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Philosophy Extra Departmental Courses (B.A.


Semester I

Course No. ED 1.2! "utlines o# In$ian Philosophy

1. Nature of Indian Philosophy: Plurality as well as common concept.
2. Basic concepts of the Vedic and Upanisadic world-views: ta !the cosmic order"#
the divine and the human realms# the centrality of the institution of
ya$na!sacrifice"# na !duty%o&li'ation"
(. )tman: $a'rat* svapna* susupti* turiya# Brahman# sreyas# preyas# +arma# samsara#
,. -arva+a school: its epistemolo'y* metaphysics and ethics.
.. /ainims: concept of sat* dravya* 'una* paryaya* $iva* a$iva# ane+antavada*
syadvada and nayavada# pramanas# ahimsa# &onda'e and li&eration
0. Buddhism: 1heory of pramanas
2. 1heory of dependent ori'ination# the 3our No&le 1ruths# doctrine of
momentariness# theory of No-4oul. 1he interpretation of these theories in schools
of Buddhism: Vai&hasi+a* 4autranti+a* 5o'acara* 6adhyami+a
7. Nyaya: theory of primness# the individual self and its li&eration# the idea of 8od
and proofs for 9is e:istence
;. Vaisesi+a: padarthas: dravya* 'una* +arma* samanya* visesa* samavayi*
asamavayi* nimitta# paramanuvada# adrsta# nihsreyasa

Course No. ED 1.21! %istory o# &estern 'hou(ht

). <an'ua'e and eality
1" =ords and 1hin's
2" Va'ueness
(" -onnection
," >stensive ?efinition
." 6eanin'lessness

B. =hat can we +now@
1" =hat is Anowled'e@
2" 4ource of Anowled'e

-. >ur Anowled'e of the =orld
1" ealism
2" )nti-realism
(" -ausality
," 1he -ausal Principle
?. ) priori Anowled'e
1" ?istinction &etween a priori and a posteriori
2" 4ynthetic a priori

B. 6etaphysical Pro&lems
1" 4u&stance
2" Universal

3. 6ind* Body and Personal Identity
1" elation &etween the Physical and the 6ental
2" -onsciousness
(" >ther 6ind
," Personal Identity

8. Philosophy of eli'ion
1" )r'uments for the B:istence of 8od
2" 1he Pro&lem of evil

Semester II

Course No. ED 2.)! *o(i+

1. ?istinction &etween ?eduction and Induction
2. Inductive )r'ument: )nalo'ical ar'ument C criterion of evaluation* simple
enumeration C criterion of evaluation* 6illDs methods
(. 4cience and 9ypothesis.
,. ?eductive ar'ument: propositional lo'ic C truth functional connectives*
tautolo'y%contradiction%contin'ent* validity%invalidity !usin' truth ta&le E truth
tree"* formal proof.

Semester III

Course No. ED ,.-! Ethi+s

1. 1he nature and aim of ethics: Indian and =estern.
2. Presuppositions of Bthics
(. 1he notions of 'ood* ri'ht* o&li'ation studied from &oth Indian and =estern.
,. >&$ects of moral $ud'ement* vidhi E nisedhas.
.. 3ree will* ?eterminism* Aarmvada.
0. ?ifferent theories of =estern Bthics: 1eleolo'ical* ?eontolo'ical and Virtue
2. Need for morality.

Semester I.

Course No. ED /.11! Psy+holo(y

1" Psycholo'y: definition* nature and scope
2" 6ethods of Psycholo'y: e:perimental methods and systematic o&servation
(" Psycholo'ical process: memory* thin+in' and learnin'
," )spects of developmental Psycholo'y: sensory* emotional* co'nitive* social*
." 1he Unconscious* dream
0" Psycholo'ical concept: motivation* conflict* emotion* attitude E pre$udice
2" Brain and its function

Course No. ED /.12! Emer(in( 'ren$s o# 'hou(ht

1. 3eminism.
2. Bco-Philosophy
(. ?alit Ideolo'y.
,. eli'ious 3undamentalism.
.. Peace 4tudies.
0. ?evelopment 4tudies.
! at least 2 of the a&ove mentioned su&$ects are offered "