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MRS. SANTA -- - -- Randy BelI
SANTA -- -- David Sharpe
CHIEF BROWNIE - - Donald Rose
BROWNIES -- -- Munden Bray, Randy Carter, Douglas Pitcher,
Richard Emberley, Wayne Rogers,
NORTH WIND Billy Goodyear
ICE QUEEN -- -- Peter Marshall
SNOWFLAKE FAIRIES -- Norman Bowring, Jimmy Nicholson,
Freidemax Marechaux, Hugh Miller,
Freddy Roberts, Harry Roberts.
MAN-IN-THE-MOON Jamie Merrett
JANE - Graham Cook
TOM -- -- Roddy MacGillivray
MARY -- - - Brian Maunder
JACK -- PauI Tomlinson
ANN -- -- Keith LeShana
JIM -- --- -- Gregory Barban
Carol Singers from Grades III, IV, V and VI

Honours : D. Carmichael, D. HaII, A. May, G. Perlin, S. Sharpe,
G. Skanes.
Pass: A. Cook, F. Cook, R. Crane, W. Dawe, D. Hookey, F. King,
K. Miller, D. Parsons, A. Pearce, J. Small, R. Steele,
D. White.
C. Barfoot, D. Bartlett, W. Brown, E. Butler, D. Chaytor,
W. Cross, A. Leaman, F. Locke, D. Major, W. Riche,
W. Seward, F. Thistle, N. Watt, D. Wells, R. Westcott.
A. Brown, T. Chapman, G. Cook, R. Cook, H. Godden,
A. Haynes, E. Hiscock, R. Kelland, J. Mercer, F. Miils,
E. Pearce, G. Press, D. Ralph, R. Randell, G. Simms,
N. Symonds, M. Wilansky, D. Yetman, H. Guy.

Headmaster's 954)
Your Honour, My Lord Bishop, Gentlemen of the Directorate,
Ladies and Gentleirren :

Once again I extend to you a hearty welcome on the occasion

of our Annual Speech Night.
His Honour, the Lieutenant-Governor and Lady Outerbridge
ha-ve again been so kind as to grace us with their presence this
evenins. That the choice of Sir Leonard as our first Lieutenant-
Governor was a happy one has been proven time and again' and
his zeal and devotion to his many duties have become a source of
pride to his fellow Newfoundlanders. I would like to record our
appreciation now of the outstanding service His Honour and Lady
Outerbridge have rendered to Newfoundland.
May I say, too, how pleased I am that His Lordship the Bishop
and Mrs. Abraham are with us this evening. I realize that His
Lordship has had an extremely busy fall and I greatly appreciate
his interrupting a very full schedule to be with us tonight.

The School Year

Looking back over the school year I feel it is safe to say that
progress has been made and that we have achieved some success.
appears to be a healthier reaction to several school activities
and I believe that general conduct and discipline have improved.
The standards achieved up to Grade VI were very good and
the final results in Grades VII and VIII were better than anticinated
earlier in the year.
Only in the top grades does there exist a situation, which is
made plain by the very mediocre results, and which is a source
of constant concern to the Staff. The causes of poor scholarshi'o,
in this part oI the school are many. The progreisive type books
and too much changing of these in earlier years have contributed
to a general rveakening of the academic level required. Some
boys are not suited to the courses we can offer in Newfoundland
schools to d-ate. Some, even at Grade XI, have no idea what they
would like to do in the future, and too many have a purely
materialistic outlook which says plainly-any old job, so long as
there is a big pay envelope. Add to these those parents who appear
to exercise no conti:ol ovel homework or free nights and you have
the main factors that have to be faced constantly.
Those boys who had the wili to work, and were ready to take
advantage of the opportunities offered, may well be proud of their
success. Among this group were several who brought extra-mural

honours to themselves and the co1lege. In Grade XI, Arthur May
won the Governor-General's Bronze Medal and the Electoral
District Scholarship while David Carmichael was awarded the
Canadian Legion Scholarship. In Grade X, William Brown received
the Calvin C. Pratt Scholarship.
Our Science Laboratory is now one of the best equipped in
the country and since September, Mr. Dempster has gone to
considerable trouble to collect aII sorts of abandoned electrical
and mechanical equipment which is being put to practical use by
the boys. I feel that this practical experience of dismantling,
repairing and rebuilding machines serves a very useful purpose-
not only the acquisition of knowledge and skill, but the opportunity
for some boys to find their right niche in the future.
In the Industrial Arts Department, Mr. Humber has recently
received a final shipment of Leathercraft equipment and will soon
begin an experimental class in this art. Any great extension of
thii project wiII require considerable reorganization and possibly
more space than is presently available.

