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SYSPRO holds its head high in Manufacturing Market


CEO’s message Lean manufacturing and SYSPRO
Phil Duff – CEO, SYSPRO


elcome to the first edition of SYSPRO Global Talk for 2009, where we are focusing on the Machinery and Equipment market. In line with that theme, I would like to have a look at the interaction between Lean manufacturing and SYSPRO.

Lean Manufacturing is a powerful approach used by manufacturing companies to drastically improve manufacturing processes. It is essentially a philosophy that is applied to improve the way processes work; in business, those processes rely on systems to support the actual operations. In short, Lean addresses how processes should work and SYSPRO makes sure the processes work consistently. Lean represents the convergence of a number of manufacturing philosophies with labels and acronyms such as Just-in-Time (JIT), Quality-at-the-Source (Q@S) and Total Quality Management (TQM). Although Lean is increasingly applied in other industries, the key understanding comes from defining Lean in its manufacturing context. The basic goal of Lean Manufacturing is to get more done with less, by minimizing inventory at all stages of production, shortening the product cycle times from raw materials to finished goods, and eliminating waste. The term ‘Lean’ is used because Lean manufacturing uses less: n Human effort in the factory n Manufacturing space n Capital investment n Materials n Time between the customer order and the product shipment

"I believe that without a good system like SYSPRO, the process improvements achieved through Lean initiatives are unlikely to be permanent."

Within this strategy for remaining competitive by identifying and eliminating wasteful steps in products and processes, the following are common practices: n Continuous flow production n Continuous improvement n Improvement of equipment reliability n Quality at the source n Pull production Some Lean initiatives can be hugely strengthened with a synergistic SYSPRO implementation and vice versa, whereas in other cases the two efforts should really be viewed as separate initiatives and managed independently from each other. However you look at it, it’s true that systems which operate without embedding long-term improvements essentially miss the point. A frequent problem with some ERP implementations is that the question “What are we trying to achieve?” is met with only vague answers. There’s no doubt that some specific SYSPRO implementations require the guiding strategy of specific Lean principles to fulfill their business improvement objectives.


SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1


On the other hand, any improvements made possible by the Lean technique of ‘Batch size reduction’ have to be embedded in the parameters of the Manufacturing component of SYSPRO for those benefits to actually materialize. Another consideration is that a key requirement for many Lean initiatives is readily available and accurate data – which naturally resides in SYSPRO. Furthermore, information needs to flow from wherever it is captured to where it is needed to support the Lean initiative – which is best achieved by the integrated nature of SYSPRO’s database. It is also critically important to note that the way SYSPRO is implemented determines whether any benefit will accrue to the Lean initiative.

Furthermore, one needs to consider the long term: Lean strives to continuously modify processes in order to move closer to the ideal status, whereas SYSPRO works best when a particular configuration is set up once and then left to run consistently. Even where the mutually supportive nature is obvious, this will not happen automatically and will require specific attention. I believe that without a good system like SYSPRO, the process improvements achieved through Lean initiatives are unlikely to be permanent. v Phil Duff CEO SYSPRO

SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1



Barrett Communications improves profitability and competitiveness with SYSPRO

most countries in the world and include the UN, international relief agencies, government organizations, multinational companies and peace-keeping organizations. SYSPRO has tightened controls over the entire manufacturing process and automated test systems mean Barrett can maximize product quality with a rapid throughput. Phil Bradshaw, Managing Director of Barrett Communications, says: “The control over the manufacturing process that SYSPRO provides has improved our ability to respond to large requirements at short notice. This is particularly important in times of natural disaster or during humanitarian crises, as high-frequency communications are used as the main communication method and we need to get products out quickly.” SYSPRO was selected for its superior functionality, scalability and Windows capability. Also, the product fitted Barrett perfectly in terms of processes and accounting. While Barrett has experienced almost 60% growth over the past five years, a significant proportion of that growth took place over the past two years. Despite this growth, Barrett has not had to employ any additional finance or manufacturing staff and Bradshaw attributes this to SYSPRO’s efficiency and user-friendliness. “We quickly settled into using SYSPRO and within a very short period we were seeing the benefits. It helps us respond rapidly to changing markets and customer needs, and we’ve maintained our operating costs in a growth phase - without the need for any extra staff,” he says. “At first, the MRP process seemed a little more complex in SYSPRO but once we mastered it, we realized SYSPRO is a much better system. As a result of the functionality, we now have better forecasting, forward manufacturing, and raw materials supply we’re more accurate across the manufacturing function which means we can be more competitive and profitable.” v


