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Who are the Sixth Root-Race Souls?

By Matthew Thompson
When dealing with the question of the incoming wave of advanced souls that have een designated the
!" th Root Race #" th RR$! %&'( we must consider the discussion from their perspective as well as our
own) Their ailities are not always understandale to the uninitiated yet to them they are completely
natural( even if they do not fully understand them themselves) They are li*e a person with sight eing
as*ed to explain to people lind from irth what they see) The following is an attempt to give a more
esoteric glimpse into their characteristics as ased upon the author+s personal experiences and insights
and is not meant to e the final word on this su,ect( ut merely food for thought)
The " th Root Race incarnations have open senses %-' that go eyond the physical plane) The .ncient
Wisdom teaches us that there are many other planes of existence with the physical plane eing the
most solid or concrete) This was not always the way ut at this point in humanity+s evolution( we are
now aout as dense as we can get and are now on the upward arc which will lead to less dense( more
etheric physical vehicles that our souls will eventually occupy %/' ) The physical plane as we *now it
will one day disappear completely( several million years hence( and through this colossal process we(
as spirit emodied in material form( will gradually evolve into finer odies occupying space on more
refined planes) Many of the " th Root Race souls can already see and interact with these finer planes
of existence despite eing orn into dense physical plane odies) Their struggle is often in interpreting
what they see( hear( *now( or feel( for a hard-headed and concrete-thin*ing society in which they live)
They ring a diverse range of gifts and qualities that should ideally find expression on our plane( ut
they are met with many an ostacle) These gifts and qualities can range from natural healing ailities
to complicated societal( economic( and political prolem solving s*ills( to psychic ailities of various
natures) Some are ale to invent new technologies that can help lessen the urden of physical plane
existence) 0nfortunately( whilst there are still 1ar* 2orces upon this planet who want to exploit
anything and everything to do with asic living( e it medical( economic( technological or even asic
food supply so they can ma*e money and control the masses( the plight of these souls who come
earing remedies to a lot of these prolems is that they are constantly coming up against ostacles that
in no right way of thin*ing should even e there) 0nfortunately( the grief of these souls in light of this
opposition is that they feel mired in the self-centredness and greed of this age and so they sometimes
see* a way out through drugs( alcohol( or suicide( or y ,ust simply retreating into oscurity) The
stronger ones somehow manage to forge ahead and end up contriuting positively to the evolution of
the world)
They have a consciousness that we will one day grow into) 3n their minds is implanted a sense of
*nowledge and service towards the 1ivine 4lan( as they are souls who have come from the ran*s of
previous earthly cycles and are now situated at the turning point of another cycle( namely the
transition period we are now in) 3n each great period of human evolution there is a certain numer of
souls that learn practically all there is to learn during that period and so withdraw into the higher
planes until another period is reached in humanity+s evolutionary arc and so they can !go ac* to
school!( as it were( and egin new lessons compatile with their level of advancement) Many of these
souls have een waiting for consideraly long periods of time efore re-entering the physical plane)
5owever( when we say !waiting! we do not mean that they ,ust sit around in some higher realm
twiddling their thums and eing ored) .ll planes of life offer opportunities for growth and they have
een( no dout( occupied with the lessons availale on their respective planes)
The " th Root Race souls are innate contemplators whose goal is to always move forward) 6hange is a
natural attriute to them while man*ind tends to resist it) But change is inevitale as evolution is
inevitale) We( as a race( cannot truthfully expect to remain the same comfort-see*ing creatures whilst
~ & ~
our television sets and moile phones ecome more impressive each year) 2urthermore( we cannot
seriously expect it all to *eep going that way without there eing any prolems)
7ne of the gifts of 8od is the human eing+s aility to contemplate their own existence) That this
+existence+ would fall into a logical and intelligent plan with a stream of wor*ers cooperating with that
plan is a wonder to many people) 9et for thousands of years( the .ncient Wisdom has een teaching
those prepared to accept it aout the mysteries and realities of life and the processes of evolution)
Those who partoo* of the teachings and profited from them ecame the advanced memers of their
respective civili:ations and comprise the "th Root Race that are now coming in to further the 1ivine
4lan which is ;<7=0T37> itself) Therefore( this is what the " th RR soul represents - an
evolutionary step forward) 3f we can contemplate this simple concept( we will help rea* up the
crystalli:ation of our modern world all the more swiftly so that the ideas and thoughts of the " th Root
Race souls can have room to expand and grow) 3t is this simple)
The " th RR represents souls who have expectations aout the harmony and general quality of life that
ought to e present on earth ut they find it not)? This again is part of a larger prolem( for on the
earth plane( there is no such thing as homogeneity where souls are concerned) The mixing of the
!good and the ad! has created what we have today - conflicts of interest) These conflicts of interest
can e simple incompatiility in human relationships or on a larger scale( ending up in war) Such a
state of affairs is especially disturing and disrupting to these advanced souls as on the planes where
they have een residing they have en,oyed the society of souls and soul groups of similar virations)
7n the higher planes +li*e attracts li*e+ to far greater effect than it does on the earth plane where the
solidity of this plane can hide much) So these advanced and generally peaceful souls suffer to a certain
degree ecause on earth things are not generally peaceful)
The " th RR souls have certain soul qualities %@' at their disposal ut they lac* the insights of the A th
Root Race #A th RR$ concrete mind) Their spiritual lin*s ma*e them aware of many things ut ecause
they have een long out of ody it is imperative that those who would recogni:e and teach them aout
our world ridge the gap through education) This is the lynch pin upon which everything depends) The
est thing that can occur is for open-minded souls from oth sides of the situation to find each other)
The " th RR can offer us advice and guidance aout the steps we are aout to ta*e into a more
interdimensional existence and we of varying A th RR levels can teach them aout the prolems we
