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Soc|ety Name North 8ank 8apnst Med|ca| Assoc|anon, c]o 8apnst Chr|snan nosp|ta|

Soc|ety keg|stranon No 8S/63 of 1973-74 valld upLo 08.06.2017

nosp|ta| L|cense No
SPA/18 (8enewal), Schedule lv, under Secuon 9 (2) of Assam, PealLh LsLabllshmenL AcL, 1993
valld ull 01.08.2014
ICkA keg|stranon
020740009 vlde no ll/21022/62 (46)/83-lC8A.lll uaLed: 08.03.1983 lssued by Lhe MlnlsLry of Pome Aalrs
ND1 Act keg|stranon
8eglsLered under Secuon 19 (1) of Lhe re naLal ulagnosuc 1echnlques (8egulauon and revenuon of
Mlsuse) AcL, 1994 (37 of 1994) valld ull 31.03.2016
o||unon C|earance
Consent to operate" under WaLer AcL, 1974/ Alr AcL, 1981 (u.C. SeL) for Lhe perlod 01.04.2014 Lo
I|re and Lmergency Serv|ces
no Cb[ecuon CerucaLe lssued by Lhe Cmce of Lhe ulrecLor, llre and Lmergency Servlces, Assam, Cuwahau
ls valld ull 31.03.2013
WD Act
8eglsLered under 1he ersons wlLh ulsablllues AcL.1993" no. 123 valld ull 31.07.2014 (lssued by Lhe
ulrecLoraLe of Soclal Welfare, CovL. of Assam)
Nanona| 1rust
8eglsLered under Lhe nauonal 1rusL (for Lhe welfare of persons wlLh Auusm, Cerebral alsy, MenLal
8eLardauon and Muluple ulsablllues), MlnlsLry of Soclal !usuce and LmpowermenL, CovernmenL of lndla,
Lhrough lorm -8 (See 8egulauon 7(2) CerucaLe of 8eglsLrauon (under secuon 12(4) of Lhe AcL -
8eglsLrauon no: 120617131996011/M8/C/Auusm/Mu
Assam, Lhe land of hllls and valleys, Lhe land of Lhe mlghLy rlver 8rahmapuLra, lles ln
Lhe norLheasLern corner of lndla. 1he name "Assam" ls derlved from Lhe Lerm "Asom"
whlch, ln SanskrlL, refers Lo unequal or unrlvalled. 1hls sLaLe ls borderlng Arunachal
radesh ln Lhe easL, WesL 8engal, Meghalaya, 8angladesh ln Lhe wesL, Arunachal
radesh, 8huLan ln Lhe norLh and nagaland, Manlpur, Mlzoram, Meghalaya, 1rlpura ln
Lhe souLh. Assam's economy ls based on agrlculLure and oll. Assam produces a
slgnlcanL parL of Lhe LoLal Lea producuon of Lhe world. Assam produces more Lhan
half of lndla's peLroleum.
Assam Ind|a
opulauon (ln crore)* 3.11 121.1
Sex rauo* 934 940
LlLeracy* 73.18( M 78.8,l 67.27) 74.4(M82.1,l63.4)
lM8** 33(M36,l60) 44
MM8** 328 212
Llfe expecLancy aL 8lrLh** 64.7 67.3
ercenLage of chlldren under Lhree who are
33.4 40.4
Assam has many eLhnlc groups .1here are 23 noued Scheduled 1rlbes (S1) ln Assam wlLh Lhe 8odos (40.9 per cenL) maklng half of Lhe LoLal S1 populauon
(around 13 per cenL) of Lhe sLaLe. 1he oLher S1s (boLh plalns and hllls) lnclude Mlrl, karbl, 8abha, kacharl, Lalung, 8arman ln Cachar, 8orokachar, ueorl, Pa[al,
Mech, ulmasa, Pa[ong, Slnghphho, khampu and Caro, 8laLe, khasl, !alnua, SynLeng, nar, War, 8hol, Lyngngam, and kukl,Chakma, Pmar.
!"#$%&% ()**
!!+,-, ./&01#2 hup://
*** nlPS3
GCVLkNANCL 2013-14

ur. vl[ayanand lsmavel "3,405,$
6,$,74$7 +40#1-/08 6,9&$:, "304%;,$ </%=4-,>
?#74/$,> +40#1-/0 @/0 A/0-3 B,%- ?#74/$8 B<C
ur. koshy C. Ceorge .#10#-,0D EF0#,%&0#0
6,$,74$7 +40#1-/08 G,=;%- "304%;,$ </%=4-,>8 F#H=&0
ur. MaLhew SanLhosh 1homas 6#5I#0
BJ#1&;K# +40#1-/08 B<C8 A#L +#>34
Mr. vlcLor lmmanuel 6#5I#0
B<C8 A#L +#>34
Mrs. Llly kenL 6#5I#0
6,9&$:, "304%;,$ </%=4-,>8 6,9&$:,
Mr. !agdlsh Solankl 6#5I#0
G,=;%- "304%;,$ </%=4-,>8 F#H=&0
Mr. Chowaram ualmarl 6#5I#0
M#$#0,> .#10#-,0D8 AGG"C8 C%%,5
Mr. !ohnson Slngson 6#5I#0
G&00/L% 6#5/04,> "304%;,$ </%=4-,>8 C>4=&0
ur. Anupam hlllp 6#5I#0
G&00/L% 6#5/04,> "304%;,$ </%=4-,>8 C>4=&0
ur. 8. Langkham 6#5I#0
N?"<O+8 B<C
Mr. Ceorge Abraham 6#5I#0
."N?B @/&$:,;/$8 A#L +#>34

ur. koshy C Ceorge Mu 6,$,74$7 +40#1-/0
Mr. !agdlsh Solankl C:54$4%-0,-/0
ur. Asolle Chase MS 6#:41,> +40#1-/0
ur. (Ma[) vlkranL MllLon M8A +DP 6#:41,> +40#1-/0 Q<? E R6S
ur. raubha MllLon MP T0/U#1- +40#1-/0
Mrs. vl[aya Solankl 8Sc (n) A&0%4$7 .&=#04$-#$:#$-
Mrs. 8uhlnl Pere 8Sc (n) +DP A&0%4$7 .&=#04$-#$:#$-
Ms. Lba 8asumaLary MSc (n) T04$14=,>8 .13//> /@ A&0%4$7
Mrs. Mamonl 8abha 8Sc (n) V41# T04$14=,>8 .13//> /@ A&0%4$7
Mrs. ushpa ku[ur .-,W ?#=0#%#$-,;K#
Mr. 8a[esh nag .-,W ?#=0#%#$-,;K#
Mr. Ashlm Slngh .-,W ?#=0#%#$-,;K#
8ev. hlllp kr. nanda Co-opLed Member
Senlor Manager
uepuLy Medlcal
uepuLy nurslng
School of
vlce rlnclpal
ro[ecL ulrecLor
F3# >/7/ @/0 -3# 3/%=4-,> L,% :#K#>/=#: ID ?#KP +,$4#> C$,$: T#,1/19 L4-3 1/$-04I&;/$% ,$: %&77#%;/$% @0/5 ,>> %-,WP
1he logo slgnles
1he Lea leaf slgnles our locauon
1he Cross on Lhe leaf deplcLs LhaL LhaL lL ls Lhe cenLer of Lransformauon ln Lhe reglon
And Lhe hand holdlng Lhe leaf plcLures Lhe facL LhaL we are ln Cod's hand glvlng llfe and growLh Lo Lhe communlLy we serve
SLaLuLory 8equlremenLs 1
Covernance 2
Logo 3
PlsLory 3
vlslon and Mlsslon 6
lrom Lhe Managlng ulrecLor 7
lrom Lhe Medlcal ulrecLor 11
Cllnlcal ueparLmenLs
CbsLeLrlcs and Cynecology 12
neonaLology and Chlld PealLh 12
Lmergency and 1rauma Care 13
Surgery 14
CrLhopedlcs 14
SLausucs 13
Cllnlcal ueparLmenLs
Medlclne 17
alllauve Care 17
ulabeLes Care 17
uenLal 18
Cccupauonal 1herapy 18
hysloLherapy 18
8esearch Acuvlues 20
nurslng Servlces 22
School of nurslng 24
AdmlnlsLrauon 23
MasLer lan 27
urchase ueparLmenL and CenLral SLores 29
PosplLal lnformauon SysLem & l1 ueparLmenL 30
MalnLenance 31
1ransporLauon 32
Carden and Crounds 32
llre SafeLy 32
8lomedlcal WasLe ManagemenL 32
ara cllnlcal ueparLmenLs
LaboraLory servlces 33
harmacy 34
8adlology and ACS 34
CovernmenL approved rograms 33
Puman resource and CuallLy ManagemenL 36
CommunlLy PealLh and uevelopmenL rogram 38
CommunlLy PealLh and uevelopmenL - ro[ecLs 40
8uphall 41
klds Corner 44
Lxperlences and SLorles from Lhe hearL 43
SplrlLual 32
llnance 8eporLs 33
Challenges, CpporLunlues and lans 33
LmploymenL CpporLunlues 36
Would you llke Lo SupporL 37
Cur Slncere CrauLude Lo. 38
ConLacL lnfo 39

lronL Cover: Ms. rlscllla ualmarl QG#%- .-,W A&0%# /@ -3# D#,0S
8ear Cover: Ms. kamulu Sonar QG#%- N&-7/4$7 .-&:#$- /@ -3# D#,0S
C>> =3/-/70,=3% 4$ -34% 0#=/0- ,0# -,9#$ ,X#0 =04/0 1/$%#$- ,$: ,0# -3# #J1>&%4K# =0/=#0-D /@ G"<8 F#H=&0
1he 8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal ls slLuaLed on Lhe norLh 8ank of Lhe rlver 8rahmapuLra ln 1ezpur
(SonlLpur ulsLrlcL) of Assam ln norLh-LasL lndla.
1he sLory of Lhe 8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal began almosL 60 years ago as a small dlspensary and
general hosplLal. 1he hosplLal has been regarded as Lhe premler lnsuLuuon provldlng quallLy healLh
care aL an aordable cosL and ls open Lo all pauenLs lrrespecuve of nanclal sLaLus, casLe, creed or
rellglon. Cver Lhe years, our commlLmenL Lo compasslonaLe care resulung ln Lransformauon of
lndlvlduals and communlues have been conslsLenL. 8y conunulng Lo provlde excellenL pauenL
cenLered care, Leamwork, educauon, communlLy developmenL, collaborauon wlLh varlous
governmenL and non-governmenLal agencles and conducung research Lo demysufy lllnesses, we are
commlued Lo dellverlng Lhe besL healLh care and savlng llves.
1he number of panents who v|s|t the 8apnst
Chr|snan nosp|ta| averages around 7S000 per year.
Ior many th|s |s the u|nmate desnnanon |n the|r
quest for hea|th. 1hey come w|th a foreknow|edge
that the|r ||m|ted hnanc|a| resources, re||g|on, caste
and creed w||| not rema|n an |mped|ment |n
access|ng qua||ty hea|th care at 8Cn.

