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Address: 9A Hollies Crescent, Wellington 6037

Phone: 0273720011
Nationality: New Zealand

Seeking a graduate role in an accounting firm where I can apply my academic knowledge, work
experiences and life skills so that I can further develop my accounting knowledge and learning.
Seeking opportunities to be trusted with the responsibility of delivering outstanding client
satisfaction that will benefit the firm. My preference is working in accounting services although
Im flexible.

2011- 2013: Victoria University of Wellington, NZ.
Obtained Bachelor of Commerce Degree (majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law)
Specific papers I really enjoyed:

ACCY 111 Accounting: A
ACCY 308 Advanced Financial Accounting: B+
IBUS 201 Principles of International Business: A-
ACCY 302 Advanced Management Accounting: B+
QUAN 111 Mathematics for Economics and Finance: A-

By taking Commercial Law as my second major, I gained some valuable analytical and research
skills. I learned to analyse all the facts before reaching a conclusion, particularly in difficult
Particular commercial law papers I enjoyed were:

FCOM 111 Government, Law and Business: B+
COML 308 Marketing Law: B+
COML 203 Legal Environment of Business: B

2007-2008: Scots College
2009- 2010: Onslow College
Obtained all NCEA qualifications taking subjects of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Accounting and

Level 1 Achieved with Excellence
Level 2 Achieved with Merit
Level 3 Achieved

Teamwork- Working in the various departments at Countdown, I have developed excellent
team working skills and I am a good team player.
Communication- I have a high level of communication skills and am able to understand and
convey messages clearly. I listen to others with respect and with much consideration of their
ideas and thoughts.

Customer Skills- I have lots of experience dealing with difficult customers and difficult
situations regarding them. I always try to find a solution that will leave the customer satisfied.
Technical Skills-I have gained a good knowledge of accounting during my years at
university. I am also proficient in using Microsoft Office programmes and have experience
using accounting software such as MYOB.

Key Transferrable Skills


Dedication- Im a hard worker and I always give every task 100% of my effort to make sure it
is done efficiently and effectively. Im goal oriented and Im determined to achieve success.
Meeting Deadlines- I am someone who is capable of always meeting any outstanding
deadlines comfortably and with strong attention to detail.
Personality- I have a friendly personality and I get along with people very well. Working with
customers for all these years has taught me how to be compassionate and understanding of
other people. Im a can-do person, who goes out of my comfort zone to help others.
Leadership and organizing skills- Often I have had to run departments at Countdown and
I was in charge. I had the responsibility of my colleagues and instructing/guiding them to the
tasks at hand. This honed my leadership potential and I have thus developed a high sense of
organizational skills. I believe structure and clarity is the key to tackling any obstacle ahead.
Cross-cultural skills-Even though I have been raised in NZ all my life, my family and I
maintain strong connections to our home country of Bangladesh and visit very often. Being part
of both cultures, it has taught me to appreciate differences of people and understand the
different cultural mannerisms people have. My volunteer work with the Bangladesh
community of Wellington has developed these skills thoroughly.

Fundraiser for Oxfam Trailwalker 2013. Fundraising event to help raise money and to
bring public awareness for the Oxfam Charity.
Volunteer in the local Bangladesh community in Wellington, NZ.

Peer Support Award achieved in 2010
First Aid Certificate achieved in 2010
Was in the high school Badminton Team from 2007 to 2010
Obtained A brown belt with black stripe in Rhee Taekwondo
Participated in High School Drama Production in 6

-In my spare time I like to produce hip-hop music and it is one of my greatest passions. In the
summer of 2011/12, I released a free album on the Internet that has amassed over 600
-I performed my songs the end of year assembly for my high school, Onslow College in 2010.
-I also like to go the gym around 3-4 times a week, as I firmly believe that it is very important to
maintain a healthy lifestyle.
-Im also a very visual person and I enjoy drawing and painting. Im a very social and outgoing
person with a wide and multi-cultural friend group.

2008-Present: Countdown supermarket, Johnsonville, Wellington.

This is a part time position to help with daily personal expenses. The company
structure of the supermarket is well established and is an enjoyable place to work. For
the past 5 years I have been working at Countdown Supermarkets three departments.
Including delicatessen, butchery and seafood each requiring different skill sets and
I have been working in the delicatessen department and my responsibilities include
serving customers, taking orders, preparing and presenting the products to our
customers highest satisfaction.
It requires good customer support and communications skills. I have learned how to
deal with a range of difficult customers and situations and effectively resolve conflicts.
In Butchery I was trained to ensure the minimal wastage of the meat and poultry
products by sorting, organizing and displaying of products according to the company
Extra Curricular Activities
Awards and Achievements
Interests and Hobbies
Work Experience

I learned valuable skills to work in a team with minimal supervision.
Im a quick learner and have had to learn new tasks swiftly on separate occasions, in
order to maintain the smooth running of the department.

Butchery Department Manager, Jesse Edmonds: 022 102 0122

Lecturer at Victoria University, Ainul Islam: 021 166 9132

Oxfam Trailwalk Team Fundraising Supervisor, Syed Shamsuddoha: 027 203 4099

Seafood Department Manager, Valasi Riordan: 021 176 0183