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Principles of Management
Submitted To
Madam Aqsa Akbar
Submitted By
Hassan Idrees Ba-01083-068
Salman Aslam Ba-01083-079
Ahmad Saleem Ba-01083-083
Abdul Rauf Ba-01083-099
Moaam Iqbal Ba-01083-100
Group No 7
First of all, we are thankful to almighty ALLA#$ who has given us the
strengths and determination to carry out this project.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our respected teacher %Sir
"ulam A&amad' our teacher, for her valuable guidance, constructive
comments and continuous encouragement throughout the project.
We also like to express our sincere gratitude to the staff of S&au(at
K&anum Memorial #ospital ) *esearc& Centre' that provide us with the
opportunity to know about S!"# $ %" and cooperated with us through out
the period of our project. &hey have provided us with valuable information
which helped us a lot in completion of this project.
'eyond of all the material available, we are very thankful to our respected
resource person !*+ ,A-SAL S.LTAN /C++O0$ M*+ AB-! #.SSA-N$ M*+
A!NAN TA*-1$ MA2+ NA.MAN /#A! O, #*0 M*+ ,A*OO1 /#A! O,
,-NANC0$ M*+ MA#MOO! /#A! O, MA*KT-N"0 who gave us
appropriate knowledge about the organi(ation.
Group No 7
S!"# $ %" is a welfare organi(ation made with the funds and the donations of the
nation. )t is working in the field of cancer research and treatment. We selected this
organi(ation, because it is the first and only one organi(ation in *akistan working at
international level in concern of cancer treatment. We went to S!"# $ %", So that we
can study their management functions and observe that how they are working according
to international standards.
Group No 7
Brief Contents
Part 5
Part 6
+xternal $ )nternal +nvironment *lans
Swot ,nalysis
*lanning *rocess
Group No 7

Over the past decade, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital &
Research Centre has established itsel as a centre o e!cellence providin"
comprehensive care ree o cost to thousands o indi"ent cancer patients# in
September $%&' (mran Khan one o )akistan*s most illustrious cricketers,
bo+s to build a cancer hospital in the memor, o his mother, Shaukat
Khanum +ho died rom cancer in $%&'# -anuar, $%%., /r Nausher+an Khan
0urki dra+s the master plan# (n 1pril $%%$ stone l,in" ceremon, conducted
b, the then Chie Minister o )un2ab M#Na+a3 Sharee , march $%%4
)akistan +ins cricket +orld cup, a boost to (mran Khan5s ambition to build
the hospital# (n $%%4 6ero, /eabler appointed as irst hospital director o
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre#
(n 7ebruar, $%%8 mass contact campai"n launched +ith a tour o 9. cities o
)akistan# (n 7ebruar, $%%' the hospital has to be completel, established,
Operation :heater become operational or minor sur"ical dia"nostic and
therapeutic procedures# Sui "as and electricit, also arrived at the hospital
and also irst Shaukat Khanum Collection Centre set up at -ail Road, 6ahore#
Group No 7
(mran Khan had al+a,s been ver, close to his mother and had en2o,ed her support# (n
$%&8, (mran*s mother, Shaukat Khanum became ill to such an e!tent that once properl,
dia"nosed, she +as almost inoperable# She suered rom cancer, +hich +as kno+n to be
a rich man*s disease in )akistan in that onl, +ell o people could aord to l, to ;urope
to receive the treatment# (nspite o l,in" to Crom+ell Hospital in $%&8, Shaukat Khanum
Group No 7
died the ollo+in" ,ear in acute pain# (mran +as b, her side durin" her last da,s
+hen she suered terribl,# He elt her pain but could not do an,thin" or her# (mran*s
career +as thus determined# <hen he retired rom cricket he +ould build the irst cancer
hospital in )akistan in honor o his mother#
)mran han made a nation/wide appeal for the collection of funds from a
match between *akistan and )ndia on 0ovember 12, 1343 at 5addafi Stadium,
.ahore which raised %s. 6,326,722. &his was followed by a series of more than
82 successful fund raisers held throughout the world. *akistan9s win under
)mran9s captaincy in the 1336 cricket world cup in !elbourne helped fundraising
efforts. #e was able to collect one and a half million pounds in just six weeks
after the World "up when the same amount had taken 6 years to collect earlier.