PealLh care area
covered by 8CP
lellowshlp for 1ransformauon
1hrough Carlng
8CP ls a fellowshlp of lndlvlduals
LhaL conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe
Lransformauon of communlues ln
Assam wlLh a focus on Lhe poor
and Lhe marglnallzed Lhrough
hollsuc, approprlaLe healLh care,
Lralnlng, research and communlLy
developmenL, ln Lhe name and
SplrlL of !esus ChrlsL
1he year 2013-14 was a blessed one for Lhe hosplLal and for our Leam. 1he hosplLal grew ln Lerms of faclllues, numbers and sysLems.
Cur Leam was sLreLched, wlLh many of us worklng beyond whaL we could humanly do, buL Lhe Lord gave us sLrengLh Lo carry on Lhe
work enLrusLed Lo us each day. We saw mlracles everyday and we saw doors belng opened Lo a larger vlslon and Cod's hand leadlng us
along Lhe way. A logo was developed and Lhe mlsslon sLaLemenL revlsed Lhls year and would llke Lo Lhank 8ev. Anand eacock for hls
conLrlbuuon and help Lo pumng lL all LogeLher.
1here were people who [olned our famlly durlng Lhe year and many of our famlly le for hlgher sLudles and Lo [oln elsewhere Lo carry
on Lhe Lask glven Lo Lhem. We were glad Lo see LhaL Lhe value of worklng ln our hosplLal was so lmmense LhaL our sLa was glven rsL
prlorlLy for [obs ln boLh Lhe governmenL and prlvaLe secLor. 1hls was Lesumony Lo Lhe quallLy and work eLhlc LhaL has been developed
here over Lhe years and we sLrlve Lo malnLaln Lhls hlgh quallLy and push lLs boundarles forward as we go ahead.
We were able Lo add more equlpmenL for beuer monlLorlng and dellvery of beuer servlces Lo Lhe poor aL an aordable cosL. 1he
lncluslon of our hosplLal under Lhe 8S8? scheme of Lhe governmenL helped us Lo glve our besL Lo Lhe people below poverLy llne
wlLhouL havlng Lo worry abouL Lhe cosLs lncurred.
1he cosung of our servlces done aL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe year helped us Lo be more self-sumclenL and lncrease Lhe amounL of charlLable
servlce provlded Lo Lhe people who could noL aord. l am happy Lo lnform you LhaL for yeL anoLher year, no pauenL was Lurned away
Lhls year for Lhe lack of nanclal resources and we made every eorL Lo provlde Lhem Lhe besL of care ln our hosplLal.
Lducauon and 8esearch conunued Lo be a fundamenLal parL of Lhe hosplLal servlces. CuL reach servlces were llmlLed Lhls year due Lo
P8 consLralnLs ln Lhe medlcal deparLmenL. 1he communlLy healLh Leam conunued Lo expand Lhe servlces provlded Lhrough all Lhelr
pro[ecLs. Some of Lhese were lnnovauve and recognlzed aL Lhe nauonal and lnLernauonal level. 1he nurslng servlce has been
wlLnesslng a decrease ln Lhe aurluon and many of Lhe nurses opung Lo pursue hlgher educauon. Cur nurslng Leam has been furLher
sLrengLhened wlLh many young vlbranL nurses [olnlng us and many of Lhem reLurnlng from Lhelr hlgher sLudles and provldlng Lhe
leadershlp ln varlous crlucal areas.
1he sLa reLreaL and reLreaL for Lhe docLors and youLh was a welcome break from Lhe hosplLal work. l would llke Lo Lhank Mr. L.1.
!eyachandran for helplng refresh ourselves Lhrough Lhe Word and prayer.
As you read Lhrough Lhese experlences, we reallze LhaL as oLhers are belng Lransformed Lhrough our presence ln Lhe 8apusL Chrlsuan
PosplLal, we ourselves have been Lransformed Lhrough Pls love, Lhe love of Lhe communlLy we llve ln and Lhe way we care for each
oLher ln compleLe Lransparency and honesLy. 8eLween Lhese llnes lle Lhe hardwork of a Leam LhaL was broughL LogeLher for a purpose
and l would llke Lo Lhank and appreclaLe each sLa member of 8CP for Lhelr conLrlbuuon Lo Lhe growLh of Lhls lnsuLuuon.
ur. koshy Ceorge Mu
lL ls noL posslble Lo exhausL Lhe llsL of Cod's goodness Lowards each of us as lndlvlduals, as famllles and as a
communlLy and we are graLeful LhaL Pe led us Lhrough Lhe year and for Lhe grace and wlsdom glven Lo us.
l am graLeful Lo all my colleagues and sLa of Lhls hosplLal for sLandlng by us as a famlly as we wenL from one crlsls Lo
anoLher and for upholdlng us ln prayer, for speaklng ouL Lhelr concerns and for belng able Lo communlcaLe openly and
freely. 1he Lralnlng ln Sharpenlng ?our lnLerpersonal Skllls" for Lhe enure leadershlp Leam helped us bond LogeLher
and broughL heallng Lo our relauonshlps. l would llke Lo Lhank Lhe unlL ManagemenL Commluee for Lhelr lnpuLs and
declslons LhroughouL Lhe year and for acuve paruclpauon aL all levels.
As 8rennan Mannlng says: "304%-Y% ?#,1;/$ -/ -3#40 I0/9#$8 4$1/$%4%-#$- :4%14=>#%34= L,% /$# /@ &$#$:4$7 >/K#P F34%
54J#: I&$13 QT#-#08 C$:0#L8 Z/3$ ,$: F3/5,%S8 L3/ L/&>: $#K#0 3,K# 13/%#$ #,13 /-3#08 L#0# -/7#-3#0 I#1,&%#
Z#%&% 3,: 13/%#$ -3#5 ,$: 1/$;$&#: -/ >/K# -3#5 :#%=4-# -3#40 [,L%P <# 04%9#: ,>> 4$ #$-0&%;$7 -3# 54%%4/$ -/ -3#5
I#1,&%# <# 3,: -/-,> 1/$\:#$1# 4$ -3# L/09 <# 3,: >#X L4-3 -3#5 ,$: 4$ -3# #5=/L#05#$- /@ -3# .=404- -3#D L#0#
%//$ -/ 0#1#4K#P
1hls ls so Lrue LhaL Cod chose each of us and loves us lnsplLe of our aws. Cur condence ln Laklng Lhls work forward
sLems from Lhe undersLandlng LhaL Lhls ls Pls work and Pe wlll glve us Lhe wlsdom, pauence and sLrengLh Lo do lL well.
We resL ln Lhls promlse.
l am lndebLed Lo ur. MaLhew SanLhosh 1homas and ur. Sarah, ur. vl[ayanand and ur. Ann for Lhelr valuable guldance,
prayer and supporL. 1hank you ur. !acob Chacko, ur. vl[ay and Ann for Laklng ume Lo be wlLh us when our son wenL
Lhrough surgery Lwlce ln a perlod of Lwo weeks. l cannoL buL marvel aL Lhe larger famlly of LPA who are on Lhelr knees
praylng for each oLher. l would llke Lo Lhank Lhe cenLral omcers of LPA for Lhelr supporL.
l would llke Lo acknowledge and Lhank CMC vellore, CMC Ludhlana, lMS ondlcherry, our donors, supporLers and
prayer parLners for belng wlLh us and supporung us Lhrough Lhls year.
My famlly has been a blg plllar of supporL and an ever graLeful for Lhelr love.
Lydla - words cannoL capLure how graLeful l am for havlng you as my wlfe and for Lhe numerous sacrlces LhaL l
someumes Lake for granLed. 1hank you for belng Lhere for me. !oel - you Lruly are a gl from Cod Lo us. 1he [oy Lo [usL
love you ls lndescrlbable.
lease conunue Lo pray for us as a Leam as we begln Lhls new year wlLh many new ldeas and venLures.
As menuoned ln Pebrews 12:2 ]^#- &% \J /&0 #D#% /$ Z#%&%8 -3# ,&-3/0 ,$: =#0@#1-#0 /@ /&0 @,4-3_P
We Lhank Lhe Lord for Pls conunued mercles Lowards Lhe mlnlsLry of 8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal, 1ezpur durlng Lhe year 2013-2014.
1he hosplLal experlenced growLh ln Lerms of lncreased number of pauenLs recelvlng healLh care, new servlces and faclllues and lncrease ln
medlcal and paramedlcal manpower.
1he Lord was falLhful ln keeplng our sLa and famllles safe and healLhy, provlded peace and resL when we were ured and comforLed us ln
dlmculL umes. We faced Lesung momenLs ln lnLerpersonal relauonshlps and communlcauons aL Lhe workplace, buL Lhe Lord ln Pls mercles
helped us Lhrough and made our relauonshlp wlLh Plm and among our Leam members sLronger.
PlghllghLs durlng Lhe year
lree healLh servlces Lo Lhe poor Lhrough 8S8? scheme.
SpeclallLy servlces: ulabeLology, urology
new level 2 nursery
8enovauon of Lmergency unlL and aedlaLrlc wards
We are graLeful Lo many of our Leam members who gave falLhful servlce and have relocaLed elsewhere durlng Lhe pasL year:
ur Shalom SylvesLer, Ceneral Surgeon
ur Sonla MaLhal, CbsLeLrlclan
ur uaspln u, 8adlologlsL
ur !aclnLh, MlcroblologlsL
ur varsha Alex, Medlcal omcer
Ms reeLhl 8achel, Cccupauonal 1heraplsL
Mr Alexander MaLhew, vlrologlsL
Mr !esuran 1amllselvam, Mr SLanley !ohn, Mr 8ahman, 8ML1 lab Lechnlclans
We pralse Cod for ur Sona MaLhew and ur Aby k 8abu, who have [olned posL graduaLe Lralnlng ln AnaesLheslology and Maxlllofaclal Surgery
1he Medlcal ueparLmenL Leam has been sLrengLhened by addluon of new members: Ceneral Surgeon, AnaeLheslologlsL, CbsLeLrlclan,
ulabeLologlsL, Medlcal Cmcers, uenLal Cmcer, hysloLheraplsL (M1), Cccupauonal 1heraplsL (8C1), LaboraLory 1echnlclans (8ML1),
MlcroblologlsL (MSc).
1he Plgh uependency unlL (Puu) servlces was augmenLed by Lhe addluon of 2 new venulaLors. We are also ln Lhe process of sLarung a
aedlaLrlc lCu.
We are graLeful Lo Lhe Lord for chooslng us and glvlng us Lhe opporLunlLy Lo play a parL ln Pls blgger plan Lo reach ouL Lo Lhe people ln Lhls
reglon Lhrough healLh care.
l am also graLeful Lo Cod for blesslng my famlly wlLh our rsLborn son ln uecember 2013.
^#- ,>> -3,- O ,5 =0,4%# -3# ^N?+` 5,D O $#K#0 @/07#- -3# 7//: -34$7% 3# :/#% @/0 5#P T%,>5 *)a2( QA#L ^4K4$7 F0,$%>,;/$S
ur. Asolle Chase MS
Medlcal ulrecLor & CrLhopedlclan
ur. Sonla MaLhal heads Lhe C8C?n Leam aL Lhe
8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal. Per vasL experlence ln
varlous counLrles around Lhe world ls lnvaluable as
she handles Lhe mosL compllcaLed pauenLs ln a
calm and condenL manner.
auenLs form an lnsLanL bond wlLh her and
conslder her as parL of Lhelr famlly as she lnLeracLs
wlLh Lhem Lhrough ouL Lhelr pregnancy.
Per counsellng skllls and ablllLy Lo puL Lhlngs ln
perspecuve have helped resldenLs nd Lhelr
condence and push forward for excellence.
Per compasslon Lo Lhe poor and her love for Lhem
have endeared Lhe enure Lown of 1ezpur.
She wlll be pursulng her fellowshlp ln Cyne-
oncology aL Lhe 1aLa Memorlal PosplLal, kolkaLa ln
Lhe comlng year.
ur. koshy Ceorge leads Lhe deparLmenL of
neonaLaology and Chlld healLh. Pe ls also Lhe
Managlng ulrecLor of Lhe 8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal.
known for hls compasslonaLe care and excellenL
cllnlcal skllls, he Lackles Lhe mosL compllcaLed cases
wlLh ease.
Pls dlagnosuc skllls have made Lhls deparLmenL a
referral deparLmenL for chlld healLh.
Pe has a research orlenLed approach and
encourages hls resldenLs Lo Lhlnk Lhrough Lhe mosL
complex cases
Pe ls lnvolved wlLh Lhe C88 Leam ln Lhe communlLy
and Lhe Larly lnLervenuon cenLer and guldes Lhe
Lherapy for chlldren who are dlerenLly abled.
Shared care wlLh Lhe Chlld PealLh ueparLmenL of
CMC vellore conunues
1he pedlaLrlc ward was renovaLed Lo lnclude a
pedlaLrlc lCu.
A8 MA? !un !uL AuC SL CC1 nCv uLC !An lL8 MA8
2012-13 2013-14
1he hosplLal provldes a round Lhe clock emergency and
Lrauma care servlces Lo Lhe communlLy. 1hls servlce ls unlque
as Lhere ls no oLher such faclllLy avallable for a radlus of more
Lhan 200 km. MosL pauenLs have complex medlcal and
surglcal condluons. 1he deparLmenL ls always overowlng
wlLh pauenLs and we hope Lo expand Lhls faclllLy ln Lhe
comlng year.
new servlces of urology was lnLroduced ln addluon Lo
Lhe regular surgery lncludlng all laparoscplc and open
A hlgh denluon laparoscopy equlpmenL was purchased
LhaL helped Lhe surgeons vlsuallze all Lhe sLrucLures
much beuer
1he edlaLrlc surgery camp wlLh Lhe ueparLmenL of
edlaLrlc surgery conunued Lo help a number of chlldren
Lo have surgerles wlLhouL havlng Lo Lravel long dlsLances
1he edlaLrlc CrLhopedlc camps conunued wlLh Lhe
edlaLrlc CrLhopedlc deparLmenL led by ur. vrlsha
neurosurgery was also lnLroduced Lhls year and Lhree
venLrlculo-perlLoneal shunL surgerles were performed.
ur. Shalom SylvesLer le Lhe unlL for pursulng hls sLudles
ln Lhoraclc surgery aL CMC, vellore.
ur. Chape ao, a young energeuc surgeon, [olned us and
conunues Lo perform some of Lhe mosL complex cases.
Pls enLhuslasm has been lnfecuous.
ur. Asolle Chase ls known Lo be Lhe mosL genLle
orLhopedlclan and has very sklllful hands. Pe ls also
Lhe Medlcal ulrecLor of Lhe hosplLal and has been
lnsLrumenLal ln encouraglng sLudenLs Lo pursue
medlclne as a career.
Pe also heads Lhe Lrauma Leam LhaL performs some
of Lhe mosL complex and challenglng polyLrauma
1he edlaLrlc CrLhopedlc camps conunued wlLh Lhe
edlaLrlc CrLhopedlc deparLmenL of CMC, vellore
led by ur. vrlsha Madhurl.
1he cosLs of orLhopedlc surgery ls easlly aordable
Lo Lhe poor and ls accessed by all.
new areas of orLhopedlcs lncludlng replacemenL
surgerles and arLhroscoples are planned for Lhe
year ahead
2012-13 2013-14
8epeaL Cu vlslLs
new Cu vlslLs
2012-13 2013-14
1ota| ANC anents
2012-13 2013-14
Average Cut anents per
2012-13 2013-14
1ota| Adm|ss|ons
2012-13 2013-14
No of occup|ed bed days
2012-13 2013-14
ercentage of occupancy
2012-13 2013-14
Average Length of stay
2012-13 2013-14
1urn Cver kate (1Ck)
2012-13 2013-14
1ota| Surger|es
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
612 612
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
ur. Lydla !ohn leads Lhe lnLernal medlclne deparLmenL
LhaL ls Lhe mosL busy deparLmenL ln Lhe hosplLal. WlLh a
keen lnLeresL ln lnfecuous dlseases she has formulaLed
Lhe anublouc pollcles of Lhe hosplLal.
WlLh Lhe supporL from Lhe mlcroblology deparLmenL
and auLomaLed culLures, Lhe anublouc prole of Lhe
bacLerla were documenLed.
She has excellenL cllnlcal skllls and ls very pauenL and
deLall orlenLed and ensures LhaL Lhe pauenL geLs Lhe
besL and approprlaLe care.
WlLh many pauenLs who have nanclal dlmculues
accesslng care ln our hosplLal, she has ensured
approprlaLe use of lnvesugauons and medlcauons.
Per quleL and carlng naLure have endeared her Lo her
1he medlcal deparLmenL looks aer pauenLs wlLh all
klnds of communlcable and no-communlcable dlseases.
lL runs Lhe hlgh dependency unlL, Lhe only one of lLs klnd
wlLh faclllues for venulauon are avallable
ur. !erlne Llanklml compleLed her posL-graduauon
ln lamlly Medlclne and subsequenLly found her
calllng ln alllauve care. She has compleLed her
cerucaLe course ln alllauve care and leads Lhe
Per lnvolvemenL ln Lhe llves of Lhe famllles wlLh
end sLage dlsease and helplng ln paln rellef has
enabled many Lo pass on wlLh dlgnlLy and love
She hopes Lo compleLe her degree ln palllauve care
from Lhe uk Lhls year and she wlll be more
equlpped Lo handle Lhe varlous lssues LhaL she
An appllcauon for llcense for oplold medlcauon for
paln rellef has been forwarded Lo Lhe governmenL.
1hls wlll help Lhe pauenLs Lo access Lhese
medlcauons locally.
ur. 8ldyuL kr. 8orah [olned us aer hls
speclallzauon ln dlabeLes care and has sLarLed a
comprehenslve dlabeLes managemenL unlL
A screenlng program for varlous age groups was
conducLed ln Lhe Lown.
ur. Aby k. 8abu and ur. Mukul Lal conunued Lo glve
quallLy denLal care Lo pauenLs.
As parL of Lhe Lrauma Leam of Lhe hosplLal, Lhey
helped pauenLs access oral surgery ln Lhe hosplLal
uenLal camps ln varlous schools and orphanages
have been very wldely appreclaLed
1he addluon of a new denLal chalr helped Lo ease
Lhe burden of walung ume for Lhe pauenLs
1he 8oLary Club of 1ezpur has helped arrange
camps ln Lhe Lown and Lhe schools ln Lhls area
Mr. !esudas Ma[umdar and Ms. Ana[ana have Lhelr
hands full wlLh many pauenLs who requlre
rehablllLauve care. Mr. !esudas has [olned us aer
hls Lralnlng for a MasLers degree ln physloLherapy.
1hls advanced knowledge has helped Lo provlde
more approprlaLe and sclenuc care.
1he deparLmenL provldes boLh ambulaLory and ln-
pauenL care
Ms. 8achel 8en[amln was lnvolved ln boLh C88 and
Lhe hosplLal based 88LlC. She was also Lralned for
audlology LhaL helped us assess hearlng of chlldren
and help chlldren access approprlaLe care
She helped ln semng up an occupauonal Lherapy
cenLer ln Lhe orphanage run by Lhe Mlsslonarles of
CharlLy and ensured weekly vlslLs Lo help chlldren.
Acute Lncepha||ns Syndrome: study on |nfecnous eno|ogy, r|sk factor assessment and treatment outcome of ch||dren and
adu|ts w|th ALS |n a commun|ty hosp|ta| |n 1ezpur Assam(north Last Ind|a) a study |n partnersh|p w|th ICMk |s underway.
1he A11LND- 1r|a| l,mlly-Led 8ehablll-a-lon a#r sLroke ln lndla ln parLnershlp wlLh CMC Ludhlana.
1he Stroke Un|t Study: |n partnersh|p w|th CMC Ludh|ana
C||n|ca| study on snake b|te syndrome, spec|es corre|anon and ASV dose requ|rement : |n partnersh|p w|th CMC Ve||ore.
reva|ence of d|abetes me|||tus, |ts r|sk factors and amtude towards d|abenc hea|th care |n rura| popu|anon of Arunacha|
radesh, North Last Ind|a. 1hls sLudy has been relocaLed due Lo loglsucs Lo udalgurl dlsLrlcL among Lhe 8oro Lrlbe

