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Washington, DC: Hey Marty -- I'm submitting this early, so I hope it gets in the chat.

I am a 5'4
!"# lb $emale loo%ing to lose & lbs 'or at least loo% li%e it(. I ha)e al*ays been acti)e in sports
an+ at the gym. I currently +o bench press, bicep curl, tricep e,tension, pullups, leg curls, leg
e,tensions, an+ roman chair leg li$ts. My rep-set pattern is: $irst set, .-!/ reps, secon+ set, a++
about /# lbs 'or an appropriately hea)ier amount( an+ start +ropping e)ery "-4 reps, or to
$atigue. I +o this routine MW0, an+ I +o car+io 5 +ays a *ee% 'running, %ic%bo,ing, elliptical
trainer(. Does this rep-set soun+ e$$ecti)e to you1 I'm ma%ing sure I use hea)y enough *eight,
but I *ant to ma%e sure I am +oing something that is constructi)e. 2han%s $or your input.
Marty 3allagher: Hey la+y4
It loo%s $ine on paper but paper logic +oesn't ta%e into account the real %ey to the high*ay -
intensity. 5s long as this routine is pro+ucing results then stay the course. 6est assure+ that at
some point it *ill cease being e$$ecti)e an+ then *e nee+ to act. 3etting bac% to intensity - i$ you
+on't see% to e,ten+ your capabilities an+ capacities then you *on't trigger muscle hypertrophy -
the *hole ob7ect o$ *eight training. I$ you +on't *or% up to car+io capacity, i$ you loa$, then you
*ill get less then ma,imum results.
5n+ *e ha)en't touche+ on +iet . . . 8our routine loo%s $ine - 7ust +on't get too attache+ to it.
Marty 3allagher: 5n+ no* $or something completely +i$$erent. It's )ery slo* out there. I am
going to post the article no*.
9:6I;DI<52I;= 6:>;?@2I;=
Wanna get bu$$e+1 6ippe+ to shre+s1 Massi)e as a Masto+on1
Want your tic%et punche+ an+ punche+ no*1 2ry cycling4
Aimmy is a)erage in e)ery *ay. =ot goo+, not ba+, 7ust plain a)erage *ithout a single
+istinguishing physical characteristic. 2hough har+ly obese, he none-the-less pro7ects an o)erall
impression o$ being +istinctly out o$ shape. 9hysically he is unimposing, stan+ing 5-& an+
*eighing a portly /##-poun+s. His i+eal *eight *oul+ be about !&5 carrying a !/B - !5B bo+y
$at percentile. His muscles are $lacci+, in+istinct an+ bor+ering on non-e,istent. His *aistline
ha+ gro*n ten inches o)er its high school circum$erence an+ his strength appro,imates that o$ a
!#-year ol+ girl. His car+io capacity is ta,e+ to the ma, *hen he's $orce+ to sprint thirty steps to
catch a +eparting sub*ay train. He lo)es to +rin% importe+ beer on the *ee%en+ an+ $ire +o*n
7un% $oo+ *hile *atching his athletic heroes on the 2C - an+ boy +oes Aimmy lo)e his +eserts4
?i%e *e sai+, in hi-tech 5merica /##!, our boy is a)erage in e)ery *ay, shape an+ $orm.
He'+ $inally ha+ enough o$ the anti-$it li$estyle. 5t "5 he'+ e,perience+ a metabolic slo*-+o*n -
a go+a*$ul con+ition in *hich the bo+y turns +o*n its calorie-o,i+iDing thermostat *ith
+e)astating conseEuences. >u++enly his bo+y reEuire+ $e*er calories to $uel his +ay-to-+ay
a$$airs an+ this is ba+ ne*s $or Aimmy. His ",!## caloric brea%e)en point stealthily lo*ere+ itsel$
to /,5## calories an+ Aimmy *as a++ing *eight $aster than Fran+o bee$ing be$ore 5pocalypse
=o*4 Despite not eating a single +elicious bite more than in the pre)ious year, Aimmy, a +umpy
an+ unimpressi)e !.", ha+ balloone+ up to a buttery an+ rotun+ /##. 2he last stra* *as *hen
his +i)ine $emale co-*or%er 'upon *hom Aimmy's ha+ secret +esigns( tol+ him *ith a smile
reser)e+ $or a cute .-year ol+ that he loo%e+ Hobbit-li%e. 8ou %no* those so$t, $uDDy, lo)able,
mythical, mystical $orest creatures1 Aimmy's sel$-image +i)e+ $aster then the =5>D5G. 0or as
the great philosopher 3eorge 'CastanDa not >antanyana( once ponti$icate+, Women *ant a
Colonel, a Captain, a Haiser, a ta%e-charge %in+a guy4 5n+ a Haiser is light years $rom a
Hobbit an+ Aimmy %ne* this an+ it $uele+ his +esire $or change. He burne+ $or physical
He hit me up $or a plan, a roa+ map, a metho+ology - something to trans$orm him $rom $at
pump%in into s)elte prince. I tol+ him it *oul+ ta%e three months. He sai+ ;%ay.
Aimmy agree+ to $ollo* the plan. I entere+ reasonable starting points base+ on his caloric
brea%e)en an+ current strength le)els. 8ou can customiDe this chart to your o*n strength le)els
an+ nutritional reEuirements. 2he lesson is not the numbers but rather the *ay in *hich *e
categoriDe elements an+ buil+ on base numbers '*hate)er they may be(. We logically an+
systematically $lo* on*ar+. :ach *ee% *e li$t a little more, eat a little better, +o our car+io *ith a
ta+ more gusto an+ in +oing so create physical momentum. 9erio+iDation is the systematic
synchroniDation o$ separate an+ +istinct categories to create physical synergy.
I i+enti$y nine categories: bo+y *eight, protein inta%e, carbohy+rate inta%e, $at inta%e,
mo+ulating rep ranges on $our compoun+ multi-7oint *eight e,ercises an+ aerobic session
$reEuency an+ length.
Aimmy a+here+ to his !/-*ee% 9erio+iDation program *ith the $er)or o$ a Dealot an+ by the en+
he'+ hit e)ery poun+age an+ ma+e e)ery training an+ eating goal. In *ee% !" he *eighe+ !&I
on the nose an+ his J-point bo+y $at rea+ing sho*e+ him at a roc%-har+ !!B. He *as a hell-o$-a
lot stronger. 2he la+ies $orgot all about that Filbo Faggins Hobbit stu$$ an+ Aimmy *ent $rom
0ro+o to 0errigno - but it *as the har+est thing he'+ +one in his sheltere+ li$e. 2he payo$$ $or
success *as huge: total physical trans$ormation. >o herein lies the architectural outline, the
blueprint, the schematic $or trans$ormation. Do the *or%4 ;ther*ise get use+ to ha)ing Hobbit-
haters %ic% san+ in your $ace at the beach *hile +eman+ing, Hol+ my trophy *hile I %iss your
0;;D: 0or someone *ho engages in high intensity *eight training an+ +oes regular car+io
training, ingesting .&5 grams o$ protein per-poun+-o$-bo+y *eight is a goo+ starting point.
9rotein pro)i+es the buil+ing bloc%s $or muscle reco)ery an+ gro*th. I$ you *eigh !5#-poun+s in
or+er to hit .&5 grams o$ protein per poun+-o$-bo+y-*eight you *oul+ nee+ to consume !!5
grams o$ protein per +ay. ;)er the course o$ the cycle, the protein shoul+ be increase+ K gram
e)ery $our *ee%s. 5t en+ o$ this particular cycle *e ingest !./5 grams per poun+ o$ bo+y *eight.
2his increase in protein o$$sets calories lost by gra+ually re+ucing our carbohy+rate
consumption - speci$ically our re$ine+ an+ starchy carbohy+rate consumption.
We start o$$ by consuming t*ice the number o$ carb grams as compare+ to protein grams. Fy
the en+ o$ this lean-out cycle, this protein-carb ratio is re)erse+. We use a semi-%etogenic +iet
approach at the en+. When combine+ *ith high intensity car+io, a short-term %etogenic +iet
approach is super-e$$ecti)e at burning o$$ the last stubborn )estiges o$ bo+y $at. Carbs are
categoriDe+ as three +istinct types: $ibrous 'sala+ greens, green )egetables( starchy 'rice,
potatoes( an+ re$ine+ 'pasta, brea+(. 2a%e in !## grams o$ each type in the $irst $our *ee%s. Cut
out all re$ine+ carbs at the commencement o$ the secon+ $our *ee%s an+ remo)e starch $or the
$inal t*o *ee%s. 2ry an+ eat 4-5 times +aily in roughly eEual caloric amounts.
I6;= 9@M9I=3: 2he *eights I selecte+ are arbitrarilyL I pic%e+ real lo* *eights so it might
seem more realistic $or beginner li$ters. I thin% e)ery *eight training routine shoul+ inclu+e
sEuats an+ bench presses o$ some type. I inclu+e seate+ o)erhea+ +umbbell press on the
chart. I *oul+ accept the bent-o)er ro* or po*er cleans as a substitute $or the +ea+li$t, though
neither is any*here near as e$$ecti)e a bac% buil+er. Do the $our li$ts once a *ee%. >tart o$$
using ultra-light poun+age initially, something you can easily han+le $or the proscribe+ number
o$ reps. Concentrate on per$ect technical e,ecution o$ each an+ e)ery rep. 5++ a couple o$
har+-hitting assistance e,ercise to $ollo* the main li$t o$ the +ay. 8ou shoul+ easily complete
this routine in 4#-5# minutes.
Feginner >ample 9erio+iDation Weight 6outine
Mon+ay sEuat - leg curl cal$ raise, shoul+er press, lateral raise
2ues+ay o$$
We+nes+ay bench press - incline press, $lyes, triceps push+o*ns
2hurs+ay o$$
0ri+ay Dea+li$t - pull+o*ns, cable ro*s, preacher curls, seate+ curls
>atur+ay o$$
>un+ay o$$
!5-*ee% 9erio+iDation cycle
*ee% bo+y protein carbs $at sEuat bench +ea+li$t press car+io
*t. !5-reps sets
!. /## !5# "## 55 !## &5 &5 4# " +ays, !# mins.
/. !J. !5# "## 55 !#5 .# .# 45 " +ays, !5 mins.
". !JI !5# "## 55 !!# .5 .5 5# " +ays, /# mins.
4. !J4 !5# "## 55 !!5 J# J# 55 " +ays, /5 mins.
!#-rep sets
5. !J/ /## /5# 5# !/# J5 J5 I# 4 +ays, "# mins.
I. !J# /## /5# 5# !/5 !## !## I5 4 +ays, "# mins.
&. !.. /## /5# 5# !"# !#5 !#5 &# 4 +ays, "5 mins.
.. !.I /## /5# 5# !"5 !!# !!# &5 4 +ays, "5 mins.
5-rep sets
J. !.4 /!# !.# 45 !4# !!5 !!5 .# 5 +ays, 4# mins.
!#. !./ //# !&# 45 !45 !/# !/# .5 5 +ays, 4# mins.
!!. !.# /"# !I# 45 !5# !/5 !/5 J# 5 +ays, 4# mins.
!/. !&. /4# !5# 45 !55 !"# !"# J5 5 +ays, 4# mins.
W::H ;=: 6:9 M5M
!" !&I /## !&# !&# !/5
I$ you are Aoe or Mary 5)erage an+ *ant to morph into an 5+onis or go++ess in !/-*ee%s, then
gi)e 9erio+iDation a shot. 2op athletes use 9erio+iDation to *hip themsel)es into top shape prior
to national or *orl+ competitions. Mere mortals use a *atere+-+o*n, +e-tune+ )ersion to 7ump-
start physical progress. Fy un+erstan+ing an+ implementing the concept o$ creeping
incrementalism '>talinist commie-spea%( *e can con7ure momentum out o$ thin air 'Hung 0u
mo)ie clichN'(.
;ne $inal note: this 9erio+iDation e,ample is $or a $at person see%ing to get lean O mean. 8ou
can easily set up a 9erio+iDation chart that *oul+ allo* the s%inny person to ma%e tremen+ous
siDe an+ strength gains. 9erio+iDation can cut both *ays: *e can use the concept to morph $rom
$at to s)elte or $rom *ispy to Herculean.
I suspect that there *ill be a million Euestions. >o $ire at *ill.
Marty 3allagher: I am going to post the Euestions no* as $oo+ $or thought. ?et's %eep the ball
2he District: Dear Marty:
8ou M@>2 be bore+. Aust a Euic% I %no* people al*ays as% this but I nee+ reassurance
Euestion. I am !4# lb $emale 5'4 *anting to slim +o*n to !/5 'my college *eight(. What length
o$ time shoul+ I set as my goal $or that 'I'm thin%ing I mos( an+ *ill a lo* $at +iet help *ith that1
I plan to *or% out at least an hour " +ays a *ee%, *hat +o you thin%1 Ha)e an a*esome =e*
>igne+, 5 bit o)er*eight on the reser)ation
Hey there - bore+ compare+ to *hat1 I use+ to ha)e a +ay 7ob, no* I *on+er aroun+ the *oo+s,
a gonDo 2urgene) a++ict let loose +uring the +aylight hours. Aust me, my +og, my 7eep an+ my .
"#. *ith sniper scope.
I thin% a poun+ per hun+re+ o$ bo+y *eight per *ee%, $or either *eight loss or muscle gain, is a
goo+ amount to shoot $or. 5 !##-poun+ *omen coul+ com$ortably lose !-poun+ per *ee% *hile
a /##-poun+ business e,ec coul+ shoot $or a /-poun+ a *ee% loss an+ the "##-poun+ e,-
$ootball player coul+ lose "-poun+s a *ee% *ith out any a+)erse a$$ect. I$ you *eigh !4#, ho*
about a !.5 poun+ per *ee% *eight re+uction $or ten *ee%s1
5ny less har+ly seems *orth the e$$ort.
>ome*here, @>5: Champ:
Fetter to stay at brea%-e)en calories to change 5-!# poun+s o$ $at into muscle, or better to cut
calories +o*n than bac% up 1
2hat +epen+s. 2here are many *ays to smo%e the cat out o$ the bag.
Most pro bo+ybuil+ers *ill ho)er at or aroun+ the caloric brea%e)en point an+ a++ in enough
aerobic e,ercise to burn o$$ "##-5## calories a +ay. 2his approach enables them to %eep eating
an+ le)erage $at loss through e,ercise. 2he +o*nsi+e is you nee+ to eat per$ectly, *ith little
room $or error an+ un+ergo a lot o$ car+io. 2he bo+y-shoc% e$$ect can be Euite +ramatic to the
no)ice. 2his is the smart *ay to go assuming you ha)e the +iscipline. ;thers li%e to %eep the
e,ercise le)el intact an+ cut out the "##-calories through +iet re+uctions. :ither *ay, the i+ea is
to in+uce a caloric +e$icit - but not one so +ramatic that you lose eEual amounts o$ har+-earne+
muscle along *ith bo+y $at.
Washington, DC: Hi Marty4 I lo)e your chats. 2his might be a stupi+ Euestion, but my gym sai+
that they are getting circuit training machines. What e,actly are those1
Circuit training is a system o$ *eight training in *hich you +o a series o$ I-!/ +i$$erent e,ercises
in a ro*.
2heoretically it combines the best aspects o$ *eight training *ith a car+io *or%out. @sing little or
no rest bet*een sets, circuit training triggers 9eripheral Heart 5ction '9H5(. I consi+er it the
*orst o$ both *orl+s. I thin% circuit training compromises the e$$ects o$ high intensity *eight
training an+ ma%es $or a poor car+io *or%out *hen compare+ to other a)ailable aerobic mo+es.
:ast is :ast an+ West is West an+ ne)er the t*o shall meet. I thin% Hipling coul+ ha)e been
+escribing this shotgun *e++ing o$ aerobics an+ *eight training calle+ circuit training.
D.C.: Hey, Marty. 3reat column.
2his really isn't a Euestion, but a suggestion to the rea+er *ho *ante+ an i+ea about ho* to get
moti)ate+. I li)e about 4-5 miles $rom my o$$ice, an+ the best *ay I $oun+ out to get $it *as to
ri+e my bi%e into the o$$ice e)ery single +ay, rain or shine, *arm or col+, no matter *hat. I +i+
that 'ha)e been +oing that( $or se)en years. My o$$ice has a little bi%e rac% insi+e the garage, so
it's pretty secure. I also ha)e a goo+ route that I go along the monuments e)ery single +ay, then
bac% up the hill, so +aily its about !# miles on the bi%e. I a+mit that there are +ays *hen it is
blustery an+ I'm cran%y an+ +on't $eel li%e it, but once you get going, it is entirely *orth it. 5lso,
the results come pretty Euic%.
2he point is, hec%, I ha)e to get to *or% any*ay. I hate to +ri)e, an+ metro can be a ma7or pain
some +ays. 6i+ing my bi%e is sa$e 'I +on't +o stupi+ things li%e not use a light at night, an+ I
stic% to *ell-lit, sa$e routes(, aerobic, an+ I get to *or% '+oor to +oor( in !& minutes, i$ I haul butt.
I$ you ha)e to commute, an+ time is the big hol+up $or regular *or%outs, $in+ a *ay to *or% the
*or%out into your commute. 8ou %ill t*o bir+s *ith one stone.
Here is ho* one man +eals *ith the issue o$ moti)ation - he incorporates $itness into his
li$estyle. His point is that i$ you are +etermine+ an+ cle)er e,ercise nee+ not be separate an+
+istinct $rom the rest o$ your e,istence.
>no* Felt, @>5: Hi, the 45 yo o)er*eight $emale again. 8ou 7ust suggeste+ that I sen+ you my
current routine. ;%ay, here's *hat I +i+ last time, by e,ercise, poun+age, an+ reps:
leg press: I/.5 - !#L .&.5 - 5L !!/.5 - /#
leg e,tension: /5 - !#L "&.5 - 5L 5# - /#
leg curl: /# - !#L "# - 5L 4# - /#
cal$s: &5, " , !#
biang chest press: !/.5 -!#L /5 - 5L 55 - !5
'I ha+ manage+ 5# - /# $or a couple *ee%s but coul+n't han+le the e,tra 5 poun+s(
ro*: !5 - !#L "# -5L 5# - /#
biang shoul+er press: !/.5 -!#L !&.5 - /# 'only / sets here, but I'm thrille+ because it's been real
biceps P triceps: 5 -!#L . - 5L !/ - /#
bac% e,tension: /# P !5 P !# 'I 7ust go til I can't(
abs: / , /# 'upper an+ lo*er(
2han%s $or your help4
>o no* that I ha)e the +ata, *hat is the Euestion1 I$ you are stale, stuc%, nee+ a ne* routine1
Help me out.
36I??M5=,W;;D>H:DDI=,5<: 36::2I=3> C;5CH 35??53H:6,
W:?? >I=C: W: ?5>2 25?H:D, I >265I=:D 5 ?;W:6 6I3H2 5F WHI?: 9@??I=3 WI2H
2H: >5M: F56 I W5> @>I=3 2; >G@52,2HICH 5=D =; >96I=3, D@MF I H=;W, F@2 I'M
F:HI=D I= 265I=I=3 0;6 2H: 9@?? M::2 I= 0:F.I H5C: 5 >?I3H2 C;@3H 06;M
M:DICI=: 0;6 2H: F-9, WHICH I> 5?? 3;;D 5=D 3:22I=3 ;00, 2HI> M5H:> I2 H@62
:5CH 2IM: I C;@3H, WH52 5 W@>>8 I'M >@6: 8;@6 >58I=3 ,F@2 I H5C:='2 F::=
F5CH 2; 2H: 38M >I=C: >52. 5=D H5C:='2 F:=CH:D 0;6 2W; W::H>, 268I=3 2;
M:=D 2HI> W;@=D. M8 5I6 M5CHI=: C;M:> 2;D58, >; 2H52 I> 5 9;>I2IC: =;2:,
H;;H @9, 5=D >2562 2; 36;W....FI32IM:4444 I'?? H::9 8;@ 9;>2:D 5> I 0::? I2'>
2IM: 2; W5DDD?: F5CH 2; 2H: >2::?H;@>:."I# I> H;?DI=3 W:??, WI2H =;
:00;62, I ?IH: 2H524 5=8 I=0; 0;6 :G@I9M:=2 0;6 M: 3@6@1
Hey it's Fig Mi%e 0in% - +i+ you ha)e the tra+itional 3rillman M-mas +inner an+ tur%ey hunt1 Di+
>anta get you those /##-poun+ +umbbells you')e been hoping $or1 Di+ your $ol%s get you that
si+e o$ 5ngus bee$ you'+ as%e+ $or1
;%ay - you straine+ a lo*er ab muscle +oing +ea+li$ts. I +on't thin% the in7ury occurre+ because
you use+ the sti$$ sEuat bar 'Har*os%i use+ one purpose$ully - in the I90 they use the same bar
$or benching an+ +ea+li$ting as they +o in the sEuat(. I suspect that you most li%ely got slightly
out o$ position as the bar came o$$ the $loor. 6emember the %eep your nec% an+ hea+ up an+
thro* your chin to*ar+s the ceiling coming o$$ the $loor. 5 cough is a cough is a cough an+
anything that a$$ects the human bo+y in a negati)e *ay *ill mani$est in training, as you %no* so
*ell. Has anyone mentione+ ho* much you soun+ li%e Darth Ca+er on the telephone1
3lo)er9ar%: Aust a thought -- isn't the ans*er to >loth)ille's problem o$ getting home an+
staying home rather than *or%ing out to =;2 go home in the $irst place -- ie -- ta%e *or%out
clothes to o$$ice an+ go to gym straight $rom *or%. Wor%s $or me any*ay.
Hey - this a great suggestion. 9ac% a gym bag an+ *hen the *or% *histle blo*s hea+ straight
$or the steelhouse.
I +o a+)ance+ step aerobics a couple times a *ee% an+ s*im a hal$ mile a couple others. I'm
please+ *ith my ability to stay *ith this program an+ these acti)ities are my $a)orites, but as a
5# yr ol+ $emale, I thin% I shoul+ probably be +oing some *eight-strength training to maintain
bone +ensity, etc. What *oul+ you recommen+ along those lines 'assuming you agree(.
I'm sure you %no* all about the magni$icent e$$ect loa+-bearing *eight training has on
Continual an+ regular *eight training increases the tensile strength o$ bones. In ol+er people,
*omen in particular, bones acEuire the eEui)alent o$ *oo+ termites that eat a*ay at the interior
ma%ing them brittle an+ prone to shatter. Weight training helps counteract the brittleiDation o$
bone, e)en *hen ta%en up late in li$e. I recommen+ you start *ith t*o *ee%ly sessions o$ *eight
training, each *or%out shoul+ last "#-45 minutes. :,ercise the entire bo+y in a single session
though at some point +o*n the roa+ you'll *ant to e)ol)e into a more a+)ance+ *or%out
regimen. Comb the bac% archi)es $or a *hole bo+y routine.
6oc%)ille, MD: I'm a regular rea+er an+ I')e really bene$itte+ $rom $ollo*ing the tripo+ an+ I')e
seen some nice results in my upper bo+y '*hich is my trouble spot(. My Euestion is this, my
$itness partner 'a%a my husban+( an+ I are ha)ing a small +ispute about ho* bene$icial +oing
pyrami+ li$ts *oul+ be $or me. He maintains that since I am more intereste+ in toning rather than
buil+ing serious muscle, I shoul+ stic% to high reps an+ more sets 'ie, /,!5 ",!/, etc(. I'm
clueless *hen it comes to ho* I am suppose+ to implement the pyrami+ li$ts. I +on't $eel as i$ I'm
stagnating. 5n+ I am increasing *eight as I go along e,cept I am )ery care$ul *ith the military
press $rom a past in7ury. My current li$ting is as $ollo*s:
Fench press '/,!5( '*ith bar(
Incline bench press '/,!/( *ith +umbbells
?at pull +o*n '/,!5(
>eate+ ro* '",!/(
Military press '/,!5(
Ficep curl '/,!5(
2ricep e,tension '/,!5(
?eg :,tension ",!/
>Euats /,/#
I can't remember the *eight amounts $or the e,ercises o$$ the top o$ my hea+. I li$t t*ice a *ee%
+oing a total bo+y li$ting sche+ule.
?et's Dero in on *hat attributes are to be +eri)e+ $rom *eight training.
!. increase+ muscle siDe
/. increase+ strength
Muscle 'tone' is a myth an+ you nee+ to 7ettison this $uDDy concept $rom your le,icon. 0act: you
are using a++itional poun+age *hile maintaining your techniEue in your e,ercises. :rgo, you are
getting strongerL in a pure, un+ilute+ noncontestable sense. 2here is no +ebate on this subtle
point: you use+ to han+le M-poun+age, no* you han+le M-poun+age plus - *hile still a+hering to
the speci$ic technical +e$inition o$ the e,ercise. When strength increases, muscles a+apt an+
gro*. 2his is a biological cause-an+-e$$ect. =o $uDDiness here either.
5s long as you are ma%ing progress, i.e., getting stronger, hol+ the course. ;nce strength gains
cease, +e)ise a ne* routine. With all +ue respect to your signi$icant other, $orget all the *ho-ha
surroun+ing pyrami+ing an+ the li%e. When you hit the *all on your current routine 'an+ you *ill,
*e all +o, regar+less the routine( contact me an+ *e'll +e)ise another one.
Fethes+a, M+.: I'm a short male '5'I( an+ stic% thin '!"5lb(. Ho* can I a++ some bul% to my
upper bo+y1
Do you train1 Ho* o$ten1 Doing *hat1 Ho* much time +o you ha)e to +e)ote to muscle
buil+ing1 :Euipment1 Ho* ol+ are you1 5ny athletic bac%groun+1 It is easy as $alling o$$ a log
to +esign a routine that *ill slap bee$ galore on that s%inny bo+y - but I nee+ some +etail.
2ampa, 0la.: Hi Marty:
8ou tal% about perio+iDation. Guestion: Dea+li$ts - are these al*ays 5 rep ma, or +o you cycle
these1 >econ+ly: >Euats, Dea+li$ts, Fench press - are those e,ercises al*ays part o$ the
routine or +o you cycle those1 2han%s.
;%ay, you are using the *or+ cycle incorrectly. Chec% out my article calle+ 9erio+iDation
6esolution at the en+ o$ these Euestions - it shoul+ clear up a lot o$ Euestions.
8ou use it in the sense o$ oh, I +oing this particular e,ercise no* but I'm going to 'cycle' it into
or out o$ my current routine. Cycling is *hat you +o *ith any e,ercise *ithin a speci$ic time
$rame. Classically, *e choose an+ e,ercise an+ then goose the reps up or +o*n o)er time in
or+er to stimulate a +esire+ e$$ect. We coul+ cycle $or more strength an+ larger muscle siDe. We
coul+ cycle $or a lighter, leaner physiEue to bu$$ us out $or beach season.
5 classic strength-buil+ing cycle might be !/-*ee%s in +uration. 2he athlete might per$orm his
target e,ercises *ith !/-rep top sets $or the $irst $our *ee%s, +rop to .-rep top sets $or the
secon+ $our-*ee% perio+, an+ then $inish up *ith 4-rep sets to pea% po*er, strength an+ siDe
o)er the last $our *ee%s.
5 bo+ybuil+er see%ing to lean out an+ cut up might use an opposite tact an+ increase the reps
an+ +ecrease the poun+age as he starts o$$ big, hea)y an+ strong an+ gra+ually becomes
lighter an+ leaner as the cycle progresses. 5n ;lympia le)el bo+ybuil+er might start out his
cycle *ith $our *ee%s o$ I-rep top sets, increase that to !#-!/ reps $or the mi++le $our *ee%s
an+ $inish o$$ *ith $our *ee%s o$ !5-/# rep sets. 2he bo+ybuil+er might start the cycle *eighing
/5# *ith a !5B bo+y $at percentile an+ en+ the cycle *eighing /!5 *ith a 5B bo+y $at.
0or more on using cycling-perio+iDation chec% out 9erio+iDation Frea%through by 0lec% O
Hrammer or 2heory an+ Metho+ology o$ 2raining by 2u+or Fompa.
Faltimore, MD: 8o Marty... I'm beginning to get bac% into the gym groo)e. 3oing to start
inclu+ing legs into the li$ting routine un+e)elope+ a goo+ *ay to +etermine *hat's a goo+
starting *eight $or an e,ercise that I ha)en't +one in years, such as the leg press1 I ha)e strong,
i$ un+e)elope+ legs, an+ I'm concerne+ about too much 'in7ury( or too little 'not *or%ing the
Hey Faltimore4 3reat to ha)e you bac% in the sa++le4
?oo%L *hen in +oubt, start o$$ light an+ precise. ?ea)e you ego in your gym bag an+ concentrate
on control, $ull range o$ motion, an+ $eel - ma%e the min+ muscle connection an+ $orget about
the poun+age.
I *oul+ suggest slo*ing the rep spee+ +o*n a ta+ purpose$ully an+ pause $or a beat be$ore
starting each rep. ;nce you')e establishe+ pristine technical e,ecution, mo)e the poun+age up
e)er so slightly each succee+ing session. 2hin% long term. 5$ter !#-*ee%s you'll be using
signi$icant poun+age *ith per$ect techniEue an+ ha)e lai+ a great base on *hich to buil+. Ma%e
haste slo*ly an+ remember that i$ you utiliDe per$ect techniEue on each an+ e)ery rep, you *ill
minimiDe chances o$ in7ury.
Washington, DC: Marty,
;)er the past . months I ha)e manage+ to lose "# poun+s by eating a lo* carb +iet an+
s*imming 4 times a *ee% 'at I am(, 45 minutes each time. I %no* absolutely nothing about
*eight training, but *oul+ li%e to learn ho* to incorporate it into my routine. What boo% +o you
recommen+ $or a beginner to get starte+1 'I am a "# yr. $emale, i$ that matters(
I suggest that rather then go out an+ get really con$use+ purchasing contra+ictory boo%s an+
)i+eos, ta%e some time, go bac% through the archi)es o$ this sho* an+ *or% your *ay $or*ar+.
Fy the time you get to the present you *ill un+erstan+ the philosophy behin+ *eight training.
8ou nee+ to ha)e a clear goal as to *hat you *ant. 8ou nee+ to +esign a $itness routine that
7i)es *ith your li$estyle. 5t that point the only thing you *ill nee+ is someone to sho* you ho* to
+o the e,ercises. Do you belong to a gym1
5rlington, C5: Hey Marty,
2his is Aosh $rom ?on+on *ith the pacema%er *ho *rote in se)eral months ago 'I 7ust relocate+
bac% to the @.>.(. I'm happy to report that I')e gaine+ /# poun+s o$ mostly muscle since late
5ugust. I'm no* I'4, !.# poun+s '/4 yrs ol+(. Doing +b presses $or shoul+er an+ chest 7ust on
my right si+e has *or%e+ out o%ay, an+ e)erything else 'your usual suggestions( has been
e$$ecti)e. I *oul+ li%e to gain another /# or "# poun+s o$ muscle, an+ I *as hoping you coul+
gi)e me some realistic goals an+ tips $or ho* to accomplish this. I %no* you usually suggest
alternating programs o$ bul%ing up an+ leaning out, but I am not that much $atter than I *as
*hen I starte+ li$ting $our months ago 'still ha)e a si,-pac%(, an+ I *oul+ pre$er to a++ more
mass be$ore trying to lean out. 9lus it is the mi++le o$ *inter. Woul+ it be realistic to shoot $or
gaining another /# poun+s by the en+ o$ March1 I ha)e been *or%ing out three times a *ee%,
cycling bet*een si, *ee%s o$ .-!# rep sets an+ 4 *ee%s o$ /# rep sets as per your suggestion.
I'm currently in the mi++le o$ my secon+ cycle o$ /# rep sets. I ma+e stea+y progress in strength
an+ mass gains until last month *hen, +ue to thesis +ea+lines, my *or%outs became
intermittent an+ I *as )ery sleep +epri)e+ an+ not eating *ell. 0or the ne,t si, months I ha)e
)ery $e* *or% commitments, so I'm planning to get plenty o$ sleep, eat a lot, an+ *or% out $i)e
times a *ee% $or an hour or so each time. I *as also thin%ing o$ +ropping +o*n to 5 rep sets $or
a *hile, again mo)ing up to higher reps a$ter a *hile to pre)ent stagnation. I am going to %eep
car+io to a minimum '/ times-*ee% at most(. Does this soun+ li%e a reasonable goal an+ plan
$or getting there1 5ny other tips or suggestions1
5s al*ays, than%s $or the a+)ice.
Happy =e* 8ear
Hey - by all means - i$ you are ma%ing gains then %eep going - run *ith the program as long as it
is pro+ucing gains. =e)er arbitrarily en+ a program i$ it's generating physical progress. I *oul+
strongly suggest +ropping to 5-rep sets. It *oul+ be a goo+ i+ea an+ pro)e a liberating
e,perience. 5$ter trans$erring to 5-rep sets, most trainees coming o$$ /#-reps $eel as i$ they'+
success$ully escape+ De)il's Islan+. Heep the *or%out $reEuency, e,ercise selection, seEuence
an+ pacing intactL simply +rop to 5-reps on the top set o$ all your current e,ercises. :)eryone
as%s ho* much *eight shoul+ I use1 I$ I can +o such an+ such $or /# reps, ho* much
poun+age shoul+ I use $or my ne* 5-rep sets1 8ou'll nee+ to e,periment, su$$ice to say that it
*ill be a hell-o$-a-lot more than your /#-rep poun+age. 0in+ a *eight you can absolutely
manhan+le $or 5 crisp e,plosi)e reps. It has got to $eel as i$ you coul+ +o t*o or three more reps
o)er an+ abo)e the reEuisite 5, i$ that *as su++enly reEuire+. 0i)e-rep sets buil+ po*erL siDe
an+ strength - *hich soun+s li%e e,actly *hat you're loo%ing $or.
My other suggestion *oul+ be to up your protein inta%e 'an+ thus your caloric inta%e( in
con7unction *ith your 5-rep sets. Hic% up the protein, pile on the poun+age an+ sa)e your
moneyL you'll nee+ it to buy ne* clothes to accommo+ate your enormous guns, oa% barrel
chest, tree-trun% thighs an+ pants-busting cal)es. Can you tell I use+ to *or% $or the muscle
magaDines1 When pushe+ into a corner my use o$ purple prose is secon+-to-none. Wor%ing $or
the Muscle Mags *as li%e *or%ing at the Carni)al.
Do 5-rep sets religiously an+ a$ter three months people *ill goL Hey man, are you on steroi+s!
9igge+ out o)er the holi+ays: My husban+ says he is going to s*ear o$$ 7un% $oo+ $or the month
o$ Aanuary. I *as going to +o it *ith him. 2hought the tag team e$$ort *oul+ be bene$icial. Do
you really recommen+ such a resolution1 I$ a resolution gets bro%en, *hich they +o, any tips $or
resuming instea+ o$ bagging the *hole i+ea1 2han%s
Ma'am +o you ha)e *eapons in the house1 I$ so, get them out be$ore un+erta%ing this 7oint
+epri)ation pact.
2his simple precaution has been sho*n to %eep )iolent inci+ents +o*n by almost I"B. Fy all
means, ha)e at it. Aust +on't en+ up li%e 2aylor an+ Furton at the en+ o$ Who's a$rai+ o$ Cirginia
2his thought 7ust came to me - get all the har+ booDe out o$ the house. Heep me poste+. I'+ be
intereste+ to see ho* this un$ol+s.
Washington DC: Marty,
Can you comment on the e$$ecti)eness o$ )arious )egetable protein sources such as peanut
butter an+ *heat gluten as compare+ to *hey an+ caseinate1 :$$ecti)eness $or buil+ing muscle,
that is.
2he rap is that soy protein is not near as potent as *hey an+ caseinate. I +on't ha)e any
science at my $ingertips, but there is plenty o$ it out there on this )ery sub7ect. I ha)e hear+ o$ a
goo+ soy protein that I *ill be trying shortly, suppose+ly signi$icantly closer in biologic )alue
'FC( to the tra+itional egg an+ *hey sources. :gg *hites are a great source o$ pure protein. 5
!#-egg omelet yiel+s a *hopping ""-grams o$ pure protein, *ith no $at or carbs. I')e ne)er trie+
*heat gluten - *hat are the statistics on it1
>pring$iel+, Ca: Hey Marty,
I loo% at the mirror *ith muscles so $air because the $at is no longer there.
8es, it is true the tripo+ o$ $itness can *or% $or you too. 5s% Marty the *ay $or more strength
some+ay. 8ou *ill ha)e energy to burn an+ *ill cause some hea+s to turn. Aust a Euic% +itty $or
you to+ay. Can I call you a$ter the sho* $or a ne* time to ha)e +inner1
My 9an 5m *inning 2ae H*on Do Harate bu++y. 8ou are a poet to ri)al 8ogi Ferra though not
Euite in Casey >tengel's class yet. Fut *e all nee+ goals. Heep composing these rhythms an+
+itties, you ha)e un+eniable talent. >ure sir, call at you leisure an+ *e'll +o lunch.
5le,an+ria, C5: Marty:
In7ure+ a %nee this *ee% playing bas%etball. It *ill probably be sore-useless $or a $e* *ee%s. It
*ill be easy to continue li$ting, at least the upper bo+y part, but *hat *oul+ be a goo+ car+io
substitute1 My usuals - bas%etball, trea+mill, e,ercise bi%e - are ob)iously out o$ the Euestion.
What's a goo+ car+io element that +oesn't in)ol)e using the %nees1
2hat's a tough one4
I ha)e a >ch*inn 5ero+yne e,ercise bi%e that has push-pull han+les. 2hat *oul+ be i+eal, you
*oul+ 7ust sit on the bi%e an+ use your arms 'no legs( to generate the heart rate increase.
Maybe you coul+ s*im '1( using only the arms $or stro%ing. Hea)yHan+s sitting on a bench
using small *eight +umbbells *oul+ generate a signi$icant increase in the heart rate an+ *oul+
be the sophisticate+ *ay to go. Do you ha)e a heart rate monitor1 2hat *oul+ be help$ul in
getting a $i, on *hether the ne* acti)ity is generating an accelerate+ heart rate.
?on+on, @H: Hi Marty,
8ou ha)e in the past recommen+e+ +oing lots o$ sEuats *ith )arie+ stance *i+th $or people
trying to a++ mass an+ strength in their legs. >houl+ the stance *i+th be )arie+ *ithin a single
*or%out, or across *or%outs1 Can you suggest an e,ample routine $or +oing this1
2han%s much an+ Happy =e* 8ear
Wo*, t*o inEuiries $rom ?on+on - :nglan+ - not ;hio. I ob)iously rule in ?on+on. Does either o$
you ?on+oners li)e in a castle1 I'+ li%e to come an+ )isit i$ you o*n a castle. ?et me %no* on
that - *hat's the Euestion1
Cary your sEuat stances using imagination an+ cunning to elicit results.
I$ you are going to be in the $itness game $or the long haul, you'll get to +o it all. >o mi, an+
match ho*e)er you see $it. 9ic% a stance *i+th that you li%eL one that allo*s you to go +o*n to
parallel in a balance+ po*er$ul $ashion. >tic% *ith it e,clusi)ely until you ha)e it naile+ +o*n
tight. 5$ter a *hile, say .-!# *ee%s you can a++ a bac%up set o$ sEuats. 5$ter completing you
'regular' sEuats, try one or t*o more sets using signi$icantly lighter *eight an+ ultra-narro*
stance. Descen+ super slo* an+ super-+eep an+ come up e,plosi)ely. 2hen you coul+ use the
same proce+ure $or a set o$ t*o o$ ultra-*i+e sEuats. Mi, an+ match, be creati)e, but once you
pic% a proce+ure, hit it har+.
>0, C5: Couple o$ Euic% ones:
8ou mention rest big as an important part- ho* much o$ that is sleep an+ ho* much is plain
+o*ntime1 I.e., i$ li$ting to gain *ait, shoul+ you sleep more1
Coul+ you mention a $e* stretches to +o be$ore or a$ter a *or%out1 I am +e$initely noticing a
little less $le,ibility as I gain muscle. I *or% in computers, typing all +ay, an+ ha)e notice+ some
*rist soreness. 5ny a+)ice on a bicep-tricep e,ercise that +oesn't strain the *rists1 I stoppe+
+oing preacher curls 'cause they hurt a lot. 5ny recommen+ations $or a marital art or sport that
pro)i+es an ass-%ic%ing aerobic *or%out1 I lo)e the <en high o$ running but *oul+n't min+ a
team sport or martial art as a balance.
;ne more personal one- I'm /4, male, I $t an+ !I5 lbs, *oul+ li%e to gain !#-!5 lbs be$ore
s*imsuit season. Ha)e been +oing one *arm-up set, than " sets o$ . at a constant *eight, but
ha)e stagnate+. >houl+ I go to top sets o$ /#, an+ *hat e,actly +oes that mean1 !#-5-/# at
increasing *eights, or /#-/#-/# at a constant, or something else1
2han%s in a+)ance, an+ %eep up the great *or%. 30 an+ I ha)e notice+ results since I starte+
$ollo*ing your a+)ice.
;H, one at a time.
!. >leep ai+e muscle gro*th. I$ you are really hitting it har+, your bo+y shoul+ cra)e sleep.
>houl+ you sleep more1 5re you tire+ all the time1 Is energy no problem $or you1 >leep is
personalL you ha)e to ma%e your o*n honest +etermination. I can't +o it $or you. I$ you are
burning both en+s o$ the can+le, at some point your bo+y *ill rebel. >ic%ness an+ in7ury *ill
$ollo* continual tire+ness.
". I stretch +uring the *or%out. 6ather then 7ust sit aroun+ on my but-toc%s in bet*een
mur+erous sets *ith gigantic poun+age, I stretch the muscle that I'm *or%ing on - har+ an+
intense. I$ a cre* is benching *ith me, each in turn *ill +o their bench press an+ then
imme+iately sub7ect the pectoral muscles to a +oor*ay stretch, a partner-assiste+ chest splitter,
or maybe use light +umbbells to pec-stretch in the lo* $ly position. 5 stretch also brings the
target muscle bac% to neutral, i+eal $or ne,t set preparation. We ha)e a *hole series o$
speci$ic stretches that compliment speci$ic *eight e,ercises.
4. I ha)e no input on your pen+ing carpal tunnel syn+rome.
5. =e)er persist in +oing any *eight training e,ercise that causes pain. 8ou 7ust thin% your
hurting no*.
I. I li%e the grappling arts, 7u+o, 7u7itsu, *restling an+ the li%eL there is a push-pull strength
Component that is aerobically ta,ing in a $ar +i$$erent *ay then stea+y-state car+io. My *i$e
lo)es those Filly Flan%'s 2ae Fo an+ a lot o$ +u+es +o also.
&. Instea+ o$ /#-rep sets, I *oul+ recommen+ you try this: !,!5, !,5 then one, all-out top set
*ith 5-reps.
Heep pushing4
I'm going to bi%e /# miles an+ then race-*al% $or 5 miles '!# miles1( on 5pril /J. Is that a
+o-able goal1 What strength areas shoul+ I concentrate on1 I'm *illing to *or% out 4 nights a
*ee% $or !-/ hours per session 'on the longer si+e on *ee%en+s(. I'm pretty strong $or my siDe,
especially in my
bac% an+ legs. 5rms, shoul+ers, etc. are a little *ea%er. Fe$ore I stoppe+ e,ercising regularly, I
*as +oing about 4# minutes o$ li$ting $ollo*e+ by 4# minutes o$ car+io. Diet *as tight 'balance+
*ith the right amount o$ protein, clean carbs an+ a little healthy $at( -- no*, I really nee+ to get
;00 the sugar %ic% I'm on. 5ny suggestions on a +iet-e,ercise sche+ule1 I thin% I nee+
something I can $ollo* to help get me bac% in the groo)e. I'm $eeling better an+ getting o)er my
col+, so I coul+ probably start *ith the *eights ne,t *ee% an+ a++ in some easy car+io
sessions. We'll be in :urope $rom Aan. !&-/&, but I'll ha)e access to a hotel gym $or about 4
+ays there 'plus lots o$ *al%ing outsi+e4(. 5nything you coul+ suggest *oul+ be C:68 help$ul
an+ much appreciate+44
2han%s, Marty4
2a%e a loo% at the 9erio+iDation program that $ollo*s this segment. I$ you groc% the concept it
*ill allo* you to set up your o*n customiDe+ $itness program. Wor% *ith it. It shoul+ ha)e
e)erything you nee+ to lean out in a timely $ashion. 2he en+ o$ 5pril is a long *ay a*ay, plenty
o$ time to set your goal an+ put it into a time conte,t. >et up a *eight training, car+io an+ +iet
program that uses the gra+ual gui+elines o$ 9erio+iDation principles.
2ampa 0?: Marty
8our a+)ice on breathing at the top an+ bottom o$ the +ea+li$t ma+e the li$t easier. 5re there
other li$ts you breathe t*ice on1 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: Well, certainly suc% a big huge breath right be$ore li$t-o$$. 2he big guys usually
hu$$ their air *hile stan+ing up, then ben+ +o*n Euic%, set the *ea% han+, set the strong han+,
an+ then hit it. ?eaner guys can com$ortably grab their air *hile bent +o*n in the hole. I am o$
the latter school an+ *ill set my grip, tighten the legs, then the bac%, suc% one massi)e breath
as I roc% bac% on my heels an+ simultaneously tear the bar up*ar+, o$$ the plat$orm.
I *ill hu$$ a lot o$ breaths bet*een the last reps o$ a sEuat set. Fig ones in *hich you ha)e to
raise the shoul+ers in or+er to e,pan+ the ribcage.
5rlington, C5: Hello, Marty4 >orry to be submitting so early, but I *as hoping to get some
a+)ice. I am 5 !-/ months pregnant right no*, an+ other than my 4 bloc% *al% to the bus stop
an+ bac% in the morning, I'm pretty much inacti)e. 5s $or my general stats, I'm a /5 'soon to be
/I( year ol+ Flac% $emale, 5' . tall, an+ I *eigh !J& poun+s as o$ / +ays ago *ith a pre-
pregnancy "4 *aist. I')e only recently begun to gain *eight in the pregnancy, although I')e
+e$initely gotten bigger4 0or the $irst 4 months, I consistently an+ gra+ually ?;>2 *eight
'probably because o$ the +iet change *hen I +eci+e+ to get pregnant(, about a poun+ a month.
I'm bac% to my pre-pregnancy *eight no*, though. I')e rea+ that the stronger your core muscles
are, the easier labor an+ +eli)ery are, so I'+ li%e to get some i+eas $or some e,ercises an+
stretches that I coul+ in my o$$ice, an+-or at home *ith a minimum o$ eEuipment. I ha)e one o$
those resistance ban+s, an+ some canne+ goo+s o$ +i$$ering *eights to *or% *ith4 5lso, my
husban+ recently purchase+ *hat he calls a *heel on a stic%, *hich he uses to *or% his abs,
shoul+ers an+ bac%. Do you thin% this *oul+ be sa$e $or me to use1 2han%s, again Marty4
Marty 3allagher: Wheel on a stic% is not a goo+ i+ea $or you - the )ery i+ea o$ +oing repeate+
belly-bounces on a pregnant stomach is as%ing $or trouble.
?oo%, *hy not ta%e it easy an+ not get obsesse+ *ith a $itness craDe *hile pregnant. 8es, +o
some e,ercise, light an+ crisp an+ $un an+ easy - but too many pregnant *omen become
obsesse+ *ith their loo%s an+ you nee+ to e,ercise great caution. 5s $ar as e,ercises, this is an
in+i)i+ual matter $or someone in your con+ition. Ha)ing ne)er e,perience+ pregnancy, I hesitate
to recommen+ speci$ic e,ercises.
Washington D.C.: >houl+ I belie)e the calorie counters I see on trea+mills1 Ho* about the heart
rate monitors Its har+ to belie)e that these coul+ be correct. ;r shoul+ I 7ust use the in$o as a
Marty 3allagher: I use a 9olar heart rate monitor an+ this thing +oes e)erything but paint the
house. I can obtain a blen+e+ heart rate a)erage $or my 7ust-complete+ aerobic session. I am
su++enly able to Euanti$y the intensity o$ my aerobic acti)ity. 5maDing technology. Mine is
accurate as a s*iss *atch - I can't spea% to calorie counters, I +on't %no* *hat the built-in
assumptions are.
Firmingham, MI: Marty -
I *ant to become a bo,er. Ho*e)er, I ha)e )ery $rail $orearms an+ am not the biggest person.
5s $ar as lan+ing a punch 'an+ not ha)ing it brea% my han+(, *hat's a goo+ regiment to
strengthen my $ists o$ $ury1
Marty 3allagher: I *oul+ suggest turning yoursel$ into a craDe+ psychotic %iller -
Weights, car+io, +iet, attitu+e, +etermination.
2he science is there an+ anyone *ho burns $or it ba+ enough can trans$orm themsel)es
Washington, DC: My employer's Aanuary $itness letter inclu+es an article claiming ?ess is
more, at least *hen it comes to buil+ing muscles. 6esearchers $oun+ that +oing one har+ set o$
pumping iron has all the bene$its o$ +oing three. Is this true, or are they lea)ing out some
important Euali$ier, li%e e)en though it *ill ta%e three times longer to achie)e the same result1
I'm s%eptical, as I +on't $eel I')e gotten a complete *or%out *hen, +ue to a tight sche+ule, I')e
ha+ to truncate my usual t*o-to-three sets o$ each e,ercise to one. 5lso, my perception is that
in or+er to +o the greatest goo+ $or the greatest number, our employer-sponsore+ $itness
instructors ten+ to +o*nplay +i$$erences bet*een a minimal, health-sustaining *or%out an+ a
more rigorous one they might consi+er har+ $or most people to stic% to an+ o$$ering only
marginal a++e+ )alue in terms o$ o)erall employee health. What research has been +one on this
topic an+ *hat e,actly +oes it in+icate1 Fe$u++le+.
Marty 3allagher: Don't be bu$u++le+ - *e can sEuare this circle.
Dorian 8ates, :+ Coan, 5rt Aones an+ a *hole lot o$ other smart muscle people agree on one
thing: one, all-out, nothing hel+ bac%, !#5B set is enough to spar% gains in any gi)en e,ercise.
5s Dorian *as o$t to say, It li%e shooting someone through the heart, +o it once an+ they're
+ea+ - *hy pump /-" more bullets into the corpse. 5n+ so it is *ith li$ting. Do one all out set
an+ mo)e onto another e,ercise.
6emember that you 7ust +on't *al% into a gym, loa+ up to your personal best 'or more( an+
*ithout any *armup, procee+ to li$t a ne* 96. I$ you persist, you might *ant to call ahea+ to the
emergency room to reser)e some space. It ta%es a set or t*o 'or ",4,5 $or the really strong( to
*arm up muscles, raise the core temperature, grease the central ner)ous system an+ bring the
bo+y - an+ min+ - to the prepare+ state.
Washington DC: My son is !5, 5 $t. & in an+ *eighs !#" lbs. His *restling coach has him on a
+iet to pre)ent him $rom going abo)e !#" as he *ill then go into another *eight class. I am )ery
uncom$ortable *ith this. rice ca%es an+ oranges 7ust +on't seem healthy *hen he is so thin.
What *oul+ be a recommen+e+ +iet to help him bee$ up.
Marty 3allagher: 5t his age, his metabolism is li%e that o$ a nuclear blast $urnace. He can eat
)irtually anything an+ not get $at. ;$ course the protein $oo+s, $ibrous an+ starchy carbohy+rates
are the 'clean' $oo+s that you as a responsible parent shoul+ encourage. !## is pretty +og gone
thin $or 5-&.
DC: Hi Marty,
=ot a Euestion, but a brie$ story.
I starte+ *or%ing *ith a trainer this *ee%. While he an+ I *ere *aiting $or a machine, I motione+
to another trainer an+ sai+ to my guy, I *ant a butt li%e hers4 Can you get me there1. I *as
7o%ing, but really hal$-7o%ing.
He later tol+ me that the $emale trainer has an eating +isor+er an+ she's +ating a 7er% *ho
%eeps telling her she's $at. I *as imme+iately humble+, an+ realiDe+ that getting one siDe
smaller is not *orth +amaging my bo+y or sel$-esteem. I'll *or% on *hat is a healthy bo+y $or
Marty 3allagher: It all +epen+s *hat circles you hang out in. >erious bo+ybuil+er couples *ill
call each other $at i$ they ha)e a !#B bo+y $at percentile - a le)el roughly eEual to >tallone in
the $irst 6ambo mo)ie.
DC: I am loo%ing to get 5le,an+er lessons Can you re$er me to the 5le,an+er 2echniEue school
in DC1
Marty 3allagher: I hear+ a little bit about the 5le,an+er 2echniEue a $e* years bac% - along *ith
Moshe 0el+en%is - but I +on't ha)e a clue as to *ho practices this esoteric techniEue in DC -
What +o you nee+ it $or1 What's the problem1
WDC: Marty, than%s $or ma%ing the time $or these sessions. I really appreciate your a+)ice.
0or pullups I see people using a un+erhan+ grip *ith the arms near the bo+y or an o)erhan+
grip *ith the arms a*ay $rom the bo+y. Does it ma%e a +i$$erence1 ;r shoul+ I stop thin%ing an+
7ust +o the e,ercise1
Marty 3allagher: =o, your thin%ing goo+ but I'm a little +isappointe+ that rather then *al% o)er
an+ try these suc%ers out - generate a little bit o$ +irect empirical %no*le+ge - you ha+ to *rite in
an+ as%. ;%ay, enough lecture.
Chins, palms to*ar+s your $ace, is one hell-o$-a-lot easier than pull-ups, palms a*ay. >tart *ith
narro* grip chins an+ e)entually *or% up to *i+e-grip pullups. 2he latter *as
>ch*arDennegger's $a)orite lat buil+er.
>ome*here, @>5: I nee+ it $or my bac% problem.
Marty 3allagher: 5le,an+er1 We'll see i$ anyone has any lea+s - stupi+ Euestion: +i+ you loo% in
those =e* 5ge ne*spapers that you pic% up in the health $oo+ stores1
5rlington, Ca:
Hi Marty4
2he !/-*ee% chart loo%s interesting 'an+ i$ you )ie* source on the page the columns still *or%(.
I'+ be using the plan to a++ *eights to my e,isting car+io 'I# - J# minutes, at least 5 +ays per
Will that change anything1
Marty 3allagher: Cie* Fethes+a
I$ your not li$ting, you shoul+ be.
Will it change anything1 8ou shoul+ eat a little more so you +on't en+ up o)ertraine+.
Ftethes+a, MD: Hi Marty,
?ast *ee%'s suggestion to start slo* O buil+ momentum is so true. I %eep telling mysel$ I *on't
see results i$ I e,ercise " times a *ee%, but am too busy-tire+ to e,ercise e)ery night. 2here$ore
I %eep putting it o$$. I cut bac% on calories as o$ !/-/J an+ am hoping a$ter a poun+ or t*o o$
*eightloss I *ill be moti)ate+ into stepping up my e,ercise sche+ule. >tarting 2;M;66;W I
*ill e,ercise " times a *ee%. I also $in+ *riting *hat I eat- e,ercise in a 7ournal helps. =o*,
shoul+ I be li$ting O +oing car+io1 I +o not %no* *hat to start +oing1 >no*ing here too, maybe I
*ill hi%e up Wisconsin 5)enue $or lunch.
Marty 3allagher: 3o to Cly+es' an+ get a +ouble or+er o$ chili - I use+ to gi)e I-pac%s o$ Cly+e's
chili to the po*erli$ters at M-mas. When I stoppe+ it one year, the li$ters to the man, *oul+ all
loo% at the gi$t I'+ gotten them an+ say, What4 =o chili4 2his suc%s4
Ha)e you e)er trie+ +oing your training in the early am be$ore the rest o$ the *orl+ gets up1
Fe$ore I became semi-retire+,I use+ to get up at 4am to be on the gym $loor by 5am. Done an+
sho*ere+ by, I:4#, I *as at *or% by .am, no s*eat.
2ampa Fay: Marty,
I *as glancing through Fompa's >erious >trength 2raining last night an+ he recommen+s )ery
high reps li%e 4#, 5#, e)en !## $or a leaning out phase. What's your ta%e on that1 2han%s again
master moti)ator.
Marty 3allagher: Fompa is a smart +u+e an+ he is the chart an+ graph master. Fut some o$
these guys are long on theory an+ short on !st han+ e,perience. It is one thing to +e)ise a chart
that says I5#," in the sEuat eEuates to &//,! but people are )astly +i$$erent *hen it comes to
reps )s. singles.
9arrillo li%es a set or t*o o$ ultra-high reps in some e,ercises, particularly the belt sEuat - he
conten+s that the 3olgi ten+on re$le, threshol+ can be increase+.
Why not try it an+ $in+ out - share your results *ith us.
@pto*n: Marty,
I get a pain %in+ o$ bet*een my shoul+ers but a little bit more on the right *hen I +o +ips.
5nything I can +o to alle)iate this or alternate e,ercises I can try1
Marty 3allagher: 8eah - stop +oing +ips.
?oo%, i$ it hurts, let it go. Dips a$$ect the triceps an+ pec ma7or - there are a million alternati)e
e,ercises to buil+ lo*er pecs an+ horseshoe triceps. ?ea)e the +ips alone $or no*.
2ampa: 2he +ea+li$t - you sai+ to breathe out then in at both bottom an+ top o$ the li$t - that *as
great a+)ice. =o* $or other li$ts I breath in be$ore ma7or e$$ort an+ out +uring or 7ust a$ter the
e,plosion. ;r is there a better *ay11 I *ant to %no*. I *ant to +o my best. 2han%s...
Marty 3allagher: =o, I sai+ some guys ta%e their air at the top an+ some guys hun%er +o*n an+
grab their air in the lo* +ea+li$t position. 8ou seem on trac% - the general rule o$ thumb is to
inhale as the *eight is being lo*ere+ 'or pulle+ to*ar+s you( an+ e,hale as you e,plo+e the
poun+age to arms length - +uring the loa+ bearing phase. Har*os%i hol+s his breath through the
loa+e+ phase an+ e,hales only at the completion o$ each in+i)i+ual rep.
Washington, D.C.: Hi, Marty:
I starte+ to *or% *ith a personal trainer last *ee%. I')e been li$ting $or t*o years. 2he trainer
really pushes me, *hich is great. I ha)e starte+ to $eel e,cruciating pain in my le$t han+ *hen I
am +oing +ea+ li$ts, shoul+er shrugs, an+ bicep curls. 2he *eight is not too much $or the
targete+ bo+y part 'the right han+ $eels ;H throughout the e,ercise(. 5n+ I am o%ay $or the $irst
set. It gets so ba+ I can't grab the *eight $or the last, say, $i)e reps o$ the remaining sets. I $eel it
most in my pin%ie an+ ring $ingers an+ up my $orearm 'the part that runs beneath these t*o
$ingers(. 2he trainer suggeste+ the sEueeDe ball to strengthen this area an+ also $ore-arm curls.
Do you ha)e any other a+)ice to hasten the process as I +on't *ant this to hol+ me bac%. Fy the
*ay, I am right-han+e+, i$ that matters.
2han%s a lot. 8our +iscussions are great.
Marty 3allagher: Contrary to the macho inclinations o$ your personal trainer, *e +on't *or%
through e,cruciating pain by sEueeDing a ball -- that's lu+icrous -- you nee+ to cease an+
+esist that *hich is causing the pain. ;nce the pain is eliminate+ *e step bac% an+ loo% at the
technical e,ecution o$ the culprit e,ercise's( -- ba+ techniEue1 9oor le)erage1
8ou coul+ be in$licting ner)e +amage, you coul+ be on the )erge o$ tearing a biceps, you coul+
ha)e a lot o$ ba+ things happening. 9ersist an+ something *ill rip, tear or brea%. =ote that e)ery
e,ercise that hurts has a pulling, stretching, e,ten+ing component -- this is *hat *e use+ to call
in the 9olice business a clue.
Mc?ean, Ca.: Hi,
I 7oine+ Weight Watchers an+ am losing *eight )errrrryyy slo*ly. 2hat's $ine but *hat can I +o to
boost things along1 I am ri+ing a stationary bi%e si, +ays-*ee% an+ +oing *eights. I am in my
mi+-4#s an+ in goo+ health. I ha)e lost se)en poun+s an+ ha)e that last $i)e to go. 5ny
Marty 3allagher: Hey, I *oul+ be real happy *ith a consistent one-poun+ per *ee% loss. 9ro
bo+ybuil+ers strip it o$$ slo* in or+er to retain as much muscle tissue as possible. Crash +ieting
causes the metabolism to slam to a stop an+ the bo+y goes into star)ation mo+e, eating muscle
tissue in or+er to preser)e precious bo+y $at -- it's last energy source in percei)e+ star)ation
situations. 8ou seem to be +oing it all right. Write bac% *hen you ha)e t*o consecuti)e *ee%s
*ithout any re+uctions.
Washington, D.C.: Coach -- you')e mentione+ to only rarely mi, in incline benches, stic%ing *ith
straight-up bench J;P percent o$ the time. My Euestion is, +o I shi$t to inclines $or a *hole
month e)ery no* an+ then, or +o I 7ust *or% a +ay o$ inclines in e)ery $e* *ee%s1 2han%s tons.
Marty 3allagher: ;h hey, you got to remember that J# percent o$ the Euestions are pose+ by
normal people not craDe+ li$ter-bo+ybuil+er-pro ballplayer types.
I$ you are *ay up the $ee+ing chain the a+)ice is +i$$erent then $or a green recruit 7ust stating
out. Inclines $or a stone beginner is a bit o$ a stretch. Inclines $or an a+)ance+ trainer coul+ be
consi+ere+ in+ispensible. :++ie Coan al*ays inclines '4#5,5( as +oes Har*os%i an+ 0antano.
Dorian 8ates uses inclines instea+ o$ $lat benching a$ter in7uries too% their toll. Fy all means,
incline li%e a *il+ man4
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty:
I ha)e an in7ury Euestion. ;n >at., *hile I *as in sunny >an Diego, I ran about t*o miles an+
then later in the morning I *al%e+ about $our. 2o*ar+ the en+ o$ my *al%, I began ha)ing
serious pain in the arch o$ my right $oot. 2he pain has not subsi+e+, ho*e)er, my $oot is neither
s*ollen nor +iscolore+ an+ I ha)e no pain *hen I rotate my $oot or *iggle my toes. 2he only
time it hurts is *hen I am *al%ing. I ha)e trie+ shoes o$ all %in+s, $rom $lats to snea%ers to
mo+erately high heele+ boots 'I'm a chic%( an+ nothing helps. What coul+ be the problem an+
*hat can I +o about it1 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: Hey Chic%4
It's $unny you mentione+ shoes 'cause that's the $irst place I *oul+ ha)e suggeste+ loo%ing. Is
this a regular occurrence'this le)el o$ e,ercise intensity an+ +uration1( or +i+ you 7ust get all
7ac%e+-up on the le$t coast *ithout the sno* an+ col+ an+ o)er+o the *al%ing1 Hmmm1
I suspect this might be the root o$ the problem. I$ so it shoul+ be totally gone by this *ee%en+.
I change+ shoes $or my morning mountain *al% that I +o se)en +ays a *ee% $or about an hour,
an+ these shoes, per$ectly com$ortable aroun+ the house or *or%ing out, tore my $eet up on the
long *al%4
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I *ill $inish my si, *ee%s o$ hea)y *eight-lo* rep sets on 0ri+ay an+ the increase in strength
has been great. My bench *ent $rom //5,/ to /&5,/. =e,t *ee% starts the /#-rep top sets but I
am *orrie+ that I *ill loose strength i$ I am not putting my sel$ un+er the hea)y *eights. >houl+ I
pile on the *eights one +ay a *ee% 7ust so I +on't $orget *hat it $eels li%e. ;ne last Euestion,
shoul+ I be +oing +ea+li$ts $or a /#-rep last set as *ell. I coul+n't imagine being able to +o that.
2han%s $or the inspiration.
Marty 3allagher: 3oo+ man -- gol+ star, go to the hea+ o$ the class an+ ta%e a bo*4
Do you realiDe that you')e 7ust actualiDe+ a // percent increase in your bench press4 Wo* --
that is a Euantum leap $or*ar+. I thin% you shoul+ *or% /#-reps $or a *hile. :)ery *ee% I *ill let
you *or% up to a snappy single - assuming you ha)e a spotter -- to stay in touch *ith the big
poun+age. Fut a$ter you *or% up to the single you ha)e to *or% up to an all-out set o$ /#-reps.
8ou'll nee+ a spotter. Chec% it out:
!. /&5,! then !.5,/#
/. /.#,! !J#,/#
". /.5,! !J5,/#
4. /J#,! /##,/#
5. /J5,! /#5,/#
I. "##,! /!#,/#
!#-rep ma, reps in the +ea+li$t.
Huntington, Ca.: Hey Marty,
I 7ust $inishe+ this *or%out you ga)e me last year. It *ent *ell. 2hin% I coul+ ha)e gone up to
! !&#,"
/ !&5,"
" !.#,"
4 !.5,"
! !J#,/
/ !J5,/
" /##,!
4 /#5,!
5 /!#,!
=o* I *ant to go into a lean cycle. >houl+ I 7ump all the *ay to sets o$ /#1 I$ I +o go to /#,
shoul+ the assistance sets go up too1 I *as +oing t*o sets o$ 5 on *i+e an+ narro* grip bench
an+ t*o sets o$ .-!# on the others.
5lso, I ha)e a year-en+ goal o$ /&5. Is that reasonable1 2oo high-lo*1 I')e been ma%ing great
progress since Auly, but I')e hear+ it le)els out a$ter a *hile.
Marty 3allagher: 8eah, you nee+ some reps.
8ou')e been subsisting on a one-+imensional +iet o$ lo* reps too long4 =o, /&5 is *ell *ithin
reason by year's en+ but you'll ha)e to belly up to the bar an+ gain some muscle in or+er to +o
it. Ho* about trying !5#,/# a$ter a minimal *arm-up. I *ant you to use /#-rep sets across the
e,ercise boar+ -- e,cepting +ea+li$ts, !#-rep ma, 'is there an echo in here1(. 2hin% $eel, control
an+ use a $ull-e,tension an+ $ull contraction on each an+ e)ery rep. It *ill be li%e that ol+ +isco
song: Furn Faby Furn4Iron pumping in$erno4 Furn Faby Furn4
0or the $oot problem: I use+ to ha)e pain in my arches an+ an%les a $e* years ago, a$ter years
o$ being e,tremely acti)e. 0i)e +octors mis+iagnose+ me 'stress $ractures, bone spurs, etc.(
be$ore the si,th $inally +iagnose+ me correctly: I nee+e+ prescription orthotics4 8ou may *ant to
ha)e that chec%e+ out as an option i$ ne* shoes +on't help. ;rthotics cause your $oot to sit in
the correct neutral position, an+ i$ your $oot +oesn't sit in neutral no*, muscles an+ ten+ons in
your $eet an+ an%les are o)erstresse+ an+ can cause pain all the *ay to your hips.
Marty 3allagher: Hey -- earlier $oot problem person -- hea+s up4
5s $or me,as soon as I *ent bac% to my original shoes the problem *ent a*ay.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I got ten+initis in my le$t shoul+er a couple months ago. >ince then, I can't really +o bench
presses because my in7ure+ shoul+er hurts too ba+ an+ I +on't *ant to ma%e it *orse. What's
the best *ay to get aroun+ this1 I %no* you're suppose+ to *or% in7ure+ muscles to get them
stronger -- but *hat about in7ure+ ten+ons1
Marty 3allagher: =o, I +on't li%e that *or% through the pain macho man crap.
When the going gets tough,
the tough put the *eight +o*n,
an+ li)e to $ight another +ay4
2his Herculean motto has allo*e+ me to stay in Iron 3ame $or ". years4
Chic% here: During both the run an+ the *al% I *ore my 5sics running shoes. I pronate so they
are goo+ $or stability. 2his has ne)er happene+ be$ore, although i$ I spen+ an entire +ay *al%ing
aroun+ in high heels, I +o get some +iscom$ort, but nothing as intense as this pain is. Can I +o
any $oot or leg stretches or shoul+ I simply rely on 5+)il1
Marty 3allagher: Hey Chic% -- you +i+n't ans*er the Euestion -- is this le)el o$ acti)ity unusual or
out o$ the or+inary1
5llo*ing the an%le to stretch +o*n*ar+, at the bottom o$ a cal$ raise on a stairstep, might pro)e
soothing. Ho* about %neeling +o*n *ith you $eet un+er your butt an+ lay bac%, stretching the
an%les bac%*ar+ -- *hereas the cal$ raise stretches the muscles, lilegsn+ ten+ons the opposite
Farto*n, Maine: Marty,
Health Euestion, ho* +o you $eel about salt1 I am a )ery healthy person, *or% out regularly both
strength an+ aerobic training, generally in goo+ con+ition. I +o li%e salt though an+ my *i$e is
al*ays a$ter me to cut it +o*n. >houl+ this be a concern1
Marty 3allagher: 9robably.
I use a little on my eggs, some on my grille+ bee$, but that's about it. I ha+ a brother-in-la* that
*as a salt $rea% -- can that 7ac% up your bloo+ pressure or gi)e you hypertension1
Has anyone run across any real goo+ salt substitutes1
Marylan+: I %no* this Euestion has been as%e+ a million times but siDe )s. strength1 ;$ course,
generally spea%ing a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle an+ a stronger muscle is a bigger
muscle, but is there more to it1
I $eel li%e I hear higher reps '.-!/( $or siDe an+ lo*er reps '"-5( $or pure strength.
5ny thoughts
Marty 3allagher: 3ot to mi, an+ match -- there is no one magical mystical rep range that
blo*s all the others into the *ee+s.
5n+ each +istinct rep range has separate+ +istinct characteristics that they in$use into the user.
2o ma%e matters more comple,, these e$$ects on the bo+y )ary greatly in+i)i+ual to in+i)i+ual.
High reps, !5-plus, buil+ tissue an+ a establish a $antastic *or%-capacity base $or $uture rep
Mo+erate reps, .-!/, pro)i+e a goo+ balance bet*een the tissue enhancing bene$its o$ high
reps an+ the po*er an+ strength attributes o$ lo* reps.
?o* reps, !-I, ma,imiDe pure una+ulterate+ po*er.
>alt: >pices in general are e,cellent salt substitutes. I a)oi+ the supermar%et subs, an+ spices
allo* e,perimentation.
Marty 3allagher: What is this 2*enty Euestions1 What %in+s o$ spices1
Dan: Marty --
Ho* come no /#-rep +ea+li$ts1
Marty 3allagher: I$ you'+ e)er trie+ 'em you'+ %no*.
5$ter about rep !#, the $ingers start to open as the bar pulls out o$ your han+s. 8ou spee+ up to
sEueeDe a $e* more reps in be$ore the barbell pops out o$ your grip. 2his messes up the timing
an+ techniEue an+ the *hole set crashes into $lames at about rep !4.
>ome sa+ists strap in an+ +o big time /#-rep +ea+li$t sets *ith 4-5## poun+s. 3i)e that a try i$
you be a certi$ie+ He-Man -- 7ust +on't ha)e a lot o$ acti)ities planne+ $or the ne,t +ay.
36I??M5=: D;='2 F:?I:C: 5?? 2H: H89: 5F;@2 >5?2, I2'> 5> =:C:>>568 2; 2H:
F;D8 5> 5I6 5=D W52:6, 6:M:MF:6 2H: H:8 I= ?I0:..... M;D:652I;=.
Marty 3allagher: 2hus spea%eth 2he 3rillMan . . .
Where +oes a I-5, "I5-poun+ po*erli$ter *ho +ea+li$ts &##-plus, li)es in a+obe mu+ hut an+
eats $i)e poun+s o$ protein po*+er a *ee% get the Hahunas to lecture to the pon+ mullets about
mo+eration1 8our i+ea o$ mo+eration an+ the a)erage ci)ilian's might not mesh e,actly,
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I'm a long-time rea+er an+ participant in your +iscussions. Ha)en't been aroun+ the last $e*
*ee%s, *hat *ith the holi+ays an+ mo)ing, but I'm getting bac% into my *or%outs. ?oo%ing
$or*ar+ to getting more o$ your gui+ance along the *ay.
In the meantime, I +unno i$ you')e ha+ time to ma%e any progression the 05G that you')e
*ante+ to post. I$ not, I'+ li%e to )olunteer my ser)ices as a Web +esigner to help you get it
+one. Wha++ya thin%1
Marty 3allagher: My beauti$ul *i$e calls me an i+iot sa)ant an+ 0orrest 3ump *hen the tal%
turns to high tech mumbo 7umbo -- I can use all the help I can get -- can you contact me at my
e-mail a++ress1 I got some $rien+s at 2he 9ost ha)e o$$ere+ to help me
an+ I really nee+ to Euit lolly-gagging an+ get this 0reEuently 5s%e+ Guestions thing together.
;%ay that's it $or this *ee%.
It loo%s li%e I got about a thousan+ le$to)ers -- I promise I *ill get them all ans*ere+ this *ee%
an+ remember that those ans*ere+ o$$-air get a more +etaile+ airing out.
5+ios -- also, chec% out this stretching article. I am *or%ing on one on protein consumption $or
ne,t *ee%.
>26:2CHI=3 F:2W::= >:2>: WH8 O H;W
I *as barrage+ *ith e-mail a$ter I mentione+ that the boys 'an+ la+ies( training up here on >outh
Mountain in the unheate+ garage outbac% o$ the Mountain Compoun+ all stretch bet*een sets.
2his is serious stretching, +one *ith an eye on e)er increasing the range-o$-motion '6;M( *hile
staying *ithin the technical parameters o$ the stretch. 0or each an+ e)ery *eight training
e,ercise there is a complimentary stretch, as in the theorem $or e)ery action there is an eEual
an+ opposite reaction1 5lternating *eight training an+ stretching is as natural an+ e$$ecti)e a
pairing as ham an+ eggs, Aerry an+ 3eorge, 5staire an+ 6ogers, Aagger an+ 6ichar+s. 2o
stretch a$ter a li$t is to engage in +iametrically oppose+ opposites -- li$ting compacts an+
shortens muscle $iber *hile stretching elongates 7ust-compacte+ muscle $iber. ;)er time, some
e,perts conten+ that stretching ma%es $ascia pliable. Incre+ibly, limit-e,ten+ing stretching *ill
actually promote muscle gro*th. 9a)el 2satsouline reports that >o)iet e,perts ha)e pro+uce+
ungo+ly muscle siDe increases in animals using target-stretching techniEues. 9on+er this: +oing
speci$ic stretches at speci$ic times an+ in con7unction *ith speci$ic *eight training mo)ements
*ill increase your range-o$-motion, re+uce the chance or in7ury an+ actually gro* muscle4 9lus,
stretching besto*s on its a+herents the mar)elous attribute o$ $le,ibility, a trait that is all-too
o$ten lac%ing in $ol%s *ho li$t e,clusi)ely.
We')e %no*n $or years that stretching *ill re+uce in7uries as it simultaneously increases the
user's 6;M. 5 7oint that is acti)ely an+ repeate+ly e,ten+e+ as part o$ the stretching protocol is
$ar less li%ely to ha)e ten+ons or ligaments rip or tear *hen the 7oint is acci+entally hyper-
e,ten+e+. Compare this margin o$ error to the un$ortunate muscle sti$$ '$igurati)ely an+ literally(
*ho hyper-e,ten+s a 7oint surroun+e+ by short, in$le,ible muscle connections. Fin+ing muscle to
bone is an important 7ob an+ a $ull range-o$-motion '6;M( pro)i+es an in7ury pa+, a margin o$
error, *hen a *ay*ar+ +umbbell strays outsi+e the proscribe+ motor-path*ay or you turn your
an%le on your 7og. 9liable an+ $le,ible is $ar better than sti$$ an+ brittle, I thin% *e'+ agree. Fut
there's more: stretching has an o$ten-o)erloo%e+ mental componentL the per$ect time to get
centere+ an+ $ocuse+ $or the ne,t *eight set is +uring the post-li$t stretch an+ in the rest perio+
a$ter*ar+s. 2he min+ is our most important muscle an+ among serious athletes, brain-train, the
art an+ psychological science o$ success$ully psyching your sel$ up prior to an all-out e$$ort, has
al*ays been a hot topic. 2he sa))y athlete uses the stretch as the psyche-up springboar+.
We'+ %no*n $or centuries that stretching promotes centering an+ $ocus. Fetter concentration
results in increase+ poun+age or a++itional reps an+ this triggers hypertrophy. 2op Iron Curtain
sports trainers appropriate+ many o$ their rela,ation an+ concentration techniEues $rom the
ancient art o$ 8oga. 2he a*esome 6e+ >ports Machine o$ the col+ *ar era con$iscate+ many
8oga techniEues an+ a++e+ them to their eclectic ste* o$ brain-train $or applie+ athletics.
5la+ar Hogler, the mysterious Hungarian ;lympic $encing coach +esigne+ an+ implemente+ an
entire psychological protocol $or Iron Curtain athletes that mel+e+ stretching, 8oga an+ cutting-
e+ge sport psychology into a comprehensi)e system $or impro)ing athletic per$ormance,
*hether in training or competition.
His t*o 5merican boo%s, Clearing the path to Cictory: 5 sel$-gui+e+ Mental 2raining 9rogram
$or 5thletics an+ 8oga $or :)ery 5thlete set stan+ar+ light-years past the touchy-$eely *orl+ o$
5merican sport psychology. Dr. Hogler's approach has +epth *hereas most *estern e$$orts are
a mile *i+e an+ an inch +eep. Hogler mission statement has a big shopping list: general health,
spee+-up the process o$ 'muscular( regeneration a$ter training or competition, correct muscle
imbalances, promote an o)erall harmoniDation o$ the organism, increase $le,ibility, elasticity an+
strength, impro)e the po*er o$ sel$-obser)ation, bo+y a*areness, sel$-+iscipline, attention an+
concentration. Guite an impressi)e list o$ attributes an+ there is still another +imension to the
stretching eEuation: a style o$ $le,ibility training that actually increases muscle siDe, shape an+
separation. Done imme+iately a$ter the *eight training set the muscle-buil+ing stretch acts as a
complimentary anti+ote to the $iber compacting e$$ect o$ *eight training.
>tretching to increase muscle siDe is a $airly re)olutionary approach an+ $irst intro+uce+ by
bo+ybuil+ing guru an+ inno)ator Aohn 9arrillo. Aohn *as +e$initely on the cutting e+ge o$ the
stretching $or applie+ bo+ybuil+ing purposes an+ bro%e a *hole lot o$ ne* groun+ in this e,citing
ne* arena o$ physical progress. 9arrillo postulate+ that intense stretching *oul+ loosen the
$ascia. 2he $ascia is the tubing that $orms the outer boun+ary o$ the muscle. 5 sheath-li%e
casing, the $ascia encloses the muscle an+ +e$ines its shape. 9arrillo postulate+ that a more
elastic $ascia *oul+ allo* $or easier muscle e,pansion. 9arrillo's protocol ha+ the bo+ybuil+er
per$orm his *eight training set an+ at the conclusion, begin his target stretch. 5t the conclusion,
9arrillo ha+ the athlete $le, the target muscle har+, *ith all their might. 0le,ing $orces the
pumpe+-up muscle into the ne*ly e,pan+e+ $ascia. 2he protocol *as, li$t - stretch - $le, - rest -
li$t - stretch - $le, - rest. With each succee+ing set the athlete li$te+ a little more *eight,
increase+ the 6;M on the stretch, $le,e+ a little har+er an+ got e)er more $ocuse+ an+
concentrate+ in the rest time bet*een sets.
2he proce+ure allo*s the trainee to more easily ma%e the all-important min+-muscle connection.
:longating pumpe+-up muscle $iber can be pain$ul an+ great care nee+s to be e,ercise+. Hol+
the stretch $or about !#-/# secon+s an+ be a*are that some pain occurs at the outer limit o$ the
6;M. 2he seEuence is complete+ as the athlete $le,es the pumpe+, stretche+ target muscle as
har+ as possible. 9arrillo conten+s that repeate+ stretching o$ a speci$ic muscle *ill not only
loosen $ascia but also bring about better muscle separation as the in+i)i+ual muscles are pulle+
an+ tugge+ upon.
Woul+ you li%e to inclu+e some stretching into your *eight *or%out1 Want to become loose an+
limber, impro)e your 6;M, re+uce your chances o$ in7ury an+ gro* some a++itional muscle, all
at the same time1 @se target stretches to counterpoint speci$ic *eight training e,ercises.
Weight e,ercise >tretch
>Euat Hur+ler laybac%, single-leg Eua+ stretch on a glute-high bar
?eg curl >ti$$ leg +ea+li$t *ith +umbbells o$$ a bench or bo,
Cal$ raise >ingle leg stretch, $ree *eight or hol+ing a +umbbell
Dea+li$t Hang $rom an o)erhea+ bar using straps
9ull+o*ns 5t set conclusion, allo* the *eight to pull you up as you sit
6o*s 3rab a bar at hea+ le)el an+ pull bac%, stretching the lat
?eg press >ame as sEuat
Fench press >%in the cat bottom position, $lyes hel+ in bottom position
Incline press Door *ay pec stretch, partner assiste+ pec stretch
9ress o)erhea+ 9lace elbo*s high on a +oor*ay, '*al%' through the +oor
Fehin+ nec% press Hang $rom an+ o)erhea+ bar, *i+e grip O use straps
Curls ?ight *eight hyper e,ten+ elbo*s on preacher curl bench
2riceps 5llo* DFs to stretch +o*n in bottom o$ o)erhea+ tri press
Wrist curls >play $ingers on a *all at belt height, lean on them
2his is 7ust a small sample. =ame an e,ercise an+ you can +e)ise an e$$ecti)e counter-stretch. I
poste+ a $e* select e,ercises an+ a $e* stretch )ariations but be a*are that there can be many
+i$$erent stretches $or a gi)en *eight e,ercise, all o$ *hich *ill elongate compresse+ $iber. 8ou
can create your o*n stretches base+ on your a)ailable eEuipment. Fe sure an+ e,ercise
tremen+ous caution *hen per$orming your stretches. 5 su++en an+ )iolent stretch can rip
muscles as Euic%ly an+ easily as a runa*ay barbell. :ase into your stretches an+ i$ you use a
partner insist that they apply any 6;M-e,ten+ing pressure in a slo* an+ e)en $ashion. 2a%e a
long term approach to the inclusion o$ bet*een-set stretching into your $itness regimen. 2his is a
process not an e)ent an+ stea+y continue+ use *ill pay astronomical +i)i+en+s.
Ca.: Marty,
Ho* long shoul+ you e,pect to be sore a$ter a *eight training *or%out1 I$ you are sore $or more
than a +ay, +oes that in+icate that you o)er+i+ it1 2han%s4
Marty 3allagher: =ot really -
I$ I'm brea%ing in a ne* e,ercise an+ really got a bite out o$ it, sometimes I'm sore $or ",4,5 or I
+ays. 2hat's the ba+ ne*sL the goo+ ne*s is the +egree an+ length o$ muscular soreness
lessens as you repeat the e,ercise in subseEuent *ee%s. I$ I get no resi+ual soreness $rom a
session I *on+er i$ I generate+ su$$icent intensity. I *oul+ suggest you perse)ere. What
e,ercise *as it1 ho* many sets an+ reps1
?e,ington, Hy -- Warning =o)ella: I submitte+ a Euestion a couple *ee%s ago about Fo+y 9ump
an+ my %nee. 8ou mentione+ you +i+n't %no* *hat Fo+y 9ump *as -- it's not a pill. 5ccor+ing
to their *eb site F;D89@M9 is +esigne+ to *or% your *hole bo+y using barbells *ith
a+7ustable *eights to highly moti)ating music. Feginning *ith a general *arm up, participants
are le+ through a series o$ e,ercises inclu+ing sEuats, presses, li$ts, an+ curls. 2he $ocus is on
correct li$ting techniEue using light to mo+erate *eights an+ high repetitions. 8ou +on't get big.
Aust tone+ an+ strong. 5ny opinions base+ on the program 'other than *hat's *rong *ith plain
ol *eight training1( I also as%e+ my +octor about the %nee an+ she sai+ my %nee pain *as
probably t*o-$ol+: one, my problem *ith o)er pronation an+ my muscles not being rea+y $or
sEuats an+ lunges. >he ga)e me some e,ercises to help. 5nything to a++...contra+ict1 2han%s4
Marty 3allagher: I'm still con$use+ - so *hat are they selling1
Ho* are you le+1 5re you *atching a )i+eotape1
8ou use your o*n barbells an+ +umbbells1
I'm al*ays in $a)or o$ correct li$ting techniEue but you *oul+ not belie)e some o$ the 'correct
techniEues' I')e seen $oiste+ on an unsuspecting public by 'e,perts'.
Ho* much +oes this +eal cost1
I +on't li%e lunges an+ thin% they can be +angerous - there is a point *here one leg lea)es the
groun+ an+ then impacts an+ that bothers me - plus I +on't thin% the results 'minimal( 7usti$y
their inclusion.
5re you +oing leg e,tensions1 5 lot o$ har+core li$ters ha)e ha+ %nee problems $rom using leg
e,tensions *hich is ironic since they use+ to be promote+ as %nee rehabilitators.
5rlington Ca.: I am a "# year ol+ man *ho stan+s 5'!#. I recently learne+ that I ha)e !&5
poun+s o$ lean *eight. 'I *eigh about //5 an+, yes, I am trying to lose *eight through +iet an+
e,ercise(. Fut ho* can I ha)e so much lean *eight1 It's not li%e I am some %in+ o$ bo+ybuil+er.
Marty 3allagher: Well let's not get too carrie+ a*ay - you are carrying //B bo+y $at.
5n I0FF pro$essional bo+ybuil+er at the international le)el *ill compete at /-5B bo+y $at.
5t !#B bo+y $at '$or you !J"-poun+s(you *ill e,hibit crisp ab+ominals, a lot o$ )eins an+ clear
cut muscularity.
8ou are Euite a)erage in all respects.
5rlington, Ca.: Hello Marty:
I')e been *or%ing out on a regular basis since !JJ" 'I am /& no*(combining *eight training,
car+io, an+ yoga. Do you %no* o$ any tric%s to buil+ strength an+ en+urance1 It seems I')e hit
a plateau recently.
Marty 3allagher: ;h, I'm loa+e+ *ith tric%s o$ e)ery type an+ +escription -
Fut in or+er to pro)i+e them too you I nee+ to %no* *hat you are +oing in terms o$ *eights an+
car+io, ho* o$ten you are +oing it, session length, +egree o$ $itness, current nutritional approach
an+ a *hole lot o$ other in$ormation. It *oul+ be $oolish o$ me to gi)e you some esoteric tric%-o$-
the-tra+e *hen it might be totally inappropriate $or you at your stage o$ +e)elopment.
Ca.: I$ you are still sore $rom a pre)ious *or%out, shoul+ you li$t any*ay, or *ait until the
soreness is gone1
Marty 3allagher: I$ I am sore in a particular muscle then I *ill not *or% that particular muscle
again until the soreness is gone. 2his is not to say that I *on't *or%out, rather that I *ill not *or%
that particular muscle - or the relate+ muscles - until the soreness has +isappeare+. I$, $or
e,ample, my chest is sore $rom my %iller bench press *or%out, I *ill still be able to *or% my
thighs, hamstrings, cal)es, lats, traps, erectors, biceps an+ glutes. In this *ay *e *or% aroun+
the soreness.
6eston, Ca.: I ha)e been +oing strength training $or only a $e* *ee%s, an+ I ha)e been using a
*eight bench *ith +umbbells an+ barbells at home. My Euestion is, I'm concerne+ that I'm not
a+eEuately *or%ing my lo*er bo+y. I ha)e been +oing sEuats $or my glutes, Eua+s, an+
hamstrings. I $eel these the ne,t +ay, but +oes this seem li%e enough1 I ha)e rea+ many
+i$$erent boo%s on *eight training, but they +on't a++ress the problem o$ *or%ing the lo*er bo+y
*ith +umbbells-barbells only )ery e$$ecti)ely. Do you thin% that sEuats are a+eEuate $or *or%ing
glutes-Eua+s-hamstrings, or *oul+ you recommen+ something else1 'I cannot +o lunges,
because they hurt my %nees(. 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: >Euats are most +e$initely a+eEuate $or *or%ing glutes an+ thigh muscles.
Hamstrings reEuires leg curls or sti$$-legge+ +ea+li$ts. I assume you are using a+eEuate
poun+age *hen you sEuat - ob)iously i$ you encounter ne,t-+ay soreness something is a$oot.
?unges blo*.
>terling, Ca.: Marty, I am a /##lb, 5'" "# yr. ol+ $emale *ho is trying to lose *eight - I')e lost !I
lbs in the past month through +iet alone. I starte+ to *al% three nights a *ee%, one mile at a
time. I ten+ to get *in+e+ easily. I')e eliminate+ most o$ the starchy carbs $rom my +iet 'an+
sugars44( an+ ha)e starte+ to +rin% a protein sha%e each morning '*hat a pic%-me-up it is44(.
Guestion: My company has gi)en each employee a $ull membership to a gym local to the area.
I'm pretty embarrasse+ as to my lac% o$ $itness an+ my *eight an+ my general lac% o$
%no*le+ge about ho* to get starte+. Does it seem strange i$ I *oul+ rather consult *ith a trainer
$or the $irst $e* go-roun+s to ma%e sure I am +oing things right, to set up a routine1 Do gyms
loo% +o*n upon people li%e me1
2han%s, Marty, $or all that you are +oing *ith this $orum - it's been a real incenti)e-buil+er $or
Marty 3allagher: Har+ly - gym +on't loo% +o*n on you, *hen they loo% at you +ollar signs $lash
in their eyes -%a-chingg4%a-chingg4%a-chingg4
?oo% - 7oin the gym but +on't get suc%e+ into some long term commitment in)ol)ing a pricey
personal trainer. Hal$ o$ them 7ust go through the motions *ith someone li%e you, counting your
reps, telling you ho* great you're +oing an+ *on+ering ho* soon your chec% *ill clear.
Continue your *al%ing. 5++ another +ay. 9ut on a Wal%man an+ some upbeat music an+ get
3o to the gym. ?earn ho* to bench press, sEuat, +o pull+o*ns, cal$ raises, curls, tricep
push+o*ns an+ seate+ +umbbell presses. Do three sets o$ !# reps. Do this t*ice a *ee%. 3et
the gym o*ner to sho* you the correct techniEue. I$ he bal%s, $in+ another gym. 8ou nee+ to be
a sel$-starter, +on't +epen+ on some sun-tanne+ personal trainer *ho loo%s li%e he shoul+ be on
2emptation Islan+ to get you $it - you get yoursel$ $it4 3et a grip on that +iet an+ use me to chec%
your progress. 2o many o)er*eight *omen en+ up hiring han+some 92's an+ spen+ more time
tal%ing then *or%ing out *ith these 'butter-an+-egg' charm boys.
DC: Marty,
I'm 5'J an+ *eight !4I so ob)iously I'm )ery trim. What can I +o to bul% up $ast *ith muscle.
2here's not much a+)ice out there $or har+gainers. 2han%s4
Marty 3allagher: Well than%s $or all the +etail4
Do you li$t *eights1 I$ you +on't that's the $irst thing you nee+ to +o.
;nce you establish a %ic%-glute *eight training session then you nee+ to get serious about your
eating. >%inny people nee+ to +rin% protein sha%es an+ eat lots o$ healthy nutritious $oo+.
?i$t big, eat big, get big. I$ you are serious then +rop me a note laying out your li$ting an+ eating
>il)er >pring: I ha)e recently lost 4# poun+s through the help o$ a nutritionist. I ha)e been
*al%ing bris%ly on my trea+mill $or "# minutes a +ay an+ ha)e begun to li$t 5lb. han+ *eights to
tone an+ $irm up my arms. I ha)e t*o Euestions: When shoul+ I up the amount o$ *eight I am
li$ting an+ *hat are some e,ercises I can +o at home to tone-$irm up my legs1 I *ant to buil+
muscle but I +on't %no* ho* to +o this at home. 9lease help me.
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay - I *oul+ as% that you chec% bac% through my archi)es to ans*er this
I$ you +o, you *ill $in+ many basic beginner *eight training programs that can be +one at home.
8ou nee+ to buil+ some muscle an+ progressi)e resistance training is the ans*er. I$ you comb
my archi)es than I *ill ans*er any Euestions that you *ill ha)e an+ in +etail. Do you %no* ho*
to access the pre)ious sho*s1 2here is a ton o$ in$ormation totally rele)ant to your situation an+
i$ you go through them then you *ill be ta%ing a giant $irst step to*ar+s a++ing the muscle you
see%. Woul+ you please chec% bac% in *ith me ne,t *ee% a$ter you')e gleane+ the basics $rom
pre)ious sho*s1
Faltimore, M+.: I *as *on+ering i$ you *ere $amiliar *ith, or ha+ an opinion about, 2he 0irm
aerobic *eightli$ting )i+eotapes.
Marty 3allagher: 2he 0irm1
Hey *asn't that a Aohn 3risham boo%1
=o I ha)e no clue *hat aerobic-*eightli$ting )i+eo is - *hat's your opinion1 5re you getting
anything out o$ them1
Cirginia: Hi Marty, than%s $or the opportunity to pic% your brain.
I am a /I year ol+ $emale, in pretty goo+ shape. I currently *or% out 5 +ays a *ee% +oing a
combination program 'car+io, strength, $le,ibility(. I ha)e signe+ up to +o the 5ID> Caccine ri+e
in 5ugust--5## miles o$ bi%ing in I +ays. My training $or the bi%e trip *ill inclu+e " mo+erate
ri+es per *ee% '!# - /# miles( an+ one longer ri+e e)ery / *ee%s '"# - 4# miles(. My Euestion:
Will I be o)er+oing it i$ I continue *ith my current $itness routine an+ a++ my bi%e training on top
o$ it1
Marty 3allagher: Hey Cirginia - I *oul+ cut bac% on the car+io portion o$ your current regimen:
a$terall, bi%e ri+ing is car+io so substitute that $or your trea+mill or stairsmaster or *hate)er it is
you are currently +oing - li$t your *eights, %eep a tight eye on the +iet an+ cran% bac% on the
supplemental car+io in $a)or o$ the *ee%ly bi%e ri+ing. I$ you $eel burne+ out, $eel $ree to +rop
e)en more car+io.
Cienna, C5:
I')e al*ays been a night person, so I usually *or% out late at night 'J:"# - !#:##(an hour or t*o
a$ter +inner. Is this harm$ul, or less e$$ecti)e than *or%ing out in the morning1
Marty 3allagher: =o, anytime that you $eel strong an+ +etermine+ is the right time to li$t. Most
serious li$ters li$t at night.
9hilly, 9a.: MartyL
Can you recommen+ a goo+ *eb site *here I can get a +etaile+ +escription-picture o$ each
e,ercise1 ?o)e your chat but sometimes *hen you say sti$$-legge+ +ea+li$tL I al*ays *ish I
coul+ 7ust go some*here an+ loo% it up.
Marty 3allagher: 2his is a tough one - I +on't sur$ the *eb much but I suppose there are some
e,ercise sites out there some*here. I ha+ a $ello* sho* me some li$ting on the *eb a $e*
*ee%s bac% but it too% $ore)er $or the stin%ing thing to loa+ up. 5n+ this *as $or one set lasting
maybe /#-secon+s.
Does anyone out there %no* o$ any e,ercise *eb sites1 Ho* about )i+eos1 3o out to
bloc%buster )i+eo an+ see i$ they ha)e any e,ercise )i+eos - i$ you $in+ any goo+ one let me
%no*. I %no* that most o$ the tip-top I0FF bo+ybuil+ers ha)e training )i+eos out '>ha*n 6ay,
He)in ?e)rone, Dorian 8ates, etc.( so you might *ant to chec% out MuscleO0itness o$ 0le,
5ustin,2,.: Hey Marty, I'm on *ee% t*o o$ your perio+iDation *or%out an+ things seem to be
going pretty *ell. I'll let you %no* the $inal results.
Fut loo%ing ahea+, I sense trouble. 8ou say *e start *ith .&5 grams o$ protein per poun+ bo+y
*eight, an+ t*ice as much carbs. 5t the en+ o$ the cycle, the carb-protein ratio is re)erse+ an+
the carbs are all o$ the $ibrous %in+.
>o I')e calculate+ $or my starting *eight o$ !"5 lbs:
Wee% !: !## gm protein, /## gm carbs
Wee% !/: /## gm protein, !## gm carbs.
Fut, !## grams o$ $ibrous carbs is aroun+ /! cups o$ broccoli, &4 cups o$ sala+4 Can this
possibly be right1 What gi)es1
Marty 3allagher: Hey man you 7ust +on't *ant it ba+ enough4 I$ you +i+ you'+ eat those /! cups
o$ broccoli an+ &4 cups o$ sala+ e)ery +ay4
Hey e)en I must a+mit that's a little e,treme - ho* about eating a portion o$ $iber *ith each one
o$ your three regular meals a +ay. 2he i+ea is to eat enough $iber to %eep your innar+s clean as
polishe+ chrome *hile cutting the starch bac% in or+er to 'tric%' the bo+y into o,i+iDing bo+y $at.
2he constant protein allo*s you to hang onto har+-earne+ muscle mass *hile +ieting. 0iber is
great stu$$ but !## cups a +ay is a ta+ to much $or e)eryone this si+e o$ 36I??M5=.
Faltimore, M+.: 5s to 2he 0irm. 8ou use 'light( *eights *hile you +o aerobics. @se hea)ier
*eights *hile +oing sEuats-leg press 'climbing onto !& inch bo,(. >ome arm *or%. I am getting
something out o$ it, ne)er ha)ing use+ *eights be$ore, but *as *on+ering *hether I am
+elu+ing mysel$ about the o)erall bene$its - hate to *aste my time, you %no*.
Marty 3allagher: 5ctually this soun+s li%e an up+ate+ )ersion o$ Hea)yHan+s.
@sing small *eights in con7unction *ith car+io training is a great i+ea but only as an aerobic
acti)ity. 2he poun+age is insu$$icient to generate hypertrophy - muscle gro*th. 2o gro* muscle
you nee+ concentrate+ +oses o$ straight *eight training. What you're +oing soun+s li%e a goo+
car+io acti)ity - 7ust +on't $orget to a++ a $e* session a *ee% o$ 'real' *eight training' in or+er to
buil+ some muscle mass.
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay $ol%s - that's all I ha)e time $or this *ee%. I')e got a !:"# phone inter)ie*
*ith the *orl+'s greatest strength athlete, :+ Coan an+ a ":"# inter)ie* *ith the *orl+'s best
combat $ighter, Mar% 2he Hammer Coleman. 9lease chec% out the unans*ere+ Euestions
$rom last *ee% that $ollo* -
I almost $orgot - +ear 9regnant ?a+y - I really +on't %no* *hat to a+)ise you to +o - I *as
beating my brains out trying to thin% o$ something but I ha)e no +irect e,perience *ith
pregnancy an+ hesitate to gi)e a+)ice to someone in that con+ition - sorry4
>omer)ille, M5: I'm trying to Euit smo%ing, an+ hear+ that e,ercise *as a goo+ *ay to +istract
mysel$ $rom *anting to smo%e. Ho* much shoul+ I push mysel$1 I start *heeDing a$ter only a
$e* minutes o$ e,ercise, but ho* much *heeDing is ba+1 2han%s4
I ha+ a bu++y *ho *as a $our pac% a +ay smo%er an+ miraculously %ic%e+ the *ee+ at age 55.
He too% up 7ogging an+ became as $anatic a 7ogger as he'+ been a smo%er. He +roppe+ +ea+
*hile 7ogging o$ a cerebral hemorrhage the ne,t year. Fe cool.
36I??M5=,W;;D>H:DDI=,5<: 5H;8 C;5CH 35??53H:6,
F::= ;@2 ;0 C;MMI>>I;= 2H: ?5>2 0:W D58>, I0 8;@6 56;@=D 2H: C;M9;@=D
?52:6, I'?? D6;9 8;@ 2H: >HI==8, H5C:='2 265I=:D >I=C: ?5>2 W:D.F@2 I'M ;=
2H: M:=D 5=D 0::?I=3 5lot F:22:6.
?52:6 36I??M5=
9.>. 95>> 5?;=3 2; 5?? 2H: M@??:2 CICI?I5=> 2H52 36I??M5= I>
A@>2 25HI= 0IC:, I'M =;2 ;@2 ;0 2H: 96;365M F8 5 ?;=3 >H;24
What happene+1 Di+ you get stuc% in a +oor*ay1
>an Diego, C5: Marty-
What are your thoughts on heart rate training1 I')e recently starte+ a program that has me
running in a Done $or increasing amounts o$ time *ee%ly. It's e,tremely $rustrating to start out,
though...tough to settle into my target Done, an+ tough to belie)e that you ha)e to start out so
slo* to impro)e. 5ny insight on the legitimacy o$ this type o$ training1 2han%s $or ta%ing
I ans*ere+ this Euestion in +epth a $e* months bac%. I lo)e the *hole concept o$ a heart rate
monitor. It allo*s us to Euanti$y aerobic acti)ity.
Ho* *oul+ you li%e to li$t *eights *ithout %no*ing the poun+age1 Ho* are you going to
compare one aerobic session to another i$ you ha)e no gauge on the intensity4 8ou can
+emarcate +uration an+ length, but *ithout a gauge on ho* har+ the heart is *or%ing at the
time, you are $lying blin+.
I use a 9olar heart 6ate monitor that tells me in real time ho* $ast my heart is beating. Fest o$
all, it has a 'blen+e+ a)erage' $eature. 5t the en+ o$ my car+io session I punch a particular
button an+ presto4 I am sho*n my a)erage heart rate $or the length o$ the session. 2his is huge:
I %no*, $or e,ample, that i$ my a)erage heart rate $or my 4#-minute session 'e,presse+ in beats
per minute( *as !4/, then I %no* that I *or%e+ at .".5B o$ my age relate+ ma,imum. =o* I
ha)e a mathematical $igure to compare past an+ $uture sessions against. I a benchmar%, an
ob7ecti)e measurement. Where +i+ you come up *ith the Done program - a runner magaDine1 I
can't comment on the speci$ics o$ the program speci$ics since I'm not pri)y to them.
With a heart rate monitor you can apply 9erio+iDation principles to aerobic training.
Washington DC: Marty:
8ou')e gi)en some great a+)ice in the past, so I'+ really li%e your input on my situation. I'm in
my early 4#'s, 5'& an+ aroun+ !I# 'got a bit o$ a paunch(. 0or the past I months, I')e been
engage+ in one o$ those early morning '5:"# - I:"# am( boot camp-type programs - calisthenics,
running, $ree *eights. It's Euite a *or%out- achy muscles, s*eat, the *or%s - so I'm pushing
mysel$. 9rior to this program I *as a gym regular but *ith minimal e$$ects - probably +ue to my
lac% o$ pushing mysel$. >o, *ith this current program, I')e gotten stronger but still cant she+ that
spare tire aroun+ my *aist. I eat healthy but am not a really a goo+ +ieter - a beer 'or t*o( in the
e)enings, maybe some chocolate on occasion, but again, *ithin reason. Despite my best e$$orts
I still seem to be carry aroun+ about /5B bo+y $at - *hereas I')e been stri)ing $or about !/ -
!5B. 5ny thoughts on ho* best to slim +o*n. I')e been thin%ing about a++ing something else to
my routine 's*imming - %ic%bo,ing, 11( a $e* nights per *ee%. I ha)e the moti)ation to *or% out
'cause I li%e it( but not the resol)e *hen it comes to +ieting. 5++e+ to the mi,, li%e most people
here in DC - I *or% long hours . 8our thoughts *oul+ be appreciate+.
!. 5re you en7oying yoursel$1 I$ you're not, you'll ne)er last. 8ou ha)e bitten o$$ a lot an+ are
loo%ing to a++ more.
/. :,ercise is o)er-rate+ as a calorie-burner. 9eople thin% they burn o$$ thousan+s o$ calories
*hen they play a $ast pace+ game o$ tennis or get up at 4 am an+ go to a Foot camp-style
training group. In actuality +uring an e,ercise session you probably burn o$$ bet*een /##-I##
calories, less than containe+ in one Fig Mac. 3et it1 ;ne pint o$ Fen O Aerry's *ill *ipe out the
calories burne+ at your boot camp class. I hate to be the bearer o$ ba+ ti+ings but you can +o
tons o$ high-intensity aerobic acti)ity an+ ha)e nothing happen *ithout a han+le on the calories.
/. :ngaging in one leg o$ the $itness tripo+ '*eights, car+io, +iet( is not enough to obtain your
goal o$ physical trans$ormation. I *oul+ suggest that rather then sign up $or more car+io, use the
time to institute a *eight training program. ?i$t /-" times *ee%ly. Di+ you %no* that e)ery poun+
o$ ne* muscle tissue you create *ill reEuire an a++itional "#-4# calories a +ay to ser)ice1 I$ you
coul+ a++ ten poun+s o$ muscle to your $rame 'not that big a +eal $or a beginner( then your bo+y
*ill o,i+iDe an a++itional "##-4## calories a +ay in or+er to $uel the ne* muscle tissue4 I$ you
*eight train an+ gain ten poun+s o$ muscle your bo+y *ill nee+ 4## e,tra calories a +ay - *hich
is the eEui)alent o$ per$orming a "#-minute car+io session4
". I *ish I coul+ grant you some sort o$ 9apal nulli$ication $or your poor +iet habits - but you got
to get a han+le on *hat you stu$$ +o*n your pie hole. 2ry my substitution principle: *hen you
get hungry $or high $at $oo+, or 7un% $oo+ or s*eets or beer - eat4 Fut eat something healthy -
hell, ha)e a lean stea% or a piece o$ $ish, a monster sala+, some s%inless chic%en or an egg
*hite omelet *ith onions, peppers an+ lo* $at cheese. 0in+ a $e* healthy $oo+s that you li%e
an+ +ouble up on them at the e,pense o$ the trash $oo+s. It *ill ma%e an imme+iate +i$$erence
an+ allo* you to gain a +ietetic toe-hol+.
Fethes+a, MD: What goals shoul+ I set $or *or%ing out on a trea+mill to increase my aerobic
2he goal is to impro)e your per$ormance in some $ashion or another. 8ou can go longer
'+uration(, Euic%er '$aster pace( or more intensely 'up a gra+e, $or e,ample(.
I cannot set your speci$ic goals since I +on't *here you're at an+ *here you're hea+ to. I cannot
suggest *here you shoul+ go since I')e nothing more then a !I-*or+ e-mail.
Moti)ationally Challenge+ @>5: 5bout a year an+ a hal$ ago I starte+ li$ting. 0or a *hile li$ting
*as a pain in the butt, an+ aerobic *as *hat I en7oye+. =o*, un$ortunately, the opposite is
true---I can't *ait to li$t, but I hate +oing aerobic e,ercise, e)en though I am Euite $at an+ nee+
the aerobic. 5ny a+)ice $or the mental ballgame no*1
2here is a natural ebb an+ $lo* to longterm $itness. I uball game emphasis one aspect o)er the
other but %eep my han+ in all three '*eights, car+io, +iet(. >ameness can be a)oi+e+ by
in7ecting )ariety into your $itness regimen. 0or e,ample, you might lo)e to eat +elicious,
succulent, healthy, roaste+ chic%en - but you +on't *ant to eat it e)ery meal o$ e)ery +ay. 5n+
similarly you nee+ )ariety in your e,ercise routines *hether *eights or car+io. Ma%e it $un4
2hat's the best a+)ice I can gi)e you. I suspect you +o the same car+io e,ercise in the same
$ashion using the same eEuipment in the same *ay an+ ha)e gro*n *eary o$ it. Change it up4
Fe imaginati)e - change your aerobic mo+es on a perio+ic basis other*ise you'll $eel li%e a
3alley >la)e $orce+ to ro* $or lousy pay. Ho* are you gonna generate any enthusiasm *hen
you hate *hat you're +oing an+ +rea+ the thought o$ +oing it4
M5628 =;2: 2; 2H: M5>>:> - Hey $ol%s, spea%ing o$ the +angers o$ sameness: here are a
$e* o$ my $a)orite coo%boo%s that I perio+ically rai+ $or healthy, tasty recipes. I'm a hell-o$-a-
coo% in *hat might be terme+ 'peasant style' $oo+ prep. Chec% out these great +iet boo%s:
!. 9aul 9ru+omme - 0or% in the 6oa+ ?o* $at coo%ing *ith panache, loa+e+ *ith tasty lo* $at
/. Craig Claibourne - 3ourmet Diet Foo% 3reat recipes an+ not all o$ them comple,
". Cali$ornia Culinary 5ca+emy - 0ish O >hell$ish, FFG 3rilling, Meat O 3ame Coo%ing - top
shel$ stu$$
9o*erli$ters lo)e to eat - here is a note that I got $rom one o$ my har+core roc%bustin' bu++ies
yester+ay a$ter he ate at >eager's >tea%house in 0lori+a.
I ha+ Chateau Frionne. I thin% that is ho* you spell it. I ble* a *a+ o$ cash on +inner but it *as
*orth e)ery penny. Cery goo+. 2hey ha)e a >eagar's in 5le,an+ria, C5. Maybe a little too $ar to
+ri)e, but *oul+ be *orth it.
Ho* much1 @sually Chateau Frionne is $or t*o people.
8eah, it is. 2he boys *ere ta%ing bets as to *hether or not I coul+ %noc% it out by mysel$. =o
problem there. 2he total on the meal *as about R//#. I ha+ the stea%, Aenny ha+ ?obster tail
an+ $or +esert *e ha+ Fa%e+ 5las%a. It *as a /.5-hour a$$air. We nee+e+ e)ery minute. We ha+
on the serious $ee+bag. I *oul+ +o it again but only on )acation. 2hat coul+ brea% me Euic%. I
nee+ a ne* +ec%, lan+scaping an+ more ammo $or my "5&. I *ill call tomorro*.
Di+ that inclu+e the /#B tip1 >till, all-time memorable meals are *orth it. My bu++y an+ I *ent
into the 9alm in !J&. an+ 5li *as in there eating the biggest lobster I'+ e)er seen. I *as on
e,pense account so I sai+, What the hell, *e'll ha)e *hat the champ is ha)ing. >hrimp
coc%tails, t*o &-poun+ lobsters, cheeseca%e, $our beers an+ co$$ee came to R//& - *hich *oul+
run R5## to+ay in the same cho* house. 2he *aiter *as a *ise guy an+ came o)er to the table
at the en+ o$ the meal an+ sai+L 5n+ no* $or the ne*sL the goo+, goo+ ne*s. He too% the
chec% an+ spun it li%e a 0risbee $rom 5-$eet a*ay an+ it lan+e+ per$ectly positione+ in $ront o$
me. We laughe+ our ass o$$ an+ ga)e him a huge tip. ;$ course I'm still tal%ing about it /"-years
later so it *as *orth it. We too% the bill an+ tol+ hea+Euarters that *e'+ ta%en si, clients out to
eat in or+er to get them to appro)e it.
Du%e Country: Hey Marty, 2*o Euestions- '!( *hat are some goo+ glute e,ercises $or someone
*ho is in )ery goo+ car+io shape1 I ha)e )ery little bo+y $at, but I still ha)e some. I am a $emale
*ho is o)er 4# an+ *ho is into the tripo+. 5nother Euestion-my short slee)e tops are rolling up
on the arm, an+ I +o not *ant this to be the case. Ho* +o I tone +o*n those muscles but still
ha)e +e$inition1
Du%es o$ HaDar+1 Da)i+ Du%e1 Du%e o$ :+inburg1 Du%e Hanamulha1 Hunter 'Du%e'
2ry close stance sEuats going *ay +o*n in a slo* an+ precise $ashion. Consciously $le, the
gluteus as you slo*ly arise. 2his is a continual tension e,ercise an+ shoul+ be +one slo*ly an+
strictly. ?eg presses +one *ith +i$$ering $eet *i+th an+ placements *ill also allo* you to Dero in
on those lagging butt chec%s. 8ou'll $eel it *hen the $oot stance hits the glutes. 8ou coul+ +o
lunges but I can't really recommen+ them since I +on't +o them an+ thin% they loo% sissy. I use+
to train *ith po*er assassin Mar% Duc% Dimi+u% an+ he reporte+ly *oul+ lunge up an +o*n a
$ootball $iel+ *ith a 4##-poun+ barbell on his bac%.
9hila+elphia, 95: MartyL
I +o *eights about "M a *ee% an+ consi+er mysel$ $airly ne* at this game. I *as tal%ing to a
$rien+ o$ mine at the gym an+ he mentione+ that he's been using a techniEue calle+ 3erman
Colume 2raining that apparently reEuires !# reps o$ !# sets each 'same *eight( an+ only allo*s
a J# secon+ brea% bet*een sets. It seems to *or% $or him. He's really ha+ some great gains in
a relati)ely short perio+ o$ time but I *orry that it may be too much o$ a goo+ thing1 your
Charles 9oliEuin populariDe+ this high )olume approach but I *oul+ a+)ise someone ne* to
li$ting to a)oi+ this program li%e they *oul+ coming across a +ea+ bo+y in$ecte+ *ith :bola
>teer a *i+e berth o$ this a+)ance+ approach. ?oo%it - as a beginner you're gonna ma%e terri$ic
gains on the most basic o$ programs, assuming you ma%e correct e,ercise selections an+ learn
ho* to e,ert enough intensity to stimulate gro*th. Why tac%le an e,otic an+ time-consuming
program *hen a minimalist one *ill *or% 7ust as *ell - an+ in my opinion - better1
I $eel li%e a cre* chie$ *atching some %i+ *ho 7ust got his +ri)er's license climbing into the
coc%pit o$ an .##-horsepo*er, !/##-poun+, 0ormula I 0errari $or a test +ri)e a$ter ha)ing 7ust
+run% si, beers. My a+)ice is to stic% to the .#-horsepo*er 5MC Mirth-mobile o*ne+ by 3arth
an+ Wayne. 8ou'll ha)e a lot more $un, ma%e great gains an+ not %ill yoursel$ in the process.
Compren+e' Du+e1
5rlington, C5: Marty,
5 $rien+ o$ mine tells me he has hear+ $rom a number o$ sources that in practice one can put on
no more than 5-!/ poun+s o$ muscle a yearL any *eight gain outsi+e o$ this range is probably
$at, unless the person is using a per$ormance enhancing +rug. Is there any truth to this1 2his
*oul+ seem at o++s *ith the $igure you o$ten cite o$ one poun+ per !## poun+s bo+y *eight per
*ee%. Who is right1 9resumably big people can gain more muscle than small people, but can
you pro)i+e ballpar% $igures $or *hat is possible i$ one is +oing things optimally 'but naturally(1
I'm right 9ilgrim4
I %no* guys *ho can put on 5-poun+s o$ muscle a *ee% $or si, straight *ee%s - an+ these are
+rug $ree guys. 9ut it this *ay: accor+ing to your pal a !##-poun+ gymnast turne+ bo+ybuil+er
an+ a //5-poun+ natural bo+ybuil+er coming o$$ a competition *oul+ ha)e the same rate o$
potential gain1 3i)e me a brea%4 Fob Chicerillo *on the =9C =ational bo+ybuil+ing
championships this past =o)ember. 5t the morning pre-7u+ging he *eighe+ //4 *ith ".5B bo+y
$at. 5t the night sho* !!-hours later, he *eighe+ /"" *ith a 4B bo+y $at percentile, a$ter
consuming !&-poun+s o$ $oo+. I *eighe+ in at //# at 4pm on 0ri+ay at the !JJ5 national
Masters 9o*erli$ting championships an+ the $ollo*ing morning at !#am I *eighe+ /"4 an+
sEuatte+ &#5 $or an 5merican 6ecor+. 3rante+, these are star)e+-+o*n con+itions, arti$icially
lo* then pumpe+ up but the point is )ali+ nonetheless. 5 large, /4#-poun+ bo+ybuil+er carrying
5B coming o$$ a contest *ill typically Doom up to /I# or /&# in a $e* *ee%s, retaining a bo+y $at
percentile that *oul+ %noc% your eyes out.
I ha+ a baseball %i+ that *ent $rom !!# to !5# in a year's time, e)ery ounce o$ it roc% har+
muscle. Don't sel$-impose arti$icial limits on yoursel$ or your thin%ing4
Worcester, M5: Hi Marty,
0our *ee%s ago, I change+ my routine $rom ", to 4, *ee% *ith / leg +ays. I ha)e been *eight
training $or about . months. 2he reason $or the change *as to +e+icate as much training to the
bac% o$ my bo+y as I ha)e been to the $ront. 5lso I re+uce+ the number o$ e,ercises per
*or%out $rom I to 4 because I coul+ complete each *or%out +ue to time constraints.
Warm-up: !# , 5#B o$ *or%ing set *eight, 5 , &5B o$ *or%ing set *eight
Wor%ing >ets: / , !/
DF $lat press
DF incline $lyes
bicep curls
lying tricep e,tensions
leg press
seate+ cal)es
stan+ing cal)es
*i+e grip pull-ups
2 bar ro*s
seate+ shoul+er press
rear +elts -on machineS
sti$$-legge+ +ea+ li$ts
stan+ing hamstring curls
hyper e,tensions
leg raises -4,!#S
9lus /# minutes car+io at .5B H6 at the en+ o$ each *or%out.
G!: My hamstrings are )ery sore $rom >atur+ay til We+nes+ay e)en though the *eights I am
using seem )ery lo* -sti$$-legge+ +ea+ li$ts /,!/,.5TS -stan+ing hamstring curls /,!/,45TS.
2hese / e,ercises are ne* $or me. 2he soreness is similar to *hat I e,perience+ +uring my )ery
$irst *ee% o$ li$ting. Ho*e)er, that soreness *ent a*ay an+ this soreness %eeps coming bac%
each *ee%1 Is this a problem1 I am hoping this is 7ust +ue to these muscles ne)er really being
*or%e+ be$ore.
I get soreness that last a long time *hen I'm brea%ing in a ne* e,ercise. >oun+s li%e your hams
*ere e,tra *ea% an+ sel+om use+ in your +ay-to-+ay li$e. I *oul+ bet that the ma7ority o$ the
soreness is $rom the sti$$-legge+ +ea+li$ts - they are Euite intense. I$ the con+ition persists, +rop
the sti$$s an+ see i$ the soreness +oesn't go a*ay.
G/: I coul+ a++ an a++itional e,ercise to each +ay, but I might s%ip these e,tra e,ercises
occasionally because I *or% out in the morning an+ nee+ to get home to get the %i+s rea+y $or
school. 5ny suggestions1
Why1 2his routine loo%s super soli+ an+ time compacte+ - per$ect $or a $amily person. I +o real
+ea+li$ts instea+ o$ sti$$s, but other than that this loo%s li%e a routine I *oul+ use. I li%e the
e,ercise selection an+ seEuence but I'm less craDy about your rep approach.
2his might a ba+ i+ea because I really hate lea)ing the gym ha)ing s%ippe+ something but right
no* I $eel li%e I coul+ be +oing more. Maybe I shoul+ 7ust a++ the e,tra time to the car+io1
Why not ta%e a chill pill i$ the gains are piling up. >a)e all that Macho stu$$ $or *hen you plateau
- an+ you *ill4
G": >ince I am +oing *arm-up sets $or each e,ercise, can I +rop the !# minute *al% on the
trea+mill I ha)e been +oing at the start o$ each *or%out1 It seems li%e a *aste o$ time.
Who the hell tol+ you to start each session *ith a trea+mill *al%1 2he only *al%ing I +o is $rom
the %itchen to the garage gym outbac% o$ the Mountain Compoun+.
G4: 2he leg raises ha)e become )ery easy, so I trie+ to hol+ a DF bet*een my an%les to a++
resistance but that +i+n't *or% )ery *ell. Can you suggest an alternati)e1
0orget the +umbbell bet*een the legs on the leg raises or you coul+ en+ up singing soprano in
the Cienna Foys Choir. >imply slo* the rep spee+ +o*n +ramatically an+ you'll be screaming
$or mercy. 2a%e !#-secon+s to raise an+ !#-secon+s to lo*er the legs on e)ery rep. 5re you
+oing them on a bench so the $eet sin% belo* the plane o$ the bo+y1 Hmmm1
G5: 5ny other suggestions to balance an+-or impro)e the routine1
Intensity trumps e)erything4
8ou got to get your min+ straight ?u%e4 2his *as great a+)ice the *ar+en ga)e Cool Han+ ?u%e
an+ I pass it on to you $ree o$ charge. Intensity originates in the brain.
5le,an+ria, Cirginia: Hello Marty, I am a "I year ol+ $emale, I +i+ *or% out at the 3ym $or ! year
5 +ays a *ee% ! hour a +ay, I got a little ?a, an+ 7ust +roppe+ out o$ the 3ym $or about I
months. I recently *ent bac% to a personal trainer an+ got mysel$ re e)aluate+, $at BLs etc... an+
since I can not a$$or+ a personal trainer I ha)e recently got bac% into some %in+ o$ $itness
program, that inclu+ing 4# minutes o$ taebo'*-Filly Flan%s tape(, an+ I ha)e a total 3ym at
home that I am using as *ell. I ha+ in the past use+ only $ree *eights *hich really help +e$ine
an+ separate my muscles, *hich ma%es them loo% really goo+4. I am using the 2aebo as my
$orm o$ car+io, be$ore my *or%out *- the total gym $or about another "# min *or%out until I can
get some $ree *eights in my home. What is your opinion on both the until gym an+ 2he taebo11,
$or car+io purposes..
I can't spea% to the e$$icacy o$ the Home 3ym cause I')e ne)er seen it much less use+ it - but
hey i$ it is a progressi)e resistance apparatus an+ gi)es you a goo+ *or%out - *hy not4 My
lo)ely *i$e uses 2ae Fo $or contest preparation an+ lo)es it. >he is a competiti)e bo+ybuil+er
an+ uses it to get her tic%er up to the &#-.5B range o$ age relate+ heart rate ma,imum. >he
gets up, has a co$$ee, pops in Filly an+ commences stic%ing an+ 7abbing, bobbing an+ *ea)ing.
Da)i+son, =C: Marty,
I %no* you ha)e a +og, so I'm hoping you *on't laugh at my Euestion4 I ha)e t*o 5las%an
Malamutes, one !#5 poun+s, the other !/.. 5m I allo*e+ to count *al%ing them 'I only han+le
one, my husban+ han+les the other( as a *or%-out1 I run an+ +o step aerobics regularly 'I'm a
$ormer competiti)e marathoner an+ triathlete, but ha)en't compete+ seriously since an achilles
in7ury in !JJI(, an+ one o$ my instructors recently commente+ on my goo+ arm an+ shoul+er
+e)elopment. Marty, I ha)en't been on a systematic *eight routine in three years, but sure
enough there are muscles there. 3i)en that Malamutes are, poun+ $or poun+, the strongest
+ogs on the $ace o$ the earth, an+ that e)ery instinct they ha)e screams pull4 pull4, +o you
thin% it's +ue to those *al%s e)ery night1
9ut on a heart rate monitor 'not the +og4( an+ $in+ out4 I *al% the +og the +og +oesn't *al% me. I
let him o$$ leash on the steep mountain trails an+ its up to him to %eep up *ith me. Ma%e sure
you s*itch leash arms occasionally - other*ise you'll +e)elop one arm li%e 2arDan an+ the other
*ill loo% li%e Aane's.
Worceser, M5: Hi Marty,
I recently bought a heart rate monitor. I am a /& year ol+ *oman o$ a)erage *eight *ho has
been e,ercising regularly '4-5 times a *ee%( $or the past 5 years. My problem is that my heart
rates +on't correspon+ to *hat the charts say. 0or e,ample, *hen I am running $or "# minutes
at a !# or !! minute mile pace, my a)erage heart rate is about !./ through the *hole session. I$
I am sprinting, it can get up to /##, but I +on't $eel li%e that's my ma,imum heart rate. When I'm
+oing the elliptical trainer or bi%e, my a)erage heart rate o)er "# minutes is about !45.
Fasically, *hen my heart rate's in the !5#s, I'm a little s*eaty, but am not pushing it too har+.
When I'm running an+ hitting !.# or !.5, I'm s*eating har+, but I can %eep it up $or hal$ an hour.
Why is my heart rate so +i$$erent $rom *hat the charts say1 5m I in great shape or out o$
shape1 2han%s $or your time, 5my
Hey 5my - soun+s li%e you')e got some goo+ car+io capacity. >oun+s li%e $i)e years o$ $i)e
*ee%ly training sessions has besto*e+ on you a s*ell set o$ lungs. Ho* +o you $eel1 9robably
li%e a million +ollars. Do you ha)e great energy in your +ay to +ay li$e1
C5: I 7ust starte+ *eight training recently, an+ I *as hoping you coul+ ans*er a $e* Euestions.
Ho* long shoul+ you e,pect to $eel sore a$ter a *or%out, an+ +o you nee+ to reach that point in
or+er to ha)e a e$$ecti)e *or%out1 I li$te+ on 0ri+ay, an+ *as sore all +ay >atur+ay an+ >un+ay,
an+ $or part o$ Mon+ay.
