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Top 9 natural disasters in worlds history

9. The Great Blizzard:

A fierce storm (also known as the Great Blizzard) approached the East Coast of US on
March 121!" 1##!$ %ario&s cities in the re'ion recei(ed 12 to 1! inches of snow on that
sin'le ni'ht$ A total of !1) people lost their li(es as temperat&res pl&mmeted to a new low$
*ho&'h the n&m+er of deaths does not esta+lish it as an ,e-tremel./ serio&s disaster +&t
the after effects were'$ *here had ne(er +een so man. deaths d&e to a snow
storm$ Man. +elie(e that this storm laid the fo&ndation of f&t&re catastrophes$
8. Cyclone Bhola:
0n 1o(em+er 12" 1#2)" C.clone Bhola hit Ban'ladesh and killed as man. as 3))"))) to
1")))"))) people$ 4t is one of the deadliest c.clones e(er recorded in h&man histor.$ *he
ran'e of destr&ction is &nmatched +. an. other disaster ca&sed +. a c.clone pro+a+l.
+eca&se Ban'ladesh is a densl. pop&lated co&ntr.$ Sl&''ish relief operations +. the local
administration f&rther escalated the tro&+les which lead to the o&t+reak of epidemics$
7. Lake Nyos carbon dioxide release:
4t is one of the most +izarre nat&ral disasters in the h&man histor.$ 0n A&'&st 21"
1#56 7ake 1.os in Cameroon s&ddenl. released tones of car+on dio-ide into the
atmosphere$ *he n&m+er of ca&salities reported from the s&rro&ndin' areas rose to 1"5))
(er. 8&ickl.$ *his a+r&pt of escape of car+on dio-ide from the lap of earth thro&'h a lake is
still re'arded as one of the most fearsome and' incidents in the h&man histor.$
6. Chilean Earth!ake:
An earth8&ake ca&sed &nprecedented ha(oc in Chile on Ma. 22" 1#6)$ Accordin' to
official records appro-imatel. 6"))) people were killed in this disaster$ 0n 9ichter scale"
the 8&ake was meas&red aro&nd #$3 in ma'nit&de makin' it the most powerf&l earth8&ake
e(er recorded$ Aro&nd :) percent of the ho&ses in %ladi(ia" a cit. in Chile" were
completel. destro.ed$ *he incident still +rin's horrific memories to those who s&r(i(ed the
". #a$anese n!clear disaster:
An earth8&ake of ma'nit&de #$) str&ck the coastal area of Sendai in ;apan on March 11"
2)11 tri''erin' the <&k&shima=aiichi 1&clear tra'ed. > the second +i''est n&clear
disaster of the world$ *he total n&m+er of cas&alties d&e to the earth8&ake" ts&nami and
the n&clear disaster n&m+er aro&nd 2)")))$ *his disaster is also termed as the world/s
most e-pensi(e$ 4t can also +e co&nted as one of the +i''est disasters that will contin&e
to ca&se dama'e for a (er. lon' time d&e to the n&clear crisis that followed earth8&ake$
%. &obe earth!ake:
*he Great ?anshin earth8&ake occ&rred on ;an&ar. 12" 1##3 in ?.o'o near the cit. of
@o+e" ;apan$ Meas&rin' aro&nd 6$5 on 9ichter scale it left more than 6"6)) people dead$
4t was no do&+t one of the deadliest catastrophes of the last decade of the 2)
*he earth8&ake res&lted in a loss of A1)) +illion which was 2$3 percent of ;apan/s then
econom.$ *he death toll from the earth8&ake stood at 6":!:$ *he epicenter of the
earth8&ake was located 16 km +eneath its epicenter$ 4t was one of those few earth8&akes
that tri''ered a de+ate on safet. and pre(enti(e meas&res$
'. The (reat )loods o) China:
*he most deadl. nat&ral disaster in the Chinese histor. occ&rred when the Bellow 9i(er
t&rned a'ainst the (er. people it had +een n&rt&rin' for cent&ries$ <loods in the Bellow
9i(er for se(eral weeks from ;&l. to 1o(em+er in the .ear 1#!1 ca&sed widespread
ha(oc$ *he death co&nt was in the ran'e of ! million to : million$ 4n terms of the total
n&m+er of ca&salities and collateral loss" it is the most' nat&ral disaster that e(er
shook China$
*. The +ndian ,cean Ts!na-i:
0n =ecem+er 26" 2)): an earth8&ake near 4ndonesia meas&rin' aro&nd #$! ca&sed
&nprecedented ha(oc in coastal areas when it res&lted in a mi'ht. ts&nami that spared no
one$ 4t not onl. hit the coasts of man. So&th East Asian nations +&t reached and wrecked
ha(oc in man. East African co&ntries too lea(in' more than 22)"))) people dead in all$
*he enormit. of the earth8&ake can +e 'a&'ed from the fact that it ca&sed Earth to (i+rate
+. 1 centimeter$ *he ts&nami destro.ed man. residential and commercial +&ildin's in
coastal areas res&ltin' in h&'e financial losses$
.. /aiy!an0 the -onster dra(on:
*he ?ai.&an earth8&ake (also called the Gans& earth8&ake) is now +elie(ed to ha(e +een
of ma'nit&de 5$3 +&t when it str&ck 1in'-ia pro(ince" the heart of China" on =ecem+er 16"
1#2) there was no method to determine its ferocit.$ 1e(ertheless" it Ckilled an
estimated 2!3"))) people$ *he earth8&ake is considered one of the most deadl. in the
histor. of China$ 4t financiall. strained China for se(eral .ears 8&ite like the aftershocks
which kept comin' for three .ears from the date the 8&ake str&ck$