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And God shall wipe all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more pain for
the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said, behold I make
all things new. And he said unto me, write for these words are true and faithful.
Go and inform your brethren and parent to forsake sin because the time has come
for God to mete out justice. But for our Lord Jesus Christ, do you think anybody would
have survived? Only one angel can destroy the entire world. That statement is
irrevocable whenever the Father would come down, he would be accompanied by a
host of angels. Death is an angel, sickness is an angel. What you regard as good or bad
are all angels. They all submit to the father. Angel Gabriel, and other Archangels have
all come down to worship the Holy Spirit. The spiritual war between good and evil is
called Armageddon. People claim that Brotherhood worship man but now, if you utter
an evil word against members of Brotherhood, you will be arrested by the angels
because this is not the period to insult God and his children. If you attempt it you cant
go scot-free. Psalm 127 state that, Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain
that built it, juju, church, soldier, Government and even man can never protect
anybody. Right now, whenever you in the space, everywhere he takes dominion.
Angels are in complete control of everywhere. If your conversation focuses of an evil
topic, they are theyre watching you. Angels are spirits, humans beings, Animals,
Winds, Fish, Tree, Rain, Fire and everything.

They are after the destruction of sinful ones so that the children of God can eventually
take the world with joy and happiness, thereafter discrimination division and strife shall
be a thing of the past. The people of the world claim to be wise where lies the wisdom
of the world? It is just like asking a goat to keep watch over a yam. If a woman who is
seriously looking for a husband is asked by her friend to take care of her husband till she
returns from her tour, has that woman not deprived herself of a husband? Since the
other lady was seriously looking for a husband, she would simply snatch the man from
her friend by the same token, if a man goes on a long journey and ask his friend to take
care of his wife, by the time he returns home, he would realize that the wife has already
divorced him to marry his friend. This is exactly what is happening in the world. Every
man even the government is corrupt. Every man is a thief. If there is a vacancy in the
bank and a man is asked to fill the post, his next line of action is to think of how to
defraud the Bank. Again if a man is given charge of a well-stocked supermarket with
much money therein, would he not loot the wares and the money? So, a bad man
cannot do any good thing no matter the situation. That is why people would say that
members of the Brotherhood do not call on the police to arrest anyone if they are
offended. What do you have to do with the police? They are equally in the same shoes
as the offenders. We are advancing to the end of time, so there is need for a spiritual
war to restore sanity. It is not a war waged between countries rather its target is those
who are wicked and sinful all over the world.
And God shall wipe all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither
sorrow, or crying, neither shall be any more pain for the former things are passed away.
And he that sat upon the throne said, behold I make all things new. And he said unto
me write for these words are true and faithful.
If you look at the world now, you will notice great tribulation, and death, this is
because of the sinfulness in the world. Hospitals cannot cure most sickness. Many
deadly diseases are daily taking the life of human beings without any medical solution.
Diseases like Aids, Hypertension, Gonorrhea and many others are as a result of
sinfulness. They can only be cured by Baptism in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.
Henceforth, you are advised to desist from all manners of sins. Everybody is a
Brotherhood. The world is not meant for only members of brotherhood therefore,
wherever you are if you commit sin, you cannot go scot-free. You must be punished
accordingly. It has been said that those people or things that cause the children of God
not to worship God shall be destroyed. Therefore, whether one is a member of
brotherhood or not, he/she shall equally be punished if he or she entangles
himself/herself in sin.
It is said that the axe is laid unto the roof of the tree, every tree therefore which
brighten not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast unto the fire Luke 3:9. In others
words, if the evil men, are not completely wiped out from the earth the angels, shall not
be at rest. To escape this wrath, refrain from sin and abide in righteousness. There
should be only Love, Joy and Peace everywhere. It is important for you to appreciate
my insistence on this issue. If you do not refrain from committing sins, no matter the
strength of your population, God cannot use you for his service.
I have said that it would be impossible for thieves, fornicator, juju priest, drunkard, and
other manner of sinners to ask God to use them for his service and he responds
favorably. You are a drunkard and you claim that you have surrendered yourself to God;
in what way do you expect him to use you? You ask God to give you money, children,
houses or any other form of materials possession, how do you think you will use them
beneficially if you are a corrupt person? Do you think that if you do not repent you can
be turned into an honored, holy and sanctified vessel for the mortars use? Repentance
is the only key for salvation and salvation need being fit for the service of God.
Since Adam and Eve were driven away from the kingdom of God, what tangible thing
has man done for God; do we not steal, kill, fornicate, drink, snuff, cause confusion and
evil? Yet you pray that he should grant you longevity. You want a long life to continue
committing sins. You are a King or a Queen or a traditional ruler or a prime minister or a
governor but you do not fear God, how would he lend his ears towards you.
You are a Bishop of a church, yet you continue in sin, how do you expect God to listen
to your lamentations. Whatever form of sinner at the head of any institution cannot
hope that such an institution could be viable. If you are a director of a company, it
means your company is falling. You are a president, King, Queen or Prime minister of a
country; it means your country is crumbling.
Some foolish people think that if you are a Brotherhood that you can escape
punishment after sinning. It is not so. There are certain angles commissioned to deal
with individual sinners irrespective of their church or society. There is no solution other
than practicing the word of God. If you like, fast for days and pray it cannot stop the
judgment from being executed. Are you not shocked that many Brotherhood members
over the years have not taken any type of drugs yet they are healthy? The Father has
wiped away tears from their eyes. Here in Brotherhood, nothing is applied but ordinary
word. The promise of God as recorded in the second lesson is for everybody who is
righteous. The worldly people claim that they cannot come to Brotherhood for fear of
It should be noted that death is for sinners not for righteous Brotherhood. Whenever
you commit sin, you must die. Except you fail to practice the word of God, nothing can
harm you. Whenever you have any problem, use your telephone number O.O.O. and
everything will be well. In this kingdom you do not need to inject yourself nor take any
tablet but your sickness will certainly vanish. God has made a solid plan against those
who are workers of iniquity. His children have been protected from the calamity
because his angles had already been instructed on those to make war with. Not
because of your prayers not has he (God) got any instruction from any person. If you
employ the services of a day and night watchman, you are indirectly inviting armed
robbers to your house.
Do not rely in anybodys protection but if you abide in righteousness, the angles would
be sent to minister unto you. No person has the power to do anything for you except
It is said that a stroke of the cane is sufficient to the wise. Let those who have ears hear
what the Holy Spirit has imparted to the world.
May God bless his Holy words. Amen!
Thank you Holy Father.