Mr. Hewson has taken on the main burden of reorganizing

and extending our Library facilities, and as soon as certain matters
are finalized, we hope to institute a broader and better reading
programme. I doubt if there is anything needed in schools today
more than a sound comprehensive reading scheme based on
worthwhile literature, and we propose to do our best to create an
interest in, and an appreciation of, better books. The Board is
doing all in its power to help and I feel sure that Mr. Hewson
would be very thankful to receive donations of suitable books or
money, and subscriptions for worthwhile magazines.
The Physical Training progranlme appears to be going well
and a larger number of boys than ever before enjoyed a good
football season.
I'hanks to the generosity of a number of good friends who
responded to my appeal for funds for Gvmnasium equipment, two
shibments were brought in and a third order should soon be on
the way. Unfortunat6ly, our plans to extend the school programme
have been restricted to date, because it was found that the space
we intended to use for storage was going to cost far more than
anticipated to excavate. And it is pointless to bring in more
heavy equipment at the moment since our gymnasium is so situated
that it prevents moving this equipment easily. In fact, it is a time-
consuming job and can only be done at great risk to both boys and

C. L. B. and J. T. C.
I am pleased to be able to report that "C" Company is slowly
but surely growing in strength and is well on the way towards
reestablishing a high standard of efficiency. At the same time, it

is rvith regret that I note the resignation of Capt. A. Bu-rden,who
was so heiplul in putting the Contpanv back on its 1eet. At the
moment we have no replacemc.nt for l'rim, but I hopc that this
will be remedied in the near future. Meanr,vhilc the N. C. O's
are doing splendid rvork with a minimum of supelvision, since I
find it impossible to attend regularly myself.
Thanks to thc splcndid work of Lieut. J. Pinsent, thc Junior
Training Corps is reacl.ring a high peal< of cfticiencv. Mi. tiill,
who formcrlv was a memlter <tl (lrrind Falls Company, is giving
valuablc assistance. The boys arc kecn and intercsled in the
programme and Corps strcngth is kceprng uit.

Antt,ttol,,/tne Spr.rlts
It is no cxaggcration to sav ihat thc June Spor'ls wol'c \-ct'v
s u c c e s s l u l ,a n d n o l i t l , l c c r c d i t m u s t g o t o t l t c ( l a m e s M a s l , c r 'l o r
t h e e f f i c i c n t u r a v i n r , i ' ] r i c hc - r ' c t ' r ' t h i n gu , a s o l g a n i z c d a n d c a r r i c d
out. When I mcnlior.r that r,vc norv harrc a Four-Housc S'/si,crrr
a n d a l a r g e r r r u m b c r o f c o r - n p e t i t i v c a g - c - g r o L r ] ) st l.r a t u , c h a d o r . r c
hundred pel ccr.rtcntrics lront thc lowcr sci'rool ancl po:;siblr.a
record numbcr o[' cnti'ics Ir-om thc lenrainclcr, it will givc vou
somc idca ol thc ti'cr-t-rcr"tclolts amoui-tt oi ttu'ot'l<cnl.ailcd. no
n e w r e c o l d s \ \ r c r c s c . t i s n o t s r - t l p r i s i n o ,: ; i n c c u r i t h t h c l a t c ' , u ' c t
spring, the cindcr track u'as still too soil 1'rir lccorcl nt:rliing.
U n c l c l t h c c i r t : u r - n s l a l r c c sr - n o s 1l.i r n c s \ \ ' c r c c x c o p t . i o n a i l v g o o c l .
' I h e H o r - r s cc. o r l p c ' t i t i o r . t{ o t t h c J . I I n t t o n C l o n s t o n ' l ' r ' o p h v
won by (iilbcrt Houst:.
O n l T t r | c t ' i ' o l l c g i a t cR c l a t . ' l ' c i , r r - r r s\ \ ; c r ' c s u c c e s s l u l i r - r u ' i n n i n {
their raccs a1,bolh C. 1,. ts. inclool tt uck nrer:ts.