#e donated his entire pri(e money of 48,222 pounds for the project. )n 133:
when the project re;uired more financing for the ongoing construction, )mran
han launched a mass contact campaign in which he toured 6< cities in the
country and collected %s. 162 million. =uring the entire campaign for the
construction of the hospital, over a million individual donors from ordinary citi(ens
to the rich and famous pitched in. +verything from cash to jewelry and valuables
was donated.
Ma(ing of t&e #ospital
Group No 7
=esigning and execution of the master plan was overseen by
=r. 0ausherwan 'urki !', *h=, F%"*, F"*S, F""*, of the >niversity of
entucky !edical "enter, .exington, entucky, >S, in collaboration with an
international team of cancer physicians and research workers. =esigning and
architectural services were provided by ,rrasmith, ?udd $ %app, and ,rchitects
in #ealth *lanning of .ouiseville, entucky, >S,. ,rchitectural details were
handled by !essrs. 0ayyar ,li =ada $ ,ssociates of .ahore. .ocal engineering
was performed by !essrs. *rogressive "onsultants, .ahore. 5round was broken
in ,pril 1331 and the hospital opened its doors on =ecember 63, 133:.
#ospital profile
&he Shaukat hanum "ancer #ospital was inaugurated in =ecember
133: and is the best cancer hospital in the sub/continent. )t is located in ?ohar
&own .ahore and its market is whole *akistan. )ts annual budget is 1722 million.
&here are :: collection centers in *akistan. -ne new walk in clinic is opened in
*eshawar, in arachi the work is in process. &he total permanent staff of
Shaukat hanum is 12<8 and out of which @82 female and <82 are male. &here
are 122 physicians out of which :: consultants and 72 residents. &here is 172
nursing staff and :82 allied medical and supporting staff
C&airman7 Mr+ -mran K&an
C++O7 !r+ ,aisal Sultan
Launc&ing date7 5889
Company:s nature !ynamic; Welfare
Area 659<<< s=+ ft
Commissioning of t&e #ospital
Source of Money7
Donations 67%
Credit and loans 33%
Group No 7
Cost A 66 m
Building $ 7.7 m
Medical equipment $ 10.5 m
Ancillar equipment $ !.! m
&o act as a model institution to alleviate the suffering of patients with
cancer through the application of modern methods of curative and palliative
therapy irrespective of their ability to pay, the education of health care
professionals and the public and to perform research into the causes and
treatment of cancerB.
Let:s Bo4l Out Cancer
)mran was a fine all/rounder cricketer and inspirational captain whose
crowning achievement was leading *akistan in winning the 1336 World "up# #e
uses their emotions about cricket and that why he made a slogan related to
cricket and that was .ets 'owl -ut "ancerB.
Group No 7
Cancer is curable+
&his sentence was first used to aware the people of *akistan and also try
to change the misperception about the cancer.
Group No 7
&he two crescents in the slogan are representing CSB for Shaukat hanum
and the C0>%S)05 ",*B stands for serrving patients with care, and the starsB
on the crescents stands for glory ,peace, success and new lifeB.
Corporate Values
-ur foremost value is welfare of the patients who are suffering from
cancer. We want to work for the betterment of humanity.
Group No 7
We are committed to integrity in all we do, always, everywhere.
We respect every individual. We draw strength from e;ual
opportunity and diversity, at the same time supporting personal
growth and development. We value each other and we all benefit from the
entrepreneurial spirit of each individual.
Group No 7
&eamwork is the essence of our ability to succeed as a universal and
international network bank. -ur overriding loyalty is to the whole organi(ation,
re;uiring us all to learn from each other and to share our skills and resources
worldwide for our customers9 benefit.
We put special attention on accountability because our organi(ation
depends on the funds and donations from the people we have a proper system of
check and balances because without that we cannot gain the trust of people.
S!"#$ %" accounts are audited by Messrs A+ ,+,erguson % a well known
international auditing company
Group No 7
We value our patients and provide exceptional services that leave an
impression and we try to support our community and provide consistent and
;uality health services.
C*T-,-CAT-ONS of SKMC# ) *C
Ha3ard 1nal,sis Critical Control )oint Certiication =H1CC)>
>S,)= / !anagement Standards
=et 0orske Deritas !anagement System "ertificate
*akistan "entre of for *hilanthropy / 0*- "ertification ,ward
"hristie #ospital 0#S &rust
)0"&% / "ertificate of ,ssociate !embership
>)"" !embership "ertificate
Capabilit, Maturit, Model =CMM(> M64 Certiication
1 - !a"#en" Ser$#%es
&hey have had around 3822,222 patient visits as of ?une @2, 6227. -ver
42E of these patients have been provided free treatment. &he amount of money
spent to provide free treatment to indigent patient in this is well over A64 million.
