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Facebook Mobile

Software Specification Requirement
Made By
Ashish Padalkar (Roll No!"#
Neera$ %umar (Roll No !&#
Table of Contents
'( )ntroduction
'(' Purpose
'(! Scope
'(& *efinitions+ Acronyms+ and Abbre,iations
'(- .,er,iew
!( .,erall *escription
!(' Product Perspecti,e
!(! Product Functions
!(& /ser 0harecterstics
&( Specific Requirements
&(' 12ternal )nterfaces
&(! Product Functions
&(& Performance Requirements
&(- *esi3n 0onstraints
&(" Software system attributes
-( Supportin3 )nformation

4his document pro,ides an o,er,iew of the entire software requirements for Facebook Mobile
application( 4he aim of this document is to 3ather and analy5e and 3i,e an indepth insi3ht of
the complete application by definin3 the problem statement in detail( )n case it is required to
ha,e additional features + a formal chan3e request will need to be raised (
4he purpose of the document is to collect and analy5e all assorted ideas that ha,e come up to
define the system(Facebook Mobile application)+ its requirements with respect to consumers(
Also+ we shall predict and sort out how we hope this product will be used in order to 3ain a
better understandin3 of the pro$ect+ outline concepts that may be de,eloped later+ and document
ideas that are bein3 considered+ but may be discarded as the product de,elops(
The scope of this project will mainly be within the realm of the Facebook API that
we will be using. The inputs for the application will originate from both the user as
they type in statuses and also from the Facebook database as it sends the user
their friends updates and other user specific information. Outputs will include the
application interface as it displays the information to the user and data uploads
generated by the user to the Facebook database. The majority of the applications
data processing will be tet display! sending! and recei"ing. The application will be
running on top of the Android O# and will therefore need to adhere to Android O#
specific en"ironment capabilities and$or restrictions.
Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreiations
644P 6yper4e2t 4rasnfer Protocol
.S .peratin3 System
Friend /ser who has accepted friend request of the user and a3rees to share
information with user
AP) Application Pro3rammin3 )nterface
The rest of this #%# document describes the "arious system re&uirements !
interface! features and functionalities in detail.
Overall Description
Facebook is an online social networking ser"ice. 'sers must register before using
the site! after which they may create a personal profile! add other users as friends!
echange messages! and recei"e automatic notifications when they update their
profile. Additionally! users may join common(interest user groups! organi)ed by
workplace! school or college! or other characteristics! and categori)e their friends
into lists such as *People From +ork* or *,lose Friends*.
A Facebook mobile client application will pro"ide the user with a way to use their
normal Facebook web interface from a dedicated android application so that the
user can &uickly and easily get up to date with their fa"orite social network.
Product Perspective
4he application will be a self contained and independent software product( 4he application will
be a li3htwei3ht and minimal application that relies on system and database
information to be processed and sent to the applicationfor displayin3( 4he only
functional dependencies are on the 7oo3le Maps AP) for location based seri,ces(
Product Functions
4he mobile application will perform the followin3 operations(
*isplay posts posted by the friends of the user in the news feed(
News feed appears on user's homepage and highlights information including profile changes, upcoming events, and
birthdays of the user's friends.
8iew notifications
Notifications are what inform the user that an addition has been added to his or her profile pa3e(
4he amount of notifications can be chan3ed in the settin3s section( A red counter is updated on
the toolbar at the top of the app+ thus allowin3 the user to keep track of all the most recent
notifications and additions to the user9s profile pa3e( 4he ma2imum amount of notifications is ::(
Post and share photos +create ,iew and mana3e photo albums(
Facebook allows users to upload an unlimited number of photos( Pri,acy settin3s can be
set for indi,idual albums+ limitin3 the 3roups of users that can see an album Another
feature of the Photos application is the ability to ;ta3;+ or label+ users in a photo(
Send and recei,e messa3es from user<s friend and other facebook users +3roup admins
and facebook pa3es(
/ser can send a messa3e to any number of his=her friends at a time and can ad$ust from whom
they can recei,e messa3es from includin3 $ust friends+ friends of friends+ or from anyone
8iew +0reate and mana3e facebook pa3es and facebook 3roup
7roups are used for collaboration and allow discussions+ e,ents+ and numerous other acti,ities(
4hey are a way of enablin3 a number of people to come to3ether online to share information and
discuss specific sub$ects( 7roups allow members to post content such as links+ media+ questions+
e,ents+ editable documents+ and comments on these items( Facebook users cannot $oin more
than &>> 3roups(
A Facebook pa3e is a public profile specifically created for businesses+ brands+ celebrities+
causes+ and other or3ani5ations( /nlike personal profiles+ pa3es do not 3ain ;friends+; but ;fans;
which are people who choose to ;like; a pa3e( Pa3es can 3ain an unlimited number of fans(
Share current location of the use
)t is a feature that lets users ;check in; to Facebook usin3 a mobile de,ice to let a user9s friends
know where they are at the moment ()t based on mobile de,ice<s 7PS(
User Characteristics
4he application is a 3eneric application and thus anyone abo,e the a3e of '& can use the app(
4he user should be comfortable with android en,ironment and Facebook<s user interface(
Specific #e$uirements
External interface requirement
1.1.1User interface
Login screen-This will be the first screen that appears to the user .the user will need to enter his email address
and password in order to gain access to his account.
Newsfeed-This screen will provide the user all the news feeds coming from the users friend , groups the user
has joined and pages that the user has lied.
!essages- This window will show the users previous conversations and allow user to send new messages .
"sers profile # This screen will allow the user to update or edit his profile information. $t also show the
users timeline showcasing the previous posts by user.
%ettings- this screen will allow user to change overall application settings.
Hardware interface
Screen resolution of atleast ?->@-A> is required for proper and complete ,iewin3 of the screens(
4he application requires "> mb of stora3e space and additional !" mb for temporary stora3e
4he application requires ' 3b of Ram for smooth functionin3 (
Acti,e )nternet connection of at least &>> kbps(
Software Requirement
Application can run only Android !(&B android operatin3 systems(
7oo3le maps for location based ser,ices(
7allery app for browsin3 the photos stored on user<s de,ice(

