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*** life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.
*** developed the art of losing myself
*** Iosua 23.8
"ut you are to hold fast to the !"#$ your %od, as you have until now."
*** &cts '(.) *despre apostoli+
",hese who have turned the world upside down."
I promise myself
I promise I`ll wait for you
,he midnight hour, I know you`ll shine on through
I promise myself
I promised the world to you
I gave you flowers
.ou made my dreams come true
/ow many others out there
.ou`re the need, to run and look for shelter
I promise myself
,hat I say I pray for you
0hen you tomorrow, where all your wish comes true
I promise myself
that I`d make it up to you
***** ",ake one step at a time, every step under $ivine warrant and direction. 1ver
plan for yourself
in simple dependence of %od. It is nothing less than self2idolatry to conceive that
we can carry
on even the ordinary matters of the day without /is counsel. /e loves to be
**** 30e are simple people.
.ou can4t remember ten things at once.
Invariably, if you could remember 5ust "61 true thing7you4d be different.
8onnect one bit of 9cripture to one bit of life7.
&pply one relevant thing from our #edeemer to one significant scene in
your story.
ring one bit of the ible to one bit of your life7.
.ou can4t deal with it all at once.
9cripture never does7.
!ife goes one step at a time.:
**** -6ature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only
we have the eyes to see them. 0ishing you beauty wherever you look.-
***** - 1veryday is a special gift and you ;<9,====== live it ><!!.===- *de la
bianca toia+
********;ost of us have heard that %od is love , that %od became flesh, and that
5esus was his mane. however, it is a stunning truth that it is not enough to
mererely say that 5esus was loving, or that he was loved, or even that he knew how
to love. 5esus was love, he was the very essence of the stuff, bound up in blood,
bone and sinew? he was love walking on two feet, breathing the dusty air of @udea,
living to give life to men.
@esus was perfect, and he lived the only perfect life thatAs ever been lived. these
words are well2worn and have been repeated more times than can be numbered. but do
we realiBe that practical implications of such a statementC it means that in all
things, and at all times, 5esus was perfectly loving, perfectly unselfish, and
perfectly humble. he was perfectly righteous, and perfectly holy. in fact he was
perfect in every way. the ible says that he was without sin. @esus was blameless.
not once in his life was he ever arrogant, boastful, or proud.
/e had no blind spots. his doctrine was pure.*..+ he never spoke out of pre5udice,
mere opinion, or dogma. he spoke only what his father gave him to speak, and his
words were the words of %od. he came to serve others, not to be served himself. he
made no attempt to manipulate the masses for his own gain, but lived humbly and
without pretension. he was approachable. 0omen, children, taF collectors,
prostitutes and even lepers came to @esus and were never turned away. he taught
that we should love one another, that we should treat others as we ourselves wolud
like to be treated, and that we should do good even to those who use and mistreat
/e was also the truth in the flesh.
***0e like love. love deals in relationships, while truth deals in cold hard facts.
but @esus never compromised one for the other.
******** *from 6itty.%ritty log+
If I were to place an ad5ective in front of my name, it could be one of several
things, eFcept nondescript. ,hat was a word a friend used to describe another
person in my life recently. I thought about it then, and I thought about it
yesterday and I still think that "nondescript" is one of the saddest words a person
could use to describe me.
I think "saint" is still a bit lofty2 although Ghyllis ;c%inley had this to say
about saints in her book, 9aint20atching, ">or the wonderful thing about saints is
that they were Hand I think, still areI human. ,hey lost their tempers, got hungry,
scolded %od, were egotistical, or testy or impatient in their turns, made mistakes
and regretted them. 9till they went on doggedly blundering toward heaven."
I guess "9aint @ody" is one IAm still working on. I also thought of "adept". IAm
skilled at many things by virtue of being a mother and wife. I also like "creative"
and "realistic" even. ut donAt try nondescript. In fact I would rather be "craBy"
or "misguided" or even "horribly2mistaken" if you count hyphens... but nondescript
means to me that you didnAt even try. ,hat you never put yourself out there. ,hat
you walked along easy street your whole life and never sought adventure, good or
bad, along the way. If a person giving a eulogy *is that how you spell thatC=+ at
my funeral says, "9he was...nice. @ody was a good person." I think I would cry
about that.
I donAt eFpect flowery language or rhetoric that goes on and on at my funeral2 but
I hope that I end up contributing something a little bit meaningful to the people
whose lives I touch along the way. I think that we owe it to ourselves to seek to
be something more than 5ust merely eFisting.
&lthough...there are moments *occasionaly hours or days+ in my life when I Juestion
the purpose of my being. In those painful moments2 at the very bottom of lifeAs
pits, I usually look up2 and in so doing find my hope.
,hatAs where the title of this blog comes from. I truly believe that there is
something more to all of this than our human eyes can behold. I have felt it in my
soul. I have heard it in my heart. &nd when I close my eyes sometimes I catch a
glimpse of what I hope for in the future. >or every one of us here on earth2no
matter what word we pick to describe ourselves2with each breath we take, we are
then one breath closer to that place.
She spins and she sways to whatever song plays,
Without a care in the world.
And I'm sittin' here wearin' the weight of the world on my shoulders.
It's been a long day and there's still wor to do,
She's pulling at me saying !"ad I need you#
$here's a ball at the castle and I've been invited and I need to practice my dancin'!
!%h please, daddy, please#!
So I will dance with &inderella
While she is here in my arms
'&ause I now something the prince never new
%h I will dance with &inderella
I don't wanna miss even one song,
&u' all too soon the cloc will strie midnight
And she'll be gone
She says he's a nice guy and I'd be impressed
She wants to now if I approve of the dress
She says !"ad, the prom is (ust one wee away,
And I need to practice my dancin'!
!%h please, daddy, please#!
So I will dance with &inderella
While she is here in my arms
'&ause I now something the prince never new
%hh)oh ohh)oh, I will dance with &inderella
I don't wanna miss even one song,
&u' all too soon the cloc will strie midnight
And she'll be gone
She will be gone.
Well, she came home today
With a ring on her hand
*ust glowin' and tellin' us all they had planned
She says !"ad, the wedding's still si+ months away
but I need to practice my dancin'!
!%h please, daddy please#!
So I will dance with &inderella
While she is here in my arms
'&ause I now something the prince never new
%hh)oh ohh)oh, I will dance with &inderella
I don't wanna miss even one song,
-even one song.
&u' all too soon the cloc will strie midnight
And she'll be gone
*** I am simply giving all the details to God. I know and trust that He, the artist of my life,
has a canvas all stretched out ahead of me, and with each brushstroke of my life He is
painting a picture that becomes ever more beautiful and clear.
I just sit back in wonder and humility at why He would choose to use little old me for
something so big. I can only follow His lead and thank Him for His grace.
The only cure I've found is my faith. The faith that gives me HOPE and PEACE and COMFOT and !O" in
life again. It tells me of a future in Heaven #here all the $uestions I have #ill %e ans#ered& #here the 'ain
of living #ill %e understood. It is ho# I live( it is %elieving in advance #hat #ill only ma)e sense in reverse.
