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1 Participants (applicants)
P[18] Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central
Africa (ASARECA)
The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa
(ASARECA) is a not-for-profit inter-governmental sub-regional organization established in
1!" ASARECA comprises 11 member countries# $urundi% the &emocratic Republic of
Congo% Eritrea% Ethiopia% 'en(a% )adagascar% R*anda% South Sudan% Sudan% Tanzania% and
+ganda" ,t brings together scientists from the national agricultural research institutions
(-AR,s)% national agricultural e.tension service providers and other strategic partners to
generate% share and promote /no*ledge and innovation to solve the common challenges
facing agriculture in the member countries" ,t also enables the member countries to *or/
collectivel( to assist smallholder farmers to practice productive and profitable agriculture"
ASARECA is headed b( &r" 0ina 1pio (the E.ecutive &irector)% *ith support from 2rofessor
0rancis 3achira (&eput( E.ecutive &irector)" )r" Enoc/ 3arinda% 4ead of )onitoring%
Evaluation 5 Reporting is the authorised representative in this pro6ect (also African co-7eader
of 328)"
!ain tas"s ASARECA *ill mainl( contribute to 328 (E.pected impact of ,ntensAfrica)% as *ell as be
activel( engaged in 329 (To*ards a Strategic Research and ,nnovation Agenda (SR,A) on
Sustainable ,ntensification 2ath*a(s of agrifood s(stems)% and 32: (2rompting $i-
Continental ;overnance for ,ntensAfrica)"
3ithin the Eastern and Central African sub-region% ASARECA pla(s a critical role of
enhancing agricultural research and scaling out of proven technologies% innovations and
management practices" The organization is also guided<governed b( a team of 2atron
)inisters dra*n from the 11 countries" These are the current ministers of agriculture% livestoc/
and fisheries (*hichever is applicable)" These ministers are also supported b( a strong team
of $oard of &irectors% comprising# the &irector ;enerals of all the 11 -ational Agricultural
Research ,nstitutes% as *ell as representatives from C;,AR% -;1% E.tension Services%
2rivate Sector% +niversities% as *ell as 0armer 1rganizations"
All the ASARECA team of scientists and researchers are involved in its core research themes%
namel(# natural resources management (especiall( promotion of climate smart agriculture)%
governance% efficient *ater resource management% integrated soil management% and staple
crops program (engage in intensification and conservation agriculture)" ASARECA is
recognized as a leading regional organization that has 9= (ears of e.perience in several
emerging issues% such as regional diseases"
Profile of
Enoc/ 3arinda is the Senior Technical 1fficer and 4ead of )onitoring% Evaluation and
7earning at the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and central
Africa (ASARECA)% a sub-regional organization that serves 11 African Countries" Enoc/
attained his )2hil" degree in 0orestr( Economics and )anagement from )oi +niversit(%
'en(a" 4e has over 18 (ears of e.perience in )onitoring and Evaluation" 4e is currentl( a
2h& student (Agricultural Economics)% focusing on impacts of selected pro6ects on rural
Enoc/ has in the past served as the )onitoring% Evaluation% Reporting and 7earning
()ER7) 1fficer in 2act ,nc" (based in -airobi) *here he *as in charge of planning%
monitoring% evaluation% reporting and learning of 2act ,nc" programs% besides coordinating
natural resources management program" 4e *as also responsible for preparation of
technical and progress reports for donors and other sta/eholders"
Enoc/ has served as the )5E 2rogram 1fficer at the 0orum for 3omen African
Educationalists (0A3E)" 4e coordinated )5E activities in >! countries in sub-Saharan Africa%
*here he also led in the development and application of )5E tools and reporting templates%
