Employee Name :
I, (print name) (signature) hereby state that I am fully committed to The Angel House Orphanage for 1 year (12 months) beginning (date). Once this contract is signed and my start date has arrived I alone will be responsible to the Management of The Angel House Orphanage and Grassroots Ministries USA. I must fulfill all roles, responsibilities and time frames for work as stated in this contract. Failure to do so can and will result in immediate termination. My Specific Roles and Responsibilities at the Orphanage in Gamasara Include: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Responsibilities for Each Employee Include: 1) All employees must work 5 days per week for 8 hours per day at The Angel House Orphanage in Gamasara. Off days will be arranged based on specific responsibilities of each employee. 2) 3) The Days and Times I am Required to be at The Angel House Orphanage Gamasara are: Day Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday – Time

Salary My salary for the contract year ________ is __________TZS. However, if I fail to meet the above stated requirements I will be forced to forfeit my salary based on a percentage basis related to days obligated to work in the month. For instance, if I am slated to work for twenty (20) days in the month and I, ______________ fail to come to work or not work my entire shift for 5 days out of the month my salary will be discounted by 25% (100% of salary / 20 days = 5 % per day).

Maternity Leave, Vacation, Sick Leave and Workman’s Comp In accordance with Tanzanian law: • If an employee is to become pregnant she will be given 3 months paid maternity leave. This can only be executed once every 3 years. If an employee should become pregnant after already using her 1 maternity leave/ 3 years, she will be forced to take leave without pay. • All employees will receive 1 month vacation with pay. This must be requested, approved and documented. • All employees will be given 5 sick days without pay. If sick time extends past 5 days it will be taken away from vacation time. Again, this time MUST be documented. • If an employee is injured while performing one of their specific roles and responsibilities stated above and they are working within the their required time frame Angel House Orphanage will pay all medical bills and the employee will be given pay during their time of absence for their recovery. Angel House will only cover one injury per contract term. Injuries must be documented by the government hospital with a full report on the injury written by the overseeing doctor. I _________________ will be fully committed to The Angel House Orphanage for the above stated roles, responsibilities, days and times. If at any point I fail to uphold the agreed terms and conditions of this contract I will be given two written warnings detailing the mistake. Upon the third mistake I will be fired from my position without severance pay. I, _____________ will not accept another position of work or accept a second job due to my obligation to The Angel House Orphanage. I also will not run a business out of the orphanage. If I, ______________ decide to resign from The Angel House Orphanage within 12 months of ____________. Additionally, if I am fired for any reason, I will not be paid severance. Angel House Signature : Employee Signature : Date :

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