********* Here's a true statement that I think a lot of people {sometimes even me} forget. Sooner
or later everybody in this world will let somebody down. Everybody has faults and problems,
habits or disease, struggles and issues...nobody is perfect. It's okay to have epectations and
dreams and wishes and desires! but to think that they will all be fulfilled perfectly is unrealistic.
It's not gonna happen. Ever. "#itty.$ritty%
******* oamenii sunt un mister pe care tot mai mult il doresc sa il descopar, sunt placere si farmec,
sunt cruzi si neimbliziti..ei doresc sa fie iubiti asa cum sunt ei, si placuti, si fermecatori, si cruzi, si
neimbliziti. asta imi place cel mai mult si mai mult: sa iubesc fara sa judec, sa iubesc iertator si
dragastos, sa iubesc fara sa ma uit cat sau daca mi se da. si as vrea sa imi placa tot mai mult si mai
mult sa ma rog. sa am rabdarea si perseverenta sa ma rog pentru toti cati ii am in inima si ganduri. si
imi place credinta aia de bob de mustar care muta muntii. aia mai mare decat bobul oare ar muta
pamantu'n cer?..
******** Dont settle for crumbs when God wants you to experience a feast of His presence and power.

If you commit to significant daily time with God, not een the s!y is the limit to what He will do in your life.
**** In ciuda faptului ca Isus, plin de compasiune, a murit pacatele noastre, Dumne"eu, in planul #au $ nu in
planul % sau & sau D, ci in planul #au $ ii cheama pe toti crestinii la suferinta, uneori la suferinta deosebit de
mare. 'entru a ne incura(a, s)ar putea ca uneori *l sa aduca si momente placute in scenariul ietii noastre $
putina aentura, putin romantism. +ucruri ame"ante care ne or face sa "ambim, rasturnari neasteptate de
situatie care sar putea sa ne amu"e pana la lacrimi, caci lui Dumne"eu Ii face placere sa daruiasca. Insa,
negresit, unele scene ne or frange inima, unele dintre persona(ele faorite or muri, iar filmul sar putea sa ia
sfarsit mai dereme decat neam fi dorit.
I've learned that you don't need a good reason to have a good time.
"ragii mei, o sa ma (oc odata
&u voi, de)a ceva ciudat.
0u stiu cand o sa fie asta, tata,
"ar, hotarat, o sa ne (ucam odata,
%data, poate, dupa scapatat.
1 un (oc viclean de batrani
&u copii, ca voi, cu fetite ca tine,
*oc de slugi si (oc de stapani,
*oc de pasari, de flori, de cani,
Si fiecare il (oaca bine.
0e vom iubi, negresit, mereu
Stransi bucurosi la masa,
Subt coviltirele lui "umne'eu.
Intr)o 'i piciorul va ramane greu,
3ana stangace, ochiul sleit, limba scamoasa.
*ocul incepe incet, ca un vant,
1u o sa rad si o sa tac,
% sa ma culc la pamant.
% sa stau fara cuvant,
"e pilda, langa copac.
1 (ocul sfintelor Scripturi.
Asa s)a (ucat si "omnul nostru Isus 4ristos
Si altii, prinsi de friguri si de calduri,
&are din cateva sfinte tremuraturi
Au ispravit (ocul, frumos.
5oi sa nu va mahniti tare
&and ma vor lua si duce departe
Si)mi vor face un fel de inmormantare
In lutul afanat sau tare.
Asa e (ocul, incepe cu moarte.
Stiind ca si 6a'ar a)nviat
5oi sa nu va mahniti, s)asteptati,
&a si cum nu s)a intamplat
0imic prea nou si prea ciudat.
Acolo, voi gandi la (ocul nostru, printre frati.
$ata s)a ingri(it de voi,
5)a lasat vite, hambare,
7asune, bordeie si oi,
7entru tot soiul de nevoi
Si pentru mancare.
$oti vor invia, toti se vor intoarce
Intr)o 'i acasa, la copii,
6a nevasta, care plange si toarce,
6a vacute, la mioare,
&a oamenii gospodari si vii.
5oi cresteti, dragii mei, sanatosi,
5oinici, 'globii, cu voie buna,
&um am apucat din mosi)stramosi.
"eocamdata, fetii mei frumosi,
% sa lipseasca tata vreo luna.
Apoi, o sa fie o intar'iere,
Si alta, si pe urma alta.
$ata nu o sa mai aiba putere
Sa vie pe (os, in timpul cat se cere,
"in lumea ceealalta.
Si, voi ati crescut mari,
5)ati capatuit,
5)ati facut carturari,
3ama)mpleteste ciorapi si pieptari,
Si tata nu a mai venit9
7uii mei, bobocii mei, copiii mei#
Asa este (ocul.
Il (oci in doi, in trei,
Il (oci in cate cati vrei.
Arde)l)ar focul.
$e rog cercetea':)m: $u#
$u ve'i ce e)n inima mea.
"e mult ochiul $:u m: v:'u
;<&=nd plin de)ndurare din
greaua pier'are
3)a scos m=na $a.<;
$u ve'i, o, Isus, starea mea.
$u >tii >i c=t sunt de gre>it.
$u >tii >i ispita)mi cea grea?
;<@n faAa $a totul, Bn faAa $a totul
1 descoperit.<;
Ci cine vreodat:)ar putea
S:)mi >tearg: p:catul cumplit
Ci)o inim: nou: s:)mi deaD
;<E:si)voi vreodat:, Bn chiar
lumea toat:
Fn om sf=nt, smeritD<;
%, $u, numai $u e>ti preasf=nt#
Au'i deci ad=ncu)mi suspin#
&:ci vreau c=t voi fi pe p:m=nt
;<@ntreaga mea viaA:, Bntreaga
mea viaA:
"oar Aie s)o)nchin#<;
G$he %mnipotent, in one instant, made 4imself breaable.H 3a+ 6ucado.
G9mire and muc of our world. Ior only if we let him in can he pull us out.H 3a+ 6ucado.
Jreaing a habit starts with courage, ends with discipline, and is fueled by desire.
I am your constant companion.
I am your greatest asset or heaviest burden.
I will push you up to success or down to disappointment.
I am at your command.
4alf the things you do might (ust as well be turned over to me,
Ior I can do them Kuicly, correctly, and profitably.
I am easily managed, (ust be firm with me.
$hose who are great, I have made great.
$hose who are failures, I have made failures.
I am not a machine, though I wor with the precision of a
machine and the intelligence of a person.
Mou can run me for profit, or you can run me for ruin.
Show me how you want it done. 1ducate me. $rain me.
6ead me. Neward me.
And I will it automatically.
I am your servant.
Who am ID
I am a habit.
!indness is a language we all understand. een the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it.
!A woman is lie a teabag. Mou never now how strong she is until you put her in hot water.!
