Impose SRP on basic and prime agricultural commodities

Two House committees today, in a formal Resolution, jointly urged the President to
impose a suggested retail price (SRP) on basic and prime agricultural commodities to
provide immediate relief to ilipinos in the wa!e of spiralling prices"
The House #ommittee on $griculture and ood chaired by Rep" %ar! &landro
%endo'a and the Special #ommittee on ood Security chaired by Rep" $gapito (uanlao
approved the still unnumbered resolution during their second joint hearing Tuesday"
The House Resolution is entitled )Resolution urging the President to provide
immediate relief to the consumers by directing the *epartment of Trade and +ndustry
(*T+), *epartment of $griculture (*$), ,ational ood $uthority (,$) and other
concerned government agencies to impose a suggested retail price (SRP) on basic and
prime agricultural commodities"-
The .uly /
hearing was attended by Secretary rancis )0i!o- Pangilinan,
Presidential $dviser on ood Security and $gricultural %oderni'ation, newly appointed
,$ $dministrator $rthur .uan, 1sec" 2ictorio *imagiba of *T+, #ommissioner .essie
*ellosa of the 3ureau of #ustoms and officials from other concerned agencies"
$lso in attendance were %r" $ntonio Rola, chairman of the ,ational %ango $ction
Team and %s" &eah #ru' of the ,ational 4nion $ction Team, among others"
The joint panel members present who actively voiced their respective concerns and
proposals which helped craft the resolution were5 *eputy Spea!er #arlos %" Padilla6 Rep"
7velina 7scudero6 Rep" Randolph Ting6 Rep" (ary $lejano6 Rep" .ose Tejada6 Rep"
Raymond *emocrito %endo'a6 Rep" Pryde Henry Teves6 Rep" Peter 1nabia6 Rep" 3en
7vardone6 Rep" ,eri #olmenares6 Rep" Rico (eron6 and Rep" Sharon (arin, among
Sec" Pangilinan and other officials e8pressed support for the House joint9panel
initiative relative to the option of imposing a suggested retail price scheme to curb the
rising prices of basic food items, especially rice, garlic, sugar, and other prime
The House Resolution stressed5 )+t is the policy of the State to provide effective and
sufficient protection to consumers against hoarding, profiteering and cartels with respect
to the supply, distribution, mar!eting and pricing of said goods, especially during periods
of calamity, emergency, widespread illegal price manipulation and other similar
NR # 3514C
JULY 1, 2014
The )Price $ct- or R"$" :;</ was signed into law on %ay =:, />>= to provide
consumer protection by stabili'ing the price and supply of basic necessities and prime
commodities and prescribing measures against undue increase especially during
emergencies, the Resolution said"
)Recent increases in the prices of rice, fresh por!, beef and poultry meat, and garlic,
among others, clearly shows acts of hoarding and price manipulation,- the resolution
+n fact, Pangilinan confirmed that the ,$ had doubled its rice stoc! releases
distributed through more than /<,?@@ ,$ outlets throughout the country to give cheaper
options for ilipino consumers in the wa!e of spiralling prices of commercial rice"
,$ rice prices range from P=; to PA= per !ilo while commercial rice range from
P?@ to P?; per !ilo" *$ data show that the cost of production of local garlic is P?@"<B per
!ilo6 farmgate price is from P:@ to P/A@ per !ilo6 and current retail price is P/@@ to P=@@
per !ilo" 4n the other hand, while the landed cost of imported garlic is PA@ to P;@ per
!ilo, its retail price in the mar!et is from P=<@ to PA@@ per !ilo"
The lawma!ers also noted that the *$ data could only mean that the increase in the
price of garlic is artificial and highly irregular" 4ther mar!et items such as por!, chic!en,
and ginger have also remar!ably increased, they further noted"
*uring the hearing, #hairmen %endo'a and (uanlao were one in as!ing the *$,
*T+, 34#, and ,$ officials to come up with a common position on a comprehensive
government program or plan that include the real status and recommendations on actions
needed to achieve the government food self9sufficiency program"
Pangilinan informed the joint panel that President $Cuino, a day following the first
joint hearing last wee!, convened a cabinet cluster meeting to deal with the issue of rising
prices of said basic commodities, and the subject of SRP was one of the various issues
considered seriously"
Pangilinan also assured heightened coordination by his office with the *epartment
of .ustice, the ,3+, the #+*( and the P,P, among others, to widen the campaign against
hoarding and diversion of said food commodities and use governmentDs visitation powers
to monitor warehouses and impose penalties on violators"
$nother important point that was put to light is the matter of suspected smuggled
rice inventory in about =,@B? containers in the countryDs ports" Rep" #olmenares suggested
that said inventory should be acCuired by the ,$ to boost its buffer stoc! and possibly
help avoid further rice importation"
Pangilinan and other officials were agreed that this suggestion is an option which
government is seriously ta!ing into account" (A@) dpt

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