face today) There are( of course( opposing forces who cannot afford to have this level of education and
cooperation succeed( ut we must persist)
These new incarnates may seem as you or 3 on the outside ut if you were ale to see their more sutle
and invisile odies you would see heightened activity in their pineal centre( the seat of the soul)
Some of the " th RR incarnations may seem quir*y or eccentric and even ordering on insane) But one
could also say that they appear more alive) This !aliveness! is a quality of the soul as it expresses its
divinity through the sheer ,oy of eing) The " th RR can help us towards this happiness y teaching us
more aout the reality of nature) 8iven the right environment they will flourish( always see*ing or
expressing themselves so that all may e rought into the awareness of the 8reater =ight %A' ) .ll we
have to do is *eep an open mind)
3f people contemplate living a life of ,oyful service they will come a little closer to understanding the
" th RR) .lthough some " th RR souls may get caught up in the outer world and side-trac*ed in all its
glamour( there are many who have een raised well and have their feet firmly planted on the ground)
We should not expect to find them all in the growing refuse of modern pop-spiritual titles where
overly amitious parents place their child with a psychic aility upon a pedestal( ie( the indigo child
phenomenon) 1oing so may easily cause such children later on in life to re,ect their spiritual missions)
We wish to stress again the importance of understanding that to have psychic faculties does not in and
of itself equate to having a higher degree of spiritual awareness or morality)
~ - ~
The Manu of the " th Root Race has een careful aout selecting and placing these soul types in the
most intelligent and nurturing environment as wor*ed out in plans made millennia ago( ut this does
not guarantee things will not go awry) !The wor* of the Manu is largely concerned with government(
with planetary politics( and with the founding( direction( and dissolution of racial types and forms) To
5im is committed the will and purpose of the 4lanetary =ogos)! %"' The dense earth plane can very
often cloud the higher insights of many an advanced soul) 3ndeed( we witness today some promising
light-earers who ecome commercial and misdirected channels for not only their as yet un-
transmuted lower selves ut also for various entities on the invisile planes who have ulterior motives)
;ven the Manu cannot set aside the individual+s *arma whether that e *arma rought over from a
previous life or *arma wrought anew in the current life)
There are many " th RR souls who find the glamori:ation of all these psychic-orn aes and the
commerciali:ation of the new age arena dissatisfying and so *eep wor*ing silently until they find a
suitale outlet for their activities) 3t is these more advanced " th RR souls whom we hope to wor* with
through and eyond this transition period and we nurture the hope that y the =aw of .ttraction we
will find each other) The author of this article reali:es that the aove characteristics( in a positive
sense( are ideal and that during these extremely prolematic times even these souls might have
difficulties to surmount) Therefore( it may not e until much later( when the entire astral plane has
een purged( that some memers of this advanced stoc* comes forth in the name of mutual and
willing cooperation to help in the reconstruction period) !.nd as they help us( we can help them also
to adapt to life on earth and assist them in retrieving the level of their souls+ evolution( through
responsile rearing and education)! %B'
* Many regular people on earth have a sort of ideal about the way the world should be , but most of
these people view it from ordinary physical and emotional consciousness. The 6 th Root Race soul
views it from plans as directed by the Manu and those are not easily understandable. They all have
the Manu's vision implanted into their subconscious and we can be watchful for those extraordinary
individuals or groups that build upon that plan.
!"# Thompson, Matthew. $%hat The &ncient %isdom Tells 's &bout The (ncoming 6 th Root Race
!*# )ee up+coming article on the )anctus ,ermanus website titled $The &bilities of the 6 th Root Race
!-# Mau, Michael .. $The )anctus ,ermanus .rophecies/$ 0ol ((, The ),1 .ublishing 2ivision/
*336/ pp*"+*-
!4# 5lairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, telepathy, et al. 2imensional consciousness.
!6# 7n the earth plane this translates as service .
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!<# .avlovic, &nna. $5hildren and the &stral 2angers.$
~ / ~
What the .ncient Wisdom Tells 0s .out the 3ncoming " th Root
Race Souls
By Matthew Thompson
!Then there will emerge a new race( with new capacities( new ideals( new concepts aout 8od and
matter( aout life and spirit) Through that race and through the humanity of the future there will e
seen not only a mechanism and a structure( ut a soul( an entity( who( using the mechanism( will
manifest its own nature( which is love( wisdom and intelligence)! & 1,wahl Dhul
3n our society there is a growing recognition that certain unusual characteristics in our children are
coming to the fore) These characteristics can seem alarming and strange yet are causing a new interest
in the way human evolution is perceived) 4arents are reporting exceptional rightness in their off-
spring( not only intellectual acuity( ut a seemingly high intuition and sensitivity aout their
environment( people( and the other children with whom they interact) There are cases where this
interaction appears to go eyond the five senses( as some children more and more frequently display
what would normally e called imaginative qualities( or even so far ta*en as psychic gifts or powers)
Seeing and tal*ing to !ghosts! is one example( pic*ing up on the thoughts and feelings #telepathy(
empathy$ is another) 7ther examples #-$ show children demonstrating precognition of places or
events) .nother trait appears to e a sense of purpose or direction which many adults would li*e to
possess) 7servance of various cases reveal children that seem to *now exactly what to do or how
things should e done #y way of improvement$ and so act in accordance More often than not( they act
with convictions( even if they cannot fully explain it to their parents or teachers) =aels have een
given to these children and the most commonly *nown is !3ndigo 6hild!)#/$ 7thers are !Rainow
6hildren! or !6rystal 6hildren)!#@$ We tend to refer to them as the !" th Root Race! souls)#A$
Those who disagree with parents that associate their children with such phenomena( yet readily see
that something is occurring( might e compelled to explore this social controversy via the scientific
route and would easily ascrie a medical condition( such as .151 #.ttention-1eficit 5yperactivity
1isorder$( #"$ in most cases to help avoid a social catastrophe) 8enerally( reports of what the child
may e seeing( hearing( or feeling are ignored( ecause for many adults who re,ect these ideas( they do