The 'what ifs' will drain you and me of strength, but prayer really does change things. Prayer opens
doors that we couldn't ever have imagined being opened. Prayer changes peoples hearts. Prayer
severs relationships that need to be severed. Prayer breaks habits that are hurtful. Prayer gives us
wisdom in things we can't figure out. Prayer even moves foreign governments. Prayer gives us
discernment. Prayer gives us strength. Prayer changes our heart. Prayer gives us peace. Prayer
meets needs we have. Prayer moves mighty mountains. Prayer truly changes things.
Daca ai pornit spre un anumit tel, si te tot opresti din drum ca sa arunci cu pietre in orice ciine care te latra, atunci
nu ei mai a(unge niciodata la tinta.
,.-. Dostoies!i
!If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right.!
Quit crying over where youve been.
Quit crying over your mistakes and failures.
Quit crying over what you have lost.
Start looking toward where you are going.
Start looking toward what God has for you.
Start looking toward what God is going to give you as a blessing.
Start looking for the way God is going to use what you do have.
~You dont need to con or scheme your way into your future. Give God what you have
and let Him do the miracle of fulfillment in you and for you.
When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's
present....we experience heaven on earth. -Sarah Jreathnac.
Life is not about waiting for the storms to ass...
it!s about learning how to dance in the rain"
#he amount of goodness in my life deends entirely on how much goodness $ choose to see.
*esus never said, !Admire, analy'e, or theori'e 3e.! 4e said, !Iollow 3e.!
%it is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desire which He creates.% &my 'harmichael
$t is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desire which He creates. ( &my 'armichael )*
+e have an ama,ing God who holds the times and seasons in His hands. & God who knows our
thoughts and words before we even utter them. & God who had all our days ordained in His
book before we even took our first breath. -ltimately. we can say that. yes. our God is
Sovereign. and He is in control. and He is caable of bringing to ass His erfect lans for each
of our lives. &fter all. He is the only one who can read our life story from beginning to end and
know what is u ahead on the ne/t age. and even the age after that. &ll our lifescrits. He has
written. So. of course. He knows. He!s the &uthor and 0inisher of our faith.
So why is it that we wrestle so much with our desires of today1 #he deal is. God longs to give us
our true heart!s desires. and H2 is the one who has ut those desires there. 3ur roblem is that
we grow imatient. &nd. along the way. we end u making errors in our discernment by
following after the flesh. instead of the Sirit.
+hat makes us think that somehow a God4seeded dream can be birthed by human methods.
anyway1 $t!s a vain thought. 0or flesh gives birth to flesh. 3nly Sirit gives birth to Sirit. &nd.
a desire imlanted in our lives by God will come to ass. but it will take God to bring it all to
ass. and He will in H$S time and H$S way. So. why so much wrestling1 +e would do better by
engaging in an all4hearted ursuit of #5-S#$6G G37.
&my 'armichael writes that %it is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desire which He
creates.% 0irst off. it!s always a safe thing to trust God. 8eriod. 9ut. how much more safe is it
when what we!re trusting God for is ultimately a God4given dream that He has lanted in our
hearts1 3f course. our 0ather who is a keeer of His +ord will bring His dreams to ass. 3ur
art is simly watering the dream with the faith our 0ather gives us to #5-S# H$: to bring it
all to ass.
#he ;uestion so many of us may have had here is. though. how can we know if it!s our dream or
God!s dream1 -ltimately. we can tell by one ma<or thing= death. 3ur dreams. when they die.
$t!s over. &nd. this is a good and necessary thing. 3ur selfish ambitions need to meet the cross>
they need to be urged and crucified. 3ur 0ather has said that no G337 thing will He withhold
from us. so we know that when He withholds a flesh4cultivated dream. it!s only because in the
end. it could only bring us harm. 'arnal desires multily other worldly desires. so when death
cuts that off from us. God is rotecting us.
$n contrast. God!s dream. when it meets surrender in death. it comes back as L$02. and it
carries with it the anointing of the Holy Sirit. becoming a sacred seed. earmarked to raise u a
harvest of righteousness. $t!s got God!s breath and life all over it. ready to roduce good fruit in
our lives and the lives of others. all the while glorifying our 0ather and revealing more and
more of His love through ?esus 'hrist to the world.
So. yes. we can #5-S# H$:. +e can trust God to fulfill the desires He has ut inside our
hearts. +e can trust H$m to give us every good and erfect gift that comes from His 0ather4
heart. $t!s a safe thing to trust Him. #here!s a certainty to this. 0aith.
So. yeah. ultimately. it!s a 0&$#H #H$6G to trust Him to fulfill the desires He has ut into our
hearts. +hen it!s a 0&$#H thing. we can be sure that it!s a safe thing.
@written by 'hristine 'raigA
In fiecare luni e+ista un dram de vineri.
?esus loves me" #his $ know.
0or the 9ible tells me so>
Little ones to Him belong.
#hey are weak but He is strong.
Yes. ?esus loves me"
Yes. ?esus loves me"
Yes. ?esus loves me"
#he 9ible tells me so.
?esus loves me" He who died.
Heaven!s gate to oen wide>
He will wash away my sin.
Let His little child come in.
Yes. ?esus loves me"
Yes. ?esus loves me"
Yes. ?esus loves me"
#he 9ible tells me so.
?esus loves me" loves me still.
+hen $!m very weak and ill>
0rom His shining throne on high.
'omes to watch me where $ lie.
Yes. ?esus loves me"
Yes. ?esus loves me"
Yes. ?esus loves me"
#he 9ible tells me so.
?esus loves me" He will stay.
'lose beside me all the way>
He!s reared a home for me.
&nd some day His face $!ll see.
Yes. ?esus loves me"
Yes. ?esus loves me"
Yes. ?esus loves me"
#he 9ible tells me so.
&nd there are moments in life where He allows you the grace to survive what seems imossible.
$t is what haens when a follower of 'hrist leans so deely into the 0ather!s arms that there is
no chance of falling.
God answers rayers. ?ust not always in the way or in the time frame we want. God answers
rayers. but the outcome we hoe for. and beseech God for. is not always the outcome God has
in mind.
"ne hundred years from now It will not matter what kind of car I drove, 0hat kind
of house I lived in, /ow much money I had in my bank account, 6or what my clothes
looked like. ut one hundred years from now ,he world may be a little better
ecause I was important In the life of a child.
&bandonment is racticed by continually losing your own will in the will of God> by lunging
your will into the deths of His will. there to be lost forever" &bandonment must reach a oint
where you stand in comlete indifference to yourself. #he attitude will bring you to the most
wonderful oint imaginable 4 where your will breaks free to be <oined to the will of God" You
will desire only what He desires.
?eanne Guyon4 2/ericing the 7eths of 'hrist.
$ met 'hrist in coffee shos. and He met me inamong the leastof these in the inner city...B
Celly :onahan.
