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Newsletter March 2008

Dear Parents Achievements ( cont.)

Siobhan Murray (Andover) and Kaitlyn Boyd
Make Ten (Edzell) were very close runners up.
Over the last few weeks there has been a consid- Well Done Everyone.
erable improvement in behaviour all round as a Siobhan Murray recently achieved 1st place in the
result of our ‘Make Ten’ initiative. We continue Recorder Section at the Arbroath Music Festival.
to flag this up first thing each Monday and ex- Congratulations Siobhan.
plain to the children their target for the week. On
Thursday this week, all pupils who have made Andover Parent Council
Ten 3 or 4 times will There will be a meeting of the Andover Parent
receive a special treat. Council this Wednesday (19th March) at 6.30p.m.
Members of the Council’s Transport Team will be
Holidays present and will be involved is discussing the traffic
The school will be closed on Friday 21st March congestion and road safety issues at Andover. Any-
for Good Friday. School will open again for the one interested is welcome to attend.
last week of term on Monday 24th March.
The Easter Service will be held in Gardner P.E. Kit
Memorial Church at 10.00a.m. to which all Many pupils are still not bringing their P.E. Kit to
parents and friends are invited. school. Being active is an important
The children have been learning part of the Curriculum and correct
some lovely Easter hymns and footwear is essential for Health and
the orchestra and choir will be Safety reasons—Please ensure that
performing also. Please join your child comes to school with the correct kit.
us. A collection will be taken.
Clerical Support
The Easter Holidays are as follows: Mrs West returns to school today, on a part-time ba-
School closes Friday 28th March sis following sick leave. Mrs Lindsay will continue
School re-opens Monday 14th April to help out in the office full time until the holidays.

School Lunches Mural

A fantastic mural with a space theme has been made
After the holidays the price of a school lunch will
be £1.65 for a child. Please try and send the ex-in the hall where the photos of pupils who have made
act amount with your child if possible. ‘Ten’ will be displayed. I am grateful to Miss
Hanna’s sister Pauline for devoting her days off to
Andover Website carry out this task and the teachers/pupils from Ando-
News and photographs are added to this site on a ver who also worked hard to create such an attractive
regular basis. Why not log and see what's hap- and functional display.
pening in school
Yours sincerely
Achievements E Howson
Chloe Murray was awarded the silver cup for Head Teacher
most points at the Cluster Rotary Arts Festival on
Saturday. This is the second time Chloe has won
this event.