2his seems li%e too long to me, an+ I thin% I o)er+i+ it. >houl+ I e,pect to be sore $or a +ay or
t*o, though1
My plan *as to *or% out e)ery-other +ay, but I ha)en't been able to manage *or%ing out at that
yet, because I thin% that li$ting *hile I'm still sore seems li%e a ba+ i+ea. I *oul+ appreciate any
a+)ice you
coul+ gi)e me on this. 2han%s.
I touche+ on this a $e* Euestions bac% -
I *on't train a bo+y part that is still sore $rom a prior *or%out. @n+erstan+ that i$ my thighs are
sore this *on't pre)ent me $rom training my chest or bac%. 2he intensity o$ your soreness is
relate+ to your ne*ness to the *eight game. I train three times a *ee% an+ still get sore,
particularly i$ I'm brea%ing in a ne* e,ercise.
5le,an+ria, C5: Marty,
I'm currently trying to get $rom about /#B bo+y$at to about !#B *ithout losing
strength or muscle. I'm an e,-athlete, but I $ell o$$ the *agon in a big *ay. 5ny*ay,
here's *hat I'm +oing:
Diet- Cyclical %etogenic +iet, *ith carb-up e)ery other *ee%.
Weights - Mon+ay an+ 0ri+ay, $ull bo+y *or%out 'bench, sEuat, +ea+li$t, pullups, curls(, %eeping
in the .-!/ rep range.
Car+io - We+nes+ay, 2hurs+ay, >atur+ay - "# minutes running. I')e got a heart rate monitor, so
I %eep my heart rate at about !5# F9M, *hich is *here it shoul+ be. Do you ha)e any
suggestions on ho* to tighten up the program1
Hey this loo%s li%e a )ery soli+, thought-out o)erall program - are you ma%ing progress1 Why
not chec% in e)ery t*o *ee%s an+ let me %no* *hat's happening. Ma%e sure you +on't sacri$ice
e,ercise techniEue $or poun+age. 5 lot o$ guys on the comebac% trail *ant to get bac% to their
ol+ pre)ious best in the +i$$erent e,ercises an+ techniEue goes out the *in+o* in an all-out
e$$ort to hit the ol+ 96's. In7ury occurs as a result o$ too much to $ast an+ that's the en+ o$ the
comebac%. I'+ be real curious ho* this un$ol+s. 8ou're carbing up e)ery t*o *ee%s1 2hat's
tough - more li%e <umpano's ol+ metho+ than Dulchaine's later one - ha)e you seen ?yle
McDonal+'s boo% on Hetogenic +ieting1 It blo*s all the others into the *ee+s.
Washington, DC:
I am *or%ing out to both lose *eight, about /#lbs, an+ gain +e$inition. My $rien+ says that I *ill
accomplish my goal more Euic%ly i$ I +o /# minutes o$ car+io $ollo*e+ by an hour o$ *eights
rather than "#-4# minutes o$ car+io an+ /# minutes o$ *eights. Which +o you recommen+ an+
*hy1 2han%s4
Falance is the %ey -
!. Weights an+ car+io shoul+ be gi)en roughly eEual time $or someone li%e yoursel$ - ho* about
/. =o mention o$ the thir+ critical element, +iet - i$ you +on't ha)e a soli+ eating plan in place
you'll ne)er hit your goal. Cut bac% on saturate+ $at, 7un%, booDe an+ sugar.
". Ho* many +ays a *ee% are you li$ting1 I *oul+ suggest three sessions. Car+io can be +one
4-I times a *ee%.
5rlington, C5: Hi Marty. I'm a // year ol+ $emale *ho nee+s to gain about !# poun+s. I currently
*or% out $or "#-45 minutes, 5-I +ays a *ee%. 2his is mainly aerobic e,ercise. I eat healthily, an
a)erage o$ !&##-!J## calories an+ /#-"# grams o$ $at per +ay. I am 5'! an+ *eigh J# poun+s.
What can I +o to gain more *eight an+ still eat healthily. 'I'm alrea+y eating about e)ery /
hours4( 2han%s4
5++ing an a++itional 5##-calories per +ay, se)en +ays a *ee%, generates ",5## a++itional
calories per *ee% - *hich, theoretically, is *hat it *ill ta%e to a++ one poun+ o$ muscle tissue.
Why not +rin% a protein sha%e right be$ore be+ an+ eat one or t*o sports nutrition bars
some*here +uring your *or%+ay. 2*o bars *ill supply about 4## calories an+ a protein sha%e
*ill a++ another !5# calories or thereabouts. 5lternati)ely, you coul+ cran% bac% on your car+io
in or+er to sa)e a $e* calories.
Chicago, I?: Hey Marty,
My parents are about to begin *eight training an+ *ant to buy eEuipment $or the basement.
Fase+ on your archi)es, I suggeste+ getting a po*er rac% *ith a pull+o*n attachment an+ a
couple hun+re+ poun+s o$ *eight. 2he rac%s they')e seen in stores aroun+ here cost aroun+
R!###, be$ore buying any *eight, *hich soun+e+ higher than *hat you ha+ suggeste+. Do you
ha)e any recommen+ations $or a bran+ or store or *eb site to buy $rom1 8our archi)es are
great, than%s a ton4
Call Gua+s 3ym in Calmut or Gua+s +o*nto*n an+ as% $or 2om Milano)ich 'C-city( or Da)e
De8oung '+o*nto*n(. 2ell them you tal%e+ *ith me an+ as% them *ere you can buy a po*er
rac% cage - not a >mith Machine - *hich is *hat I suspect your $ol%s *ere steere+ to*ar+s by
salespeople loo%ing to increase their commission.
5rlington, C5: Guic% Euestion $or you or Washington 9ost... 8ou get a lot o$ Euestions $rom
*omen as%ing about *or%ing out +uring-a$ter pregnancy. 5ny chance *e coul+ bring someone
in to host a chat on that sub7ect, either as a guest in your hour, or in another time slot1
2han%s4 ?o)e your a+)ice4
=ice i+ea but *ho *oul+ you suggest1 I ha)e no clue.
Marty 3allagher: !-!I-#! Guestions 'cont'+(
?o)elan+ Colora+o .#5".-/44&: What is the best Human 3ro*th Hormone $or people o)er I51
I am in goo+ health, but nee+ supplements to my goo+ +iet. I am si, $eet tall an+ *eight !&# lbs,
e,ercise regularly, an+ am not ta%ing any me+ication. I ha)e rea+ the boo% Hormones o$ 8outh
by Dr 6onal+ HlatD. Do you agree *ith his positions an+ the H3H 3ol+ that he promotes1
2han% you $or being on the internet.
8eah, I rea+ the boo% too.
Ae) are you li$ting, +oing car+io an+ eating correctly1 9lease ma%e sure you are be$ore see%ing
the 'magic bullet' o$ 3H. 0ol%s are al*ays loo%ing $or a *ay to a)oi+ the har+ *or% that
accompanies a commitment to $itness. I +on't *ant to li$t, +o aerobics or li$t - 7ust gi)e me a
magic pill or in7ection that short-cuts all o$ that nonsense. 2he search $or the magic bullet o$
$itness has been ongoing $or hun+re+s o$ years 'remember 9once +e ?eon *an+ering all o)er
0lori+a loo%ing $or the '0ountain o$ 8outh1( an+ gro*th hormone therapy is the latest in this
ne)er-en+ing search $or the short cut to ultimate $itness.
8es, 3H therapy *or%s - but to +i$$ering +egrees an+ it is tremen+ously e,pensi)e. 9lus, 7ust
because you ta%e a $e* shots +oesn't mean that su++enly you trans$orm o)ernight an+ $ore)er.
It is strongly a+)ise+ that you e,ercise an+ +iet in con7unction *ith 3H therapy - gee, so ho*
much is placebo, ho* much is 3H an+ ho* much is e,ercise an+ +iet1 Don't o)er loo% the
psychological impact o$ ta%ing *hat you percei)e as a magic potion. 0inally, this is not some
philanthropic un+erta%ing by %in+ly me+ical e,pertsL it is a huge moneyma%ing operation. 5re
you going to Me,ico to one o$ the toney 3H >pas1 5re you rea+y to shell out 5-!5H $or your
magic bullet1
Fy all means %eep me poste+.
>crantn, 95: 5 happy 2ues+ay to you, Mr. 3allagher. I'm a "" year-ol+ $emale in e,cellent
health *ho is *or%ing on losing a pes%y $i)e-se)en poun+s that 7ust *on't go a*ay, +espite
changes in +iet an+ more e,ercise. I')e hear+ $rom a $e* people on the *eight-loss *agon that
they +on't eat a$ter & p.m. an+ *on+er i$ there is a reason $or this. I +on't return home $rom *or%
until aroun+ I:"# p.m. an+ +on't *ant to *ol$ +o*n +inner, no matter ho* light it is. Is & p.m. a
magic time $or stopping calorie inta%e or is the general rule 7ust eat lighter the later the +ay
gets1 2han% you an+ ha)e a goo+ +ay.
?ate night carbohy+rate, sugar an+ beer inta%e is a %iller $or those see%ing to strip a*ay bo+y
$at. 2ry an+ %eep the carbohy+rates, booDe an+ s*eets to a minimum at night. Ho* about a
giant sala+ an+ a piece o$ broile+ $ish, chic%en or stea%1 >till hungry1 Ha)e some more sala+
an+ $ish, chic%en or stea%4
0lint,Michigan: I'm $emale,54 years ol+ in goo+ health, but 5# poun+s o)er*eight. I *as thin%ing
that *al%ing *oul+ be a goo+ start, but $rom there *here +o I go.
3etting starte+
3reat place to get starte+ - so great that I ne)er le$t4
3ot a Wal%Man1 9ut on some upbeat tunes an+ *al% li%e your hair is on $ire e)ery +ay. 2ry an+
increase the pace 'ho* $ast you *al%( an+ the +uration. 2ry an+ incorporate some *eight
training an+ let's start *ee+ing the garbage $oo+s out o$ your +iet. Write bac% in t*o or three
*ee%s *ith a status up+ate.
Dear Marty,
5gain greetings $rom a $an in the =etherlan+s. I sai+ I'+ be bac% *ith some
+etaile+ Euestions prompte+ by your )ery )aluable tips. '2here's no
particular nee+ to get our your replies on this 2ues+ay. Aust +o it at
your leisure4( ;n the strength o$ your a+)ice, I')e alrea+y mo+i$ie+ my +iet
'cut bac% on brea+, a++e+ protein po*+er to my +iet an+ sprea+ meals o)er
the +ay(, I')e change+ my car+io *or%out 'shorter +uration an+ e)en higher
intensity( an+ I')e ra+ically restructure+ my approach to strength-training
'I')e replace+ the $ull-bo+y *or%out I per$orme+ e)ery other +ay by the
Marty metho+(. 2o gain a better un+erstan+ing o$ the strength-training
7argon an+ the e,ercises themsel)es, I')e also bought 2u+or Fompa's boo%
>erious >trength 2raining, *hich you recommen+e+. My e,ercise regime is
no* as $ollo*s:
!. M;=D58
>tan+ing leg curls
>tan+ing cal$ raises 'using a hea)y +umbell by *ay o$ impro)isation(
;h no4 It's the +rea+e+ :uropean De+umbbelln. ?et's tac%le his ne)er-en+ing series o$ Eueries
one Euery at a time:
2ry one legge+-cal$ raises o$$ a stairstep - +o !,/# *ith each leg 'start *ith the *ea% leg( an+
then imme+iately both leg legs $or !,"# reps - that is one 'giant set' - +o three giant sets an+
your cal)es *ill burn so ba+ you'll be loo%ing $or a $ire e,tinguisher.
>eate+ $ront barbell press
>tan+ing si+e lateral raises
>tan+ing bent-o)er lateral raises
6e)erse *rist curls
Wrist curls
9ulley crunches
Hnee-ups on $lat bench
/. 2@:>D58
! hour o$ intensi)e training on a stationary bi%e, inclu+ing a !/-minute
*arm-up an+ !/-minute cool-+o*n
What %in+ o$ age relate+ heart rate ma, are you generating1
". W:D=:>D58
0lat bench press
Incline bench press
>eate+ o)erhea+ t*o-arm triceps e,tension 'using a +e)ice speci$ically ma+e
$or this e,erciseL it allo*s $or more com$ortable han+ling than a single
2riceps push+o*ns
9ulley crunches
Hnee-ups on $lat bench
4. 2H@6>D58
Car+io training
5. 06ID58
Mo+i$ie+ hamstring +ea+li$t 'the e,ercise recommen+e+ in >erious >trength
;ne-arm +umbbell ro*s
?at pull+o*ns to the $ront
>tan+ing barbell curls
>tan+ing re)erse barbell curls
Incline seate+ +umbbell curls
9ulley crunches
Hnee-ups on $lat bench
I. >52@6D58
Car+io training
&. >@=D58
Day o$$
I begin each strength-training session *ith a !#-minute general *armup
'using )ery light *eights *hile going through the entire spectrum o$
e,ercises(. In line *ith your a+)ice, I then I +o an e,ercise-speci$ic
*armup '/# reps using "" percent o$ total *eight an+ . reps using II percent
o$ total *eight( be$ore tac%ling any e,ercise. I en+ each session *ith a
!#-minute cool+o*n ')ery light *eights plus a bit o$ spinning on my e,ercise
bi%e(. 2hen it's time to +o some stretching.
=o* here are my Euestions about strength training. I$ it's all a bit too
much to ans*er in one go - as I e,pect it is - I'll come bac% *ith the
unans*ere+ ones some other time. I$ that's ;H *ith you, I hasten to a++.
';ther*ise you'+ say: that all1 Do you *ant me to *ash O *a, your
car as *ell1 I really +ig your in-your-$ace sense o$ humor.(
8es I *oul+ li%e you to *ash an+ *a, the $leet, no* that you o$$er. 8ou coul+ *ash an+ *a, my
7eep, my monster truc%, my 52C, clean the guns an+ *ash the +og. Di+ you e)er see '2he
Harate Hi+1 Wa, on, Wa, o$$. 8ou'+ gro* as a person an+ I'+ let you crash in the laun+ry room.
!. Is this a soun+ program1 2o be more speci$ic, is the seEuence o$ the
e,ercises per$orme+ on all three strength-training +ays correct1 Moreo)er,
since I li%e to *or% out e)ery +ay o$ the *ee%, I *on+er *hether I can s%ip
+ay T& 'the o$$-+ay(1
It's a $ine program $or as long as it pro+uces tangible result - be a*are at some point gains *ill
cease an+ you'll nee+ to change. 2he +anger is $ol%s get too attache+ to $a)ore+ 'pet' e,ercise
/. I'm $on+ o$ the *rist-curl e,ercises, although I realiDe that the
$orearms are use+ in+irectly in other e,ercises as *ell. 'I $in+ that e)en
muscle-boun+ types o$ten ha)e puny $orearms, compare+ *ith the rest o$ their
bo+ies.( Is Mon+ay a goo+ time to +o them1 ;r is 0ri+ay better because I
then +o the re)erse barbell curls, *hich also speci$ically tac%le the
Whate)er $loats your boat - loo% - $orearms are a small muscle an+ aren't going to cut into the
o)erall rate o$ reco)ery.
5rnol+ >ch*arDenegger recommen+s +oing *rist-curls e)ery +ay, *hich seems a bit much.
It is.
>houl+ I stic% to my current once-a-*ee% sche+ule or shoul+ I go $or t*ice a *ee% or e)en thrice
a *ee%1
Ho* about +oing them *hene)er you ta%e a min+ an+ not get too compulsi)e about it - maybe
some *ee%s *rist curl once a *ee% an+ other *ee%s maybe t*o or three times a *ee%. Fe sure
an+ +o the +rea+e+ 3allagher $inger stretch a$ter completing one roun+ o$ *rist-re)erse *rist
curls: sprea+ your $ingers, place them on a *all at solar-ple,us height an+ *ith straight arms,
lean onto the $ingers. 2he stretch is incre+ible, the pain e,cruciating, the results $abulous.
;r +o I ha)e to try out *hat *or%s best, remaining min+$ul o$ o)er-use in7uries1 I see that the
height o$ the benches people sit on *hile +oing *rist-curls )aries Euite a bit. Does this ma%e
much +i$$erence1
I once rea+ that a bench *hereby you a+opt a slightly greater than a J# +egrees angle in your
%nees is sa$er $or your *rists1 Is that so1
>a$e1 0or the *rists1 2his isn't s%y +i)ing or cli$$ +i)ing this is a set o$ stin%ing *rist curls4
4. I un+erstan+ that I can per$orm ab+ominal e,ercises three times a *ee%, *ithout any
I$ you li%e. I +on't +o any ab *or% mysel$.
5. 2his $reEuency $eels 7ust right. When I per$orm pulley crunches $or the upper abs, I use
*eights that enable me to +o about /5 reps 't*o sets(. 0or the lo*er abs, I 7ust began +oing the
%nee-ups on $lat bench, as recommen+e+ in >erious >trength 2raining.3oo+ e,ercise1 I ta%e
it that I can use *eights 'ha)en't yet $igure+ out ho*( to ma%e the %nee-ups more strenuous in
the longer run1
?ay $ace up on a leg curl machine, hoo% the leg curl pa+ *ith your instep an+ pull the *eight
to*ar+s you by ben+ing your %nees to*ar+s your hea+.
I. 9erhaps I shoul+ buy iron boots to that en+. 5s a thir+ abs e,ercise, I pull in my stomach at
regular inter)als each +ay, thus $ollo*ing the e,ample o$ 6oger More 'the $ormer Aames Fon+(.
I belie)e it helps strengthen my abs, burns up some e,tra calories an+, perhaps most important,
also impro)es general posture. 8our opinion please1
0ollo*ing the e,ample o$ 6oger Moore1 I *oul+ suggest you copy his babe-pic%up techniEues
not his ab+ominal e,ercise techniEues.
2his is the 8oga stomach )acuum. Mr. ;lympia 0ran% <ane use+ to practice hol+ing a )acuum
$or "#-minutes a +ay. Ha)e at it my $rien+.
&. @ntil recently, I +i+ si+e lateral raises an+ bent-o)er lateral raises, using completely out-
stretche+ arms. 5 be$rien+e+ sports physiotherapist once *arne+ me against using hea)y
*eights in these t*o e,ercises. =o* I 7ust a+opte+ the type o$ laterals *ith $le,e+ arms
'slightly ben+e+ arms( as recommen+e+ in >erious >trength 2raining. Do his *arnings still
apply1 ;r can I e)entually go all out in these e,ercises, using *eights that are as hea)y as I can
han+le sa$ely1
Fen+ at the elbo*s, re+uce the *eight, slo* +o*n the rep spee+ an+ establish the min+-muscle
+elt-brain connection. 2oo many guys use real hea)y poun+age an+ 7ust hea)e the +umbbells
up*ar+. 2hat ma%es it a trap e,ercise 'an+ a ba+ one( instea+ o$ a +elt e,ercise. 5 really strong
guy *ill use 4#-5# poun+s super strict an+ slo*. I$ you +on't get a +elt pump, you ain't +oing
5. It seems that opinion remains +i)i+e+ on the sa$ety o$ +eep sEuats. 2he me+ical e,perts you
spo%e ga)e the thumbs-up. Fut among others, 2u+or Fompa is scathing about +eep sEuats,
*hich, he *rites, ten+ to cause t*o )ery common %nee in7uries. Instea+, he recommen+s +oing
sa$ety sEuats, *hich
means +oing J# +egrees sEuats using a sa$ety sEuat apparatus. 0or those li%e me *ho lac%
that piece o$ eEuipment, he a+)ises, ;nly sEuat to the J#-+egrees angle. 2his *ill preser)e the
li$e o$ both your %nees an+ your bac%. Flesse+ *ith naturally strong legs 'my cycling may also
ha)e something to +o *ith that(, I thin% I *ant to stic% to the J# +egrees-limit an+ also use a
chair as both a benchmar% an+ a sa$ety +e)ice '+e$initely not to sit on an+ ta%e a rest(. 5m I
being a sissy1 While I *ant to become stronger, I'm primarily intereste+ in the preser)ation o$
my long-term health.
My goal is to +estroy your health an+ blast your %nee into smithereens so you'll en+ up a
*himpering, helpless cripple stuc% in a *heelchair getting your meals through a stra*.
Fompa comes $rom an ;lympic li$t bac%groun+ an+ those guys sEuat so +eep 'literally as $ar
+o*n a human can go( that it causes the %nee to open an+ allo*s the 7oint to be +estroye+.
2hey sEuat this lo* in or+er to +e)elop the po*er to stan+ up $rom a $ull sEuat clean *ith 5-I##
poun+s prior to a snatch or 7er%. We po*erli$ter go to parallel 'you call it J#-+egrees( an+ then
go one more inch to 'brea% parallel - this is light years a*ay $rom the ass-on-heels sEuats 2u+or
- an+ mysel$ - +ecry as not sa$e. 2u+or an+ mysel$ are saying the e,act same thing an+ a+)ising
the e,act same sEuat +epth.
I. I')e partially a+opte+ your *ay o$ +oing reps: e,plo+e *hile going up*ar+ an+ bring it +o*n
$airly slo*ly, *ith the pro)iso that I li%e to get the bugger mo)ing a bit be$ore really e,plo+ing.
2hrough this more cautious approach *ith re+uce+ acceleration, I thin% I'm protecting my
ten+ons an+ muscles. 8our opinion1 2his sa$ety precaution is also recommen+e+ in the
=autilus Foo% by :llington Dar+en.
?oo%, you either +o it my *ay or you +on't - there is no partially a+opte+ in my le,icon. 2hat is
li%e saying you're 'slighty pregnant'.
Don't reboun+ - +on't ta%e the poun+age +o*n to a $e* inches abo)e the bottom-most position
an+ then allo* it to bounce o$$ the bo+y to create momentum. 2a%e it +o*n, pause $or a milli-
secon+ an+ then e,plo+e it up*ar+. Heep on reboun+ing an+ you'll be using some o$ that $ame+
'cra+le to gra)e' :uropean nationaliDe+ healthcare $or surgical repair. ;h sure, you can use
more poun+age reboun+ing a *eight but you'll rip or tear something sooner or later.
&. I')e replace+ the behin+-the-nec% barbell press you recommen+e+ by the $ront barbell press.
0i)e years ago, I got in7ure+ using the behin+-the-nec% )ersion 'the only time I e)er got in7ure+
on account o$ *eightli$ting(. 2he sports physiotherapist I consulte+ ni,e+ this e,ercise because,
he sai+, it's too +i$$icult to control *ith hea)y *eights. >imilarly, Fompa *arns against using the
behin+-the-nec%-barbell press because, in his opinion, it causes rotator cu$$ in7uries. He says the
same about behin+-the-nec% lat
pull+o*ns, *hich I also chuc%e+ out $or this reason. In the same )ain, he +isappro)es o$ the
5rnol+ 9ress, name+ a$ter 5rnol+ >ch*arDenegger, *hich in)ol)es simultaneous ele)ation an+
rotations o$ the shoul+ers. I ha)en't got a clue *hat he's tal%ing about. :)er hear+ o$ the
5rnol+ 9ress1 Is it mentione+ in my training scheme1 I hope not.
>o press to the $ront. 8es I %no* all about 5rnol+ presses an+ no they are not in your routine -
so you're sa$e.
.. Fompa also +isappro)es o$ regular +ea+li$ts, *hich are thought to cause in7uries. Instea+, he
a+)ises his rea+ers to +o the mo+i$ie+ hamstring +ea+li$t. 8our opinion please1
He is +ea+ *rong on this. Dea+li$ts, correctly +one, are as sa$e as any other correctly per$orme+
e,ercise an+ a hell-o$-a lot sa$er then say hea)y +umbbell $lyes.
I got to say all this Detail Man, your incre+ible concern about sa$ety puts me in min+ o$ *hat
linebac%er Aac% ?ambert once sai+ *hen he *as as%e+ ho* they might cut bac% on the amount
o$ Euarterbac%s getting in7ure+ +uring $ootball games, Well, maybe *e coul+ let them *ear
+resses. Weight training isn't croEuet, ping-pong or ba+minton. I$ you +o it right an+ +o it har+
an+ +o it intense an+ +o it long enough, you'll get in7ure+ some *ay someho*. It goes *ith the
territory, li%e ri+ing a motorcycle or playing rugby. Fut to the har+ core the bene$its $ar out*eigh
the +angers. 5re you really up $or this1
;nly i$ it isn't too much o$ a bother, coul+ you please also e-mail bac% your reply.
Feing an absolute technophile, I can only access your tips through the Washington 9ost
archi)es, *hich are *ee%s behin+ the li)e Web +iscussions. I$ this is too +i$$icult $or *hate)er
reason, I'll 7ust *ait a bit longer, until your reply $inally $in+s its *ay into the archi)es. 'I$ it sa)es
you a lot o$ time, I can also gi)e you a phone call, but that soun+s so pushy.( I than% you )ery
much $or all your trouble. 8ou're one o$ the $e* $itness e,perts I')e run into *ho manages to
e,plain this complicate+ sub7ect matter in terms people can actually un+erstan+. 'Fy contrast,
rea+ing Fompa's $ine boo% is bit li%e stu+ying roc%et science.( Moreo)er, you +o it in a manner
that is $unny, con)incing, *ell-consi+ere+ an+ ma%es people *ant to get o$$ their butts an+ start
pumping. Heep up the goo+ *or%4 In+ee+, 2he 9ost shoul+ gi)e much more prominence to
your columnL I mysel$ ran into it by chance. I thin% that Dillions o$ people are on the loo%out
$or precisely this type o$ a+)ice.
Hey, I lo)e you too Detail Man.
2han%s $or getting bac% to me...sorry $or the long Euestion, %no*le+ge is po*er an+ in the area
o$ $itness you')e got the po*er. 8ou suggeste+ that I +etermine a more speci$ic *eight loss
this: My goal is to achie)e !&5lbs an+ I-.B bo+y$at by losing !/lbs o$ $at using a
I *ee% perio+iDation approach. 'to recap, I'm currently 5'., !.&lbs an+ bt* !#-!/B bo+y$at(.
I un+erstan+ the basic premise that I *oul+ ha)e to set up a routine that *oul+ enable me to
+rop about !.5-/lbs o$ $at *eight per *ee%, *hile maintaining a car+io-*eight training regimen
an+ su$$icient protein inta%e so as to maintain the muscularity I ha)e no*...F@2...I am a
con$use+ about *here to start. I am especially clueless about ho*-*hen to tailor +o*n my
carb about *hich carbs are o$$ limits. 5ny help an+ $urther insight you can pro)i+e
is )ery much appreciate+.
3o+ bless an+ ha)e a great +ay.
!. @se a !/-*ee% cycle, I-*ee%s is to short an+ compresse+ to realiDe the gains you see%
/. 2a%e in !.5 grams o$ protein per +ay an+ %eep this le)el an+ constant throughout the cycle
". >tart *ith " grams o$ carbs per +ay an+ *hittle the starch portion +o*n e)ery $our *ee%s
4. Drop one poun+ o$ bo+y *eight per *ee%
5. Increase the +uration o$ car+io e)ery $our *ee%s
I. Drop s*eets imme+iately, brea+ a$ter the $irst $our *ee%s an+ pasta a$ter eight *ee%s
&. Wee%s !-4, I-. rep setsL *ee%s 5-., !#-!/ rep setsL *ee%s J-!/, !5-rep sets
J. =o eating a$ter . pm in *ee%s !-4, no eating a$ter &pm in *ee% 5-., no eating a$ter Ipm in J-
!#. Chec% in e)ery t*o *ee%s *ith a progress report
>lumps)ille: I lo)e+ your Euote about suntanne+ personal trainers an+ agree the moti)ation
nee+s to come $rom yoursel$. Fut sometimes that is easier sai+ than +one. 5ny tips $or sel$-
Marty 3allagher: C'mon4 3et into these *or%outs4
;b)iously you're not e,periencing an+ '7oi +e )i)re $rom training. I$ you train har+ enough you
trigger the release o$ en+orphins, a narcotic-li%e hormone, into the bloo+stream. 2his is the
'runner high' an+ the 'pump' li$ters an+ runners li)e $or. 8ou nee+ to $igure out ho* to get insi+e
a set to the point o$ losing yoursel$ an+ that ob)iously is not happening.
Foston: Hello $rom Feanto*n4 I')e starte+ +oing Aoyce Ce+ral's *or%out tapes to get in shape
'because it's W58 too col+ $or my normal out+oor acti)ities. I'm a Cali$ornia nati)e an+ the
*eather here is %illing me.( 5ny*ay, each tape consists o$ about "# minutes o$ giant sets $or
all the ma7or muscle groups using ", 5 an+ .-poun+ *eights. >o, $or instance, I'll +o one tape on
Mon+ay an+ *or% my bac%, hips, butt, an+ shoul+ers, an+ then the ne,t +ay I'll *or% my thighs,
triceps, biceps an+ abs. >o $ar I really li%e the e,ercises. My Euestion: Is +oing these tapes
enough to reshape my bo+y an+ burn $at until I can get outsi+e again an+ resume *al%ing1
2han%s much.
Marty 3allagher: =ot $rom *hat you +escribe.
;ther then $or the truly $eeble, the *eights you +escribe are not enough to trigger hypertrophy
'muscle gro*th(. Most li%ely you are +oing some $orm o$ hea)y han+s - *hich is a car+io
acti)ity, not a muscle-buil+ing acti)ity.
;n the other han+, i$ you li%e it an+ loo% $or*ar+ to it then *hat the hell, ha)e at it - 7ust +on't
e,pect to loo% li%e Aenni$er ?opeD as a result.
Washington, D.C.: 8ou might ha)e ans*ere+ this be$ore, but I can't $in+ it in the archi)es: Is
there any nee+-bene$it to *arming up about &-!# minutes on a bi%e or trea+mill be$ore li$ting or
can one cut that out an+ put the e,tra time into *eights1
Marty 3allagher: I ne)er +o any *armup prior to li$ting.
2he light sets that lea+ up to the top set are the *armups. 5$ter all, *hat better sport speci$ic
*armup is there than the acti)ity. I li$t, stretch in bet*een sets an+ rest. 2hen I +o it /-5 more
times *ith e)er-increasing poun+age. Don't *aste your time on $ormal *armups. When I traine+
at a commercial gym years ago, I use+ to get the biggest %ic% out o$ getting through my entire
*eight *or%out $or the +ay, using massi)e, hypertrophy-in+ucing, bone crushing poun+age
be$ore this other guy, *ho al*ays traine+ at the same time, *as $inishe+ his elaborate little
@meU, >*e+en: 0ollo*-up Euestion $rom Dan:
Me - Will you ta%e some rest a$ter each cycle or +o you continue *ith another one right a*ay1
8ou - *e only use this approach t*ice a year: be$ore the nationals an+ be$ore the *orl+
Me - I$ you $ollo* this !/ *ee% cycle you ga)e me only t*ice a year be$ore important
competitions ho* +o you train +uring the rest o$ the year1
;r +o you buil+ cycle upon cycle *ith a+7ustments accor+ing to gains in respecti)e cycle up until
competition time1
In other *or+s - *hat +o your lo*-season training loo% li%e1
I *oul+ also li%e to e,press my many than% youVs $or the help you ha)e pro)i+e+ an+ $or ta%ing
time to help me an+ all the other on this Discussion 5rea4
Marty 3allagher: I'+ li%e to intro+uce you $ol%s to Detail Dan $rom >*e+en. He's a
strong :master po*erli$ter that *ants a little bit o$ 3allagher 0inishing >chool:
!. >ince !/ *ee%s plus !/ *ee%s is /4 *ee%s an+ a year is 5/ *ee%s you can e,trapolate that I
rest a lot. 5ctually I +on't rest, I try +i$$erent things.
/.2rue - t*ice a year
". I train <en-li%e, less structure+ but 7ust as intense. I try an+ get a*ay $rom the big three li$ts
'sEuat-bench-+ea+li$t( a bit in the o$$-season an+ go more $or )olume using a Euic%er pace,
inclu+ing more sets.
4. I ha)e a $air i+ea o$ *hat my starting *eights in the cycle *ill be +epen+ing on ho* hea)y I
am *hen I start the cycle.
5. I'll +escribe a typical o$$-season 'non-cycle' i$ you'll pose a Euestion at the en+ o$ this sho*. I'll
ans*er it +uring the *ee% in +epth.
?oo% $or a +etaile+ ans*er to your Euestions $rom last *ee% in the Euestions I post a$ter this
hour is up.
Ho* +o you say a+ios in >*e+ish1 I li%e ;rebro. I *as there as a coach $or the @>5 in !JJ!
'*e *on the *orl+ team title(.
Washington D.C.: Help44 I am a )ery slen+er /J year-ol+ $emale '5'&, !!. poun+s( but in the last
year I')e notice+ an accumulation o$ $at abo)e my %nees44 What is the best *ay to $irm up this
area an+ gi)e me bac% my once-%iller legs1
Marty 3allagher: Fut no $at any*here else1
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I'm intereste+ in starting running, but ha)e $oun+ in the past that I ha)e a *ea%
%nee. It only hurts *hen I run 'especially +o*nhill( an+ is better by the ne,t +ay. What can you
recommen+ I +o to strengthen it so that I can train $or a roa+ race1 5lso, anything to be +one $or
shinsplints1 2han%s $or your a+)ice4
Marty 3allagher: I +on't run, I po*er *al% o$ten *ith a hea)y pac% on to 7ac% up my heart rate. I
*oul+ be real cautious about 7umping into a running routine *hen you're alrea+y e,periencing
%nee pain. >hin splints are natures *ay o$ saying bac% o$$ 7ac%4 9ay hee+ or pay the in7ury
Da)i+son, =.C.: In this morning's 9ost there *as a story *arning about too much soy in the +iet.
>peci$ically, it sai+, 5 number o$ soy pills -- as *ell as soy po*+ers -- contain iso$la)ones at
much higher concentrations than naturally occur in $oo+s. 2hus it's no* easier than e)er to
consume consi+erably higher amounts o$ iso$la)ones than people ha)e tra+itionally eaten. 5n+
the e$$ects o$ such high concentrations are un%no*n. I a++ soy protein to lots o$ stu$$, an+ eat
lots o$ )eggie burgers, *hich are high in soy as *ell. >houl+ I be *orrie+1
Marty 3allagher: Well I certainly *oul+n't +isregar+ it.
5ny Euantitati)e amounts on ho* many iso$la)ones it ta%es to mess you up1 I'+ be intereste+ in
this in$o mysel$. I ha)e a lot o$ Ceggie 9eople as%ing me $or >oy 9rotein po*+er
recommen+ations an+ *oul+ be intereste+ in %no*ing i$ soy is potentially harm$ul - the %ey
Euestion being, ho* much is harm$ul an+ can *e e,tract the in$ormation $rom the pac%aging the
soy pro+ucts come in1 >ee *hat you can +etermine an+ *rite me bac%.
5rlington, Ca.: I'm a /4 year-ol+, 5'/ $emale *eighing !!5 lbs. I'm in goo+ shape an+ run about
4-I miles 5 times a *ee%. Ho*e)er, my upper bo+y is su$$ering $rom a lac% o$ something. I')e
ne)er li$te+ *eights but thin% maybe I shoul+ start. What's the best *ay to get starte+1 I %no*
absolutely nothing about *eights an+ the machines at the gym scare me.
2han%s so much4
Marty 3allagher: 8ou are a prime can+i+ate $or *eight training but pleeeDe4 ?et's get o)er this
'*eights scare me' min+-set. 8ou nee+ to go bac% through my archi)es an+ e+ucate yoursel$.
2here are a lot o$ /-" +ay a *ee% routines that you can glom onto but you got to +o some *or%
here. 3et serious an+ get onto a basic *eight program: t*o *hole bo+y routines *ee%ly to start
$or about "#-4# minutes each *ill trans$orm you $rom pump%in to Cin+erella but let's get o)er
>tupi+ Euestion...: What +o you +o i$ you are ha)ing trouble getting moti)ate+ to e,ercise in the
$irst place1
Marty 3allagher: 2a%e all your clothes o$$, go stan+ in $ront o$ a $ull length mirror an+ stare at
yoursel$ har+ an+ long $or !# $ull minutes. I$ you +on't run out o$ your house 'clothe+( an+ burn
rubber all the *ay to the gym then you're hopeless4
Washington, D.C.: Hi MartyL one o$ your $ans mentione+ to me that in your youth, you
e,perimente+ *ith a shot o$ Aac% Daniels be$ore +ea+li$ting. Di+ it help1
Marty 3allagher: Hey - are you part o$ that la* $irm the politicos use to +ig up +irt on
opponents1 Is this the beginning o$ a smear campaign1
I ne)er ha+ se, *ith that *omen - Ms. ?e*ins%y - not one time4
9lus, *e $oun+ out it +i+n't help our +ea+li$ting - but strangely *e +i+n't seem to min+ i$ *e
0re+eric%sburg, Ca.: I ha)e being training $or more than a year. I see some goo+ results but still
I +on't see my muscles getting har+er or tight the *ay I e,pect. I e,ercise three or $our times a
*ee% $or ! hour or more at +ayL the *or%out is e,tensi)e an+ goo+. My Euestion is: What I am
+oing *rong1 My bo+y $at is only !5B, the *eight is !/#. Can you help. 2han% you. :lsa
Marty 3allagher: Hey :lsa - *hy not sen+ me your routine an+ I'll see i$ *e can t*ea% that
Doc 9in%Dilla in Monterey: Hey Coach Marty,
3la+ to hear your training is coming along 5?? 3;;D. 2ell all the $ellahs hello. Aust *ante+ to
$or*ar+ a note about the mullets. It loo%s li%e spa*ning season maybe o)er. I pic%e+ up a >an
Aose Mercury =e*s to rea+ *ith brea%$ast a$ter sEuats >atur+ay. 2here *as an article in the
business section about some $irm going ban%rupt....apparently it *as some company that ma+e
>tairmaster machines an+ e,ercise bi%es *ith a monitor that enables the mullets to *atch 2C or
sur$ the *eb.
With all the stu$$ a li$tah has to concentrate on in the house, all the 2Cs, stereos, Internet, etc.
has got to go. It's all a plot to +estroy the concentration o$ the li$tahs *ho are there to ta%e care
o$ business. >o it is goo+ ne*s that this company, 5H5 the +e)il, is no longer *ith us.
Wor+ to my man 3rill out in the +esert.
Doc 9in%Dilla
Marty 3allagher: Doc 9in% *oul+ ha)e us li$t in tin she+s, e,pose+ to the elements an+ bar
anyone *ho coul+n't +ea+li$t 4## $rom entrance. I once traine+ at a gym that ha+ a gun bin.
Members ha+ to chec% pistols at the +oor 'no bull( an+ the o*ner ha+ to rebuil+ the thing cause
it +i+n't ha)e enough cubicles. 2his is the retro thro*bac% $acility Doc 9in% longs $or out in
$ashionable Monterey.
=e* 8or%, =.8.: I am not e,actly muscleboun+ but no noticeable $at any*here else-- I ta%e
+ance classes an+ 7og three times a *ee% an+ ha)e al*ays ha+ a really high metabolism. 5re
plump %nees 7ust an ine)itable part o$ the aging process1
Marty 3allagher: Hell no4
2here is no ine)itability about the aging process. 2ry leg e,tensions an+ close stance sEuats
using a slo*, concentrate+ rep spee+ an+ plenty o$ +epth. 2ry " sets o$ !# reps on each. Chec%
bac% a$ter one month, +o these t*ice a *ee% an+ try an+ a++ a $e* poun+s each session.
>ome*here, @.>.5.: In your Euestion +ump you recommen+e+ " grams o$ carbs per +ay to lose
*eight. Was that a typo1
Marty 3allagher: 8eah, that's a typo - three grams a +ay1
8eah I suppose you *oul+ lose a hell-o$-a-lot eat three grams o$ carbs a +ay. 2hat's li%e one
single raisin a +ay. ;h yeah an+ eat !### grams o$ protein each +ay by lunch. It soun+s li%e I
must ha)e been hitting the Aac% Daniels be$ore +ea+li$ting *hen I *rote that.
Cincinnati Hi+: Marty,
Aust got bac% $rom the gym. Hit it har+ an+ still $ire+ up. Dropping almost all o$ the carbs out o$
the +iet. 3oing $or !J. e)en an+ tight. Weight is $lying up. I am in a strength ups*ing right no*.
=ot sure *hy. 3ym is buying bigger bells $or me. 2hin%ing about getting on the plat$orm again. I
*oul+ li%e to shoot $or numbers in the &, 4, & range. Guestion. Doing bench, close, incline, $lat
bells then arms $or bench. >houl+ I +o anything more1 >houl+ I try to put in some hea)y
assiste+ li$ts1 3oing to hit "I5 $or a +euce *ith no gear. ?et me %no* i$ I am on the right trac%.
Marty 3allagher: Hey Hampton,
?et's go eat some giant lobsters an+ bee$ *ellington - on you - your treat.
=o this soun+s li%e a great routine. I *oul+n't change a thing. 5 &## sEuat, 4## bench an+ &##
+ea+li$t at !J. *oul+ put you right in the mi++le o$ the national mi,. 9lus I thin% you coul+
uncor% a &/5 sEuat. 3et a copy o$ this >oy article in to+ay's *ashpost an+ rea+ it *ill you1 9ass
along your thoughts to me. Maybe *e shoul+ alert 3-tec. Call me in a $e* +ays. 2he soy *as
great, the protein po*+er *as great, the bars *ere tasty. I li%e the meal replacement pac%s $or
post-*or%out but they mi,e+ up a little clumpy.
5rnol+, M+.: Hi Marty,
My Euestion concerns the bench press an+ military presses an+ behin+ the nec% press. I lo*er
the rate at a rapi+ rate an+ then bounce 'e,plo+e( the *eight o$$ o$ my chest to loc% out. 9eople
at the gym tell me that this is all *rong. When I try to lo*er the *eight slo*ly an+ eliminate the
bounce I am unable to complete the li$t *ith much lighter *eights. I $eel that since I can bounce
hea)ier *eights I must be stimulating the muscles an+ in+ucing more gro*th. Is this correct1
What +o you recommen+1 ;n the seate+ military press I lo*er the *eight to the top o$ my ears
an+ then push up both $ront an+ behin+. I am being tol+ to lo*er the *eight to the bottom o$ my
nec%. Ho*e)er, I notice that only one or t*o people in the gym use that techniEue. I ha)e trie+
to lo*er the *eight +eeper, but once again I can har+ly +o any *eight. 9lease a+)ise proper
techniEues on these t*o li$ts.
I loo% $or*ar+ to your reply.
>al DI$, the 5rnol+ 5)enger
Marty 3allagher: Hey >al, ho*'s it going at He)ins1
Don't bounce or sooner or later you'll brea% something. 6eboun+ing allo*s you to use
momentum an+ buil+s nothing $or the $irst three-$i)e inches o$ the rep stro%e. :++ie Coan lo*ers
the *eight slo* an+ tight to his bottom o$ his hairline in the 9F= then e,plo+es it up*ar+. I +on't
li%e the i+ea o$ going all the *ay +o*n in the 9F= as this is rough on the rotator cu$$. ;n the
other han+ some clo*ns ta%e it +o*n barely abo)e the top o$ their hea+ in or+er to han+le the
big poun+age. In the $ront press ho* about ta%ing it +o*n to chin height1 Don't bounce bu++y or
*e'll be trying to $in+ out )isiting hours at the hospital to come see you. 'Hey, +i+ you hear
about >al1(
Washington, D.C.: I %no* *e're suppose+ to cut out alcohol $or most o$ the *ee%, but *hat
about the re+ *ine stu+y *hich says a $e* glasses o$ re+ a +ay scours your arteries li%eDranoo.
Marty 3allagher: Hey, I %ille+ a goo+ly portion o$ a bottle o$ Fushmill Flac% ?abel Irish Whis%ey
on >uper Fo*l +ay so I'm not gonna get on my high horse. I ne)er +e)elope+ a taste $or )ino
but I see nothing *rong *ith ha)ing a $e* *ith +inner.
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay $ol%s, that's it $or to+ay. I nee+ to go chec% out a use+ 52C an+ nee+ to
be there by / pm. 9lease be a*are that I *ill ans*er all the unans*ere+ Euestions in +etail. 2he
responses *ill be poste+ at the en+ o$ ne,t *ee%'s sho* 7ust li%e the ans*ers to the le$to)er
Euestions $rom last *ee%'s sho* *ill no* magically appear.
>ee you later an+ than%s to 6occi at the 9ost $or all his behin+ the scenes e$$orts to ma%e this
miracle o$ the electronic age appear e$$ortless an+ seamless.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: 2here are some illustrations o$ common e,ercises at:
@n$ortunately, the sti$$-legge+ +ea+li$t is not among them.
2han, $or the hea+s-up.
2he sti$$-legge+ +ea+li$t +one much as it soun+s. >tan+ erect *ith a light barbell or t*o
+umbbells an+ lo*er them slo*ly %eeping a straight, tight bac% an+ %eeping the legs semi-
straight. I stan+ *ith my heels about I-. inches apart. 5llo* the *eight to lightly touch the $loor
be$ore slo*ly rising. 2his techniEue thro*s a terri$ic amount o$ stress on the lo*er bac% 'spinal
erectors( an+ hamstrings. Heep the poun+age light an+ ne)er stray $rom proper techniEue. @se
the hamstrings to li$t the *eight up*ar+. Ma%e haste slo*ly an+ be )ery care$ul.
3et$ is a great site $or interacti)e $itness an+ pictures o$ ho* to +o e,ercises.
>uper - than%s4
6oc%)ille, M+.: Hey Marty4 3o 6a)ens4 I *ante+ to as% your opinion on something I rea+ in
0itness magaDine. 2hey outline+ a ne* program calle+ the >par% 9lan *here you e,ercise in
these so-calle+ spar%s. :ach *ee%, you $it in !# !5-minute intense car+io spar%s 'usually li%e /
a +ay( an+ then maybe "-4 strength spar%s 'a roun+ o$ e,plosi)e, intense strength sets( an+
then some stretching spar%s. 2hey ma%e some claim about the a$terburn 'o$ $at( your bo+y
e,periences $rom car+io an+ by +oing spar%s throughout the +ay-*ee% you create a greater
a$terburn e$$ect than by the usual "# minutes "-4 , a *ee%. 9ersonally, I thin% this is hog*ash --
$or one thing, I can't imagine getting any sort o$ car+io $itness out o$ this plan, nor can I see
achie)ing any real strength gains. What's your ta%e on this1 '5lthough I ha)e a $eeling I alrea+y
I ha)e ne)er seen or hear+ o$ 'spar%s' but it soun+s li%e they are buil+ing this particular program
aroun+ the metabolic ele)ation that occurs a$ter a high intensity training session.
Whether you un+ergo a *eight *or%out or a car+io *or%out the rate at *hich your bo+y burns
calories ele)ates a$ter*ar+s -assuming you *or% har+ an+ intensely. 2he theory you outline
soun+s as i$ it ta%es a+)antage o$ this phenomena by interspersing short intense *or%outs
throughout the +ay. 5bout the time the metabolic acceleration $rom a high intensity *or%out
ceases, you sub7ect yoursel$ to another short, intense *or%out that ele)ates the metabolism
once again. It has some soun+ physiological basis but +i+ they a++ress the critical +iet
component1 I$ you o)er*helm the metabolism *ith e,cess calories, this approach *on't +o you
a +amn bit o$ goo+.
Washington, D.C.: I recently starte+ e,ercising in or+er to lose *eight an+ tone my bo+y. I ha)e
been +oing my e,ercise routine $or about " *ee%s no*, *hich consists o$ ! hour o$ car+io '"#
minutes *al%-7og at 5.5 on trea+mill an+ "# minutes on stationary bi%e( 5 +ays a *ee% 'M-0(. I
met *ith a trainer to help me use *eight machines. My Euestion is, base+ on this routine, ho*
many calories shoul+ I eat per +ay. I am about 5'##, !5#lbs 'hence th+esperatete nee+ to
change my eating e,ercise habits( 5lso, *ill using *eights /, per *ee% be su$$icient 't-th(
2han%s $or the a+)ice4
5n hour o$ car+io $i)e times a *ee% soun+s li%e *ay too much $or a beginner. I'+ rather see you
+o "#-minutes a +ay o$ *eights an+ "#-minutes a +ay o$ car+io. Fesi+es, +oing an hour o$
car+io coul+ put you at ris%: repetiti)e motion in7ury, cha$$ing '+on't laugh4( or other potential
pit$alls that can +erail progress lur% $or those *ho o)erin+ulge. I thin% you're +oing too much to
$ast on the aerobics. Most li%ely, a$ter another $e* *ee%s you'll become +isillusione+ *ith the
results an+ chuc% the *hole thing. Car+io is )astly o)er rate+ as a calorie burner.
6ather then getting into the hassle o$ calorie counting let's try a common sense approach. :at
so that you register a ! to / poun+ *ee%ly loss in bo+y *eight. Weigh yoursel$ e)ery *ee% on
the same +ay at the same time - pre$erably !st thing in the morning. >tart the process by
remo)ing one 7un% $oo+ each succee+ing *ee%. 5 one to t*o poun+ *eight loss compoun+e+
*ee%ly *ill net a !#-/#-poun+ re+uction in !#-*ee%s time. 9lus, li$ting *ill a++ muscle mass an+
ma%e you shapely. Chec% in e)ery $e* *ee%s *ith a progress report.
5rlington, Ca.: I')e been *or%ing out on a regular basis since !JJ" 'I am /& no*combiningng
*eight training, car+io, an+ yoga. Do you %no* o$ any tric%s to buil+ strength an+ en+urance1
It seems I')e hit a plateau recently.
; brie$, I li$t *eights usually about t*ice a *ee%, an+ get about !/#-!5# minutes o$
car+io)ascular e,ercise per *ee% 'usually bi%e>tairmasterer etc.(. I ta%e a yoga class once a
*ee% in a++ition to shorter sessions at home. I *as a )egetarian $or 5 years but recently ha)e
a++e+ poultry an+ $ish to my +iet. I am about 5'& an+ *eigh !45. 9robably pretty har+ to come
up *ith concrete tips $rom this short +escription1
2han%s $or any help you can gi)e4
What's the goal1 >en+ me your li$ting program an+ let's see i$ *e can't sha%e it up. Most li%ely
you')e +e)elope+ a com$ortable rut. 8ou nee+ a totally +i$$erent approach, one that *ill blast
complacent muscles out o$ their torpor. >ame *ith car+io: thin% about re+ucing the length o$ the
in+i)i+ual car+io sessions but 7ac%ing up the intensity. >ay you current car+io session length is
"#-minutes $i)e times *ee%ly, try cutting the session length bac% to /#-minutes but going a lot
$aster. ;nce *e establish $i)e *ee%ly sessions o$ /#-minute length at this ne*ly accelerate+
pace, then e,ten+ the session +uration one-minute each succee+ing *ee%. 5t the en+ o$ ten
*ee%s you *ill be bac% up to $i)e "#-minute sessions - but at a ra+ically accelerate+ rate.
3ermanto*n, M+.:
Hi Marty. I am in my $irst trimester o$ pregnancy, a$ter *hich I *ill not be allo*e+ to +o any
e,ercises lying $lat on my bac%. Can you gi)e me a substitute $or the bench press1 I am
currently benching / sets o$ !# at I# lbs. 5lso, soon, I *on't be able to lay +o*n on by belly,
*hich *ill eliminate my leg curls. Do you ha)e a substitute so that I can %eep *or%ing the bac%s
o$ my legs1 9.>. I am still +oing sEuats *ith 4# lb. *eights, other $ree-*eight e,ercises an+
cycle 'stationary bi%e( "# minutes e)ery morning.
;h ?or+, I ha)e become the pregnancy 3uru. I am being +ragge+ %ic%ing an+ screaming into an
arena I %no* nothing about4 I$ you belong to a gym you can +o pec-+ec or hammer strength pec
press - both are +one seate+. Most gyms ha)e a stan+ing leg curl machine. 3oo+ luc%4
?e,ington, Hy.
Fo+y 9ump: Fo+y 9ump is +one in a group e,ercise class the same *ay an aerobic class
*oul+. 2he class is le+ by an instructor *ho I guess is a certi$ie+ personal trainer $or *hat that's
*orth. I ta%e the class at the gym so it's inclu+e+ in the cost o$ the membership an+ the gym
supplies the *eights. 2here aren't any leg e,tensions in the class, but I use+ to +o them *hen I
use+ the =autilus eEuipment. I Euit because that *as al*ays the e,ercise that cause+ the *eir+
pulling on my %nee. ?unges: Maybe *e're +oing a +i$$erent type o$ lunge. =o legs lea)e the $loor
an+ there's no impact. We use a bar li%e in sEuats 'or can use it $or balance(. We stretch one
leg bac% so only the toes touching groun+, an+ ben+ +o*n so both %nees ben+, but stretche+
leg's %nee almost touches groun+. We li$t bac% up, lo*er bac% +o*n. We change the position o$
our legs e,cept to s*itch legs. Ma%e sense1
>o ho* +o you get /# people to +o bench presses at the same time1 I +on't get it. It soun+s li%e
a *ay $or personal trainers to cash in on *eight training a big bunch o$ people at once - *hich
has pro)en a $inancial bonanDa $or aerobic instructors. Does it in)ol)e little itty bitty +umbbells1
2iny *eights might be $un to *a)e aroun+ but are har+ly enough to trigger muscle hypertrophy.
?unges o$ any type suc% - in this man's humble opinion. 2he time spent +oing this ine$$ectual
e,ercise coul+ be spent +oing $ar superior leg e,ercises.
36I??M5=,W;;D>H:DDI=, 5<: 8; C;5CH 35??53H:6,
I'M H:5DI=3 2; 2H: 38M 2; F@>2 2H: >G@52>, A@>2 >;M: F?;;D W;6H 502:6
2H: @=2IM:?8 ?58-;00.I'?? ?:2 8;@ H=;W H;W :C:682HI=3 3;:>. 0::?I=3
36:52444CH;M9I= 52 2H: FI2 >; I 3;2 2; 9@2 5 3;C=:6 ;= I2 2;D58 5> 2; =;2
?:2 2H: :=2H@>I5>M 25H: M: D::9 I=2; 2H: ;C:6265I=:D >252:. >;668 2;
H:56 5F;@2 5?? 2H52 06;<:= >2@00, >2I?? >9;62I= 2H: >H;62> 2HI> F:5@2I0@?
>@==8 M;6=I=3 5> I W5> ;@2 CH:CHI=3 ;= M8 9:2 C5C2I, 065=C; 5=D 56=;?D.
9et cactus name+ 5rnol+ an+ 0ranco1
Heep me poste+ on your con+ition. I assume you'll be accompanying Doc 9in% to the +ea+li$t
competition in 0ebruary - *here is he1 Di+ he +e$ect to =orth Horea1 Don't $eel sorry $or me, I
li%e tromping through the sno* *ith a 45-poun+ plate in my bac%pac% *ith my +og an+
binoculars. 9lus, I'll be thin%ing about you slo* roasting in Auly-5ugust *hen you step outsi+e
the cool con$ines o$ the a+obe mu+ hut. 2he central +esert in summer $eels li%e being un+er
some massi)e horiDon-to-horiDo hair +ryer.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty4 I lo)e your chats4 I am a /5 y.o., 5'I, !"! p+s. I *as in great shape
last summer '!/4 p+s.( but through the holi+ays I slac%e+ o$$ on my +ieting, li$ting, an+ car+io. I
ha)e starte+ again in $ull $orce. I eat si, meals a +ay '!##P g o$ protein(, car+io in the mornings
4-5 +ays a *ee%, an+ li$t 4 e)enings a *ee%. What %in+ o$ time range am I loo%ing at to to get
bac% to my lean sel$1
>o *hat's the goal1 2o get bac% to !/41 !!J1 5 si,-*ee% 9erio+iDation cycle +ropping a
minuscule !-poun+ per *ee% puts you bac% to your optimal !/4-poun+ *eight. 5 ten-*ee% cycle
+ropping a poun+ per *ee% gli+es you in at a slee% !/#. 8ou got to pic% the goal - I can't
+etermine one $or you sight unseen.
0auEuier: Marty - 5re you $amiliar *ith the *or%out-$itness program calle+ ?i$e?ines1 I$ so, *hat
is your ta%e1
Feats me - you tell me, *hat is ?i$e?ines1 What's going on here1 Do you *in an all-e,pense
pai+ Aamaican )acation i$ you stump me1
Ca.: Marty,
I 7ust starte+ *or%ing out I *ee%s ago. I ha)e been +ieting, ta%ing in !##mg o$proteinn an+ ha)e
been %eeping my carbs +o*n un+er 5#mg. I supplement 4#mg *ith sha%es proteinn(. I ha)e not
*or%e+ out $or o)er a year. In the last se)eral months I put on /#lbs. 2his is *hy I starte+
*or%ing out. I *or% out in the morning 5am, aerobics, *eights 5 times a *ee%. I ha)e not been
able to lose a poun+. I am $emale, "# y.o. current *eight !5#, height 5'J. 9lease help.
I nee+ to %no* *hat you eat in a typical +ay. Inclu+e *hen you eat, rough amounts an+ inclu+e
*hen the sha%es are ingeste+. I'm trying to +etermine i$ you')e slo*e+ your metabolism to a
point *here losing bo+y *eight is impossible. 5ny rough i+ea as to ho* many calories you are
consuming in a +ay1 ;$ten people ha)e got use+ to ta%ing so $e* calories that +ieting is no
longer practical. 2he caloric ceiling is set so lo* you cannot possibly get beneath it.
Fo+y 9ump: Hi,
Aust my R#.#/ on Fo+y 9ump - I 7ust li%e it because I get bore+ training on my o*n an+ I $eel a
class a *ee% is a goo+ substitute $or an all-aroun+ training session. Ha)ing music, an instructor,
an+ a *hole class aroun+ you 7ust helps you through it. It's really nothing more than an hour-
long *eight training class *ith a barbel instea+ o$ +umbbells. 9ersonal pre$erence type thing...
Hey, *hate)er gets you through the night, as ?ennon *as $on+ to say. >omeone +escribe the
*or%out to me. Its impossible to pass 7u+gment *ithout concise +etails.
=e* Aersey: Ho* much muscle can you buil+ $rom pull-ups-chin ups1 Is there a point *here
they +on't buil+ muscle anymore1 Do you al*ays ha)e to *ait a +ay bet*een *or%ing out a
single bo+y part again, e)en you $eel li%e +oing more1
8es you can buil+ muscle $rom pull-up-chin-ups. 8es *e all are limite+ to a certain e,tent by our
genetic potential but seeing as most $ol%s are *al%ing aroun+ at about 5#-I#B o$ their genetic
potential, there is a lot o$ room $or impro)ement. I *oul+ strongly a+)ise against *or%ing a
muscle on consecuti)e +ays. 2o me, this is an in+icator that you +i+n't really *or% the target
muscle har+ enough 'intensity $actor( on the +esignate+ +ay. I$ I hit a muscle as har+ an+
intense as you're suppose+ to, the last thing you'+ be thin%ing about is coming in the ne,t +ay
an+ *or%ing it har+ again.
Ca.: Marty-
I 7ust $oun+ your site an+ ha)e been going through your archi)es. 3oo+ stu$$. What is your ta%e
on creatine1 Do you recommen+ supplements1
>ome $ol%s s*ear by creatine. I $in+ it a hassle to ta%e it 5-times a +ay +uring the loa+ing phase
an+ three times a +ay +uring the maintenance phase. I am in the +istinct minority, as most har+-
core guys lo)e the stu$$. I lo)e protein po*+er an+ thin% a canister shoul+ be +ispense+ *ith
e)ery barbell sol+ in the @nite+ >tates.
0ort Walton Feach, 0la.W: Hi Marty,
Aust $oun+ out I'm pregnant'about 5 *ee%s(. I')e let my bo+y go $or the past couple o$ years an+
am no* a$rai+ this *ill be a miserable pregnancy i$ I +on't get a little stronger an+ $le,ible. 5ny
suggestions1 2han%s $or your time.
Why me1 I ha)e Dero e,perience *ith this precious con+ition an+ am the last person to as% on
ho* to *or% +elicately being as I am anything but +elicate. 8et all the beauti$ul pregnant *omen
$loc% to me see%ing my non-a+)ice. It's puDDling - can any pre)iously pregnant $itness person
help this la+y1
I rea+ your online chat $rom the all the time, an+ *ante+ to $irst than% you
$or ta%ing the time to help. I rea+ the articles you poste+ $or perio+iDation an+ resolutions that
stic% o)er the holi+ay season. I am planning on starting a !/ *ee% perio+iDation to lose /5
poun+s. I am currently /&, 5'4 an+ !J# poun+s. I+eally, I'+ li%e to lose more, but I')e +isco)ere+
that i$ I try an+ say I'm going to lose &# poun+s to hit my suppose+ i+eal *eight I ne)er ma%e
it. >o, one step at a time.
>mart - t*o poun+s a *ee% is so reasonable an+ +oable *hereas you'+ %ill yoursel$ trying to
lose &#-lbs all at once.
X Currently, I belong to a gym an+ ha)e the car+io portion o$ the tripo+ +o*n.
X I +o a )ariety o$ car+io $rom running '"-4 miles( to cycling '! hr( to
X s*imming '! mile( three to $our +ays a *ee%. I am *or%ing on the *eights -
X I +on't ha)e a program as o$ yet, but I'm going bac% to loo% in your
X archi)es $or a goo+ beginner one.
3oo+ - hey, I outline+ a $e* $ree-*eight an+ +o-at-home routines that can si+e-step the gym
li$ting issue altogether.
X '2hen I 7ust ha)e to get o)er the sel$-consciousness o$ going into the $ree
X *eight Done *-all the guys4(. My Euestion *ith *eights also is that I am a
X pretty strong girl, ho* +o I tell *hat is a goo+ starting *eight1 Aust start
X light an+ %eep a++ing or is there some $ormula or *ay to tell1
8ou got it - +o three sets - light, me+ium an+ hea)y start *ith !#-rep sets: i$ the hea)y set is still
light, that's o%ay, try one more set - i$ that is still light, sa)e it $or the ne,t session. 2rain /, a
*ee% an+ *rite +o*n your poun+age so you remember one session to the ne,t. Do you %no*
your e,ercises1 >Euat *ith $ree *eight, one legge+ cal$ raise o$$ a stair step, bench press 'or
pushups(, curls, seate+ o)er hea+ press *ith +umbbells, tri-e,tensions an+ pull+o*ns or ro*s.
3et the gym o*ner to sho* you ho* to +o these.
X Ho*e)er, I %no* that the +iet portion is by $ar the har+est component $or me.
=o %i++ing4
Dan $rom Denmar% sent me this note:
Dear Marty - I am more than please+ *ith *hat you ha)e pro)i+e+ me *ith. >orry i$ I get into too
much +etail tal%. I can see no* ho* I *ill set up my cycle.
Dan - +o this $or me - *rite me on-line at the Wash 9ost so that others might ha)e the bene$it o$
your EOa - secon+: not so many comple, issues at once - one or t*o Euestions *ill allo* me to
respon+ in +epth *hereas barraging me *ith literally +oDens o$ Euestions insures that I can only
gi)e the brie$est o$ ans*ers to each. I am currently a)eraging bet*een .-!#,### *or+s each
*ee% in e-mail Euestions. >ince
$eature length article are !5## *or+s, I am *riting the eEui)alent o$ si, to se)en $eature length
articles each *ee% ine-maill Euestion responses. 9lus I am *or%ing on a boo% an+ *riting
articles $or publication.
My ans*ers are intersperse+ belo*
8es - I *ill be )ery satis$ie+ *hen I ha)e reache+ the en+ o$ this !/ *ee% cycle
increasing the *eights 5-!# poun+s per *ee%.
2hat *oul+ ma%e up to a triple *ith !J5 %g in the sEuat an+ a triple *ith !/5 %g in
the bench press.
Cery goo+ goals - plus, by training only three +ays a *ee% you *ill $eel better, be
much stronger an+ $resh an+ hungry $or the *eights. 8ou session shoul+ not last
more than !.5 hours.
I$ I can +o this ra* i *ill be )ery happy. Hec% - I *oul+ be gla+ i$ I reach this amount e)en i$ it
+eman+e+ t*o such cycles. 5$ter ha)ing been stuc% $or a )ery long time any increase o$ this
%in+ *oul+ be a great e,perience to me.
Marty - I can sympathiDe *ith your situation ha)ing a lot o$ e-mails to ta%e care o$
an+ I ha)e complete un+erstan+ing that you canVt remember e)ery +etail or be
attune+ to each an+ e)ery one o$ us. I *ant to ma%e sure to you that I appreciate your help an+
hope you $orgi)e my inclination $or +etails.
=o problem.
5 couple o$ Euestions though '*hich you can ans*er *hen you $in+ time not so
pressing( - *ill you gi)e me a glimpse o$ *hat *eights you use in your training1
5t *hat *eights +o you start your o*n cycle1
I am at the start o$ my cycle an+ *eigh /"5'!#5H(. I sEuatte+ /## % $or 5 reps in the pause
sEuat last $ri+ay. I benche+ !/5H $or /,. pause+ an+ *on't e)en start +ea+li$ts until march.
Do you 'an+ Coan, 0urnas an+ Har*os%i( $ollo* this type o$ cycle you ha)e
outline+ $or me cycle a$ter cycle or +o you change it up in some *ay1
We all use pretty much the same $ormat.
Maybe some assistance *or% *ill be change+ but har+ly the basic principles as I
un+erstan+ it.
We $eel $ree to change the assistance e,ercises aroun+ a bit: +i$$erent types o$ curls, +i$$erent
types o$ tricep *or%, press-behin+-nec% is sometimes use+, press-in-$ront other times,
+umbbells are use+ sometimes. We li%e to %eep assistance *or% $resh an+ challenging.
Is this a sub7ect o$in+i)i+ualityy an+ *hat $eels right $or each person1
;r +o you stic% to it as it is all the time1
In+i)i+uality is $ine up to a point, 7ust +on't tamper *ith the basic structure.
Will you ta%e some rest a$ter each cycle or +o you continue *ith another right
I cycle t*ice a year: be$ore the nationals an+ be$ore the *orl+ championships.
Do you guys +o it any special *ay the last t*o *ee%s be$ore a competition1 I
mean +o you re+uce intensity an+, i$ so, *hen +o you per$orm your last hea)y li$ts
be$ore a competition1
We usually $inish o$$ *ith a $e* *ee%s o$ triples, +oubles an+ singles. Write bac% $or more +etail
*hen you are rea+y to compete.
5gain, please +onVt $eel that you ha)e to ans*er these Euestions no*. >a)e them $or later *hen
you ha)e some time to spare. 2he last thing I *ant to +o is ma%ingyouo *anna get ri+ o$ me.
=o problem.
What type o$ protein po*+er-sha%e is best1
Write my e-mail $or my personal pre$erence. I +rin% a *hey protein sha%e mi,e+ *ith *ater $irst
thing in the morning - all protein an+ no carbs. I inta%e about 5#-grams upon arising. 5$ter a
*or%out I ta%e a meal replacement pac% containing 4#-grams o$ protein an+ I#-grams o$ carbs.
I li%e a big stea% an+ a sala+ $or +iner on *or%out +ay. I eat a ton o$ FFG chic%en thighs in the
o$$-season an+ s*itch to *hite meat FFG strips in-season. I ha)e a propane gas grill on my
outsi+e +ec% an+ grill year roun+.
I am gla+ an+ prou+ that you ha)e share+ your philosophy an+ principles *ith me. I *ish you a
calm an+ 7oy$ul e)ening4
Marty 3allagher: Happy 0ebruary --
It is *il+ *eather up here in the mountains. 8ester+ay, +uring my +aily .:"# a.m. high-intensity
car+io *al%, I got lost in a sno*storm *hite-out. 2he storm itsel$ +i+n't +eter me in the slightest
$rom ta%ing my +aily +ose o$ aerobics. 5s storms go it *as a mil+ one by local stan+ar+s. 2he
+og an+ I *ere /5 minutes into our hi%e aroun+ the )alley *hen the *in+s at the base ble* big,
*et sno*$la%es so har+ I coul+n't see. I coul+n't see the ban% o$ pines that lay /# yar+s to my
imme+iate right an+ I coul+n't see the long ri+ge o$ purple mountains that runs all along the
horiDon. I coul+n't see the corn$iel+ stubs I %ne* I *as stan+ing on. I coul+n't see anything. I
*al%e+ slo* an+ care$ul to the tree line on the right an+ sat it out. 5*e+ by nature once again.
Ho* insigni$icant *e really are. It seeme+ li%e t*o hours but by my *atch it *as // minutes. I
coul+ see ho* some people might panic an+ go ma+ly screaming across the $iel+s until they
steppe+ in a gopher hole or stumble+ o)er a ri+ge an+ tumble+ 5# $eet +o*n a gulch an+ into a
stream. 9anic is not cool. We $inishe+ up, it too% 5# minutes an+ I a)erage+ &. percent o$ age
relate+ heart rate ma,imum, not ba+ consi+ering the interuption.
;n the eating $ront I purchase+ a croc% pot -- remember those o++ +e)ices e)ery mother ha+1 I
got to thin%ing about all the nutritious clean $oo+ +ishes I coul+ ma%e. >o easy an+ healthy:
Chec% it outL chic%en FFG sauce, *ater, garlic, small re+ potatoes, a couple o$ )i+alia onions, a
$e* clo)es o$ garlic, spices, *hole green peppers. I a++e+ a rib eye stea%. Aust lai+ that suc%er
right on top. I coo%e+ the +eal $or $our hours on high an+ $our hours on lo*. 0all-o$$-the-bone
goo+ that ha+ $amily an+ $rien+s elbo*ing each other out o$ the *ay.
?oo% $or the unans*ere+ Euestions $rom last *ee% at the en+ o$ this *ee%. What is going on1
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Marty,
I *rote a couple *ee%s agoL I'm the e,-athlete *ho's +oing the cyclical %eto +iet. I'm +o*n !#
poun+s 'a$ter carb-up( an+ my li$ts are upL li$e is goo+. I s*itche+ to a *ee%ly carb-up, *hich
slo*e+ the *eight loss a bit, but is a lot more bearable. Guestion: I spraine+ the hec% out o$ my
$inger '$rea% non-gym acci+ent(. I')e +one the rest-ice-compression-ele)ation thing, I'm staying
on a normal +iet until it heals, I'm ta%ing glucosamine, chon+roitin, an+ M>M. 5ny tips on ho* to
heal up $aster1
Marty 3allagher: 8eah, try an+ a)oi+ pulling e,ercises li%e +ea+li$ts, ro*s, pull+o*n an+
possibly curls.
9ushing e,ercises are o%ay. Fenches, sEuats, o)erhea+ presses -- no problem. 2he pulling is
*here the han+ stress occurs. 5)oi+ them $or no* an+ you'll heal Euic%er.
Marty: I am loo%ing $or an e,tremely lean, cut loo% *ith an emphasis on +e$inition -- )ery much
the Fra+ 9itt loo%. I ha)e to ma%e up $or that being I' an+ !I5 lbs. Can you gi)e me some
e$$ecti)e suggestions on e,ercises to cut a $e* lbs an+ buil+ that +e$ine+ loo%1 Fy all means I
am not trying to bul% up, I hate that huge 7oc% musclehea+ loo%. I *oul+ also li%e some tips on
eating to lose *eight, as +uring the +ay I *or% a tech 7ob an+ +on't get to mo)e aroun+ )ery
much to burn calories. 2han%s $or your help.
Marty 3allagher: Don't hate the huge 7oc% musclehea+ loo% 'cause that's *hat me an+ all my
$rea%ing $rien+s loo% li%e4
Maybe I'm the *rong guy to as% $or tips on ho* to buil+ a me+iocre physiEue. I li%e Fra+ 9itt
an+ hear+ he is a serious 3racie Au7uitsu man.
5ny tips that I *oul+ pass on *oul+ li%ely result in signi$icant siDe am+ strength gains -- I +on't
get the sense that's e,actly *hat you're loo%ing $or.
Cirginia: Marty,
I rea+ an article 'in =e*s*ee%, I thin%( about the bene$its o$ super-slo* li$ting, in *hich you
ta%e a $ull !4 secon+s to complete a single rep. What +o you thin% o$ this techniEue1
Marty 3allagher: I inter)ie*e+ Hen Hutchins '$oun+er o$ the >uper >lo* mo)ement( $or Muscle
O 0itness an+ $oun+ him *ell in$orme+ an+ intolerent. He *as +ismisi)e o$ any muscle buil+ing
strategy other then his o*n an+ by e,tension, 5rt Aones. 9e+antic, opinionate+ an+ a born
lecturer, he ha+ a strong, $anatical $ollo*ing. I am still *aiting $or some human 3o+Dilla to
appear, a pro+uct o$ >uper >lo* metho+ology, but none ha)e to my %no*le+ge. I use perio+ic
bouts o$ >uper >lo* in my training, another arro* in the Eui)er, but certainly no en+-all-be-all
muscle strategy.
5rlington, Ca.: 5 Euestion about *hether my light *eightli$ting is helping or hurting an mo+estly
in7ure+ shoul+er. I'm primarily a s*immer, an+ o)er the past si, months, my right shoul+er has
increasingly ha+ a +ull pain 'It's someho* relate+ to a small %not in my bac% muscle an+ a slight
ten+ency o$ my right arm to $all asleep *hen I am running(. ;nce or t*ice a *ee%, I +o some
light *eightlighting '$our sets o$ !# reps per muscle group(. 5$ter*ar+s, I notice that my shoul+er
is more sore, though not signi$icantly. ;)er time, I'+ li%e the shoul+er to heal itsel$. Is the li$ting
helping or hurting this1
Marty 3allagher: I *oul+ lay o$$ any an+ all pushing e,ercises +one *ith the arms. 9ulling
e,ercises *ill most li%ely $eel theraputic. 9ushing out*ar+ 'bench press( or up*ar+ 'shoul+er
press( *ill stress the ten+er 7oint. ?ay o$$ pushing e,ercises $or three to $our *ee%s. Its not the
en+ o$ the *orl+, an+ i$ by laying o$$ i$ you heal up, then you'll come bac% stronger.
Fethes+a, M+.: Hi, Marty,
I'm "4, $emale, 5' tall. Ha)e been +oing the tripo+ an+ ha)e lost !I poun+sL +o*n to !/I an+
plan to go $or about !# more. I')e seen progress in the amount o$ *eight I can li$t, but can't
seem to +o anything about t*o areas: inner thighs an+ inner upper arms. 2here's that 7iggly $lab
that I 7ust can't get ri+ o$. Gua+s-hams loo% goo+, an+ the outsi+e o$ my arms loo% great -- but
*hat e,ercises to +o on the other parts, short o$ liposuction1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou ha)e +one *ell but not *ell enough to o,i+iDe these massi)e $at +epots.
8our bo+y $a)ors the inner thighs an+ upper arms as $a)ore+ places to store bo+y$at $or a rainy
+ay. 8ou')e most li%ely got to +rop another !# poun+s in or+er to start o,i+iDing these largest
storage areas. Hol+ the course -- *hat rep range are you operating in1 Ho* much car+io1 5ny
room to tighten up the +iet1
Che)y Chase, M+.: Hi Marty,
My $rien+ an+ I *oul+ li%e to submit early as *e ha)e a noon meeting. We ha)e been *or%ing
out $or si, *ee%s no* an+ are really seeing results4 Ho*e)er, my s%in seems to be loose-$labby
aroun+ my tummy an+ my si+es. ;b)iously I am losing inches, but +oes that gross s%in $irm up
e)entually1 I am not o)er*eight '5'", !/. +o*n to !/#(.
5lso, *e are +ebating this Euestion: >houl+ you not *or% a muscle group t*o +ays in a ro* i$
*e are $eeling sore1 >ometimes on the thir+ +ay *e are still sore, an+ is it o%ay to e,ercise
'let's say sEuats or military presses(1 9lease a+)ise *ith your e,pertise.
Chloe an+ Heather
Marty 3allagher: Chloe $rom Dune.
2he s%in ta%es a little *hile to catch up. 2he elastic Euality can ta%e a *hile to contract. 8ou')e
got the har+ part out o$ the *ay, %eep the ball rolling.
5rlington, Ca.: Hey Marty,
My right bicep is about $i)e poun+s *ea%er than my le$t 'on concentration curls I can +o 5 , 4#
lbs. *ith my le$t but only 5 , "5 *ith my right(. I'm not sure ho* this came about, but *as the
best *ay to get my arms bac% to the same strength1 I +on't *ant to 7ust Euit *or%ing my le$t
arm. >houl+ I +o more sets *ith the right arm1 ;r shoul+ I *or% my right arm t*ice a *ee% 'I
currently +o e)ery muscle group once a *ee% as per your suggestion(1 2hey are a relati)ely
small muscle group so maybe t*ice a *ee% *oul+ be o%ay.
5 relate+ problem is that it is tough to progress using +umbbells at lo* reps, because at my gym
they go up by $i)e poun+s, *hich at small poun+age is a big percentage o$ the total *eight. I
ha)e been $ollo*ing your a+)ice o$ stic%ing to a particular number o$ reps o)er si, *ee%s or so,
but it is har+ to mo)e up *hen I can +o $i)e reps at, say, "5 lbs. but only one or t*o unassiste+
reps at 4# lbs., *hich I suspect is too $e* to trigger muscle gro*th. It is e)en *orse $or an
e,ercise li%e lateral +umbbell raises $or shoul+ers, *here I'm *or%ing in the range o$ /# lbs.,
an+ a $i)e poun+ increase is /5 percent1 What shoul+ I +o1 >houl+ I *or% up to being able to
+o eight reps or so at the lo*er *eight an+ then try to +o $i)e at the higher *eight1
2han%s as al*ays.
Marty 3allagher: Don't ha)e a co*, strength imbalance is natural an+ yours is not to out o$ the
=o special reme+ies nee+e+. I$ it persists at this percentage 'thin% percentage, not poun+age(
*hen you are stronger then a little +umbbell specialiDation might be in or+er. ;ne o$ my training
partners has little magnets, $our o$ them, each *eighs !./5 poun+s an+ all together they a++ up
to 5 poun+s. He stic%s them on the en+ o$ a barbell or t*o +umbbells to allo* him /.5 poun+
7umps. 3o to any $itness store, they'll ha)e them.
36I??M5=, W;;D>H:DDI=, 5<: 8; C;5CH 35??53H:6,
DID 8;@ 3:2 2H: 9;W:6 CH;WI=3 C?I9 I 9@M9:D 8;@6 W58 5 0:W D58> 53;1
Marty 3allagher: ?et me loo% big hea+.
Washington, D.C.: 2o the gentleman loo%ing $or the Fra+ 9itt, lean, cut loo%L +iet is more
important then the type o$ e,ercise program. 5ny consistent routine can bring the +esire+
results i$ one changes his +iet. I +oubt it is the lean cut loo% that has %ept Aenni$er intereste+.
Marty 3allagher: Well there you ha)e it -- e,pert a+)ice $rom Washington, D.C. I personally
*oul+ pre$er Aenni$er, *ere I still in the mi,.
.com >ur)i)or: Hey, Marty --
What are the best e,ercises to *or% the mi++le o$ the chest1 I +o bench presses an+ butter$lies
'sitting +o*n, not lying on a bench(, but the soreness is mostly only in my outter chest, near the
arm pits. Ho* can I get the mi++le to burn1
Marty 3allagher: .com sur)i)or -- are you one o$ those people *ho sol+ all their stu$$ an+ mo)e+
to Montana be$ore 8/H1 It must be embarassing to slin% bac% into to*n a$ter you')e ma+e all
those righteous prononucments.
Inner chest1 ?oo%, get a 4##-poun+ bench press an+ you'll ha)e plenty o$ inner pec
+e)elopment. I say this to ma%e a pointL muscle buil+ing in not mo+el car buil+ing, precise an+
+elicate -- it's blasting a tunnel through a mountain *ith e,plosi)es. 2o buil+ serious muscle you
ha)e to mo)e serious iron in basic, prime, primal e,ercises. Its not +one *ith a scapal but *ith a
chain sa*.
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty, I *or% out at home an+ ha)e been +oing pretty *ell, but the only
eEuipment I ha)e is a "#-lb. +umbell. I +o bicep curls an+ shoul+er presses, but *as *on+ering
i$ you coul+ suggest other e,ercises, especially $or the biceps 'the *eight is a little hea)y $or me
to +o re)erse curls(, shoul+er an+ chest.
Marty 3allagher: 8eah I ha)e a suggestion -- go out an+ buy a real barbell4
C'mon4 you can be 7er%ing aroun+ *ith those "#s $rom no* to 7u+gment +ay an+ you *ill ne)er
ma%e the progress you see%. :)ery +ay o$ the year people are loo%ing to get ri+ o$ !!#-poun+
barbell sets that sit in their basement an+ garage. 2hey place a++s un+er e,ercise eEuipment
in those $ree ne*spapers they thro* on you +oorstep. 8ou can buy a !!#-poun+ set $or R/#-"#4
?et's get serious an+ Euite trying to bail the ocean *ith a teaspoon.
6e: ?oose >%in: MoisturiDe hea)ily an+ +on't lose *eight too $ast.
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you4 What +o you moisturiDe *ith1
5rlington, Ca.: Marty -- I am loo%ing $or a nutritionist to help set me up *ith a +iet that *ill help
me she+ some poun+s an+ continue buil+ing muscle. Can you recommen+ anyone in the area1
Marty 3allagher: I'+ use Dr. 6ich >al%e, champ-een bo+ybuil+er *ith a +octorate in nutrition an+
a long list o$ success$ully reno)ate+ rich people. He is in Washington, D.C., /#/-/J. pump.
Chicago, Ill.: Hi Marty:
I ha)e been +oing this program you recommen+e+ $or bench press $or the past si, *ee%s:
*armup: 45,!5
!55,! 'a$ter *ee% "(
sets : !I#,5 '/ sets( -*ee% !
!&#,5 '/ sets( -*ee% /
!.#,5 '/ sets( -*ee% "
!J#,5 '/ sets( -*ee% 4
/##,5 '/ sets( -*ee% 5
/!#,5 '! set( -*ee% I
It's been going *ell so $ar. >o my Euestion is, shoul+ I continue *ith this, change it up to /#-set
reps, some*here in bet*een1 5ny suggestions are appreciate+. 5lso, I ha)e been +oing pull-
ups $or bac% muscles an+ am ha)ing a har+ time impro)ing. I can +o a set o$ !# all right. 2hen, I
a++ a !#-poun+ *eight *ith one o$ those *eight belts an+ I can only +o $i)e reps. I')e manage+
to get it up to se)en reps o)er the past couple o$ *ee%s, but the impro)ement is )ery slo*. 5ny
tips1 2han%s again.
Marty 3allagher: ?et's tac%le them one at a time --
!. >o you ma+e it si, *ee%s an+ can no* +o /!#,51 Cool.
/. What *as your pre)ious best1
". 2a%e a *ee% o$$, then come in an+ *or% up to a crisp, e,plosi)e single rep ma,imum. @se a
spotter. I *oul+ guessimate that /!#,5 *ill eEuate to bet*een /5#-/&#,!.
4. 8ou nee+ a total change o$ +irection.
5. Why not try $or !I5,/# an+ ta%e that up !# poun+s a *ee% $or $our *ee%s1
I. ;n the chinsL *hy not *or% up to !5 reps *ithout *eight1 2hen /# reps *ithout *eight -- then
start a++ing a +umbbell.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I $inally got moti)ate+ to start *or%ing out, an+ on my secon+ +ay, I spraine+
my an%le 'I *asn't e)en *or%ing out -- 7ust rolle+ o)er on it *hile *al%ing(. =ot ba+ly, but it's ba+
enough that I can't run, or e)en *al% a +istance on it. Is there anything I can +o car+io-*ise o)er
the ne,t *ee%, so shoul+ I 7ust sit tight until it's $ully heale+1
Marty 3allagher: Aust sit tight until its completely heale+ -- but that isn't an e,cuse to rai+ the
re$rigerator at *ill. Double up on the seate+ an+ lying *eight training e,ercises. 8ou might not
be able to run or e)en *al% but you sure a hell can bench press, seate+ curl, seate+ press, etc.
5rlington, Ca.: Marty,
Is it possible to +o +ea+li$ts *ith +b's instea+ o$ a bar1 I$ so, are there any alterations in the
$orm1 I ha)e searche+ the net $or a +b +ea+li$t +iagram an+ ha)e been unable to $in+ one.
Marty 3allagher: >ure, assuming you can $in+ +umbbells that go hea)y enough.
Cery $e* gyms ha)e hun+re+ poun+ +umbbells an+ e)en $e*er ha)e !5# or /##s. 5 guy *ith a
I##-poun+ +ea+li$t coul+ pull /##s all +ay long in the +ea+li$t, assuming he *as strappe+ in.
Why are you hung up on DF +ea+li$ts1 AeeD, regular +ea+li$ts, an+ the many )ariants, are tough
enough, *hy the $ocus on this particular obscure e,ercise1
5ustin, 2e,.: 2*o *ee%s ago I *as able to sEuat !!5 poun+s $or !5 reps. ?ast *ee% I trie+ !/#
poun+s an+ *as only able to +o three reps. 2his *ee% I +i+ !/# poun+s again an+ manage+
$our reps. It seems li%e I shoul+ be able to +o more -- it is only $i)e more poun+s. What +o you
Marty 3allagher: 8ou nee+ to +rop bac% an+ regroup.
>omeone *ho can +o !!5,!5 *oul+ certainly has the strength to han+le !/# $or at least !#
reps. 8ou ha)e the strength but *e')e run into some sort o$ a psychological barrier. that's o%ay it
happens to all o$ us. We nee+ to recogniDe it an+ use another approach. ?et's +rop bac% to !##
poun+s an+ +o that $or !# e,plosi)e, crisp, po*er$ul reps starting ne,t *ee%. :ach subseEuent
*ee% att !# poun+ an+ a$ter $i)e sessions, you *ill be sEuatting !4#,!#. I thin% this *oul+ ma%e
a nice change o$ pace an+ put you bac% on the gain-train.
Cli$$si+e 9ar%, =.A.: Ho* are your ra* po*erli$ting guys +oing an+ ho* +oes their routine loo%1 I
ha)e three people going into the 5+au ra* meet this *ee%en+.
Marty 3allagher: Cool.
;ur national an+ *orl+ ra* champ, Fig Aoe >au+er, hit a &"# ra* sEuat in training. He is
currently +ropping $rom "4# poun+s an !J percent bo+y $at +o*n to "#5 an+ !# percent bo+y $at
un+er the nutritional +irection o$ 2o++ >*inney, *ho's *or%e+ *ith He)in ?e)rone on +iet. 2om,
our other ra* national champ loo%s goo+ to up all his Marylan+ recor+s this year. Where is the
meet at, 6oc%)ille1 Is Dr. >pero 2he 3ree% putting it on1
5rlington, Ca.: 2han%s $or your a+)ice on my shoul+er. I'll lay o$$ the pushing e,ercises $or a
*hile. 5m I right in thin%ing that, among others, I shoul+ a)oi+ tricep e,tensions but that bicep
curls are ;H1 'I use Cybe, machines(
-- ?arry
Marty 3allagher: 8es in+ee+, that's right on the money4
Marty 3allagher: 2ime $lies -- I got to go4 6emember all your unans*ere+ Euestions *ill be
poste+ ne,t *ee%. Here are the le$to)ers $rom last *ee%.
3rillMan -- I nee+ time $or yours. My ans*er to you *ill be $irst in the Eueue in ne,t *ee%'s
le$to)er Euestions.
!-"#-#! Guestions
5rlington, Ca.: Marty, lo)e your column.
My Euestion in)ol)es etiEuette at my gym. :)er since I 7oine+, I ha)e en+ure+ to no en+ the
bothersome comments about my sEuatting an+ +ea+li$ting. 5n+ these are +o*nright tolerable
compare+ to the morbi+ly +angerous crap that *ill occasionally happen. :,ample: I *as
sEuatting hea)y *hen a +oo+, $resh o$$ a leg press curtsy, 6:>2> HI> >H;@?D:6 535I=>2
2H: 0?;52I=3 F56F:??4 I e,plo+e+ at the guy, only to ha)e a trainer *arn M:, not him, to
*atch my manners. 5n+ +on't get me starte+ on the +ea+li$ts -- at least once a *ee% I get a
treatise $rom an amateur trainer ho* they're ba+ $or my bac%, or a *arning $rom a gym o$$icial
that ;lympic li$ts are not allo*e+ on the gym $loor. =e)er min+ that +ea+li$ts +on't Euali$y
un+er ;lympic li$ts. 0or months no*, I ha)e been as %in+ an+ ci)il as any man coul+ be, but this
per)a+ing attitu+e has begun to seriously hurt my *or%outs. It's 7ust slightly irritating to as% t*o
!&-year-ol+s to *or% in on the po*er rac% bet*een their 3C2 sets o$ 'sob( bicep curls.
5ny*ay, I ha)e alrea+y starte+ loo%ing $or a real gym, but *hat +o you suggest as a *ay to
%eep peace in a gym that *ill al*ays $a)or the triceps %ic%bac% an+ pec-+ec to +ea+li$ts an+
In similar situations I')e $oun+ that *earing an empty shoul+er holster +uring my *or%out seems
to *or% *on+ers at %eeping the ri$$ra$$ at arm's length. 5lternately, *earing a machete or 3ur%a
short s*or+ *ill gain you the precious pri)acy you see% an+ so richly +eser)e. I *ear a
Wal%man. It is +amn har+ to ha)e a meaning$ul con)ersation *ith a person *earing
hea+phones. I once traine+ *ith a guy *ho came to a *or%out *earing camou$lage $atigue
pants, camo tan% top tee-shirt, camo baseball cap an+ in a $it o$ eccentricity, a camo $ace net.
Why1 I as%e+. 3oing $or a I5#-+ea+li$t recor+ is *ar4 2his type o$ beha)ior might engen+er
respect, but you ne)er %no*. I e)entually opte+ $or home training, this +espite ha)ing a per$ectly
suitable pri)ate gym *ithin *al%ing +istance o$ the Mountain Compoun+.
8ou nee+ to loo% $or a ne* steel houseL yours is irretrie)ably mullet in$este+.
%Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty.
I')e trie+ my han+ at sEuats an+ starte+ ha)ing %nee pain -- then I trie+ the leg press as a
substitute -- same problem. I run /-" miles 5M *ee% -- no %nee issues there. 5m I using
incorrect $orm or are these *eight bearing e,ercises 7ust ba+ $or the %nees1
5ctually, accor+ing to %nee surgeons I')e inter)ie*e+ $or Muscle O 0itness, an+ base+ on /5
years o$ sEuatting, correct sEuatting is goo+ $or the %nees, strengthening ten+ons, ligaments
an+ all the muscles surroun+ing the %nees. 2ry thisL stop sEuatting *ith *eight an+ begin $ree
sEuatting. Weightless sEuats $or high reps, /5-5# reps per set, *ill allo* you to $in+ the proper
*i+th $or your stance -- one that allo*s you to sEuat *ithout pain. :,periment *ith +i$$ering $oot
*i+ths until you come up *ith one that allo*s you to achie)e legal +epth 'upper thighs parallel
to the $loor( *ithout +iscom$ort. >tart *ith one set o$ !5 to /5 reps. 0eel $ree to use a +oor*ay or
pole i$ necessary to maintain balance. 2a%e a +ay or t*o o$$ to see i$ you ha)e any a+)erse
e$$ects. I$ not, a++ a secon+ set o$ /5. 5$ter a $e* *ee%s, a++ a thir+ set o$ /5 reps an+ buil+ up
to ",5# reps o)er time. Write bac% a$ter all this transpires an+ you'll be rea+y $or barbell sEuats
an+ some poun+age. 2his proce+ure *ill help you buil+ proper, non-in7urious techniEue.
Hey there Marty -- Detail Dan here4
I *ant to in$orm you that I ha+ type+ a complete post *ith Euestion an+ ho* to say a+ios in
>*e+ish but *hat happens1 When I press the button to sen+ it to 2he 9ost the computer says
the site canVt be seen.
2his ten+s to happen $rom time to time. IVm sorry but *hat can one +o *hen the techniEue tric%s
I *ill ho*e)er try to *rite it up again an+ post it $or the ne,t online session. >till, i$ you *ant to
sen+ me a +escription o$ a typcial o$$-season non-cycle I *ill be )ery please+.
=ope. We'll hol+ o$$ on that $or right no*, *e 7ust got you starte+ on in-season so *hy mess up
your min+ *orrying about out-o$-season.
My Euestion $or the sho* to+ay *as something li%e this: can it be reasonable +uring the o$$-
season to $ollo* the i+eas o$ Mr. 9a)el 2Datsouline an+ his so calle+ Fear-program *hich can
be $oun+ in his 9o*er to the 9eople boo%1
>ure the o$$-season is the i+eal to try ne* an+ +i$$erent things.
I li%e the ring o$ a strength program calle+ the Fear *ritten by a real 6ussian. Do you %no*
that Count ?eo 2olstoy *as actually attac%e+ by a bear one time1 He *as an e,pert hunter an+
blaste+ one right through the beast's snout *hen it attac%e+. 2he bear got upset an+ *as
mauling the Count li%e Mi%e 2yson span%ing Michael >pin%s. It appeare+ the Count's literary li$e
an+ career *oul+ en+ *ith this biDarre episo+e *hen a gang o$ passing ser$s scare+ the beast
a*ay *ith stic%s. >carre+ $or li$e, $i)e years later 2olstoy too% part in a hunting party that %ille+
the same bear. 2he count ma+e his ol+ nemesis into a bear s%in rug. He lai+ in $ront o$ the $ire
in his library-stu+y an+ repeate+ly ra)ishe+ the Countess on the rug. >ai+ it ma+e him $eel )irile.
What *as the Euestion1
I$ I ha)en't a problem *ith per$orming the big three li$ts +uring the o$$-season is this a goo+ *ay
to go or shoul+ I $ollo* your *ay an+ rest some*hat $rom the big three1
I li%e to get as $ar a*ay $rom the three li$ts in the o$$-season as I can. 2hat *ay they $eel $resh
*hen you bite bac% into them in season.
Do you recommen+ to continue to train each muscle group once a *ee% +uring the o$$-season
as *ell *hile using a higher )olume1
Do *hate)er the hell you *ant -- seriously.
>omething li%e this *as the Euestion set up. I$ you li%e it you can use it $or the ne,t online >ho*.
I$ you +eci+e to +o that let me %no* so I +onVt ha)e to repeat it again an+ sen+ it in +uring li)e
Whate)er -- sometimes I ha)e a har+ time +eciphering >*e+ish.
5 short report: my $irst sEuat session yester+ay *ent alright. I +i+ eight reps in the sEuat *ith
!45 %g, using no gear at all, *ithout any problem.
"/#,. is roc%ing $or an mi++le-age+ guy '44( *eighing only !J..
It *ill be )ery interesting to see ho* IVll +o ne,t *ee%. 5s I $eel about it no* I thin% I can
increase the *eights at least 5 %g per *ee% 'maybe I shoot $or &.5 %g i$ it $eels right( $or the .-
rep cycle.
5 %ilos '!!./ poun+s( per *ee% is plenty -- no more than that. Dan, psychologically you nee+ to
get your hea+ scre*e+ on straight. 8ou say I thin% say rather, I %no* that ne,t *ee% I *ill
crush, +estroy, obliterate, )aporiDe ""#,.. It's a $oregone conclusion. ?oo% -- you smo%e+ "!J,.
this *ee% an+ you probably coul+ ha)e +one !# reps i$ you'+ ha+ to -- there is no +amne+ *ay
you are not going to ma%e ""#,. ne,t *ee%4 =ot only are you going to ma%e it, you'll rip it
shre+s. I'+ li%e to see you a++ another K %ilos bo+y *eight. 2his *oul+ ensure you are staying
in positi)e nitrogen balance an+ seeing as you'll ha)e to con$ront /,. in the banch an+ !,. in
the +ea+li$t this *ee%, you *ill really nee+ to $ire +o*n some a++itional $oo+ -- pre$erably clean
protein. Can you +o this $or me Detail Dan1
I am >*e+ish an+ prou+ o$ it.
5s *ell you shoul+ be.
5lso, I can't recall that I as%e+ you about *hat $a)ourite protein sha%e you ha)e, but o%ey --
naturally I am intereste+ in that as *ell. >o, please tell me about that topic as *ell.
8ou %no* the +eal on this alrea+y. I gi)e that out on my e-mail:
5re there any other supplements besi+es protein you can recommen+1 I *oul+ really li%e to
increase my reco)ery ability. Feing 44 I am a*are that my natural testosterone le)el is lo*er
than *hen in my t*enties an+ thirties. Increasing it in some *ay *oul+ be great.
5gain I say $ire +o*n a++itional protein.
What is your personal opinion about all these athletes that ha)e got buste+ $or nan+rolone use
an+ trying to get clear by blaming some supplement1
5ny e,cuse in a storm, as *e 5mericans are o$t to be hear+ saying.
Do you %no* i$ there really e,ists supplements that can raise the hormone le)els to that e,tent
that one can get caught in tests1
8ou bettcha4
8ou +onVt ha)e to ans*er this i$ you +on't $eel li%e it. It *oul+ 7ust be interesting to hear *hat
some one *ho %no*s elite sports thin% about this.
2he athlete $o,es ha)e science as goo+ as the me+ical houn+s.
?ot o$ rambling again -- I %no*. >orry4
6amble on, <eppelin.
I *ill en+ by telling you ho* to *rite 5+ios in >*e+ish. 9ronouncing it is tougher to +escribe in a
*ritten $ormat. :specially since I can't $in+ my pronounciation +ictionary. 5ny*ay -- here it goes:
5+ios or goo+ bye -- In a $ormal *ay: 5+7Y or 0ar)Zl4 In$ormal *ay: He7 +U4
Do you ha)e a >*e+ish eEui)ilant o$ agro-american1 Collecti)e $armer1 I *ant to call 9a)el the
6e+ this: I *oul+ say to him, he7 +a +u+e4 5n+ he *oul+ say, *o*, this Marty-guy spea%s
>*e+ish4 He's the Man4
8ou also nee+ to be able to print the >*e+ish letters U,Z an+ Y an+ perhaps your %eyboar+
+oesnVt $eature them.
?et me chec% -- nope4
F2W, nice to see youVre intereste+ in )arious litterature. 8our +escriptons o$ ho* an+ *here you
li)e an+ your interest in nature as *ell sho*s that you a+here to the saying Mens sana in
corpore sano as Au)enal once sai+ a long time ago.
We ha)e a saying in my neighborhoo+, +on't mi, guns, *his%ey, e,plosi)es an+ se, an+
e,pect no negati)e repercusions. 2he synta, is s%e*ere+ but that's the *ay the agros tal% in
my region.
Well,itVs almost mi+night o)er here no* an+ I realiDe I must go to be+.
0ar be it $or me to %eep you up. I shoul+ go lay +o*n mysel$, an+ it's only noon o)er here.
2han%s $or being there $or me4
2han%s $or being.
2a%e care,
=o, you ta%e care.
Detail Dan
Hey there -- one more thing.
;h hell, *hat no*4 I *ant to go lay +o*n.
I lay there in my be+ an+ all sorts o$ thoughts *ere ringing in my hea+ hin+ering me to $all
I +eci+e+ to get up an+ +o something use$ul 'i$ anything can be use$ul to +o at night time --
maybe e,cept satis$ying one's spouse(.
>o you people +o the *ango-tango in >*e+en1
5n+ came to thin% o$ as%ing you about *hat an+ *hen to eat an+ your philosophy about it.
5n+ you *on+er *hy *e call him +etail Dan1
2his issue concerns mainly *ith gaining strength an+ mass in preparation $or competiti)e
8ou shoul+ go to sleep man.
>o, ho* +o you belie)e I shoul+ set up my eating1 High protein an+ a bit sparse *ith the
carbohy+rates, or1
;r *hat1 I $eel li%e being grille+ by 6ussell Cro*e in ?.5. Con$i+ential.
2he last couple o$ hours be$ore training -- *hat to ingest an+ timing1
Do you ha)e corn +ogs in >*e+en1 I al*ays try an+ $ire +o*n a couple o$ corn+ogs be$ore
tac%ling the big iron.
Ho* to ensure to get the most out o$ the *in+o* o$ opportunity a$ter training1
I misse+ that *in+o* o$ opportunity bac% in the 'I#s Dan. 9lus, I too ol+ to change careers at
this point in my li$e.
Maybe you can use these Euestions in the ne,t online sho*1
8es in+ee+y *e shall an+ are.
=o* I start to ya*n so maybe I can go to sleep no*.
I hope so $or all our sa%es.
3oo+ =ight4
5re you serious this time1
Detail Dan
2he ne,t morning this note *as on my pri)ate e-mail:
Marty -- one more thing: 8es -- I +o ta%e in some nutrients +irectly a$ter training. 0irst I +rin% a
carbohy+rate solution 'or at least the rest o$ my sports+rin% *hich I use +uring the session(.
;$ten I eat a banana a$ter that an+ then I ha)e a protein+rin% '*hich gi)es me appro,imately 4#-
45 grams o$ protein an+ appro,imately 5#-I# grams o$ carbohy+rates. 2hen I eat real $oo+ !-/
to ! hour a$ter this. >o I guess I ha)e rather +ecent eating habits. I thin% though that I ha)e to
increase my protein inta%e some*hat to get up to "## grams a +ay an+ there's *here a goo+
protein supplement *oul+ come in han+y. 2he one I use contain some carbos as *ell an+
mi,ing it *ith mil% ma%es it e)en more carbo-enriche+. Is this ba+ or +oesn't it matter much1
What +o you thin% about this theory *hich some people ha)e been *riting about: Carbos ten+ to
calm you an+ amino aci+s ten+ to get you more alert.
Dan, ta%e more carbos.
Is this something you belie)e in or can it be the other *ay aroun+. I mean, carbos are a more
e$$icient source o$ $uel, arenVt they41 5s an athlete trying *anting to per$orm as *ell as possible
an+ not necessarily loo% goo+ isnVt it important to eat a lot o$ carbos as *ell or +o you thin% a
high protein-high $at +iet *ill +o 7ust as *ell or better1 What's your oppinion on this1 Maybe this
is something to put up on the sho* as *ell1
many carbos ma%e me $at. 2here are a lot o$ carbos in corn+ogs.
>hort training report:
My bench session this e)ening *ent alright too. I got J5 %g $or eight reps in t*o sets *ithout
much problem. I +i+nVt +o them pause+ though. I +i+ ho*e)er lo*er it un+e great control an+
use+ no bounce 7ust re)erse+ the *eight *hen it touche+ my chest.I *ill start to pause *hen
using the $i)es an+ triples.
3oo+ -- all goo+.
I must say I got a pump in my pecs, shoul+ers an+ triceps. ItVs a *hile since I +i+ reps o)er $i)e
an+ since I +i+ any +irect arm *or%. Ho*e)er it $elt goo+ an+ I loo% $or*ar+ to the ne,t bench
session *hen I *ill increase the *eights by /,5 %g to 5 %g. I +eci+e on that +ay *hat to use.
?ights out -- goo+ night.
Detail Dan
3oo+ night once again4
Dear Marty,
0or the bene$it o$ your rea+ers, coul+ please you list those boo%s on strength training that -- in
your immo+est opinion -- are the best ones a)ailable1 I$ so, coul+ you also e,plain in a $e*
*or+s *hy they are such goo+ )alue1
=o, that's too much *or%.
>ome boo%s may properly e,plain an+ illustrate ho* to per$orm the )arious e,ercises, *hile
others lay out the principles o$ strength training in easy-to-un+erstan+ terms. 2he authors may
e)en belong to +i$$erent schools o$ thought.
I *oul+ certainly hope so.
2he Euestions you recei)e suggest that not all correspon+ents really un+erstan+ the 7argon, let
alone %no* ho* to per$orm the e,ercises you recommen+ or un+erstan+ the +eeper thin%ing
behin+ them. It *oul+ be a goo+ a++ition to your concise replies.
8ou assume I ha)e concise replies.
In past sho*s, you alrea+y mentione+ a $e* titles an+ authors. Fut to $acilitate or+ering those
boo%s, it *oul+ be really help$ul to inclu+e International >tan+ar+ Foo% =umbers an+ the
5re you serious1 Ho* in the hell am I suppose+ to get something *hen I +on't %no* *hat it is,
much less *here to get it.
Without the I>F= in particular, getting the boo% you *ant is li%e $in+ing a nee+le in a haystac%.
Call 5maDon, most e)erything I recommen+ is a)ailable right o$$ the rac% in any For+ers
Foo%store -- oh that's right you li)e in >*e+en. 2ough bit o$ luc% there, Dan-o.
0or instance, I +i+ manage to obtain >erious >trength 2raining by 2u+or Fompa. Fut it pro)e+
to be impossible $or me in the =etherlan+s to get hol+ o$ Coan: 2he Man, 2he Myth, 2he
Metho+ by Marty 3allagher, *ithout Euoting the I>F= an+ the publishing house.
2hat's because it's top secret -- you'll nee+ an 0FI an+ CI5 clearance to obtain it. 2he metho+s
in the boo% *ere pro)en so incre+ible that the @.>. go)ernment seiDe+ all the copies an+
+eclare+ the in$o top secret.
Cre+it car+s are pretty popular here in the Colonies.
5s an alternati)e, I trie+ to or+er Heys to the Inner @ni)erse :ncyclope+ia on Weight 2raining
by Fill 9earl. Well, *ith a bit o$ luc%, the boo%store may be able to ship a +elu,e e+ition $rom
Fritain 'not 5merica( to the =etherlan+s in March. Come bac% an+ call us then4
It enough to ma%e you go postal.
:)en that boo% *oul+ be a reprint +ating bac% to !JJ/. Has 5merica run out o$ this Fible o$
Weight ?i$ting1
It enough to ma%e you *ant to +e$ect. I *oul+ +e$ect to 5ustralia i$ $orce+. I *oul+ li)e on
Manley Feach an+ become absorbe+ in the sur$er li$estyle. I *oul+ become a HooDa+.
;ther boo%s you recommen+e+ are:
[ 2he Weightli$ting :ncyclope+ia -- 5 3ui+e to Worl+ Class 9er$ormance by 5rthur Drechsler
[ Har+core Fo+ybuil+ing by 0re+eric% C. Hat$iel+, 9h.D.
5 bit more in$o on the content o$ all the boo%s mentione+, plus their I>F=s an+ publishers *oul+
be much appreciate+ by me an+ probably others, too.
3oo+ lor+ Dan4 I'm gla+ you are not my boss4
5ny other titles that are a goo+ rea+ $or Marty's $ans1 >ee, I'm not all a pain in the nec%.
2he 7ury is still out Dan-o.
Hin+ regar+s,
2he Detail 3uy, also %no*n as 2he =e$arious =itpic%er
9.>. I')e $inally coine+ a *or+ that typi$ies your in-your-$ace sense o$ humor an+ also +oes
7ustice to your bra*ny physiEue: griDDly bear humor.
Hey Marty -- you seem to be a real 3rill -man4 :(
3oo+ =ight4
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Marty -- I $in+ as I get ol+er 'I'm 5#(, I am no* $eeling more an+ more
com$ortable *hen li$ting using machines )ice $ree *eights. Is this natural1 5lthough I still use
+umbbells in my *or%out regime, I')e gotten to a point *ere its no* about &5-/5 machines. Will
I still maybe able to e$$ecti)ely maintain tone an+ e)en a++ some bul% i$ I *ant by correctly using
*eight machines1 I suspect correctly is the operati)e *or+ here. 2han%s $or your thoughts.
Machines are se+ucti)e but not as e$$ecti)e as $ree *eights.
Machines ha)e $roDen groo)es that ma%e it easy to push or pull but ta%e muscle stabiliDers out
o$ the eEuation. 0ree *eights $orce these stabiliDers into action an+ this is a goo+ thing. 0ree
*eights are har+er then machines an+ har+er is better *hen it comes to triggering
hypertrophic muscle gro*th. :asy is $un an+ pre+etermine+ mechanical groo)es ma%e *eight
training a $rolic in the par% *hen it's suppose+ to be trench *ar$are. We use machines as an
a$terthoughtL thin% o$ $ree *eights as the main course an+ machines as +esert. =e)er eat your
+esert be$ore your meat an+ potatoes an+ subsisting on +esserts alone is ba+ $or you.
>ta$$or+, Ca.: I recently 'this month( began an e$$ort to lose *eight. I'+ li%e to lose in the
neighborhoo+ o$ 4# lbs. 'I')e alrea+y lost !#-!5 lbs.( I')e been *atching my caloric an+ $at
inta%e an+ ha)e been running an+ bi%ing. My Euestion is this: >houl+ I *ait to begin li$ting
*eights or shoul+ I start no*1
Weight training is critical, an in+ispensable leg o$ the tripo+ o$ $itness -- *eights, car+io an+ +iet.
Weight training buil+s muscles *hile +iet an+ car+io strip a*ay e,cess bo+y $at. 2he three
elements +one in tight synchroniDation create a synergyL results come $ar $aster then i$ you
concentrate solely on one -- or in your case t*o -- o$ the three elements. >tart li$ting t*o to three
times a *ee% using a basic beginner program 'chec% my archi)es to +ig one up( an+ *atch your
physical progress s%yroc%et.
=o >Euat ?an+: I can't get my arms on the bar $or in the sEuat position. I guess I can, but it hurts
'*ith no *eight(, an+ o$$ers no support $or the bar at all. >uggestions1
What's the +eal1 Do you ha)e rotator cu$$ in7uries1 5re you super-tight an+ in$le,ible1
I ha)e *or%e+ *ith some physical giants an+ I')e ne)er ha+ a case *here a man coul+ not
place his han+s on a barbell prior to a sEuat. I$ your con+ition is because o$ past in7uries you
might nee+ to learn ho* to $ront sEuat 'bar rac% on the shoul+ers un+er the chin on the
cla)icles(. I$ it's a lac% o$ $le,ibility then you nee+ to get a broom stic% an+ practice rear shoul+er
5+ams Morgan: Marty: I'm /5 an+ in reasonably goo+ shape. Ho*e)er, I')e notice+ a bit o$
e,tra pu+giness in my hip an+ butt area. What are the best e,ercises I can +o $or this1 Is it a
combination o$ *eight training an+ car+io or *ill one ta%e care o$ it1 I lo)e to *eight train, but
nee+ a bit o$ moti)ation to get on the trea+mill. 2han%s4
My guess is that the root cause o$ your problem is +iet-relate+.
?oo%it -- *eights are great $or buil+ing muscle an+ car+io *ill buil+ great en+urance but i$ you
ta%e in more calories than you burn in the course o$ a +ay then it's all $or naught. 2he tric% is to
strip a*ay the trash $oo+s, get right at your caloric brea%e)en point an+ then layer on some
serious *eight training an+ car+io. I$ you stri%e the balance bet*een caloric inta%e an+
systematic e,ercise, those sa++lebags o$ bo+y $at *ill, o)er time, be o,i+iDe+, melte+ o$$, as the
bo+y uses store+ $at as an energy source to co)er the caloric +e$icet you')e create+ through
e,ercise. 2hrough a precise balance o$ +iet an+ e,ercise the bo+y is tric%e+ into burning o$$ its
$at stores. It's a three-prong process, not an e)ent.
0lori+a: Dear Marty:
I'm 5'J !&# poun+s, !. percent $at. I *ant to gain /# poun+s muscle, an+ lose $i)e poun+s $at.
Can you gi)e a perio+iDation plan1 2han%s.
3o one +irection or another: either see% to lose $at or see% gain muscle -- trying to +o both
simultaneously is a little a+)ance+ $or a person un+erta%ing their $irst cycle. Ho* about trying
to lose !5 poun+s o)er the ne,t !# *ee%s at the rate o$ !.5 poun+s a *ee%1 2hat *oul+ seem
reasonable. I cannot con7ure a cycle base+ on the s%impy in$ormation you')e pro)i+e+ an+
$ran%ly it *oul+ ta%e hours o$ con)ersation +etermining *hat you eat, ho* you train, current
+egree o$ $itness, *or% sche+ule, $oo+ li%es an+ +isli%es, etc., etc. 9lus, I thin% it is a little laDy on
you're part to sen+ me a t*o-sentence e-mail an+ e,pect me to +e)ise a comple, perio+iDation
sche+ule. 8ou nee+ to +o .# percent o$ the *or% then submit it to me $or comments. 3o bac% to
the =e* 8ear perio+iDation article, sit +o*n *ith pencil an+ paper an+ +e)ise a !#-*ee% cycle
incorporating the categories I')e pro)i+e+. C'mon, meet me three-Euarters o$ the *ay an+ sho*
me you're serious an+ I'll respon+ in %in+.
Car+io: >houl+ I also abstain $rom a car+io *or%out *hen my muscles are sore, or 7ust *eight
li$ting an+ real intense use o$ my muscles1
I *oul+.
Fethes+a, M+.: Hi Marty,
I')e 7ust starte+ *ith Weight Watcher's to ta%e o$$ some poun+s 'about !5( an+ *ill soon begin
*eight training at the local gym. I'm concerne+ that I *on't be getting enough calories on the
+ays that I *or% out. 5ny particular rules o$ thumb or suggestions about ho* to a+7ust one's
caloric inta%e *hen e,ercising1
2han%s. >ue
;h, I +on't %no* about all that -- ho* about ta%ing in a protein sha%e mi,e+ *ith *ater a$ter a
*eight *or%out1 5 protein sha%e mi,e+ *ith *ater contains a scant !5# calories but po*er
pac%e+ *ith "#-"5 grams o$ muscle-buil+ing-reco)ery spee+ing protein. 5n+ contains ne,t to no
carbohy+rates, $at or sugar -- har+ly enough to +erail your *eight-*atcher e$$orts. 2his smart-
bomb sha%e shoul+ be 7ust *hat the +octor or+ere+.
Hey Marty, hey >tacy -- ho* are you1 What are you up to, Mrs. 3allagher1 I'm *riting to as% $or
help again, i$ you +on't min+. I')e +eci+e+ I *ant to try to Euali$y $or the Ha*aii Ironman this
year. 2here's a race in Cambri+ge on Aune " that's a Euali$ier -- I ha)e to be the $irst or secon+
*oman in my age group to Euali$y $or Ha*aii. 5ny*ay, I')e been +oing a lot o$ li$ting in
December an+ Aanuary to gain some strength-spee+, an+ cutting *ay bac% on the aerobics
'maybe $i)e to se)en hours a *ee% on aerobics(. 8es it $inally sun% into my hea+ that I can't
ma%e any signi$icant gains in strength an+ +o har+ aerobic *or%outs at the same time. Ft*,
buil+ing up my strength has %noc%e+ at 5P minutes o$$ my s*im times. 5ny*ay, starting in
0ebruary thru 5pril I nee+ to start *or%ing on my en+urance base, going long an+ slo* in my
s*ims, bi%es an+ runs. >o I'll probably buil+up to !#-!/ hrs a *ee% aerobics. I %no* I can't be
hitting it as har+ on the *eights *hile I'm +oing this, but ho* +o I *or% it so I'm not losing all the
strength I built up1 6ight no* *eight-*ise I'm going three times a *ee%:
Day ! -- Fench 'J5,!#, !!5,., !/5,I(
9ec $lys '/5,!# $or t*o sets(
9ull +o*ns '&5,!#, .#,., J#,.(
Day / -- Dea+li$ts 'J5,!#, !/5,., !"5,., !45,5- hey I 7ust got to !45 this morning yeh(
9ull-ups 'three sets o$ I(
Ficep curls '4#,!#, 4#,!#, 5#,!#(
Day " -- >Euats 'J5,!#, !/5,., !"5,I(
Hamstring curls '5#,!#, 5#,!#(
Why not cut bac% to t*ice a *ee%1 Chec% it outL you can restructure this suc%er, still get in
e)erything an+ shi$t a *eight training +ay into the car+io category *ithout missing a beat or
losing a step.
Day I
Fench press
>eate+ +umbbell shoul+er press
9ush+o*ns-curls 'superset(
Day II
?eg curl
>eate+ cal$ raise
High pull
=arro* grip pull+o*ns *ith un+er-grip
Drop the pec +ec an+ +ea+li$t -- a++ high pulls 'a spee+ +ea+li$t that you continue to pull until
the bar reaches the belly button. 3o up on your toes an+ replace the bar on the plat$orm a$ter
each rep(. 8ou shoul+ be able to get through these t*o routines *ithin $orty minutes. 2he i+ea is
to maintain strength that you')e acEuire+ to this point. 2hat's enough, ensure that you +on't lose
anything. 2his W; routine *ill +eli)er the mail. 2hree sets, !# reps. ?ight, me+ium, all-out.
;H, so +o you thin% maybe i$ I ta%e the *eight +o*n an+ +o more reps that I *ill not be
e,hausting mysel$ so much that I'll be ta%ing a*ay $rom my aerobic-buil+ing yet still maintain my
strength1 Cut it bac% to t*o +ays instea+ o$ three1
3reat min+s thin% ali%e.
5ny i+eas on *hen I shoul+ start a++ing in spee+ *or% outs1 Whe* I $eel tire+ alrea+y. 5m I
+oing this bass ac%*ar+s1 >houl+ I ha)e +one the en+urance phase $irst then starte+ on the
=o, you're cool. 6ealistically, all you can +o is e)erything you realistically can bet*een no* an+
the competition. 9ast that an+ it's all speculation an+ con7ecture.
Write my e-mail $or the phone number an+ *e'll ha)e you up. Fring the %i+. I li%e to chase the
neighborhoo+ %i+s aroun+ 'my o*n inclu+e+( *ith a 3rumman target pistol pellet gun accurate
to t*o inches up to 5# yar+s. 8ou ought to see 'em 7ump. 3reat $un $or me.
Chicago, Ill.: Hey Marty,
I')e got t*o Euestions $rom your perio+iDation article. ;ne, I')e cleane+ up my +iet Euite a bit,
an+ I'm $in+ing I'm losing *eight $aster than sche+ule+ 'lost three lbs. last *ee%, I *eigh !J#(.
;n one han+, I'm eating the recommen+e+ percentages o$ carbohy+rates an+ protein, but I')e
cut out so+a an+ booDe, an+ bro%en my meals up $rom t*o a +ay to $i)e. I')e also starte+ +oing
car+io in the morning, *hich is also burning $at in a hurry an+ I'm getting stronger. Do I nee+ to
*orry about the $act that I'm losing *eight $aster than planne+1 5lso, high pulls. I +i+n't %no*
*hat these *ere, so I loo%e+ them up on the Internet. Does each rep start *ith the barbell on
the groun+, or 7ust the $irst one 'beginning the $ollo*ing reps stan+ing *ith arms straight(1
Du+e4 '1( 8ou rule4
8ou')e %ept your hea+ +o*n, your mouth shut, $ollo*e+ the tripo+ metho+ology an+ results are
mani$esting4 ?et the goo+ times roll. Don't touch those +ials, %eep +oing *hate)er it is that your
+oing until it stalls -- +on't *orry, it *ill -- they all +o sooner or later. Fut that's o%ay because *e
got a million *ays to smo%e the cat out o$ the bag, as my Horean HCI5 boss use+ to tell me
bac% in the se)enties. ?osing $at too $ast1 =o *ay4 We shoul+ all ha)e such problems4 Heep
going4 >ee the pre)ious ans*er $or a hi-pull +escription. I use straps. 2hese are %iller an+
absolutely the best upper-bac%, trapeDius-rhomboi+-teres +e)eloper %no*n to man.
=ero, Miami, 0la.: Dear Marty,
I')e been to 3reece, I')e been to 6ome, I')e seen the statues -- *hat must I +o to loo% li%e
them1 9lease help me4
0igurati)e smooches to you =ero, regar+less o$ gen+er.
>tu+y my 9ost archi)es, it's a )eritable e-boo% on the art an+ science o$ physical reno)ation.
Marty 3allagher: !-"#-#! Guestions 'cont'+(
Hyatts)ille, M+.: Hi Marty,
I')e $ought a morbi+ obesity problem $or many years no* to no a)ail. >hi$t *or% ma%es it har+ to
eat right, although it +oes allo* time $or e,ercise. 2he only problem *ith that is a little e,ercise
slo*s me +o*n $or the rest o$ the +ay. 5ny suggestions1
>en+ me a typical +ay's +iet, inclu+e times, type an+ rough amounts. ?et me %no* ho* much
beer, so+a, 7uice, etc. you ingest +aily. ;ne reason *e try an+ e,ercise $irst thing is that i$ *e +o
it right a*ay it gets +one. Most $ol%s *ho +on't ha)e a history o$ e,ercise *ill blo* o$$ an
e,ercise session $or 7ust about any reason. I$ you train late in the +ay circumstance al*ays
seems to come up *ith some situation that causes you to s%ip the *or%out. 5re you *al%ing1
Fuy a Wal%man, thro* in the ?iberace tapes, get outsi+e an+ +o some nature po*er*al%ing.
>tay in touch. We can get this thing turne+ aroun+ i$ you got true grit.
Washington, D.C.: >o long as you're *or%ing +i$$erent muscle groups, is there any harm in
*or%ing out three +ays in a ro*1 I'll alternate +ays as sche+ule permits, but some *ee%s, I'll
nee+ to get to the gym on consecuti)e +ays. I'm sure it's not the en+ o$ the *orl+L *oul+ 7ust li%e
a little insight. 2han%s.
8eah, no problem. Here is a typical three-on one o$$ three-on bo+ybuil+ing split -- *hich, by the
*ay *as the all the rage bac% in the era o$ 5rnol+, 0ranco, ?e* an+ >ergio.
Day !
Day /
Day "
?eg e,tensions
?eg curls
Cal$ raises
>eate+ press
>i+e lateral raises
Day 4
6epeat cycle -- train si, +ays a *ee%, three +ays in a ro*, one +ay o$$, three +ays in a ro*, one
+ay o$$, etc.
Chantilly, Ca.: I ha)e recently bought the 5b-Doer machine, Aohn 5b+o's ab+obics $or the mi+-
section. Do you %no* i$ this really *or%s1 >o $ar I ha)e been +oing it $or a month an+ ha)e lost
an inch on my *aistline but I +on't %no* i$ it's the machine or because I ha)e starte+ *al%ing
three miles a +ay.
I'+ be less li%ely to apply cre+it to any one element rather the combination is *or%ing so %eep
the ball rolling on all $ronts. Write bac% *hen you plateau.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: 3oo+ a$ternoon Marty. I ha)e hear+ that i$ I cut bac% on carbs I *ill lose *ait
$aster, but I also %no* that carbs are my energy source. I$ I am trying to lose *eight, ho* many
carbs +o I nee+1 I am $emale, 5'!! tall, an+ !J5 lbs. Currently I *or%out $or at least 45 minutes
$our +ays a *ee% an+ I am seeing results o$ about /lbs a *ee%. ;h yeah, I also +rin% a gallon o$
*ater a +ay.
I am curious yello*. :at all the steame+ )egetables you *ant. Cut bac% on the starchy carbs,
rice an+ potatoes. Cut bac% +rastically on the re$ine+ carbs li%e pasta, brea+ an+ pastries.
6i)er+ale, M+.: I recently began *or%ing out at the 3reenbelt recreation center an+ ha)e been
surprise+ at ho* o$ten men bring their young +aughters '"-5 years( into the loc%er room *hile
they sho*er an+ change. Har+ly a +ay goes by *hen I')e been caught by surprise as someone
marches in *ith his girl in to*. ?ast *ee% I thought it really *ent too $ar as I sa* one man
casually sho*ering *ith his +aughter. I')e not been a member o$ a gym $or se)eral years, so
maybe I 7ust nee+ to get *ith the times an+ accept that people *ith chil+ren ha)e the right o$
*ay, 7ust as *e')e ha+ to learn to accept sEualling babies in mo)ie theaters, restaurants, the
*or%place, etc. What +o you thin%1
Call me a pru+e but I'+ be *al%ing right on out o$ that sho*er room an+ imme+iately loo% to
ha)e a con)ersation *ith management about issuing a policy statement. 9.>. I')e ne)er seen
>pring$iel+, Ca.: I ha)e about three to $our +ays I can spen+ in the gym.
>atur+ay an+ >un+ay an+ one or t*o +ays +uring the *ee%. I ma%e my *ee%en+ *or%outs a bit
longer $ocusing legs on one +ay, upper on the other. Ho* coul+ I best use my time at the gym
the other one or t*o +ays1 I +o about "# minutes o$ car+io outsi+e e)ery+ay in the morning.
Woul+ it be best to split up my upper bo+y routine1 9erhaps +o bac% an+ biceps +uring the
*ee%1 2han% you in a+)ance.
5++ a bac% an+ biceps session mi+-*ee% an+ you'll be set. I o$ten use this particular $reEuency
template mysel$. It's a goo+ one.
2he District: Dear Marty,
Ho* +o you sur)i)e in the col+1 8ou're nuts4 I thin% i$ I ha+ to li)e there I *oul+ set mysel$ on
$ire 7ust to stay *arm. 8ou're tougher than I.