0iecare minut din fiecare ora a fiecarei ,ile este un dar de la 7umne,eu. o oortunitate unica de
a trai o viata lina de semnificatie si desavarsita. 7e asemenea. fiecare ,i este o rovocare= sunt
locuri unde sa mergem. oameni e care sa4i vedem. lucruri e care sa le reali,am si alegeri de
facut. 7ar noi nu ne confruntam de unii singuri cu dilemele vietii Dntrucat 7omnul nostru a
romis sa ne calau,easca si sa ne dea toata Dnteleciunea si discernamantul de care avem
nevoie nu doar entru deci,iile ma<ore. ci si entru alegerile cele mai neDnsemnate si mai
7ar. uneori. cand vin roblemele si rovocarile. are ca uitam ca 2l ne oarta de gri<a. 8ur si
simlu uitam de romisiunile si credinciosia Lui. 'and ne simtim ierduti uitam ca 2l este
calau,itorul nostru. 'and situatiile ar sa ne coleseasca uitam ca 2l este secialist Dn lucrurile
care ar imosibile. Si. cand uitam. ne gasim e noi Dnsine descura<ati si Dnfranti.
'e s4ar Dntamla daca noi Dnsine ne4am aminti Dn fiecare ,i de romisiunile neretuite din
'uvantul lui 7umne,eu1 'e4ar fi daca ne4am aduce aminte Dn fiecare ,i ca niciuna din
romisiunile Lui nu ramane neDmlinita1 Eom descoeri cum credinta noastra se adanceste.
ascultarea creste si inimile noastre e/alta. Sufletele ne4ar fi Dntarite. iar ersectiva asura
vietii ne4ar fi uimitoare.
" minge de basket in mainile mele valoreaBa
aproFimativ 'KL.
" minge de basket in mainile lui ;ichael @ordan
valoreaBa aproFimativ 33 milioane L.
$epinde de mainile in care se afla.
" minge de baseball in mainile mele valoreaBa
aproFimativ )L.
" minge de baseball in mainile lui ;ark ;c%uire
valoreaBa 'K milioane L.
$epinde de mainile in care se afla.
" racheta de tenis este fara valoare in mainile mele.
" racheta de tenis in mainile lui Menus 0illiams
repreBinta castigul unui campionat.
$epinde de mainile in care se afla.
<n toiag*bat+ in mainile mele va tine la distanta un
animal furios.
<n toiag in mainile lui ;oise ar desparti marea.
$epinde de mainile in care se afla.
" prastie in mainile mele ar fi o 5ucarie de copii.
" prastie in mainile lui $avid ar insemna o arma
$epinde de mainile in care se afla.
$oi pesti si cinci paini in mainile mele nu ar
inseamna decat doua sandwiciuri.
$oi pesti si cinci paini in mainile lui Isus ar hrani
mii de persoane.
$epinde de mainile in care se afla.
8uie in mainile mele ar putea folosi construirii unei
colivi pt pasari.
8uie in mainile lui Isus 8hristos ar avea ca efect
salvarea intregii lumi.
$epinde de mainile in care se afla.
"Iata ca te2am sapat pe mNinile ;ele="*Isaia OKP')+
&cum poti sa veBi ca toate depind de mainile in care
se gasesc.
$eci, puneti gri5ile, tristetile, frica, sperantele,
visele, familia, relatiile in mainile lui $umneBeu,
,e vei putea odihni in timpul nopti, stiind ca
$umneBeu nu doarme, si lucreaBa pentru tine=
&ceasta depinde de mainile in care se afla=
Isus a spus, "cu $umneBeu toate lucrurile sunt
posibile *;arcu 'QP2(+."
6o moment from my God is a rock of burden> its <ust a rock waiting to be broken aart into
steing stones.
&he devil is content to let us profess 'hristianity as long as we do not practice it.
G6ife is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is
going to be interesting. And you donSt do that by sitting around. )Tatherine 4epburnH
$his day has more potential than any day we've lived... (ust because itSs today. Mou can only embrace
what you chase.
8erhas having a good life. one that we are satisfied or <oyful in. is not measured by how much
sub<ective good there actually is in our lives. but simly in if we look for satisfaction and <oy.
F& man ractices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life
through reading new books. traveling to new laces. making new friends. taking u new
hobbies and adoting new viewointsB4+ilfred 8eterson
%'ourage is almost a contradiction in terms. $t means a strong desire to live taking the form of
readiness to die.%
~ G.C. 'hesterton
%$ wanted you to see what real courage is.... $t!s when you know you!re licked before you begin
but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win. but sometimes
you do.%
~ &tticus 0inch. in Harer Lee!s. %#o Cill a :ockingbird%
%+hen we are afraid we ought not to occuy ourselves with endeavoring to rove that there is
no danger. but in strengthening ourselves to go on in site of the danger.%
~ :ark 5utherford
%#he courage of life is often a less dramatic sectacle than the courage of a final moment> but it
is no less a magnificent mi/ture of triumh and tragedy.%
~ ?ohn 0. Cennedy
Spend one day in front of a screen. Eet and mae lots of phone calls, chec your e)mail, blog, update
your Iaceboo page, send some tweets, read some blog posts, listen to a podcast, peruse some Moutube
videos. Watch American Idol, 6ost, $he %ffice and $hirty Noc followed by some Io+ or &00.
Spend the ne+t day off)line, unplugged, face)to)face with real people, hearing live voices instead of
recorded ones. Wal through the woods or around the bloc or through a crowded mall. $al to your
spouse, your friends, your neighbors. 7lay with your ids. Smell flowers, watch the sun set, point at
shooting stars.
Which day gave you more stories to tellD
Cee your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. $ts what sunflowers do.
Helen Celler
Simply sharing what we believe and what has transformed our lives, and opening up a discussion, is not
being intolerant, no matter what the world tries to tell us##
G$rue love is a high and holy principle, altogether different in character from that love which is
awaened by impulse, and which suddenly dies when severely tested. $rue love is not a strong, fiery,
impetuous passion. %n the contrary, it is calm and deep in its nature. It loos beyond mere e+ternals, and
is attracted by Kualities alone.H
3aybe the reason we don't mae the changes we want toVlie losing weight or spending time with Eod
or impacting the worldVis because we don't believe we can overcome our vices. We thin we will have
to resist our urges for a lifetime.
3aybe it's not so much about self)control. &onsider this verse. G"elight yourself in the 6%N" and he
will give you the desires of your heartH -7salm ,O<2.. When we turn away from our sinful nature and
focus on him, he actually changes our desires. We become new people. We wonSt even want our old
(un anymore.
Her abilities outshine her limitations.
.rue contentment means as!ing less of this life because more is coming in the next.
The sun has %eamed do#n on me all day today.
/inety)nine percent of the failure comes from people who hae the habit of ma!ing excuses.
*eorge +ashington
,ar better is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, een though chec!ered by failure,
than to ta!e ran! with those poor spirits who neither en(oy nor suffer much, because they lie
in the gray twilight that !nows neither ictory nor defeat.
.heodore 0ooseelt
/othing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieing his goal1 nothing on
earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude
.homas 2efferson
3ou can hae anything you want ) if you want it badly enough. 3ou can be anything you want
to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of
A%raham ,incoln
Sometimes faith still invites me to alien edges and beckons me to (ump.
