A Steria capability overview
Customer centric transformation for
next generation customer service
Solutions and services for improving customer focus
and satisfaction across channels
02 | Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service è
Did you know...
Steria has more than 20 years’ experience in delivering customer centric management
(CCM) solutions
We have a network of more than 600 consultants dedicated to CCM
Our customer-centric mobile applications and multi-channel consultancy services are
delivered to clients in a wide range of sectors, including retail, banking, telecoms
and museums
We partner with specialist technology and CCM product vendors, including Genesys,
Oracle, SAP and Pegasystems
Our customer-facing business process services include judgement-based customer response
solutions with rapid, personalised, relevant and secure customer communications across
mail, email, web and chat channels
Our solutions support the execution of diverse customer strategies, whether they are to
gain stronger customer insight, improve the customer experience or engender customer
satisfaction and loyalty – or all three
As a leading systems integrator we can integrate new customer experience technologies
and tools with our clients’ existing technology infrastructures
“Steria has helped us transform our current telephony estate
from a legacy platform to a market-leading capability. As a
result we will have provided the basis for a much more agile
and flexible solution going forward.”
Stuart Roberts, Head of Shared Service Centre, The Co-operative Bank
Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service | 03 è
Customers have changed. No longer content
with putting up with bad service or shoddy
products, today’s consumers have higher
expectations and more information at
their fingertips than ever before. They’re
transacting in new ways; via the internet
or television, on their mobile devices, or
in kiosks. However, they still want to use
traditional stores and telephony options too.
Customers are also demanding to be served
and contacted in social media environments.
And if they have a poor experience of a
particular brand or product, they don’t just
switch to another provider, they use social
media to make sure their friends, colleagues
and family know all about it.
In this consumer-driven landscape, customer
focus is a strategic imperative. Companies
across the globe are striving to actively
embrace customer centricity. They’re seeking
to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
by focusing on understanding customers’
needs and preferences to reduce customer
churn. At the same time they’re seeking
to grow their businesses in a challenging
What new customer-centric technologies
can they adopt to help them capture and
analyse customer behavioural data, customer
knowledge and web reviews? Can they use
social media to improve loyalty? Are their
employees enthused about delivering great
service? How can they integrate channels
to achieve a consistent customer experience
across all touch points?
Customer-centric services
Steria can help you find the right answers.
We’re using our process expertise and
technology excellence to help our clients
understand the implications of being a
customer-centric organisation on their
customer offer and the underpinning
technology. We can help you to:
• Understand your customers: providing a
clear idea of who your customers are and
what they want
• Improve the customer experience:
planning and delivering the customer
journey around their needs and identifying
the services required to ensure they
achieve their purpose, through and across
the channels of their choice
• Ensure customer satisfaction: achieved
through effective performance and
satisfaction measurement, loyalty
programmes and improved product and
service recommendations.
Extending your market share
Getting these three pillars of your customer
centric management right will enable you
to acquire new customers and extend your
market share.
We can help you achieve this with a diverse
range of services, from customer-centric
strategy development and data management
solutions, to making the business case and
implementing silo-busting systems. We will
equip you to overcome the challenges of
interoperability and data quality between
customer, channel and back office systems.
But that’s not all. Every day our clients trust
us to help them transform and operate their
business and IT functions. Isn’t it time you took
a closer look at Steria?
Putting the customer at the heart of
everything you do
Understanding your customers’ values and adopting the right culture,
technology and skills are critical to success.
Did you know… Steria implemented a
customised system to help French telecoms
business Orange improve service levels and
increase customer loyalty by proactively
offering products and services specifically
adapted to each customer profile.
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Understand your customers
Your customers want top quality products
and transparency in service performance.
They complain much more than ever before
and punish poor service. But how do you
really know what they want? How do you
move from being an organisation pushing
the products or services you want to sell
(an inside-out model), to one that is aligned
with the goals of your customers (an
outside-in model)?
What is their purpose?
In the past, customer relationship
management (CRM) solutions were built
on the inside-out model. They gave you
information on what your customers bought
from you, but not what their ultimate purpose
was. For example, someone completing a
mortgage will engage at a practical level in
the transactional mortgage element, but they
also have an emotional response because their
purpose is to move into their new home.
By fully understanding the customer purpose,
you can plan processes around their needs.
You can work from a single view embracing
every interaction each customer has with
your business. While the technology you
use to achieve this is similar to the earlier
CRM solutions, it has moved on. It is also
about how you use this technology and
interpret data to support the customer-centric
organisation, identify your most valuable
customers and assess the potential for credit
risk and fraud.