leading to effective monitoring of girls? education programs in sub-Saharan Africa" 4e has
conducted baseline studies and s(nthesized findings% and drafted recommendations and
lessons learned from program evaluation"
Enoc/ has served as the )5E 2rogram 1fficer at the African 3ildlife 0oundation (A30)" 4e
*as the team leader of )5E 1fficers from 8 coalition -;1s implementing the Conservation of
Resources through Enterprise (C1RE) program (funded b( +SA,&)" 4e has conducted data
@ualit( assessment (&AA) for education% development and business-related programs%
besides maintaining and updating the central data repositor(" 4e has trained /e( pro6ect
partners and local communit( members on basic )5E and reporting% besides coordinating
end-of-pro6ect evaluations"
4e has also served as the coordinator for socioeconomic 5 environmental )5E at the African
Conservation Center% -airobi" 4e *as also the )5E Coordinator at Climate -et*or/ Africa
(C-A)% -airobi% 'en(a% *here he coordinated *or/shops of African Environmental
1rganizations in local% regional and international activities aimed at protecting and improving
environment in Africa% particularl( *ith respect to global climate change"
s& and'or
(#a(. ))
1" 'in(au% )"% 7e(% ;"B% 4ella% B"2% Tenge% A"B" 1pio% 0 and R*omushana% ," (9=1>)
Economic anal(sis of rice legume rotation s(stems in )orogoro% Tanzania" ,nternational
Bournal of Agricultural 2olic( and Research Col"1 (9)# !1-!8
9" )uchane )"-"% 'aran6a &"% 3ambugu ;")"% )utahi B")"% )asiga C"3"% )ugo(a C"% and
)uchai )"% 9=19" 7and use practices and their implications on soil macro-fauna in )aasai
)ara ecos(stem" ,nternational Bournal of $iodiversit( and Conservation Col" !(1>)% pp"
>" )uger*a% S"% Dzi*a% E"% 'abirizi% B" and -di/umana% B"% 9=1>" Environmental Assessment
of Climate Smart Agricultural ,nterventions in Smallholder Crop-livestoc/ 2roduction
S(stems" Resources and Environment% >(!)# 1 E
!" )uger*a% S% 'abirizi% B" )% 'igongo% B% and Dzi*a% E"% 9=11" A cost-benefit anal(sis for
utilization of poultr( manure in cabbage production among smallholder crop-livestoc/
farmers" ,nternational Bournal of Agronom( and Agricultural Research (,BAAR)% 1(9)# 1!-1
:" Semalulu 1"% &" 'imaro% C" 'asenge% )" ,sabir(e and 2" )a/hosi" 9=19" Soil and nutrient
losses in banana-based cropping s(stems of the )t" Elgon hillsides of +ganda# economic
implications" ,nternational Bournal of Agricultural Sciences ,SS-# 91F8-=!!8 Col" 9 ()% pp"
9:F-9F9% September 9=19" G ,nternational Scholars Bournals"
F" )" $arungi% &" 4" -g?ong?ola% A" Edriss1% B" )ugisha% )" 3aitha/a 5 B" Tu/ahir*a" 9=1>"
0actors ,nfluencing the Adoption of Soil Erosion Control Technologies b( 0armers along
the Slopes of )t" Elgon in Eastern +ganda" Bournal of Sustainable &evelopmentH Col" F%
-o" 9H 9=1>" 2ages -9:" 2ublished b( Canadian Center of Science and Education
pro*ects or
(#a(. ))
1. Scaling up establishment of collaborative national agricultural information and /no*ledge
management platforms
2. CropElivestoc/ integration for sustainable management of natural resources in Eastern
and Central Africa
3. Accelerated upta/e and utilization of soil fertilit( management best-bets practices in
Eastern and Central Africa sub-region
4. )a/ing the best of climate E adapting agriculture to climate variabilit( in Eastern and
Central Africa sub-region
5. +p-scaling integrated soil fertilit( management for improved livelihoods
6. ;oing to scale# enhancing the adaptive management capacities of rural communities for
sustainable land management in the highlands of Eastern Africa
7. ,ntegrated management options for sustainable lo*land riceElegume cropping s(stems
8. ,ntegrated technologies for drought mitigation and increasing smallholder sorghum
9. ,ntegrating pearl millet production practices *ith sustainable natural resource management
for improved food securit( in drought stressed environments