1.2Function al Descriptions
This section will discuss the various functions within the Facebook mobile client. Login
A user will enter his/her credentials into the proper fields and the user will be
logged into the Facebook system. User will be given option to remember
credentials so further input at startup are not necessary. Logout
When the user clicks logout all personal data will be removed and all program data
will be wiped. The users password will be removed and the user will be forced to
reenter their credentials at ne!t startup.
Display News eed
"nce the user has successfully logged into the Facebook# the users $ews feed
will be displayed on the screen. The number of previous data displayed will be
preset by the user in the settings panel.! "reate a #ost
A new view will display and show a composition window with various rich te!t and
multimedia options. The user can then enter his/her post and submit it to the
Facebook database. The post will be immediately displayed on the users news
1.2.!3.2.!.1 $nsert $mage
When in the composition window# the user will be prompted with an image picker
which will allow the user to insert an image from the users device.
%.&.'.%(.&.'.& Take )hoto
When in the composition windows# the camera display will be shown and once the
image is taken# the user will be given the option to keep retaking. *f the user
keeps the photo it will be used in the composition window# if the user selects re
take# the photo will be deleted and the camera display will be shown again.
%.&.'.&(.&.'.( *nsert +yperlink
/ser will be prompted to insert hyperlinks into his post the links will be selected and a
small pre,iew will also be shown(
1.2.%Display Notifications
This function will display all notifications of the users in the Facebook system.
This function will display a search window in which the user can search for other
Facebook users# Facebook pages and Facebook groups.
1.2.(Display )essages
This window will display the users ,irect -essage .or ,-/ inbo!. This function will
also allow the user to compose a new message# delete current messages# and
read e!isting messages in greater detail.
1.2.*Display friend requests
This function will display a preferences view which will contain various settings
which the user may change based on preference.
1.3Performance requirement
The system should be capable of actively monitoring and analy0ing the post of users.
"nce operational# the application should maintain 112 uptime# e!cept in cases of
Facebook or 3oogle A)* outages or other circumstances beyond its direct control. A
ma4or bound on the performance of the application is speed of the application. The speed
of the application will depend on the network that is available in the users location.
There are areas that the user will not be connected to a network# and when the user is in
these certain areas the application will not work at all. The performance of the
application is bounded by speed# and the performance will be better in locations that
have high speed network connection. )erformance will be subpar in locations with a low
speed network connection.
Desin Constraint
4he application will be build with Facebook AP) in consideration(
!oft"are s#stem attri$utes
4he application will be password protected( /ser will ha,e to access correct email address and
password to 3ain access to the user<s account(
4he application will be desi3ned in a maintainable manner (Applyin3 updates and addition of new
features should be easy(
1.%Communications &equirement
4he application shall use the 644P protocol for communication o,er the internet and for
the intranet communication will be throu3h 40P=)P protocol suite(
%icensin& #e$uirements
Not Applicable
%e&al, Copyri&'t, and !t'er (otices
Application should display the disclaimers+ copyri3ht+ word mark+ trademark and product
warranties of the Facebook(
Applicable Standards
Application shall be as per the Android .S and Facebook AP) standards(
Supportin& Information
Please refer the followin3 documentC
'( /se case analysis(
!( Structural models(
&( Beha,ioral models(
-( Non functional requirements model(
"( 4raceability Matri2(
?( Pro$ect Plan
Problem Statement
)t is required to de,elop a 3eneric web based mobile
application that will mana3e the user<s Facebook account and
enable user to ,iew his newsfeed+ messa3es +pa3es and
4he application should ha,e the ability to 3enerate Facebook<s
web interface in a mobile format without any si3nificant loss of
4he inputs for the application will ori3inate from both the user
as they type in statuses and also from the Facebook database
as it sends the user their friends< updates and other user
specific information( .utputs will include the application
interface as it displays the information to the user and data
uploads 3enerated by the user to the Facebook database( 4he
ma$ority of the applications data processin3 will be te2t display+
sendin3+ and recei,in3(
4he application should be robust+ reliable+ maintainable and
easy to use(