kLSLAkCn AC1IVI1ILS 2013-14
Nurs|ng |s the |argest
department |n terms
of workforce
N3b M4K# -3,$9% -/ -3# ^/0: @/0 <# 4% 7//:b c/0 <4% 5#01D #$:&0#% @/0#K#0b QT%P *ad2*S
lL has been anoLher wonderful year of waLchlng our nurses develop and be condenL ln Lhe call LhaL Cod has placed on each of Lhelr llves.
1he nurslng servlce deparLmenL conunues Lo be Lhe largesL deparLmenL ln Lerms of workforce. 1he pasL year has been evenuul wlLh many
opporLunlues for learnlng and change.
lloL pro[ecL of Lhe nurslng asslsLanL course was successful. 1hls wlll now be lncluded as one of Lhe courses ln Lhe communlLy college.
varlous acuvlues were conducLed ln Lhe nurses week celebrauons.
8egular ln-servlce educauon for nurses and housekeeplng sLa.
1wo nurses were sponsored for graduauon and one for posL graduauon sLudles. nurses who were sponsored earller were successful ln Lhelr
course and graduaLed wlLh ylng colors.
1he 1nAl Assam conference was well auended by our sLa.
alllauve care workshops encouraged many sLa Lo undersLand more abouL Lhe area of care for Lermlnally lll people.
1he workshop ln sharpenlng your lnLerpersonal skllls was exLremely useful.
Iuture p|ans
A new nurslng sysLem wlll be lnLroduced ln Lhe comlng year on a Lrlal basls for slx monLhs and revlewed.
1wo courses of nurslng asslsLanL and operaung LheaLer asslsLanL wlll be lncluded ln Lhe communlLy college.
Pousekeeplng sLa and sLa ln Lhe blomedlcal wasLe managemenL wlll conunue Lo recelve approprlaLe Lralnlng.
new beds and Lrolleys along wlLh a compleLe overhaul of Lhe llnen ls planned ln Lhe year ahead.
new equlpmenL for all Lhe wards wlll be lnsLalled ln all Lhe wards ln a phased manner.
1ralnlng for clear and preclse documenLauon ls planned ln Lhe year ahead.
Changes ln Lhe ln-paLenL recordlng sheeLs are belng consldered and wlll be lmplemenLed aer proper Lralnlng. 1hls wlll prevenL dupllcauon
of work and capLurlng Lhe mosL lmporLanL deLalls of pauenL care.
1he credlL for Lhe success of Lhls year goes Lo my colleagues ln Lhe nurslng servlce and school of nurslng,. l speclally wanL Lo Lhank Lhe ward
managers, ward ln-charges, all nurses and supporL sLa for Lhelr conLrlbuuon Lo Lhe excellenL carlng aLmosphere LhaL ls avallable Lo all pauenLs
and Lhelr relauves as Lhey come Lo Lhe hosplLal.
l would also llke Lo Lhank Lhe uMC members and Lhe Managlng ulrecLor for Lhelr consLanL supporL and prayer.