I t t l e r - C o l I e q i uet A t i t l e l i c s
O u r c o n g r a t i - t l l t i o r r . se o t o i r o t l r S e . n i o r a n c l J u n i < t r t e u m s o l '
S t . l 3 o i r a v e n t u r e ' sC o l l c g e r v l t o a g a i t - rc a l r ' i e c l o f l ' t o p h o r . r o u l s i n
h o c k c v a n c lr c p e a t c c i t h t r t { c a t i n l t a s l i c t b a l l . ' l ' h e l t r a n d o f h o c k c y
was the best in r;cvc,'al \.cai's and olri' Junioi' teanr is to bc
c o n g l a t u l a t e d o n p l a c i n e s c c o i r c l . O L r r -S e n i o l l t a s l < c t . b a ltle a m a r l s o
rnanaged Lo capturc. second placc in its games.
O u r I ' a l l f r t o t b a l l s c l i e s \ \ ' a s a n c x c e i l c n t o n c . D u r : t o i n . lu r i c s
the Senior team got off' to a urcak star:t but made a str'ong comc-
back and r,vastied wii,h Princc oi' Wales at thc enci ol the rcg-ular
series. In the championship garne thcre was no scorc untii the
fifty minute mark rvhen Prince o1 Wales College drorre home rirhat
proved to be tl're winning goal.
Our relativelv light Junior team also had a well contestecl
series with Prince of Wales Colle'ge. Three successive €lames \\rerc
drawn but this was the best wc could do and the championship
went to Prince of Wales College. Our congratulations on their
double success.

The good sportsmanship and improved brand of football shown
by all the teams were outstanding features of the series.

At the end of the school year we said good-bye to two members
of the staff-Miss Parsons, who resigned to take a teaching position
in Carbonear and Mr. Toope, who is on leave of absence to continue
his studies at Memorial University. We thank them for their
excellent co-operation and good service and wish them every
success in the future.
Our new members are Miss Halfyard, who has taken Miss
Parsons' place in Grade IV, and Mr. G. GiIl, who is replacing
Mr. Toooe. Additional members of the staff are : Mr. C. J. Grant,
8.A.. B.Paed.. who has returned to Newfoundland after some
years on the mainland and is now Form Master of Grade XI, and
Mrs. E. Goobie, who, at the beginning of October, took over the
rather arduous task of reestablishing music and singing in the
school. I already know that all four are good efficient workers.
I tlust their efforts will be successful and satisfying, and that they
will enjoy their stay with us.


During the summer the east end of the College was rebricked
and other external repairs made. A number of rooms were re-
decorated and all classroom floors reconditioned. At no time has
the internal appearance of the College been better than when we
opened in September. Much credit for this state of affairs must
go to the Secretary, Mr. White, who has spared no effort and given
much time in personal supervision of all these matters.

The Board deserves much credit for all its efforts towards
improvements. The provision of extra teachers wiII help tremen-
dously as time wiII show, and the support received for Laboratory
equipment, Leathercraft and Library will pay dividends in the
future. I know that financially the Board has extended itself to
the limit to give our children what is needed and I am sincerely
grateful for aII that has been done.

Recent Changes

Since opening we have been compelled to take over the Games

Equipment Room and enlarge it to accommodate some of the
foreign language classes.
We have also put into operation a scheme of remedial work.
The number of classes has just about reached its limit at the
moment, and any extension of the plan will require considerable
change of the present time-table structure.

I must at this time record with regret the passing of two
outstanding Old Feildians.
In July came news from England of the death of an oid
Headmaster, Ralph R. Wood. Mosl of you present knew him well
and will remember that his greatest aim was to send out from this
school good Christian gentlemen. In this he was successful; and
th.e proof is in the great regard and respect held lor him by all
who came under his influence.
Within two weeks we heard of the passing of Charles E. Hunt,
Q.C. No words of mine are necessarv to indicate the regard in
which he was held in this community; yet few fully real*ize the
great rvork he did for this Diocese, and stilr ress knowof the rnanv
acts of christian charity performed away from the limetight of
Of each, no more fitting epitaph can be used than the Colleqe
motto-"Non moritur cuius fama rrivit."


