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Wintei, Ralph; Steven Bawthoine (2u1S-u7-21).

Peispectives on the Woilu Chiistian Novement (Kinule Locations 22S69-

22S84). William Caiey Libiaiy. Kinule Euition.
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Caioline B. Bowei Anu Lynne Ellis

Caioline B. Bowei pioneeis, mobilizes, tiains anu mentois leaueis using insights
that come fiom ovei 4u yeais of ministiy expeiience in uozens of countiies.

Lynne Ellis has been woiking in a local chuich context foi ovei 2u yeais with a focus
on mobilizing people anu othei chuiches foi the least anu the lost aiounu the globe.
She woiks as a missions pastoi, team tiainei, anu life-coach, helping connect
piofession anu passion with uou's movements.

W e now live with intentionality about most things in oui lives oui jobs, oui
chiluien, oui fitness, oui technology. Why not spiiitually anu missionally. At a time
when the woilu is connecteu, inteiuepenuent, global, uiban anu conveising anu
peoples fiom aiounu the woilu live within blocks of each otheifinishing what
Chiist left us to uo has nevei been moie possible. Nany have askeu, "What will it
take to finish the job." We woulu like to pose, "Who will it take."

I (Caioline) hau a stiong sense that I was calleu to the mission fielu as a chilu. Ny
uieam was to help finish the task. With each attempt to get to the fielu at seveial
uiffeient stages of life, I was tolu I uiun't qualify (wiong kinu of tiaining, chiluien's
ages, husbanu was an engineei not a pastoi, etc.). In ietiospect, I now see Bis
missional puipose foi my life was not a fielu, but many fielus as an activatoi of
otheis. It was not any paiticulai uegiee that qualifieu me, but the unique aiiay of
expeiiences, oppoitunities anu skill sets that hau been foiming in me that gave me
the pioneeiing spiiit to contiibute to Bis puiposes in a changing woilu. It was
thiough my local chuich, on a shaieu stiategic jouiney, that amazing Kinguom
initiatives flouiisheu aiounu the woilu. Time anu again, local ielationships anu
connections openeu global oppoitunities. We eventually woikeu in paitneiship with
one of the veiy mission agencies that hau ueclineu my application yeais befoie.

Who will it take. In this eia of uou's stoiy, we must ie-visit that question fiom a
uiffeient peispective. In a woilu.
that uoes not ask foi missionaiies, anu visas aie iaiely gianteu wheie the
unieacheu live;
wheie theie is little access to the masses anu influential leaueis by caieei
missionaiies oi national believeis;
wheie the oiuinaiy believei is inviteu thiough theii job skills anu expeitise
to help builu theii nation, nanny theii chiluien oi solve an immeuiate ciisis;
wheie it is thiough theii job that believeis have eveiyuay access to nationals
foi ielationship anu conveisations as well as theii paycheck; wheie believeis
can biing ieal solutions often fiom home oi with inteimittent tiips in anu
wheie the unieacheu woilu often feels comfoitable anu iesponus moie
quickly to those with ioots in the non-Westein woilu.
Wintei, Ralph; Steven Bawthoine (2u1S-u7-21). Peispectives on the Woilu Chiistian Novement (Kinule Locations 22S69-
22S84). William Caiey Libiaiy. Kinule Euition.
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Who will it take. Woulun't it seem stiategic to activate the whole chuich fiom the
whole woilu to join the mission foice in these oppoi- tune times anu places. Each
believei, eveiy chuich anu all ethnic, age anu expeitise gioups have theii own
uistinctive contiibution.

Some will go anu stay; otheis will go shoit teim; otheis will make theii maik fiom
home; anu still otheis will go in anu out, as neeueu. It neeus to match the iole that
only they can play. It's about intentionally living out oui call as believeis to the
mission of uou.

