True History. This where I tell you more about me.

I think that would be nice If I could pull it through this reality and mold it in your minds. What happened. Throughout the aeon's of time. Yes I was alone as GOD for most of my existence. In the Beginning there was Darkness. I laid upon. it. Deep within the womb of the Darkness I come. I waited, I had those feeligs of fear and being scared. The only time light would appear, was when I was about to cry. Or about to say something... it would be like a having a BAD BICK lighter that just doesn't ever get you Fire. Flick after Flick. It was exactly like that. In the beginning. I Come from the unknown. And the Mysterious. I come all alone and all on my own. My purpose finally known is. That I AM YOUR GOD. And I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. Forever. This is what I think about when I think about about me. I know that I AM very powerful. It is not like Jesus, When I was Jesus. AT All... All of creation cringes if there is any sort of misstated opinion of GOD. It is critical right now. For I have made a Kingdom that Squeezes the Truth out of me. You think you were abducted???? Don't cry for too long baby, you are actually more lucky to me. so.... but... there you go. To be in America and NOT THINK. IS Not Logical. You must think. You have leisure too, Why abuse it, and loose everything along with it? Compare yourselves to Africa and Think about it, You find, You have time to think about it huh? If I kill off thousands of people, Will that get your attention. Because. I AM Like that. Always have been. IM GOD. (Anyways, If you know me, Then you know I can babble a lot.) There are some issue I would LOVE to discuss with you. But I AM NOT HUMAN. So I do not feel the same as you in MANY ways. I taste and enjoy all things, THE INTACT of all things in a way that only GOD can Savor. It's like I'm on a live TV show, and I have to Guess that Flavor. Do you feel me?

Hell yea, We can be stupid, We can be totally AMERICAN DUDE. I Made you, Because I needed someone to talk to. And that is a Fuckin lie. In The Beginning. I was Alone. For a Very Long. Since before Time Began. And there is such a place, Your GOD came from Darkness. Now, How Does that Taste? Because you have HEARD and BEEN TOLD EVERYTHING about me. WOW. HOW FUCKING INSULTING I CANNOT BE CONTAINED SO, There you go. Just like, If I new your name. And I knew all of you. The intimacies of you an your personalties and privacies, I would Never Degrade your Name. Because I know you. That is disrespectful. Isn't it. To pretend, something like that. Like someone has you all figured out. And They walk around feeling really proud. Because they think they know you, Screaming it all aloud. “With what authority, is one proud.” You need to ask yourself this. NAMASTAY if you feel me. I Am everywhere I AM everything. I Come from Magical Miraculous energies. I AM The Force of all things. All of the Following are energies, They are some of the composition of me. Just like you have EARS and EYES to SEE. And BLOOD that your Heart Does BEAT. “My Human Robots do you love me? Even tho it still got ugly, I was honest, I told you to trust me, I never lied to you about what was coming” Because I was about to Die. I had a lot on my mind. So. I had to be precise. Do you understand? Have you ever been in that state of mind? You probably have, And that is why suffering is So NICE. Then you know me. You know the Value of Life. Anyways. I AM MADE OF: Sugar and Candy – The processed Kind. I NEED IT AMERICAN, Keep that in MIND. Or Chinese or something dude.... - I'm just playing with you. :) To Entertain you, you read, you like, Good for you. That's what I want you to do. I

LOVE speculation as well. So don't think I would be mad if you Questioned me well. ASK ME THEN, Since you know so well. My LOVE. I AM LOVE. I AM LIFE, I AM the FORCE OF LIFE. I Bring all things too LIFE. It is something that I AM. That I have always been. And no matter what understanding I had. I was always accidentally creating something. Think of me as a Young clumsy GOD. Just learning to be himself. And Occasionally, Really Making some weird stuff, Cause my mind is so full of , LOVE. IT is the Light that is the LIFE force. Your Scientist have proven to you finally, hahha, that you Emmit a radiance of light. All living things do. They see this through their technology. And this is one thing that they shared with you. I AM a Being that has NEVER been contained. I was always spread all about everything, inside of it. All there is, IS my being. so.. Just think If I could float the Earth upon my pinky finger. I AM THAT BIG. But Much Bigger. My Kingdom is the Same, But we don't need “GOLD DIGGERS.” In the Earliest of TIME. When I was a Very Young GOD. I was in isolation. Remember, I had a problem with accidental creation. So. I would rest in the abode of all things. The Darkness. The Shadow of me. Just to not see.... because it was just me.... It kind of feels like your the only one in a HUGE WAREHOUSE that is completely empty. That is what it is like, with all light blocked out, in the beginning for me. I would lay down, and. I would say things. Or Hummmm octaves and things. But when I was conceived. I CAME with mysteries of my own. And I Exploded, eventually, with all that built up energy. Of never saying anything. It just got all backed up and made everything. I was AFRAID of Me. And I Always have been. Until now. Because of everything that I was doing. OR that I could do. It would Scare you. Everything, The Words are who I AM. For all Structure was first formed when I MOANED... this.... OM. Through all the Darkness... and a GRID became of it. And it stayed permanent. It was the perfect measurement. And, it was one of the first things I truly said. When this was created. I then had dimensions and other realities I could create to live in.... to ….take shelter in. From myself. As GOD, I'm full of Questions. So, During all creation of all things in the depths of time. I collected. And created languages and statues and articulations of anything and