so more often than not for the sa*e of ,ust having an opinion ased only on what they *now( or out of
fear of pulic retriution)
This poses the questionE 3s there an actual lin* etween .151 and the " th Root Race souls? The
condition .151 is not new though the term !.151! is a relatively recent one) To summari:e(
.151 is a psychological condition of which symptoms include impulsiveness( hyperactivity(
inattention( etc) 2rom &FG- to the present it has passed through many stages of identification) 3t started
out as eing called !1efect of Moral 6ontrol)! 3n &F/B( 1r) 6harles Bradley introduced the use of
stimulants to treat hyperactive children) The well-*nown Ritalin treatment was introduced in the
&FAGs) Ritalin is now the most common medicine given to treat this prolem) The disorder passed
through a few more decades of name changes and in &FHG the .merican 4sychiatric .ssociation gave
it the term .11 #.ttention 1eficit 1isorder$) Many people now use oth .11 and .151 terms
interchangealy( ut it must e rememered that with .151 there is a strong tendency toward hyper-
activity as well)
This rief history is meant to illustrate that these ever-increasing ehavioural prolems have een
around for a considerale amount of time) We do not advocate that every child or person diagnosed
with such condition is a " th Root Race soul( ut we would li*e to ma*e parents and caregivers aware
~ @ ~
of ehavioural conditions that could e grouped with medical diagnoses similar to .11I.151
which( in fact( may e a reaction of a child toward an environment that simply does not accept his or
her ailities( not oserved in previous generations)
5ow ever one might wish to lael these children( there are many who say that these characteristics are
simply a product of the gloal society in which we live in( and that all these so-called psychic powers
etc) #in an un-investigated sense$ are ,ust a psychological reflection of the over-indulgent and
glamorous world at large) .fter all( many child entertainments are of the fantasy genre where children
and ,uvenile actors play characters possessing some sort of paranormal aility or another) With the
children+s young and impressionale minds engaged in endless hours of sitting at the computer or T<(
playing games( watching movies( or surfing the internet( how could we expect them to not e
7ne could also argue that these children wouldn+t e interested in( say( 5arry 4otter movies( if there
weren+t some content or quality in them to attract them in the first place) 7n the other hand( the
counterpoint might e - !Well( they ,ust ta*e and asor what we give them)! To some it may ,ust e a
case of !the chic*en or the egg(! ut that doesn+t alter the unarguale fact that whether a child has
psychic gifts or ,ust an over-active imagination( she or he still requires common sense and discipline
all the same) Rather than concluding to prescrie medication for these children( we at the Sanctus
8ermanus 2oundation would li*e to offer a point of view that comines a practical parenting guide
with a firm elief that these children #and adults$ do represent a new race( as part of humanity+s
ongoing ;volution) They experiences life with more than ,ust the five senses and are ( in fact( on their
way to fuller manifestations of the transcendental qualities of the soul) We only offer this point of
view as !food for thought! and no one is expected to ta*e on oard any of this information unless it
appeals to his or her own sense of reason or intelligence)
7R383>S 72 T5; " th R77T R.6;
>aturally the questions then ariseE !Where do these children come from?! !5ow is it that they possess
these extraordinary gifts?! !Why are they eing orn at this time in our civili:ation?! and !What can
we do aout it?! The answers to these queries are to e found in the .ncient Wisdom #B$)
Just as a person may in one life learn to ecome s*illed at and even master a thing such as a certain
sport( or musical instrument( or some particular field of study( the .ncient Wisdom teaches us that
souls can spend many !life-times! learning and acquiring ailities which are then carried over into
susequent lives - a process that continues until an individual lifestream masters all lessons on the
physical plane) This is *nown as reincarnation - or the cycle of reirth - a concept widely accepted in
the 7rient( ut introduced into the Western world in the &F th century through the spiritualist
movement) #H$
Through many incarnations( a soul is given a multitude of opportunities to learn and to perfect itself to
the point when it will attain the level of its 8odhood - which is the ultimate goal of each soul+s
evolution) This is a slow process during which each soul is given asolute freedom of will and of
choice) This process and the aility to express freewill is guaranteed ecause a veil is placed over the
soul+s memory at each irth into the earth plane) This ma*es him or her elieve that that particular life
is all the soul #clothed in flesh$ has)
.ccording to the .ncient Wisdom( #F$ souls do not incarnate as often as popular thin*ing would have
us elieve) 3n fact( a soul can sometimes spend as long as a thousand years etween incarnations) We
spend far more time +out of the ody+ than actually in it( and there is far more learning and evolving in
the inner planes of existence to e had than what might e generally supposed) 3f a soul progresses far
enough along its path within a Su-Round #see elow$ or indeed perfects itself so that all the
~ A ~
requirements of that Su-Round are met( it usually has to wait a very long time efore it can incarnate
into an environment more suitale to it+s level of progress) ;ven during these +intervals+ the soul is
constantly studying and learning in cycles of activity and rest) .n interesting point here to ma*e is that
these soul types may have progressed far( ut not so far as to dispense with incarnating at all) There is
always some facet of the diamond that as yet needs polishing) 6onsidering the needs of this current
minor pralaya we are in( many advanced souls from the ran*s of 3nitiates and disciples of the 8reat
Brotherhood of =ight have chosen to reincarnate many times within a shorter period of time to assist
in this next step of humanity) 3n essence this assistance is also what these " th Root Race souls are
here to do as well as attending to their own spiritual paths)
There is an implication here that the ma,ority of people are slow to develop) . person+s evolution is
delayed ecause of the choices they ma*e from life to life) 3f a person chooses to live a materialistic
life #with little of the spiritual$ then that individual retards his or her growth where evolution is
concerned) ;volution waits for no one) 3n the oo* !The Mahatma =etters(! the Master ;l Morya tells
us( !The deviation of each one+s course( and his rate of progress from >irvana to >irvana is governed
y causes which he himself creates out of the exigencies in which he finds himself entangled)! #&G$ 3n
this case( if people choose to develop themselves spiritually( and at a greater speed than normal( then
those people approach the perfecting of the requirements of a given Su-Round and so !qualify!
