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4/17/14 :: MSRTC :: Online Reservation System 1/1
Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation
E-Reservation Ticket
Tri p Informati on
Trip Number : M7559 Approx. Boarding Time : 17:00 Hrs.
Ticket Number : 16575963 Transact ion Id : MSBI3321013752
Service St art Place : SWARGATE, PUNE Service End Place : THANE VANDANA
Passenger Boarding Point
SWARGATE, PUNE Passenger Alight ing Point : THANE VANDANA
Dat e of Journey : 18/04/14 Depart ure t ime from St art ing Place : 17:00 Hrs.
Bus Service Type : AC-SHIVNERI No. of Seat s : 1
Passengers Informati on
Name Age
Adul t/
Chi l d
Gen Seat No Quota Conc. Code Conc. Proof Conc. Proof Detai l s
Mahesh Dharap 27 A M 13 General No Concession NA NA
Total Fare Detai l s
Basic Fare : 395.00
Reservat ion Charge : 10.00
Tot al Chargeable
Amount :
405.00 + (Convenience charges will be 1% of t ot al t icket amount or Rs. 3/- whichever is higher + Govt .
Service Tax)
Thi s e-ti cket i s not transferabl e.
Thi s e-ti cket i s val i d onl y for the detai l s speci fi ed above.
One of the passenger on thi s e-ti cket i s requi red to carry the pri nt out of thi s e-ti cket al ong wi th Photo ID Card i n
Ori gi nal l i ke Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, Dri vi ng Li cence, Passport. Certi fi cate i ssued by Tahsi l dar, ID i ssued by
Depot Manager, Pan Card, however the seni or ci ti zen must carry hi s ori gi nal photo ID as menti oned i n E-ti cket
duri ng travel .
If passenger havi ng concessi onal ti cket found wi thout val i d ID the ti cket wi l l be treated as Inval i d Ti cket and
amount tendered towards e-ti cket wi l l be forfei ted i n defaul t. In addi ti on the passenger woul d be requi red to
purchase a fresh ti cket as a normal passenger.
Photo ID i ssued by appropri ate authori ty shoul d be enough el aborati ve and l egi bl e to establ i sh a proof of age of 65
years or above and resi dent of State of Maharashtra.
Corporati on reserves the ri ghts to change/cancel the bus servi ce menti oned i n the e-ti cket.
Passenger wi l l have to pay the fare di fference i f any i n case of Change of Servi ce or i n case of Revi si on of fare.
e-ti cket cancel l ati on i s permi tted through M.S.R.T.C. si te onl y. (publ i
e-ti cket cancel l ati on i s al l owed before 4 hours of schedul ed departure ti me from ori gi n OR before preparati on of
Reservati on Chart, whi chever i s earl i er.
Wi sh You Happy Journey
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