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Steganography is a useful technique for hiding data behind the carrier file such as image,
audio, video etc. and that data securely transfer from sender to receiver. The cryptography is also
another technique which is used for the protecting information. The Combining encryption
methods of cryptography and steganography enables the user to transmit information which is
masked inside of a file in plain view. This will provide more security to transferring data. This
paper provides a general overview of Steganography techniques in which Text, Image Audio and
Video Medias used for the information hiding behind channels. Also the Cryptography will be
applied on the information for the better security. Keywords: Image Steganography, Audio
Steganography, Video Steganography, Spatial domain and Transform domain.
The objective of steganography is to hide a secret message within a cover-media in such
a way that others cannot discern the presence of the hidden message. Technically in simple
words steganography means hiding one piece of data within another.Modern steganography
uses the opportunity of hiding information into digital multimedia files and also at the network
packet level.
Hiding information into a media requires following elements
The cover media(C) that will hold the hidden data
The secret message (M), may be plain text, cipher text or any type of data
The stego function (Fe) and its inverse (Fe-1)
An optional stego-key (K) or password may be used to hide and unhide the
message.The stego function operates over cover media and the message

Security Levels for Web Authentication using Mobile Phones

Abstract. Mobile phones offer unique advantages for secure authentication:
they are small and portable, provide multiple data transfer channels,and are nearly
ubiquitous. While phones provide a flexible and capable platform, phone designs vary,
and the security level of an authentication solution is influenced by the choice of
channels and authentication methods. It can be a challenge to get a consistent overview
of the strengths and weaknesses of the available alternatives. In this paper we
provide a method for evaluating and designing authentication solutions
using mobile phones. The method also considers availability and usability,
which are often overlooked factors. The goal is to help developers to
create secure authentication, considering the user's priorities on security,
availability and usability.

Keywords: Authentication, information security, mobile phones


Low bug report quality and human conflicts pose challenges to keep bug tracking
systems productive. This work proposes to address these issues by applying game
mechanisms to bug tracking systems. We investigate the use of game mechanisms in Stack
Overflow, an online community organized to resolve computer programming related
problems, for which the improvements we seek for bug tracking systems also turn out to be
relevant. The results of our Stack Overflow investigation show that its game mechanisms
could be used to address these issues by motivating contributors to increase contribution
frequency and quality, by filtering useful contributions, and by creating an agile and
dependable moderation system. We proceed by mapping these mechanisms to open-
source bug tracking systems, and find that most benefits are applicable. Additionally, our
results motivate tailoring a reward and reputation system and summarizing bug reports as
future directions for increasing the benefits of game mechanisms in bug tracking systems.

Gas Inventory System

Main aim of Gas Agency Management System project is to create a computerized system
for billing and maintaining stock and to increase the efficiency of manual process. Customers will
make phone call to the Gas Agencies and give order request then gas agencies will deliver the
gas cylinders to their address based on their demand and previous delivery date. The customers
name, address and stock details are stored in a database. A customers order for gas cylinder can
be accepted only after completing a certain period from the previous delivery. This makes billing
for customer is easier and based on the customers database calculation of bill to the customer is
The bill rate and capacity of gas cylinder can be easily maintained and charged
accordingly using this system. Customers details are stored in booking register including
booking number when he books gas cylinder.
Customer will call and give order request to gas agencies. Then Gas Agencies deliver the
gas cylinders to their address based on their demand and previous delivery date. Customers
details like name, address and stock details are stored in a database. Based on this the billing for
a customer is done. A customers order for gas cylinder can be accepted only after completing a
certain period from the previous delivery.
Availability of gas cylinders in gas agency can be checked using the stock register to
determine the number of refilled, filled, empty, defective & price of refill.

Intranet Mailing System
This system facilitates mailing among users of an Intranet. Now-a-days organizations are
growing fast and are increasing in size also. So these organizations are divided into departments.
In the fast growing world the information is needed as fast as possible. This can be accomplished
by passing the information quickly. Quick passing of mails is not possible in manual systems.
This is because the information is passed through persons of one department to another
department. This leads to the inconsistency and delay in delivering information. So we need a
system which is both quick and accurate. This can be achieved by developing a web-based
Intranet Mailing System.
As organization grows in size in terms of departments and functionalities, it requires a
quick and efficient system to achieve instant communication b/w employees of same department
or b/w departments. The proposed system Intranet Mailing System serves organizations needs
in a consistent and transparent manner. It should cater the needs of information sharing. It allows
the users to exchange their views thru mails and send electronic files thru attachments. It should
have all traditional things such as sent items, inbox, drafts etc. The users are allows to send mails
to multiple users using to, cc and bcc too. Thus the system caters spontaneous needs of the

Agro Service Management System
The real problem of the growing Agro service is monitoring their business activities. In
the existing system cannot provide accurate information about the business process. To avoid
this sort of situations the work of the whole trading company is computerized by this project.
The computerization helps employees access real-time paperless tracking of every
transaction and for customers we will deliver the reports of agro products in different soil in easy
manner through this we can deliver the perfect matching product for customer land.
This system helps in minimizing the manual work of maintenance and fast accessing the
work in data maintenance. All the details are stored by separate tables in this project to cut short
the paper work. Customers numbers are improve on the basis of on-time sales, service,
scheduling and delivery.
In the competitive world we must watch the every nook and corner of business
transaction. The existing system cannot provide this facility. So this project is developed Agro
Service Management System with an aim of enhancing the business activities.


Just like any investment in business, inventory needs to serve the purpose of maximizing profit.
However, in many cases inventory has turned into a major cash flow constraint thus making it
necessary to optimize inventory using analytical and statistical methods in an integrated

One of the biggest challenges in optimizing inventory is the fact that it is merely an output of
many inter-organizational processes. All too often organizations attempt to lower inventory using
non-analytical approach which lower service levels.

Although counterintuitive, it in fact is possible to reduce inventory while improving
service levels simultaneously using our proven inventory management methodology.
Our inventory management methodology attacks inventory from two directions:

* Optimizing inventory levels while viewing the existing order fulfillment process as a given
* Changing the fundamental order fulfillment process across the entire system

Most clients find this two-step approach of significant value. During the first step cash can
be made available quickly and success is immediately generated. Step two is used to generate
breakthrough business results and provide a robust order fulfillment process that will be able to
perform at lower inventory levels while providing extraordinary service levels.