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Lesson 2 The Earth is Calling

Listening 2 script page 10

Speaker 1 :
What can we do to save our planet? I think that everyone should (1) or the
whole earth will eventually turn into a giant (2). To limit the amount o
(!)" we should have recycling #ins on every single street. $ven .(%)"
every house could have its own #in. Why throw away .(&) o paper" .
(')" glass and plastic when these materials can #e ..((). I always recycle as
many things as I can. That way I help limit ..()) and save (*). I
also #uy eco+ riendly products like ..(1,) ood whenever I get the chance.
They-re little more e.pensive #ut I think they-re .(11) the e.tra money .
Speaker 2 :
We have too many cars. They-re .(1) our air and ..(2) our climate. I
think our governments should .(!) in pu#lic transportation so people won-t
have to drive all the time. They-ll #e a#le to take the #us" .(%) or train
instead. /u#lic .(&) should #e ..(') and very cheap or" even #etter"
..((). That will .()) people to use it more oten. We also need
a lot o #ike ..(*)" so more people will eel comorta#le getting
(1,) #y #ike. 0esides" cycling is the most eco+ riendly means o transportation. It
produces 1ero car#on dio.ide and it also helps you keep .(11 .(
Speaker 3 :
What do we need to change in order to save our planet? Well" I think we should turn
to ..(1) .(2) o energy. ..(!) uels" like oil and gasoline" have
caused too much environmental (%). We should ..(&) them up as soon
as possi#le. We could use solar .(') to generate electricity rom the sun. We
could also make use o wind (() and take .()) o the power o the
wind. Why not? That way our children will live in a world that is (*) enough
and (1,) enough .
Speaker 4 :
In my opinion" there isn-t enough inormation a#out environmental ..(1). 2ow
can we solve pro#lems i we aren-t even (2) o them? Take or e.ample what is
happening in the 3rctic 4cean. It-s (!) a lot aster than the rest o the planet.
In 2,11" its temperature was up to (%)degrees warmer than usual and up
to .(&)degrees in the summer. 3nd that is not all. The ..(') o
the 3rctic ice aces huge .(() o methane that was ..()) ro1en. 5o
you know that methane is a (*) gas a lot more dangerous than car#on
dio.ide? It-s a ..(1,) threat or the earth-s climate. We need to .
(11) the word a#out this and ask all .(12) to (1!) in order to save
our planet .