Mrs. V|[aya So|ank|
A&0%4$7 .&=#04$-#$:#$-
l Lhank Cod for hls falLhfulness. Pow wonderful and marvelous Pls deeds are. Pe has susLalned each of us wlLh Pls love and added us Lo cllmb
anoLher year.
l Lhank Cod for Lhe Leamwork of LuLors. Cur faculLy numbers had decreased buL Cod gave us sLrengLh Lo carry on and four more M.Sc (n) Mrs
Llly kenL, Ms. LaLhlanpull, Ms Sangammenla and Ms. n.klpgen [olned us Lhls year. Mrs AsenaLh !uhl [olned us aer her compleuon of .8.8Sc
(n) from CMC, vellore.
Ms.8an[eeLa 8asumaLary, Ms.Saro[lnl and Mrs Asha Mochaharl le our nurslng school. Ms. 8an[eeLa ls currenLly belng Lralned aL Lhe uSA for
her MasLers ln nurslng. We acknowledge Lhelr conLrlbuuon Lo Lhe school.
l Lhank Cod for Lhe leadershlp and conunuous supporL of Ms. !asper uamarls.
1he nurslng school dld noL see admlsslons Lhls year as Lhe lnC was regularlzlng Lhe admlsslon process across Lhe counLry.
lourLeen sLudenLs graduaLed Lhls year. Ms kamlu Sonar was awarded as Lhe besL ouLgolng sLudenL of Lhe year.
1he SnA week was celebraLed wlLh varlous colourful acuvlues and compeuuons for a week where sLudenLs were dlsLrlbuLed prlzes and
1he lnLernauonal nurses day was celebraLed on 11Lh May.
1uLors and SLudenLs auended Lhe 1nAl and SnA, Assam 8ranch 36
8lennlal Conference, aL Cuwahau.
Ms.Mebasl won Lhe personallLy conLesL and Mr. ALhenas was elecLed as Lhe vlce resldenL for 'SLudenL nurses Assoclauon' of Lhe sLaLe.
8eLreaL for ouLgolng sLudenLs was held on 24
AugusL'2013 by 8ev. Anand eacock.
nurslng school organlzed varlous acuvlues llke World breasL feedlng, M8SA awareness and Pand Washlng week.
8lmonLhly ln-servlce Lducauon was conducLed for 1uLors.
Workshop on Sharpenlng your lnLerpersonal Skllls and CSCL & CSL was auended by Lhe 1uLors.
Mrs. Mamonl 8abha, 1uLor was promoLed Lo vlce-rlnclpal of Lhe School of nurslng, 8CP.
lundlng ls belng soughL for new classrooms for Lhe school.
1he llorence and Sushll SeLhl SLudenL nurses PosLel consLrucuon wlll begln Lhls year.
SLeps Lo upgrade Lo a college of nurslng have sLarLed.
lncreaslng Lhe use of Lechnology and mulumedla for Lralnlng.
lnLroduce palllauve care and llfe skllls as currlculum for Lhe CnM course.
l express my slncere Lhanks Lo our Managlng ulrecLor, ur. koshy C. Ceorge, all Lhe uMC members, all my colleagues and sLudenLs for Lhelr
conunuous supporL and prayers.

Ms. Lba 8asumatary
T04$14=,>8 .13//> /@ A&0%4$7
We pralse Cod for Pls dlvlne grace, wlsdom and falLhfulness durlng Lhe year ln meeung our varlous needs of Lhe hosplLal. lL ls such a [oy Lo
work aL 8CP wlLh a commlued Leam of leaders and dedlcaLed sLa for Lhelr undersLandlng, conunued supporL and cooperauon Lhrough ouL
Lhe year.
n|gh||ghts of the year:
Mr. AmlL Slnha from SAL1, kolkaLa based ArchlLecL was appolnLed as consulLanL for preparlng Lhe MasLer lan of 8CP vlSlCn 2023.
ConsLrucuons as per Lhe masLerplan wlll begln ln Lhe year 2014-13.
Infrastructure Deve|opment:
CD: 1he face ll of CuL-pauenL ueparLmenL by palnung Lhe walls uslng Lhe pleasanL colours, provldlng sky llghLs, arranglng purled
and clean drlnklng waLer and approprlaLe clear slgnage made a blg dlerence.
ed|atr|c Ward: 1he pedlaLrlc ward was glven a makeover Lo make lL more spaclous, alry and brlghL. Modlcauons ln Lhe wash rooms
for sLa and pauenLs and provlslon of panLry and klLchen for cooklng food for Lhe chlldren were also made. A cenLral nurslng sLauon
allows Lhe nurses Lo ensure LhaL all chlldren can be seen from Lhere. Cne poruon was converLed ln Lo edlaLrlc lCu wlLh CenLral
Cxygen lpe Llne, monlLors and a counsellng room.
nDU Wa|nng Area: A much needed walung area for relauves of pauenLs who are ln Lhe hlgh dependency unlL of Lhe hosplLal was
creaLed wlLh place for Lhem Lo resL.
Compound Wa||: 1he fronL compound wall and Lhe cenLral enLrance Lo Lhe hosplLal was compleLed Lhls year. new clear slgnages help
ln ldenufylng varlous areas of Lhe hosplLal. 1he parklng area ln fronL of Lhe hosplLal was also moved and plans for new gardens are

Mr. Iagd|sh Chandra So|ank|
Cther h|gh||ghts
llve new closed clrculL Lelevlslon cameras were lnsLalled ln varlous crlucal areas of Lhe hosplLal. 1he local law enforcemenL agencles and
varlous sLa members had suggesLed for Lhls Lo be lnsLalled ln vlew of varlous securlLy lssues ln Lhe area.
LlecLronlc auendance reglsLer has been lmplemenLed ln one area of Lhe hosplLal. More such machlnes wlll be lnsLalled ln Lhe comlng year.
new sysLems were puL ln place Lo ensure proper documenLauon and auLhorlzauon of all purchases. 1he documenLauon ln Lhe new hosplLal
lnformauon sysLem has helped us by havlng sysLemauc sclenuc analysls.
1he 24 hour bllllng and reglsLrauon counLer ls wldely appreclaLed. 1he need for paymenL Lhrough credlL and deblL cards have been expressed
by varlous pauenLs and we are followlng up on Lhls wlLh varlous banks.
1hls was Lhe lasL year we are uslng Lhe currenL soware for accounung. 1he new soware has been purchased and ready Lo be lmplemenLed.
1he nance module ln Lhe hosplLal lnformauon sysLem has also been acuvaLed and a dual verlcauon sysLem ls belng pracuced.
WlLh Lhe lncrease ln Lhe number of pauenLs vlslung our hosplLal, we have sLarLed Lhe process of dlglLal record ln Lhe cllnlcal lnformauon
sysLem. 1hls process wlll Lake ume as Lhe local governmenL and law requlre malnLalnlng physlcal records. 1he need for space has lncreased
and we are conslderlng Lhe developmenL of a new ouL-pauenL bock.
Cha||enges faced:
lrequenL 8andhs, un-lnLerrupLed power supplles, low volLage
and lncreaslng cosL of fuel were Lhe ma[or concern.
1he Lhe of one of our vehlcles from Cuwahau was a dlmculL ume
ConsLrucuon of nurses PosLel for 120 resldenLs.
ConsLrucuon of 8oys PosLel
urchase of 230kvA SllenL CeneraLor.
urchase of Medlcal LqulpmenL
8enovauon of Medlcal ward
Shllng of klLchen and dlnlng faclllues ln nurses PosLel
avlng of CenLral LnLrance area and provlslon of more llghung
8enovauon for class rooms for communlLy college
Laylng of koLa sLone ln Lhe corrldor
Shed for Lhe wasLe collecuon area, ralslng of walls, chambers, provlslon of more color coded buckeLs and replacemenL of shredder
We express our slncere Lhanks Lo ur. koshy C Ceorge, Managlng ulrecLor for hls leadershlp, guldance and cooperauon ln carrylng ouL our
responslblllues. Cur Slncere Lhanks Lo all Lhe unlL omcers, uMC Members, conslsLenL hard work rendered by each member of 8CP SLa. We greaLly
value and acknowledge Lhe supporL of cenLral omcers, Lxecuuve ulrecLor, 8eglonal ulrecLor, for Lhelr advlce, guldance and prayers.