& ' Ser$#%es "o !ak#s"an
Group No 7
&he #ospital uses it resources for the benefit of the population as
a whole. We hold seminars and conferences in -ncology and other areas as
diverse as #ousingFkeeping, 'iomedical +ngineering and "ancer ,wareness.
For public awareness, ,rticle on common cancer is regularly published in the
press both in >rdu and +nglish.
3 ' (du%a"#on and )ra#n#n*
)t is the integral part of the hospitalGs vision to educate and train
#ealthcare professional who can help improve the standard of medical care in
*akistan. -ther educational activity include courses and training programmes
under the guidance of local and international professionals in the field of cancers,
treatment and awareness as follows
)ntramural and "ollaborative F e.g.
1. >niversity of 'radford, >
6. "ollege of *hysicians and Surgeons of *akistan
=octors / post/graduate training programs
1. 0uclear !edicine $ %adiology
6. !edical -ncology $ %adiation -ncology
@. *athology $ !edicine
0ursing F purpose built educational facility
1. -ncology nursing
!edical technology F lab and radiology
,llied health specialties F respiratory therapy
+ ' Resear%h
Group No 7
&he hospital is currently involved in the several research projects mainly
involving cancer drug research, patient treatment outcomes, epidemiology studies,
appetites, ethical and .ahore tumor registry
, ' Aff#l#a"#ons
Shaukat hanum is affiliated with some of the worldGs most prestigious
cancer hospitals, which assist in training personnel and providing collaboration
on the lastest innovations in cancer treatment and research. &hese affiliations
"hristie #ospital, !anchester, >.
&he >niversity of entucky "ollege of medicine, .exington, H,>S,.
=FI J=etaches rebsforschungs(entrumK, #eidelberg.
*ecent Ac&ie3ement and A4ard
S!"# won award from W#- in 5eneva, 622:
Human Ri"hts Societ, o )akistan
Group No 7
Shaukat hanum !emorial "ancer #ospital $ %esearch "entre
was awarded for its humanitarian efforts on the 6<th ,ward "eremony of the
#uman %ights Society of *akistan in 6224.
Re%en" A%h#e$emen"s
)naugurated %esearch Wing
-pened Walk/)n "linic in *eshawar
"onducted successfully First 'one !arrow &ransplant
PT CT scan
&here is no pet ct scan in *akistan and patients has to go abroad for this
essential test as a part of its ongoing program of clinical excellence in cancer
care,S!"# and %" is investing in cyclotron and "& *+& for the benefits of
*akistani patients .this will re;uire a massive investment of almost 8 million us
dollar. Work has started on the project and the facility should be available by late
S!"# ,0= %" will also be able to provide the isotope 14 F=5 to other centers
as far away as arachi.
Bone marro4 transplantation
S!"# ,0= %" conducted its first bone marrow transplantation
procedure on a patient name !>#,!!,= S,.!,0 on ,pril 67 6227 making it
the fourth facility in *akistan, by the first in .ahore, to have ac;uired the facility.
&he transplantation which cost %S 1:22222 was conducted absolutely free .the
project was financed by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.
Group No 7
&he various offices and activities related to each section are given below.
-undra#s#n* .ff#%es
1. #ead -ffices, .ahore
6. %egional -ffices
O3erseas Offices
Group No 7
-undra#s#n* A%"#$#"#es
&he two major sources of fundraising areL /
1. Iakat
6. =onations
,ccording to Shariah J)slamic %uleK, an individual has to give 6.8E of his wealth
held during the year, in charity, &his is called as Iakat. Iakat can be given at any
time of the year. #owever, traditionally most of the people pay Iakat, during the
month of %amadan J)slamic "alendar month in which !uslims fastK. &o collect
maximum amount under the head of Iakat, which is totally spent on the
treatment of poor cancer patients. , comprehensive campaign is launched in
*akistan and overseas. ,ll offices of S!"#$%" participate in this activity and
are supervised and coordinated by the head office at .ahore.