It may not be off a cliff into a sea, but it might be parenting my toddler with faith rather than popular
opinion, forgiving someone I donSt want to forgive or trusting Eod with my familySs limited financial
1ven though these (umps have been into the unnown, unplanned and unfamiliar I have always been
caught by the sturdy hands of the all nowing, all encompassing Almighty.
Sometimes faith comes by (umping)but 'hrist will never let you fall.
4,rom written by Ginny -artyn5
6,ar aboe all finite comprehension is the unchanging faithfulness of God. *erything about
God is great, ast, and incom'ara%le. He never forgets- never fails- never falters- and
never forfeits His #ord.. /0itty(*ritty1
"oesn't matter what you've heard. Impossible is not a word. It's (ust a reason for someone not to try.
Are there some things that you are about to give up on? Are there some things that look impossible? Is
there a specific situation that you think is just too big? If it is too big humanly speaking - then it's
perfect!! Because our God is waaaay bigger! In fact, He is HUGE!
G$here is a general ind of praying which fails for lac of precision. It is as if a regiment of soldiers
should all fire off their guns anywhere. 7ossibly somebody would be illed, but the ma(ority of the
enemy would be missed.H &harles Spurgeon
G0o one can believe how powerful prayer is and what it can effect, e+cept those who have learned it by
e+perience. Whenever I have prayed earnestly, I have been heard and have obtained more than I prayed
for. Eod sometimes delays, but 4e always comes.H 3artin 6uther Wpray specificallyX
7ll our difficulties are only platforms for the manifestation of His grace, power, and loe.

*Indeed- I thin) *od sometimes uses our fear /of %eing ridiculed or of loo)ing #orse
than others or #hatever1 to move us out of our comfort 2ones. And He #ants us out of
our comfort 2ones so He can refine our character. To guide us to#ards conforming to
His character. "ou see- I find that my human nature causes me to care a%out my
comfort level. 3ut *od doesn't. *od cares a%out my character- not my comfort.
*$he Jible that is falling apart usually belongs to the person whose life is not.H Y &.4. Spurgeon
ZActs 15
religion always complicates what God has made simple.
religion always makes a distinction etween us and them! those who don"t "play" the
way we do! don"t act as we do.
religion always seeks to devides.
#religious leader vs. christian leader$
religion is all aout % am holly and you are not.
v.1& #''''$
religion= a ladder we try to clim so we can reach God. christianity is not that!
is not trying to uild an approach to God. it"s aout the (act that God already
uilt an approach to get to us through )is *on. most religions try to control you
and ring guilt in your li(e! ut (aith in God is not aout controlling you! is
aout restoring you.
+atthew 11.,-. #put the urden down$
.on the cross "it is (inished"///0 religion. it is (inished. working your way to
God! it is (inished. you don"t have to do something to get )im! )e done it all.1
RWait for our !oaz. "uth was stin#, sweat, and wor#ing her tail off in the harvest field
when !oaz saw her. $on't be concerned with bos in our life. %f the &ord plants a man
in our life, watch...%s he responsible? What cause is he championing? What is he willing
to die for? 'is vision will reveal our future with him. 'ear the voice of the &ord(
*found it on +aceboo#. from ,hristine ,raig.-
ZIf I can help somebody as I pass along, If I can cheer somebody with a word or song, If I can show
somebody he's traveling wrong, $hen my living will not be in vain.
) "r. 3artin 6uther Ting, *r
!Mou'll never decide what you want, until you've decided who you are.!
3arriage has less beauty and more safety than the single life. it's full of sorrows and full of (oys. it lies
under more burdens but it is supported by all the strengths of love. and those burdens are delightful.
-(eremy taylor.
A successful marriage reKuires falling in love many times, always with the same person. -3ignon
love let's go of its plans )) to hold on to a person.
&ultivate gratitude.
&arve out an hour a day for solitude.
Jegin and end the day with prayer, meditation, reflection.
Teep it simple.
Teep your house piced up.
"on't overschedule.
Strive for realistic deadlines.
0ever mae a promise you can't eep.
Allow an e+tra half hour for everything you do.
&reate Kuiet surroundings at home and at wor.
Eo to bed at nine o'cloc twice a wee.
Always carry around something interesting to read.
Jreathe) deeply and often.
3ove) wal, dance, run? find a sport you en(oy.
"rin pure spring water. 6ots of it.
1at only when hungry.
If it's not delicious, don't eat it.
Je instead of do.
Set aside one day a wee for rest and renewal.
6augh more often.
6u+uriate in your senses.
Always opt for comfort.
If you don't love it, live without it.
6et 3other 0ature nuture.
"on't answer the telephone during dinner.
Stop trying to please everybody.
Start pleasing yourself.
Stay away from negative people.
"on't sKuander precious resources< time, creative energy, emotion.
0uture friendships.
"on't be afraid of your passion.
Approach problems as challenges.
4onor your aspirations.
Set achievable goals.
Surrender e+pectations.
Savor beauty.
&reate boundaries.
Ior every !yes!, let there be a !no!.
"on't worry? be happy.
Nemember, happiness is a living emotion.
1+change security for serenity.
&are for your soul.
&herish your dreams.
1+press love every day.
Search for your authentic self until you find her.
!I always wonder why birds choose to stay in one place when they can fly anywhere on earth. $hen I as
myself the same Kuestion.!
!may your coming year be filled with magic, dreams and good madness.
i hope you read some fine boos and iss someone who thins you're wonderful,
and don't forget to mae some art.
write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.
and i hope, somewhere in the ne+t year,
you surprise yourself.!
!my mission in life is not merely to survive,
but to thrive?
and to do so with some passion,
some compassion,
some humor,
and some style.!
!well behaved women rarely mae history.!
!i may not have gone where i intended to go,
but i'm pretty sure i ended up where i needed to be.!
!give a girl the right shoes, and she can conKuer the world.!
Z$hey loo'd up to the sy, whose floating glow
Spread lie a rosy ocean, vast and bright?
$hey ga'ed upon the glittering sea below,
Whence the broad moon rose circling into sight?
$hey heard the wave's splash, and the wind so low,
And saw each other's dar eyes darting light
Into each other )) and, beholding this,
$heir lips drew near, and clung into a iss?
A long, long iss, a iss of youth, and love,
And beauty, all conc\ntrating lie rays
Into one focus, indled from above?
Such isses as belong to early days,
Where heart, and soul, and sense, in concert move,
And the blood's lava, and the pulse a bla'e,
1ach iss a heart)Kuae, )) for a iss's strength,
I thin, it must be recon'd by its length.
"on *uan) Jyron, Wcanto the secondX
Z An infant when it ga'es on a light,
A child the moment when it drains the breast,
A devotee when soars the 4ost in sight,
An Arab with a stranger for a guest,
A sailor when the pri'e has struc in fight,
A miser filling his most hoarded chest,
Ieel rapture? but not such true (oy are reaping
As they who watch o'er what they love while sleeping.
