Continuation of the Twilight Saga: Old Sun-4

4. Resistance Walking through the parking lot filled with those couple hundred teenagers was one of the most nerve-racking things I had ever done. I have no idea how my siblings did it. They just walked throught the path cleared in the middle of the crowd with, cool, calm, confident looks on their faces. Most girls started whispering, and about half the guys started giving me sly looks. I knew what they wanted (because of my special power), and obviously they were dying to make me their girlfriends. The girls wanted to know who the heck I was, and were eyeing their boyfriends with nasty glares. Noiselessly, I sped up to the front office doors and checked in with the receptionist. I fet Alice's ice cold hand on my shoulder as I talked to the woman behind the table. When we were out of the office, Alice said, "Great. Just what I feared: Jacob Black is taking a break from the crappy school in La Push and is trying out our school-mostly because Bella's here. Looks like he's in some of your classes, seeing as to you're both juniors." Alice's exasperatedly grim expression showed how angry she was. "Can't those Quileutes just leave us alone for a change?" Her enormous eyes narrowed down. "It's okay, Alice. It's not their faults their schools is so bad. Besides, that Jacob's kinda cute." Alice shot me a dirty look. "You did not just say that, Jazz. I'm going to kill you if you talk to him." I smiled. "Good luck with that. You'll have to burn me and tear me up." Alice looked like she was ready to do so. "Jasmine!" "Alice, you know I was joking. No need to get worked up." "I suppose you're ri---" RRRRIIIINNNGGG! "See ya, Alice. Save me a seat at lunch!" "Hmmpf! Okay, and bye Jazz! Don't kill anyone!" Alice's soft, meledious laugh was the last thing I heard as I slipped into my homeroom: English. As I walked into English, I bumped into a dark-clad, buff, tall figure, dropping my books all over the floor. "I'm so sorry! I didn't realize where I was going and---"

I was staring right into Jacob Black's jet-black eyes. He had my books in his strong hands and he sheepishly replied, "sorry," before dumping my books in my hands and heading off in the direction of his chair. I was obviously very shaken by the incident. And I think I had gone crazy: he was cute! Well, just as long as I didn't tell anyone else I guess it would be okay... I got up and sat down next to an empty chair. Whenever a guy stopped next to my seat to sit next to me, I gave him such a chilling stare he went off somewhere else. I didn't quite pay attention in class, either. My mind was split in two: one half was thinking about Jacob Black, and what if I supposedly fell in love with him, and the other half was thinking about how I could drink everyone's blood, miraculously at the same time. Maybe I could call Jasper? His class is right next to mine... He would definitely not want to miss an opportunity like this, would he...? Of course he would! What was I thinking? He would call me crazy and laugh at me. I didn't realize I was this thirsty until I started going mad with the scent of everyone's blood. "Miss Cullen, would you like to tell me what the word 'antagonist' means?" Of course, Mr. Anderson thought I wasn't paying attention and wanted to embarrass me in front of everyone. I bluntly replied, "It means an opponent." Mr. Anderson scowled and said, "Mr. Black, please tell me a synonym for the word 'protagonist.'" Jacob looked stumped. "Uh... advocate?" Mr. Anderson sighed. Just then, the bell rang. "Class dismissed." The rest of the day passed slowly. To my dismay, Jacob was in three of my classes, as well as homeroom. Guess it's only because the school is so tiny? At exactly 1:15, the lunch bell rang and the high-schoolers shuffled out to the cafeteria. I stood in front of the doorway, looking for our table. Justin, a nice guy from my history class asked me if I wanted to sit with him. Hs hazel eyes stared into my golden ones with pleading. "Sorry, no thanks." His face turned grim as he muttered "What a Cullen," and stormed off. I looked all over the tiny, human-filled room for my brothers and sisters.

Walking through the giant crowd, I saw Rosalie's pastey-white hand motioning me over. I hurried over to the table the Cullens were sitting at. Technically, it was the Cullens and the Hales (Rose and Jasper were Hales), but everyone just called them the "Cullens," just like the way they called me Jasmine Cullen, instead of Jasmine Rivera. So anyways, I sat down in the empty chair next to Bella. "So you guys, what's for lunch?" I joked. "Maybe that girl over there... She smells pretty good." Emmett replied with a little chuckle. "Jasmine, they're determining blood tyes next week in Bio. I was thinking you could maybe go hunting that day with Rosalie and Alice." "Sure! Nothing like some good girl time!" I waited for someone to say something, but I realized they were all speechless, looking up at someone-Jacob Black- who was standing in front of our table. "Can I talk to Bella for a sec?" Edward's face fumed up as Bella answered, "Sure, Jake!" Edward got up, and stood in frot of Bella and Jacob. "You were saying?" I swiftly went next to Edward, pushing him gently towards his chair. He got the message and went back and sat down. "You two-talk as much as you want. I've gotten Edward under control." I winked at Bella and went back to our table. "Edward! That was so rude! The poor puppy wanted to talk to Bella. You should have let him. It's not like Bella would leave you for him or something." "Shut...UP." "Calm down, Eddie. I'm just messing with you." Right then, Bella returned to our table, bright red. "He wanted to say hi and he kind of wanted to know about you, Jazz." I grinned. "Then why are you blushing?" Bella turned an even more bright shade of red. "Nothing..." "I don't care what he said. Tell that-that mutt to back off or I'm going to make him back off!" Edward growled. Rosalie sighed deeply. "Edward, we all know you hate him. No need to exaggerate that." About thirty seconds later, the bell rang and we all shuffled out. "Meet us in front of Rose's car when school ends," Emmett called. I softly nodded and ran (with vampire speed) back to my homeroom.

"You're late Miss Cullen. Please take a seat next to Mr. Black." "Sure thing, Mr. Anderson." I grimaced as I sat down next to Jacob. "Uh...Hi Jazz." He said, reluctantly. "It's Jasmine for you." "Oh, sorry. You can call me Jake, though." He flashed a set of ultrawhite teeth. "No prob. Just stay away from our table during lunch. We wouldn't want Edward coming after you would we?" "Ha-ha. No, not really." Jacob admitted. The rest of the hour was spent with Mr. Anderson blabbing about upcoming assignments and tests. Once more, I didn't exactly pay attention, I mostly just talked to Jacob. His personality wasn't based on the stereotypes my siblings had laid on me; he was totally down-to-earth and normal. "So...I heard the Cullens hate me?" I laughed. "Well, maybe not all of the Cullens. There's a Rivera that doesn't seem to mind you too much." "Thanks. You don't know how hard it is to have five vampires that hate you." "Mr. Black! Miss Cullen! If you could just stop your chit-chat for a moment, you would come to realize that class is over and it's time to leave!" Jacob and I blushed as we got out of there. Rosalie was waiting for me outside. "What the hell were you doing with that werewolf? Everyone has been waiting for you for 10 minutes now! And inside you were going all googly-eyed with Jacob." "C'mon Rose... Please don't let anyone know! Carlisle will not be very happy." I desperately begged Rosalie to keep the secret. "Fine. Only this time. I'll just tell them Mr. Whateverhisnameis kept you in." "Thanks so much Rose!" I hugged her and we ran out to her BMW. "Sorry guys. Mr. Anderson kept me in." I got into Rosalie's red car and we drove home.

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