Following productsMcampaigns collectively contribute towards achieving the
revenue targets of =onationsL /
Fundraising from #igh 0et/Worth )ndividuals
Sponsor a "ancer *atient
"oncerts M Fundraising =inners
School Fundraising "ampaign
+;uipment M !aterial $ )n/kind =onations
#ide "ollection "ampaign
Fundraising from "orporate Sector
Group No 7
)n/*atient %oom 0omination
External Environment Analysis
Pest Analysis
Group No 7
Industry analysis
Competitors Analysis
Internal Environment Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
S!" Analysis
Group No 7
$ree o% &ost 'uality treatment o%
&an&er %or needy people
Resear&h &enters
Hi#hly e'uipped ma&hinery
Proper &he&( and )alan&es
*+ot identi%ied,
"hreats & Challen#es
$undraisin# Challen#es
Health&are Costs
Capa&ity limitation
-earth o% trained
T&reats and C&allenges
Fundraising challenges
#ealthcare costs
"apacity limitation
=earth of trained manpower
Group No 7
free of cost ;uality treatment of cancer for needy people
research centers
highly e;uipped machinery
proper check and balances
first preference to ;uality

not identified
Competiti3e ad3antage
,lthough S!"# $%" is not having any such competitor in ,sia but if we
thing about anyone its ,5#, #,0 #ospital but only in cancer research.
S!"# $ %" has the competitive advantage on ,5#, #,0 #ospital in ;uality
treatment and revenue generating field.
M-S !epartment
S!"# $ %" has management information system department J!)SK.
Whole hospital system is being regulated by it. !)S department has developed
software of hospital information system J#)SK. &his software is a core
competency of hospital as none of the ,sian hospital is having such hospital. )t
can be only be compete with any >S, organi(ation+
Group No 7
/uality $irst
<e, at SKMCH & RC are "uided b, core principles o ?ualit,, ;@uit,,
:ransparenc, and Merit# <e are dedicated toA
*roviding #igh Nuality Service to our *atients irrespective of their socio/
economic status, in the timeliest manner.
,cting as a !odel )nstitute in providing cancer education to healthcare
professionals and perform research into causes and treatment of cancer.
=eveloping and 0urturing a "ulture, which motivates each employee to
strive for continual impro"ement in their work.
Group No 7
Group No 7
S!"# $ %" stated goals are their real goals. &hey donGt have any
discrimination between them and they work in the same way as they project in
their companyGs statement.
.ong &erm 5oals
%esearch F basic and clinical.
"ommunity and outreach services.
+nhancement of automation.
"apacity enhancement.
B Support services building 6227/2<
B Fourth clinical building 6227/24
%egional cancer centers
B arachi
B *eshawar
0ew =irections in Fundraising.
: Storey 'lock Jif permitted by 5overnment, 3 storey blockK.
*hase 1L 'asement O @ Floors.
*hase 6L 8 Floors.
1t the moment, )hase $ & shell o )hase 4 under construction#
Group No 7
Group No 7
&ime lines
%easonable criteria
Strategic placement
+mphasis on multiline criteria
Group No 7
Group No 7
Emphasis on
ECS o%
Types of control
S!"#$ %" is applying different types of control at different levelsJhead
of departmentsK in order to measure the performance closet to the
standardsJrules and polices defined by #%K and to evaluate the efficiency of the
F++=F-%W,%= "-0&%-.
F++'," "-0&%-.
N>,.)&H "-0&%-.
S!"#$ %" is applying Feed F-W,%= "-0&%-. at )0*>& .+D+.
and evaluate the resources of the hospital .it is using F++='," "-0&%-. at
->&*>& .+D+. and they get this feedback from the patients. &hey keep
channel open with the patients and consider them as their partner and keep open
communication. &hey also use N>,.)&H "-0&%-. as modern controlling
#ospitalGs control system is comprises of following steps.
&hey have rules and procedures made by #% managerto measure the
performance of the hospital.
&hen they evaluate their performance against their target and standard.
,fter evaluating their performance if they find any deviation in the
performance from the rules and procedures they take appropriate action.
Group No 7
Group No 7
,ssign task and responsibility
"oordinate diverse organi(ational task
+stablishes relationship among individual, groups and departments
+stablishes formal line of authority
,llocate organi(ational resources
Purpose of organiAing
=ivide work to be done specific jobs
Group No 7
OrganiAation:s Structure
&he #ospital is the project of Shaukat hanum !emorial &rust F a non
profit legal entity established under the laws of *akistan. &he hospital has a
board of governance consisting of 'ankers, %esearches, 'usinessman and
*hysicians who formulate policy ensuring that access is provided to the
maximum no. of poor patients who are given ;uality treatment at optimal cost.
Group No 7
Board of "o3ernors
,inance Nursing Operations
) #otel
) #uman
1A and Legal
Operation T&eatre
and CSS!
OrganiAation:s Culture
Shaukat hanum has a very strong and corporate culture.
