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i. Circle the correct answers
ii. Cutting not allowed
iii. All questions carry equal marks

1. Steam turbine converts _________ energy to mechanical energy.
a) Chemical
b) Potential
c) Thermal
d) Nuclear
2. Impulse turbine is one of the type of steam turbine, the other type is

a) Gas turbine
b) Single stage
c) Delaval Stage
d) Reaction
3. Ball bearing is type of _______ bearing

a) Friction
b) Anti friction
c) Movement
d) Controlled
4. Thrust bearing prevent __________ movement
a) Axial
b) Radial
c) Tangential
d) Angular
5. There are two types of Steam turbine
a) Condensing and Saturated
b) Super heated and condensing
c) Non condensing and back pressure
d) Condensing and non-condensing
6. Average pressure of atmosphere at sea level is
a) 760 mm of hg
b) 14.7 barg
c) 1 psi
d) 760 mm of H20
7. How many liters in M

a) 1000
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1
8. Absolute pressure = Gauge pressure ___ absolute pressure
a) Divide
b) Multiply
c) Subtract
d) Add
9. Nozzle converts
a) Velocity into potential energy
b) Velocity into pressure
c) Pressure into velocity
d) Static pressure into dynamic pressure
10. Controlling of flow can achieved by
a) Gate valve
b) Globe valve
c) Butterfly valve
d) Needle valve
11. Which gear transfer power at 90 degree
a) Spur
b) Bevel
c) Helical
d) Worm
12. Spur gear can be used where Shafts are
a) Parallel
b) Perpendicular
c) Intersect
d) Angle
13. Gases used for gas welding are
a) Acetylene + carbon
b) Oxygen + Argon
c) Acetylene + Oxygen
d) Methane + Hydrogen
14. Which part is not used in diesel engine?
a) Spark plug
b) Cylinder
c) Piston rod
d) Crank shaft
15. Which metal have best corrosive resistance
a) Carbon Steel
b) Cast iron
c) Mild steel
d) Stainless Steel
16. Oil is ________ fluid
a) Compressible
b) Incompressible
c) Corrosive
d) Non of above
17. Which machining process is performed by keeping tool perpendicular to job
a) Facing
b) Milling
c) Turning
d) All of above
18. Which process is used when to increase size of hole
a) Boring
b) Riming
c) Drilling
d) Rolling
19. Friction is directionally proportional to _________ of object
a) Temperature
b) Height
c) Geometry
d) Weight
20. The resistance against corrosion in steel is due to
a) Nickel
b) Chromium
c) Carbon
d) Copper
21. One inch = _____________
a) 2.54 cm
b) 12.5 cm
c) 2.54 mm
d) Non of above
22. Decreased in an atmospheric pressure will lead to ___________boiling point of liquid
a) Increase
b) Decrease
c) Remain same
d) Not effect
23. What is the acceleration of body if its start moving from rest and reaches a velocity of 15 m/s in 3
a) 6
b) 5
c) 18
d) 45
24. To decrease boiling pint of liquid
a) Cool the liquid
b) Heat the liquid
c) Decrease the vapor pressure of liquid
d) Increase the vapor pressure of liquid
25. Amount of heat required to raise the temperature C of gm of metal
a) Heat of fusion
b) Heat of fission
c) Latent heat
d) Specific heat
26. SI unit of power is
a) Horse power
b) Watt
c) joule/min
d) Kg/sec
27. Main composition of brass is?
a) Iron +Tin
b) Copper + iron
c) Copper+ zinc
d) Tin + silver
28. Density of air
a) Increases with height
b) Decreases with height
c) Remain constant
d) Independent of height
29. Force by which earth pulls towards is centre is
a) 36 ft /sec2
b) 9.8 m/sce2
c) 9.8 m/sec
d) None of above
30. Liquid boils in vessel involve processes?
a) Radiation
b) Conduction and convection
c) Convection and radiation
d) Conduction
31. Force is equal to
a) distance/time
b) Distance x time
c) Work /time
d) None of these
32. Displacement is ___________quantity
a) Scalar
b) Vector
c) Both A&B
d) None of above
33. Direction of centripetal force is
a) Away from the centre
b) Radial
c) Towards the centre
d) Axial
34. Mass/unit volume =
a) Specific gravity
b) Velocity
c) Area
d) Density
35. Pressure =____________________
36. 1 pound =___________*kg
37. Which of the following compressor will give a more flow rate keeping power input constant
a) Centrifugal
b) Reciprocating
c) Axial
d) Positive displacement
38. Molecular weight of urea is ________________
39. _____________is a best conductor of electricity
a) Iron
b) Tin
c) Copper
d) Silver
40. Motor works on principal inverse principal to _____________________
41. Charge of electron
a) -
b) +
c) Neutral
d) None of above
42. Material of cloth which dont catch fire
43. What is the temperature of human body
a) 45 C
b) 50 C
c) 30 C
d) 37 C
44. Formation of vapor from water is called _______________
45. Keeping the temperature constant Volume of gas is inversely proportional to pressure is called
a) Charles law
b) Boyles law
c) Archemedes law
d) Avogadrous law
46. Energy possess by the body due to height of body
a) Kinetic energy
b) Potential energy
c) Pneumatic energy
d) Solar energy
47. There are _________yards in one mile
48. In roman words L stands for
a) 50
b) 100
