B'ATZ' (Chuen)- Monkey - B'atz' is a craftsman, an artisan. It means the beginning, the time, the Divine Connection.

Flute players, singers, writers, jewelers, metal workers are often born of this sign. B'atz represents spiritual and creative powers and the thread to weave the good, positive energies of the world. EE (Eb) - Human (Road) - Ee means ladder, the road, the path. We pray for people who are far away from their land. Ee represents the spinal cord, the path of the Kundalini (Eternal Fire). Way of the Warrior. It also represents successful business and transportation energies. AAJ (Ben) - Pillars of Light (Corn) - If you plant one grain of corn, it becomes a corn plant with many ears...Aaj is multiplication. Aaj is intuitive, at the forefront of conscious thought and radiates integrity, living life by strong moral and ethical codes. It is a popular innovator and natural leader, highly intellectual and generally well educated. I'X (Ix)- Jaguar (Jaguar)- I'x means the Medicine Man. It is the energy of the female, the symbol of the night sky. I'x is likely to become wealthy. Often being psychic, it is the energy of enchantment, and timelessness. I'x translates the information from spirit into usable form. Ix can be secretive, sensitive and intelligent, concerned with religion and spirituality. TZ'IKIN (Men) - Eagle (Eagle) - Tz'ikin is a day sign of special power in both the material and spiritual realms. It is the sign of passion and desire. It usually makes powerful, assertive business people. Tz'ikin is the Totem bird for Shamans all over the world. It is the sign of completeness, wholeness representing the striving for perfection at all times on all levels. AJMAQ (Cib)- Cosmic Warrior (Vulture) Ajmaq is highly sensual. Forgiveness, pardon, karmic cleanout and an easy going nature all describe this energy. Ajmaq do well in business, accumulate money and their families prosper because it is serious, wise, realistic, and pragmatic. Ajmaq heals when it excels in its chosen career, becoming comfortable with authority figures without giving up personal power.

IMOX (Imix) - Dragon (Crocodile) - Imox means water, change, sacred dreams, magic and paranormal powers. Imox is an informer and enjoys and succeeds at transmitting information. Imox can be energetic, creative, protective, dominating. Imox is the substance of the matter, the maize of the bread. IIQ (Ik) - Wind (Wind) - Iiq is symbolic of the vital spirit that gives life to and animates us all. It defines itself by the body but is also quite connected with the breath of spirit. Iiq means The Divine Breath. It is highly energetic. Wind people are unpredictable. Communication of all kinds is the best avenue for Iiq. AKAB'AL (Akbal)- Night (Night) - Akab'al represents yin and yang, the sun and the moon, two paths of the spinal cord. Akab'al speaks and writes well and have great verbal talent. It is a powerful but conservative sun that shows logic and organization while being deep, thoughtful, and introspective. Akab'al generally has a good singing voice and make excellent shamans.

KAT (Kan)- Seed (Lizard) - Kat symbolizes both the rich and the wise, masters of all the arts. It is associated with fertility and growth. It is a good worker, especially if it is outdoors in nature. Interested in leadership and performance, Kat is active, dynamic, sexual, and influential.

KAAN (Chicchan)- Rattle Snake (Serpent) - Kaan carries the earth energy. Kaan is strong-willed, an extremist, powerful and charismatic with penetrating, almost harsh, aggressive energy. Its strong emotions and feelings powerfully affect others. Kaan is magical, intensely sexual, has compassion for others and is insightful.

KEME (Cimi)- Death (Death) - Keme symbolizes one of the luckiest birthdays in the entire calendar. Death, or transformation, is smooth and lasting. Keme has a great verbal skill and is an expert writer and communicator. Solutions are found when Keme gives meaning to life by making contributions to society.