&hey have people oriented culture where they take decisions and account
the effects of them on the people of an organi(ation.
&hey have innovative culture in which they encourage their employees to
be innovative and risk takers to some extents.
&here is no formal dress code but the jeans are not allowed for ladies.
+atables are not allowed in any department except marketing department
because that department has its own kitchen.
+mployees must reach and leave the office in time.
(m1lo2ees are learn#n* %ul"ure
&he employees are learning culture through rituals.
Location ) Mar(et
)n *akistan the S!"# is situated in ?ohar &own .ahore and covers all over
OrganiAational Structure
Shaukat hanam is organic and highly structured organi(ation. ,s they
have very uncertain environment because they have to face new challenges
concerning treatment and research of cancer
Group No 7
Wor( SpecialiAation
&hey have divided their work in different departments and every individual
does his own job, like !arketing =epartment, Finance =epartment and #%
S!"# has highly functional departmentali(ation. &he !arketing
=epartment is mainly the *rofit "enter of S!"# .&hey collect the profit for
S!"# and use that profit in the treatment of needy patients.
Sr.# Departments D Department Heads
17 Material Management Azhar Nazir
28 Operation Theater Dr.Aamir Ali
21 Nuclear Medicine Dr.Khalid Nawaz
3 !atholog" Dr.M.Tari#
1$ %nternal Medicine Dr.Man&ur 'a(aid
2 Ane&the&ia Dr.Mian M.)a#u*
1 +o&pital Mar,eting -er(ice& Dr.Nimar Ali
7 .n(ironmental / +otel -er(ice& 0arru,h Aziz
1 0ood / Dietar" 0arru,h Aziz
11 +ou&e Keeping 0arru,h Aziz
13 %n&ect2!e&t 3ontrol 0arru,h Aziz
14 5aundr" 0arru,h Aziz
4 6u&ine&& -er(ice& Mali, 0a""az Ahmad
17 Mar,eting / !u*lic 8elation Mehmood A,htar
$ 6io Medical .ngineering Mr.-ar9raz
8 0inance Muhammad 0aroo#
3 ./M Department Muhammad -ali,
31 !harmac" Tahir Aziz
7 3--D :irginia ;umle"
22 0ursing "hemotherapy :irginia ;umle"
Group No 7
23 Nur&ing Di(i&ion :irginia ;umle"
2$ Nur&ing %n<!atient 0ir&t 0loor :irginia ;umle"
24 Nur&ing %n<!atient -econd 0loor :irginia ;umle"
27 Nur&ing O!D :irginia ;umle"
27 Nur&ing O8 :irginia ;umle"

&hey are following the concept of decentrali(ation .&hey having divided
the -%5,0)I,&)-0 into different (ones and the head of the department take
ideas from their subordinates while taking decision.
S!"# have standard rules and procedures to guide the behavior of the
Span of Control
S!"# have a flat structure and have a wider span of control
S!"# and %" is e;uipped with highly advanced and modern machinery
and the organi(ation off and on spent a large amount of money on making their
machinery and e;uipment updated
Group No 7
Communication System
&hey have a very strong and cooperative communicational system. &hey
use intranet communicational system and share their ideas with each other very
#uman *esource !epartment
!r. !ajor 0auman the #%! manager knows that to remain competitive in
todayGs dynamic world he must understand the psyche of his employees so that
their needs can be fulfill and a motivated work force can be created for them
which will be a source of competitive advantage over the competitors.
&he policies and practices one need to carry out the CpeopleG or human resource
aspect of the management position including the recruiting, screening, training,
,s mentioned #%! consist of the following
-rientation $ &raining
Group No 7
&here are six employees the #%! =epartment
In"ernal Re%ru#"men"
)n S!"#, vacant posts are also filled internally to provide an opportunity
for the workers already working in the organi(ations.
(3"ernal Re%ru#"men"
)n S!"#, fresh or experience candidates are also preferred and hired.
Selection Criteria
&he selection is entirely based on merit which confirms to selection criteria
without any bias towards gender, religion, race, colour, nationality, age and
according to the procedure laid down in the #%= policies.
Selection Procedure
Filling out application forms
,pplication screening Jshort listingK
Group No 7
*C.*-T-N" AN!
T*A-N-N" AN!
&est JWritten and practicalK
Final selection
#iring Process
Whenever the organi(ation needs employees for internal job
advertisement is made only inside the hospital and for external job for the top
level management and medical staff advertisement is given in leading newspaper
like =,W0 and &#+ 0+WS. Written test and interviews are conducted only for
the nursing staff and low level employees and for top level management only
interviews are conducted.