8es I am, 7ust as% my *i$e. I'm a charter member o$ the He-Man Club. 8ou shoul+ ha)e been
*ith me on 2ues+ay *hen I acci+entally got me $eet soa%e+ in ice *ater three miles $rom the
7eep *hile *al%ing on a mountain $ire trail. I $elt li%e I *as in a Aac% ?on+on boo%.
;H, Euestion: *hat +o you thin% is appropriate *eight $or a /J-year-ol+ $emale o$ small stature1
I am 5'4 maintaining !"5 a$ter losing !5 lbs. o)er the past year, but no* I'm thin%ing !/5 is
really more appropriate i$ I'm thin%ing about ha)ing chil+ren sometime in the ne,t $i)e years
'+on't *ant to be too big to start o$$ *ith(. 5n+ i$ !/5 is more appropriate, ho* +o people lost !#
more lbs.1 I %no* you get this Euestion all the time, an+ I al*ays rea+ your archi)es, but it
seems this is especially har+ $or me cause I thin% I')e +one all I can *ith +iet 'lo* $at, small
portions, $i)e small meals a +ay, tons o$ *ater, increase+ protein, no re$ine+ sugars( but I'm so
stin%in' laDy I +on't %no* i$ rigorous e,ersiDe is in my horiDon1 5ny suggestions1
>igne+, 9athetically laDy in D.C.
Con$ucius say longest 7ourney begin *ith single step. I ta%e this both $igurati)ely an+ literally. I
soun+ li%e a bro%en recor+, ha)ing suggeste+ this three times alrea+y in to+ay's +iscussionL get
a Wal%man, pic% some upbeat tapes, get outsi+e an+ ta%e a nature *al%. 3o to the par%, *al%
$or a goo+ long *ay an+ suc% in the air an+ the scenery. 8ou'll +ig it an+ *ant to +o it again.
2hat's ho* you gain a toehol+.
D.C.: Marty,
2han%s $or the chat. I am actually as%ing this Euestion $or a $rien+ o$ mine. He's I-!, about !.5.
He's in great shape an+ is a really strong +u+e. His problem is that his arms an+ legs +on't get
7ac%e+, relati)e to the *eight he can put up, i.e., he li$ts as much or more than some guys *ith
signi$icantly bigger arms. Is there anything you'+ suggest $or him, or is he 7ust a )ictim o$
=o this is greatL I lo)e the guys *ho loo% li%e Aane an+ li$t li%e 2arDan. I respect them so much
more then the guys that loo% li%e 2arDan an+ li$t li%e Aane. 2ell him to perse)ere. He'+ ha)e to
gain a little *eight to signi$icantly enlarge his arms an+ legs, assuming it *ere important to him.
:uropean 3irl: Hi Marty,
I')e been rea+ing your archi)es an+ am loo%ing $or some encouragement-a+)ice. I am a "4-
year-ol+ $emale, 5' ", !"# lbs. I ha)e gaine+ "# o$ those lbs. in the last !.5 years. ;b)iously, at
!## lbs., I *as un+er*eight Fut no* I $eel a bit $at an+ out o$ shape. I use+ to *or% out regularly
'I am a $an o$ the Har+ Fo+ies boo% by 3la+ys 9ortugeus an+ Aoyce Cer+al-pyrami+ metho+(
an+ nee+ to get bac% into a routine. I')e starte+ going bac% to the gym, but ha)e stuc% *ith
classes so $ar 'bo+y toning(. I *ent to classes to increase my moti)ation an+ get me bac% into
the habit o$ going to the gym regularly. i ha)e been +oing this $or about three *ee%s no*. I'm
$eeling rea+y to get bac% to the *eights an+ *on+ering *hat approach I shoul+ ta%e1 I *oul+
li%e to lose about 5-& lbs. o$ $at, an+ then tone an+ sculpt. I also nee+ to *or% more intense
car+io in my routine 'the classes are about /# min. o$ car+io, then 4# min. o$ isolate+ bo+y
*or%(. I try to *al% e)ery*here I can, as i'm not a big $an o$ running or s*imming. Is this
enough1 Woul+ a *al% to *or% e)ery +ay -- /# to 4# minutes, +epen+ing on *here I catch the
bus $rom -- be enough1 or +o I nee+ more intense car+io1 Ho* realistic a goal can I set $or
losing the *eight1 I thin% my +iet is un+er control -- *atching *hat I put in my mouth an+ cutting
the no-nos out one by one. replacing my usual snac% $oo+s *ith )eggies, $ruit, getting ri+ o$
brea+, eating smaller meals throughout the +ay instea+ o$ three big ones. 5lso, ha)e you seen
Aoyce Cer+al's Web page '***.7oyce) What +o you thin% o$ her
2han%s $or your time an+ energy. It's )ery much appreciate+.
:uropean 3irl
Hey 3rrrl,
=o comment on A.Cer+al other then she +oesn't ha)e much o$ a bo+y. =e)er crac%e+ open any
o$ her boo%s or seen a tape or ha)e any clue about her metho+ology. 3la+ys en+e+ up as one
o$ Can Dame's punching bags i$ memory ser)es. ?oo%it -- regar+less o$ all this *ho-stuc%-Aohn
stu$$, you nee+ to li$t *eights, you nee+ to +o some car+io an+ you')e got to pay attention to
+iet. 6egar+less *hose i+eas are better than others -- largely an e,ercise in $utility -- you nee+
to ha)e a strategy *ithin the three components o$ $itness. I get my i+eas $rom personally
inter)ie*ing top I0FF bo+ybuil+ers on their training an+ eating. It's my 7ob. I +o the same *ith
champ-een po*erli$ters an+ pro$essional athletes o$ e)ery type, style, +iscipline, gen+er an+
persuasion. 9lus, I still compete at the international le)el in Master's po*erli$ting an+ ha)e been
a *inning coach $or the @>5 in *orl+ competitions. I coache+ Flac%'s 3ym to $i)e national
championships an+ traine+ some o$ the *orl+'s best po*erli$ters, hall-o$-$ame guys.
I suggest you start *ith a t*ice-a-*ee% li$ting program. 0it in *hate)er car+io you can an+ %ic%
the protein up a bit to promote muscle gro*th an+ spee+ reco)ery.
+anman *rote:
Hey there yoursel$ -- yes, you may ma%e me into a star i$ you *ant. :(
6eally, IVm gla+ to see you 'at least $or no*( $in+ my *riting an+ Euestioning interesting enough
$or you an+ the participants o$ the online sho*. I *ill ta%e the opportunity to learn something
about *riting. 8es, o$ course, I *ill chec% out the sho* tomorro*. I$ I ha)e the time I *ill
comment or sen+ you a Euestion li)e. I may be *or%ing *hen the sho* is on the air. I *ill en+
this mail by putting $or*ar+ a Euestion.
I only ha)e a charcoal grill mysel$ so it restricts my grilling season some*hat. Fut *hat the hec%
-- *hen the grill season begins again I $eel it li%e a ne* e,perience an+ the $oo+ I grill then
tastes better than e)er. Fesi+es I ha)e a )ery goo+ coo% in my *i$e. >he ma%es the $inest, most
+elicious +ishes one can imagine *hile still being nutritious an+ healthy. Well, $or most o$ the
time. :(
Ha)e her sen+ us a recipe or t*o.
I'm gla+ *e still ha)e a goo+ Euality stan+ar+ regar+ing $oo+ here in >*e+en. I'm a*are o$ the
$act thatVs not the case e)ery*here.
We got the best $oo+ o)er here -- local Flac% 5ngus Fee$, $arm $resh )egetables, $resh $ruit.
I ha)e +one my best to eat a lot o$ protein an+ calories this *ee% an+ -- 8:> -- I ha)e a++e+ t*o
poun+s to my bo+y*eight.
Fet you $eel goo+: po*er$ul an+ strong.
3otta %eep an eye on the *eights scale an+ the mirror a bit so I +on't en+ up 7ust a++ing inches
aroun+ the belly. :(
8eah -- I use+ straps +uring the +ea+li$t session $or all the pulling e,ercises e,cept the
Me too.
I$ I reco)er *ell IVm sure o$ pulling !5#-!55 %g $or .s on 0ri+ay *ithout much problem. I +i+ get
real sore in my lats an+ traps a$ter the last +ea+li$t *or%out +espite not going any*here near all
I thin% +ea+li$ts are better then JJ percent o$ all lat e,ercises.
>ince I ha)enVt +one any pull+o*ns or clean or snatch mo)ements $or se)eral months I
e,pecte+ to be Euite sore a$ter*ar+s. I still $eel a little a$ter three +ays.
I $eel )ery *ell reco)ere+ in my erector spinae though 'inclu+ing the lumbar part( so I guess I
*ill ha)e to e,ert mysel$ some*hat this e)ening +uring the sEuat *or%out '>I3H4(
=ot sigh -- I *ant you to $eel agressi)eL you must bite the *eights hea+ o$$. 2a%e o)er. Crush
the *eight. 3et the right psychology going.
=o -- 7ust %i++ing4 It $eels great to go a$ter a ne* goo+ goal sEuatting !5# %g $or eights *ith
Crush an+ %ill.
I must a+mit though that IVm not that big into aerobic *or%.
Aust go ta%e a *al% in the *oo+s. I +o uphills all the time combing these mountains. It's $un. 3et
out o$ the sauna. Wal% in the *oo+s *hile listening to 5FF5 o)er your Wal%man.
I *ill cran% it up a bit. I agree *ith you that being out+oor hunting,running or 7ust plain *al%ing is
one o$ the $inest *ays o$ getting car+io *or% an+ also $or rehabilitation an+ recreation.
9roblem right no* is the col+ *eather -- /4 +egrees Celcius right no* an+ on top o$ that it's a bit
*in+y *hich increase the col+ $actor substantially. -/4-+egrees, *hat's that1 >o is that li%e /4-
+egrees or /4-belo* Dero1 I +o /4-+egrees an+ a *in+ chill, no s*eat. ;$ course I ha)e the Fig
Coat 3eorge *ore on >ein$el+. He ha+ to gi)e it to the liEour store o*ner *hen he %noc%e+
o)er the e,pensi)e *ine an+ I got it $rom the liEour store o*ner. 8ou +on't stay out $or long
*hen itVs li%e this. L( I $eel li%e IV)e +one something *orthy o$ a me+al *hen $orcing mysel$ out o$
the +oor going to *or% an+ then once again *hen hea+ing $or the gym.
3et your *i$e to gi)e you the me+al.
Where I li)e *e ha)e access to a sauna. I *ill boo% a time $or it t*ice this *ee% to sur)i)e this
$reeDing perio+ as *ell as helping me *ith my recuperation $rom the training.
>aunas rule. Do you chug rasberry $la)ore+ )o+%a an+ beat each other na%e+ *ith birch
=o, I +onVt really li)e in a rural area -- sorry to say. I ha)e a little +ream o$ +oing so in the $uture
'tal%ing about $uture *hen one is 44 years -ainVt it a bit bol+ tal%ing about $uture in my age1 :(
8ou guys crac% me up. 8ou soun+ li%e you're rea+y $or the retirement home.
=o -- I %no* I ha)e time ahea+ o$ me. ItVs all in the hea+. I %no* that. 0ortunately, I ha)e
siblings appro,imately !# years ol+er than me. I can see that they are still going strong in all
sorts o$ $iel+s an+ en+ea)ours so I +o not $ear4 (.I *oul+ *ant to li)e li%e you seem to +o
accor+ing to the *ay you +escribe some o$ your li)ing con+itions. I got it lic%e+, that's $or sure. It
*oul+ also be per$ect to ha)e a place o$ my o*n to train in. I +onVt nee+ much -- enough space,
bar, plates, bench, rac% 'pre$erably a po*er-rac%(, +umbells, chinning an+ +ipping bars. Well,
that *oul+ go a long *ay $or me.
I li)e !# %ilometers outsi+e o$ the center o$ my city so I ha)e a sort o$ ci)iliDe+ nature aroun+
the corner *ith $orests, la%es an+ recreation areas. I$ I *ant to hunt though I ha)e to go by car
$or an hour or t*o to get to the places *e hunt in.
3ettysburg -- yes, IV)e rea+ some about that battle an+ seen mo)ies *here that battle has been
$eature+ or mentione+. IV)e ne)er been in the @>5. Feing a long hel+ +ream to )isit your
country I am sure that I *ill go there one +ay. 9roblem is -- *here to start an+ *hat to see1
When one gets the chance to go o)er there one *ant to see as much as possible. 5s you surely
%no* *e are Euite 5mericaniDe+ in >*e+en being sub7ecte+ to lots o$ impressions $rom your
country )ia boo%s, $ilms an+ so on. 2his means IV)e also got to %no* that there are much to see
an+ e,plore in the @>5.
5merica is %ool $er sure. 2hin% o$ it as about /# +i$$erent contiguous countries. Must $inish no*
'to your relie$ I assume(. I start to $eel the e$$ects o$ my co$$ee coming along no*. Must $in+
another *ay o$ upping my arousal. CanVt be goo+ to +rin% as much co$$ee as I +o. I try to restrict
it to be$ore training time. I +o $eel the 7itters an+ sometimes *hen training late +rin%ing co$$ee
an+ train upon that impairs the all important sleep.
FalDac the 0rench literary assasin, literally %ille+ himsel$ at age 5/, +rin%ing appro,imately
5#,### cups o$ triple strength 7a)a. I use magnesium an+ calcium tabs $rom time to time to help
calm the bo+ysystem an+ a)oi+ the spasm *hich can come out o$ +rin%ing lots o$ co$$ee altering
the electrolytic balance.Habits can be har+ to brea% though. :( Fesi+es -- co$$ee tastes goo+4 5t
least it's not heroin.
2he Euestion: When am I suppose+ to start using the gear1 I +o not at the moment o*n a suit.
My ol+ one is gone an+ I ha)enVt bought a ne* one since I +onVt %no* i$ I e)er *ill be goo+
enough to compete. '8eah - I am ashame+ o$ sho*ing such lo* sel$-esteem. :(( >till, IV)e got
%nee *raps an+ belt. 5re you planning to ha)ing me use that stu$$ +uring this cycle or *ill I be
ra* all the time1 3ear goes on the last eight *ee%s: 4-*ee%s o$ $i)es, t*o *ee%s o$ triples a
+ouble an+ a single. 2hen the competition. Cease sEuating !!-+ays out, cease benching se)en
+ays out, cease +ea+li$ting !/ +ays out.
:nough $or no* -- time $or training. I *ill later you sen+ a short 'yes -- I promise( report on ho*
the *or%out turns out.
2han%s $or no* - ta%e care4
Do you realiDe in three months it *ill be Aune1 Warm *eather al*ays ma%e peoples thoughts
turn to*ar+s $itness $or summer but by then it's too late -- the time to get in shape $or summer is
no*. 2hat *ay, in !/-!4 *ee%s you'll be .# percent o$ the *ay to your physical goal. 9eople can
change +ramatically in $our *ee%s. 5$ter eight *ee%s o$ a smart an+ sustaine+ physical e$$ort,
$rien+s an+ relati)es begin to mar)el. 2he planets can be mo)e+ o)er a +oDen *ee%s. Don't be
con$use+ about the goal: it the same $or e)eryone -- gro* larger muscles, o,i+iDe e,cess bo+y
$at an+ reap the concurrent bene$its o$ strength, health an+ en+urance that accompany such a
momentous trans$ormation. >o let's get crac%ingL you nee+ a strategic approach to li$ting, car+io
an+ +iet. ;ne, t*o, three, bip, bing, bam4 We set up little mini-strategies *ithin each o$ these
three inter-relate+ +isciplines an+ pursue them simultaneouslyL *e call the *hole shebang a
perio+iDation programL a%a, cycling. Do yoursel$ a $a)or an+ +e)ise a !/-*ee% summer shape-
up cycle this *ee%. Implement the suc%er ne,t *ee%. 5nyone *ho *ants can submit their !/-
*ee% cycle $or comments but please ma%e a serious e$$ort be$ore sen+ing it up-line.
Who's got a Euestion1
Watch $or last *ee%'s ans*ere+ Euestions at the conclusion o$ this *ee%'s clamba%e.
Da)i+son, =.C.: 2his isn't so much a people $itness Euestion as a +og health Euestion,
although I ha)e to *on+er *hat's in people's min+s sometimes. Di+ you hear that some o$ the
+og o*ners at the Westminster +og sho* *or%e+ out their +ogs on trea+mills14 2a%e a per$ectly
goo+ +og an+ turn him into a...I +on't %no* *hat. Why not 3; 0;6 5 W5?H an+ 25H: 2H:
D;3 WI2H 8;@1 What's *rong *ith people1 I *ill note, by the *ay, that this *as not the case
$or the *inning Malamute 'my +ogs are Malamutes, too( -- *hen the o*ner *as as%e+ *hat
*or%-outs the +og +i+, he replie+, Wor%-outs1 He 7ust goes outsi+e an+ runs aroun+4
Marty 3allagher: We shoul+ out *here they li)e an+ go an+ beat them *ith stic%s -- *ho's *ith
Cli$$si+e 9ar%, =.A.: I un+erstan+ that you *ant your po*erli$ters to hit rep recor+s in the o$$-
season. I *as 7ust *on+ering *hat some o$ your peers *ere in the three li$ts $or +i$$erent reps.
Di+ Hugh Cassi+y +o these types o$ things in the o$$-season1 I$ so +o you recall any o$ his
sEuat, bench or +ea+ $or reps1 Ho* about Mar% Challiet1
Fy the *ay, my nephe* is on a mission to brea% the a+au ra* !.-!J-year-ol+ sEuat recor+ 5!..
Imme+iate goal "5#,!5. He 7ust hit 45# easy in a meet.
Marty 3allagher: Hugh taught reps to me I taught them to si,-time I90 *orl+ champion Hir%
Har*os%i. Fill >tarr taught reps to 3eorge Hecter, *ho coul+ coul+ sEuat &"#,!# an+ then sEuat
J&5 in competition. I +oubt i$ Challiet +i+ !# total reps in an entire *or%out. Mar% an+ I are
suppose+ to get together ne,t *ee% $or cho*. 8ou ought to +rop your boy +o*n to !#s -- an+ no
more then $our *ee%s o$ them. 8ou'll burn him out i$ you ta%e too a slo* +escent -- there is not
enough contrast bet*een the phases to spar% gains.
Cirginia, @.>.5.: 5 Euestion, t*o comments an+ an up+ate $or you. I *rote in a couple o$ *ee%s
ago, the /&-year-ol+, 5'4, !J#. I'm t*o *ee%s into my !/-*ee% perio+iDation an+ I')e lost $our
poun+s so $ar.
2he comments. I trie+ the protein po*+er you recommen+e+ an+ un$ortunately, bro%e out in a
)ery ba+ re+ rash $rom something in it. I'm )ery s%eptical o$ trying it again -- so +o you ha)e any
other suggestions $or ho* to get supplemental protein1
5lso, I')e almost gotten o)er my $ear o$ the guys on the $ree *eight si+e o$ the gym. It's not so
ba+ once you go.
2his lea+s to my Euestion. 2here is one e,ercise, the seate+ shoul+er press *here i$ I a+7ust the
seat 'this is actually a machine but you put the plates on it( my $eet +on't touch. >houl+ I be
+oing this one i$ I +on't ha)e my $eet on the $loor1
Marty 3allagher: 3oo+ 3o+ you bro%e out in a rash as a result o$ something I recommen+e+L I
am sorry an+ hope you ha)e reco)ere+ su$$iciently. 6egar+less o$ you un$ortunate e,perience,
the i+ea still is a proper oneL you nee+ to $in+ some type an+ $la)or o$ protein po*+er an+ sport
nutrition bars that you can consume. 2hese engineere+ $oo+s are loa+e+ *ith clean nutrients,
no sugar or $at, an+ *hen ta%en in the place o$ the high $at an+ high sugar $oo+s you no +oubt
consume, you *ill loose sca+s o$ bo+y *eight. 2he general recommen+ation stan+s, sorry this
speci$ic bran+ an+ $la)or +i+n't agree *ith you.
Mt. Hisco, =.8.: Hi Marty -- ne* to your sho* an+ rea+ing your archi)es really gets me psyche+
$or my *or%outs.
Guestion: What is the best *ay to per$orm Farbell Fento)er 6o*s $or ma,imum mass gains1 Is
it a *orth*hile e,ercise1
I'm 5'I, !4# lbs, "I years ol+ loo%ing to buil+ muscle. I al*ays stic% on my 8ates' Floo+ O 3uts
)i+eo *hen I'm *or%ing out an+ I notice he a+)ocates a I#-+egree angle on this e,ercise,
pulling the bar into his mi+ri$$.
I +oing $i)e sets o$ !#,!## *hich $eel tough at the time but I ne)er $eel any e$$ect the ne,t +ay. I
*ant my lats to be sore4 5m I +oing anything *rong1 5lso, *hat *oul+ you recommen+ $or a
mass-buil+ing bac% *or%out1 I also +o +ea+li$ts !#,!/5, .,!/5 an+ .,!"5. >houl+ I be
+ea+li$ting more than my bo+y*eight $or gains1
I ha)e no pull+o*n machine an+ no pull up bar by the *ay.
9auly -- =e* 8or%
Marty 3allagher: 9auly =e* 8or%,
I li%e it -- are you in 2he >opranos1
6o*s are $ine but +ea+li$ts are better.
2here are three aceptable ro* )ariations that shoul+ be alternate+L the $irst is +one *ith the
torso hel+ rigi+ at a J#-+egree angle to the $loor, the secon+ is the Dorian &#-+egree ro* an+
the li$ter splits the +i$$erence bet*een J#-+egree an+ straight up. 2he $inal ro* is a brace+ ro*
usually a 2-bar *ith a chest pa+. 2ry pausing brace+ t-bar ro*s at the top be$ore lo*ering. ?et
the lats get pulle+ an+ stretche+ in the hole an+ contract them at the top. 9ull *ith the bac%, not
the arms -- this is a subtle but huge +io$$erence. >tretch them in bet*een sets. 6otate these
)ariations e)ery $our *ee%s. Fuy some larger shirts.
Flueberry 9ie4: Hey Marty, 7ust *ante+ to let you %no*, the +ay a$ter the chat *ith the pie +ialog,
I *as *al%ing to *or% here in hot, stic%y nasty 2e,as. I *as contemplating the climb up to my
$i$th $loor o$$ice, *hich I')e been +oing e)ery morning as part o$ a ne* year's thing. Well, to be
more speci$ic, I *as contemplating the ele)ators along *ith ho* s*eat *as rolling +o*n my
bac% at . in the morning alrea+y. I *as really contemplating those ele)ators. 2hen, a )ision o$
t*o big tough men staring at each other o)er a blueberry pie rose unbi++en to my min+. 2he pie
-- the ele)ators -- the pie. >o any*ay, I too% the stairs, cause I +i+n't *ant to be a non-pie eating
*eenie. Aust *ante+ to say than%s $or the inspiration.
Marty 3allagher: 0inally, someone *ho gets the <en para+o, o$ this $itness eEuation. Where')e
you been hi+ing1 It's all about goo+ +ialouge in a ba+ Hung 0u mo)ie. 6emember, the 5th <en
partriarch *as the coo% be$ore the boss recogniDe+ his ob)ious grumpy talent.
9ass the pie4
Fethes+a, M+.: I'm $emale, "4, one chil+, I'm not o)er*eight an+ ha)e a $airly $lat stomach.
Ho*e)er, right in the center o$ my stomach the s%in puc%ers an+ loo%s *rin%le+. I')e been +oing
situps an+ regular *or%outs but the puc%ering remains. Is this in the muscles or in the s%in
itsel$1 5si+e $rom plastic surgery to tighten it is there any *ay to ma%e it tight an+ smooth1
Marty 3allagher: Woa4 2hat's a *eir+ one4 Don't %no* *hat to tell you miss. >ho* the +octor.
Doc 9in%Dilla in Monterey: Dear Coach 3allagher,
2he W5FD? Cali$ornia bench an+ +ea+li$t meet in Monterey >atur+ay *as all goo+. >ome /#-
year-ol+ %i+ +i+ a 5&" bench at //#, an+ a !"/-lb. guy +i+ a 4#/. <am4 2he biggest pull *as a
&&I by a 5/-year-ol+ mastah li$tah at "#..
I coul+n't get online last *ee%, but I *as going to comment about the Euestion regar+ing slo*
li$ting a couple o$ *ee%s ago. 5roun+ the same time that Euestion *as as%e+ on Marty Cision,
some +u+e in my o$$ice came *ith the =e*s*ee% article as%ing the same thing. I *oul+ ha)e to
say it is 7ust another gimmic% to get the mullets to try to get a $ull contraction in the muscle. 2hey
got e)erything built in as a go)ernor to stop the muscle $rom contracting to its $ull potential. It's
7ust a sa$ety mechanism to pre)ent in7ury. I$ that is remo)e+, as in the case o$ the great ones, it
is possible to %eep contracting until the muscle tears a*ay.
Fut ha)e you notice+ the great ones +on't nee+ gimmic%s li%e this1 Does anyone :+ or
Har*os%i or Fell ha)e to count the secon+s an+ slo* +o*n the reps to get a $ull *or%out1
=;24 2hey are 7ust +oing it, an+ the muscle gets *or%e+ to the $ull e,tent. It's %in+ o$ li%e >te)ie
6ay Caughn not %no*ing ho* to rea+ music. >6C +i+n't ha)e to -- he 7ust playe+. 6ea+ing
music *as an interme+iate step that *as 7ust a *aste o$ time $or him.
0inal comments on the Fra+ 9itt Euestion a couple o$ *ee%s ago. 2hat *as a goo+ one.
Whoe)er sent that in -- great 7o%e4 I sa* 9itt in a 2C a+)ertisement this morning $or a ne*
mo)ie. 2hat +u+e is small4 2hey sho*e+ him ne,t to Aulia 6oberts, an+ it *as har+ to tell *hich
one o$ them *as the girl4 =obo+y coul+ possibly *ant to be that small4 Fut i$ they +i+, they might
ha)e to parachute into a =orth Horean labor camp, an+ +o $orce+ labor in a coal mine $or !I
hours a +ay *ith minimum $oo+ rations $or about !# years. :)en i$ I +i+ that, I still coul+n't get
that small4 :)en i$ I 7ust rea+ boo%s an+ $lippe+ the pages, an+ lai+ pipe on a regular basis, I
*oul+ ha)e more muscle than that. I e,crete more muscle in my $eces e)ery+ay than 9itt got in
his *hole bo+y4 2hat *as a goo+ one +u+e4 Comical\.remin+s me o$ that >te)e Martin album
in the '&#s, ?et's 3et >mall.
8o, I'm going to hit some sEuats an+ +ea+s *ith Aohn 0or+ in >0 ne,t >atur+ay -- he sen+s his
Doc 9in%Dilla
Marty 3allagher: 3oo+ lor+ man -- you are li%e that guest that comes on Carson an+ *on't shut
up, li%e that animal guy *ho came out *ith the mon%ey that attac%e+ :+ McMahon that time. . .
;%ay let me get a *or+ in here e+ge*ise --
Hey are you still bullying people into eating pie1 >ome *ise guy 7ust *rote in about the time you
threatene+ 3rillMan an+ embarrasse+ him into eating his pie. >oun+e+ li%e 3reg.
What else -- I'm a hell o$ a lot more impresse+ *ith a 5/-year-ol+ $at guy pulling &&5 then a /#-
year-ol+ pulling 5&5. What's *ith this pathetic younger generation.
?ay o$$ Fra+ 9itt. 3o *atch 0ight Club -- it's a mo)ie. 9itt coul+ %ic% your hero, 6ussell Cro*e's
ass 'Ma,imus(.
5rlington, Ca.: Marty -- I lo)e your opening. I ha)e been thin%ing about the $act that summer is
only a short time a*ay4 !/ *ee%s -- I %no* it *ill be har+ *or%, but as a no)ice -- *here +o I
start1 Ho* +o I +o a !/-*ee% program to get results1 I +on't *ant the bo+y o$ a mo+el 'o%ay it
*oul+ be nice, but I 7ust *ant to loo% +ecent in a t*o piece( -- I am "# years ol+, !45 poun+s --
o)er *eight by /# poun+s in my boo% 'though !#-!5 o$$ *oul+ be great( -- I eat $airly healthy --
not enough )egatbles, lots o$ $ruit, too much starch, but not much $rie+ $oo+. 2he problem is
portion siDe an+ +essert -- e)en though I %eep it small, I eat a +essert almost e)ery night. I ha)e
access to a small gym *ith *eights an+ a $e* machines. I ha)e tae bo tapes at home, that I +o
not o$ten enough. I ri+e my bi%e a lot *hen its *arm. I hate to run. I *ill *al% on a trea+mill.
What's your a+)ice on starting a !/-*ee% program, an+ ho* +o I stic% to it1 ';%ay, I %no* the
ans*er to that is *ill po*er4( 8ou're the best4
Marty 3allagher: Here's the +eal -- no matter *here you're at, *ith a !/-*ee% concentrate+
e$$ort, regar+less *hat your +egree o$ pro$iciency or +e)elopment, you'll be a hell o$ a lot better
o$$ at the conclusion o$ the perio+iDation process than be$ore. I lai+ this *hole +eal +o*n in
much +etail in the t*o sho*s bet*een M-mas an+ =e* 8ear. 3o bac% chec% it out, apply the
template I pro)i+e to you o*n situation. Do the *or%. 8ou got to pic% the $reEuency, times an+
acti)itiesL I can't hol+ your han+ through e)ery tiny +etail. 6ea+ up an+ *rite bac% *ith speci$ic
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty,
I am currently trying to lose *eight an+ ha)e been +oing pretty *ell *ith the 2ripo+. My problem
comes to snac%ing. I ha)e been eating $ruit as snac%s -- but my concerns are about the sugar
content, an+ the $act that I am hungrier a hal$ hour a$ter eating $ruit than I *as be$ore, *hich I
thin% is relate+ to the sugar. 5ny suggestions $or snac%s other than rabbit $oo+1
Marty 3allagher: >port nutrition bars.
2hese things rule an+ I eat a bo, a *ee%. I thro* them in my ruc%sac% on po*er *al%s, in the
glo)e bo, o$ the 7eep an+ the monster truc%, in the tac%le bo, an+ gym bag. 2he bars I use are a
meal in a *rapper. 2he one I eat is a monster, /.#-calorie giant *ith tons o$ protein an+ carbs. I
also $in+ that *hen I'm trimming +o*n these things are the per$ect s*eet tooth taste Euencher.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
What *eight e,ercises *oul+ you recommen+ $or bi%ing1 I'm +oing a ""#-mile, $our +ay ri+e in
Marty 3allagher: Hey you -- I ans*er your Euestion in +etail at the conclusion o$ this sho* in the
le$to)ers $rom last *ee%. 5s I say later, you are going to ha)e one sore butt4
Doc 9in%Dilla: =o +u+e4 2he /#-year-ol+ %i+ at //# +i+ the 5&" in the bench. Hell, the younger
generation +oesn't e)en +ea+ anymore +u+e4 3eorge the big mastah at "#. is not $at either --
7ust a )ery ?563: $arm boy sporting the bal+ hea+, eye glasses, an+ $ingers as thic% as a
baseball bat. He ha+ .!# to his %nees but coul+n't loc% it out.
Doc 9in%Dilla
still smac%in' in Cali
Marty 3allagher: Fench 9ress4
8ou got to *rite clearer.
>o *ithout his +enim shirt 'or t*o( *hat coul+ he really bench -- 4!#1
>ee ho* classy the ol+ $arm +u+e *as by comparison. He probably listene+ to >%ynr+ to get
7ac%e+ up +ri)ing o)er to the meet in his 3MC pic%up *ith the gun rac%. Weighe+ !I5 *hen he
*as in Cietnam an+ can't sEuat on account o$ shrapnel. 2he younger generation has been
totally colorless since Hurt Cobain +ie+.
Washington, D.C.: :)en a$ter training $or an+ running three marathons, e,ercising pretty
religiously o)er the years '$our to si, times per *ee%(, an+ %eeping a lo* $at +iet, I +o not ha)e a
runner's lo*er bo+y. I am muscular, but cannot get ri+ o$ $at on my upper legs, etc. Why1
What can I +o1
Marty 3allagher: Ho* ol+ are you1 Do you +o any *eight training1 I suppose you got the high-
carb runner +iet thing going1
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I ha)e soooooooooo much *eight to lose that I can't lose any. I stic% *ith stu$$ $or about a month
an+ then it's bac% to the ol+ *ays.
I %no* I probably +on't ha)e the best attitu+e but I $eel o)er*helme+ to the point *here I *oul+
consi+er stomach stapling. 5ny a+)ice1
Marty 3allagher: 3et in the car, go to the nearest health $oo+ store an+ spen+ some money.
3et some Mt6, pac%ets, buy a goo+ *hey protein, as% to sample some sport nutrition bars. Fuy
a bo, or t*o. 9urchase a big bag o$ health $oo+ goo+ies, ta%e it home an+ e)ery single time you
ha)e a cra)ing $or ba+ $oo+ -- eat or +rin% something out o$ the bag.
Hey, i$ your craDy enough to ha)e surgery this approach might *or%4 8ou nee+ to ha)e this stu$$
in abun+ance an+ ta%e it as nee+e+ -- at )ery least you'll be s*itching goo+ calories $or ba+
ones, +eri)e+ $rom $at an+ sugar4
Washington, D.C.: Cirginia, @.>.5. as%e+ about the seate+ shoul+er press, *ith $eet not
touching $loor an+ you $orgot to ans*er that part o$ her Euestion. I ha)e the same problem, any
Marty 3allagher: My *i$e thin%s I'm getting eccentric.
I +on't remember *hat the Euestion *as1 5re you too short1 >tac% a $e* plates un+er your $eet.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
Fa+ ne*s: I *rote in last *ee% about my concerns *ith +oing a lot o$ *eight on re)erse curls. I
ha+ been *orrie+ about my thumbs, but yester+ay I *as hal$*ay through my set '5 , J5, *hich
*oul+ ha)e been the most I')e +one( *hen I $elt a pop on the outsi+e o$ my *rist, $ollo*e+ by
shooting pain. I +roppe+ the bar an+ *ent home, but to+ay I ha)e a lot o$ pain an+ a se)erely
restricte+ range o$ motion. I'm going to see a +octor this a$ternoon, but +o you ha)e any i+ea
*hat I *as +oing *rong1 ;++ly enough, the problem *as not *ith my thumbs, but on the other
si+e o$ my *rists. 5n+ it *as +e$initely not too much *eight $or the musclesL I *oul+ ha)e
$inishe+ the set *ith no problem ha+ my *rist not gi)en out.
Marty 3allagher: >orry to hear this an+ ironically I ans*er your Euestion $rom last *ee% in
to+ays le$to)ers. I a+)ise you to go to hig reps an+ $orget all about $i)e-rep re)erse curls. I +on't
%no* *hat it is, but you can bet that the hinge action o$ the thumb triggere+ this in7ury.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I am !. $eet tall an+ *eigh 5,### poun+s. Do I nee+ to *or% on my abs more1
Marty 3allagher: Du+e4 8ou rule4 no ab *or% $or you e)er4 I *ant you to phone me right a*ay4
With the right a+)ice, you coul+ become the greatest human in the history o$ ci)iliDation4 >*ear
to 3o+4
Fethes+a, M+.: 5ctually, Doc 9in% sai+ the %i+ F:=CH:D 5&", not pulle+. I ha+ the impression
that any F9 o)er 5## lbs. *as serious stu$$.
Marty 3allagher: I'm an i+iot.
Mt Hisco, =.8.: Hi -- 9auly $rom 2he >opranos *ith another Euestion.
In that unheate+ garage o$ yours *hat +o you +o to get moti)ate+1 What ma%es you attac% that
*or%out e)ery +ay1 Is it the a+herence to a strict time1 '8ou're an early bir+, right1( Do you
ha)e mirrors1 Music blasting1 Car horns, *hat1 I ten+ to *or% out later, aroun+ J-!# p.m. but
+inner hasn't really +igeste+ yet4
Marty 3allagher: 9auly =e* 8or%,
Ha)e you been to 3allagher's >tea% House in the theatre +istrict1 8ou loo% in the *in+o* an+
instea+ o$ patrons they ha)e bee$ hanging $rom strings in a loc%er, aging. 3reat gamey stea%s
an+ all the *aiters loo% li%e my Irish uncles. 9lus they ha)e a huge potrait o$ 9atton.
I +on't get moti)ate+. I stay unmoti)ate+ an+ li$t. I %no* that I'm goo+ $or an+ a++itional 5#
poun+s o)er an+ abo)e *hate)er I'm han+ling i$ I choose to get 7ac%e+-up. I then buil+ my
unmoti)ate+ base strength up o)er a protracte+ perio+ o$ time. I mo* the grass an+ stu$$
bet*een sets in the goo+ *eather. Instea+ o$ 5C-DC blasting the ra$ters, I rea+ 2olstoy short
stories bet*een sets. My ol+ training partners *ant to ha)e my hea+ e,amine+.
Da)i+son, =.C.: Can you gi)e us the name o$ the sports bar you eat1
Marty 3allagher: Write my e-mail,
0air$a,, Ca.: Hello Marty,
I $oun+ the !/-*ee% perio+iDation table I *oul+ lo)e to use it, but I coul+ not $igure it out. H:?944
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay, *hat e,actly +on't you un+erstan+1 8ou ha)e categories running
)ertically. :stablish your columns, each *ee% you ha)e certain goals to hit. 6e-rea+ it, it is a
three-month gameplan containing three $our-*ee% mini-cycles.
Washington, D.C.: Fac% to the no runner's bo+y. I *ill a+mit, 'I'm ol+4( I am 45 years ol+. 5n+
yes, I ha)e a high-carb +iet. Is that the problem1
Marty 3allagher: =ot i$ you are lean an+ taut. 5re you1 I'm ol+er than you by a long shot. Do
you li$t1
Chicago, Ill.: Hey Marty,
5$ter rea+ing *hat 36I??M5= eats in a typical +ay, I let out a long, lo* *histle an+ starte+
*on+ering ho* he %eeps $rom getting )itamin +e$icient. Does he an+ other har+core li$ters eat
)egetables in a++ition to *hat's liste+1 2a%e )itamins1 3et scur)y1 Ho* long be$ore they run
out o$ co*s in the >outh*est @nite+ >tates1
2han%s Marty. I thin% you, 36I??M5=, an+ Detail Dan shoul+ get their o*n 2C sho* a la Aerry,
Hramer an+ 3eorge.
Marty 3allagher: 8eah e,actly, *e coul+ sit aroun+ the porch o$ the Mountain Compoun+ an+ I
coul+ get that replica o$ 2he Mer) 3ri$$in set that Hramer pulle+ out o$ the trash. Don't $orget
=e*man. Me, 3rillMan, Doc 9in% an+ the >*e+ish 2orna+o, Detail Dan. ;ur *itty gi)e-an+-ta%e
*oul+ ma%e pro$essor Ir*in Corey soun+ luci+. We coul+ ha)e guestsL I'm suppose+ to
inter)ie* roc%er Henry 6ollins this *ee% $or a li$ting magaDine, 6ollins *oul+ $it right in.
Mt. Hisco, =.8.: =o, I ha)en't been 3allagher's >tea% House. Fut *hat you +escribe remin+s me
o$ an '.#s Frit gangster $lic% calle+ 2he ?ong 3oo+ 0ri+ay *ith Fob Hos%ins. 2hey hung all the
non-payers up there too.
5ny*ay: 2olstoy stories1 Mo*ing the 3rass1 5re you serious1 I$ you stay unmoti)ate+, *hy li$t1
Why not 7ust +o the Cheeseca%e Dea+li$t1
Marty 3allagher: =o 9auly =e* 8or% you +on't grasp this subtle an+ un+erplaye+ approach. I
am moti)ate+ but preten+ not to be an+ then I snea% up on the *eight an+ slaughter it *ithout
mercy. I mo)e up*ar+ *ithout the ai+ o$ +e)il music an+ $rothing at the mouth training partners,
I sa)e those moti)ators $or the pre-contest cycle. Why get into mini-meet mo+e in e)ery training
session so $ar a*ay $rom a competition1
Marty 3allagher: Wo* loo% *hat time it is4 I gotta go4
?oo% $or the unans*ere+ Euestions $rom last *ee% -- later4
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: Went through your archi)es an+ especially too% to heart the stic%-to-it
a+)ice you *rote o)er the holi+ays. 0emale, "/ years ol+, 5'., !I#, not a ne*comer to $itness
'the ol+ saying, I')e starte+ so many +i$$erent routines I shoul+ be consi+ere+ an e,pert4(, but
loo%ing to burn o$$ all the e,cess $at an+ lo)e my physiEue again instea+ o$ 7ust tolerating it. I'm
in the gym t*o times a *ee% +oing a $ull *eight routine, *hich I $ollo* up *ith stretching or
yoga. Car+io about $our times a*ee%. Guestion: In Holi+ay >pecial -- 9art II you +escribe+ $oo+
inta%e $or a !5#-lb. person as !!5 grams protein, an+ !## grams each o$ three carb types, per
+ay. Ho* +oes this translate1 I ha)e little tolerance $or %itchen scales an+ Weight Watchers-li%e
+iet plans, but i$ you gi)e e,amples li%e ho* much brea+-meat-etc. I shoul+ eat per +ay, I can
stic% to it no problem. I'm a goo+ coo%, naturally gra)itate to clean $oo+s ')eggies, lean meats
or $ish, soy pro+ucts, grains(, an+ eat smaller Euantities more $reEuently. 3reat results
maintaining a more constant energy le)el, by the *ay. Fut I'm sure there is room to tighten up
the +iet i$ I ha)e a little more gui+ance. I')e been in a goo+ groo)e $or a $e* *ee%s an+ $eel
super. >ince the routine is stic%ing, soon I'll get the ner)e to get on the scale an+ more
consciously measure the progress4 Many than%s $or your suggestions.
I caught a lot o$ cat$ish out o$ that ri)er up aroun+ Ciolet's ?oc%. We'+ *a+e out to chest height
'insanely +angerous(, $ace upstream an+ cast into the strong oncoming current. We'+ bait up
*ith these nasty-loo%ing helgamite-bugs that CraDy ?arry *oul+ $in+ un+er ri)ersi+e roc%s. 2hey
bit an+ pinche+ as you ran the hoo% up their cra*. 5$ter a goo+ arm cast, *e'+ let 'em $loat bac%
to us an+ pass us on a bobber. Wham4 ;n a goo+ +ay 'an+ there *ere lots o$ them( you'+ get a
nice $i)e-poun+ cat 'great nasty $ish( on near e)ery cast, particularly aroun+ " or 4 p.m.
8our e,ercise routine seems currently e$$ecti)e -- that's the sense I'm getting $rom you.
?isten, you are not suppose+ to pay any attention to the actual numbers in the perio+iDation
sche+ule -- it's the structure an+ architecture o$ the battle plan, not the speci$ic numbers that
you nee+ to grasp. I 7ust ma+e those numbers up in or+er to +emonstrate the incremental $lo*
an+ motion o$ the process. I pulle+ the poun+age an+ nutrition numbers out o$ thin air in about
!# minutes. 9lease +on't pay them much min+. :stablish your o*n e,ercise poun+age base in
each li$t. 9ic% initial poun+age that you can han+le easily an+ e,plosi)ely. Don't set the initial
baseline too high an+ +on't ma%e it ri+iculously light either. :stablish your protein baseline
'maybe .&5 to ! gram o$ protein per poun+ o$ bo+y *eight per +ay( an+ then manipulate you
carbs to e$$ect either *eight loss or *eight gain.
We attac% the in+i)i+ual categories simultaneously in or+er to create physical momentum.
:stablish a +aily meal plan that inclu+es multiple $ee+ings space+ e)ery $e* hours. 3et a little
something to eat e)ery three hours. I can't gi)e you a magical *ay to count nutrient grams. Do
you %no* roughly ho* much protein your inta%ing on an a)erage +ay1 Do you use a
supplemental protein po*+er1
Why not try an+ trim !# poun+s in !# *ee%s, paring o$$ a poun+ a *ee%. 2his is a nice rate an+
can usually be attaine+ by cutting out one 7un% $oo+ each successi)e *ee%.
=e* ;rleans, ?a.: Hi Marty,
I ha)e stoppe+ +oing sEuats because they seem to ma%e my ba+ %nee *orse. Instea+, I')e
been +oing leg presses an+ also the hamstring curl machine 'that you lie on $ace +o*n(. Can
you recommen+ any other e,ercises that *oul+ *or% the glutes an+ outer thighs, instea+ o$
sEuats. 2han% you much44
Wor% the hell out o$ the leg presses. Ma%e sure you ta%e the *eight +o*n. I see too many
*iseguys loa+ the sle+ up *ith !# or !5 45-poun+ plates on each si+e, *rap their %nees an+
push the massi)e poun+age no more than t*o to si, inches. 2his is a ri+iculous *aste o$ time,
strictly an ego trip since there is no muscle-buil+ing bene$it $rom using such a tiny range o$
motion. 5ll you +o is strengthen the ten+on an+ ligaments. @se a long range o$ motion '6;M(
an+ try an+ ta%e the $oot sle+ *ay +o*n. =e)er ta%e the poun+age +o*n so $ar that you lo*er
bac% li$ts o$$ the bac% pa+, that's too much can rip your bac% up. 6e+uce your e,ercise
poun+age, increase the 6;M an+ resultant muscle gro*th *ill compensate you generously $or
your e$$orts. :,periment *ith +i$$erent $oot placing on the leg press machine. :ach ne* $oot
placing *ill hit the leg muscles in a ne* an+ +i$$erent *ay.
Fethes+a, M+.: Hey Marty,
Aust rea+ your response to the guy ha)ing *rist pain. I ha)e a relate+ Euestion about re)erse
curls 'curls *ith the palms $acing +o*n(. I $eel li%e *hen I +o this e,ercise *ith a lot o$ *eight
'e.g., $i)e reps o$ J# poun+s or so(, there is a lot o$ stress being put on my thumbs, since they
are the main thing supporting the *eight. Is this something to be concerne+ about1 >houl+ I
a)oi+ lo* reps $or this e,ercise1 It is not a huge problem no*, but presumably once I get
stronger it *ill e)entually be potentially +angerous, no1
2han%s much.
I'+ a)oi+ lo* reps on *rist curls.
Cal)es an+ $orearms are use+ continually e)ery single +ay. 2hese t*o muscle groups contract
more then any other on a +aily basis an+ as a result respon+ better to higher reps. 2o trigger
cal$ an+ $orearm gro*th %ic% the reps up an+ stretch the $orearm muscles bet*een sets. 2he
hea)y poun+age you *ere using on the $i)e-rep sets *as in+ee+ pulling your thumbs open.
>i+estep this by +oing sets o$ !/-/5 reps *ith much lighter *eight. I$ +one correctly, you shoul+
$eel a burn in the muscle on the top o$ your $orearm in the later stages o$ a high rep set.
>uperset re)erse curls *ith *rist curls, *hich attac% the insi+e belly o$ the $orearm. Ha)e a $ire
e,tinguisher han+y. >tart *ith a set o$ re)erse curls an+ then imme+iately procee+ to a set o$
*rist curlsL then stretch. 2his constitutes one super set. Do t*o or three $orearm supersets a
couple times a *ee% an+ you shoul+ see some nice impro)ement in $our to si, *ee%s. >tretch
the $orearm muscles by splaying the $ingers, placing them on a *all at belly height, straightening
the arms an+ leaning on the $ingers, ben+ing the han+ bac%*ar+ at the *rists. 8eeeoo*4 Don't
cuss me *hile +oing these4
0air$a,, Ca.: Hi Marty,
Currently I ha)e a strength imbalance bet*een upper bo+y an+ lo*er bo+y. I am benching more
than I am sEuatting. Is there a gauge you use to measure goo+ balance1 'e.g., you shoul+ be
able to sEuat /5 percent more than you bench.( 2han%s4
What %in+ o$ poun+age are *e tal%ing here1
Ha)e you been bench pressing $or a *hile an+ 7ust starte+ sEuatting1 It coul+ ta%e a year to get
leg strength up to par. I really *oul+n't be too concerne+ about it. Heep sEuatting an+ ha)e no
$earL at some point the imbalance *ill correct itsel$. Fesi+es, your legs are alrea+y stronger
then your arms. 8ou are unable '$or technical reasons( to harness an+ e,press you current leg
strength as easily an+ e$$iciently as you are your able *ith your arms *hen you bench press.
6oc%)ille, M+.: While I'm *ith you that it is nice to ha)e the Wal%man *hile +oing your car+io, I
also see it as +angerous to use unless you are in the gym on a trea+mill or bi%e as it impairs
your hearing an+ in light o$ the )iolence o$ the recent past I *oul+ be cautious 'as a $emale(
about using one *hen running or bi%ing alone on public trails. 8our thoughts1
5rlington, Ca.: =ot a Euestion but a comment.
Marty, you o$ten recommen+ strapping on a pair o$ hea+phones an+ going outsi+e to *or% out. I
7ust thought I *oul+ put in my t*o cents. 2o e)eryone, but especially *omen, ma%e sure you are
al*ays a*are o$ your surroun+ings4 It's a nice i+ea to lose yoursel$ in the music an+ the
*or%out, but let's $ace reality4 5 *oman in our area *as beaten to +eath *hile out $or her
e)ening run4 2he police say that attac%ers usually go $or people *ho aren't paying attention an+
aren't a*are o$ *hat is going on aroun+ them. I$ you are going to *ear hea+phones in the great
out-o$-+oors, ma%e sure you are )isually %eeping an eye on *hat is happening aroun+ you. I, as
a *oman, li%e to ha)e a route mappe+ out that I %no* *ell, in a++ition, I li%e to ha)e a
contingency plan, i.e., ha)e a police station, $ire station, or an acEuaintance's house, etc. on the
route so I ha)e some*here to go i$ I thin% someone is $ollo*ing me. ;H, I %no* I soun+
hopelessly paranoi+, but I thought it nee+e+ to be sai+.
8ou t*o rea+ers ha)e got a )ali+ point.
I usually pac% a light*eight .".# Farretta stu$$e+ $ull o$ hot loa+s $or my +eep mountain hi%es. I
al*ays *al% *ith my !/5-poun+ 3erman >hepher+ that loo%s li%e it belongs in a 0ran%
0ranDetta ice-age sci-$i painting. I $in+ that these t*o in+ispensable aerobic accessories 'gun
an+ +og( ten+ to %eep the ri$$ra$$ at arm's length an+ gi)e me the con$i+ence to *ear my
Wal%man *ithout $ear. I'm not ma%ing light o$ your point, 7ust sharing *ith you my o*n
retaliatory +eterrents. Do you 7og *ith retaliatory +eterrents1 Maybe you guys shoul+. Ho*
about mace carrie+ in one han+ as you run. My +angerous pre+atory animals are more )arie+
then the urban species you +eal *ith.
6oc%)ille, M+.: What e,ercises *oul+ you recommen+ to strengthen lo*er bac% muscles1
In or+er o$ e$$ecti)eness: +ea+li$ts, cleans, high pulls, hyper-e,tensions, then the )arious
Washington, D.C.: I nee+ to lose &5 poun+s. 5t the highest, my *eight *as /55. >ince Aanuary,
I starte+ a +iet that inclu+es roughly si, to eight carb ser)ings, $our to $i)e $ruit-)egetable
ser)ings, $i)e protein ser)ings an+ three $at ser)ings per +ay. I am trying to get $i)e +ays o$
*ee% o$ aerobic acti)ity, mainly consisting o$ )i+eo *or%outs 'the 0irm, Hathy >mith an+ 2aeFo(
an+ the occasional *al% or run. I ha)e lost three poun+s since mi+-Aanuary. I also %eep a $oo+
+iary an+ *eigh mysel$ *ee%ly. 5ny a+)ice on *hat I can +o to $urther ma,imiDe my e$$orts1
>oun+s li%e you got a goo+ initial bite -- but ho* about a++ing some *eight training1 I *oul+ li%e
to see you losing a consistent t*o poun+s a *ee%. ?yle McDonal+ states in his boo% 2he
Hetogenic Diet that a++ing one poun+ o$ muscle *ill reEuire that you o,i+iDe an "#-4#
a++itional calories a +ay. Muscle is an acti)e tissue that reEuires calories each an+ e)ery +ay
to sustain its e,istence. I$ you a++ !# poun+s o$ muscle, not a big +eal $or a beginner o$ any age
or gen+er, the bo+y *ill o,i+iDe an a++itional "##-4## calories each +ay4 Wo*4 2his is the
calorie burning eEui)alent o$ a "#-4# minute car+io session. 5n+ you get this calorie-burning
bene$it *ithout ha)ing to li$t a $inger4
Miami, 0la.: I am a 4I-year-ol+ $emale, about &# lbs. o)er*eight. I ha)e 7ust starte+ Weight
Watchers. What sort o$ e,ercise program shoul+ I begin, e.g., some trea+mill, some *eights
'ho* much an+ ho* many reps(1 2han%s.
2hat's a comple, Euestion an+ I coul+ *rite a boo% on it. Chec% out the pre)ious Euestions. I
thin% this approach might ser)e you *ell. 8ou nee+ to get serious, ma%e a commitment an+ you
got to +o a little *or%. Ha)e you rea+ through any o$ my massi)e archi)es $or tips an+ hints1
2his might be a goo+ place to start. 5$ter you +o a little research an+ ha)e some speci$ic i+eas,
*rite bac%. It is impossible $or me to +esign a comprehensi)e $itness routine base+ on a t*o-
sentence e-mail.
5rlington, Ca.: Do you ha)e an opinion on 5n+rostene+iol1
I thin% it is totally inappropriate $or anyone other than an e,perience+ person *ith $i)e years o$
har+core training un+er their belt to e)en consi+er an+ro. 2here are many health$ul a)enues o$
progress to e,haust be$ore resorting to that +ubious stu$$.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: 3oo+ Morning. Guestion about the use o$ *eight machines )s. $ree *eights. I
$in+ as I get ol+er 'I'm 5#(, I $eel more com$ortable using machines as oppose+ to +umbbells
an+ especially barbells. Does this soun+ normal to you1 My *or%outs no* consist o$ about a &5
percent to /5 percent mi, o$ machines )s $ree *eights an+ a$ter*ar+s I $eel li%e I')e gotten a
pretty *or%out. I$ I *ant to a++ a little bit o$ bul% in the $uture can I +o so using the same mi, o$
$ree *eights an+ machines at a higher *eight le)el le)el1 2han%s in a+)ance.
I ans*ere+ this Euestion in +etail in the post-sho* Euestions t*o or three *ee%s ago. Chec% it
out. Di+ you as% the same Euestion a $e* *ee%s bac%1
Washington, D.C.: Marty, I'm +oing the 5ID> bi%e ri+e in Aune '""# miles in $our +ays( an+ am
loo%ing $or e,ercises to strengthen $or the ri+e. 2han%s4
Wo*, that's intense4 ""# miles. 8ou are going to ha)e some sore buttoc%s at the conclusion.
I *oul+ +o some high-rep leg*or% a couple times a *ee%. @se the usual cornerstone leg
e,ercise: sEuats, cal$ raises, leg curls -- maybe thro* in a high-rep set o$ leg presses at the en+
o$ each session. I'm thin%ing a !##-rep set here. 8ou nee+ to spen+ as much time in the sa++le,
bi%ing, as you can in or+er to acclimatiDe muscles, ten+ons, ligaments an+ s%in to the sustaine+
poun+ing that looms on your $itness horiDon. 8ou nee+ to ri+e on e)ery >atur+ay an+ >un+ay
bet*een no* an+ the ""#-mile bi%e ri+e, that's a gi)en. Coul+ you slip a hal$-+ay o$ ri+ing in
mi+-*ee% $or the last t*o to three *ee%s prior to D-Day1 2hat *oul+ help.
>e)erna 9ar%, M+.: Hello Marty,
I am an ol+er $emale '5#P(. I en7oy your chats an+ ha)e gathere+ some help$ul a+)ice in $ight
against time an+ gra)ity. I ha)e not seen any problems li%e the one I am e,periencing in your
chats. I 7oine+ a commercial gym appro,imately one year ago an+ en7oy the con)enience o$
ha)ing all o$ my $itness nee+s un+er one roo$. My problem is this: I li%e to *or% out early on the
*ee%en+s '& a.m.(. 2here are )ery $e* people *or%ing out at that time. I *as going through my
*or% out an+ I *as shoc%e+ to hear lou+ pro$anity continually coming $rom a group o$ three
patrons. 2he three in Euestion are )ery large, muscular, po*erli$ter types. I ha)e since learne+
that they are the three strongest men at the gym. I trie+ to ignore the pro$anity, but I coul+ not. I
obser)e+ that the pro$anity *as coming $rom one o$ the in+i)i+uals in particular. He constantly
use+ the 0 *or+ as an a+7ecti)e. I approache+ him an+ tol+ him that I +i+ not appreciate that
type o$ language an+ *oul+ li%e him to stop the pro$anity. He loo%e+ at me $or a moment in
silence, an+ then in a lou+ )oice he began to berate me. He state+, 5m I $-ing bothering
you1 5n+ then procee+e+ to scream at me using the 0 *or+ repeate+ly. He ne)er threatene+
me in any *ay, but I $elt uncom$ortable an+ intimi+ate+. I spo%e *ith the sta$$ on han+. 5 nice
young man in his early /#s *ith a slen+er buil+. He state+ that there *as nothing that he coul+
+o about the situation as it *as their constitutional right to e,press themsel)es. He $urther
e,plaine+ that these big, li$ter types use that language all o$ the time. I thin% he *as a$rai+ to
approach the o$$en+er. 2he three are all in there late thirties an+ are clean cut. I ha)e since
complaine+ to management an+ met *ith the same results. :)erytime I am at the gym the same
guy uses pro$anity )ery lou+ly *hile loo%ing in my +irection an+ the other t*o laugh. Is this
normal among po*erli$ters1 Do you ha)e any suggestions1 I +o not ha)e the option o$ changing
my *or% out time on the *ee%en+s +ue to my other commitments.
9lease help4
Margaret, +i+n't your Da++y teach you anything1
5ny time you encounter this type o$ beha)ior remo)e yoursel$ $rom the +anger imme+iately. 5n+
I thin% you ha)e a potential +anger situation here. 2hese in+i)i+uals $elt no compunctions about
)erbally assaulting you, so ho* much o$ a stretch is it to imagine some percei)e+ slight sets
these hooligans o$$ an+ this thing )eers into a potential con$rontation. 8ou nee+ to Euit that gym.
8ou call the o*ner, tell him *hat has happene+, +eman+ a pro-rate+ share o$ you pre-pai+ +ues
bac%. Do you %no* an attorney or ha)e a relati)e or $rien+ in la* en$orcement1 Mention it to
them, perhaps they can call the unresponsi)e management on your behal$. 2he authorities
al*ays seem to ma%e the unresponsi)e ner)ous. 6egar+less o$ the o*ner's response, you are
out o$ there4 0in+ another place to train. 8ou shoul+ ne)er set $oot in that $acility again. Fy the
*ay, primiti)e beha)ior can no more be assigne+ to po*erli$ters than to any other i+enti$iable
group o$ people.
5rlington, Ca.: Hey Marty,
I lo)e your ?i)e ;nline. I mo)e+ here 06;M the mountains so its nice to hear *hats going on
out in the boon+oc%s. I am $emale an+ currently li$t $our to $i)e +ays a *ee% $or hal$ an hour an+
then +o hal$ an hour o$ car+io. I li$t +oing alternate bo+y parts, e.g., Mon+ay chest-Eua+s,
2ues+ay biceps-hamstrings, We+nes+ay butt-bac%, 2hurs+ay triceps-thighs, 0ri+ay
shoul+ers-cal)es. My Euestion is: +o I nee+ to spen+ hal$ an hour on car+io e)ery +ay or am I
*asting my time1 I'+ li%e to spen+ more time li$ting but I'm =;2 getting up any earlier. My +iet is
;H an+ I'm not trying to lose *eight really -- I'+ 7ust li%e more +e$inition. 2han%s4
Ho* you gonna %eep 'em +o*n on the $arm once they')e seen the Fig City.
0eel $ree to play *ith the e,ercise $reEuency. 9erhaps you might li%e li$ting e,clusi)ely $or t*o to
three +ays a *ee%, using the entire hour, an+ then +oing "# minutes o$ car+io three to $our
times a *ee% on non-li$ting +ays1
=ortheast: Hey, Marty -- I hope you're +oing *ell4 I'm a "/-year-ol+ $emale *ho ta%es $itness
)ery seriously. I')e been e,ercising regularly $or $i)e-plus years an+ consi+er mysel$ to be in
+ecent shape 'still trying to lose !#-!5 lbs. o$ bo+y $at, but the +iet part o$ the tria+ is my biggest
challenge4(. I *as recently Euite sic% an+ basically coul+n't e,ercise $or about a month 'no
strength training an+ )ery little car+io(. I +i+n't gain much *eight, but I'm *on+ering ho*
+etrimental that time o$$ *as to my o)erall progress1 I')e 7ust starte+ going bac% to the gym in
the past t*o *ee%s 'starting slo*ly( an+ the *eights 'especially sEuats( ha)e ma+e me >;6:.
Is this normal1 Will it ta%e me e,tra time to get bac% to the point *here I *as1 5n+, $or $uture
re$erence, ho* much time can a person generally ta%e o$$ $rom car+io-*eights *ithout setting
bac% his-her progess1
2han%s in a+)ance $or your ans*er. I thin% your sho* is great4
Welcome bac% to the $itness *agon train.
8es being sore is normal, particularly *hen trying ne* e,ercises or coming bac% to ol+ ones
a$ter a long lay-o$$. Aust than% your luc%y stars that you starte+ o$$ slo* because i$ you'+ gone
all out you'+ li%ely be a be+-ri++en in)ali+. I')e been so sore in years gone by that I ha+ to sit
+o*n an+ ass-bump my *ay +o*n a $light o$ stairs because my legs *oul+ buc%le i$ I *al%e+
+o*n the stairs normally.
Don't *orry about the layo$$. 2he Muscle Heming*ay, the great Aohn McCallum ha+ a *hole
theory built aroun+ the proposition that perio+ic, systematic layo$$s, planne+ lay-o$$s, actually
helpe+ trigger gains. He calle+ it so$tening up $or gains an+ his i+ea *as that the human bo+y
*as remar%ably a+apti)e an+ *hen it ha+ a+apte+ to a particular training an+ eating mo+e 'an+
it *oul+ gi)en enough time( gains *oul+ e)entually cease. 6egar+less the sophistication or
e$$ecti)eness o$ the training an+ eating regimen, e)entually the bo+y *ill a+apt to it an+
progress comes to a screeching halt. His solution *as an easy one to $ollo*L e)ery three to si,
months, ta%e a $e* *ee%s o$$L completely o$$. =o e,ercising at all, plus a complete rela,ation o$
eating habits. 5$ter !4 +ays o$ en$orce+ i+leness *ith no +iet structure, the trainee snaps bac%
into a comprehensi)e training an+ eating plan an+ bang4 2*o steps bac% yiel+s $i)e steps
$or*ar+. 2he tric% is coming bac% strong an+ har+ at !4-+ay conclusion an+ loc%ing +o*n
e,ercise an+ +iet simultaneously *ith no pussy$ooting aroun+ or *obbling.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty -- I')e been rea+ing your chat o$$ an+ on $or a *hile no*. Well, I
ha)e $inally hit the *all4 I ha)e to +o something4 5$ter a $oo+-$ille+ December, t*o *ee%s in
>pain *oo$ing +o*n paella, *ine, an+ all sorts o$ $rie+ sea$oo+, my *eight that I *as able to li)e
*ith 'though not happy *ith(, is out o$ control -- more than *eight it is the 7iggle $actor. I ha)e
been $it be$ore -- in the summer I ri+e my bi%e a lot -- sometimes !## miles in a *ee%en+, an+
boy +oes that slim +o*n the legs. Fut no* I am staring at an abyss. My normal $i)e to !#
poun+s that I'+ li%e to lose $eels more li%e !5, an+ it's ne)er been that much be$ore4 >o, you
al*ays tell the ne*bies to go bac% into the archi)es. Ho* $ar bac%1 I ha)e access to a small
gym -- a $e* car+io machines, $ull *eight set. I %no* a little about *eight li$ting $rom this chat.
9lease help me get starte+. I am about to be "#, I'm 5'4, an+ I am at !45 right no* -- ugh44 Fy
the *ay, I %no* I eat too many carbs. I'm *or%ing on it. 2han%s Marty. I nee+ a %ic% in the
behin+ to get me starte+.
2hey call me >talin-on-a-stic%4 I'm gonna %ic% your butt an+ ma%e you rea+ my archi)es at the
same time4 2al% about cruel an+ unusual punishment4 2han% you sir4 May I ha)e another4 I got
to go to Doctor 0eelgoo+ an+ ma%e li%e the 6amones an+ get se+ate+. I'm ob)iously e,hibiting
too much ra* testosterone to my rea+ers. Do *e ha)e any )alium in the house1
;%ay, one at a time
!. I'm en)ious o$ your t*o *ee%s in >pain -- *as it at that /4-hour party islan+1
/. I *oul+ suggest getting geare+ up an+ commence to ri+e the bi%e again come March. It
*or%e+ $or you once, *hy not again1
". >taring at the abyss14 3et a grip grrrrl4
4. I *ant you to go bac% in my archi)es to +ay I, an+ then *or% your *ay $or*ar+, brea%ing $or
$oo+ an+ *ater as you see $it.
5. 3o to the small gym an+ ta%e t*o *hole-bo+y *eight *or%outs per *ee%, space+ three to
$our +ays apart. >Euat, bench press, seate+ o)erhea+ press, curl, tricep push+o*n, pull+o*ns,
leg curl, cal$ raise. 2*o to three sets o$ !# reps to start: light, me+ium, hea)y.
I. :at less ba+ $oo+. 6eplace it *ith goo+ $oo+. Don't go hungry. :at o$ten, light an+ clean.
&. Heep in min+ that there is a natural ebb an+ $lo* to $itnessL you +on't achie)e ma,imum
$itness an+ then ha)e it $or the rest o$ your li$e, there are pea%s an+ )alleys. ?earn to recogniDe
this an+ you *on't get to upset *hen you're +o*n in the )alley -- 7ust +on't stay there4
.. Consi+er your booty %ic%e+.
0air$a,, Ca.: I am pretty chun%y -- big belly. I *or% a lot, an+ $in+ I rarely ha)e time $or the gym,
an+ e)en *hen I go $or a goo+ stretch 'e)ery other +ay $or a month or so( I $in+ the ne,t month I
am busy, an+ my har+ *or% is un+one. I +on't *ant to get huge, 7ust *ant to loss some *ieght. I
am thin%ing about using some +iet pills to help me she+ some poun+s. It may be the laDy *ay,
but $ran%ly I +on't ha)e that much time in the +ay. What are your thoughts1 What pills shoul+ I
loo% at 'or a)oi+1(
0air$a, are you $or real or is this one o$ my numerous *ise-guy $rien+s 'Chicago1( running a
goo$ up the $lagpole to see i$ 'li%e the In+ians in 0-2roop le+ by ?arry >torch( I'll salute it.
Du+e, +o you *ant to +ie1
C'mon -- you really e,pect me to gi)e you the thumbs up on phen-phen or some other *eir+ +iet
In all seriousness, you nee+ to ma%e time to e,ercise. ;ther*ise you coul+ en+ up li%e all my
non-e,ercising, chain smo%ing, beer an+ *his%y guDDling, sausage an+ bacon eating, beer-
bellie+ Irish relati)es *ho all +ie+ in their I#s. ?i$t *eights, +o some car+io get on a hal$*ay
sensible +iet. 8ou can +o it -- but you ha)e to ma%e time. When I ran a *arehouse I ha+ to get
up at 4 a.m. in or+er to get in a *or%out. I $elt li%e a million buc%s all +ay long. 8ou shoul+ try it.
2he only thing you'll ha)e to gi)e up is late-night 2C.
0air$a,, Ca.: I')e been *eightli$ting $or about three years no*. Ho*e)er, I ha)en't use+ the split
training. I'm a college stu+ent *ith a $ull-time 7ob, so I can't hit the gym too o$ten. 2here$ore I
use *eights, pushups, an+ a bar $or pull-ups an+ chin ups. I usually hit the ma7or 'upper bo+y
an+ legs( parts about three times a *ee%. I'm 5'!! about /##lbs. I +on't *ant to gain too much
mass 'I play soccer an+ li%e to run(, but I *oul+ li%e to gain a bit more strength an+ perhaps no
more than $i)e-!# lbs. -- tops. Woul+ you suggest that I start the split-training1 I$ so, *hat
a++itional e,ercises *oul+ you suggest to train the upper bo+y *ith a limite+ amount o$
I *oul+ +o *i+e-grip '"/ inches( bench presses *ith a pause, I *oul+ +o narro*-grip bench
presses '/4 inch( touch an+ go, I *oul+ then +o super-narro*-grip benches '!/ inch grip(.
2hese three bench )ariants *ill shoc% blast the pectorals, $ront +eltoi+s an+ triceps. I *oul+ +o
seate+ +umbbell presses an+ strict seate+ si+e-lateral raises. I *oul+ +o all %in+s o$ seate+ an+
stan+ing curls. I +o narro* grip chin-ups 'palms $acing $ace( an+ I *oul+ +o *i+er-grip pull-ups
till the co*s came home. I$ you can sEuat, then sEuat. I *oul+ +o single legge+ cal$ raises
hol+ing a +umbbell on a stair-step.
Ho* about this e,ercise template1
Mon+ay -- legs an+ shoul+ers
We+nes+ay -- chest an+ triceps
0ri+ay -- bac% an+ biceps
Manassas, Ca.: I am a /J-year-ol+ male. I am I'! an+ /!# lbs. I ha)e been li$ting o$$ an+ on $or
!# years. It seems li%e as soon as I see results, 'three or $our months *orth o$ li$ting( I stop. I
thin% it's because I'm getting stronger, but not seeing *eight loss. Ho* can I gro* muscle an+
+rop lbs.1
3et a han+le on your +iet. @p the protein $oo+s an+ cut bac% on 7un% $oo+: +airy, pastries,
brea+s, +oughnuts, s*eets an+ beer. 5lso, change your *eight routine e)ery si, to !# *ee%s.
?i$t hea)y, clean up your +iet an+ it *oul+n't hurt to thro* a couple +ays a *ee% o$ car+io,
maybe some $ast *al%ing to start.
Washington, D.C.: I'm a //-year-ol+ male, an+ ha)e +eci+e+ I'm going to ma%e a concerte+
e$$ort to eat better. I ha)e +one *ell *ith +inner, but I'm ha)ing trouble $in+ing healthy things $or
lunch. I usually buy my lunch at *or%, an+ I'll I really ha)e to choose $rom are t*o +elis '*ith
subs, sala+ bars, piDDa by the slice, etc(. What %in+ o$ meats, )egetables, etc., shoul+ I loo% $or1
What shoul+ I a)oi+1 I'm loo%ing to maintain a some*hat lo*-$at, lo* cholesterol +iet.
8ou can't al*ays get *hat you *ant 'but i$ you try sometimes ... (
I use to eat at the local steam table e)ery +ay *hen I ran a political $un+-raiser +o*n at Du9ont
Circle in D.C. I$ I *as leaning out I'+ loa+ up on roast chic%en, $ish, sala+s, ra* broccoli an+ the
li%e. I$ I *as loo%ing to a++ o$$-season muscle siDe I'+ graDe in a lot *i+er pasture.
36::2I=3> ; 3@6@ ;0 2H: 9?520;6M, ; M;>2 HI3H M5>2:6 ;0 25; >2::? 5=D
I6;=, 9HI?;>;9H:6 ;0 ?I0:, H:5D ;0 2H: >W:??:6> 6:>:56CH C?I=IC. 9;99:D
>;M: >G@52> 8:>2:6D58, 5##M5, 0:?2 >;?ID 5?? 2H: W58, 3;;D 0;6 :I3H2
9?@>, >2;99:D 2; 3; H;M: 2; 0I3H2 5=;2H:6 D58, WI?? >2562 5DDI=3 !#?F>
:5CH W::H 2; :5>: F5CH @9 2; I## M 5, 2H:= 9;9 5 >I=3?: 5=D F:3I= 2H:
0;C@> ;= 2H: 9@??>, D@MFF:??> 0;6 2H: CH:>2 >::= 2; F: 2H: 0?5C;6 ;0
2H: M;=2H 2; F@I?D @9 2H: >@99;62IC: M@>C?:>, 5?? I> >W:?? H:6: I= 2H:
D:>:62. >;@=D> 2H52 2H:6:'> 5 65>H ;0 M@??:22 >I3H2I=3> F5CH :5>2 5>
W:?? 5> ;= 2H: W:>2 C;5>2. I 0::? 2H: 95I= 5=D 06@>2652I;= ;0 2H:
>W:??:6 06;M 56?I=32;= 268I=3 2; 2H: 6I3H2 2HI=3 ;=?8 2; F: >W56M:D F8
2H: M@??:2> 0;6 D;I=3 2H: 6I3H2 2HI=3. H;M: 38M M8 I6;= F6@2H5 I> 2H:
;=?8 W58 2; 5C;ID C;=25C2 WI2H 2H:>: >265=3: 5=D C@6I;@> C6:52@6:>.
MI=: I> I= 2H: W;6H> 5=D C;MI=3 2;3:2H:6 >?;W?8. 2H: :=D ;0 2H: 8:56 I2
>H;@?D F: :G@I99:D 2; 5CC;MM;D52: 5?? 2H: =::D> ;0 2H: 2H6;W F5CH>
06;M 2H: C6;>> 265I=I=3 C65<:. I'D ?IH: 2; 25H: 2HI> 2IM: 2; 5DD6:>> 5=
I>>@: 2H52 C;=C:6=> 2H: CICI?I5=> 5=D M@??:2> ?I>2:=I=3 I= 2; C;5CH
35??53H:6'> W;6D> ;0 WI>D;M. I2'> C5??:D 2H: CHIH@5H@5 2H:;68. 8;@
25H: 5 CHIH@5H@5 52 FI62H 5=D 3IC: I2 2H: 36:52:>2 :=CI6;=M:=2 2; 36;W
@9 I=, 2H: F:>2 265I=:6, =@26I2I;=, ?;C:, 6M, :2C., 5=D 3@:>> WH52 I2'?? F:
WH:= I2 36;W> @91
5 CHIH@5H@544
=;2 5 M5>2I00 ;6 5 36:52 D5=:44 I2 WI?? =:C:6 F: 5 3:6M5= >H:9H:6D ;6 5
>2. F:6=56D44 M@??:2>, F:W56: ;0 2H: C56D> 8;@ W:6: D:?2 F8 8;@
956:=2>, @=?:>> 2H:6:'> 5 M@25=2 I= 2H: 52H?:2IC 0I:?D I= 2H: 95>2
3:=:652I;=>, 0;63:2 I24 6:5?I28 >@CH>4 I2'> =;2 2H: M;CI:> WH:6: 6;CH8
F:52> D;W= ;= 2H: F6@2H5>, ;6 ?I22?: 6@D8 M5HI=3 I2 I= C;??:3I52: H89:
F5??. F@2 8;@ C5= 5>9I6: 2; F: 2H: F:>2 CHIH@5H@5 8;@ C5= 9;>>IF?8 F: I=
8;@6 ?I0: H:6: ;= :562H. 2H52'> WH52'> 5?? 5F;@2.
'=@00 >5ID,
What up Marty, I 7ust rea+ an article in 2he Washington 9ost an+ I *oul+ li%e some i+eas $or
croc%-pot coo%ing. 9lease $loat me some recipes *hich *ill put on much nee+e+ bul%.
My *i$e li%es $lan% stea%, the leanest o$ the bee$ cuts. I $in+ it stringy -- any*ay I thro* a han+$ul
o$ ra* carrots, a giant onion cut in Euarters, a $e* clo)es o$ garlic, a three-poun+ hun% o$ $lan%
stea% an+ a bunch o$ mini-re+ potatoes. 0ill it hal$ $ull o$ *ater. I season the +ish *ith Che$
9aul's Cege-magic, some $resh pepper an+ close it up. Coo% it on high $or three hours, lo* $or
three hours an+ then lea)e it sit $or t*o hours, top on. >he lo)es it. I use the same ingre+ients --
only I substitute bee$ ribs an+ tur%ey sausage. I'll also a++ an eight-ounce bottle o$ FFG sauce.
Mine rules, hers is stringy.
Hey Marty,
I +on't suppose you *ere able to as% your $rien+ about the +umbell a++-ons1 >till ha)en't $oun+
a place that carries them. 5lso, 08I, it appears that not all o$ last *ee%'s ans*ers got poste+
to+ay. 2here are *ay $e*er than usual. In particular, last *ee% I as%e+ a Euestion about the
necessity o$ pulling the bar all the *ay to the chest *hen +oing seate+ ro*s, *hich is not there
at present. >omething might ha)e gone *rong *hen you *ere pasting the set o$ GO5s into your
Web bro*ser. Is there someone at 2he 9ost *ho I can e-mail about this1
2he croc%pot thing *as cool, F2W, I *ill ha)e to try it. 2han%s. Aosh
I'm *or%ing on the magnetic a++-ons. ?et's as% 6occi on-line on 2ues+ay about the technical
glitches. Inso$ar as croc%-pot thang, no try Aosh, +o4 0or a guy li%e you *hose trying to a++
Euality muscle siDe, the croc%-pot coul+ be 7ust *hat the muscle +octor or+ere+4 8ou coul+
ma%e a huge pot o$ healthy $oo+ in the morning be$ore lea)ing $or *or% or school 'chic%en,
sea$oo+, bee$, homema+e soups an+ ste*s, etc.( an+ it'll be rea+y $or you to eat as soon as you
come home 'lea)e it on lo* coo% all +ay(. 2his *ay you'll ha)e lots o$ healthy, great tasting $oo+
an+ can ta%e the le$to)ers to *or% in a tupper*are container the ne,t +ay. 8ou'll al*ays ha)e a
ton o$ pre-prepare+ $oo+ on han+ an+ it is about the easiest *ay imaginable to create a big pile
o$ goo+ cho*. 9er$ect $or the serious guy loo%ing to gro* some serious muscle.
Dear Marty,
I')e got a Euestion about the proper e,ecution o$ the >25=DI=3 FIC:9> C@6? 'the regular
one an+ the re)erse one(. 5ll *eight-training boo%s recommen+ that you %eep the upper arms
IMM;FI?: *hen you per$orm curls. Fut the accompanying pictures sho* that, in reality, the
upper arms D; M;C: Euite a bit up*ar+. 2his probably happens at the en+ o$ the mo)ement,
*hen you cannot ben+ your arm anymore an+ you still *ant to $inish the rep. I')e seen only
one boo% in *hich the arms are %ept rigi+ly immobile in line *ith the *ritten recommen+ations,
the result being that the barbell is brought up only H5?0-W58. ?oo%s li%e an incomplete 7ob.
What's best1 Do you nee+ to %eep your upper arms $roDen, *hich means that you cannot mo)e
the barbell to your chin1 ;r is it better to bring the barbell up to your chin, e)en i$ that means
that in the $inal phase you +o mo)e your upper arms a bit1 2he latter probably engages your
bac% muscles, *hich you may *ant to gi)e a rest to recuperate. 9erhaps it ma%es no +i$$erence
*hat you +o.
?oo%, you ha)e to get a*ay $rom rea+ing about e,ercises an+ $in+ out the real truth by +oing
What are you as%ing1 What curl blo*s all the others into the *ee+s1 8ou coul+ get !# +i$$erent
ans*ers $rom the top !# ;lympia contestants. 2he ans*er is *hate)er curl you are able to
ma%e the min+ muscle connection *ith. 8ou ha)e to go by $eel -- *hat curl are you able to
hone in on, $eel the bicep *or%ing1 0orget about as%ing opinions because you'll get +i$$erent
ans*ers $rom +i$$erent Euali$ie+ e,perts. 8ou nee+ to get on the gym $loor an+ $in+ out the truth
o$ the matter as it relates to you4 2here is a curl out there *ith your name on it but you')e got to
$in+ it an+ i+enti$y it yoursel$4
Marty 3allagher: 2o+ay it turne+ spring in the mountains. 2he hoar $rost $inally +isappeare+ an+
the air *as spar%ling. 2he +og recogniDe+ it too. 2he green stu$$ is starting to sprout an+ to+ay
*as that +ay you *al% outsi+e an+ 7ust %no* that the *inter has passe+. ;h sure, *e still might
get another sno* or another $rost but they'll be the e,ception not the rule $rom here on out. My
pert an+ per%y *i$e thought it *oul+ be cool to go *ith me to Disney Worl+ in Auly *hen I coach
the *orl+'s greatest po*erli$ter, incre+ible :++y Coan at the national championships. >he says
that she *ants to ta%e the ne,t t*el)e *ee%s an+ get slice+-an+-+ice+ $or FliDDar+ Feach. I
nee+ to get +o*n to //# mysel$ in or+er to ta%e a crac% at the I90 *orl+ master's sEuat recor+
o$ I.". I agree+ to get on the shre++e+ ban+*agon so I suppose they'll be a lot o$ grille+ $ish,
FFG chic%en, spinach, sala+s, bro*n rice an+ lean stea%s aroun+ the 3allagher househol+.
Hey isn't to+ay Mar+i 3ras1 I might nee+ to go out an+ celebrate an+ get my $inal ya-yas out i$
*e're gonna start the re+uction process on March !st. I coul+ tell some mar+i gras stories but
*e're here $or your $itness Euestions an+ not a bunch o$ amaDing tales -- so *hose got a
9.>. Is anyone rea+ing the a$ter-sho* Euestion +umps1 2hese things are getting monstrous an+
I ain't gonna %eep +oing them i$ no one's rea+ing them.
;san, 5.0.F.: Hey Marty,
Aust +isco)ere+ your chats. My Euestion is in re$erence to Doc 9in%. Is he the same guy that
*as a semi$amous malcontent *hile statione+ at ;san, 5.0.F1 5$ter rea+ing your archi)es I
mentione+ his nic%name to some o$ the li$ers here an+ they state+ that he *as probably a guy
that *rea%e+ ha)oc here an+ bac% in the states *ith a posse o$ li$ters that too% great pleasure in
t*ea%ing their noses at authority $igures. 2hey also say that the authority $igures *ere too
scare+ to +iscipline Doc 9in% an+ his cohorts. I$ this is the same guy, my hats o$$ to him. I am a
strength athlete $ollo*ing in his $ootsteps, counting the +ays until I can reenter the *orl+.
2he anti-mullet airman
Marty 3allagher: I suspect the easily o$$en+e+ 9in%ster *oul+ ta%e gra)e o$$ense at being
terme+, >emi-$amous at anything. Why +o you *ant to %no*1 5re there any *arrants
outstan+ing1 >o *hat i$ it *as him1 He has a right to $ree+om o$ assembly an+ speech -- plus,
intimi+ation is in the eye's o$ the behol+er. ='est pas1
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty. I *as *on+ering, is it best to target each muscle group in+i)i+ually
be$ore mo)ing on to the ne,t, or can you mi, an+ match 'e.g., +o a set o$ e,ercises $or the
biceps, go on to triceps, then bac% to biceps(1
Marty 3allagher: Flast the muscle completely then mo)e on.
Do all the relate+ e,ercises $or a particular muscle, +on't s%ip aroun+. ;nce the bloo+ is alrea+y
in the area, ta%e a+)antage o$ that physiological $act.
>cotlan+: Marty,
3reat chat, an+ *e're all than%$ul $or your e,pertise, I'm sure. My Euestion is on 7u+o. I'm male,
5'!#, about !J# poun+s +o*n $rom /"# o)er the past $our years o$ uni)ersity. I'm reasonably
strong, but still ha)e an e,tra !# percent or so bo+y $at. Is your perio+iDation cycle $rom a $e*
*ee%s ago an i+eal routine, or +oes Au+o +eman+ something in particular1
Marty 3allagher: ?isten, regar+less i$ it is 7u+o or po*erli$ting, impro)ing your tennis ser)e or
loo%ing to she+ some $at, *e all see% the same basic results $rom our $itness e$$ort: more
strength, larger muscles, better en+urance, re+uce+ bo+y $at an+ increase+ $le,ibility. 2hese are
the attributes besto*e+ by a comprehensi)e $itness regimen. 2he +etails *ill )ary in+i)i+ual to
in+i)i+ual base+ on a)ailable time, +egree o$ $itness, goal speci$ics, age, gen+er, time $rame,
>o in ans*er to your Euestion, yes, the perio+iDation program I *rote up a month or so ago *ill
pro)i+e you *ith the e,ercise template. It is the schematic, the blueprint, $or +esigning a
comprehensi)e $itness e$$ort.
>an Diego, Cali$.: Hi Marty,
0irst o$ all, than%s $or your time. =o* on to business. I'm /., 5'5, !/5 lbs., an+ I'm getting
marrie+ in se)en months. 5ll through college, my scale ne)er toppe+ !!# an+ I ne)er ga)e my
bo+y a secon+ thought. I +esperately *ant to lose this e,tra !5 lbs. that +epression an+ a hectic
li$estyle ha)e pac%e+ on. Is this reasonable1 More importantly, *hat's a +ecent sche+ule $or
losing it1 WH:= I 5M 5C2IC: 'notice the *hen,( I *al% 4./ miles through hilly terrain in about
&# minutes. I ri+e a recumbent bi%e $or 45-I# minutes, an+ I $ocus my *eight training on my
arms but incorporate an all-o)er stretching routine. What combo o$ this *ill ma%e me $eel better
about mysel$ *hen I *al% +o*n the aisle1 >hall I call o$$ the *e++ing1 '7o%e -- 7ust a 7o%e(
Marty 3allagher: >e)en months is an eternity, more then enough time to e$$ect a complete
physical ma%eo)er -- but longest 7ourney begin *ith single step, so you better get stepping.
Why +on't you ma%e li%e >cotty, the pre)ious Euestioner, an+ chec% out the Aan. ! perio+iDation
program1 It is a !/-!I *ee% plan that loa+s up all the appropriate elements an+ propels you
+o*n the time-line high*ay to trans$ormation.
8ou can customiDe your o*n $itness program.
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty,
>ent this in early but $igure+ I'+ try again. I'+ li%e a recommen+ation $or a heart rate monitor.
What $eatures are necessary, ho* much to pay $or the typical unit, *hich particular mo+el you
*oul+ recommen+, etc.1 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: 8ou're $rom $ashionable Fethes+a so I suppose you')e got some +isposable
income: I use the top o$ the line 9olar pro$essional mo+el that has the blen+e+ session
a)erage $eature. 2his allo*s you to +etermine e,actly ho* many beats per minute your heart
*or%e+ at +uring the 7ust complete+ aerobic session. 9ush the button an+ presto4 Hey loo%
5rnol+, $or my 4#-minute hill climbing session my heart rate a)erage+ !44, *hich I +etermine is
.".5 percent o$ my age relate+ ma,4 Cost is R!/#.
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: 9ost-clamba%e Euestion +umps: 8eah, I rea+ 'em. >ometimes it's the
only *ay $or busy $ol%s to get ans*ers. Fut +o as you nee+-please, it's not li%e *e're paying you
$or all this har+ *or% you +o4
Marty 3allagher: 9ost-clamba%e, that's one o$ them thar +ouble enten+re'.
>an Diego, Cali$.: Marty, 8:>, I absolutely rea+ your post-chat GO54 5 $rien+ 7ust lin%e+ me to
your chat an+ I'm relishing the e,tra a+)ice you gi)e. 5lthough I gotta be honest, you're so goo+
at this, you shoul+ be charging a $ee. Fut hey, *hy start something ne* no*1 Heep up the goo+
*or%4 8ou're pro)i+ing a )aluable ser)ice. 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: 8eah, it's all true -- I'm %no*n in my social circles as a combination o$ Clara
Farton an+ 5lbert >ch*eitDer.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty,
I coul+n't un+erstan+ the perio+iDation chart. 2he *ay it prints, it's har+ to tell *hich numbers $all
un+er *hich category. Do you ha)e a more computer $rien+ly )ersion that I coul+ print out1 I
*oul+ lo)e to start this program, but can't Euite rea+ it an+ am not sure *hat all the numbers
Marty 3allagher: Well let me see -- ugh, so ho* coul+ I +o this1 I can't )ery *ell stop the sho*
-- I *ill try an+ +ig it up an+ post it at the en+ o$ ne,t *ee%s post-clamba%e Euestions. Will it still
not align1 Who %no*s1 3ot any other i+eas1
=W D.C.: 2he Euestion +umps at the en+ are great. I learn a lot $rom them. Heep +oing them i$
you can.
Marty 3allagher: 3oo+.
Washington, D.C.: I *ant to start li$ting *eights in a++ition to my normal car+io *or%out. I
re$erre+ to your archi)es to $in+ a beginning program an+ $oun+ a $e*. 9roblem is I +on't %no*
*hat any o$ the e,ercises are-loo% li%e-etc. Can you recommen+ a Web site or boo% that can
help me a bit1 ;r shoul+ I gi)e in to my gym's a+)ice an+ hire a personal trainer $or an hour or
Marty 3allagher: >omebo+y ga)e us the Web site o$ a site that poste+ e,ercise photos but I'll
be horn-s*aggle+ i$ I can remember it. Is my lur%er luc%ing1 Help us out here peanut gallery.
Fethes+a, M+.: 9lease %eep up the Euestion +ump, particularly the great comments $rom
36I??M5= an+ Doc 9in%.
Marty 3allagher: 2hose mutants +on't ha)e comments they issue mani$estos. Foth shoul+ be
se+ate+ an+ institutionaliDe+.
>cotlan+: 2han%s $or the ans*er to my Euestion, an+ yes, please continue the post +iscussion
in$o +umps, i$ they're not +ri)ing you craDy. Incre+ibly in$ormati)e an+ use$ul.
Marty 3allagher: Hey, are you Au+o >cotlan+ or another >cottsman1
I *oul+ li%e to personally than% you $or all the 7oy !5-year-ol+ 'an+ ol+er( scotch has gi)en me
o)er the years.
Which remin+s me -- is it Mar+i 3ras Day1 C'mon someone gi)e me an ans*er4 I can get that
FraDilian $esti)al on cable an+ I might go get some !5-year-ol+ scotch. I'll hit sEuats later to+ay
an+ ta%e tomorro* o$$.
0eeling $at: 2he Euestion +umps are great. I$ they must en+, maybe they coul+ be replace+ *ith
Marty 3allagher: 0eeling 0at14
What's your +eal1 ?et's Euit lur%ing an+ start submitting some Euestions4 ?et's get something
happening. C'mon tal% to me about your +iet an+ e,ercise -- or lac% o$.
Doc 9in%Dilla in Monterey: Dear Coach 3allagher,
Wor+ to my man at ;san 5ir Fase in the 6epublic o$ Horea: 8es, I ser)e+ one year at ;san
*hen I *as acti)e +uty in the 0orce, an+ coache+ a po*erli$ting team there. Fut that *as some
time ago. I'm curious *ho you are no*. Drop me a note at allgoo+/! i$ you li%e.
Marty, +ea+s are starting to roll. I plan on hitting a meet in >0 on your $a)orite inter-galactic
holi+ay ne,t month, an+ maybe ta%e a crac% at the state recor+.
Doc 9in%Dilla
Marty 3allagher: Doc 9in%Dilla %no*s that I celebrate t*o high holy +ays each year: >uper Fo*l
>un+ay an+ >t. 9atric%'s Day.
I'm thin%ing about a++ing a thir+: 0esti)us -- the i+ea o$ shrie%ing unbri+le+ criticism at $rien+s
an+ $amily *hile hol+ing a steel pole is o++ly appealing to me.
5 $ree training session at the Mountain Compoun+ to the $irst person to i+enti$y the +ate o$
Washington, D.C.: 5re there any *eight e,ercises to impro)e )ertical leap '$or bas%etball
Marty 3allagher: >Euats an+ +ea+li$ts my man.
Deep, e,plosi)e sEuats buil+ e,actly the leg muscles that are use+ in leaping. I use to tell my
sEuat stu+ents to lo*er the poun+age slo* an+ un+er control -- at the e,act instant that
lo*ering becomes arising, I tol+ them to imagine sEuatting an+ then leaping up to grab a
bas%etball rim. :,plosi)e sEuatting buil+s the muscles that po*er )ertical leaping. Dea+li$ts,
$rom hal$-erect to erect, also buil+s incre+ible leaping ability.
Dr. >Euat, 0re+ Hat$iel+, use+ to begin his lectures by leaping onto a $our-$oot high po+ium in
street clothes. 5t 5'5 0re+ coul+ +un%.
Cli$$si+e 9ar%, =.A.: What is your opinion on the *hole Westsi+e barbell benching style o$
benching straight1 I remember rea+ing that Captain Hir% *as helpe+ by I4# ra* bencher Hen
0antano an+ I belie)e as Hir%'s training partners yell in the )i+eo that Hir% *as taught to +ri)e it
bac% an+ not up straight.
Marty 3allagher: Hey -- I'm scanning +o*n these Euestions an+ e)eryone's tal%ing about $itness
but no one is ans*ering *hether or not it's 0at 2ues+ay -- 9in%Dilla -- you %no* e)erything -- +o
you %no*1
5s $ar as the po*erli$ting Euestion goes, I can't comment on Westsi+e, but I can comment on
Captain H. In the training )i+eos, I al*ays stan+ to Hir%'s right *hen he sEuats. 2he big Mo-0o in
the mi++le in the sEuats an+ han+ing o$$ on H's benches, yelling li%e a Marine DI, is =acho Del
3ran+e. He is the $ame+ Faltimore combat $ighter an+ In+onesian butter$ly %ni$e champion.
=acho *as the only non-oriental e)er to become a hea+ che$ *or%ing at Fenihanas. =acho can
sli)er a $i)e-poun+ piece o$ bee$ in //-secon+s.
I too% Hir% up to Henny $or a one-on-one bench seminar in *hich *e 7ettisone+ Hir%'s ol+ bench
style an+ a+opte+ Henny's patente+ scienti$ic approach. Hir% *ent $rom 44# at /4/ to 5J5 at
/&!. His 5J5 *as ma+e *ith a loose, single ply shirt.
Do*nto*n: 0esti)us is Christmas +ay an+ $ollo*e+ by $eats o$ strength.
Marty 3allagher: 0eats o$ strength -- can you un+erstan+ *hy I am seriously thin%ing o$ ma%ing
it the thir+ high holy +ay1
Washington, D.C.: 8es it's mar+i gras a.%.a. 0at 2ues+ay44 I gi)e up chocolate e)ery year $or
lent an+ so I'm on to my secon+ +essert o$ the +ay.
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you D.C.4
I hereby +eclare it a holi+ay $or mysel$ an+ ma%e this the last Euestion -- +o not $orget to peruse
the massi)e, massi)e post-clamba%e Euestion +ump. 3rillMan is ab+ucte+ an+ then brea%s
$ree. Guite unusual. 6emember -- the unans*ere+ Euestions $rom this *ee% *ill get +etaile+
treatment an+ be re)eale+ at the en+ o$ ne,t *ee%'s sho*.
?et the goo+ times roll. ?et me $in+ my Dr. Aohn, Meters an+ =e)ille Frothers CDs.
2he small magnetic *eights se)eral people as%e+ about are calle+ 9latemates, an+ come in
+onut, he,, an+ bric% shapes, $or barbells-+umbbells *ith a bar, he, +umbbells, an+ *eight
stac%s, respecti)ely. 5 Euic% Web search turns up many places $rom *hich they can be
purchase+. 2he manu$acturer's Web site is *** I thin% they run
appro,imately R/#-pair.
Hey Aason, are you getting this1
5rlington, Ca.: Marty,
What are typical strength gains one shoul+ e,pect $rom one *ee% to the ne,t, i$ a *or%out is
e$$ecti)e1 5 $e* percent1 More1 I imagine it )aries a lot $rom person to person, but I'+ 7ust li%e
to %no* *hat is reasonable $or me to shoot $or.
3oo+ Euestion but the ans*er is too i+iosyncratic to pro)i+e a pat ans*er. >omeone *ith Dero
li$ting bac%groun+ can ma%e min+-blo*ing progress assuming they get on a soun+ program an+
e,hibit great intensity in their training. ;n the other han+ another roo%ie, 7ust as prime+ $or
spectacular gains, can ma%e little or no gains i$ they get in)ol)e+ *ith an ine$$ectual training
program using sub-ma,imal poun+age. 8ou'll ne)er trigger hypertrophy using the *rong
e,ercises an+ applying minimal e$$ort. In li$ting *e transcen+ through har+ e$$ort. 5s my $rien+
:+ Coan li%es to relate at seminarsL har+ *or% pays o$$. 2ell me more about you an+ I'll tell
you *hat is realistic to shoot $or.
Washington D.C.: I submitte+ this Euestion t*o *ee%s ago but +i+n't see the ans*er either
+uring the +iscussion or at the en+ o$ the $ollo*ing *ee%'s session *here you ans*er Euestions
le$t o)er $rom the pre)ious *ee%. I$ you +i+ alrea+y ans*er this Euestion, coul+ you point me in
the +irection o$ that ans*er1 I'm loo%ing $or a personal trainer $or my mother but +on't %no* ho*
to go about $in+ing one since she's not a member o$ a gym an+ is not yet intereste+ in 7oining
one. Is there an association o$ personal trainers1 5re there certain +egrees, certi$ications, or
Euali$ications I shoul+ loo% $or1 Fasically, any suggestions you coul+ gi)e on trac%ing one +o*n
*oul+ be appreciate+.
2han% you.
I guess you nee+ one o$ those 92s that comes to your house *ith +umbbells an+ benches an+
other e,ercise eEuipment. I')e seen them a+)ertise+ in the past but +on't %no* *here to point
you -- try the phone boo%. It +oesn't hurt to as% i$ they're certi$ie+ an+ i$ they are, 7ot +o*n the
organiDation. Fe$ore I'+ let anyone come to Mom's I'+ as% $or a couple o$ client re$erencesL tal%
to some other happy home traine+ customers this person has *or%e+ *ith.
2a%oma 9ar%, M+.: Washington, D.C. Marathoner: Do you alternate bet*een long runs an+
shorter, $aster ones1 2raining $or an+ running some 5Hs at your ma, spee+ might help re: the
upper legs. Marty, I'm I'", !&5 poun+s an+ *oul+ li%e to a++ !#-!5 poun+s o$ muscle -- no
speci$ic timetable. I li$t $i)e times per *ee% an+ +o car+io $i)e to se)en times 'running, stationary
bi%e, touch $ootball, etc., $or 4#-I# minutes(. I +on't eat meat e,cept $ish an+ *oul+ 7ust as soon
stay a*ay $rom protein po*+ers. I'm thin%ing about upping my inta%e o$ eggs, $ish an+ shell$ish.
Can you recommen+ any other $oo+s $or me1 >houl+ I cut bac% on the car+io i$ I *ant to buil+
Hell, I'+ cut bac% on the li$ting4
8ou're probably lean as a steel post. Heep your car+io intact -- *ith one e,ception -- no car+io
on leg +ay unless you +o the car+io a$ter the +ay's li$ting is $inishe+. It shoul+ be $airly easy $or
you to pic% up !#-!5 poun+s o$ muscle assuming you are able to a.( Increase the +aily caloric
inta%e pre7u+ice+ to*ar+s protein, an+ b.( are able to generate the intensity reEuisite to trigger
muscle hypertrophy in your training sessions.
2ry three *eight sessions a *ee%L use this e,ercise template:
>un+ay -- legs, shoul+ers
Mon+ay -- o$$
2ues+ay -- chest, triceps
We+nes+ay -- o$$
2hurs+ay -- bac%, biceps
0ri+ay -- o$$
>atur+ay -- o$$
3et a high protein, high carb meal *ithin an hour o$ *or%ing out. 6esearch in+icates that
inta%ing /#-4# grams o$ protein an+ I#-.# grams o$ carbs imme+iately a$ter a *or%out *ill
accelerate both muscle reco)ery an+ gro*th. >ome stu+ies claim as much as a 5# percent
increase in *or%out bene$it i$ this smartbomb tactic is employe+. What else1 8ou nee+ to a++
one poun+ o$ muscle e)ery *ee% $or the ne,t !5 *ee%s. 5ny more *oul+ ris% a++ing a+ipose
tissue an+ any less har+ly seems *orth the e$$ortL it *oul+ be belo* the ra+ar screen. 8ou nee+
to ta%e in enough a++itional clean calories to ma%e that scale nee+le bu+ge each *ee%. 6un
li%e your hair is on $ire an+ li$t li%e your 3ranny is trappe+ un+er her =ash 6ambler. I$ I ha+ the
+isposable income, I'+ li%e to bul% up one entire cycle eating lobster. I'+ eat $our $i)e-poun+ers a
+ay using MC2 oil instea+ o$ saturate+ butter. I'm getting gastronomically arouse+ 7ust thin%ing
about it.
Capitol Hill: Hi, Marty:
My personal trainer has suggeste+ that I ta%e this *ee% o$$. I ha)e *or%e+ out '*eight li$ting,
mo+erate car+io( $our +ays a *ee% $or a couple o$ years, *ith only brea%s $or t*o episo+es o$
the $lu 'I 7oin a gym *hen I go on )acation(. He says I nee+ $or my bo+y to rest in or+er to gro*.
Isn't that *hat the +ay-on +ay-o$$ cycle is $or1 I ta%e +ays o$$ +uring the *ee% an+ i$ I +o *or%
out on consecuti)e +ays, I +on't *or% the same muscle groups. I *orry that i$ I ta%e o$$ a *ee% 'I
ha)en't *or%e+ out since this past >atur+ay *hen I +i+ the *hole bo+y(, I *ill start to lose
muscle. I am 5'!# an+ I *eigh !&#, bo+y $at at . percent, still loo% too s%inny an+ am trying to
gain siDe, particularly arms an+ shoul+ers an+ legs.
Capitol Hill *ith a personal trainer -- hey maybe you can a$$or+ to go on the lobster bul%-up +iet.
:ight percent bo+y $at1 2hat's great.
8es, perio+ic en$orce+ layo$$s are a goo+ thing. 2hey allo* the bo+y to +e-tune, become
unaccustome+ to *eight *or%outs an+ precise $oo+ regimentation. I 7ust $inishe+ ans*ering
someone else o$ this same topic in the last Euestion +ump -- please chec% last 2ues+ay $or
more about so$tening up $or gains. 8ou nee+ to eat more than you burn yet not so much that
the e,cess en+s up compartmentaliDe+ in bo+y $at +epots. It's a tric%y propositionL chec% out the
guy be$ore you -- same problem.
:,pectant >tate: Hi Marty,
I *rote in a $e* *ee%s ago about e,ercise a+)ice $or pregnant *omen an+ you as%e+ *hether
you coul+ put my comments in a 05G. 2hat's $ine *ith me as long as you ma%e it clear that I
ha)e no -- none, Dero, Dilch -- pro$essional Euali$ications to gi)e a+)ice to the pregnant 'or
anyone else(L I'm 7ust pregnant mysel$ an+ reporting *hat appears to be the consensus among
those *ho +o purport to be e,perts. 8ou')e al*ays been )ery care$ul about not treating in7uries
or con+itions you can't see so I'm sure you'll agree *ith me that all pregnant *omen shoul+
consult *ith their +octors about any e,ercise program they *ant to un+erta%e. I +o $in+,
ho*e)er, that since most ;F-38='s aren't necessarily $ocuse+ on e,ercise, it's help$ul to go in
to your consultation *ith a list o$ speci$ic Euestions to as%L you're more li%ely to get concrete
in$ormation that *ay. My list o$ suggestions can certainly $orm a basis $or that. I ha)e one more
to a++: I')e ha+ a chance to rea+ an issue o$ 0it 9regnancy an+ I +on't recommen+ it, it seems
to be mostly a $ashion mag *ith a $e* pictures o$ ho* to +o a $e* e,ercises.
8ou are 7ust o$$ering up your empirical e,perience. 2hat is +uly note+ an+ appreciate+. 5s $or
the rest -- I ce+e to your in$orme+ 7u+gment on any an+ all pregnancy-relate+ issues an+ topics.
Washington, D.C.: Hey Marty,
I am a I'4, !J#-lb. guy *ith long legs. >tarte+ +oing sEuats in 5ugust on your recommen+ation,
an+ they *ere great $or my legs. I'm currently in the mi+st o$ my $irst $i)e-rep cycle, an+ ha)e
ma+e stea+y increases in strength. I'm currently at 5 , //5. Ho*e)er, my %nees ha)e been
bothering me lately an+ my physical therapist says it is because I am going +o*n until my thighs
are parallel to the $loor. When I am +o*n that $ar, because my legs are long, my %nees e,ten+
*ay past my toes. My 92 says this puts an unhealthy amount o$ stress on the %neeL accor+ing
to her the %nee shoul+ not e,ten+ past the toes *hen sEuatting. I guess shorter people can go
+o*n to horiDontal *ithout this happening, but $or me it is hopeless. 2he only *ay I can get e)en
close to ha)ing my thighs be horiDontal an+ %eep my %nees $rom going past my toes is i$ I lean
my upper bo+y $ar $or*ar+, in *hich case I am going to be putting stress on my bac% *hich I
+on't *ant to +o. My Euestion is *hether my 92 is on the ball *ith this, an+ i$ so *hat tall people
+o to a)oi+ %nee problems. 5ssuming I'm not going to be sEuatting, *hat are the ne,t best
things to +o1 I *oul+ hate to Euit ma%ing progress *ith my legs. ;n a >mith machine I can put
my $eet out in $ront o$ the bar, an+ thus %eep my %nees at a reasonable position relati)e to my
$eet. 2here are a lot o$ other machines in my gym, inclu+ing legs press, an+ a bunch o$
machines that let you +o a sEuat-li%e e,ercise in )arious positions.
2han%s $or your a+)ice.
8ou ha)e to learn ho* to sEuat *hile %eeping your shins )ertical.
I too ha)e long legs in relation to my torso but I ha)e $oun+ the right combination o$ stance
*i+th, hip $le,ibility an+ balance. Heep your bo+y *eight bac% on your heels as you +escen+
an+ ascen+. 8ou are most li%ely sEuatting *ith too narro* a stance an+ this $orces the %nees
out o)er an+ past the toes an+ that is bio-mechanically +isastrous. 5s soon as you unloc% your
hips to start a sEuat rep, your $irst mo)ement shoul+ be to thrust your butt bac% -- this %eeps the
%nees $rom tra)eling $or*ar+ 'or at least minimiDes it(. 3o bac% to Dero an+ start o)erL learn to
sEuat $ree han+, using no poun+age. 3o $or high reps to ingrain the ne* *i+e stance, )ertical
shin sEuat style. ;pen up your stance an+ learn to sEuat *ith a tight bac%, thrusting butt
rear*ar+ *hile +escen+ing *ith %nees o)er an%les an+ *eight %ept bac% on the heels. ;nce you
learn to use this superior techniEue your %nee pain *ill +isappear, you *ill be able to han+le a
lot more poun+age an+ muscle siDe *ill ta%e a great leap $or*ar+. =o *eight *hatsoe)er until
you are able to sEuat 5# reps *ithout pain. I$ pain persists, cease an+ +esist.
Washington, D.C.: Marty:
I nee+ to impro)e my chest an+ tricep routine. Here's *hat I'm currently +oing.
Fench 9ress: !"5,!/, !&5,!#, /#5,.
I Incline Dumbbell 9ress: "5,!/, 45,!#, 55,.
;)erhea+ Dumbbell 2ricep :,tension: 45,!/, 55,!#, I5,.
2ricep push+o*n: I#,!/, I5,!#, &#,.
I use+ to +o >mith machine bench presses, so I'm *or%ing my *ay bac% into the regular bench
:)entually I'+ li%e to bench press "##. Ho* +o I get there1
;n the bench press:
8ou are *asting too much strength on the !&5,!# secon+ set -- cut this to three reps *ith !&5.
2his secon+ set is strictly a preliminary to the $inal, all-out thir+ set. 8ou')e blo*n your strength
be$ore you get to the top set.
Drop to one all out set o$ three to $i)e reps $or the ne,t si, *ee%sL
Wee% ! !"5,!/, !55,", !&5,!, /#5,5, /#5,5
Wee% / !"5,!/, !55,", !&5,!, /!#,5, /!#,5
Wee% " !"5,!/, !55,", !&5,!, /!5,5, /!5,5
Wee% 4 !"5,!/, !55,", !.5,!, //#,", //#,"
Wee% 5 !"5,!/, !55,", !.5,!, //5,"
Wee% I !"5,!/, !55,", !.5,!, /"#,"
Wee% & !"5,!#, !I5,", !J5,!, //5,!, /5#,!
5$ter bench press +o ! set o$ narro* grip bench presses *ith 4# poun+s less then top set an+
i+entical reps.
Drop all inclines $or no*.
Heep the triceps e,ercise but +o /,!5 reps4 Contract the elbo* har+ on e)ery rep. >lo* the rep
spee+ +o*n an+ go $or a huge pump.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty:
I sent in a Euestion about three or $our *ee%s ago. '/I, $emale, 5'!, !5#( I *as as%ing about the
e,ercise routine I 7ust starte+. I *as +oing about one hour car+io $our to $i)e +ays a *ee%, t*o
+ays o$ *eight machines. 8ou suggeste+ I +o "# minutes car+io an+ "# minutes *eights per
+ay. I ha)e been +oing this routine $our to $i)e +ays a *ee%. >ince I *rote you I ha)e been
losing about one to t*o lbs. per *ee%. Woul+ it be bene$icial to increase the amount o$ car+io
that I +o1 Most +ays I $eel li%e I ha)e not *or%e+ out enough1 I ha)e al*ays been $airly acti)e in
my li$e, 'e,cept $or the past $our years o$ my li$e *here my +iet-e,ercise *as horrible -- hence
the *eight gain( I s*am an+ playe+ tennis competiti)ely until I *as about !I. When I *as not
s*imming *oul+ *al%-7og an+ bi%e to stay in shape. 5n+ *hen I *as in college I *oul+ s*im
about one hour $i)e +ays a *ee%. 8ou can print this at the en+, i$ necessary. 2han%s4
Hey -- ha)e I got this straight -- you're losing one to t*o poun+s a *ee%1 Consistently1 Hey,
that's per$ect4 5m I not getting something1 2*o poun+s a *ee% $or !# straight *ee%s *oul+
eEual a /#-poun+ loss in bo+y *eight -- *hich *oul+ ma%e a huge +i$$erence, particularly i$ the
)ast ma7ority o$ the *eight loss *ere bo+y $at4 ?et me %no* i$ there is a crisis an+ I'm missing it.
2a%oma 9ar%, M+.: Hello Marty. I'm I'/, !&5, li$t about $i)e times per *ee% 'once each $or
chest, bac%, triceps an+ shoul+ers, t*ice $or biceps, once $or cal)es an+ Eua+s(, +o car+io si, to
se)en times per *ee%. I')e been li$ting since !JJ/ but ha)e stagnate+ re: $lat bench press an+
pull-ups. I complete+ a !/-*ee% lo*-reps strength program an+ ma+e some progress in the
pull+o*n but much less re: pullups, *hich *as puDDling. 5lso *ent practically no*here in the $lat
bench press. I'm consi+ering /#-rep top sets $or chest an+ lats. My current $lat bench chest
program is as $ollo*s:
!"5 , .
!I5 , /-"
!"5 , 4-5
I also +o a set or t*o o$ machine $lyes '. , !!#-!/#( an+ a set o$ +umbbell incline presses 'I ,
What shoul+ my /#-rep top set chest *or%out loo% li%e1 My goal is to press !.5.
0or bac% I +o t*o sets o$ pullups '$irst .-!#, +epen+ing on *i+th o$ han+s, secon+ I(, ! set o$
pull+o*ns '. , !/#( an+ !-/ sets o$ cable ro*s '!/# , I, !## , .(. What shoul+ my /#-rep top
set bac% *or%out loo% li%e1 My goal is !5 pullups
2han% you )ery much $or your help.
Can you +o !##,/# reps in the bench1 Write me bac% so I'll ha)e a $rame o$ re$erence.
6e: 9uc%ere+ s%in: Coul+ she ha)e cellulite on her stomach1 8ou can ha)e cellulite 7ust about
any*here, right1
I'm not really a cellulite e,pert. Who %no*s1
5rlington, Ca.: Hi Marty,
I am $our *ee%s into the $i)e-rep cycle you recommen+e+ I ta%e, an+ although I ha)e ma+e
consi+erable strength gains in my legs, bac%, chest, an+, to a lesser e,tent, shoul+ers, my arms
seem to be stuc% in a rut, especially my biceps. I ha)e ha+ great trouble mo)ing up the *eight
on curls. I starte+ out being able to +o 5 , !#5 *ith per$ect techniEue, an+ ma+e it to !!# in
short or+er, but *hene)er I try to +o !!5 I en+ up straining an+ using my bac% to get the last $e*
reps. I')e been stuc% $or three *ee%s no*. In contrast, I ha)e been able to increase the *eight I
push-pull in all my leg, bac%, an+ chest e,ercises e)ery *ee%. 5ny suggestions $or *hat I shoul+
+o to 7ump start my arms1
2han%s much.
2ime to punt, no problem, it happens. What separates the iron pros $rom the *ell-intentione+
amateurs is *hat to +o *hen progress ceases. I recast the cycle. In your case I *oul+ +rop my
curls bac% to three sets o$ /# reps in the incline +umbbell curl. ?ie bac% on a 45-+egree incline
bench an+ let the t*o light +umbbells +ea+-hang at the start o$ e)ery rep. Curl the bells at the
same time an+ %eep your elbo*s pointe+ +o*n*ar+ as much as possible. I$ you let the elbo*s
rise up you turn these biceps busters into a lousy $ront +eltoi+ raise. ;n e)ery rep contract the
biceps har+ at the top be$ore lo*ering. =o hea)ing or bouncing, +ea+ hang start e)ery rep4 ;ne
set light, one set me+ium an+ one set *here you miss the last $e* reps. 5$ter your last set,
stan+ up *ith the +umbbells an+ start +oing stan+ing DF curls using a little hea)e to get them
starte+. 6ep out. Do this t*ice a *ee% an+ your arms *ill be blaste+ out o$ their rut in no-time
5le,an+ria: Hi,
I'm a $emale runner 'I log "#-4# miles per *ee%( an+ am in pretty goo+ shape -- 5'/, !#. lbs.
Fut I carry a little bit o$ $lab aroun+ my tummy an+ upper hamstrings. I'm usually ;H *ith that
'hey, I'm ""4(, but since I'll be honeymooning on a Caribbean islan+ in eight *ee%s, I'+ li%e to
tighten those areas up. I')e 7ust starte+ a *eights routine, but not sure o$ the best *ay to attac%
those areas. What +o you thin%1 I'm +oing crunches an+ lunges alrea+y.
Well out o$ all the e,ercises in this *orl+ you *oul+ pic% t*o I ne)er +o or recommen+.
8ou nee+ to +o some $orm o$ car+io -- *hich you +o.
8ou nee+ to li$t *eights t*o to three times a *ee% using a *hole bo+y routine.
8ou nee+ some sort o$ +iet strategy.
In or+er to get ma,imum physical progress in the eight *ee%s you ha)e le$t you nee+ to get real
serious on all three $ronts right a*ay. 8ou +on't mention anything about the thir+ component o$
the $itness tripo+, +iet -- *hat's the +eal1 I suspect this is the area that you coul+ e,perience
some real li$t.
Cal)erton, M+.: Marty,
With 5sh We+nes+ay approaching, I *as *on+ering *hat *oul+ be goo+ thing to gi)e up $or
?ent, +iet-*ise. I$ I ha+ to gi)e up one thing *hat shoul+ it be1 What's *orse $or me -- re+-meat,
potatoes, or ca%e1
3i)e up +rin%ing Irish Whis%ey an+ eating pie on a +aily basis.
2his *oul+ be a saint-li%e sacri$ice an+ the piety 'pie-ty( o$ your e$$ort assure+ly *ill catapult you
+o*n the super high*ay o$ physical trans$ormation. It's al*ays *or%e+ $or me.
=W D.C.: Marty --
I ha)e $inally +eci+e+ to start incorporating *eights into my *or%outs. I ha)e e,ercise+ regularly
$or the past $i)e years $ocusing on car+io 'ran the marathon in ;ctober(, but ha)e al*ays
a)oi+e+ the *eight room. 0rom your archi)es, I ha)e put together a beginner's routine, here is
*hat I *as thin%ing o$ +oing, t*ice a *ee%.
bench press
seate+ o)erhea+ +umbbell press
leg curls
seate+ cal$ raise
tricep push+o*ns
My Euestions are '!( Is this a goo+ or+er to to $ollo*1 'I *as trying to start *ith large muscle
groups an+ go smaller( an+ '/( are there any e,ercises that you *oul+ recommen+ a++ing or
ta%ing a*ay1
Do all the e,ercises pertaining to a particular bo+y part be$ore mo)ing on to another muscle
group. 8our or+er is correct but the speci$ic or+er is o$$, chec% this out:
?eg curl
Cal$ raises
>eate+ o)erhea+ press
2riceps :,tensions
I$ you +i+ more then one e,ercise $or the pecs, shoul+ers, bac% or arms, those e,ercises *oul+
$ollo* the e,ercises alrea+y liste+. Heep me poste+ on your progress. @se three sets, !# reps
per set: light *arm-up set, mo+erate interim set, all-out $inal set. I$ you')e ne)er li$te+ you coul+
see some ra+ical impro)ement o)er the ne,t three months. 5ssuming you can breech the
intensity threshol+ an+ trigger hypertrophy.
Ithaca, =.8.: Hey Marty,
=o Euestion to+ay, 7ust a *or+ o$ than%s $or all your a+)ice this last year. 6ight no* I'm into my
/#-rep sets an+ I get moti)ation $rom the $eeling o$ superiority to all the part-timers *ho come
into the gym once a *ee% to +o the reEuisite bench session. While they're on their eighth set
lying +o*n, I'm hu$$ing an+ grunting o)er in the sEuat rac%s, *hich I ha)e all to mysel$. It *as
your +iscussion here that got me into *eights regularly, an+ no* I loo% $or*ar+ to my sEuats
an+ +ea+li$ts as a brea% $rom the te+ium o$ classes. >orry i$ this is incoherent, but it's " a.m. an+
I nee+ to go to sleep.
6ob you rule.
5lso please notice that JJ percent o$ the people you see in a gym ne)er change physically.
5$ter you')e been at one location $or a year or so, you one +ay loo% aroun+ an+ go, e)eryone o$
these people loo%s 7ust li%e the $irst time I e)er sa* them. 2hey stay the same because they
ne)er change their routine or can't or *on't apply enough intensity in their sets to cause muscle
3rillman, Com$ort-Done, 5riD.: Coach 3allagher,
I ha)e spent much time re$lecting on the cre+o o$ the mullets. I')e been +oing it *rong all these
years. =o longer *ill I stri)e to surpass the car+s I')e been +ealt, *hy stri)e $or mental an+
physical per$ection *ith such obsession *hen I can 7ust blen+ in *ith the rest o$ society an+
en7oy the com$ort-Done, 9hysical me+iocrity an+ complacency, rela,ing in the *arm hot tub *ith
$lu$$y pin% clou+s is *here it's at4
9ass me another *ine cooler please. 8ou sure *ere right in the bout *ith the 9in% Doc, I can
only hope he sees the light an+ crosses o)er to the lan+ o$ status Euo. I')e gi)en up training an+
presently ma%ing a pilgrimage to Colora+o $or some *hite *ater ra$ting,to cleanse me o$
anything remotely ha)ing to +o *ith +oing the right thing, as *e use+ say, no* it's +o the *arm
$uDDy thing li%e the rest an+ $orget about being a man, getting lost in the shu$$le hope$ully *ith
the rest o$ the mullets. 2his *ay no one *ill e)er e,pect anything great $rom me an+ I can be an
un+er achie)er an+ teach my son the *ay 3illigan, not the pro$essor.
>incerely yours,
;h, ;h it soun+s li%e 3rillMan has been se+uce+ into one a cult, perhaps li%e the cult o$ steam
cleaners on >ein$el+ that e)entually ensnare+ 3eorge's boss at the 8an%ees 'My name is
2anya4(. Hey, *a%e up 3rillMan4 Di+ the pilot in the gas sto)e go out1 5re you breathing
$umes1 8ou act li%e mommy has 7ust ta%en you to the )et an+ gotten you neutere+, snippe+,
What +o you thin% class1
Has the 3rillMan $allen $rom the path o$ righteousness an+ $inally been housebro%en, li%e Cool
Han+ ?u%e. Is 3rillMan, li%e ?u%e, no* eager to lic% the ostrich-s%in boots o$ the man1 'Don't
hit me again Foss4 9leeDe Foss4( 2he +ramatic non-usage o$ caps is perhaps a signal -- are
you being hel+ hostage1 I$ so, blin% t*ice 3rillMan.
West ?a$ayette: What *oul+ be the right e,ercise $or my bo+y type1 I am 5'. an+ *eigh !"#
lbs. Most o$ my *eight gathers in my arms an+ thighs1
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Marty,
I nee+ to get in shape4 I'm "" an+ *eigh !/4. I nee+ a routine that *ill allo* me to get into
shape, especially my thighs an+ my bac% hal$. Ho* about protein sha%es $or energy, shoul+ I
ta%e those1
Foth o$ these Euestions are impossible to ans*er base+ on the thin $acts pro)i+e+. >tu+y up a
little, rea+ the Catechism o$ 3allagher, the archi)es o$ this sho*. >omebo+y a $e* Euestions
earlier ha+ a pretty goo+ beginner *eight program. 2hat might be a goo+ starting point. Do you
+o any e,ercise at all1 Do you pay attention to *hat you eat1 I$ you are serious you nee+ to get
serious an+ +o a little research.
0alls Church, Ca.: Marty, than%s $or ta%ing my Euestion:
I am in my late /#s an+ I ha)e been "#-5# lbs. o)er*eight 'most( all o$ my li$e. I ha)e ne)er
ta%en pills or participate+ in a program, etc. When I ha)e lost *eight, it has al*ays been by
eating lo*-$at an+ hi-carb, eating ?:>> an+ *or%ing out. 5bout a year ago, I lost 5# lbs. an+
*as almost at my i+eal *eight. 2hen I encountere+ a lot o$ stress '7ob, $inancial, etc.( an+ my
t*o years o$ eating right an+ *or%ing out came to a halt. I ha)en't *or%e+ out in a year an+
about t*o secon+s ago I ate $i)e chocolate chip coo%ies.
Marty, I 7ust can't get moti)ate+ to try again. What *oul+ you say to someone li%e me1
2han%s, >ue
3et the 7un% $oo+ out o$ the house. Most o$ us are too laDy to get in a car an+ +ri)e to the store
*hen a binge moo+ hits. >econ+, eat *hen you get these s*eet cra)ings -- but eat clean $oo+
instea+ o$ 7un%. Ha)e a grille+ piece o$ $ish or chic%en *ith some steam )eggies. Do you coo%1
;ne %ey is to ha)e plenty o$ tasty goo+ $oo+ rea+y to go as soon as the cra)ings hit. @sually
the s*eet tooth *ill %ic% in at regular times as the bo+y has set a subconscious cloc% that says,
hey, it . p.m., I nee+ my s*eets4' 2hat's *hen you nee+ to micro*a)e some pre-ma+e goo+
$oo+. I *oul+ most +e$initely a+)ise against a high carb +iet -- carbs trigger insulin responses
an+ the $e*er o$ those the better. 2his +oes not inclu+e )egetables, eat a ton o$ them. Do you
ha)e a steamer1 3o get one i$ you +on't. 3et to *al%ing an+ +o some sort o$ progressi)e
resistance training each +ay, e)en i$ its 7ust $ree-han+ pushups, sEuats, cal$ raises an+ leg
raises. 8ou coul+ see some real results in !4 +ays i$ you coul+ get mo)ing.
Washington, D.C.: Woul+ you suggest a $itness boo% $or someone going bac% to the gym a$ter a
long recess1
=ot really. I *oul+ suggest getting bac% into the gym $or someone a$ter a long recess rather
than rea+ing about getting to the gym an+ philosophiDing on *hat's to be +one in the gym.
Foo%s on li$ting generally suc%. 2here is a col+ reality to *or%ing out that ta%es it out o$ the
realm o$ the min+ an+ into the realm o$ the bo+y. Don't thin% too muchL li$ting *eights is a
physical pursuit not all that complicate+ but )ery har+ in other *ays.
Durham, =.C.: Hi Marty,
I am a /.-year-ol+ $emale ectomorph *ho has manage+ to put on about /# poun+s since
college. It's *ell +istribute+ so that I still loo% goo+ in clothes, but me on the beach in a bi%ini is a
+rea+$ul sight. 5ny*ay, since Aanuary, I')e been $ollo*ing your a+)ice on +iet an+ e,ercise an+
I')e seen great results. 2he $at is melting a*ay an+ I'm seeing *ell-shape+ muscles emerging.