ommunications equipment provider Barrett Communications is reaping the benefits of tight integration across the entire suite of SYSPRO products through its ability to respond rapidly to changing economic conditions and ensure complete control over the supply chain. Specializing in long-distance high-frequency communications, Barrett Communications is a Perth-based manufacturer with an international reputation for high product quality, on time delivery and ongoing customer support. Since 98% of Barrett Communications’ product is exported, the use of SYSPRO is invaluable because it tracks a customer’s order from receipt to dispatch. This is especially important because equipment is supplied to some of the most remote and inaccessible places in the world. Clients are scattered throughout


SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1


SYSPRO holds its head high in Manufacturing Market
n this excerpt from a Manufacturing Software Review by J. Carlton Colllins, CPA, SYSPRO is positioned as one of the top three system solutions for the manufacturing market sector. J. Carlton Collins runs an accounting services advisory company in the US.


Tier 1 Manufacturing Solutions - Five to seven years ago, Tier 1 solutions were the top dogs in the pack and many manufacturers needed to pick from this group. However by today’s standards, these products look more like ‘bloatware’ than ‘software’. These ERP solutions have been so crammed full of features that companies must wade through ridiculously lengthy procedures just to write a check or print a report. Corporate America is fed up with Tier 1 solutions and they are running away from them in large numbers. Today solutions such as SYSPRO not only run on the top databases and offer all of the modules you could ask for (save workflow), but they are far less expensive to purchase, implement, and maintain. They are also more easily customized, far easier to use and more proven. High-End Manufacturing Solutions – There are many high-end manufacturing solutions in the marketplace. These products have many advantages and they all fit certain manufacturing niches very well. These solutions have merit, but can not yet be considered to be complete manufacturing solutions. Please note that these products are typically extremely well-suited for light manufacturing and heavy bill of material processing situations. Vertical Manufacturing Solutions – There are hundreds of solutions designed specifically for various manufacturing situations and years ago, in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, these solutions were the best avenue for manufacturers. However, if you examine these vertical solutions closely you will find significant shortcomings with all of them that can not be over-

looked. These shortcomings typically include weak financial reporting, weak consolidation capabilities, proprietary technology, no customization tools, missing modules, missing features, weak product support, a skinny or nonexistent distribution channel, a financially weak parent company, etc. Many of these solutions are designed to run stand alone and the customer is expected to pay large programming fees to integrate them into financial systems. With low-priced and proven solutions such as SYSPRO, it is folly to consider these higher priced solutions. J. Carlton Collins commented specifically on SYSPRO as follows: SYSPRO is perhaps the best manufacturing solution on the planet dollar for dollar. The product is well proven and is packed with so many features that it gives even SAP a good run for the money. More than any other manufacturing product I’ve seen, SYSPRO is built upon sound manufacturing principles and process flow. The product offers the best solution for accounting for scrap that I have ever seen. SYSPRO incorporates all of the modules you would want. The product pricing is very low for a manufacturing solution and for companies who are looking for a good solution, SYSPRO might be just what the doctor ordered. v

SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1



SYSPRO puts the shoulder to the wheel for specialist vehicle manufacturers
pecialist vehicle and niche vehicle technology manufacturing in the UK is a challenging marketplace comprising several different industries. Staying ahead of both homegrown and foreign competition demands that these companies are highly efficient. K3 Business Technology Group (K3) customers – Del Equipment UK, Extec Screens and Crushers, Fontaine International Europe and Allen-Vanguard demonstrate the diverse needs of businesses in this complex marketplace.


