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Blend CJC-1295/Ipamorelin: The Breakdown of Each Peptide

Posted on October 23, 2013 by Maxim Peptide

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The peptide blend CJC-1295/Ipaorelin is a cobination of the peptides CJC-1295 and Ipaorelin. The t!o
peptides are cobined in a sin"le container# and are a$ailable for purchase solel% for scientific stud% and research
based on anial test sub&ects.
The 'reakdo!n of (ach )eptide
*ipl% stated# CJC-1295 and Ipaorelin can be blended
into one dual cobination because neither peptide blocks
the functionalit% of the other. What+s ore# !hile their
ethodolo"% is different# scientific stud% on anial test
sub&ects has deterined that each peptide in essence
causes the sae ph%siolo"ical function to occur. ,ael%#
both peptides ha$e been sho!n to facilitate an ele$ated
rate of secretions related to uscular and skeletal tissue
"ro!th in anial test sub&ects. CJC-1295 perfors this
increase b% its abilit% to boost the peptide+s bioa$ailabilit%-
that is# the rate in !hich it is absorbed. .dditionall%# it also
!orks to e/tend the half-life of the peptide# fro less than
se$en inutes to ore than se$en da%s. It has the abilit%
to perfor the latter function due to a scientific process that
is kno!n as biocon&u"ation. This relati$el% ne! technolo"%
is defined b% its facilit% to take a reacti$e "roup and bond it
to a peptide# causin" a reaction that e$entuall% leads to a
ore stable bond. This stable bond in turn enables an
e/tended prohibition of natural de"radation# thus causin"
an e/tension. In the case of CJC-1295# this e/tension of
the half-life is especiall% si"nificant. These processes allo!
for an increase in the secretions that are tied to "ro!th#
!hich in turn lead to a ore efficient buildin" of uscular
and skeletal tissue aon"st anial test sub&ects.
Ipaorelin# on the other hand# functions in a !a% that is rather siilar to the peptide 012)-3- a peptide that
scientific stud% on anial test sub&ects has also pro$ed to be 4uite effecti$e in blendin" !ith CJC-1295. Ipaorelin
chiefl% stiulates the secretions that cause "ro!th fro the pituitar% "land- the pea-si5ed "land that essentiall% acts
as the heart of the endocrine s%ste. .s it stiulates these secretions# it also blocks the production of the peptide
responsible for haltin" the e/pression of these $er% sae secretions# thus allo!in" a hi"her rate of secretions to
occur. .dditionall%# Ipaorelin also !orks in con&unction !ith the li$er to increase "ro!th secretions b% stiulatin"
the production of the "ro!th-related peptide I06-1. The priar% function that separates Ipaorelin fro 012)-3 is
soethin" that Ipaorelin doesn+t do. That is- Ipaorelin does not !ork to stiulate the production of "hrelin- the
stoach peptide responsible for causin" the sensation of hun"er in anial test sub&ects. What this eans is#
anial test sub&ects do not displa% an increased desire to consue food after Ipaorelin has been e/pressed.
'lended 'enefits
. ke% reason !h% the blendin" of CJC-1295 and Ipaorelin is bein" studied scientificall% on anial test sub&ects is
due to the nuerous theoretical benefits that the peptides ha$e e/hibited !hen blended. *oe of these benefits
see ob$ious based on both peptides+ functionalit%# such as an increase in uscular and skeletal tissue# 4uicker
in&ur% reco$er%# and the stren"thenin" and re&u$enation of &oints. 1o!e$er# other benefits a% not be as ob$ious#
such as an ipro$eent of deep sleep and ipro$ed skin tone. .dditionall%# the residual increase of the secretions
related to "ro!th "i$es anial test sub&ects the added benefit of increased protein s%nthesis# !hich in turn enables
the test sub&ects to break do!n bod% fat on a ore efficient basis. inimal !ide Effect" 7nlike other blends that
feature CJC-1295# the#lend of CJC-1295 and Ipaorelin has e/hibited a inial aount of side effects# per
scientific stud% conducted on anial test sub&ects. This is because scientific research on anial test sub&ects built
around CJC-1295 has deri$ed $er% inial side effects. These side effects include8
2etention of Water
Teporar% nubness of e/treities
What+s ore# these side effects ha$e been deterined to be ild in nature. !till !et $"ide for !cientific
%e"earch .s further stud% is conducted on the blended peptides CJC-1295 and Ipaorelin# it should be stressed
that all research relatin" to the cobined peptide has been solel% deri$ed fro scientific stud% and research based
on anial test sub&ects. .n% and all findin"s that are related to this blended peptides should be considered data
that has been culled fro its current standin" as bein" in the research phase. .s a result# and stud% or research
in$ol$in" the peptide blend of CJC-1295 and Ipaorelin should e/clusi$el% be contained to the restricti$e confines
of a strictl% re"ulated en$ironent# such as a edical research facilit% or a laborator%&