F. A. G, A.

_ Except for enlarging the field hockey pitch and extending

the retaining wall near Rennie's river the Association's activitiei
have been iargely routine. The grounds have been kept in
excellent condition and are a credit to the Organization. The
Association again sponsored a successful season by the London
Theater Company and an increasing number of peopie have reason
to be thankful for the opportunity to enjoy a "live theater" season.

Home ond Sclrool Associatiott.

The Home and School Association appears to have established
itself firmly in the life of the school. The past year has seen a
higher average attendance than ever before and the present year
indicates that interest is being maintained. I believe both parents
and teachers feei we are getting down to the basic ideas of such
an organization and the further we carry this the better we can
help the children.
However, I know ail the members will agree that we cannot
function to fuII effect untll euet'y parent belongs to the Associ-
ation-and we are far from that yet. If only these parents would
realize the value of teachers being familial with every possible
facet of the child, school life would be easier for all concerned.

F eildian Ladies' Association

The Feildian Ladies' Association has completed another
strenuous year's work. Under Mrs. Steinhauer's leadership the

usual activities have been carried on, culminating in the Annual
Sale in November. Considering that this small group of ladies
works extremely hard with no other wish than to hclp the school
financially, the adult attendance at the Sale was disappointing.

This year the ladies have again supplied desks, cupboards,

l,ab. equipment, money for library bool<s and a new Gestetner
machine which I believe will be one of the most useful items they
have ever given the school.
Few people seern to realize the value to the children of all
these donations. I have a very great admiration for this group
of ladies, not so much because of the financial help as the great
spirit and unselfishness of all their efforts. They deserve a larger
membership to lighten the burCen, and desen'e one hundred per
cent support at all times.


During the past few months I have listened with interest to

a number of school reports and I heartily concur with the note
o[ warning ail have containect.
Twenty years ago Newfoundland adopted a progressive-type
system of education, which, if it could have been successful at all,
cbuld only have been so if teachers were given smaller classes and
provided with tremendous amounts of materials to carry out the
icheme. Since then standards have been slowly but surely
dropping. I maintain that, but for the teachers in this island,
things would now be far worse than they are. It was the constant
complaints of teachels about the inadequacies of many text-books
and other matters that caused changes to take place. Often the
nerv texts were no great improvement on the o1d, and compiaints
continued. The text-book situation is still far from satisfactory,
but I honestly believe that, with the appointment of a Director of
curriculum, we have the first real attempt to contlol the situation.
If tire present policy of country-wide curriculum committees of
ex'oerienced teachers is continued and their findings adopted, a
much improved situation will emerge.
I would suggest to the Department of Education that another
primary step is the institution of a real, and live, liaison between
itself, the University and the school principals.
The other point of public interest at present is the question
of Regional High Schools. I can well appreciate and thoroughly
agree with the Government's original idea of these schools for
rural areas, but I cannot see the object of such schools in St. John's
or any large centre. We already have such schools, except for
the physical separation of the age groups, which is an idea I
heartily endorse.
If we are to advance education in Newfoundland by introducing

a separateHigh School System, radical and costly changes must
be made. If we are to make any real progress with this idea such
a schoolmust have its "core" subiects and classical, technical and
businessunits. Students entering such a school must be divided
by pre-testing into not less than three groups, and standardized
entrance examinations must be invoked.
Unless we are prepared to institute some scheme such as I
have mentioned we do not advance education one single step by
building High Schools.
The other factor, which must not be forgotten, and which I
referred to last Speech Night, is the elementary school situation.
Will the provision of a High School make room for all the children
wishing to enter the elementary school ? Some people claim that
by removing the top grades to a new High School, room will be
Ieft to house these beginners. I cannot agree, since I believe there
are more trying to get in at the bottom than will be going out at
the top. Dr. M. E. LaZerte, Director of the Canadian School
Trustees'Researcl-iProiect investigating federal aid for education,
gives enrolment figures by grades (1951--1952) for all Canadian
provinces. I have chosen what appears to be the most favourable
and dependable table for Newfoundland in which Grade II is
represented as 100 and the other grades are percentages of this.
In Newfoundland for every 100 children in Grade II, forty per cent
reach Grade IX, thirty per cent Grade X and twenty-one per cent
Grade XI. Let us remove Grades X and XI from that school, that
is, thirty plus twenty-one, or fifty-one children. Assuming Grade I
will contain approximately the same number of children as Grade II,
we now find we have two hundred children to replace fifty-one.
Where then is the space for them ?