architecture to integrate seamlessly with Del’s SolidWorks CADapplication and tailored SYSPRO system. This solution reduces time to manufacture, assists product design and speeds up change procedures. The tight integration provides the ultimate in information visibility and automates the BoM process as Del Equipment’s designers are able to transfer accurate BoM information directly into SYSPRO, eliminating manual checking or re-keying of data. It also enables the company to link individual customers’ requirements with production costs to produce faster and more accurate quotations. Managing product variation Like Del Equipment, Extec Screens and Crushers sought the benefits of improved data transfer, shared information and faster design to market cycle times for its wide range of machines. Extec is a world-leading provider of mobile crushing and screening solutions for the extractive, demolition and recycling sectors. The company has three design offices working on variations of its 11 core machines. Each core machine has specifications which are individual to a number of customers, promoting a high level of end-user customization. Through seamless integration between its Pulse PLM package, Inventor 3D modeling software and SYSPRO, Extec has overcome the usual design-to-production difficulties. The company benefits from a fast, seamless stream of design/manufacturing data which reduces the crucial design-to-manufacturing cycle. The fully integrated solution enables the firm’s designers to enter accurate BoM information directly into the PLM application, which then outputs the data to SYSPRO to create Works Orders. By pulling the data directly into SYSPRO, Extec is able to link individual customers’ requirements with production costs to produce faster and more accurate quotations.

Seamless solutions enable PLM Del Equipment UK is a leading exponent of tail-lift equipment manufacturing. Faced with solving a key management issue of seamless information flow and visibility, Del implemented a fully integrated Computer Aided Design (CAD)/SYSPRO solution. The company develops innovative tail lift designs and provides variations of its standard range to meet demanding customer requirements. Del sought a way to speed the transfer of data between each system to revolutionize its Bill of Materials processes. Del Equipment’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy is underpinned by software from Pulse Technology Systems, K3’s PLM software partner. Pulse uses


SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1


Strengthening the supply chain Fontaine International Europe’s coupling devices connect HGV tractor units to their trailers. More than 50% of Fontaine’s European customers are OEM truck manufacturers which automated their processes and required Fontaine to eliminate its manual order processing to prevent bottlenecks in the supply chain. Real-time information and visibility is crucial in this environment.

To improve its supply chain and migrate to a lean environment, Fontaine replaced its original MRP software with SYSPRO. The SYSPRO Event Management module allows the system to monitor events in real time and automatically informs key people about the event. These events can trigger an e-mail, run another SYSPRO module, run another application, or write to a log file for later review.

Future-proof and flexible Allen Vanguard, a global leader in technologies for minimizing the effects of hazardous devices, replaced its outdated ERP system with a tailored SYSPRO solution that enables the firm’s management to better control changes to the product mix and develop new products for specialist markets. The system allows Allen Vanguard to use a wealth of reporting capabilities and manage the quotation and selling process with improved continuity. v

SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1



Quadco manages complex manufacturing process

Two years ago, the company decided to move from an ASCIIbased system to Microsoft SQL Server, relying on SYSPRO’s ability to leverage Microsoft solutions. “We can do just about anything now.” - Lissa Cayer, IT Administrator


uebec-based company Quadco is using SYSPRO to manage the details of a highly customizable manufacturing process with simultaneous Purchase Order receipts linked to the jobs and to Accounts Payable. Incorporated in 1988, Quadco employs approximately 200 people and has facilities across Canada as well as in Lexington, South Carolina. The company focuses on wood harvesting and industrial equipment, and its innovations in saw teeth and related forestry equipment have earned it more than 40 patents in various countries. Quadco has run its business on SYSPRO for the past 11 years.
7 SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1