1he vlslon for 8CP Campus plan ls Lo creaLe a communlLy LhaL ls vlbranL, has a
compelllng sense of place and ls susLalnable ln every sense of Lhe word. 1he MasLer plan
envlsages a walkable & pedesLrlan frlendly envlronmenL where amenlues & acuvlues
are well wlLhln reach and where serendlplLous lnLeracuon ls made posslble. Cne of Lhe
prlmary goals ls also Lo condense Lhe bullL fabrlc of Lhe campus lnLo a more compacL
and malnLaln-able envlronmenL, where resources LhaL we have, energy LhaL we
consume and wasLe LhaL we produce are beuer managed. ulumaLely, Lhrough lLs
organlzauon of open spaces, landscape and bulldlngs, Lhe MasLer plan seeks Lo lnLegraLe
Lhe dlverse componenLs of Lhe campus lnLo a coheslve envlronmenL wlLh Lhe hope of
brlnglng Lhe communlLy closer.
1he developmenL program for new ConsLrucuon wlll be achleved ln Lhe four phases.
Ms. 8una 8aglnl kumar heads Lhe purchase deparLmenL and cenLral
8educuon of Lhe pharmacy supplles and general supplles by a LoLal of
7 Lhls year
varlous cosL savlng measures lnsuLuLed lncludlng recycllng of paper
for dra prlnung
Mapplng of suppllers and ldenufylng varlous generlc medlcauons of
good quallLy
Lnsurlng mlnlmum wasLage ln all supplles
MalnLalnlng good sLock posluon ln Lhe pharmacy for all drugs
Iuture p|ans
Conunulng Lo negouaLe for generlc medlcauons from varlous
uslng Lhe mlnllab Lo LesL quallLy of drugs
SLreamllnlng Lhe purchase of varlous maLerlals for Lhe hosplLal
Lxpanslon of Lhe cenLral sLore Lo 2300 sq space

Cur alm ls Lo provlde supply of quallLy
goods and supporL servlces ln an
emclenL and umely manner Lo ensure
safe, eecuve and quallLy healLh care
aL a low cosL.
Ms. 8una 8aglnl kumar M8A
.#$4/0 6,$,7#0
1he PosplLal lnformauon SysLem was upgraded
ln Lhe lasL year Lo lnclude onllne ouLpauenL
records, prescrlpuons and dlscharge summarles.
Cnllne daLa capLurlng for varlous research
pro[ecLs of Lhe hosplLal has been developed by
Ms. kezhasono Meyase, our soware englneer.
A hlgh speed leased llne was obLalned wlLh a
vlslon Lo creaLe a Lelemedlclne llnk wlLh varlous
Leruary care cenLers LhaL wlll be able Lo provlde
Lralnlng and dlagnosuc faclllues for Lhe hosplLal.
1he hardware has been expanded Lo ensure
fasLer access of Lhe PlS and Lhe ACS
1he hosplLal area ls a Wl-ll zone and enables Lhe
sLa Lo access daLa on Lhe ACS and Lhe PlS on
Lhelr moblle devlces and LableLs
luLure plans
Cnllne consulLancy ln dermaLology, radlology
and neurology
lmplemenLauon of phase 2 Lowards a paperless
Subscrlbe Lo varlous onllne [ournals
1he I1 department he|ps
to get rea| nme, rea| good
|nformanon that trans|ates
to eecnve, safe hea|th
1here are Len sLa members ln Lhe deparLmenL who Lake care of LlecLrlcal, CarpenLry,
lumblng and Ceneral MalnLenance of Lhe PosplLal and SLa CuarLers. 1hey work ln Lhree
shls and emclenLly handle Lhe day Lo day acuvlues.
1hey also monlLor Lhe cenLral oxygen sysLem and prevenuve malnLenance of Lhree
CeneraLors, alrcondluonlng unlLs and blomedlcal equlpmenL.
1he power supply ln Lhe sLaLe ls poor durlng Lhe summer season and have Lo depend
heavlly on generaLors for back up elecLrlc supply due Lo low volLage. 1he lncreaslng cosL ln
dlesel prlces are Lhe ma[or concern for Lhe deparLmenL.
Cld waLer plpellnes were replaced ln order Lo prevenL wasLage of waLer.
A new Lransformer, panel board and generaLor of hlgher capaclLy have been approved for
purchase. 1he elecLrlclLy deparLmenL has approved for Lhe shllng of Lhe Lransformer
closer Lo Lhe malnLenance deparLmenL.
Cur vehlcles ply frequenLly Lo and from Cuwahau and
udalgurl almosL everyday. We pralse Cod for Pls dlvlne
proLecuon durlng Lhese Lravels
All personnel auLhorlzed Lo handle Lhe vehlcles have
valld drlvlng llcense and all our vehlcles are lnsured.
1he LransporL faclllues for sLa chlldren Lo school are
provlded aL a subsldlzed raLe
1he perlodlc malnLenance of ve vehlcles was carrled
ouL aL Lhe company workshops..
Cne of our vehlcles was sLolen from Lhe clLy of
Cuwahau whlle on an omclal Lrlp. Legal proceedlngs are
Cardenlng and ground lllng were conunued
1he paLhways Lhrough Lhe campus underwenL repalrs Lhls
Seasonal owers and evergreens have been planLed and
Lhe fronL garden ls belng developed
A small nursery wlLh .. and a small Leam of sLa who are
lnLeresLed ln landscaplng as a hobby have been enLrusLed
Lo glve Lhe gardens and grounds a compleLe makeover
1he survey of all Lhe Lress sLandlng on 8CP land was
compleLed and lncorporaLed ln Lhe maln survey map of Lhe
new Lrees were planLed Lhls year and more Lrees wlll be
planLed ln Lhe comlng year.
1he emphasls was glven Lhrough conducung Lralnlng
sesslons for nurses, uocLors and SupporL sLa abouL Lhe
safe dlsposal of 8lo-Medlcal wasLe and Lhe lmporLance
of segregauon aL Lhe polnL of generauon.
1he wasLe collecLed from Lhe hosplLal has been
LransporLed by vehlcle Lo munlclpal wasLe dlsposal slLe
by one ouLsourced conLracLor. 1he requlred fees have
been pald Lo munlclpal board 1ezpur for Lhe use of
wasLe dlsposal slLe.
1he lnclneraLor ls funcuonal.
1he re ghung equlpmenLs are placed ln hosplLal
premlses, malnLenance, and all hosLels.
A mock drlll was arranged ln consulLauon wlLh ulsLrlcL
admlnlsLrauon for sLa.
Lmergency LxlL slgnboards and map of Lhe escape
rouLes are clearly marked and dlsplayed
1he number of LesLs done Lhrough Lhe laboraLory has lncreased.
ur. SenorlLa Slngh and her Leam managed Lhe enure load emclenLly
Speclc LesLs have been lnLroduced
1he mlcroblology secuon was glven a head sLarL by ur. !aclnLh Angel
1he exchange program wlLh lab Lechnlclans from CMC, vellore provlded Lhe much
needed manpower and Lechnlcal experuse
lnLerphaslng of machlnes wlLh Lhe PosplLal lnformauon SysLem was begun
provldlng Lhe speed for dellvery of resulLs
LqulpmenL for Lhe vlrology and molecular lab was purchased as parL of Lhe
research pro[ecL
luLure plans
WlLh Lhe lncreaslng number of LesLs Lhe full blfurcauon of Lhe laboraLory servlces
ls planned ln Lhe 2014-13
1ralnlng of laboraLory asslsLanLs Lhrough Lhe communlLy college
ulploma ln Medlcal Lab 1echnology wlLh Lhe CMAl
lncreaslng speclc LesLs Lo decrease cosLs of hosplLallzauon
1aklng Lhe rsL sLep Lowards nA8L accredlLauon
SLarung Lhe vlrology secuon of Lhe laboraLory
Cllnlcal aLhology
Mlcroblology and Serology
Departments 2012-13 2013-14
Cllnlcal aLhology 134492 174603
8lochemlsLry 96986 101423
Mlcroblology and Serology 9770 14024
CLhers 2014 3921
Total Lab Test 263262 295971
1hls ls Lhe only 24 hour pharmacy ln Lhe dlsLrlcL
1he compuLerlzed bllllng and procuremenL enables malnLalnlng adequaLe
sLock of medlclnes
Cnllne prescrlpuons were sLarLed Lhls year
More emphasls on sLocklng of quallLy generlc medlcauon helped reduce
cosLs of medlclnes Lo pauenLs
ermlsslon for a mlnllab Lo check Lhe quallLy of medlcauon was obLalned
and Lhls wlll be shlpped Lo 8CP from Cermany Lhrough ulfaem
1hls ls Lhe only 24 hour radlology cenLer ln Lhe dlsLrlcL
1he C1 scan and x-ray faclllues round Lhe clock have
helped ln qulck dlagnosls and sLarung approprlaLe
LreaLmenL of pauenLs aer road Lramc accldenLs
uoppler, Lchocardlography, ulLrasound of small parLs
and ulLrasound gulded procedures lncludlng
percardlocenLesls were done uslng Lhe new
ulLrasound machlne
ur. uaspln was able Lo sLreamllne and Lraln Lhe
radlographers ln varlous procedures
1he ClPS, ulmapur recognlzed Lhe deparLmenL for
Lhelr sLudenLs Lo do Lhelr lnLernshlp aer compleuon
of Lhe radlographer course.
x-ray ulLrasound C1 Scan
A8 MA? !un !uL AuC SL CC1 nCv uLC !An lL8 MA8
1ota| rescr|pnons
no of pauenLs LesLed
no. 1esLed posluve 173
no of pauenLs sLarLed on uC1S 132
no of pauenLs senL Lo oLher uC1S cenLers 43
kS8 (kashtr|ya Swath|ya 8|ma o[ana)
1he MlnlsLry of Labour and LmploymenL launched a ploneerlng
lnluLauve ln Aprll 2008 Lo provlde healLh lnsurance coverage Lo below
poverLy llne households
1he 8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal ls Lhe only prlvaLe hosplLal ln Lhe dlsLrlcL
who has opLed for Lhe scheme
1hls has enabled us Lo dellver quallLy healLh care Lo Lhe poor and Lhe
marglnallzed keeplng Lo Lhe mlsslon of Lhe organlzauon
1he followlng are Lhe sLausucs for Lhe 8S8? scheme
lrom AugusL 2013 Lo Lhe end of Lhe nanclal year, abouL 23 of
lnpauenLs were belng LreaLed under Lhe 8S8?
DMC (Des|gnated M|croscopy Center)
DC1S (D|rect|y Cbserved 1reatment Scheme)
1he CovernmenL recognlzed 8CP as a deslgnaLed mlcroscopy
cenLer and uC1S provlder
1ralnlng was glven Lo our sLa
8egular monlLorlng from Lhe dlsLrlcL omce
numan kesource
1. CpporLunlues for rofesslonal uevelopmenL by relevanL Lralnlng and hlgher sLudles
2. P8MS- lnLernally developed l1 based personnel records managemenL sysLem.
3. LlecLronlc recordlng of auendance
4. 8egular employee feedback
3. Lmployee Crlevance SysLem (under developmenL)