I')e e)en seen the cellulite melt o$$ the bac%s o$ my thighs although there's still a goo+ bit o$ it on
my bac%si+e. I currently *eigh about !"# lbs. an+ *oul+ li%e to get +o*n to !/# lbs. I')e lost $i)e
lbs since I starte+, but I probably lost !# lbs. o$ $at an+ gaine+ $i)e bac% in muscle. Here's my
Euestion: I')e been li$ting *eights three times a *ee% $or all the muscle groups at a time. I'+ li%e
+i)i+e my *or%out into *or%ing ! muscle group at a time an+ so that I'm still +oing t*o or three
*or%outs a *ee%. Mainly because I'm seeing that I +e$initely nee+ more reco)ery time bet*een
*or%outs. I nee+ to a++ some more e,ercises to my regimen because as you'll see, they're )ery
spare. What *oul+ you suggest I a++1 Here's my current *or%out: I +o three sets o$ each
e,ercise, increasing the *eight on each set so that I +o !/, !# an+ then si, to eight reps
+epen+ing on ho* much I can push that +ay. 'I also use machines, but can learn to use the $ree
Incline bench press
>eate+ ro*s
>houl+er press
2riceps press
Ficep curls
>eate+ hamstring curls
6oe press '$or cal)es(
5++uctor an+ ab+uctor machines 'inner an+ outer thigh(
5b+ominal crunches
I *al% t*o miles e)ery morning be$ore brea%$ast *ith short running inter)als. I also eat a pretty
healthy lo* processe+ carb an+ lo* $at +iet. I'+ be grate$ul $or any a+)ice you ha)e, ob)iously,
e)erything else you')e tol+ me in+irectly has *or%e+ li%e a charm.
5 big $an
Congratulations4 Fut as I han+ you your +iploma an+ salute you $or gra+uating %in+ergarten, it is
my solemn +uty to in$orm you that $itness is a process not an e)ent.
2his is a protracte+ *ar that +oesn't en+ until you shu$$le o$$ this mortal coil.
My a+)ice to you is to open up your min+. 8ou ha)e success$ully incorporate+ all the
component parts o$ a soun+ $itness program. 5ll are present an+ accounte+ $or an+ in their
proper place. 2he tric% no* to a)oi+ complacency an+ insi+e-the-bo, thin%ing. 8ou must +e)ise
ne* *ays to elicit progress *ithin the inter+epen+ent in+i)i+ual $itness +isciplines: *eight
training, +iet, an+ car+io. 8ou ha)e to anticipate staleness be$ore it becomes a realityL
+e)eloping a si,th sense that alerts you *hen a routine, +iet or car+io strategy is no longer
e$$ecti)e. :)eryone +e)elops pet e,ercise programs an+ $a)ore+ +iets. 2hey become attache+
to a particular approach that once bought them stupen+ous progress. 5las, they happily an+
contente+ly lurch $or*ar+, per$orming the same 'no*( ine$$ectual routine o)er an+ o)er an+
o)er, yet still e,pecting results. 5++ the *or+ +i$$erent bet*een e,pect an+ results an+ you
ha)e the +e$inition $or stupi+ity.
8ou nee+ to ha)e to ha)e a Eui)er $ull o$ strategy arro*s at your $ingertips. 5s soon as any
approach starts to *ilt -- an+ they all +o -- you simply replace it *ith a $resh an+ )ibrant ne*
approach to the same basic problem an+ on you go.
Faltimore, M+. Marty,
I am 5'5 male an+ *eigh about /## lbs. I ha)e change+ my +iet an+ +o car+io)ascular, 7ogging.
I can't sha%e this *eight o$$ me. :)en *hen I lo*er calories, I still battle the bulge. What type o$
$itness routine coul+ you recommen+ $or me1 I am a mesomorph, an+ still ha)e some muscular
+e$inition. I ha)e a big gut4
I got more $rien+s in Faltimore then Aohnny @nitas.
Hey, are you hanging out on 2he Floc%, +rin%ing beer by the pitcher *hile stu$$ing care$ully
$ol+e+ bills in stripper stoc%ings1 2his is the $a)ore+ pastime o$ many o$ my Faltimore $rien+s.
2he big gut you +escribe is *hat the boys in homici+e call a clue -- +o you +rin% beer1
Chantilly, Ca.: M5628,
8;@6 5DCIC: I> 5?W58> ;= 9;I=2 an+ ;FA:C2IC:. 3;;D >2@0004
I *as in a car acci+ent si, months bac% an+ a$ter ha)ing torn some bac% an+ nec% muscles, I
*as a+)ise+ by my +octor not to li$t until about t*o months ago. =ee+less to say, *hen
attempting to +o bench, I can't li$t sEuat. Fe$ore the acci+ent, I use+ to start o$$ *ith t*o 45s on
each si+e *hile increasing the *eight in increments o$ !# an+ pump a*ay to the tune o$ t*o
sets, !# reps or until $ailure '=;2:: I'm a simple man, so I +on't concentrate on the actual
poun+age, 7ust *hat increments I can li$t(. 5ny*ays, I use+ to be able to ma, out at "55 lbs
gi)en the number o$ high reps. =o* I can't e)en push up /45 lbs. *ithout struggling. What's a
cat to +o1 >issy cable *or% until my strength returns1 5lso, I lost !# lbs. an+ *ent $rom /"5 to
//5 '=ot a lot o$ *eight *hen compare+ to you guys, I %no*(. 5t I'", //5, I still am cut an+
$airly big, particularly in the arms an+ chest, *hen compare+ to these normal $ol% out here *ho
sali)ate at the hint o$ any nice siDe+ muscle. >houl+ I chal% this loss up to the acci+ent1 I *oul+
ha)e thought that I *oul+ ha)e put one *eight. 5ny*ay, ho* can I get those poun+s bac%. Aust
in case you nee+ a brie$ history: I'm I' ", //5. I *eight train 'al*ays hea)y unless my muscles
are too $atigue+( $our out o$ se)en +ays an+ I play bas%etball three times a *ee% $or car+io 'I
+on't *ant too much car+io because this has pre)ente+ me $rom gaining *eight in past(. I ha)e
the typical bas%etball $rame 'big an+ striate+ at top *ith me+ium siDe+ Eua+s an+ cal)es(.
I $eel your pain4
What can you +o, realistically, other then train aroun+ the in7ury1 Double-up on *hate)er
e,ercises you can +o *ithout pain. Can you bench1 I *as con$use+ by your note. 8ou shoul+
not +o any e,ercise that aggra)ates the in7ury, so $ocus on the mo)ements that you can +o. I$
it's any consolation, I bro%e my leg in !J.4 an+ came bac% a year later to post an o$$icial .#4-
sEuat. ;$ten en$orce+ layo$$s ha)e a longterm bene$icial e$$ect but you can't hurry the reco)ery
process or you'll re-in7ure yoursel$ an+ ha)e to go bac% to 7ump ball. 5s $ar as the lost bo+y
*eight goes, that's a blessing. Most $ol%s *hen incapacitate+ en+ up $iring +o*n 7ust as many
calories as pre-in7ury an+ en+ up a++ing lots o$ bo+y $at as a result. I a+)ise $ol%s that ha)e
been hurt to cut bac% on calories. 2hat *ay e,cess calories *ill not en+ up as bo+y $at. 8ou are
+oing 7ust $ine an+ as soon as you get bac% to normal an+ are able to train *ith the ol+
e,ercises, the lost muscle *ill reappear in no time.
5rlington, Ca.: 2o Cirginia @>5 $rom last *ee% *ith the shoul+er press Euestion: I$ your $eet
+angle, it puts a++e+ pressure on your lo*er bac%. I$ the *eight is too hea)y, you may e)en $in+
your bac% coming o$$ the pa+. Most gyms ha)e little steps that you can position an+ put your
$eet on '$or those o$ us *ho are short -- I can relate(. I$ your gym +oesn't ha)e one, as% 'they
may ha)e something else a)ailable(or $ollo*.
Marty's i+ea.
Hi Marty,
I ha)e been rea+ing an+ en7oying your on-line column $or the last couple o$ months. I respect
your sensible an+ pro$essional a+)ice gi)en to others. I')e rea+ some posts $rom s%inny guys
li%e me an+ I hope you can help. I'm 45 years ol+, I', !I#lbs. Feen s%inny my hole li$e an+ *ant
to change that. I pic%e+ up the Fill 9hillips boo% last Auly an+ *ith +umb bells an+ about si,
*ee%s later, sa* some nice muscle +e$inition '$or me(in my arms an+ bac%. 2he results soon
pee%e+ *ith no more impro)ements seen. 2he 45 minute *or% out is ta%ing t*o hours, $urther
$rustrating me. 0or car+io, I spee+ *al% e)ery other +ay 4 !-4 miles, *hile running ! mile in the
mi++le o$ that 4 !-/. I ha)e high cholesterol an+ ha)e cut out those $oo+s-oils that contribute. I'm
$in+ing it tough to maintain my *eight4 5n+ boy, +o I cra)e s*eet 7un%4 I *ant to get to a point
*here I'm not embarrasse+ to step into a club to +o my *or% outs. >o, can you recommen+ a
li$ting routine I can +o at home an+ some nutrition suggestions. ;ne more thing, I $in+ it pain$ul
to +o sEuats. I get a big pain in the area *here the upper leg muscle attaches near the %nee. I
%no* $rom your posts that sEuats are big. 5ny suggestions there1 2han%s so much $or your
Well ne)er push through an+ +o e,ercises that are pain$ul. 2hat is as%ing $or big time trouble
*ith a capitol 2. I *oul+ $orget about *eight sEuats, those +one *ith a barbell on your
shoul+ers. 2ry *eightless sEuats $or a *hile. >earch $or is a ne* $oot *i+th an+ sEuat stance
that +oesn't cause pain. It's out there some*here. >ee i$ you can $in+ a $oot *i+th that allo*s
you to sEuat +o*n to slightly belo* parallel *ithout pain. >tart *ith !5 reps an+ o)er time try
an+ buil+ up to !## reps. 2his *ill +o t*o things: $orce you to become more attenti)e to sEuat
techniEue an+ gi)e your legs a nice, high-rep *or%out.
I train at home an+ can +o $lat benches *ith a *i+e, me+ium an+ narro* grip, inclines, +umbbell
$lyes, seate+ presses, stan+ing presses, press-behin+-the-nec%, curls, lying triceps, push+o*ns,
chins, ro*s, +ea+li$ts, high pulls, cleans, shrugs, leg curls, leg e,tension an+ all types o$ lateral
raises, $ront, rear, si+e. 2hat's a big artistic pallet to *or% $rom, enough to %eep a man busy $or
+eca+es trying to unra)el the subtilties o$ techniEue. I li%e to occasionally +o leg presses but
+on't ha)e a leg press machine in the un-heate+ garage gym out bac% o$ the mountain
Chicago, Ill.: Hey Marty,
8ou got my >ein$el+ hal$ the the Euestion +o*n, but the )itamin +e$iciency Euestion got
+roppe+. Ho* +o serious li$ters eating mostly clean $oo+s get the )itamins they nee+1
8ou must o$ course realiDe sir that 3rillMan is a craDe+ athlete that is see%ing to $orcibly mutate
himsel$. Camille 9aglia calls it the re)olt against nature in her essay on bo+ybuil+ers. >he
re)ie*e+ >am 0ussell's boo% on bo+ybuil+er an+ her perceptions *ere the most spot on
critiEue o$ bo+ybuil+er moti)ation that I'+ e)er hear+ a ci)ilian gi)e. I lo)e her an+ thin% o$ her as
the ol+er brother I ne)er ha+. In the $inal throes o$ a pre-contest competiti)e perio+iDation cycle,
top bo+ybuil+er *ill re+uce carbohy+rate inta%e to )irtually Dero. 2his blee+s the glycogen an+
glucose out o$ the li)er an+ muscle. Fy *eight training an+ +oing serious, high intensity car+io
*hile positione+ ne,t to the caloric brea%e)en point, the bo+ybuil+er o,i+iDes the last )estiges o$
bo+y $at allo*ing these monsters to step on stage carrying /5# poun+s o$ muscle *ith /-5
percent bo+y $at percentiles.
2his is a temporary +iet strategy, usually bet*een t*o to $our *ee%s, an+ +oes not represent the
norm $or a top-notch bo+ybuil+er. In the o$$-season our /5#-poun+ ;lympia competitor *ill
balloon up to perhaps !#-!/ percent bo+y $at *eighing /.5-poun+s or thereabouts. 5 man li%e
this *ill consume &-!#,### calories a +ay an+ not get $at. 2hey *ill inclu+e plenty o$
carbohy+rates. 8ou Deroe+ in on a small sli)er o$ the perio+iDation process an+ e,trapolate+
*rongly that that the sli)er *as representati)e o$ the *hole bo+ybuil+ing +iet proce+ure.
6eston, Ca.: What magaDine *ill the 6ollins inter)ie* be in1
9o*erli$ting @>5
Mr. 6ollins is a personal $rien+ o$ :++y Coan, the Hing o$ 9o*erli$ters, an+ *as %in+ enough to
gi)e me a nice en+orsement. We sent him a copy o$ my boo%, :+ Coan, 2he Man, 2he Myth,
2he Metho+, a$ter he rea+ it he e-maile+ me bac% the $ollo*ing:
Aust rea+ 2he Man, 2he Myth, 2he Metho+. 5*esome4
Henry 6ollins
I thought that *as as nice a compliment as I coul+ e)er e,pect. When 6ollins tells you your
MoAo is strong, you %no* you got something going on right.
Washington, D.C.: 6e: 6unner's bo+y.
I D; li$t, but nee+ to be care$ul as I ten+ to buil+ muscle )ery Euic%ly. My upper bo+y loo%s li%e
I li$t a lot an+ I +on't *ant to be much more muscular. I am tol+ by trainers that my legs are also
)ery muscular 'you can see the cuts(, but I ha)e a layer o$ $at o)er the muscle. I am thin, or
not $at by most people's stan+ar+s, but *ant to ha)e a better lo*er bo+y4
9eople hate $ol%s li%e you . . . ;h it's sooo easy $or me to buil+ muscle. I %no* $ol%s li%e you
an+ ha)e traine+ Euite a $e* o)er the years. >ome people are 7ust genetically pre+estine+ to
ha)e goo+ bo+ies. I *as in Disney Worl+ t*o years ago an+ sa* a !#-year-ol+ %i+ in the *a)e
pool that ha+ out an outstan+ing physiEue an+ lo*, lo* bo+y $at. I *atche+ him, he *as
hyperacti)e so un+oubte+ly ha+ a metabolism li%e a blast $urnace. He *as born *ith muscle
an+ lo* bo+y $at. >ome $ol%s are born se)en $eet tall others *ith great singing )oices. With
billions o$ people on this .-ball *e call a planet, some luc%y $e* get +ealt the goo+ genetic stu$$
o$$ the top o$ the +ec%. It soun+s to me li%e you nee+ to +o a little *eight training, maybe t*o
sessions a *ee%, but really place your emphasis on +oing some short intense car+io, "#
minutes or so at &#-.5 percent o$ age relate+ heart rate ma,imum. 5lso tighten up your +iet. I
suspect the con+ition you see%, the +isappearance o$ the layer o$ $at bet*een your sur$ace s%in
an+ the muscle, *ill occur *hen you tighten +o*n the +iet scre*s an+ up the car+io intensity 'as
oppose+ to +uration(.
;h, ;h, it's Detail Dan our >*e+ish soul brother. My comments are intersperse+.
Hey Marty -- I hope you are *ell.
I ha+ a goo+ sEuatting session last e)ening. I +i+ eight reps in the sEuat *ith !I# %g. I +i+ it *ith
splen+i+ $orm as *ell.
Well that roc%s -- so that's *hat, "5/ poun+s $or eight reps -- pretty gosh +arn goo+ $or a 45-
year-ol+ //#-poun+ guy. I li%e the splen+i+ $orm part. Where they e,plosi)e1 Di+ you $eel li%e
you coul+ ha)e +one more1 2hat's a great $eeling, getting to your top target *eight o$ the +ay
an+ 7ust ripping it to shre+s, )aporiDing the *eight, as one o$ my ol+ training partners *oul+
phrase it.
I also per$orme+ the other e,ercises *ith no s*eat *hatsoe)er. 2he best thing *ith this *or%out
*as that I +i+n't $eel anything in my hamstring.I a+mit I *as a little scare+ about in7uring mysel$
more *hen going $or the hea)y sEuat. I too% it slo* an+ +i+ more sets prior to my ma, set $or
the +ay.
It turne+ out real *ell.
Ho* +o you say, cool in >*e+ish1
2omorro* I *ill +o my last *or%out *ith .s in the bench. I *ill push up !#/, 5 %g *ith *ith ease.
I am completely con$i+ent o$ that.
>o *hat's that1 /"#,.1
2hen the only eight-rep session le$t is the +ea+li$t on 0ri+ay.
:ight-rep +ea+li$t sets are brutal.
I *ill perhaps not go as hea)y as it *as planne+ earlier but I *ill +eci+e that on 0ri+ay.
Hey *hat's this1 I *ill perhaps not go as hea)y1 What %in+ o$ sissy tal% is that1 >teel your
min+. 8ou *ill )aporiDe the *eight because you are hell-on-*heels. 8ou got to get a little
attitu+e going or the poun+age has you beat be$ore you e)er lay han+s on it. ;ne more set o$
.s an+ you're o)er the hump4
=e,t *ee% *ill be the $irst *ee% +oing $i)e reps in the li$ts an+ also using gear $or the $irst time. I
$eel )ery e,cite+ about this. :(
0eels li%e getting parole+.
?astly I *ant to say that I ha)e been )ery goo+ at +oing my +aily car+io *or%. I ha)en't *al%e+
$or more than "#-4# minutes at a time but I thin% that is better than nothing.
Aust goose the intensity. Wal% $aster. Intensity trumps +uration e)ery time.
5lso, *hen spring is here an+ the sno* is gone I *ill start to use my bicycle e)ery +ay. It *ill
ser)e as a goo+ *arm-up *hen bi%ing to the gym an+ as a car+io *or%out *hen hea+ing $or
home a$ter*ar+s. I ma%e it a bit longer on the *ay bac%.
Do you li)e in the *oo+s1
;)erall I seem to ha)e got all things in or+er. =o* it's up to me to be consistent an+ %eep at it
until I')e got to the en+ o$ this cycle an+ ma+e ne* 96's in the big three.
I am sure I *ill be stronger than I')e e)er been *hen all this is o)er.
Well that's pretty impressi)e4
I *ill try to be *ith you to+ay at noon. I hope you *ill post my $ormer mails an+ the ans*ers you
ha)e $or them since it ne)er sho*e+ up anything last tues+ay. May the rest o$ this +ay be 7oy$ul
$or you an+ your $amily4
Detail Dan
Dear Marty,
I once bought a bent bar -- you %no*, a bent barbell use+ $or +oing curls. I 7ust put in a corner
an+ $orgot all about. Fut no* that I ha)e this bugger any*ay, I'+ li%e to %no* *hether is has any
bene$its1 5re bent-bar curls a use$ul a++ition to curls per$orme+ *ith a straight barbell because
it has a +i$$erent angle o$ attac% an+ thus generates e,tra muscle gro*th1
=ot better, not *orse, 7ust +i$$erent. Fut another tool in the muscle-buil+ing tool bo,.
Is a bent bar a more ergonomic tool in this particular e,ercise1 Can you li$t bigger because it's
more ergonomic1 Does it ha)e any other uses, besi+es regular an+ re)erse curls1 ;r is it 7ust a
5n e-D curl bar is no gimmic%. @se it $or tricep *or%. ?ying nosebrea%ers are ma+e easier by
the *rist angle an+ seate+ o)erhea+ triceps e,tensions are Euite e$$ecti)e *hen +one super-
strict *ith a $ull range-o$-motion. :-< Curl bar is the correct nomenclature $or the tool.
Fy the *ay, you shoul+n't be so +ismissi)e about boo% %no*le+ge.
;h Hell4 Here *e go4
2here is no such thing as boo% %no*le+ge.
I hate lectures.
2here is only goo+ in$ormation an+ ba+ in$ormation. 5n+ goo+ in$ormation +oes not gi)e a hoot
*here it's coming $rom.
Hin+a li%e the goo+ in$ormation I 7ust ga)e you on the :-< Curl bar1
I get my %no*le+ge about anything in li$e $rom a *i+e )ariety o$ sources: practical e,perience,
a+)ice gi)en by people I run into, boo%s 'o$ten brimming *ith practical e,perience(,
ne*spapers, magaDines, ra+io, 2C, the Internet, etc.
>o by that statement you in$er *hat1 Do you )isualiDe me as some inbre+ ?u++ite cretin pic%ing
my nose *hile plo*ing the corn$iel+ out bac% o$ the Mountain Compoun+ *ith Fuc% the mule1
We ha)e electricity an+ in+oor plumbing up here an+, ;h, I almost $orgot -- *e also ha)e
computers an+ telephones. 5n+ I say this prou+ly: I ha)e learne+ ho* to operate them all.
5s $ar as *eight training is concerne+, I coul+ ha)e mu++le+ through $or years on en+ an+
ne)er ha)e gotten it right, i$ it ha+ not been $or a +igital boo% calle+ the Internet, *here one
Marty 3allagher puts out his much-priDe+ a+)ice.
Well i$ you lo)e me so much then +on't bust my gona+s.
I'm no* ma%ing goo+ progress than%s to you.
8ou're *elcome.
>o long li)e boo% %no*le+ge4
8ou %no* I 7ust remembere+ something -- I shoul+n't be so +ismissi)e o$ boo% %no*le+ge on
account o$ I *rite them thar boo%s4 5lso, you %no* them thar articles that you rea+ in the
ne*spapers, muscle mags an+ on the Internet1 I 7us' remembere+ this, I *rite a lot o$ them
thangs too4 2ruly +o. 3it pai+ an+ e)erything. >o I guess it *oul+n't be smart o$ me not to 'hate'
them thangs. I'm gonna change my *ay o$ thin%in right a*ay. ?i%e Cool Han+ ?u%e, I'm gonna
git ma min+ straight.
2han% you $or the constructi)e criticism4
C;5CH 35??53H:6,
I'M >=:5HI=3 2HI> :-M5I? 2; 8;@ 06;M WH:6: 5F;@2> @=H=;W=. I'C: F::=
5FD@C2:D F8 5 >CH;;? ;0 M@??:2>4 2H:8 H5C: M: I= 2HI> >95, I F:?I:C:,
WH:6: I'M >@66;@=D:D F8 0:6=> 5=D ?;2> ;0 CH6;M:. 5=D C569:2, 9?@>
2;='> ;0 MI66;6> 56;@=D M:, 5 A@IC: F56, 2C'>, 5=D 2H: ;C:6-9;W:6I=3
>M:?? ;0 C;?;3=:. 2H:>: mullets 56:='2 2;; >M562, 2H:8 H5C:='2 3;=:
2H6;@3H M8 38M F53 5=D 0;@=D M8 ?59 2;9 5=D C:?? 9H;=:, I F:?I:C: I2'>
H@3:=:>> I> H::9I=3 2H:M 52 F58, 5> 2H:8 M58 05?? I=>ID: 5=D 3:2 ?;>2. ?IH:
I >5ID :56?I:6, I 2HI=H I2'> 5 >95 ;0 >;M: >;62, F@2 2H:6: I> 5 >H6I=: I= 2H:
C;6=:6, 2H52 2H:>: 9?::F> 5?? 352H:6 56;@=D 5=D CH5=2 A;:, A;:, A;:4 I2'>
5 F@>2 ;0 6;FF8 6;FI=>;= WI2H >;M: ;?D D@D: WI2H 5 H5=D?: F56 M@>25CH:
9:699I= ?IH: 2H52'> HI> F;D -- =;24
5=8W58 I'C: F::= F?;CHI=3 ;@2 2H:6: M@??:2 CH522:6 5> 2; =;2 W569 M8
F65I=. 9@2 5 265C: ;= 2HI> 5=D >:=D I= >;M: ;0 2H: 36:52 ;=:> 2; F@>2 M:
;@2, 2H:6:'> 25?H 5M;=3>2 2H:M 2H52 W5=2 2; >8>2:M52IC5??8 25H: ;@2 5??
2H;>: WH; 56: D;I=3 2H: 6I3H2 2HI=3, >; 2H:I6 952H:2IC 35I=> I= 2H: 38M
WI?? 599:56 2; F: 05=25>2IC 2; 2H: 38M F@==I:>. I'M >@9:6 >256C:D, 2H:6:'>
=;2HI=3 H:6: F@2, >96I=3 W52:6 2@=5, 6IC: C5H:> 5=D 25F 5=D DI>2I??:D
W52:6, >:=D 5 5-?F 0?5=H >2:5H 5=D 5 !#-C@9 2@F ;0 6IC: WI2H 2H: F;8>. 8;@
3;2 2; 3:2 M: ;@2 ;0 H:6: 2H: 25?H ;0 >;M: ?52:>2 W:ID:6 96I=CI9?: 5=D
>@99?:M:=2 2H52 WI?? >9@6 2H:M 2; 36:52 H@3:=:>> I> HI??I=3 M8 I=>ID:>
2; =; :=D, >:=D I= 2H: 9@6: :M26:M: ;0 2H: >9:C26@M 2; W56D ;00 2H:>:
mullets, I2'> F::= 2H6:: H;@6> >I=C: I H5D 5 >2:5H 5=D I'M 0::?I=3 0::F?:. I'M
;@2 F:0;6: 2H:8 C52CH ;=.
What coul+ I possibly a++ to this stream o$ consciousness *riting style that Fill Furroughs in his
cut an+ paste phase coul+ ha)e prou+ly penne+1 5t least 3rillMan is not busting my 'na+s.
Hey 3rillMan, +o you e)er *atch >ein$el+1 I')e ha+ se)eral o$ my stu+ents call me up
in+epen+ently to tell me that they *ere struc% ho* much my personality an+ coaching style put
them in min+ o$ the >oup =aDi '=o soup $or you to+ay4( Fut they all %eep lining up aroun+ the
bloc% $or that soup, must be some incre+ible soup. Fy the *ay, =o help $or you to+ay4
I')e +one three sets o$ leg raises '/# reps each( *hile sitting on a bench as you')e suggeste+
'allo*ing the heel o$ my $eet to lightly touch the groun+(. I $eel a tightness in my pel)ic area an+
not in the ab area aroun+ my belly. 5m I hitting the targete+ area correctly1 2han%s.
9lay *ith the angle o$ attac%. :)ery time you change a technical )ariable you mo)e the stress
point o$ the e,ercise. >it up slightly an+ +o the leg raises, note that e$$ect. 2ry rolling your %nees
upL try leg raises *ith sprea+ legs -- ho* about placing se)eral to*els un+er the butt to ele)ate
the $ulcrum point o$ the e,ercise thereby totally changing the bio-mechanical stress1 3et the
i+ea1 8ou must be min+$ul o$ the goal -- in this case pinpointing the lo*er ab+ominal -- an+ $eel
$ree to mo+i$y the e,ercise e)er so slightly in or+er to $ocus the stress on the target muscle.
5?;H5 C;5CH 35??53H:6,
W;@?D 8;@ F: 522:=DI=3 2H: 56=;?D 2HI> W::H1 C;?:M5= I> >@99;>:D 2; F:
2H:6: C;M9:2I=3, 9@M9 >;M: >HI==8 M8 W58 I0 8;@ 3;, >258 5W58 06;M
M@>H6;;M-M5=. 2:?? C;?:M5= 2; @9 2H: RR I0 H: W5=2> M: 2; >258 I= 2H:
W;;D>H:D. 265I=I=3 I> ;=, CH:CH 2HI> ;@2, M8 9562=:6 ;@2 52 @=C?: >@35'>
F5>:, WH; 6@=> 2H: 38M I> 3ICI=3 M: 5 C;?@=2::6 95>> 2; 265I= ;= F5>:, M8
2I2?: I> W:I3H2 6;;M M;=I2;6, H5444 WH52 3;:> 56;@=D C;M:> 56;@=D, =;W I
3:2 2; HICH ;@2 2H: M@??:2> 2H52 56: 5F@>IC: 2; 2H: :G@I9M:=2, >W::24
3;2 >G@52> W:D, 54#M5 I> ;= 2H: 9?522:6. D6;9 8;@ 5 =;2: 2;M;66;W ;=
D; 2H: 6I3H2 2HI=3 I= >=;WF@63, H54
36I??I@> M5MIM@>
;h great, the arme+ $orces has hire+ you as a gym monitor1 2his is the same gym you almost
ha+ the physical con$rontation *ith a member a $e* *ee%s bac%1 5re you going to carry a ri+ing
crop an+ $log members *hen you catch them using ba+ techniEue or +oing non-appro)e+
e,ercises1 I once sa* Hen 2he 5ssassin 0antano +rag a member 'Mic 3ol+en( o$$ a bench by
his hair an+ pull him to the $ront +oor *here he let go o$ Mic's hair 7ust long enough to push him
through the +oor an+ into a sno*ban%. Henny then loc%e+ the +oor. Mic's o$$ense1 He *as a
Henny po*er protNgNe an+ ha+ been sche+ule+ to go to //#,5 in the bench. Mic loa+e+ it to
//5,5 an+ this being the secon+ *ee% in a ro* in *hich Mic ha+ +isregar+e+ Henny's cycle
numbers, Hen +eci+e+ to teach Mic a lesson. I li%e the sno*. We sno*boar+, sle+, s%i, hang out
in the s%i lo+ge bar an+ tal% *itty-li%eL tossing bon mots about li%e ;scar Wil+e an+ Dorothy
9ar%er hanging at the 5lgonEuin Hotel slamming +o*n Manhattans an+ Martinis.
;h no, Detail Dan slips in un+er the *ire.
Hey there Marty -- long time no see.
I ha)e ha+ my share o$ things to $ul$ill the last *ee%. >orry to say I ha+n't much time $or the
computer communicating *ith people. >till, I +i+ manage to +o my training sessions to my $ull
5$ter the $ine sEuatting session last mon+ay I $ollo*e+ up *ith e)en better bench an+ -- lo* an+
behol+ -- a great D? *or%out on $ri+ay. ;n We+nes+ay I benche+ t*o sets *ith not only !#/, 5
%g as I ha+ planne+ but I use+ !#5 %g4
Hmmm -- you better not let Hen 0antano catch you 7umping ahea+ o$ the perio+iDation
sche+ule. In the $uture, +o the sche+ule+ poun+age an+ i$ you $eel bull strong +o e,tra reps on
your top set *ith the sche+ule+ poun+age. Don't 7ump ahea+ o$ the poun+age timeline.
I 7ust $elt so >26;=3 an+ 2HICH.
2hat's because you are strong an+ thic%4
It must be all this $oo+ I'm stu$$ing mysel$ *ith. I ha)e gaine+ e)en more *eight no* 'the scale
ha)e me at a *hopping J5 %g no*(.
Hmmm -- are you 7umping ahea+ o$ the *eight gain sche+ule1 I belie)e *e *ante+ to limit that
to no more than one to t*o poun+s a *ee%. >oun+s li%e you are ma%ing li%e a )acuum cleaner
an+ eating e)erything that +oesn't ha)e a pulse.
2here's one problem *ith this eating though -- $arting.
Dan, you +isgusting pig4
8es -- you hear+ me. 5ll this protein 'mil% an+ eggs $oremost( ma%e my +igesti)e tract to start
an uproar e)ery +ay.
Chil+ren coul+ be rea+ing this as *e spea%.
I must ha)e an unusually tolerant an+ lo)ing *i$e because she's still *ith me. :( >o -- I guess IVm
blesse+ in this particularly issue 'the spouse issue that is(.
Can some one please translate *hat he sai+1
0ri+ay then -- *hat a night4 I *ent +o*n ha)ing your encouraging *or+s ringing in my min+.
Don't be +enie+4
3oo+, I li%e that %in+ o$ mental attitu+e in a li$ter coming in the gym +oor. 5ll business.
Instea+ o$ going $or the planne+ !55 %g I uppe+ it to !I# %g an+ -- DID the eight reps444 :(
I +i+ them *ith style as *ell. My bac% $elt so po*er$ul an+ my hamstring +i+n't bother me at all. I
thin% I coul+ ha)e li$te+ e)en more that +ay. 9laye+ it conser)ati)ely thin%ing o$ the hea)y $i)es
*hich are coming up ne,t *ee%.
Damn Dan -- you are the Hing o$ the Hno*n @ni)erse. "5/,. in the +ea+li$t is brutal. 6eEuiring
eEual parts ra* po*er, stamina an+ a high pain threshol+. High 0i)e on that set >*e+e4
8ou hear me1 I use the *or+ conser)ati)ely about !I# %g $or eight reps in the +ea+li$t1
I must be starting to become a little bit craDy 'the protein to blame again perhaps1( *hen I say
conser)ati)ely about those huge *eights '$or me any*ay(.
8ou are ob)iously on a roll. 2he increase+ $oo+ inta%e has ma+e you anabolic an+ *hen
combine+ *ith the hea)y po*erli$ting 'intersperse+ *ith sche+ule+ rest +ays( you are gro*ing
e,ponentially in muscle siDe an+ ra* strength. 8ou nee+ to be care$ul not to become $at. Heep
up your po*er *al%s in the >*e+ish 0orests surroun+ing your home. ?imit *eight gain to one to
t*o poun+s a *ee%. Don't 7ump ahea+ o$ the perio+iDation sche+ule.
What +o you thin%1 I loo% $or*ar+ to ne,t *ee% *hen I *ill pul)eriDe the *eights I'll use then.
8ouVll see -- 7ust *ait4
I li%e that -- you *ill pul)eriDe the poun+age. =o +oubt in my min+ *hatsoe)er. 8ou ha)e hit
critical mass an+ the *eights are $lying. 8ou are ri+ing a monster *a)e a$ter being to*e+
outsi+e the FanDi 9ipeline.
=o -- no spotter. I *ill $in+ one *hen going $or the $i)es an+ threes. I ha)e a sEuatting rac%
*hich is li%e a po*er-rac% so I $eel sa$e *hen sEuatting. I can say li%e you that I ha)en't really
ha+ to +ump a *eight $or se)eral years no*. >omething that comes *ith e,perience I belie)e.
Fe care$ul.
5s I sai+ abo)e I eat all the time. I gain *eight an+ strength as a gro*ing elephant. >ure this
straight no chaser po*er li$t style training, *ith lots o$ rest bet*een +ays $unction.
Di+ you e)er hear 2helonious Mon%'s album, >traight =o Chaser1
:at big, li$t big, gro* big. Aust +on't gro* $at by going too $ast.
I *ill *rite you *hen $inishing my bench *or%out this e)ening.
I *ill go $or !#&, 5 %g $or $i)es. >ince I +on't ha)e a bench shirt I must be content *ith this
increase o$ *eight $or the $i)es. Do you ha)e any other thoughts about this1
Will en+ no* -- ha)e to go to the bathroom be$ore hea+ing to the gym. 5ll this co$$ee I')e ha+
no* ma%es me more )ulnerable to my inta%e o$ $oo+ -- i$ you $ollo* my meaning41
2a%e care, Marty an+ sen+ my greetings to $ello* big eater 36I??M5=4
Marty 3allagher: Hey people -
I ha)e been presse+ $or time the last t*o *ee% an+ ha+ to rummage aroun+ my e,ercise Eui)er
to $in+ a short an+ s*eet routine. Chec% this out:
Mon+ay bench
2ues+ay sEuat
Wen+s curls
2hur o)erhea+ press
0ri triceps
>at o$$
>un+ o$$
I *or%e+ up to one set o$ . reps an+ am able to $inish in bet*een !5-"# minutes. Foom4 In an+
out. I am actually going to %eep this e,ercise template $or a *hile to see ho* it sha%es out.
Guic% an+ har+4
WhaD up1
Doc 9in% set a *orl+ +ea+li$t recor+ $or his age group on >atur+ay past, I&5, I belie)e an+
Cirginia Fruce capture+ the >tate championship in 2ae H*on Do. 3oo+ to see our iron brothers
putting all that muscle to use an+ *a,ing the competition in the process.
?oo% $or the big Euestion +ump at the en+ o$ this *ee%'s clamba%e - lots o$ interesting
>ome*here, @>5: Marty: I recently starte+ a great go)t. *ith a *on+er$ul gym an+ personal
trainer. I can *or% out $i)e +ays a *ee% *hich I plan to +o. Can you recommen+ a goo+ $ree
*eights *or%out that I can get to in about "# minutes1 My goal is to be tone+, but not huge. I'm
especially loo%ing to *or% my lo*er hal$ being that i ha)e been li$ting on the top $or a *hile. I am
a /5 year ol+ $emale about 5'" !/5lbs. 2han%s
Marty 3allagher: >tarte+ a go)ernment 7ob1
I$ you ha)e a personal trainer, get him to gi)e you a routine an+ then sen+ in to us an+ *e'll loo%
it o)er. Hey, maybe he-she %no*s *hat they're +oing1 8ou nee+ to set some goals be$ore
anyone can help you.
Doc 9in%Dilla in Monterey: Dear Honorable Coach 3allagher,
I >H;;H @9 2H: W;6?D4
I >H;;H @9 2H: W;6?D4
I >H;;H @9 2H: W;6?D4
2:MF?: @= M@=D;444
Aust li%e 3o+Dilla '3o-gee-ra( pic%s up buses an+ trains, etc., Doc 9in%Dilla *as at it on >un+ay,
setting a ne* I95 master's +rug-$ree 'a%a as natural( *orl+ recor+ in the +ea+li$t. <amm4
6eports ha)e been coming in $rom aroun+ the globe. 36I??M5= sai+ he $elt the sha%ing in
'<ona, an+ here is a report $rom an ol+ partner in >outheast 5sia:
>outheast 5sia $alls un+er the magnetic pull o$ 9in%Dilla's mo)ements $rom time to time. It's li%e
those ne* telescopes that measure light ben+ing as it Dips past a blac% hole. 2hey can't see the
blac% hole, but they can
see the reaction in light an+ %no* it's there. Well, *hen 9in%Dilla is thro*ing aroun+ the *eights,
you can see changes in nature in >outheast 5sia as a result. Most people +on't notice it, but
you'll see it i$ you %no* *hat to loo% $or.
2here it is.
Marty 3allagher: 2ry not to be so mo+est. 8ou're li%e a plain *all$lo*er in a Aane 5ustin no)el.
Don't be a$rai+ to e,press yoursel$. Do people $righten you1 8ou ha)e lo* sel$ esteem, most
Worcester, Maine: 3oo+ 5$ternoon,
What is your opinion o$ 3erman Colume 2raining -i.e. !# sets o$ !# reps, *here the *eight is
selecte+ so that you starte+ to go to $ailure to*ar+s the en+ o$ the .th to Jth setS1 5nother arro*
in the Eui)er1
I ha)e been using an assiste+ pull-up machine $or *i+e grip pull-ups an+ *ent $rom .#T
assiste+ *eight to /4T assiste+ *eight +oing " sets o$ . an+ then 96;36:>> >2;99:D.
?oo%ing bac% about hal$ o$ this progress *as my *eight going $rom /!5T to !.5T.
>o I *as thin%ing o$ +oing 4 reps per sets at /4T assiste+ *eight but increasing the sets to !#.
;r shoul+ I +o " sets o$ . reps using my bo+y*eight but +oing negati)es to complete the sets
*hen I can't complete a real rep1
I ha)e been ma%ing goo+ progress *ith my +ea+li$ts O 2-bar ro*s, so my bac% is getting
stronger, F@2 I W5=2 2; F: 5 CHI==I=3 M5CHI=:.
Marty 3allagher: I li%e *hat's behin+ +oor T ".
3et o$$ the assiste+ stu$$ $or a *hile. It subtly scre*s up your regular chin techniEue. 6eal goo+
chinners get a little reboun+ out o$ the bottom. ",. *oul+ be great. Fuil+ that up to ",!# an+
e)entually ",!5. 2hen go to !,/# an+ $inally /,/#. Write bac% a$ter you +o this.
3erman )olume is all right. 9at Casey use+ to +o !#,!# bac% in the !JI#'s an+ got great bul%
an+ po*er results. 5$ter *armups he'+ use a le)el *eight an+ ta%e all a$ternoon to +o a routine.
0or chest he might +o bench, DF inclines, upsi+e +o*n *all pushups an+ $lyes - all !#,!#. He
*oul+ be in the gym so long he'+ eat lunch *hile he traine+.
>e)ern, M+.: 8our abbre)iate+ *or%out routine +oes not inclu+e any bac% e,ercises. 5ny
particular reason1 9erhaps you resemble the >il)er Fac% an+ +o not nee+ to *or% your bac%1
Crac%in' in M+.
Marty 3allagher: Hey than%s $or catching that - It actually rea+s li%e this
Mon Fench
2ue sEuat
We+ curls
2hurs o)er hea+ press
0ri +ea+li$t
>at triceps
>un o$$
Washington, D.C.: 0or the past 4 years, I ha)e e,ercise+ religiously -- 45 minutes car+io "-4
times a *ee% 'step-car+io bo,ing classes( an+ *eight training '$ree *eights( /-" times a *ee%
'*ell, usually only / times a *ee%(.
Ho*e)er, +espite the $act that my +iet an+ e,ercise routine hasn't change+, in the past year I
ha)e been seeing changes in my bo+y that I +on't li%e4 2hings are not $itting the same an+ the
scale is telling me a*$ul things. I hit "# not too long ago. Was my mother right *hen she sai+
that at "#, your bo+y changes an+ things become an uphill climb1
Marty 3allagher: Well, you most li%ely hit a metabolic slo*+o*n, *hich is *hen the human bo+y
turns +o*n the calorie burning thermostat.
5ll o$ a su++en those /### calories a +ay that use+ to be brea%e)en no* ma%e you $at.
Happens to all o$ us. ?oo%, you nee+ a *hole ne* approach. 2he $act that your e,ercise routine
hasn't change+ in a year is a ba+ thing - not an a+mirable thing. 2he bo+y is remar%ably
a+apti)e an+ *ill neutraliDe the most sophisticate+ e,ercise routine gi)en time. 8ou')e probably
un+er gone a metabolic slo*+o*n that has combine+ *ith an ine$$ecti)e e,ercise routine an+
resulte+ in stymie+ progress.
9er+y, Mo.: 9in%Dilla1 >oun+s li%e a gay +inosaur. =ot that there is any thing *rong *ith that.
Why is this guy $i,ate+ on blac% holes1 ?atent ten+encies1
Marty 3allagher: 9er+y, *here's that1 Doc 9in% is a *al%ing blac% hole.
9in% hone+ his brain in the spy tra+e an+ no* *or%s at a thin% tan% as an e,pert on 5sia. In his
$ree time he sets *orl+ po*erli$ting recor+s an+ persues his 7u+o blac%belt.
Washington, D.C.: I use+ to be super $it --*or%e+ out & +ays a *ee%. ;nce I got into the real
*orl+, I starte+ going less '4 +ays-*% (. I un+er*ent %nee surgery in the $all an+, though it *as
routine, ha+ +i$$iculty bouncing bac%. 5s a result, I put on some *eight '!#-!5 poun+s(.
I recently began *or%ig out again '" +ays o$ aerobics classes an+ usually ! +ay o$ car+io-*eight
training per *ee%(. I ha)e been *atching *hat I eat. 8et, my *eight loss is >?;W. I thought you
lost *eight $aster early on an+ then le)ele+ out. 2hat +oesn't seem to be happening. I shoul+
mention that I am not super o)er *eight 'I *eigh about !"5 no*(.
What can I +o +i$$erent to spee+ up the *eight loss situation1 5lter my *or%out1 I +on't *ant to
be bul%y, 7ust tone+ an+ $it.
Marty 3allagher: I +on't *ant to be bul%y . . . 7ust tone+ an+ $it.
I$ I ha+ a nic%el $or e)erytime I')e hear+ that one.
5 one poun+ a *ee% *eight loss is i+eal. 5ny more then that 'at your siDe( an+ you *oul+ most
li%ely lose eEual parts muscle an+ $at. 2hat's not *hat *e *ant - *hat *e *ant is to o,i+iDe the
bo+y $at *hile retaining the har+-earne+ gym muscle.
8ou *ant to lose !5 poun+s an+ I *oul+ a+)ise ta%ing !5 *ee%s to +o it. Hey, in three months, i$
you play your car+s right, you coul+ be inn the best shape o$ your li$e - i$ that's not $ast enough
then you're being unrealistic4
D.C.: I recently starte+ e,ercising $or an hour each +ay - I +o /5 minutes o$ aerobics an+ then 4-
5 reps o$ /5 crunches - I am a beginner. I *oul+ li%e to re+uce my little pouch 'lo*er stomach
part( but it seems that it is not getting smaller, 7ust bigger. Do you %no* *hy that is an+ *hat
e,ercises can I +o to re+uce it1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou nee+ to li$t *eights in or+er to buil+ an+ strengthen the muscles, you nee+
to +o aerobics to impro)e the health an+ $unction o$ internal organs. 5erobics also besto*s
en+urance, al*ays a great physical attribute to possess. Diet is the thir+ leg o$ the $itness tripo+
an+ *e manipulate it. We nee+ to pro)i+e enough nutrients to promote muscle gro*th an+
spee+ reco)ery - but not too many or they *ill be store+ as bo+y $at.
6ea+ bac% though past sho*s an+ e+ucate yoursel$. De)elop some speci$ic goals -
Centre)ille, Ca.: Hi Marty,
2han%s $or the time you put into these. I'm a $emale 5' !#/lbs !&.4B bo+y$at. I')e been training
+uring the last 4 months to buil+ muscle, *hich I')e been able too. =o* I *ant to go to the ne,t
step an+ get cut. My $oo+ inta%e as it stan+s is !/5#cals'!4#g p-!##g c- /5g $(. I'm gonna *or%
sets o$ /5 reps, trying supersets an+ trisets. What to +o you thin% *oul+ be the appropriate
numbers in $oo + inta%e to get to my goal.
Heep up the goo+ *or%4
Marty 3allagher: Ho* +o you $eel substituting on !/5# calories a +ay1
2hat soun+s pretty +amne+ lo* - e)en $or someone *ho *eighs !#/. I mean, i$ you eat only
!,/5# calories a +ay, *hat +o you +rop to in or+er to trigger $at loss1 .##1 2hat's the caloric
eEui)alent o$ one Fig Mac.
3i)e me some help here - are you alrea+y +iete+ +o*n1 8ou coul+ use e,ercise to create a
caloric +e$icit but you got to be care$ul or you en+ up o)ertraine+ an+ in a heap o$ trouble.
Cirginia: 5ctually, I al*ays thought pin%Dilla soun+e+ more li%e a communist +inosaur.
Marty 3allagher: 8eah, a =orth Horean Communist Dinosaur -
We all use+ to *on+er i$ he *oul+ become the $irst 5merican to +e$ect to =orth Horea, he
al*ays going o)er there on 'tra+e +elegations', all )ery suspicious.
Ca.: 5re any o$ the e,ercises in your routine goo+ $or the abs1 Dea+li$ts maybe1
Marty 3allagher: Dea+li$ts $er sure -
2echnically, +ea+s are a 're)erse +ea+li$t'. Fio-mechanically, the +ea+li$t in the in)erse opposite
o$ the situps or crunch an+ stresses the abs intensely - in a *ay not possible *ith crunches. I'm
tal%ing hea)y *eight - 55# to I5# $or reps. 5ny great con)entional +ea+li$ter has $abulous abs -
once you scrape all the )isually obscuring lar+ an+ pa++ing.
Mt Hisco-=8: Hey Coach
5lright - Fac% omission has been correcte+ on your >HortO>*eet *or%out in the intro, but you
mention you *or%e+ up to one set o$ . reps. What *ere the other sets1 Ho* many sets an+
reps be$ore the Fig Hahuna1
I'm curious about ho* many sets to +o. 6ecently I')e +roppe+ $rom 5 to " an+ ne)er $eel li%e I')e
s*eate+, e)en though I'm setting ne* ma,es in *eight.
Marty 3allagher: 9auly =e* 8a*% - hey its +i$$erent on each
bench - /-" *armups, then !,.
sEuats - "-4 *armups then !,.
curls - ! *armup then ",!# 'seate+ steep incline DF(
shoul+ers - / *armpups then /,!#
+ea+li$t - "-4 *armups then !,I-.
2riceps - ! *armup then ",!/-!5
Doc 9in%Dilla : 8ou thought *rong Cirginia. Fut I shoul+ probably ta%e that as a compliment
since some people out your *ay say Farry 3ol+*ater *as a communist too.
5n+ I ha)e ne)er been to the D96H.....
Marty 3allagher: congratulations - ne,t stop &##1 3rillMan's all pumpe+ up to +ea+li$t &5#. I
thin% he's got +ea+li$t en)y.
Centre)ille, Ca.: Marty,
Is the !/5# cal person here1 My personal trainer an+ me came to that $igure. We starte+ at
!4##, +i+n't ma%e a +i$$erence 'I *as about !5 lbs o)er*eight( an+ o)er the curse o$ / years
arri)e+ at !/5#-!"## range. I $eel pretty goo+ actually, I eat 5 smaller meals *ith one $ruit
snac%. I ha)e a lot o$ energy in the e)ening *hich is *hen I train.
I')e been in this number $or a year no*. 5lthough I li%e to cycle my +iet an+ sometimes go as
high as !4## $or t*o *ee%s or so.
I loo% muscular $or a !#/ but I am not cut.
Marty 3allagher: Well *e ha)e three choicesL
!. cut calories
/. burn o$$ calories *ith car+io
". cut calories an+ increase car+io
6ealistically, you can pic% anyone o$ these alternati)es an+ ma%e it *or%. 8ou might *ant to
thin% about resetting your caloric ceiling higher some*here +o*n the roa+. Ho* ol+ are you1
Woo+bri+ge, Ca.: Marty,
Is there a big bene$it to ta%ing supplements a$ter a *or%out )s. be$ore1 I usually *or%out at I
p.m. an+ ha)e a protein bar or sha%e be$ore I lea)e *or%. It hol+s me o)er till supper. Woul+ I
be better o$$ *aiting until a$ter the *or%out1
2han%s $or all your insight.
Marty 3allagher: Hey Woo+bri+ge4
I li%e to +rin% ca$$ine be$ore an+ +uring a *or% out - I'm not too concerne+ about eating
be$orehan+ but I really ma%e sure I eat or, more li%ely, ta%e a protein or a protein carb sha%e
imme+iately a$ter a *or%out. I$ the *or%out is in the e)ening I try an+ %eep the carbs to a
mimimum to preser)e my glycogenic status $or the ne,t morning's car+io session. I$ I *or% out in
the morning 'most o$ten( I *ill chug +o*n a meal replacement po*+er that +eli)er a *hopping
4# grams o$ protein an+ I# grams o$ carbs. Fang4 6ip open a pac%et, mi, it *ith *ater an+,
presto4 imme+iate healing nutrients4 Dousing traumatiDe+ muscle tissue *ith easily +igestible
protein is smart4 Contact my e-mail: $or my personal pre$erences.
5rlington, Ca.: Hey Marty,
8ou o$ten tal% about cycling rep amounts e)ery 4 *ee%s or so to a)oi+ plateaus. I'm *on+ering
i$ the cycle length shoul+ in general be shorter $or muscles that I *or% out more than once a
*ee%. ;n your a+)ice, I')e been +oing arms t*ice a *ee% or so to try to spee+ my progress
'because they are small muscles you sai+ /, a *ee% *as cool, an+ my e,perience *ith
soreness reco)ery is consistent *ith this(. Ho*e)er, it seems my progress stoppe+ about t*ice
as early as it normally +oes, i.e. a$ter a couple *ee%s. Is this normal1 >houl+ I ha)e to s*itch
things up e)ery couple *ee%s $or muscles I *or% out $reEuently1
Marty 3allagher: >ome o$ the top guys *ill 7ust toss the calen+er out an+ train the muscle
*hene)er they $eel it is rea+y, regar+less the +ay o$ the *ee%. @se your instincts. :rr to*ar+s
ta%ing a little e,tra time as oppose+ to trying to 7am too many sessions in too $e* +ays. 9lateaus
are ine)itable - i$ *hat you're +oing is *or%ing, by all means roll *ith it. Fut be rea+y *ith
alternate plan F, rea+y to rip as soon as progress peters out.
Centre)ille, Ca.: Marty,
!/5# - I li%e the increase car+io approach.
Ho* long shoul+ I +o this $or1 I only +o " sessions o$ "# mins a *ee% $or car+io, an+ that is not
really high intensity. I'm /&. Instea+ o$ cutting bac% calories I *as thin%ing o$ shi$ting bet*een
protein an+ carbs, but I +o not %no* ho* lo* to go $or these, I am ta%ing about !5# g o$ prot an+
!##g o$ carbs.
Marty 3allagher: 8ou ha)e to thin% calorically.
2he i+ea is to burn o$$ /5#-5## calories a +ay 'e)ery+ay( through car+io. Ho* long +oes it ta%e
to burn o$$ 5## calories1 Its impossible to say because it )aries in+i)i+ual to in+i)i+ual. I$ you are
huge an+ $at your burn rate *ill be +i$$erent than someone slim an+ small. Most $ol%s can burn
/5# to "## in a $airly intense "#-minute session.
I$ you e,ist on !,/5# calories per +ay an+ burn o$$ /5# in a "#-minute session then you are
creating a +e$icit that *ill theoretically $orce the bo+y to o,i+iDe $at stores in or+er to co)er the
caloric short$all.
>outh 6i+ing, Ca.: Hi Marty4 I')e en7oye+ your ongoing tal%s $or a*hile no* an+ *ante+ to as%
you speci$ically *hat $oo+s you suggest I eat be$ore a *or%out an+ imme+iately a$ter. 5lso, *hat
+o you thin% o$ supplements li%e @ni)ersal's ?5C5 or ;ptimum =utrition's 502:6 M5M1 Foth
are protein an+ carbohy+rate supplements *ith other a++iti)es-minerals inclu+e+. 5lso, both
ha)e Creatine inclu+e+. What +o you thin% o$ Creatine speci$ically1
Marty 3allagher: Di+n't I 7ust ans*er this - or one )ery similar1 I ha)e no +irect %no*le+ge o$ the
pro+ucts you are spea%ing o$.
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay people - that's all $or this *ee%.
I ha)e to go grill some chic%en on the +ec%. 9lease ta%e a loo% at the le$to)er Euestions $rom
last *ee%s sho* an+ remember that the unans*ere+ Euestions on to+ay's posting *ill get +elt
*ith in +etail an+ poste+ at the en+ o$ ne,t *ee%'s clamba%e.
I')e really tightene+ +o*n on the +iet an+ it certainly is sho*ing 'no s*eets in !.5 *ee%s(4
Here's my Euestion. >ince t*o *ee%s ago I')e lost I lbs, most o$ it 4-5 coming o$$ last *ee%.
5maDing *hat a no s*eets +iet +oes $or you. 5ny*ay, I *as *on+ering i$ it's coming o$$ a little
$ast. I'm not hungry all +ay long 'get hungry !-/ hours be$ore meals(, an+
eating clean $oo+s till I'm $ull but not stu$$e+. I'm ta%ing !-/ protein sha%es a +ay '/5g per
ser)ing(. I +on't $eel tire+ or *orn out, but this *eight loss *as really $ast. I *as *on+ering i$ I
shoul+ up the calories a little.
5$ter years o$ li$ting-running-bi%ing I ne)er %ne* that the can+y bars *ere %illing my physiEue
the *ay they *ere. :)en *hen I *as +oing /4 mountain bi%e races I +i+n't loo% as goo+.
0iancee agrees *ith me. 2han%s, I ne)er *oul+ ha)e been able to +o it *ithout your %no*le+ge.
I$ you $eel goo+ an+ the process is e$$ortless then +on't touch anything4 6oll on4
I lo)e your common sense approachL 'eating clean $oo+ until $ull, not stu$$e+'. 2hat's a great *ay
to approach it. Inta%e clean $oo+ '+e)oi+ o$ $at an+ sugar( o$ some type or another e)ery /-"
hours. 2his ele)ates the metabolism, sprea+s out the calories '*hich allo*s the +igesti)e
system to *or% optimally( an+ %eeps you in positi)e nitrogen balance. 9=F is a beati$ic state in
*hich all muscle-buil+ing prereEuisites are present an+ accounte+ $or. ;nce you are in 9F= 'a
combination o$ time+ eating, rest an+ lac% o$ stress( all that remains is to un+ergo a high
intensity *eight training session an+ presto4 Muscular hypertrophy4
8ou ha)e a goo+ approach to meal portions *ith you approach: not to little, not too much, 7ust
right - Dogen <en7i coul+ easily ha)e uttere+ this in >hobogenDo. Hey, i$ all your )ital signs say
'go' an+ you're rolling, then I say let's breach the barrica+e. 6oll on4
I$ your energy starts to +rop, a++ some more protein bac% into the +iet. Ho* is the li$ting
progressing 'get it4(1 Can you %ic% up the intensity 'not the session $reEuency, length or
poun+age( a notch1 8ou coul+ actually a++ some muscle mass *hile simultaneously she++ing
bo+y $at. Do basic e,ercises *ith pristine techniEue an+ ta%e them right up to the limit on those
top sets.
>a* in the +ump that you *ere as%ing $or any goo+ stretches $or shin splints. 5bout the only
thing I')e $oun+ that *or%s is to sit *ith your legs $ully e,ten+e+, an+ then point your toes. 0irst,
try $or horiDontal 'an+ hol+, o$ course(, an+ then go bac% past )ertical as $ar as you can.
2han%s - anyone else ha)e any shin splint reme+ies1
>pring$iel+, Ca.:
Dear Marty: 2han% you $or being so accessible on-line an+ $or o$$ering your e-mail a++ress. I
can ne)er be on-line *hen the chats happen, so I hope it is o%ay to e-mail you my routine.
I'm 5'#, !/" poun+s. I ha)e been +oing the *eights an+ car+io, trying my best to get the +iet
un+er control, but I'm a 7un% $oo+ 7un%ie an+ I also lo)e san+*iches 'lots o$ re$ine+ carbs(. I'm
hoping to moti)ate mysel$ to change my +iet by ha)ing an e,ercise routine that I %no* ma%es
sense 'i.e., one that I +i+n't ma%e up by guessing(. Here is my current routine, hoping to get
your opinion-suggestions. My goal is to lose about !5-/# poun+s an+ tone up.
I +o lo*er bo+y +ay, upper bo+y +ay, then one +ay o$$ an+ start o)er again.
?;W:6 F;D8 D58:
Cal$ raises 'on a step, I'm too short $or the machines(: /# , " each leg separately, one t*o-leg
super set , "# reps, o*n bo+y *eight
?eg e,tension 5#lbs ",!/
Hamstring e,tension "5lbs ",!#
Inner thigh a++uction 55lbs ",/#
;uter thigh ab+uction 5#lbs. ",!5
Fac% e,tension, bo+y *eight only, ",!#
!5#-/## crunches o$ )arious )arieties, 5# crunch sets
"# minutes car+io machine, heart rate acceptable 'i hate car+io machines(
@99:6 F;D8 D58:
Curls 'concentration or stan+ing(!#lbs ",!5 'really +i$$icult to*ar+s the en+ o$ set(
>houl+ers '+on't %no* *hat it's calle+, *hen you hol+ $ree *eights an+ e,ten+ your arms
out*ar+s(. lbs. ",!#
2riceps 'also +on't %no* *hat it's calle+, but i')e been lying +o*n an+ hol+ing t*o +umbbells,
elbo*s pointe+ up, an+ raising an+ lo*ering--hurts li%e hell 'goo+ pain(( . lbs., ",!/
>eate+ ro* 4# lbs ",!#
Chest press *hen i $eel li%e it 'i +on't thin% i'm +oing it right( !5 lbs. ",!/
>ame crunch routine
/.5 miles in+oor trac% running 'appro,. /5 mins., heart rate through the roo$(.
I thin% my $orm is goo+ 'po*er *eight up, slo* on the *ay +o*n, %eep e)erything still an+
isolate+( an+ i ha)e been trying to increase the intensity *ith *hich i *or% since rea+ing your
I can't really +o the upper bo+y machines because my arms aren't long enough, an+ *hen i +o
cables i $eel li%e my right arm is +oing more *or%, so that's *hy i stic% *ith the $ree *eights.
I %no* this is long, but i hope you can help4 I'm Euite tire+ o$ being chubby. 2han% you in
a+)ance an+ $or the no-nonsense a+)ice you gi)e e)eryone4
8our routine is lame.
?oo% - i$ you are going to li$t then li$t4
!. sEuat
/. leg curl
". cal$ raise
4. bench press
5. seate+ +b press
I. bac% e,tension
&. seate+ ro*
.. curls
J. triceps
@se this routine t*ice a *ee%. Heep per$orming your car+io. 8ou are a sel$-con$esse+ re$ine+-
carb eating 7un% $oo+ 7un%ie. We can har+ly e,pect much in the *ay o$ results i$ you are
continually o)erloa+ing the bo+y's calorie processing capacity. 2he e,cess is store+ as bo+y $at.
I *ant you to thin% about cutting calories. We'+ e)entually li%e to change both the Euantity
'gross +aily calories( an+ the Euality 'type( o$ $oo+ you ingest each +ay but $or no*, i$ you coul+
re+uce the caloric you inta%e +aily you *oul+ see some nice gains. We *ill gra+ually substitute
goo+ $oo+s $or ba+ as *e hea+ +o*n the line.
2ry an+ eat less *hen you are eating the ba+ stu$$. I encourage you to compensate yoursel$ an+
eat more o$ the goo+ $oo+s, particularly *hen you get a 7un% $oo+ cra)ing. Don't +epri)e
yoursel$L substitute goo+ $oo+s $or ba+ ones. 2his *ay there is $ar less chance o$ bingeing,
*hich is usually precipitate+ by intense hunger cra)ings. Fy substituting goo+ $oo+s $or ba+
ones you satiate those hunger binge-in+ucing hunger cra)ings an+ actually re+uce the gross
caloric inta%e. Clean $oo+ contains 4-calories per gram *hile '+irty' $oo+ *eighs in at a *hopping
J-calories per gram. !## grams o$ clean $oo+ contains 4## calories *hile !## grams o$ +irty
$oo+ contain J##.
Its your ol+ 2HD bu++y.
My ol+ plan you ga)e me is no longer *or%ing. I ha)e a ne* plan I *ant to run past you.
*ee% ! +ay !
?eg 9ress //5,/# //5,!5 //5,!#
?eg e,tentions !!5 ,!# !!5,!# $or each leg li$t together lo*er *ith one.
9rone leg curl !#5,!# !#5,!# $or each leg li$t together lo*er *ith one.
Cal$ 6aises !##,!# !##,!# !##,!#
Hip $le, 'in( !##,!#
Hip $le, 'out( !##,!#
*ee%! +ay /
>houl+er press *ith chains. J5,!/ J5,!# J5,.
>i+e ?at 6aise J5,!# J5,!# both arms together one arm lo*er.
High 9ull J#,!# J#,!# both arms together one arm raise.
9ull ;)er !!#,!# !!#,!#
I>; 6o* J5,!# J5,!# both arms together one arm lo*er.
Incline chest I5,!/ I5,!# I5,.
Ficep curls "/,!# "5,!# 4/,!#
Dips !"#,!# !##,!# I#,!#
*ee% / +ay !
>Euats /5#,/# "##,!5 "5#,!#
Dea+ li$t !4#,!# !J#,!# /4#,!#
*ee%/ +ay /
>ame upper bo+y as abo)e.
Ho* you +oing1
What's the goal1 5re you a po*erli$ter, ballplayer, bo+ybuil+er, $itness $anatic1 3imme a clue.
I'+ mo)e to three +ays a *ee% - you're 7amming too much into the t*o sessions. 2he e,ercises
+eep into the routine ha)e to su$$er. Fy the time you get to them you are $rie+. ;ut o$ e)ery $our
sessions, three o$ them are 7am-pac%e+. Frea% up the current seEuence. 2ry this,
Day !
?eg press
?eg e,tension
?eg curl
>houl+er press
Day /
Day "
High pull
Iso ro*
>trength su$$ers by the time you get to the en+ o$ an o)erly long *or%out. 2hat's *hy *e al*ays
+o most important e,ercises $irst. 9osition the least conseEuential e,ercises at the en+ o$ the
*or%out. 2hat *ay, i$ you run out o$ gas be$ore session's en+, you')e got the important *or%
It's still sno*y here in Minneapolis: Hi Marty4
?o)e these +iscussions an+ the post-clam ba%e ans*ers too. I ha)e been +ealing *ith a )ery
mysterious %nee problem 'or else not )ery intelligent orthopae+ic +octors( $or about t*o years
no*. =o one, an+ I mean =; ;=:, can gi)e me a clear ans*er on *hy my %nees hurt *hen I
e,ercise, nor a *ay to repair them, an+ I thus ha)e not been able to $in+ a *ay to +o car+io
*or% *ithout aggra)ating them. I am, an+ ha)e been, at my *its' en+. I ha)e sooo much
moti)ation to e,ercise but my %nees *on't al*ays allo* it. I *eight train $or my upper bo+y an+
my legs *hen my %nees *ill tolerate it.
Guestion is, can you thin% o$-suggest any car+io acti)ity that might not hurt my %nees1 I ha)e
trie+ e)erything I can thin% o$, inclu+ing s*imming *hich seems to bother them too4444 I can't
begin to +escribe ho* $rustrate+ I am *ith this situation, but I'll %eep trying4
My $a)ore+ $orm o$ car+io might *or% $or you. I loa+ a bac%pac% *ith a /5, "5 or 45-poun+
+umbbell plate an+ *al% the $ire trails up in the mountains. I am able to generate a heart rate
rea+ing easily the eEual o$ 7ogging at a bris% pace. Wal%ing *ith a *eight-$ille+ pac% 'e)en
*ithout the mountains an+ the trails( is an e$$ecti)e *ay to generate aerobic intensity. Fest o$
all, there is no lo*er impact $orm o$ car+io acti)ity then *al%ing. Fut *ith *al%ing the problem
has al*ays been generating enough intensity to ele)ate the heart rate to an e$$ecti)e le)el.
Wearing a pac% *ith poun+age pro)i+es a neat an+ ti+y solution. I notice+ ho* much my heart
rate monitor 7umpe+ *hen I carrie+ e)en a small '!#-poun+( ruc%sac% on my bac%. 2his got me
thin%ing an+ I +eci+e+ to e,periment *ith progressi)ely hea)ier loa+s. I combine+ the poun+age
*ith some steep local terrain an+ I su++enly I *as getting massi)e aerobic acti)ity, all I coul+
han+le, 'J#B-plus o$ age relate+ heart rate ma,imum( *hile *al%ing at a snail's pace4 Cool4 I
can no* get a %ic%-ass aerobic session *hile strolling aroun+ the *oo+s li%e a space+-out
tourist. 2hro* a +ime in a %i+s bac%pac%, the %in+ they carry their boo%s in, an+ go $or a high
spee+ nature *al%.
Mc?ean, Ca.: I'm trying to get to / miles in /# minutes - a pre-reE $or a >pring Foot Camp at my
gym. 6ight no*, I'm a 7ogger, not a runner. Combination 7og-$ast *al% I get to / miles in /5
minutes. Help4 What +o I nee+ to +o to accelerate my time, *hile a)oi+ing that stitch in the si+e1
8ou ha)e to be consistent, progressi)e, metho+ical an+ patient.
2he $astest *ay to get to your goal is to get on the trac% e)ery single +ay an+ run the t*o miles
$or time. :)ery +ay4 8ou coul+ also stan+ to lose some bo+y $at. I$ you she+ !#-poun+s o$ $at
an+ retaine+ your current muscle mass, your running time *oul+ ra+ically impro)e: you are
hauling aroun+ less *eight *ith the same horsepo*er.
0air$a,, Cirginia:
Do you really thin% 7ust being bu$$ is healthy1 Doesn't your heart ha)e the main role in your
being1 Aust plain goo+ e,ercise an+ eating right *ill +o that, an+ o$ course a regular Doctor's
chec%up. 5n+ i$ you are $at as society says, i$ you are in goo+ health, that shoul+n't matter
either. =o matter *hat people say. Aust being bu$$ +oes not ma%e you healthy, you 7ust loo%
that *ay. Don't 7u+ge the boo% by it's co)er.
2han% you $or your time
?et's +issect this one sentence at a time.
!. Di+ I e)er say, 7ust being bu$$ eEuates to per$ect health1 ;r +i+ I say something along the
lines o$ 'being bu$$ is certainly a goo+ in+icator o$ health' Aust as being !##-poun+s o)er*eight
is certainly a goo+ in+icator o$ poor health.
/. I *oul+ li%e a clari$ication on sentence number t*o.
". I +on't care i$ you're $at. Honest. >ome o$ my best $rien+s are $at.
4. Whate)er you say.
5. Most *ho a+here to the $itness li$estyle are $ar healthier then their chronological
I. I promise not to 7u+ge a boo% by its co)er but I reser)e the right to 7u+ge that same boo% by
its content.
&. 2han% you $or your time too.
Doc 9in%Dilla in Monterey: Dear Coach 3allagher,
8ou mention in the intro that summer is on the *ay, blah, blah...2his is 7ust to let e)eryone %no*
that *e in Cali are in the lan+ o$ ne)er en+ing ice storms an+ $reeDing rain. Don't chec% the
*eather on 8ahoo or the Weather Channel, 7ust ta%e my *or+ $or suc%s here. >o all y'all
7ust stay bac% there on the '?(east coast...unless you are a li$ter. We +on't nee+ anymore
mullets out here. 2raining is 5?? 3;;D. Feen consulting *ith 36I??M5=, as al*ays. 5$ter
tal%ing about the game plan a couple o$ *ee%s bac%, I +eci+e+ that 7ust as all the great ones,
such as Cassi+y et al., I *oul+ commence into consuming large Euantities o$ $oo+. ?ots o$ blue
berry pie, an+ total mental $ocus at the +inner table to +e$eat the stomach. 5$ter eating clean $or
*ee%s on en+, lo* carbs, etc., I starte+ thro*ing +o*n massi)e amounts o$ carbs, $ats an+
protein, *ith the usual )eggies an+ a sala+ thro*n in, an+ a large )olume o$ H/#.
In no time, I ha)e begun to get all >W;??:D in the bo+y. I ha+ been hanging aroun+ /&# lbs,
an+ thought I'+ roll into the meet ne,t >un+ay an+ li$t in the /&5 lbs class, but no* I'm closer to
"#.4 2ape+ the arms last *ee% at /#.5 '5/ cm(,*hich ain't ba+ $or a po*erli$tah, not a
bo+ybuil+ah. Hit a single in my last +ea+li$t *or%out on >atur+ay, I#5 lbs, *hich $elt li%e //5 lbs.
2he *orst part *as crouching 'tiger hi++en +ragon1( +o*n to grab the bar. Heeping up the
car+io throughout has %ept the metabolism sto%e+ as I ha)e trans$orme+ mysel$ into a s*ollen
toa+. Wal%ing aroun+, the legs start to get a little pumpe+, but the spinal erectors are all $resh4
Doc 9in% a%a 2oa+Dilla
5hh, my progeny are chec%ing in.
"#.1 Well, no +oubt the *eights are $lying, tal% about le)erage impro)ing. 2hat sEuat shoul+ be
Dooming as *ell. 2he bottom position must $eel li%e sitting +o*n onto a concrete par%bench.
Doc 9in% is the guy *ho bac% in !J&. ha+ his ?incoln Mar% II blo* up in-bet*een his *or% at
=ational >ecurity 5gency an+ the gym. He *as +ri)ing o)er $or a *or%out *hen his car
o)erheate+ an+ +ie+. He hitchhi%e+ an+ 7ogge+ an+ *hen he $inally got to the gym he *as a
hour late an+ e,plo+e+ *hen e)eryone began e,pressing concern $or his auto, 0or% the car4
I'm here to sEuat an+ I +on't *ant to tal% about it no more4 He use+ all his pent-up rage to set a
ne* personal recor+, &5#," in the sEuat. 5$ter the *or%out, he calmly *al%e+ to the pay phone
an+ calle+ a to* truc%.
3o 2oa+Dilla 3o4
I >H;;H @9 2H: W;6?D444
Went three $or $or three in the +ea+li$t in my competition this past *ee%en+: /&5 %g 'I#I lbs( !st
attempt, /J5 %g 'I5# lbs( /n+ an+ "#5 %g 'I&/ lbs( "r+attempt
2hat's goo+ $or an I95, Master's '4#-44 year ol+ group(, +rug-$ree, ne* *orl+ recor+4
Was goo+ $or more 'aroun+ IJ#-&## lbs( but the le$t hamstring *as not cooperating. >o I
bagge+ it an+ *ill comebac% to battle another +ay.
2hat's sha%ing up the * no* the *hole gala,y can shhh*ing4
+oc pin%Dilla
Den)er, Colo.: >o ho* +o you $igure out *hat your caloric brea%-e)en point is1
5n+ i$ you are consuming too $e* calories, can you reset your bo+y to the right le)el1 What can
you e,pect to happen *hen you +o that '*eight gain, etc.(1
2han%s, man.
2he caloric brea%e)en point is a shi$ting target that )aries +ay to +ay. 2he realistic an+ practical
*ay to loo% at it is to be a*are o$ the relationship bet*een $oo+ inta%e an+ scale mo+ulations:
eat to much an+ the +igital ratchets up*ar+. 2a%e in $e*er then you burn an+ the poun+age
2here is an e,act point *here energy e,pen+iture an+ $oo+ inta%e balance an+ you neither gain
or lose. 8ou stay le)el. 0rom this balance+ place, you can 7ump o$$ into *hiche)er +irection you
choose 'get bigger an+ more muscular - get lean an+ trim(. 8ou monitor the Euantity an+ Euality
o$ the $oo+ you inta%e an+ pay attention to its impact on your bo+y *eight. 8ou monitor it each
+ay using a high-tech +igital scale that brea%s poun+s +o*n into tenths. In other *or+s, you
establish your o*n caloric brea%e)en point by stu+ying the relationship bet*een your eating an+
your bo+y *eight.
5rlington: Hi Marty. I 7oine+ a gym about si, *ee%s ago an+ ha)e been *or%ing out at least
three times a *ee% inclu+ing spin classes an+ the li$e $itness cross trainer. I'm reluctant to +o
*eight li$ting because I +on't *ant to bul%-up. My +iet is mo+erate, I +rin% lots o$ *ater an+
+on't eat snac% $oo+, but I ha)en't lost any *eight yet. What am I +oing *rong1
8ou're not li$ting an+ you nee+ to li$t.
8ou thin% you're going to li$t $or t*o *ee%s an+ su++enly *a%e up one morning loo%ing li%e
0ranco Columbo *ith boobs. I$ it *ere only that easy4 It's a ta+ arrogant to thin% that you'll 7ust
*al% into a gym, +o a $e* curls an+ buil+ !5-inch arms a$ter a +oDen *or%outs. =o *ay4 It ta%es
a +eca+e to buil+ that $rea%ish muscle you are so a$rai+ o$ acEuiring. 8ou shoul+n't ignore the
a+)antages o$ a++ing muscle. :)ery poun+ o$ muscle nee+s "#-4# a++itional calories per +ay
to operate. 2hat mounts up $ast. 8ou say that your +iet is 'mo+erate', but your not gi)ing me
much to *or% *ith here. I say +o some car+io, li$t some *eights, pay better attention to *hat you
Fethes+a, M+.: ;H, I nee+ you to *eigh in on this: in one *or%out, car+io be$ore *eights, or
*eights be$ore car+io1 I ha)e been +oing the $ormer.
Depen+s ho* har+ you go. 3enerally I *oul+ li$t an+ then +o car+io. 5s Dorian 8ates is $on+ o$
saying, he +oesn't *ant aerobics inter$ering *ith the sheer poun+age he is capable o$ han+ling.
2oo much car+io *ill cut into the poun+age-han+ling capacity o$ the li$ter. 9articularly a %ic%-
buttoc%s car+io session prior to a serious leg *or%out.
I$ you are tal%ing real light car+io, li%e I#B o$ age relate+ heart rate ma,imum, a *al% in the
par% at a mo+erate pace, then yeah, I *oul+ say /#-"# minutes o$ car+io be$orehan+ *oul+n't
be too +etrimental. &#-J#B coul+ rag you out $or the *eights. I'+ rather see you +ragging
through a car+io session at the en+ o$ a high intensity *eight session than pre-$atiguing so ba+
*ith car+io that the poun+age you han+le su$$ers an+ the *eight *or%out su$$ers.
Washington, D.C.: ;)er the past couple o$ months, I')e gone $rom /5B bo+y$at to //B. 5t the
same time, my *eight hasn't change+. Is that normal1 I'm 5'!# an+ //5T. I')e been +oing
car+io "-4 times a *ee% an+ *eights once a *ee%.
I$ it is true an+ $actual an+ not the result o$ sloppy bo+y $at measurement techniEue, then it is
goo+ ne*s. It in+icates that you'll lost $at an+ built a++itional muscle tissue. 2hat is i+eal. It is
also +ecepti)e, theoretically a person coul+ assume that because the scale *asn't registering a
ra+ical change their appoach *as ine$$ecti)e *hen in $act muscle tissue *as supplanting $at.
8ou nee+ to li$t more. ;nce a *ee% is not enough. What's up *ith the +iet1 What %in+ o$ $oo+s
are you eating an+ ho* o$ten1 Heep up the goo+ *or% on the car+io. Write bac%.
36I??M5=, W;;D>H:DDI=, 5< : 36::2I=3> C;5CH 35??53H:6,
I W5> 6:5DI=3 ;C:6 5 0:W 562IC?:> F8 2H: :CI? 6@>>I5=, 95C:?, 5=D 2W;
>2@CH ;@2 5=D I W;@?D ?IH: 2; 3:2 >;M: 0::DF5CH 06;M 8;@ ;= 2H:6:
9?5C: I= 265I=I=3. 0I6>2 W5> 2H: <:6CH:6 >G@52>, D:C J. ,956I??; 96:>>.
5?>; 2H: 6;M5I=I5= D:5D?I02,0:F JJ. 0;6 8;@6 6:0:6:=C: 2; 2H: G@:>2I;=>.
D6;9 5 =;2: ;= 2H: 96IC52: ?I=: I0 2HI> 25H:> 2;; M@CH >95C: 2; 6:>9;=D
;= M5628-CI>I;=. 265I=I=3 I> 3;I=3 W:?? 5=D 2H: MI?H I> 9::?I=3 ;00, D;W=
2; ""# 5=D ?;;HI=3 2H: 2H: W58 ;0 >;M: C;=C:6= 0;6 C;?:M5=. 6:CH;= H:
>H;@?D @9 2H: RR >; I >258 H;?:D @9 I= 2H: W;;D>H:D ;6 I'?? 9@2 2H:
H=;W?:3D: 5=D 9;W:6 ;0 2H: 36:52-;=:>, 5=D @=?:5>H H:??, 8; D; 8;@
H5C: 5= :M265 "#H ?58I=3 56;@=D 2; D; F522?: WI2H 2H52 M;;>:1 I> 2;=8
>2I?? I= 2H: @H1 H;9: 8;@6 265I=I=3 I> ;=.
8;@6 H@MF?: D:CI9?:
Hello Humble Desert D*elling 'D:CI9?:.
9ass my regar+s onto Chie$ Iron Fear an+ all the other tribal el+ers at ne,t month's peyote
ceremony at the s*eat lo+ge. 5re the peyote seances still stan+ing room only1 6emember
*hen Iron Immortal 9aul 5n+erson came to you in a peyote-in+uce+ )ision +resse+ as an
5pache an+ tol+ you to Euit $ooling aroun+ an+ bul% up in the name o$ Aesus1 I as%e+ you ho*'+
you %ne* it to be 9aul an+ you sai+, cause he *as gargantuan an+ ha+ a southern accent.
<ercher sEuats ha)e Dero appeal to me. I sa* a picture o$ some +u+e in 9o*erli$ting @>5 +oing
a I##-poun+ <ercher sEuat. Can you imagine hol+ing I##-poun+s in the croc% o$ your elbo*s
then sEuatting an+ stan+ing up again1 Har+ly my i+ea o$ $un.
2he 6omanian +ea+li$t is *orth chec%ing out. It is almost the same as :++y Coan's sti$$-legge+
+ea+li$t. I *oul+ use it as an erector assistance e,ercise +one a$ter regular +ea+li$ts.
Wo* - at ""# you must be a sha+o* o$ your $ormer sel$ - ho*'s your sel$-esteem hol+ing up1
5re you o%ay out there1 Melting a*ay into a pathetic pu++le o$ *ea%ness can be traumatic.
WDC: Hi Marty:
0or about a month I ha)e been incorporating signi$icant *eight *or% into my car+io routine an+ I
ha)e seen some pretty a*esome results. Hno*ing that 6ome *as not built in a +ay, I still ha)e
a *ay to go, but ha)e a Euestion on speci$ic problem area. 2he area right un+erneath my arm-
pit is *ell...$labby. My biceps, triceps, etc are $irm e,cept this area. Is there any e,ercise that
can help me get some +e$inition.
2han%s much, by the *ay, this chat is great4
WDC, the battlegroun+ is at the +inner table.
8ou ha)e $at storage +epots locate+ on your lo*er pecs an+ armpits, common among men. We
nee+ to o,i+iDe this store+ $at through a combination o$ +iet an+ e,ercise. 8ou're +oing the
e,ercise - though I'+ be intereste+ in seeing your *hole training program. Does it inclu+e
aerobics1 2he tric% is to stay right at or slightly belo* the caloric brea%e)en point an+ allo* the
e,ercise to create a caloric +e$icit. 2his *ill result in $at stores being use+ to $uel acti)ity, *hich
is e,actly *hat *e *ant. <ero in on the $oo+, WDC.
Woo+bri+ge, Ca.: Marty,
2han%s $or +oing these +iscussions, they are really help$ul *ith %no*le+ge an+ moti)ation4 5$ter
a long brea% I starte+ *or%ing out in December. :)erything is going great e,cept I'm not happy
*ith my lat-bi +e)elopment. 5ll other muscle groups *ill be sore $or !-" +ays a$ter a *or%out.
?ats an+ bi's are luc%y i$ I'm sti$$ the ne,t +ay. Here's *hat I starte+ *ith 'reps are $rom memory,
but shoul+ be pretty close(:
Wi+e grip pull+o*ns 'in $ront('!4#,!#,!I#,!#,!.#,M5M(
Close grip '!5#,!#,!&#,!#,!J#,M5M(
Dumbell ro*s '45,!#,55,!#,I5,M5M(
Fent bar ro*s 'I5,!#,&5,.,.5,M5M(
Dumbbell ro*s '*ith a t*ist at top( '/5,!#,"#,!#,"5,M5M(
Concentration curls "-/#,!# real slo* '/5 i$ I $eel goo+(
?ast *ee% I trie+ lo*ering the reps an+ upping the *eights. I basically starte+ at the same
*eights an+ +i+ sets o$ 4 to $ailure 'increasing /# lbs $or lats, 5 lbs $or bi's(. I still *asn't sore. I
thought it might be because I usually +o chest the +ay be$ore an+ am )ery sore $rom that. >o I
+i+ lats 'n bi's
yester+ay. I also change+ the or+er an+ trie+ a pyrami+.
Dumbbell 6o*s '55,!#,I5,!#,&5,.(
Wi+e 3rip '!4#,!#,!I#,.,!.#,.(
=arro* 3rip '!4#,!#,!I#,!#,!J#,.(
Dumbbell curls '"#,.,"5,.,4#,.,45,M5M(
Fent bar 'I5,.,I5,.,I5,M5M( 'I *as beat an+ thought $or sure I'+ $eel it to+ay(
Concentration '"-/#,!#, but +i+n't ma%e the last set(
>orry $or the lost post, but you al*ays say you *ant +etail.
Do you ha)e any alternati)e suggestions1 I'll try anything. I *as thin%ing o$ +oing pullups e)ery
time I'm at the gym 'assuming I'm not sore...but that hasn't happene+ in months(
8ou nee+ to ma%e the all-important min+-muscle connection.
8our e,ercises are *ell seEuence+ an+ I'm sure you ha)e goo+ techniEue but I suspect the
problem is mental: 8ou nee+ to establish a Culcan min+-mel+ *ith both your biceps an+ lats.
>ome tric%s o$ the tra+e might help. >lo* the rep spee+ +o*n +rastically, an+ pull *ith the lat or
the bi only4 Hol+ the contraction at completion an+ $le, the target muscle really har+ be$ore
lo*ering the *eight slo*ly an+ un+er control. @se light poun+age an+ high reps an+ you'll
e)entually ma%e the min+-muscle connection. 9articularly i$ you ta%e the high reps to $ailure an+
maintain proper e,ercise techniEue. ;nce you groc% it an+ ma%e the connection you slo*ly
increase the *eight an+ +ecrease the reps, ma%ing sure to ne)er lose the '$eel'.
D.C.: What are your thoughts on bo,ing $or e,ercise1 Ha)ing ne)er gi)en it any consi+eration, I
*atche+ the Holy$iel+ match last night an+ *as $ascinate+.
5ny type o$ serious martial art *ill pro)i+e you a great car+io *or%out. 6ope s%ipping, hea)y
bag, spee+ bag, top-an+-bottom bags, sparring, grappling - *hat a great *ay to get in serious
car+io an+ learn a manly s%ill at the same time. >uch a +eal4 Aust be a*are that *en you bo,,
sooner or later you're gonna get your lights punche+ out.
=W: What *oul+ you recommen+ $or gi)ing my shoul+ers a blast. I')e been +oing a *armup set
an+ a set o$ /# '$ront li$tL si+eL military press( but I +on't $eel as though I'm ma%ing any +i$$erence
in shape an+ siDe.
It's time to sling some serious iron 3illigan.
8ou nee+ to get strong4 :nough /#-rep stu$$ $or a *hileL let's pile on the plates an+ +o some
po*er-buil+ing 5-rep sets. Fy lo*ering the reps an+ increasing the poun+age *e stress the
muscles in a completely +i$$erent $ashion. I *ant you to maintain proper techniEue but increase
the poun+age metho+ically, e)en i$ it's 7ust /-5 poun+s a *ee%. In response, you bo+y *ill a+apt
an+ gro*.
?et's assume you use+ 4#-poun+s $or /#-reps in the seate+ press. 2ry thisL
!. !,!# *-/#lbs, !," *-4#lbs, then !,5 *-I#, rest !,5 *-I#
/. !,5 *-I5 !,5,-I5
". !,5 *-&# !,5 *-&#
4. !,5 *-&5 !,5 *-&5
5. !,5 *-.#
5rlington, Ca.: I %no* you nee+ to burn the $at $irst to see results in 5bs -- no* that I ha)e a
goo+ bit o$ it burne+, *hat *oul+ you say *oul+ be the best ab+ominal +e$ining e,ercises1 I
hear so many pro+ucts an+ instructors gi)ing +i$$ering opinions4
Ho* about cable crunches +one *hile %neeling un+er a cable cross-o)er pulley. 2his *as a
$a)orite o$ 5rnol+ an+ 0ranco an+ i$ +one correctly the stress can be rotate+ bet*een the $rontal
abs, intercostals, serratus an+ e,ternal obliEues.
Fethes+a, M+.: ?et me try to paint a Euic% sel$-portrait: I loo% pretty slim in clothes, but in a
bathing suit you can see I ha)e about !# poun+s o$ baby $at that I ha)en't gotten ri+ o$ yet '$i)e
years ago I *as 45 more poun+s o)er*eight(. I +isguise it pretty *ell because I ha)e thin bones,
but *oul+ li%e to get ri+ o$ those remnants an+ get more muscle+.
Fut I +on't %no* *hat the best plan is: go mostly $or car+io e,ercises in the beginning to burn
the e,tra $at an+ then +o strength-training1 ;r +o both %in+s o$ e,ercise simultaneously1 5n+
+epen+ing on the *or%out plan I $ollo*, *hat %in+ o$ o$ $oo+s shoul+ I be particularly care$ul
about1 0at or carbs1 2han%s.
Where to start1
>tart by establishing a synergistic balance bet*een *eight training, car+io an+ +iet. 5 little o$
each is better than a *hole lot o$ any one. When +one simultaneously, physical gains are
e,ponentially magni$ie+. >o +o yoursel$ a $a)or, institute a $itness regimen that inclu+es a little
bit o$ *eights, a little bit o$ car+io an+ a little bit o$ +iet. 2hat *ay you can ease into it an+ allo*
your system to become aEuatinte+ gra+ually. ;)er time you tighten the scre*s +o*n in each
area. 0or no*, try an+ establish an elemental program inclusi)e o$ all three legs o$ the $itness
6osslyn: Marty, you ans*ere+ my Euestion in the big +ump at the en+ last *ee% ... I'm the ""
y.o. $emale runner, !#J lbs, trying to get tone+ $or an islan+ honeymoon. 8ou suggeste+ that I
might be cannibaliDing b-c you assume+ that I eat li%e a bir+. Well, not unless that bir+ is a
C;=D;644 I'm a cho*girl o$ the highest or+er...I eat )ery health$ully +uring the *ee% 'I %ept a
$oo+ +iary to chec%(...lots o$ tuna san+*iches, sala+s, lo*-$at e)erything, I coo%
health$ul meals e)ery night...but on the *ee%en+s, loo% out4....any*ay, I')e been li$ting " times a
*ee% $or I *ee%s an+ running aroun+ "5 miles a *ee% $or years. When am I gonna be 2;=:D1
I still ha)e $lab in the sa++lebag region an+ aroun+ my tummy.
;%ay - this is goo+ ne*s - i$ you are eating a goo+ly amount o$ $oo+ then that gi)es us a high
caloric ceiling to *or% *ith. 6e+uce your calories slightly '5## per *ee%(. 2a%e a common sense
approach: eat *hat you normally eat *hen you normally eat it. ?ea)e a small amount o$ each
$oo+ on your plate *hen you're $inishe+ eating. Heep you meal seEuence, timing, preparation
an+ Euality untouche+, the only thing that you nee+ to change is the Euantity. 8ou ma%e an
across-the-boar+ re+uction in calories an+ this *ill gi)e us the +e$icit necessary to $orce the
bo+y to o,i+iDe $at stores. Continue your *eight training an+ car+io. ?et's le)erage the +iet leg
o$ the $itness tripo+ an+ see i$ *e can't coa, o$$ the $at.
Washington, DC: Marty--
I nee+ some a+)ice as to goo+ hips e,ercises: either $or at home or at the gym. 5ny a+)ice1
2han%s so much4
Here is one e,ercise can +o most any*here: high rep, $ree-han+ sEuats.
2his e,ercise uses no eEuipment. 8ou ta%e a balance+, shoul+er *i+th stance an+ sEuat +o*n,
%eeping a con)e, bac%bone an+ an upright torso. Dip +o*n until your thighs are parallel to the
$loor. Hol+ the bottom-most position $or a beat be$ore rising. Consciously contract the glutes as
you stan+ erect.
2hat's one rep. ;)er time try an+ buil+ up to !##. /#-reps is %iller. ;ne training partner o$ mine
built up to 5##.
Washington, D.C.: Guic% Euestion about eating a$ter my *or%out. 5 typical +ay $or me: 3et up at
& a.m. to go running. 3o to *or%. 3et home at I:"# p.m. an+ lea)e $or night classes at & p.m.
3et out aroun+ !# p.m. an+ go to the gym until !! p.m. 3o to be+ aroun+ mi+night. During the
+ay I manage to eat $i)e to si, meals, getting plenty o$ protein, etc. Ho*e)er, I usually +on't eat
a$ter my e)ening *or%out because I get $inishe+ so late an+ ha)e to be up about eight hours
later. >houl+ I try to $it in an a straight protein meal a$ter*ar+ 'egg *hite, cottage cheese,
sha%e(1 ;r shoul+ I hol+ o$$1 2han%s $or your a+)ice4
I *oul+ inta%e a protein sha%e post *or%out an+ be$ore be+, one that *as as carbohy+rate-$ree
as possible.
Dousing muscles traumatiDe+ $rom a high intensity *eight *or%out *ith an easily assimilate+
protein sha%e post-*or%out is an incre+ibly smart thing to +o. 9rotein pro)i+es the regenerating
amino aci+s necessary to repair traumatiDe+ muscle $iber. In a++ition, i$ the protein is ingeste+
*ithin an hour o$ the *or%out the reco)ery process is +ramatically accelerate+. ;n the other
han+, I +on't *ant to ingest a lot o$ carbs right be$ore be+time as I +on't *ant my system loa+e+
*ith glycogen right be$ore I hit the hay. 2hat's a sure-$ire *ay to a++ to bo+y $at stores. My
solution is simple: I *oul+ inta%e t*o ser)ings o$ protein po*+er. Here's *hat it *oul+ +eli)er:
"!/ calories, I# grams o$ protein, " grams o$ $at, !! grams o$ carbs an+ I grams o$ sugar. Fest
o$ all, you +on't ha)e to coo% it an+ its essentially pre-+igeste+. Hey, a$ter +rin%ing this magic
potion, I'll be gro*ing as I sleep
Hey - *ho sai+ thisL a $ree *or%out at the Mountain Compoun+ to *ho e)er i+enti$ies the the
spea%er an+ the source.
>o once a *ee% my training partner an+ the girls *oul+ +ri)e out into the country *ith the
*eights in the trun% o$ the car. We'+ +o craDy stu$$ li%e 5#-sets o$ sEuats. ;ur thighs pumpe+ up
li%e balloons an+ *e coul+n't *al% right $or a *ee%. We ma+e it a regular thing. We bought girls
an+ ma+e an out+oors $ire an+ roaste+ meat. We'+ li$t *eights an+ +rin% *ine an+ beer an+ get
+run% an+ carry on. >ometimes it *oul+ be pure insanity an+ *e'+ grab up the *eights an+
press them o)erhea+ an+ because o$ the beer $all o)er bac%*ar+s laughing. ;r get the bar
+o*n on the chest an+ brea% out laughing an+ get stuc%. It *as a great time. We coo%e+ shish
%abab an+ sat aroun+ the $ire an+ ma+e lo)e 'to the girls(. We *ere gla+iators, male animals.
We s*am na%e+ out in the la%e, li$te+ li%e animals, ate li%e $amishe+ animals . . . ma+e lo)e. We
got o$$ on it an+ it became a *ee%ly routine - eating $resh meat an+ +rin%ing *ine an+
>outhern Cali$ornia: Hi Marty4 I %eep hearing that I shoul+n't eat carbs right be$ore *or%ing out.
I'm a 5'5, !/#-lb. *oman trying to tone, tone, tone. Can you recommen+ a pre- or post-*or%out
snac% that *ill help1 Currently I'm using 2otal Falance +rin% mi, *ith mil% in the morning be$ore
*or%ing out. 2han%s4 Fy the *ay, are you *atching :co-Challenge1 2hose people are D6IC:=4
:)er +one something li%e that1 Hat's o$$, i$ you ha)e. I'm e,hauste+ 7ust *atching I# minutes o$
Marty 3allagher: Hey -
Carbs be$ore car+io is not real smart. In the absence o$ glycogen 'carbohy+rate bro%en
+o*n(the bo+y *ill burn store+ bo+y $at to $uel acti)ity. >o it ma%es sense not to loa+ up on
carbs be$ore car+io. Weight training is a +i$$erent matter an+ there is no reason not to not eat
carbs be$orehan+. Harol+ 9oole use+ to eat multiple meatloa$ san+*iches +uring a *or%out. He
*as slice+ to ribbonsL his s%y-high metabolic burn rate allo*e+ him to eat anything *hene)er
an+ still stay rippe+.
=acog+oches, 2e,as: Hi4 My name is Hatie an+ I am !# years ol+. I $eel li%e I nee+ to e,ercise a
little bit more than I shoul+. My mom $eels li%e I +o enough in ballet class but I $eel li%e I nee+
more. What %in+ o$ e,ercise can I +o to lose a little aroun+ the mi++le1
Marty 3allagher: Don't *orry about it4 8ou're too young to become serious about $itness. Aust go
outsi+e an+ play. Do you li%e any team 'soccer, F-ball, so$tball( or an in+i)i+ual sports1
's*imming, trac%(I$ you +o, 7oin up4 ?ess sony play station an+ Mary Hate an+ 5shley an+ more
rompin' an+ runnin'.
5lso, eat less 7un% $oo+ an+ s*eets.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Coach Marty,
2his is Mar%, the 5'!#' !&5T guy *hose Euestion you replie+ to last *ee%, in the +ump $rom the
prior *ee%. I'+ gi)en you my three +ay routine an+ you tol+ me that I *as probably o)ertraine+,
ga)e me a ne* routine an+ tol+ me to gain *eight. My Euestion to+ay has to +o *ith that ne*
routine. ;r maybe 7ust semantics. In the ne* routine, you mentione+ a *or% set $or some o$
the e,ercises. Is this the only one that's all-out1 Do the earlier sets $or that e,ercise all buil+ up
to this one1
:,ample: Fench !,!5, !,5, !,", !,5 '*or% set(
2han%s $or the clari$ication,
Marty 3allagher: FI=3;4
2hat is it e,actly - you *ill +o one, single, solitary, ma,imum, all-out set per e,ercise an+ then
mo)e onto the ne,t e,ercise. :)erything prior is a minimalistic precursor, a prelu+e, a mere
pur$unctory *arm-up in preparation $or the one-set per e,ercise $inale.
Hensington, M+.: Marty,
I')e hear+ that e,ercising at I5 percent or less o$ your ma,imum heart rate is i+eal $or burning
$at. Is this true1 I$ so, ho* long shoul+ the e,ercise session be1 5n+ is this bene$it lost *hen
you increase to the ne,t le)el, aroun+ .5 percent1
Marty 3allagher: 2his is one o$ those tric% Euestions -
>cience in+icates that operating at I5B o$ age-relarte+ heart rate ma,imum is more e$$icient -
assuming you e,ten+ the length o$ the session to compensate $or the lac% o$ intensity. 3oing at
.5B o$ age relate+ ma, burns calories at a hell-o$-a-lot $aster rate 'per minute( then operating at
I5B. I$ the session length *as culminate+ at say, "#-minutes, .5B *oul+ trounce in terms o$
calories burnt, the real aerobic bottom line $or bo+ybuil+ing purposes.
I5B is more e$$icient i$ the slo*er pace is allo*e+ a longer session length. Does that ma%e
Courthouse, Ca.: Marty-
I ha+ shoul+er surgery about t*o months ago. I ha)e another month o$ rehab be$ore I'm rea+y
to go $ull strength.
In the meantime, can you suggest anything I can +o to increase my o)erall strength1
Marty 3allagher: =o - no e,ercise $or the +amage+ shoul+er *oul+ be appropriate at this early
stage o$ reco)ery.
8ou got to $igure out *hich e,ercises +o not in)ol)e the shoul+er. 8ou')e got to learn ho* to
train aroun+ the in7ury. Ho* about a leg specialiDation program *hile the shoul+er men+s1
0alls Church, Ca.: What's the best *ay to get ri+ o$ a gut1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou're being $unny, right1 Is this 3rillMan running a scam1
;ut o$ shape...: Don't e,ercise much...7ust 7oine+ a gym. 0ocusing on car+io to buil+ up my
en+urance. Di+ "# min yester+ay on 6eebo% bo+y pea% elliptical machine 'probably spelle+ that
*rong(. Di+ easy climb, lo* le)el, +on't *ant to o)er +o it. During the last $i)e minutes, my $eet
$ell asleep. Why an+ *hat can I +o about it1 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: 0in+ a +i$$erent machine that +oesn't put your $eet to sleep.
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty,
>houl+ you e,pect an increase in metabolism to*ar+ the en+ o$ your pyrami+1 I ha)e al*ays
been acti)e *ith a high metabolism, but no* it seems li%e I'm hungry /4-&.
Marty 3allagher: Well yeah4
Fy spacing your meals an+ eating cleaner an+ leaner portions your bo+y gets e,tremely
e$$icient at o,i+iDing $oo+. >ince the +igesti)e mechcanism is ne)er o)erloa+e+, it burns up the
$oo+ *ith e)er increasing e$$iciency. Fy the en+ o$ the process, you're a human blast $urnace.
>ome top bo+ybuil+ing pros eat a real small an+ clean $ee+ing e)ery *a%ing hour. ;$ course,
they +on't ha)e real 7obs an+ $amilies. >oun+s li%e your roc%ing.
>terling, Ca.: I am a $emale beginning runner-7ogger. Will li$ting more *eights to buil+ more
muscles in my legs help me run better-longer1 It's not a problem o$ my legs getting tire+, but I
run out o$ breath, *hich ma%es me ha)e to stop running. I *or% out *al%ing-running $our times a
*ee% an+ try to li$t *eights t*o times a *ee% -- although I ten+ to concentrate more on my upper
bo+y since my lo*er bo+y is *here I ha)e e,cess *eight an+ +on't *ant to increase my siDe
there. I am currently about "# lbs. o)er*eight '*or%ing on that also4(.
Marty 3allagher: 5ll )ery complicate+ - loo%, let's %eep it simple.
8ou nee+ to li$t *eights t*o to three times a *ee%. 8ou nee+ to +o some car+io at the
appropriate age-relate+ intensity. 8ou nee+ to pay attention to *hat you eat an+ +rin%. Do all
this stu$$ an+ *atch the muscles gro* an+ the $at melt li%e lemon +rops. 8ou're thin%ing to much
- more action, more intensity, more attention to har+ *or%. Watch the $oo+ inta%e li%e a ha*%.
Washington, D.C.: Hello Mr. 3allagher,
I *oul+ li%e some a+)ice on mo+i$ying my *or%out *ith the goal being to lose *eight an+ $at
aroun+ my mi+section. Currently I +o $our +ays a *ee% o$ car+io an+ t*o +ays a *ee% o$
*eightli$ting. 0or car+io I +o "# minutes o$ s*imming an+ stair climber machine. I am unable to
+o a running program because the bottom o$ my heel hurts li%e hec% *hene)er I run. 0or
*eightli$ting I +o a routine o$ push e,ercises one +ay 'bench press, shoul+er press, +ips,
pushups, triceps push+o*n( an+ pull e,ercises 'curls, lat pull+o*n, ro*s(. 0or *eightli$itng I +o
three sets o$ each e,ercise at !# reps each. I')e been +oing this routine $or the past t*o years
my *eight has not change+ an+ my *aistline has staye+ the same. I am 5'& an+ *eigh about
!.5 lbs. *ith a "I *aist. I *as my my physical pea% $i)e years ago at !55 lbs. an+ a "/ *aist. I
am "# years ol+. 2he last time I lost *eight *as *hen I uppe+ my *or%out to $i)e +ays a *ee%.
In t*o months I lost !# lbs. I then *ent bac% to $our +ays a *ee% an+ promptly gaine+ bac% $i)e
Marty 3allagher: 8ou nee+ to sha%e things up - I +etect a sameness in your approach to $itness
an+ in or+er to bust you through to the ne,t le)el you nee+ change on all three $ronts.
!. 0orget about running - i$ it hurt then lets go another route an+ not *orry about it. 5s Fill 9earl
once tol+ me in an inter)ie*L 2he heart +oesn't care ho* it gets ele)ate+, 7ust as long as it gets
/. 8ou nee+ a totally ne* approach to *eight training. I notice you +o no leg *or% - *hat's that
all about1
". I nee+ to %no* i$ your serious - i$ you are I'll +esign you a nice t*o-+ay a *ee% routine but I
nee+ you to let me %no* about the leg thing.
4. =o mention o$ +iet - are you in a +iet rut1
8ou ma%e a correlation bet*een your *or%out $reEuency an+ bo+y*eight that I *oul+ subscribe
is $ar more li%ely to be attributable to eating habits.
*rite bac%
Washington, D.C.: ;H, I lo)e your smart-ass ans*ers, but I ha)e ha+ similar problems *ith my
$eet tingling or cramping up +uring e,ercise. 0or some reason, stretching my cal)es seems to
help an+ I can't stress ho* important it is to buy shoes that $it you correctly. 2he person *ho
*rote in be$ore *ill probably ha)e the same problem *ith other machines - it happens to me
*hen I run, +o martial arts, etc...>o the ans*er isn't simply to 0in+ another machine
Marty 3allagher: Well sorry sensiti)e but that is the correct ans*er an+ it may seem smart-ass
to you but it is the bottom-line truth an+ I can *aste t*o paragraphs e,plaining all the physiology
in)ol)e+ - *hy the narro* $oot pe+al is ob)iously impinging on some sensiti)e $oot ner)e an+
short o$ *earing big pillo*s un+er your $eet, there is li%ely no *ay that you coul+ use this
machine *ithout e,ercising in a +ebilitati)e, potentially +angerous $ashion an+ I sa* no logical
alternati)e to +iscar+ing this particular e,ercise -
Fut to go through all that *oul+ ta%e )aluable time an+ I mista%enly thought a little humor might
ma%e the me+icine go +o*n easier.
Washington, D.C.: My '*il+( guess at the tri)ia Euestion...
>pea%er: Marty 3allagher Hahaha... Aust ha)ing $un Marty...
I really ha)e no i+ea...
Marty 3allagher: Hmmm - I ha+ no i+ea I ga)e o$$ that %in+ o$ )ibe. =o, alas, not me.
Centre)ille, Ca.: Marty-
I ha)e a Euestion $or supplements. I see all these commercials $or $at burners, energy +rin%s
an+ other items. What is your opinion on supplements an+ are there any that really +o *hat they
say they are going to +o *ithout being harm$ul to your bo+y1
Marty 3allagher: 2he )ast ma7ority o$ the $at burner-style supplements are :9H:D6I=:
$ormulationsL a central ner)ous system stimulator that acts as an appetite suppressant an+
pro+uces a mil+ly euphoric state in some $ol%s. I a)oi+ the stu$$, I +on't li%e the 7itters an+ thin%
the +osages recommen+e+ are *ay too high.
Washington, D.C.: 3ee Marty, that Euote soun+s li%e something 8;@ *oul+ say4
Di+ I *in1
Marty 3allagher: ;h noL a secon+ rea+er pegs me - no, not I.
Mt Hisco, =.8.: Hey Coach
9auly chec%ing in - 7ust bac% $rom Fahamas.
Well, it pai+ o$$: " months o$ blitDing an+ $elt goo+ on the beach getting tanne+.
Fut no* I'm bac%4 =ee+ moti)ation4
Ha)en't li$te+ $or " *ee%s no*.
':,cept the linguini $or%s(
Fy the *ay: that's 5rnol+ *ho sai+ that stu$$ in your intro, right1
Marty 3allagher: 9auly =e* 8a*% is the *inner4
8es in+ee+ 5rnol+ >. *as the spea%er in ':+ucation o$ a Fo+ybuil+er'. It occurre+ in the sto+gy
I#'s ma%ing it t*ice as *il+. Woul+n't you li%e to see that )i+eo.
9auly, ta%e all your clothes o$$ an+ go stan+ in $ront o$ the mirror an+ stare $or 5-minutes. 2hen
7ump in your 0ireFir+ an+ burn rubber to the gym. Consume stea%s an+ roast chic%en an+
)egetables an+ get mentally $ire+ up by thin%ing o$ 5rnol+ an+ 0ranco blasting themsel)es into
obli)ion out in those *oo+s.
Washington, D.C.: Hello Mr. 3allagher
2han%s $or respon+ing4 8es I am +e$initely serious4 I agree that I seem to be stuc% in a rut o$
some sort an+ I *oul+ probably nee+ to ma%e ma7or changes to brea% out o$ it. 0or car+io I
ha)e *or%e+ mysel$ up to being able to s*im $or "# minutes straight. 0or *eights I ha)e to
con$ess that I ha)e been neglecting my legs. I certainly appreciate any $ee+bac% you ha)e. Diet
may be my un+oing. I +on't eat 7un% $oo+ - chips, ice cream, can+y bars, +esserts ha)en't been
part o$ my +iet $or a )ery long time. My thing might be portion control. I am single an+ li)e by
mysel$ an+ ten+ to coo% a lot o$ $oo+ at once *hich I *ill $inish +uring the course o$ se)eral
Marty 3allagher: Hey - 7ust call me Marty -
;%ay - no* *e got something to sin% our teeth into. It is o++ly goo+ ne*s that you ha)en't been
+oing legs because by no* thro*ing them into the mi, you can see some phenomenal physical
progress Euic%ly4
Day I
$ree han+ sEuat 'no *eight, go +eep( /,/5
single leg cal$ raise on stairstep ",/#
leg curl ",!5 slo* rep spee+
seate+ DF press ",!5 light, me+ium, hea)y
Day II
DF bench press ",/# '?,M,H(
$lye /,/#
tricep push +o*n ",/#
curls ",/#
lat pull+o*ns ",/#
:at one goo+ plate$ul o$ $oo+ three times a +ay - ha)e a light snac% bet*een each meal. Drin% a
protein po*+er sha%e a$ter *eight training. 2he car+io loo%s $ine.
>tay in touch.
;ut o$ shape...: 2han%s D.C. I appreciate your post an+ *as loo%ing $or more than, $in+ another
machine. Fut, Marty, your humor is al*ays appreciate+. I *ill aban+on that machine, go shoe
shopping an+ stretch my cal)es. 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: 2here are a million *ays to achie)e the aerobic intensity *e see%. We can't
+e)elop unhealthy allegiance to any particular mo+e or system as sooner or later that mo+e
loses it e$$ecti)eness regar+less.
5s I Euote+ 9earl earlier 2he heart +oesn't care ho* it's ele)ate+, 7ust as long as it is ele)ate+
'an+ that is all that matters(.
0or 0eet 0alling 5sleep..: Chec% your snea%ers4 ;l+ shoes that +on't support car+io acti)ity
properly can lea)e your $eet )ulnerable to pain. It may be time to tra+e in $or a ne*-better pair.
M5628 6;CH>444
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you $or that brilliant obser)ation. In my haste I $orgot the $oot*ear.
8ou roc% too.
Mt Hisco, =.8.: >o *a++a I *in1
2*o tons o$ tiramisu1
Marty 3allagher: I *ante+ to gi)e a*ay a ne* 0errari but *as o)errule+ - you get a $ree *or%out
at the mountain compoun+. We'll *or%out an+ then hit the s*eat lo+geL a$ter*ar+ *e'll 7ump in
the $roDen pon+, 7ust li%e 6ic%son 3racie in Cho%e.
5rlington, Ca.: 2he Euote is $rom >partacus1 Hmm.. 9ro,imo, o*ner o$ Ma,imus1
Marty 3allagher: Cle)er an+ snea%y but *rong4
I thin% i$ I ha+ another baby boy I might try to name it Ma,imus but suspect the *i$e *oul+
e,ercise )eto po*er.
Fethes+a, M+.: 2he ans*er is 5rnol+, spea%ing about his early +ays in 5ustria.
Marty 3allagher: Correct - but a +ay late an+ a +ollar short4
36I??M5=. W;;;D>H:DDI=, 56I<.: 36::2I=3> C;5CH 35??53H:6,
2H: 5=>W:6 2; 2H: G@:>2I;= I> 56=;?D, 06;M :D@C52I;= ;0 5 F;D8F@ID:6,
Marty 3allagher: Hey - *here ha)e you been boy4 I ha+ the posse out loo%ing $or you. ?et's pray
ma+ co* +oesn't get o)er here or *e'll all en+ up loo%ing li%e Chris Dic%erson.
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay $ol%s - that is it $or this *ee% - I nee+ to go search out some ne* $ishing
spots an+ *ith +ay light sa)ings time *e're getting all geare+ up. Chec% out the unans*ere+
Euestions $rom last *ee% an+ loo% $or this *ee%'s to appear at the en+ o$ ne,t *ee%'s clamba%e.
?et's %eep pushing ahea+ out there: only !/-*ee%s to Auly !st.
Washington, D.C.: Do you %no* *here I coul+ get a set o$ nesting *eights1 I sa* them at a
gym I *as using at a hotel an+ ha)en't seen them since. 2hey are sEuare an+ lighter *eights
that $it insi+e the hea)ier one an+ you can pull out the one you nee+. 5ny i+ea *hat I'm tal%ing
about1 5lso, i$ I +on't belong to a gym *hat is the best *ay to learn to use $ree *eights sa$ely
an+ e$$ecti)ely1
2hey are calle+ 9o*er Floc%s an+ are e,pensi)e. 2hey are a+)ertise+ in Ae$$ :)erson's 9lanet
Muscle MagaDine. I loo%e+ aroun+ $or a copy *ithout any luc% so you'll ha)e to go to the
ne*sstan+ an+ peruse a copy $or the a+.
I thin% the best *ay to learn the li$ts *oul+ be to *atch them +one on )i+eo by pros - chec% your
library or )i+eo store. I *oul+ go $or a pro$essional bo+ybuil+er li%e He)in ?a)rone, >ha*n 6ay
or 0ran% <ane - a)oi+ the Aane 0on+a-style so$tball stu$$.
Washington, D.C.: I 7ust starte+ *or%ing out about a year ago, an+ mo)e+ to $ree *eights about
si, months ago. 3oo+ results all aroun+. Here's my beginner's Euestion: My le$t si+e is M@CH
*ea%er than my right. 5m I better o$$ li$ting the same *eight the same number o$ reps on both
si+es 'limite+, ob)iously, by the ma, I can +o on my le$t si+e(, or by +oing some a++itional reps
on my right, or by using greater *eight on my right1
2ry an+ use +umbbells $or as many e,ercises as possible. 2his *ill $orce the *ea% si+e to carry
its o*n *eight.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: 5bout the super slo* sets.
What type o$ routine +o you recommen+1 Do the *hole bo+y in a +ay 'li%e a circuit *or%out(1
;r a muscles group a +ay '" sets 4 e,ercises type thing(1
Ho* *oul+ you brea% it up1
2he >uper >lo* people lo)e to use machines $or their agoniDingly slo* reps. 2hey $eel, an+ I
hope I'm not being presumptuous, ha)ing inter)ie*e+ Hen Hutchins at length $or a Muscle O
0itness $eature article, that machines o$$er better control $or >> purposes. While the +uration o$
the stro%e is important, the turn-aroun+ is also critical in their approach. 2he turn-aroun+ is the
e,act instant *hen the eccentric lo*ering portion o$ the rep $lips into the concentric, loa+-
bearing portion. 5 super-so$t turn-aroun+ an+ a har+ an+ complete loc%out shoul+ be use+ on
e)ery single >uper >lo* rep. >tart out by using a $e* upper bo+y machines an+ see ho* it
goes. 2est +ri)e a $e* e,ercises using >> protocol $or a $e* sessions an+ report bac%. ;pen
your min+ an+ %eep a training log.
3eorgeto*n: I'm /& yr ol+ $emale. I')e been *or%ing out consistently $or about / months no*.
5n+ I')e also been consistently sore. I *eight li$t ", *ee% an+ +o step or other aerobics 4,
*ee%. What can I +o to pre)ent being sore all the time - besi+es stretching - *hich I +o. 5re
there any +rin%s or supplements that help1
I $eel your pain, I really +o. I might suggest ta%ing o$$ a $ull J-+ays o$$ $rom any an+ all training
acti)ity. >top training on a 0ri+ay an+ +on't hit it again until a *ee% $rom the $ollo*ing Mon+ay.
2he i+ea is to allo* the human organism, *hich you')e been poun+ing har+ $or eight *ee%s to
catch its breath. 2hen *hen you recommence training you start *ith less poun+age an+ less
o)er all training )olume 'an+ intensity( an+ buil+ it bac% up to *here you *here *hen you Euit
o)er /-" *ee%s. With a reste+ bo+y you blast right on past the ol+ le)el o$ reps an+ poun+age
an+ $orce some soli+ muscle gains.
>o ma%e li%e =i,on an+ get tanne+, reste+ an+ rea+y. 2a%e a *ell-+eser)e+ layo$$ an+ come
bac% stronger then e)er a$ter a serious hiatus.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I')e hear+ you mention /# rep top sets an+ 5 rep top sets, but I')e ne)er e,actly un+erstoo+
*hat you meant. I trie+ to $in+ an e,planation in the archi)es but coul+ not. Ho* +oes one go
about +oing /# rep top sets1 Ho* many reps shoul+ the pre)ious sets be1 >houl+ they use less
*eight or more *eight than the top set1 Ho* about 5 rep top sets1
2han% you.
3oo+ Euestion - I'm sure i$ you're con$use+ there lur%ers con$use+ *orl+*i+e on this important
;%ayL let us suppose that you can bench press &5-poun+s $or !#-repsL as a +emonstrati)e
starting point try out this three-set 5-rep top set seEuence.
Warm-up set 4#,!#
Interim set I#,5
5ll-out top set .#,5
I$ you *ere +oing /#'s, ho* about this:
;nce *e establish the initial poun+age, try an increase the reps or poun+age each *ee%. We
generally ta%e a *arm-up set or t*o be$ore *e tac%le the top *eight in a particular e,ercise. I$
success$ul, a++ 5-poun+s in the ne,t session. Continually stri)e to a++ reps or poun+age.
Washington, D.C.: 3ot a Euestion regar+ing legs. I ha)e a goo+ routine, sEuats, hac% sEuats,
leg e,tensions, leg curls an+ cal$ raises. 5ll ha)e top sets o$ 4. I a++ 5 poun+s each *ee% to the
sEuat. My problem is that my legs +o not get any bigger, especially the top o$ the Eua+. Is their a
speci$ic e,ercise to buil+ up this area1 9rogress is being ma+e as $ar as strength is concerne+
but I *ant my legs to loo% li%e tree trun%s not t*igs. 2he rest o$ my program is *or%ing great.
2han%s $or the inspiration.
8ou ha)e to open up your mental horiDons an+ thin% li%e Hunter 2hompson in the +epths o$ a
+epra)e+ ether binge.
;n secon+ thought, perhaps you'+ better lea)e that style thin%ing to a pro - li%e me.
2o get signi$icantly bigger thighs you'll ha)e to gain some bo+y *eight an+ most o$ the span+e,
cro*+ abhor bul%ing as it might obscure their imagine+ grace$ul lines. I$ you *ant legs li%e 9latD
you ha)e to sEuat a house an+ eat li%e a horse. I'+ go bac% to !#-rep sets $or the tissue-buil+ing
e$$ects an+ loo% to a++ one poun+ o$ lean bo+y mass each *ee% $or !/-succesi)e *ee%s. 2he
e,tra calories *ill %eep you anabolic an+ in positi)e nitrogen balance as you +ri)e the poun+age
up each *ee%. Fig sEuats eEuate to big legs. 5$ter !/-*ee%s o$ muscle buil+ing *e'll put you on
a slice-an+-+ice +iet. 0inally, *i+en your stance slightly '!-inch on each si+e( an+ turn the toes
slightly out. 5ssuming your able to sEuat $airly upright, this *ill thro* the muscle stress on the
inner thigh ab+uctors an+ gi)e you the tree trun%s you pine $or in no time $lat.
Washington, D.C.: I starte+ a +iet an+ e,ercise regimen in Aanuary an+ so $ar I')e lost "# lbs. I
run !.5 miles three times a *ee% an+ I am )ery meticulous about *hat I eat. 2he problem is that
my *eight lose has stalle+. In $act, I')e only lost ! lb. since mi+-0ebruary. 5ny suggestions1
8ou')e mostly li%ely e,hauste+ the possibilities o$ your current e,ercise an+ eating regimen. I
*oul+ suggest you loo% to ra+ically reassess your approach to both. It's natural to go stale a$ter
a $e* months.
?e,ington, Hy.: Where can I go to $in+ out ho* to calculate the number o$ calories I eat1
Fo+ybuil+ers *eigh e)ery bite they eat, usually in !##-gram portions an+ then use the @>D5,
5griculture Han+boo% no. ., Composition o$ 0oo+s, to $in+ out e,actly ho* many calories they
ingest. ;$ course they prepare all their o*n $oo+ an+ ne)er eat out $or I-!/ *ee%s prior to a
ma7or competition. It is a royal pain but it can be +one.
=e* 8or% City: Marty:
I'm 5'J, !54, !4B bo+y $at. I eat healthy, e,ercise 5 +ays- *ee%, etc. an+ lo)e to *or% out an+
)ary my routine ... My trainer thin%s I coul+ lose 5lbs... I +on't %no* i$ I shoul+...
Hey +o you %no* 9auly =e* 8a*%1
!4 percent bo+y $at1 ;h yeah, you coul+ certainly loose 5-poun+s *ithout any problem. Cut
bac% on the pasta, piDDa an+ beer an+ *atch the $at melt.
9rotein in a Ceg. >tate: 5++ing to$u an+ tempeh can a++ some serious protein, but those,
especially to$u, can be $airly high in $at. ;ne o$ the best alternati)es I')e $oun+ is seitan. It's
*heat gluten, an+ each ser)ing has /#P grams o$ protein an+ )ery little $at or carbs. 2he te,ture
is %in+a *eir+: it's sEuea%y an+ che*y an+ loo%s li%e hun%s o$ ste* meat.
8um - yum - I can't *ait to become a )eggie-man, li%e the !.5 million :uropeans *ho')e nearly
o)ernight become )eggie-blo%es on account o$ Ma+ Co*.
5rlington, Ca.: Ho* much can a person's *eight $luctuate normally1 ;)er only a $e* +ays, I
gaine+ about $i)e poun+s. 2hen I lost it 7ust as Euic%ly. I really +i+n't +o anything unusual. 'I
*or% out regularly an+ eat sensibly(. My +octor suggeste+ that it *as *ater *eight triggere+ by
a salty meal. Does that seem li%e a plausible e,planation1
2hat's nothing - chil+'s play attributable to eating too much so+ium '$or e,ample(. >o much
+epen+s ho* big you are. 5 5-poun+ $luctuation at !##-poun+s bo+y *eight is a big +eal *hile a
5-poun+ s*ing to a /&5-poun+ man is nothing. ?iEui+ inta%e can causes +rastic increases an+
+ecreases in bo+y *eight.
Cirginia: Hello, Marty. ?ast *ee%, /#-/# ha+ a segment on enlarge+ male breasts, also calle+
gynecomastia http:--abcne*]#!#"/"]malebreasts.html 2he
+octor claime+ that e,ercise *ill +o nothing to re+uce the breast siDe. >ame thing at
http:--*** 2rue or $alse1
3yno is s*elling o$ the male glan+s locate+ in the pectorals. It is usually brought on *hen
e,cess an+rogens are intro+uce+ into the system an+ the bo+y pro+uces estrogen in response.
2his is glan+ular s*elling an+ not mo+i$ie+ by e,ercise. 0at that obscures the pectorals is an
entirely +i$$erent matter an+ most certainly a$$ecte+ by +iet an+ e,ercise.
Washington, D.C.: >ay, Marty, shoul+ I e,ercise in the morning aroun+ I a.m. be$ore I +ri)e to
the carpool an+ *or% or a$ter *or% *hen my %i+s are in be+ by Jpm1
I ne)er ha+ the reEuisite energy a$ter *or% an+ *oul+ Euite o$ten blo* o$$ e)ening *or%outs. I
beat this by setting up a home gym an+ starte+ getting up at 4am to get in !.5 hours o$ training -
plus a sho*er an+ brea%$ast - all by I:"#. I *oul+ then %ic% some serious booty at *or%. 2he
+o*nsi+e *as by Jpm I'+ be no++ing out on the couch. I *oul+ recommen+ /#-minutes o$ I#-
&#B car+io to *a%e up 'I *oul+ $uel up *ith a hot cup o$ 7a)a( an+ then hit 4#-minutes o$ *eight
training. I$ you ha)e the +iscipline this is an amaDingly e$$ecti)e *ay to ma%e $ast an+ ra+ical
physical gains.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I'm a $emale in my late /#s, in pretty goo+ shape, regular e,ercise, goo+ +iet. I'm pretty happy
*ith the *ay I loo%, e,cept that I can't seem to get ri+ o$ that little tummy bulge. 5ny suggestions
$or the best e,ercises to target this area1 I +o at least "# minutes o$ car+io e)ery +ay, an+ my
+iet $ollo*s all o$ your stan+ar+ a+)ice.
?oo% it - you are in a com$ortable little groo)e an+ you ha)e achie)e+ about all you are going to
using your current metho+ology. In or+er to bust up to the ne,t le)el you are going to ha)e to
toss a han+ grena+e into your com$ortable approach. 2he human bo+y respon+s to change, not
sameness. :,amine the in+i)i+ual components o$ the $itness tripo+ an+ see i$ you can't t*ea%
one or more o$ the aspects o$ the process.
Washington D.C.: Marty,
?ong time no chat. Ho* are things1 I am bac% in the sa++le an+ in country. 0or a *hile. I try to
chec% the chat *hen I can. I still gotta get my butt up there to cha* the $at *ith you. Hope the
in)itation still stan+s. >o congrats to 9in%Dilla on the recent pulls..some+ay you *ill be as strong
as me. I')e been benching har+ an+ smart..slo*ly seeing progress. >till nursing the in7uries.
3etting ol+ I guess. I ha)e been ta%ing the :astern :uropean )ie* to li$ting lately: slight *arm
up..enough to $eel it, then hit it hea)y, almost the ma,, an+ bac% o$$ on the ne,t set. 2hen bac%
up to the top, an+ a++ing a little more. >eems to be a nice brea% $rom the norm. 3oo+ shoc% to
the system. I see it in my pushing in grappling an+ benching ability. 5ny comments on this
approach. 5lso Doc *oul+ thin% that *ith such po*er you coul+ use those +igits to +ial
a measly phone number or learn to type so you can sen+ me an email
Hey it's the man immerse+ $rom birth in 7u+o by his parents, both o$ *hom *ere blac% belts.
Inso$ar as training, i$ its *or%ing than its o%ay in my boo% - 7ust be a*are o$ stagnation an+ stay
*ithin the strict technical con$ines o$ the li$t, *hate)er it is. 5s long as you obey the technical
parameters o$ the li$t you shoul+ stay in7ury $ree. 8ou either ma%e the li$t or you +on't but you
+on't t*ist, contort, 7er%, hea)e, toss or try an+ tric% the *eight to loc%out - you either ma%e it or
you +on't but you +o it clean.
8ou are al*ays *elcome - +o you $ish1 'cause I got some %iller $ishing spots, crystal la%es an+
trout streams hi++en a*ay +eep in these mountains. I'm a retro man: *e catch 'em then *e grill
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I recently change+ my li$ting routine $rom 4 sets o$ .-!# reps 'usually +o*n to
about 4-5 by the last set( to 5 sets o$ .-!#. I ha+ been +oing 4 sets $or years, an+ *as surprise+
to $in+ slightly Euic%er results *ith 5 sets. Was I 7ust not *or%ing har+ enough in each set1 F2W,
I'm not huge or anything - I'm only benching !/5 $or each set. I usually *or% *ithout a spotter,
*hich limits ho* much I can +o on the last set.
I +on't get it - are you saying that a$ter a $e* *arm-up sets you +o $i)e sets *ith a top, static
poun+age1 3i)e me some clari$ication.
Centre)ille, Ca.: I am a 5# year *oman, an+ am e,periencing some muscle problems that I'm
not sure are +ue to me+ication or maybe I'm 7ust getting ol+4 I *eight train t*ice a *ee%, an+ I
play tennis at least t*ice a *ee%. I also hi%e an+ bi%e +uring *armer *eather. I also ta%e
cholesterol me+ication. I ha)e been e,periencing some muscle pulls $rom tennis in my bac% an+
hip muscles. I ha)e trie+ to cut bac% on the *eight an+ +o 7ust easy repetitions, *hich seems to
help. I $in+ that my muscles are )ery sti$$ in the morning, but as I mo)e aroun+ it gets better. I
ha)e tal%e+ to my +octor about this muscle ten+erness an+ *e ha)e change+ my cholesterol
me+ication. I +on't see any +i$$erence. He suggeste+ that I cut +o*n on the tennis a little an+
gi)e my muscles a rest. I also +o some *or% on the eliptical machines be$ore *eight training to
*arm up my muscles. 5m I +oing too much or ho* can I *arm up better be$ore tennis1 ;r am I
7ust getting ol+1
Well I'm as ol+ as you are an+ I'm +e$initely not getting ol+ - my *i$e thin%s I'm regressing. ;l+ is
a state o$ min+ as Mae West once sai+, It ain't the age it's the mileage. 2hough >tacy's
$a)orite West bon mot is 2he *il+est men ma%e the best pets. >he'll say that at a party or
gathering an+ then loo% at me an+ laugh out lou+ - *hat's that all about1
Hnoc% o$$ all the *eight training $or nine +ays an+ see *hat happens. 2a%e your last *eight
*or%out on a 0ri+ay then ta%e o$$ until a *ee% $rom the $ollo*ing Mon+ay. Ho* sti$$ are you in
the morning1 ?i%e cripple+1 I$ you roll out o$ be+ an+ +o /5 $ree *eight sEuats, I'm Euite sure all
your minor sti$$ness *ill +isappear imme+iately.
=ortheast @.>.: Hey, Marty - ?o)e the chats here, I learn so much4 Here's my situation - I'm 5'/,
currently !4# lbs., "/-y.o. $emale. I ha)e been *or%ing out regularly $or about I years an+ *as
+oing pretty *ell, trying to lose the last 5-!# poun+s o$ bo+y $at. 5t the beginning o$ this year, I
*as going through a lot o$ stress an+ *as sic% a lot - I gaine+ !# lbs. because I coul+n't
e,ercise, plus I *as eating more 7un%. Well, I'm healthy an+ moti)ate+ again no* 'especially
since >pring has sprung4( - o)er the past month, I ha)e 6:5??8 cleane+ up my +iet: more
protein, no s*eets, )ery little re$ine+ carbs, $at an+ alcohol. It's been tough, but my eating habits
continue to impro)e each +ay-*ee%. 0or the past t*o *ee%s, I ha)e starte+ the !/-*ee%
perio+iDation chart you recommen+e+, *hile %eeping up my regular car+io routine. I')e been
li$ting "-4 +ays-*ee%, +oing " sets o$ !5 reps *ith $airly light *eights 'increasing poun+age each
*ee%-+ecreasing reps each month( an+ +oing /#-4# minutes o$ har+ car+io "-5 +ays-*ee% plus
one +ay o$ yoga. Here's my Euestion - ho* soon shoul+ I e,pect to see bo+y $at come o$$1 >o
$ar, on the scale, I')e only lost one poun+, but my clothes +o seem looser. ;)erall, I'm 7ust
*on+ering *hat my progress shoul+ be - *ill the *eight loss be slo* an+ stea+y at the
beginning o$ the perio+iDation program an+ then more rapi+ in the $inal *ee%s1 I'+ appreciate
your %no*le+ge an+ insight4 >orry $or the length o$ this post. Many than%s - F.
>oun+s li%e you')e got the e,ercise portion +o*n col+ - *hich lea+s me to +e+uce that you are
ingesting too many calories. 6emember, $at loss is a game o$ mathematics: i$ you inta%e more
$uel than you burn on a +aily basis, the e,cess is shuttle+ o$$ to $at storage +epots. 6egar+less
the amount o$ e,ercise or intensity, i$ you o)er*helm the bo+y *ith e,cess calories that e,cess
*ill be store+ as bo+y $at. 2his is *hy you see 4##-poun+ $at guys playing in the =0?. 2hese are
strong, athletic men, Euic% an+ *ith goo+ en+urance - but they are $at beyon+ belie$. 2hey are
strong an+ $ast an+ possess goo+ en+urance yet they are $at as *inter hogs because they
ingest so many calories that e)en *ith I-hour $ootball practices they cannot o,i+iDe enough
calories to o$$-set their tremen+ous inta%e.
2a%e a close loo% at your eating habits.
5n%ara, 2ur%ey: I am a 5I year ol+ *oman *or%ing as a 2C 7ournalist. I am on H62 since !J.J
since I entere+ early menopause a$ter recei)ing a year long chemotherapy +ue to Ho+g%ins
+isease . I s*im early in the mornings $or "# minutes three +ays a *ee%, *al% $or 4# minutes
e)ery e)ening an+ once or t*ice a *ee% +o some *eight li$ting.I am 5'/ an+ *as !!5 lbs. Fut
since last summer I starte+ putting on *eight though I am care$ul *ith *hat I eat. =o* I am !"#
lbs. 2hough my li$estyle an+ eating habits hasn't change+. I %no* I shoul+ e,ercise more but my
7ob +oes not allo* me more time $or mysel$. 5ny suggestion1 2han%s an+ regar+s. 6eha
>oun+s li%e a metabolic slo*+o*n.
9erio+ically, the bo+y turns +o*n its calorie-burning thermostat an+ as a result you reEuire
$e*er calories to po*er through +ay to +ay e,istence. 2he bo+y becomes more e$$icient *ith its
calorie consumption but that is ba+ ne*s $or us. 5$ter all, *e are 7ust plo++ing along $at +umb
an+ happy an+ all o$ a su++en the !.## calories a +ay that use+ to be our caloric brea% e)en
point no*, su++enly ma%es us $at. What happene+1 8ou are not eating any more an+ still
e,ercising regularly yet all o$ a su++en you are gaining *eight. 5 metabolic slo*+o*n is one
+e$inite possibility. Cut bac% slightly on your +aily caloric inta%e an+ see i$ *e can get the scale
nee+le mo)ing the other +irection, +o*n*ar+.
I')e o$ten hear+ that, *hile cutting bac% on calories to lose *eight, you ha)e to be care$ul not to
cut bac% so +rastically that your bo+y goes into some sort o$ star)ation mo+e *here you can't
lose *eight because your bo+y is trying to +e$en+ itsel$ an+ %eep the *eight on. I'm sure it's not
an e,act science, but *hat le)el o$ calories are *e tal%ing about here1 ;nly in really e,treme
situations, li%e 5##-+ay, or can it e)en happen at !,###-+ay1 I'm still getting a han+le on *hat
le)el to consume to +rop some poun+s, an+ I +on't *ant to +o more harm than goo+. 6ight no*
I'm ta%ing in about !,/##-+ay, an+ +oing about 45 minutes car+io. My gym is so busy, I can only
li$t on *ee%en+s. I'm $emale, /5 years ol+, 5'J, !55 poun+s.
I$ you crash +iet the human bo+y *ill go into 'star)ation shut+o*n mo+e' an+ spare bo+y $at. 2o
co)er any energy short$all the bo+y *ill actually cannibaliDe muscle tissue *hile sparing bo+y
$at. 8eo*4 3o to all that trouble to buil+ muscle in the gym an+ then lose it by un+er-eating. 8ou
become catabolic, as oppose+ to anabolic, *hen the bra%es are su++enly slamme+ on the
metabolism by a su++en an+ precipitous +rop in a)ailable calories.
I'm not surprise+ that you only inta%e !,/## calories *hich not )ery much $or a !55-poun+
person. Hin+a ma%es it har+ to cut calories *hen you are only inta%ing !,/##. Where +o you go
*ithout rac%ing your health1 &##1 5##1 I +on't thin% so. 8ou might ha)e to raise your caloric
threshol+. 2he Euestion is ho* many calories *ere you ingesting be$ore arri)e+ at !/##1
Washington, D.C.: I ha)e seen the light an+ a$ter years o$ car+io an+ no *eights I am starting to
a++ *eights to my *or%out. Currently I am "# years ol+, $emale, 5'I an+ !/. lbs, bo+y $at about
/! percent. I *oul+ li%e to +rop $i)e lbs an+ get to !J percent bo+y $at. I loo%e+ in your archi)e
$or your =e* 8ear's lan an+ coul+ not locate -- can you pro)i+e the lin%1 I nee+ some +irection
o$ ho* to achie)e this goal. 2han%s.
Can anyone help her1 I am an ignoramus on this stu$$. Is it there an+ she's ha)ing trouble
accessing it or is it not there1 6occi - are you out there1
>ome*here in the >outh: 2his is such a biDarre Euestion you may not *ant to ans*er on line.
;nce upon a time -- in my /#s -- I *as a serious triathlete. 5 series o$ in7uries %ept me out o$
competition $or years. =o*, at "5, I')e $inally resigne+ mysel$ to competing again $or the $un it
pro)i+es an+ because I li%e ha)ing the races as goals. Fac% *hen I *as competing in my /#s, I
*as also li)ing someplace *here I pretty much %ne* e)erybo+y in the area, an+ *e'+ all traine+
together $or years. 2hey *ere almost all men, but there *ere no inhibitionsL I +i+n't thin% about
the $act that I *as the girl in the group. =o*, ho*e)er, I'm bac% in the gym an+ bac% in the
pool an+ I'm $eeling a little uncom$ortable. I +on't %no* ho* to put this so it +oesn't soun+ li%e
I'm on some ma7or ego-trip. I'll put it this *ay -- i$ Him Fasinger *ere !# years younger an+ in
better shape, I coul+ pass $or her at the gym. It's not that the guys are acting li%e 7er%s. It's 7ust
that, *ell, gyms ha)e mirrors an+ I see them loo%ing -- a lot. >ince $or the past $e* years *hen
guys loo% it's usually, *ell, se,ual, I'm not sure ho* to ta%e it in the gym or at the pool. 8ou're a
guy -- *hat *oul+ you all be thin%ing i$ Him Fasinger *al%e+ into the gym an+ starte+ s*eating1
I$ $eel as though i$ I %ne*, one *ay or the other, I coul+ han+le itL it's not %no*ing *hether
they're loo%ing an athlete or a...*hate)er. What's been your e,perience *ith *omen in the gym1
5m I obsessing $or nothing1
=ot Him
8ou got to co)er it up girl.
My *i$e loo%s sensational an+ she has the same problem but by *earing s*eat shirts an+ pants
three siDes too big o)er top o$ her tight $itting gym *ear, the guys ain't got much to eye can+y to
+istract them.
Washington, D.C.: Coach --
Hope things are goo+ at the Compoun+. I')e been ma%ing tremen+ous progress un+er your
tutelage, an+ am con$i+ent I *ill continue to +o so, *ith so many arro*s in my Eui)er no*.
Guestion: I$ I'm +oing a $i)e-rep cycle, +o I +o strict-$orm $i)e reps on my assistance e,ercises,
li%e machine $lies or lateral raises, or +o I stic% to !# reps on my bac%ups1 2han%s tons.
Doing 5-rep lateral raises is %in+a lame.
I sen+ $ol%s through lo* rep assistance *or% once or t*ice 7ust so they can e,perience a same-
rep program. I usually +o bet*een .-!5 reps on light*eight assistance e,ercises li%e you
mentione+. 2hro* in pec +ec, cable crosso)ers an+ press+o*ns. Machines an+ cables are
better complimente+ *ith high reps +one in a slo* an+ concentrate+ $ashion.
Ithaca, =.8.: Hey Marty,
When I'm +oing sEuats, my *arm up sets *ith )ery little *eight seem to stress my lo*er bac%
strangely. Fut once I put on a signi$icant *eight, I +on't ha)e the $eeling anymore. I try to $ocus
on %eeping my bac% slightly arche+ bac%, but maybe that's putting some *eir+ stresses on my
bac%. Do you ha)e any i+ea *hat might be behin+ this1
It'+ all be con7ecture - i$ I coul+ see you an+ siDe up the situation )isually I coul+ gi)e you a
+amne+ goo+ analysis but I'+ ha)e to be a mystic to be able to say *hat ails you base+ on your
t*o sentences.
9er+y Mo.: Marty,
I nee+ help. I am a 5'!# /!# lb. male. 5t one time I *as in shape, ho*e)er, I no* ha)e a saggy
rear. I remember rea+ing in your column that Doc 9in% is a big a+)ocate o$ lunging. >o I ha)e
been per$orming lunges in the gym to tighten up this problem area, *ith negati)e results. 5ny
suggestions on ho* I can sol)e this problem.
;%ay 2A $rom purty - $irst o$$ 9in%ston hates lunges an+ more importantly he hates lungers - an+
I mean he hates *ith a maniacal passion. I once sa* him acci+entally on purpose push o)er a
span+e, boy *ith per$ect hair '0re++y( +oing lunges bac% at 3ol+'s in 3lenmont in the &#'s.
0re++y topple+ o)er li%e a s%yscraper in an earthEua%e. 9in%ston then moc%e+ him as he lay on
the $loor, mercilessly, until 0antastic 0re++y bro%e +o*n an+ crie+ an+ ran out o$ the gym an+
spe+ a*ay in his Col)o.
>agging rear1 9erhaps you might consi+er ta%ing up 0lamenco +ancing. Ha)e you e)er seen a
0lamenco +ancer *ith sagging buttoc%s1 Hell no4
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: I ta%e an int-a+)-le)el yoga class once per *ee%, an+ I'm con$use+ ho*
to chal% it up in the *ee%ly routine. Feyon+ the basic rela,ation stu$$, *e +o a lot o$ isometrics,
supporting our o*n bo+y *eight *ith arms an+ legs. It's more than stretching, +e$initely enters
the strength-training Done, an+ gets )ery intenseL *e *or% up Euite a s*eat. 2he har+ part o$
class can last 45 min. to o)er an hour. 5n+ since the asanas are combine+ *ith balance an+
breathing elements, I thin% they're better $or impro)ing o)erall stability than targeting speci$ic
muscles using machines or +umbbells. I'm use+ to +oing / $ull *eight routines per *ee%, ne)er
on the same +ay as yoga. 2he more a+)ance+ I get, the more I $eel I can't e)en +o yoga an+
*eights on consecuti)e +ays. It's too +eman+ing an+ my upper bo+y, especially, *ants more
reco)ery time. '8es, it really +oes get that intense.( 8oga masters *oul+ say *eightli$ting is the
*rong *ay to +e)elop strength, but I %no* you'+ +isagree. I +on't *ant to ignore a crucial
element o$ the tripo+, but +oing it all lea)es e)en less time $or out+oor training, *hich is my true
passion come spring. Do you thin% I can reasonably %noc% o$$ one o$ my *eightli$ting +ays
'lea)ing one(, an+ count yoga as strength training1 ;r ho* can I sche+ule all this into a *ee%1 I
continue to %eep up regular car+io *or%outs, *atch the +iet, an+ happily report a /-lb-*ee%
*eight loss. '0emale, "", 5'., !&/ an+ +ropping(. Many than%s $or your *is+om.
Do I tell >ting he +oesn't %no* ho* to stretch1 Hell no - >ting *ill out stretch me all +ay long.
He's the stretch master an+ I honor an+ a+mire him $or it. I see% an+ ce+e to his *is+om in
matters pertaining to stretching, $le,ibility, pliability an+ elasticity.
Fut >ting, +on't tell Marty that he +on't %no* strong 'cause *e'll blo* your ass into the strength
*ee+s all +ay long brother in any *ay shape or $ormat you suggest. 8ou %no* *hy1 Marty an+
his pals be one *hole hell-o$-a-lot stronger than >ting an+ his 9als - *ho *e a+mire an+ praise
$or their peculiar athletic attributes.
>o it pisses the no-nec%s o$$ *hen stretchers smugly tell us *eightli$ters that *e +on't %no* ho*
to li$t an+ our ob)iously superior *ay is the '*rong' *ay to +e)elop strength.
>o 9otomac 6i)er D*eller, please pass this pithy message bac% up the yogic $ee+ing chain $or
Marty an+ his no-nec% constituency: sen+ the yoga masters to the Mountain Compoun+ $or
0esti)us, *e'll spe* )itriol at each other as *e grasp the aluminum pole an+ commence the
airing o$ grie)ances. 5$ter*ar+s, *e'll ha)e )arious $eats o$ strength an+ *e'll see 7ust *ho's got
the best metho+s.
Hi Marty- lo)e the chats an+ ha)e 7ust a Euic% Euestion- ho* much +oes the :< curl bar *eigh1
also, *hat about the clamps that go on the bar, are those to be counte+ in measuring ho* much
you li$t1
9lace it on a bathroom scale an+ rea+ the +ial.
5rnol+, M+.: Hey Marty,
It's me >al Di$. My training has been going great. Computer crashe+ an+ misse+ your columns
$or a month. >till trying to gro* 'out not up(. 2han%s $or all the inspiration.
0or*ar+ your training split - *hat's the imme+iate goal: bigger, leaner1 Which *ay are *e
hea+e+ - any competitions on the ra+ar screen1
Marty 3allagher: "-/&-#! Guestions 'cont'+(
2el 5)i), Israel: Hi Coach,
I'm a 5'5, !5#-lb. male, !! percent $at. I +o aerobics an+ strength training three times a *ee%.
?ast *ee%, I herniate+ a +is% *hile +oing sEuats, no belt, +oing lo* *eight, !##,/# '+i+n't
concentrate an+ lost $orm.( 5ny*ay, both my orthope+ist an+ physical therapist say I shoul+ be
care$ul but they can't tell me *hat e,actly to *atch out $or. I plan to go bac% to the gym as soon
as the pain eases up, are there any speci$ic e,ercises I shoul+ a)oi+1 Do you %no* o$ other
people *ith similar in7uries an+ ho* it change+ their routines1
>orry to here about your in7ury an+ *ish I'+ ha)e been there to school you in proper techniEue
an+ %eep you on the straight an+ narro* path bet*een gro*th an+ in7ury. I *oul+ a)oi+ all leg
an+ bac% *or% $or the imme+iate $uture. 2a%e the en$orce+ leg an+ bac% layo$$ to engage in an
upper bo+y specialiDation program.
Fench press
0lyes 'pec +ec or cable crosso)ers(
9ress behin+ the nec%
?ateral raises '$ront, si+e, rear(
a. preacher
b. stan+ FF
c. spi+er
+. steep incline
a. =ose brea%ers
b. 9ush+o*ns
c. >eate+ +umbell tri e,tensions
9ic% one or t*o $rom curls an+ triceps -
Day one
Day t*o
2ry an+ +o as many e,ercises lying or seate+ as possible. Hnoc% the calories bac% so you +on't
get $at *hile hobble+. I bro%e my leg 'compoun+ $racture( in !J." an+ came bac% in !J.4 to
sEuat an o$$icial .#4. >tay in touch as the process un$ol+s an+ loo% at this as an opportunity to
really bring up your upper bo+y. 3lass hal$ $ull, not hal$ empty. Write me in more +etail as *e
mo)e +o*n this roa+. We'll bring you bac% better an+ stronger then you')e e)er been. >Euats,
+ea+li$ts, pulls an+ shrugs are on the banne+ list.
Marty 3allagher: Hello $ol%s -
Here *e are, $our months into /##! alrea+y. I am re)amping my training an+ eating program $or
the ne,t three months - ho* about you1 >pring is a great time to 7ettison all those rusty an+
stale training an+ eating mo+es an+ try some ne* an+ stimulating metho+s. 5l*ays put physical
goals into a time-line conte,t. I am continually surprise+ on ho* many $ol%s are 7ust blin+ly
'*or%ing out' *ithout setting speci$ic goals, much less placing those goals in the conte,t o$ a
Ha)e you got a speci$ic physical goal1 Is that goal incrementaliDe+ an+ sprea+ out o)er a time
line1 0oo+ $or thought -
Watch $or all the unans*ere+ Euestions $rom last *ee% at the en+ o$ to+ays' clamba%e.
5nyone ha)e a Euestion1
5n+o)er, Mass.: Hi Coach,
Can you comment on Mi%e MentDer an+ HI2 philosophy1 '2raining intense *ith lo* )olume an+
resting & to /# +ays bet*een *or%outs( Does it *or%1 What %in+ o$ intensity are *e tal%ing
about1 2han%s
Marty 3allagher: Hey 5n+o)er -
High intensity training is, in my opinion, the biggest single $actor $or success in progressi)e
resistance training. Intensity trumps e)erything in the *orl+ o$ *eights. What is intensity1 2hin%
o$ it as *or%ing as har+ as you can *ithin a gi)en rep range. I$ you are +oing a set o$ ten reps,
better to barely ma%e the tenth rep then to casually +ispatch the set *ith little or no e$$ort. It is
e$$ort, intensity, that triggers the miracle o$ hypertrophy 'muscle gro*th(. >o I ha)e a lot in
common *ith HI2 a+)ocates but I also ha)e a lot o$ +isagreements - Does it *or%1 Why not try
it out $irsthan+ $or /-" months an+ report bac%1 Hey, *hat better *ay to ans*er the Euestion
then to learn the system. Aust un+erstan+ that no single system is an en+-all-be-all, rather, 7ust
one o$ many e$$ecti)e training tactics that *e continually rotate as they gro* stale an+ lose
e$$ecti)eness. Which they all +o.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Hey Marty... hope this Euestion ma%es it.
Due to a hypothyroi+ism +isor+er I')e gaine+ "5-4# poun+s in the matter o$ I months. 2his
*oul+n't normally be such a big +eal, but on my me+ium 5'5 $rame+ bo+y, it garners some
serious attention. I')e been trying to construct a *or%out plan that *ill allo* me to +rop some o$
this *eight an+ in turn +e)elop some muscle. I still ha)e pretty goo+ muscle +e$inition in some
places, *hich spea%s a lot $or my genes I guess. What can you suggest to help me +e)elop
more +e$inition an+ also +rop these e,tra poun+s in the sa$est, an+ Euic%est *ay possible. I
realiDe this is not going to be an o)ernight process, an+ *ill ta%e as long as it too% to put the
*eight on. I *as gi)en the number to a bo,ing training center here $or bo,ers, an+ athletes
cross-training $or the ring. Do you suggest *or%ing out in this arena *ith bo,ers, *ith their
constant nee+ to gain *eight...1
2han%s so much...
@nhappily @n$it in Cirginia.
Marty 3allagher: Ho* much $oo+ are you eating1 Do you ha)e high bloo+ pressure an+ are you
on me+ication1 What is your +egree o$ $itness1 5re you un+er a +octor's care1 What is his
position on intense e,ercise at this point1
Washington, D.C.: Can you gi)e me some practical a+)ice an+-or a pep tal% on getting ri+ o$ a
terrible s*eet tooth1 I ha)e no problem e,ercising an+ ta%ing care o$ mysel$ in e)ery other *ay.
Fut e)en though I %no* that eating s*eets is %illing me slo*ly, an+ ha)e gone through perio+s
*hen I +i+n't eat any s*eets at all, an+ $elt healthy an+ happy, I'm ha)ing a )ery har+ time *ith
it no*, $or instance, telling mysel$ I'm not going to eat any to+ay, but then saying yes *hen
people at *or% o$$er me can+y or ha)e a birth+ay ca%e. I *ill be )ery grate$ul $or any help you
can gi)e me.
Marty 3allagher: !. :stablish a /4-hour binge perio+ one +ay a *ee%. I li%e 0ri+ay e)ening $rom
Ipm to >atur+ay e)ening at Ipm. :at an+ +rin% *hat you *ant, but you ha)e to be goo+ the rest
o$ the *ee%.
/. 8ou really nee+ to $in+ a sports nutrition bar that you li%e an+ *hen an irresistable s*eet
cra)ing hits, eat a sport nutrition bar 'or t*o(.
Contact me at my e-mail $or my personal bar $a)orites.
Cienna, Ca.: Hi Marty. I')e been +oing some )ery slo* reps *ith lighter *eights as I come bac%
$rom a bac% in7ury an+ am please+ *ith the results so $ar. Chec%e+ out the >uper >lo* *eb site
an+ their angry +ismissal o$ all other $orms o$ e,ercise, especially all $orms o$ aerobic is really
puDDling. I %no* you're $amiliar *ith them. Is it obno,ious coc%iness or an impressi)e $aith in
their metho+s1 I 7ust +on't see ho* *al%ing is ba+ $or you.
Marty 3allagher: ;h they are Euite opinionate+ o)er there an+ *aste a lot o$ time pointing out
the short comings o$ other systems. 2he rap they ha)e against aerobic training is the high
impact, repetiti)e motion in7ury potential. I *al% $or my car+io so I suspect that *oul+ be o%ay in
their court o$ opinion. I inter)ie*e+ Hen 'Hutchins( $or Muscle O 0itness a $e* years ago. My
bitch *ith >uper >lo* is that I')e ne)er really seen a monster athlete pro+uce+ by e,clusi)e >>-
style training. I *oul+ lo)e it i$ their training pro+uce+ a $leet o$ 5rnol+ types but so $ar no
$antastically built or amaDingly strong athletes ha)e been pro+uce+ by >>.
I thin% >> is another )ali+ arro* $or the training Eui)er - but I'm not buying into anyone's
religious Aiha+ style glori$ication-+amnation propagan+a.
Mount Hisco, =.8.: Hey Coach - Ho* 8;@ +oin1
9auly =.8. here *ith a Euestion:
I %no* sEuats are the Hing o$ all e,ercises, but *ith a current lo*er bac% problem I'm trying to
a)oi+ them.
What's your opinion on the Certical ?eg 9ress machine1 2hey seem much more a$$or+able than
the 5ngle+ ?eg 9ress an+ appear to a$$ect the Eua+s the same *ay an+ it loo%s sa$e on the
2han%s, 9auly
p.s. What +i+ I *in again last *ee%1 5 mountain compoun+1 Is that a protein +rin%1
Marty 3allagher: 9auly =e* 8a*% - hey I ans*er your last *ee%'s Euestion in +epth in the
le$to)ers at the en+ o$ to+ay's sho*.
5s $ar as sEuats - any port in a storm - I$ you can't sEuat an+ are getting goo+ results an+ no
pain $rom the )ertical leg press machine then run *ith the ball until tac%le+.
Fac% be$ore the $ancy angle+ leg press *as in)ente+, all *e ha+ *as ric%ety )ertical leg press
machines. What a bear *hen you loa+e+ it up *ith I-. !##-poun+ plates4 3etting them on an+
o$$ *as har+er then +oing the leg presses. 2ry it out an+ see - 7ust +on't go too hea)y in the $irst
5nn 5rbor, Mich.: I *as an a)i+ runner in high school an+ ha)e not continue+ a regular
sche+ule throughout college. Fut, as gra+uation nears, I *ant to start getting bac% into a routine.
I lo)e to run but $ear ruining my %nees. What is your a+)ice concerning manageable mileage to
start o$$ *ith1 5lso, in high school, *e ha+ to run +uring practice -- e)ery +ay at ":##. I'+
appreciate a+)ice on ho* to sEueeDe runs into the hustle an+ bustle o$ my *ee%s. 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: Well, I'm not a runner so you'll ha)e to loo% else*here $or pacing an+
en+urance gui+elines.
I$ you're serious *hy not get up in an early morning an+ run be$ore *or%. 3o to the par% an+ get
in some early am roa+*or%. What a $abulous *ay to start o$$ the +ay4 >o many times
circumstance conspires an+ *e en+ up blo*ing o$$ our a$ter-*or% training $or one goo+ reason
or another. Fy getting up an+ getting it in $irst thing you intro+uce consistancy an+ +iscipline into
the eEuationL thereby much impro)ing the chances o$ success.
Washington, D.C.: Is there any correlation to ho* one's strength shoul+ be balance+1
I'm a /5 yo male, about /## poun+s. I sEuat !J#, +ea+li$t !J# but can only bench !4#. Is this
%in+a +isparity normal1
Marty 3allagher: 8our sEuat is a little high in relation to your +ea+li$t - but not much.
Most po*erli$ters +ea+li$t the most poun+age, then comes sEuats an+ $inally bench press - We
%no* the muscles o$ the legs an+ bac% 'sEuat-+ea+li$t( are stronger then those o$ the arms
'bench press(. Most po*erli$ters +ea+li$t more then they sEuat though among the elite, *ith the
use o$ gear, the sEuat e)entually e,cee+s +ea+li$t poun+age.
>il)er >pring, M+.: Hi Marty,
I')e been *or%ing out since Aanuary 4-5 ,'s *ee%ly, +oing *eights, aerobics, an+ yoga.
Ho*e)er, I ha)e a really $labby mi+ section. I +o crunches, but I'm not seeing results. I still ha)e
a lot o$ $at aroun+ my mi++le. I')e trie+ limiting my carbs inta%e, )ery care$ul regar+ing $ats, an+
sugars, an+ ha)e no me+ical problems as to *hy I can't get ri+ o$ this roll. I'm $emale an+ 4#P
*ith chil+ren. 5ny suggestions1 I'm +esperate.
Marty 3allagher: Well let's lose the '+esperate' min+ set $or starters. 5$ter all, you *ill be +ealing
*ith the realities o$ your bo+y until the +ay you +ie. 0itness is a process not an e)ent.
I'+ bet a month's pay that the %ey to your problem lies *ithin the +iet component o$ the $itness
tripo+ 'li$ting, car+io, +iet(. It soun+s as i$ you ha)e a pretty $air han+le on the e,ercise portion
so I suspect the real li$t *ill come $rom mo+i$ying your eating habits. :,ercise is o)er rate+ as a
calorie burner.
It is $ar easier to simply not eat 5## calories than it is to spen+ 45-minutes on a stairmaster
burning it o$$.
Washington, D.C.: Help4 I am a sloth. 2hat +oesn't begin to +escribe it. I'm in my late /#s,
$emale, an+ ha)en't e,ercise+ since aroun+ age !/4 I'm 5'/ an+ !/# lbs, soli+ $lab, an+ I'+ li%e
to $inally start toning up. I eat pretty healthy, but I ha)e a horror o$ both +iet an+ e,ercise *hich I
realiDe I'll ha)e to o)ercome. 5ny a+)ice on mo)ing $or*ar+1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou ha)e to $in+ a *ay to ma%e the pursuit o$ $itness $un an+ en7oyable
other*ise you'll ne)er last.
I$ e,ercise is synonymous in your min+ to har+ labor in the 3ulag or cutting +o*n brush on a
9archman 0arm roa+ gang, than you might as *ell toss in the to*el an+ go party *ith
I cannot ma%e you en7oy e,ercise. I *oul+ suggest you $in+ some type o$ li$ting, car+io an+
eating that is creati)e an+ in)enti)e. 8ou nee+ to in)ol)e yoursel$ in the process.
Is there no $orm o$ physical acti)ity you en7oy1
Is there no healthy $oo+s you en7oy eating1
Hent Islan+, M+.: Ho* +o you $eel about a /4 hour *ater $ast to +eto, the bo+y1 Woul+ a /4
hour $ast put you in a star)ation mo+e1
Marty 3allagher: Hent Islan+ - +o you %no* my ol+ Harate bu++y 2om 0o,1
I'm not much into star)ation anything an+ I seriously +oubt a one +ay $ast is going to '+eto,'
much o$ anything.
I')e ha+ bu++ies party too har+ an+ sleep all the ne,t +ay an+ *hen they a*o%e, +espite ha)ing
'$aste+' in the technical sense $or /4-hours, they *ere har+ly puri$ie+ 'maybe putri$ie+(. I thin%
most o$ the 8oga-types utiliDe 7uice $asts that last $or +ays an+ +ays.
Fo*ie, M+.: >o once you hit the en+ o$ one o$ those !/-*ee% perio+iDation plans, *hat's ne,t1
5 *ee% o$$1 2hen *hat1 Ho* best to maintain your gains 'or losses(1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou ta%e !#-!4 +ays o$$ an+ $igure out the ne,t physical goal. 2hen institute a
ne* time line that *ill gli+e you to the ne,t goal.
2he 7ust-complete+ perio+iDation program either bul%e+ you up or lean-e+ you out. Most o$ten,
*hate)er the initial goal, the ne* goal *ill be complimentary but opposite.
I$ you became lean an+ rippe+ perhaps no* is the time to a++ I-!/ poun+s o$ muscle mass. I$
you got real big an+ strong, perhaps no* is the time to trim up some o$ that ne* siDe.
Where'+ you en+ up1
36I??M5=, W;;D>H:DDI=, 56I<.: 36::2I=3> C;5CH 35??53H:6,
G@:>2I;=> 0;6 2H: mullets.
WH52 D;:> 5 M5= WI2H /" 56M> :52 0;6 F6:5H05>21
5?? I> >W:?? ;@2 H:6: I= 2H: D:>:62. D;I=3 2H: F;D8 F:5@2I0@? 265I=I=3,
0I??I=3 ;@2 2H: 359> =IC:?8.
D6;9 8;@ 5 =;2: ;= 2H: 96IC52: ?I=:.
Marty 3allagher: Ho* *as the *hite *ater ra$ting1 Di+ you capsiDe1 Di+ you ha)e to ha)e your
o*n ra$t1 What +o you *eigh1 Who +o you thin% shot Aac% Henne+y1
Washington, D.C.: 5s a /## lb, I'4 soccer player, I'm more intereste+ in toning than gaining
muscle '/## lbs is alrea+y a lot to carry $or J# min(. Is it better to +o more reps o$ lo*er *eights
to a)oi+ actually gaining muscle but still get in better con+ition1
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay - lets change the terminology slightly - *hat you really *ant is to re+uce
your bo+y $at stores *hile maintaining your current muscle mass.
I$ $or e,ample, you are carrying !/ percent bo+y $at *eighing /## poun+s, an+ i$ you are able to
re+uce that to .B bo+y $at, you *oul+ be lighter, $aster, able to go longer, 7ump higher an+ at
the same time retain all your current po*er - a$ter all, +espite no* *eighing !..-poun+s, you
still ha)e e)ery ounce o$ muscle mass that you +i+ *eighing /##-!/ percent.
2his is really *hat you *ant - lose $at-retain e,isting muscle mass. 2his approach ma%es you a
better athlete.
3enerally spea%ing, yes, higher reps an+ lighter *eight compliment $at re+ucing e$$orts. ?oo%
har+ at tightening up the +iet. 8ou get more car+io then the rest o$ us put together so li$ting an+
eating is *here you'll trigger progress.
5 lo)ely $lourescent-lit o$$ice: Ha)e you $oun+ that your /4-hour binge techniEue *or%s $or
people *ho lo)e rich $oo+ '+essert, *ine, cheese( in general1 =ot 7ust limite+ to s*eets1
Aust curious,
Marty 3allagher: Hey4 8our +escribing me4 I lo)e 0rench coo%ing, south Italy pasta an+ re+
sauces, $rie+ $oo+s an+ cheeseca%es. My *i$e thin%s I shoul+ ha)e been a 2C che$. I ha)e
plenty o$ s*eet tasting protein po*+ers, sport nutrition bars an+ the li%e +uring the *ee% to get
me $rom 0ri+ay to 0ri+ay.
?ast 0ri+ay I met =acho Del 3ran+e $or an 5l$re+o pig out in Faltimore's ?ittle Italy. 2hey %no*
us by our $irst names. 2he tric% is getting bac% on the *agon.
H?F ^ Mt. ?ebanon, 9a.: Fe honest no* -- Can you really e,ercise that $at o$$ o$ a guy's mi++le
or is this 7ust a smart scam you $itness gurus use to enrich your ban% accounts at the e,pense
o$ some aging, s*eating slob1 2han%s much.
Marty 3allagher: 2his *ill be the last Euestion o$ the +ay - chec% out the ans*ers to last *ee%'s
Euestions -
8ou ob)iously +on't rea+ any o$ *hat I *rite 'cause i$ you +i+ you'+ %no* that the number one
myth I try an+ puncture e)ery stin%ing *ee% is that you can't melt $at o$$ a gut *ith e,ercise
alone i$ you o)erloa+ the system *ith calories.
What +i+ you 7ust happen to stumble across the site to+ay an+ thought you'+ thro* some san+
in the gears1
Hell, it *as 7ust a $e* Euestions bac% that I tol+ someone 7ust that4
5re you really intereste+ in $itness or are you 7ust engaging in the eEui)alent o$ a +ri)e-by
5s $ar as $itness 3uru - you ain't tal%ing about me - I'm the anti-guru *ho, Hrishnamurti-li%e,
insists that 'truth is a pathless lan+'. 2here is no one system or e,ercise that is an en+-all be-all.
I'm 7ust sharing %no*le+ge I')e accumulate+ o)er the past ".-years *ith some $rien+s.
Mt Hisco, =.8.: >o *hat I> the Mountain Compoun+1 Ho* +o I get there1 Do I nee+ >herpas
an+ a 8a%1
2he Mountain Compoun+ the comman+ center o$ a small po*erli$ting )illage in rural
9ennsyl)ania. 3et in your Ca+illac an+ +ri)e +o*n. =o sherpas, *e are sherpas an+ *e o*n
the ya%s. 8our )isit coul+ be li%e a scene out o$ Marrie+ to the Mob.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: What are preacher curls1
9reacher curls are also %no*n as >cott curls, a$ter the 9atron >aint o$ curls, ?arry >cott.
2he arms are place+ on a 45-+egree angle+ bench that immobiliDes the arms an+ $orces the
*or% to be centere+ on the biceps, speci$ically the lo*er biceps. I thin% they are a great
e,ercise, assuming they're +one in a controlle+ an+ concentrate+ $ashion. Do a light *arm up
set o$ !#, no-s*eat reps an+ ta%e a short rest. =o* +o*n to business: per$orm one set o$ $i$teen
reps that barely gets there. It shoul+ be a tough, high rep set but maintain rigi+ $orm. 5$ter
e)erything normaliDes a++ a $e* poun+s an+ +o a secon+ all-out set o$ !#-reps. I$ you happen
to ma%e all ten reps on this set - %eep going4 2ry $or !! or !/, go until $ailure *here)er that
might be. I$ your arms are not pumpe+ ma,imally a$ter 7ust t*o sets then maybe you shoul+
s*itch to chess.
Washington, D.C.: Hello Marty
2han% you )ery much $or the *or%out you +esigne+ $or me. I'll put it in practice an+ up+ate you
on results in a $e* *ee%s. In the meantime I'll continue lur%ing an+ glean *hat I can $rom the
*ee%ly ?i)e ;nline sessions. 2han%s
Hey - than%s $or being serious. 5++ some elbo* grease an+ intestinal $ortitu+e an+ li%e the
Ca7un Che$ Austine Wilson says, I gaur-un-tee results.
6:: out o$ shape:
I 7ust *ante+ to respon+ to the guy *hose $eet $all asleep on the elliptical machine. 2his is )ery
common because the machine is +esigne+ to maintain constant contact *ith your $oot. >ome
machines *ill allo* your heel to rise on the $or*ar+ stro%e *hile others allo* continuous contact
o$ the entire $oot. Machines *here the heel rises on the $or*ar+ stro%e are much more li%ely to
put the $ront o$ your $eet to sleep--mine go in about /5 minutes too. 2he machines that maintain
contact *ith the entire sole o$ the $oot +o not put my $eet to sleep e)en at I# minutes.
Hope that helps.
2han% you - the sleeper coul+ also be pinching a leg ner)e *here the seat cuts into the thighs,
+ecreasing bloo+ an+ electrical $lo* triggering the pins-an+-nee+les e$$ect.
6e: >houl+er In7ury: 0or the person *ho is *on+ering *hat to +o *ith his in7ure+ shoul+er...
Woul+n't it be ;H to *or% out the ;2H:6 shoul+er +uring a routine1 I remember rea+ing
some*here that the bo+y *ill compensate-eEualiDe i$ you +o an asymmetric *or%out.
;%ay - assuming the shoul+er is heale+ '*hich I ha)e no *ay o$ %no*ing( you can most
certainly *or% the opposite shoul+er. 8ou spea% o$ the theory o$ 'irra+iation' that 9a)el
2satsouline +ug up '>herrington's la* o$ irra+iation( that postulates that i$ you strengthen
neighboring muscles this *ill also strengthen the in7ure+ muscle. 2he opposite shoul+er is too
great a +istance to trigger irra+iation. 2o trigger irra+iation mo)e closer to the in7ury. 8ou'+ ha)e
better results *or%ing the pecs, lats, rhomboi+s an+ teres.
36I??M5=?8, WHI2:W52:6 6502I=3 56I<.: 5?;H5 C;5CH 35??53H:6, 0I6>2 D58
F5CH I= 2H:>2::? H;@>: 8:>2:6D58 502:6 5 2W; W::H D;W= 2IM: 0;6 2H:
05MI?8 C5C52I;= 52 2H: ?5=D ;0 DI>=:8, H5D 5 F?5>244 2H: ?I22?: M5= 3;2 2;
3:2 HI> 85 85> ;@2. 2H: WI0: :=A;8:D 2H: 6;;M >:6CIC:. I2 I> =;2 5 FI3 M5=
06I:=D?8 :=CI6;=M:=2, 2H52'> 0;6 >@6:. I F56:?8 0I2 I= JJ.JB ;0 2H:
5D6:=5?I=: 6@>H 6ID:> 5=D 2H: 2:5 C@9, W5> 5 F:56. 0::?I=3 6:06:>H:D
5=D 3:56I=3 @9 0;6 5 FI3 9@??, D; 8;@ H5C: 5=8 D52:> 0;6 M: 1
Well, +o you remember the Himchi triplets1 2hey al*ays as% about you.
8ou +i+n't cause a scene at >pace Mountain li%e last time *hen you got stuc% in the mini-roc%et
an+ they ha+ to get the $ire +epartment an+ use crisco to get you unglue+1
>leepy 0eet, Ca.: Hey MartyL
2hat person *ith the sleepy $eet nee+s to mo)e their $eet on the plat$orms, not 7ust grin+ a*ay
$lat-$oote+. I +o an hour on the elliptical 5 +ays a *ee%, an+ i$ you +on't $le, them toes, they *ill
+oDe4 5n+ than%s $or the chats, they are )ery inspirational. Fecause o$ you, I a++e+ *eights to
my routine e)ery thir+ +ay an+ I'm lo)ing the muscles that are sho*ing up.
Heep +oing *hat you +o4
2han%s. 2hat *oul+ ma%e a great sports name $or a *i+e recei)er: >leepy 0oot >mithers $rom
2e,as 5lcorn 5MO2L 6uns the 4# in ".J an+ *eighs /5#.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Hi Marty,
I')e been a lur%er $or a *hile no*, but I *ante+ to *rite in to tell you ho* much I en7oy your
column an+ the $act that you spen+ so much time ans*ering e)ery Euestion. I also *ante+ to let
you %no* that e)en though I $aith$ully e,ercise 5-I times a *ee%, my *eight *as still slo*ly but
surely creeping up. I coul+n't belie)e that it coul+ be my +iet since I thought I basically ate *ell
an+ health$ully...but it *as. 5$ter *atching you continuously preach the tria+ o$ e,ercise I too% a
col+ har+ loo% at my +iet an+ $i,e+ it. =o*, I'm losing a poun+ a *ee%. 2han%s4
Hey 5le,an+ria - I appreciate the input. Heeping +iligent an+ maintain a $ierce +etermination to
change. Momentum, Fig Mo, can be sel$-perpetuating i$ you can get a *ee% or t*o un+er your
0or the sleepy-$eet elliptical trainer: My trainer says to combat $eet $alling asleep on the trainer
to pic% your $eet up slightly *ith e)ery rotation you ma%e. Hin+ o$ li%e you're stepping in place.
2he elliptical is great $or lo-impact on the %nees, but ba+ because the $eet stay in constant
contact *ith the trea+s. I$ you pic% the soles o$ your $eel up 7ust a bit, the tingly $eeling *ill go
Dang4 :)eryone is sure concerne+ about sleepy $oot.
Washington, D.C.: Hi, Marty, than%s $or being here. Aust bought barbell-+umbbell set to go *ith
hac% sEuat machine, an+ I'm attempting to master the +ea+li$t. Which is the most e$$icient
+ea+li$t, 6omanian or regular1 I'm $emale, !4# lbs., an+ into *ee% 5 o$ my perio+iDation cycle. I
sEuat an+ press only / sets o$ !/ reps - !## lbs. an+ stan+ing leg curl / sets o$ !/ reps - 45
lbs.L I starte+ +ea+li$ting only /# lbs., to get the 6omanian $orm +o*n, but ho* much poun+age
*oul+ you recommen+ I begin *ith an+ *hich type is most e$$icient1 2han% you.
6egular +ea+li$ts are better by a country mile.
6omanian style, sti$$-legge+, o$ a bloc%, rac% an+ snatch-grip +ea+li$ts are all e,cellent
)ariations an+ shoul+ be use+ to supplement an+ o$$er )ariety to the regular +ea+li$t. Dea+li$ts,
an+ their )ariants are the single best bac% +e)eloper causing e)ery single muscle on the
posterior to spring into action in or+er to complete a correctly per$orme+ pull. It ta%es a +eca+e
to +e)elop )irtuoso +ea+li$t techniEue. Fy all means learn an+ master 6omanian +ea+li$ts - but
+on't allo* them to supplant regular +ea+li$ts. 2hat *oul+ be a trage+y o$ >ha%espearean
Columbus, ;hio: Marty, al*ays loo% $or*ar+ to your 2ues+ay +iscussions. I *oul+ li%e to submit
a Euestion this *ee%. I ha)e been $ollo*ing a routine o$ li$ting hea)y *eights that emphasiDes
reaching the point o$ $atigue. 0or e,ample, I start out +oing a *arm-up set o$ !# *i+e grip bench
presses at 5# percent o$ my ma,imum press. I then a++ /# percent, set o$ ., a++ !5 percent,
set o$ I, a++ !# percent, set o$ 4. I consi+er my ma,imum reache+ *hen I can only +o / reps. I
try to bench the ma, again, until I can no longer complete a single rep. I +rop the *eights bac%
+o*n to about .5-J5 percent an+ +o as many as I can per set, until I cannot +o another
complete rep. My Euestion is, Will I continue to gro* +oing this routine, or *ill I ha)e to bac% o$$
an+ +o multiple reps a couple o$ *ee%s then hit it again1 I apply this to my chest routine, legs,
bi-tri, bac%-shoul+er *or%outs. I'm trying to continually ma%e achie)ements, an+ *ant to %no* i$
this is lea+ing to a plateau, +o o the same routine. I +o increase the *eight slightly each *ee%,
an+ )ary the grips, stances, angles, e)ery other *ee%. I bi%e an+ run about 4 times a *ee% as
*ell, an+ maintain a strict +iet, *ith protein supplements. I'", !J"lbs, J percent bo+y $at, "#
years ol+.
8ou *ill ine)itably hit a +ea+ en+. 5ll training programs e)entually stagnate, sputter an+ stall.
2he real Euestion is *hat happens *hen the gains stop1 5nyone can ma%e gains on a ne*
program '$or a *hile( assuming that they use the reEuisite +iligence an+ intensity. 5s Hunter 2
*oul+ say, When the going gets *eir+, the *eir+ turn pro. =ot as obtuse a re$erence as you
might imagineL you nee+ a Eui)er-$ull o$ training programs, metho+s nee+ be stac%e+ up li%e
cor+*oo+ outsi+e a rural cabin in 0ebruary. 5 ne* tactical approach shoul+ al*ays be rea+y to
go as soon as the incumbent $alters. 5n+ they all +o sooner or later. >oun+s li%e you are
barreling +o*n the high*ay o$ progress so %eep the pe+al to the metal.
5rlington, Ca.: ?i%e ;ut o$ >hape, I $in+ that on basically e)ery car+io machine 'e,cept
trea+mill(, my $eet $all asleep. I tol+ my +octor about this once, but +i+n't really get a response.
Is this normal1 5m I a $rea%1
Hey - I li%e+ the i+ea o$ *earing shoes that *ere hea)ily pa++e+. 2ry that one an+ see i$ it cures
the sleeping $oot syn+rome. When I belonge+ to a commercial gym I use+ to $all asleep on that
mat in the corner all the span+e, people *oul+ use $or their 4#-minute '*arm up an+ stretch out'
session be$ore they +i+ curls *ith !5-poun+s. 2hey'+ get ma+ 'cause I'+ be sleeping on it a$ter
*or%ing up to I5#,5 an+ +rin%ing a protein sha%e. 5re you a $rea%1 I cannot in goo+ conscious
ans*er this Euestion *ithout meeting you $irst.
Chicago, Ill.: I am a !/#-!/5 lb, 5'5 $emale. I am some*hat o$ a runner. I %no* that you al*ays
say you shoul+ change up your routine so that your bo+y +oesn't get use+ to the e,ercise but I
really can't $in+ any other e,ercise that gi)es me the same $eeling as running. I am loo%ing to
lose some $lab an+ %no* I nee+ to *or% on my +iet. I'm 7ust *on+ering i$ re$using to change my
car+io to anything other than running *ill hin+er me $rom the $at-loss process.
>ee the pre)ious ans*er. 8ou +on't ha)e to aban+on running but you nee+ to ha)e )ariety
*ithin the acti)ity o$ running. I$ you run the same +istance o)er the same course in
appro,imately the same time, that is one-+imensional an+ e)entually ine$$ectual. When you hit a
running plateau you nee+ alternati)es: sprints, inter)als, +i$$erent terrain, +i$$erent +istances.
Don't aban+on running but buil+ in )ariety an+ perio+ic change to ensure continue+ progress.
0alls Church, Ca.: =o, seriously. I'm in goo+ shape o)erall. Aust ha)e a big ole gut.
Hey Fu+, than%s $or *riting bac% - I ne)er %no* i$ the boy's are goo$ing on me - o$ten they li%e to
post purpose$ully absur+ Euestions in hopes that I'll ans*er them sincerely an+ then they can
ha)e a big ole laugh at coaches e,pense. I$ you are serious start by gi)ing up one 7un% $oo+ this
*ee%. Aust one. Wal% aroun+ the bloc% $or 4-5 times this *ee%. Aust a bris% *al%, either $irst
thing in the morning or a$ter you get home $rom *or%. Do you ha)e any *eights1 I$ you +o, +o "-
4 sets o$ seate+ curls, in t*o sessions separate+ by "-4 +ays. 2hat's all. We can a++ more
e,ercises an+ +iet tactics gra+ually, o)er time. I$ you're serious, chec% bac% in *ith me ne,t
*ee% an+ gi)e me an up+ate.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
2han%s $or +oing these chats. 8our a+)ice has been a real help to me. I am hoping that you can
help me bul% up a bit so that I maybe *ell prepare+ $or the $eats o$ strength at 0esti)us. I am a
pretty s%inny guy- 5'!# an+ !"5lbs. I guess I am the typical har+ gainer. I eat a +ecent amount
an+ I am no stranger to the gym, but gains in *eight are har+ to come by. I ha)e $ollo*e+ your
set routine $or about . *ee%s no*. 4 *ee%s *ith a top set o$ !# reps, 4 *ee%s *ith a top set o$ 4
reps. Mostly multi-7oint compoun+ e,ercises you recommen+ I am bac% on the !# set reps, an+ I
ha)e +e$initely ma+e gains in strength compare+ to the $irst go aroun+ 'up about !# lbs in each
e,ercise(. Fut I *eigh about the same. I eat about !/# grams o$ protein a +ayL I meals o$
roughly /# grams each. I *oul+ li%e to change things up a bit 'an+ hope$ully %eep impro)ing( by
using the perio+iDation plan you publishe+ in Aanuary. 2hat plan *as +esigne+ $or someone
loo%ing to +rop *eight. 8ou sai+ the plan coul+ be t*ea%e+ $or someone loo%ing to a++ siDe an+
strength. >o, $or the bene$it o$ s%inny people e)ery*here, ho* shoul+ I t*ea% the perio+iDation
plan to target siDe an+ strength gains1
5'!# !"5-poun+s1 Man *e got to bul% you up - are you male or $emale1 I'll 'ma%es an ass o$
you an+ me( assume you are male.
0irst o$$, let's puncture this mythical Har+ 3ainer philosophy that appeals to the loser in each o$
2he *hole 'Har+ 3ainer' nomenclature is a mar%eting myth +esigne+ to appeal to our *orst an+
lo*est instincts an+ sell pro+uct to boot. Fy buying into the har+ gainer mythos *e ma%e a big
e,cuse $or oursel)es base+ on the $allacy that someho* *e are pathetic. We sel$-+iagonse that
*e are a 'har+ gainer'L that someho* *e are biologically +i$$erent $rom the rest o$ humanity an+
there$ore shoul+ be gi)en lo*ere+ stan+ar+s an+ e,pectations.
We all ha)e the same biology an+ it is presumptuous an+ pompous to assign oursel)es
e,emptions an+ special loser status.
2he argument goes that some are born physically gi$te+ but I conten+ the percentile o$ the
population genetically gi$te+ is so small as to be statistically insigni$icant. 2he 'e,perts' *oul+
ha)e you belie)e e)ery thir+ person you meet can +un%, blast a 4##-$oot homer or run a J-$lat
!##-meter *hile simultaneously carrying their !#5-poun+ 3ranny un+er their le$t arm 'an+ those
are the $emale genetically blesse+ - you ought to see the men $ol%4(. ;n the other si+e o$ that
same coin, nature has physically curse+ others - but I conten+ that they are as statistically
insigni$icant as the genetic eliteL 2he )ast, )ast ma7ority o$ humanity lies in that great gray Done
that separates the t*o e,tremes. >o lose the loser tal% an+ let's bul% you up - this *ay you'll be
rea+y to %ic% some ma7or booty in the )arious $eats o$ strength portion o$ 0esti)us '5 $esti)al
$or the rest-o$-us.( on December /"r+.
!. 8ou ha)e to a++ bo+y *eight. When you a++ bo+y *eight you'll be able to li$t more
poun+age. When you li$t more poun+age your muscles gro*, *hen your muscles gro* you get
stronger. 5roun+ an+ aroun+ it goes. >iDe gains hinge on se)eral things an+ one is ingesting
more calories then you burn on a +aily basis. I$ you are training har+ an+ +on't bul% too Euic%ly
'no more than !.5 poun+s a *ee% in your case( than the e,tra calories *ill be con)erte+ to
/. !/# is the bare minimum $or protein consumption. I *oul+ recommen+ 4-*ee%s o$ ingesting
!-gram o$ protein per poun+ o$ bo+y *eight '!"5 grams( an+ $our *ee%s o$ ingesting !.5 grams
per poun+ o$ bo+y *eight, !J#-/## grams o$ protein per +ay.
". 2ry an+ gain at the rate o$ ! - !.5 poun+s o$ bo+y *eight per *ee%. 8ou meal sche+ule loo%s
$ine but you ha)e to eat more clean $oo+. I$ an+ *hen the bo+y *eight starts to rise you *ill see
your e,ercise poun+age soar. 2hat's *hen gro*th gains a toe-hol+ an+ physical change
commences in a big *ay.
Washington, D.C.: 0or an upcoming e)ent, I *oul+ li%e to lose !# poun+s. I am a /.-year-ol+
$emale, 5 $eet & inches, an+ *eigh !I5 poun+s. 3rante+ I coul+ stan+ to lose more than !#
poun+s but $or the imme+iate $uture I *oul+ li%e to lose this !# poun+s in 5 *ee%s. 2his is a
reasonable goal, +o you thin%1 5s $or e,ercise, I li%e 7ogging, 'it helps me $eel less stresse+
about *or%, an+ I lo)e the springtime( an+ be$ore this *inter I a)erage+ !/ miles a *ee%. My
plan no* is to 7og $or at least "# minutes a +ay, I +ays a *ee%. I +on't go particularly Euic%ly,
usually about a 5 mph pace. Combine+ *ith a small +ecrease in the amount o$ $oo+ I usually
consume 'normal $oo+, not uber-health-nut nor uber-7un% $oo+(, *ill this regime *or% to she+ the
!# poun+s in 5 *ee%s1 Where I speci$ically nee+ to lose an inch or so is in my *aist an+ at my
thighs. 2han%s in a+)ance $or your assistance an+ thoughts.
It's a tall or+er.
!. 8ou *oul+ nee+ to bolt e)erything +o*n right a*ay - you')e no margin o$ error getting starte+
this close to the e)ent.
/. 6ule o$ thumb on *eight loss is !B o$ bo+y *eight a *ee%. ?ose more than that an+ ris%
losing muscle as *ell as $at. !.5 to !.I5 poun+s a *ee%s $or $i)e consecuti)e *ee% *oul+ come
to &.5 to ../5 poun+s.
". 8ou nee+ to ingest $e*er calories then you burn +uring the +ay. 2his creates an energy +e$icit
an+ 'hope$ully( the bo+y +ips into bo+y $at stores to $uel the short$all. 8ou'll realiDe the most li$t
$rom eating cleaner $oo+s an+ consuming $e*er calories.
4. :,ercise is o)er-rate+ as a calorie burner. 5n a)erage person has to *or% pretty +ang har+
an+ long to burn 5## calories, *hich is about the caloric content on a ser)ing o$ ice cream or
pie. :)erybo+y thin%s that by %ic%ing the car+io up a *ee bit the $at is gonna melt li%e sno*balls
on an 5ugust si+e*al%. 0orgetaboutit4 :,ercise is great an+ ser)es as a metabolic stimulator
but +on't e,aggerate you calorie burning e,ercise e,pectations.
5. >pot $at lose is tough i$ not impossible. 8ou can *or% the muscle un+er the target $at +eposit
until the co*s come home but that +oesn't mean that is *here the bo+y *ill chose to *ith+ra*
e,cess $at to $uel acti)ity. Most li%ely the largest $at +eposits on your bo+y *ill be the last place
the bo+y *ill +ra* +o*n totally.
I. Folt e)erything +o*n totally an+ completely an+ imme+iately an+ you')e got a goo+ chance
o$ pulling this o$$.
Cirginia: Hi,
I am 7ust starting out *ith *eight training, an+ so $ar e)erything is going *ell. I +o ha)e one
Euestion: I pre$er to +o my sEuats *ith +umbells rather than a barbell, because I $in+ the smaller
*eights easier to maneu)er, an+ I e,ercise at home *ith no spotter. Does the use o$ +umbbells
in the e,ercise pro)i+e all the same bene$its as using a barbell, or +oes ha)ing the *eight
+irectly on top o$ your shoul+ers con$er some a++e+ bene$it1 I shoul+ mention that I am a small
*oman *ho is 7ust starting out, an+ I am not using much *eight at all at this point 'I only +o 4 M
!# reps at /# poun+s(. 2han%s.
Hi to you bac%.
Hey it soun+s li%e these +umbbell sEuats are *or%ing - so +on't touch that +ial4
>ooner or later your leg *ill gro* an+ strengthen to the point that you *on't be able to hol+ onto
the increasingly hea)y +umbbells. 8our grip *ill gi)e out be$ore your leg strength. Fut that coul+
be a year $rom no*4 It seems li%e you got a goo+ han+hol+ on the DF sEuats, so run *ith them
an+ ta%e them as $ar as you can. I *oul+ as% that you sEuat +eep an+ go lo*. @se a slo*
+escent an+ an e,plosi)e ascent. Wor% up to a set o$ /#-reps an+ try an+ increase the +umbbell
*eight each successi)e *ee% $or $our *ee%s. 2hen *rite bac%.
Washington, D.C.: Hey Marty,
I am /5 yrs ol+, 5'J, !5Jlbs. Feen *or%ing out consistently 'using the tria+ -- nutrition, car+io,
an+ resistance( $or about t*o years no*. I ha)e been seeing great results an+ reaching my
goals. Fig than%s to you an+ your chats. 0or instance, last month I reache+ my goal o$ //5 lb !-
rep ma, on $lat bench. Fut I *ante+ to try /#-rep sets $or a *hile -- you spea% highly o$ them to
gi)e burst to the *or%out routine. 5lso I hope to get a little more lean $or the summer. >o, *ith
that being sai+, ho* +oes this program loo%:
D58 !
Car+io: 6un $or about "#-4# minutes
D58 /
5ll e,ercises on all +ays inclu+e ! *arm-up set o$ !# reps, then one all out set o$ /# reps.
DF 0lat Fench
Wi+e-grip Cable ro*s
>tan+ing :-< Far curls
2ricep >%ull Crushers
>tan+ing DF shoul+er press
Cal$ presses on leg press machine
D58 "
Car+io: 6un $or "#-4# minutes
D58 4
Incline DF Fench
>tan+ing DF Curls
2ricep 9ush-+o*ns
>tan+ing barbell Military press
Farbell Fent-o)er ro*s
Cal$ presses on leg press machine
D58 5
Car+io: 6un $or "#-4# minutes
D58 I O & 6:>2
>o +oes that loo% o%1
Couple o$ $ollo*-up Euestions:
Ho* +o I a++ legs 'particularly sEuat( an+ +ea+li$ts into a /#-rep routine1 Ho* long shoul+ I +o
the /#-rep program1
High reps an+ getting lean go together li%e bacon an+ eggs - tur%ey bacon an+ egg *hites,
3ra+ually re+uce your calories an+ shoot to loose a poun+ or at most t*o per *ee%.
Mo)e a*ay $rom the bar-ben+ing sets o$ ", 5 or . reps *hen you are losing bo+y *eight an+
trying to lean out. 2his is the time $or /#-rep sets, *hich are more a test o$ muscular en+urance,
*illpo*er, lactic aci+ pain tolerance an+ techniEue then they are a test o$ strength. We'll sa)e
the pure strength stu$$ $or the cycles in *hich *e are a++ing bo+y *eight.
Ha)ing sai+ this - your program nee+s *or%. ;ne critical aspect that I cannot measure is the
intensity you bring to bear in your training. Ho* har+ +o you train, ho* close to the limit1 5re
you training har+ enough to trigger muscular hypertrophy1
2ry this seEuence:
Day I
?eg curl cal$
Cal$ raise on leg press
Day II
Dea+li$t 'only *or% up to a top set o$ !#-reps(
>tan+ing military press
>tan+ing curls
Cienna, Ca.:
Hi Marty:
What are +eep or e,plosi)e sEuats1 Woul+n't they +amage one's %nees by e,ten+ing to $ar
+o*n or by 7umping up1 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: Hey $ol%s - the Wash.9ost $orgot to lea)e me a blan% spot to ma%e my opening
monologue so I suppose *e'll 7ust can it.
6occi are you there to+ay1
My little tal% *as going to be on ho* to incorporate stretching into a *eight routine an+ ho* by
+oing so you *ill not only impro)e $le,ibility an+ re+uce in7uries but actually promote better
muscle gro*th as the stretching loosens the $ascia - the tubing that encloses a muscle. Cery
e,citing stu$$L I'm +oing a series o$ articles on it $or a $itness company. I'm sol+ on combining
stretching *ith li$ting.
=o*, as $ar as the sEuat Euestion -
We lo*er the bar in the sEuat slo* an+ un+er control. 5t the bottom most point, *here
+escen+ing becomes ascen+ing, *hen eccentric becomes concentric, at that e,act instant, *e
e,plo+e. We go +o*n to a point *here the thighs are slightly belo* parallel to the $loor. 5ctually
this is the sa$est *ay to sEuat - ba+ sEuatters go +o*n $ast an+ come up slo* *hereas goo+
sEuatters go +o*n slo* an+ come up $ast.
2he Hill, D.C.: I a+ore this chat, I ha)e re$erre+ so many to it. :asy Euestion: I am li$ting *eights
three times a *ee%, each session I change the muscle groups that I *or%. I am seeing progress
on my arms an+ that moti)ates me to +o more. My legs are the reason I am *riting. I pre$er to
sEuat using $ree *eights, an+ I ha)e *or%e+ my *ay up to sEuat 5#lbs '! reps o$ !#( *ith a $ree
*eight bar but I cannot li$t the I# lb bar 'the ne,t increment( o)er my hea+. I am $emale, 5'.,
about !/. poun+s.
I hate the >mith machine because it presses my shoul+ers-nec% in the *rong places. >o, I en+
up +oing a &5 lb sEuat on the machine that you lay on your bac% an+ press your legs out 'I
guess a $lat leg press machine(. I $eel that I am stuc% using the machine until I get my arms
strong enough to hoist that $ree *eight bar o)er my nec%. It 7ust seems +angerous though.
>houl+ I continue to +o $ree *eights up to a certain poun+age an+ then use the nautilus
machines $or my hea)iest *eights1 I'+ really li%e to +o all my sEuat *or% *ith $ree *eights but I
+on't ha)e the upper bo+y strength to li$t the bar o)er my hea+. 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: Hey there - I'm con$use+ - i$ you're training at a commercial gym that's
sophisticate+ enough to ha)e a >mith Machine, +on't they ha)e a $ree-*eight sEuat rac%1 8ou
+o %no* *hat a $ree-*eight sEuat rac% is, +on't you1
=o one po*ers the barbell to the shoul+ers. We set the loa+e+ bar in a set o$ sEuat rac%s, +ip
un+er the bar, step bac% an+ sEuat. When *e're +one *e step $or*ar+, replace the barbell in
the cra+le an+ go sit +o*n.
2al% to me - +o you %no* *hat I'm tal%ing about1
8ou nee+ to loosen those shoul+ers up an+ learn to sEuat on the >mith. 2ry *rapping the bat in
a to*el.
WDC: Hi Marty. I am $i)e months pregnant an+ ha)e pretty much %ept up *ith my *or%out
routine +uring this time. I am "# an+ ha)e been *or%ing out consistently $or about se)en years,
*eights ", per *ee% an+ aerobic 4, per *ee%. 5rms, chest, Fac%, shoul+er routines ha)e pretty
much staye+ the same, e,cept I +on't lie on my bac% anymore. 2he only big +i$$erence is legs --
no more hac% sEuats, *al%ing lunges, leg press. My leg routines are certainly more manageable
as I am not %illing mysel$ anymore, but I also $ear loosing tone. Currently I am +oing leg
e,tensions, hamstrings on the machine you sit $or*ar+ on, the ab+uctor, sEuats *ith a big ball
on my bac%, *hile hol+ing !/ lb. *eights an+ cal)es--any suggestions to %eep butt an+ thighs
tone+ *hile %eeping baby sa$e1 2han%s
Marty 3allagher: 5 pregnant person see%ing a+)ice an+ counsel $rom me is a little li%e see%ing
etiEuette a+)ice $rom Aa%e ?aMotta.
I +on't %no* - ho* about the au+ience1 I ha)e a sta$$ o$ pregnancy, a+)isers *ho might help i$
they're on-line. I hesitate to gi)e a+)ice in things I ha)e no +irect e,perience *ith.
5rlington, Ca.: Hey Marty,
2his is Aosh, the guy *ith the pacema%er. I $irst *rote you last 5ugust *hen I starte+ li$ting
again, see%ing a+)ice on bul%ing up. 5t the time I *as I'4, !I# lbsL no* I'm up to !J#.
@n$ortunately I')e been stuc% at !J# $or a couple months no*, an+ I'+ li%e to get to /##-/#5
be$ore I lean out 'I'm not that $at yet, so it +oesn't seem *orth it(. >o I'm see%ing a+)ice on *hat
to +o to gain another !#-!5 lbs in the ne,t $e* months. I thin% the main problem is that I ha)e a
har+ time eating enough $oo+ to put on *eight. 2his is partially because I'm )egetarian an+ eat
pretty healthy, so my $oo+s are not that high calory. I eat more than I'+ li%e to but the scale stays
stuc% at the same place. I$ I eat any more it is uncom$ortable 'I $eel bloate+ etc.(. It is also har+
because I $in+ mysel$ eating all the time, *hich is a pain, an+ *hen I $in+ mysel$ in a situation
*here it's har+ to eat '+ue to *or% situations(, I en+ up hungry )ery Euic%ly. >houl+ I start to eat
some rich 7un% $oo+s 7ust to get more calories $or the same )olume o$ $oo+1 I$ so, any
suggestions on *hat to eat1 I alrea+y eat tons o$ peanut butter. Ha)ing gaine+ a lot o$ muscle,
my caloric brea%e)en point has gone *ay up, to the point *here it is har+ to eat enough. I'm not
sure ho* many cals I'm getting +aily, but it must be pretty high. I shoul+ also say that my protein
inta%e is about *hat you recommen+, at about /## gms-+ay, but I ha)en't trie+ cycling it. Maybe
I shoul+. ;ne other thing - I ha)e Euit +oing car+io entirely because I'm trying to gain *eight.
I thin% another problem may be that I stoppe+ +oing sEuats because they *ere bothering my
%nees 'I'm the tall guy *ho *rote in about this(. I also +on't +ea+li$t because I +on't %no* ho* to
+o them properly an+ *ant someone to sho* me be$ore I start +oing them. 5n+ I can't +o bench
press, military press, pull+o*ns-pullups or any o$ their )ariants because o$ the pacema%er. >o
I'm not +oing any o$ the classic big li$ts, an+ this may be limiting my mass gains. Ho*e)er, I
continue to ma%e strength gains in the li$ts that I +oL I ha)e ma+e use o$ your stan+ar+ bag o$
tric%s, changing the routine *hene)er I Euit progressing. 5t the moment I'm +oing !# rep sets,
*hich *ere prece+e+ by 5 reps, *hich *ere prece+e+ by /# rep sets. I s*itch things up
*hene)er I Euit ma%ing strength gains. >o I +on't thin% the problem is *ith my li$ting, although
I'm sure there is room $or impro)ement.
3i)en all this, *hat *oul+ suggest I +o1 I'+ really li%e to hit at least /##, so tell me *hat to +o
an+ I'll +o it. I$ you thin% I shoul+ 7ust bail an+ start leaning out, I'll +o it, but I'+ much rather get a
bit bigger $irst.
Many than%s
Marty 3allagher: Hey Aosh - I thin% guys li%e you are heroic, pushing right on through *hate)er
$lotsam an+ 7etsam li$e spills in your path . . . goo+ man.
I thin% you nee+ to lean out.
?oo%, I')e been there a million times. 8ou')e ma+e nice gains an+ put on "#-poun+s in less then
a year. 0antastic4 Fut you're sic% o$ $oo+ an+ trying to eat big an+ rest big an+ li$t big an+ gro*
big. 2ime $or a change4
I say, summer is comming so let's get slice+-an+-+ice+: ho* about !&5 *ith abs you coul+ +o
the $amily *ash on1 3o lighter an+ longer in training, eat clean an+ light an+ o$ten an+ $orget
about poun+age an+ stu$$ing $or a *hile. We'll pea% you out so you'll be your leanest in
Auly-5ugust. 8ou can go to ;cean City an+ %ic% san+. Fesi+es, *ho *ants to eat hea)y in the
Ho* about a !/-*ee% perio+iDation program ta%ing bo+y *eight +o*n !-poun+ a *ee%1
D.C.: I %no* *eights are the ans*er an+ I am trying to incorporate them into my e,ercise
routine. I *or% out about "-4 , a *ee%, arms-bac% one +ay an+ legs the other. 2he other times
are *al%ing, bi%ing or running outsi+e. I am "#yr ol+ $emale, in proportion an+ !"# lbs. I am
some*hat tone+ but *oul+ lo)e more an+ lose about 5 lbs in the process. I nee+ help *ith
+esigning a routine that I can stic% *ith. Can you help1
Marty 3allagher: Well yeah - that's *hat they pay me the big buc%s $or but you ha)e got to meet
me hal$*ay -
Ha)e you gone through the in$amous archi)es an+ gotten a sense o$ *hat *e're +oing1 8ou
nee+ to +etermine ho* much time you ha)e a)ailable $or a $itness e$$ort an+ then +esign a
program that starts *ith /-+ays a *ee% li$ting *eights an+ "-4 +ays o$ light car+io. Clean out one
trash $oo+ $rom your +iet each *ee% an+ your longest 7ourney has begun *ith single step - as
my $ortune coo%ie sai+ last night.
Hey, on an unrelate+ note: +o you %no* *hat they call an all-you-can-eat rest. in Aapan1 Ci%ing
>tyle I li%e that.
Washington, D.C.: 5nother Euestion about the >mith machine. I')e notice+ that I can sEuat an+
bench Euite a bit more *eight *hen I'm on the >mith machine than *hen I +o pure $ree *eights.
I can still get a goo+ *or%out an+ be plenty sore the ne,t +ay *ith the >mith machine, but I
*on+er ho* much better pure $ree *eights are. Is there all that much +i$$erence1 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: 5bsolutely spot on -
2he >mith Machine has a barbell tra)el along t*o )ertical poles an+ *ith it's ball-bearing motor-
path*ay, smooth as polishe+ glass, you can push 'or pull(a hell-o$-a-lot more poun+age. In
a++ition, the >mith Machine eliminates the nee+ $or muscle stabiliDers an+ this reco)ere+
energy can be +irecte+ at the e$$ort at han+. 2he great thing about the >mith is the sa$ety $actor.
0ree *eights are better but the >mith is the best o$ all progressi)e resistance machines.
Mt Hisco-=8: Hey Coach
9auly chec%in' in.
>ay, *hat e,ercise a$$ects the lo*er pecs, speci$ically that area at the e+ge bet*een the lo*er
pec an+ the armpit. Ho* can I tone up that area1
9s. Certical ?eg 9ress has arri)e+ but it too% me / hours to assemble it4 2he instructions may as
*ell ha)e been in Aapanesey ?emon >EueeDey $or all I %ne*4
Marty 3allagher: 6obert 9lant instructe+ me in the :nglish )ersion o$ ?emon >EueeDery in my
+elinEuent youth - I %no* nothing o$ this le*+ Aapanese )ariation.
9au*ly =e* 8a*% -
I$ you ha)e e,cessi)e $at +eposits in the pec area, then all the benches an+ +eclines in the
*orl+ *on't help. 2hey'll buil+ an+ strengthen the muscles obscure+ by the lar+ but only by
o,i+iDing the crisco *ill the pecs appear crisp. 2his para+o, is sol)e+ through +iet, not e,ercise.
Harrison, =.A.: Ha)e you e)er trie+ plyometrics1 Its been great at impro)ing my lateral
Euic%ness an+ )ertical leap. '5 great e,ercise $or bas%etball players(.
Marty 3allagher: Hey, anyone *ho's e)er ran an+ 7umpe+ - balls out on the $ootball or baseball
$iel+ or the bas%etball court has +one plyometrics. I ha)e use+ plyometrics at +i$$erent times an+
en7oye+ leaping up*ar+ onto plat$orms. 2his helpe+ my sEuat e,plosi)eness. Hey, be care$ul:
the %noc% on plyo is in7uryL a lot o$ the e,ercises are Euite e,treme an+ '+epth 7umping' in
particular, has been single+ out as a +angerous mo)ement *hose in7ury +o*nsi+e out*eighs
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: Foo% report time4 I +isco)ere+ an+ promptly or+ere+ 5la+ar Hogler's
boo% 8oga $or 5thletes an+ rea+ the *hole +ang thing. It's )ery +etaile+, not instructi)e $or
no)ices but great $or someone *ho *ants to *or% it into a program logically. He brea%s +o*n
short yoga routines to be practice+ at )arious points in training, +epen+ing on the purpose
'reco)ery, concentration, prep $or a competition, etc.(.
Most o$ the boo% is about the lighter, stretching an+ me+itation elements o$ yoga, not the po*er
mo)es an+ in)ersions an+ such 'those are the ones that %ic% my -RR(. I settle+ on +oing a $ull-
bo+y $ree *eight routine /,-*ee%, an+ yoga class at least /4 hrs. a$ter hitting the *eights. I'll +o
the lighter yin stu$$ anytime, an+ *orry more about gaining strength-muscle than stan+ing on
my hea+.
5lso got 0re+ Hat$iel+'s boo% on sports nutrition. Min+-blo*ing amount o$ in$ormation. >till
*or%ing through it mysel$, but I recommen+ it $or anyone con$use+ on the +etails.
0inally a Euestion. I habitually consume about !5##-!&## calories per +ay ')ery clean +iet(,
*hich no* I realiDe is lo* $or my buil+ an+ acti)ity le)el. Maybe not unpre+ictably, it's har+ $or
me to burn o$$ those last poun+s. Ho* +oes one raise the threshol+ *hile continuing to get
Marty 3allagher: Hey - I *ill not steer you *rong on boo%s.
Hogler is a $rea%ing genius. I inter)ie*e+ him se)eral times $or Muscle O 0itnessL he *as the
brain-train master min+ $or the big re+ machine bac% in the +ays *hen Commie athletes rule+
the *orl+.
0re+ is another genius an+ I +on't thro* that *or+ aroun+ lightly.
Chec% out 2u+or Fompa's boo%s at For+ers. He's another Iron Curtain guy *hose approach to
progressi)e resistance is uniEue.
Do you li)e on the ri)er1 3ot cat$ish1 I lo)e+ to *restle those big mothers $rom the 9otomac
years bac%. Do*n at Ciolet's ?oc%. We ha+ a col+ snap here or I *oul+ ha)e been out $ishing
the secret high mountain pon+ yester+ay.
Washington, D.C.: 2his is the prego. la+y respon+ing to the "# yr. ol+ *ho *ants to loose those
e,tra 5 lbs. I completely agree *ith the cut out the crap $rom your +iet suggestion. I use+ to lo)e
this crap, an+ some o$ it I still +o. It is har+ to stop munching on Cheetos an+ pass o)er the
coo%ies, but once you +o it the $irst $e* times, you *ill be amaDe+ at ho* repulse+ you get by
these 7un% $oo+s you once lo)e+. 8ou *ill start to $eel better an+ cra)e ra* carrots4 I al*ays eat
*hat I *ant an+ ho* much I *ant, as long as it's healthy.
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you $or your input - seriously, that's goo+ a+)ice.
D.C.: Hey Marty..Ho*'s li$e1 3ot a Euestion $or you..I %no* 9in%Dilla *ill call me a sissy $or using
this stu$$. Hammer >trength. I use it to brea% up the Chest, >houl+er, Fac% routine. I up the
poun+age on these, $or lac% o$ spotter, or $orm restriction. I %no* there is no substitute $or the
$ree pull-push, but I am but a sha+o* o$ a man that Doc 9in% is , an+ can't loa+ 45's on the bar
*ith my teeth. :)en i$ I am sic% o$ scar$ing Flueberry pies an+ Himchi.
Hope you are +oing *ell...
Christian +a' 2aoist
Marty 3allagher: Hey there Au+o *un+er%in+.
I thin% o$ machines as +esert an+ $ree *eights as the main course. 5l*ays eat your stea% an+
potatoes be$ore the cheeseca%e.
Hey, the spotter issue is a tough one. I$ your really li$ting hea)y a spotter is a must $or sEuats
an+ bench presses 'or inclines( but there are more boDos in a commercial gym then you can
sha%e a stic% at. 5 ba+ spot is *orse than no spot.
Himchi is the only $oo+ my *i$e $latly $orbi+s me to eat - not i$ I *ant to continue intimate
9regnancy e,ercises: : My *i$e is currently going to a personal trainer *ho specialiDes in
training $or pregnant *omen. >he basically says lay o$$ the hea)y stu$$, $ocus on lo*-impact
e,ercises li%e s*imming, etc. an+ >2;9 W;668I=3 about tone, etc.
8our bo+y is going to change an+ there's not much you can +o about it. 0ighting it has the
potential o$ causing harm to the baby-mother. >imple stretching an+ lo* impact e,ercises are
best $or %eeping yoursel$ in shape.
Marty 3allagher: Wo* - a personal trainer that actually specialiDes in pregnent *omen - my
e,act opposite - as i$ $rom a parallel uni)erse. FiDDaro *orl+.
6ea+ an+ hee+.
Doc 9in%Dilla, bac% in the Worl+: Hey 3.I.4
Chec%ie-chec%ie4 Doc 9in% %ara chogi...he go state sigh.
8o, it *as all goo+ on the other si+e o$ the planet training *ith my man Mr. Horea ?ee Dae Aun.
He's setting up a Web site, so I'll be sure to +rop all y'all the @6l *hen it is up an+ running. I'll +o
the :nglish translation so you can chec%ie-chec%ie.
I sur)i)e+ the $light, but barely. 2he +iscom$ort o$ the seat ma+e $or a +*ar$ *as li%e torture.
5$ter I ate the $irst meal, *hich taste+ li%e car+boar+, an+ *as too small to e)en %eep a 9;W
ali)e, I glance+ up an+ the screen *as sho*ing *hite*ater ra$ting4 I s*ear4 I *as rea+y to open
the +oor an+ bail out *hen it $inally en+e+. 36I?M5= sai+ some special agents must ha)e
slippe+ that on the )i+eo program to try to ta%e me +o*n.
Doc 9in%Dilla, bac% in the *orl+, state sigh
Marty 3allagher: Hey, its been pretty +amn +epressing aroun+ here since you')e been gone -
Does Mr. Horea still ha)e the massi)e :l)is pompa+our hair+o1 Do *omen o$ all ages still
s*oon in >eoul as he struts +o*n the boule)ar+1
8ou nee+ to brea% your o*n *orl+ recor+ *ith "/# %ilos, &#4.
6oc%)ille, M+.: I ha)e 7ust starte+ *eights. I $ollo* the the Fo+y $or ?i$e Foo%. I try to *al% " -4
times a *ee%. I am not too sure about the *eight routines.0or ho* long that is the time one
shoul+ +o *eight training $or e.g., "# - 45 minutes or more. I nee+ to lost at least /5 poun+s.
Marty 3allagher: ;h I'+ say li$t t*ice a *ee% $or 4#-5# minutes. 8ou shoul+ be a little sore the
ne,t +ay i$ you're +oing it har+ an+ right.
5rlington, C5: Hey Marty,
2his is Aosh again, *ith pacema%er. I *ill +o as you say an+ lean out. 5s $or speci$ics, shoul+ I
stic% to bet*een !# an+ /# reps1 Is rep cycling still the *ay to go1 5n+ shoul+ I continue to
shoot $or strength gains each *ee%, or *hat1 What shoul+ my *ee%-to-*ee% goals be, in
a++ition to losing a poun+ a *ee%1
2han%s $or all your a+)ice.
Marty 3allagher: Hey Aosh - ho* about 4 *ee%s o$ /#-reps, 4 *ee%s o$ !5-reps an+ 4 *ee%s o$
8ou nee+ to %eep you protein inta%e up - this is the %ey to hanging on to all that har+-earne+
muscle mass as you o,i+iDe bo+y $at.
Hic% up the car+io - either go $aster or go longer.
@se a *i+er )ariety o$ *eight e,ercises an+ mo)e Euic%ly bet*een sets an+ e,ercises. 0ull
e,tension an+ contraction. >lo* the rep spee+ a hair - this is about '$eel' not poun+age.
Cut the 7un% out o$ your +iet. !J#-!/_!&. poun+s.
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: 8eah, I li)e +o*n near the ri)er 'technically in Fethes+a, but i$ you call
me $ashionable *e'll en+ up arm-*restling or something an+ it'+ be embarrassing(. Dunno
about cat$ish, but I sure rustle up +eer *hich can be $rea%y in the +ar%. Feing a short *al% $rom
the to*path ma%es it easier to get out $or those morning aerobics.
Ho*Dabout the G, ho* to increase calorie threshol+ *-o gaining *eight1 Is !5##-!&## cal $or a
!&#-lb acti)e $emale too lo*1 2han%s4
Marty 3allagher: Well, are you losing or maintaining at this caloric le)el1
I$ this is a static le)el, neither gaining or losing, then you'+ ha)e to +rop to !### or !/## to spar%
$at loss - can you $unction on those $e* calories1 >ome can, some can't.
M+.: Ho* important the $irst impression is1
Marty 3allagher: Ho* important the $irst impression is1
Is this li%e a <en Hoan1
HeyL +o you %no* *hat the soun+ o$ one han+ clapping is1
5 $ace slap.
2empe, 5riD. : I ta%e <eni+rin e)ery +ay about " to 4 caps $or running. Does that a$$ect my bo+y
at all li%e my %i+neys1
Marty 3allagher: I ha)e no clue since I +on't %no* *hat <eni+rin is - but I'ma+mitte+lyy ignorant
on these issues.
Marty 3allagher: I hate to be a spoil sport but I got to go buy some $ishing lures at the
>portsman's Den. Watch $or last *ee%'s unans*ere+ Euestions at the en+ o$ this spot an+ any
unans*ere+ Euestions *ill get an in+epth response an+ get poste+ a$ter ne,t *ee%'s sho*.
4-!#-#! Guestions
ermanto*n, M+.: Hi Marty. 2his is Haren o$ Haren O Ae$$ *ho came to )isit you at the compoun+
last 5ugust. Doing *ell, baby on the *ay this >eptember. 5ny*ay, my Euestion is $or Ae$$. ;ur
past couple o$ *or%outs he is +oing something to strain his right shoul+er area. He thin%s it is
the o)erhea+ presses. He *in+s up sore $or +ays, unable to +o that or bench +uring our ne,t
*or%out. 5ny suggestions to help out his shoul+er1
Hey there4
3la+ to hear that e)erything is coming along *ell on the baby $ront.
0irst o$$L cease an+ +esist all o)erhea+ presses. 5ny time an in7ury pops up an+ you can trace it
bac% to a speci$ic e,ercise then stop that e,ercise imme+iately. I$ your e,ercise-in7ury
e,trapolation is correct then once you stop the in7ury *ill commence to heal. 5$ter the in7ury an+
relate+ pain +isappear, reintro+uce a +i$$erent e,ercise $or that particular bo+y part. 2here are
'$igurati)ely( millions o$ +i$$erent *eight e,ercises $or each in+i)i+ual muscle. Don't s*ear total
allegiance to any single e,ercise. ;)erhea+ presses primarily stimulate the $rontal +eltoi+ hea+
an+ I am Euite sure once the pain subsi+es *e can $in+ another suitable $rontal +eltoi+
Che)y Chase : Marty:
2han%s $or all o$ your help4 I')e seen a tremen+ous +i$$erence in my bo+y o)er the last year *ith
your tutelage. I'm $inally happy *ith my bo+y '/!5 lbs. !4B bo+y $at on a 5'J $rame(. =o*, I
ha)e a ne* Euest. I'+ li%e to lose !5 lbs so that I can ha)e less *eight to carry this summer
*hile I try to +o some triathalons. 5ny suggestions $or ho* I might go about losing the *eight,
retainingstrengtht, an+ +ropping bo+y $at1
2rain longer, lighter, $aster, use higher reps, stress per$ect techniEue, use a $ull range o$ motion
'6;M( an+ try a slightly slo*er rep spee+. 0orget about mo)ing huge poun+age. When you
+rop bo+y *eight your ability to mo)e ma,imum poun+age *ill be +iminishe+ but you can set
ne* high rep recor+s. My aerobic mentor, Dr. ?en >ch*artD, calls this sustaine+ strength long
strength - as oppose+ to single rep strength *hich coul+ be calle+ short strength. :stablish rep
recor+s in the higher ranges: !#, !/, !5, /#, 5#, !##.
2ime to %ic% the car+io up. :ither go longer at your current pace or go $aster *ithin the e,isting
session +uration.
5ll this e,ercise *ill be ren+ere+ ine$$ecti)e unless you tighten up the +iet. Why not +rop !.5
poun+s a *ee% $or t*el)e straight *ee%s1 2his *oul+ put you at a s)elte !J& an+ I guar-en-tee
you that you'll be $aster 'less sheer bo+y *eight to haul aroun+( an+ possess better en+urance.
Hey, try running *ith !.-poun+s o$ barbell plates in a bac%pac% an+ you'll un+erstan+ *hy
losing that amount *ill so )astly impro)e your marathon per$ormance.
2he tric% is to hol+ on to as much o$ your e,isting muscle mass as possible an+ the smartest,
cra$tiest *ay to +o that is to your protein inta%e up. Weight train light but *eight train intenselyL
there is no contra+iction bet*een light an+ intense, 7ust a++ more reps. Heep ingesting a lot o$
pure protein 'no $at or sugar( an+ you shoul+ retain most all o$ your e,isting muscle-mass *hile
simultaneously melting o$$ $at.
Washington, D.C.: Dear Marty,
0or me, the tripo+ nee+s a 4th leg -- Euitting smo%ing. Di+ you e)er battle this +emon an+, i$ so,
+o you ha)e any *or+s o$ *is+om1
2ry using a perio+iDation sche+ule to eliminate *ee+. 0or e,ample:
Cigarettes per +ay
W% ! /#
W% / !.
W% " !I
W%4 !4
W% 5 !/
W% I !#
W% & .
W% . I
W% J 4
W% !# /
W% !! /
W% !/ #
I 7ust pic%e+ a starting number o$ +aily smo%e out o$ thin airL you insert you o*n initial +aily
consumption an+ then systematically re+uce the number o)er time. Write it +o*n in your log.
2his re$lecti)e act *ill help immensely. Aac%ie Henne+y smo%e+ one cigarette a +ay $or years.
Fethes+a, M+.: Ho* long *oul+ it ta%e $or someone to start seeing the bene$its o$ a training
program. ?et's say, the program consists o$ li$ting "# minutes three times a *ee%. I un+erstan+
that not 5?? people are eEual, but as an a)erage ho* long1
2hat +epen+s i$ you are generating enough intensity +uring *eight e,ercises to trigger a
hypertrophy response. 8ou can +o all the right e,ercises in the right seEuence an+ still, i$ you
are not training har+ enough, no results *ill appear.
8ou nee+ to ha)e a sensible program, one that inclu+es all three legs o$ the $itness tripo+:
progressi)e resistance training, car+io an+ +iet. I$ you ha)e e)erything loc%e+ +o*n an+
buttone+ up an+ are training *ith the reEuisite intensity then you *ill see results *ithin the $irst
9er+y, Mo.: 6ea+ing Doc 9in%'s message that he >H;;H 2H: W;6?D. I ha)e one
suggestion $or Mr. 9in%. F:5=;.
Call me a peasant but *hat's Feano1 >omething unpleasant no +oubt.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I eat pretty *ell. I try to eat " course meals a +ay, *ith lots o$ $iber an+ nutrients
in the $orm o$ )eggies-$ruits. I try to minimiDe brea+s an+ carbs, an+ opt $or sala+s an+ tuna
sala+ *ith lo* $at mayo, i$ any at all. I am not yet un+er me+ication, an+ *on't be starting $or at
least / *ee%s... My +octor tol+ me to ta%e it slo* an+ start out *ith some simple e,ercises an+
stretching 7ust to %eep mysel$ limber an+ $le,ible. 5t this point I +on't ha)e high bloo+ pressure.
I'm pretty healthy other than the hypothyroi+ism.
;%ay - *hat's the Euestion1 I'm sorry, I +o not ha)e encyclope+ic recall that can match up
in$ormation *ithout the Euestion $rame o$ re$erence.
Was it something about being o%ay to e,ercise all-out coming o$$ a me+ical con+ition1 I'm
ha)ing brain loc%.
6eston, Ca.: Hi Marty, In an acci+ent some years ago I +amage+ my patella an+ can not +o
sEuats, e)en Dero *eight sEuats. Fut I')e $oun+ that only the +o*n*ar+ mo)ement causes pain.
Har+ to come bac% up i$ you can't $irst get +o*n. Ho*e)er, I')e been ta%ing the stairs / at a
time, concentrating on %eeping my *eight o)er my heels an+ my shins )ertical, my %nee +oes
not mo)e more than a couple o$ inches to*ar+ my toes. 2he mo)ement seems to mimic the up-
stro%e o$ a sEuat $airly *ell an+ *al%ing +o*n one stair at a time +oes not bother my %nee. Can
you tell me i$ you %no* any reason *hy I might not *ant to +o this as my primary Eua+
e,ercise1 It seems o% to me but I thought leg e,tensions *ere o% too. 2han%s.
Hey - i$ it +oesn't hurt then +o it4 I$ it hurts stop imme+iately. I$ I coul+n't sEuat or +o leg presses
an+ i$ I *as $ace+ *ith an all-or-nothing +ilemma, I *oul+ +e$initely a++ some leg e,tensions, i$ I
coul+ +o these *ithout pain.
Da)i+son, =.C.: Marty:
When people *rite to you claiming that they're $ollo*ing your tripo+ o$ +iet, car+io, an+ *eights
but can't $igure out *hy they're not achie)ing their goals, you o$ten $in+ the $la*s in their
programs -- $or e,ample, they claim they're li$ting but it turns out they're playing *ith .-poun+
+umbbells, or claim they're *atching *hat they eat at the same time they a+mit they're eating
chocolate an+ potato chips. My Euestion is, ho* +o you +etect -- or point out -- problems *ith
car+io intensity1 I')e seen *omen -- an+ men, but it's more o$ten the *omen -- *or%ing out on
a recumbent bi%e at the gym, rea+ing a boo%, an+ ne)er brea%ing a s*eat. I')e ha+ people in
my aerobics classes 7ust mar%ing time an+ then claiming Wo*, I $eel li%e I coul+ +o another
class4 'My unspo%en suggestion -- Hey, trying +oing ;=:.( 2hese people seem to really
belie)e they')e +one an hour o$ car+io. >hort o$ $orcibly strapping a heart-rate monitor on them,
is there a goo+ Euestion to as% in or+er to +etermine ho* har+ someone is *or%ing at this
component o$ the tripo+1
;ne beauti$ic aspect o$ *eight training is the ob7ecti)e mathematical precision pro)i+e+ by the
numeric )alue o$ poun+age, sets an+ reps. Car+io has too much sub7ecti)e imprecision an+
uses terms li%e '$eel' an+ 'thin%'. Ho* else are you going to +rag the sub7ecti)e into the ob7ecti)e
unless you intro+uce the numerical precision o$ the heart rate1 I +on't see any *ay aroun+ it.
Washington, D.C.: 0or an a)erage $emale, *ho *or%s out $i)e times per *ee%, an+ li$ts *eights
three times per *ee%, is there an a)erage amount o$ protein I shoul+ be eating a +ay in or+er to
help me gain an+ retain muscle1
2here is *or%ing out an+ there is W;6HI=3 ;@24
My point is, the har+er you train the more protein you reEuire to repair an+ heal muscle tissue
traumatiDe+ by sa)age *eight training. >ame *ith car+io, i$ you're really blasting a*ay at the
car+io, then you'll nee+ a++itional amino aci+s to rebuil+ muscle tissue torn +o*n in a tough
session. I$ you *eight train really har+ an+ blast a*ay at car+io really har+ then you're
W;6HI=3 ;@24 8ou *oul+ +e$initely nee+ lots o$ protein. More than someone *ho *as either
7ust li$ting or 7ust +oing aerobic training. Ho* much protein you nee+ is tie+ to ho* har+ you
*or% out. I *oul+ certainly thin% ingesting .&5 grams o$ protein per poun+ o$ bo+y *eight per +ay
might be a reasonable starting point.
5rlington: Which is more e$$ecti)e: ri+ing a stationary bi%e $or "# minutes, or ri+ing a bi%e
out+oors $or /# minutes1
2he problem *ith out+oor bi%e ri+ing is the large amount o$ time you spen+ coasting or going
+o*n hill. When that happens the bottom +rops out o$ the car+io intensity. Most har+core bi%e
ri+ers ma%e up $or this by increasing the +uration. 5 long *ee%en+ bi%e ri+es *ill o,i+iDe
thousan+s o$ calories +uring a "-I hour bi%e ri+e.
Derry, =.H.: Hey Coach,
I'm in the $i$th *ee% o$ 5-6ep sets *ith your perio+iDation program. >houl+ I repeat an+ go bac%
to /#-6ep sets an+ i$ I +o shoul+ I be concerne+ about the less poun+age I *ill be pushing in
or+er to ma%e the reps. What are the speci$ics $or changing1 Ma%ing goo+ gains. 2han%s $or
your a+)ice... great chat. Ho*ie the Guac%er
Ho*ie the Guac%er1 I'm a$rai+ to as% ho* you got that han+le in a public $orum . . .
Hey, *hat rep range *oul+ you li%e to use1
I$ you ha+ a choice, $or the ne,t $our *ee%s, *hat rep range *oul+ you pre$er1 >oun+s as i$
you')e +one *ell to this point an+ I *oul+ suggest in or+er to %eep the ball rolling that you no*
7ump to a rep range that $ires you up an+ ma%es you enthusiastic. I'+ ta%e a *ee% o$$ an+ then
7ump bac% in the mi,. @se a short 4-5 *ee% cycle *ith *hate)er rep range $loats your boat. 5$ter
a cycle o$ /#'s, I lo)e+ to go to "-5 reps.
Washington, D.C.: Hello Marty
What is your opinion on the relationship bet*een being $it an+ alcohol consumption1 I am in
pretty goo+ shape, I go to the gym an+ e,ercise regularly an+ I *atch care$ully *hat I eat.
Ho*e)er, I am also a regular +rin%er -- I +rin% a glass or t*o o$ *ine per +ay an+ on some
*ee%en+s I in+ulge in mi,e+ +rin%s. I +on't thin% I am an alcoholic o$ anything li%e that -- 7ust
someone *ho en7oys +rin%ing here an+ there. Does alcohol a$$ect metabolism *hich can ma%e
losing *eight har+er1 What about the notion that some *ine e)ery+ay is actually help$ul to
one's health1
During a *eight gain cycle I'+ be a lot less *orrie+ about it then i$ I *as trying to get slice+-an+-
I %noc% o$$ *ee%en+ beer 'or Irish nectar( *hen I get serious about +ieting +o*n.
>cra*ny)ille, @>5: Marty,
When changing my *or%out routine, as a+)ise+ to +o e)ery 4-. *ee%s, is it necessary to
change the *hole thing, top to bottom, or merely change the rep counts1 In other *or+s, +o I
scrap the bench press an+ go to some othere,ercisee, or +o I s*itch $rom an .-rep top set
'*hat I +o no*( to a " rep top set1
>cra*ny)ille, @>5
Du+eL go get a san+*ich an+ a protein sha%e. Hugh Cassi+y use+ to carry a cooler $ull o$ $oo+
aroun+ *ith him *hen he *as bul%ing. It'+ be stu$$e+ *ith san+*iches an+ mil% an+ he'+ eat all
the time. He mo)e+ $rom scra*ny)ille to po*er)ille an+ e)entually became the mayor.
>ometimes you %eep the e,ercises an+ 7ust alter the reps an+ other times you s*itch up
e,ercises $or a total change o$ pace. 2hough I might traipse o$$ into e,ercise e,otica
perio+ically, I al*ays come bac% to the basic e,ercises 'or their close )ariations( e)entually.
>pring+ale, M+.: ?o)e your +iscussion. My Euestion: *hat's the bene$it o$ +oing incline bench
press )s. +ecline bench press, since the same muscles are *or%e+, only at a +i$$erent angle.
2han%s a lot4
2echnically spea%ing, *hen +one strictly an+ correctly, these t*o e,ercises *or% t*o +i$$erent
2he pectoral is actually t*o muscles: an upper pec '*hich resi+es by the collarbone( an+ a
larger, lo*er pectoral. 2he incline is +esigne+ to isolate an+ acti)ate the upper pec *hile the
+ecline press is +esigne+ to isolate the lo*er pec an+ +oes not acti)ate the upper pectoral at all.
>W D.:. Hey Marty
?o)e these chats. Guestion $or you regar+ing car+io $itness. I %no* ho* to measure my heart
rate to see i$ it is in the target heart rate Done o$ I5-.# percent using *ith my $ingers on my
caroti+ artery 'I *ish I ha+ your han+y-+an+y techie tool you use, but I'm too cheap to pay R!/#
$or it(, but *hat i$ I +o so an+ $in+ that I am e,cee+ing the .# percentile1 Does that mean I am in
goo+ car+io health 'i.e., my heart can poun+ that much more( or a sign o$ ba+ car+io health 'i.e.,
my heart is going nuts trying to %eep up(1 :,: I'm "". Ma, heartrate is //#-""_!.&. .# percent
o$ !.&_!5#. I chec% my heart rate on the trea+mill *hile running. I +o inter)al running sets
*here my spee+ goes up an+ +o*n $or )arious lengths o$ time. I +o this usually $or "# minutes,
*ith !# minutes o$ bris% *al%ing be$ore an+ a$ter. I measure my heart rate $or !5 secon+s. It's
usually 4#-45 beats, *hich , 4 _ !I#-!.#4 I *oul+ consi+er mysel$ to be in )ery goo+ health.
5l*ays been acti)e in sports gro*ing up, at the gym, lost 4# lbs in the past year 'than%s to
$ollo*ing your a+)ice on the 2ria+4 Marty HICH> 5>>(. I'm "", 5'!!, !55-!I#. ?ean an+ mean.
Ha)ing muscles is nice, but I *orry *hether my tic%er is getting o)erloa+e+.
2he blen+e+ heart rate a)erage is 7ust that: an a)erage $or normal people.
5thletes an+ people *ho ta%e $itness seriously are not a)erage an+ *ill score better but that's
not the pointL the i+ea is to establish a mathematical point o$ re$erence against *hich to
compare the intensity o$ $uture car+io sessions. 8ou establish a com$ortable benchmar%,
regar+less the number an+ *or% $rom there. @se age-relate+ heart rate as an intensity gui+e
an+ use it in con7unction *ith the +uration )ariable to impro)e the e$$ecti)eness o$ your car+io
Washington, D.C.: Hi Coach Marty,
5 couple o$ *ee%s ago you cra$te+ a routine $or me that has me +oing +ea+li$ts $ollo*e+ by
re)erse close-grip pull +o*ns. It is )ery goo+, but my han+ strength isn't really on par *ith the
rest o$ me an+ my grip *ill $ail be$ore my bac%. What +o you suggest1 >traps1 5nother
seEuence1 I'm +oing the $ollo*ing, per your suggestion, to summariDe:
'Day!(?egs an+ shoul+ers,
'Day/(Chest an+ 2ris,
'Day"( bac% an+ bis.
-What +o you suggest1 >traps1 5nother seEuence1
-Ho* shoul+ I buil+ up my grip1 What I'm +oing no*, or something e,tra, too1
-I$ something e,tra, *hat an+ *hich +ay1
5s an asi+e, gaining *eight 'not in the gut( is slo* *or%. I'm certainly in an+ out o$ the gym
Euic%er, but I'm $eeling %in+a guilty, li%e I shoul+ be +oing more. I suppose i$ I'm o)er-traine+
that *oul+ be a ba+ i+ea. 2han%s, as al*ays, $or the a+)ice4
I use straps on the top set o$ most e)ery bac% e,ercises that in)ol)e pulling. I can sEueeDe out
!-/ a++itional reps using straps an+ those e,tra reps eEuate to e,tra bac% gro*th.
9lus, I')e ne)er lost a competiti)e +ea+li$t on account o$ grip. I also li%e to use the straps
because *hen I')e complete+ the set I can allo* the poun+age to stretch the hell out o$ the
muscle you')e 7ust *or%e+. ;n any type o$ pull+o*n, I use straps an+ *hen I cannot +o another
rep I'll stay seate+ an+ let the *eight stretch my lats until I cannot stan+ it anymore.
8our seEuence loo%s super. 2hro* on some straps an+ slaughter some sets. >tart turning "-rep
sets into 5-rep sets, 5's into .'s an+ !#'s into !5's. @se straps to sEueeDe out a++itional reps,
thro* in some stretches an+ *atch that bac% thic%en up $aster than 3ranny's *hite sausage
6oc%)ille, M+.: Marty: I coul+ use some o$ your sage a+)ice. I'm a I'4 guy, !I5 lbs, /! yo, in $ine
shape, but... s%inny. I'm all $ire+ up to a++ $ree*eights to my routine, but I ha)e no i+ea ho* to
+o a bench press or a sEuat, an+ I ha)e no one to spot me. I ha)en't got any i+ea ho* to get
starte+. Do I nee+ a spotter1 I'+ rather *or% out at home, since I'll be mo)ing aroun+ a lot $or
sure. Ho* +o I learn to +o these e,ercises properly1 8ou')e mentione+ archi)es o$ beginner
routinesL *here can I $in+ 'em1
2han%s $or your help, you roc%.
Du+e - you're the eEui)alent o$ one o$ those >ally >truthers homeless street %i+sL you nee+ help
$rom the po*erli$ting re+ cross or some other muscle relie$ agency. 8ou're li%e some aborigine
*ho's ne)er seen an airplane. 3oo+ golly - ho* +oes one go about +escribing the >pace
>huttle to a =e* 3uinea hea+hunter1
I'+ suggest $in+ing some training )i+eos - see i$ the local 8MC5 has a *eight class. What else1
8ou nee+ to see $ilm $ootage or the real thing +one by real people. Foo%s *ith photos might
help. 3o the local boo%store, $in+ the muscle boo% session in sports an+ grab a han+$ul. 3o
o)er to the co$$ee bar, buy a 7a)a an+ stu+y the photos. 2he put all the boo%s bac% an+ go home
an+ train.
Marty 3allagher: Hello $ol%s -
Ho* are *e +oing collecti)ely1 I ha)e gotten a lot o$ e-mails as%ing $or another e,planatory
article on the art an+ science o$ perio+iDation 'cycling(. We use cycling to trigger physical gains.
I am going to *or% up another hypothetical chart in the ne,t *ee% or t*o an+ post it at the
conclusion o$ a sho*.
Fasically, perio+iDation in)ol)es the manipulation o$ e,ercise selection, poun+age an+ reps. In
a++ition, you cycle a +iet - either one +esigne+ to put you in a caloric surplus $or gaining muscle
mass or one that +ials in a caloric +e$icit i$ you are see%ing to lean out. Car+io is also cycle+. 5ll
these parallel mo+e manipulations result in progress.
2hings can get Euite comple, an+ multi-+imensional an+ this scares some $ol%s *hen it ought
not. 5ny*ay, loo% $or a perio+iDation schematic to appear some time in the ne,t $e* *ee%s. 8ou
can stu+y it an+ then customiDe it to your o*n situation.
Watch $or the unans*ere+ Euestions $rom last *ee% at the conclusion o$ to+ay's clamba%e.
Who's got a Euestion1
5rnol+, M+.: Hi Marty,
I ha)e been $ollo*ing your tria+ o$ $itness $or some time no* an+ I am starting to see the results.
I am e,periencing one problem. My legs ha)e gotten larger in +iameter an+ no* rub together
*hen I +o my car+io. 2his may soun+ insigni$icant but the cha$ing has become )ery pain$ul. I am
sure that the large bo+y buil+ers an+ po*erli$ters that I see in magaDines must ha)e this same
problem. What can I +o to pre)ent this +uring my car+io sessions1
8our $rien+ >al Di$.
Marty 3allagher: >al D., you ha)e the curse o$ tree-trun% thighs.
3et some o$ that han+ lotion my *i$e al*ays in the bathroom an+ %eep them ab+uctors oile+ up
Courthouse, Ca.: Marty-
I'm a I'5 !I5 e,- cross-country runner *ith the metabolism o$ a humming bir+. I *ant to gain
*eight an+ upper bo+y strength an+ +on't %no* *here to start. Can you a+)ise1 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: Hey >tretch - you nee+ to inta%e more calories then you o,i+iDe on a +aily
5 rough starting point: try an+ ta%e in 5##-!### a++itional calories $or se)en straight +ays. 2his
shoul+ result in a !-/ poun+ *eight gain. I$ you are +oing tons o$ car+io an+ hitting a couple o$
*eight sessions a *ee%, then the ne* bo+y *eight *ill most certainly en+ up as muscle tissue
an+ not compartmentaliDe+ as bo+y $at.
I$ it is hassle to eat the a++itional calories, ta%e them in in the on-the-go $orm o$ protein po*+er
or sport nutrition bars.
0re+eric%sburg, Ca.: hi Marty4
i 7ust starte+ your perio+iDation program this *ee% an+ I *as *on+ering -- is there any substitute
$or leg curls1 ;r a *ay to +o them *ithout a machine1 2he uni)ersal machine I use+ is not
a+7ustable 'I'm short( an+ I thin% it +i+ something to my %nee, in a ba+ *ay. 5n+ I *as using the
lightest *eight, so I +on't thin% that *as the problem.
>o, any goo+ substitutes1 ?unges1 >omething *ith +b's1
Marty 3allagher: ;h pleeDe, no lunges4
5 %iller hamstring e,ercise is sti$$-legge+ +ea+li$ts *ith +umbbells. Heep them light an+ al*ays
%eep your bac% tight an+ con)e, 'not conca)e(. ?o*er slo*ly hinging at the hips, the bells *ill
s*ing $or*ar+, a*ay $rom the bo+y, that's $ineL at the bottom, arise - $eel the hamstrings as they
po*er you bac% erect li%e a crane. " sets o$ !/ reps an+ you'll be *al%ing $unny the ne,t +ay.
>ometimes, i$ I'm $eeling ambitious I'll +o these o$$ a "-4 inch bloc% $or a greater stretch -
?aurel, M+: Hey Marty,
I am trying to %eep up *ith my training partners *ith the hea)y poun+ages on all upper bo+y
e,ercises. ' I can hol+ my o*n on legs an+ pulls( My Euestion is this, Is it alright to arch your
bac% on incline bench an+ seate+ military presses1 My partners %eep their bac%s presse+
against the bench. I can not li$t any *eight that *ay. I$ I arch my bac% I can %eep up *ith them.
5lso on the preacher bench I put my elbo*s on top o$ the bench, partners put their armpits on
top o$ the bench. Which *ay is correct1
2han% you $or your help.
Dan C.
Marty 3allagher: Dan C. - >ha%e your partner's han+ an+ *a)e to him as he ri+es o$$ into the
poun+age sunset.
Do not attempt to %eep up *ith him, you're alrea+y brea%ing $orm in or+er to %eep up an+ you
are only one small step a*ay $rom potential in7ury.
It is per$ectly natural to be at +i$$erent strengths le)els. Change the *eights bet*een sets, rela,
an+ use per$ect $orm. =o more $u+ging. >uper-strict techniEue *ill %eep you in7ury $ree *hile
sloppy techniEue is a sure-$ire *ay to see the insi+e o$ the local emergency room up close an+
Washington, D.C.: I recently starte+ running 'I recently complete+ my $irst ten-miler(, but I')e
hear+ horror stories $rom many people about the +amage that running +oes to the %nees. What
shoul+ I +o to re+uce my chances o$ in7ury to the %nees1 2han%s4
Marty 3allagher: ?earn to gli+e.
2he poun+ers an+ plo++ers *ill su$$er as a +irect result o$ the megaton-poun+age poun+ing
they sel$-in$lict *ith each mur+erous stri+e.
;n the other han+, i$ you')e e)er *atche+ a really goo+ long +istance runner, they seem to
$loat. Close your eyes an+ you barely hear them as they Dip past.
I use+ to hear a /5#-poun+ 7ogger a bloc% a*ay *hen I'+ pass him on my no-stress po*er*al%s
in the 9ar%.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Hi Marty,
I nee+ a clari$ication on +iet -
Why is it better to eat 'clean' $oo+s o$ similar caloric )alue than a '+irty' $oo+1
;ther than getting more bang $or your buc% 'in terms o$ satiety( isn't a calorie a calorie1
Marty 3allagher: 5 rose is is rose is a rose - >tein
5 bitch is a bitch is a bitch - Heming*ay on >tein
5 calorie is a calorie is a calorie - 3allagher
;ne ma7or +i$$erence is +ensity - a $at gram is ultra-+ense: J calories per gram.
5 carb or protein gram is 4 calories per gram.
8ou can eat t*ice the )olume o$ carb or protein $oo+ to hit a certain caloric goal.
6oc%)ille, M+.: I am terribly out o$ shape. I ha+ a baby one year ago, an+ *as in o%ay shape
be$ore I got pregnant. 0or me, that means I *al%e+ $our times a *ee%, $or about an hour each
time. I ha)en't +one that $or more than a year. I also ha)e put on about "# poun+s *ith the
pregnancy an+ lac% o$ e,ercise this past year an+ a hal$. I *ant to lose the *eight, but more
than that, to get bac% in shape, so that I ha)e more energy. Can you suggest some e,ercise
programs $or me1
Marty 3allagher: Why not *al%1 It is something you are $amiliar *ith an+ is a great initial
e,ercise *ith *hich to establish a comebac% toe-hol+.
5$ter you')e establishe+ a regular *al%ing routine, you can a++ t*o *eight training sessions a
*ee%. Ho* about e,tracting one ba+ $oo+ each *ee% $rom your eating regimen1 Can you eat 5-
I smaller meals a +ay, rather then the stan+ar+ three sEuares1 >prea+ing out the caloric inta%e
o)er 5-I smallish $ee+ings re+uces the +igesti)e tas% an+ raises the metabolic burn rate.
>outh 6i+ing, Ca.: What $itness regime *oul+ you suggest $or a "5 year ol+ male, 5# poun+s
o)er i+eal *eight range, *ho +oes not e,ercise --e,cept $or mo*ing the la*n once a *ee%--
+oesn't li%e the gym-anything too strenuous O has a pretty $ull +ay o$ *or% an+ other acti)ities1 I
+i+ yoga 5 years bac%, resulte+ in goo+ bo+y mo)ement but not much e$$ect on *eight.
2han%s $or your thoughts on this.
Marty 3allagher: I *oul+ ta%e a serious loo% at the ans*er I 7ust poste+ $or the come-bac% la+y:
*al%, t*o *eight sessions a *ee%, pull a ba+ $oo+ a *ee% out o$ the eating mi,. 2ry an+ eat
smaller meals more o$ten.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I ha)e a science Euestion $or you. I %no* about your tria+ o$ $itness, but *on+er about the
impact o$ li$ting. Does li$ting 7ust buil+ up muscle, or +oes it also burn $at1 I$ it +oes burn $at, is
the burning localiDe+ 'i.e., i$ you +o bicep curls, you burn $at in your arms(, or generaliDe+ li%e
car+io *or% 'i.e., you li$t, but lose the *eight *here)er you normally lose *eight $irst(1 I'm
a+hering to the tria+, an+ seeing results, but I'm 7ust curious to %no* *hether the li$ting I'm
+oing is burning $at *hile it buil+s muscle, or i$ the $at burn comes e,clusi)ely $rom the car+io
an+ +iet.
Marty 3allagher: 2hat +epen+s on *here you are at, metabolically spea%ing.
I$ you are in positi)e nitrogen balance, all the prereEuisites $or gro*th are in place an+
accounte+ $or, it is +oubt$ul i$ your *eight training is going to o,i+iDe musch bo+y $at. Feing in
9=F - anabolic - usually is +epen+ant on being in a caloric surplus an+ it is +amn har+ to lose
$at *hile o)er the caloric brea%e)en point.
I$ you are catabolic, in negati)e nitrogen balance, in a caloric +e$icit, then the caloric e,pen+iture
o$ the *eight training *ill result in *eight loss - but that coul+ come $rom $at stores - or in some
cases o$ e,treme catabolism, actually cannibaliDe muscle tissue.
=o easy ans*er, I'm a$rai+, so much is +epen+ant on other $actors: +iet, rest, nutrients, etc.
36I??M5=: C5?;6I:> I>;@6 06I:=D C;5CH M5628
Marty 3allagher: >o spea%eth the 9rophet o$ Mass-a-ti)-ity.
Dupont Circle: My 7ob reEuires me to atten+ a lot o$ receptions, *hich means plenty o$ $ree $oo+,
most o$ it $attening. I *as a stu+ent $or a long time, so I +e)elope+ a habit o$ scar$ing up $ree
$oo+ *hene)er I coul+. =o* I'm not a stu+ent anymore, but I still ten+ to gobble up $ree $oo+.
Ho* can I +e)elop ne*, healthier habits1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou are a man a$ter my o*n heart.
=e)er pass on an opportunity to gobble $ree $oo+ - especially i$ it's really tasty an+ goo+ an+
+one properly4
Hell, someone's got to loo% li%e ;rson Welles, maybe its 7ust your +estiny to gobble $ree $oo+.
5re there !/-step programs $or gourmet che$s an+ the li%e1
5rlington, Ca.: What +o thin% about *or%ing out & +ays a *ee%, +i$$erent bo+y part each +ay
though1 Is it goo+ or ba+1
2han%s a lot.
Marty 3allagher: I currently +o one single e,ercise per +ay 'one e,ception(, si, e,ercises in $i)e
+ays an+ then ta%e t*o $ull +ays o$$. I continue the rotation on the $ollo*ing Mon+ay.
M - Fench
2 - +ea+
W - >eate+ o)erhea+ presses
2 - Curls - push+o*ns
0 - >Euat
> - o$$
> - o$$
2his is %eeping it $resh $or me an+ I'm seeing some nice gains - $or no* - this too shall pass.
0alls Church, Ca.: I')e been o)er*eight e)er since I *as a chil+. 'I'm "# no*(. =ot massi)ely
obese, 7ust a serious gut. Is there any *ay that I can lose *eight an+ %eep it o$$1 I')e hear+ that
it is )ery +i$$icult $or people to lose *eight i$ they *ere o)er*eight as chil+ren.
Marty 3allagher: Well *hat are you going to +o1 Guit1
?isten to the e,cuse tal% ma%es it easy to $all $or the pre+estiny rap *hich absol)es you o$
blame an+ any an+ all $uture e$$ort. ?i$e is struggle - so let's get struggling.
8ou got to li$t *eights.
8ou got to +o a little car+io.
8ou got to get a han+le on your eating.
one, t*o, three - +o these things an+ I promise that you *ill en+ up light years ahea+ o$ *here
you are no*.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I$ I ha)e ne)er ha+ an in7ury $rom li$ting *ithout a *arm-up set, can I continue +oing one all-out
set right o$$ the bat1 I ne)er ha)e much time to li$t so this tactic helps me Dip through it...
Marty 3allagher: I can get a*ay *ith one light *armup set *ith the minor e,ercises 'curls,
lateral raises, pull+o*ns, etc.,( but it is playing *ith matches by the gas pump to *al% in o$$ the
street an+ loa+ up to a ma,imum *eight in th sEuat or +ea+li$t or bench press an+ then start
repping. 8ou coul+ get a nasty suprise as col+ muscles rebel against too much to soon.
In se)eral months, I *ill be shippe+ o$$ to a remote *il+erness location, *here I *ill engage in
physical competitions, hunt $or my $oo+, an+ en+ure semi-star)ation con+itions. 5t the same
time, I nee+ to loo% goo+ in a s*imsuit to cash in on my ne*$oun+ $ame. 5ny suggeste+ training
tips on ho* to cash R!,###,### or lucrati)e en+orsement contracts1 L-b
;n a more serious note, )ery interesting article in to+ay's =82 about ho* e,ercise physiologists
are reconsi+ering the //#-age $ormula $or ma,imum heart rate.
Marty 3allagher: I got all e,cite+ - I thought you *ere serious an+ *as going to +e)ise you a
gamesho* cycle that *oul+ in)ol)e insect eating an+ sna%e s%inning.
What +i+ the article say1 Can you sen+ it to me or tell me the bottom line1
2ampa, 0la.: Coach
My le$t %nee is a little bit sore abo)e the %neecap 'lo*er me+ial Eua+ area( only *hen I sEuat
+o*n. Fut *hen I *rap it *ith an elastic ban+age, it $eels $ine +oing sEuats. Do you %no* about
this1 Is it o%ay to sEuat1 8our nutrition bar recommen+ation tastes great.
Marty 3allagher: I got this Euestion t*ice so I'm gonna push him up the line
I *oul+ be real care$ul about *rapping a %nee to +isguise pain - *hich is *hat you are +oing.
8ou are arti$icially $in+ing a *ay to mas% a )ery real problem an+ I *oul+ strongly a+)ise against
it. 8ou nee+ to a++ress the problem an+ not a)oi+ it. I thin% you are planting a lan+mine in your
o*n bac%yar+ an+ it's 7ust a matter o$ time be$ore you step on it.
3la+ you li%e the bars. Hal$ the *orl+ lo)es them an+ the other hal$ goes, 8uc% - you thin%
those bars taste goo+14
2ampa, 0la.: Coach
My le$t %nee is a little bit sore abo)e the %neecap 'lo*er me+ial Eua+ area( only *hen I sEuat
+o*n. Fut *hen I *rap it *ith an elastic ban+age, it $eels $ine +oing sEuats. Do you %no* about
this1 Is it o%ay to sEuat1 8our nutrition bar recommen+ation tastes great.
;H - *hat are your thoughts on Ficeps +e)elopment1
I hear there are t*o hea+s in)ol)e+ '*ho %ne*1(L +o you %no* *hich e,ercises blast each one
in particular1 Ho* +o you rate 9reacher Curl1 5ny tips on ho* to +o those correctly1
5lso: *ith the =e* 8a*% >pring *eather, I'm almost rea+y to mo)e the entire home gym into
the garage '$urther a*ay $rom the Folognese4(
Cince 3iron+a suggeste+ leaning bac% slightly at the start o$ a preacher curl 'or >cott curl,
name+ a$ter ?arry >cott, the man *ho $irst populariDe+ the e,ercise( an+ then subtly lean into
the *eight - lean $or*ar+ slightly - at the top o$ the stro%e. I')e $oun+ this super e$$ecti)e. @sing
this techniEue, e,periment *ith +i$$ering elbo* *i+th placements an+ +i$$erent angles o$ attac%.
2he +i$$ering combinations *ill stress +i$$erent areas o$ the biceps. I'+ ta%e three months an+ +o
nothing but +i$$erent )ariations o$ the >cott Curl.
2hen you'll ha)e your gra+uate +egree in 9reacher Curls. 9lus, your arms *ill most li%ely be an
inch or t*o bigger. 2ry /-" sets o$ /#'s to ma%e the min+-muscle connection.
5rlington, Ca.: Hello, I +o *eights / -" times a *ee%. What time o$ the +ay is it a+)isable to +o
*eights 1 I go to *or% real early in the morning so I sometimes +o not ha)e time in the morning.
Woul+ I get almost the same e$$ect i$ I +o it in the e)ening1 What shoul+ the time gap be
bet*een *eight training an+ the time you ha)e eaten a meal1
I suspect you're con$using car+io metho+ology 'aerobics( *ith *eight training proce+ures an+
these are t*o entirely +i$$erent training mo+es, each *ith it's o*n set o$ rules an+ gui+elines.
5nytime is a goo+ time to li$t. Car+io is more e$$icient i$ +one $irst thing in the morning be$ore
eating, *hile the bo+y is in a glycogen-+eplete+ state. ?i$ting is not about burning o$$ $at it's
about buil+ing muscle. 5s $ar as time reEuire+ bet*een training an+ eating, that's an in+i)i+ual
matter. I')e ha+ training partners *ho eat *hile they train *ithout +iscom$ort.
3ermanto*n, M+.: 6e: 9regnancy :,ercises. Aust a comment. I'm also $i)e months pregnant
an+ ha)e ha+ to scale +o*n my *eight routine. I'm still ri+ing the stationary cycle e)ery morning
$or "# minutes an+ +o a t*o +ay a *ee% *eight routine. I 7ust ha)e lo*ere+ the *eights an+
increase+ the reps. 8ou ha)e to *atch out $or loose ligaments-7oints an+ i$$y balance as the
pregnancy progresses. 8ou are right, +on't *orry so much about your shape right no*.
5lthough %eeping up *ith regular car+io an+ some *eight routine surely can only bene$it mother
an+ baby.
3oo+ a+)ice
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I')e got a problem similar to 9otomac 6i)er D*eller--eating too $e* calories $or
my buil+ an+ can't burn o$$ those last $e* e,cess poun+s. 5ny a+)ice1
I$ you *ent to an e,pensi)e '+iet coach', the %in+ competiti)e bo+ybuil+ers use, you'+ pay R4##
an hour to ha)e them tal% to you about buil+ing the metabolism. 2his in)ol)es actually
increasing calories an+ buil+ing muscle. 8ou eat small meals constructe+ o$ clean $oo+s space+
e)enly throughout the +ay. 2he FF coach *ill insist you *eight train har+ an+ correct an+ a++
some serious car+io.
8ou su++enly are eating more calories an+ normally the e,cess *oul+ be store+ as bo+y $at,
ho*e)er, since you are li$ting an+ +oing car+io the e,cess caloriess are 'theoretically( use+ to
create ne* muscle tissue. 5$ter $our to si, *ee%s o$ this regimen you'll ha)e succee+e+ in
raising your caloric ceiling. Will you gain *eight +uring this perio+1 9robably. Fut most o$ it *ill
be muscle an+ you are laying the groun+*or% $or $uture success.
5t this 7uncture the R4## an hour coach *oul+ ha)e you begin the 'lean out' phase. 2he i+ea is
to melt the $at o$$ all that ne* muscle you')e built. Fo+ybuil+ers, using this approach, ha)e
streamline+ their metabolisms so ra+ically '$irst gaining muscle in the buil+ing the metabolism
phase, then slice-an+-+ice( that some can eat 5,###-.,### calories a +ay +uring the 'buil+ing
phase' an+ not get $at. 2hen they get rippe+ eating ",5## a +ay.
8ou coul+ +o something similar *ithout the R4##-man but it reEuires an attribute seemingly out
o$ $a)or in our age o$ instant grati$ication: +iscipline.
I $reEuently li$t *ithout a spotter. ;n the bench, that means I'm sacri$icing my last $e* all out
reps. Ho* much coul+ I gain by as%ing someone to help me out *ith these last $e*1
8ou coul+ ha)e reno)ate+ your physiEue three times $aster *ith all those lost reps you
9hysiologically, the reps that bump up against the limit o$ the muscle's( are the ones that trigger
hypertrophy. 9sychologically, *ithout a spotter *e hol+ bac%L its human nature to be cautious in
+angerous situations an+ getting strangulate+ or crushe+ by a *ay*ar+ barbell certainly
Euali$ies as +anger. I$ *e ha)e a competent spotter, one that can *al% an+ che* gum
simultaneously, then *e're a lot more incline+ to try $or an e,tra rep or t*o. Fig-time muscle
gro*th an+ strength gains resi+e in en)elope)ille: that mythical place *here pre)ious poun+age
or rep limits are e,cee+e+.
Manassas, Ca.: Marty,
I am a male, "5,I$t, //#. I ha)e been *ieght training 5 +ays a *ee% $or the past !" mos. In the
last se)eral mos. I ha)e been $ollo*ing a program pro)i+e+ my you. I ha)e e,perience+ goo+
gains in strength an+ mass. My problem, My elbo*s. I ha)e 7oint pain. It is starting to e$$ect my
*or% outs. Ha)e you e)er e,perience any thing li%e this, any suggestions1
8es, all har+ball *eight athletes ha)e e,perience+ e,ercise-in+uce+ elbo* or %nee pain. What
tricep, pec an+ shoul+er e,ercises are you currently +oing1 Ho* hea)y1 Maybe *e can +e)ise
a *ay to train aroun+ the pain. Hea)y tricep e,ercise is o$ten a cause o$ elbo* in$lammation.
Detroit, Mich.: Marty, I')e been lur%ing out here $ollo*ing your a+)ice $or some time no*, you')e
really helpe+ me, than%s. I'm "., male 5'& ectomorph 'not stoc%y( I $irst li$te+ at age "",
*eighing in at a *impy !"5 lbs, an+ no* I'm !I# lbs. My goal is to reach !.# lbs. I'm +oing the
three +ay split routine *ith all the big po*er e,ercises e)ery other +ay, $ollo*ing my *or%out
*ith a three mile run. I starte+ the perio+iDation Aan !st, !#-!/ top set $or 5 *ee%s, then the /#
top set $or 4 *ee%s, 5pril /.th *ill en+ I *ee%s at the the 5 set ma,. 2his en+s the cycle. I +ea+
li$t /I#,5, sEuat /!#,5, bench press !I#,4, clean an+ press !#5,4, ro*s !5#,5, .#,5 curls *ith
arm blaster. I'm pumping har+. 2he +igital scale is my enemy, she +on't go up. I rea+ this gain
a poun+ *ee% an+ I laugh bitterly.'I may ha)e gaine+ I lbs since 7an. !st( =o* at the en+ o$ the
cycle you say ta%e !# +ays o$$1 When I come bac% I'll be $acing the .-!#'s $or 4-I *ee%s. My
Euestions: ho* +o I %no* i$ I shoul+ mo)e on to +i$$erent rep range '4, or I *ee%s( i$ the scale is
stuc% in place1 Ho* +o I lose $at 'small roll aroun+ ab( an+ gain muscle this summer1 shoul+ I
use measuring tape to measure my progress1 Ho* o$ten shoul+ I *eigh in1 $or bul% muscle .-
!# or !# to !/1 Who is Aohn 3ault1
than%s 3uru
!. 2he reason you're not gaining *eight is simpleL you are not ingesting enough calories.
9erio+. Inta%e more than you burn an+ the e,cess *ill 'either( gro* ne* muscle or be
compartmentaliDe+ as bo+y $at. I$ you train har+ the chances are strong that the )ast ma7ority o$
e,cess calories *ill $uel muscle gro*th an+ not en+ up as bo+y $at. 8ou ha)e to e,cee+ your
caloric brea%e)en point by at least 5## calories a +ay. 2his bare minimum a++s up to ",5##
a++itional cumulati)e calories o)er a se)en-+ay perio+ an+ is su$$icient to a++ a poun+ a *ee%.
I$ I *ere coming o$$ 5-rep sets an+ loo%ing to a++ mass, I'+ go to !5 or /# rep sets using a
slo*er rep spee+, $ull e,tension an+ contraction an+ a *i+er pallet o$ e,ercises +one at a
Euic%er pace. I li%e contrast *hen I s*itch rep mo+es. When you +o the high rep sets you nee+
to $orget about sheer poun+age an+ concentrate more on '$eel'. Ma%e the min+-muscle
connection on e)ery slo*e+-+o*n rep. 9oun+age *ill plummet but *ho cares, this is a +i$$erent
+eal an+ *e stri)e $or high rep recor+s. Fest e)er in a particular e,ercise $or !5 or /# repsL *e
establish hi-rep poun+age benchmar%s. Fesi+es, this slo* an+ concentrate+ training lays a
$antastic base $or *hen you 7ump bac% into e,plosi)e, lo* rep po*er training.
/. I suspect you')e reache+ the en+ o$ the line on the bul%ing portion an+ no* the pen+ulum
*ants to s*ing bac% the other +irection. 2hin% about light an+ lean $or summer. Why not $orget
about stu$$ing $oo+ +o*n your pie hole an+ melt o$$ some o$ the e,cess. ?et's polish the chrome
an+ chisel an+ rip that ne* $oun+ muscle mass. Come $all, *hen the cool *eather sets in, *e'll
start a mass buil+ing cycle ane*.
Hey you +i+ great - going $rom !"5 to !I# bo+y *eight - that's a*some - you must loo% so
+i$$erent. =o* lets thin% about a summer peal-bac%, +o*n to a slice+ an+ rippe+ !45-!5# b*t.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty
What +o you thin% about the ne* ab e,ercising machines that are being a+)ertise+ in
in$omercials1 >peci$ically I am tal%ing about the 5b-Doer '*here you sit on a chair that has
han+les on the bac%, an+ you ben+ si+e to si+e an+ bac% an+ $orth( an+ the 5b-6oller '*here
you %neel hol+ing a *heele+ segment in $ront o$ you an+ you sli+e up an+ +o*n an+ bac% an+
$orth(. Do they seem li%e they are base+ on soun+ principles o$ $itness or +o they seem li%e 7ust
mostly hype an+ a+)ertising1
Aohn 5bo has a pretty cool loo%ing +e)ice, I must a+mit. I')e ne)er trie+ one but I lo)e the multi-
+imensional motor-path*ay this +e)ice e,hibits. Cery cle)er. Muscle stress $rom a )ariety o$
angles appeals to me. We use+ to +o similar contortions hol+ing a me+icine ball *hile +oing sit-
ups on the +rea+e+ 6oman chair. Most machines an+ +e)ices loc% you into a precise groo)e
an+ that is not a goo+ thing. 2he ab-+oer seems to allo* all %in+s o$ +i$$erent *eighte+ patterns.
I shoul+ get me one an+ test +ri)e it. Has anyone out there purchase+ one1 5ny results, goo+
or ba+1
=e* 8or%, =.8.: Hi Marty4 2han%s $or the 3reat 5+)ice.
Can *e measure bo+y $at B at home1 Ho* is it +one at the gym1 Ho* accurate is it1 Can you
also tell us appropriate ranges $or $emales1
=ot really. 8ou can but you nee+ to buy some calipers an+ ha)e an assistant to help get spots
on your bac% you cannot reach.
Most commercial gyms use cheesy plastic calipers an+ in the han+s o$ *ell-intentione+
amateurs pro+uce rea+ings that are notoriously inaccurate. 0ranco Columbo once sai+, 5 *ell
lighte+ hall*ay mirror is the greatest bo+y $at measuring +e)ice e)er in)ente+.
Washington, D.C.: Feen *anting to increase the amount o$ *or% I'm +oing on my bac%.
Currently, I')e been ta%ing your a+)ice on +ea+li$ts at 'J5,5L !!5,!L !/5,!L !55,5 a++ing
5T-*ee%(. With that +ea+li$t routine, ho* can I apply the same reps-sets *ith seate+ 6o* an+
o)erhea+ pull+o*n. 5re there any other suggeste+ e,ercises $or bac% +ay1
2his loo%s goo+ - is there a problem1
8ou are cycling the +ea+li$ts an+ $inish o$$ *ith /-" sets o$ .-!# reps in the seate+ ro* 'Hammer
>trength1( an+ a $e* sets o$ let pull+o*ns. I$ you +o these three e,ercises har+ an+ right, you
shoul+ $eel spent, blaste+ an+ not capable o$ any more by the time you get to the last set o$
pull+o*ns. I$ you're not blaste+ an+ beat I'+ conclu+e that you are not *or%ing close enough to
your ma,imum reps or poun+age. Done right, +ea+s, ro*s an+ pull+o*ns '+one seEuentially(
*ill %noc% the piss-an+-)inegar outo$ the toughest, strongest li$ter.
5rlington, Ca.: Marty,
0irst o$$, 2han%s $or the a+)ice in this column...I cobble+ together a program $rom your recos in
the chat an+ bumpe+ up my bench to "!#...!# lbs more than my college ma, *hen I *eighe+
/# lbs more than I +o no*, I cre+it your %no*le+ge an+ inspiration. 2han%s. =o* the Euestion.
Do you attempt to reach $ailure on each set or +o you sa)e some $or the last ! or t*o sets1 I
ha)e been ta%ing it easy on the !st an+ /n+ sets an+ really going har+ on sets " through 5. 5m I
slac%ing too much here1
;h no, you are e,actly on the money. Warm ups shoul+ ne)er, e)er be +one in such a *ay as
to re+uce our top-set capacity. 2oo many no)ices *aste all the energy on *arm ups an+ by the
time they get to the top set they')e blo*n a goo+ portion o$ their strength. We *ant to conser)e
energy $or the '*or% sets'.
Washington, D.C.:
Hey Marty,
I'm a /. year male, !4# lbs an+ I +o $ull bo+y *or%outs *ith $ree*eights t*ice a *ee%. >houl+ I
use one +ay as my easy li$ting *ith high reps an+ the other +ay as my hea)y li$ting *ith lo*
reps1 ;r shoul+ both +ays be hea)y li$ting *ith lo* reps1 5lso, *hat +oes separating
pushing an+ pulling +ays accomplish1 2han%s.
?oo% - I ne)er +o 'easy' li$ting *hether its high reps or lo* reps - I *or% right up to my poun+age
limit regar+less o$ *hether I'm concentrating on high rep sets or lo* rep sets. I ne)er thin% about
'push-pull' I thin% in terms on stress con$lict. I ne)er *ant to hit a muscle until it's heale+ $rom the
pre)ious session. I am also a*are that there is a certain amount o$ muscle con$lict: to *or% the
lo*er bac% an+ thighs o$ten in)ol)es the same muscles as +o triceps-shoul+ers an+ pectorals.
2his is *hy I'+ ne)er +o o)erhea+ presses to *or% shoul+ers on Mon+ay an+ then bench press
$or pecs on 2ues+ay. 2he triceps an+ $ront +elts are use+ in both o)erhea+ pressing an+
benching an+ *oul+ be terribly $atigue+ an+ a+)ersely a$$ect my bench on the $ollo*ing +ay.
6ather, I'+ bench on Mon+ay, rest my +elts an+ tris on 2ues+ay an+ We+nes+ay, an+ then hit
shoul+er presses *ith reste+ $ront +elts an+ triceps on 2hurs+ay.
I'+ *oul+ ne)er +ea+li$t on Mon+ay an+ sEuat on 2ues+ay, +espite one being a push 'sEuat(
an+ one a pull '+ea+li$ts( an+ no suppose+ con$lict *or%ing them t*o +ays in a ro*.
3aithersburg, M+.: Can you recommen+ some goo+ butt e,ercises1 2o strengthen-tone, etc.,
especially $or $emales. 2han%s4
High rep $ree-han+ sEuats +one in a slo* an+ controlle+ $ashion going +eep an+ consistent on
each rep. ?o*er yoursel$ slo* an+ un+er control an+ *hen it is time to arise begin the ascent by
contracting the glutes. >tart *ith one set o$ /#-reps an+ buil+ up to 5# or e)en !##-reps o)er
Watch your $or%. Most big butts are the result o$ e,cess calories, not lac% o$ e,ercise.
5rlington, Ca.: Hi Marty,
I'm a 4#-year ol+ man *hose $itness interests are limite+ to $ighting mi++le-age sprea+ rather
than preparing $or iron-man contests. I'+ li%e to incorporate more *eight-li$ting into my regime.
2he problem is that I must ha)e arthritic han+s because *hene)er I try to push beyon+ a
*or%out o$ minimal intensity I e,perience so much pain in my han+s that I can't continue to the
point *here my muscles are pumpe+.
5ny suggestions1
2ry *earing a goo+ li$ting glo)e. ;n pulling e,ercises you can use straps but you'll nee+
someone to sho* you ho* to use them. >traps allo* you +o pulling e,ercises *ith less grip
strength. Worth a try.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty. I recently starte+ running $or the $irst time in my li$e, an+ ha)e ta%en
to it pretty *ell gi)en that I *as alrea+y into other acti)ities. 6ight no*, I run $or "# minutes at a
$airly slo* pace an+ I'+ li%e to increase $irst either my +uration or spee+. 5re there +i$$erent
gains to be ma+e by increasing either1
2hose are the )ariables to t*ea% - +uration an+ intensity.
Dallas, 9a.: I'm a "4 year-ol+ $emale, in goo+ health e,cept $or a cholesterol le)el o$ /!J. =o*
that school is $inishe+, I'm loo%ing to get healthier an+ am consi+ering a personal trainer to get
starte+. What $actors are critical in hiring a 921 Ho* long shoul+ I stay *ith him-her an+ *hat
%in+ o$ *or%out ethic shoul+ I e,pect $rom him-her1 5ny help you can gi)e me *oul+ be
*on+er$ul. 2han% you )ery much4
Do you ha)e any $itness bac%groun+1 Ha)e you e)er li$te+ *eights or +one any aerobic training
on a regular basis1 2hese Euestions are important. I$ you are a total beginner I thin% paying a
92 R/#-!## an hour might become an a)oi+able e,pense an+ one that a si,-*ee% beginner
*eight training course at the local 8MC5 might pro)i+e $or a $raction o$ the price. Marty
3allagher: I ha+ a real goo+ inter)ie* yester+ay *ith the *orl+'s greatest mi,e+ martial arts-no
hol+s barre+ $ighter, Mar% 2he Hammer Coleman. Mar% 7ust got bac% $rom Aapan *here he
o)er*helme+ FraDilian Au7utsu master 5lan 3oes in !:"/ secon+s o$ the $irst roun+. We tal%e+
at length about ho* he'+ change+ his training in preparation $or this $ight an+ the thing he
mentione+ that resonate+ *ith me *as.
Marty, be$ore this last $ight I spent !#-months an+ *or%e+ on my *ea% points - mainly car+io
con+itioning. I still *or%e+ *ith the *eights har+ as e)er, but I thin% I'm maturing. In the past I
*oul+ *or% the hell out o$ my strengths an+ they *ere so outstan+ing, my po*er an+ *restling
s%ills, that I $le* up the ran%ings an+ e)entually *on the @0C three times. I stagnate+ an+
$loun+ere+ a bit as the other $ighters stu+ie+ my matches an+ $igure+ out my style an+ i+enti$ie+
my *ea%nesses.
Marty 3allagher: What an i+iot I am - I acci+entally sent the intro o$$ be$ore I *as $inishe+ telling
about Mar% Coleman ...
Mar% procee+e+ to relate ho* the other $ighters siDe+ him up a$ter his three @0C *ins an+
$ought him such a *ay as to counter his strengths an+ ta%e a+)antage o$ his *ea%ness in the
con+itioning +epartment. In his most embarrassing +e$eat he *as too tire+ to hol+ his han+s up
late in a $ight an+ got %noc%e+ out *ith a *ell place+ %ic% to the $ace.
I $oun+ a big steep hill an+ ran up that suc%er ten times a +ay. I$ I +i+n't thro* up I $elt I *as not
*or%ing har+ enough. 2he hill too% t*o minutes to run up all-out an+ he *ent no-stop: run up,
7og +o*n, that *as one rep. 5$ter ten months on the 'hill o$ eternal agony' Coleman *ent to the
96ID: tourney last year *eighing a rippe+ /"!. He Feat 6ussia's Igor Colchinchin in the $inal
an+ establishe+ himsel$ as the *orl+'s best combat $ighter. 6ather then rest on his laurels, this
year he ran the hill !5 times a session an+ *eighe+ in at this year's 96ID: at an incre+ible /!J-
poun+s. He +estroye+ the $iel+ once again.
9oint being this: are you *or%ing har+est on your *ea% points1 ;r are you eternally playing to
your strengths *hile ignoring your *ea%nesses1 I$ you *ant to impro)e your physiEue in the
shortest time, *or% your *ea%ness.
I *ill post the perio+iDation article ne,t *ee%. I $inishe+ it this morning an+ *ant to spit-polish it
o)er the ne,t *ee%.
=ortheast: Hey, Marty -- I hope you're en7oying the gorgeous *eather an+ $eeling strong to+ay4
Guic% Euestion: What +o you thin% o$ roc% climbing 'in+oor-out+oor-boul+ering( $or car+io $itness
an+-or strength1 I 7ust too% a beginner's class an+ ?;C:D it, but I'm *on+ering ho* to integrate
climbing into my $itness routine. 5s a petite *oman, I learne+ that I really nee+ to *or% on my
upper-bo+y strength, but *hat else1 'I ha)e been li$ting-e,ercising $or years, so I'm not starting
$rom scratch.( Can climbing be aerobic1 8our $ee+bac% is appreciate+. Many than%s, Coach4
Marty 3allagher: Hey - I')e ne)er +one any climbing but ho* coul+ it be anything other then
cool an+ bene$icial. >trap on a heart rate monitor an+ $in+ out e,actly ho* it stac%s up
aerobically. 2hese little high-tech +e)ices allo* us to compare the aerobic intensity o$ one
e,ercise acti)ity to another. In)aluable4
My ol+ coach use+ to say in his grumpy <en $ashion, I$ you *ant to get a better sEuat - then
sEuat more4 I$ you *ant to get a bigger bench - +o more bench presses4
In that same generous spirit I *oul+ say that i$ you *ant to become a better roc% climber - then
climb more roc%s4
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I')e al*ays been slight o$ $rame an+ s%innyL one o$ those people *hose *eight +oesn't $luctuate
much regar+less o$ ho* much I eat an+-or *or%out. 5t 5'!# I'm not Euite !5#lbs.
9roblem is, I can't put on muscle. When I li$t regularly, I get stronger 'slightly(, but see )ery little
change in muscle mass or tone. I'm "., an+ ha)e recently starte+ li$ting again no* that I'm *ith
a more con)enient gym. I'+ li%e to gain more muscle $or bone health an+ re+uce+ in7ury ris%.
;%ay, an+ to loo% goo+, too.
Is there something more I can +o1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou +on't eat enough $oo+.
?oo%L it's simple biological math an+ you aren't e,empt $rom the la*s o$ nature.
8ou nee+ to ingest more calories then you burn. Do so an+ the e,cess *ill be
compartmentaliDe+ either as $at or muscle. I$ you li$t *eights an+ +o car+io then the e,cess *ill
li%ely be con)erte+ to muscle. 9ure math.
8ou nee+ to eat a lot more Euality $oo+ an+ li$t li%e your hair *as on $ire.
Come stay *ith me $or a *ee% an+ I gaur-en-tee that you *oul+ lea)e $i)e poun+s hea)ier, a lot
stronger an+ all o$ the ne* bo+y *eight *oul+ be muscle. Cran% up the )olume4
5rlington, Ca.: Marty,
I $eel I am in e,cellent physical strength, I'm $emale, "I, 5'5 an+ *eigh !"J. I'm muscular an+
am Euite happy *ith my bo+y e,cept $or my mi++le section. I li$t *eights 4 times per *ee% an+
+o car+io '45 minute sessions( I times per *ee% - 7ust uppe+ it $rom 5 to I times per *ee%. I'm a
)egetarian but I eat salmon an+ tuna an+ no-$at cheese. My +iet is e,cellent +uring the *ee%
an+ on 0ri+ay an+ >atur+ay, I usually ha)e a $e* beers an+ am not as cautious *ith *hat I eat.
I'm *on+ering *hat I can +o to re+uce the siDe o$ my mi++le section. I')e got e,cellent muscle
tone un+erneath the $at, you 7ust can't see it )ery *ell4
Do I ha)e to eliminate beer, carbs1
2han%s $or any a+)ice.
Marty 3allagher: 3olly, I hate to lose the beer.
I rather +o a little more car+io an+ ta%e out some starch. I'm being honestL i$ you *ere entering a
bo+ybuil+ing competition then yes, e)ery single suspect $oo+ an+ +rin% *oul+ ha)e to be
7ettisone+. I$ I *as 7ust *anting to tighten up a bit $or the bathing suit, I *oul+ %ic% up my car+io
an+ cut bac% on some rice. I coul+ burn an e,tra /## per car+io session an+ recup "## calories
o$ rice in a +ay. Hey, that ma%es room $or a $e* importe+ beers4
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty,
Hi. I nee+ some help *or%ing aroun+ an in7ury. Currently my right *rist is bange+ up, an+
pre)ents me $rom +oing any curl-type motions. I can still +o presses an+ pulls, that motion isn't
restricte+, but a curl *ill cause a lot o$ pain an+ set bac% my e$$orts at reco)ery so I'm a)oi+ing
them completely. Is there something I coul+-shoul+ be +oing to %eep up my arm strength *hile
it's getting better1 >houl+ I maybe up the car+io in place o$ the *eight *or% I'm a)oi+ing1
Marty 3allagher: Well no* let's hol+ bac% our *il+ horses - loo%it - your getting your %nic%ers in
a bunch o)er biceps an+ $orearms, t*o tiny an+ relati)ely insigni$icant muscles. In terms o$
o)erall muscle mass, biceps an+ $orearms account $or a small, small percent o$ o)erall muscle
mass. I am so gla+ that you can still press an+ pull an+ sEuat *ithout pain. Can you bench1
I thin% you shoul+ 7ust lea)e the curls totally alone until the pain goes a*ay. Ho* many sets o$
curls *ere you +oing1 8ou ma%e it soun+ li%e since you can't curl anymore you no* ha)e hours
o$ training time le$to)er. I +o "#-minutes o$ curls per *ee%, no more.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I'+ li%e to a++ the snatch an+ clean an+ 7er% to my *or%out. What's the best
approach to learning these li$ts1
Marty 3allagher: >tart real light, learn the techniEue an+ i$ possible $in+ a goo+ ;lympic li$ting
coach. >ee i$ you can contact one through your local gym. ;-li$ting is tric%y an+ subtle an+
reEuires techniEue an+ patience. I$ you muscle up the *eight in the snatch o$ COA instea+ o$
using a nice gli+e-an+-toss, you can mess up a shoul+er, elbo* or %nee as these mo)ements
are highly ballistic. I lo)e the ;-li$ts but +on't +o them anymore.
0air$a,, Ca.: Hi Marty,
I')e got a Euestion. I'm trying to lose $at, an+ ha)ing some trouble coming up *ith a list o$ $oo+s
that are lo* in re$ine+ an+ starchy carbs an+ high in protein. >o, can you tell me *hat you eat1
What's a typical menu li%e $or you *hen you're in a lean out phase1 2han%s4
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay - I 7ust *ent to the store be$ore I signe+ on: here's my shopping list.
egg *hites
$lan% stea%
ribeye stea%
chic%en thighs
chic%en breasts - boneless-s%inless
sala+ ma%ings
green peppers
)i+alia onions
$resh garlic
green beans
corn on the cob
basamati rice
tiny re+ potatoes
s*eet potatoes
I generally pic% one $rom each category $or each o$ my three $oo+ meals. I ta%e sport nutrition
bars an+ protein sha%es $or my other three time+ '$ee+ings'.
Washington, D.C.: Hi, coul+ you suggest some e,ercises $or strengthening the abs other than
sit-ups1 I'm an acti)e 'running, %ic%bo,ing( petite *oman but sit-up al*ays hurt my nec% an+
Marty 3allagher: =obo+y +oes sit-ups anymore $or e,actly the reason you stateL nec% an+ lo*
bac% pain.
leg raises on a stair lan+ing - lo*er the leg belo* the plane o$ the bo+y 'or belo* the sur$ace o$
a stur+y e,ercise bench(. >lo* an+ controlle+ ",/# reps
Hanging leg raises using straps to eliminate grip
>lo-mo crunches - slo* +o*n the rep spee+.
Washington, D.C: Marty --
Ho* critical is post *or%out muscle soreness to muscle gro*th1
I consistently change up my *or%outs 'e,ercises, poun+age, rep range( an+ my *or%outs are
intense ... but the +elaye+ onset muscle soreness 'D;M>( is not as se)ere as I remember
*hen I $irst starte+ li$ting 'about / years ago(.
>o, is D;M> an in+icator o$ muscle gro*th1
Marty 3allagher: >oreness )aries ra+ically $rom person to person e)en i$ i+entical trauma is
in$licte+. I *oul+ say not to *orry about it - you are probably one o$ those in+i)i+uals *hose
system is a+ept at $lushing lactic aci+ an+ *aste pro+ucts out o$ the muscle. ;ne o$ the greatest
li$ters in the history o$ strength sports *as Hir% Har*os%i. 2hough he coul+ li$t a house he ne)er
got sore.
I get sore an+ lo)e to use the +egree o$ soreness as a gauge $or my training, but the +egree o$
soreness )aries so much in+i)i+ual to in+i)i+ual that there are no har+ an+ $ast rules.
Washington, D.C.: Hi,
I *as *on+ering *hat your opinion *oul+ be on the Fo+y $or ?i$e program. I am I'", /4# 'a
$ormer college $ootball player( an+ not nearly as soli+ as I use+ to be. Fo+y $at *as recently
measure+ at /# percent an+ I $oun+ that scary '*hen I playe+, I *as . percent(.
;r coul+ you suggest another program1
Marty 3allagher: Fo+y $or ?i$e is $ine - F9 is smart enough to incorporate li$ting, car+io an+
nutrition into an o)erall battleplan. Fut you *ill go stale on it e)entually. >o 7ump in *ith both $eet
an+ I suspect $or the $irst I-!I *ee%s you'll ma%e some nice gains, particularly since you are on
the comebac% trail. Heep me apprise+ o$ your progress each month. I suspect you *ill be in $or
some e,cellent gains i$ you are serious.
Washington, D.C.: Hello Marty,
I li$t *eights on a regular basis ", a *ee% an+ I +o aerobic e,ercise 4, a *ee%. I')e seen
impro)ements but I +on't see any +e)elopment in my abs. I train them t*ice a *ee% +uring my
*eight training. Woul+ a++ing crunches, etc. to my aerobic e,ercise help *ith my ab+ominal
Marty 3allagher: 8ou can turn your ab+ominals into bullet-proo$ iron plates but i$ you eat too
much $oo+ or +rin% too much beer the abs *ill be obscure+ by a thic% layer o$ lar+. 5b e,ercises
are nice but the %ey to muscle clarity lies in melting the obscuring bo+y $at o$$ through +iet - not
in per$orming en+less ab e,ercise.
5n+o)er, Mass.: Hi Coach,
I'm a bit con$use+. I 7ust got o$$ some o$ the bo+ybuil+ing sites on the *eb an+ it seems my
routine o$ " $ull-bo+y *or%outs a *ee% is a little o)er%ill. Do you agree1 I')e been $ollo*ing your
perio+iDation routine some*hat but am I *or%ing to har+1 I'm ma%ing some gains but mentally
I'm $iDDling out. 8our *ise counsel *oul+ be greatly appreciate+. 3reat chat a$ter so many years
o$ starts an+ stops you')e gi)en me the moti)ation to %eep going. 2han%s an+ ta%e care ....
Marty 3allagher: Gua%er $rom 5n+o)er - *hat a han+le.
Hey loo% bu+, I ne)er suggeste+ anyone +o three $ull bo+y routines a *ee% because that's
totally too much. I suspect you misinterprete+ something or another I *rote. "-time a *ee%
training *ent out o$ style in about !JI.. I train a muscle once a *ee%, har+ an+ intense, then
rest it $or a $ull *ee%.
=o*, I +o recommen+ $ull bo+y routines $or those 7ust starting out an+ there is a reason: they
are so *ea% as beginners that they trauma in$licte+, *hile intense to the untraine+, is relati)ely
easy on the bo+y's reco)ery ability.
2he stronger you get the more time you nee+ $or the muscle to reco)er $rom the poun+ing. 2he
truly strong ha)e trouble reco)ering in &-+ays but so *oul+ you i$ you *ere, li%e the Coans' an+
Har*os%is' sEuatting .5#,5 an+ +ea+li$ting .4#," three +ays later 'plus a $ull compliment o$ the
appropriate assistance e,ercises(.
What is you current training routine1 >en+ it to me *ith +ays, ho* long the session lasts, sets,
reps, etc.,
Washington, D.C.: I %no* you a+)ise not to li$t $or a sore bo+y part until the soreness goes
a*ay, but ho* +oes that *or% *ith soreness $rom car+io: Ha+ my $irst soccer game on >un+ay,
an+ am still sore as all hec%, but I set a 96 in sEuat yester+ay.
Was I being stupi+, or is there a +i$$erence in the source o$ soreness1
Marty 3allagher: =o hell no - you be +a' man4
We got to use these *eight traine+ muscles other*ise *e become artL mirror athletes, $orm
*ithout $unction. 9lay soccer, climb roc%s, F5>: 7ump o$$ buil+ings, po*erli$t in competition,
enter toughman competitions, become a chess 3ran+master . . . seiDe li$e by the throat an+
sha%e it until it sEueals li%e gran+ma's >un+ay chic%en.
=o* *hat *as the Euestion1
0re+eric%, M+.: Hi Marty, I'm a ;-li$ter *hose 7oints are getting too sore an+ am trying to s*itch
to po*erli$ting. I rea+ your article in MI?; on pause sEuats an+ *ante+ to gi)e it a try but I'm
concerne+ about my %nees hol+ing a bottom position sEuat'I sEuat e,tremely +eep(. 5ny
a+)ice1 2han%s
Marty 3allagher: Hey 0re+eric% - +on't sEuat so +eep.
2hat's *here the %nee problems arise. I')e inter)ie*e+ more sports me+icine +octors then you
can sha%e a stic% at an+ they all say that sEuatting +o*n to parallel an+ slightly belo*, an+ the
%nees are actually strengthene+. 3o super +eep an+ the %nee opens an+ that's ba+. 2his is *hy
>ultan 6achmanino) an+ 5le,an+er Hurlolo)ich are )irtual cripples. 2he super lo* position
combine+ *ith the ballistic reboun+ is a +ea+ly combo.
>o rela, a little, sEuat high '$or you(. 8ou mo)e bigger *eight sa$er. 5n+ my pause sEuats are
the per$ect *ay to gro)e in the ne* techniEue.
>an Diego, Cali$.: Hey Marty,
2han%s $or the entertaining an+ in$ormati)e sessions e)ery *ee%. I appreciate them an+ rea+
them +iligently.
Ho* can I tell ho* much muscle I')e gaine+ )s. $at I')e lost1 I'm a /.-year-ol+ *oman, 5'5, an+
!!& lbs +o*n $rom !/& than%s to some encouragement $rom Mr. 3allagher. I %no* that *eight
$alls *ell into the healthy range, but I ha)e a )ery thin $rame an+ until about /5 ne)er *eighe+
more than about !#., so the su++en !J-lb *eight gain *as a shoc% to me an+ the closet 'but a
great e,cuse to go shopping that I +on't plan to employ e)er again(. 5ny*ay, because o$ a
bunch o$ tra)el plans, I +i+n't *or% out $or almost / *ee%s but still lost another poun+. What are
the chances that I really lost a poun+ o$ muscle1 2han%s $or the *is+om.
Marty 3allagher: I li%e 0ranco Columbos recent statement in 3rappler MagaDine: 5 large, *ell
lighte+ hall*ay mirror is the greatest bo+y $at testing +e)ice e)er in)ente+.
>tretch City: 5 $e* *ee%s ago you mentione+ a ne* $oun+ interest in stretching. >o *hat +i+ it
ta%e you to realiDe the long term bene$its o$ ha)ing $le,ible muscles1 Can you please elaborate
on them.
Marty 3allagher: Well I')e al*ays realiDe+ the bene$its o$ $le,ible muscles an+ too% some
classes $rom 8oga master 6uth Connor bac% in the early &#'s. @se+ some >atcha+anan+a
hatha yoga techniEues an+ *as )ery impresse+ *ith the >i)anan+a boo% a $e* years bac%.
9a)el 2satsouline is a $ormer 6ussian >petDnaD instructor an+ $le,ibility master an+ *hen he
relocate+ to this country he re%in+le+ my interest as *e became $rien+s. 2he bo+ybuil+ing
genius, Aohn 9arrillo began incorporating target stretching into his *eight *or%outs as part o$ his
$ascial stretching therom. I thin% stretching is the per$ect 8in-8ang compliment to li$ting. 8ou
o$$set the compacting e$$ects o$ li$ting *ith the elongating e$$ects o$ a stretch - a speci$ic stretch
+esigne+ to hit the *eight traine+ muscle.
It 7ust resonates in me as true an+ correct an+ appropriate.
Full $rom Chesapea%e: Marty,
3reat straight tal% - ha)e a++e+ "# lb to my sEuat o)er last 4 mos *ithout any more 'belly'. My
problem is that I +on't %no* *hich au,iliary e,ercises are *orth +oing - magaDines sho* a
bunch o$ +i$$erent ones, but they all seem to *or% smaller muscles. 5ny >uggestions1
Marty 3allagher: Full $rom Chesapea%e - *ith a han+le li%e that, I got *a)e you to the $ront o$
the line an+ open the )el)et rope an+ let you sashsha right on into >tu+io 54.
>Euat an+ bench press an+ +o a little arm an+ some shoul+er *or% an+ not much else. ?oo% to
go +eep into the *oo+she+ an+ not emerge until you ha)e buste+ e)ery single personal best in
each o$ the ma7or e,ercise mo)ements. =o* i$ you nee+ to gain !#-/# poun+s o)er the ne,t
three months in or+er to mo)e the big poun+age then so be it - *e'll trim up all that ne*ly
minte+ muscle a$ter you bust out o$ the *oo+she+ li%e ?ou 0errigno Hul%ing out.
>tart pic%ing out a *hole ne* *ar+robe /-" siDes bigger - an+ set asi+e some a++itional buc%s
$or groceries.
2ime to put a*ay the baby toys Full an+ get serious4
Doc 9in%-gee-ra in Monterey: Dear Coach 3allagher,
I ha)e been $ollo*ing 0ran% <ane's li$ting program that he use+ $or si, *ee%s prior to his Mr.
;lympia )ictories, an+ a Clarence Fass +iet $or mass. I ha)e been eating a lot..three cans o$
tuna $ish an+ three rice ca%es a +ay4 My arms are !4-!-/ inches, but I +on't *ant to get too big,
so I thin% I nee+ to scale bac% my training. I +on't *ant to o)ertrain. I 7ust *ant to $irm up an+
lose the $at aroun+ the mi++le $or summer an+ get bac% in shape. What shoul+ I +o1
9rops to my man 36I?? on the &#5 easy +ea+li$t.
>eriously, I hear+ through the grape)ine that :+ is going to li$t ne,t month in West Cirginia, an+
that 3ary 0ran% might li$t too. Coul+ *e see a /5## an+ /I## total in the same meet. What up
*ith that1
Doc 9in%-gee-ra
Marty 3allagher: Well, *ell, *ell - Docster 9in%ster 7ust bac% $rom Horea. >o you ne)er got bac%
to me on Mr. Horea - +oes he still ha)e the :l)is pompa+or an+ +o *omen still s*oon as he
struts +o*n the street
I *oul+ suggest that you begin +oing /# sets o$ /# *ith /#B allo*ing /#-secon+s rest bet*een
each set. 2his in the sEuat, bench an+ +ea+li$t.
It's the latest.
I thin% 3rillman can hit .## in a year i$ he can stay a*ay $rom chie$ Iron Fear at the s*eat lo+ge.
>o *hen is the &##-barrier going to $all $or you1
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay $ol%s - I')e got to sign o$$. I'm going to +ri)e up to a local $iretrail in the
7eep *ith the top +o*n *ith my *i$e an+ climb it be$ore sunset.
9lease remember that unans*ere+ Euestions get the in-+epth treatment an+ *ill magically
appear here ne,t *ee%. ?oo% $or the le$to)ers $rom last *ee%'s clamba%e - see you later4
Washington, D.C.: Marty: 4I y-o $emale. I')e been li$ting *eights /, *ee% *-personal trainer $or
almost a year. 9ast $e* months a pinche+ ner)e in my nec% that causes pain +o*n my le$t arm.
=othing seems to ma%e it stop hurting. 2*o years ago *ent to a chiropractor an+ it helpe+. Fut
not this time. I can't per$orm any e,tension type e,ercises because o$ the pain. Meantime my
granny arms are getting *orse. 5ny a+)ice as to e,ercise or other types o$ +ocs to see1
In the goo+ ol+ +ays be$ore HM;s an+ all this craDy health insurance con$usion, I'+ say, hey,
go on o)er to Dr. Fen >chae$$er. Fen is a DC-base+ sports surgeon an+ a real pro. He'+ shoot
a ,-ray an+ you'+ $in+ out, once an+ $or all, e,actly *hat you're +ealing *ith. He'+ then suggest
a)ailable reme+ies an+ you'+ be on the roa+ to reco)ery. =o*a+ays it's easier getting appointe+
5mbassa+or to Aapan then it is to obtain a re$erral to see a Doctor 'out-o$-plan'. I suggest you
see a sports me+icine +octor. 2hey loo% at these %in+s o$ in7uries e)ery +ay o$ the *ee% an+
rather than guess or surmise or thin%, a real goo+ +octor *ill ta%e a picture, loo% at the ,-ray an+
then a+)ise a reme+ial plan base+ on scienti$ic $acts.
Montgomery Cillage, M+.: Hi,
2han%s $or all your help. I *rote to you earlier about getting moti)ate+ to start an e,ercise
routine a$ter ha)ing a baby. I really appreciate your help an+ moti)ation. I ha)e starte+ an+ %ept
at a *al%ing routine on the trea+mill $i)e times a *ee%. 5n+ on the *ee%en+s I try to go $or a
longer bris% *al% outsi+e *ith the baby in the stroller an+ my husban+. I ha)e lost *eight an+
am starting to tone up. More importantly I $eel so much better. I 7ust rea+ your ans*er to
6oc%)ille regar+ing a++ing t*o *eight sessions. I *oul+ li%e to +o that. What shoul+ I +o. My
husban+ has a $ull set o$ $ree *eights at home an+ a *eight bench. 5ny suggestions1 Do I
substitute the *eight sessions $or some o$ the car+io or a++ it as an a++ition1
Maybe I shoul+ Euit $ighting it an+ become the 9regnancy 3uru.
0eeling goo+ is the most o)erloo%e+ bene$it o$ a comprehensi)e $itness program.
When you complete a serious *or%out psychologically an+ physiologically things occur *ithin
the bo+y. 9sychologically the $act that you are +oing something about the unsatis$actory state o$
your physical +e)elopment releases a tremen+ous amount o$ conscious an+ subconscious
mental tension. 8ou are actually +oing something about your bo+y instea+ o$ *orrying an+
$retting about the conseEuences o$ neglect an+ abuse. 9hysiologically, the bo+y releases
en+orphins 'a narcotic-li%e hormone( *hen the athlete trains really har+. 2his creates a post
*or%out a$ter-glo*. 9lus, losing e,cess bo+y $at allo*s you to motor aroun+ leaner, lighter an+
*ith a better physical sel$-image. 5ll in all, you $eel better.
>plit your a)ailable training time bet*een *eights an+ car+io - ne)er either-or, both.
>ession I
0reehan+ sEuat
Fench press
?eg curl
>ession II
Farbell ro*
>tan+ing o)erhea+ press
;)erhea+ triceps e,tension
Do /-" sets o$ !# reps. 2ry an+ a++ a $e* reps each session. When you can +o !5-reps on the
last set *ith your top *eight, a++ poun+age, +rop bac% to !#-reps an+ try an+ *or% the ne*
poun+age bac% up to !5-reps o)er time.
5le,an+ria, Ca. -- I am a /" year ol+, I'/'', !.. poun+ male.
5s recently as 0eb. /# '*hen I starte+ my ne* *or%out routine(. I *eighe+ /#& poun+s. I )o*e+
to bring that +o*n to !.#, *hich I am currently *or%ing on by +oing 45 minutes o$ car+io I +ays
a *ee% to go along *ith " +ays a *ee% o$ li$ting, an+ o$ course, eating much less. I ha)e alrea+y
ma+e a lot o$ progress, but I am *on+ering *hat I shoul+ +o to begin to bul% up once I get +o*n
to !.#. I *ant to e)entually be a pretty cut !.5. 2han%s, an+ I +o en7oy your chat.
8ours is a great problem to ha)e.
;nce you ha)e obtaine+ a rippe+ an+ lean physiEue the easiest thing in the *orl+ to +o is a++
Euality muscle. Hey - you get to eat more $oo+ - cool4 2he tric% is not getting craDy an+ $loo+ing
the bo+y *ith so many calories so $ast that the e,cess is shuttle+ o$ to $at storage. ?imit your
bo+y *eight gains to !-/ poun+s a *ee%. ?oo% to slo*ly a++ in Euality calories once you')e
gotten to the bottom turnaroun+. Drop your reps an+ +o some po*er training as this *ill
stimulate the accumulation o$ ne* muscle mass.
=W Washington, D.C.: Marty-
I ha)e been +oing a beginner *eight program that I got $rom you that I ha)e been +oing $or
about . *ee%s no* an+ I thin% that I am hitting a plateau. 'I am a /& year ol+ $emale, 5'J, !4#--
loo%ing to be !"5( Here is *hat I +o t*ice a *ee%:
" sets o$ !# 'light, me+ium, hea)y(
hamstring curls
seate+ cal$ raises
push ups 'I ha)e a shoul+er problem that ma%es bench pressing pain$ul(
o)erhea+ +umbbell raises
pull +o*ns
bicep curls
tricep push +o*ns
I +e$initely ha)e gotten stronger--no* I ha)e some muscles in my arms--but I $eel li%e I am not
mo)ing to the ne,t le)el. What *oul+ be a goo+ *ay to t*ea% this an+ lose the last 5 poun+s1
What's up *ith the car+io an+ +iet legs o$ the 2ripo+ o$ 0itness1
In some *ays the li$ting is the easiest part.
I *oul+ suggest you %eep the current roster o$ e,ercises an+ the current seEuence. Drop the
poun+age an+ %ic% the reps up to /# on the $inal set o$ each e,ercise. 2ry an+ really
concentrate on ma%ing a min+-muscle connection as you +o the $inal all-out /#-rep set in each
mo)ement. @se a $ull range o$ motionL +on't s%imp on the length o$ the e,ercise stro%e as this
shortchanges results. 2o trigger ma,imum gains in the shortest time$rame you ha)e to *or%
+iligently *ithin all three legs o$ the $itness tripo+ an+ +o so simultaneously. 2his creates
physical synergy an+ results are spe+ up consi+erably. I')e seen time a$ter time *hat amaDing
results can occur *hen eEual emphasis is gi)en to all three legs o$ the tripo+.
Cirginia: Hi Marty,
I *or% out regularly 'martial arts, bi%ing, *eights( an+ I am )ery happy *ith the *ay I loo% in
clothes. I +on't *orry too much about my +iet - it's generally healthy e,cept $or a mean s*eet
tooth. H;W:C:6, I am going to be seen in a bathing suit by C;W;6H:6> in I *ee%s an+ I
ha)e some $lab o)er my soli+ muscles. I %no* *hat I nee+ to +oL my Euestion is, Can I ma%e a
pretty goo+ +i$$erence in I *ee%s i$ I step up the car+io an+ *atch the +iet1 I'm small '5'" an+
*eigh about !/#( an+ I'm pretty muscular. 2H5=H>4
>i, *ee%s is an eternity i$ you ha)e all three elements o$ the $itness tripo+ loc%e+ +o*n. 'Is there
an echo in here1(
I suspect you *ant to loo% lean an+ lithe so I *ill suggest you clean up your +iet an+ become
super +iligent in your training sessions. With ma,imum attention you can lose a tremen+ous
amount o$ bo+y $at in si, *ee%s. 3et all the ob)iously e)il $oo+s 'an+ +rin%s( out o$ your +iet
imme+iately. 2his *ill gi)e you a nice %ic% in the pants, particularly *hen you ratchet up the
car+io intensity - not the +uration or the $reEuency but the car+io intensity. 3o $urther *ithin the
same time $rame.
Inso$ar as iron pumping strategy, I'+ start *ith a +ose o$ /#-rep sets $or t*o *ee%s.
5t the start o$ *ee% three, cut bac% ra+ically 'or eliminate altogether( rice an+ potatoes. 9asta,
brea+ an+ pastries *ere tosse+ on +ay one.
Drop the reps bac% to !# in *ee% number three an+ stay there $or the ne,t t*o *ee%s. Fump
your car+io intensity up once again.
In the $inal t*o *ee%s, cut bac% on the meal portion siDe a hair, +rop the top set reps to 5 an+
a++ 5-minutes to each car+io session.
5ssuming you bolt it +o*n completely an+ imme+iately you'll see a !#-!5B impro)ement in you
physiEue in si, *ee%s or I'll eat my hat.
5rlington, Ca.: I +o an hour or so o$ car+io 'mostly trea+mill( "-4 times a *ee%. I +o one +ay o$
*eights. ;)er the past si, months, I')e lost a little bo+y $at 'going $rom /5B to //B(, but my
*eight is unchange+ an+ I still ha)e a ". *aist. What +o I nee+ to +o +i$$erently1
2ime to get serious. 8ou nee+ to +o a lot o$ things +i$$erent. We nee+ some rut-busters.
8ou'll ne)er bust through this plateau unless you 7ac% up your e$$orts on all three $ronts. Drop
the car+io sessions bac% to thirty minutes but go $aster, much $aster. 2he i+ea is to replace
training )olume 'going $or an hour( *ith training intensity 'going real har+ $or "#-minutes(. 2his
is a totally +i$$erent type o$ car+io stress an+ hope$ully this *ill blast you out o$ the com$ortable
car+io rut you $in+ yoursel$ in. ;ne time a *ee% training *ith *eights +oesn't cut itL you nee+ to
+o t*o sessions using basic, compoun+ multi-7oint e,ercises, pre$erably using $ree-*eight
Change the +iet - *hate)er you're +oing nee+s to be tightene+ up in some *ay, shape or $orm.
Washington, D.C.: Dear Marty,
2han% you so much $or being a)ailable to people li%e me. I tune in e)ery *ee% an+ rea+ through
all your archi)es, you gi)e some soun+ a+)ice. My Euestion: I ha)e lost almost /# lbs o)er the
past year. I starte+ o$$ +oing rigorous e,ercise but continue+ *ith *ay too big o$ portions 'sa*
no results(, then *ent to 5t%ins, an+ no* am on a 4#-"#-"# *ay o$ li$e. My issue no* is that I
stoppe+ rigorous e,ercise months ago an+ no* *ant to start bac% an+ tighten up some o$ those
areas. I am !"/ 5'4 an+ *oul+n't min+ losing another 5 lbs. but I am not going to get craDy
about it. I *ant to get tone+: I ha)e 5lb han+ *eights an+ a physioball at home, also access to a
small gym at my *or%. Where shoul+ I start1 My butt, stomach an+ arms nee+ tightening.
2han%s $or all your soli+ a+)ice4 >igne+ 5 2a+ ?ighter in D.C4
8ou're another one that nee+s to get serious. 5-poun+ han+ *eights are no going to pro)i+e the
rapi+, ra+ical change *e secretly see%. 8ou ha)e to reincorporate 'rigorous e,ercise' bac% into
your li$e. Do that an+ all things are possible. 2he person a $e* Euestions bac% ha+ a nice *eight
training program that you shoul+ consi+er copying. 2*ice a *ee% *or%ing *ith real *eights *ill
yiel+ e,cellent results an+ Euic%ly on an untraine+ physiEue.
Washington, D.C.: I'm a $emale in my t*enties an+ in pretty goo+ shape -- *al% about !#-!5
mi.-*% on the trea+mill an+ mo+erate *eight machines. I *ant to try incorporate running into my
*or%out -- are there any running groups in D.C. you can recommen+ to %eep me moti)ate+1
=o I can't - but chec% out the 'roa+runners' in the bac% coming e)ents in the bac% o$ the 9ost
Wee%en+ section on 0ri+ay.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty,
I ha)e been $aith$ully $ollo*ing the tripo+ approach to $itness $or more than a year no*, an+ $eel
li%e I')e ma+e great progress an+ some lasting li$estyle changes. My *or%outs generally consist
o$ running or 7umping rope $or car+io 'I recently ran the cherry blossom !#-miler( an+ li$ting
t*ice a *ee%, +oing lots o$ no-*eight sEuats '/ sets o$ /## or so( pushups, cal$-raises, curls,
tricep e,tensions, etc. I thought it *as *or%ing *ell, I'm a siDe I an+ in the best shape o$ my li$e.
2his *ee%en+ I playe+ in a co-e+ soccer game. I playe+ about ! hour o$ the game an+ really
ha+ a great time. 2he thing is, I'm really sore. I +i+n't e,pect that I *oul+ be $ine a$ter a !# mile
race 'J min mile pace, $elt strong the *hole *ay( but be totally sore a$ter soccer. Do you thin%
I'm really not in the shape I thought I *as, or that soccer 7ust use+ my muscles in +i$$erent *ays
than they are use+ to an+ that's *hy I'm sore1 :ither *ay, I'm going to %eep playing soccer an+
loo% $or *ays to a++ )ariety to my *or%outs. What +o you thin% o$ sprint inter)als )s. a 4 mile
Furst car+io is *ay +i$$erent then stea+y-state car+io, as you are $in+ing out. In a++ition, the
start-stop-7ump-leap o$ a spee+y game o$ soccer is Euite a shoc% on ten+ons, ligaments, %nees
an+ an%les. In7ury is +i$$erent $rom muscle soreness so be sure an+ +i$$erentiate bet*een the
t*o. Ha)ing sai+ all that, i$ you play soccer on a regular basis, guess *hat1 Aust li%e any other
e,ercise, the bo+y *ill a+opt an+ you *ill lose that soreness.
5le,an+ria, Ca. What e,actly is the problem *ith carbs late in the +ay1
Carbs create glycogen an+ glucose, $uel +eri)e+ $rom carbohy+rates, an+ this is the pre$erre+
energy source o$ the bo+y. 2he human bo+y pre$erentially burns glycogen an+ $at loss is nearly
impossible *hen the system is $loo+e+ *ith glycogen. 2he cutting-e+ge bo+ybuil+ers
purpose$ully eat no carbohy+rates prior to retiringL the reasoning being that as they sleep
glycogen burns o$$ )ia respiration. 2hen, upon arising an+ be$ore ingesting any carbohy+rates,
they per$orm a high intensity aerobic session. 2he bo+y *ill burn store+ bo+y $at at an
accelerate+ rate once any remaining glycogen an+ glucose are burnt o$$. 2he clincher is that
unli%e all those crac%pot i+eas an+ +iets $oiste+ on us by $ools a$ter our money, this tactic
actually *or%s: this tactic is uni)ersally use+ by champion bo+ybuil+ers *orl+*i+e an+ these
$ol%s routinely get +o*n to "-IB bo+y $at.
5nnapolis, M+.: I ha)e searche+ your archi)es an+ +i+n't ha)e much luc% ans*ering my o*n
Euestion. I recently starte+ using the Cybe, machines at a gym I 7ust 7oine+. I go e)ery+ay
+uring my lunch an+ I ha)e about "# minutes $or a *or%out. 2he problem is the sta$$ are not
help$ul at all. I ha)e been alternating arm an+ leg *or% so I +on't o)er +o it. Fut I am not sure
about ho* much *eight to use or ho* many reps. I recently lost 5# lbs. an+ am trying to tone up
an+ gain lean muscle mass. 9lease help me4 2han%s.
Hey than%s $or going to the trouble to comb the archi)es. Fet you %no* a hell o$ a lot more no*
then you +i+ be$ore. 2his is going to be a piece o$ ca%e.
Mon+ay -
bench press
2ues+ay -
0ree-*eight sEuat
Cal$ raise
We+nes+ay -
?at pull+o*n
;)erhea+ shoul+er press
Fabylon, =e* 8or%: We')e recently purchase+ some ne* eEuipment $or our o$$ice. It's a stan+
that allo*s these basic e,ercises: 9ull-ups, Dips an+ ele)ate+ push-ups. My plan is to use this
as my basic upper bo+y *or%out $or the upcoming summer. I currently +o si, sets o$ /#
pushups, I +ips an+ I pullups. I plan to increase this )olume as I get stronger. I am a 45 year
ol+ male an+ my goal is to ha)e arms li%e steel-pipes. >houl+ I %eep this plan in the Eui)er1 Is
there a strategy that *ill ma,imiDe this approach1
5las Fabylon.
I *oul+ suggest a +i$$erent approach.
D58 ;=:
!. 2hree sets o$ ele)ate+ pushups - *i+e grip, me+ium grip, narro* grip - each ta%en to absolute
/. Chins - un+er han+ narro* grip - easier then pullups an+ a great *ay to buil+ pullup strength.
". =egati)e chins - a$ter positi)e $ailure, step up onto a chair an+ lo*er yoursel$ as slo* as
D58 2W;
!. 9ull-ups - three sets to $ailure.
/. =egati)e pull-ups - stan+ up onto a chair an+ lo*er un+er control.
". Dips - +rop +o*n as $ar as possible, this *ill ma%e the +ips really har+. ;ne set to $ailure.
4. Dip 2ip: loo% +o*n at the start o$ the +ips an+ thro* your hea+ up an+ bac% as you approach
5. Guarter-+ip burnouts: step up on a stool an+ +ip one-Euarter o$ the *ay +o*n then push bac%
to loc%-out. ;ne set to $ailure. Fe care$ul, your arms might collapse.
I. ;ne set o$ narro* grip pushups to $ailureL han+s shoul+ be !#-inches apart. 2riceps *ill catch
on $ire.
8ou nee+ some curls to roun+ out this program.
2el 5)i), Israel: Hi Coach,
It's me again, :li, the guy *ho manage+ to herniate a +is% *hile sEuatting. 2han% you $or the
program you set $or me. I a++e+ to it pull-ups an+ *i+e grip upper pulley an+ it *or%s great $or
me. =o* I got anterior %nee pain. 2he Dr. tells me it is probably $rom resting. He says that the
inner part o$ the Eua+ got out o$ shape $aster than the rest o$ the Eua+ an+ that causes an
imbalance that pulls on the %nees. 2he 92 suggest leg e,tensions to strengthen the inner Eua+s
'!/#-!.# +egrees(. Can you suggest other e,ercise $or the inner Eua+s1 Heep in min+ I can't
sEuat yet. Di+ you e)er hear o$ someone hurting their %nees by 7ust resting1
=o, I ha)en't hear+ o$ getting in7ure+ *hile resting but then again I +on't %no* e)erything.
I$ you can +o leg e,tensions, leg curls '1( an+ seate+ cal$ raises then you can %eep those legs
plenty muscle+ +uring the reco)ery perio+. Ho* about those seate+ ab+uctor-a++uctor
machines all the *omen $loc% to in the health clubs1 5ny port in a storm. Heep me poste+.
Chicago, Ill.: Hey Coach,
Fase+ on your a+)ice last *ee% to someone else, I ha)e s*itche+ my perio+ o$ 5-rep sets to
!## rep sets since I'm trying to lean out right no* at about a poun+ a *ee% $or eight *ee%s 'I'm
5'!# !.5 lbs., male(. I starte+ them last *ee% an+ I'm ha)ing some troubles *ith !## rep $eats o$
strength: ;n bench an+ incline press, my stabiliDing muscles in my shoul+ers are $ailing *ay
be$ore the rest o$ my chest, e)en *ith only J# lbs. What's a +ecent *eight to start these *ith1
>houl+ I use another e,ercise or is there an a+7ustment perio+ *ith these more strength
en+urance type e,ercises1 5ny a+)ice *oul+ be appreciate+, since the prospect o$ getting
pinne+ un+er a !## lb. bench press has me $eeling li%e Henny Fanya a$ter $ollo*ing Aerry on
stage 'the W;6>2, Aerry(.
Fanya an+ the ;)altine routine Aerry ga)e himL 2hat's gol+ Aerry, gol+4 >oup an+ sala+ +on't
count as +inner. Hey Fanya, you *ant your 5rmani suit bac%1 2here is goes. Hey you - come
I *oul+ ne)er +o !##-reps on any e,ercise. I recommen+ $ol%s *ho are learning ho* to sEuat
an+ +oing them $ree-han+ to *or% up to !##-reps o)er time. I')e ne)er +one a !##-rep set o$
benches in my li$e. =or +o I e)er inten+ to. >uper high reps turn a $eat o$ strength into a $eat o$
en+urance. /#'s are horrible enough. Maybe I *oul+ +o a !##-rep set in the cal$ raises -
occasionally - but nothing else.
>pring$iel+, Ca. Marty,
2rying to +rop some *eight, about & lbs. Woul+ you min+ loo%ing at my +iet an+ ma%e any
comments. I li$t ", a *ee% an+ run 5 +ays a *ee% $or about "#-45 minutes. I ha)e cut out brea+
to once a *ee% an+ no starch pro+ucts an+ no chocolate can+y *hich is )ery har+ $or me.
4:"# a.m. one cup o$ tea *-mil% an+ sugar.
& a.m. I oD yogurt *-nuts an+ some ra* oatmeal
!# a.m. apple *ith cheese or cup o$ tomato soup.
! p.m. one can 9rogresso soup an+ perhaps a )eggie burger
" p.m., I$ hungry one cup tomato soup.
5 p.m. >pinach sala+ *-goatcheese $igs an+ lemon. 5 piece o$ stea%, chic%en, $ish or )enison.
9erhaps hal$ a s*eet potato.
&:"# p.m. one cup hot chocolate *-mil%.
2han% you $or your help.
5re you an :nglish person1
I thin% your +iet loo%s li%e something that that *oman *ho hosts '>haggy Chic' might eat. I %in+a
li%e it. 8ou are eating some interesting $oo+s. a spinach sala+ *ith goat cheese, $igs an+ lemon
ser)e+ *ith )enison an+ a s*eet potato. 2hat's soun+s li%e the +aily special at a $ancy
Cali$ornia-cusine restaurant.
I hate to mess *ith it, to tell you the truth - can you +rop the hot chocolate *ith mil% at &:"#1
Write me $or my sport nutrition bar recommen+ations, I %no* o$ one $irm *ith a chocolate chip
bar that contains & grams o$ sugar that is a go+sen+ $or +iscriminating chocophiles.
Increase the intensity in your car+io *or%outs an+ see i$ that causes you to +rop the poun+s.
Heep me poste+.
9otomac, M+.: Hi Marty. I am a $emale, "5, 5'4, !"!, in relati)ely goo+ shape but can't seem to
$igure out ho* to tone my spinal erector muscles. >ince I ten+ to occasionally get lo*er bac%
pain I +on't *or% that area much but it really sho*s. What can I +o to $irm the area up *ith
minimal strain on my lo*er bac%1 2han%s4
Iron Curtain ;lympic li$ters $irst populariDe+ prone hypere,tensions bac% in the 5#'s an+ I#'s.
>ince then other athletes, rehabilitati)e specialists, po*erli$ters an+ bo+ybuil+ers ha)e a+opte+
this +i$$icult e,ercise to buil+ an+ strengthen spinal erectors, the t*in python-li%e pillars o$
muscle that $lan% the spine an+ run $rom tailbone to traps. =autilus ma+e a seate+ hypertension
machine a $e* years bac%.
Hypers are tough: lie $ace +o*n *ith the upper bo+y hanging +o*n*ar+ o$$ the en+ o$ a bench.
With han+s hel+ on the chest or behin+ the nec% 'much tougher(, raise the torso up as high as it
*ill go. Hol+ the top position then lo*er the torso bac% +o*n slo* an+ controlle+. 2hree sets o$
!# reps *ill light up the erectors an+ turn saplings into tree trun%s.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty,
I nee+ some help getting starte+. I am really *ea%. =o, 6:5?ly *ea%. 5t lot o$ the machines
ha)e a minimum *eight 'e.g, incline leg press( an+ on some o$ the machines, e)en that is too
much. >houl+ I 7ust use the small han+*eights until I get stronger1
Hey - +o *hat you can +o.
I'll tell you somethingL you *ill ma%e $antastic progress e,actly because you are so *ea% to
begin *ith. 8ou ha)e an opportunity to ma%e spectacular progress. I assume you are using one
o$ our basic beginner *eight programs1 2rain /-" times a *ee% an+ %eep a little training log an+
*rite +o*n your bo+y *eight, e,ercises, sets, reps an+ poun+age. I$ you train up to your limit,
an+ +espite the $act that your current poun+age is relati)ely lo*, *ithin three *ee%s time you *ill
see some )ery real change in your muscle mass an+ strength le)els. 2rust me on this one.
Marty 3allagher: Hello $itness min+e+ $ol%s,
I get a lot o$ mail *on+ering ho* to generate aerobic intensity *hen *al%ing. 5 lot o$ athletes
li%e the i+ea o$ using *al%ing to get in their car+io - a$ter all *al%ing has the lo*est impact this
si+e o$ s*imming - but cannot get the target heart rate up to *hat they can *ith running, 7ogging
or by using the )arious machines. 2*o Euic% metho+s to goose the aerobic intensity o$ *al%ing:
*ear a *eighte+ pac% or intersperse the *al% *ith $ree han+ sEuats or pushups.
!. >tu$$ a !#-poun+ plate insi+e a %i+s bac%pac% an+ *atch your heart rate 7ump !#-beats per
minute using the same pace. I$ I'm *al%ing a $lat stretch I can use up to 4#-poun+s *ithout any
+iscom$ort an+ my heart rate soars e)en though I *al% at a snail's pace. Wrap the plate in a
/. 5nother han+y metho+ is to start the *al%ing session *ith "# +eep %nee ben+s. 5gain, *atch
that rate 7ump in the a$termath. I$ I *al% $or 4#-minutes, I stop an+ +o "# sEuats or "# pushups
e)ery !# minutes or so. It is easy, Euic% an+ +oes the tric%.
We'll tal% about 9ennsly-tuc%y roc% li$ting $or aerobic intensity another time.
I ha)e a perio+iDation article complete+ but can seem to get it poste+ +ue to some technical
glitches . . . I thin% I *ill post the suc%er at the en+ o$ the sho* an+ see i$ the tables lay out o%ay.
What else1 Watch $or the big pile o$ Euestions le$t o)er $rom last *ee%s clamba%e - anyone
ha)e a Euestion1
I'm a $irm belie)er in stretching -- e)en i$ it +i+n't help, it still $eels great. I'm at a loss, though, as
to ho* to stretch my shoul+ers. 5ny i+eas1 I'm +oing straight-arm pullo)ers $or the bac% an+
posture, but it $eels li%e a lot o$ the *eight is being mo)e+ by my pecs-tris. Is there a tric%-point
that I'm missing1 5n+ lastly, I'm '/5 year ol+ male, !&# lbs.(currently in a mass-buil+ing phase,
*arming up an+ then +oing top sets o$ . as $ollo*s:
Day !:
>Euat: 5# $ree-han+
?eg Curl: !5#
Cal$ raise: !I#
?at raise: /5
>h. raise: "5
Day /:
Dea+li$t: !/#
9ullo)er: "#
9reacher Curl: /5
Day 4:
Fench: !!5
Dumbell 0ly: "5
2ri 9ress: /#
2ri push+o*n: !##
Does this loo% ;H1 I'm +e$initely stalling, an+ *on+ering *hether I shoul+ go to top sets o$ /# or
2han%s again an+ %eep on truc%in'.
Marty 3allagher: I use a 7u+o gi belt tie+ onto the top support on my po*er rac%. 2ie+ in the
center, I ta%e the t*o en+s, one in each han+, an+ *ith my arms raise+ an+ $acing a*ay $rom
the rac%, I lean $or*ar+ an+ my arms are pulle+ bac%*ar+. I can gently, gra+ually increase the
pressure an+ the e,ten+ the range-o$-motion '6;M(. I +o these bet*een e)ery set o$ benches
an+ by the en+ o$ the session I')e stretche+ the be7eDus out o$ my +elts, pecs an+ an+ shoul+er
gir+le. I stan+ straight *ithout the gorilla slope o$ my bench press compatriots.
>pring$iel+, Ca.: Hello Marty,
2his is your 2HD bu++y. Aust bac% $rom *ee% )isit *ith my brother out in >outhern Cal. leaner,
tanne+, an+ reste+. I am " *ee%s a*ay $rom competition $or =ationals. Ho* an+ *hat type $oo+
shoul+ I eat *hen I go out there1 Is there any pre-competition $oo+ that is better be$ore the
meet1 With the long time bet*een matches that is typical snac% or meal I shoul+ eat1 Ho*
shoul+ I eat to not $ill hea)y or $ull but to %eep $rom star)ing1
Marty 3allagher: Hey - it all +epen+s on i$ you ha)e to ma%e *eight or not.
I$ you ha)e to lose 5-& poun+s in or+er to compete in the !.5-poun+ +i)ision, $or e,ample, then
your eating habits pre-competition can be ra+ically +i$$erent then a super hea)y*eight *ith no
*eight restrictions.
It all relates on you o*n $oo+ e,periencesL some athletes compete *ell on a $ull gut an+ other
get Eueasy an+ lose their brea%$ast e)en thin%ing about the upcomming competition. I li%e to
$eel $ull an+ po*er$ul, gi)en my +ruthers - o$ course i$ I'm $our poun+s o)er *ith si, hours until
*eigh-in 'an+ I ha)e been many times( I'm gonna ha)e a +i$$erent approach to eating.
5+ams Morgan, /###J: Hi Marty
I'm in )ery goo+ shape but I +on't spen+ 5 +ays a *ee% at the gym. Feing realistic *ith my
li$estyle, I go three times a *ee% an+ sometimes 4. >ometimes I can't get to the gym at all $or
one *ee%. Fut I')e got goo+ muscle tone all o)er. 2he thing is that I can't seem to get ri+ o$ my
lo)e han+les or bac% $at. My s%in loo%s %in+ o$ *rin%ly although I'm in my late t*enties. =o
matter *hat I +o, my stomach still hangs o)er my pants an+ I 7ust can't stan+ mysel$. What +o I
+o *ithout ha)ing to turn my li$e o)er to the gym1 3i)e up all alcohol an+ great $ min+
you I eat *ell too. 5re there any e,ercises to get ri+ o$ the bac% $at an+ slightly hanging
stomach. It isn't noticeable at all until I sit +o*n, *hen I stan+ up my stomach is completely $lat.
Marty 3allagher: Hey I hate to be the bearer o$ ba+ ti+ings F@24
?oo% it's a tall or+er4 8ou +on't *ant to e,ercise more an+ you +on't *ant to gi)e up high calorie
gourmet eating. 5n+ +ang4 I'm $resh out o$ magic $airy pills4
Hey - I $eel your pain - I too am a lo)er o$ goo+ $oo+. Do you coo%1 2here is sal)ation $or the
epicurean i$ they prepare their o*n meals.
I$ you can +e)elop a series o$ meals that you li%e an+ are *ell prepare+ - yet lo* in $at an+
sugar - you can achie)e the slee% loo% you see% *ith no a++itional gym time.
Chec% out 9aul 9ru++omme's great coo% boo%, 5 $or% in the 6oa+ a treasure chest o$
incre+ible meals minus the $at an+ sugar.
>tretch City: I'+ li%e to hear more about your recent re)elations about stretching an+ *or%ing
out. I')e al*ays $elt that strong limber muscles *oul+ get less strains.
Marty 3allagher: Hey - it 7ust ma%es sense to stretch in combination *ith li$tingL tal% about yin
an+ yang.
9lus, there is a lot o$ emerging science that in+icates that complimentary stretching can, o)er
time, loosen the $ascia, the sasauge-li%e casing that surroun+s an+ +e$ines the outer boun+ary
o$ a sur$ace muscle. 2his ma%es it easier to gro* larger. 9lus, loose, pliable, $le,ible muscles
are a hell-o$-a-lot less incline+ to rip, shear, tear or pull than a sti$$, brittle, in$le,ible muscle.
=es't pas1
Mount Hisco, =.8.: Hey Coach
9auly-=.8. chec%ing in.
>ay, I')e hear+ about e,ercises you can +o *ith +umbbells, *hen one si+e is stronger than the
other, as in smaller le$t bicep than right, etc.
Fut *hat +o you +o *hen you ha)e a *ea%er right 9:C muscle than the le$t1
Do you bench press *ith one +umbbell1 Ho* a*%*ar+ is that1
9auly, =.8.
Marty 3allagher: 9a*ly =e* 8a*% - hey ho* stupi+ loo%ing *oul+ that be1 ;ne arm bench
pressing. >oun+s li%e some gag *e'+ pull on the roo%ie li$tersL ';h yeah, one arm DF benching
- it's all the rage in :urope. Here, try it out, I'll spot ya.(
I +on't %no* - one arm pushups1 ;ne arm pec +ec1 Maybe you coul+ push one le)er on a
Hammer >trength Certical bench press machine.
36I??M5=, W;;D>H:DDI=, 5riD.: 5?;H5 C;5CH 35??53H:6,
>H@FF?: 2; D;C 9I=H 36:: 5H,
I 3;2 8;@6 =;2:, C;66:C2 M: I0 M8 MI=D>:2 I> 5D6I02, F@2 8;@6 25?HI=3
>2562I=3 ;@2 WI2H .'>,=;2 5'>.2;M;66;W I> 9@??>, >; I W5=2 2; 3:2 2H:
F65I= 2@=:D I= 0;6 5 =@MF:6 2; F@>2 ;=.2H:= DI>C@>> 2H: >2:99I=3 D;W=
;0 2H: T'> 2; 52225CH 0;6 2H: 6:2@6= 2; 2H: 9?520;6M.
2H5=H> C;5CH,
8;@6 H@MF?: DI>CI9?:,
Marty 3allagher: Ho* you +oing1
8es, in the perio+iDation chart I *or%e+ up $or you it state+ *ith .-rep sets - but I +i+n't %no*,
*or%ing bac%*ar+s, in either !# or !5 poun+ 7umps, ho* light you *oul+ be starting - I$ you en+
up starting *ith say 45#, the yes, I thin% you shoul+ +o an .-rep top set. I$ the starting number is
close to or e,cee+s I## then 5-rep sets *oul+ be more appropriate. It's a matter o$ starting
Where is your competition an+ the +ate - +i+ my &&! pre+iction scare you1
5nchorage, 5las%a: I ha)e been training $or a triathlon that is coming up in / *ee%s. It's pretty
lo*-%ey, only $or *omen, /# lengths o$ the pool, !! mile bi%e, "." mile run. It*as blast *hen I
+i+ it last year. My Euestion: What +o I +o the *ee%en+ o$ the race1 It is on >un+ay. Do I ta%e
the +ay o$$ on >at1 Do I *or%out e)ery+ay that *ee%1 Do I *or% out har+-easy1 2han%s
Marty 3allagher: I *oul+n't +o any training at all $rom *en+. be$ore race +ay on*ar+. I'+ be
conser)ing energy, sleeping e,tra an+ eating regular. Ma%e sure that you are totally reste+. 2he
*orst thing to +o is ma%e the beginner mista%e an+ +ouble up the last minute training in a $utile
e$$ort to ma%e last secon+ progress. 8ou 7ust burn out the bo+y an+ by the time the race %ic%s
o$$, all you *ant to +o is lie +o*n an+ ta%e a nap.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty,
I ha)e gone through some *eight loss an+ gain o)er the last t*o years but *ant to %eep it o$$. I
am com$ortable *ith my *eight no* but *ant to shape my legs in particular b-c they ten+ to be
big. I +o %ic%bo,ing t*ice a *ee% an+ mountain bi%e e)ery *ee%en+ totaling about "# miles. I +o
not *ant my thighs to get bigger, 7ust shapelier an+ tone+. What can I +o better or +i$$erent to
burn the $at '*hich is not e,cessi)e(an+ really ha)e them loo%ing $irm1
Marty 3allagher: Hey D.C. - most li%ely yours is a +iet issue.
With the amount o$ acti)ity you are +oing, I suspect that your legs are )ery muscular un+erneath
an obscuring layer o$ $at. 2o melt o$ the $at, I *oul+ suggest you clean up your +iet *hile
%eeping your current le)el o$ athletic acti)ity. I *oul+ e,pect that you *oul+ see results *ithin /-
" *ee%s.
Capitol Hill 'again(: I$ you can't multiply, then I can't either, because the +i$$erence bet*een the
ne* heart rate ma, $ormula an+ the ol+ one is pretty insigni$icant $or me, too. ;r perhaps the
=82 got the $ormula *rong.I am trying to get the original article $rom the 5merican College o$
Car+iology's *eb site but no luc% so $ar. >till, I'm gla+ that thin%ing about this sub7ect is e)ol)ing.
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay - so it *asn't 7ust me.
I *ent through the ne* $ormula about si, +i$$erent times an+ al*ays en+e+ up *ithin a $e* tic%s
o$ the ol+ percentiles. 5nyone else %no* *hat *e're tal%ing about1
>pring$iel+, Ca.: ;% Marty,
My *eight +i)ision is the super hea)y. I *oul+ ha)e to get +o*n to !.I.5 to be in the ne,t lo*est
*eight +i)ision. Currently I am aroun+ /I5 an+ I can still lose *eight but I am thin%ing not the
*ee% o$ competition. so *hat types o$ $oo+ shoul+ I eat an+ not I +on't get Eueasy be$ore a
competition. What type o$ snac% so I +on't get too hungry +uring the long *aits bet*een bouts1
Marty 3allagher: >ports nutriton bars are great because you 7ust thro* them into your gym bag
an+ there they are, rea+y to pro)i+e clean calories Euic%.
I'+ be hesitant to recommen+ speci$ic $oo+s to someone I +i+n't %no* on account o$ taste is
such an in+i)i+ual matter an+ Murphy's ?a* *oul+ in+icate that *hate)er I suggeste+ *oul+
ma%e you sic% an+ cause you to lose the national championships.
5lbuEuerEue, =.M.: When I +o lateral raises, I notice one shoul+er rises much higher than the
other. 6ela,e+, it loo%s a little higher, though I ne)er notice+ it until I starte+ li$ting. I bro%e that
collarbone about 5 years ago an+ thin% it might be the cause, but I'm not sure. Is this ineEuality
something I shoul+ *orry about1
Marty 3allagher: Aust pay tight attention to it.
Is the poun+age signi$icantly +i$$erent1 I'm not surprise+ that the +elt has +e)elope+ a ne*
motor path*ay a$ter the in7ury. ?ighten the poun+age an+ +o super strict reps. Hea)y laterals
are an in)itation to in7ury.
Capitol Hill: I $oun+ an abstract $or the source $or the ne* heart rate $ormula here on the Aournal
o$ the 5merican College o$ Car+iology's *eb site:
3ina Holata ha+ the month *rong in her =82 article, it appeare+ in Aanuary /##!, not March.
>he seems to ha)e the $ormula correct, though. @n$ortunately, the 5CC isn't accepting ne*
subscribers at its *eb site so I can't get the complete te,t.
Marty 3allagher: >o are *e right1 Is the ne* $ormula that signi$icantly +i$$erent then the ol+
Monarchos, 3a.: Wante+ to secon+ your *eighte+ *al% i+ea. 5$ter loo%ing all o)er I $inally $oun+
a place that carrie+ an a+7ustable )est that can carry up to 4# poun+s. Has greatly increase+ the
intensity o$ my *al%ing, *hich I nee+e+, as my crea%y aging bo+y no longer en7oye+ the
poun+ing o$ running an+ *al%ing alone 7ust +i+n't re) things up. 2han%s $or the i+ea.
Marty 3allagher: I lo)e to *al% outsi+e an+ suc% in the scenery - no* I can lolly-gag an+ ta%e
my time an+ smell the roses - but I nee+ to *ear a loa+e+ pac% to generate the reEuisite
intensity. 2ell you the truth, up to /5-poun+s, I +on't e)en notice a$ter the $irst three minutes. 5s
Fill 9earl once sai+,
2he heart +oesn't care ho* it gets ele)ate+. Aust as long as it gets ele)ate+ *hat +i$$erence
+oes the mo+e ma%e1
6eston, Ca.: 2ell the guy in >pring$iel+ not to try any ne* $oo+s the *ee% be$ore his competition.
Aust stic% *ith *hat he normally eats. I trie+ something ne* the +ay be$ore a marathon once
an+ )isite+ three bathrooms along the *ay +uring the race.
Marty 3allagher: Hey - you shoul+ eat a bunch o$ Himchi, the a*$ul smelling Horean pic%le+
+ea+stu$$ - an+ also, +on't ta%e a sho*er $or three *ee%s. Clinch a lot, it'll blo* the guys
36I??M5=: 5@3 /I2H, /##!, 2H: 6:2@6= ;0 36I??M5= 2; HI> 0I6>2 C5??I=3 5>
9:6 M5>2:6 F:?? 5=D D;C 9I=H.I 9?5==:D ;= 25HI=3 I5# 0;6 5 6ID: 5 2IM:>
2;MM;6;W, >; I >H;@?D >2:9 D;W= 2; I##M.1 I 9?5==:D ;= 5 !I W::H
265I=I=3 C8C?:,
&&! "6D, &5#/=D, &#5 ;9:=, >2:9 D;W= &5#M/,&"5M/, &/#M/, &#5M", IJ#M", I&5M",
II#M5, I5#M5 2H:>: D;=: :C:68 ;2H:6 W::H, 2H@MF> @9 ;6 D;W=1 D; W:
=::D 2; 3:2 ;= 2H: F52 9H;=: C;MI>>I;=:61
8:>...&&! 2H6:W M: F5CH 5> W: DI>C@>>:D &5# :56?I:6,3@:>> I'?? H5C: 2;
C65CH ;9:= 5= :M265 C5= ;0 M;@=25I= D:W 0;6 2H52 ;=: C;5CH.
W5I2I=3 2; @=?:5>H H:??, 36I??M5=
Marty 3allagher: Call on the Fat 9hone . . .
Doc 9in%Dilla in Monterey: Dear Coach 3allagher,
I got the 9o*erli$ting @>5 mag in the mail yester+ay. I en7oye+ the inter)ie* you +i+ *ith :+.
Di+ you see Aim Fla%ely's piece on eating1 2he pie bully coul+ not ha)e sai+ it better.
2here *as a typical mullet inci+ent last >atur+ay at the gym. I remember *ay bac% in the +ay
*hen you insiste+ that the $irst sEuat out o$ the rac% be at &:## am. 2hat meant getting to the
gym by I:"# on >atur+ay morning to stretch, s*ill co$$ee an+ get rea+y to li$t. I use+ to get so
e,cite+ about it that I *oul+ *a%e up at 4:## thin%ing about it. 8our point *as to get training out
o$ the *ay, an+ a)oi+ the mullet rush later on.
I ha)e continue+ that tra+ition $or years, but last >atur+ay there *ere still some bottom $ish
aroun+, e)en at that early hour. 2he gym *here I train has an area *ith $our po*er rac%s. 2he
problem is they are all the *rong *i+th. :ach one is right *here a big man nee+s to put his
han+s...collar to collar. 5ny*ay, a couple o$ the rac%s 'inclu+ing one that reEuires se)eral steps
to clear 7ust to sEuat, a +angerous piece o$ garbage( are mobile, so I mo)e them out o$ the *ay
to ma%e room $or my o*n rac%s.
=o*, here is the inci+ent. Woul+n't you %no* it1 5s I *al% in *ith my gear, there is a mullet *ith
a barbell on the rac%, right in the area *here I nee+ to set up my stu$$ to sEuat. He ha+ a li$ting
belt, all cinche+ up tight, an+ a ten, a $i)e, a /-!-/, a !-!-4, an+ a little spring collar on each si+e
o$ the olympic bar. He *as +oing curls. ;$ course, he *as straining an+ s*inging the *eight,
using his *hole bottom an+ momemtum to mo)e the barbell. =o *on+er his arms *ere about !"
inches. I ignore+ him as I *as setting all my stu$$ +o*n, an+ he sai+, 5re you going to be using
this1 5n+ I replie+, =o, but I *ill be mo)ing it out o$ the *ay. I 7ust ha+ to chill until he got
+one. 0ortunately, it *as not too long.
=o*, I'm sure you hear+ about some *an%er nominating the sport o$ $ootball $or the =obel
9eace 9riDe, but *hat about po*erli$ting1 When stu$$ li%e that happens aroun+ there *orl+, I am
sure there are se)eral po*erli$tahs, not bo+ybuil+ahs, *ho *ant to pull out their gats, go high
school, an+ boo-yah all the mullets. Fut notice that they +on't.
Doc 9in%Dilla
Marty 3allagher: Welcome 9ie Fully.
8es, my article *ith :+ *as )ery measure+ an+ proper. He is hoping that Mr. 3ary 0ran% sho*s
up in West Ca $or the money sho*+o*n this Auly. I, o$ course *ill be his coach.
Curls shoul+ not be allo*e+ on po*er rac%s an+ this is another reason I train in the unheate+
garage out bac% o$ the Mountain Compoun+. =o one +oes curls using the po*er rac% an+ I
ne)er ha)e to *ait in line.
8ou can hit &"" at the +ea+li$t competition.
=obel 9riDe $or $ootball1 It *oul+ reEuire some )ery con)olute+ reasoning to arri)e at that one.
Ma, Heart 6ate 0ormula Disbelie)er: Marty O others,
I mysel$ $in+ the $ormulas +on't Euite *or% $or me, neither the ol+ one or the ne* one suggeste+
pre)iously in the chat. Foth suggest a ma, heart rate o$ !.I-!.&. I H=;W this to be $alse as I')e
seen my heart rate at !J/ rollerbla+ing.
Fig than%s $or the %ic% in the pants to *atch the +iet, I'm seeing tangible results - losing *eight.
?ess bul% $or me to haul uphill4
Marty 3allagher: Hey listen the ma,imums are $or 'a)erage people' but that +oesn't mean that
*e still can't use the numbers 'regar+less ho* high or lo*( as a benchmar%, a *ay to compare
the intensity o$ one aerobic session to another.
Chicago, Ill.: 5bout the ne* ma,imum heart rate $ormula:
2here isn't much +i$$erence bet*een the t*o $ormulas until you get o)er 5#. 2hen the ne*er
$ormula gi)es you a much higher MH6.
Marty 3allagher: F<<<<<< - W6;=34
I'm 5! an+ my 'ne*' ma, is *ithin "-4 o$ my ol+ ma,. Wor% the math.
Marty 3allagher: 0ol%s - I'm running *ay o)er time. Watch $or the unans*ere+ Euestions $rom
last *ee% an+ anything that +i+n't get ans*ere+ to+ay *ill get ans*ere+ an+ poste+ at the
conclusion o$ ne,t *ee%'s sho*.
5-!-#! Guestions
Do*nto*n: Marty- I nee+ some help....
I ha)e pulle+ a muscle in the ball o$ my $oot- yeah, ouch- an+ my *or%out is su$$ering. I ha)e
been +oing great on the eating part o$ my *hole impro)ement goal. 5ny e,ercises you can
recommen+ that *ill %eep me going1 I ha)e no i+ea *hen this problem *ill sort itsel$ out, the
in7ury is about !# +ays ol+.
2he $irst thing I +o *hen I +e)elop an+ in7ury that pre)ents me $rom +oing any *al%ing 'my
bran+ o$ car+io( is cut bac% on the calories. Fy cran%ing bac% "-5## calories per +ay, I o$$set
any potential calorie surplus that *ill be con)erte+ to bo+y $at. I$ I cannot *eight train legs, I
+ouble up on upper bo+y e,ercise an+ )ice )ersa. 0ill the short$all *ith e,ercises you can +o
*ithout pain. Minor in7uries can be a blessing in +isguise as they $orce you to +e)ise ne*
training mo+es. Complacency is the enemy o$ physical progress an+ o$ten an in7ury *ill $orce
one into an upper or lo*er bo+y specialiDation mo+e 'in or+er to *or% aroun+ the in7ury( an+
guess *hat1 ;$ten, the uninten+e+ specialiDation causes me to bust through a plateau. 2his is
o$ten the sil)er lining in the +ar% clou+ o$ in7ury.
0alls Church, Ca.: Marty: I e-maile+ you three *ee%s ago as%ing i$ it *as $easible $or me, a 5'&
/. y.o. $emale to lose !# poun+s in 5 *ee%s. I am happy to report so $ar, *ith your a+)ice to cut
*ay bac% on $oo+ an+ be )ery +e+icate+ to e,ercise, that I ha)e lost & poun+s in 4 *ee%s.
5lmost there, an+ I am $eeling so much better *ith so much energy. 2han%s $or the
encouragement an+ a+monition to be serious about the program.
3oo+ 7ob. ;ur tactics are battle+ teste+ an+ base+ upon biological cause an+ e$$ect. =o magic,
7ust science, 4#-years o$ empirical athletic +ata an+ a *hole barrel $ull o$ elbo* grease. 2hose
*ith true grit thri)e once *e pro)i+e them *ith a soli+ training template an+ e,plain the
importance o$ +oing the e,ercises intensely. We put the *hole e$$ort into a speci$ic time $rame
*ith a speci$ic goal.
=o* is the time to begin thin%ing about *hich +irection you *ant to go a$ter this particular
training phase is complete+.
=e* 8or% City: I')e +eci+e+ to try li$ting because my arms loo% li%e stic%s. I'm tire+ o$ being,
*ell, tire+, $rom carrying groceries an+ so $orth. What amount o$ *eight +o you recommen+ I
start *ith1
5rms are easy to buil+ an+ $un to train - so much so that I ha)e to a+monish nearly e)ery
ne*bie to not +e)ote an inor+inately large percentage o$ their a)ailable training time to training
the beach muscles: biceps, triceps an+ abs. 2ry this routine an+ you can a++ se)eral inches o$
bee$ to the guns in no-time $lat.
!. +umbbell curls on a steep incline: set an e,ercise bench on a lo* angle o$ "#- +egrees. 2a%e
t*o light +umbbells, lie bac% on the bench an+ let the DFs hang totally straight. >imultaneously
curl them up*ar+. Hol+ them a beat at the top be$ore lo*ering. ?et the bells +ea+hang at the
bottom be$ore commencing the ne,t rep. " sets o$ !5 reps, increase the *eight slightly on each
successi)e set.
/. 2riceps cable press+o*ns: " sets o$ !5 reps. Hol+ the loc%out an+ contract the tri's har+
be$ore releasing an+ returning to the start position. =o hea)ing, only the $orearms mo)e an+
nothing else.
5lternate the t*o e,ercises in superset $ashion. Do a set o$ curls then *al% o)er to the
push+o*n machine an+ +o a set o$ push+o*ns. 2a%e a minute rest an+ repeat the !-/ cycle
t*ice more, a++ing a $e* poun+s on each set. Do this t*ice a *ee% *ith "-4 +ays rest in
bet*een arm sessions. I$ your arms aren't pumpe+ up li%e an o)er-in$late+ bi%e tire *hen +one
then chec% your pulse as your li%ely +ea+.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Why are late-in-the-+ay carbs consi+ere+ ba+ $or you1 What shoul+ I be eating
?ate night eating o$ any type is generally to be a)oi+e+. ?ate in the +ay is a $uDDy term that
coul+ mean 4 in the a$ternoon or Jpm at night an+ there is a *hale o$ a +i$$erence. What is your
=W Washington, D.C.: When s*itching $rom !# rep sets to /# rep sets +o you still recommen+
three sets o$ light, me+ium an+ hea)y1 >o I# reps all together1
=o, I *oul+ ne)er +o I#-reps as the $irst 4#-reps *ill cut in to my per$ormance on the $inal,
critical /#-rep set. When I *or% /#-rep sets, I *oul+ +o !# reps an+ the $irst set, ma%ing sure to
groo)e in my techniEue an+ sen+ some bloo+ to the area. ;n the secon+ set, using slightly
hea)ier poun+age, I *ill +o only 5-I reps - though I coul+ easily +o /#. I'm bri+ging the
poun+age gap but conser)ing precious energy $or the $inal, all-out set o$ /#-reps. Fy the time I
tac%le the all-important $inal set, I am *arm, groo)e+ an+ rea+y. Ha+ I +one 4# reps prior to the
$inal set, I surely *oul+ ha)e lost a $e* reps or poun+age - or both to $atigue.
Hern+on, Ca.: Can you suggest any car+io *or%outs that I coul+ a++ to my routine. I am $emale
in my /#'s *ho ta%es %ic%bo,ing /-" times a *ee% an+ runs at least t*o o$ the other +ays. I +on't
particularly *ant to li$t *eights, although it +i+ so in college.
I +on't particularly *ant to pay ta,es but I +o it.
I thin% li$ting is in+ispensable to the philosophy o$ $itness. 9lus, my ta%e on $itness +oes not cater
to *hat I li%e to call ca$eteria $itness enthusiasts *ho saunter +o*n the $itness bu$$et pic%ing
this aspect, re7ecting that oneL mine is an inter-lin%ing philosophy in *hich three elements
'*eights, aerobics, nutrition( $orm a comprehensi)e *hole.
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: Hey, I *as once a)i+ about roc% climbing. Felonge+ to an in+oor gym
$or "P yrs. an+ boul+ere+-climbe+ out+oors *hene)er I coul+. My obser)ation *as that it
counts more $or strength than car+io. It uses lots o$ +i$$erent muscle groups to support your
o*n *eight against gra)ity. 5t the same time, it reEuires balance an+ e$$iciency o$ mo)ement.
0orearm ten+ons gi)e out long be$ore you get too *in+e+. 6eally amaDing climbers are lithe,
$le,ible an+ grace$ul li%e ballet +ancers -- yet strong. I +i+ %no* people *ho *oul+ en+ the night
*ith repeate+ spee+-climbs up a long, easy route $or a $inal blo*out.
Ho*'s your training going1 I appreciate you being one o$ my regulars. 2han%s $or the insight.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Coach Marty -- I'+ li%e to get your suggestions-comments on my current
program. My goal is to lose a $e* poun+s so I can lean out $or the summer *ithout losing
muscle. 0rom $ollo*ing your a+)ice, I')e ma+e some goo+ muscle gains an+ lost a $e* poun+s
to boot. I')e no* got abs li%e you *oul+n't belie)e, but I still ha)e some cottage cheese on my
thighs that I'+ lo)e to get ri+ o$. >orry about all the in$o I'm thro*ing you, but I *ant to ma%e sure
you ha)e *hat you nee+. I'm a 45 y-o *oman, 7ust un+er 5'I, !/. poun+s. Car+io: I +o car+io in
the am be$ore brea%$ast, 5 times a *ee%. M,W, 0, I run "-4 miles, heart rate in the .#-.5B
range. 2,2H I use stationary bi%e an+-or +o nor+ic trac% $or 45 minutes, heart rate in the I5-&#B
'bi%e( or .#-.5B 'nor+ic tra%( range. =o* that the *eather is so great, on either >at or >un, I')e
been going out $or a bi%e ri+e, /#-/5 miles 'usually in the a$ternoon, so I')e ha+ something to
eat(, but it's 7ust $or $un an+ I ha)en't been *earing a monitor. I'm guessing I'm in the I#-I5B
range. Diet: typical +ay is as $ollo*s: *heat bran, oatmeal, raisins, s%im mil%, an+ ;A $or
brea%$astL protein bar mi+ morningL non$at yogurt or canne+ tuna an+ spinach '*-no-$at
+ressing( $or lunchL protein bar or sha%e mi+-a$ternoonL lean protein '$ish, chic%en, bu$$alo
burger -- they're great, you gotta try them --, or high protein )eggie burger( an+ steame+
)egetables $or +inner. ! cheat +ay a *ee%. Weight li$ting: I 7ust came o$$ a /# rep perio+, ha)e
been +oing !5 reps on the top set $or a $e* *ee%s. 'Fase+ on *hat I')e rea+ in your chats, am
thin%ing o$ going bac% up to /# *hile I'm trying to lose the *eight.( 5ll top sets +one as close as
I can get to $ailure *ithout brea%ing $orm 'I +on't ha)e a spotter.( 6outine is as $ollo*s:
Day ! -- bench press *ith /5 lb +umbbells
Chest press 'machine( -- 4# lbs
0ly -- 5# lbs
Dips '*- $eet on a chair( -- !J reps
2ricep push+o*n -- 5# lbs
Crunches -- " +i$$erent types, /5 reps each +one in slo*-mo
Day / -- sEuats &#lbs on >mith machine 'not inclu+ing bar *eight(
toe raises -- !/# lbs '>mith machine(
leg curls -- &# lbs 'machine(
ab+uctor -- !!# lbs an+ a++uctor -- !#5 lbs 'I %no* you +on't recommen+ these but I $eel a goo+
min+-bo+y connection *ith them, so I still use them(
o)erhea+ press -- 45 lbs 'machine(
lat raise -- 45 lbs 'machine(
Day " -- bent ro* -- "5 lb +umbell
lat pull+o*n, *i+e grip -- !!# lbs 'machine(
lat pull+o*n, narro* grip -- !!# lbs 'machine(
bac% e,tension -- !/# lbs 'machine(
chin ups -- " sets o$ !#
concentration curls -- /# lb +umbbell
I usually ta%e a rest +ay bet*een each *eightli$ting session. 2han%s $or your great a+)ice an+
chats, Marty, I recommen+ them to all my e,ercise $rien+s -- Haes
;%ay, you're +oing all this car+io an+ li$ting an+ eating $airly clean an+ ha)e ma+e goo+
progress but are stuc% in the mu+. >o many $ol%s I *or% *ith are +oing e)erything right
'generally spea%ing( an+ yet their progress is stymie+. 8our bo+y has become a+apte+ to the
stresses o$ your current $itness routine an+ once the bo+y accommo+ates itsel$ to a routine,
regar+less the +egree o$ sophistication, substanti)e gains *ill e)entually come to a halt. 5$ter
that, tin%ering *ith the components o$ the current system becomes the $itness eEui)alent o$
rearranging the +ec% chairs on the 2itanic. ?oo% to your *ea%nesses to realiDe the most gain.
Human nature has us play to our strengths an+ a)oi+ *or%ing on our *ea%nesses. In your case
an+ gi)en the in$ormation pro)i+e+ I *oul+ access you as $ollo*s:
>trengths: 8ou appear to ha)e goo+ car+io con+ition an+ %no* about application. 8ou +e)ote a
lot o$ time to this area an+ seem organiDe+ an+ +iligent.
Wea%nesses: you use some relati)ely +in%y poun+age in the *eight e,ercises an+ this coul+
pro)e a real pro$itable area to *or% on. I suspect the +iet coul+ be tightene+ a hair.
9rescription: 8ou can +rop bac% on the o)erall car+io training )olume 'permissible( i$ you %ic%
the intensity up. Drop an entire session an+ shorten the remaining sessions i$ you li%e, but %ic%
up the pace to compensate. 2he *eight e,ercise template an+ $reEuency can be %ept intact but
+rop +o*n to 5-rep top sets $or $our *ee%s. ?oo% to )ery, )ery slo*ly up the e,ercise poun+age.
2his is the best *ay to trigger hypertrophy an+ buil+ some muscle. @se per$ect technical
e,ecution on each rep o$ e)ery e,ercise.
:at a hair less at each $ee+ing. ?iterally lea)e a $e* bites or sips o$ e)ery portion or potion you
normally ingest. Heep me poste+.
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty,
Wrist in7ury again. I +on't normally +o tons o$ curls, it *as 7ust part o$ my routine that I +i+
$ollo*ing my chest an+ bac% *or%. I can still bench *ithout trouble. Fut I $igure+ since one part
o$ my *or%out, e)en a relati)ely small one, is getting +roppe+ maybe there *as something I
coul+ +o to compensate $or it.
Aust let it go $or no*. 8our +oing $ine an+ a little less arm training *on't slo* +o*n o)erall
physical gains in the slightest. 3la+ to hear you are not one o$ the 'beach muscle army'. 2hose
guys train their arms, chest an+ abs to the e,clusion o$ legs an+ bac% an+ en+ up loo%ing li%e
+isproportional cartoon characters.
Washington, D.C.: In one month, I'm appearing in a play *here I'll nee+ to be shirtless $or a bit.
I'm not in ba+ shape, but I'm certainly not *ell-tone+ either. Can you suggest a *or%out regime
that coul+ gi)e me at least a little muscle tone in a month1
2*ice a *ee%:
Fench press
Dumbbell incline press
>eate+ +umbbell o)erhea+ press
?ateral raises
>cott curls
2riceps push+o*ns
?at pull+o*ns
" sets o$ !/ reps - light *arm-up, me+ium secon+ set, all-out $inal set. Don't $orget to +o a
bunch o$ pushups !# minutes be$ore you *al% onstage - clean up the +iet imme+iately or all this
li$ting *ill be in )ain.
>o are you male $emale1
5rlington, Ca.: Hey Marty:
3ot a maintenance Euestion. I'm 5'!!, !.#, an+ not really loo%ing to a++ siDe-muscle, perhaps
7ust sculpt a*ay some $at. 5s a result, I +o 7ust a $e* lo*er %ey *eightli$ting e,ercises: seate+
machine chest press, curls, some pull-ups, +ips, leg presses. 5re there any others you *oul+
suggest to a++ to the repertoire1 It's getting stale, but I thin% 7ust a couple o$ ne* acti)ites *ill
re%in+le interest. I get su$$icient car+io an+ stretching. ;h, an+ I try not to get too $ar abo)e my
bo+y *eight on the chest press, instea+ going $or reps. >houl+ I target some multiple o$ my
8our Horean translator
>o *ho ga)e you the brilliant a+)ice that you shoul+n't get too $ar abo)e my bo+y *eight in the
chest press1 Don't ta%e any stoc% tips $rom that in+i)i+ual. ?et's e,plo+e training myth number
&5I: I')e ne)er seen an in+i)i+ual *ith a 4##-poun+ bench press that ha+ lousy chest
+e)elopment yet I')e seen plenty o$ bo+y *eight bench reppers an+ pushup champs that
possesse+ such a)erage physical +e)elopment you coul+n't tell i$ they e)en li$te+ *eights. 2his
is *hat those on the police $orce call a clue.
>econ+ly: 8ou nee+ to get serious about your li$ting. 8ou are seeing minimal results because
you are putting the minimal amount o$ *or% into it. I *oul+ nee+ to %no* your a)ailable *ee%ly
training time - bro%en +o*n +ay by +ay - be$ore I coul+ prescribe a sensible routine. 5lso i$ you
li$t, ho* long you')e been li$ting an+ *hat ha)e you been +oing as $ar as sets, reps an+
poun+age1 Ho* +o you say, *here is 'Ci%ing style' restaurant, in Horean 'that's *hat they call
'all-you-can-eat' restaurant in Aapan(.
5shburn, Ca.: Hi Marty,
We spo%e a couple *ee%s ago an+ I *ante+ to chec% in an+ tell you I am going $ull spee+
ahea+. I am +oing a lean +o*n program. I ha)e ta%en your a+)ice an+ am seeing some
preliminary results. 5lmost imme+iately my bo+y $at +roppe+ $rom "4B to "!B ... an+ no* it is
ho)ering aroun+ that. My Euestion, I am eating )ery clean.. *hole $oo+s, )eggies an+ a +ecent
amount o$ lean protein- I am eating 5 times per +ay but my total +aily calories are in the !/##
range. :)en though I am $ee+ing mysel$ *ell, an+ ha)e increase+ my car+io an+ car+io intensity
'as *ell as my reps to about !5 reps no*(- +o you thin% my bo+y *ill stall an+ thin% it is star)ing
itsel$1 I am e,periencing no $atigue, hunger or energy +rops... an+ I +on't thin% I shoul+ $orce
+o*n more calories especially since I am trying to lean +o*n. Can't I 7ust +o the ne,t 4 *ee%s at
this caloric range an+ then +rop to !### $or the last 4 *ee%s1
2han%s again $or your time an+ a+)ice.
Hey Memory - *hat *as your caloric inta%e be$ore you *ent to !/##1 2his is an important
Euestion. 2he number o$ calories you')e slashe+ *ill pro)i+e a $airly accurate gauge as to
*hether or not you')e slamme+ the brea%s on your metabolism an+ thro*n it into star)ation
mo+e. I$ you cut too many calories to Euic%ly the bo+y triggers a '$ail-sa$e' metabolic process in
*hich the bo+y hor+es it's $at stores. When the bo+y percei)es it is star)ing, genetic har+*iring,
le$to)er $rom primiti)e $amine times, causes the bo+y to spare store+ $at an+ actually o,i+iDe
muscle tissue in or+er to $uel acti)ity. 2he bo+y goes catabolic an+ begins to cannibaliDe muscle
tissue in or+er to preser)e $at stores $or as long as possible. 8ou are absolutely right about one
thingL your current caloric ceiling is so lo* that to +ip beneath it coul+ pro)e a health haDar+.
2*o Fig Mac contain !!## calories so you are s%ating on thin caloric ice. Fe care$ul.
Washington, D.C.: Hey Marty,
Di+ Mar% Coleman mention any ne* approaches to his style o$ $ighting1 I ha)e al*ays a+mire+
his strength. 3reat athlete, but he has al*ays misse+ the mar% on the transition $rom stri%ing to
submissions. I$ anyone *ants to %no* ho* *ea% or out o$ shape 'I lo)e that term(, try to
grapple $or !#-"# minutes, no brea%s. ;r try 5 hours on the mat as @H: 'one *ho recei)es
techniEue(, *ith a p] ] ] ] + Aapanese Ho+o%an instructor. 2hat'll slap you bac% into reality. ;h
yeah, a++e+ /# poun+ to the bench... soon I *ill be *orthy to carry Doc 9in%'s bag o$ hair
8ou're $unny as hell but seriously until you bench 4## you are not allo*e+ to touch, much less
carry, the sha)en hea+e+ one's bag o$ hair pro+ucts. Coleman sai+ e)eryone e,pecte+ him to
$ight in a certain *ay so he +eci+e+ to $ight +i$$erently. It *as e,pecte+ that he *oul+ shoot in
*ith the +ouble-leg ta%e+o*n an+ go to his $ame+ groun+-an+-poun+ style o$ mayhem.
Instea+ he *or%e+ the hell out o$ his stan+ up s%ills prior to this match an+ staye+ on his $eet
an+ punche+ 5lan until he $ell +o*n. Coleman *as on him li%e a lion on a gaDelle an+ got 3oes
cross-mounte+. He then unleashe+ *a)e a$ter *a)e o$ %nee shots to the cranium an+ it en+e+
at !:"# o$ the $irst roun+. >a%uraba *as beaten also.
>ubmission isn't really Coleman's thing, as so much o$ that is base+ on instincti)e $eel an+
position. Fut +on't let this guy hit you in the $ace or you *ill +e$initely $all +o*n.
3ee - that soun+s li%e great $un - $i)e hours o$ being $lung onto a mat an+ then ha)ing the
instructor crash his bo+y *eight crash +o*n on you. 2eaches you ho* to ta%e a beating I'+
imagine. I once ha+ a $rien+ *ho *as an e,tremely success$ul businessman an+ in the mi++le
o$ merger tal%s he a++ressees the assemble+ boar+ o$ +irectors $rom both $irms, Ha)e any o$
you e)er been %noc%e+ unconscious in a bar $ight1 Well I ha)e - repeate+ly on one particular
occasion. He *as setting a tone. 2his is the same guy *ho taught me the art o$ negotiation. He
*as a pro+uct o$ the Aoe >talin >chool, >eiDe the other man's bac% yar+ an+ then compromise
an+ gi)e him bac% hal$ o$ it.
5rlington, Ca.: I$ my priority is primarily to burn $at, *hat shoul+ I +o1 I ha)e a siDable gut, an+
I'+ li%e it to go a*ay.
!. ?i$t *eights to buil+ muscle
/. Do car+io to impro)e organ health, increase en+urance an+ burn $at
". :stablish a multiple meal plan an+ systematically 7ettison nasty $oo+s
5nnan+ale, Ca.: Hello,
:,cellent chat. I ha)e been *or%ing out 5 +ays a *ee%, *eights O car+io since Aanuary. I am
not seeing results anymore. My car+io lasts "# minutes. Weights 4#. Is it time to up that
amount1 I ha)e only I poun+s to go. 5 $e* +ays I circuit train, car+io 5 minutes-*eights "
minutes. Is that not e$$ecti)e1 I agree *ith *or% the *ea% points... 2han%s.
>oun+s li%e you')e been ma%ing e,cellent progress on a lousy training regimen. 2his usually
in+icates that the in+i)i+ual is a har+ *or%er. In li$ting *eights intensity trumps e)erything. I')e
sai+ this be$ore but it bears repeating: I')e seen $ol%s ma%e e,cellent progress using lousy
programs an+ lots o$ intensity an+ I')e seen $ol%s ma%e Dero progress using e,cellent programs
an+ not enough intensity. ;h course the smart person uses lots o$ intensity on an e,cellent
8ou +on't nee+ to increase the +uration or the $reEuency o$ your sessions. 8ou nee+ to get ri+
o$ the baby toys an+ start training har+ using a soli+ *eight routine. 2oss the circuit training. 3et
on a soli+ beginner *eight program an+ hit it /-" times a *ee%.
6oc%)ille, M+.: Hi Marty4 ?o)e your chats4 My Euestion is this: I consi+er mysel$ a pretty $it /"
year ol+ $emale, 5'4 !!.lbs ... I *or% out 4-5 times a *ee%, car+io an+ *eights. :)ery+ay at "
i'm hungry as hell4 I'm eating brea%$ast, lunch, +inner, a "pm or 5pm snac%, but nothing a$ter
+inner. at I I usually *or% out. Fut bt*n. "-I an+ I $eel li%e I coul+ eat a 4 course meal4 >o
usually I +ri)e home $rom *or% an+ eat a snac% at 5 be$ore going to the gym. that means
su$$ering bt*n "-5. shoul+ I consi+er eating a nutritional bar +uring my +ri)e home1'I li%e those
?una bars $or *omen( or eat a small snac% at " an+ then a small one right be$ore i hit the gym11
i'm not big meal eater ... so my meals are small an+ I +on't snac% a$ter +inner. I $eel as though I
eat enough, it's 7ust this "-5 time perio+ *here I'm $amishe+ an+ I *ish I coul+ someho* $i, this
hungry $eeling. any suggestions1 nutritional bars1 t*o snac%s1 2han%s4 I appreciate your
:at4 Ma%e the $oo+s as clean as possible, but eat4
6oc%)ille, M+.: Marty,
I')e 7ust starte+ to seriously get into to cycling. I ro+e a century in ;ctober an+ am training $or
more long +istance ri+es this summer. Currently I'm at !/5 miles a *ee%, increasing by about
/# miles e)ery *ee%. I'm ha)ing a +i$$icult losing *eight, e)en though I'm putting in some goo+
mileage. What is the proper ratio o$ carbs, $at an+ protien that I shoul+ be $ollo*ing1 >houl+ the
carbs come $rom starchy stu$$ li%e potatoes, brea+ an+ rice or are carbs $rom )egetables
inclu+e+ in this calculation1
While nutrient balance is important, thin% more in terms o$ o)erall calorie consumption.
2ry eating a $e* bites less at each '$ee+ing' an+ see i$ this +oesn't brea% you through. I hesitate
to cut your carbs since you are participating in an en+urance e)ent. 2ry re+ucing your o)erall
)olume o$ $oo+. :at *hat you normally eat *hen you normally eat it - but lea)e a bite or t*o o$
each portion.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Hey, Marty. I')e been +oing the $ollo*ing routine on an+ o$$ since college, an+
I')e notice+ that some o$ it con$licts *ith your recommen+ations. I'm trying to buil+ muscle, an+
am currently I'/-/##. Ho* +oes the routine loo%1
Day !:
-Fench '5 sets, starting *ith !5 reps an+ *or%ing +o*n to 4-5 on the last set(
->eate+ ?eg Curls '5 sets, same as abo)e(
-Incline Fench 'same as abo)e(
-Cal$ 6aises '5 sets, starting *ith /# reps on the $irst(
->houl+er 0lys '5 sets, starting *ith !# reps an+ en+ing *ith 4-5(
-Ficep Curls 'usually *ith +umbbells, same as shoul+er $lys(
-9ushups O >itups a$ter e)erything else
Day /: rest
Day ":
->Euats '5 sets, !5 reps on $irst set, *or%ing +o*n to 5-& on the last(
-9ullups 'machine assist - 5 sets, !# reps on $irst set(
->eate+ ?eg Curls 'same as abo)e(
->houl+er 9ress 'same as abo)e(
-Fac% 0lys 'incline $ree-*eight machine(
-2ricep 9ress
=otice anything glaringly *rong here1
=ot really - but this shoul+ be 7ust one o$ a *hole series o$ e$$ecti)e routines that you rotate on a
regular basis. 8ou cannot hang all your hats onto one single routine, regar+less the +egree o$
sophistication it *ill e)entually go stale 'they all +o(. 8ou nee+ other training approaches rea+y
to roll.
Washington, D.C.: Hey Marty, I ha)e been $ollo*ing your a+)ice $or almost a year an+ ha)e
seen tremen+ous results. I $eel great an+ ha)e gotten a lot stronger, ho*e)er I ha)en't lost a lot
o$ *eight. I $igure that's because I')e lost a lot o$ $at an+ gaine+ a lot o$ muscle. 5ny*ay, I am
no* //5, an+ *oul+ li%e to get +o*n to /#5 by the en+ o$ the summer. I loo%e+ at my +iet an+
$oun+ that I *as eating much less than I shoul+ be $or someone my siDe an+ *as *on+ering
*hether increasing my calories by a++ing protein sha%es *oul+ actually lea+ to more e$$ecti)e
$at loss i$ I staye+ un+er my caloric brea%-e)en point e)ery +ay. Coul+ my problem be that I *as
eating too little to get my metabolism going $ast enough to burn $at1 I'm //5 male, li$t 4 +ays a
*ee% an+ run 4 miles or play bas%etball about $our +ays a *ee%.
;%ay - goo+ 7ob by the *ay - I nee+ to get a rough i+ea as to ho* many calories you're eating. I$
you *eigh //5 an+ are e,isting on !5## calories a +ay, then that *ill in+icate a certain course o$
action an+ con)ersely i$ you eat ",5## a +ay that *oul+ suggest a +i$$erent course o$ action.
9rotein sha%es are the har+ *or%ing athlete's best $rien+. ?oo%, playing FF, li$ting, running,
7umping, etc., you are tearing +o*n muscle tissue li%e you *oul+n't belie)e - gi)e your bo+y the
amino aci+s that it nee+s to e$$ect repair an+ $uel gro*th. 5lso, ta%e Citamin C an+ :.
I *oul+ +escribe my abs as a $our-pac%: nice an+ +e$ine+ abo)e my na)el, an+ not so +e$ine+
belo*. Ho* can I hit those lo*er abs an+ complete my pac%1
2ighten the +iet - *hat ails you is $oo+ relate+, not e,ercise relate+. Diet an+ melt the ab-
obscuring $at o$$ the lo*er abs. 8our lo*er abs are most li%ely alrea+y plenty crisp an+ +e$ine+
$rom your other ab *or%, 7ust hi++en un+er a $at blan%et.
Ithaca, =.8.: Hey Marty,
3reat *ay to %ic% o$$ the summer -- I $racture+ my $oot at a 2ae%*on+o tournament this
*ee%en+. >o I'm on crutches $or si, *ee%s or so. =o 2ae%*on+o or anything that in)ol)es loa+
bearing on my right $oot. >o I plan on s*imming $or my car+io *ith a buoy bet*een my legs so I
7ust pull the *hole time. I guess I can also li$t at anything that can be +one lying +o*n or sitting. I
pretty much ha)e an i+ea *hat I can +o, but any *or+s o$ moti)ation to *or% through it1 2han%s,
8ou ha)e it bac%*ar+ 6ob - it's guys li%e you *ho inspire us. 8ou nee+ to be li%e the 2erminator
an+ al*ays get bac% up regar+less the obstacles li$e tosses in your path. Fench press your butt
o$$. >*im li%e aEua man, an+ +o plenty o$ single-leg leg e,tensions, leg curls an+ cal$ raises
*ith your goo+ leg. 9ull+o*ns an+ pullups *ill be not hurt the $oot so lets set some personal
bests in these t*o bac% e,ercises. >eate+ inclines, curls, laterals, press behin+ the nec%, etc.,
all are recommen+e+. 2he >mith Machine is great $or in7ure+ li$ters as it re+uces the balance
$actor. I$ you get your hea+ scre*e+ on straight, you can bring up a *hole boatloa+ o$ lagging
muscles an+ actually impro)e your car+io capacity.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Marty,
9lease help4 5lthough I +on't consi+er mysel$ a serious runner by any means, I +o occasionally
en7oy running as a $orm o$ car+io e,ercise along *ith aerobics, %ic%-bo,ing, an+ po*er *al%ing
'I also strength train three times a *ee%(. Ho*e)er, lately I ha)e been ha)ing serious shin splint
pain that appears a$ter only about $i)e or !# minutes o$ running. I ha)e trie+ )arious shoe inserts
an+ gels, ne* shoes, an+ ma%ing sure I hit my heel $irst. @n$ortunately, nothing seems to *or%.
:)en a$ter resting $or t*o entire *ee%s 'no running, 7ogging or po*er *al%ing(, the pain still
came bac% a$ter about "# minutes o$ running. 5lthough I can no* po*er *al% $or longer perio+s
o$ time pain $ree, it is still $rustrating not being able to run. :specially on my lunch hour *hen I
+on't ha)e a lot o$ time an+ can get in a better *or%out i$ I run as oppose+ to *al%ing. Is there
anything else I can +o1
What can I say or +o1 I$ it hurts it hurts an+ i$ you persist *oe be onto you.
2ry *al%ing *ith a bac%pac% 'li%e the %in+ the %i+s pac% their boo%s in *hen they go to school(
loa+e+ *ith a !#-poun+ barbell plate *rappe+ in a blan%et. I ha)e been able to consistently
register !#-/5 beat per minute heart rate increases *al%ing at an i+entical pace *ith a lightly
loa+e+ bac%pac%.
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty: Ha)e to submit early to+ay. My Euestion is about han+s an+ $orearms.
Do you ha)e any program $or strengthening them1 I currently use a sEueeDe-gripper '$or lac% o$
a better *or+( +aily an+ ha)e ha+ some strength increase but nothing +ramatic. Is there a *ay
to use these +e)ices to ma,imum e$$ect1 8our thoughts1
Do you ha)e a set o$ *eights1 2here are t*o *eight e,ercises that *ill cure *hat ails you: *rist
curls an+ re)erse *rist curls, +one in superset $ashion.
!. *rist curls: lay the $orearms on a *eight bench palms up so that your *rists, hol+ing a lightly
loa+e+ barbell, +rape o)er the e+ge. =o* curl the *eight up*ar+ *ithout allo*ing the $orearms
to brea% contact *ith the bench. ;nly the han+s mo)e. ?o*er an+ let the *eight stretch the
$ingers +o*n*ar+ be$ore commencing the ne,t rep. Do a set o$ /#-reps an+ procee+
imme+iately to . . .
/. 6e)erse *rist curls: strip some *eight o$$ the barbell Euic%ly an+ +o the same e,ercise - only
no* your palms $ace +o*n*ar+. 6aise the $ist as high as possible, only the han+s mo)e as the
$orearm bellies remain glue+ to the bench. Do /#-reps.
". >tretch the $orearms imme+iately a$ter this one-t*o punch. Wal% to a *all an+ sprea+ the
$ingers. 9lace them on the *all at belly button height. ?ean on the sprea+ $ingers *ith straight
arms an+ $eel the stretch in the $orearms. Done correctly you *ill $eel a burn. I$ you're a hero or
a sa+ist, repeat the seEuence one more time.
Marty 3allagher: 5-#.-#! Guestions 'cont'+(
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty,
I *rote in last *ee% about t*ea%ing my shoul+er *hile benching. I +i+ my chest *or%out
yester+ay an+ it +i+n't go *ell. 2*o sets o$ *armups *ere $ine, but *hen I *ent to /#5 it +i+n't
$eel right. >o, ho* long shoul+ I ta%e o$$1 2*o *ee%s enough1 I'm assuming that I shoul+ s*itch
to /# rep sets *hen I get bac%. ;n a si+e note, I +roppe+ $rom /#5 to !.. since December.
Fench *as barely at 4-/#5 an+ no* I'm at 5-/45. 2han%s4
3oo+ 7ob on /45,5. I *oul+ +e$initely not hea+ to /#-rep sets a$ter your layo$$. I *oul+ +o sub-
ma,imal sets o$ . in or+er to minimiDe the stress an+ try an+ ease bac%. 5)oi+ going to the limit
either in reps or poun+age $or a long *hile a$ter coming bac%. 9ump some bloo+ into the area
an+ thin% about changing your grip. ;$ten, pain can +isappear i$ the grip *i+th is change+.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: 3oo+ a$ternoon, Coach. I 7ust *ant to pre$ace my Euestion by saying that I $in+
you the most inspirational $itness guru e)er, an+ I')e rea+ them all. I *on+er i$ you coul+
comment on >yl)ester >tallone's training regimen bet*een 6oc%y II an+ 6oc%y III. 5nyone
*ho's seen these $ilms can tell the ob)ious +i$$erence bet*een his physical appearance in each.
In 6oc%y II, he's big an+ po*er$ul, but in 6oc%y III, he's totally rippe+, shre++e+, slice+ an+
+ice+. I rea+ a story that sai+ he actually +eci+e+ to go $rom his 6oc%y II *eight o$ /#5 +o*n
to !55 by the catabolic metho+, an+ then he a++e+ bac% 5# poun+s o$ muscle ounce by
ounce. Isn't it normal to bul% out an+ then lean +o*n rather than the other *ay aroun+1 Care to
comment on this unortho+o, metho+ology1 2han%s, coach4
>tallone hire+ 0ranco Columbo, 5rnol+'s training partner an+ soulmate, to train him, reporte+ly
at an astronomical rate. 2he Italian >tallone li%e the i+ea o$ ha)ing his chubby smooth bo+y
*hippe+ into shape by the *orl+'s best built Italian. It *as an all-Italian e$$ort an+ >tallone
learne+ all the tric%s o$ the tra+e $rom one o$ the best $or a he$ty price.
2ustin 6anch, Cali$.: Hello Marty,
I')e hear+ that the techniEue o$ bringing the barbell +o*n an+ touching the chest, *hen +oing
bench presses, comes $rom thoes +u+es that ha)e huge barrel chests. 0or me, that *oul+ mean
ha)ing my elbo*s-upper arms +ip *ell belo* parallel, *hich I un+erstan+ puts ba+ stress on the
shoul+ers. Do you ha)e any thoughts on this1 5lso, +o you ha)e any competitions comming
up1 2han%s, as al*ays.
Aon you're hallucinating - an+ *hoe)er tol+ you that touching you chest in a bench press
'regar+less ho* shallo* your thora,( is in7urious on the shoul+ers is +ea+ *rong. Fring it +o*n
to your chest an+ you'll actually buil+ some pectoral muscles - *hat a concept4 9artial
mo)ements are *orthless.
I may or may not compete this year - I')e got three coaching commitments an+ I hate to $ly
anymore as the planes al*ays seem to get +elaye+ or cancele+.
>e)ern, M+.: Marty,
I'm an a)i+ *eight li$ter in my early 4#s an+ in pretty +ecent shape $or a man my age. I ha)e a
great regular an+ incline bench '"!5 lbs. $or reps on regular an+ "I5 lbs. incline( an+ can hol+
my o*n on shoul+er presses '//5 lbs. $or reps(. Well, 0ather 2ime has $inally caught up *ith
me an+ I')e been plague+ by a series o$ nagging in7uries that ha)e literally cripple+ my
*or%outs. My *or%out partners are t*o )ery strong an+ muscular young men that help %eep me
$ocuse+ but ha)e no problems tossing me the pun% car+ i$ they thin% I'm slac%ing. I')e trie+
e)erything $rom chiropractors, acupuncture, to e)en resorting to putting a $roDen piece o$ $ish on
a pec I straine+ *hen my gym +i+n't ha)e any ice pac%s4 My partners tell me to ta%e it easy an+
*or% har+ *ith *hat I'm com$ortable *ith but I'm an,ious to get bac% in the sa++le. What can I
+o so they +on't gallop o$$ into the poun+age sunset *ithout me1
2om H. in >e)ern, M+.
Wa)e to them 2omL *a)e an+ *atch as they gallop a*ay o$$ into the sunset. . . there they go4
;ne +e$inition o$ stupi+ity is to +o the same thing o)er an+ o)er an+ e,pect +i$$erent results.
2hese boys are rightL you nee+ to lay o$$ all hea)y pressing $or a *hile an+ see i$ the lessening
o$ trauma allo*s your con+ition to heal. I$ you %eep trying to push through, an+ suc% it up an+
*or% through the pain an+ all that other macho bull, then you *ill surely ha)e some catastrophic
pec rip or shoul+er collapse an+ then you really *ill be *a)ing bye bye. 2ry an+ *or% 7ust belo*
the pain threshol+. I$ the in7ury $orces you to cut bac% on the poun+age or the reps then you can
succee+ through )olume training. 0or e,ample: let's assume you normally can +o "!5,5 in the
$lat bench but *ith pain. ?et's $urther assume you can bench /&5 *ith no pain. Instea+ o$
*or%ing up to "!5,5 try an+ +o 5 sets o$ . reps *ith /&5. Colume, not intensity, can sa)e your
Wee% Fo+y Weight Calories - Day 9rotein - Day >Euat Fench 9ress >eate+ 9ress
! !5. /### !## grams /# reps /# reps /# reps &#B
/ !5I.5 /### &#B
" !55 !.## &/.5B
4 !5".5 !.## &/.5B
5 !5/ !I## !/5 grams !# reps !5 reps !5 reps &5B
I !5#.5 !I## &5B
& !4J !4## &&.5B
. !4&.5 !4## &&.5B
J !4I !/## !5# grams 5 reps 5 reps 5 reps .#B
!# !44.5 !/## .#B
!! !4" !### ./.5B
!/ !4!.5 !### .5B
Wee% !" Fo+y Weight: !4#
Wee% Fo+y Weight Calories - Day 9rotein - Day >Euat Fench 9ress >eate+ 9ress
! !5. /### !## grams /# reps /# reps /# reps &#B
/ !5I.5 /### &#B
" !55 !.## &/.5B
4 !5".5 !.## &/.5B
5 !5/ !I## !/5 grams !# reps !5 reps !5 reps &5B
I !5#.5 !I## &5B
& !4J !4## &&.5B
. !4&.5 !4## &&.5B
J !4I !/## !5# grams 5 reps 5 reps 5 reps .#B
!# !44.5 !/## .#B
!! !4" !### ./.5B
!/ !4!.5 !### .5B
Wee% !" Fo+y Weight: !4#
9:6I;DI<52I;=: 9562 II
Con7ure up Euic%, Euanti$iable physical progress
Fy Marty 3allagher, coach, 2eam @>5, !JJ/ I90 *orl+ champions
9erio+iDation, also %no*n as 'cycling', is a training tactic that has been use+ $or +eca+es by
champion athletes to pea% $or competition. 5thletes +isco)ere+ that by i+enti$ying, organiDing
an+ systematiDing +i$$erent mo+es, physical progress coul+ be achie)e+ Euic%ly on a multitu+e
o$ le)els. 2hin% o$ 9erio+iDation as an all-inclusi)e training template that can be a+apte+ $or your
o*n use, particularly i$ you are an organiDe+ person by nature. I$ you are +iligent an+ cle)er a
single .-!I *ee% cycle *ill yiel+ +ramatic physical impro)ement. 2he philosophy un+erlying the
9erio+iDation principle is easy to grasp but tric%y to implement. 2he payo$$ is so spectacular that
millions o$ athletes *orl+*i+e 's*immers, bo+ybuil+ers, sprinters, pro$essional athletes o$ e)ery
type an+ persuasion, po*erli$ters, ;lympic li$ters, shot putters, etc.( use cycling to ma,imiDe
physical progress. 5mongst the athletic elite, it is *i+ely accepte+ belie$ that i$ you +on't use
9erio+iDation those that +o *ill li%ely ta%e a*ay your $igurati)e lunch an+ eat it. 'Hol+ my trophy
*hile I $on+le your girl$rien+.(
5thletes are uni)ersally a*are that *hen more muscle mass an+ increase+ strength is couple+
*ith a re+uce+ bo+y $at percentage athletic per$ormance ine)itably impro)es regar+less the
+iscipline. Who *oul+n't be better at their sport i$ they *ere su++enly an+ miraculously ma+e
bigger, stronger an+ leaner1 Hence the *i+esprea+ popularity o$ 9erio+iDationL in the same *ay
race car engineering has bro%en groun+ $or passenger car inno)ations, athletic cycling, as
=athaniel Fe+$or+ 0orrest Euippe+, 3it's you thar $urst-ist *ith the most-est. @sing nothing
more than a pencil an+ a sheet o$ yello* paper, you can create a blueprint $or your o*n physical
reno)ation. 2he i+ea is simple: establish initial benchmar%s in a number o$ +i$$ering categories
an+ then incrementally, seEuentially an+ simultaneously impro)e *ithin these areas. We mo)e
slo* an+ stea+y against a chronological bac%+ropL all the acti)ities ta%e place *ithin a
preor+aine+ time$rame. We pro7ect *here *e shoul+ be e)ery step o$ the *ay an+ pre-plan
e)ery mo)e. 2iny impro)ements an+ continual re$inements are obtaine+ *ee%ly. ;)er a
protracte+ perio+ the cumulati)e e$$ect pro+uces pronounce+ physical impro)ement. 8ou get
stronger an+ in turn buil+ more muscle mass. 8ou lose bo+y $at an+ impro)e your en+urance
an+ stamina *ith the intelligent application o$ 9erio+iDation.
Cycling originally *as con$ine+ to selecti)e aspects o$ *eight trainingL it *as use+ to establish
set an+ rep strategies an+ coa, poun+age increases. 2he cycle gui+elines establishe+ optimal
*or%out $reEuency an+ purpose$ully )arie+ the pacing an+ intensity o$ the sessions *hile
mo+ulating the o)erall )olume. 2hese *ere the original an+ primary categories. =o*a+ays other
elements are e$$ortlessly *o)en into the 9erio+iDation template: meal timing an+ construction,
nutritional supplementation, +i$$ering aerobic strategies - all 7ump to min+ an+ are easily
assimilate+, absorbe+ an+ incorporate+ into the /##! )ersion o$ a stan+ar+iDe+ cycle template.
;ur intention is to sho* you ho* to +esign an+ customiDe a 9erio+iDation program. 2he i+ea is
to be able to construct a cycle that mel+s an+ meshes *ith your li$estyle, ta%ing into account any
an+ all in+i)i+ual i+iosyncrasies. 5 plan that is realistic is a plan that is li%ely to be a+here+ to.
=@2> O F;?2>: >:2 5 3;5? 5=D 2H:= W;6H I2 F5CHW56D>
2he $irst step is to establish a goal. 2he primary goal o$ this cycle *as to strip o$$ e,cess bo+y
$at, buil+ some muscle an+ lay a soli+ physical $oun+ation $or $uture e$$orts. 2he goal *oul+ be
to +rop $rom !I#-poun+s to !4# in t*el)e *ee%s an+ simultaneously buil+ some serious muscle
mass. In this case the in+i)i+ual ha+ a strong car+io bac%groun+ an+ ha+ +one )ery little *eight
training. 2he chart that $ollo*s *as +esigne+ $or a retire+ athlete hitting the comebac% trail. 2his
in+i)i+ual ha+ been a college ro*er 'one o$ the most intense car+io sports( an+ still possesse+
lungs li%e $orge bello*s. 2he thought *as to establish a soli+ *eight-training program to
compliment the serious aerobic program. 5 com$ortable caloric ceiling *as establishe+, realistic,
generous an+ easy to a+here to. ;)erall, this is a )ery basic, straight-ahea+ cycle containing
$e* cur)es or t*ists. 2he categories are sel$-e,planatory.
9:6I;DI<52I;= CH562
We cycle si, elements o)er a t*el)e-*ee% perio+: +aily calorie an+ protein inta%e, repetitions to
be use+ in three %ey *eight training li$ts an+ the +egree o$ intensity use+ in the aerobic
W::H F;D8 Calorie 9rotein >G@52 F:=CH 96:>> C56DI; W2 9-+ay grams seate+ B o$
age 9-+ay relate+ H6 ! !5. /### !## /# reps /#-reps /#-reps &#B / !5I.5 /### &#B "
!55 !.## &/.5B 4 !5".5 !.## &/.5B 5 !5/ !I## !/5 !# reps !5-reps !5-reps &5B
I !5#.5 !I## &5B & !4J !4## &&.5B . !4&.5 !4## &&.5B J !4I !/## !5# 5
reps 5-reps 5-reps .#B !# !44.5 !/## .#B !! !4" !### ./.5B !/ !4!.5 !###
.5B !" !4# FW2
65=D;M =;2:> 5=D 2H;@3H2>: 8ou coul+ cycle any number o$ a++itional elements but
this is all I can com$ortably $it on the page *ithout resorting to a sprea+ sheet $ormat. 5
success$ul 9erio+iDation program shoul+ be $le,ible, pliable an+ malleable. It shoul+ be a li)ing
+ocument not a $roDen +ogmatic mani$esto. I ma%e a lot o$ in-$light corrections base+ on actual
+ata accumulate+ as *e procee+ +o*n the cycle timeline. 0or e,ample, i$ the re+uction in
calories pro)es at some 7uncture too precipitous, e)i+ence+ by lac% o$ energy, *ea%ness, or the
inability to reco)er be$ore the ne,t training session, as a coach, I *oul+ li%ely cancel the
sche+ule+ calorie re+uction or e)en a++ bac% in some calories. 9erhaps to trigger a
brea%through *e might a++ an a++itional car+io session or 7ac% up the intensity. 2he nutrient
balance among the $oo+s coul+ be altere+L you coul+ tin%er *ith the carbohy+rate, $at an+
protein percentages. 5 9erio+iDation program is a map, a gui+e an+ corrections an+
a+7ustments are a subtle an+ intrinsic aspect o$ the 9erio+iDation process. 2his is a learne+ s%ill
that only impro)es *ith time. In thirty-plus years o$ using 9erio+iDation proce+ures, I ha)e ne)er
+e)ise+ a cycle that +i+n't reuire numerous in-$light a+7ustments an+ corrections.
8ou nee+ a game plan, a course o$ action, a 7umping o$$ point an+ laying out a comprehensi)e
9erio+iDation program is *here the athletic elite begins the long 7ourney. 9ossessing a
comprehensi)e game plan, $uele+ by iron *illpo*er an+ burning *ith +esire to change, to
trans$orm, to impro)e, the elite use cycling as their tool o$ trans$ormation. I hope this article
pro)i+es enough ammo to get you starte+. Fegin *ith a goal an+ a calen+ar an+ a legal pa+
an+ set up your o*n cycle. I *oul+ suggest an .-*ee% cycle to begin *ith. 5 short cycle *ill
allo* you to see some signi$icant changes but not pro)e too psychologically ta,ing. Here are a
$e* sample *eight-training routines base+ on either t*o or three +ays a *ee% o$ a)ailable
training time.
W:I3H2 265I=I=3
I0 8;@ C5= ;=?8 265I= 2W; D58> 5 W::H
D58 I >G@52 ?:3 96:>> ?:3 C@6? C5?0 65I>: 26IC:9 9@>HD;W= D58 II F:=CH
96:>> D@MF:?? 0?8:> 9@??D;W= 6;W ;C:6H:5D 96:>> ?52:65? 65I>: ;6, I0
8;@ H5C: 2H6:: D58> 5 W::H 5C5I?5F?: D58 I >G@52 ?:3 C@6? C5?0 65I>: D58
II F:=CH 96:>> D@MFF:?? 0?8:> 26IC:9 9@>HD;W=> D58 III 6;W 9@??D;W=>
C@6?> D@MFF:?? 96:>>:> C56DI; 265I=I=3 2hree +ays a *ee% is the bare minimum
time in)estment nee+e+ to realiDe bene$it $rom a car+io program. 4-I *ee%ly session o$ /#-4#
minutes at the proscribe+ aerobic intensity le)el is recommen+e+.
9:6I;DI<52I;=: 9562 II
Con7ure up Euic%, Euanti$iable physical progress
Fy Marty 3allagher, coach, 2eam @>5, !JJ/ I90 *orl+ champions
9erio+iDation, also %no*n as 'cycling', is a training tactic that has been use+ $or +eca+es by
champion athletes to pea% $or competition. 5thletes +isco)ere+ that by i+enti$ying, organiDing
an+ systematiDing +i$$erent mo+es, physical progress coul+ be achie)e+ Euic%ly on a multitu+e
o$ le)els. 2hin% o$ 9erio+iDation as an all-inclusi)e training template that can be a+apte+ $or your
o*n use, particularly i$ you are an organiDe+ person by nature. I$ you are +iligent an+ cle)er a
single .-!I *ee% cycle *ill yiel+ +ramatic physical impro)ement. 2he philosophy un+erlying the
9erio+iDation principle is easy to grasp but tric%y to implement. 2he payo$$ is so spectacular that
millions o$ athletes *orl+*i+e 's*immers, bo+ybuil+ers, sprinters, pro$essional athletes o$ e)ery
type an+ persuasion, po*erli$ters, ;lympic li$ters, shot putters, etc.( use cycling to ma,imiDe
physical progress. 5mongst the athletic elite, it is *i+ely accepte+ belie$ that i$ you +on't use
9erio+iDation those that +o *ill li%ely ta%e a*ay your $igurati)e lunch an+ eat it. 'Hol+ my trophy
*hile I $on+le your girl$rien+.(
5thletes are uni)ersally a*are that *hen more muscle mass an+ increase+ strength is couple+
*ith a re+uce+ bo+y $at percentage athletic per$ormance ine)itably impro)es regar+less the
+iscipline. Who *oul+n't be better at their sport i$ they *ere su++enly an+ miraculously ma+e
bigger, stronger an+ leaner1 Hence the *i+esprea+ popularity o$ 9erio+iDationL in the same *ay
race car engineering has bro%en groun+ $or passenger car inno)ations, athletic cycling, as
=athaniel Fe+$or+ 0orrest Euippe+, 3it's you thar $urst-ist *ith the most-est. @sing nothing
more than a pencil an+ a sheet o$ yello* paper, you can create a blueprint $or your o*n physical
reno)ation. 2he i+ea is simple: establish initial benchmar%s in a number o$ +i$$ering categories
an+ then incrementally, seEuentially an+ simultaneously impro)e *ithin these areas. We mo)e
slo* an+ stea+y against a chronological bac%+ropL all the acti)ities ta%e place *ithin a
preor+aine+ time$rame. We pro7ect *here *e shoul+ be e)ery step o$ the *ay an+ pre-plan
e)ery mo)e. 2iny impro)ements an+ continual re$inements are obtaine+ *ee%ly. ;)er a
protracte+ perio+ the cumulati)e e$$ect pro+uces pronounce+ physical impro)ement. 8ou get
stronger an+ in turn buil+ more muscle mass. 8ou lose bo+y $at an+ impro)e your en+urance
an+ stamina *ith the intelligent application o$ 9erio+iDation.
Cycling originally *as con$ine+ to selecti)e aspects o$ *eight trainingL it *as use+ to establish
set an+ rep strategies an+ coa, poun+age increases. 2he cycle gui+elines establishe+ optimal
*or%out $reEuency an+ purpose$ully )arie+ the pacing an+ intensity o$ the sessions *hile
mo+ulating the o)erall )olume. 2hese *ere the original an+ primary categories. =o*a+ays other
elements are e$$ortlessly *o)en into the 9erio+iDation template: meal timing an+ construction,
nutritional supplementation, +i$$ering aerobic strategies - all 7ump to min+ an+ are easily
assimilate+, absorbe+ an+ incorporate+ into the /##! )ersion o$ a stan+ar+iDe+ cycle template.
;ur intention is to sho* you ho* to +esign an+ customiDe a 9erio+iDation program. 2he i+ea is
to be able to construct a cycle that mel+s an+ meshes *ith your li$estyle, ta%ing into account any
an+ all in+i)i+ual i+iosyncrasies. 5 plan that is realistic is a plan that is li%ely to be a+here+ to.
=@2> O F;?2>: >:2 5 3;5? 5=D 2H:= W;6H I2 F5CHW56D>
2he $irst step is to establish a goal. 2he primary goal o$ this cycle *as to strip o$$ e,cess bo+y
$at, buil+ some muscle an+ lay a soli+ physical $oun+ation $or $uture e$$orts. 2he goal *oul+ be
to +rop $rom !I#-poun+s to !4# in t*el)e *ee%s an+ simultaneously buil+ some serious muscle
mass. In this case the in+i)i+ual ha+ a strong car+io bac%groun+ an+ ha+ +one )ery little *eight
training. 2he chart that $ollo*s *as +esigne+ $or a retire+ athlete hitting the comebac% trail. 2his
in+i)i+ual ha+ been a college ro*er 'one o$ the most intense car+io sports( an+ still possesse+
lungs li%e $orge bello*s. 2he thought *as to establish a soli+ *eight-training program to
compliment the serious aerobic program. 5 com$ortable caloric ceiling *as establishe+, realistic,
generous an+ easy to a+here to. ;)erall, this is a )ery basic, straight-ahea+ cycle containing
$e* cur)es or t*ists. 2he categories are sel$-e,planatory.
9:6I;DI<52I;= CH562
We cycle si, elements o)er a t*el)e-*ee% perio+: +aily calorie an+ protein inta%e, repetitions to
be use+ in three %ey *eight training li$ts an+ the +egree o$ intensity use+ in the aerobic
W::H F;D8 Calorie 9rotein >G@52 F:=CH 96:>> C56DI; W2 9-+ay grams seate+ B o$
age 9-+ay relate+ H6 ! !5. /### !## /# reps /#-reps /#-reps &#B / !5I.5 /### &#B "
!55 !.## &/.5B 4 !5".5 !.## &/.5B 5 !5/ !I## !/5 !# reps !5-reps !5-reps &5B
I !5#.5 !I## &5B & !4J !4## &&.5B . !4&.5 !4## &&.5B J !4I !/## !5# 5
reps 5-reps 5-reps .#B !# !44.5 !/## .#B !! !4" !### ./.5B !/ !4!.5 !###
.5B !" !4# FW2
65=D;M =;2:> 5=D 2H;@3H2>: 8ou coul+ cycle any number o$ a++itional elements but
this is all I can com$ortably $it on the page *ithout resorting to a sprea+ sheet $ormat. 5
success$ul 9erio+iDation program shoul+ be $le,ible, pliable an+ malleable. It shoul+ be a li)ing
+ocument not a $roDen +ogmatic mani$esto. I ma%e a lot o$ in-$light corrections base+ on actual
+ata accumulate+ as *e procee+ +o*n the cycle timeline. 0or e,ample, i$ the re+uction in
calories pro)es at some 7uncture too precipitous, e)i+ence+ by lac% o$ energy, *ea%ness, or the
inability to reco)er be$ore the ne,t training session, as a coach, I *oul+ li%ely cancel the
sche+ule+ calorie re+uction or e)en a++ bac% in some calories. 9erhaps to trigger a
brea%through *e might a++ an a++itional car+io session or 7ac% up the intensity. 2he nutrient
balance among the $oo+s coul+ be altere+L you coul+ tin%er *ith the carbohy+rate, $at an+
protein percentages. 5 9erio+iDation program is a map, a gui+e an+ corrections an+
a+7ustments are a subtle an+ intrinsic aspect o$ the 9erio+iDation process. 2his is a learne+ s%ill
that only impro)es *ith time. In thirty-plus years o$ using 9erio+iDation proce+ures, I ha)e ne)er
+e)ise+ a cycle that +i+n't reEuire numerous in-$light a+7ustments an+ corrections.
8ou nee+ a game plan, a course o$ action, a 7umping o$$ point an+ laying out a comprehensi)e
9erio+iDation program is *here the athletic elite begins the long 7ourney. 9ossessing a
comprehensi)e game plan, $uele+ by iron *illpo*er an+ burning *ith +esire to change, to
trans$orm, to impro)e, the elite use cycling as their tool o$ trans$ormation. I hope this article
pro)i+es enough ammo to get you starte+. Fegin *ith a goal an+ a calen+ar an+ a legal pa+
an+ set up your o*n cycle. I *oul+ suggest an .-*ee% cycle to begin *ith. 5 short cycle *ill
allo* you to see some signi$icant changes but not pro)e too psychologically ta,ing. Here are a
$e* sample *eight-training routines base+ on either t*o or three +ays a *ee% o$ a)ailable
training time.
W:I3H2 265I=I=3
I0 8;@ C5= ;=?8 265I= 2W; D58> 5 W::H
D58 I >G@52 ?:3 96:>> ?:3 C@6? C5?0 65I>: 26IC:9 9@>HD;W= D58 II F:=CH
96:>> D@MF:?? 0?8:> 9@??D;W= 6;W ;C:6H:5D 96:>> ?52:65? 65I>:
;6, I0 8;@ H5C: 2H6:: D58> 5 W::H 5C5I?5F?: D58 I >G@52 ?:3 C@6? C5?0
65I>: D58 II F:=CH 96:>> D@MFF:?? 0?8:> 26IC:9 9@>HD;W=> D58 III 6;W
9@??D;W=> C@6?> D@MFF:?? 96:>>:> C56DI; 265I=I=3 2hree +ays a *ee% is the
bare minimum time in)estment nee+e+ to realiDe bene$it $rom a car+io program. 4-I *ee%ly
session o$ /#-4# minutes at the proscribe+ aerobic intensity le)el is recommen+e+.
Marty 3allagher: Hello $ol%s -
2hree $actors to eternally ta%e into consi+eration *hen con$ronte+ by e,ercise:
!. Intensity: ho* har+ *e +o the e,ercise
/. Colume: ho* long the session lasts
". 0reEuency: ho* o$ten *e e,ercise
9lease ta%e these three $actors into account *hen li$ting or +oing car+io. I o$ten stress ho* you
nee+ a plan an+ *ant you to thin% in terms o$ these three $actors *hen you attempt to translate
physical goals into harsh reality.
We'll e,pan+ on this theme later an+ in greater +etail. Who has a Euestion1
5lso, please chec% $or last *ee%'s unans*ere+ Euestions at the en+ o$ to+ays tal%.
2he District: >ubmitting early......
0rom rea+ing your chats, I un+erstan+ some $un+amentals.
;ne, i$ I eat big 'an+ clean( an+ *or%out big 'an+ hea)y(, the most probable result *ill be my
bo+y *ill get bigger an+ stronger.
2*o, i$ I eat less 'an+ clean( an+ *or%out *hile $ocusing on car+io, I *ill +ecrease bo+y$at an+
become leaner.
Fut *hat i$ I eat at my claoric brea%point e)ery+ay but *or%out *ith high-intensity an+ still +o
car+io...%eeping my bo+y e)en *hen it comes to calories....*hat *ill the result be1
Will-Can I get stronger in a situation li%e that1 Will I gain siDe or get leaner1
2han%s $or the help.
I ha)e ma+e some great gains since I ha)e been rea+ing your chats.
Marty 3allagher: ;%ay this is li%e a three part Euestion on 0iring ?ine -
2ough to get stronger *hen you are getting lighter an+ leaner.
2ough to get rippe+ *hen you are getting bigger an+ stronger.
It can be +one - get bigger muscles *hile simultaneously getting rippe+ - but it reEuires a
precision in eating an+ training an+ single-min+e+ +e+ication that is beyon+ the scope o$ normal
$ol%s *ho ha)e 7obs an+ $amily obligations.
Does that ans*er your Euestion1
Cienna, Ca.: I')e reache+ a total impasse in my bicep routine. I')e trie+ e)ery )ariation I can
thin% o$, $rom *or%ing to e,haustion an+ negati)e sets, to concentrate curls an+ passi)e
resistance an+, *hile the *eight goes up a little, I'm not seeing much in the *ay o$ gro*th. What
can I +o to bust the plateau1
Marty 3allagher: I'+ ta%e nine +ays o$$ all bicep training. 2his '+etunes' the biceps an+ ma%e
shoc%ing them into gro*th easier. 2hen on +ay T ten I'+ +o this:
!. >pi+er curls 'J#-+egrees bench, turn the preacher curl pa+ aroun+(
/. lo* incline +umbbell curls - "#-+egrees
". stretch the biceps *ith a 's%in the cat' mo)ement
Do set o$ number ! then imme+iately stretch $or !#-/# secon+ an+ imme+iately procee+ to e,er.
T ", then stretch again an+ ta%e a short rest.
2his represents one cycle - spi+er-stretch-incline-stretch
Do "-4 cyles t*ice a *ee%. Heep reps at !/ per set an+ try an+ mo)e the poun+age or reps up
each session.
Dupont Circle: I ha)e gone $rom /5 percent bo+y $at to !. percent o)er the past si, months. 5t
the same time, I ha)e actually gaine+ *eight. 'I'm no* 5'!# an+ //5T(. >houl+ I be concerne+
about this1 I +o $our +ays o$ car+io 'about a hour a +ay( an+ a +ay o$ *eights.
Marty 3allagher: 8ou're only li$t one +ay a *ee%1 2hat's not gonna +o much. 5n+ an hour o$
car+io per session tells me that your relati)e aerobic intensity is lo*.
Ho* +o you loo% in the mirror1 8our eyes are a better in+icator o$ progress then some in+i)i+ual
*ho may or may not %no* ho* to gi)e a proper s%in$ol+ caliper test.
2hese tests are notoriously inaccurate especially i$ +one by +i$$erent in+i)i+uals.
Den)er, Colo.: What +o you thin% o$ the all-protein +iets -- 5t%ins, etc.1 I'm on it an+ I'm 7ogging
e)ery +ay. Woul+ pre$er to +rop /# poun+s be$ore I start li$ting again.
8our $ee+bac%...........
0at in Den)er
Marty 3allagher: ;ne )ery prominent pro$essional bo+ybuil+er recently ha+ a huge section o$
his colon remo)e+ on account o$ e,ten+e+ bile buil+-up in his guts. 8ears o$ meat an+ chic%en
an+ no cleansing )eggies en+e+ his career.
0anatical +iets are al*ays ris%y *hen +one $or an e,ten+e+ perio+.
8ou are bass ac%*ar+s4 ?i$t =;W, not a$ter you 'lose t*enty' - that's ri+iculous an+ soun+s li%e
a *ell-thought out e,cuse $or putting o$$ li$ting.
Fesi+es the reality is e,actly opposite: car+io is tougher *hen you are $at an+ hea)y an+ li$ting
is easier. 3et yee to the steel house4
0air$a,, Ca.: Coach 3allagher,
8ou 7ust mentione+ s%in$ol+ caliper testing $or bo+y $at. What +o you thin% about those scales
that you stan+ on bare $oote+ that sen+ *a)es up your bo+y an+ report a percentage that *ay1
Marty 3allagher: 2hose scales are so terribly inaccurate 'they use 'assumptions' in their
programing( that *hen Muscle O 0itness as%e+ me to +o an+ article on them, the ma%ers
re$use+4 Despite going out to millions o$ potential buyers, they a+mitte+ that the en+ rea+ing
*hen only be accurate i$ the person *eighing themsel)es '*as a)erage in bo+y $at an+ *eren't
too craDy about that little $actor being ma+e public.'
3reat i+ea an+ some+ay so one *ill ma%e one that *or%s but that +ay is not here yet.
6oc%)ille: Help4 I nee+ to $in+ some goo+ e,ercises $or my stomach-abs. I can't seem to trim
+o*n, no matter ho* many crunches I +o. >uggestions1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou ans*ere+ you're o*n Euestion - you cannot trim +o*n no matter ho*
many crunches an+ other ab *or% you +o unless you combine the e,ercise *ith a meticulous
approach to +iet. 2he problem is the $at that obscures the abs. 8ou *ill not o,i+iDe the lar+
unless you slightly belo* your caloric brea% e)en point.
I'+ bet 3ranny's Min% $arm that +iet is *hat ails you.
Fethes+a, M+.: I ha)e been on a *eight loss program since Aanuary. I')e been )ery success$ul
'+o*n almost /I poun+s( an+ *or%out e)ery +ay e,cept one. I usually +o about /#-/5 minutes
o$ car+io a +ay an+ *eights three +ays a *ee% as *ell. Here's my Euestion: I use+ to alternate
bet*een the elliptical machine an+ a trea+mill $or my car+io but no* I +o not ha)e access to the
trea+mill. I $eel as though my *or%out is su$$ering because my legs ten+ to $eel so hea)y +uring
the *or%out 'I am *or%ing on stretching more be$orehan+ thin%ing that might help(. I thin% I am
e,periencing this problem because I may be tiring o$ the elliptical but I %no* that I *oul+ ha)e to
*al% outsi+e $or o)er an hour to get the *or%out I am getting *ith the elliptical. Coul+ you gi)e
me some pointers to help me continue on the machine1
Marty 3allagher: What heart rate +o you generate *hile +oing these machines1
Ho* +o you gauge your car+io intensity1 I un+erstan+ your +uration an+ $reEuency but I nee+ to
get a han+le on the car+io intensity. Don't let the car+io inter$ere *ith the poun+age on leg +ay.
5re you +oing car+io be$ore training legs1 I$ so, +rop the car+io.
0re+eric%, M+.: Marty, I *rote you a couple *ee%s ago about starting pause sEuats. While the
light *eights *ere )ery humbling, my %nees ne)er $elt better. My Euestion is my $orm starts to
+eteriorate a$ter " reps an+ I'+ li%e your opinion on 7ust +oing singles. 2han% you
Marty 3allagher: =o singles4
5s soon as the $orm +eteriorates - that's it4 2he set is o)er. 6ac% it4
When you are incapable o$ maintaining correct $orm yet persist in the continuing the set is *hen
.5B o$ *eight training in7ures occur.
9lus - you shoul+ be +oing 5 to !# rep pause sEuats - i$ you *ere training *ith me it'+ be J-
months be$ore I'+ allo* you to +rop belo* 5 reps an+ *e ne)er +o singles in the pause sEuat.
Washington, D.C.: I'm trying to get lean $or the >ummer-$ore)er. I'm pretty acti)e. I run " times a
*ee% $or 4#P minutes an+ li$t *eights /-" times a *ee% at mo+erate intensity. I try to eat a
healthy, lo* $at, lo* carb +iet. My problem is that I ten+ to eat only t*o or three times a +ay. I'+
li%e to brea% my meals up o)er the +ay, but I 7ust +on't %no* *hat to eat an+ *hen. 5ny
Marty 3allagher: It soun+s li%e a nice place to commence -
Aust be a*are that you are going to nee+ to ma%e constant an+ continual changes in or+er to
generate progress. 8ou ha)e a nice, ti++y little $itness routine but sure as 3o+ ma+e little green
apples in $our to eight *ee%s e)ery element *ill nee+ attention an+ a+7ustment.
Foston, Mass.: I am about t*o months into *hat I hope *ill be a li$elong commitment to $itness,
an+ I ha)e been )ery please+ *ith my increase+ strength an+ en+urance. Ho*e)er, I')e got a
*ays to go on the +iet an+ nutrition en+. I ha)e seen you mention the importance o$ a person's
caloric brea% e)en point... Ho* +o I +etermine my brea% e)en point1
Marty 3allagher: @se a +igital scale an+ some common sense.
Weigh +aily at the same time, as soon as you get up a$ter a bathroom trip. Write +o*n the
number. :at consistantly an+ normally. Do this $or a *ee%. =ote the $luctuations. I$ there are no
big s*ings you are at your brea%e)en. 2a%e some calories out o$ your +iet - any change1 I$ not,
ta%e out some more. 5ny change1 When the change occurs you ha)e succee+e+ in getting
belo* your caloric brea%e)en. Does the change hol+ $or a *ee%1 I$ so, you')e lo*ere+ the
2o pro)e the eEuation, a++ bac% in the lost calories - +o you re)ert bac% to your ol+ hea)ier
bo+y *eight1
2his is the thumbnail s%etch *ay that most pros use.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: 0or someone 7ust starting a *or%out routine, ho* many +ays a *ee% shoul+ I
li$t1 Is / enough, or shoul+ I shoot $or at least "1 0ull bo+y all +ays1
Marty 3allagher: 2*o *eight *or%outs a *ee% is plenty $or the $irst couple o$ months.
0ull bo+y W;'s are $ine because beginners are so *ea% that they only nee+ a $e* sets to $inish
a bo+y part. When you hit the *all an+ stop ma%ing strength gains thin% about going to a "-+ay
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty-
2han%s $or the tip on the protein bar. I thin% it is great4 I loo% $or*ar+ to it an+ it has helpe+ my
a$ternoon chocolate cra)ing.
2han%s again4
Marty 3allagher: 8ou are *elcome. I also use a 'strict' sports nutrition bar that I use closer to
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I')e starte+ s*imming $or car+io 'running *as %illing my $eet(. Fut no* I $in+ I'm
too e,hauste+ a$ter s*imming to li$t. 5n+ i$ I li$t be$ore s*imming, too tire+ to s*im4 Coul+ I be
+oing too much o$ both1
Marty 3allagher: ?i$t t*o +ays a *ee% an+ s*im the rest. 8ou nee+ both but it's too much on the
same +ay so go *ith one per session.
36I??M5=,W;;D>H:DDI=,5<: 3;;D M;6=I=3 C;5CH 35??53H:6,
5?? I> >W:?? H:6: I= 2H: 36:52 >;@2HW:>2 2HI> F:5@2I0@? D58. 0::?I=3 5=D
?;;HI=3 2HICH:6 06;M 2H: 9@??>, >H;@?D F: =:56I=3 852:>CI??: F8 5@3
WH:= I 9@?? 2H: FI3 ;=:.
D;I=3 26I9?:> 2I?? I 6:5CH &#5M" 2H:= :C:68 ;2H:6 W::H 0;6 D;@F?:> 5=D
>I=3?:> WI2H T!5 A@M9>.2HI> WI?? H::9 2H: MI=D 5=D F;D8 06:>H 5=D H@=368
0;6 M;6:.
>58 H:??; 2; D;C ;0 9I=H, W: DI>C@>>:D >;M: 265I=I=3 ;C:6 2H: W::H:=D
5=D H: 0I??:D M: I= ;= 2H: =:W ?IM9-IC 96:>< 5=D H:6 ;@2?;;H ;= IM53:
652H:6 2H5= 2H: 3;?D.
?52:6 :=A;8 8;@6 D58,
Marty 3allagher: Ho*-+ee 'lisious(
I tal%e+ to Doc 9in% an+ he I agree that the +i$$erence bet*een +ea+li$ting &5# an+ &&! is
insigni$icant. 5 cough as my ol+ coach once sai+.
5++ing /#-poun+ to a /##-poun+ bench is a++ing !#B but a++ing /#-poun+ to a &5# +ea+i$t is
a paltry "."B4
&&! *ill put you in the top $i)e super hea)y *eights in the @>5.
We got to git yer min+ right ?u%e4
5le,an+ria, Ca.: 08I: I 7ust starte+ going to a nutritionist '*eight *as really getting out o$
control(. 0or R&., I got about &5 minutes *ith a registere+ +ietician, an+ it really has helpe+ me
to see *hat I')e been +oing *rong an+ *here I nee+ to go, $oo+ *ise. =o $a+ +iet stu$$--change
o$ li$estyle an+ healthier habits, etc. 5n+ they +on't 7ust *or% *ith o)er*eight or sic% people--7ust
*hoe)er *ants to achie)e a certain goal.
Marty 3allagher: Well there you go - another satis$ie+ customer - o$ course it coul+ be a
registere+ nutritionalist pro$essional +rumming up business. 5t a buc% a minute I'+ +amn *ell
*ant some pretty inspirational tal%ing4
5rlington, Ca.: Why are all o$ those =0? o$$ensi)e linemen, *ho presumably are )ery strong, so
$at1 I'm assuming there's muscle there, but it seems to be burie+ )ery +eep.
Marty 3allagher: :,actly - an+ these guys also ha)e great car+io - they are big an+ strong an+
ha)e goo+ en+urance an+ are still $at as hogs at butchering. Why1 2hey o)er*helm their bo+y
*ith calories . . . so many calories so $ar in e,cess o$ the brea%e)enallo*espite burning
thousan+s an+ thousan+s o$ calories at practice, they still ha)e enough le$t o)er to sen+ the
e,cess to $at storage +epots.
2he $rustrating thing $or a coach is the %no*le+ge that i$ they 'leane+-out' they *oul+ be $ar
better - this +espite being all-pro alrea+y4 3i)e me one year *ith Warren >app an+ that guy
*oul+ impro)e !5B aMonterey boar+4
Watch $or last *ee%s Euestions - also - Dr. Aim Wright, Health O >cience e+itor $or 0le,
magaDine *ill be coming in to )isit me at the Mountain Compoun+ $or $our +ays later this month.
>o i$ you $ol%s ha)e any Euestions on substances, nutrition, )oo+ooo or pro$essional
bo+ybuil+ing or bo+ybuil+ers, sen+ 'em on to me an+ bet*een $ishing an+ FFG an+ coc%tails on
the +ec% at 4pm *e'll try an+ get them ans*ere+ by Dr. Aim.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: 2he article on heart rate state+ that the eEuation a+7usts the heart rate $or
;?D:6 people. It's not suppose+ to )ary much $or younger people.
"#yo - !J# )s !.& '" bpm +i$$erence( &#yo - !5# )s !5J 'J bpm +i$$erence(
>eems %in+ o$ mean to ma%e the ol+ people go $aster.
5lbuEuerEue, =.M.: 5ny $ormula is a statistical aa)eragenot nnecessarilyaccurate $or the
in+i)i+ual. I been suspicious o$ that //#-age thing e)er since I *as !I 'ten *hole years ago(
an+ regularly got my heart up to //# +oing 5# y+ $reestyle sprints. It passes both the common
ssensetest an+ the my personal e,perience test. >ame goes $or the @>6D5 caloric
recommen+ations, i$ you're eating the !5## a +ay an+ gaining or losing *eight, change. Fottom
line: trust your o*n bo+y an+ common sense.
8es, all this may be true but +on't miss the main pointL using an age relate+ heart rate ma,imum
as a training gauge 'regar+less ho* high or lo* you score( creates a benchmar% *ith *hich *e
can compare one aerobic session to another. Woul+ you li$t *eights *ithout %no*ing the
poun+age, purpose$ully staying ignorant1 Why +o car+io *ithout %no*ing the e$$ect on the heart
Capitol Hill 'yet again(: 2he 5CC 7ournal abstract rea+s in part:
In the meta-analysis, H6ma, *as strongly relate+ to age 'r _ -#.J#(, using the eEuation o$ /#. -
#.& a age. 2he regression eEuation obtaine+ in the laboratory-base+ stu+y '/#J - #.& a age(
*as )irtually i+entical to that obtaine+ $rom the meta-analysis. 2he regression line *as not
+i$$erent bet*een men an+ *omen, nor *as it in$luence+ by *i+e )ariations in habitual physical
acti)ity le)els. D'oh. I still +on't %no* *hy the ne* $ormula +oesn't yiel+ a substantially +i$$erent
result than the ol+ one, at least $or you an+ me.
I thin% the most interesting part o$ the article *as the re$erence to ho* Euic% the heart is
suppose+ to +rop a$ter cessation o$ ma,imum e$$ort. ?ess then a !/-beat +rop in+icates that the
in+i)i+ual *ill ha)e some serious health problems in the ne,t $i)e years. I *as +amn gla+ a$ter
+oing "#-reps in the o)erhea+ press *ith a !!#-poun+ boul+er 'tough to balance( mi+ *ay
through a $ire trail hi%e I *as able to ha)e my heart rate +rop /I beats in a minute. !&I to !5#.
36I??M5=: I D;='2 H5C: 5 9:6I;DI<52I;= CH562 2; 3; F8, A@>2 2H: M5M 6:9
C5?C@?52;6.I##M._&4# I5#M5_&5I...&5#M/_&J....2H52'> :I3H2 5=D I'M 5>>@MI=3
2HI> I> WI2H 0@?? F522?: 3:56.
High heart rate *al%er: 2he other thing that people nee+ to $ocus on to get their heart rates up
*hile *al%ing is simple spee+. I *al% J-minute miles an+ at that pace ha)e no problem reaching
&5-.#B o$ my target heart rate Done. 5n+ this is W5?HI=3, not running.
3ra+e, slope o$ the terrain, can e,ert a huge in$luence on car+io intensity.
>ome*here, @>5: Hi Marty, lo)e the in$ormati)e chats. I'm I'/, "4yo, male, an+ gone $rom a
$labby /#5 lbs to a $airly tight !J" in the last !4 *ee%s 'than%s in part to your moti)ation(. I'm
loo%ing to really blast mysel$ an+ gain some serious muscle no*. My current *or%out is belo*.
My +iet is pretty clean: about /5## calories an+ !.# gms o$ protein. I also supplement *ith
creatine '5 gms( an+ glutamine '5 gms(. 5ny suggestions $or changes to really pump up1
My comments are intersperse+,
?ose the .-rep set *ith //5 that prece+es /.5, maybe /-" reps. :ight reps is too many $or a
*arm-up an+ cutting into your a)ailable strength $or /.5. Heep the $inal set *ith //5 but rep out
- i$ you still got gas in the tan% on the .th rep *ith //5 %eep going.
?eg 9ress
5gain, !# reps *ith "I# is +e$initely cutting into strength reser)es nee+e+ $or 45#. Hop* about
/-" reps *ith "I#1
leg curl
5re you +oing these strict1 !"/ in the leg curl1 Most leg curl machines +on't e)en go that high -
are you sure you are not +escribing leg e,tensions1 I use .#-!## poun+ strict an+ sEuat o)er
+ouble $or reps *hat you +o.
8our leg curl strength is +isproportionately high in relation to your sEuat strength an+ lea+s me
to suspect you are mista%en in the e,ercise poun+age, misnaming the e,ercise itsel$ or +oing
hea)e reps or partial reps. 6egar+less, let's +eal *ith the poun+age pro)i+e+. Ho* about simply
starting *ith !,!#1 Do you really nee+ !/ reps *ith 4. poun+s a$ter $inishing up *ith %iller
sEuats1 2rust me your legs are plenty *arm so sa)e some time an+ energy an+ start *ith .4
poun+s. 2hen 7ump to !"/. I$ you ha)e any gas le$t, rep out *ith a $inal set o$ !#..
Cal$ 6aise
>houl+er 9ress
!,!/ then !,I then !,. an+ $inish *ith !,!#
?at 6aise
!,I *ith .4-poun+ +umbbells in the lateral raise1 I seriously +oubt it. Dorian 8ates uses I#-
poun+ +umbbells $or his strict laterals an+ a strong man *ith a 4##-poun+ bench press can get
a great *or% out +oing strict reps *ith 5#-poun+ DFs. I suspect you mean I-rep lateral raises
*ith t*o 4/-poun+ +umbbells. :)en that is *ay too hea)y $or a man *ho benches /##. 2ry a
couple o$ !5 or /#-poun+ DFs an+ +o them slo* an+ right. ?ighten up the poun+age, raise 'em
high, hol+ up $or a bit be$ore lo*ering un+er control. 0eel the +elt.
"# mins car+io
Fench 9ress
!,!# *-J5 - !,5 *-!"5, !,! *-!55, !,. *-!&5 then /,!# *-!55
>mith Machine Incline 9ress
?oose all the *arm-up sets - your pecs are plenty *arm a$ter $our sets o$ benching. !,I *-!/5
then !,.-!# * !55
Decline 9ress
+rop these altogether - you are +oing too many chest e,ercises.
5re you really +oing $lyes *ith J5-poun+ +umbbells1 =o *ay. :)en i$ they are t*o 4/-poun+
DFs, this is *ay too hea)y $or a /##-poun+ bench presser. Do one, or at most t*o strict sets
an+ lose all these energy +raining, time *asting *arm-up sets.
2ri 9ush+o*n
?ose the /#-rep set an+ the !5-reps set.
6e)erse one-han+e+ tri pull+o*n
8our triceps are alrea+y plenty *arm so $orget the !/ rep set an+ !# rep set an+ 7ust +o a set or
t*o o$ .-rep sets *ith I#-I5 poun+s. 5gain - something is seriously in$late+ - a strict one arm
re)erse push+o*n $or .-reps *ith I#-poun+s1 =o *ay unless you're 0le, Wheeler *ith a 5##-
poun+ bench press.
"# min car+io
Dea+ ?i$t
!,5 *ith !"5, !,5 *ith !.5, !,! *ith /!5, !,. *ith /45 - this is plenty i$ you are going to +o hi-
High 9ull:
0orget the $irst t*o *arm-up sets - you are alrea+y plenty *arm $or +ea+s. 2he enemy at this
7uncture is $atigue so 7ust go $or the 7ugular: !,5 *ith !45 an+ !,5 *ith !I5
=arro* @pright 6o*:
Drop this stupi+ e,ercise altogether - a$ter +ea+li$ts an+ high pulls, upright ro*s are super$luous
as cotton can+y a$ter a stea% +inner.
=arrro* 9ull Do*n
0eel the lats as you pull an+ let the *eight stretch the hell out o$ the lats be$ore beginning each
subseEuent rep. 0eel the stretch, $eel the contraction.
Farbell Curls
Hammer Curls
2hese are $ine - but rotate biceps e,ercises perio+ically.
In7ure+ in D.C.: Marty....I lo)e rea+ing through your chats an+ I')e learne+ a lot o)er the last $e*
months. Here's my situation: I ha)e been )ery o)er*eight all o$ my li$e '$emale, "# years ol+(. In
the last year I ha)e 7oine+ Weight Watchers an+ been $aith$ully e,ercising 5-I +ays a *ee%
'mostly po*er *al%ing, but since March I')e been transitioning to running(. 5s a result, I')e lost
o)er "# poun+s, an+ e,ercise has become my routine e)ery morning be$ore *or%. I still ha)e a
long *ay to go, though 'at least another 5# poun+s(. 5bout / *ee%s ago I spraine+ my an%le
'not *hile e,ercising(, an+ I')e been a+)ise+ by my +octor not to +o any e,ercise $or a *hile.
2his *hole mess has totally +epresse+ me. I $eel li%e I'm ne)er going to be able to *al% 'or run(
again li%e a normal person. I'm scare+ I'm going to gain the *eight bac%. I'm *orrie+ that
e,ercise *ill not be my routine anymore. Ho* +o I mentally an+ physically help mysel$ get o)er
this in7ury1
;%ay - +o you li$t *eights1 I$ you +i+ you coul+ train all aroun+ this in7ury, *or%ing e)ery muscle
on the human bo+y e,cept the in7ure+ an%le: bench press, incline, pull+o*ns, curls, seate+
presses, triceps, etc. etc., all these muscles coul+ be *or%e+ +espite a spraine+ an%le.
I ha)e reser)ations about someone 5#-poun+s o)er*eight thro*ing themsel)es into a running
program. It is a high impact acti)ity an+ an%les an+ %nees ta%e a poun+ing, particularly *hen the
un-athletic ta%ing up running $or the $irst time. Cut bac% on your calories to cancel out the lost
acti)ity. ?et's get to li$ting *eights i$ you aren't alrea+y. I$ you are, +ouble up an+ use this perio+
o$ $orce+ inacti)ity to buil+ muscle. Cran% bac% on the calories, cran% up the li$ting an+ you
shoul+ be $ine.
Chicago, Illinois: In the gym, *hat are some basic etiEuette rules1 0or instance, is e)eryone
e,pecte+ to carry a to*el aroun+ *ith them1 Is it consi+ere+ ru+e to hog machines, or +rape
something o)er them *hile you ta%e a brea%1 Ho* about +oing e,ercises on pieces o$
eEuipment not +esigne+ $or them 'i.e. curls in a po*er rac%( 2he reason I as% is that I 7ust
starte+ going to a commercial gym a$ter years in a rec center, an+ *hile it annoys me
sometimes that I ha)e to *ait $or . curl sets to $inish be$ore I can use the sEuat rac%, I *ant to
be sure I un+erstan+ the generally accepte+ rules o$ etiEuette so that I can abi+e by them
8ou're as%ing the *rong guy - part o$ the reason I Euit the commercial gym scene an+ no* train
in my unheate+ garage is so I *on't ha)e to *orry about etiEuette. I am out o$ the etiEuette loop.
In the past I')e rea+ your a+)ice to eat all the time $or those o$ us trying to bul% up. I'm a s%inny
guy 'I'I,!I5( only a $e* years remo)e+ $rom college an+ the piDDa an+ beer +iet, *hich bee$e+
up my $rien+s but +i+ little $or me. What shoul+ I eat to pac% on the poun+s1 Is it as simple as
going to Furger Hing $i)e times a +ay1 I'+ li%e to thin% there's more to it. Can you point me in the
right +irection1 2han%s
Here is the math - you nee+ to ingest more calories than you burn on a +aily basis. 8ou are not
e,empt $rom this biological $act o$ li$e: you nee+ to eat more then you burn. 8ou ha)e to be
metho+ical an+ serious. ;$ course there is more to it so +o yoursel$ a $a)or an+ rea+ bac%
through these on-line +iscussions. 2he right +irection is simple: eat 4-& times a +ay ta%ing in
plenty o$ clean calories 'lo* in $at an+ sugar(. ?i$t li%e a po*erli$ter, +o car+io li%e a mountain
goat an+ $ee+ the machine4
Washington, D.C.: Hi
;n 0ri+ay I starte+ +oing sEuats, an+ goo+ lor+ almighty, *as I in pain on >atur+ay. I +i+ some
on >un+ay as *ell. 2hese are your basic sEuats, no *eights, etc. 7ust little 'ol beginner ones. I
am intereste+ in %no*ing the correct $orm $or +oing these, to ma%e sure the pain i $elt *as
'normal'. I +i+ t*o sets o$ !# sEuats. What shoul+ I e,pect i$ I %eep +oing these e)ery other +ay
or so1
0irst o$$, e)ery other +ay is *ay too much sEuatting so $orget about it4 ?imit sEuats to t*ice a
*ee% *ith the ma,imum amount o$ rest +ays in bet*een. I +on't %no* *hat pain you're
e,periencing so I'll tac%le it $rom t*o +irections.
!. Muscle pain 'con$ine+ to tissue( *ill cease as you get more an+ more sEuat sessions un+er
your belt.
/. 5nything other then muscle tissue pain 'ne,t +ay soreness or +elaye+ onset soreness( is
e)i+ence o$ an in7ury an+ the acti)ity that create+ the in7ury nee+s to be stoppe+.
Cli$$si+e 9ar%, =.A.: When you are cutting *eight $or a competition, ho* lo* ha)e you been able
to cut the starchy carbs an+ train success$ully1 5lso *hat's your best ra* li$ts relati)e to your
beat geare+ up li$ts1 .#4 sEuat geare+, right1 6a* sEuat +uring that time1
I ha)e gone Dero carbohy+rates $or a month in or+er to ma%e *eight. 8ou lose strength but you
ma%e *eight. 2he larger Euestion is this: at *hat point +oes *eight loose become so signi$icant
that it ma%es sense to mo)e up a class1 I sEuatte+ .#4 o$$icially an+ this *as a year a$ter my
compoun+ $racture o$ my lo*er leg. 2*o *ee%s be$ore the in7ury I ha+ sEuatte+ .45 at Mar%'s
'Chaillet's( gym. 5t the time Wohleber's /4/-poun+ class *orl+ recor+ *as .&! an+ I *as
sche+ule+ to li$t later that month an+ hope$ully bust that recor+. Ironically, that recor+ stoo+ $or
eight more years until a %i+ that I traine+ name+ Har*os%i came along an+ )aporiDe+ that +usty,
ol+ recor+ *ith J!#. 6a*1 I thin% I hit &#4 *ithout *raps or a belt an+ maybe ha+ &// in me.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I rea+ your chat e)ery *ee% an+ am grate$ul $or many great tipsL ho*e)er, I ha)e been training
*ith great +iligence $or the past eight *ee%s 'three +ays *eights-t*o car+io( an+ I still ha)en't
gotten any taller. 6ight no* I am 5'. an+ I hope to get to I'! by the en+ o$ the summer. Is
there any hope1 I am currently /& years ol+. Is there something I can +o to spee+ the gro*th
5re you nuts1 8ou e,pect to gro* taller at age /&1 8ou are genetically pre-har+*ire+ $or height.
5re you a 2aoist1 Do you ha)e access to a MeMe+ie)alorture rac%1
Washington, D.C.: 6ecently, both o$ my parents *ho are in their I#s *ere +iagnose+ *ith
+iabetes. 2hey ha)e both been a+)ise+ by their +octors to lose *eight to control their +isease.
My +a+ is at least "# poun+s o)er*eight an+ my mom is 4#. Foth ha)e been put on a +iet that
they mainly $ollo*. 2he big problem is e,ercise. Foth parents also ha)e arthritis, particularly in
their %nees. My mom is much *orse than my +a+, to the point *here *al%ing is sometimes
pain$ul. What %in+ o$ e,ercises can they +o to help them lose *eight1
I coul+ not begin to propose anything unless I *as right there *ith them to *atch their $aces as
*e gra+ually, slo*ly, purpose$ully, care$ully attempte+ some type o$ e,ercise - li%e a *al%.
Without that one-on-one contact *ith *hich I coul+ halt the procee+ings at the $irst hint o$ pain, it
*oul+ be totally presumptuous an+ potentially +angerous on my part to proscribe e,ercise.
2he District: Dear Marty,
I am *riting $or my boy$rien+ '+on't laugh(. He is I $eet an+ currently *eighs in at !5# lbs. '*ith
shoes, soc%s an+ all his clothes(. 5ll in all, a thin guy. Fut strong. He's in la* en$orcement an+
last they cloc%e+ him in he *as at I percent bo+y $at. 2he problem is, I thin% he'+ loo% great *ith
at least another /# lbs on him. He's al*ays been lean an+ $it, but I thin% he'+ $eel better i$ he
*as bigger. ;$ course he says he's not *orrie+ about it, he +oesn't care, but he must. What can
I +o to encourage him to eat more1 ;r is there something else he can +o to bul% up1 He's got
potential on the top, runs e)ery other +ay $or his legs. He has access to a gym in his buil+ing.
9.>. I lo)e him no matter ho* s%inny he is. He's been super supporti)e throughout my yearlong
/# lbs. *eight loss, lo)es me $or *ho I am. 2ruly an o)erall great guy.
I really *oul+n't *orry too much about it - the rest o$ the *orl+ is $at an+ unhealthy an+ your guy
has IB bo+y $at. ?et it go. 6ela, an+ let it go. He is lean an+ healthy so +on't try to ma%e him
o)er into your i+eal male image. =o* on the other han+ i$ he +eci+e+ that he *ante+ to carry
more muscle mass then *e coul+ +esign a program. Fut until that +esire appears it is a *aste o$
time $or me to proscribe a reme+ial *or%out program $or someone that +oesn't $eel it's a
problem to begin *ith.
Washington, D.C.: I'm trying to impro)e my +ea+li$t routine. I')e only +one +ea+li$ts $or aroun+
si, months, so I'm still learning an+ getting into a groo)e. Here's *hat I currently +o
!"5 , !/
!&5 , "
/!5 , .
I assume it's not a goo+ i+ea to +o /#-rep sets o$ +ea+li$ts1 I *ant to a++ poun+age to my
+ea+li$t, so I'm thin%ing about starting 5-rep sets. 5ny suggestions1 2han%s.
Ho* about
!"5 , !#
2hen each subseEuent *ee% try an+ a++ !#-poun+ to the top set 'lea)e the *arm-up poun+age
an+ reps alone(. 2hen +o,
Fallistic hi-pull
!"5,. then,
narro* grip pull+o*ns - ",!#
/#-rep +ea+li$ts are ri+iculous an+ more a grip $eat than a test o$ bac% strength. @se per$ect
techniEue on e)ery rep. =o t*isting, tilting, 7er%ing, hea)ing or any other stupi+ contortionsL use
a smooth continual application o$ po*er an+ al*ays %eep a tight bac%.
Hill, Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty. 2han%s $or your help. I am going to be a*ay $or t*o *ee%s. I
see it as a great time $or me to get out o$ my routine. I am hea)y on car+io an+ +o *eights three
times a *ee% *ith $ree *eights an+ some +u+umbbellsollo*ing your a+)ice. I am going on a
t*o-*ee% 5las%a cruise. 2here *ill be a small $itness center *ith barbells, an+ a running +ec%.
Fut no ma7or *eight li$ting eEuipment. >ome short aerobics classes, surely. I %no* your tria+.
2he $oo+ options --there *ill be a limitless supply o$ clean $oo+s i$ I choose correctly -- all the
$ish an+ clean protein I can get. Do you ha)e any other suggestions as to ho* to best approach
these t*o *ee%s so that my bo+y progresses1 I am not big on in+ulgence so eating too much
7un% *ill not be an issue. 5+)ice on +umbbell e,ercises, timing, $reEuency, etc. -- 7ust $or these
t*o *ee%s *oul+ be great. 5lso, this is a great time to ta%e a+)antage o$ usually e,pensi)e cuts
o$ meat since they are all inclu+e+ in the price.
Hell, ha)e $un. :at *hat you li%e *hen you $eel li%e it. 2a%e a *or%out i$ it appeals to you -
other*ise $orget about it4 Ha)e $un an+ $orget all about regimentation an+ +uty - they'll all be
there *aiting $or you *hen you get bac% to reality. I'+ +e$iantly gain !#-poun+s i$ I *ent. I'+ be
ha)ing lobster tail $or brea%$ast an+ importe+ beer $or lunch. My e,ercise *oul+ be chasing my
sultry *i$e all aroun+ the +ec% *ith a *ic%e+ leer an+ nasty intentions.
=e* 8or%, =.8.: Hi Marty,
I am a /5 year-ol+ $emale, 5'" an+ !/5 lbs. I *as in a pretty serious car acci+ent about three
*ee%s ago 'I *as luc%y, the car *as not4(. I ha)e nec% an+ bac% muscle in7uries as a result, but
my arms an+ legs are $ine. @p until the acci+ent, I ha+ been running $our to se)en miles a +ay
since Aanuary, an+ *as planning on some!#Hs this summer. >ince the acci+ent, I ha)en't been
able to e,ercise at all, but I am an,ious to start +oing something to %eep mysel$ on trac%. I ha)e
been eating *ell -- trying to %eep the carbs reasonable 'un+er &5 grams total a +ay( an+ eat at
least !# grams o$ protein at each meal, but I am ner)ous that once I am able to run again
'+octor says t*o to three more *ee%s4(, I *ill ha)e lost a lot o$ stamina. Is there any e,ercise I
can +o that *on't ma%e my nec% an+ bac% *orse an+ *ill %eep me in shape1 What shoul+ I
e,pect *hen I begin to run again, I ha)e ne)er ta%en such a long brea% $rom e,ercise, an+ I am
ner)ous about ha)ing to start $rom scratch4
When you say 'e,ercise' +o you mean 7ust running1 Do you li$t1
I suspect the running is going to cause pain in your nec% an+ bac% as you ta%e hun+re+s o$
7arring steps. 8ou nee+ some )ery speci$ic *eight training to strengthen the in7ure+ muscles an+
the muscles surroun+ing the in7ure+ muscles. Don't put all your e,ercise eggs in the running
5rnol+, M+.: Hi Marty,
I too% your a+)ice on the han+ lotion. =o more rash. It also *or%s in other areas.
>al Di$.
>al bu++y, you're not per)-ing out on me, are you1
Washington, D.C.: I'm an o)er*eight *oman in her early "#s '5'/, !J5(. Ha)e alrea+y lost /#
lbs. through running, bi%ing an+ li$ting *eights 'I *or% *ith a trainer t*o times *ee%(. Weight
loss is starting to stall 'plateaue+ $or past month( an+ I'm *on+ering *hat I can +o to re) it up.
My +iet is about !,I## calories *ith emphasis on protein, but still *ell-balance+. I'm only ha)ing
the occasional treat an+ really eating *ell. >o help4 5ny suggestions on ho* to mo)e the
metabolism an+ get o$$ this plateau1
?a+y you are paying a pro$essional trainer to meet *ith you t*ice a *ee% - get his ta%e on +iet
an+ *or% *ith him-her. 2hey are right there on top o$ the situation. I ha)e no clue about your
+egree o$ $itness, bo+y $at percentile, ho* clean or +irty your +iet is, moti)ation, etc., an+ you
ha)e somebo+y that is a 'pro$essional' an+ you are using their e,pensi)e ser)ices t*ice a *ee%
- so get them to map out an+ monitor your +iet. What are they +oing1 Counting reps an+ being
your $rien+1 2hat's lame. When you hire a pro$essional trainer +iet an+ car+io a+)ice shoul+ be
part o$ the pac%age. 2a%e $ull a+)antage o$ *hat you are alrea+y paying $or.
Washington, D.C.: Hello Marty4
2han%s as al*ays $or your encouraging a+)ice. I ha)e a +isproportionate amount o$ 052 on my
thighs. I eat Euite clean an+ run $i)e times a *ee% *ith *eights three times a *ee%. Ho*e)er, it
has been really +i$$icult $or me to lost the $at on the thighs. 5re there special techniEues to target
this area1 5lso, *hat is your ta%e on the carbs $oun+ in sports bars1 Ho* +oes that $it into your
perio+iDation sche+ule1
2han%s again.
I *oul+ consul patience.
I$ you are eating correctly an+ e,ercising +iligently an+ perio+ically rotating training an+ eating
mo+es - then I *oul+ suggest you rela, an+ settle in $or the long haul. What else can you +o1
2he in$ormation I share *ith you is as cutting e+ge as any you're li%ely to hear. I spent many,
many years 'still +o( inter)ie*ing top athletes on their training an+ eating tactics $or articles in
the )arious muscle magaDines. I ha)e inter)ie*e+ hun+re+s o$ athletes an+ the i+eas I o$$er up
are a +istillation an+ amalgamation that $orm a blen+e+ athletic consensus.
I$ you are li$ting, +oing aerobics an+ paying attention to your +iet then *hat else can you +o1
8es, there are carbohy+rates in sport nutrition bars an+ I ta%e that into account in my current
+iet plan *hate)er that may be. What's your point1 I $ail to see it.
Washington, D.C.: ?ast *ee% you mentione+ those a++uctor-ab+uctor machines that *omen
$loc% to. I sa* a )i+eo o$ 6oger Clemens using one. I guess it helps him to push o$$ o$ the rubber
'on the pitching moun+(. What else +o a++uctor-ab+uctor e,ercises help *ith1
3ot me. I %no* that I got one hell-o$-a-set o$ ab+uctors $rom years '+eca+es, no* that I thin%
about it( o$ +oing sEuats *ith an upright bac% an+ toes pointe+ slightly out.
Fi%e Man: Marty,
I')e been training $or the 5ID> bi%e ri+e $or the past $e* months an+ all seems to be going *ell.
5 *eir+ thing happene+, though, *hen I +i+n't train $or all o$ last *ee%: my legs hurt o)er the
*ee%en+ as i$ I ha+ +one the normal e,ercising that I +o. 5ny clue *hat's up *ith that1 I +i+ a
short !/-mile ri+e yester+ay an+ they *ere $ine, so I'm not too *orrie+. It *as 7ust *eir+.
Maybe it's a >te)en Hing %iller auto type thing - e,cept instea+ o$ a haunte+ lea+-sle+ it's your
bi%e that's possesse+.
8our brain ob)iously put you muscles through a susubconsciousor%out - a$ter all it *as the
sche+ule+ training time an+ your muscles, acting on electro-ner)e imimpulsesent $rom the
susubconsciousrain, sub7ecte+ the muscles to the usual contractions.
I thin% you'+ ha)e to agree that its a great theory an+ e,plains a lot. 5ctually, I no i+ea. Do you
ha)e an :,orcist1
Marty 3allagher: 5-.-#! Guestions 'cont'+(
Hern+on, Ca.: Mr. 3: I *or% out a $e* times a *ee% at my local community center. =othing $ancy
-- *al%-trot on the trea+mill $or hal$ an hour an+ a $e* o$ the =autilus machines. Despite a soli+
abab+omen it is still conca)e 'not con)e,( or is it the other *ay aroun+1 -- any*ay, it still stic%s
out an+ isn't $lat4 5lso, I ha)e enough $at le$t on my upper chest to sho* slightly noticeable
breasts. 5ny speci$ic e,ercises $or these t*o problems1
Foth con+itions are correcte+ by close attention to +iet. 8ou can e,ercise e)ery single +ay $rom
+a*n until the co*s come home but unless you are consuming $e*er calories then you are
burning, that thic% layer o$ muscle obscuring $at *ill continue to blur any an+ all muscular
+elineation an+ +e$inition.
Marty 3allagher: Hello 0itness people o$ e)ery stripe, style an+ persuasion.
I *on+er i$ you')e notice+ the psychological bene$its o$ e,ercise1 I cannot tell you ho* many
times I *ante+ to blo* o$$ an e,ercise session on account o$ not $eeling !##B. 2he $alse line o$
reason that my inner )oice $ee+s me goes as $ollo*s: I$ you $eel this ba+, sic% or +epresse+,
*hat %in+ o$ positi)e training session coul+ you possibly ha)e1 In other *or+s, since I am
mentally o$$, my training *ill no +oubt be o$$ - ergo, *hy not blo* o$$ the session an+ come bac%
tomorro* *hen you are !##B1 >oun+s )ery logical but e,perience has sho*n me that time an+
time again, *hen I push through an+ *or%out +espite +istractions 'Euite o$ten legitimate an+
serious(I usually ha)e a great *or%out. I belie)e the mental status o$ the athlete is $ar $rom an
accurate in+icator o$ physical rea+iness. I')e ha+ too many great 'not a+eEuate, not goo+, but
great( *or%outs a$ter gi)ing serious consi+eration to blo*ing o$$ the session to not see a
correlation - actually a lac% o$ correlation bet*een mental irritation an+ physical prepare+ness.
0oo+ $or thought. I am almost ble* o$$ an early am po*er*al% in the +eep *oo+s on account o$
'things' but pushe+ through an+ once again, it *as transcen+ental.
Watch $or last *ee%s unans*ere+ Euestions at the en+ o$ this sho*. I$ you ha)e any Euestions
on supplements, post them *ith me an+ *e'll ha)e Dr. Aim Wright, Health an+ >cience e+itor at
Muscle an+ 0itness ans*er them *hen he )isits the Mountain Compoun+ ne,t *ee%.
Dupont Circle: Hi, Marty. 2han%s a lot $or an e,cellent +iscussion.
!. My $rien+'s trainer says that she shoul+ start imme+iately *ith the hea)iest set an+ $inish o$$
*ith the lightest because one can li$t the most intensely *hen the muscles are $resh, not tire+.
Fut *oul+n't she ris% in7ury by li$ting hea)y *ithout *arming up at all1
/. He also says that an intense li$ting session is as e$$ecti)e a car+io)ascular e,ercise as a
regular car+io routine, such as running. Fut can li$ting by itsel$ really compete *ith an all-out
car+io session in terms o$ getting your heart rate up an+ burning calories1
:ither I'm missing something, or both statements are the complete opposite o$ *hat you al*ays
tell us. 2han%s $or your insight.
Marty 3allagher: Hello an+ you are +ea+ right.
!. @se your go+-gi)en common sense: no *arm-up prior to li$ting an all-out ma,imum e$$ort1
What about raising muscle core temperature1 What about greasing motor-path*ays1 Do you
ha)e +irections to the emergency room1 ;$ course i$ you are totally *ea% I guess you coul+ get
a*ay *ith it. >uppose you can +o 4## $or t*enty1 5m I suppose+ to *al% into the gym, loa+ 4
45's on each si+e, total o$ . an+ start repping col+ as a stone statue1 What a great *ay to +ie.
/. 5s my mentor Fill 9earl says, the heart +oesn't care ho* it gets ele)ate+, 7ust so long as it
get ele)ate+. >o i$ you *eight train $ast enough you can get a $ine car+io *or%out. @se your
heart rate monitor. 2he problem *ith this is huge: going $ast enough to generate a .#B o$ age
relate+ ma, session a)erage causes you to ha)e to use pee-*ee poun+age. >pee+ *eight
training compromises the strength buil+ing aspects. 2his is the *orst o$ both *orl+s. Don't mi,
Washington: Hey Marty4
I am about 5 $oot I an+ *eight !4! poun+s. I *oul+ li%e to buil+ my arms an+ chest, *hich are
$airly muscular. 5t the same time I *oul+ li%e to lose the small lo)e han+les an+ the e,tra roun+
chin I ha)e gotten in my late t*enties. Ho* can I buil+ up my upper bo+y *hile losing $at1
Marty 3allagher: !. ?i$t *eights - this is the biggest step. Fuil+ some muscle. It loo%s goo+ an+
e)ery poun+ o$ muscle a++e+ *ill o,i+iDe an a++itional "#-4# calories per +ay.
/. Clean up your +iet - toss a 7un% $oo+ a *ee% an+ eat plenty o$ lo* $at protein $oo+s an+ sala+.
". Do some car+io - aerobics impro)e +igestion, burn calories an+ %eep the internal plumbing
clean as chrome pipe.
3et serious an+ you can turn it all aroun+.
9hilly, 9enn.: MartyL
I usually +o some car+io on trea+mills, elliptical machines, bi%es. 2his past *ee%en+, I *ent on
a 5 mile hi%e up a mountain out by 5llento*n an+ e)en tho I can easily +o 5 miles on the
trea+mill, I *as stopping e)ery !5 minutes 7ust to catch my breath. Guite a *or%out.
Here at home, though, there aren't any goo+ hills or changes in ele)ation to get that same
e$$ect. I trie+ the i+ea o$ stic%ing a /5 lb plate in a bac%pac% but it +i+n't seem to +o much $or
me. 5ny i+eas1
Marty 3allagher: Well stic% a 45-poun+ plate in that bac% pac% an+ it'll $eel li%e your a participant
in the Faatan Death March.
8ou lo*lan+ers get all these great car+io rea+ings,.5-J#B o$ age relate+ ma,imum, on your
$ancy +an high tech gerbil trea+mills an+ *hen *e bring you up to hi%e the steep mountain
trails, you +ie.
It's the gra+e. >teep gra+es reEuire +ramatic muscular e$$ort an+ this scre*s up the
subtlesen+er-recei)err relationship o$ the muscles an+ lungs. 8ou are able to gli+e along in
limite+ mechanical machine motor-path*ay but the o++ step patterns an+ the sti$$ gra+es place
a stress on the cal)es, thighs an+ hips that cause your car+io system to go hay*ire.
Welcome to the 2hun+er+ome.
D.C.: Hello, Marty. >houl+ *e e,ercise /-" hours be$ore sleeping at night or be$ore *or% in the
Marty 3allagher: 5s long as it +oesn't scre* up your sleep cycle.
6e$orme+ HI2man: Marty,
I')e been +oing a HI2 routine $or the past $e* months, but I'm starting
to plateau. My current li$ts are:
bench: !.5,I
sEuat: !.5,!#
+ea+li$t: !.5,!#
5ny suggestions on ho* to sha%e things up1 6egar+ing the other / legs o$ the tripo+, I'm
bumping up my aerobic *or% an+ +oing a cyclical %etogenic +iet, trying to cut some *eight *hile
not losing any muscle.
Marty 3allagher: 2om - go to /#-rep sets across the boar+.
/#-rep sets are i+eal $or someone *ho has pea%e+ strength-*ise an+ is loo%ing to lean out.
0orget about poun+age an+ really concentrate on +e)eloping some outstan+ing e,ercise
techniEue. :,ercise techniEue is art an+ ta%es a +eca+e to master. @se a slo* an+ controlle+
release an+ $ull range o$ motion. =o sloppy hal$ reps please.
Washington, D.C.: Marty:
I am a /5 y.o. $emale, 5' 5, !/5 lbs. I ha)e not +one much e,ercise in the recent past. I recently
signe+ up $or an e,ercise program early in the morning that in)ol)es one hour o$ car+io an+
some strength e,ercises 'pull-ups, push-ups, no *eights(. What types o$ $oo+s shoul+ I eat
be$ore an+ a$ter this e,ercise to sustain my energy le)els 'I usually ha)e orange 7uice an+
oatmeal *ith raisins be$ore *or%(.
Marty 3allagher: I +on't eat be$ore an early am *or%out an+ I')e ha+ plenty o$ them. I +rin% a
gallon o$ co$$ee. 2heca$$einee gi)es me a e+ge that I $in+ appropriate $or a serious *or%out.
D.C.: Hi Marty,
2han%s $or +oing these sessions, they're great. I'm +esperately trying to strengthen-tone-+e$ine
my cal$ muscles. I'm $emale, about 5'4, slen+er, but ha)e no +e$inition *hen it comes to my
legs. 5ny suggestions other than the cal$ raises +one on stairs1 I +on't ha)e the bene$it o$
belonging to a gym...
2han% you444
Marty 3allagher: 8ou nee+ to get the $at o$$ the cal$. 8our cal)es are plenty +e)elope+ 'most
li%ely( but on account o$ amuscle-obscuringg layer o$ $at, they are non-+istinct. 9eople $alsely
assume they can +e)elop a muscle to such a +egree that it *ill e)entually pop through the $at
blan%et $or all to see. W6;=34
Heep +oing your one-legge+ cal$ raises but rest assure+ that its a %ni$e an+ $or% issue, not an
e,ercise issue.
5rlington: I'm short an+ $at. I can't +o anything about the short, but I')e been trying to lose the
*eight $or a long time. I'm ^/5#, *oul+ li%e to be !!#, o$ course, but I thin% realistically I shoul+
try $or !5# - !&#... still o)er*eight by your stan+ar+s, perhaps, but still a )ast impro)ement $or
Fut, t*o things... *here can a larger *oman $in+ +ecent *or% out clothes1 I')e trie+ to $in+ a
+ecent bra, but the ones that come in my siDe +on't seem to o$$er su$$icient support or control. I
+on't li%e my breasts to bounce that much *hen *or%ing out... e)en though I'm $at the ic%y men
still stare.
What is a goo+ *ay to ease in to e,ercising1 Wal%ing aroun+ the bloc% a couple times1 Ho*
long shoul+ I *al% $or1 :)ery night1 Is it best to ta%e the same route or )arious ones1
Marty 3allagher: 2his coul+ be $or real or it coul+ be one o$ the boys trying to get one o)er on
;%ay, +o you rea+ this column1 I$ you +on't you shoul+ on account o$ it contains all the
in$ormation you nee+ to ma%e a total physical trans$ormation - but in a++ition to in$ormation you
got to ha)e moti)ation. 5re you serious1 I$ you are you cane,tractt the gameplan $rom rea+ing
through past installments. 5n+ that's huge: a blueprint $or trans$ormation - but you ha)e to +ig a
Ho* in >am Hill an I suppose+ to %no* *here an o)er*eight *oman is going to get e,ercise
clothes1 Inso$ar as bouncing breastsL Ma+am, ha)e you no sese o$ shame1
8ou nee+ to +o so research, set a plan an+ then get on it.
Chicago, Ill.: What is your recommen+e+ *or%out, in terms o$ muscles *or%e+ on each +ay, $or
a three-+ay *or%out, that inclu+es both *ee%en+ +ays an+ one *ee% +ay1
Marty 3allagher: >atur+ay
leg press
leg curl
cal$ raise
nose brea%ers
narro* grip pull+o*ns
shoul+er press
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty,
>e)eral co-*or%ers an+ I ha)e 7oine+ Weight Watchers to begin losing *eight. With WW you
can choose *hate)er $oo+s you li%e as long as you stay in a certain point range. I *oul+ li%e
your a+)ice on the types o$ $oo+s *e shoul+ choose to ma,imiDe *eight loss. We are in our 4th
*ee% an+ are beginning to a++ a soli+ e,ercise routine as *ell, recommen+ations on beginning
e,ercise routines1 What +o you thin% about $roDen *eight *atchers meals *hich I $in+ see to
inclu+e tons o$ carbs, but little protein1
>e)eral o$ us *ill be a*aiting your ans*ers4
Marty 3allagher: I suspect they are probably using calories as the +e$ining element.
0oo+ selection is not stresse+. 2his is smart: as long as you +on't e,cee+, say !5##-calories a
+ay, *e +on't care *hat $oo+s you use - 7ust +on't e,cee+ !5##. Hey, this approach allo*s $ol%s
to stic% to the +iets - they're 7ust+isappointe++ in ho* small the portions are.
Clean protein, steame+ )eggies an+ sala+s gi)e you the most bounce per ounce.
Dupont Circle: Hi, Marty:
Is is possible to get to the point *here genetics pre)ents you $rom gaining any e,tra muscle no
matter ho* har+ you li$t an+ ho* much you eat1 I am a "&y.o.o male, 5'!#, !&#. I')e been !&#
gi)e or ta%e a $e* poun+s $or o)er a year. I *ant to be !.#, !J#, still $eel too s%inny. I *or% out
)ery har+ an+ eat li%e a pig.
Marty 3allagher: 8ou nee+ to ta%e a brea%.
2a%e o$$ J-!4 +ays an+ come bac% using a high rep, lo* calorie approach $or 4-I *ee%s. ?et's
re+uce the calories, lean-out, an+ establish a goo+ technical base $or $uture siDe an+ strength
8ou are stuc% in a rut an+ nee+ a totally +i$$erent approach. @se your long term )ision.
>ome*here, @.>.5.: I $in+ your columns amusing at times, sometimes in$ormational, but get
o)er yoursel$. 8our comment to the o)er*eight *oman loo%ing $or assistance re: *here to $in+
*or%out clothes *as meanspirite+ an+ petty. Why not 7ust tell her you +i+n't %no*1
Marty 3allagher: Fecause I *as genuinely insulte+ that someone coul+ be so insensiti)e as to
bring up such a non-$itness issue *ith a straight $ace.
8ou get o)er your o*n sel$.
I$ someone is so out o$ touch *ith the serious approach *e ta%e as to *rite in *ith such a p ] ]
] e+ouss comment then I get pisse+. 5n+ by the *ay, ha+ some re+nec% *rote in as%ing i$ I
%ne* *here he coul+ buy a 7oc% to %eep his o)ersiDe+ ---- $rom s*inging aroun+, *oul+ you
ha)e rushe+ as Euic%ly to his +e$ense1
I a*ait your reply *ith baite+ breath.
2e,as: =osebrea%ers1 What are they1
Marty 3allagher: Feing $rom 2e,as you shoul+ %no* all about nosebrea%ers. 5$terall, my man,
6an+all 2e, Cobb '8ou can't %noc% me +o*n ?arry4(, is the %ing o$ nosebrea%ers.
?ie on an e,ercise bench an+ hol+ a barbell, e-D curl bar or t*in +umbbells at arms length,
thbeginningng position o$ a bench press, unloc% the elbo*s an+ lo*er the bar to nose 'care$ully(
be$ore pressing slo*ly an+ e)enly bac% to loc%-out. ;nly the upper $orearms mo)e.
6oc%)ille, M+.: Hi Marty - I'm ne* to your chats 'this is my thir+ *ee%(, an+ I'm getting a lot o$
use$ul in$ormation $rom them. Ho*e)er, I ha)e a +umb Euestion - *hat +o you mean by clean
Marty 3allagher: 0at $ree or near as possible.
5rlington: 8ou are a 7ac%] ] ]. My Euestion *as serious, an+ by putting yoursel$ out as an
e,ercise guru I *oul+ thin% that you better than anyone *oul+ *ant to promote e,ercise, not
ri+icule me because I am not alrea+y a beauty Eueen. It is because o$ people li%e you that I
a)oi+ health clubs
I *as not in$erring that I *oul+ *ear the bra by itsel$ li%e your little cheerlea+er $rien+s, but rather
I 7ust *ant su$$icient support un+er my t-shirt.
5s to my sense o$ shame... I ha)e plenty o$ shame because o$ people li%e you. I am ashame+ o$
being o)er*eight. I as%e+ simple Euestions, Euestions that many $at people *ho *ant to lose
*eight ha)e. In your intro you speci$ically in)ite Euestions $rom people o$ all e,ercise le)els. I$
you are not prepare+ to ans*er such Euestions in a pro$essional manner, the 9ost shoul+ not
longer host your +iscussions.
Marty 3allagher: What +o you thin% $ol%s1
>ome*here, @.>.5.: Don't %no* ho* to brea% it to you, but $in+ing *or%out clothes *hich $it
larger siDe+ *omen, particularly a sports bra *hich pro)i+es goo+ support, is a $itness issue. It's
har+ enough $or a person *ho is o)er*eight to start *or%ing out because o$ the comments an+
stares you get $rom people 'an+ as a person *ho *ent $rom a siDe !I to a siDe I 'I %no*( . . .
*oul+ it hurt to consi+er another point o$ )ie*1
Marty 3allagher: Is a $itness issue accor+ing to *ho1
2o you1
I thought it *as my sho*1
When you get a sho* then you can proclaim the issues.
I$ I choose to not +iscuss an issue I %no* nothing about is that not mprerogati)e)e1
5rlington, Ca. I')e been bicycling to *or% on a route that challenges me 'some hills(. I'm $in+ing
that I $eel great 'though tire+( by the en+ o$ the +ay on +ays that I bicycle but lousy on +ays that
I +on't bicycle. I'm getting bac% in the habit o$ li$ting on non-bi%e +ays in the hopes that I can
a)oi+ the a*$ul $eeling. I +on't thin% it's a nee+ $or rest, because the longer I'm a*ay $rom
e,ercise, the *orse I $eel. 5ny suggestions1
Marty 3allagher: It coul+ be psychological. Many li$ters get +epresse+ *hen they are out o$ the
gym $or a prolonge+ perio+. >tri%e the balance.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Hey Marty-
I recently intro+uce+ sEuats into my routine 'getting serious no*(. 2rouble is, I can only maintain
proper $orm *hen using )ery little *eight 'ie. un+er 5#lbs(. 5s a I'/ /##lb guy, this $eels %in+ o$
*impy. Is this something that *ill +isappear *ith practice, or am I +oing something *rong1
Marty 3allagher: Don't rush it but bpersistentnt.
Woo+bri+ge, Ca.: Marty--assuming that the reEuest $or in$ormation about *or%out clothing $or a
)ery o)er*eight $emale *as genuine--there is a company that specialiDes in *or%out *ear $or
larger *omen, calle+ Aunonia: *** or !-.##-A@=;=I5. Ha)en't or+ere+ $rom them
mysel$ so I +on't %no* anything other than that their catalog has a nice selection.
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you $or the in$ormation an+ hope that it is help$ul.
:llicott City, Marylan+: Marty,
I currently *eigh about !&# lbs. an+ stan+ about 5'&. I *oul+ li%e to lose appro,imately !#lbs.
Ho* *oul+ you suggest I go about it in or+er tachie)e)e the ma,imum results in re$erence to
cut an+ +e$inition.
Marty 3allagher: Mi%e, I put out a perio+iDation chart a $e* *ee%s bac% an+ i$ you can go bac%
an+ $in+ it then you'll ha)e the blueprint *hich you can use to +esign your o*n customiDe+
training regimen.
5tlanta, 3a.: 5s a man, I resent being labele+ ic%y. 2he *oman *ith the attitu+e shoul+ $in+ an
emotional support group, maybe then she coul+ get o)er being a )ictim an+ ta%e charge o$ her
li$e an+ sol)e all her problems4 Fest to her, but +on't pic% $ights an+ you'lconEuerer your o*n
+emons. ?ea)e Marty alone444
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you -
Chicago, Ill.: Marty,
I ha)e been *or%ing out $or many years, an+ see other people using *eight belts, especially
*hen they +o hea)y sEuats. What is the bene$it o$ a *eight belt, *hat %in+ o$ e,ercises shoul+ I
use it *ith, an+ *hat type o$ in7uries is it pre)enting1
Marty 3allagher: 5 li$ting belt is +esigne+ to o$$er lumbar an+ erector support *hen +oing any
o)erhea+ li$ting, pulls, +ea+li$ts, cleans or ro*s. Felts ha)e there place but unless you are
han+ling macho poun+age they are to be a)oi+e+.
5lbuEuerEue, =M: Marty, I consi+er mysel$ an e)ol)e+ male. I e)en use the term $eminist to
+escribe mysel$. I')e been rea+ing your chats $or si, months an+ I')e ne)er seen you be
+isrespect$ul to men or *omen. I rerea+ your response to the *oman an+ +on't see nothing
*rong *ith it.
Ho* in >am Hill an I suppose+ to %no* *here an o)er*eight *oman is going to get e,ercise
clothes1 Inso$ar as bouncing breastsL Ma+am, ha)e you nsensese o$ shame1
Were you particularly 'sensiti)e'1 =o. Were you o$$ensi)e1 5bsolutely not. Were you $unny1
8es. Honest1 8es.
I'm impresse+ that you're actually gi)ing these supersensit)e people a )oice. 8ou're a true
belie)er in $ree speech. Can *e +rop these harpies an+ get on *ith the sho*1
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you.
I am on your si+e an+ I am a $emale. >urely she a $rien+ she can as% about the sports bra or
e)en the sales people *here she buys her clothes. 8our chats are great an+ I appreciate them
a lot because o$ the straight tal% on *hat I *ant to %no* about, *eight-li$ting, +iet an+ car+io.
Marty 3allagher: I try an+ run right +o*n the mi++le, har+ an+ straight *ith no $lu$$. =o cotton
5rlington, Ca.: My goal is to loose *eight an+ tone muscles. Is it better to +o *eights $irst or is it
better to +o car+io $irst +uring my +aily )isits to the gym. I ha)e hear+ con$licting opinions on
Marty 3allagher: ?earn ho* to li$t *eights. It buil+ you some serious muscle an+ change your
9lus, by a++ing !#-poun+s o$ muscle 'not that har+ $or a stone-col+ beginner( you *ill ele)ate
your metabolism. 2en poun+s o$ a++itional muscle *ill burn "##-4## e,tra calories a +ay4 2he
eEual o$ a serious "#-4# minute aerobic session.
5++ some light car+io in on your o$$-+ays an+ you'll be o$$ to the races.
36I??M5=, W;;D>H:DDI=,5<: 3;;D M;6=I=3 C;5CH 35??53H:6,
I'M H@3: 5=D ?:5=, WH52 C5= I D; 2; F: >M5?? 5=D 0521
>:6I;@>?8, 36:52 25?HI=3 WI2H 8;@ ;= 2H: F52-9H;=:.2H5=H> 0;6 2H;>:
2I9>, I'?? 9@2 2H:M 2; @>: 06I->52 WH:= I 9@?? 535I=, I.5M" ;= 2H: M:=@ 2;
>:6C: @9 I= 5 M5=?8 W58, WI2H 5 >ID: ;0 5DD@C2;6-5FD@C2;6 W;6H WI2H 5
>?IC: ;0 H5M> 2; 0I=I>H I2 ;00. CH:>2 5=D 56M> 2;D58, F?;;D D58 0;6 2H:M
2H52'> ?;2> ;0 0@=, >W;??:D CI284
D6;9 8;@ 5 =;2: ?52:6,
H5C: 8;@ H:56D 06;M 2H: 36:52 WHI2: 9I=H1
Marty 3allagher: =egatore on the Fig 9in% sighting.
I ha)e a nice note to you in the Euestion +ump $rom last *ee%. Chec% it out. I tal% about your
brain li%e Hannibal ?ecter tal%ing to the guy in the ne,t cell. I hope it +oesn't ma%e you suici+al
an+ i$ it +oes +on't mention me in the note.
Washington, D.C.: Marty-
2ell the *oman loo%ing $or a bra to go to Dell's Fra FoutiEue in 0air$a,.
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you -
Fethes+a, M+.: Feen hearing a little about the slo* metho+ o$ *eightli$ting. >oun+s interesting.
What are your thoughts O *here can I $in+ out more about it1
Marty 3allagher: >uper slo* is the brain chil+ o$ Hen Hutchins, a =autilu+e)oteee' *ho too% it
one step $urther then 5rt Aones. I inter)ie*e+ him $or Muscle an+ 0itness a $e* years bac% an+
li%e+ a lot o$ his i+eas. I +o a little superslo* style training in the o$$-season as a change o$
pace. Hen *as in 0lori+a - try this ol+ number $or in$o: 4#&-IJ5-&5.J
:li $rom 2el 5)i): Hi Coach,
2han%s $or the great chat.
I'll be out o$ to*n $or $e* *ee%s an+ *ill probably only be able to go to the 3ym once a *ee% $or
" *ee%s.
Can please you suggest a once a *ee% plan1
'=o >Euats or Dea+li$ts though +ue to lo*er bac% in7ury(
F2W, I trie+ your approach on the /# reps sets. 'Warmup M !/, bri+ge the *eight M !#, all out M
/#( much better than the "M/# I *as +oing be$ore. 2han% you.
Marty 3allagher: Fench press - *or% up to one all out set o$ .-reps
$lyes - ! set to $ailure
seate+ +umbbell press - *or% up to one all-out set o$ .
lateral raise - /,/#
narro* grip lat pull+o*n - 4 sets, !# repprogressi)e)e
seate+ +umbbell curls - ",!5 progressi)e
tricep push+o*ns - ",!5 superset *ith curls
cal$ raise - ",/#
leg curl - ",!# super set *ith cal)es
shoul+ ta%e about ! hour
D.C.: Does your suggestion o$ ca$$eine be$ore *or%ing out *or% in general1 ;r +o you thin% it
*or%s e,tra *ell 7ust in the mornings4 ?oo%ing $or all the help I can get.
Marty 3allagher: I am a con$irme+ 7a)a hea+.
FalDac %ille+ himsel$ at age 5! by o)er+osing on co$$ee. >ure ma+e him *rite goo+. 5ll the big
li$ters an+ bo+ybuil+ers s*ill co$$ee be$ore a *or%out. 2hey *ant to li$t in *hat 5rnol+ calle+, the
state o$ ma,imum arousal anca$$einene is a stimulant that gets the $ree $atty aci+s $lo*ing
anaccelerateses the brain.
=e* 8or%, =.8.: Hi Marty: Wanting 2o 3ro* @p
Marty 3allagher: Damn, are you my t*in brother. :l)is ha+ a t*in name+ Aesse 3arron 'an+
:l)is 5aron( that +ie+ at birth - or so they say. Heep +oing that car+io brother.
Marty 3allagher: 0ol%s - I ha)e to get o$$ no*. I *ill see you ne,t *ee% an+ be sure an+ chec%
out the Euestions le$to)er $rom last *ee% - a+ios4
5-!5-#! Guestions
36::2I=3> C;5CH 35??53H:6,
I&5M" 8:>2:6D58 I= 2H: D:5D?I02, A@>2 M: I= M8 >H;62> 5> M8 >HI62 W5>
>;5H:D WI2H
>W:52 5=D ;00:=DI=3. 6:?58:D 2H: T'> 2; 2H: 9I=H-;=:.
2H: 0I6: I= 2H: F:??8 I> C:68 ?5CHI=3. A@>2 DID='2 H5C: 5=8 3; 3;. ?5CHI=3
2H: 0;C@> WH:= I'M 2H:6:, 2H52'> =;2 C;;?. I2 I> 3;;D 2H: W:I3H2> 56:
6;??I=3, F@2 I 3;2 2; DI5? I= 2H: MI=D 2; M;C: 2H: >2::? 5H:5D.
I thin% it might be a con+ition o$ age. I use+ to rant an+ ra)e be$ore an all-out top set e$$ort an+ I
thin% that it helpe+. 5 lot o$ it ha+ to +o *ith the collecti)e consciousness o$ the groups o$ li$ters I
traine+ *ith. 2hey *ere essentially craDe+ athletes. =o* I li)e in the country an+ train alone at
home by choice. I ha)e a nice commercial gym *ithin *al%ing +istance yet I pre$er to blast a*ay
alone in an unheate+ garage. Where I use+ to *or% mysel$ into a rabi+ $renDy be$ore a big set I
no* rea+ 2olstoy an+ 5nton Che%o) an+ chill. I$ the *eather is nice I +o some yar+ *or%
bet*een sets. I +on't get 7ac%e+ up but that's ;H 'cause I still get in Euality *or%outs, the %in+
you're e,periencing. >oun+s li%e geeDer)ille, I hear those *ho %no* me mutter un+er there
breath. I no* li$t in a +etache+ an+ calculate+ $ashion by choice an+ you ha)e began +oing the
same, li%e it or not, consciously or subconsciously.
I *oul+n't get too *orrie+ about it all i$ I *ere you because the $lip si+e is that i$ you train in the
+etache+ $ashion an+ +on't bother to get 7ac%e+ up past the re+line on e)ery limit attempt, *hen
you go to the competition you *ill go craDy an+ slaughter all your training li$ts by a country mile.
My ol+ coach use+ to +erisi)ely sneer at the 'min-meet' training sessions *e use+ to ha)e a
Chaillet's ol+ gym, 2o much li%e the real thing, these training sessions are no +i$$erent $rom a
competitionL no psychological li$t *hen you get to the competiti)e arena. It *as trueL most o$ us
ha+ trouble +uplicating our training li$ts. 5$ter all, in the gym *e get to go *hen *e *ante+ to go
in a totally $amiliar an+ com$ortable en)ironment. 5t the competition you li$t *hen they tell you
an+ *ith three steely-eye+ 7u+ges loo%ing $or in$ractions to thro* out your li$t. 2his coul+ har+ly
be calle+ a soothing or com$ortable en)ironment.
My ol+ coach use+ to train alone an+ he coul+ routinely li$t 5#-poun+s more in his sEuat an+
+ea+li$t in competition. I as%e+ him *hy an+ he sai+ ga)e me another o$ his one *or+ <en
Dingers, 9eople. He sai+ $latly. 2hat *as it. What he meant, *as that a$ter li$ting +etache+ an+
alone, *hen he li$te+ in $ront o$ strangers it put him into a supernatural state. He +ea+li$te+ &45
in training an+ then pulle+ &J5 at the *orl+ championships in a clutch li$t he nee+e+ to *in the
title. 8ou can +o the same.
0alls Church, Ca.: Hey Marty4
2han%s $or putting the secon+ perio+iDation article online $or us 'an+ than%s to the 9ost $or
putting the numbers in a chart(. I$ people are ha)ing trouble rea+ing your article an+ *or%out
plans at the en+ o$ last *ee%'s chat, they can see a nicely $ormatte+ )ersion at this a++y:
2han%s Marty, lo)e the lunch chats4
I'm gla+ that chart ma+e it onto the *eb - many than%s to Dan an+ 6occi at the Wash
9osgettingng that o)ersiDe suc%er poste+ *ithout electronic +istortion. Di+ anyone actually get
anything out o$ it1 Was it ob)iously obtuse or obscenely opaEue1 5ny opinions or obser)ations1
Fethes+a: 6e: 2he elliptical Euestion:
I honestly ha)e ne)er chec%e+ my heart rate *hile +oing the car+io. I %no* I really get it going
because I can $eel it an+ I am out o$ breath an+ s*eating buc%ets. Coul+ you gi)e me a $e*
pointers on ta%ing it an+ *hat my target shoul+ be1 I am almost 5 $oot $i)e an+ *eigh !5# an+
am "I 'i$ you nee+ that in$o(. It isn't a$$ecting my *eight training -- the legs are 7ust getting this
)ery hea)y $eeling on the elliptical an+ I $eel as though I am struggling to stay on. 2he intensity
isn't )ery high either. Hope that clari$ies. 2han%s $or your help. I *ill say that I must be +oing
something right because at my *eigh ins, I ten+ to ha)e a ! lb to ! loss e)ery *ee%.
9lease +on't %ill yoursel$.
//# minus your age eEuals !##B o$ age-relate+ heart rate ma,imum.
//#-"I_ !.4
!.4 is your 'ma,imum' heart rate
J#B _ !I5
.#B _ !4&
&#B _ !/.
I#B _ !!#
>hoot $or bet*een I#-.5B +epen+ing upon your +egree o$ $itness. While e,ercising, ta%e your
pulse $or a I-secon+ perio+ an+ then multiply that by !# to obtain your current heart rate. Is this
in response to an earlier Euestion1
0air$a,, Ca.: Do you thin% *eight training $or legs is a goo+ i+ea $or runners1
2here is some e,tremely con)incing e)i+ence that li$ting re+uces in7uries. Weight training
increases bone +ensity an+ buil+s muscle tissue. It also strengthens ten+ons, ligaments an+
helps increase collagen pro+uction. >trong muscles an+ steel cable ten+ons an+ ligaments are
a hell o$ a lot tougher to pull, rip or tear then bo+y parts *ea% an+ untraine+. >trengthen the
+elicate an+ intricate *eb o$ bone, muscle an+ connecti)e tissue through the systematic *eight
training. 8our susceptibility to in7ury *ill be re+uce+ +ramatically.
I *ill also mention that *eight training impro)es athletic per$ormance. Weights ma%e you run
$aster - en+urance is another issue - but )elocity potential is increase+ as $unctional muscle
mass is increase+. Why are men $aster then *omen1 Can you i+enti$y the single $actor most
responsible $or the eternal +i$$erence in *orl+ recor+ running times bet*een men an+ *omen1 I
can. Men are bigger an+ stronger, ergo . . .
I li$t there$ore I impro)e. is *hat 6enee' Decartes actually +e+uce+ *hen he cra*le+ out o$
that brea+ o)en.
Matts, 5tlanta, 3a.: Marty-
?ast *or%out you suggeste+ $or me *as right on target- *as stalle+ on 5-rep sets $or bench, an+
you ga)e me a / set, !#-rep program starting at !"#, P5lbs *%. up to !5#, *- a lot o$ assistance
e,ercises. I en+e+ up at !5#,!#,/ benchL &5,!5 an+ J5,!5 close gripL I#,!5,/ pec +ecL
!"#,!#,4 tri press+o*n. Was sEuatting /"5,5,/. 2his all too% a $e* e,tra *ee%s, cause I split a
$inger an+ nee+e+ stitches +oing some home plumbing ... that also stoppe+ D?'s $a*hileile. I
*ant to lean out an+ increase car+io $itness- I'm going on a !##-mi. tre% in Corsica in the mi++le
o$ Auly. =ee+ to %eep strength up to haul loa+s up steep roc%, though. What +oes the master
2han%s, Matts
=o Masters here Matts, 7ust an earnest see%er *ith a $e* more $itness miles on the o+ometer
then most o$ the au+ience.
3oo+ 7ob on the benches. 8ou coul+ go bac% to 5's or 7ump to /#'s - your choice - *hiche)er o$
these t*o rep alternati)es $loats your boat. I$ you are going on a !##-mile bac%pac%ing tre% you
nee+ to strap on a loa+e+ bac%pac% an+ get to hi%ing all o)er rural 5tlanta. 2his is $abulous
aerobic acti)ity, I %no* $irst han+L it's my $a)ore+ $la)or o$ car+io up here in the mountains o$
south central 9ennsyl)ania. 3et a %i+'s bac%pac%, the type they use to haul boo%s to school
*ith, an+ *rap a /5-poun+ plate in a blan%et. >tu$$ that suc%er into the bac%pac% an+ git ta'
*al%in4 0in+ the local nature trail an+ put on a Wal%man an+ some Hen+ri, an+ hit it4 2he more
hours you can log *ith loa+s appro,imating the pro7ecte+ poun+age the better your chances o$
acclimatiDing your bo+y to the reEuire+ stress le)els. Do you %no* ho* much your Corsican
gear *ill *eigh1 2he closer you can get to appro,imating that poun+age in your 5tlanta *al%s
the less o$ a shoc% Corsica *ill be.
Do you get to carry a +ouble-barrel shotgun in case the locals you are tra)eling *ith get 7umpe+
in a Cen+etta paybac% ambush1
While getting lean an+ mean, stay a*ay $rom t*o classic 5tlanta eating establishments: 2he
Fuc%hea+ Diner an+ 2he Mansion. 2he $oo+ is too goo+. I lo)e the por% chops an+ garlic
mashe+ potatoes at the retro Fuc%hea+, the *orl+'s ultimate +iner. 5t the Mansion you eat
stea% in antebellum-era home resembling 2ara in 3one *ith the Win+. I lo)e the $eel o$ the
place an+ the $oo+ rules. =either is cheap but you only go roun+ once. I *as in 5tlanta three
times in a t*o-year perio+ on e,pense account assignments co)ering t*o Mr. ;lympia contests
an+ one >uper Fo*l. :ach time I ate my *ay $rom one en+ o$ the city to the other li%e a one-
man plague o$ locust.
0air$a,, Ca.: I'm a /&year ol+ $emale *ho *ants to tone my arms. >houl+ I li$t *eight lighter an+
+o )ery high reps, or shoul+ I li$t *eight that is more challenging an+ not +o as many reps1
2hree things you nee+ to consi+er:
!. 0reEuency ho* o$ten to e,ercise
/. Duration ho* long the e,ercise lasts
". Intensity ho* har+ you e,ercise
8ou nee+ a program that ma%es sense, one that attac%s both biceps an+ triceps. Cary the reps
o)er the course o$ the training year in or+er to in7ect )ariety an+ %eep the momentum ball rolling.
2ry this routine t*ice a *ee%.
!. 9reacher curls +o them as the late an+ lamente+ Cince 3iron+a a+)ise+ - lean bac% at the
start an+ lean $or*ar+ at the conclusion. 6est $or "# secon+s an+ procee+ to . . .
/. >tan+ing curls your biceps *ill be $rie+ $rom 9reachers. ;n the $inal set +o 5-I strict reps an+
allo* a little bit o$ hea)e to get the bar starte+ on reps &-!#
6est $or three $ull minutes, increase the poun+age slightly an+ +o a secon+ cycle. >hoot $or !#-
reps on each set. 2hen it's time to buil+ titanic triceps . . .
=ose brea%ers lie on your bac% on a bench hol+ a lightly loa+e+ barbell at arms length using a
narro* 'I-inch( grip. Mo)e only the $orearms, lo*er the bar to the nose an+ push bac% to
2ricep push+o*ns ;nly allo* the $orearms to mo)e
6est three minutes an+ repeat the cycle. @se !# rep sets $or each tricep e,ercise.
2he District: 0ollo* up to my earlier Euestion...
>o, am I spinning my *heels, by not cycling my eating an+ li$ting1
8ou're spinning *heels i$ you're spinning *heels.
2he eternal Euestion al*ays looms largeL are you ma%ing progress - or are you not1 I$ the
ans*er is no, I'm not progressing, I'm struc%, then you might *ant to 7oin the ran%s o$ millions o$
athletes an+ try some cycling in or+er to 7er% you out o$ your torpor, as 9icasso *as $on+ o$
Dallas: Is it ba+ to ha)e a relati)ely lo* aerobic intensity1 I *al% 4 miles in 5# minutes an+ burn
more calories than running /# minutes an+ *al%ing !#. Which is better $or *eight loss1
Washington, D.C.: Marty, *here +o the physical bene$its o$ car+io *or%outs actually come $rom1
Is it the number o$ calories burne+, a sustaine+ high heart rate, or both1 2he reason I as% is
because I can +o, $or e,ample, the e,ercise bi%e $or a longer perio+ o$ time 'burns $e*er
calories, but I can %eep my heart rate $airly high(, but *hen I +o t>tairmasterter 'more calories,
e)en higher heart rate(, I can only +o it $or hal$ as long. Which is better1 2han%s4
I +on't thin% it is a matter o$ either-or - rather, both ha)e a time an+ place.
2hese are the main e,ercise )ariables. Duration is a neutral term. Is this +uration better then
that +uration1 2hat's the *rong Euestion, 2he right Euestion is, *hen I stop progressing using
this +uration I thin% its time to s*itch to that +uration. =ot either-or, use both.
Washington, DC: Marty:
I'm +oing /# rep sets no* an+ am struggling mightily, but it's a goo+ change o$ pace. My
Euestion is that my *or%outs are a lot shorter no* an+ psychologically I +on't $eel li%e I'm +oing
a *hole lot. 0or e,ample, my chest an+ tricep routine *or%out is only 4 sets.
Fench: !&5 , /#
;)erheDumbbellell 9ress: 45 , /#
2ricep push+o*n: 55 , /#
9ushups to $ailure
3rante+ these 4 sets are tough, but I'm +one *ith my *or%out in !5 minutes. >houl+ I be +oing
other things or 7ust roll *ith this *or%out $or 4-I *ee%s1
I *oul+ ne)er *al% into a gym an+ imme+iately loa+ a barbell to my ma,imum *eight $or an all-
out /#-rep set in an e,ercise. I nee+ 'an+ you nee+ an+ e)eryone nee+s( to +o a set or t*o *ith
a lighter poun+age in or+er to *arm the muscle core temperature, grease ner)e path*ays an+
ma%e sure the e,ercise techniEue is crisp an+ groo)e+-in properly. =ot un+ergoing a proper
*arm up is as%ing to get in7ure+. Fy the *ay, the seate+ o)erhea+ +umbbell shoul+er press is a
shoul+er e,ercise, not a chest e,ercise. I$ you *ant more e,ercises try this $or a change o$
!. Fench press !"5,.-!#, !&5,/# mo)e !&5 up 5-poun+s a *ee% $or si, *ee%s running.
/. Incline DF bench press 4#'s ,!#, 5#'s ,!#
". 9ec +ec t*o sets to $ailure
4, re)erse grip push+o*ns 4#,/#
5. regular grip push+o*ns I#,/#, 5#,/#
I. narro* grip push ups +one to $ailure 'i$ you can4(
8ou shoul+ be crispy $rie+, turne+ to burnt toast, +ecimate+, by the conclusion o$ this t*o-$iste+
Cain in 5rlington11: ;%. 8ou see guys that *hen they $le, or e)en 7ust *al% aroun+, loo%e+
rippe+, li%e you can see e)ery $iber o$ muscle. I realiDe that +iet has a lot to +o *ith $at not
co)ering- hi+ing those muscles ... but is there something in the +iet an+ *or%out to promote that
loo%1 I can't imagine these people are al*ays +ehy+rate+.. Aust curious ... I +o en7oy your
+iscussions an+ try to as% serious Euestions ... but it is getting to be top o$$ *eather.
J#B o$ the reasons they appear rippe+ an+ shre++e+ is on account o$ +iet. ?o* bo+y $at re)eals
muscle +etail an+ nothing re+uces bo+y $at percentages $aster then a comprehensi)e an+
e,tensi)e e,ercise program +one in con7unction *ith a clean +iet %ept at, or slightly belo*, the
caloric brea%e)en point.
5le,an+ria: 2he gym in my apartment comple, 7ust got an elliptical trainer. What is a goo+
*or%out plan $or this type o$ machine1 Ho* +oes it compare, in terms o$ $itness beni$its,
>tarimastersers or trea+mills1
I ha)e no i+ea *hich +e)ice is superior so Euit *orrying so much about the subtle +i$$erences
bet*een the )arious gerbil machines an+ 7ump on one an+ see i$ you can get a goo+ *or%out.
Cariety is the spice o$ li$e so try them all an+ +ra* your o*n conclusions using a percentage o$
age-relate+ heart rate ma,imum as the cross-re$erence bench mar% that allo*s you to compare
the e$$ects o$ one $orm o$ e,ercise to another.
2he heart +oesn't care ho* it gets ele)ate+ 7ust as long as it gets ele)ate+. 2he mo+e +oesn't
Fill 9earl once tol+ me that an+ it's stuc% *ith me e)er since.
6eston, Ca.: I')e been using DH:5 an+ 2ribulus in the 2*in ?abs stac% mi,. Ha)e you hear+
anything negati)e about tribulus, an+ is there any other supplement 'outsi+e creatine, )ana+yl
sul$ate an+ protein( I shoul+ consi+er $or better physical per$ormance1
2he greatest nutritional supplements are natural $oo+s eaten in strategically space+ small meals
throughout the +ay. >upplements are meant to supplement a scienti$ic eating regimen. 2oo
many $ol%s thin% supplements allo* you to get a*ay *ith ba+ eating habits. 2he tactuin Aohn
9arrillo, supplement inno)ator an+ all-aroun+ *hiD, tol+ me that $or a serious +rug-$ree
competiti)e bo+ybuil+er regular $oo+ can get you J#B o$ the *ay there an+ target
supplementation can pro)i+e the $inal !#B. 2his stri%es me as true an+ accurate.
I ha)e no i+ea *htribuluslus is.
5rlington, Ca: =o* *e're hearing about liposuction to remo)e guys' lo)e han+les. 2his *or%1
I %no* nothing about liposuction. Contact a +octor an+ ta%e your chec%boo%.
Washington D.C.: ;%, *e')e all hear+ about e)ery ab program an+ machine on the mar%et. I
mysel$ am $airly *ell proportione+ :MC:92 $or my stomach *hich sports a nice spare tire. I')e
trie+ +iet, an+ e,ercise, but I $eel that the e,ercise 7ust isn't +oing all that it can $or my $labby
stomach. What are your suggestions $or really trimming +o*n the stomach-lo)e han+le area1
2ry har+er. 2o strip a*ay $at, +iet is number one an+ e,ercise is number t*o. 2here is no
number three unless you *ant to go the liposuction route.
Hern+on, Ca.: I ha)e ta%en your a+)ice an+ 7oine+ a gym. I no* ha)e access to a *i+e array o$
*eight machines an+ $ree *eights. Can you gi)e me some suggestions $or a *or%out t*ice a
*ee% that *oul+ target arm strength, tummy re+uction, an+ butt toning1 I alrea+y ta%e a cycling
class once a *ee% an+ %ic%bo, t*ice a *ee%.
5)oi+ ca$eteria style e,ercising.
5n e,ercise regimen is not the local Chinese restaurant bu$$et *here you saunter +o*n the
steam tables pic%ing a little o$ this an+ some o$ that - an+ no, I +on't li%e that %in+ so I *on't +o
that particular e,ercise. 8ou nee+ to *eight train your entire bo+y, not selecti)e areas. Inclu+e
these e,ercises in your routine:
bench press, curls, lat pull+o*ns, cal$ raises, o)erhea+ shoul+er presses, tricep push+o*ns, leg
curls an+ sEuats.
?earn to +o these e,ercises correctly. >tart *ith a couple o$ sets o$ !#-reps. ?i$t t*ice a *ee% $or
"#-4# minutes. 2his shoul+ %eep you busy $or the $oreseeable $uture.
=e* 8or%, =.8.: 0i)e months ago I *as in the best physical con+ition I ha)e e)er been in. =o*
I')e in7ure+ my shoul+er '*eight li$ting( an+ am un+ergoing physical therapy $or it. My %nees an+
$eet -- chronic problems $or me -- are acting up big time. I'll be going through physical therapy
$or each con+ition, so by the en+ o$ the year, I'll be the bionic *oman. 2he problem is that pretty
much %noc%s out any type o$ e,ercise. :)erything I')e trie+ -- *eight li$ting, s*imming, bi%ing,
*al%ing -- aggra)ates one part o$ my bo+y or another. 5si+e $rom %eeping the calorie count lo*,
*hich I'm +oing, any suggestions $or %eeping my *eight +o*n an+ not losing the muscle I
$ought so har+ to gain1
I$ a person can't *al% *ithout pain then the con+ition is pretty +amn +ire. What can I say1 8ou
ha)e to $in+ a mo+e o$ e,ercise that +oesn't hurt to per$orm. 8oga1 5le,an+er 2echniEue1
0el+en%ris1 9ilates1
Ho*'+ you in7ure the shoul+er li$ting1 Ha)e you ha+ a sports me+icine +octor loo% at it1 I$ it's
that ba+, maybe you shoul+ go un+er the %ni$e an+ get it repaire+ so you can get bac% to normal
Mc?ean, Ca.: In re: heart rate... I thin% a lot o$ the heart rate +ebate is connecte+ to age. I ha)e
nothing to +emonstrate this +e$initi)ely, an+ I am $ar $ar $rom a me+ical authority, but I am
t*enty-$i)e years ol+, nearly one hun+re+ poun+s o)er*eight, an+ my heart rate +rops bet*een
"#-"5 beats in the $irst minute a$ter e,ercising. 2here is no *ay I am in as goo+ as shape as
Marty but I am t*enty-$i)e years ol+ an+ my heart +oesn't ha)e as much mileage on it yet. ;$
course, *hen I am Marty's age, I hope to be ali)e, let alone ha)ing my heart rate +rop t*enty
some beats per minute.
8ou shoul+ lose that e,tra !##-poun+s 'li%e you ha+n't hear+ that one be$ore(. Ho* come you
aren't *riting in $or e,ercise an+ +iet a+)ice1 What are you +oing1 Do you ha)e %in+ o$ e,ercise
routine or +iet in place1
:astern >hore, Cirginia: I le$t =orthern Cirginia an+ my regular >tep arobics O >pinning classes
almost t*o years ago. In my ne* location, I ha)e been unable to $in+ satis$actoaerobicsics
classes '8MC5(. Do you ha)e any suggestions $or someone li%e me *ho has gaine+ . lbs an+
nee+s to start o)er *ith a $itness plan that must be sel$-reliant1 Ho* many *ee%s shoul+ I
spen+ getting up to spee+ be$ore I e,pect to be at high intensity $or 45 minutes1 2H5=H 8;@.
I ha)e no clue as to ho* long it *oul+ ta%e you to get into *hat you +eem appropriate shape.
2his is a classic e,ample as to *hy you nee+ to pay attention to car+io intensity as e,presse+
as a percentage o$ age-relate+ heart rate ma,imum. I$ you %ne* *hat %in+ o$ aerobic intensity
you *ere generating in your no* +e$unct spin an+ step classes, then you *oul+ %no* *hat
intensity you nee+e+ to generate in the ne* en+ea)or in or+er to +uplicate the e$$ects. &5B is
&5B regar+less the car+io mo+e.
5lbuEuerEue, =.M.: I recently rea+ in a muscle mag, the Fo+y $or ?i$e one I thin%, that +ecline
press are pointless. Do you agree1 What +o you thin% about +ecline $lys $or buil+ing the lo*er
pecs1 5n+, $inally, *hat $ree *eight e,ercises can *or% the cal)es an+ the hamstrings 'besi+es
the sEuat(1
Declines o$ any type are re+un+ant an+ I +on't use them at all e)er. >Euats +on't buil+ cal)es or
hamstrings, cal$ raises an+ leg curls 'o$ all types an+ )arieties( are the tic%et to buil+ing up the
cal)es an+ hamstrings respecti)ely.
>il)er >pring, M+.: I am a petite $emale an+ I *eigh !#5 poun+s. I *oul+ li%e to tone up my legs.
What is the best *ay to +o this1 2han%s4
Cal$ raises
?eg curls
Fristo* C5: Marty--I rea+ your chat $or the $irst time last *ee%, an+ I ha)e to say I *as
completely intimi+ate+4 I'm your typical mi+-li$er *ith a coupla %i+s an+ e,tra poun+s to get ri+
o$, nee+ing to buil+ muscle mass, *ar+ o$$ osteoporosis, cancer, all the ills . . . yet the thought o$
trying to a++ these comple, charts an+ hours o$ e,ercise to my alrea+y-hectic li$e completely
+epresse+ me4 Is there a happy me+ium $or normal people *ho neither *ant nor ha)e time to
loo% li%e Mrs. @ni)erse--*ho 7ust *ant to be normal an+ healthy1 ;r maybe this chat is not the
$orum $or $ol%s li%e me1
?i$t *eights t*ice a *ee% $or "#-4# minutes
2a%e high-spee+ po*er *al%s
:at clean nutritious $oo+s in small portions sprea+ throughout the +ay
Can it be ma+e any simpler1 =o* that I')e simpli$ie+ it, are you going to +o anything about it or
7ust lur% on the si+elines1
Fethes+a, M+.: 3oo+ 5$ternoon Marty,
I ha)e been e,ercising religiously since Aanuary an+ eating Euite *ell. 5'" !!. $emale. I ha)e
seen more results since I bought a bi%e a *ee% ago. I ha)e +one three !4 mile bi%e trips on
paths O ha)e seriously tone+ up-lost $at. It seems li%e I almost see imme+iate results the ne,t
+ay. What is the bi%e +oing $or me that my *or% out *asn't1 Will I impro)e e)en more i$ I
continue to bi%e ri+e1
Chloe $rom the planet 5rra%is - goo+ a$ternoon to you also. We')e misse+ you.
;$ten, *hen *e stumble across a ne* an+ e,citing $orm o$ e,ercise an+ $all in lo)e *ith it an+
go a little craDy, miraculous physical changes result. I suspect you coul+ un+ergo something
similar *ith your bi%e ri+ing. When you $all into a ne* e,ercise mo+e an+ come to really en7oy it,
you ine)itably go longer, har+er, $aster an+ more o$ten. I$ you can learn to lo)e li$ting as much
as you lo)e the e,hilaration o$ bi%e ri+ing, you'll trigger a total physical reno)ation.
D.C. Hi+: What is the best *ay to attac% the post college lo*er beer bulge1 Will crunches alone
sol)e my problem1 I'm li%e 5-& lbs o)er*ieght an+ *oul+ appear to be in the s%inny-$at
category. >%inny *hen I suc% in ... $at *hen I let out.
!. stop +rin%ing beer
/. li$t *eights
". stop eating &-!! $oo+
4. +o some car+io
5. get serious
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty. I')e rea+ some o$ your past transcripts an+ you al*ays seem to mention
'to people trying to lose *eight( staying a*ay $rom pasta - or i$ someone is going to re+uce
carbs 'you al*ays seem to pre$ace it *ith o$ course the pasta is alrea+y gone(. Why is this.
9asta - is such a staple - an+ its lo* $at 'especially i$ you put on a healthy sauce - my $a)orite is
lo* $at tur%ey chili *ith beans(. Fut *hy +oes it get secon+ billing to other carb sources - rice,
potatoes, etc. Why is one carb 'assuming you eat the same amount o$ calories( that much
+i$$erent $rom another1
2*o reasons:
!. Caloric +ensity
/. 6e$ine+ carbohy+rates cause insulin to spi%e
I lo)e pasta. I eat it a ton o$ it on cheat +ays an+ you can eat it i$ you insist but the )olume o$
$oo+ is Euite small *hen compare+ to portions o$ other carbohy+rate sources o$ eEual caloric
5rlington, Ca.: Marty, re: the bo+y *eight limit: I')e $oun+ that i$ I push mysel$ too $ar past that,
my shirts start getting tight aroun+ the chest an+ arms really Euic%. >o, I am the one *ho
+e$ine+ the limit 'an+ bt*, my stoc%s aren't +oing that poorly(... I +on't *ant to get huge, an+ I
+e$initely +on't *ant to buy a ne* *ar+robe. 2he maintenance is *or%ing, I 7ust *ant to get lean
an+ sculpt a bit more. I'll get something to you o$$line. 5s $or Horean bu$$ets: 5s I')e thro*n out
in the past, ne,t time you come +o*n o$$ the mountain $or lunch, there's a pretty +ecent Horean
bu$$et in Cienna-south 2yson's. 2hey may tremble in $ear as they see a group o$ )ery large
strength O $itness a++icts come in, ho*e)er...
Horeans, in my e,perience, +on't tremble a *hole lot.
2hey ha)e a strong martial-macho tra+ition. Fig 9in% li)e+ in >eoul $or many, many years an+
use+ to grumble that he coul+n't *al% +o*n the boule)ar+ *ithout the local Fruce ?ee clones
*anting to ma%e their bones by besting the huge *hite +e)il in a street $ight. ?uc%ily, he o$ten
ha+ Mr. Horea *ith him to restrain the combatants.
I ha)e three +i$$erent *ar+robes: one $or aroun+ /##, the secon+ //5-ish an+ a large )ersion $or
/4# an+ abo)e.
?aurel, M+.: Hi Marty,
My Euestion is about my training partner. I ha)e ha+ this training partner $or the past three
years. :)erything *as going $ine up until the past couple o$ months. My partner has become
increasingly ru+e an+ aggressi)e to*ar+s other people in the gym. 2he beha)ior starte+ *ith
inappropriate comments 'lou+ enough $or the people to hear(. ?ast *ee% the beha)ior escalate+
to a lou+ con$rontation *ith another gym member that almost le+ to blo*s +ue to a gym member
mo)ing his gym bag $rom atop a bench that the member *ante+ to use. I en7oy *or%ing out *ith
my training partner an+ ha)e matremen+ousous gains in siDe an+ strength. I ha)e a )ery goo+
7ob 'to inclu+e security clearance( an+ stan+ing in the community an+ cannot a$$or+ to be
in)ol)e+ in any type o$ physical con$rontation that may lea+ to la* en$orcement being
summone+. I ha)e +iscusse+ this *ith my partner an+ he says it is not him it is the mullets
'one o$ the $e* terms that he uses that is appropriate $or your column( in the gym. 2he only
li$estyle change that I am a*are o$ is he recently became a $ather. Ha)e you e)er e,perience+
this problem1 5ny suggestions1 I hate to lose a goo+ training partner, it *oul+ also be a*%*ar+
as *e both train at the same time. I appreciate any insight that you can gi)e me.
0or*ar+ the note you *rote me to him an+ mo)e on.
Froo%lyn, =.8.: Dear Marty,
Feing one *ho has consistently Euestione+ the legitimacy o$ using supporti)e gear, I too% your
Fan 5ll :Euipment article to heart. It *as in$ormati)e an+ )ery much nee+e+. I am training
primarily ra* no* an+ ha)e t*o Euestions:
!. What training mo+i$ications +o you suggest $or ra* training in terms o$ T o$ *or%outs,
assistance *or%, an+ metho+ o$ perio+iDation1
". I ha)e relati)ely long thighs an+ ten+ to cut my sEuats high, I ha)e contemplate+ going to
sEuare one an+ narro*ing my stance *ith the bar raise+ higher as in an olympic sEuat, +o you
ha)e any other suggestions1 I ha)e benche+ o)er 4## in the past an+ ha)e sEuatte+ an+
+ea+li$te+ o)er I## +rug-$ree.
2han% you in a+)ance. Mi%e >.
Is that ol+ article still %ic%ing aroun+1 It set o$$ a $irestorm.
I +on't thin% you nee+ to change a +amne+ thing e,cept train a *hole lot lighter, stressing
per$ect techniEue. 2he staple o$ our 'mine, Hir%, :+, 0urnas, HaD, ?amar, etc.( po*er training is
the "-5 rep set. Whether you are training in gear prior to a competition or +eep in the o$$-season
training gear-less, "-5 rep sets are the tic%et - at least in the prime mo)ements. We use higher
reps in the assistance e,ercises, but the 5-rep set speci$ically is *here men ha)e been buil+ing
po*er since Aohn McCallum *rote o$ the e,ploits o$ 6eg 9ar% an+ Fill 9earl an+ Maurice Aones.
8ou nee+ to $in+ a stance that allo*s you to obtain legal +epth. I *oul+ a+)ise trying the
narro*er stance but try an+ %eep the bar slung lo*, a)oi+ high bar i$ you can as combine+ *ith
the narro* stance you'll be a hell-o$-a-lot more incline+ to lose your balance $or*ar+. Ho* about
legal pause sEuats1 2hey are the Euic%est *ay to buil+ lo*-position stability in the sEuat.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Marty: 3oo+ a$ternoon. I am a competiti)e s*immer an+ no)ice runner '/" y-o,
5'!#, !4& lbs(. My s*imming techniEue is re$ine+, but I lac% the muscles to $ully e,ecute my
stro%es. I *ant to 7ump start my e,ercise routine so that I incorporate *eight training 'about /-",
a *ee%( to increase my s*imming per$ormance. My $orearms are tiny. My arms an+ chest are
o%, but I nee+ more po*er. What e,ercises-li$ts can I +o to increase the strength an+ en+urance
o$ my s*imming muscles1 2han%s $or the greatly nee+e+ a+)ice.
I *oul+ li$t three times a *ee% hitting all the muscles. Fy a++ing a li$ting program you shoul+ see
nice o)erall impro)ement *ithin a $e* months.
Fench press
;)erhea+ press
?ateral raise
?eg curl
Cal$ raise
2riceps push+o*ns
/-" sets, !# reps $or starters
Marty 3allagher: Hello $ol%s,
>ummer is here an+ e)erybo+y *ants to get $it $ast.
Congrats to those amongst you *ho ha+ the )ision an+ moti)ation to get the $itness ball rolling a
month or t*o bac% in anticipation o$ beach *eather. 2hose *ho are 7ust getting starte+ can still
see some $airly signi$icant results in 4-I *ee%s time, assuming you institute a comprehensi)e
game plan an+ pro)i+e the true grit reEuire+ to turn abstraction into reality. I can help you *ith
the game plan, regar+less your +egree o$ $itness. 8ou')e got to supply the gumption an+ as% the
right Euestions. We ha)e a trie+ an+ pro)en $itness metho+ology that champion athletes ha)e
use+ $or +eca+es to reno)ate their physiEues in preparation $or national an+ *orl+
championships. We '+e-tune' the se)erity *hile %eeping the blue-print intact. 8ou can change
your bo+y i$ you can apply the tactics *e +iscuss. 2he le)erage points are: e,ercise o$ t*o types
- progressi)e resistance an+ aerobic - an+ +iet. Diet an+ nutrition are +e$ine+ as the art an+
science o$ *hat to eat an+ +rin% in or+er to ma,imiDe physical progress.
>tay tune+ an+ stay alert an+ you'll pic% up some ti+bit that *ill be +irectly applicable to your
reality. 5s my $ortune coo%ie sai+ at the bu$$et, longest 7ourney begin *ith single step. ?et's get
36I??M5=, W;;D>H:DDI=, 56I<.: 3;;D M;6=I=3 C;5CH 35??53H:6,
2H: 9@??> >52. W:6: 9@>H:D F5CH D; 2; 2H: WI0: F:I=3 >ICH8, >; I 2533:D I=
5=D 9@2 ;= 2H: FI3 > 5=D >9;62:D 2H: C59: 5=D C52:6:D 2; H:6 5=D 2H:
?I22?: M5= 5=D >:2 9;>29;=:D 2H: 9@??> 0;6 5=;2H:6 D58, 3;2 I= 2H:6:
8:>2:6D58, F@2 D:CID:D =;2 2; 9@??, H:5C8 5> 2HI> W;@?D 2H6;W M: ;00
>CH:D@?:. >; I DID 95@>: >G@52> M5 5=D 9@?? "/5M !#, F@2 WI2H F6:5H> I=
F:2W::= 5> I D:CID:D 2; 52 ?:5>2 3:2 >;M: F?;;D I= 2H: :6:C2;6> 5=D
965C2IC: 0;6M 5=D W;6H ;= 2H;>: 2I9> 8;@ H5=D> D;W= 06;M ;?8M9@>.
?:3> 6:5??8 3;2 F?;;D8 5> I'M >G@522I=3 2H: W:I3H2 ;00 2H: 0?;;6 2H:>:
D58>, FI3 DI00:6:=C:, >5C:> 2H: :6:C2;6> 0;6 A@>2 2H52.
CH:>2 5=D 56M> 2;M;66;W, 5=D 2H:= >52. IJ# M", 9I=H 0;@=D 5 >H;W H:6:
I= 2;W=, 5@3. !!.
>; I C6@=CH:D >;M: =:W T>. 5=D WI?? >:=D I2 2; 8;@ 5=D 2H: D;C 2; M@??
WH52 I'M D;I=3 =;W >H;@?D 9@2 M: 5 >?I3H2?8 ;C:6265I=:D >252:, F@2 WI2H
2H: =:W 9?5= I WI?? @=D:6 265I= 5=D H:5? @9 F:0;6: 2H: :C:=2 5=D F: 5??
06:>H 5=D 6:5D8 2; @=?:5>H H:?? 52 8;@6 >I3=5?.
I 6:5??8 5F>;6F:D 5 36:52 D:5? ;0 H=;W?:D3: 06;M CH56?I: 065=CI> F;;H
;= >96I=2I=3 -- I2 >2I?? 599?I:> I= 2H: ?I02I=3 56:=5, 2H: C:=265? =:6C;@>
>8>2:M C5= ;=?8 H5=D?: >; M@CH F:0;6: I2 >H@2> D;W=, ?:5CI=3 8;@ WI2H
5 F5D 522I2@D: 5= ;9:= 2; I=A@68. H5CI=3 5 3;;D C;5CH 2; C52CH 2HI> ;6 2;
F: 2@=:D 2; ;=:'> ;W= F;D8, I> 9565M;@=2 I= 5 >@CC:>>0@? 265I=I=3
96;365M, W:52H:6 I2'> W:I3H2>, >96I=2I=3, ;6 WHI2: W52:6 6502I=3.