On this basis we stiil have to face the problem of building

more elementary schools and the question really comes down t6
this : Which is the more urgent problem, these elementary schools
or a High School ?
Undoubtedly a lot of thought and consideration must be
given to our present school problems-you, the parents, must know
and understand the true situation and the information ought to be
Above all, the elementary school problem must not be lost
sight of in all this talk of High schools. The situation murst be
resolved not by lookilg ONLY at the top or ONLY at the borrom,
but by keeping BOTH in clear view at all stages and end.eavouring
to reach a sound conclusion.
IVIy since_rethanks lo tle Very Reverend Dean Rayson, Canon
Howitt and Reverend D. Noel for their services during the year:
I am sorry that the Dean wiII soon be leaving us and we wish" him
God-speedand every successin his new field of work. We welcome
the Reverend S. J. Davies, who has so willingly and successfully

taken up the work previously done by Mr. Noel. I judge he
already feels quite at home with us, and that, of course, is as it
should be.
In closing I would like to express my thanks to the many
donors of Scholarships and Prizes, and to the many others who
have contributed in any way to the welfare of the school.
My personal thanks to the entire Staff of the College for their
continued support and co-operation through a rather difficult
period, and a personal word of appreciation to the boys for their
loyalty and co-operation throughout the year.
May I extend to one and all my very best wishes for a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Prize List' 1953--1954

David Cross - Proficiency Prize
Richard Emberley Proficiency Prize
Wayne Rogers Proficiency Prize
Norman Bowring Progress Prize
Randy Carter Progress Prize
Christopher Collingwood Progress Prize
Egbert Walters - - Industry Prize
Michael Martin Industry Prize
Douglas Pitcher Conduct Prize
Freddy Martin Conduct Prize
Wayne Smith Handwork Prize
Harrv Roberts Art Prize
Keith MacGillivray' Games Prize

Dick Anderson Divinitv Prize
John Roil - Proficiency Prize
Harry Smith - Proficiency Prize
Keith Robbins --, - -- Proficiency Prize
Jamie Merrett , Industry Prize
Wayne Moore -- - Industry Prize
Calvin Adey - Progress Prize
Billy Trickett - Progress Prize
John Baird -. Conduct Prize
Billy Edwards Conduct Prize
Munden Bray , Games Prize
Jimmv Nichoison Art Prize

John Newland Divinity Prize
Hugh Miller Furm Prize-1st
Graliam Cook Form Prize-2nd
l'red Anderson Form Pr-ize-llrd
Flarrv Adams P L ' o g r e s sP r i z e
Paul Thompson Plogress Prize
Gerald Davis Pi'ogress Prize
Gregory Barban T n d r r s lt ' v P r i z e
Jcffrev Levitz Lrdustry Prize
Riilv lMacClillivray Condi-rct Frize
Timrnv Shears Corrduci,Prizc
John Kclland Art Plize

Paul X4ilier' Divii'rity Irrize
Dougald Jamicson I,'orm Plizc-.--lsl
Fred Joyce i.-oi'm Piize-2ncl
Pctcr Charlcs Form Prize-3rd
P:rul Tlclilstry Plize
Barry W:rltcrs Industrv Prizc
Vicl.or Yciung lndustly Prizc
I(ci1h Mcrccr Lrdusil'y Plize
(ierrth Ecnnclt Prog'rcss Prize>
Brucc Vardy Progrcss Prizir
R, Downcr Conduct Prize
Charlcs Lestcr Art Prize

Cicrald.Ar-rthonv Divinity Prize
David Mcrcer Divinily Prize, Industrv Prize
Malcolm Mcrcci Forin Prize-1st
Pctei'l/Ialtjn tr'orm Irrize-2ncl
Randv Bcll Form Prize-ilrd
Allist.-:r Car'1cr Industry Prize
David Industr'y Prize
Keith LeShana P i o g r ' t ' s sI r r i z t '
Donald Davis Prize
Cheslc-""Nettcn Pt oqr't'r;s Pl izr
Neil Lambert ArL Plize

