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Rehabilitation Project for the People

of Raniganj Coalfield Area

Asansol-Durgapur Development Authority
ECL Rehabilitation Cell
1. Brief Introduction:
As per the approved Master Plan of Govt. of India inhabitants of all the 139 unsafe subsidence-prone
locations falling in Raniganj Coal Field Area (RCFA) will have to be rehabilitated in a few satellite
townships to be developed in the non-coal bearing stratum.
Now for the implementation of this Master Plan and for giving resettlement to all the residents of 139
declared unstable locations, demographic survey of the affected sites, identification of the Project Affected
Families, valuation of the structures and the land for assessing the amount of compensation payable,
verification of land records of the PAF are required to be done.
The District Magistrate, Burdwan have already issued Notification vide No. 1298(10)/JM /XVI/1/10 dated
25-6-2010 restricting construction U/s 4 of the West Bengal Restriction on Construction in Unsafe Areas
Act,1979 in all the 139 identified locations which are not fit for human habitation.
2. Role of A.D.D.A in the Rehabilitation project:
a. As per the approved Master plan, 2006 Asansol Durgapur development Authority is the implementing
Authority on behalf of Govt. of West Bengal for the Rehabilitation project.
b. According to that, total 33196 no. of families consisting of a population size of 180263 is required to be
rehabilitated to a safe zone and `2610.10 crores have been allotted for this rehabilitation project by Coal
India Ltd.
c. The whole project has different components, such as:
Demographic survey and valuation of homestead lands and superstructure
Issue of Photo Identity Cards to the Project Affected Families
Planning and development of new townships with all basic amenities
Payment of compensation to the Project Affected Families
Shifting of people from the unstable areas to the safe zones

d. ADDA is now working on the first component specified above as that is the base of the total rehabilitation
and re-settlement project and as per the decisions taken in the meeting of Chief Secretary, Govt. of West
Bengal the survey work has to be completed within December, 2011. As some casualties have already
taken place in the identified unstable locations due to subsidence, the rehabilitation process has to be
expedited for which survey is the first step to be completed.
e. Two locations have been identified for setting up new townships with all basic infrastructure facilities
where people of the unstable areas can be shifted.
f. Discussions going on with the Ministry of Steel if some portion of the vacant land of Durgapur Steel Plant
is made available to ADDA to rehabilitate the people of the 14 identified most unstable areas.
3. Land Acquisition for new satellite townships
a. The indicative requirement of land at resettlement site has been shown as 2214 acres in the approved
Master Plan, 2006 which is based on the assumption of existence of 33196 households residing in the
unstable locations. This figure is likely to increase because of the following reasons:
Increase in population in the Asansol- Durgapur industrial belt which in turn will increase the no. of
In-migration from nearby villages due to major industrialization in this area
Space for Green belt has to be kept near the residential areas at the time of township construction to
create a buffer zone between industries and habitation and to maintain the environmental stability.

Space for basic amenities (common markets and other utilities).
Demand for excess land by the Project Affected People (PAF), whose provision is also there in the
approved R & R Package.
b. So, there is the need to go for acquisition of some additional amount of land.
c. Considering all the above said aspects and after completion of field survey in the locality, the following
quantum of land is found to be suitable as part of the total project for the said purpose and that has been
proposed to be acquisitioned -
For Bonjemehari Township - 1300 acres
For Gourandi Township - 2300 acres.

d. Accordingly a proposal was submitted to the Commerce & Industries Dept. of Govt. of W.B. on 04-06-
2010 for according Cabinet Approval. Cabinet has accorded approval for this acquisition of 3600 acre of
land on 18/08/10(copy of the Cabinet approval is enclosed herewith).

e. One LA proposal of Mouza Ramchandrapur in Bonjemari site has been submitted to the Collector,
Burdwan on 11th October 2010. Total area of land in the said proposal is 23.55 acre. Another LA Case of
Mouza Kaladabar having area of 46.22 acres has been submitted to the Collector, Burdwan on 29.03.2011.
Other proposals are also ready at this end (status of the land acquisition is annexed herewith) which will
be sent to L.A Collector after the new Land Acquisition Policy of the Govt. of West Bengal is finalized.
4. Demographic Survey in the unstable locations:
a) ADDA has engaged an Agency of National repute viz. Xavier Institute of Social Services, Ranchi for the
purpose of conducting demographic survey & valuation in all the identified unstable locations in RCFA,
following due procedure of open bidding for such selection of Agency and appointment.

b) ADDA has issued three work orders till date to XISS, Ranchi for survey in 78 locations. XISS has
completed the survey work in 25 unstable locations of P.S- Salanpur, Asansol, Kulti, Raniganj, Andal,
Jamuria and Pandaveswar out of which 9 are very unstable locations. A status report on Demographic
Survey work and is as follows:-