ua||ty Management
1. Correcuve measures based on 8egular pauenL feedback
2. Correcuve measures based on regular cllnlcal audlLs
3. Mlnllab Lesung of drugs for poLency and emcacy ln collaborauon wlLh CuMu, Cdhlsa
4. 1urnaround ume of 3 hours for C1 and x ray reporLs
3. roacuve managemenL of pauenLs suggesuons/grlevances
Dr. (Ma[.) V|krant M||ton 8DS, M8A
+#=&-D 6#:41,> +40#1-/0 Q<? E R6S
males females
Allled PealLh
1he year sLarLed wlLh Lhe challenge from !
%&'(")*+,- ./01 23)- &,4'5 64- #,7(5,# 5( 5&, 648- (9 5&, :('#; and Lhrough Lhe year wlLh lLs
challenges and successes we saw as a Leam and as lndlvlduals belng drawn closer Lo Plm.
2012 was a year of new openlngs, expanslon and growLh ln our walk wlLh Lhe communlues ln Assam and Arunachal. 2013 proved Lo be year of
challenges and mosL of Lhe lnluauves newly sLarLed comlng Lo a halL.
1he exlsung programs conunued and saw and expanslon and new dlrecuons Laken.
1he rsL phase of Lhe program for prevennon of human tramck|ng and Ch||dren at k|sk came Lo a close and Lhe second phase sLarLed ln Lea
gardens and vlllages wlLh focused lnLervenuon for chlldren, bulldlng communlLy capaclLy and susLalnable llvellhoods for vulnerable chlldren and
Lhelr famllles. lL was a huge challenge Lo work ln Lhe Lea gardens buL Lhe end of Lhe year saw Cod openlng doors LhaL we LhoughL would never
open. !eremlah and l had Lhe prlvllege Lo be parL of Lhe Stop the 1ramk global conference aL 8lo ln november and also were able Lo share our
experlences on prlmary prevenuon aL Lhe lnLernauonal conference "ca|| to compass|on and Iusnce at Mumba|". 1he communlues undersLand
Lramcklng and are respondlng Lo prevenL lL ln many areas.
1he Work wlLh persons w|th d|sab|||nes and Ch||dren w|th d|sab|||nes ln udalgurl and SonlLpur dlsLrlcL conunued and Lhe llves of many
lndlvlduals were Lransformed Lhrough Lhe lnLervenuons of Lherapy and asslsuve devlces, llvellhoods, advocacy and soclal awareness. ln Lhe
words of a member of Lhe d|sab|ed peop|e's organ|zanon 2<4'+),' 6, 6,', 4+(", 4"# 6)5&(=5 &(>,? 4"# #)# "(5 @"(6 4"85&)"A? B=5 "(6 6,
&47, *(C, 5(A,5&,' 4"# @"(6 6, *4" 4*&),7, -(C,5&)"A 4"# *4" &47, &(>,;D
We were able Lo auend Lhe conference of Lhe Aslan federauon for lnLellecLual dlsablllues and presenL a vldeo presenLauon on E"*+=-)(" )"
>')C4'8 ,#=*4F("0 5&, A'(="# ',4+)F,- G 4 -5=#8 9'(C H#4+A=') B+(*@ (9 H#4+A=') #)-5')*5 )" I--4C.
1he An8AAS rogram conunued Lo provlde awareness and vacclnauon ln remoLe areas agalnsL hepauus 8 and oLher healLh lssues.
1he work of Lhe k|ran pro[ect |n Arunacha| was exLremely dlmculL as we falled Lo nd a place Lo sLay and Lrled Lo relocaLe. Powever, aL Lhe end
of Lhe year we had Lo pull ouL compleLely. We prayerfully walL Lo see how besL we can serve ln Lhls area of greaL need.
We as a Leam pralse Cod for Pls abundanL grace and blesslngs LhaL have susLalned us. We Lhank Cod for Pls hand of proLecuon as we moved ln
hlghly sensluve areas and experlenced hls peace and safeLy.
We would llke Lo Lhank our parLners 1LA8 uk, C8M, 8MS foundauon, CMC vellore, loundauon of Crace and Pope and many frlends who
responded Lo our facebook requesLs and parLnered wlLh us ln our [ourney wlLh Lhe communlLy.
We Lhank Lhe LPA leadershlp for Lhelr guldance and supporL aL all umes.
J(6 5( &)C 6&( )- 4B+, 5( #( )CC,4-='4B+8 C(', 5&4" 4++ 6, 4-@ (' )C4A)",? 4**('#)"A 5( 3)- >(6,' 5&45 )- 45 6('@ 6)5&)" =-? 5( 3)C B, A+('8
)" %&')-5 K,-=-D <>&,-)4"- L0 !M? !.

ur. raLhlba MllLon 8uS, MP
+40#1-/08 "/55&$4-D <#,>-3 E
?#%#,013 1//0:4$,-/0
Ch||dren at k|sk rogram : for the prevennon of ch||d tramck|ng
ln parLnershlp wlLh 1LA8 uk, Lhls program focuses on
8ulldlng chlldren's capaclLy for proLecuon and prevenuon of Lramcklng focuslng on Lhe mosL vulnerable communlues ln Lea gardens and foresL vlllages close Lo Lhe 8huLan
8order of udalgurl ulsLrlcL.
8ulldlng soclal neLworks and supporL for prevenuon of chlld Lramcklng Lhrough Lhe vlllage Chlld proLecuon Commluees(vCC). 1hese have been eecuve ln prevenung
Lramcklng aL Lhe vlllage level.
Llvellhoods and sklll developmenL for vulnerable famllles: Lo reduce vulnerablllLy
CLher acuvlues
N>("-(')"A *&)+#'," ln school: lndlvldual sponsorshlps for chlldren Lo allow Lhem Lo go Lo school.
O=>&4+): ,$ #$-#0=04%# -/ =0/5/-# 3,$:410,X% ,$: #5=/L#0 K&>$#0,I># 740>% ,$: L/5#$ -30/&73 >4K#>43//:% ,$: >4$9,7#% -/ 5,09#-%
%8*+, P4"@: provldlng cycles Lo chlldren so Lhey can sLay ln school
Look|ng ahead
Worklng wlLh churches Lo bulld safeLy neLs for mlgrauon and chlld proLecuon
Safe mlgrauon: provldlng skllls and empowerlng for explolLauon free mlgrauon for llvellhoods
Commun|ty 8ased kehab|||tanon rogram
Cver Lhe lasL ve years Lhe program ls worklng wlLh persons wlLh all dlsablllues ln udalgurl 8lock ln parLnershlp wlLh C8M.
1he program focuses on
nea|th and ear|y educanon: AssessmenLs, Lherapy , asslsuve devlces and early chlldhood educauon for chlldren wlLh dlsablllues and adulLs. More Lhan 200 chlldren are
parLners ln Lhe program. Chlldren are also enrolled lnLo regular schools or speclal schools. 3 chlldren wlLh hearlng and speech lmpalrmenL were admlued lnLo a speclal
school ln Shlllong more Lhan 20 chlldren enrolled lnLo regular schools.
Advocacy and Soc|a|: lormauon of dlsabled peoples organlzauons and bulldlng Lhelr capaclLy for advocacy. rovldlng forums for persons wlLh dlsablllues for vlslblllLy and
advocacy aL Lhe local dlsLrlcL and sLaLe level.
L|ve||hoods: parenLs of chlldren wlLh dlsablllues and adulLs wlLh dlsablllues are enabled Lhrough llvellhoods for economlc empowermenL and dlversled susLalnable
llvellhood opporLunlues.
Look|ng ahead: Lhe second phase of Lhe program wlll focus on malnsLreamlng and lncluslon of persons wlLh dlsablllblllues. A ma[or focus are wlll be lncluslon ln prlmary
educauon, sLrengLhenlng Lhe uCs and up scallng of llvellhoods for persons wlLh dlsablllues.
Street ch||dren and rag p|ckers
1he evenlng school conunues wlLh Lwo new volunLeers and healLh lnLervenuons for Lhe communlLy are avallable aL Lhe hosplLal. uesplLe dlmculues and erce opposluon we are
able Lo malnLaln our presence Lhere.
1he vacclnauon and awareness program conunues ln Lhe dlsLrlcL ln parLnershlp wlLh 8MS foundauon.
Looklng ahead: we hope Lo upscale Lhe work and work aL Lhe sLaLe and reglon level.
k|ran :a ray of hope Arunacha|
We were able Lo work for 3 years ln some of Lhe mosL dlmculL condluons soclally, loglsucally and geographlcally wlLh Cods help. ln 2014 Lhe program was pulled ouL and we walL on
Lhe Lord for Pls guldance as we look for a way ahead ln Arunachal radesh.
kesource kehab|||tanon and Lar|y Intervennon Centre, 1ezpur
Conunues Lo serve chlldren and persons wlLh dlsablllues ln SonlLpur and nelghbourlng dlsLrlcLs
We are very llmlLed space and lack of perosnell. Pope Lo develop Lhls as a resource hub for Lhe reglon on dlsablllues
A|m: lL ls a venLure Lo empower glrls, women and Lhelr famllles who are vulnerable Lo Lramcklng Lhrough developlng Lhelr skllls and producuon
and markeung of quallLy producLs locally and lnLernauonally for a susLalnable llvellhood and proLecuon from horrors of Lramcklng.
ldenufy and develop skllls of women and Lhelr famllles for dlerenL producLs
roduce quallLy producLs for markeung.
LsLabllsh ouLleLs for markeung of producLs
LsLabllsh collaborauons for lnLernauonal and e-markeung.
Cb[ecnve 1: Acnv|nes:
ldenufy and Lraln women for crocheL and knlmng, Lallorlng (oLher vocauons and cras)
1raln 300 women ln ve years
ldenufy and Lraln women for weavlng
rovlslon of looms
1wo hundred weavers produclng quallLy producLs
1raln LwenLy women for baklng
LsLabllsh food ouLleLs

Cb[ecnve 2: Acnv|nes:
roducuon for quallLy producLs for local and lnLernauonal markeLs
1wo hundred weavers produclng producLs
roduce and markeL quallLy food producLs
Cb[ecnve 3: Acnv|nes:
LsLabllsh ouLleLs ln udalgurl and 1ezpur by end of 2013
LsLabllsh 8uPALl Lrademark by 2014 uecember
8eglsLrauon of 8uPALl SPC and openlng a bank accounL.
Cb[ecnve 4: Acnv|nes:
CollaboraLe wlLh S1C 1PL 18Alllk, Pope and Crace foundauon eLc. for lnLernauonal
CeL reglsLered wlLh falr Lrade
LsLabllsh brand 8uphall as lnLernauonal brand ln llve years
k|ds Corner
1hls small room on Lhe campus was modled lnLo a room where chlldren
can play, read, llsLen Lo muslc, do dlerenL arLs and cras. 1here ls a
SaLurday aernoon chlldren's ume for chlldren Lo learn dlerenL skllls. 1he
chlldren on campus look forward Lo Lhls ume of lnLeracuon and fun and
play. 1he creaLors of Lhls space are seen ln Lhe phoLograph below.