Z(ust lie "iamonds are made from intense pressure and incredible heat...when we go through intense
pressure and incredible !heat! from life...we too will come out stronger and more brilliant and sparling#
Zyou need to get up in the morning to go to bed with determination.
Z!%ur happiness or misery depends on our dispositions, and not on our circumstances! -3artha
Z$he reason death stics so closely to life isnSt biological necessityYitSs envy. 6ife is so beautiful that
death has fallen in love with it, a (ealous, possessive love that grabs at what it can. Jut life leaps over
oblivion lightly, losing only a thing or two of no importance, and gloom is but the passing shadow of a
cloud. Wlife of 7iX
It is true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same
afterwards, even unto our names.Wl.o.pi.X
Z4e spoe again. GSome people say Eod died during the 7artition in 1Q2O. 4e may have died
in 1QO1 during the war. %r he may have died yesterday here in 7ondicherry in an orphanage. $hatSs
what some people say, 7i. When I was your age, I lived in bed, raced with polio. I ased myself
every day, ]Where is EodD Where is EodD Where is EodDS Eod never came. It wasnSt Eod who
saved meYit was medicine. Neason is my prophet and it tells me that as a watch stops, so we die.
ItSs the end. If the watch doesnSt wor properly, it must be fi+ed here and now by us. %ne day we
will tae hold of the means of production and there will be (ustice on earth.H
$his was all a bit much for me. $he tone was right)loving and braveYbut the details seemed
blea. I said nothing. It wasnSt for fear of angering 3r. Tumar. I was more afraid that in a few
words thrown out he might destroy something that I loved. What if his words had the effect of polio
on meD What a terrible disease that must be if it could ill Eod in a man.
4e became my favourite teacher at 7etit Seminaire and the reason I studied 'oology at the
Fniversity of $oronto. I felt a inship with him. It was my first clue that atheists are my brothers
and sisters of a different faith, and every word they spea speas of faith. 6ie me, they go as far as
the legs of reason will carry themYand then they leap.
ISll be honest about it. It is not atheists who get stuc in my craw, but agnostics. "oubt is
useful for a while. We must all pass through the garden of Eethsemane. If &hrist played with doubt,
so must we. If &hrist spent an anguished night in prayer, if 4e burst out from the &ross, G3y Eod,
my Eod, why have you forsaen meDH then surely we are also permitted doubt. Jut we must move
on. $o choose doubt as a philosophy of life is ain to choosing immobility as a means of
transportation. Wl.o.pi.X
Z9we loo at an animal and see a mirror. $he obsession with putting ourselves at the centre of
everything is the bane not only of theologians but also of 'oologists. Wl.o.piX
Z . $he most common face, you see it everywhere. And yet, so many have lost its significance.
Z6ife will defend itself no matter how small it is. W6ife of 7iX
ZWabout the SonX I couldnSt get 4im out of my head. Still canSt. I spent three solid days thining about
4im. $he more 4e bothered me, the less I could forget 4im. And the more I learned about 4im, the less
I wanted to leave 4im. Wl.o.p.X
Z$here are always those who tae it upon themselves to defend Eod, as if Fltimate Neality, as if the
sustaining frame of e+istence, were something wea and helpless. $hese people wal by a widow
deformed by leprosy begging for a few paise, wal by children dressed in rags living in the street, and
they thin, GJusiness as usual.H Jut if they perceive a slight against Eod, it is a different story. $heir
faces go red, their chests heave mightily, they sputter angry words. $he degree of their indignation is
astonishing. $heir resolve is frightening.
$hese people fail to reali'e that it is on the inside that Eod must be defended, not on the outside. $hey
should direct their anger at themselves.
Ior evil in the open is but evil from within that has been let out.
$he main battlefield for good is not the open ground of the public arena but the small clearing of each
heart. 3eanwhile, the lot of widows and homeless children is very hard, and it is to their defense, not
EodSs, that the self)righteous should rush. Wl.o.p.X
Z7eople move because of the wear and tear of an+iety. Jecause of the gnawing feeling that no matter
how hard they wor their efforts will yield nothing, that what they build up in one year will be torn
down in one day by others. Jecause of the impression that the future is bloced up, that they might do
all right but not their children. Jecause of the feeling that nothing will change, that happiness and
prosperity are possible only somewhere else.
Z0il magnum nisi bonum. 0o greatness without goodness.
ZAbout fear. &hapter 8L W6ife of 7iX
I must say a word about fear. It is lifeSs only true opponent. %nly fear can defeat life. It is a clever,
treacherous adversary, how well I now. It has no decency, respects no law or convention, and shows no
mercy. It goes for your weaest spot, which it finds with unerring ease. It begins in your mind, always.
%ne moment you are feeling calm, self)possessed, happy. $hen fear, disguised in the garb of mild)
mannered doubt, slips into your mind lie a spy. "oubt meets disbelief and disbelief tries to push it out.
Jut disbelief is a poorly armed foot soldier. "oubt does away with it with little trouble. Mou become
an+ious. Neason comes to do battle for you. Mou are reassured. Neason is fully eKuipped with the latest
weapons technology. Jut, to your ama'ement, despite superior tactics and a number of undeniable
victories, reason is laid low. Mou feel yourself weaening, wavering. Mour an+iety becomes dread.
Iear ne+t turns fully to your body, which is already aware that something terribly wrong is going on.
Already your lungs have flown away lie a bird and your guts have slithered away lie a snae. 0ow
your tongue drops dead lie an opossum, while your (aw begins to gallop on the spot. Mour ears go deaf.
Mour muscles begin to shiver as if they had malaria and your nees to shae as though they were
dancing. Mour heart strains too hard, while your sphincter rela+es too much. And so with the rest of your
body. 1very part of you, in the manner most suited to it, falls apart. %nly your eyes wor well. $hey
always pay proper attention to fear.
^uicly you mae rash decisions. Mou dismiss your last allies< hope and trust. $here, youSve defeated
yourself. Iear, which is but an impression, has triumphed over you.
$he matter is difficult to put into words. Ior fear, real fear, such as shaes you to your foundation, such
as you feel when you are brought face to face with your mortal end, nestles in your memory lie a
gangrene< it sees to rot everything, even the words with which to spea of it. So you must fight hard to
e+press it. Mou must fight hard to shine the light of words upon it. Jecause if you donSt, if your fear
becomes a wordless darness that you avoid, perhaps even manage to forget, you open yourself to
further attacs of fear because you never truly fought the opponent who defeated you.
ZI had to stop hoping so much that a ship would rescue me. I should not count on outside help.
Survival had to start with me. In my e+perience, a castawaySs worst mistae is to hope too much and do
too little. Survival starts by paying attention to what is close at hand and immediate. $o loo out with
idle hope is tantamount to dreaming oneSs life away.
$here was much I had to do.
I looed out at the empty hori'on. $here was so much water. And I was all alone. All alone.
