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Verbs with Prepositions

to congratulate sb on sth
to depend on sth/sb
to rely on smb. /smth.
To experiment on smth.
to have influence on sth/over sb
to insist (be insistent) on sth
To make/produce an impression on smb.
to spend sth on sth
to waste on smth.
to go on doing sth = to carry on doing sth =
to keep on doing smth.
to put clothes on
to switch on (e.g.: the light)
to be keen on smth.
on the one hand / on the other hand
on onday
on a sunny day
on the day off
on foot
on a cruise/trip/holiday
on a committee/council
at all events
at first
at first sight
at last
at least
at leisure
at a loss
at the moment
at once
at peace/war
at work
at present
at table
at times
at night
at ! o"clock
at the lesson
at breakfast / lunch / dinner
to look at
to be good/bad at
to laugh at
to knock at/on the door
to be surprised at
to work hard at
at home
to arrive at (a place)
to be angry at smth
to be mad at smb.
To be indignant at. #mb.
To be irritated at smth.
To be annoyed at smth.
To smile at smb.
To shout /to yell / to scream at smb.
To wave at
To throw smth. at smb.
To point at smb./smth.
To look/ stare/ glance at
To aim at smth.
To attempt at smth.
To shoot / to fire at smb.
To grasp / to clutch / to catch at smth.
by bus/train/plane/air
by accident
by all means
by birth
by chance
by che$ue/credit card
by day/night
by degrees
by design
by far
by force
by heart
to pass by
by the way
To be interested in smth
To be disappointed in smb
To persist in smth.
To consist in smth. (%&'()*&+,-. / *012+3)
4n cash
To succeed in smth.
To arrive in (town5 country)
To believe in smth./smb.
To take part in smth.
To participate in smth.
To right in doing smth.
to dress in smth.
To be in the way of smb.
To delight in smth.
To interfere in smth.
To result in smth.
To end in smth.
To take pride in smth.
To be involved in smth.
To confide in smb.
To be covered in smth.
To be angry with smb
To be cross with smb.
To be concerned with smth (%&'()*&+,-. /
6ith smb"s permission
To begin with smth.
To compare with.
To cope with smth.
To interfere with smb.
To award smb. with smth.
To present smb. with smth.
To provide smb. with. smth.
To supply smb. 6ith smth.
To be pleased with smth. / smb.
to trust smb. with smth.
To get ac$uainted with smb.
To deal with smb. / smth.
To sympathi7e with smb.
To agree with smb.
To argue with smb.
To be popular with smb.
To find fault with smb.
To consist of smth. (-3-+3.+, 8% *0932+3)
To approve / To disapprove of smth.
To accuse smb. of smth.
To convict smb. of smth.
To be guilty of smth.
To be in charge of smb.
To complain to smb. of smth.
To convince smb. of smth. / to be convinced
of smth.
To speak of smth.
To dream of smth.
To think of smth.
To suspect smb. of smth.
To cure smb. of smth.
To get rid of smth
To be tired of smth.
To be sure of smth.
To be confident of smth.
To be aware of smth.
To be conscious of smth.
To be capable of smth.
To be fond of smth.
To die of smth.
To remind smb. of smth.
To deprive smb. of smth.
To rob smb. of smth.
4n search of smth.
To be proud of smth.
To be envious of smb. / smth.
To be :ealous of smb. / smth.
To inform smb. ;f smth.
To warn smb. ;f smth
To assure smb. ;f smth..
To be afraid / terrified of smth.
To be ashamed of amth.
to catch hold of smth
to take notice of smth.
To run out of smth.
To take care of smb.
To apologi7e to smb. for smth.
To thank smb. for smth.
To blame smb. for smth.
To praise smb. <or smth.
To respect smb. <or smth.
To condemn smb. <or smth.
#cold smb. <or smth.
To ask for smth.
To beg for smth.
To pray for smth.
To prepare for smth.
To account for smth
To punish smb. <or smth.
To apply to smb. for smth.
To treat smb. for smth.
To care for smth./smb.
To hope for smth.
To long for smth.
To yearn for smth.
To mistake smb. <or smth.
To pass for smth.
To stand for smth.
To pay for smth.
To search for smth.
To wait for smth.
To fall for smth.
To set off for smth.
To be famous for smth.
to be responsible to smb for smth
to swap / to change smth. for smth.
To forgive smb. <or smth.
To talk to smb.
To turn to smb.
To pay attention to smth
To draw smb"s attention to smth
To confess to smth
To admit to smth
To ob:ect to smth.
To agree to smth.
To belong to smth.
To compare smth. to /with smth.
To contribute smth. to smth.
To be devoted/dedicated to smth.
To explain smth. to smb.
To get married to smb.
To listen to smth.
To look forward to smth. / doing smth.
To react to smth.
To refer to smth.
To reply to smb.
To respond to smb.
To see to smth.
To condemn smb. To smth.
To sentence smb. To smth.
To sub:ect smb. To smth.
To lead to smth.
To give thought to smth.
To owe smth. To smb.
To introduce amb. To smb.
To write to smb.
To adhere to smth.
To attend to smb. / smth.
To happen to smb.
To be accustomed to smth.
To date back to
To invite smb. To smth.
To occur to smb.
To some extent
To refrain from smth.
To benefit from smth.
To prevent smb. from smth./doing smth.
To borrow smth. from smb.
To demand smth. <rom smb.
To differ from smth. / to be different from
To escape from smth.
To relieve smb. from smth.
To recover from smth.
To resign from a post
To retire from work
To suffer from smth.
To protect /to defend smb. <rom smth.
To save smb. <rom smth.
To die from smth.
To conceal smth. <rom smb.
To inherit smth. <rom smb.
To depart from
To take into account
To take into consideration
To divide smth. into
To turn into smth.
To talk smb. into doing smth.
To worry / to be worried about smb.
To argue about / over smth.

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