10-hour-old baby of ?eshmlna 8egum and 8azab All, Leachers
ln a prlmary school of SonlLpur ulsLrlcL, was born aer
prolonged labor ln a secondary care hosplLal wlLh a blrLh
welghL of 2.3kg. 1he baby boy had blrLh asphyxla and dld noL
cry soon aer blrLh. Aer lnlual resusclLauon, Lhe baby was
Lransferred Lo Lhe 8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal, 1ezpur. 1he baby
was dehydraLed, had feaLures of early onseL neonaLal sepsls
and had mulufocal neonaLal selzures. Aer assessmenL ln Lhe
emergency unlL, Lhe baby was sLablllzed and Lransferred Lo
Lhe neonaLal lnLenslve care unlL of Lhe hosplLal. Pe was
sLarLed on anubloucs, anuconvulsanLs and was glven
lnLravenous ulds Lo malnLaln her blood glucose and
elecLrolyLe levels. Aer lnLenslve managemenL of selzures,
Lhe baby sLopped selzlng aer 24 hours. Pe developed non-
hemolyuc hyperblllrublnemla, whlch requlred phoLoLherapy
for 24 hours. Pe was sLarLed on graded feeds wlLh expressed
breasL mllk Lhrough a nasogasLrlc Lube and was breasL-
feedlng wlLhln 80 hours of blrLh. Pe was sLarLed on early
lnLervenuon Lherapy by our occupauonal and
physloLheraplsLs and have advlsed Lhe famlly Lo have a close
follow up of Lhe developmenLal mllesLones of Lhe baby Lo
prevenL any furLher morbldlLy.

1he enure LreaLmenL cosL was subsldlzed and helped a baby
nd llfe LhaL ls ln llne wlLh Lhe mlsslon of Lhe organlzauon - Lo
serve Lhe poor and Lhe marglnallzed.
1he ennre treatment cost
was subs|d|zed and he|ped
a baby hnd ||fe that |s |n
||ne w|th the m|ss|on of the
organ|zanon - to serve the
poor and the marg|na||zed.
C8L monasLery ls slLuaLed ln 8omdllla of Arunachal radesh. usually no Chrlsuan Crganlsauon ls allowed Lo organlze any awareness
program ln Lhe monasLery buL one ne mornlng a monk from Lhe monasLery came Lo 8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal Lo meeL Lhe ulrecLor of
CommunlLy PealLh and uevelopmenL rogram asklng for awareness program Lo be organlzed ln Lhelr monasLery for Lhe chlldren who
are sLudylng Lhere. Cn 19
!uly Lhe awareness program was organlzed aL C8L MonasLery and Lhe chlldren along wlLh Lhe monks were
made aware abouL Pepauus- 8 and 1uberculosls. All Lhe sLudenLs were very auenuve and responslve, Lhey asked many quesuons
abouL dlerenL klnd of dlseases llke chlcken pox, allergy, cause of whlLe halrs, lLchlng and scrub Lyphus, malarla, dlarrhea and worm
lnfesLauon eLc.
Aer Lhe program general healLh check-up was done for Lhe chlldren and one of Lhe senlor Leacher requesLed Lhe Leam Lo walL for
Lhelr medlcal ln charge named uor[ee LeLa who was on Lhe way Lo from 1ezpur. When he reached and he requesLed Lhe Leam Lo hold
one nlghL more and do some programs aL Shanu ueva vldyalaya for 200 sLudenLs and 12 Leachers. We sLarLed Lhe program aL 2:30 pm
and dld awareness program on 1uberculosls and Pepauus-8, all Lhe sLudenLs were very lnLeresLed and concenLraLed on Lhe program,
Lhey asked many quesuons abouL 1uberculosls and Pepauus- 8 as well as many oLher dlseases whlch ls occurrlng among Lhe sLudenLs.
1he Leam prayed Lhrough ouL Lhe awareness program and was amazed by Lhe amounL of response Lhey goL from Lhe chlldren and Lhe
monks. 1he Monks who are Lhe Leachers ln Lhe schools requesLed Lhe Leam Lo come agaln and plan more awareness on oLher healLh
Loplcs soon.

1he Monks who are the teachers |n the schoo|s requested the team to
come aga|n and p|an more awareness on other hea|th top|cs soon.
Abraham Soren, a 33 year old man suerlng from pollomyellus wlLh a shrunken leg, has been a revelauon noL only for hls famlly and communlLy, buL also for
Lhe pro[ecL and hls fellow ersons wlLh ulsablllLy. 1hls ls hls sLory.
Mr. Abraham Soren was aMlcLed wlLh pollo slnce chlldhood and could noL walk slnce. Pe halls from !hokragaon vlllage of udalgurl dlsLrlcL. uesplLe hls dlsablllLy,
he wenL Lo school and conunued ull Lhe LenLh sLandard and dropped ouL as he falled Lo clear Lhe maLrlc examlnauon.
Pe laLer on Look lnLeresL ln Lallorlng and was senL for a one and a half year Lralnlng course aer hls deslre was dlscovered by Lhe vlllage women group. Pe Lhen
renLed a sewlng machlne and sLarLed earnlng hls llvellhood worklng ouLslde a small shop. Pe earned 8s. 30/- dally. Pe ls marrled and has four chlldren-Lhree
sons and a daughLer. ln splLe of hls nanclal consLralnLs he ls able Lo send all hls chlldren Lo school. Pe pald a renL for Lhe machlne of 30 rupees a monLh and
barely eked ouL a llvlng. Pe walked around wlLh hls suck and could noL go anywhere far from hls home.
Abraham was ldenued by Lhe pro[ecL ln early 2011 and was glven a Lrl-cycle. 2012 May he came for Lhe dlsLrlcL forum meeung aL Lhe depuLy commlssloner
omce ln udalgurl on hls Lrlcycle 13 kllomeLers from hls vlllage. AL Lhe meeung ln Lhe presence of Lhe governmenL omclals he was able Lo sLand up and say E
&47, &4# 4" )#,"F58 *4'# 9(' C(', 5&4" !M 8,4'- 4"# "( (", #)# 4"85&)"A 9(' C,D E5 6(=+# B, A((# )9 5&, A(7,'"C,"5 6(=+# 54@, 4*F(" 9(' >,'-("- 6)5&
#)-4B)+)F,- )" 5&, #)-5')*5;D
Pe sald he could noL go anywhere buL now he ls able Lo go wherever he wanLs and hls world has expanded. 1hanks Lo Lhe Lrlcycle whlch has glven hlm
Pe was also provlded a sewlng machlne whlch he uses Lo earn hls llvlng and earns 200 Lo 300 rupees a day.
Pe ls also Lhe presldenL of hls vlllage slnce 2013 now.
Pe helped Lhe pro[ecL as a volunLeer and formed hls vlllage uC on Lhe 10
of SepL. 2011. Pe ls Lhe foundlng resldenL and remalns so ull daLe. under hls
leadershlp Lhe uC has moved from sLrengLh Lo sLrengLh. 1he uC ls lnsLrumenLal ln helplng persons wlLh dlsablllLy geL Lhelr dlsablllLy l- cards. 1he uC ls
presenLly ln Lhe process of pressurlzlng Lhe CovL. ln maklng Lhe dlsablllLy penslon reach Lhe rlghL person aL Lhe rlghL ume ln Lhe rlghL process. 1he uC meeLs
once a monLh.
Pe has become a very lmporLanL volce of Lhe Wus and ls dolng hls besL Lo upll Lhe condluon of Lhe Wus ln Lhe dlsLrlcL. Pe has also become a very lmporLanL
gure ln Lhe communlLy. Pe says "Q8 >='>(-, (9 B,)"A 4 >',-)#,"5 (9 R)-4B+,# S,(>+,T- %+=B )- 5( &,+> S,'-("- 6)5& #)-4B)+)58 ',4*& 5&,)' 9=++ >(5,"F4+ 4"# )"
5&45 >'(*,-- E &47, "( )"5,"F(" 5( A4)" 4"8 >'(U5 5( C8-,+9;D

"My purpose of be|ng a pres|dent of D|sab|ed eop|e's
C|ub |s to he|p ersons w|th d|sab|||ty reach the|r fu||
potenna| and |n that process I have no |ntennon to
ga|n any proht to myse|f".
Per engllsh Leacher says She needs Lo lmprove ln engllsh oLherwlse she ls dolng very well ln her sLudles". She ls a good sLudenL and ls
good ln sporLs Loo. 1he prlnclpal of her school sald he has a vlslon for her, he sald She ls physlcally L and she wlll do well ln boxlng. She
can go for nauonal level Loo and Lhrough LhaL she can [oln any defence [ob". 1haL was encouraglng Lo hear abouL laudur. laudur has
made so much progress ln a span of one year, Lrylng Lo cope wlLh her sLudles and llvlng ln boardlng school whlch was llke a whole
dlerenL world compared Lo Lhe days she spend ume worklng ln peoples houses washlng dlshes and baby slmng.
14 year old laudur ls from khusurabarl vlllage, nearby lndo-8huLan border, 13 km away from Lhe nearesL Lown. laudur has Lwo elder
slsLers and one younger broLher. Per elder slsLer ls a pauenL of schlzophrenla. All of Lhem worked as domesuc helper, excepL for Lhe
younger broLher. 1he Lhree slsLers worked and helped Lhelr parenLs Lo meeL Lhe famlly expenses. Per faLher ls a dally wage worker. 1he
pro[ecL came ln conLacL wlLh laudur's slsLer Lwo years ago when Lhe local sLudenL unlon reporLed abouL Lhe parenLs hablLual sendlng
away of Lhelr daughLer Lo work ln Lhe clLy. uurlng LhaL ume lawdur was worklng as a domesuc helper ln Lhe nexL Lown aL kokra[har and
had come Lo her home for Lhe pu[a vacauon. She was only 13 yrs old aL LhaL ume and had sLudled ull 3
sLandard from Lhe prevlous
home where she used Lo work.
1he pro[ecL sponsored laudur for schoollng and she was send back Lo school Lo conunue wlLh her sLudles. 8eglnnlngs aL school was noL
so easy for laudur buL she worked hard and coped ln no ume.
laudur ls growlng lnLo a ne young lady, enLhuslasuc ln her sLudles, en[oylng her new frlends and school. laudur ls a hope for us and Lo
all chlldren who deserve Lo go Lo school.
1he prlnclpal of her school
sald he has a vlslon for her,
he sald She ls physlcally L
and she wlll do well ln
18 monLh old !ohn was broughL wlLh hlsLory of vomlung and
abdomlnal paln Lo Lhe hosplLal LhaL had lasLed 14 days. Pe was seen
aL varlous hosplLals and glven medlcauons. Pe was seen ln Lhe
emergency deparLmenL was dlagnosed Lo have menlnglus. A C1 scan
of Lhe braln revealed severe hydrocephalus. Pe was advlsed Lo go Lo
a hlgher cenLer for Lhe neurosurglcal lnLervenuon as we dld noL have
any faclllues here.
1he parenLs were relucLanL Lo go because of nanclal dlmculues. And
asked us Lo do whaLever was posslble. Aer exLenslve dlscusslons we
conLacLed a frlend who ls a neurosurgeon aL Cuwahau (abouL 4 hours
away by road) and requesLed for hls servlces. Pe readlly agreed and
drove down Lo do Lhe neurosurglcal procedure uslng makeshl
WlLhln 24 hours, Lhe baby lmproved and was dlscharged on Lhe
fourLh posL-operauve day. lnvesugauons of Lhe Cerebro-splnal luld
revealed Luberculosls and he was sLarLed on anu-Luberculous Lherapy
Lhrough Lhe uC1S program.
Pe ls dolng well and Lhe parenLs have expressed Lhelr grauLude many
umes over. 1hey say LhaL Lhelr chlld has found hls second llfe here aL
8CP and pralsed Lhe Leam. 1he cosLs for LreaLmenL were less Lhan 3
of Lhe LoLal cosL Lhey would have had Lo bear, had Lhey gone Lo any
oLher hosplLal.