(iRAD:l V
E. Burnell Drvinitv Prize
W. Green Folm Prize-1st, Art Prize'
Industrial Arts Prize
R. Babstock Divinity Prize, Form Prize-3rd
D. House Form Prize-2nd
T. Collingwood rctrpss Pl'izo

K. Young -- Progress Prize
R. Sparkes Progress Prize
R. Matthews Progress Prize

J. Hennebury _ Divinity Prize
Hong Kim -"- -- - ---------- -- Form Prize-lst, Industrial Arts
E. Moore - -- Form Prize-2nd, Art Prize
J. Foster Form Prize-3rd
D. Parsons ____ Progress Prize
Hugh Au -- Progress Prize
R. Vallis R.I.S. Award
W. Skeffington Cathedral Choir Scholarship

It. Caines -- Divinity Prize, Goldstone Sch.
-t'olm Prize-1st, Industrial
Arrs Prize
F. Riche -- -- Job Sch.. Form Prize-2nd. R.LS.
K. Spencer Job Sch., Form Prize-3rd
N. MiIIs - Art Prize
H. Barnes Progress Prize
J. Willar Progress Prize

D. Wadland -- -- Divinity Prize, Job Sch., Form
R. Martin Goldstone Sch., R.I.S. Award,
Form Prize-lst
W. Cobb Job Sch., Form Prize-3rd
W. Bellamy -- Job Sch.
A. Terauds Art Prize
D. Mercer -- - Industrial Arts Prize
W. Pearcey Progress Prize
W. Poole -- -- Progress Prize
T. LeFeuvre -- -- Cathedral Choir Sch.

A. Brown - The Bishop's Prize for Divinity,
Morey Sch., Form Prize-3rd
G. Simms Goldstone Sch., Form Prize-lst
H. G u y - - - - The Harold G. Hayward Mem-
orial Sch., Form Prize-2nd,
The R. R. Wood Prize for
English, The E. G. House Prize
for Science

A. Haynes Job Sch.
R. Cook Job Sch., R.I.S. Award
M. Wilansky The W. R. Cannins Prize for
J. Mercer Art Prize

R. Stone The Bishop's Prize for Divinity
W. Brown Caivert C. Pratt Sch., Th'e
Feildian Ladies' Sch., Form
Prize-lst, The R. R. Wood
Prize for English, The E. G.
House Prize for Science, The
W. R. Canning Prize for
R. Westcott The W. N. Gray Sch., Form
D. Chaytor The Goldstone Sch., Form Prize
W. Riche Job Sch.
D. Bartlett Job Sch., R.I.S. Award
D. Wells Job Sch.
C. Barfoot Southcott Memorial Bursary

R. Crane The Bishop's Prize for Divinity,
The C. Parsons Special Ath-
letic Award
A. May - Gov. General's Bronze Medal,
Electoral District Sch., The
Feildian Club Sch., The E. G.
House Prize for Science, The
W. R. Canning Prize for
Mathematics, Special Service
Award, Form Prize-lst
G . Perlin - The R. R. Wood Prize for.
Engiish, Special Service
Award, Form Prize-3rd
D. C a r m i c h a e l Canadian Legion Sch., R.I.S.
Award, Special Service Award,
Tasker Educational Fund Prize
D , Hall - The R. R. Wood Award, Form
;t Prize-2nd
I- H. Steele College Order and Discipline
t, Award
)r W. Janes Special Service Award
:e H. Duffett Special Service Award
G. Skanes Special Service Award






lst Row LeIt to Rlght : Mr. R. Anderson, W. Seword, J- Clouston, R. Westcott, R. Steele, E. Pennell, H. Guy.
2nd Row: F. Mills, D. Bqrtlett, G- Press, W. Brown, W. Steel:, C. Boilmt, G. Cook, J. MocGillivray, I. Mercer, D. Rolph,
D. Chqvtor.

