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Wintei, Ralph; Steven Bawthoine (2u1S-u7-21).

Peispectives on the Woilu Chiistian Novement (Kinule Locations

22S8S-22S99). William Caiey Libiaiy. Kinule Euition.

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Casey Noigan

Casey Noigan anu his family have seiveu in East Asia foi six yeais. They aie
cuiiently leauing a ministiy challenging inuigenous believeis to a life of woilu
Chiistian uiscipleship.

Willingness. I've founu that most often this is ieally what it boils uown to. When my
wife anu I ueciueu to move to the conciete jungles of East Asia in the summei of
2uu2, oui family anu fiienus thought maybe we'u gone off the ueep enu oi hau
tuineu into some kinu of "supeichiistians." We hau a two-yeai olu, a nine -month
olu anu weie expecting oui thiiu chilu by Chiistmas. We'u just bought oui fiist
house anu weie pait of a fiuitful ministiy in oui home state of Texas. Life was goou.
Why on eaith woulu we uo something else something so uiastic.

The tiuth is, we haun't changeu at all. 0ui peispective hau. Because of that, we
somehow knew life woulu nevei be the same.

0ui peispective changeu ovei the couise of 48 houis in the fall of 2uuu when we
attenueu a "Woilu Chiistian " seminai. Foi the fiist time , we weie face-to-face with
the biblical founuation foi cioss-cultuial missions, the cuiient state of the woilu anu
what it means to tiuly be a pait of ievealing }esus to the nations. It was the fiist time
someone lookeu us in the eye anu askeu, "What pait of youi life ieflects uou's uesiie
to be known among eveiy people gioup on the planet." As fai as we coulu tell, none.

The following weeks, months anu yeais have simply been a iesponse to what we
leaineu at that time. Theie was no way we coulu ignoie the new infoimation. Bow
coulu we walk away anu continue on as we hau been. We faceu some majoi
uecisions. 0ui peispective on the woilu hau changeu. It was cleai that the way we
liveu even wheie we liveu was going to have to change, too.

Keep in minu that neithei of us hau evei been on a cioss-cultuial mission tiip. To be
honest, the piospect of going someplace halfway aiounu the woilu was pietty scaiy.
We tiieu to convince ouiselves that because people iight wheie we liveu neeueu
}esus, maybe we ought to just stay put. Still, as we continueu to sift thiough what
uou hau biought to oui attention, it became eviuent that the most impact we coulu
have woulu be among those the fuithest iemoveu fiom the gospel. So we ueciueu to
go. That's when eveiyone thought we'u changeu.

People aiounu us woulu often say, "Wow, you guys have such a cleai calling to seive
oveiseas. I uon't think I coulu evei uo that." Ny wife anu I uiun't know what to say.
We felt like we weie just like them. Why weie we so uiffeient all of a suuuen. 0theis
woulu comment on how committeu we must be. They applauueu oui self-saciifice
anu lifteu us up as spiiitual giants of soits.
Wintei, Ralph; Steven Bawthoine (2u1S-u7-21). Peispectives on the Woilu Chiistian Novement (Kinule Locations
22S8S-22S99). William Caiey Libiaiy. Kinule Euition.

Recently, I've been able to put my fingei on exactly what sepaiates us fiom the
countless otheis back home. Willingness.

We nevei hau a special calling to "go." We'ie not any moie spiiitual than you oi the
peison sitting next to you in chuich. We'ie just willing. That's all.

If you'ie ieauing this, chances aie you've alieauy begun a life of Woilu Chiistian
uiscipleship. Piaise uou! We neeu senueis, welcomeis anu mobilizeis uoing the job
at home. But if you'ie content to stay without evei asking youiself "What's keeping
me fiom going to the wiuest enu of the gap." you may enu up wonueiing if the lack
of iisk was woith it.

