Capitulo 1A Capitulo 1B
 Infinitives
 Negatives
 Expressing agreement or
 Definite and indefinite articles
 Placement of adjectives
 Word order

Capitulo 2A Capitulo 2B
 Subject pronouns
 Present tense of –ar verbs
 The verb estar
 The plural of nouns and articles

Capitulo 3A Capitulo 3B
 Present tense of -er , -ir
 Me gustan, me encantan
 The verb ser
 Plural of adjectives

Capitulo 4A Capitulo 4B
 The verb ir
 Asking questions
 Ir+a+infinitive
 The verb jugar


Capitulo 5A Capitulo 5B
 The verb tener
 Possessive adjectives
 The verb venir
 The verb ser and estar

Capitulo 6A Capitulo 6B
 Making comparisons
 The superlative
 Stem changing verbs poder/dormir
 Affirmative – tu commands
 The present progressive tense

Capitulo 7A Capitulo 7B
 Stem changing verbs pensar, querer
and preferir.
 Demonstrative adjectives
 The preterite of -ar verbs.
 Verbs ending in car and gar.
 Direct object pronouns

Capitulo 8A Capitulo 8B
 The preteriteof –er and –ir verbs
 The preterite or if
 The personal a
 The present tense of decir
 Indirect object pronouns
 The preterite of hacer and dar

Capitulo 9A Capitulo 9B
 Acabar+ de+ infinitive
 Gustar and similar verbs
 Present tense of pedir, server
 Saber y conocer

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