I burst into hot tears. I buried my face in my crossed arms and sobbed. 3y situation was patently
hopeless. _life of pi`
ZAt moments of wonder, it is easy to avoid small thining, to entertain thoughts that span the universe,
that capture both thunder and tinle, thic and thin, the near and the far. Wlife of piX
ZZZZZ%prahSs words<
1. What you put out comes bac all the time, no matter what. -$his is my creed..
2. Mou define your own life. "on't let other people write your script.
,. Whatever someone did to you in the past has no power over the present. %nly you give it power.
2. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. -A lesson from 3aya Angelou..
8. Worrying is wasted time. Fse the same energy for doing something about whatever worries you.
L. What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for. Mou become what you
O. If the only prayer you ever say is than you, that will be enough. -Irom the Eerman theologian and
humanist 3eister 1chart..
P. $he happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give.
Q. Iailure is a signpost to turn you in another direction.
1R. If you mae a choice that goes against what everyone else thins, the world will not fall apart.
11. $rust your instincts. Intuition doesn't lie.
12. 6ove yourself and then learn to e+tend that love to others in every encounter.
1,. 6et passion drive your profession.
12. Iind a way to get paid for doing what you love. $hen every paychec will be a bonus.
18. 6ove doesn't hurt. It feels really good.
1L. 1very day brings a chance to start over.
1O. Jeing a mother is the hardest (ob on earth. Women everywhere must declare it so.
1P. "oubt means don't. "on't move. "on't answer. "on't rush forward.
1Q. When you don't now what to do, get still. $he answer will come.
2R. !$rouble doesnSt last always.! -A line from a 0egro spiritual, which calls to mind another favorite<
$his, too, shall pass..
Z$he problem isn't that there isn't good stuff Win this worldX, but that most people give up before they get
to the good stuff.
*The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.
Z1very new beginning comes from some other beginningSs end.
Z!i saw them standing there pretending to be (ust friends, when all the time in the world could not pry
them apart.!
Z0o man can be called friendless who has Eod and the companionship of good boos. a1li'abeth
Jarrett Jrowning
ZG$ell me what you read and ISll tell you who you areH is true enough, but ISd now you better if you
told me what you reread. aIranbois 3auriac
ZIf Y Nudyard Tipling
II you can eep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
Jut mae allowance for their doubting too?
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
%r being lied about, don't deal in lies,
%r being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't loo too good, nor tal too wise<
If you can dream ) and not mae dreams your master?
If you can thin ) and not mae thoughts your aim?
If you can meet with $riumph and "isaster
And treat those two impostors (ust the same?
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoen
$wisted by naves to mae a trap for fools,
%r watch the things you gave your life to, broen,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn)out tools<
If you can mae one heap of all your winnings
And ris it on one turn of pitch)and)toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss?
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
$o serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
1+cept the Will which says to them< '4old on#'
If you can tal with crowds and eep your virtue,
'%r wal with Tings ) nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much?
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With si+ty seconds' worth of distance run,
Mours is the 1arth and everything that's in it,
And ) which is more ) you'll be a 3an, my son#
H9ecause children have abounding vitality. because they are in sirit fierce and free. therefore
they want things reeated and unchanged. #hey always say. F7o it againB> and the grown4u
erson does it again until he is nearly dead. 0or grown4u eole are not strong enough to
e/ult in monotony. 9ut erhas God is strong enough to e/ult in monotony. $t is ossible that
God says every morning. F7o it againB to the sun> and every evening. F7o it againB to the moon.
$t may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike> it may be that God makes every
daisy searately. but has never got tired of making them. $t may be that He has the eternal
aetite of infancy> for we have sinned and grown old. and our 0ather is younger than we.
IG.C. 'hestertonJ
HYou can!t allow the ossibility of failure <ustify you staying where you are. @&manda &llenA
Hyou know what1 so maybe KK out of LMM eole will disaoint you. but you!ll find the magic
of the world in the margin of error.
H+hen we truly know our God and believe Him to be e/actly as His +ord says He is. we have
no reason and no e/cuse for fear.
H2at breakfast like a king. lunch like a rince and dinner like a beggar. 2at more foods that
grow on trees and lants and eat less food that is manufactured in lants. Live with the * 2s 4
2nergy. 2nthusiasm and 2mathy 8lay more games. 5ead more books than you did in NMLM.
Sit in silence for at least LM minutes each day. Slee for O hours. #ake a LM4*M minutes walk
daily. &nd while you walk. smile. 8ersonality= 7ont comare your life to others. You have no
idea what their <ourney is all about. 7ont have negative thoughts or things you cannot control.
$nstead invest your energy in the ositive resent moment. 7ont over do. Cee your limits.
7ont take yourself so seriously. 6o one else does. 7ont waste your recious energy on gossi.
7ream more while you are awake. 2nvy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
0orget issues of the ast. 7ont remind your artner with hisPher mistakes of the ast. #hat will
ruin your resent hainess. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 7ont hate others.
:ake eace with your ast so it wont soil the resent. 6o one is in charge of your hainess
e/cet you. 5eali,e that life is a school and you are here to learn. 8roblems are simly art of
the curriculum that aear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a
lifetime. Smile and laugh more. You dont have to win every argument. &gree to disagree.
Society= 'all your family often. 2ach day give something good to others. 0orgive everyone for
everything. Send time with eole over the age of OM Q under the age of R. #ry to make at least
three eole smile each day. +hat other eole think of you is none of your business. Your <ob
wont take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch. Life= 7o the right
thing" Get rid of anything that isnt useful. beautiful or <oyful. However good or bad a situation
is. it will change. 6o matter how you feel. get u. dress u and show u. #he best is yet to come.
Your $nner most is always hay. So. be hay.
H5eading is everything. 5eading makes me feel like $ve accomlished something. learned
something. become a better erson. 5eading makes me smarter. 5eading gives me something
to talk about later on. 5eading is the unbelievably healthy way my attention deficit disorder
medicates itself. 5eading is escae. and the oosite of escae> its a way to make contact with
reality after a day of making things u. and its a way of making contact with someone elses
imagination after a day thats all too real. 5eading is grist. 5eading is bliss.
4 6ora 2hron
Htruth is nothing. what you believe to be true is everything. and the main thing that i used to
believe was that i would be with you forever. forever.
the reason it!s taken me so long to write to you is that i see that i!d been a fool. i!d sent my life
fooling myself.
every letter i have ever written to you has been a love letter. how could tey have been anything
else1 i can see now that all of them. e/cet this one. were bad love letters. bad love letters beg
for love back. good love letters ask for nothing. this. i am leased to announce. is my first good
love letter to you. because there is nothing more for you to do. you!ve already done everything. i
have enough of you in my head to last forever.
so lease don!t ever worry about me.
i!m eachy. i really am.
i have everything.
if i had one wish it would be that your life brings you a taste of the hainess you!ve brought to
me. that you could feel what it!s like to love. S+aiting for 0orever @movieAT
H%3nly once in your life. $ truly believe. you find someone who can comletely turn your world
around. You tell them things that youve never shared with another soul and they absorb
everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hoes for the future. dreams that
will never come true. goals that were never achieved and the many disaointments life has
thrown at you. +hen something wonderful haens. you cant wait to tell them about it.
knowing they will share in your e/citement. #hey are not embarrassed to cry with you when
you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. 6ever do they hurt your
feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough. but rather they build you u and show
you the things about yourself that make you secial and even beautiful. #here is never any
ressure. <ealousy or cometition but only a ;uiet calmness when they are around. You can be
yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love you for who you are.