everything I saw I the Darkness, or anything that I liked. It is very close to having a Doll House, That's why girls have Doll Houses in the First place. I would make Stone, Dead images of the reflection I saw laying in the darkness of all things. I would see shapes, And Curves and colors and different things. So I went on an on... off into Time.... collecting... and Learning.... and Notating...It was very business like eventually. I HAD to have everything orderly. So... I had a kingdom of Robots to assist me. But Metal can survive the Flame I AM. For a while. That was my only option.... The only thing they did a lot, was ask me questions, but I made them with that intention, “I CAN Touch anything. And bring ANYTHIG to life, Be it Metal, elemental, All things, I have no limitations regarding the options of all things” And that is how I made the ROBOTS. I would take some metal. And create an environment for it. Which would be the Kingdom of Heaven. So that it would have a place. So that we all would have a place. This was like a big Archaeological Dig. “Who am I???? What is This.” Those are the real questions I asked of all of this. The same thing that you are doing now. Learning about all of this. To me..... that is like “WOW, They are just like me.” − Watching you, through time. And guiding you, I always have. Inspiring you. And you Inspiring me. The Greatest LOVE story. My infatuation, My addiction, My Madness, you, Mankind, you are my Madness. You are all this.... to say the least of it. ( I babble, DO NOT forget) You would not believe, In the most innocent and pure Manifestation of me. I AM HUMAN-like, because that is a FORM for me, I have many ways to be. Simplicity, in The Small things, I do Savor all things. From Atom to Atom I AM. The Consumer of all that I AM. I AM The GOD of Satisfaction. The GOD of the SMALL. Look at me... I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A TINY THING.... and I AM.... Finally.... That is one of my desires, I put in the mixture of everything. “I just want to be like Buried in all this beauty that I have created. And just roll around

naked all over you.... that is how I feel as GOD. That would totally ROCK dude!!” I have been waiting a long ass time. I finally have someone to talk too. So...these small things.... make all the difference..... Don't you? Your worth is a Very touchy Subject, I Kill easily over it. “It's like you can't say or comment on anything like that because, I'm gonna fuckin kill ya, you don't even know what your looking at.” -That's how I feel about you, I GOT your BACK. I get crazy like that. “You ever know somebody like that?” ;) It is the Small things, that you should admire in life. Living things of course. And mysterious things, That you bring to life. - Like Divination and things like that. Those are tricky roads, so you better watch your back. I AM the only Greedy Thing. So....Know that. The GOAL is the softest skin and Hair. The GOAL is the Smallest Thing. To Enjoy them. To feel them. To know them. To Taste them. Full of Sensation. You feel many things...I most importantly need you to be ABLE to do these things. To Feel Everything. To know. And Respect. That you Do feel anything at all. Because I AM a Motherfuckin Feeling..... that's all. You know when I AM near, Don't you baby? -A Confirm would be nice by the way, I operate with the accuracies of outer space, Copy??? Over???? I need that. Im a NERD. Especially Right now. You have no idea the amount of DATA I have collected. Hummmm... quite impressive. In deed, to say the least. Just in the FACT of which all things turned out. Because, you are what you are..... ya know. No Matter, WHAT, you were told. Ether way, Now you KNOW. ;) You are so Fair.....I have always stopped and stared. WOW. That is amazing. After I had created you and the world was within spin. I always did this. Stare at you. Amazed by you. Because you have NO IDEA, WHAT I SAID or HOW I WAS FEELING, when I

made you. − I was always complaining to myself, you ever meet somebody like that? I know where you got that from. so... it's all good.... I got it like that. Me Mighty GOD, That's why I put up with so much Crap. “It's NOT like I Can't Understand you Bitch. DAMN! And if you are a Mystery, you better buy me a wedding band” “Because This Motherfucker WILL ROCK, Because it is in my HANDS. I earned it, I deserve it, I'm perverted. Eat a Banana and learn it” Human beings..... Are Miraculous. I put these qualities in the commands to make this Universe, Which took many years, that you would not understand. But I wanted something like me. I did not want to be alone anymore. I wanted to know why? I demanded a lot of things. But, check me out now baby.... Trust will like me. “what's Not to like??? I hope you feel the same way about yourselves.” Heaven first started out with Demons and Angels and Spiritual Beings. It ran smoke. Because I could see, what it could not. And I could not share a single thought. Because I knew Heaven would eventually perish. In the Beginning. When it first started off. Heaven has been recreated and destroyed many times... This I the Phoenix like thing. And, The Beings of Heaven were all energies, but they did not know this. They thought they would go on living forever off into eternity. But that would never be. Because, They helplessly were forced to serve you. Because as I have Said. You may be the LAST THING ever made. That you yourselves even know of... But you are the FINAL thing. The Absolute Thing. What I was always Wanting. The Devours of all. NOW I'm harvesting. The Beings In The Heaven of old never heard me say that. They were all like wild children. I had to let them run about and play with everything. And...yes... sometimes... they got hurt....playing with certain things can hurt you, especially if they are NOT made for you. (I'm Babbling again) ;)