themselves for the next Su-Round) .n example analogy to e found is that of the school system) .
child ma*es an effort to meet the requirements of a certain grade( and when these are met satisfactorily
then that child can proceed to the next grade) Those children who struggle to meet the requirements of
a particular grade can e +held ac*+ to repeat the same grade until progress is made to enale them to
move forward) 9et all these children elong to the same school( thus there is a real inter-mixing of
levels of progress) This is the case with the situation on ;arth right now on the physical plane where
there are those who are quite advanced spiritually living alongside people who aren+t as advanced) .s
the schoolroom of ;arth itself is advancing quite a sustantial step then it will e even more difficult
for un-advanced souls on ;arth to handle the new virations( therefore( eing !held ac*! will e most
li*ely in the form of relocating to another planet that is more suitale for their current level of
development) There is nothing personal in this as there is nothing personal aout ;volution( ut there
is an indication here that we are far more connected to the ;arth than we can imagine)
Many of these " th Root Race souls incarnating now gained a level of development required from a
previous Su-Round and have een waiting to develop themselves further) 3n order to do this( they
had to wait for an advancement on the ;arth+s part efore they could reincarnate again into an
environment that would suit their respective evolutionary levelsK that time is now) .nd( it is the same
with the schoolroom analogy) The next grade provides for the incoming student all that is required
#educationally$ for him or her to get on with their learning) There are also opportunities for each of
these souls #whatever their levels$ to interact and learn from one another ,ust as on the playground at
school during the rea*s the children will mix together regardless of where they go next when the ell
This !mixing! will ecome increasingly difficult as the years go y in that the one determining factor
that so categori:es us all is our development and the viratory effect that creates) The good and the
ad may have een ale to live side-y-side up until now( ut as the virations on earth are increasing
this will put all those living on this planet at relative and viratory positions to one another) =i*e-
attracts-li*e( and a certain virational level must e attained to withstand the immense cosmic and
planetary forces at wor* here) 5owever( there will e certain areas on ;arth that will accommodate the
different levels of evolution amongst soul types - to a certain extent - and it will e more li*e a
classroom situation at school where students are somewhat restricted y their own individual progress
as to which class they can attend)
R77T R.6;S( R70>1S( .>1 S0B-R70>1S
~ " ~
!)the progress of man*ind ta*es place in no hapha:ard manner( ut the formation of the races with
their special characteristics( physical( emotional and mental #serving as classes in the great world-
school( for the development of special qualities$ is as precise and definite as the curriculum and time-
tale of any modern college)! #&&$=eadeater
Root Race is the collective term for soul !types! that are incarnating to any one particular period or
cycle of human evolution( and which will set the +tone+ for the next Su-Round of earthly experiences)
These new soul types( manifested through the growing numer of these children( are the precursor of
the new races to develop on ;arth over the next several centuries) .lready some of these " th Root
Race soul types have incarnated as early as two or three hundred years ago) ;instein was proaly a "
th Root Race soul ut not necessarily the most advanced of that type) Many people in history( whether
well *nown or otherwise - and who have in some way contriuted to advancement of human
evolution( may have een varying " th or even B th Root Race souls)
The numer !"! implies that there is a sequence and order to spiritual evolution and this is true) 7ur
experiences on ;arth( from eginning to end( are part of what is called a !R70>1!) 3n fact( it is the @
th R70>1 that we are in now and this is part of what is called a 8R.>1 696=; that contains B
R70>1S) The ;arth is the host to the @ th R70>1) 7ther 4lanets ma*e up other R70>1S as well)
;ach R70>1 is divided into B Su-Rounds) We are practically at the point etween the @ th Su-
Round and the A th Su-Round of this @ th R70>1 - this transition point is called a minor pralaya) .
large portion of people on ;arth right now are in fact A th Root Race souls yet we egan incarnating
on ;arth aout halfway through the @ th Su-Round) There are also B Root Races to each Su-Round
and each of those B Root Races contains B Su-Root Races( plus many and varied ranches) The +last+
of the A th Root Race souls should leave the ;arth aout half way through the A th Su-Round and this
is when the ma,ority of people on ;arth will e " th Root Race souls) The ;arth in all it+s variety
actually contains not only " th Root Race and A th and @ th Root Race types( ut is also host to the
remnants of the / rd Root Race types as to e found( for example( in the aoriginal tries of .ustralia)
These / rd Root Race souls are remnants of the great =emurian era)
The diagram elow illustrates the soul+s involutionary ,ourney through the R70>1S and its current
position eing on ;arth as it continues its evolutionary path)#&-$
~ B ~
3n the Mahatma =etters( the Master ;l Morya descries the Monad+s ,ourney through the seven
R70>1SE #&/$
!& st R70>1E The monad is an ethereal eing - non-intelligent( ut super-spiritual) .s its evolution
proceeds( it will grow more and more into an encased or incarnate eing( ut still preponderantly
ethereal) 1uring the R70>1( it develops monstrous odies corresponding to its coarse surroundings(
as do the animals and vegetales)
- nd R70>1E #.fter a period of pralaya$( the monad lands on another planet) 3ts form is still gigantic
and ethereal( ut grows firmer and more condensed in ody- a more physical man( yet still less
intelligent than spiritual) The development of mind matter is a slower and more difficult evolution
than the physical frame)
/ rd R70>1E 7n yet another planet( the monad is now encased in some sort of concrete or compacted
odyK at first the form of a giant ape( and more intelligent #or rather cunning$ than spiritual) 2or in the
downward arc of the 8rand 6ycle( he has now reached the point where his primordial spirituality is
eclipsed or over-shadowed y nascent mentality) 1uring the last half of this third round his gigantic
stature decreases( his ody improves in texture and he ecomes a more rational eing- though still
more ape than a 1eva man)
@ th R70>1E 3ntellect has an enormous development in this round) The races on earth acquire human
speech) =anguage is perfected and *nowledge in physical things increases) 3n the first half of R70>1
@( sciences( arts( literature and philosophy are orn in one civili:ation and reorn in another(
civili:ation and intellectual development ta*ing place in cycle after cycle) By the halfway point of
~ H ~
R70>1 @( 5umanity teems with intellectual activity ut its spiritual activities decrease) 1uring the
second half of R70>1 @( the spiritual ;go will egin its real struggle with ody and mind to manifest
its transcendental powers)
A th R70>1E - The same relative developmentK and the same struggle continues)
" th R70>1)
B th R70>1)
7f these we do not spea*)!
