Earth-717: Fantastic Four Vol 1

Chapter 12: First Family
Sitting on his throne, Doom watched as the metallic plate on the floor of the throne room
opened. A mechanical arm came through it, and on the end of the arm was a glass, spherical orb.
Gyrich, with his sunglasses back on, was inside, and he stood up once the orb stopped moving. Lucia
walked into the room and stood at Doom's left hand side with her hands behind her back.
Gyrich folded his arms.
“You have some serious nerve to kidnap a Presidential aide, Doom. This might be the sort of
thing that could get your diplomatic immunity revoked, if that doesn't already happen because of your
fiasco at the UN.”
“I might have something to consider in that regard if I did indeed kidnap a Presidential aide, but
both you and I know that I have not.”
Gyrich raised an eyebrow but remained silent. Doom shifted his eyes to the left.
“Ms. Von Bardas?”
Lucia held out her hand with which she was holding the green pistol.
“He used this to temporarily escape confinement.”
Lucia handed the pistol to Doom, who took a few seconds to look it over, analyzing it from all
angles. He then placed it on the armrest of his throne and stood up.
“Mr. Gyrich, I know that there is something different about you. I knew since the last time I was
in the United States, and my internal scanning device picked up a genetic anomaly that I traced to you.
I also know that this pistol was not manufactured on Earth. So let us abstain from the pleasantries
where you deny the truth about your identity and tell me . . . . who are you?”
Gyrich inhaled but did not respond for several seconds. He then took off his sunglasses and
tossed them before stepping on them. Staring directly at Doom, his face then started to take on a deep
green hue, similar to Doom's cloak. After several seconds, Gyrich's transformation was complete. All of

his skin was leathery and green, and his ears were pointed. He had shiny, yellow eyes, and lines on his
chin. Doom raised an eyebrow, but otherwise didn't move.
“I am Jaketch, soldier of the Skrull Empire.”
“An alien shapeshifter. I thought so. How long have you been impersonating Henry Gyrich?”
Jaketch growled.
“Ten months.”
“What is your purpose here?”
“To infiltrate. To observe. To record. All for the glory of the Queen.”
“Our great leader, Queen Veranke, the one whose indomitable will shattered the tyranny of the
old monarchy, and shall lead to the fulfilling of the ancient Skrull prophecies! She was the one who
sent scout agents to infiltrate your planet's governments and assess their conditions.”
“There are more of you?”
Doom narrowed his eyes.
“Why are you telling me this?”
Jaketch spit on the ground.
“It will not matter anyway, for regardless of what you know, the Skrull Empire will soon arrive
and crush your meagre species. I am but one. The Empire is infinite. I will tell you no more.”
Doom sat back in his chair.
“Very well. You may now pass on to the undiscovered country.”
Doom pressed a button on his wrist, and a small electrical noise was heard. Jaketch looked up
with fear, and then screamed. A second later, his entire body exploded, leaving nothing but blue blood
and several chunks of roasting flesh. The mechanical arm then retracted back into the hole, and the
metallic plate closed.

Doom tapped his fingertips against the armrest for a few seconds. Lucia stood at her post,
watching him. He then spoke without moving.
“Call a meeting with the Cabal,” ordered Doom. “I'm sure that we have much to discuss.”
Harvey kept his head facing down as he walked forward. Two police officers walked behind
him as they moved down the hallway. Harvey looked down at his handcuffs, sighing as he did so. He
then looked up at the white, circular doors.
“What is this place?” asked Harvey. “I've never seen a jail like this.”
“We're in a speciality prison called Ravencroft,” answered the female officer. “Maximum
security prison, with a custom-made, dedicated section just for metahumans.”
The male officer poked Harvey in the chest with his club.
“Meaning, freaks like you!”
Harvey looked up at the first circular door. A label at the side of it read 'Magneto'. The door next
to it had a label which read 'Mole Man'. The male officer pressed a command code into the panel, and
the circular door opened.
“Get in.”
The female officer turned Harvey around and removed his handcuffs. She then pushed him into
the cell and locked him inside.
“Give me the remote!”
“Not a chance, kid.”
“The rally's on! You can't deny me my monster truck fix!”
Reed sighed.