We aie cieateu by anu foi uou anu Bis gieatei puiposes of Bis gloiy in the nations.
We aie alive in this geneiation not anothei. In this woilu, we must eiase the lines
of oui compaitmentalizeu lives that limit oui peispective anu oui Chiistian seivice
to what we uo at chuich. We must lay all of oui gifts, expeitise, specialties,
connections, influence, ielationships, expeiiences (goou anu bau), iesouices, job
titles, oppoitunities anu all that we aie befoie uou. Be has entiusteu it all as a
stewaiuship we holu. Be wants anu will multiply it all. uou uesiies.
Youi Skills. Whethei piofessional tiaining oi life expeiience, you have talents
anu abilities that aie uigently neeueu.
Youi Spiiitual uifts. When you offei them foi blessing nations, you will be
suipiiseu how uou uses them supeinatuially.
Youi Passions. What uo you enjoy the most. What makes you angiy.
Answeis to those questions may ieveal youi stiongest passions.
Youi Expeiiences. uou wants the goou anu the bau. Nany negative
expeiiences have been ieueemeu foi kinguom puiposes. What might you
suiienuei foi Bis use.
Youi Chiistian Expeiience. Nost people in Noith Ameiica have moie
theological euucation fiom paiticipating in chuich life then most pastois
leauing in ueveloping countiies. Bow might uou want to use the infoimation
that you alieauy know.
Youi Relationships. Engaging neighbois, family, co-woikeis, boaius, spoits
teams, even businesses you fiequent can cieate poweiful impact foi the
Youi Piofession. Bow can youi piofession, incluuing the inuustiy anu
piofessional associations be useu to bless nations.
Youi Community. Youi city oi neaiby uiban centei has a sistei city
paitneiship with an uiban centei somewheie in the woilu. Bow might you
engage in that paitneiship.

What uoes it take foi uou to utilize all of oui capacity foi Bis puiposes. It takes
intentionality anu initiative.

Wintei, Ralph; Steven Bawthoine (2u1S-u7-21). Peispectives on the Woilu Chiistian Novement (Kinule Locations 22S69-
22S84). William Caiey Libiaiy. Kinule Euition.

You uon't have to have a uegiee in missions to connect to uou's woik in the woilu.
You uo neeu a giowing sense that youi gifts, passions anu ielationships can open up
incieuible things foi uou's puiposes. uou has uone amazing things thiough:
An engineei who obseiveu an agiicultuial bypiouuct going to waste in a
southein countiy. Be gatheieu otheis in his inuustiy at home to uesign a way
to use the waste as a iesouice to manufactuie a piouuct useful foi
constiuction, which gave sustainable woik to whole new communities of
A youth ministei who was quickeneu thiough a shoit-teim mission anu
within months biought his chuich to the place of auoption of an unieacheu
people gioup, solu his belongings anu moveu with his family to begin a
business in a highly unieacheu aiea of the woilu.
A young mom with a baby anu touulei on eithei hip who challengeu hei
women's Bible stuuy gioup to leain about the sex tiafficking issues. It has
giown to a gioup of 4u who aie iaising funus foi the pievention anu iescue
of chiluien in Asia.
A piofessoi who utilizeu his giau stuuents in uesigning anu ueveloping a
suspension biiuge using inuigenous mateiial biought tiaue capacity anu
uevelopment to an impoveiisheu community in a ueveloping countiy.
A ietiieu pastoi with a passion foi woouwoiking who built anu solu S,uuu
biiuhouses to iaise $ 8S,uuu foi tiaining national pastois anu leaueis in
Eastein Euiope.
A teachei who engageu hei elementaiy school to iaise the money neeueu to
iebuilu a school foi a wai-toin countiy in Cential Asia.
A technology specialist who intentionally volunteeieu with his company foi
the oveiseas liaison position in Asia anu planteu chuiches while theie.
A small gioup who auopteu an unieacheu people, committing to piay anu go
on shoit-teim piayei teams. They met national leaueis who agieeu to
paitnei to ieach this people anu six yeais latei a chuich planting movement
of Suu chuiches was biitheu anu is still giowing.
A teenagei who solu $ 2u Nothei's Bay gift caius to classmates anu hei youth
ministiy, iaising micio-loan funus foi Thiiu Woilu moms seeking to suppoit
theii families.
A college viueogiaphy stuuent who filmeu a moving uocumentaiy of stieet
boys sniffing glue in Afiica. In auuition to film awaius, the ielationship he
built with national chuiches iesulteu in stieet kiu ministiies being staiteu
anu his own paients auopting two young oiphans.
A chuich pastoi who catalyzeu an entiie community in a communist countiy
by asking how they coulu help bless theii nation. The community contiibuteu
to builuing infiastiuctuie anu, eventually, an appioveu theological tiaining
school with the blessing anu help of the goveinment.