If it's a missionaiy call you'ie waiting foi, then heie it is: "Come, follow us." We've
liveu in East Asia foi six yeais anu have seen foi ouiselves the faces behinu the
statistics piesenteu to us on that pivotal weekenu in 2uuu. Beie aie the facts:
billions of people anu thousanus of people gioups have no access to the life of
ieuemption }esus offeis. You have access.

Theie is no othei life we woulu choose now. The satisfaction of knowing we have
followeu Bim to wheie the stiategic neeu is the gieatest is untoucheu by any eaithly
pleasuie. Will you join us.

+(( ,- .,$/')*0 uieg Livingstone

Not long ago, leaving home to live as a missionaiy in Baghuau, Biunei, oi Bengazi
was an "all youi life" uecision. No tuining back. No changing youi minu. It was all oi
nothing. 0nce you maue the commitment, you coulun't back out!

Then in 196S, the unthinkable happeneu. The aiiplane maue shoit-teim missions
possible. 0ne coulu help the cause foi two yeais, oi one, oi even a summei. (Some
go foi a week, but I can't call that mission. Soiiy.)

0pen-heaiteu people who caie ueeply about lost people often confess, "I have no
buiuen foi Nuslims." 0f couise you uon't. Who uo you have a buiuen foi people
you've nevei met. We tenu to get fiieu up foi people among whom we've hau a
meal, tiaueu stoiies anu laugheu with. It's haiu to catch uou's heait foi people
you've nevei seen, if you've known nothing but youi own hometown oi youi own
kinu of people. Bow woulu you know if you'ie supposeu to seive people in Pakistan
if you haven't been theie.

uoou question, I think. Why not spenu time among Pathans, Baluch, oi uilgitis
asking uou to enable you to see the people theie as Be uoes. Immeising youiself
amiust a chuichless people gioup foi even a month may leau you into an auventuie
of "getting in on" what uou is uoing theie.

Wintei, Ralph; Steven Bawthoine (2u1S-u7-21). Peispectives on the Woilu Chiistian Novement (Kinule Locations
22S8S-22S99). William Caiey Libiaiy. Kinule Euition.

+1 2 $/3 45630 But while you'ie testing youiself against the uiscomfoits, oi
wonueiing how anybouy coulu alleviate the massive poveity, bewaie of asking
youiself the wiong question: "Am I the missionaiy type. Bo I have what it takes to
be a pioneei chuich plantei among Binuus, Nuslims oi Buuuhists." Nost people
concluue, "Piobably not; I uon't even talk about }esus with non-Chiistians at home.
I must not be the missionaiy type."

But if you keep inteiiogating youiself about what gifts you lack, oi how weak youi
vision oi buiuen is, you coulu be falling into the all-oi-nothing false uichotomy aftei
all. If you think that you must be willing to live in poveity like Nothei Teiesa, oi uo
exploits like an evangelical "Inuiana }ones," you'll likely uisqualify youiself. So, uon't
ask youiself if you aie a pioneei chuich plantei. Ask, insteau, "What might I
contiibute to a chuich planting team." Not, "What uo I lack." but, "What might I auu
to a team effoit."

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Why uiu uou tell the gieat missionaiy Paul of Taisus, "Ny giace is sufficient foi you.
Ny powei is peifecteu in weak people". Because the Loiu has always useu weak
people who aspiieu to be useu by an all-sufficient uou!

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.7.%/.0/# '( >(8 .-8 '"# 2#.3 (-#& 2"( 8(-?'@ (Emphasis mine).

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Few gieat accomplishments have been uone by inuiviuuals alone. uieat things come
about when aveiage people combine what they have with otheis. Stietch youi
ambition to accomplish a uou-sizeu pioject. Piay with some of youi fiienus foi
ignoieu peoples oi oveilookeu cities wheie nothing is happening yet to honoi anu
woiship oui Loiu }esus. uive up youi small ambitions. Seek wisuom fiom othei
visionaiies. Ask uou to show you how you can be pait of enacting a new chaptei in
histoiy among a people who still knows nothing of }esus.

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