Name : Clarence Barfoot

\' Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Prefect
Ambition: Mechanic

Name : Dauid Bar"tlett (Bartv)

Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Si:. Football, Sr. Hockey
Exec. of 53' Club, Prefect,
Editor of Magazine.
Favourite Saying : "I kid you not"
'56 : No'tre Dame
Outlook for

Name : Robert Brien (Gonk)

Place of Birth : I(ilbride
Activities : Sr. Hockey
Favourite Saying : "Come on boys"
Ambition: Real Estate Agent

Name'. Williont Browrt
Place of Birth : St. John's
'53 Club
Actirrities : Prefect,
Favourite SaYing : "Darn it"

'56 : Engineering
Outlook for
$ ""*

Name: Erne:;t Btlller' (But)

Place of Birth : Ncw Perlican
Activities : Sr. HockeY
Favourite Saying : "Clame on, boys" r";Y
Ambition : Civil Sei-vant

Probable Fale : Scorc KeePer

Name '. Cout'tneY CcLrtterrY

Place of Birth : Randoll
ry "*r Aclivities : I{iking
Favourite SaYing'
Ambition: F'
Probable F

Name'. Douglas Cltaytor (Kaytor)
Place of Birth ; St. John,s

{i Activities : Prefect, Canteen Mang.,

CIub General Secretary.
Outlook for '56 : Engineering

Name : William Cross (Long John)

Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Canteen Asst.
Outlool< for 'b6 : Chartered

Name : Leamon (Sandy)

Place of Birth : St. John,s
Activities : Canteen Asst., Secretary
of Crafts and Hobbies '53 Club,
Ambition : Chemist

Name : James R a n d e L L
Place of Birth : Botwood
Activities : Sr. Football, Sr. Hockey,
Sr. Basketball
Outlook for '56 : M e m o r i a l

Name: W i l s o n Ricl'te (Dick)

Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities :Sr. Hockey
Outlook for '56 : Memorial


Name : Walter Seuat d (Sewee)

k Pl.ace of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Prefect, Member of '53
CIub, Track Events.
Ambition : Chartered Accountant

Name: Henry Mews (Hank)
Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : P r e f e c t , S r . H o c k e y , S i .
Footbali, S r . B a s k e t b a l l , D e b a t i n g .
" Ambition : Undecided

Name'. Edward Pennell. (Eddy)
Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Prefect. Sr. Football.
Member of '53 CIub ffi,ry ry

Favourite Saying : "Now Boy" r:[$

'56 : Vocational Train- '!q+
Outlook for:
ing Institute

Name : Robin Piercey (Squares)

Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Prefect
Favourite Saying : "I got it made"
Ambition ; Reporter

Name : Gordo.rt Slleors
Place of Birth : Port Aux Basque
r\r q.f Activities : Prefect, Business Mang.
[- _i _n^ rb 'r of lMagazine, Member of '53 Club.
Favourite Saying : "How is ya"
Ambition : Banker

ffi *

Lloyd Spencer
Place of Blrth :

Activities :
Milltown, Bay

Reading, Member of '53


Ambition : Memorial

Name : Harold Steele (Sleep)

Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Sr. Football, prefect,
Sr. Hockey, Soci:etaiy of Fliking Club,
made" '53
Favoulite Saying : "She's all rrght,,,
Outlook for '56 : Ai"ts (Memorial)

Name : Ronel.d Steel.e (Ribs)
Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Head Prefect, Member
of '53 CIub
Favourite Saying : "Punches in the
'56: Engineering
Outlook for

Name : Frederick Thistl.e (Hop)

Place of Birth : Porb Union, T.B.
Activities : President of '53 Club,
Prefect, Art Editor of Magazine
Favourite Saying : "'Tis only your -
ifra' l
Outlook for '56 :
Grade Eleven i

Name : Neil. Vrafl (Specks)

Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : Member of '53 Club
Favourite Saying: "I suppose"
Ambition : Machinist

Name : Douid Wells (Wellsey)
Place of Birth : St. John's
Activities : l\4ember of '53 Club
Ambition : T.V. Technician

Name: R o b e r t W e s t c c t L L( B l o n d i e )
Placeof Birth : St. Jclhn's
Activities: Sr. Football, Prel'cct,
A s s t .S e c r c t a r y o f
Club, Literary -
"4'f\ k#b. il
Committee Magazine.
Favourite Saying : "Go way Boy" \ ;i
Oullookfor : Engineering , 1t\
(Unir:ersity of Toronto)


Name : Mr. C. J. Grant, B.A., B.Paed

llub Place of Birth : New Perlican, T.B.

Graduated from McGill & Toronto