-rientation is the procedure of providing information of the organi(ation
and the job. -rientation of S!"# is of formal type and is conducted on every
&uesday and Friday at 12L22 ,! to 1L22 *! in *earl "ontinental #otel every
-rientation normally covers the following contents.
Welcome note from management director.
!ission, Dision and Dalues.
'rief introduction of hospital
"ompanies profile
&he working hourGs companyGs profile.
)t also includes the fire training.
Group No 7
Shaukat hanum gives two types of job training.
1. -n job training.
6. -ff job training.
&raining budget varies according to traning type.
Annual turno3er rate
&urnover rate in S!"# $%" is high but the turnover percentage is
#*M Policies of SKMC#
5ender ?ustice *olicy
Sexual #arassment *olicy
=iscrimination *olicy
'y motivation we mean encouraging our employees to give in all three
effort fot the company to meet its objectives.-r in other words it means the
willingness to exert high level of efforts to meet the organi(ational objective. For
motivating a person you have you understand what the needs and wants of the
employees. 'y motivation we mean encouraging our employees to give in all
their efforts for the company to meet its objectives. !any theories were put
forward by many scientists in order to better understand the needs of patients.
Some famous theories are
!aslowGs #ierarchy &heory
5oal Set &heory
Maslo56s H#erar%h2 )heor2
Group No 7
&he management of S!"# understand knows that their
employees have crossed the stages of psychological and safety needs and our
round about social, esteem or self actuali(ation needs as the result of this the
management of S!"# has profiled into different categories and to some
extend is compensating them.
+mployees are also given respect and every manager is strictly advised
not to use any loose language while talking to subordinates and specially you
feel proud in working at S!"# one of the best cancer hospital in ,sia.
+mployees are also offered different programs to improve their skills so that they
can serve the company in a better way.
7oal Se" )heor2
&he management of S!"# monitors the efficiency of their employees regularly
and is very firstly allocates different tasks to the employees and then evaluates
which employee enjoys working and how efficient he is. 'ased upon that different
cross functional teams are formed in which each member is assigned a specific
job which he carries out best. )n this way they motivate their employee.
."her Mo"#$a"#onal )ools
&he company has a pri(e and shield award in place on yearly bases to
acknowledgement their employees hardwork and performance and motivates
them to go on doing even more. &hese includeL
8ob Ro"a"#on
Within the department the employees are motivated by job rotation
(m1lo2ee of "he 2ear
Group No 7
&he performance of all the employees in all departments is
consistently monitored during the year on the basis of their performance at the
end of the year one employee for each department with highest points is given
performance appraisal in the form of pri(e of @222 and a shield with a certificate.
Annual -eas"
S!"# arranges annual dinner at the end of each year, where awards
are given musical evening is organi(ed for the entertainment of employees as a
token of acknowledgement of their hardwork and to encourages and motivate
them to put in more efforts in the next year.
4r#%ke" -es"#$al
S!"# organi(es a cricket festival every year normally in the month of
?une in which the every department who want to play must contribute %s.6222M/
and the total budget is %s.122222M/. &he winner pri(e is %s.68222M/ and runner/
up pri(es %s.12222. &wo trophies are given one to the winner and one to the
Ot&ers 3arious Benefits "i3en to mployees
Darious facilities are given to the employees. &hey are given according to
their posts and ranks. For +xample, the most senior officer is provided
,nnual increment takes place in the salary of the employees every year. ,
fixed bonus is also given every year.
Following benefits are given on regular basis.
!edical *ayments
*rovident Funds
Group No 7
5* Funds
,LB-BL WO*K-N" #O.*S
&he employees are also allowed to avail flexible working hour. )f they
work late till evening they are allowed to come late on the other day morning.
&hey also have the option to change their shift time from morning to evening or
from evening to morning.
&he company also share annual reports with the employees giving them a
clear picture of the hospital performance and also a sense that employees are
the roots for the of the company.
&he employees are also given fringe benefits that cover many additional benefits
beside actual pay such as medical, conveyance allowances.
Leaders&ip Styles
Leaders&ip Styles
S!"# is practicing a democratic style. !anagers of the organi(ation
tend to involve their employees in decision making .&hey also delegate
authorities to their subordinates. &hey encourage participation in deciding work
methods and goals at some extent and use feedbacks as an oppournities for
coaching employees.
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