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Blepharoplasty for Sagging Eyelids

Do you have any symptoms of sagging skin below your
eyes? Generally, eyeli skin
is the thinnest skin on your
fa!e an among the first
pla!es to isplay early signs
of aging" #ith aging an
loss of elasti!ity, the eli!ate skin below your eyes
be!omes thin an roopy, !ausing unsightly bags below the
lower eyelis an even the upper eyelis"
$yeli surgery helps improve the appearan!e of upper
eyelis, lower eyelis or both" %lso known as
Blepharoplasty, this pro!eure removes e&!ess skin an
fat from your upper an'or lower eyelis" (his aestheti!
pro!eure involves altering the eyelis to improve sagging
or rooping that are the result of aging"
%s per the 17th annual multi-spe!ialty statisti!al ata of the
%meri!an )o!iety for %estheti! *lasti! )urgery +%)%*),, a
1-. overall in!rease was re!ore in !osmeti! pro!eures
performe in the /nite )tates in -013" (he number of
eyeli surgeries was 101,319, whi!h represente an overall
in!rease of 2"3 . from -01-" (his !osmeti! pro!eure
helps with the following !onitions
4oose or sagging eyeli skin
HPC Surgery 1-713-791-0700
$&!ess skin, wrinkles or fat surrouning the lower
$yeli roopiness
/ner-eye bags
Blepharoplasty Ideal Candidates
Generally, eyeli surgery is mainly performe on ault men
an women who have healthy fa!ial tissues an mus!les"
5niviuals shoul not have any serious eye !onition an
shoul be nonsmokers" 6oreover, they shoul have
realisti! e&pe!tations about the out!ome"
Eyelid Surgery the Procedure
7hoose a surgeon who is e&perien!e in performing
blepharoplasty" (he initial !onsultation with the plasti!
surgeon is very important" 5t is important to tell the surgeon
about your mei!al history in!luing !urrent mei!ations,
previous surgeries, allergies or other !onitions" (he
plasti! surgeon will also !he!k your vision, assess your tear
prou!tion, an also ask you about your e&pe!tations an
goals" 8ase on this information, a !ustomi9e treatment
plan will be evelope to ensure optimal results"
Eyelid surgery is performed in a way that the incision lines
are well concealed within the natural structures of the
eyelid region. If your issue is droopy condition of the upper
eyelid, the surgeon will correct it by repositioning the fat
HPC Surgery 1-713-791-0700
through an incision in the natural crease of the upper
eyelids. The muscles and tissue will be tightened and the
excess skin removed.
$yeli surgery is usually performe on an outpatient basis"
7aniates may e&perien!e minor !ompli!ations after the
surgery su!h as minor swelling, bruising, irritation or ry
eyes" (hese !an be easily !ontrolle with the pres!ribe
mei!ations" 5n most !ases, a person !an return to normal
a!tivities within 7 : 10 ays after the surgery"