c) 70
d) 200
49. Circumference of circle is ____________
50. Torque is equal
a) force x distance
b) force x acceleration
c) work x force
d) None of above
51. Speed of air measured by
a) Barometer
b) Anemometer
c) Manometer
d) None of above
52. Tan =
53. If PH of water sample is 10 then it is
a) Acidic
b) Basic
c) Neutral
d) None of above
54. Ohms law of electricity states that
a) E=IR
b) E=I/R
c) R=EI
d) None of above
55. Soap produces more leather with
a) Sea water
b) Hard water
c) Soft water
d) Heavy water
56. The process in I.C engine is
a) Adiabatic
b) Isothermal
c) Isomatric
d) Non of above
57. If the salt is added to water results in
a) Increase in B.P
b) Decrease in B.P
c) No effect in B.P
d) None of above
58. Density of substance increases with
a) Increase in temperature
b) Decrease in temperature
c) Independent of temperature
d) Non of above
59. Hardness is
a) Resistance to bending
b) Resistance to penetration
c) Resistance to cracking
d) Resistance to plastic deformation
60. What is a value of PI () is ___________
61. Kelvin is equal to C +______________
62. Rusting is ___________ change
a) Mechanical
b) Electrical
c) Chemical
d) None of above
63. At sea level water freezes at _____________
64. % of oxygen in air is ____________
a) 29
b) 78
c) 21
d) 87
65. Process in which material becomes soft is
a) Quenching
b) Annealing
c) Tempering
d) Heating
66. Casting is used for
a) Changing shape of body
b) Changing volume
c) Changing surface
d) None of above
67. Light year is a unit of
a) Light
b) Time
c) Distance
d) Velocity
68. What would the next number in the series?
3125, 635, 25, .
a) 20
b) 15
c) 5
d) 10
69. Rate of exothermic reaction decreases with decrease in
a) Volume
b) Temperature
c) Pressure
d) None of above
70. Cooling phenomenon is caused by
a) Compression of gas
b) Cooling of gas
c) None of these
d) Expansion of gas
71. Catalyst is used
a) Lower the activation energy
b) Lower temperature
c) Increases in activation energy
d) Lower pressure
72. Which of the following are dissimilar in nature?
a) River and ship
b) Bulb and light
c) Watch and time
d) Thermometer and temperature
73. As we go below the surface of earth value of g is
a) Double
b) Decrease
c) Increase
d) Same
74. Heat nether gained nor lost in ___________process
a)None of below
b) Isobaric
c) Adiabatic
d) Isochoric
75. Number of protons or electrons in an atom of an element
a) Atomic weight
b) Molecular weight
c) Atomic number
d) Mole
76. Mercury does not stick with glass because of
a) Viscosity
b) Surface tension
c) Density
d) None of above
77. In isochoric process _________ remains constant
a) Heat
b) Temperature
c) Pressure
d) Volume
78. Going from denser to rare medium a ray of light is
a) Bent towards the normal
b) Bent away from the normal
c) Un deviated
d) Diffracted
79. Instrument used to measure voltage is
a) Potentiometer
b) Volt meter
c) Galvanometer
d) AVO meter
80. Mathematically Charles law can be presented as
a) V/T =K
b) PV= K
c) T/V=K
d) T/P =K
81. _____________machine is used for making gear
a) Lathe
b) Shaper
c) Milling
d) Drilling
82. Rate of absolute discharge pressure to absolute suction pressure is called
a) Compression ratio
b) Efficiency
c) Pressure ration
d) None of above
83. Amount of liquid moving through a pipe may be increased by installing
a) Fan
b) Compressor
c) Blower
d) Pump
84. If a + b=9 and a-b=6 then a2-b2=
a) 3/2
b) 54
c) 45
d) 117
85. Cos (A+B)
a) Cos A cosB +Sin A sin B
b) Sin A cosB + CosA sinB
c) Sin A cosB- CosA SinB
d) Cos A cosB SinA sinB
86. Name methods of heat transfer _______________________
87. Man exerts more pressure on ground while standing on
a) Two foot
b) one foot and one hand
c) one foot
d) Two hands
88. Phenomenon by which solid is directly converted to vapor is
a) Fusion
b) Evaporation
c) Vaporization
d) Sublimation
89. Unit of current is
a) Ampere
b) Volt
c) Ohm
d) None of above
90. Area surrounded by body is called _____________
91. What will come next in following series?
2, 4, 16,
a) 64
b) 256
c) 4
d) 32
92. Steam traps used to trap
a) Steam
b) Particles
c) Condensate
d) None of above
93. In parallelogram ________________sides are equal?
94. Mathematically Pythagoras theorem can be written as ______________
95. In endothermic reaction
a) Heat is added
b) Heat is released
c) Heat remain constant
d) None of above
96. Urea is a product of_______
a) Co
b) NH

c) NH

d) AN+Co

97. Car is to drive and airplane is to
a) Ride
b) Wash
c) Boy
d) Fly
98. In centrifugal pump flow rate can be increase by
a) Increasing diameter of impeller
b) Changing material of impeller
c) Speed of pump
d) Both a & c
99. Heat always transfer from
a) Lower temperature to higher temperature
b) Higher temperature to lower temperature
c) Larger body to smaller body
d) None of above
100. There are two types of flow
a) Mixed & non mixed
b) Hot and cold
c) Laminar & turbulent
d) None of above