs l love abouL my [ob, buL
lncorporaLlng naLure lnLo our communlLy's llfe ls aL
Lhe Lop of my llsL. lf you are looklng Lo geLLlng
lnvolved wlLh 1he ?ouLh larm, please conLacL
llz[bkfarmyards.com and l wlll dlrecL you Lo Lhe
besL way Lo fulflll your farm hearL's deslre!
Pappy cooklng,
Llz, AsslsLanL larm Manager

IN ¥CUk SnAkL 1nIS WLLk!
Sw|ss Chard
ked 8or ka|e
L|tt|e Gem koma|ne Lettuce
ked Sunset Leaf Lettuce
Gar||c Scapes
Green Gar||c

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8y 1y|er Iarrar, Urban Iarm 1ra|n|ng Apprent|ce
llnally, some warmer weaLher as we approach Lhe
offlclal sLarL of summer. 1hls LranslLlon ln season ls
accompanled by changes aL Lhe ?ouLh larm LhaL
lnclude blossomlng perennlals along our fence and
larger vegeLables ln our harvesL. 1he change ls also
a welcome pleasure Lo our senses. lnLercropped
flowers add a subLle conLrasL of color Lo Lhe
vegeLable beds. Perbs make our hands smell llke
sage, oregano, rosemary, and mlnL whlle we
harvesL and pack Lhem. Creen, leafy vegeLables
lncluded ln your CSA lasL week LasLe dellclous, ln
Lrue farm-Lo-Lable pracLlce, we occaslonally lnclude
Lhem ln our meals durlng lunch.
1he ?ouLh larm has also seen a Lremendous
amounL of work accompllshed by our Leam,
sLudenLs, and volunLeers. ln addlLlon Lo Lhe
vegeLable and flower harvesL, we have
LransplanLed peppers and helrloom LomaLoes lnLo
newly prepped beds, consLrucLed Lrellls for
cucumbers, and proLecLed exlsLlng beds from pesLs
and lnvaslve weeds.
1hls week ls especlally lmporLanL for us, as
Wednesday, !une 23
, marks our flrsL weekday
farmers markeL! lL ls always an exclLlng Llme of
year. 1he Llme of year when we geL Lo connecL wlLh
our cusLomers on a weekly basls once agaln, as
well as meeL new ones lnLeresLed ln seelng whaL
Lhe ?ouLh larm has Lo offer. We Lruly appreclaLe
our cusLomers as well as our Leam LhaL conLrlbuLe
Lo Lhls exchange and connecLlon wlLh Lhe
LlLLle Cem LeLLuce ls a mlnlaLure 8omalne
LeLLuce-Maklng lL greaL for everyday salads
(especlally Cesar!) and sandwlches. AL nlghLlngale
9, a vleLnamese resLauranL ln 8rooklyn we dellver
Lo, 8omalned leaves are used Lo wrap sprlng rolls
along wlLh fresh cllanLro. So lf you are feellng

Iun facts:
Cne cup of chopped kale has 134 percenL of
your recommended dally lnLake of vlLamln
C, whlle a medlum orange frulL has 113
percenL of Lhe dally C requlremenL.

Some people may be geneLlcally
predlsposed Lo dlsllke Lhe LasLe of cllanLro,
clalmlng lL has a ºsoapy" LasLe. !ulla Chlld
was among Lhem.
SCu8CL: 1he new ?ork 1lmes, llLness and nuLrlLlon

** Chlves comlng ln Lhe share nexL dellvery/plckup!
Creen garllc wlll hold ln your frldge for up Lo Lhree
weeks lf sLored.
!"##$ !&"'()* +,(-#* &$. /#. 0#11#" 2"(33&3&
2 Lablespoons exLra vlrgln ollve oll
1 large red bell pepper, seeded and cuL ln small
2 bulbs green garllc, Lrlmmed of sLalks and
papery layers, sllced
6 eggs
1 cup whole-mllk rlcoLLa
1/4 cup mlnced or snlpped chlves
lreshly ground pepper
1. PeaL 1 Lablespoon of Lhe ollve oll over medlum heaL
ln a nonsLlck skllleL and add Lhe bell pepper. Cook,