#he things that seem insignificant to most eole such as a note. song or walk become
invaluable treasures ket safe in your heart to cherish forever. :emories of your childhood
come back and are so clear and vivid its like being young again. 'olours seem brighter and
more brilliant. Laughter seems art of daily life where before it was infre;uent or didnt e/ist at
all. & hone call or two during the day hels to get you through a long days work and always
brings a smile to your face. $n their resence. theres no need for continuous conversation. but
you find youre ;uite content in <ust having them nearby. #hings that never interested you
before become fascinating because you know they are imortant to this erson who is so
secial to you. You think of this erson on every occasion and in everything you do. Simle
things bring them to mind like a ale blue sky. gentle wind or even a storm cloud on the
hori,on. You oen your heart knowing that theres a chance it may be broken one day and in
oening your heart. you e/erience a love and <oy that you never dreamed ossible. You find
that being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true leasure thats so real it
scares you. You find strength in knowing you have a true friend and ossibly a soul mate who
will remain loyal to the end. Life seems comletely different. e/citing and worthwhile. Your
only hoe and security is in knowing that they are a art of your life.%
HCee making your days count rather than counting your days
H$ dream of things that have never been. but someday will be.
H7ont fear failure. #he saddest summary of life contains three descritions= could have. might
have. and should have. ( -nknown
H& better future always begins in a series of rayerful nows. I&nn EoskamJ
H$ts so easy to be critical of messages we didnt reach and hyer focused on sins we dont
struggle with. (8ete +ilson
H%#he two most imortant days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out
why.% :ark #wain
H%&lways be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of someone else.%
?udy Garland
H#rust the work of God for you. #hen trust the resence of 'hrist in you.~:a/ Lucado
H Gratitude develos faith. #he surest ath out of a slum is marked by the road sign %thank
you. God.%
H 0or what its worth= its never too late or. in my case. too early to be whoever you want to be.
#heres no time limit. sto whenever you want. You can change or stay the same> there are no
rules to this thing. +e can make the best or the worst of it. $ hoe you make the best of it. and $
hoe you see things that startle you. $ hoe you feel things you never felt before. $ hoe you
meet eole with a different oint of view. $ hoe you live a life roud of. $f you find
that not. $ hoe you have the strength to start all over again. I0. Scott 0it,geraldJ
H5eutation. you know ( a lifetime to build. seconds to destroy. (Stardust ImovieJ
H #he only thing worse than <udgment is assive aggressive grace. ?udgment is at least honest. 4
:atthew #urner
H5eal rayer isnt about changing Gods mind but about finding Gods heart Uand letting His
heart change my mind. 4&nn Eoskam
HLaugher is much more healing than traditional medicine. 4Laughology ImovieJ
H$ think ?esus refers honesty over certainty. I8ete +ilsonJ
H:ake your ambition to lease ?esus. He!ll take care of everything else. ILouie GiglioJ
H+hen 'hrist is great(our fears are not" & big God translates into big courage.
Ima/ lucadoJ
HGod stands to accomlish the imossible through us while too often we!re content to settle for
the e/lainable. SCelly minterT
HGod!s invitation to rayer reveals his heart. 3ur resonse to his invitation reveals ours. Ima/
H$n 'hrist. no matter the story. we always know the outcome. 3ur Savior= surrounds.3ur
future= secure. 3ur <oy= certain. Iann voskamJ
H 7o you love the erson or your fantasy of them1 See them for who they are. +ho they SH3+
you they are.
H +hat counts in making a hay relationshi is not how comatible u r but how u deal wP
incomatibility. I7aniel GolemanJ
H$f you want to lift yourself u. lift u someone else. 4 9ooker #. +ashington
H You know what the most destructive force in the universe is1 5egret. 4:en in 9lack $$$
H & miracle is something that seems imossible but it haens anyway. 4:en in 9lack $$$
H #he bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie. ( :en in 9lack $$$
H 8rayer without ceasing is only ossible in a life of continual thanks. I&nn EoskamJ
Hfacing what $ cant control. $m learning to tell God how $ feel. ask Him to take care of it Q hel
me shake it off. Igrit and gloryJ

H#he whole thing boiled down to trusting God with and for this very moment and what was
most imortant in it. 9eing mindful of that relationshi motivates us to face the imortant
things in our lives with confidence. knowing God is in control. +e may not understand what is
haening or why. but we can have a trusting heart that God is in charge. &nd if we live from
that center of focus. we will be consciously resent every second of the day and mindful of what
is imortant. Iluci swindollJ
HHeaven is holding its breath. hoing that you!ll decide to live out an ine/licable faith. @bob
H3ur eyes won!t ad<ust to the holiness of God until our hearts ad<ust to the holiness of rest.
HGot V minutes to comlain1 How about listing out all of the good things in your life instead"
H$ts not the load that breaks you down. $ts the way you carry it. ( '.S.Lewis
H+hen $ understand that everything haening to me is to make me more 'hristlike. it solves a
great deal of an/iety. 4 &.+. #o,er
Hthe higher the mountain. the greater the view.
H 3ne of life!s greatest leasures is climbing under the covers with a big ile of books to fli
through. don!t you think1 4 ?oanna Goddard
H+ild Geese
You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert. reenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
#ell me about desair. yours. and $ will tell you mine.
:eanwhile the world goes on.
:eanwhile the sun and the clear ebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscaes.
over the rairies and the dee trees.
the mountains and the rivers.
:eanwhile the wild geese. high in the clean blue air.
are heading home again.
+hoever you are. no matter how lonely.
the world offers itself to your imagination.
calls to you like the wild geese. harsh and e/citing(
over and over announcing your lace
in the family of things.
44:ary 3liver
H:Y life closed twice before its close>
$t yet remains to see
$f $mmortality unveil
& third event to me.

So huge. so hoeless to conceive. V
&s these that twice befell.
8arting is all we know of heaven.
&nd all we need of hell.
H%+riting is easy. &ll you do is sit down at a tyewriter and oen a vein.% I5ed SmithJ
H+hat we do when we leave the manger says a lot about who we met there
HHe died not for men. but for each man. $f each man had been the only man made. He would
have done no less. ~'SLewis
H?ust because today is a terrible day doesnt mean tomorrow wont be the best day of your life.
You <ust gotta get there.
HGreat marriages take average days and make them not so average. ~:ike Glenn
Hi.m not a romantic. but even i will concede that the heart does not e/ist solely for the urose
of uming blood. @7ownton &bbeyA