“Would you two be quiet for a second? This is important!”
Ben and Johnny stopped struggling over the remote and looked at the television. Reed and
Susan were sitting on the couch, watching.
The television showed Ban Ki-moon at a press conference.
“And so, after consulting with numerous other world leaders, we realized that this is a situation
that will forever change the face of global politics. The revelation of the conspiracy known as the Cabal
has led us to an uncomfortable truth: that these nations are no longer united.”
Reed narrowed his eyes as he watched. Susan looked at him for a moment before returning her
gaze to the screen.
“Several other nations have since been discovered as allies of the Cabal, and the possibility of
even more has forced our hand. We know not how far this corruption spreads, but we do know this: that
there are still billions of people around the globe who believe in freedom. However, we cannot
continue to protect that freedom in the same way that we used to. Thus, effective immediately, I have
elected to dissolve the United Nations.”
The journalists erupted into chatter and questions. After calming them down, Ban spoke again.
“At a time like this, our resolve will be tested. Despite what has happened, we cannot hold
citizens accountable for the actions of their leaders. Embassies around the globe will continue to
operate as they have, and all governments will keep their current power. Now that the Cabal has been
outed, their operations will be crippled. But most of all, I want everyone to remember, that during this
time of crisis, we have to rely on each other. Family is the important unit that cannot be broken. I wish
again to thank the heroes of New York, who helped stop the Cabal's attack, the Fantastic Four. Thank
“That's us!” shouted Susan.
Ban stepped down from the podium as the journalists got rowdy again. Johnny then swiped the
remote out of Ben's hand.

“Alright, now that the boring press thingy is over, it's time for monster trucks!”
Johnny changed the channel. The screen showed monster trucks crashing into each other. Ben
roared and picked him up.
“No way, junior! We're watching the game!”
Reed and Susan looked at each other and broke out into laughter. Susan grabbed his arm and
pulled herself in close to him. As they stared at each other for several seconds, Ben and Johnny
continued to fight in the background.
“That's it, Grimm! FLAME ON!”
Johnny erupted into his flame form, and Ben pulled away his hand.
“Yowch! Watch it, matchstick! That's my haymaker hand!”
Susan smiled at Reed.
“So, when you were in Doom's castle, and you thought we were dead, you were saying some
very important things. Go ahead.”
Reed's eyes widened.
“Go ahead, what?”
“Say what you were going to say.”
Reed rubbed the back of his neck.
“I'm not exactly sure what you mean.”
Susan raised an eyebrow, with an unimpressed face.
“Because I think, that you were the one who was supposed to tell me something.”
Susan's eyes widened.
“Contrary to what Ben might have told you, it is possible for me to wise up to some things.”
“It only took you ten years,” said Susan, with a sarcastic tone.

Reed smiled.
“Better now than never.”
Reed and Susan both closed their eyes and placed their foreheads against each other while
holding hands. After listening to each other breathe for a minute, Ben picked up a table.
“Get down here and fight like a man, you incandescent twerp!”
“Incanwhatsit? Stop using big words; that's Reed's shtick!”
Reed and Susan pulled their heads away from each other. Susan rolled her eyes.
“Can you two not destroy our headquarters on the first day?!”
Herbie's voice suddenly came in over the speakers.
“I concur with Susan, gentlemen,” said Herbie. “Since the Fantasti-Car has been destroyed, and
Doctor Richards has not yet built me a new body, my existence in the computer systems of the Baxter
Building makes this headquarters my primary physical form. I would appreciate it if you did not level it
day one.”
“Are we really calling it the Fantasti-Car?” asked Johnny.
“I picked the name,” said Herbie. “Don't you like it?”
“Great. Now the entire room is made of egghead,” moaned Ben.
“Oh, Doctor Richards, I made that alteration you asked for. It's ready.”
“Alteration?” asked Susan.
“Light it up, Herbie,” said Reed.
The top of the Baxter Building emitted a large, holographic light construct from the top of it. It
was a blue, encircled '4', and it rotated in place; a beacon shining light across the heart of New York.
The Fantastic Four Will Return

In another part of the galaxy, a large, purple and red warship floated in orbit around a small
moon. Inside of the command centre of the ship, several Skrulls were at their stations. One of them
raised an eyebrow upon seeing a notification appear on his screen. Opening the window, he read the
data contained and stood up.
“Commander!” called the Skrull. “Come, quickly!”
The Skrull sitting on the command chair stood up and walked over to the station.
“What is it, Drexxon?”
“Commander Kl'rt,” started Drexxon, “we've received a data transmission from Jaketch!”
“Show me.”
Drexxon pointed to the data. Kl'rt narrowed his eyes upon seeing that it was a genetic sample
from each member of the Fantastic Four.
“What is Jaketch's status?” asked Kl'rt.
“We're not receiving his vitals anymore,” said Drexxon. “He's gone, sir.”
Kl'rt sneered.
“Should we alert the Queen, sir?”
“No. Let's keep this a secret for now. In fact, I know exactly who to speak to about this.”

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