Strategies for success
Steria can work with you in this new
customer-centric environment, helping you
to define your target operating model and
appropriate system requirements. Services
designed to help you understand your
customers better include:
• Customer/product business intelligence
analytics: using our Data Discovery
Dashboard, Business Intelligence Maturity
Model (BiMM) and Business Intelligence
Maturity Audit (BiMA) to provide you with
insight and assurance that your customer
data is of the best quality
• Data quality service: ensuring the
information you rely on to transact with,
market to and make decisions about your
customers is accurate and timely
• Single view of customer: whether B2C or
B2B, you need the best tools, processes
and data working together to give your
teams the sharpest possible focus on
customer needs
• Software evaluation and selection:
providing the best possible return from your
investment in customer-centric strategies
and toolsets
• Strategic alliances with SAP, Oracle
and Genesys: ensuring you get the
right solution for your specific customer-
centric strategy.
You will benefit from accurate, reliable and
timely customer information. The result?
Improved customer service leading to
increased customer satisfaction, retention and
new business.
Are you really meeting your customers’ needs, or simply offering
them the products and services you ‘think’ they need?
Did you know… Steria built a new
customer view repository for financial
services group Société Générale containing
data on 10 million retail banking
customers as part of a programme to
improve CRM processes.
Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service | 05 è
Today’s customers are looking for consistent
interactions as well as greater customisation
and preference recognition. They also expect
24/7 cross-channel capability. In short, they
want a great customer experience. However, in
a multi-channel business, this isn’t always easy
to achieve.
Complicated organisational structures
and even cultural differences between
operating channels can stand in the way of
a seamless customer experience at every
touch point. Organisations looking to deliver
customer journeys aligned with the customer
purpose have to revisit their processes.
They must break down operational silos,
heighten employee engagement and ensure
transparent customer interactions.
Tools and technology making it possible for
customers to swap channels mid-journey are
vital. Many customers also now prefer a self-
service channel as long as it is built with their
usage in mind, rather than simply being a cost
cutting exercise on the supplier’s part.
Next generation customer experience
Steria can help you gain a clear picture of your
customer experience and identify opportunities
for improvement. Our customer experience
solutions include:
• Customer-centric operating model and
process design: building your business
and technical operating model around the
needs of your customers
• Cross channel access mechanisms:
designed to allow customers to experience
your products and services both in and
across the channels of their choice, with no
barriers to completion. We specialise in the
back office channel integration and joined
up data sources
• Channel goal and process design:
ensuring each channel is appropriate
to the services offered and aligning the
outcome goals of the customer with those
of the organisation
• Contact centre solutions: offering new or
replacement contact centre management
solution advice, development or
implementation and guidance on tools and
equipment, such as telephony, web and
mobile integration
• Implementation of self service solutions:
aligning the cost goals of the organisation
with the ease and speed-of-use goals of
the customers
• Development of mobile and
multichannel business solutions:
our own in-house Agile Development
capability supports rapid development
of apps, payments and user interfaces
across digital channels – using the latest
in HTML5 and device-based technology.
We combine our strength in systems
integration with our business
consulting and IT solution expertise.
This allows us to truly understand
your end-to-end customer strategy and
support your complete process, IT, strategy
and cultural transformation.

Are you equipped to transform your customer service from a necessary
function for resolving problems to a value-generating service that is a
strategic differentiator in the market?
Improve the customer experience
Did you know… Steria worked with the
Tate network of UK museums to improve
the customer experience. How? With the
design and implementation of a mobile
application for purchasing goods from
Tate’s online store. This also created a
new revenue stream for the Tate with
downloads of the application around the
world. “… Steria was so easy to deal with
compared to other solution providers…
the delivery of the project was flawless,”
says Robert Read, Operations Director,
Tate Galleries.
www.steria.com 06 | Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service
Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service | 07 è
08 | Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service è
Keep your customers satisfied
A happy customer will return time and again to your business.
But how do you know if they are truly satisfied with the service
they’ve received?
The ability to measure customer satisfaction
and assess whether you have enabled them
to achieve their purpose is a vital part of
the customer journey. Every single step in
the process of their interaction with you will
have an impact on their loyalty: the way
you handle their personal information, your
resource management in contact centres
and your provision of customised products
and services.
Customer satisfaction requires consistent
customer data and the ability to turn your
knowledge into value propositions that your
customers love. Are there gaps between your
customer and organisational requirements?
You may have to redesign your customer
advisory processes or develop better
platforms for custom products and services.
You might need to revamp the access you
provide to your products or services. Effective
performance management to measure
employee engagement with the customer
is another piece in the jigsaw. Have you
equipped your people with the tools they
need to meet service level targets?
Loyalty and retention
We can help you achieve this. Our customer
centric management consulting and IT services
offering includes:
• Customer loyalty strategies and
solutions: for effective management of
loyalty and retention schemes
• Customer feedback: providing you with
insight into how your customers really feel
about every interaction with your business
• Product optimisation approaches: to
ensure you are giving the best offers to
the right customers at the best times to
drive loyalty and recommendation
• End-to-end performance measurement
and management: ensuring you have the
data and process management tools and
technology, not only to gather the right
data, but to measure the right things, in
the right way
• Specialist mobile testing lab: for testing
across the full range of mobile and tablet
devices. Our testing capability includes
physical device testing, application
and database testing, performance
and penetration, giving cost effective
certainty that new solutions are meeting
customer needs.