T5; 4R;S;>T ;>TR9 .>1 R7=; 72 T5; S3LT5 R77T-R.6;
;ach Root Race develops and !grows! its own civili:ationIs and( as with the case of all evolution( it is
aout refinement) The est is ta*en from the previous civili:ation and used to uild what is necessary
for the following civili:ation) The soul always aims at progress and the more refined the ody the
etter ale to manifest the qualities of its level of progress and our societies and communities should
reflect these qualities as well) The " th Root Race souls represent the next step in our soul+s
development) Being aout as low as we can possile go in the 8R.>1 696=;( we are now
proceeding up in the evolutionary scale #y choice individually( of course( ut none-the-less part of a
larger scheme$) We have ecome as materialistic as we can get and it is time for us to move up in our
spiritual growth)
The " th Root Race children eing orn today are here to help us in this move( for their ailities allow
them to see and interact with other planes of existence( ailities which will prove indispensale down
the trac*) This is why it is of the utmost importance for us as caregivers or parents of these children to
develop an understanding of the situation through what the .ncient Wisdom teaches us to aid in the
+switch around+ where learning is concerned) We as their +elders+ with so much more experience in this
material( concreteIfact-thin*ing world must teach them the value of practical thin*ing and all the est
of the values that our society has to offer ) They( in their turn( can teach us aout opening our minds to
other( hopefully higher( dimensions( for they can more readily see and feel the connectedness of life
than we can) They can !move! etween worlds( as it were( and so illuminate our minds as to the
wor*ings of the higher planes of existence( and if they are raised in the right conditions( surrounded y
purity( harmony( love( and a healthy dose of common sense in everything we do( then they can show
us and teach us aout those qualities as they exist eyond our perception) We will show them the very
est of our world and they will do li*ewise for us with theirs)
.1J0ST3>8 T7 T5; ;>TR9 72 T5; " th R77T-R.6;
=et us now consider these soul types as to how they are eing perceived in the physical world)
There are more or less two schools of thought regarding these !new souls! phenomena) The much-
critici:ed new age movement( and certain older spiritual schools( have( from our point of view(
intuitively got it right) The proponents of this group are at least trying to see it all from the inside
loo*ing out( whereas the scientific community still regards everything under the sun as chemicals(
hormones( and physiological happenstance and from the point of view of physical dissection they are
virtually infallile) What most of them fail to grasp is the underlying cosmic forces of evolution) They
*now so well the plane upon which they choose to wor*( ut choose not to reconcile it with those
forces) .dd to that the potential for pulic moc*ery or dissent over the socially catastrophic
~ F ~
implications involved in suggesting that waves of psychic children are eing orn and only the ravest
and most open-minded of scientists will stic* their heads aove the generally accepted trends)
The new-agers will readily elieve that there is indeed a new wave of !different! souls incarnating on
;arth( ut their crutch is that they often cannot ground their eliefs to e of practical use in the modern
world( hence why so much of what they say seems unreal or incomplete) To say and elieve a thing is
not of necessity to e wise aout it) There has also een an unfortunate tendency towards pride in this
*nowledge( which can e equally as damaging to the +cause+ as disregarding it altogether)
The concrete thin*ing parents of the world who loo* to their doctors and scientists for answers are
thin*ing in A th Root Race modes of thought( which more often than not preclude anything deeper(
and so their " th Root Race children suffer through lac* of understanding and intuition) These parents
will loo* to social causes such as schooling and education( limitations of modern parenting( economic
prolems( eating and dietary disorders( popular life-styles( media films and computers( or in fact their
governments( ut these are all A th Root Race creations( in many instances gone awry)
Basically the environment that a lot of these children are eing raised in #or as adults independently
living in$ is not conducive to their mind-sets) The est of them come with ideals aout peace and
unity( aundance and evolving consciousness( yet they are orn into separateness( intolerance( greed(
poverty( war and dogma) 3s it any wonder that the friction alone from these opposing mind-sets causes
them agitation? 6ould this agitation result in current medical( psychiatric( and scientific prognosis
such as .151? Their sensitivity to our present state of affairs must e driving them mad( and so( as
madness often egets the final tragedy( they sometimes ta*e their own lives as a final solution)