!"# %&'!" ()*+ "# #$% &'($ )*$++, -+. /01,'* )%.2'*%
!"#$%"&&"' !""# %& '()" *+

sLlrrlng ofLen, unLll lL ls Lender, 3 Lo 8 mlnuLes.
2. Add Lhe garllc and salL Lo LasLe and cook, sLlrrlng
ofLen, unLll Lender, 2 Lo 3 mlnuLes. 8emove from Lhe
heaL and seL aslde.
3. 8eaL Lhe eggs ln a large bowl.
4. Whlsk ln Lhe rlcoLLa, salL (abouL 1/2 Leaspoon) and
freshly ground pepper Lo LasLe.
3. SLlr ln Lhe chlves and red pepper and garllc mlxLure.
6. Clean and dry Lhe pan and reLurn Lo Lhe burner, seL
on medlum-hlgh.
7. PeaL Lhe remalnlng Lablespoon of ollve oll ln Lhe
8. Þour ln Lhe egg mlxLure. Swlrl Lhe pan Lo dlsLrlbuLe
Lhe eggs and fllllng evenly over Lhe surface. Shake
Lhe pan genLly, LllLlng lL sllghLly wlLh one hand whlle
llfLlng up Lhe edges of Lhe frlLLaLa wlLh a spaLula ln
your oLher hand, Lo leL Lhe eggs run underneaLh
durlng Lhe flrsL few mlnuLes of cooklng.
9. 1urn Lhe heaL down Lo low, cover and cook 10
mlnuLes, shaklng Lhe pan genLly every once ln a
whlle. lrom Llme Lo Llme remove Lhe lld and loosen
Lhe boLLom of Lhe frlLLaLa wlLh a wooden or
heaLproof spaLula, LllLlng Lhe pan, so LhaL Lhe boLLom
doesn'L burn. 1he eggs should be [usL abouL seL on
Lhe boLLom, cook a few mlnuLes longer lf Lhey're
10. Meanwhlle, heaL Lhe broller. uncover Lhe pan and
place under Lhe broller, noL Loo close Lo Lhe heaL, for
1 Lo 3 mlnuLes, waLchlng very carefully Lo make sure
Lhe Lop doesn'L burn (aL mosL, lL should brown very
sllghLly and puff under Lhe broller).
11. 8emove from Lhe heaL, shake Lhe pan Lo make sure
Lhe frlLLaLa lsn'L sLlcklng and allow lL Lo cool for aL
leasL 3 mlnuLes and for up Lo 13. Loosen Lhe edges
wlLh a wooden or plasLlc spaLula. Carefully sllde from
Lhe pan onLo a large round plaLLer. CuL lnLo wedges
or lnLo smaller blLe-slze dlamonds. Serve hoL, warm,
aL room LemperaLure or cold.

Iarmer Þrof||e: 1y|er Iarrar

!"#$# &$# '() *$(+,
l grew up ln Lhe suburbs of San ulego, Callfornla.

!"' -.- '() /&01 1( &22$#01.3# &1 1"# 4()1" 5&$+,
l am a graduaLe sLudenL aL PunLer College's School of
urban Affalrs and Þlannlng and wanLed Lo learn more
abouL urban farmlng. l'm wrlLlng my capsLone Lhesls on
urban envlronmenLallsm and wlll lnclude a loL of my
experlences worklng on 1he ?ouLh larm.

!"&1 &$# '()$ *&$+.06 6(&78,
l hope Lo learn as much as posslble. l'm flnlshlng school
and Lhls apprenLlceshlp aL Lhe same Llme and l plan on
uslng Lhe knowledge and work experlence as a plaLform
Lo see whaL Lype of careers are ouL Lhere.

!"&198 '()$ *&:($.1# :#6#1&;7#,
My favorlLe vegeLable ls Lhe LomaLo. l llke how versaLlle
lL ls Lo cook wlLh. l'm also on a kale klck rlghL now.

!"&198 '()$ *&:($.1# &82#31 (* *&$+.06,
WhaL's my leasL-favorlLe aspecL of farmlng ls Lhe real
quesLlon. l love all of lL, worklng ouLslde, belng around
lnLeresLlng co-workers LhaL have such dlverse
backgrounds and are passlonaLe abouL whaL Lhey do,
engaglng ln a physlcally klnesLheLlc learnlng process,
seelng Lhe enLlre llfecycle of a planL.Lhe llsL goes on.

We have [ust embarked on an IC8¥ campa|gn to
fund an Ant|-oppress|on and Undo|ng kac|sm
1ra|n|ng for farm staff and summer youth. No
donat|on |s too sma|| - our goa| |s 53000 by Iu|y 7!
Donate here: