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Indonesia is one country that has a very extensive tropical forests. There are
many animal and plant ecosystems. Besides, now many animals are hunted to be
traded as well as plants harvested and traded. Thus many animals and plants are
almost rare. Rare means little in the world's population lives thus endangered.
Therefore we have to keep the populations of animals and plants that are
endangered. With no way to cut down trees in the wild, poaching and much
We should be able to figure out what plants and animals that are endangered.
An example is the pitcher plant, Black Orchid and Rafflesia. we will know more
about the plants 'Pockets Semar'. By way of making article

1) Plant Bag Semar.

Many people who know with this pitcher plant. But also do not know anyone with
this pitcher plant. The pitcher plant is taken from the puppet characters because
abdominal fat semar the same as a bag held by the pitcher. This pitcher was the
only insects that function to meet the needs of Nitrogen. The pitcher plant is a
plant edemik itself. Edemik because just living in different parts of the world, in
which one country is Indonesia. It has 103 species of plants. 64 types of which
there are 32 species found in Indonesian Borneo, 29 species found in Sumatra, on
the other islands is not known clearly. But according to a search in the Bogor-
based, Bogor, was found in at least 10 types of Sulawesi, Papua, 9 types, 4 types
of Maluku and Java 2 types.
We as children of Indonesia and Indonesian citizens should keep this plant
Nepenthes by creating nature reserves and protect it. But we should not treat the
individual, because if we take care of themselves, we will get punishment from
the government. Because the plants are already extinct hampi should not be
treated individuals should be given to the government.
Benefits in everyday life as a drug that is part of the fluid bag still closed, as an
ornamental plant, as part of a replacement strap stem pitcher.
2) Black Orchid

Latin name of the black orchid is Coelogyne pandurata. Black orchid is a plant
species is only found in Borneo alone. Black orchid is often found in Padang Luway
Nature Reserve because it is their natural habitat. Called black because it has a
tongue orchids (labellum) is black with a slight green stripes and fluffy. These
orchids usually bloom in March to June. Experts often make the color black as the
main source for generating new hybrid with attractive color patterns. Langset
shaped corolla. Leaves oval-shaped black orchid. The difference is the black orchid
plants with other orchid that smells very fragrant.

Sepals and petals light green. The leaves glance looks like a young coconut plants.
This orchid conservation by establishing nature reserves and protect it, do not let
anyone ruin it let alone be traded. Because of this orchid is very rare though in
The benefits of this orchid is one source of herbal medicine, black orchid is also
used to make a symbol, as well as an ornamental plant that is very beautiful.

3) Rafflesia Arnoldi

Rafflesia arnoldi are obligate parasites of plants.
Rafflesia Arnoldi most commonly found on the island of Sumatra (Bengkulu,
Jambi, Sumatra and south). This plant is also called the world's largest plants. In
Java there is only one, namely Rafflesia Rafflesia patma. Rafflesia flower was first
discovered by Thomas Stamford Rffles and Dr.Arnoldi.
Assisted fertilization by insects, wind, and water. This plant can grow up to 9
months. If the flowers are blooming will last for 1 week, and usually bloom from
August to November. Because it smells rotten, having the characteristic odor of
the scent can lure insects to come.
How mengonserfasi this plant that makes nature reserves, such as nature
reserves in Bogor and in the forest there is also a plant Rafflesia glaze.
The Rafflesia plant has benefits for everyday life is for traditional medicine, the
manufacture of herb or herbs, to help the health of women, the object of

4) Plant Teak

Teak plants are plants that live in a particular rainfall, approximately rainfall 1500-
2000 mm / year. The characteristics of the teak tree is round with a straight trunk,
can reach 40 meters. Boles can reach 18-20 m. Leaf bud taper and short-
stemmed. The fruit is white and hard. This tree can bloom during the rainy season
and the dry season but also can reserve the water should be enough. The teak
tree trunk when young quadrilateral because it includes FAM. Monopodial teak
tree is a tree (only have one rod).
Conservation measures, namely teak plants. Not carelessly burned forest, cut
down by means of selective logging.
Benefits of teak trees in everyday life that is as raw material for boats, furniture
raw materials, branches used for firewood, leaves used as food wrappers and oak
bark can also be used as a wall.

5) Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a parasitic plant early in life. Kecambahannya require the host tree
to support life, because the roots themselves can not support life. Sandalwood is
believed to be originally from the island of Sumba NTT in particular. Sandalwood
is considered as an alternative medicine to bring one closer to God. This memili
sandalwood smell very fragrant. The base sandalwood oil is very expensive, in its
pure form. Mainly used for healing Ayuverda and to relieve anxiety.
Conservation of rebuilding sandalwood sandalwood cultivation, not by means of
burning illegal deforestation, illegal logging greatly, and not to be sold by the local
Benefits of sandalwood trees in everyday life that is in the manufacture of
perfumes, spices, incense materials, and as an aroma therapy.

6) palm

Plant palm or palm sugar is important as oil because it is a versatile plant. Palma
large and can reach 25 m high. The trunk at the top of the nail and covered with
black fibers commonly called palm fiber. Ijuk actually part of the leaf sheath that
envelops the stem. The palm trees are usually grown on the slopes or on the river
bank. Usually if the palm is crushed by means pounded several days, can result in
fluid called Nira / legen.
Conservation measures to preserve the palm is by no illegal felling, cutting by
means of selective logging, forest guard so that no more forest fires.
Benefits in everyday life is to be made candied fruit, ijuknya made broom, broom
stick made of bone leaves, for drug fever, upset stomach, usually made of sugar,
and for constipation drug.

7) Balam Suntai

Suntai Balam is one of the rare plants native to Indonesia. This rare plant has a
good quality wood. Class durability of this rare plant class IV and class II power. It
is not surprising that many of these rare plants in search of people. Do not try to
chase because this plant is endangered.

8) Resin

Resin is a rare plant that originated from Papua. Damar is one potensialyang tree
species have high economic value. This rare plant height can reach 60 m and a
diameter of 2 m. Resin is the result of the secretion of Sorea of tribal meranti
tree-merantian or Dipterocarpaceace. This includes dandamar dark amber cat
eyes. Resin spread in Maluku and Sulawesi.
The benefits of gum rosin is for the manufacture of matches, plaster, Venis,
lacquers, printing inks, coatings and textiles. We can cultivate this plant resin and
prevent the extinction of such dri not cut illegally.


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