Two years ago, the company decided to move from an ASCII-based system to Microsoft SQL Server, relying on SYSPRO’s ability to leverage Microsoft solutions. “We can do just about anything now,” Cayer says. “We can even create our own queries and reports. SYSPRO is highly customizable, and with SQL Server you can go to the database and create your own triggers.” From the query screen, a user has complete access to information on parts availability, prices, bills of material, and all movements of any particular stock item. In addition, Quadco’s technical drawings are attached to PDF files, any of which SYSPRO can open with a single click. Quadco's expansion has been characterized by a steady annual rise in sales, as well as by increased complexity due to a growing product line. Lissa Cayer, the company’s IT Administrator, says the challenge has been to closely control the manufacturing details for a highly customizable production process, and to link everything within that process to other modules. Cayer explains the process of manufacturing a large tree-cutting attachment called a ‘head’. “The complete head is huge, but some customers only want a disk,” she says. "There are five kinds of saw teeth available, a variety of holders, and the cutting rotation can be right- or left-handed. There are many possible variations – it can be as complicated or as simple as the customer wants it to be.” One of the SYSPRO modules that Quadco uses most is the Product Configurator. “With Product Configurator, the customer can specify the criteria and the components follow. The job is sent to production and a sales order is created for the customer, with the price quoted. If that customer always creates the same order, it goes into the library, and the next time the customer needs it everything is automatic,” Cayer says. She believes SYSPRO has been an excellent choice for Quadco. “The functionality we have controls our manufacturing and links it to sales, accounts receivable, accounts payable and the general ledger. There are no loose ends. You can create a stock code, know who created it, at what time, and for which customer or supplier. We have a log of everybody, what they did and when. As for the software itself, SYSPRO is really good. We’ve been using it for more than 10 years, and we’re still amazed at what it can do for us.” v

SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1



n a new report entitled ‘A Special Report from Vital Analysis: Machinery & Equipment Sector’, SYSPRO has been recognized by technology research firm TechVentive for its achievements in the small and mid-sized market sector targeting machinery and equipment manufacturers. By embodying our ‘pragmatic, yet visionary’ business philosophy and support of Lean and Green business and manufacturing practices, SYSPRO has achieved numerous awards over the years. The TechVentive report, written by CEO Brian Sommer, states that in order to prosper machinery and equipment producers must be “…operationally excellent and able to ride out the wide market swings to which the sector is subject”. TechVentive, a Chicago area IT consultancy and research firm, provides services to the buyers and sellers of high technology solutions. TechVentive analyzes software and services markets and vendors. Its market research is published under the Vital Analysis brand and is focused on people-based technology sectors and professional services. Specifically, the report notes that these manufacturers require solutions that track design changes throughout the life of a product/product line; permit rapid communication and collaboration with critical suppliers and customers; support rapid time-to-market for new products; and accurately capture development, rollout and other pre-production costs. The report also lists the specific needs for solutions with strong analytic and financial capabilities, particularly in areas like cost accounting, inventory and forecasting and products that support low-cost country sourcing. According to the report, “There is a demand for complete, integrated solutions like SYSPRO that can be installed quickly, cheaply and provide value right out of the box.” SYSPRO offers small machinery and equipment manufacturers a very sophisticated array


Machinery & equipment companies gain benefits via SYSPRO
Joey Benadretti – President and Joint MD, SYSPRO USA

of technology solutions at a competitive cost point. For example: n Financials – to help manage capital, track expenses, and assess customer and product profitability n EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – to accurately communicate with a bewildering array of global suppliers n SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) – to enable rapid integration of suppliers’, customers’ and other business partners’ systems n Planning and Scheduling – to manage the intricate parts scheduling, fabrication and assembly process of unique items n Supply Chain Management - to successfully orchestrate the movement of parts to support Lean manufacturing, minimizing inventory carrying costs n Lot Traceability – to monitor performance of suppliers, engineering changes and facilitate recalls n Quality Control – to minimize reverse logistics, warranty repairs and other costs Joey Benadretti, SYSPRO USA President and Joint MD, reaffirms the company’s commitment to keeping manufacturers competitive and profitable in these challenging times. “The SYSPRO product line is a complete product line for this space. It possesses the full range of capabilities to manage the initial customer contact through order processing, manufacturing and post-production service. The product’s discrete manufacturing functionality is a good fit for this space as many of the manufacturers are just-in-time, Lean and make-to-order,” he says. SYSPRO’s more thoughtful approach to adopting new technology, such as web services and SOA platforms, also reflects the desires of its buyers who are driven by business needs. This exemplifies SYSPRO’s ongoing strategy of helping to simplify the success of its customers. v


SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1


RapidTrade integrates online shopping with SYSPRO

Shaun Enslin – Managing Director, RapidTrade SA

outh African software company RapidTrade has developed a sales automation system which operates either onor off-line and integrates with all versions of SYSPRO 6.0 as well as SYSPRO solutions. Shaun Enslin, Managing Director of RapidTrade, says the system integrates with SYSPRO’s back-end systems, making it simple to view product stockholding, order product, track and view order history and process invoices. “Our objective is to increase our customers’ profitability by reducing the complexity and cost of their order processing while increasing turnover,” Enslin says. “The SYSPRO/RapidTrade solution is targeted at companies looking to


