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DHS: Seniors and People with Disabilities

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SOCP Nurse Tools:
Trained Nursing Care Task Date:
Use of Asthma Inhaler
Client name: DOB: ouse:
Unli!ensed person: Date:
After assessing this clients condition I have determined their condition is stable and predictable. This
task will be performed dail in the home and!or on o"tings as ordered. This clients condition will be
reassessed reg"larl as part of the #"rsing $are Plan and protocol.
Tea!hing " tea!hing out!omes:
The lesson plan for teaching of use of asthma inhaler can be fo"nd in the Nursing Se!tion of the
Program Book and"or in the #A$"TA$. The above named staff has been instr"cted in the correct
method of use of Asthma Inhaler and has s"ccessf"ll demonstrated %in a ret"rn demonstration& that
he!she is able to safel and acc"ratel use an asthma inhaler% witho"t direct '.#. s"pervision. The
above named staff "nderstands the risk( as listed on the lesson plan( involved in performing this task(
and has a plan to deal with conse)"ences.
*ngoing s"pervision of this "nlicensed person will occ"r as needed or when there is a change in the
clients condition. S"pervision in performing this task %see review of "nlicensed persons
performance&. I will provide s"pervision of the above "nlicensed person as long as I am s"pervising
the performance of asthma inhaler use'
$N signature: Date:
Signature: Date:
Signature: Date:
Signature: Date:
Signature: Date:
Signature: Date:
Signature: Date:
Signature: Date:
I "nderstand that there are risk%s& involved in the performance of this task and I am prepared to
effectivel deal with the conse)"ences %risks listed in the lesson( teaching plan&. I have been instr"cted
that performing the task is specific to this client and is not transferable to other clients or care providers.
Signature of unlicensed person
TRAINED TASK: Asthma InhalerCom!o "ith procedure Page # of $ %&'()&##*
Asthma Inhaler
Pro!edure and $ationale:
Inhalers %s"ch as Alb"terol& are "sed to prevent and treat whee+ing and shortness of breath ca"sed
b breathing problems %asthma( chronic obstr"ctive p"lmonar disease&. The are "sed to prevent
asthma bro"ght on b e,ercise. Alb"terol belongs to a class of dr"gs know as bronchodilators. It
works in the airwa b opening breathing passages and rela,ing m"scles.
Steps for using your inhaler:
-sing an inhaler seems simple( b"t most patients do not "se it the right wa. .hen o" "se o"r
inhaler the wrong wa less medicine gets into o"r l"ngs.
Getting ready:
Take the cap off the inhaler and shake.
/reath o"t all the wa
Hold o"r inhaler the wa o"r doctor said %see pict"re A or /&
Breathe in slowly:
As o" start breathing in slowl thro"gh o"r mo"th( press down on the inhaler one time %if o" "se
a holding chamber( first press down on the inhaler&. .ithin 0 seconds( begin to breathe in slowl.
1eep breathing in slowl( as deepl as o" can.
Hold your breath:
Hold o"r breath as o" co"nt to 23 slowl( if o" can.
.ait abo"t 2 min"te between p"ffs.
Use your inhaler in one of the (2) ways pictured below:
A' Hold inhaler 2 to 4
inches in front of
o"r mo"th %abo"t
the width of two
B' -se a spacer!holding
chamber. These come
in man shapes and
can be "sef"l to an
Important !are information:
Clean your inhaler as needed
5ook at the hole where the medicine spras o"t from o"r inhaler. If o"r see 6powder7 in or aro"nd
the hole o"r inhaler needs cleaning. 'emove the metal canister from the 58shaped plastic
mo"thpiece. 'inse onl the mo"thpiece and cap in warm water. 5et them dr overnight. In the
morning( p"t the canister back inside. P"t the cap on.
Tae only the reco!!ended nu!ber of puffs prescribed by your pro"ider# o"er$use or
incorrect use can be dangerous% &otify your doctor if any of the following occur:
9o" do not get relief from o"r metered dose inhaler
9o" have increasing shortness of breath despite "se of inhalers
9o" are e,periencing weakness( increased heart rate( shakiness( insomnia( nervo"sness(
headaches( na"sea( or vomiting.
$ontin"ed ne,t page :
TRAINED TASK: Asthma InhalerCom!o "ith procedure Page ) of $ %&'()&##*
'hat should ( watch for while taing )lbuterol*
Tell your pres!ri(er or health !are professional if your symptoms do not impro&e' If o"r
asthma or bronchitis gets worse while o" are "sing Alb"terol( call o"r prescriber or health
care professional as soon as o"r can for advice.
Do not get the aerosol spray in your eyes'
If you are using other inhalers su!h as ipratropium )Atro&ent* or an inhaler steroid s"ch
as beclomethasone %/eclovent& or triamcinolone %A+ma,ort&( "se Alb"terol first. .ait at lease
08min"tes before "sing the other inhaler.
#ake sure you are using your inhaler properly. Do not "se e,tra or more fre)"ent
inhalations. The will not improve o"r condition. *nce a da( remove the metal canister and
rinse the plastic case in warm r"nning water. 'eplace canister gentl witho"t "sing a twisting
+our mouth may get dry' $hewing s"garless g"m or s"cking hard cand( and drinking plent
of water( will help.
TRAINED TASK: Asthma InhalerCom!o "ith procedure Page $ of $ %&'()&##*