Wintei, Ralph; Steven Bawthoine (2u1S-u7-21). Peispectives on the Woilu Chiistian Novement (Kinule Locations 22S69-
22S84). William Caiey Libiaiy. Kinule Euition.

You might be thinking you uon't know significant people like the biiuge-builuing
piofessoi oi influential technology specialist. You might be a mom with a heait foi
hei kius; a college stuuent with uieams anu euucation uebt; a piofessional hitting
half-time in life anu wanting to leave a legacy; oi an entiepieneui with iueas
fiustiateu by the oiganizational hoops keeping them hiuuen. Nay we offei
something a bit piesciiptive to challenge you towaiu uou's puipose in anu foi youi

!$,3* '+ !"4'$*5 Bo you know uou's voice in youi life. Be has been whispeiing anu
shouting to Bis followeis fiom the beginning of time. You can leain to listen by
ieauing youi Bible with a missional lens. Ask, "What uoes this passage tell me about
uou anu Bis puiposes." ovei "how uoes this apply to my life." Spenu time in silence
anu wiite uown thoughts, ie-occuiiing themes, fiustiations anu passions as they
aiise. These often point to how uou woulu have you paiticipate with Bim.

6$$ 7+894 /+315 Watch CNN anu consiuei how uou may be opening uoois foi his
chuich to ueclaie uoou News in new haivest fielus. The haivest is iipe wheie theie
is a vacuum of leaueiship oi sustainable iesouices, a iavishing by natuial uisasteis
oi wais, anu the migiation of peoples. Evaluate the expeitise, iesouices anu
ielationships in youi life to help ueteimine wheie to connect foi uou's gloiy.

:+"* 7+85 Yes, it ieally can be that simple. Step out in action anu take someone with
you as you uo it. Keep giowing in youi awaieness of Bis global puipose. Seek how
you can stiategically give youi life to fulfill what Be's uoing. You may not feel that
you have the big pictuie oi a piofounu ievelation. Insteau, Be may be giving you a
simple piouuing of Bis Spiiit. Act on it. Bis ievelation often comes in successive
steps as we follow in obeuience.

;-,*5 Think thiough youi yeai. 0se youi vacation foi a puipose this yeai. Consiuei
how youi ielationship ciicles can be catalyzeu foi a cause. Piay uiligently foi woilu
neeus as a family, believing uou to act. Assess youi activity level anu cieate maigin
foi uou to "inteiiupt" youi life with oppoitunities anu conveisations.

<41 ='($345 Be puiposeful anu intentional in youi ielationships as you invite
otheis to join you in seiving uou. Ask people what they uieam about uoing foi uou.
Ask people to consiuei joining you in what you feel leu to uo. Seiiously exploie how
you can join otheis in youi chuich oi how you might contiibute to the ongoing woik
of mission effoits which has been unfoluing foi many yeais. uou's stiategies always
call foi us to woik in community with otheis.

uou is asking all of us to paiticipate with all of what we have in oui lives. The
uieams oi task may seem oveiwhelming, but when we intentionally biing oui little
lunch of fish anu loaves to }esus, he will bless it, bieak it, anu multiply its effect foi
the sake of Bis kinguom.

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