NOJ (Caban)- Earth (Incense)- Noj is known as the thinker, is intelligent, mentally active, rationalizing, reflective and practical. Noj is a doer, often becoming a leader in its community. Meditative and visionary, Noj, in Maya, they are known as "the brains of heaven." TIJAX (Etznab) - Mirror (Flint) - Tijax means Life, liberation, a miracle, medicine to cure. The glyph represents a Mayan pyramid, looked at from above. Tijax is practical, well-coordinated, social. Harmony is a key word for the Tijax, the Healer. KAWOQ (Cauac) - Thunder Being (Storm) Kawoq carries the energy of the group, and operates from the spiritual world with universal consciousness. Kawoq has a presence of youthfulness and restlessness yet it is friendly, multi-faceted, a good learner and teacher. It is often drawn to philosophy or religion and shows concern for healing and purification. AJPUU (Ahau) - Sun (Ancestors) - Ajpuu represents The Man, a neutralizer, a Mystic Warrior. It is enlightenment and universal fire. This is the sign of poets and singers, dancers and creative artists. Ajpuu is loving, devoted, artistic, dreamy and romantic. It is likely to become wealthy and wise.

KIEJ (Manik)- Hand (Deer) - Kiej lives in the realm of reason and mental activity. Four fingers represent the four planes of manifestation, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Kiej is peaceful and generous, artistic and inspiring. It can be nomadic and quite individualistic yet it craves companionship. QANILL (Lamat)- Seed (Rabbit) - Qanill is the fruit, the children, the seeds of the parents. Four seeds are always planted...representing God, Earth, Community and Family. Qanill is productive, sensual, generous and good natured, having a jovial temperment. It loves games, appreciates music and has a good sense of humor. TOOJ (Muluc) - The Moon (Water) - Tooj is highly emotional, imaginative and can often be psychic as well as romantic and fantasy-prone. It tends to be dominated by its own strong feelings. It is ready and prepared for the unexpected. Tooj is about preparedness. It is sincere, forceful, can attract loyal friends and is a natural performer.

TZ'I (Oc)- Dog (Dog) - Tz'i represents the Spiritual Law, the Authority, the Material Law. Tz'i is an excellent best friend, is warm-hearted and social, loves to travel and roam, and is artistic. It is linked to the energies of the heart and love and is community-conscious.

The Numbers/Tone/Harmonics: The 13 numbers are similar to a pyramid. From numbers 1 to 7 we are climbing with much effort. At the number 8 we are in a position where perfect harmony is possible and on the top of the pyramid, and 9 to 13 is directed downhill, creating more ease with the energies, as they are no longer so forceful in developing us.

1 Great force and power.

The first gear, (like compound) but it does not flow easily. Unity. The first Force is complete. Force of creation.

8 Complete energies of the material
world. The top of the pyramid. A world of male authority. Energy of arts and Creativity. The highest Male energy.

2 Polarized, yet in balance.

Two energies, positive and negative. Polarity

9 A world of female strength, it has 9
levels within and represents the

emotional, intuitive, the artist. Power of realization and the creative energies, highest vibration of the female energy.

3 The addition of creative right brain energy,
Results in what one does.


Creativity – flowing. The law, the authority.

4 The balance. The four energies, elements of
the 3 dimensional universes: wind; water; earth and fire. Solidarity. Balance. Elements. Four planes of manifestation: physical; mental; emotional and spiritual.

11 Energy that has many tests and
payments. More of a spiritual and mental order. It is the test to transmute to knowledge. Action of dividing, sorting Separating, putting in order, sharing.

5 Elevation of creation. The 5th element,
Ether. Is a helper to # 8 Work. The action energy. to, and work to develop. The physical world, the body. The tests are to develop, refine, learn balance and overcome.


Strong energy that ignites because 12 is a spiritual catalyst. The group, the family, the association. The foundation and base of the pyramid. Realization and transmutation. The magic of being able to change and create, Governs all the other numbers.

6 Imbalances. Many tests and things to evolve 13

7 Energy to catalyze. Great power versus great
temptation. A final test, and step, before the summit. Equilibrium, harmony. A force that can harmonize.



















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