The conventional minded A th Root Racers loo* to outer solutions for inner causes and the ha:ardous
route of drugs and pharmaceuticals( in general( ecome the +easy way out+) These drugs once they
ecome part of the ody+s system are hard indeed to rea* free of) 3s it any wonder so many of these
+diagnosed+ children in later years turn to other *inds of sustances to ease their discomforts? .s stated
earlier( we are not saying that everyone diagnosed with .151( .11( or any ehavioural
complexities is an advanced eing) Some are still A th Root Race souls who are caught up in the mire
that the present world manifests)
67SM36 23=T;R3>8 70T 72 4.ST R77T-R.6;S
.t every new cycle we must ta*e into account the vast cosmic energies used to +spur+ on this activity
of change) 3n our particular case right now( going from the @ th Su-Round to the A th Su-Round( the
feminine cosmic forces are eing filtered into our sphere to help alance out the over-dominant
masculine energies present on ;arth) This involves a sort of cosmic acceleration ) This is a special
dispensation awarded to us - via the .scended Master St) 8ermain and the 8reat Brotherhood of =ight
( a dispensation that will rid the world of the 1ar* 2orce regime and allow souls to flourish as the case
should have een all along( henceE Soul =ieration)
With these higher virational energies playing upon our sphere( anyone of a lower viration will e
filtered out while those of a higher viration will survive) This is how a Root Race egins or comes
into eing) The ma,ority of the souls to e the pioneers of the " th Root Race are those who are the
most advanced of the B th Su-Root Race of the A th Root Race) Remnants of the older Root Races
and those of the lower Su-Root Races of the A th Root Race will experience much in the way of
difficulties and will in all li*elihood e filtered out to continue their evolutionary path on other
~ &G ~
=et it e said that .== S70=S achieve the goal of enlightenment at some stage) 3t is simply that not
all souls evolve at the same rate) Souls can ta*e the slower path towards this goal( y incarnating
through all the Root Races and Su-Root Races( whilst some souls proceed more quic*ly and so the
4ath of 3nitiation was introduced #&@$ to allow these souls to pursue their respective goals as to their
inclinations) .nd as a matter of course( depending on how far along the 4ath of 3nitiation they
managed to travel( they must then wait until the inception of the next Root Race( which ideally should
provide them with suitale odies for them to then continue on their ,ourney)
We hope that through the reading of this and susequent articles( as part of the >ew Race ;ducation
4ro,ect( it is recogni:ed that humanity is not left to chance and unguided) 7n the contrary( we are very
much more loo*ed after and assisted than we could possily imagine) 3t is hoped that the phenomenon
of the 3ndigo 6hild is respectfully and intelligently handled with the wisest and most practical minded
endeavours( for the safest and happiest route humanity can travel is one which *eeps at the forefront
of its ,ourney the 7ne 8reat =aw which is 0>3T9 and a real understanding of our ;volutionary path)
We mentioned !other planes of existence! and this in itself requires an open mind for those thin*ing to
follow further with us as we offer our points of view regarding " th Root Race children)#&A$ 5umanity
is part of what the Masters of Wisdom call the 1ivine 4lan) .nd that plan is ;<7=0T37>)
" ailey, &lice . The )oul and (ts Mechanism
* .lease see .arent=s &ccounts in the >ew Race ?ducation .ro@ect section of this website
- The name (ndigo 5hild was given by a woman in the seventies called >ancy &nn Tappe. )he
claimed that she could see auras and noticed that a growing number of children being born were
entering into incarnation with indigo+coloured auras and concluded that these children represented
the turning of the ways of manAind to better purpose or rising of our consciousness.
4 0irtue, 2oreen. (ndigo, 5rystal and Rainbow 5hildren :ive lecture.
6 Mau, Michael The )anctus ,ermanus .rophecies, 0olume ((.
6 http8BB
< The &ncient %isdom are those teachings handed down and entrusted to various people that, in turn,
supply seeAers Cand is prudently given to the general massesD Anowledge of the real worAings of the
universe. 1or extensive list of references related to the &ncient %isdom teaching, we recommend to
visit the )anctus ,ermanus 1oundation website at $.ertinent ooAs$ section8
E Mau, Michael. The )anctus ,ermanus 1oundation %ebsite8 %elcome and (ntroduction .art (8
; )innett, &. .. The Mahatma :etters. 1acsimile ?dition transcribed and compiled by &. Trevor
"3 (bid. :etter "*, p 6E.
"" :eadbeater, %.5. The Masters and the .ath.
~ && ~
"* Mau, Michael op cit. 0olume ((.
"- )innett, &. .. op.cit :etter "4/ p EE.
"4 ailey, &lice . $(nitiation 9uman and )olar.$
"6 7f course some of these 6 th Root Race souls are older now being in their *3's, -3's etc. as well.
