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This paragraph presented some great value comments on the significance on public
opinion. I have got realized that an independent view about any matter of life is very rare. People
see a fact only what they are interested in. they do not give any attention to the other school of
thought. If I am Muslim, I will only consider Islam

s readings and literature. We will never

consider other religion teaching. In this case about any matter we see general opinion of people
which is called Public Opinion. Public opinion gives us a view of the opposite thought.
In this passage the writer wants to explain the reality of public opinion, and human
compulsion that they follow it. He also collects very important questions of the worth of whole
opinion. If they are to be subordinated to group verdicts. He illustrates his point by mentioning
various field such as religion, society and politic. People prefer their friends opinion in wearing
clothes, in reading literature and informing political and religious views. He concluded that we
mistake public opinion, for personal opinion and are bound to follow it. Because if we remains
still to our personal opinion, we may suffer from social and business losses.
1: I am persuaded that a cloudy-thought-out and independent verdict upon a fashion in clothes,
or manners, or literature, or politics, or religion, or any other matter is a most rare thing. If it has
indeed ever existed..
Paraphrase: I believe that people do not think independently, and on the bases of evidence. I
have seen that people think rarely, independently and rationally about the clothes they wear, on
its own manner, the political or religious views they hold, indeed about anything whatever.
2: Mohammedans are Mohammedans because they are born and reared among that sect, not
because they have thought it out and can furnish sound reasons for being Mohammedans; we
know why Catholics are Catholics; why Presbyterians are Presbyterians; why Baptists are
Baptists; why Mormons are Mormons; and why Democrats are democrats
Paraphrase: People maintain their ideological and belief system because they have critically
analyzed their beliefs. That is true and reality that people study only that religion, in which they
were born, such as Mohammedans are Mohammedans because they are born and reared among
that section. The same sort of indoctrination occurs within any social system, religious, political
or otherwise.

3: Men think they think upon great political questions, and they do; but they think with their
party, not independently; they read its literature but not that of the other side; they arrive at
convocations but they are drawn from a partial view of the matter in hand and are of no
particular value.
Paraphrase: People does not think independently, they only think with their party, as any
Muslim reads only Muslim

s books. They think about their political questions and they read
about its literature and does not read than of other side. People hold fast to their views, but
because those views are so narrow in focus, they are essentially worthless.
4: We all do no end of feeling and we mistake it for thinking. And out of it we get an aggregation
which we consider a boon. Its name is public opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles
everything. Some think it the voice of god.
Paraphrase: Actually we do not always make use of our feelings, which causes a mistake in our
thinking. We think wrong; in this case we sum up the thinking of other people which is generally
called public opinion. This opinion solves problem because it is generally acceptable.