Completed In Progress No Habitation Not Started Stopped
1 Kulti 13 2 3 0 8 3111 3893 Survey in progress
2 Raniganj 24 17 0 4 3 0 5575 4233
3 Andal 11 4 0 0 7 0 2189 2230 Survey in progress
4 Salanpur 6 1 0 0 5 0 409 139
One very unstable site is
over. Other sites to be taken
5 Pandabeshwar 10 0 1 0 9 0 731
6 Jamuria 26 4 0 0 22 0 10303 2285
7 Barabani 13 0 0 0 13 0 3590 To be taken up
8 Asansol 33 2 0 0 29 2 5387 1392
survey work in two very
unstable locations is over.
Others to be taken up
9 Hirapur 3 0 0 0 3 0 1901 To be taken up
139 30 4 4 99 2 33196 14172 Total
Status of Demographic Survey as on 01.11.2011
No. of HH
in 2006
No. of HH in
(completed till
c) The district administration has identified 14 locations as very unstable areas and as per the decision taken
in the 5
H.P.C.C meeting the people residing in these locations have to be shifted as soon as possible.
Incidents of subsidence have increased during last one year and in some areas casualties also took place
due to the subsidence. The name of some of these vulnerable areas are mentioned below:
Name of the unstable
Date of the
Intensity of the incident Included in the
unstable locations list
or not
Identifies as
very unstable
or not
(Sripur Area), P.S- jamuria
111 03.05.2011 Subsided household- 42
Casualties- 5
Injured- 8
Residents dont stay in their
household, now, they stay in
a school.
yes yes
Harishpur, P.S- Andal 033 06.09.2010 176 Quarters and one office
yes yes
P.S- Salanpur
038 July, 2011 Fire and Smoke yes yes
ParaskolP.S- Jamuria 12.06.2011 Affected people- 5000
Casualties- 2
no no
(Satgram area), P.S-Raniganj
25.09.2010 Casualties- 5
20 Quarters damaged
Recently included no

d) The status of the survey work in 14 identified locations is mentioned below:

Figure 1: Chhatimdanga Figure 2: RATIBATI Figure 3: SAMDIH, MUCHIPARA
No. /
Name of affected site
Name of concern
Name of
Affected site undar
the colliery of E.C.L
No. of
as per
Master Plan
No. of
as per survey
in 2011
1 008 Gowala Basti
Raniganj (Sh. No.4)
Searsol (Sh. No. 3)
24 & 17 Raniganj
Mahabir (R)
282 470 completed
2 012
3 No. Bastee ( 11 & 12
Pit )
Ghusick 39 Asansol Ratibati 11 & 12 Pits 282 Stopped
3 014 Ranadanga Ratibati 2 Raniganj Ratibati 45 123 completed
4 018 15 No. Bastee Ghusick & Kalipahari 36 & 39 Asansol Kalipahari 191 905 completed
5 019
H. P. G. Colony &
Kalipahari 36 Asansol Kalipahari 489 367 completed
6 027 Sanctoria Village Sanctoria, Dishergarh 38 & 39 Kulti Sanctoria 1853 3879 completed
7 031 Fathepur Village Fathepur 7 Asansol Fathepur 280 120 completed 40%
8 032 Palashban Palashban 47 Andal
28 710 Completed
9 033 Harishpur Harishpur 44 Andal Madhabpur 470 500 completed
10 037 Kenda Village Kenda 73 Jamuria New Kenda 836 2032 completed
11 038
Samdih Village
(Muchipara) &
Panchayet Bhaban
Samdi 63 Salanpur Sangramgarh 63 139 completed
12 043 Gagardanga Chelod 5 Raniganj Kuardi 8 19 completed
13 061 Dhangarpatti Kajora 41 Andal
Khas Kajora Colliery,
Kajora Area
6 190 completed
14 111 Chhatimdanga Sripur 24 Jamuria Sripur 3 No. Incline 1398 253 completed
6231 9707 TOTAL
Details of Demographic survey work in the 14 very unstable locations
e) A quarterly status of the survey work is stated below:

5. Planning of new Township:
a. The Planning work is dependent upon the demographic survey and the land acquisition.
b. After the completion of the demographic survey the no. of people to be shifted in the new townships will
be known to the planning Authority which is the first step to plan a township (facilities to be provided in
that township is dependent on the no. of people residing there).
c. Land acquisition is also a basic thing to be completed before starting the planning process as it will
indicate the boundary of the township. The proposed area to be acquired in the identified locations has
been outlined which exclude the existing residential clusters.
d. The two satellite townships will have all basic amenities such as schools, hospitals, recreational facilities
etc. as mentioned in the approved Master Plan, 2006.

Time duration No. of unstable locations in which
survey work have been completed
No. of very unstable
locations in which
survey work have
been completed
No. of
No. of locations for
which work order
issued till the specified
time frame
0 0 0 7
February, 2011 3 1 1665 7
May, 2011 4 3 4165 43
August, 2011 26 3 8987 74
29 9 11719 74
34 12 14172 74