With a greater understanding of how your
customers perceive your business and their
levels of satisfaction, you can align your
customer strategy and operational behaviour
to optimise customer loyalty and retention.
Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service | 09 è
Did you know… Steria helped Danish
insurer Topdanmark speed up access to
critical business information with the
implementation of a customer survey
solution that enables the company to be
alert, respond to, and address customer
issues quickly, thereby increasing
customer satisfaction.
10 | Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service è
Our CCM portfolio is built on more than 20
years’ experience in this specialist area. These
solutions are complemented by our proven IT-
enabled consultancy services and technology
solutions that give you the agility you need to
make change happen as quickly as possible:
• Transformation services: supporting
the ongoing transformation of business
processes, applications and
IT infrastructure
• Consulting: making the most of our
sector expertise to successfully implement
strategic and organisational change
• Application development and system
integration: from solution definition,
design and development, to deployment
and ultimate benefits realisation
• Testing and quality assurance: bridging
the gap between application development
and systems rollout.
• Application management: agile, focused
IT services based on guaranteed outputs
and outcomes designed to optimise and
maintain solutions
• Infrastructure management: meeting
the drive for cost reduction, flexibility,
performance improvement and growth
• Business Process Outsourcing: delivering
a step change in business efficiency,
agility and performance in functions such
as HR and Finance & Accounting.
We draw on our best-in-class consulting,
solutions, services and implementation
expertise to ensure our clients are able
to operate efficiently in this constantly
evolving area. For example, we combined
our CCM and systems integration
experience to implement a fully electronic
case management solution in Danish
insurer Industriens Pension’s call centre
applications. The company’s employees
now have a single view of all customer
interactions to support customer service
excellence. This has provided customers
with a continually improving, seamless and
transparent level of service.
Our role as a trusted transformation partner
for The Co-operative Bank in the UK saw us
using both our systems integration expertise
and knowledge of customer contact solutions
to replace ageing legacy telephony systems.
The bank is now benefiting from a virtualised
and fully supportable system that is resilient,
scalable and future proofed.
Rising to the challenge of 21st century
customer centric management
Steria offers advanced customer centric management (CCM)
solutions that incorporate new business models, game-
changing technologies and proven expertise in business
process optimisation.
Did you know… Steria deployed an
integrated multi-channel knowledge base
for customer contact centres, distribution
centres and a web portal that has helped
French telecoms operator SFR improve
productivity, reduce costs and enhance
customer satisfaction levels.
Customer centric transformation for next generation customer service | 11 è
Steria customer centric
management solutions
We deliver specific customer centric management services,
solutions and innovations, including:
Find out more
Find out more about Steria’s extensive range of customer centric management
services and solutions, as well as our diverse portfolio of IT-enabled business
services, by visiting www.steria.com or email CCM_practice@steria.com
• Application Management and Development
• Business Process Consulting
and Implementation
• Business Process Outsourcing
• Change Management
• End-to-End Case Management
• End-to-End Testing Management
and Governance
• Infrastructure Management
• Operational and IT Outsourcing
• Partner Management
• Programme Management
• Regulatory Change Management
• System Integration
• Business Intelligence and Analytics
• Channel-shift Strategy
• Customer Centric Management
• Contact Centre – including telephony
• Digital and Mobile Media Strategy
• Data Management
• Employee Engagement
• Enterprise Content Management
• Enterprise Solutions (SAP, Oracle)
• Smarter Sales Consulting
• Strategic Marketing Consulting
• Business Visioning
• Channel Strategy & Portal Solutions
• Cloud-based, Infrastructure On Command
• Digital Visioning
• Legacy Enablement
• Location-based Applications
• Mobile Application Development
• Target Operating Model Design
and Roll-out
• Technology Insight and Direction
Groupe Steria SCA
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For further information about our services visit www.steria.com
About Steria: www.steria.com
Steria delivers IT enabled business services and is the Trusted Transformation
Partner for private and public sector organisations across the globe. By
combining in depth understanding of our clients’ businesses with expertise
in IT and business process outsourcing, we take on our clients’ challenges
and develop innovative solutions to address them efficiently and profitably.
Through our highly collaborative consulting style, we work with our clients to
transform their business, enabling them to focus on what they do best. Our
20,000 people, working across 16 countries, support the systems, services and
processes that make today’s world turn, touching the lives of millions around
the globe each day. Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, North
Africa and SE Asia and a 2012 revenue of €1.83 billion. Over 20%* of Steria’s
capital is owned by its employees. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listed on the
Euronext Paris market.
*including “SET Trust” and “XEBT Trust” (4.15% of capital)

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