“One of the main benefits is the Sales Engineers have all the information they need to do their job. This as a huge advantage for my staff and has improved the service we offer our customers.” - Paul Allen, Managing Director, SEI Carbide

integrate their order processing with the SYSPRO back end and implement a secure facility for their customers and sales representatives.” Companies with high volumes of line items which receive orders via email or fax often find

SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1



Services, Bernina, Elvey, Prestige, Deco Craft and MIC. Recently, Rapidtrade extended its product range to include mobile and web portal solutions. Rapidtrade Portal allows companies to integrate their websites to SYSPRO, and to show all inventory on a web-type store. As it is based on portal technology, changes can be made quickly. Paul Allen, MD of SEI Carbide, comments: “At SEI Carbide, we have recently introduced Rapidtrade to our Sales Engineers on their PDAs. It has been a great way of extending SYSPRO out into the field. Our Sales Engineers have stock, price and discount information on hand. They are also creating quotations and orders directly on the PDA, thus reducing the need to fax and recapture orders. “One of the main benefits is that the Sales Engineers have all the information they need to do their job. This as a huge advantage for my staff and has improved the service we offer our customers.” Rapidtrade Bulk Orders enables mass chain store orders to be imported directly into SYSPRO. According to Enslin, this product saves time, money and facilitates accurate order capture. In the mobile arena, access to Rapidtrade via a pocket PC device enables users to read, modify and create orders from any location. The company has offices in Johannesburg, Sydney and Perth, with resellers in Durban, Cape Town and Toronto. v

Paul Allen, Managing Director, SEI Carbide

“Our objective is to increase our customers’ profitability by reducing the complexity and cost of their order processing while increasing turnover." - Shaun Enslin, Managing Director of RapidTrade

that incorrect part numbers result in major inaccuracies and inefficiencies, negatively impacting customer service. The integrated solution automates the process of finding the correct part number and replacing it if the number given on the order is either obsolete or incorrect. Orders can be keyed in during the course of the day or week and then transmitted at the user’s convenience. The system will then dial up, send the order through, return a confirmation, and disconnect. Rapidtrade claims to transform the sales order process by enabling key information to be exchanged between supplier and retailer via a secure dial-in facility. Regularly used data is stored on the retailer’s PC, decreasing the time needed to create orders and enabling the retailer or sales representative to capture orders while not physically connected to the Internet. To date, customers running SYSPRO, SYSPRO solutions and RapidTrade include Behr

11 SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1


Bernina SA sews up the competition with SYSPRO and Rapidtrade


ith 100 franchised dealers, Bernina South Africa updated its IMPACT Encore ERP system to reap the integration benefits of SYSPRO 6.0 and Rapidtrade. In Bernina’s case, the synchronization is performed by dial-up when the remote user selects the ‘Send/Receive’ button. The dial-up is made to a Rapidtrade server that receives the request to create a sales order, creates it and downloads the acknowledgement and any status changes of other orders to the remote user. Subsequent connections will return any status changes. To solve the problem of people ordering using the incorrect part number, all past part numbers and current ones are held in the Rapidtrade catalog. In SYSPRO, all the part numbers (both past and present) are held in the Accounts Receivable ‘Customer Stock Codes’ section under the global option. All these part numbers, including the current ones, are linked to the current SYSPRO stock code. Rapidtrade places the entered part number, whether current or not, in the Sales Order Import business object’s ‘Customer Part Number’ element. When the sales order is created, the entered part number is converted to the current part number by the business object. Rapidtrade extracts the prices from SYSPRO using the Report Writer Primary Query business object. It also uses the Sales Order Primary Query to retrieve the sales order status and back order information. Rapidtrade then synchronizes these with the remote applet when the next connection occurs. Rapidtrade was configured to use the following functional areas of SYSPRO solutions (the solutions System Manager is mandatory):