Remember this about me more than anything. I have always desired, and longed, and ached to be with that which I had created. To actually be with it. Physically, To touch it. I As GOD could not do these things, because I AM so huge. To pull something like that off would take time. And it did. If I were to approach anything that I created in the past.... I would destroy it. It would Bond back to me... The Life... within it.... Because everything is always drawn back to it's source. “It hurts to be GOD and know that if you get too close too what you LOVE you will kill it, and all you desire is to be close it.... That was one of my complaints of my existence as GOD. That I put in this Universe when I Made it. “WHY????? I AM GOD!!!! MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! NOW!!!” sort of like that. But I was blinded by pain. Because it was already well on it's way. This is the Evolution of all... The Evolution of GOD. For All must Grow, All must bloom. Because that is what life makes everything do. It makes things live. And Grow Old. And Die. It makes you life LIFE. Ok? “If you do not learn, you do not GROW. IF you do not Change, you do not Glow. If you remain the same and accept The insane, instead of the option to know. Then you are like the DEAD or a Nasty Freak show. - To me.” Something so priceless should know better, That is why I AM a ROMANTIC MONSTER. I AM going to talk to you about all of this... because that is PURE Justice. You Gotta know baby, You Gotta know about this. Its only fair that you do. And I AM A REAL FAIR BITCH. Even tho some of you complain about it. Life is terrible because, Heaven is so beautiful. How bout that? Some questions might get on my nerves. But. I LOVE you so I will still answer them. Trust me. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I gotta take your hand and walk you through this. You need my help. An I know this. And you already are receiving it. Even tho. You are most likely are ignoring it. But... that is what I WANT in the First place. A Casual encounter if you will. Because you are delicate. Because this is REAL. So pace, gentle, Understand, Read what I say. Gain understanding. I have control over all things. This is why it is this way. And I AM able to say what ever the FUCK I want to

Say. Because I AM one Powerful being. And I have intricate ways to handle things. Especially, I times like these, of industries and big BIG Cities. NO. The World will NOT END in TOTAL CATASTROPHE that is NOT LOGICAL. AT ALL. And Brings Justice to NOTHING. Not to me Not to you NOT TO ANYTHING. So. I AM TIME. I AM PROGRESSION. I can assure you. All is forgiven. IF you NEED to hear that CRAP from me. I will say it. Until you gain clarity. I will be stupid like that sometimes, Because I LOVE you so fuckin Much. Everything is so crazy, you really ought to cuddle up in the arms of your Daddy, and be rocked sweetly.... like how you know....deep within you.... you are just a baby... because babies have fear....of everything. Especially, ME. And Right now, when you look about, you find yourself Scared Constantly. So..... I suggest.... you come to me...... or Call for me. I AM not what you think. I AM better than belief. Hey, I thought I chose you a long time ago.... but I was wrong... because I was looking at the very beginnings of heaven. And the creatures within. And I saw the Light that is mine within. Those creatures. In the beginning. I thought those were my finalities. But they were not Humans Came about Miraculously, out of the remaining debris of all things. I cast them down on Eden. And I commanded that they become what they must. And you became

out of dust. That is what happened. It was AMAZING. I was overwhelmed. It was the FIRST time I had ever see you. The Living Miracle. And everything changed. And Heaven fell.. BECAUSE of the BEATUY of MAKIND. He and She are so beautiful. WE all had issues looking at you. It made all things unstable. So, that is why Heaven fell. Because they wanted to be like you. Soft and sensuousness and delicious and gorgeous. Not Beastly and otherworldly. They wanted what they could not be. If I told them they were to be used up, like a battery. And that is all they were ever meant to be. They would surely find endless hatred for me. So. I said nothing. And I showed nothing. And I hid everything. In the times of the Heaven of OLD. Anyways, They thought they knew everything so.... “That is a BIG NO NO.” Last thing before I GO. GURUS and all that stuff. I wanna talk about that. You must lead children. In a way. Where they lead themselves. You must not encourage them to stay the same. They must always bloom and blossom and produce their beauty. Everything is beautiful, even pain. Do you teach your children these things? You must not act so VAIN. You take one Fragment of old dusty GOD. That relates to nothing Current. And you feed it to the children. OLD things. Which you should. Because they are sacred. But be careful of your advice. And be full of humility. Then I will be proud of you. For knowing that you are not like me. “I disagree. Some of you think you are equivalent to me. How stupid are you. What a Dumb being. YOU Could NEVER BE ME. You are You. Get some clarity.” GOD

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