Many 6 th Root Race souls were born in the 63's and 63's and by now many of them have begotten
children of there own, so there are also * nd generation 6 th Root Race souls out thereG
~ &- ~
6hildren and the .stral 1angers
By .nna 4avlovic( 4h)1)
M3n the first place( what ma*es the astral world? There is only one place where the undesirale
creation can find home( and that is the next step to the human activity( which is the astral realm) This
realm of astral activity has within it all undesirale creation accumulated through the centuries)
Therefore( it is easy to see at once that no good comes from any contact with the astral realm) 3T 5.S
>7T53>8 3> 3T W5.TS7;<;R 72 T5; 65R3ST )N#&$ The Master Sanctus 8ermanus)
Bac* in &FFF( audiences were captured y a movie thriller called MThe Sixth Sense)N#-$ 3n it( a child
psychiatrist named Malcolm 6rowe was confronted one night y his former patient <incent 8ray(
whom he had failed to help) .fter <incent shot 6rowe in the stomach and thereafter *illed himself(
6rowe couldn+t stop thin*ing aout the tragic end of his young patient) . few months later( a nine-
year-old oy named 6ole Sear approached 6rowe as*ing for help) .fter several conversations with
6ole( 6rowe oserved that the oy suffered from similar prolems to <incent) 3n attempting to help
him( 6rowe saw an opportunity to redeem his previous mista*e) But as he learned more aout 6ole+s
prolems O eing ale to see and converse with ghosts who didn+t *now they were dead - he egan to
dout his aility to reach the oy) These ghosts were addressing 6ole ecause he was the only person
in the physical world who would respond to them) They often had signs of odily in,uries due to
accidental deaths( and visily terrified the child) 5e did not *now these people and since no one else
around him could see them( identifying them was impossile) Misunderstood y his mother( teachers(
and friends at school( 6ole was slipping into deep conflict with his environment( seemingly without
any hope for resolution) >o one understood that he possessed heightened astral vision and hearing and
thus was ale to see and communicate with discarnate people( or( in other words( those who are
unaware they no longer occupy their physical odies) Thin*ing of themselves as still living( these
discarnate souls were see*ing ways to contact people in the physical world in the hope of resolving
their confusion)
What the child in this film experienced is not ,ust 5ollywood imagination at wor*( ut potentially a
real situation in which an individual is ale to MseeN and MhearN that which is invisile to the
population at large) The spiritualists call this MinvisileN world the .stral 4lane and those whose
extrasensory ailities have een activated can experience life in the astral world as clearly as we can in
the physical world) 2or a detailed description of the astral plane structure and its life and inhaitants(
we recommend reading the oo*s of 6harles W) =eadeater#/$ and 1r) Michael Mau)#@$ 3n this
article( we are primarily interested in examining those aspects of the astral plane that directly affect
the lives of every human eing( children( youths and adults ali*e) ;very man possesses an astral ody
uilt of astral MmatterN that is part of the astral planetary energy and of the solar system energy) 7n the
cosmic scale( the astral ody of a human eing is an atom of sustance in the astral ody of the
planetary =ogos) 2orces and energies flow through the astral ody of our planet and manifest in us in a
myriad of ways( such as through our expressions of fear( depression or hilarity( desire for satisfaction
of physical appetites( happiness( aggression( lieration( and aspiration) These forces affect every
moment of man+s existence until he achieves full lieration from them y learning to live his life y
the four >ole Truths of Buddha) #A$
~ &/ ~
The astral plane consists of seven ma,or su-planes which are richly populated y many entities O
elementals( nature spirits(#"$ discarnate and earthound souls still existing in their astral odies(#B$ the
soulless astral shells left ehind y discarnate humans(#H$ and many other forms created y
emotionally-driven human activities)#F$ .ll eings that live on or pass through the astral plane are
attracted to the particular viration of an astral su-plane( according to their point on the ladder of
evolution and in accordance with the 0niversal =aw of .ttraction) 1iscarnate human souls who
display higher levels of personal development ut are not yet free from the attachments of physical
existence( occupy the top / su-planes that are uilt of astral matter and characteri:ed y more refined
virations) The lower su-planes #i)e) sixth and seventh$ have the lowest virations and attract
discarnate entities whose lives on earth were motivated y selfish desires satisfied through activities
that largely oppressed the lives and corrupted the freedoms of other occupants of the physical world)
#&G$( #&&$The residents of the astral plane( especially of the lowest su-planes( vary from the most
recently deceased to those occupants dating ac* to .tlantean and =emurian times) These residents
include souls living there in their astral odies and soulless shells animated y the agents of dar*
forces who use them to wrea* havoc among people on earth) The latter pose the greatest challenge and
danger to oth the unprepared and unaware astral traveler and people on earth( especially those
sensitive individuals who do not *now how to protect themselves from such influences)
6hildren and their MsupernaturalN ailities
The aility to e consciously aware of the astral plane is inherent in all people) We have MforgottenN
our natural talents through the ages as we have descended into coarse physical consciousness( ut
these talents have not een lost) They are waiting in a dormant state for the time when humanity will
fully awa*en to its spiritual heritage and such a time is now) 3t has een inaugurated with the arrival of
the next generation of humanity O the sixth root-race children O who are currently eing orn in every
part of the world) These children often have already developed or enhanced extrasensory faculties
such as clairaudience( clairvoyance( clairsentience and telepathy #&-$ and often report seeing o,ects
and people that are invisile to their parents or caregivers) 3t is not uncommon for a child to have an
MimaginaryN playmate with whom he or she interacts on a regular asis) The child may tal* aout the
playmate as if it was a permanent and real MfeatureN of their life( as real as mom and dad) With time(
most children will Mgrow outN of having such playmates or forget aout them as soon as hormonal
changes egin to ta*e place during puerty( a process that further Mthic*ensN the memory veil placed
in every ay orn into the physical plane) .twater reported that many children who displayed
extrasensory ailities in early childhood lost them after going through puerty)#&/$ This loss could
actually prove to e a lessing if the child was not trained to use his or her ailities responsily)
3rresponsile and careless use of extrasensory ailities could in fact set ac* the soul+s spiritual
progress eyond its current incarnation through the accumulation of negative *arma) 3n instances such
as these( when a child loses the aility to operate consciously on the astral plane( the influence of
astral entities on their life may continue into the teenage years and eyond) Such influences may
manifest through mental possession or e revealed as hearing voices or experiencing strong urges to