1he parenLs say LhaL Lhelr chlld has
found hls second llfe here aL 8CP and
pralsed Lhe Leam.
LasL week my wlfe Lold me of a sLory LhaL broughL her Lo Lears. ApparenLly a
pauenL whom she had LreaLed some ume ago had revlslLed her Lo check lf she
was ne, because Lhe week prlor Lo LhaL she had dellvered a sull born baby. So
my wlfe had her checked and sald she was ne and could go home and walL Lo
concelve agaln. She and her husband le Lhe room buL aer a whlle when my
wlfe wenL ouL of Lhe room and ln agaln checklng oLher pauenLs Lhey kepL
followlng her where she wenL. She nouced LhaL and sLopped Lo ask lf Lhere was
a problem, Lhe husband called her aslde and sald Lhey saved 8s 30 for her and
Lhey wanLed her Lo have lL as a gl of grauLude so she could buy some sweeLs
for herself. 1he reason belng 7 oLher hosplLals and Lurned Lhem away unul Lhey
came Lo Lhls speclc hosplLal where Lhey happened Lo meeL my wlfe and be
accepLed wlLhouL heslLauon. She Lells me LhaL she wenL back Lo her room and
crled, of course she couldn'L accepL Lhe gl, lL was all Lhey had buL Lo lmaglne
Lhe humlllauon Lhey would have borne Lo be Lurned away ume and agaln for
Lhe lack of enough resources aL hand.
8uL Lhe ldea LhaL !esus embraced human vulnerablllLy ralses a cruclal quesuon.
lor whaL reason dld !esus llve as a human suscepuble Lo Lhe sLruggles of
llfe? Pe ls sensluve Lo Lhe needs of Lhose on Lhe very bouom of Lhe soclal and
rellglous rung of rsL-cenLury alesune, noL because he ls dlvlne, buL because
he has embraced human vulnerablllLy for Lhe purpose of assoclaung wlLh Lhose
mosL vulnerable ln hls world.
May l encourage you Lo glve up varlous forms of preLense and dare Lo be
vulnerable, dare Lo love, dare Lo accepL LhaL you can be humlllaLed, dare Lo
acknowledge LhaL you can hurL and be hurL because you have a hearL of esh,
regardless of your soclal sLandlng or your sLaLus ln Lhe hlerarchy of power. lL ls
only ln humble recognluon LhaL we can be exposed and suscepuble Lo Lhe
pressures of llfe LhaL we can Lruly undersLand Lhe meanlng of ChrlsLmas.

kev. Dan|e| Anand eacock
Q<4% L4@# +0P ./$4, 6,-3,4 4% -3# NI%-#-0414,$ ,- -3# G,=;%- "304%;,$ </%=4-,>P
F3#D 3,K# , :,&73-#0 C$$,I#>># .#04$, T#,1/19S

May I encourage you to g|ve up var|ous
forms of pretense and dare to be
vu|nerab|e, dare to |ove, dare to accept
that you can be hum|||ated, dare to
acknow|edge that you can hurt and be
hurt because you have a heart of esh,
regard|ess of your soc|a| stand|ng or your
status |n the h|erarchy of power. It |s
on|y |n humb|e recogn|non that we can
be exposed and suscepnb|e to the
pressures of ||fe that we can tru|y
understand the mean|ng of Chr|stmas.
8egular Mornlng uevouons
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8eLreaLs for all group of sLa
8lbllcal counsellng
Sunday School for Chlldren on campus

Iuture p|ans
8eLreaLs aL leasL every 4 monLhs
rayer walks around campus
?ouLh reLreaL for Lhe Lown
rlson mlnlsLry
Crphanage mlnlsLry
Cur books of accounLs are audlLed Lwlce a year by an lndependenL audlL
rm and Lhe reporLs are avallable aL requesL. We have sLrlcL sysLems ln
place and ensure LhaL Lhey are followed.
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Mr. Covlnd 8a[ Sharma
c4$,$1# +#=,0-5#$-







unsLable soclo-pollucal mlleu
naLural calamlues LhaL prevenL access Lo vlllages
Lack of manpower of speclallsLs and professlonals for pauenL care
Lack of lnfrasLrucLure for Lralnlng ln nurslng, communlLy college, Larly
lnLervenuon and llbrary
need for more nances for expanslon of hosplLal lnfrasLrucLure lncludlng
Cu space, operaung LheaLers, wards and admlnlsLrauve block
Lack of Lralners ln Lhe caLegory of professors Lo sLarL posL graduaLe
Lralnlng ln varlous medlcal elds llke lnLernal Medlclne, Ceneral and 8ural
Surgery, CbsLeLrlcs and Cynecology, edlaLrlcs
CommunlLy College
ulploma ln Medlcal Lab 1echnology
un8 lamlly Medlclne
osL 8aslc 8Sc nurslng
A1lLn1 CA8L
CommunlLy and lmmunlzauon cllnlcs
SLrengLhen care under 8S8? scheme
Acqulre new equlpmenL
neLwork wlLh llke mlnded agencles
CCMMunl1? uLvLLCMLn1
8uphall as a buslness venLure
Lxpand reach of anu-Lramcklng program and
lmprove neLworklng
ur. Sushll and llorence SeLhl sLudenL nurses hosLel
8oys PosLel
Senlor and !unlor uocLors quarLers
88LlC and 1ralnlng CenLer
Lmergency and 1rauma CenLer
8esldenL uocLors (M88S)
CnM nurses
CbsLeLrlcs and Cynecology
Cccupauonal LheraplsL
Medlcal record LechnologlsL
Cllnlcal sychologlsL
Ln1 surgeon
lnLernal medlclne
edlaLrlc surgery
CnM nurses
LlecLrlcal Lnglneer
Clvll Lnglneer
8lomedlcal Lnglneer
MasLers ln Soclal Work
Mass Communlcauon
lCCu lC8 1WC WLLkS lC8 A A1lLn1 1300 23 13
MAln1AlnlnC CnL l8LL 8Lu lC8 CnL
12000 200 120
MAln1AlnlnC CnL l8LL 8Lu lC8 CnL
1,44,000 2400 1440
SuC81lnC CnL l8LL CLlnlC lC8 A
7,80,000 13000 7800
4000 70 40
1,08,000 1800 1080
nLW LML8CLnC? Anu 18AuMA CLn1L8 1,20,00,000 200,000 120,000
8C?S PCS1LL 1,20,00,000 200,000 120,000
nLW CL8A1lnC 1PLA1L8 CCMLLx 2,10,00,000 330,000 210,000
8LnCvA1lCn Anu LxAnSlCn Cl WA8uS
Anu Cu
2,10,00,000 330,000 210,000
18AlnlnC CLn1L8 1,20,00,000 200,000 120,000
88LlC (LA8L? ln1L8vLn1lCn CLn1L8) 90,00,000 130,000 90,000
uPA8AMSPALA lC8 A1lLn1 Anu
8LLA1lvLS 1C S1A?
4,20,000 7000 4200
Mr. lncha, Chlef Commlssloner (ulsablllues).
Ms. oonam naLara[an, Chalrman nauonal
Mr. 8lhon ualmary, M.
MlnlsLer, Soclal Welfare.
ulrecLor, Soclal Welfare ueparLmenL.
Commlssloner, ulsablllues.
Chalrperson, SLaLe Commlsslon for proLecuon
of Chlld 8lghLs.
uepuLy Commlssloner, SonlLpur.
uepuLy Commlssloner, udalgurl.
SuperlnLendenL of ollce, SonlLpur.
SuperlnLendenL of ollce, udalgurl.
!olnL ulrecLor of PealLh Servlces, SonlLpur.
!olnL ulrecLor of PealLh Servlces, udalgurl.
Mr. lndranaLh Chauer[ee, 8S8?.
norLh 8ank 8apusL Chrlsuan Assoclauon.
Churches - CL Church, Cnl, ALLC, nLLC.
Mr. kallLa, LlecLrlcal Lngg, 1ezpur unlverslLy.
133, 8ase PosplLal, 1ezpur.
Mr. Sapan uuua.
ur. Plmadrl S. uas.
ur. Plmadrl aLhak, WPC.
Chrlsuan Medlcal College, vellore.
Chrlsuan Medlcal College, Ludhlana.
ondlcherry lnsuLuLe of Medlcal Sclences,
Madras Medlcal Mlsslon, Chennal.
CMAl, new uelhl
CPAl, new uelhl
Soclal Welfare ueparLmenL, Assam.
LMll, Chennal
ClPS8, ulmapur.
ur. Lbenezer Csmund, Swlware Soluuons.
ur. Sushll and llorence SeLhl
Cerald and Wendy Cowles
Lunlce and !asper Manuel
Awaana Clubs, kuwalL
1earfund, uk
SLop Lhe 1ramk
C8M, AusLralla
loundauon of Pope and Crace
8MS loundauon
8lnu 1homas
ur. Sandeep Sharma
ur. navdeep Mahal
ur. !you Abhl[eeL
8osh 1homas
!oseph Ceorge
8ohlLh and klm !esudas
8apusL Ceneral Conference
rayer arLners And SupporLers
8apusL Chrlsuan PosplLal
Mlsslon Charlall, 1ezpur, SonlLpur ulsLrlcL
Assam. ln - 784001, lnulA

Lma|| Lezpur[
hone 913712 233132
Mob||e 91 8876306903 (Managlng ulrecLor)
Webs|te hup://bchLezpur.ln
Iacebook 8ch 1ezpur

AuW8 - CPu
near Colma AS1C 8us uepoL
udalgurl, udalgurl (ulsL.)
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