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DPR Preparation for M.B.B.S. collage & hospital.

About us :- We are team of 1 people in!ol!e" in pro#ect report ma$ing % &riting & consulting .
'eam hea"e" b( Mr.Pra$ash Bhosale & team members are across Mumbai% 'hane% Pune %
Sangli %)SA. *or more information !isit us at belo& lin$s
&&&.ebran"ingin" %
About DPR :- Detaile" pro#ect report is a complete "ocument for in!estment "ecision-ma$ing%
appro!al% planning . Detaile" pro#ect report is base "ocument for planning the pro#ect an"
implementing the pro#ect. Preparation of "etaile" pro#ect report is a step in firming up the
proposal. When an in!estment proposal has been appro!e" on the basis of functional report
an" the proposal is a ma#or proposal% it &oul" be necessar( for "etaile" pro#ect report to firm up
the proposal for the capital cost as &ell as the !arious facilities. 5t inclu"es 5ntro"uction of pro#ect
% Sta$ehol"er Anal(sis% Scoping Stu"( % Pro#ect Proposal 'emplate% 5mplementing 'rust
"etails % 6ocation of pro#ect implementation% location anal(sis % the problem+issue this pro#ect is
"esigne" to a""ress% 7utline in broa" terms pro#ect acti!ities an" timelines% Summar( of total
pro#ect cost %Sources of fun"ing% 8oal% 7b#ecti!es% Ser!ices an" Ser!ice le!els%
5mplementation Strateg( % 9e( Acti!ities% 7rgani:ation structure% ;stimate" "eman" for an"
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gro&th rate of propose" ser!ices in the short% me"ium an" long term% Pro#ect <osts%
Procurement an" *inancing% Sustainabilit( Plan% 5mplementation arrangements% Detaile" Wor$
Plan % Report as per regulations to ;stablishment of Me"ical <ollege Regulations% 1///. Stu"(
on Basic infrastructural facilities% managerial an" financial capabilities of trust % Stu"( on Mar$et
sur!e( an" Stu"( on en!ironmental % co!erage on me"ical manpo&er% gap anal(sis % catchment
area in terms of the patients for the propose" me"ical college% hospitals+Primar( =ealth
<enters+Pri!ate <linics a!ailable in the catchment area etc % Site stu"( &ith topograph(% plot
si:e% permissible floor space in"e> %groun" co!erage % buil"ing height %roa" access %a!ailabilit(
of public transport %electric suppl( %&ater suppl( %se&age connection an" communication
facilities. Stu"( on ;"ucational programm propose" annual inta$e of stu"ents % a"mission
criteria %metho" of a"mission % reser!ation+preferential allocation of seats "epartment &ise an"
(ear &ise curriculum of stu"ies. Stu"( on *unctional programme % "epartment &ise an" ser!ice
&ise functional re?uirements% an" area "istribution an" room &ise seating capabilit(.
;?uipment @ Room &ise list of me"ical %scientific% allie" e?uipments% complete &ith (ear
sche"ule of ?uantities an" specificationsA Manpo&er : - Department &ise an" (ear &ise
re?uirements of teaching staff % technical staff% a"ministrati!e staff% ancillar( staff % salar(
structure% recruitment proce"ure an" recruitment calen"ar. Buil"ing @ buil"ing-&ise built up area
of the me"ical college% facult( an" staff housing% Bstaff an" stu"ents hostels% a"ministrati!e
office% librar(% au"itorium% animal house% mortuar( % cultural an" recreational <entre an" sports
comple>. Planning an" la( out @ master plan of the me"ical college comple>% la(out plans
sections% an" ele!ations an" floor-&ise area calculations of the me"ical college an" ancillar(
buil"ings. Phasing an" sche"uling - Month-&ise sche"ule of acti!ities in"icating
commencement an" completion of buil"ing "esign% local bo"( appro!als %ci!il construction%
pro!ision of engineering ser!ices an" e?uipment% recruitment of staff an" %phasing of
commissioning. Pro#ect cost: - capital cost of lan"% buil"ings% plant an" machiner(% me"ical
scientific an" allie" e?uipment% furniture an" fi>tures an" preliminar( an" pre-operati!e
e>penses. Means of financing the pro#ect:- contribution of the applicant %grants % "onations%
e?uit(% term loans% an" other sources% if an(. Re!enue assumptions: fee structure an"
estimate" annual re!enue from !arious sourcesA ;>pen"iture assumptions: 7perating e>penses
an" DepreciationA 7perati!e results : income statement % cash flo& statement% an" pro#ecte"
balance sheets.
DPR Parameters: -
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DPR &ill be prepare" as per norms % ethics % rules & regulations of me"ical council of 5n"ia%
Ministr( of =ealth & *amil( Welfare% Director of Me"ical ;"ucation.
DPR Size :-
Apro> Si:e of pro#ect report &ill be 1333 pages B A. S5C; D % 'here &ill be graphs% charts %
'ables % 5mages etc .
Time :-
E3-.3 DA2S B &e &ill pro!i"e progress of report on &ee$l( basis D
Prakash Bhosale
eBranding India Technologies
Mumbai .
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