?;;H 0;6 2H: 96;365M ;= 2H: 96IC52: ?I=:.
""#, 5=D 0::?I=3 36;;C84
Marty 3allagher: Hey slim,
2his all soun+s goo+. 2he mythical Charlie 0rancais boo% - sen+ me yours.
IJ#," *ill put you at &"#-&4# , !, right no*. I$ you can *or% this to &5#,/ you shoul+ be goo+
$or &&! an+ this *oul+ ran% you number I in last years top ten. What is the +ate o$ the meet1
8ou nee+ a long, lo* gli+e path, no craDy 7umps. !#-!5 poun+s a *ee% increase - ma,.
Ho* is Chie$ Iron Fear an+ the rest o$ the boys at a+obe mu+ hut1 I *ant to buil+ a replica
s*eat lo+ge here at the mountain compoun+. >en+ blueprints.
0rustrate+: Hey Marty, ha)e a Euestion $or you, here goes: I'm /! an+ I *or% out pretty
regularly, maybe on a)erage "-4 times a *ee% $or about !.5 hours but the problem is that I'm
really not seeing the results that I *oul+ e,pect $rom +oing *hat I +o. 5+mitte+ly I'm not one o$
those people that +on't +o anything but *or% out an+ I'm not obsessi)e o)er it yet I *oul+ really
e,pect better results. 2hen I *as tal%ing to my ol+er brother recently *ho tol+ me he has starte+
ta%ing chreatine an+ that it has really helpe+ so I thin% I'm going to start ta%ing it as *ell. Do you
thin% this might sol)e the problem1 What is your opinion on chreating, particularly the ne*
serum %in+1 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: ?oo% - sen+ me you e,act *or%out routine an+ a sample o$ *hat a typical
+ay's eating *oul+ be: brea%$ast, lunch, +inner, snac%s. Ho* ol+ are you1 Ho* tall are you1
What +o you *eigh1 ?i$ts1
0orest)ille, M+.: 5re there any times consi+ere+ i+eal times $or *or%ing out1 I ha)e a /4-hour
gym near my home an+ I')e ha+ a $e* late night *or%-out 'a$ter !# p.m.(. I *as rea+ing in a
$itness magaDine that you shoul+n't *or% out that late. I $orget the reason *hy it sai+ you
shoul+n't. 5re late night *or%outs something to a)oi+1
Marty 3allagher: 8ou *or% out *hene)er you +amn *ell $eel li%e it.
Aust ma%e sure you +o it. 2he best time to *or%out is *hene)er it is that you are gonna %ic% it
the har+est. >o you get to pic% the time - but you gotta train li%e your hair is on $ire.
Washington, D.C.: I )enture+ out this *ee%en+ $or my $irst run in months. Imme+iately I $elt my
shins hurting, an+ %no* that its shin splints. >houl+ I see a +octor1 I')e ha+ this problem be$ore
*hen running. Ho*e)er, i$ I +o car+io on a elliptical precor machine my legs are $ine. I'm a //
male. Is this normal to be e,periencing at my age1
Marty 3allagher: ?et's use our common sense: running on pa)ement 7ars your lo*er limbs so
har+ that instantaneous pain occurs. Mean*hile, the controlle+, smooth-as-glass stro%e o$ the
elliptical gli+er causes no pain. 9lease pic% the aerobic mo+e that causes no pain. 5n+ be
grate$ul that you ha)e an aerobic alternati)e that is pain-$ree.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty ?o)e the chats4 Is bi%ing a goo+ *ay to lose *eight1 I')e been
cycling a lot an+ ha)e noticeably gaine+ muscle but ha)en't lost much i$ any *eight. I also li$t
*eights /M-*ee% $or 4# minutes. I'm $emale, /5 years ol+, an+ a recent con)ert to regular
e,ercise. 5nything I can or shoul+ a++ to or subtract $rom my routine to lose more *eight along
*ith toning up1 2han%s in a+)ance $or your help.
Marty 3allagher: Welcome to the +ance.
8ou nee+ to +etermine *hat %in+ o$ aerobic intensity you are generating in or+er to %no* the
e$$ecti)eness o$ your bi%ing. I use a heart rate monitor that allo*s me to +etermine my
percentage o$ age-relate+ heart rate ma,imum. 5 numerical )alue is assigne+ to aerobic
intensity an+ this allo*s me to compare one $orm o$ aerobic acti)ity to another. 8ou can pic%
them up at the sporting goo+s store $or about RI#.
>pring$iel+, Ca.: Hi Marty, been $ollo*ing your a+)ice $rom rea+ing this $orum. I'm male, //, 5'4,
!"# lbs. 8ester+ay I benche+ !I&,J. 5ny guess *hat I might ma,1 ;h yeah, I +o "## lb sEuat ,
!/, but that is all the *eight I ha)e right no*. 2*o months ago my best bench *as !/5 , 5 an+ I
*eighe+ !/5.
Marty 3allagher: 3oo+ 7ob Fuc%o4
We nee+ to bul% you up. 8ou are strong $or being so spin+ly but stic% *ith me an+ *e'll get you
to !5#-!I# an+ all muscle. !I&,J shoul+ eEuate to //#,! but e)eryone is +i$$erent inso$ar as
their rep ratios sha%e out. I once traine+ a gal *ho coul+ bench !##,!# but coul+n't bench
!/#,!. I traine+ a guy *ho coul+ barely +o 4#5," but coul+ e,plo+e 4I#,!.
Heep pushing the iron an+ %ic% the calories up4
=orthern Ca.: In the last year, I')e gone $rom not-thin to pretty chun%y. I')e $inally gone through
the $at en+ o$ my closet an+ out the other si+e. I realiDe that this isn't one o$ my usual
$luctuations, an+ I nee+ to get into the gym. Where +o I start1
Marty 3allagher: Do you ha)e a gym nearby1 I$ so, go )isit. Do they ma%e you $eel
com$ortable1 Do they o$$er instruction1 5re they reasonable1 8ou ha)e to get a grip on the
eating. Fut you %ne* that. I *oul+ ta%e a long *al% e)ery+ay.
2his *oul+ be a goo+ start in gaining a $itness toe-hol+.
>ome*here, @>5: Marty: 2*o Euestions $or summer $itness.
!. ;n the Cheat Day, *hen you eat piDDa an+ ribs, +o you eat the same amount o$ calories as
the other +ays, or more1 5 little more li%e /5-"#B more $oo+, or a lot more li%e 5#-I#B more
/. When emphasiDing car+io $or a $e* months, instea+ o$ resting & +ays bet*een li$ting
sessions, can it be stretche+ out to ., J, or !# +ays '$or more car+io +ays(1
Marty 3allagher: 2he +egree o$ cheat is +epen+ant on ho* lean you are currently.
I$ you are super-tight an+ in real goo+ shape, cheat +ay *oul+ li%ely be 'cheat meal'. Whereas i$
you *ere +ieting - but not stringently - an+ still loo%ing to mo)e the big, muscle buil+ing iron,
cheat +ay might be an all +ay $esti)us celebration, complete *ith airing o$ grie)ances an+ $eats
o$ strength.
=ash)ille, 2enn.: ?ongtime rea+er, $irst time *riter. I +o about 4# minutes car+io 'running or
hi%ing( $i)e times a *ee% in my target heart range an+ li$t $our times a *ee%. I'm a /Jyo $emale
*ith a goo+ +iet. My trouble spot is the insi+e o$ my thighs close to my %nees. Can you
recommen+ an e,ercise to lose the 7iggle1 My leg routine inclu+es presses, sEuats, curls an+
lunges. I can't get ri+ o$ that $at aroun+ my %nees4
Marty 3allagher: Hey you long-time lur%er4
It's not a matter o$ e,ercise, its a +iet an+ nutrition an+ to a lesser +egree an aerobic issue.
I'll pro)e it too youL straighten you leg an+ $le, your thigh muscle as har+ as you can. =o* $eel
ho* har+ the muscle un+er the $at is4 8ou')e been +iligently +oing your leg e,ercises an+ those
muscles are roc% har+ - but obscure+ by a layer o$ lar+. I *ish it *eren't so an+ I coul+ gi)e you
some magic e,ercise that *oul+ target melt the %nee $at but that *oul+ be $airy tale *orl+.
0orest)ille, M+.: Dear Marty,
It's 0orest)ille again.
I 7ust rea+ the message $rom $rustrate+. I *oul+ li%e $or you to ta%e a loo% at my *or%out routine.
I +on't +o a $oo+ +iary, but I can get one. Woul+ you ta%e a loo% at mine as *ell1 I$ yes, +o you
ha)e an e-mail a++ress I can sen+ it to or shoul+ I sen+ it ne,t 2ues+ay1
Marty 3allagher: I'll be happy to loo% at it - sen+ it to - I +on't nee+ a $oo+
+iary 7ust a rough i+ea as to *hat you eat an+ *hen you eat it - portions by the plate$ul.
5lso, $or $rustrate+ - I *ill ans*er your Euestion an+ post it at the conclusion o$ ne,t *ee%s
8ou +on't nee+ creatine right no*, you nee+ a %ic%-ass *eight training program an+ a soun+
nutritional gameplan. >upplements are *ay +o*n the roa+.
Worcester, Mass.: Marty, 5s al*ays than%s $or your time.
What is the proper $orm $or +ips1
I ha+ ma+e a nice progression on a seate+ +ip machine, a Hammer machine I thin%1, $rom !!#T
up to my bo+y *eight o$ !.#T.
2he $irst time I +i+ them at the +ip station, I hurt something in the $ront o$ my shoul+er on the
thir+ set o$ .'s. I *as lo*ering mysel$ un+er control until my armpits touche+ my *rists.
2he only other thing I can thin% o$ *as that I shoul+ *arm-up at the seate+ +ip machine $irst.
I am gi)ing mysel$ a *ee% o$$ o$ all upper bo+y. It is amaDing ho* many o$ the e,ercises I am
+oing use the shoul+er in some $ashion.
I am really bumming because one o$ my goals has been to *or% to*ar+s being able to +o
*eighte+ +ips an+ chins.
Marty 3allagher: Hey Worcester -
I lo)e +ips an+ ha)e +one them o$$ an+ on $or +eca+es - but they are a little +angerous,
particularly i$ you go real lo* or use a++itional poun+age strappe+ to your *aist. Foth o$ *hich,
not coinci+entally, are the most bene$icial *ay o$ +oing this +i$$icult e,ercise.
I$ I ha+ shoul+er problems I *oul+n't +o +ips, especially i$ they ha+ in7ure+ a shoul+er. 2here are
7ust to many other really goo+ triceps, pec an+ $ront +elt e,ercises to ris% in7ury insisting on
+oing +ips.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
Is there a per$ect balance bet*een aerobic e,ercise an+ *eight training1 I')e been struggling $or
the past I years to $in+ that balance, an+ the only thing that I')e come up *ith is "#-45 minutes
o$ aerobic e,ercise 'either on the elliptical cycle or the ?i$eCycle( an+ ! hour- ! hour "# minutes
o$ *eightli$ting.
Marty 3allagher: It +epen+s on your goal.
I$ you are a lean, bo+ybuil+er type, then a blen+ slightly car+io hea)y *oul+ seem natural an+
appropriate. ;n the other han+, i$ you ha+ a giant, o$$ensi)e guar+ type physiEue an+ mentality,
an e,ercise regimen that $a)ore+ li$ting *oul+ seem natural an+ appropriate.
I$ I *ere competing in a marathon I *oul+ structure *ith a car+io bias an+ i$ I *ere entering a
highlan+ games $esti)al I *oul+ $a)or *eights.
What is your goal1
Cermont: Marty -- ho*'s it going1 I ha)e a general Euestion $or you... +o you thin% short people
ten+ to bul% up better-get more muscular1 2here's a guy at my gym *ho loo%s to be about 5'4
or 5'5 an+ he's M@CH bigger than some o$ the taller li$ters. Is it 7ust a tric% *ith the proportions,
or +o short muscles _ big muscles1 2han%s.
9.>. Ho* tall are you1
Marty 3allagher: I am ele)en $oot si, inches an+ *eigh !5#& poun+s currently. Fut I'm loo%ing
to gain some a++itional muscle mass in the upcoming o$$-season an+ $eel certain that i$ I can
get up to !I##-poun+s I *ill sling some serious iron.
I thin% that height is all the same. ?oo% at >haE. ?oo% at =iam >uylamanaglou. Foth ha)e
+e)elope+ a $antastic muscle-per-inch o$ height ratio. I thin% it is too simplistic to say that
because a person is short they can +e)elop muscle easier.
Cirginia //!#/: What's a goo+ *armup techniEue be$ore benching1 I usually bench be$ore
anything else, an+ *arm up by +oing /-" sets o$ pushups. Is this enough1 My usual bench
routine is !5,/, .,!, !/,/.
Marty 3allagher: 2he only *armup *e e)er +o $or benching is benching. 2he best *armup $or a
speci$ic motor path*ay is to +o the e,ercise *ith a sub-ma,imal poun+age. 2hat *ay you are
*arming up 'e,actly an+ precisely( the muscles to be use+. I'+ +rop the pushups.
/ sets o$ !51 ! set o$ .1 2hen / sets o$ !/1
I$ that's *hat you mean I'+ go !,!5, !,5, !,!/ an+ loo% to mo)e the top set poun+age up 5-
poun+s a *ee%.
Marty 3allagher: 3uys 'an+ la+ies( I got to cut out no* - I nee+ to go to the airport to pic%
someone up. I'll ans*er all the unans*ere+ Euestions an+ post them at the en+ o$ ne,t *ee%s
sho*. >ee ya.
5-//-#! Guestions
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty 4
I'm getting bac% into running, but ha)e problems *ith my %nees an+ an%les. I %no* *hat %nee
e,ercises to +o an+ I *ear a brace, but I really *ant to %eep running, instea+ o$ *al%ing,
because it $eels better $or results. Can you recommen+ something $or an%les or goo+ shoes that
aren't so e,pensi)e... since i %no* i ha)e to change them e)ery three months.
2han%s 4
0irst, +o no harm.
2here is a reason this is the $irst line in the Hippocratic ;ath, the co+e o$ con+uct physicians
ha)e s*orn allegiance to since time immemorial.
I cannot in goo+ conscious recommen+ a +e)ice, piece o$ clothing or substance that *ill enable
you to mas% the pain you $eel *hen you run. 2o +o so *oul+ allo* you to continue a high-impact
acti)ity that most li%ely cause+ the in7ury an+ most li%ely *ill $urther in7ure you i$ you persist. I
*oul+ point out your assertion that I really *ant to %eep running instea+ o$ *al%ing because it
$eels better Doing car+io *ithout accessing aerobic intensity is li%e li$ting *eights *ithout
%no*ing the poun+age. 8ou +on't %no* the +egree o$ intensity running pro)i+es you. =or +o
you %no* the +egree o$ aerobic intensity *al%ing pro)i+es. 5t least as e,presse+ as a
percentage o$ age-relate+ heart rate ma,imum. >ince *e ha)e no basis o$ true comparison *e
ha)e to rely on sub7ecti)e 7u+gments *hich are essentially bogus. ;b)iously running stresses
your bo+y past that o$ *al%ing, assuming that the $reEuency an+ +uration are eEual. Fut there
are *ays to goose the aerobic intensity o$ *al%ing, a lo* impact acti)ity that coul+ allo* you to
stay in game. I $eel i$ you persist you *ill sel$-in$lict that harm that Hippocrates *arne+ against.
Fe care$ul an+ loo% har+ at aerobic alternati)es.
5nnapolis, M+.: Marty, 2han%s $or the great chats4 I am in the process o$ training $or a
marathon, +oing running an+ *eights. In mi+-Aune I am mo)ing to the mountians o$ Colora+o
an+ am )ery *orrie+ about the e$$ects altitu+e *ill ha)e on my training. Do you ha)e any
suggestions. Ho* long *ill it ta%e be$ore my bo+y is use+ to the altitu+e1 Ho* $ar bac% in my
training +o you thin% this *ill set me1
2han%s $or your help.
We ha)e to be systematic. Cran% bac% on the $reEuency, +uration an+ intensity o$ your running
sessions until you become acclimatiDe+. De)ise a running 9erio+iDation plan that starts o$$
arti$icially light an+ lo*, an+ o)er a !#-!/ *ee%s perio+ buil+s bac% up to your current best
+istance an+ time. ;nce you ha)e eEuale+ your ol+ best times you *ill be !#-!5B better than
be$ore on account o$ +oing it in the thin atmosphere. When you race in the lo*lan+s you shoul+
shatter all your pre)ious recor+s as you chug the super-o,ygenate+ air. 8ou'll $eel li%e a bloo+
+oper. 9lus, running up those mountains is going to gi)e you a +egree o$ torEue an+ po*er that
you')e ne)er possesse+. ;pen your stri+e on the long +o*n hill portions. Walter 9ayton once
sai+ he built his po*er running up super-steep Mississippi le)ee ban%s an+ he built his spee+
running +o*n them. 2he arti$icial momentum o$ running $ull-tilt +o*n a ra+ical gra+e pro)i+e+ a
training o)erloa+ an+ $orce+ him to lengthen his stri+e. He *as also a certi$ie+ iron pumper an+
ha+ a 4##-poun+ bench press. Walter +i+n't a)oi+ the le)ees he sought them out. 8ou can use
those mountains an+ that rare$ie+ atmosphere to ma%e you a $aster runner.
2acoma, Wash.: Hey Marty,
I'm trying to +esign a $resh routine. What +o you thin% o$ this one1 I'm a /. year ol+ !5# lb +u+e
*ho *ants to bul% up.
Day !
sEuats '"M!#(
leg press '"M!#(
leg curls '"M!#(
cal$ raises '"M/#(
+ea+li$ts '"M!#(
/## crunches
Day /
bench press '"M!#(
pull ups '*i+e grip - "M.(
+ips '"M!#(
upright ro* '"M!#(
curls '"M!#(
pushups 'me+ -"M/#, *i+e "M/#, narro*, "M!#(
car+io: running ^ ! hr " +ays-*ee% *hen my %nee +oesn't hurt. 6ight no* it +oes so I'm gi)ing it
a rest. Maybe I'll *al% in the meantime. I thin% my +iet's alright because I eat healthy an+ I'm
$airly cut.
8ou're cool than%s $or the chat.
Hey 2a%oma - the $irst or+er o$ business is to start eating big an+ clean.
8ou nee+ to ingest signi$icantly more calories on a +aily basis then you currently +o or you'll
ne)er get signi$icantly bigger. 2he smart thing to +o is ta%e in the reEuisite a++itional calories in
the $orm o$ 'clean' calories. ?ean protein, steame+ )eggies an+ certain other carbohy+rates are
$ar less li%ely to en+ up compartmentaliDe+ as bo+y $at then $at, sugar an+ re$ine+ carbs. :at
o$ten throughout the +ay an+ increase your $oo+ inta%e. Combine this *ith a lo* rep, po*erli$t
style training regimen an+ cut bac% on the aerobic +uration to "#-minutes.
Day I
>Euat - !,!5, !,5 then /,5 *ith the top *eight o$ the +ay
?eg press - !,5 then !,5 *ith the top *eight
?eg curl - /,!5
Cal$ raise - /,!5
>eat +umbbell press - !,!5 then ",5 *ith top *eight
Day II
Dea+li$t - !,!#, !," then /,5 *ith top *eight o$ the +ay
9ullups - / sets to $ailure
Fench press - !,!#, !," then !,5, /,5 *ith the +ay's top poun+age
Dips - /,!/
9ushups - ! set to $ailure
9reacher curls - ",!5
?ose the upright ro*s they are re+un+ant. @se per$ect technical e,ecution on e)ery rep o$ e)ery
set. When you ma%e the reps, a++ 5-poun+s to the top sets the $ollo*ing *ee%. Heep me
5rlington, Ca. Marty,
I recently starte+ $igure s%ating an+ ha)e been an a)i+ inline s%ater $or many years. 3i)en these
types o$ acti)ities, *hat strength e,ercises *oul+ you suggest to buil+ my leg muscles1 I +o
aerobics /M *ee%ly, %ic%bo, once a *ee%, an+ run once or t*ice a *ee%, but I still $eel li%e
stronger legs *oul+ help my spee+ an+ grace tremen+ously. What's your ta%e on this1
Hey >teph - stronger legs *ill help you tremen+ously.
I'+ recommen+ $or you the same leg e,ercises that I al*ays recommen+: sEuats, leg presses,
leg curls, cal$ raises an+ in certain instances leg e,tensions. In7ect )ariety into your leg training
by using +i$$erent set an+ rep combinations. 5lter the pacing an+ rep spee+, )ary the )olume
an+ $reEuency an+ occasionally alter the technical e,ecution o$ the in+i)i+ual li$ts. 2hese
e,ercises are trie+ an+ pro)en leg e,ercises that $lat out get results. 2he )ariables I liste+ are
enough to %eep a +e)otee occupie+ $or a li$etime.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I'm trying to lose *eight. I +o >tairmaster three times a *ee% $or one hour. Fut
no *eights. What am I sacri$icing *ith the car+io-only *or%out. 'I eat reasonably *ell, but I +on't
8ou sacri$ice the synergistic e$$ects that occur *hen you combine *eight training, aerobics an+
Concientous car+io *ill impro)e en+urance an+ ensure that the bo+y's internal plumbing 'heart,
lungs, )eins an+ organs( are strengthene+ an+ their $unctionality impro)e+. Close attention to
+iet *ill minimiDe bo+y $at an+ in con7unction *ith the aerobic e$$ort, %eep artery *alls $ree o$
plaEue an+ gun%. Fy esche*ing *eight training you neglect the 4##-plus muscles on the bo+y.
8our car+io might pro)i+e some tone an+ shape to the legs but then again it might not. 8ou
nee+ to *eight train. =o i$s, an+s, or buts.
;lney, M+.: I ha)e been using one o$ those 5b Wheels -- the simple %in+, not the hi-tech ones --
an+ ha)e $oun+ it to be one o$ the most e$$ecti)e 5b e,ercises I ha)e e)er +one. My Euestion is,
+oes it matter i$ you +o the e,ercise slo*ly or Euic%er *ith higher reps1 'that is "# slo* reps or
I# $ast reps(
2he ol+ style ab *heel, the R!# )ariety, rules. 2he 2C imitators are o)er-price+ impostors that
+umb-+o*n the intensity so as to be more palatable to the general public. Do high reps $ast, lo*
reps slo*, lo* reps $ast, high reps slo*, )ariety %eeps the min+ $resh.
Faltimore, M+.: Hi Marty,
I 7ust *ant to than% you. 8ou're no nonsense. 5ttitu+e to $itness ha)e change+ my bo+y an+
li$e ... I eat healthy $oo+, %ic% a] ] in the gym, an+ I ha)e a bo+y I lo)e ... than% you, than% you. I
+i+n't %no* this ne* bo+y *as un+er the ol+ one. 2he %ey to *or%ing out is, in my opinion, a
ne* challenge-goal $or e)ery+ay. 2han%s again. 2t can change your li$e an+ your bo+y.
Heep pushing +on't get complacent.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I $elt a*$ul all +ay at *or% yester+ay. I +uc%e+ out to the gym at " an+ poste+ a
96 in the bench. Went bac% to *or% an+ still $elt a*$ul. I $elt great *hile at the gym. Maybe
because my heart *as pumping har+ an+ I *as ri+ing an en+orphin high1 I too% a class at a
gym *here I +i+ tons o$ pushups. My chest an+ tris +i+n't get sore, but my lats an+ mi++le bac%
+i+1 'Muscle $atigue not bac% pain( I can un+erstan+ that my chest an+ tris +i+n't because I
bench regularly, but *hy +i+ my bac% get sore1
!. Mental 'perception' is har+ly an accurate pre+ictor o$ physical per$ormance.
/. 8our lats are acti)ely helping you +o those pushups. Master bench pressers li%e 2e++y 5rci+i
inclu+e a lot o$ lat *or% to ai+ their monster bench assaults. Why1 2he lats help lo*er the
*eight slo*ly an+ precisely an+ on the e,plosi)e assent lats help %ic% the bar o$$ the chest,
assuming the li$ter %no*s ho* to incorporate lats into the push. 8ou')e apparently stumble+
onto this metho+.
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: ;%ay, no *asting time *ith little pin% *eight routines.
5nything missing, ill a+)ise+, or out o$ or+er here1
- sEuat to clean O press 'DF(
- sEuats 'DF(
- +ea+li$ts 'DF(
- re)erse lunges 'DF(
- bench press 'DF(
- pullo)ers 'DF(
- triceps e,tension 'DF(
- hammer curls 'DF(
- lo* ro*s 'DF(
- si+e ben+s 'DF(
- hypers
- teasers O obliEue t*ists 'abs(
0ull routine /,-*ee%, / sets .-!/ reps, top set to $ailure. >tretching a$ter each e,ercise.
5$ter*ar+s, stumble out, consume protein, an+ sleep li%e a carcass. 2han%s as al*ays.
8ou ma%e me laugh . . . ho* you +oing1 Climbe+ any goo+ roc%s lately1 =o more pin% *eight
routines1 8et you present me re)erse lunges an+ *eighte+ si+e ben+s an+ something calle+
'teasers'1 What is a re)erse lunge1 5ren't $or*ar+ lunges *orthless enough - +o *e ha)e to
+ilute the alrea+y minuscule )alue $urther by +oing them bac%*ar+s1
>o you +o all this stu$$ in a single session1 Ho* long +oes that ta%e1 It loo%s li%e a lot o$
e,ercises to stu$$ into one routine. Is this la%e is a mile *i+e an+ an only inch +eep1 5re you
getting results1
Chicago, Ill.: Marty,
I ha)e li$te+ $or many years, recently though, I ha)e been consi+ering using a *eight belt. I see
others using them *hile +oing hea)y sEuats. My Euestion is, *hat is the purpose o$ the *eight
belt, an+ *ith *hich e,ercises shoul+ one use it1 Does this pre)ent certain in7uries or muscle
2han%s in a+)ance.
Can you bench press "##, sEuat 4## or +ea+li$t 5##1 @ntil you get to these strength le)els, I
thin% using a li$ting belt is super$luous as putting mu+ $laps on a 6olls 6oyce >il)erclou+.
5n+o)er, Maine: Hey Coach,
Is *hey protein isolate *orth the cost o)er regular *hey protein an+ +oes a
beginner-interme+iate *eight-trainer really nee+ it1 3reat chat ... great moti)ation44
2han%s.....Guac%er Ho*ie
Guac%er Ho*ie. What a han+le. I'+ lo)e to hear ho* you got that name. Does it in)ol)e alcohol
an+ a bar bet1 Many great po*erli$ters are $rom Maine: :rnie 3ilbert, Dan Hamblett, >te)e
Mur+ouch, >ean >cully an+ Mi%e Dan$orth. 8es I thin% anyone *ho trains har+ enough an+
intense enough to trigger the miracle o$ hypertrophy shoul+ consume e,tra protein, regar+less
the +egree o$ $itness. 9rotein ai+s the muscles in recuperating $rom the trauma o$ training. Write
me $or a bul% *holesaler that sells *hey protein in 5 an+ !# poun+ lots $or a $raction o$ the price
o$ 3=C.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty,
I 7ust starte+ rea+ing your chats an+ $in+ them )ery use$ul, though I thin% I'm at more o$ a
beginner le)el than many o$ your regulars. Here's my Euestion: I'm currently training $or the
=.8.-Foston 5ID> 6i+e. I'm starting $rom a pretty non-e,istent $itness le)el- *al%e+ a lot but little
else. I')e been strength training /-"M-*% an+ also ta%ing long roa+ ri+es once or t*ice a *ee%. 5
big change $rom my past li$e as a couch potato. Here's my Euestion: +espite all this ne*$oun+
e,ercise, I'm not losing much i$ any *eight. I')e +e$initely tone+ up an+ gaine+ a lot o$ ne*
muscles, but ha+ hope+ to +rop a $e* poun+s as *ell. 5ny e,planation $or this1 >houl+ I alter
my regimen1 5lso, can you ma%e +iet recommen+ations $or me as I get close to the ri+e1
>houl+ I be eating lots o$ carbs, e)en though they're generally taboo1 2han%s $or any help you
can o$$er.
Cut out the 7un% $oo+
Cut out the beer an+ so+as
Cut out the high $at $oo+s
Heep up the e,ercise an+ in /-4 *ee%s, assuming you actually +o *hat I suggest, you *ill see
+ramatic results. =o %i++ing.
;hio: Do you %no* anything about the super-slo* *eight training metho+, in *hich a single
rep ta%es /#-secon+s to complete, etc.1 What's your opinion on it1
I ans*ere+ this - or another Euery 7ust li%e it - in last *ee%'s column or in the unans*ere+
Euestions $rom the pre)ious *ee% poste+ at the en+ o$ 2ues+ay's column. >uper>lo* is $ine as
an occasional change o$ pace but I *oul+n't s*ear total allegiance to it or turn it into a religion,
as some >> Dealots +o.
9er+y, Mont.: Hi Marty, I am curious as to ho* Doc 9in% has the time to brea% *orl+ recor+s
an+ to *rite to you *ith his busy sche+ule as a gym gaDer.
2oney A.
His secret is minimal training, lots o$ rest bet*een sets 'gaDe time( an+ ma,imum intensity.
Chicago, Ill.: Hey Marty,
I')e been $ollo*ing your a+)ice in the archi)es $or the last se)eral months an+ gotten a lot
stronger an+ bigger, an+ I'm beginning a perio+iDation program to lean out. I also *ant to
correct some asymmetry in my physiEue. >peci$ically, my biceps an+ +eltoi+s are
+isproportionately *ea% an+ small compare+ to the other muscle groups. My Euestion is ho* +o
bo+ybuil+ers +o this1 Do they *or% the group they *ant to impro)e more $reEuently1 More
intensely1 Do they scale bac% *or% on other muscle groups1 I'm not sure *hich *ay to go on
this, so any a+)ice *oul+ be appreciate+.
5ny*here, @.>.5.: Hey Coach,
I'm currently *or%ing legs-shoul+ers on Day !, bac%, biceps on Day / an+ chest, triceps on Day
" *ith a +ay in bet*een *or%outs but I still $eel li%e I coul+ be +oing more. What muscle groups
coul+ I e,ercise more than once a *ee% *-out o)ertraining1
>pecialiDation can be accomplishe+ by singling the lagging bo+y part $or a secon+ +ay o$
*ee%ly training.
Day I - Mon+ay - legs O shoul+ers
Day II - 2ues+ay - chest O tris
Day III - 2hurs+ay - bac% O bi's
Day IC - >atur+ay - specialiDation +ay
9erhaps you $eel that your biceps are lagging. Do the regular *or%outs +uring the *ee% but
come in on >atur+ay an+ +o J-!/ sets o$ three or $our +i$$erent types o$ curls. Ingest a big
protein sha%e a$ter*ar+s 'or grill a stea% or chic%en an+ eat a sala+(. Hit the lagging part $or 4-I
*ee%s then rotate another lagging bo+y part into the specialiDation Done.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I'm trying to lose about /5 poun+s 'in a++ition to the 4# I')e alrea+y lost(, but
seem to be stuc% in a rut. I'm eating a balance+ +iet o$ )egetables, an+ $ruits, beans, a little
meat, an+ minimal $ats. I *or% out religiously "-5 times per *ee%. I inclu+e 7ogging, >2:9
aerobics classes, car+io %ic%bo,ing, yoga an+ some *eight training. Here's my problem: I am
gaining *eight accor+ing to my scale an+ starting to panic4 I +on't *ant the number on the scale
to go up4 What can I +o1
8ou')e +one great *or% to this point but the training an+ eating regimen you use has lost its
e$$ecti)eness. 2he bo+y has $igure+ it out an+ neutraliDe+ its impact. >trippe+ o$ its ability to
shoc%, a routine looses its )itality. Ho* ol+ are you1 What +o you *eigh1 Ho* tall are you1 Do
you ha)e any i+ea the appro,imate number o$ calories you are consuming1 :,ercise speci$ics
please. We can +e)ise a ne* approach that *ill blast you up to the ne,t le)el but I nee+ +etail
an+ you nee+ to be open min+e+ to change. 8our approach is stale as a room $ull o$ cigar
smo%e. I can open the *in+o* i$ I ha)e enough in$ormation.
5shburn, Ca.: In your opinion, +o you belie)e that all calories are create+ eEual1 I %no* that
*hen all is sai+ an+ +one the number o$ calories you inta%e +uring the +ay must be less than
your brea% e)en point $or you to lose *eight. Ho*e)er, +o you belie)e that ta%ing in a higher
percentage o$ carbs *ill slo* +o*n *eight loss1 What is your ta%e on +iets *hich %eep carbs at
un+er .# grams per +ay 'lean proteins an+ )eggies $or the rest o$ the +ay(. I totally agree *ith
the "-arme+ approach to health- nutrition, *eight bearing e,ercise an+ car+io.. I *eight li$t "
times per *ee%, +o car+io I times per *ee%- e)en manage a couple 9ilates an+ 8oga sessions-
an+ I am )ery nutrition sa))y. 6ight no* I am trying to t*ea% my *ay o$ eating an+ $ran%ly I am
becoming con$use+ *ith all the so-calle+ stu+ies saying to eat this *ay or eat that *ay. I +o
ha)e !# poun+s I *anna trim o$$ so that my $igure loo%s more cut... so this is pretty important $or
me to un+erstan+. 2han%s in a+)ance.
Well *e %no* that all calories are not create+ eEual *hether the yar+stic% use+ is numerical or
5 gram o$ carbohy+rate contains 4-calories.
5 gram o$ protein contains 4-calories.
5 gram o$ $at contains J-calories.
In a++ition to this numeric +isparity, +i$$erent $oo+s ha)e +i$$erent e$$ects on the hormonal
system. >ome carbohy+rates cause insulin to secrete $aster then a $ire hy+rant opene+ $or inner
city %i+s to romp in. 5 calorie is a calorie is a calorie an+ all +iets *or% 'in theory( as long as you
burn o$$ more calories then you inta%e. 2he source is secon+ary to the amount. 8ou coul+ lose
*eight on an all-ice cream +iet or an all-beer +iet but the health conseEuences nee+ be
consi+ere+. ;b)iously, your current eating habits ha)e run their course an+ a nutritional change
is in or+er. I *oul+ suggest cutting out re$ine+ carbs 'man-ma+e carbs( an+ cutting bac% on
starchy carbs 'rice-potatoes(. 2his approach has been stan+ar+ operating proce+ure $or
competiti)e bo+ybuil+ers $or +eca+es. Fo+ybuil+ers are han+s-+o*n the most e$$ecti)e +ieters
on the $ace o$ the planet. 2hey routinely get +o*n to /-5B bo+y $at *hile retaining J#B o$ their
gargantuan muscle siDe. 2heir metho+ology isn't abstract or theoretical it's battle teste+ an+
Washington, D.C.: 2his is a pretty basic Euestion, but I'm 7ust starting to li$t... When you say to
+o a certain amount o$ sets o$ an e,ercise, +o you +o the sets one a$ter another, or +o you go
through one roun+ o$ each e,ercise, then go bac% aroun+ $or the ne,t set1 than%s...
8es, one set a$ter another. >tay *ith the e,ercise an+ complete all the proscribe+ sets be$ore
mo)ing on to the ne,t e,ercise.
=e* 8or% City: Guestion $rom last *ee%: I recently *ent to the +octor an+ she sai+ I ha)e lo*
bloo+ pressure an+ a lo* heartbeat, *hich means that I ha)e a lo* metabolism. Is this true1 I$
so, ho* can I 7umpstart my metabolism1 I eat appro,imately !,/## calories a +ay 'three meals(,
t*oP liters o$ *ater, $emale 5'! an+ !"# lbs. I thought I ha+ a lo* heartbeat because I
e,ercise+ each morning. My bloo+ pressure is J#-54 'or 54-J# I $orgot the or+er(. I thin% I'm
$airly $it. I 7og $or "#-4# minutes '" miles( an+ *al% $or 5 miles a +ay 'to an+ $rom *or%(..I +o
some *eights 'mostly resistance stu$$ though-pushups-sEuats-crunches( I +o ha)e high bo+y $at
percentage than I *oul+ I *oul+ be )ery happy to lose about !# poun+s. Currently, I
eat three meals an+ an a$ternoon snac%, $airly healthy. During the *ee%, I'm )ery )ery healthy
an+ I splurge much more on *ee%en+s. I *ant to increase my metabolism, but I'm not sure
ho*1 2han%s again4
I ans*er e)ery Euestion - loo% in the Euestions poste+ at the en+ o$ last 2ues+ay's sho* - i$ you
ha)en't alrea+y.
Fethes+a, M+.: Marty,
I ha)e seen in your +iscussions that you recommen+ protein bars. Do you recommen+ them to
eat in place o$ meals or +o your recommen+ them $or snac%s1 What bran+ +o you thin% is a
goo+ bran+. I ha)e been loo%ing at )arious bran+s an+ some o$ them loo% to me li%e plain can+y
It +epen+s on the situation. I %eep them in my glo)e compartment an+ i$ I get stran+e+ or +on't
ha)e time to catch a meal I'll eat one 'or t*o(. 3enerally supplements are meant to supplement
a soun+ eating regimen, not replace it. Ha)ing sai+ that, I a+mit that I *ill o$ten ha)e a bar an+ a
sha%e, *hich pro)i+es me the $ollo*ing:
calories protein carbs $at sugar
>ha%e !5# "" 4 # #
Far /5# !! "& I "
2otal 4## 44 4! I "
=ot a ba+ little meal4
6unning 5+)ice: I')e been training $airly seriously $or a running e)ent that reEuires a !/ minute
run an+ some sprints. I $eel li%e I nee+ a coach to help me impro)e my running $orm . . . any
suggestions on ho* to $in+ one1
Contact one o$ the numerous runners clubs. Chec% the sports page $or coming e)ents. 3o to
the magaDine store, pic% up one o$ the many runner magaDines. I am sure that there are many
competent coaches in your area, *here)er that is.
Woo+bri+ge, Ca.: I'm an ol+er *oman *ith some Euestions that *ill probably ha)e those guys
*ho are al*ays *riting in to you about mullets rolling their eyes. I'm curious, though, so here
goes. >omeone at *or% tol+ me that bo+ybuil+ing an+ po*erli$ting are +i$$erent sports an+ ha)e
+i$$erent metho+s to +e)elop the bo+y. Is this true1 What +o bo+ybuil+ers +o at their meets i$
they +on't li$t1 What *oul+ people see i$ they *ent to a po*erli$ting competition1 I')e ne)er
hear+ o$ po*erli$ting as a sport $or high school %i+s--although I belie)e they can ta%e *eight
training as a 9: class. Is there a reason $or this1
2his is a public $orum an+ honest Euestions are al*ays *elcome. Fo+ybuil+ing is a beauty
contest in *hich traine+ 7u+ges +etermine *ho has the best physiEue. 9o*erli$ting is a *eight
li$ting competition in *hich athletes hoist a barbell in the sEuat, bench press an+ +ea+li$t. 2hree
7u+ges +etermine i$ the li$t is +one correctly. 2hree attempts are allo*e+ in each li$t an+ there
are !! *eight +i)isions. 2here is plenty o$ H> po*erli$ting *ith a national championship hel+
e)ery year.
I$ you're still *ith your nutrition guru, *hat's the +i$$erence bet*een *hey protein an+ soy
protein1 I hear that *hey protein is better $or guys an+ soy protein $or girls. 5ny truth to that1 I$
so, is it a big +i$$erence1
2han%s. :n7oy your chats.
Well here's another urban myth that nee+s puncturing.
2he +i$$erence bet*een soy an+ *hey is the bo+y's ability to assimilate the protein.
Whey has a better absorption rate then soy. Whether the bench mar% is the 9:6 'protein
e$$iciency ratio(, FC 'biologic )alue(, =6 'nitrogen retention( or =9@ 'net protein utiliDation(,
regar+less the yar+ stic%, *hey an+ casein beat the tar out o$ soy.
Marty 3allagher: Hey $ol%s,
Ha+ a great )isit $rom Dr. Aames Wright, Health O 0itness e+itor at 0le, magaDine last *ee%.
We hi%e+ the mountain trails, li$te+ *eights, caught monster cat$ish an+ trout, ate big stea%s an+
massi)e sala+s, smo%e+ Cuban cigars straight $rom 9aris, +ran% alcoholic be)erages on the
+ec% as *e *atche+ the sun set o)er the mountains an+ tal%e+ about e)ery $itness, nutritional,
strength an+ con+itioning topic un+er the sun. Aimmy *as in$ormati)e an+ $unny an+ inno)ati)e
in his approach an+ I pic%e+ his brain real goo+. I am sure bits an+ pieces *ill sur$ace in our
tal%s - it ta%es me a little *hile to +igest a topic $ully an+ I li%e to try things out be$ore I broa+cast
to the *orl+ *hat I')e learne+. >u$$ice to say, I')e plenty o$ ne* angles to test ri+e. I$ they ha)e
applicable )ali+ity you $ol%s *ill be the secon+ to %no*.
What else1 Chec% out the long an+ in)ol)e+ GO5 section that'll be poste+ at the en+ o$ to+ay's
clamba%e. ?ot's o$ goo+ Euestions $rom last *ee% that allo*e+ me to tee-o$$ on a couple o$
Whose got a Euestion1
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Hi, Marty-
>*itching $rom a /-+ay routine to a "-+ay in an attempt to blast the target muscles a little har+er
on each +ay. Here's *hat I')e come up *ith:
Day !-
Incline bench
>eate+ leg curls
Cal$ raises
Day /-
9ullups '*i+e grip, palms out(
Hamstring curls
?eg press 'machine(
Day "-
>houl+er $lys '+umbbell(
9ullups 'palms in(
2ricep press
Ficep curls '+umbbell(
2here *ill be a rest +ay bet*een each *or%out +ay, an+ I'll +o !5-"# minutes o$ car+io at the
en+ o$ each *or%out. Ho*'s it loo%1
Marty 3allagher: I ha)e a problem *ith +ea+li$ts a$ter sEuats 'though not al*ays(. 2ry an+ %eep
+ea+s an+ sEuats as chronologically separate+ as possible.
Day I sEuat, hams, cal$s - shoul+ers
Day II bench, incline, tris
Day III - +ea+, other bac% *or%, curls
>il)er >pring, M+.: I al*ays ha)e en7oye+ an+ bene$ite+ $rom your $itness a+)ice, Marty.
0or the past I months, I ha)e been $ollo*ing an .-. routine $or e)ery e,ercise I +o, be it pullups,
stomach crunches, pushups, +umbbells an+ $ree *eights, machine *eights, etc. I *ill lo)e the
)ariety an+ the challenge. 5n+ I ha)e notice+ increase+ muscular +e)elopment especially in my
pecs, upper bac% an+ abs. Is this the most bene$icial routine I can +o, *hile I increment
increases in *eight1 I'm really en7oying the results.
Marty 3allagher: ?oo%, as Dr. Aim sai+L 'all routines *or% an+ all +iets *or%.'
Aust about any routine *ill *or% i$ it is intense enough to trigger the miracle o$ muscular
hypertrophy. >ame *ith +ieting, regar+less the $oo+ composition, i$ you stay belo* the caloric
brea%e)en you *ill lose bo+y *eight.
>tay the course until the results peter out then put it on the shel$ $or $uture use an+ ta%e +o*n
another e$$ecti)e training mo+e. @se it until it stops pro+ucing results - they all +ie e)entually.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: Marty,
I'm currently using mostly $ree *eights in /#-rep sets, trying to cut some bo+y $at. When I reach
my goal, I'+ li%e to s*itch o)er to a po*erli$ting regimen. My problemL I'm e,periencing
in$ormation o)erloa+ about *hat such a *or%out shoul+ contain: 5,5 sets, hea)y singles,
Westsi+e Farbell stu$$...
My hea+, she is spinning. Help me out: *hat's a goo+ basic training split $or po*erli$ting1
Marty 3allagher: Hey 2om - the po*erli$t routine that's built more har+bo+ies then 3M is as
$ollo*s -
Day I - *or% up to an+ all-out set o$ 5-reps in the sEuat -
leg assistance *or%
Day II - *or% up to an all-out set o$ 5-reps in the bench press - chest an+ tri assistance *or%
Day IC - *or% up to an all-out set o$ 5-reps in the +ea+li$t - bac% assistance *or%
Day C
*or% up to an all-out set o$ 5-reps in the seat press
shoul+er assistance - biceps
Day I,& _ rest
?amar, HaD, 0urnas, 5usby, 3ene 2he Machine, :+, Hir%, 0re+ an+ Doyle all use+ this type
training template.
Do $our *ee%s o$ 5-rep top sets, then 4-*ee%s o$ "'s an+ $$inallyt*o *ee%s o$ /'s an+ t*o *ee%s
o$ singles. 2hen compete in *ee% !" or !4.
Dupont Circle: Can you please tell me i$ there are any places in D.C. to ta%e pilates classes a la
Marty 3allagher: =ot really - anyone1
>outhern Cali$ornia: Hi Marty,
Aust *ante+ to let you %no* that than%s to your moti)ation an+ tips an+ my action an+ +iscipline,
I lost !5 lbs an+ $eel better about mysel$ than I ha)e in about 5 years. 8ou pro)i+e an in)aluable
ser)ice, playing psychologist an+ best $rien+ to so many *hile pumping us up an+ teaching us
the right *ay to get $it. 2han% you $rom one o$ us4
Marty 3allagher: Hey >oCal, than%sL but I 7ust +istribute in$ormation to the general public that
has been *i+ely %no*n in elite athletic training circles $or +eca+es.
I try an+ put physical reno)ation techniEues into terms an+ metho+s that the layman can
un+erstan+, grasp, incorporate an+ e)entually come to o*n.
5ustin, 2e,.: Hi,
Do you ha)e any recommen+ations $or ho* I can buil+ a big, muscular bo+y *ithout all that
nasty e,ercise1 I really +on't li%e any o$ the $ol%s at any o$ the gyms, an+ I $in+ all the e,ercises
really, really boring.
Marty 3allagher: Hey 5ustin,
I$ you *rite me at my pri)ate e-mail a++ress I *ill sell you my last magic $airy pill.
>pring$iel+, Ca.: Hey Marty,
Aust got bac% $rom =ationals. It *as tough this year. I place+ $ourth both in $orms an+ sparring.
0orms I *as a tenth a*ay $rom "r+ an+ / tenths a*ay $rom secon+. In sparring I *on the roun+s
/ to ! then & to 5 an+ tie+ & to & they ga)e it to the other guy.
Marty 3allagher: Hey big man - ho* *as your car+io1
I %no* your strength *as goo+ but +i+ you $eel $resh an+ rea+y in the $inal bouts1 Ho* about
punch snap1 Di+ they +egenerate into pushes or +i+ the 7abs, uppercuts an+ right crosses
remain snappy an+ po*er$ul to en+1
I ha+ a long an+ in)ol)e+ con)ersation *ith "-time @0C champ an+ /-time 9ri+e Champion
Mar% Coleman on training an+ much o$ it centere+ aroun+ the +e)elopment o$ burst an+ $lurry
car+io 'as oppose+ to stea+y-state(.
>pring$iel+, Ca.: Can you please comment on this *or%out sche+ule:
Day !: biceps P bac%
Day /: legs P shoul+ers, traps
Day ": chest P tricep
Day 4 _ Day!
Day 5 _ Day /
Day I _ Day "
Day &: rest
I run about !.5 -/ miles a +ay, +o abs e)ery +ay, an+ +o bo,ing $or an hour " +ays a *ee%.
2han%s a lot44
Marty 3allagher: 2oo much *eight training.
8ou're either %illing yoursel$ or not training har+ enough *hen you hit e)ery muscle group t*ice
a **ee% 2*ice *ee%ly is too much $or legs an+ bac% - unless you are han+ling sub-ma,imal
+in% poun+age that +oesn't trigger any muscle gro*th.
8ou can actually get better results 'stronger-bigger( i$ you train less but train har+er. 9lus you
*ill $ree up all %in+s o$ a++itional training time $or other pursuits. 0inally, you *ill reco)er a hell-
o$-a-lot Euic%er an+ $eel more energetic.
Washington, D.C.: Hi, Marty. In response to the Euestion about 9ilates, I %no* that Washington
>ports Club, 3ol+'s 3ym, an+ 8MC5 in D.C. o$$er classes. I$ the person *as loo%ing $or a non-
club en)ironment, the Fo+y College '*** seems li%e a goo+ bet.
I submitte+ a Euestion late last *ee% that you may or may not ha)e time to ans*er, but I'll as%
another. I$ one is +oing martial sports '2hai Fo,ing, FAA( " nights a *ee% an+ resistance training
" mornings a *ee%, is it better to li$t the same +ay as or the +ay a$ter a sports training session1
Marty 3allagher: 2han%s $or the hea+s up -
In a per$ect *orl+, I *oul+ pre$er to *eight train " times a *ee% an+ +o car+io on the o$$ +ays.
8ou *ill, logically, ha)e less gas in *hate)er training mo+e gets relegate+ to secon+ on a
+ouble-up +ay. Con)ersely, i$ you only ha)e to $ace one $orm o$ e,ercise on a particular +ay,
there is no ssubconscioushol+ing bac%.
Hern+on, Ca.: Is it harm$ul to +o car+io e,ercise be$ore li$ting *eights1 I am a $emale in my mi+
/#s an+ I generally *arm up on aerobic eEuipment $or !5-/# minutes. I then li$t *eights $or "#-
4# minutes. When I li$t, I target either upper or lo*er bo+y. 3enerally, I *or% out 5 +ays a *ee%.
I$ this sche+ule isn't going to be e$$ecti)e 'toning an+ +e$ining muscle( then can you suggest a
+i$$erent routine1
Marty 3allagher: =o. 8ou are alright.
Fur%e, Ca.: 5 conceptual Euestion -- I use+ run competiti)ely, *hich reEuire+ that I run pretty
signi$icant mileage e)ery+ay, *ith a couple +ays per *ee% o$ muscle buil+ing *or%outs either
in the $orm o$ trac% *or% 'sprints( or e,tra long runs. My Euestion is *hy that approach isn't the
*ay to go *ith *eights -- *hy not li$t e)ery+ay, *ith me+ium poun+age on most +ays, but hea)y
poun+age t*o or so +ays per *ee%1 I e,pect your response *ill be that you *ant to be $resh $or
the hea)y poun+age +ays, but i$ that is the best approach, *hy +on't trac% athletes 7ust run a
couple times a *ee%1 I %no* that *hen I *as training har+, I *as tire+ :C:68 +ay, but 7ust ha+
to suc% it up on the har+ +ays. 5n+ the results *ere great. I'm not saying that li$ting e)ery+ay is
the *ay to go 'I +on't ha)e the time any*ay( -- I'm 7ust curious *hat your reaction might be an+
*hy the t*o +isciplines approach things +i$$erently.
Marty 3allagher: 8ou assume there is one *ay o$ training that trumps all others - an+ there
I')e traine+ !4-+ays in a ro* an+ I')e traine+ one a *ee% an+ gotten positi)e results $rom both. I$
someone is less then an e,pert, I try an+ gently steer them to a me+ium )olume, high intensity
starting point. 2his is a $antastic system to gain a toe-hol+ in the *on+er$ul *orl+ o$ progressi)e
resistance training.
We *ill rresortto all types, %in+s, mo+es an+ techniEues to goose progress once the
eine)itablestagnation sets in.
I li%e a lot o$ arro*s in my training Eui)er an+ *ant to pass as many o$ them as possible along to
you $ol%s.
Cambri+ge, Mass.: I'm a 45-year ol+ *oman *ho has s*ims 4-5 times per *ee% to sta)e o$$
creeping mi++le age. I')e been s*imming the same routine '&# laps - 4# $reestyle, !#
breaststro%e, /# bac%stro%e( $or the last 5 years at the local 8. '2a%es me appro,imately 4#
5ny suggestions on *hat I can +o impro)e my *or%out1 I'+ li%e to buil+ up muscles, get a $latter
tummy, etc. 5lthough s*imming gi)es my heart a goo+ *or%out, I +on't $eel as i$ I'm )ery strong
2han%s in a+)ance $or your time an+ a+)ice.
Marty 3allagher: >*imming is great e,ercise but 'in %eeping *ith the last Euestion( nee+s to be
one o$ many aerobic mo+es that you are com$ortable per$orming. Don't hang all your car+io hats
on s*imming peg. 8ou nee+ to li$t *eights. 9erio+. 8ou nee+ to pay attention to +iet an+ you
nee+ to ha)e a $itness goal that is continually shi$ting an+ e)ol)ing.
>oun+s li%e you')e ma+e a goo+ start.
5rlington, Ca.: ?i%e e)eryone else in the *orl+, I'm training $or a marathon. What shoul+ I be
+oing *eight-*ise to augment my +aily runs1
Marty 3allagher: Ho* is the in7ury situation1
I thin% it's a goo+ i+ea to +o some high rep leg *or% as an in7ury pre)ention techniEue. /#-"#
rep sEuats, leg presses, leg curls an+ cal$ raises +one once a *ee% *ill go a long *ay to*ar+s
cutting bac% on in7uries. >trong muscles *ith steel cable ten+ons an+ lligamentsare a hec%-o$-a-
lot less li%ely to rip, tear or pull then *ea%, untraine+ muscles.
@pper bo+y an+ bac% *or% *ill allo* you to run *ith balance+ po*er. 8ou coul+ get a*ay *ith
once a *ee%.
Washington, D.C.: 2o Dupont Circle.
Call Club 0itness at Washington Center. It's locate+ in the 3ran+ Hyatt hotel. /#/-I"&-4&4&.
Marty 3allagher: 2han%s4
>pring$iel+, Ca.: ;h my car+io *as $ine. 2he bi%e sprinting an+ the I hour training a +ay helpe+
alot. 8es, running up the hills helpe+ but ha+ to limit it +ue to sore %nees. Hey *as that pre)ious
Euestion about no training a 7o%e1
Marty 3allagher: Ho* about *al%ing up a steep gra+e *ith a /5-45 poun+ plate in a bac% pac%1
8ou get to %eep the intensity an+ a)oi+ the high impact %nee brea%ing e$$ects o$ running.
8es, alas, the magic $airy pill is mythological . . . but I am still searching an+ i$ I $in+ it I'll let you
%no* $irst.
Washington, D.C.: Guantum 0itness, Inc. at /I/5 Connecticut 5)e. =W '/#/( &45-5&!/ also
o$$ers 9ilates classes a la carte.
Marty 3allagher: 2han% you4
36I??M5=, W;;D>H:DDI=,5< : 3;;D M;6=I=3 C;5CH 35???53H:6,
5?? I> >W:?? H:6: I= 2H: 36:52 >;@2HW:>2.
>2I?? 6::?I=3 06;M 2H: 265I=I=3 >:>>I;= >52.:52I=3 @9 2; 9@2 M: F5CH
2;3:2H:6 0;6 5 W;6H;@2 2;M;66;W 5=D 65CH 9@??> >52.
2H: F:52 3;:> ;= , ;6D:6I=3 @9 5 >@I2 2HI> W::H, >2I?? M@??I=3 ;C:6 2H:
6I3H2 ;=: 0;6 M:.
Marty 3allagher: Mr. 3rillman pulle+ &##," in the +ea+li$t a $e* +ays ago an+ is su$$ering $rom
post-*or%out trauma syn+rome. ?ots an+ lots o$ calories an+ sleep are about all that *ill cure
his blaste+ bo+y.
2he top !## list 7ust came out $or super hea)y po*erli$ters:
here is ho* the top !# loo%:
! .J#
/ .4"
" ."#
4 .!#
5 .#5
I .#4
& .#4
. .##
J &..
!# &./
6oc%)ille, M+.: Hi Marty - I')e been +oing crunches at the en+ o$ my *or%out routine, an+
*on+ere+ i$ there *ere other e,ercises I coul+ a++-change to to *or% on my abs1
Marty 3allagher: InInterestinglya rea+er sent me a stu+y that in+icte+ that lying on your bac%
an+ imitating ri+ing a bi%e generate+ a $ar more intense ab *or% out then crunches. =umber !,
in $act. =umber / *as hanging leg raises an+ %nee ups. Crunches *ere *ay +o*n the list o$
e,ercises ran%e+ in or+er o$ ab stimulation.
D.C.: Marty
6ea+ your article in the latest 9arillo 9er$ormance, the one *here 9arillo pushes the t*o li$ters
to blo* their lunch a$ter a hellacious *or%out. 5s I *as rea+ing it, I *as trying to sEuare the
message in the story--%ill yoursel$ $or gains--*ith the one in your chats: thin% long-term *ith your
*or%outs, increase intensity but be smart about it. 2hese seem li%e contra+ictory
memessages5re your *riting $or t*o +i$$erent au+iences1
Marty 3allagher: 2hese $ello*s *ere top athletes *ho *ere intent on blasting through to the
ne,t le)el in the super cocompetiti)etmosphere o$ national le)el bo+ybuil+ing. 0or normal
people1 =o *ay. Fut it ser)es as a remin+er that in *eight training intensity trumps e)erything. I
+o not con+one or use all o$ Aohn's metho+ology 'nor he mine( but trust me, some o$ the best
athletes in the *orl+ beat a path to his +oor loo%ing $or secrets to 7ump to the ne,t le)el.
Centre)ille, Ca.: Marty,
5 piece o$ a+)ice $or the s*immer. 5++ 5-!# laps o$ butter$ly to the *or%*or% in a++ition to li$ting
*eights. >ince the butter$ly reEuires more car+io e$$ort than the other stro%es, it *ill change the
+ynamics o$ s*im *or%out.
Marty 3allagher: 2hat soun+s goo+ - use +i$$erent motor path*ays. >ameness is the enemy o$
physical progress.
>houl+er In7ury, @>5: Marty,
It's been si, *ee%s since I hurt my shoul+er. I')e starte+ li$ting t*o *ee%s ago. >o $ar I ha)en't
ha+ any pain, but the hurt area +i+ $eel $unny on my last rep o$ benching. 0unny meaning
there *asn't any pain, but I +e$initely coul+ $eel the e,act area being stresse+. Is it ;H to %eep
pushing, or am I about to re-in7ure mysel$1 0or my shoul+er *or%out I')e really +roppe+ the
poun+age an+ am +oing a Euasi super-slo* *or%out. It seems to *or% great, no signi$icant 7oint
stress +uring the *or%out an+ I'm still sore the ne,t +ay. 2han%s $or the chats, they're a ton o$
Marty 3allagher: I *oul+ be real care$ul an+ *oul+ stay a*ay $rom anything that causes pain in
the shoul+er. 8ou aren't going into any bench press contests are you1 I *oul+ $in+ a +i$$erent
grip or use +i$$erent e,ercises, ones that +on't irritate that shoul+er. 2here are more goo+ chest
e,ercises then you can sha%e a stic% at an+ too much $lat benching might be positi)ely
+etrimental to your long term prospects.
Marty 3allagher: It's time to call it a +ay - be sure an+ chec% out the ans*ers to last *ee%s
Euestions at the conclusion o$ this blurb.
9er usual, I *ill ans*er to+ay's unans*ere+ Euestions an+ hope li%e hell that you guys are
rea+ing them. I ha)e this rereoccurringear, as I *or% on these things +uring the *ee%, that they
are going unrea+. Does anyone rea+ the ans*ers or shoul+ I +o li%e Camille 9aglia an+ ta%e o$$
$or the summer1
5-/J-#! Guestions
>il)er >pring, M+.: Hey Marty Mart4
?o)e to rea+ your chats. @p until recently I ha)e been ta%ing bits an+ pieces o$ your a+)ice try
to '$it' it into my *orl+. 5bout a *ee% ago you tol+ an o)er 4#, marrie+ *ith t*o chil+ren guy an+
no time, 7ust *hat I *as loo%ing $or. >o I ha)e starte+ po*er *al%ing 4- 5 +ays a *ee% +uring
lunch, an+ *eights t*ice a *ee% an+ %eeping the +iet clean. My Euestion-concern is that I ha)e
been at this $or only a *ee%, an+ the soreness has passe+ but I am truly physically *hippe+4
Ho* long *ill this last1 Is there anything special in my +iet I shoul+ a++ to help1
2he reason you $eel physically *hippe+ is that you are physically *hippe+4 >lo* it +o*n.
>tart o$$ easy in each area '*eights, car+io, +iet( an+ buil+ the $reEuency, intensity an+ +uration
o)er time. Cumulati)e e$$ect is the culprit. 2he sum total o$ your e$$ort has lai+ you lo*.
Increasing training )olume an+ intensity *hile cutting bac% on calories is a recipe $or +isaster. In
short or+er, you'll burn out, collapse an+ Euit. Cut bac% on the +uration an+ intensity o$ the
e,ercise an+ %ic% up the calories. @se a long slo* gli+e path as you ramp up the process. >lo*
an+ stea+y is the by-*or+. >ettle in $or long-term gains. Many top athletes use a !I-*ee%
perio+iDation cycle, pre$erring this longer acclimatiDation time $rame to the more commonly use+
!/-*ee% cycle.
0lori+a: My problem is I am eating $oo+ a$ter li$ting, $or about a +ay. 2he car+io +ays my hunger
is un+er control an+ I eat un+er the brea% e)en point. I am gaining muscle but losing $at slo*ly. I
*ant to %no* i$ I can rest the muscles $or more than & +ays so I can +o more car+io an+ ha)e
less hunger. I +on't *ant to lose the har+ earne+ muscle. 2han%s.
What +o you mean by $oo+1 Aun%1 2rash1 I really thin% that you nee+ to $ee+ your bo+y a$ter
you traumatiDe it *ith high intensity *eight training. I$ you star)e yoursel$ a$ter li$ting you are
going to $ail an+ i$ you start training less you *ill $ail. 2hin% about retaining your $oo+ )olume but
altering your $oo+ selections. I *ill assume you are eating ba+ $oo+s. @se the substitution
principle. I$ you are eating $oo+s loa+e+ *ith $at an+ sugar s*itch to protein $oo+s. I assume
there are one are one or t*o high protein $oo+s that you li%e. I *ant you to stop eating $at $oo+s
'at J-calories per gram( an+ start eating protein $oo+s '4-calories per gram(. :at as much,
)olume *ise. >imply s*itching $rom $at calories to protein calories *ill pro)i+e you a I#B caloric
re+uction *ith no re+uction in )olume. Maintaining )olume allo*s you to a)oi+ hunger.
>ubstitute $at calories *ith protein calories an+ lose bo+y $at *ithout e,periencing hunger or
Washington, D.C.: I am the person *ho sent the Euestion on the per$ect balance bet*een
aerobic O *eightli$ting. My bo+y type is more li%e the linebac%er-$ree sa$ety than the o$$ensi)e
lineman. I'm not raining $or a marathon or any long +istance races but more to*ar+s playing
bas%etball, baseball, an+ so$tball, sports *hich reEuire Euic% mo)ements O sometimes brute
strength. 2han%s $or the Euic% response to the Euestion.
Cary the type o$ running.
>hort bursts, particularly up steep hills, *ill po*eriDe legs an+ )ulcaniDe lungs. Walter 9eyton
use+ to run up an+ +o*n the steep le)ees aroun+ his nati)e Mississippi home. He +i+ it to buil+
up his po*er an+ e,ten+ his *in+. He learne+ ho* o)ercome lactic aci+ pain in running up
those impossibly steep ban%s an+ learne+ ho* to o)ercome $ear running +o*n these ra+ical
gra+es at top spee+. He $elt the +o*nhill running $orcibly lengthene+ his stri+e an+ ma+e him
$aster. I recently inter)ie*e+ "-time @0C champion an+ 9ri+e 2ournament *inner Mar%
Coleman on his training regimen recently an+ he tol+ me that until he a++e+ steep-gra+e hill
running to his car+io training, he *as continually getting gasse+ in his matches, this +espite
ha)ing great stea+y-state car+io ability. 2he hill running ga)e him a +i$$erent Euality o$ car+io
con+itioning. Marty, he tol+ me, I$ I +i+n't pu%e I +i+n't $eel as i$ I'+ ha+ a proper *or%out. 5ll
the sports you mention are burst sports so $in+ yoursel$ a $ine steep hill in 6oc% Cree% 9ar% an+
as 6oot Foy >lim '6I9( use+ to say, Foogie till you pu%e.
Hent Islan+: 6eally en7oy +oing my car+io *or%out $irst thing in the morning at 4:"# an+ usually
+o the a+)ance 2ae Fo )i+eo tapes. I')e been ta%ing these pills to help boost my metabolism.
2hey contain both guarana see+ e,tract 'ca$$eine( an+ ephe+rine. 2hey get me pumpe+ an+
gi)e me enough energy to $inish the *or%out. What +o you thin% about the metabolism
enhancers1 8ou mentione+ someone +ie+ o$ too much ca$$eine 'I hope you *ere %i++ing(.
2he guy *ho +ie+ 'FalDac( +ran% 5#,### cups o$ triple strength 7a)a in a t*enty-year time $rame
so I really *oul+n't *orry too much about that e)e)entuality I am no $an o$ metabolic stimulators
but that puts me in the +istinct minority as they are selling these )arious pills an+ substances 'all
using ephe+rine( in massi)e Euantities. ;ne problem is you buil+ up a tolerance an+ reEuire
e)er increasing amounts to get the e$$ects that initially reEuire+ so little a +osage to obtain.
Connecticut: Hey, Marty -- 8ester+ay, I *as *al%ing +o*nto*n an+ I notice+ a huge, hul%ing
guy *al%ing to*ar+ me. He *as ob)iously a po*erli$ter-bo+ybuil+er -- he *as )ery cut an+ ha+
-enormous- muscles 'his legs *ere li%e t*o small chil+ren *al%ing si+e by si+e(. Fut he *as
smo%ing a cigarette. Is this typical $or li$ters 'smo%e yoursel$ thin(1 I thought they ten+e+ to be
healthy types *ho *oul+n't *ant to compromise their per$ormance. :)en i$ this guy *asn't a
competitor-pro$essional, he loo%e+ pretty serious about his bo+y. Don't you thin% smo%ing is
contra+ictory to the li$ter's basic cre+o1 2han%s.
9eople are people an+ there is no li$ter cre+o nor *ill there e)er be. >uperior athletes are a
uniEue bunch an+ preconceptions about health an+ per$ormance are more a $igment o$ the
public's i+ealiDe+ image o$ top athletes an+ bear little resemblance to reality. 0ran%ly it +oesn't
bother me one cotton pic%in' bit - a$ter all Dr. Aim Wright an+ I sat on the +ec% o$ the Mountain
Compoun+ last 2ues+ay an+ each smo%e+ a R4# Cuban cigar someone ha+ smuggle+ bac%
$rom 9aris - so *ho am I to criticiDe1 It's puts me in min+ o$ *hat the $amous hall-o$-$ame
baseball star sai+ *hen a $an castigate+ him at a bar as he *as ha)ing a +ouble 7ac% blac% an+
a Marlboro, ?a+y, I ain't no athlete, I'm a ballplayer.
Woo+bri+ge, Ca: I can only hit the gym about once a *ee%, +ue to time an+ $inancial restraints
'I'm a college stu+ent(. I +o *or% out at home, li$ting three times a *ee%. 5 normal upper bo+y
routine consists o$ 4 sets o$ /5 push ups, ')arying the positions o$ my han+s(. I also +o " sets o$
about !# pull ups, an+ 4 sets o$ bicep curls, aroun+ !# using 4#-45lb *eights. I'm 5'!! an+
coming close to /!#-pretty soli+ an+ happy *ith my $at ratio 'aroun+ !#-!/(. What e,ercises
*oul+ you suggest to help target more my lats, an+ shoul+ers, 'ta%e into consi+eration that I
+on't ha)e much eEuipment to *or% *ith(1
5$ter a *arm-up set o$ each e,ercise,
!. >eate+ +umbbell presses t*o sets, each ta%en to $ailure
/. >i+e laterals t*o sets, each ta%en to $ailure
". >traight-arme+ +umbbell pullo)er t*o sets o$ /#-reps
2o +o pullo)ers, lay on your bac% on a bench *ith the *eight presse+ out o)er your eyes. @se a
single +umbbell or a barbell plate - a small poun+age is all that's reEuire+. ?o*er the *eight
behin+ you, %eeping the arms straight as possible, a slight elbo* ben+ is permissible(. Inhale as
you lo*er an+ get a terri$ic stretch. Heep your bac% $lat on the bench an+ po*er the *eight bac%
to the starting position using only the lats to raise the poun+age. @se a )ery slo* rep spee+ an+
see% to lo*er the *eight +eeper on each subseEuent rep. I$ you %eep those arms straight as
possible the stress *ill be thro*n on the lats. 2his is a lat %iller o$ the $irst magnitu+e i$ +one
0rustrate+, again: 5lrighty, here's the e,act in$o: I'm /!, I $eet, !&#lbs. 0or my *or%outs, I +i)i+e
it up into a t*o +ay cycle. +ay ! is chest, triceps an+ legs. +ay / is bicep, bac% an+ shoul+ers.
2o gi)e you an i+ea, my chest *or% out consist o$ +umbbell chest presses '5#-I# lbs(, incline
chest presses '4#lbs(, an+ butter$lies '&#lbs(. 2hen I +o three tricep e,ercises, $ollo*e+ by the
$our basic leg *or%outs to be sure to *or% out e)ery part o$ the leg. 2hen +ay /: biceps: conc.
curls: "#lbs, reg. curls: /5lbs, bar curls: /#lbs an+ then three shoul+er an+ three bac% *or%outs.
5s $or the $oo+, I al*ays eat at least one soli+ meal a +ay *ith meat an+ carbohy+rates, etc.
Frea%$ast is usually either a granola bar or a bagel an+ lunch usually consists o$ a san+*ich. I
+on't %no* i$ this is the %in+ o$ in$o you *ere loo%ing $or but there it i'm still curious as to
your opinions on creatine. 2han%s a lot. I +on't %no* i$ this *as the %in+ o$ in$o you *ere loo%ing
I alrea+y tol+ you that at your ten+er stage o$ +e)elopment Creatine Monohy+rate seems a total
*aste o$ money. 8ou ha)e so much room $or impro)ement but you nee+ to establish a soli+,
sensible *eight an+ car+io routine. >traighten out your eating, that ta%ing Creatine is li%e
$lushing your money +o*n a toilet.
!. Cut bac% the number o$ e,ercises.
/. 3et serious about learning the basic techniEues
". Do you *ant to get bigger an+ stronger or lighter an+ leaner1 9ic% one *e'll +o the other
Day I
!. sEuat
/. leg curl
". cal$ raise
4. shoul+er press
5. lateral raise
Day II - o$$
!. Fench press
/. 9ec +ec or $ly
". 2ricep push+o*ns
Day IC
!. Dea+li$t
/. ?at pull+o*n
". 9reacher curls
?et me %no* the goal.
Washington, D.C.: Dear Marty,
5re there any re$erences $or calorie inta%e1 I')e mo+i$ie+ my +iet to trim my bo+y$at. I *or% out
", a *ee% +oing aerobic e,ce,ercise+ *eightli$ting. I +on't *ant to burn o$$ too many calories.
Fecause I un+erstan+ that i$ you +o an+ your bo+y nee+s more $uel, it *ill be ta%en $rom your
muscle. 5ny suggestions *ill be greatly appreciate+.
5 little bit o$ %no*le+ge is a +angerous thing.
Don't *orry about burning o$$ too many calories. 8ou ha)e no i+ea ho* $e* calories a serious
*or%out burns. Most ci)ilians thin% that by +oing a $e* crunches an+ *al%ing on the trea+mill
'tal%ing about last night's ball game( $or "#-minutes that they are burning o$$ thousan+s o$
calories. In $act, a casual *or%out might burn !##-!5#, the caloric eEui)alent o$ a scoop o$ ice
cream. My suggestion is to train har+, al*ays see%ing to e,ten+ the limit a ta+. 3o as intensely
as you can on that particular +ay an+ please +on't *orry about en+ing up in a cannibalistic state
o$ catabolism. @nless you are training /-" hours a +ay, 5-I +ays a *ee%, it is highly unli%ely.
0air$a,, Ca.: I am /4 year-ol+ $emale. I ha)e +i$$iculty %eeping *eight on. I ha)e starte+ *eight
li$ting an+ cutting bac% on my car+io to try to put some *eight on, but ha)e not seen any results.
Do you ha)e any training tips1 'Ho* o$ten I shoul+ li$t1 Ho* much car+io1 =utrition
2han%s, Maggie
9ure an+ simple you nee+ to eat more.
8ou ha)e to inta%e more calories then you o,i+iDe an+ ob)iously you are not +oing that. 8ou
shoul+ up your $oo+ an+ +rin% inta%e so that you are gain !-poun+ a *ee% - no more an+ no
less. I$ you can't ma%e the nee+le bu+ge up*ar+s, you nee+ to up the $oo+ inta%e. I$ you a++
more then a poun+ in a *ee%, lo*er the $oo+ inta%e. Do this $or si, straight *ee%s. Heep the
e,ercise template intact until *e generate some momentum.
Dayton, ;hio: Hi Marty, great Euestions an+ great ans*ers4
Here's my +il+ilemma')e seen many people *ho ha)e +one bo+y buil+ing or *eight li$ting really
getting $at once they stop e,ercising. Is this true1 What about *omen1 I ne)er *as a bo+y
buil+er but I notice+ a +i$$erence in the bul% o$ my legs, once I stoppe+ systematic *eight li$ting.
Is this true or a myth1 2han%s4
0itness-phobic -- Dayton, ;hio
2his is a 3or+on >umner-inspire+ myth perpetrate+ by certain 8oga gurus totally ignorant o$
basic human biology. Muscle tissue cannot magically con)ert into $at *hen it is no longer
traine+. What usually happens is that *hen the athlete Euits training an+ +oesn't re+uce his
caloric inta%eL a++itional a+ipose tissue accumulates Euic%ly.
9er+y, Mo.: G: What is a +umbbell $ly1
5: Doc 9in% on a &4&.
=o one *ho %no*s him has e)er calle+ him +umb.
5le,an+ria, Ca. -- $or no*: ?oo%ing at your perio+iDation articles, I'm as perple,e+ *ith the
+ietary numbers as I *as t*o an+ a hal$ years ago *hen, a$ter I +roppe+ a bit too much *eight
a$ter beginning an e,ercise program, a nutritionist pushe+ me to eat ",5## calories an+ !.#g o$
protein a +ay. >ome*here in your archi)es, *hich I cannot $in+ no*, you mentione+ a local
sports nutritionist *hom I *oul+ li%e to shepher+ me in the Euest $or lo*er-carb, lo*er-$at eating
-- coul+ you post such in$o again1
I'm not loo%ing $or miracles, but at age "I, carrying /!# lbs on a I' broa+ $rame *ith !/ percent
bo+y $at, I'+ li%e to purge 'ba+ *or+ choice1( a $e* more poun+s $or goo+L an+ car+io '45
minutes, 4,, !45 bpm( +oesn't seem to be cutting it. 9erhaps the popsicles an+ Fen O Aerry's
nee+ to go1
I ha)e a $ello* in 2ysons *hose goo+ an+ another $rien+ +o*nto*n - best ring me in pri)ate:
=W Washington, D.C.: I am /4 years ol+, s%inny, *eigh about !5# ?bs. Ho* can I gain *eight
an+ muscle1
!. ?i$t *eights
/. Implement a multi-meal eating plan
". Do light car+io to ai+ +igestion an+ stimulate appetite
>e)ern, M+.: Hi Marty it's your pal 2om. Aust *ant to +rop a line an+ as% a couple o$ Euestions.
0irst to start I am no* separate+ $rom my *i$e an+ I belie)e I am entering a mi+-li$e crisis. I')e
trie+ to train as har+ as my partners but can't an+ I 7ust %eep getting in7ure+. What's *orst is no*
I')e gaine+ so much *eight that my gym pals say I lost my pecs an+ +e)elope+ man boobs
an+ to ma%e matters *orse I ha)e become impotent. Is there any a+)ice or e,ercise you can
gi)e to me to help stimulate $at loss an+ energiDe my se, +ri)e1 9lease help me to not +e)elop
into *hat I use+ to call a mullet I ha)e become your stereotype+ +onut-eating cop. 2han%s
Write me at M3>;Q> $or my phone number. I')e got some i+eas.
Washington, D.C.: Hi.
Inspire+ by these chats, as *ell as the lo* cost e,ercise room at my o$$ice, I ha)e starte+ li$ting
on a regular basis. I'm )ery ne* at this though. Can you help me +esign a *or%out plan1 I'm a
/&-year-ol+ male, 5'I, !45 lbs. Here's the machines my gym has: >houl+er press, leg press,
)ertical butter$ly, bicept curl, seate+ chest, lat pull, seate+ ro*, leg curl an+ leg e,te,tensionhere
is also a set o$ han+ barbells. I can only use the room Mon+ay-0ri+ay. 2han%s. 5ny
sugsuggestions plans *oul+ be a big help.
Day I
?eg press " sets o$ !# repsL light $irst set, mo+erate secon+ set, all-out $inal set
?eg curl +itto
?eg e,tension +itto
Cal$ raise " sets o$ /5 reps - one leg at a time, use a stair step an+ get a goo+ stretch
Day II
Fench press " sets o$ !# repsL light $irst set, mo+erate secon+ set, all-out $inal set
Futter$ly ! set to $ailure
2riceps push+o*n " sets o$ !# repsL light $irst set, mo+erate secon+ set, all-out $inal set
?at 9ull+o*n " sets o$ !# repsL light $irst set, mo+erate secon+ set, all-out $inal set
>eate+ ro* +itto
>houl+er press +itto
Ficeps curls +itto
6est a +ay bet*een sessions.
Courthouse, Ca.: Marty --
I'm +oing it to+ay4 I'm going to 7oin up at the gym. Can you perprescribe$irst $e* month's *or%out
$or a mi+-/#s guy *ith a +icey shoul+er1
Chec% out the *or%out routine in the pre)ious ans*er.
Aust getting starte+: What are the bene$its o$ sports +rin%s o)er *ater1 5n+ +oes *ater really +o
all the great things that people say1 Ho* much *ater +o you +rin% per +ay1
I really thin% the *hole issue is o)errate+. I +on't count glasses o$ *ater or really ta%e hy+ration
into account anytime other then i$ I am in the $inal stages o$ slashing *eight to ma%e a particular
*eight class. 2here are so many other truly substanti)e issues that sports +rin%s +on't e)en
register on my ra+ar screen. Most are loa+e+ *ith sugar, o$ some type or another.
Du9ont Circle, D.C.: Marty,
I'm the 5'!# !&#-poun+ guy you a+)ise+ last *ee% to ta%e a J-!4 +ay brea%. I')e been *or%ing
out $or the past three years *ith brea%s only *hen I *as sic%. I am trying to gain !# more
poun+s o$ muscle but ha)ing a har+ time gaining any *eight in the past year. I ha)e not *or%e+
out since 0ri+ay 'in part because I ha)e a col+(. Can you tell me ho* long, i$ I am not *or%ing
out, be$ore I'+ start to lose muscle1 I am *orrie+ about losing anything because it has been so
har+ $or me to gain each poun+. :ach +ay I chec% to see i$ I am smaller. 2han%s.
9lease +on't +e)elop a phobia about $itness.
6ela,, ta%e a *ell-+eser)e+ layo$$ an+ rest assure+ that i$ you +on't layo$$ an+ '+e-tune' the bo+y
you'll ne)er brea% through your current plateau. 8our physiEue has totally a+apte+ to your
current training regimen an+ i$ you +on't alter the game plan you'll most li%ely stay stagnant.
Come bac% a$ter the layo$$ *ith a re$reshe+ bo+y, a re$reshe+ min+ an+ a sa)age training
attitu+e. 5++ in some calories an+ really stri)e to set some ne* personal poun+age an+ rep
recor+s in the +i$$erent *eight training e,ercises. =e* 96's *ill eEuate to a++itional muscle -
assuming you $ee+ the machine an+ +on't star)e the machine.
Faltimore: Hi Marty4 hope you ha+ a great "-+ay *ee%en+44 5$ter slo*ing +o*n my *or%out
routines in the past $e* months, I'm trying to 7ump start things so that I can be *or%ing out at the
le)el I use+ to. In the past $e* *ee%s I')e still hit the gym- 7ust not as o$ten an+ not as intensely.
I %no* this may ta%e a $e* *ee%s or maybe longer '1( but *hat's been con$using me the most is
that I can't get my heart-rate up to *here it use+ to be... 'at about .#-.5B o$ my ma,.( *ill this
buil+ again *ith time as I *or% out more11 0or e,ample, this morning I *as on the trea+mill at
one o$ the highest le)els I'+ been at in a *hile '4.4 spee+ at a 5.# incline - I pre$er *al%ing to
running- an+ in the past al*ays ha)e *al%e+4( an+ only got my heart rate up to about !5# 'I'm
/&(. I'm 7ust curious i$ I 7ust nee+ to be patient, or i$ I really nee+ to push mysel$ har+er. :)en
*hen I starte+ my *or%-out routine last summer, it +i+n't seem li%e I nee+e+ to push as har+ to
ele)ate my heart rate. '5n+ yes, I'm incorporating *eights an+ getting my +iet bac% into control(
2han%s $or your help an+ a+)ice44 :(
I really can't comment on account o$ although you tol+ me *hat you use+ to achie)e '.#-.5B o$
age-relate+ H6 ma,( you neglect to mention *hat you +roppe+ to. Is it a signi$icant +rop, li%e
$rom .#B to I5B - or is it statistically insigni$icant, say &5B1
!. 5re you using the same e,ercise machine1 Changing machines, e)en o$ the same ma%e an+
mo+el can mess you up.
/. 5re you the same bo+y *eight1 ?ighter1 Hea)ier1 Fo+y *eight has an huge impact on H6.
". 5re you in better shape1 I$ so, it is har+er to get the heart rate up: con)ersely, an out o$
shape person can easily ele)ate their heart beat.
2hese are 7ust a $e* $actors that can in$luence H6.
;a%ton, Ca.: Marty,
When I bench press, an+ other li$ts as *ell, I li$t the $irst *eight !# times as a *arm-up. 2hen I
a++ !# poun+s an+ +o 5-& reps an+an+ more poun+s an+ +o "-5 reps. 5m I starting out *ith too
much *eight1 What percentage o$ my ma, li$t shoul+ I *arm up *ith1 2han%s4
8ou are starting too close to your poun+age ceiling an+ this is li%ely ruining your output on the
thir+ an+ $inal set. ;n the $irst set, use 5#B 'or *ithin spitting +istance( o$ your top set o$ the
+ay. Do !#-!5 per$ect reps. ;n the secon+ set, split the +i$$erence, use &5B, an+ +o a $e* reps,
say 5-!# in a tight, po*er$ul an+ technically crisp $ashion. Fy no* you shoul+ be raDor sharp
mentally an+ *arm an+ rea+y physically. 2he thir+ set is critical an+ e)erything up until this
point is 7ust a preliminary *arm-up. Fy starting so high you are sabotaging your o*n strength.
Marty 3allagher: Hello $itness $anatics - not much ne* to report this *ee% so instea+ o$
attempting to say something *itty an+ pro$oun+ I say *e 7ust s*ing into action. I ams*ere+ a
big pile o$ le$to)er Euestions $rom last *ee%'s sho* so ta%e a har+ loo% at those. 5 long time
rea+er sai+ that they li%e+ to rea+ the GO5's because they loo%e+ at the same problem
'reno)ating the human bo+y( $rom so many +i$$erent angles.
I li%e+ that image.
Who's got a Euestion1
D.C.: What's your ta%e on 9ilates classes1 I too% my $irst class this *ee%en+ an+ en7oye+ it. I'm
hoping to tone up a little 'I'm 5'/, J& ilbs, )ery petite( *ithout li$ting hea)y *eights 'I currently
use+ 5 lbs. $ree *eights(. 5ny others out there that ha)e seen positi)e e$$ects $rom 9ilates1 Ho*
about 8oga11
Marty 3allagher: 3ot me - I +on't li)e in DC. Do they still ha)e phone boo%s1 5nyone in the DC
area got any lea+s1 >ame *ith yoga.
2roy, Mich.: Coach,
I am using a !/ *ee% perio+iDation routine to try to get +o*n about !5-/# lbs. I *as rea+ing an
article you put online a couple o$ *ee%s bac% about a guy *ho ha+ about the same problem I
+i+. He got +o*n about /# lbs in that !/ *ee%s ... My Euestion is, *hen shoul+ I cut out starchy
carbs out o$ my +iet, an+ conseEuently *hen shoul+ I cut out carbs $rom rice an+ potatoes ...
Won't I get )ery tire+ i$ I cut out carbs completely come *ee% J or !#. I really hope you can help
me out.
Marty 3allagher: Hey 5n+re* - rice an+ potatoes are starchy carbs.
I thin% you are thin%ing about re$ine+ carbsL stu$$ li%e brea+, pasta, +onuts, pastry an+ the li%e. I
thin% i$ you %eep inta%ing a goo+ly amount o$ sala+s an+ steame+ )eggies, energy *ill not be a
problem. Fesi+es, you nee+ to %no* personally, +on't ta%e others *or+ $or it - the perio+iDation
approach *or%s but reEuires metho+ic +iscipline.
5rlington, Ca.: Hi Marty,
Coul+ you please tell me ho* to *or% up to a pull-up1 '0emale, /&, !"# lbs( Mo+erately
e,perience+ li$ter. 5lso nee+ to %no* i$ I shoul+ *or% to*ar+s one *ith palms $acing, a*ay, the
+i$$erences, etc.
I')e got a pull-up bar at home an+ am so *ea% I can pretty much 7ust hang there4 Is this a goo+
a++ition to my li$ting routine1
Marty 3allagher: Chins are easier then pullups.
2he classical *ay to *or% up to chins is to +o chin-grip pull+o*ns. 2heoretically, a un+er-han+
pull+o*n is the same as a pull-up. 2he i+ea is to *or% up to bo+y*eight $or reps in the un+er-
han+ pull+o*n. 8ou ha)e to use bo+y *eight $or reps to +o a chin so it $ollo*s that you ha)e to
at least *or% up to bo+y *eight in un+er-grip pull+o*ns be$ore they 'con)ert'. 5t this point you
shoul+ be able to +o a $e* chins. My e,perience has been that in most cases you nee+ to *or%
up to /#-"# poun+s o)er your bo+y *eight in chin-grip pull+o*ns be$ore they 'translate' into
being able to per$orm regular chins.
Washington, D.C.: Here's a calorie burning Euestion $or you. I ri+e my bi%e to *or%. I$ I ri+e $ast
it ta%es /5 minutes, an+ i$ I mosey it's more li%e 4# minutes. >ince I'm tra)elling the same
+istance, +o I burn the same number o$ calories regar+less o$ the spee+1
I'm not trying to be laDy about getting my heart pumping--I +on't ha)e a sho*er at *or%, so I ri+e
slo*ly to a)oi+ getting too stin%y. I *as 7ust curious about the calories thing. 2han%s.
Marty 3allagher: I$ t*o trains lea)e DC an+ Faltimore tra)eling at I#mph . .
8ou burn calories at a $aster rate *hen you ta%e /5-minutes to get to *or% then *hen you ta%e
4#-minutes to ri+e the i+enticalcircuitt. Do you burn more calories *hen you lollygag an+ ta%e
4#-minutes1 I seriously +oubt it. 2his is *hy I li%e to use a percentile o$ age-relate+ heart
ratema,imumm as my aerobic benchmar% instea+ o$ getting caught in the min+blo*er o$ trying
to +etermine caloric burn-o$$ rates.
I$ I *ere to ri+e your route *earing my heart rate monitor I *oul+ be able to see '$or e,ample(
that in /5-minutes I achie)e+ &JB o$ age-relate+ heart rate ma, *hile 4#-minutes generate+ a
5.B e$$ort. 2his is $ar less cumbersome an+ allo*s me to compare +i$$erent sessions one to
Fethes+a, M+. Him ;'Donnel no* has a series o$ pictures o$ her on her chat page, sho*ing her
goo$ing o$$ *ith %itchen stu$$. Maybe you coul+ put up some $ootage $rom one o$ your
championship li$ts as inspiration $or the chatters.
Marty 3allagher: Hmmmm . . . *oul+ you li%e to see Mongo an+ the boys sEuatting monster
*eights1 I'm gonna $ilm some po*erli$ting this *ee%en+ *hen I coach :+ 'Hing' Coan at the
Mountaineer In)itational. I'll as% my man 6occi at HG i$ this is possible. I use a >ony +igital.
Fethes+a, M+.: Coul+ the 5rlington Euestioner about chin-ups also use a chair or stool to +o
negati)es in case she +oes not ha)e access to a pull-+o*n machine1
Marty 3allagher: >he sure coul+ but I thin% that that is a long har+ roa+.
Fest i$ she coul+ +o both chin-grip pull+o*ns an+ negati)es. 'lo*ering the bo+y*eight un+er
control an+ then stepping bac% up onto a stool to the complete+ position - chin o)er bar - an+
lo*ering again(.
Washington, D.C.: Marty,
I ha)e a Euestion about ma%ing sure I am +oing my car+io at a high enough intensity. I ha)e a
lot o$ trouble ta%ing my pulse, especially *hen I am in the mi++le o$ a har+ car+io *or%out, an+ I
+on't thin% I am getting an accurate rea+ing. I sometimes try using the monitors that are
attache+ to the machines, but I ha)e hear+ that these are unreliable. I ha)e been loo%ing into
getting a heart rate monitor - +o you thin% this is *orth it 'they can be pricey( an+ can you
recommen+ one1 2han%s an+ by the *ay I lo)e your chats an+ al*ays rea+ all the pre)ious
*ee%s Euestions.
Marty 3allagher: Hey DC - I lo)e my heart rate monitor an+ thin% it isin+ispensiblee.
My 9olar pro$essional mo+el allo*s me to push a button at the en+ o$ the car+io session an+
bingo4 It tells me my blen+e+ session H6 a)erage. It recor+s the total number o$ times your
heart beats +uring a session an+ then +i)i+es that number by the number o$ minutes in the
session. I strappe+ it on Dr. Aim Wright, Health an+ >cience :+itor $or 0le, *hen he *as )isiting
a $e* *ee%s bac%. We hit one o$ the )icious, steep $ire trails in the mountains near the
Compoun+. He a)erage+ !4" $or 55-minutes an+ *as blo*n a*ay - Hey, +oing car+io *ithout
this suc%er is li%e li$ting *ithout %no*ing the poun+ages o$ the *eights. He got it. I pai+ R!/# $or
mine but un+erstan+ that they ha)e one out $or aroun+ RI# that has the %ey an+ critical 'blen+e+
a)erage session' $eature.
Mc?ean, Ca.: 8ester+ay a$ter li$ting shoul+ers I mo)e+ to a leg routine. Instea+ o$ +oing a
loa+e+ sEuat press I +i+ stepups, *hich consist o$ stepsuspiciousn to a plat$orm lea+ing *ith
one leg an+ then stepping +o*n *ith the other. I ha+ t*enty poun++umbbellss in each han+.
5$ter t*o sets o$ t*enty 'one lea+ing right, one le$t( I e,perience+ o)er*helming lighthea+ness
an+ nausea. 5lthough I ha)e ha+ this be$ore, this is the $irst time in o)er a year it has been
serious. I am o)er*eight an+ trying to be sensible in losing *eight but I also get an,ious )ery
easily. I *as *ith a personal trainer an+ he seeme+ to not thin% it *as that big a +eal but I am
concerne+. 5ny thoughts1 >houl+ I 7ust procee+ *ith aerobic to+ay an+ chest an+ triceps
tomorro* an+ *rite it o$$ as a goo$y +ay-ne* e,ercise1
Marty 3allagher: 0irst o$$ I am suspicous o$ any 92 *ho *oul+ start you o$$ *ith shoul+ers
be$ore +oing legs. It is >;9 that you al*ays start *ith the har+est bo+y part an+ nothing is
har+er then legs. 2his is a big mista%e: you +o the har+est *hen you energy is at its highest,
al*ays the beginning o$ the session.
>econ+ly, any 92 that tells you to *or% through nausea an+ light-hea+e+ness is a la*suit
*aiting to happen.
2hir+, step ups are an e,ercise o$ +ubious merit. 9lus, *hat i$ you'+ $ainte+ on top o$ the bo,
hol+ing t*o /#'s1 8ou'+ be *ritting me $rom the hospital to+ay.
>oun+s li%e you are +oing an a*$ul lot a*$ully $ast. I li%e to ease the out-o$-shape into the
*hac%y *orl+ o$ $itness, that *ay they +on't get hurt or in7ure+ an+ learn to ha)e some $un *ith
the process.
I$ you cannot in7ect $un into the $itness eEuation, you'll ne)er ma%e it. Iron *ill is only goo+ $or so
long be$ore you chuc% it all an+ Euit. 5re you ha)ing any $un or is this li%e being sentence+ to a
9archman 0arm chain gang1
Fi%e commuting Euestion, ta%e t*o: 8es, you +e$initely burn calories at a $aster rate *hen you
ri+e $aster--but you also e,ercise $or less time. When you ri+e slo*ly you burn at a slo*er rate,
but you ri+e $or longer. Which is *hy I thin% I burn the same number o$ calories bet*een my
house an+ *or% no matter ho* $ast I go.
Marty 3allagher: It's not that easy: you ha)e to %no* e,actly the rate o$ caloric o,i+ation at each
+egree o$ intensity, trac% the +egree o$ intensity an+ then calculate base+ on the the actual
8oo)ersimpli$y$y a comple, process. Do you hit the hills *ith the same )igor e)ery time1 Do you
coast a little $urther one +ay to the ne,t1 2rue you might arri)e on time but you coul+ go $aster
up a hill one +ay or coast $urther the ne,t. 8es you *oul+ arri)e on time but you gi)e to little
attention to the unlimite+ )ariables that can occur *ithin that time $rame.
I$ you *ere on a $lat, le)el course the eEuation *oul+ be less comple, but you nee+ to $actor
gra+e, spee+ an+ length o$ coasting time into the eEuation. 2oo much trouble in my opinion.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I')e been +oing 5-rep sets on the bench, as $ollo*s: !,!5, /,I-., !,!#-!/, !,5.
:ach rep is essentially +one to $ailure. I $in+ the last rep $eels better i$ I +o the lighter 4th rep
be$orehan+. Does this ma%e sense1 Is it a goo+ *ay to go1
Marty 3allagher: =o its not - +on't go to $ailure so o$ten it ree%s ha)oc on the ner)ous system.
2ry this !,!5, !,", then +o your top set o$ 5-reps - not to $ailure - an+ mo)e this up a $e*
poun+s each *ee%.
5$ter the top set o$ 5 you may +rop bac% an+ +o one-t*o sets $or I-. reps.
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: 8oga-9ilates: Foth are great to *or% into your routine. I')e been ta%ing
yoga $or years, an+ recently s*itche+ to 5shtanga or 9o*er yoga. Class once a *ee%, plus
practice at home, *or%s *on+ers $or %eeping me $le,ible an+ centere+. It also teaches me
certainan sel$-a*areness, $ocus, an+ attention to +etails li%e bo+y position an+ tension points
that is crucial $or any %in+ o$ serious training. 5lso a great reco)ery toolL I can *a%e up the +ay
a$ter an intense *eights session, +o 45 min. o$ yoga, an+ not $eel Euite so grippe+.
5ll to say I'm a huge a+)ocate. Which style you choose is personal pre$erence, there are similar
bene$its $rom all o$ them.
Fut, as Marty *ill emphatically tell you, yoga-9ilates D; =;2 replace *eight training. Many
instructors *ill tell yoacti)itieses light *eightli$ting 'yang( *or% against yoga practice 'yin(. 2hey
are in many *ays opposites, but in that sense they compliment each other. 8oga reEuires you
to be strong, but li$ting *eights is the $ar superior metho+ $or gaining strength.
Foo% recommen+ation: 8oga $or 5thletes by 5la+ar Hogler.
Marty 3allagher: Hey - Cat$ish gal - ho*'+ you $in+ out about 5la+ar Hogler1
2hat guy is a genius an+ I +on't thro* that term aroun+ lightly. He is also the master o$ brain-
train $or athletics. He +e)ise+ most o$ mentapreparationon techniEues use+ by Iron Curtain
athletes bac% in the hey-+ay o$ the Fig 6e+ Machine.
9otomac 6i)er D*eller: Here *as my $a)orite Euote o$ the *ee%:
Whether you are young, ol+, $at, s%inny, male, $emale, strong, *ea%L *e all are sub7ect to the
same biology, the samo)erri+ingng scienti$ic realities. 5s long as you *ant to increase strength
an+ buil+ muscle, *hy *oul+ you train +i$$erent $rom me1 ?ighter certainly, but not +i$$erently.
Wish him the best this *ee%en+, eh1
Marty 3allagher: Hey - are you rea+ing $rom the :+ Coan boo% that I *rote1
6oc%)ille, m+: Help4 I ha)e lost more than .# poun+s an+ ha)e about !5 to go. 2he *eight
came o$$ slo*ly an+ sensibly. 'about t*o years( I *as ne)er the type to e,ercise an+ actually
lost the $irst 5# poun+s *ith no e,ercise.
Currently I *al% at least an hour e)ery +ay, +o aerobics once a *ee% an+ play tennis once a
*ee%. ;b)iously, this is not enough to lose the last o$ the *eight as I ha)e not lost a thing in J
months. 5lso I *oul+ li%e to tone up some. 5$ter losing so much *eight, I ha)e that sagging
9lease help a person *ho has no i+ea *here to start.
Marty 3allagher: 8ou are i+eally situate+ to ma%e some astoun+ing gains - congrats on an
outstan+ing 7ob to +ate, by the *ay.
I$ you coul+ a++ a t*ice-*ee%ly *eight program o$ about "#-4# minutes per session you *ill
un+ergo a physical trans$ormation.
>ince you')e ne)er *eight traine+ your bo+y *ill react *ell to the ne* regimen. 5++ ten poun+s
o$ muscle an+ you *ill increase your +aily caloric nee+s by "##-4## calories. Muscle is an
acti)e tissue that reEuires calories an+ you can a++ $unctional muscle, increase your +aily
calorie,pen+iturere an+ boost you metabolic rate - all by +e+icating I#-.# minutes a *ee% to
*eights. 9lus, the ne* muscle mass *ill astoun+ $rien+s an+ relati)es.
5le,an+ria, Ca.: It's the bench guy again - than%s $or the a+)ice. 2o clari$y, a ne* routine coul+
be: !,!5, !,", !,5, !,.1 5lso, *hen is it appropriate to +o a ma,-$ailure1
Marty 3allagher: Ma, an+ $ailure are light years apart.
0orget about going to $ailure $or a *hile. When you easily ma%e your poun+age a++ a rep or t*o
ne,t session or slap some *eight on the bar at the ne,t session.
>pring$iel+, Ca.: I am trying to get rippe+ by eating right+oingig car+io, an+ intense *eight
li$ting. 2his Euestion pertains to my +iet. I am eating aroun+ !## or so grams o$ protein, lo*
carbs, an+ lo* $at. I *eigh !I5 an+ 5$t !#in. What is the minimum amount o$ $at in my +iet '$rom
meats mostly( to stay healthy. 5n+ shoul+ my protein inta%e be any higher1 2han%s4
Marty 3allagher: 2here are a million +i$$erent approaches to +iet.
Most I0FF pro$essional bo+ybuil+ers use either a %etogenic '#-4# grams o$ carbs +aily( or a hi-
protein-lo* $at approach '!.5 grams o$ protein per poun+ bo+y *eight per +ay - no more then 5-
.B o$ +aily calories +eri)e+ $rom $at(.
Den)er, Colo.: Ha)e you ha+ any e,perience *ith a rupture+ pectoralis ma7or muscle O ten+on
near its humeral insertion1 I am a 4!-year ol+ male an+ ha)e been *eight training since my
teenage years *ithout a single in7ury. 5ppro,imately a *ee% ago I ha+ *arme+ up an+
procee+e+ to +o a bench *or%out. 5$ter a $e* *arm up sets I complete+ a ma, bench at "!5
lbs. Deci+e+ to start *or%ing +o*n an+ +roppe+ the *eight by /# lbs. ;n the ne,t set I
e,perience+ complete muscle $ailure in my le$t chest. 2here *as no a+)ance *arning that this
*as about to happen. I ha)e been sche+ule+ $or surgery ne,t *ee% to repair the pectoralis
ma7or ten+on. What about the pectoralis ma7or O minor muscles themsel)es1 5re my ma,
bench press +ays o)er1
Marty 3allagher: Di+ the ten+on +etach $rom the bone1 5re they going to +rill a hole an+
reattach it1 I %no* plenty o$ guys *ho')e ha+ surgery an+ still compete+ - ho*e)er they all lost
something o$$ their bench to )arying +egrees. 5 lot +epen+s on ho* things heal.
?earning pull-ups: Here's a Marine Corps tric%:
Ha)e a partner stan+ behin+ you *hile you hang $rom the bar. Cross your an%les an+ rest them
on the partner's stomach as you +o your pull-ups--ho* much *eight you put on your partner is
up to you. It's not e,actly a scienti$ic metho+, but it +e$initely buil+s up your strength.
Marty 3allagher: :,cellent techniEue4 I'+ $orgot about this one: i$ you can ha)e someone assist
you can +o '$orce+ reps' chins. I use+ to put my han+ on the small o$ the trainees bac% an+ push
them up*ar+ to help them sEueeDe out an a++itional rep or t*o. 8ou coul+ use this partner
assiste+ techniEue to great e$$ect. 2han%s ?eathernec%.
0lynn, 5r%.: I'm consi+ering buying a Fo*$le,. What is your opinion o$ this pro+uct1
Marty 3allagher: I')e ne)er ha+ an opportunity to try bo*$le, so I cannot comment. I am a++ing
in the remain+er o$ the Euestions at the en+ o$ this response.
Marty 3allagher: Wo* - loo% at the time4 I gotta run. I *ill ans*er all this *ee%s le$to)ers 'in
greater +etail( an+ ha)e them poste+ $or you at the en+ o$ ne,t *ee%s sho*. 2hose o$ you *ho
ha+ Euestion le$t unans*ere+ $rom last *ee% - ta%e a loo%, 'cause e)ery single GO$romrm last
*ee% has been ans*ere+. >ee you ne,t *ee%.
2hat *as our last Euestion to+ay. 2han%s to e)eryone *ho 7oine+ the +iscussion.
I-!/-#! Guestions
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty,
I nee+ to loose about "# poun+s an+ 7ust starte+ *atching *hat I eat an+ e,ercising. I am a
short $emale, age "/. 5ny suggestions on *hat my +aily caloric inta%e shoul+ be 'right no* I am
shooting $or !"##-!4##( an+ the amount o$ e,ercise I shoul+ get per *ee%1
2here is no mathematical $ormula that cleanly +esignates ho* many calories a person shoul+
ingest to lose *eight. Di$$erent bo+y types consume calories at a +i$$erent rate.
!. 2ry an+ clean up your +iet - eliminate one nasty $oo+ a *ee%
/. :at small meals 'or meals intersperse+ *ith high Euality snac%s( 4-I times +aily, space+
". >ee% to lose at the rate o$ about !-poun+ o$ bo+y *eight per *ee%
4. ?i$t *eights t*ice an+ *ee% an+ +o some car+io to burn a $e* calories, impro)e +igestion an+
spee+ the basal metabolic rate. 8ou coul+ mount a nice e,ercise e$$ort by allotting a mere "-4
hours a *ee%, about the time it ta%es to play a roun+ o$ gol$.
Washington, D.C.: Hey Marty: about 4 lost about "# lbs '5'I $emale, $rom !5# to !/#(
through e,ercising an+ eating a healthy, lo* $at, )egetarian +iet. Currently, I +o I# minutes cario
5 , *ee%, *ith "# minutes strength or *eight training 5 , *ee%, as *ell as ta%ing a pilates class
once a *ee%. I'm still eating a lo* $at, )eggie +iet but my *eight is bac% up to !4# lbs. Ho* can I
7umpstart a !#-!5 lb. *eight lose1 5lso - I')e recently been e,periencing some serious lo*er
bac% pain 'especially *hen getting up $rom seate+ position or ben+ing o)er( - any
a+)ice-stretches to help1 2han%s4
5n hour o$ car+io at a time seems e,cessi)e an+ in+icates to me that you are cruising. ?et's
start emphasiDing intensity o)er +uration: cut the aerobic sessions bac% to "#-minutes an+ go a
lot $aster. In a++ition, re)amp that *eight routine: I sure it's com$ortable an+ $amiliar an+ that's
e,actly *hy I *ant you to +itch it. 8our bo+y has learne+ ho* to neutraliDe its e$$ects an+ *e
nee+ to shoc% those complacent muscles a bit in or+er to stimulate gains. Cut some calories )ia
the substitution metho+: replace $at calories 'J-calories a gram( *ith protein calories '4-calories
a gram(. :gg *hites '".5 grams o$ protein per egg( an+ protein po*+er *ill help. I$ you are a
strict )eggie 'no +airy(, contact me $or a potent soy protein po*+er at
5le,an+ria, Ca.: I'm ha)ing a tough time brea%ing $ree o$ carbs. Can you suggest resources $or
perio+iDation regimens, '/( cre+uctiontion strategies an+ '"( sports nutrition counseling1
9eople lo)e carbohy+rates because o$ the taste an+ the $eeling o$ satis$ie+ $ullness a$ter*ar+s.
;ne big reason *hy $ol%s $ail to get the carb mon%ey o$$ their bac% is that they slash calories
*hen re+ucing carbohy+rates an+ this sets o$$ gna*ing hunger pangs. 8ou nee+ to eat in or+er
to a)oi+ the hunger that prece+es a binge. I$ you substitute protein calories '4-cals p-gram( $or
carb calories '4-cals p-gram( you can *ean yoursel$ o$$ the se+ucti)e taste o$ carbohy+rates
an+ a)oi+ the hunger. When that carbohy+rate cra)ing +escen+s eat4 -- Fut eat protein $oo+s
an+ sala+s *ith lo* $at +ressing. 2his is the all-important $irst step. ;nce you')e bro%en the
cycle o$ consuming carbohy+rates by substituting, you can then begin manipulating o)erall
caloric consumption +o*n*ar+ to achie)e bo+y $at loss. 3i)e the substitution principle a *hirl
an+ see i$ you can brea% the carb chains that bin+ you.
Detroit, Mich.: Marty,
2han%s to your +iscussion area o)er the last year I ha)e been able to ma%e +rastic
impro)ements in my health an+ $itness....Ho*e)er, I belie)e I am in a rut right no*. I am about
5'. !J5 lbs... I ha)e been trying to get +o*n to !.#-!.5 *ithout losing the muscle I ha)e but
ha)e been $utile. I$ I ingest too many calories an+ protein 'chic%en,tuna, protein sha%es, etc..(, I
start to *eigh more .. i$ I +on't eat enough I lose muscle an+ am $atigue+ +uring *or%outs. Do
you ha)e any a+)ice about *al%ing a metabolic tightrope1 I$ nee+e+, I can pro)i+e you *ith a
list o$ *or%outs an+ nutritional inta%es.
3oo+ 7ob 5n+re*. 8ou are e,hibiting symptoms o$ being stale an+ o)ertraine+. I *oul+ li%e to
ma%e a bol+ proposition: $orget about getting rippe+ an+ shre++e+ $or a *hile an+ bul% up a
little. 2his *ill accomplish se)eral things simultaneously. 5 po*er perio+iDation cycle *oul+
enable you to han+le more poun+age in your *eight training thereby stimulating some ne*
muscle gro*th. 8ou nee+ to a++ some lean muscle mass. Muscle tissue is acti)e tissue that
reEuires $ee+ing an+ each a++itional poun+ o$ muscle tissue you a++ causes you to burn an
a++itional "#-4# calories a +ay. 5++ ten poun+s o$ muscle an+ you *ill be o,i+iDing an
a++itional "##-4## calories a +ay - the eEui)alent o$ a "#-4# minute stationary bi%e ri+e4
>econ+ly, a bul% cycle *ill raise your caloric ceiling ra+ically. =o* this seems a craDy thing to +o
in the short term but )ie*e+ long term this approach ma%es per$ect sense. 5$ter you ha)e
a++e+ some muscle an+ raise+ your caloric brea%e)en point, you can institute a lean-out phase.
;nly no* you'll be +ealing *ith a )astly ele)ate+ caloric brea%e)en point. 5n ele)ate+ caloric
ceiling gi)es us more room to maneu)er un+erneath in or+er to strip o$$ bo+y $at. 2hin% about an
.-!/ *ee% po*er an+ strength cycle $ollo*e+ by an eEual length lean out phase. Wa, on - *a,
o$$ to Euote another coach o$ high stan+ing, Mr. Miagi. I thin% you are hitting your hea+ against
a concrete *all currently.
= 5rlington, Ca.: 9ls o$$er some other clean coo%ing i+eas li%e the cat$ish i+ea $or a clueless
coo%. Can you recommen+ a 3iant, >a$e*ay bran+ oil that'll be as close to hypri+ to MC2 oil.
Cat$ish is only one o$ a )ast array o$ $ish that get consume+ in mass Euantities at the 3allagher
Ci%ing >tyle chuc% *agon. Halibut, co+, $antastic rainbo* trout caught in local $resh *ater
pon+s, $loun+er, roc%$ish, the list goes on an+ on . . . Fasically, I coo% $ish one o$$ t*o *ays:
either I $ry $ish in MC2 oil or grill it on my Weber gas grill on the +ec% o)erloo%ing the south $orty.
MC2 oil is short $or me+ium-chain tryglyceri+e an+ is $at that is +igeste+ as a carbohy+rate.
MC2 oil has the caloric +ensity o$ $at 'J-calories per gram( but +oes not possess the artery-
clogging attributes o$ saturate+ $at. Whereas a con)entional $at '?C05( contains !I-// carbon
atoms, MC2 oil contains I-!/ carbon atoms. I use it to $ry onions, bell peppers, garlic, potatoes,
chic%en, $ish, eggs, etc., It allo*s me to en7oy $rie+ $oo+ an+ still a)oi+ the health haDar+s o$
high $at eating. MC2 oil is coconut oil that the bo+y processes li%e a carbohy+rate 'transporte+
+irectly $rom the small intestine to the li)er )ia the portal )ein( rather then the complicate+
+igesti)e process o$ a ?C05. I use a type o$ MC2 oil that comes in a "/-ounce bottle an+ costs
R4#. 2his is enough to last me a t*o or three months.
I grill $ish Euite o$ten an+ most al*ays marinate ahea+ o$ time. I *ash $ish as soon as I get it
home in col+ *ater an+ then thro* it is a )at o$ FFG ')inegar base+(, lemon 7uice or one o$ the
great commercial marina+es. ;nce $ish is +un%e+ in marina+e, no more $ish smell4 What coul+
be Euic%er an+ more con)enient1 2urn on the gas grill, *al% insi+e, ta%e the tub o$ $ish out o$ the
$ri+ge, e,tract a $ilet or t*o an+ then place them in special *ire $ish bas%et. Wal% outsi+e an+
grill the $ish o)er a me+ium $lame $or a $e* minutes, turning a $e* times. In $i)e-ten minutes you
a ha)e create+ charre+, $la)or$ul grille+ $ish that ri)als the best restaurants. Fust open a bag o$
pre-mi,e+ sala+, get the 9aul =e*man's an+ cho* +o*n.
5le,an+ria: Marty,
?ast *ee% you +iscusse+ a 4 +ay split $or po*erli$ting. Coul+ you get a little more +etaile+. In
! =umber o$ sets an+ reps. I'm use+ to one set to $ailure, so I'm pretty clueless here.
/ What sorts o$ assistance e,ercises go *ith *hat li$ts1
I$ there's a Web site or article I ought to chec% out, lemme %no*. 2han%s loa+s, 2om.
9.>. I'm +o*n !# poun+s since this time last month. I'm stic%ing *ith the /# rep sets $or a *hile.
I'm aiming to get +o*n belo* /## lbs /// no*, *ith !&# lbs ?FM be$ore getting bac% on a
strength oriente+ program.
I'm not Euite sure *hat you are loo%ing $or an+ rather then re-in)ent the *heel, *oul+ as% you to
pro)i+e me *ith the program you are using or anticipate using. I poste+ a +etaile+ perio+iDation
plan the $irst o$ the year - ha)e you seen it1
D.C.: Marty-
5re you $amiliar *ith Aoyce Ce+ral's *eight *or%out tapes1 What +o you thin% o$ them1
I')e ne)er seen any o$ her tapes so I *on't o$$er any comments.
Cirginia: What's the +eal *ith all these home gyms *e see on 2C: >olo$le,, etc.1 5re they any
goo+1 5ll the guys *or%ing on the machines ha)e no bo+y hair: *hat gi)es1 I$ I use these
machines I')e gotta lose the hair141 -7ust 7o%ingS >eriously, is the 'smooth' loo% in these +ays1
8ou in$erence is that you yearn $or ugly, %nuc%le +ragging mo+els *ith loa+s o$ bo+y hair1 8ou
are in+ee+ a uniEue in+i)i+ual.
I')e ne)er trie+ a single one o$ these machines - nor ha)e I e)er seen one in person - so I
cannot o$$er any assessment. ;b)iously $or the amount o$ cash reEuire+ to purchase one o$
these 2C gyms that may or may not be *hat they purport you coul+ buy all the $ree-*eights,
benches an+ rac%s you'+ nee+ to start a real home gym.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Marty:
I')e been prohibite+ $rom e,ercise '+octor's or+ers, I s*ear( $or the last t*o months. Hope$ully in
a *ee% or so I'll be allo*e+ to return to the gym. My Euestion is: *here +o I start1 9re)iously I'+
been going to aerobics /-" times per *ee% an+ +oing some sculpting in bet*een.
>lo* an+ cautious is the tic%et- you')e got the rest o$ your li$e so +on't go craDy an+ hurt
yoursel$. I can't o$$er speci$ics to someone un+er a +octor's care. I +on't e)en %no* the mala+y.
My comments to the ne,t Euestion are intersperse+ belo*L
5rlington, Ca.: I $inishe+ up the a !/-*ee% plan base+ on the $irst article you put up o)er
Mmas-=e* 8ears. Came in !# poun+s lighter 'cause I slac%e+ on car+io I thin%(, but much,
much stronger all aroun+ 'e,cept bench(.
3oo+ 7ob4 I tol+ you this stu$$ *or%s.
I *ant to lean out some more, so I *ant to try a I-*ee% plan o$ /#-rep sets.
I *oul+ stretch it to eight *ee%s - cycles are usually sub+i)i+e+ into 4-*ee% mini-cyles that
resi+e *ithin the larger $rame*or% o$ the macro-cycle. In this case, t*o $our *ee% mini cycles
resi+ing *ithin the .-*ee% macro-cycle.
I'm also going to start ri+ing my bi%e to *or%. >houl+ be an easy car+io increase.
Don't get run o)erL other*ise this seems li%e a cool i+ea. Don't loa+ up on carbs be$ore your
morning ri+e.
Ho*'s this loo% $or the *eights:
5ll are !,!/, !,!#, !,/#
=o - try thisL !,!/ *ith 5#B, !,5 *-&5B, !,/# *-!##B
Day !
Hamstring curl
Cal$ 6aises
>houl+er 9ress
+umbbell bent ro* - +rop these - I thin% you mean bento)er rear +elt raise
?ateral 6aise
Day /
Wi+e 3rip Fench
=arro* 3rip Fench
Dumbbell 9ullo)er - +rop these
Day "
?at pull+o*n
seate+ cable ro*
seate+ incline curls
seate+ preacher curls
hammer curls
?oo%s goo+ - you nee+ a speci$ic eating plan to accompany all this har+ *or%. 8ou can un+o all
your e$$orts *ith poor eating habits.
2allahassee, 0la.: I am an e,-$ootball player at I'! /55, but I nee+ to lose some *eight, but its
har+ no* b-c being in college I +on't ha)e a set +iet an+ school really thro*s o$$ my *or%out
sche+ule. What's a goo+ *ay to incorporate this into my sche+ule1
Can you coo%1 I$ you can, ma%e a bunch o$ $oo+ on >un+ay, store it the re$rigerator an+ each
+ay pac% "-4 mini-meals in in+i)i+ual tupper*are containers. :at on the $ly. Fuy some protein
po*+er an+ a bo, o$ sport nutrition bars. Carry the bars *ith you, along *ith some pieces o$
$ruit. :at something e)ery "-*a%ing hoursL this *ill %eep you in positi)e nitrogen balance. Curb
hunger *ith small mini-$ee+ings an+ soon the poun+s *ill melt li%e ice cubes stre*n on a Auly
?aurel, M+.: Marty, I')e +e)elope+ a nagging case o$ elbo* bursitis in both arms an+ it's starting
to ta%e its toll on my *or%outs. I'm at the point no* *here I can't li$t *ithout the ai+ o$ elbo*
*raps. ;ther than popping 5le)9eDi%e peD an+ icing them *hat else can I +o to ai+ reco)ery but
still stay acti)e in the *eight room1
Mongo in M+.
Hey Mongo, I lo)e+ you ten+er interpretation o$ your character in FlaDing >a++les. 8ou
remin+e+ me o$ a +oDen past an+ present po*erli$ting training partners. I *oul+ go an+ see a
sports me+icine +octor, a goo+ one, someone *ho has *or%e+ *ith pro teams, an+ ha)e him
shot some ,-rays. ?et's nail +o*n e,actly *hat the problem is an+ then *e can +etermine *hat
me+ical options are a)ailable. 2ons o$ aspirin can burn a hole in your gut. Happene+ to Dorian
8ates prior to his $inal ;lympia *in.
Washington, D.C.: Marty --
6e: 3rip *or%
Do you suggest +oing +irect grip *or%1 I$ so, *hat e,ercises are goo+ $or increasing grip
I +on't +o any +irect grip *or% as I +o all +i$$erent types o$ +ea+li$ts, ro*s, hea)y pull+o*ns an+
barbell high pulls. Dea+li$ts +one *ith a +ouble han+ o)er-grip are %iller. Ma%e sure you +on't
bust up the $loor 'cause i$ you +o them right 'hea)y an+ precise( it's 7ust a matter o$ time be$ore
you +rop one.
5rlington, Ca.: Hi Marty4 I nee+ your e,pertise to settle a +ebate bet*een me an+ my boy$rien+.
I %no* that you ha)e to *ait about "# minutes a$ter you eat to s*im.
I thought that this *as an ol+ *i)es tale an+ ha+ been pro)en erroneous
Ho* long +o you ha)e to *ait a$ter you eat to +o any other type o$ e,ercise. 2he type o$
e,ercise that I can +o right no* is not )ery strenuous an+ not $or a long time 'li%e playing a
leisurely game o$ tennis(.
?a+y, I')e ha+ li$ting partners consume /-" meatloa$ san+*iches in bet*een sets o$ &##-poun+
sEuats *hile *ashing it all +o*n *ith a Euart o$ mil%s.
Do you ha)e to *ait a$ter you eat, an+ i$ so ho* long, $or mo+erate an+ strenuous e,ercising.
2han%s $or the a+)ice4
I can't really comment.
Minneapolis, Minn.: Hi Marty,
I ha)e a Euestion on car+io $itness. ?ately, *ith the lo)ely summer *eather *e're ha)ing, I')e
been bi%ing to *or% rather than +ri)ing. It ta%es me about an hour an+ $i$teen minutes to get to
*or% 'an+ then an hour an+ $i$teen to get home in the e)ening( an+ it's a relati)ely $lat route *ith
a $e* hills here an+ there. I $eel great *hen I get to *or% 'i$ a little tire+( an+ then am pumpe+ up
to bi%e home instea+ o$ ha)ing to na)igate rush hour tra$$ic. My Euestion is, am I getting enough
o$ a car+io *or%out in +oing this1 I am Euite certain that my heart rate is not as high as it *oul+
be at the gym on the bi%e $or a hal$ hour '*here I am usually at about !I" bpm-----$yi, I'm /&
years ol+, $emale, about !". poun+s(, but I +o $eel li%e I'm getting a *or%out. Is this a goo+
car+io substitute1 I hate going to the gym *hen it's so nice out but I hate to compromise $itness.
I +on't %no* i$ bi%ing $or /.5 hours at a slo*er heart rate is as goo+ as bi%ing $or "# minutes *ith
a higher heart rate. What +o you thin%1 2han%s 'an+ I rea+ the post clam ba%e Euestions so
%eep 'em up4(.
I $eel great *hen I get to *or% an+ then pumpe+ up on the ri+e home.
Hey, that's $antastic4 2his approach ought to stimulate some great long-term gains. 2he %ey to
$itness success is ma%ing it $un. Who cares i$ you lose a $e* percentage points o$$ the intensity
Euota1 Fesi+es =o)ember *ill be here soon enough an+ you'll be $orce+ o$$ the bi%e. 6i+e,
en7oy an+ smir% at the smol+ering +ri)ers as you Dip by.
>pring$iel+, Ca.: 2o get get the clea)age or to get cut in bet*een the pecs, *hat is the best
:)eryone has a split bet*een the pec ma7or 'lo*er pec( an+ pec minor 'upper pec(. 8ou nee+
to ha)e bet*een an .-!!B bo+y $at percentile other*ise the spilt is obscure+ *ith a layer o$ $at.
8ou ha)e to possess a lo* bo+y $at percentile in or+er to re)eal *hat is alrea+y there.
>pring$iel+, Ca.: 0or bench pressing shoul+ the bar be brought all the *ay to the chest, or until
the arms are bent appro,imately J# +egrees1 I')e hear+ )arying stories.
It is lunacy to stop a bench press at J#-+egrees. I'm sure the e,perts you')e consulte+ ha)e a
snappy, $lippant rationale but purpose$ully re+ucing the range-o$-motion in any e,ercise re+uces
the $iber stimulation +rastically4 3ame, set, match. 2a%e the barbell +o*n to the chest an+ on
the ma,imally e,pan+e+ thora, hol+ the bar motionless $or a beat be$ore pushing it bac% to
arms length.
36I??M5=, W;;D>H:DDI=, 56I<.: 3;;D M;6=I=3 C;5CH 35??53H:6,
I'M 6:5??8 W;6= ;@2 06;M 2H: ?;CH;@2> >52. 2H: 2659> 5=D :6:C2;6> 56:
2;5>2. 2HI> W58 I> 6:5??8 2;@3H 2; 6:C@9:652: 5> C;M956:D 2; 2H:
5?2:6=52IC:. A@>2 ?5ID 56;@=D ;= M8 D58> ;00 5=D 52: 5> M@CH 5> I C;@?D
2; 0@0@6=5C:@6=5=C:. &!5 M " 2HI> >52@6D5y. >2I?? ?;;HI=3 ;= 5 >@I2, C5='2
D:CID: ;= 2H: >@9:6 >@I2 !# ;6 5 2I25=. C;MM:=2>1 I'?? D6;9 8;@ 5 ?I=: ;=
2H: F52 9H;=: >52@6D58 502:6 265I=I=3. 8;@6 M5I? I> 3;I=3 ;@2
2ry all the eEuipment possibilities, lea)e no stone unturne+ or no metho+ untrie+.
?aurel, M+.: Hi Marty,
I hope that you can ans*er this to+ay. I am e,periencing a shooting pain in my elbo*s e)ery
time that I bench press-shoul+er press. It is e,tremely pain$ul on nose brea%ers an+ o)erhea+
tricep presses. 2his has been going on $or a $e* months an+ has become progressi)ely *orse.
5ny suggestions1 I +o not *ant to eliminate all pressing an+ tricep mo)ements. 2he only thing
that +oes not hurt is rope push+o*ns. It also hurts on barbell curls o$ any
ts*itche+s*it+umbbellsumbells an+ there is no pain. Dan C.
2ry using +i$$erent *i+th grips. 3rate$ully *or% the rope push+o*ns an+ use +umbbells *ithout
pain. :lbo* pain +uring tricep *or% is Euite common an+ most top guys *or% aroun+ it rather
then trying to push through it. 0in+ *hat +oesn't hurt an+ really *or% those e,ercises.
=ash)ille, 2enn.: Marty,
I'm $ollo*ing a ne* *or%out routine you suggeste+ someone else that I $oun+ in your archi)e,
an+ you recommen+e+ to use a butter$ly machine ! set to $ailure on +ay /, but my gym +oesn't
ha)e a butter$ly machine. What can I substitute1 5lso, I'm +oing /# minutes o$ car+io 'ro*, bi%e
or run( on the +ays I li$t an+ 4# minutes on the +ays I 'rest.' >houl+ rest +ays really be rest +ays,
or is it 7ust resting $rom li$ting1 2han%s $or the help.
Dumbbell $lyes on a $lat bench are the origin o$ the pec +ec. DF $lyes remain the best o$ the 'tree
hugging' style o$ pec e,ercises. 2he pec +ec *as in)ente+ as an easier *ay to +o DF $lyes. Fy
allo*ing you to sit erect an+ +o them mechanically, they ma+e $lyes easier but not better. 0lyes
are superior to pec +ec in e)ery respect.
Washington, DC: What +o you consi+er goo+ e,ercises to help buil+ abs1 I %no* that a goo+
+iet comes $irst,