been significantly reduced, and search times for queries, part numbers and prices have been eliminated for those dealers on the new system, as has the time and cost of sending out price lists via disk or email. In addition, prices can be checked and quoted by the dealers at any time, and dealers can save time by checking part numbers themselves – even outside office hours - thereby eliminating telephone costs. In the past, Bernina staff spent much of their time assisting dealers with their queries. This time has been greatly reduced and these members of staff are able to use their time more productively on other tasks. Queries regarding orders are also dealt with quickly as both Bernina and the dealer are using the same order number. Additional benefits include a higher level of job satisfaction and productivity for the Bernina staff. The dealers’ shops can place orders at weekends and ascertain the item’s availability while the customer is still in the shop, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. v

n n n

Sales Order Primary Posting Sales Order Primary Query Report Writer Primary Query

Bernina has enjoyed many direct benefits as a result of upgrading to SYSPRO 6.0 and implementing Rapidtrade. Data capture times have

SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1




SYSPRO has dramatically reduced the high level of manual intervention and the duplication of effort, as well as improving business performance. Edward Pryor & Son, UK

SYSPRO has allowed the company to exploit strategic leavers in the marketplace in order to achieve extraordinary growth over the last 16 years. ITW, Canada

With the implementation of SYSPRO we realized 50-75% ROI right away by the removal of a third-party computer system and administrative department that was no longer required. Accu-Flo, Canada

Very simply, SYSPRO is an expert in the flow of information, and Semler is an expert in the flow of liquids. It’s a perfect pairing. Semler Industries, Inc., USA

Because of the integration with standard Microsoft products, you can run reports on just about anything in any number of fields. You can see the status of any job and where your stocks are sitting at, all in real time. Power Jacks Group, UK

We have an extremely efficient resellers book that has recently grown to 400 pages. It lists all available options, variations and possible configurations for our complete irrigation product range. We wanted an invoicing system to resemble this and found it in SYSPRO Product Configurator. Nelson Irrigation Corp, Australia

The SYSPRO ERP system has been proven in meeting our specific needs. Everyone has immediate status visibility on every job, from order to final invoice, and a raft of detailed general information and key analysis data is available within seconds. At the same time, we have seen improvements in the way we operate, in every department. Overall, we are not only managing individual jobs more effectively and efficiently, but the system has made managing the whole operation far simpler and easier. Bendalls Engineering, UK

My secret? Life would be much harder running an efficient modern manufacturing company without SYSPRO. Peter Sachs Industries Pty Ltd., Australia

13 SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1


I am a very critical customer, but I have to say that I have been extremely impressed by the standards of SYSPRO, especially its training and support with its software. Mettler-Toledo Safeline, UK

We used to work with various accounting and spreadsheet systems SYSPRO brought all of that together for us. Rocan Forestry, Canada

Today, the entire staff is more productive thanks to SYSPRO. Because the system performs routine tasks, people can apply themselves to add more value to what we sell. Very simply, SYSPRO lets us do more with the same number of people. Semler Industries, Inc., USA

SYSPRO plays a significant role in enhancing customer service. Very simply, it enables us to be more responsive. Not only does the system speed an order through the process, but also it speeds the shipment of replacement parts. Our customers can’t afford system downtime. With the ability to see what’s in stock, we can provide parts quotes over the phone and acknowledge parts orders immediately. We can easily check the status of back orders and open purchase orders. Norpak LLC, USA

By replacing what was at times an uncontrolled push system, with a more controlled pull of sub-assemblies through into stock, we are seeing major improvements in terms of removing waste; less overproduction, less WIP, more efficient processes, better cycle times, and so on. Brightwell Dispensers, UK

We can do just about anything now...SYSPRO is highly customizable. Quadco, Canada

The introduction of the SYSPRO ERP system has provided an integrated management backbone that is now enabling us to effectively control and manage all the businesses. From closely monitoring sales to helping drive out cost it has delivered key benefits that in the present economic climate have proved crucial. Moreover, now that the major task of internal consolidation has been completed, the system is also providing a platform on which to take the company forward. Knitmesh, UK

I can say that SYSPRO provides very low cost of ownership and fast ROI. Lightnin Mixers Pty Ltd, Australia

SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 6 No.1



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