perform acts inconsistent with the child+s usual conduct) Small children are not affected the same as
adolescents and adults) They may ecome scared at seeing unfamiliar spirits( often referred to y them
as Mghosts(N ut they are limited in their potential to harm others) The prolem is more severe with
teenagers and young adults( who are more li*ely to perform hideous acts under the influence of
vicious astral entities due to their easy access to weapons( alcohol( and illegal drugs) The following
stories will help us understand how the inhaitants of the lower su-planes of the astral plane are ale
to exert an influence on our lives)
Seeing and feeling the presence of Mghosts)N#&@$
Barara was awa*ened in the middle of the night y the hysterical cry of her three-year-old grandson(
6onnor( who was spending the night at his grandma+s house) The child was screaming at the top of his
~ &@ ~
lungs( M8randma( tell him to go away) Tell the ghost to go away)N ;ven with the lights on( the child
saw a ghost and egged his grandma to tell the ghost to leave) 3t too* a few hours efore 6onnor was
calm enough to go ac* to sleep againE not until he was hiding his little ody safe in the arms of his
grandma) Barara admitted that when home alone( she would sometimes sense a presence( ut since
she could not see anyone( had attriuted the sensation to her imagination) Since her grandson+s visit(
Barara has recogni:ed the feeling of having an Minvisile guestN and *nows that it is more than ,ust
her imagination) She is still pu::led y 6onnor+s reaction to what he saw and would li*e to *now what
it was that terrified him so greatly) While dealing with the prolem( Barara+s protection was ,ust a
prayer) The 6atholic faith had not prepared her for dealing with such issues and she did not *now any
method she could use for protection against astral influences) 3n fact( such terms as Mastral planeN and
Mastral entitiesN were completely new and had no meaning to her) >ow she is willing to consider
learning more aout this phenomenon( if such *nowledge could e useful for protecting her much-
loved grandson)
7ther stories come from 6atherine and her husand( 1ave( who would often ta*e their two children(
.na #B$ and Jai #"$( for family outings( usually to a local hi*ing area or the each) Twice( 6atherine
oserved that her children had a strong( negative reaction to the places they were visiting) The first trip
rought them to a hi*ing area at a hill called So*es Ridge in 4ohnpei ( Micronesia ) The Japanese had
partially cleared this area to set up a way to honor ancestors that died in WW33( and as a result there is
still a lot of astral energy left over) 1uring her family hi*e( 6atherine oservedE
MJai sensed right away that energetically this was no !hi*e!) 3t was a attleground( and they %the spirits
ound to this place' were still fighting) .fter watching Jai( .na decided to stay ehind also( and 3
%6atherine' stayed with the *ids) 1ave went ahead on his own without us)
When 3 got Jai+s reathing ac* to normal( 3 did a violet ray invocation( and as*ed for the protection of
St) Michael( in front of the *ids( so that we would e protected from whatever Pghosts+ were there) 3
started to feel the Pcreepiness+ too( ut felt etter after calling for protection) .s 3 held my *ids( 3 as*ed
Jai how he felt now))) if he felt etter) 3 told him that 3 as*ed St) Michael and 5e has come and 5e+s
protecting us)
Jai proceeded to tell me what happened there) 5e said( P.irplanes flew themselves into the ships(
mommy) They had very ig guns and they were shooting at the other airplanes) .nd the ships were
shooting at the ig guns) .nd the lue airplanes were loo*ing for where the people were hiding and
those people 17>+T D>7W T5.T T5;9+R; 1;.1Q They+re loo*ing around for their odies( ut
their odies were eaten y rats( so they want to ta*e our odies instead) Mommy( those people who are
lighting the candles need Michael to protect them( too) Michael needs to protect everyone that comes
here) Mommy this is a very ad place) 1on+t let them ta*e my ody too) 1on+t let them ta*e 1ada+
#what he calls his father$)
.t that point( 3 said a very intense prayer and held my children tight and as*ed them to help me invo*e
all of the helpers and angels that can possily come to protect those Japanese and 1ada that are on the
trail) 3 as*ed that all of those who don+t *now they+re dead( or are starting to figure it out to return to
the 6reator so that they can get new odies as aies again) They don+t need to ta*e ours) 5olding this
intent( and praying constantly( Jai felt good that 3 too* him seriously( that 3 didn+t ma*e him go on that
hi*ing trail)N
7n another occasion( 6atherine too* her two small children to a local # West Timor $ each for
something fun to do) .s the family had een recently relocated there( they did not *now anything
aout this particular each) Their first encounter with the place was quite eerieE
~ &A ~
M .s soon as we arrived %at the each'( Jai said( Pstop touching me li*e that mommy)+ 3 wasn+t
anywhere around him) 5e didn+t elieve me( ut as 3 was tal*ing with him he was Ptouched+ again) 5e
said( P3 don+t li*e all of them touching me( tell them to go away)+ 3 did( ut they %ghosts' didn+t)
.t the same time( .na said( P3 hear a lot of crying and screaming( 3 don+t want to e here anymore)+ So(
we left and went home) 3 didn+t really elieve in ghosts at that time( ut 3 thought that this was really
strange) 3 chal*ed it up to ,ust feeling uncomfortale in a new place and tried to ignore it)N
=ater on( 6atherine learned from a local resident that a great atrocity had een committed on that
particular each in &FFF when -AG teenagers and young children were assassinated during a local war
etween West Timor and 3ndonesia ) Since the lives of these children ended prematurely( their souls
remain MearthoundN until someone can help them find their way ac* home into Mheaven)N
Seeing spirits of deceased loved ones is quite a common occurrence) . father( who lost his &F-year-
old daughter to a car accident( reported that she visited him and his wife frequently during the first
months after her death) 7n one occasion( the father was sitting in his armchair immersed in deep grief
when he felt a slender hand slipping into his own) 5e recogni:ed the hand to e his daughter+s hand)
More frequently he felt the presence of his daughter y the fragrance of her favorite perfumes which
would fill the entire room when she visited him in daylight) The child frequently visited oth parents
in their dreams in which she was trying to let them *now she was well and that her life was
.nother couple had very similar experiences after the accidental death of their -&-year-old son) The
young man frequently visited his parents in their dreams during which he would try to show them the
life he continues to en,oy on the Mother side)N Both parents claimed to have seen their son during
wa*ing hours when they were immersed in deep thoughts aout him) 3n oth cases cited( the results of
interaction with the deceased children facilitated ama:ing spiritual growth for the parents) Their
outloo* on life and death changed dramatically and their interests in studying the sources of .ncient
Wisdom grew exponentially)
My personal encounter with a MghostN in wa*ing hours too* place when 3 was &&) This was ,ust a few
months after my "-year-old rother died) That particular day( my family was sitting in the *itchen(
en,oying their evening conversation( while 3 wandered outside for a moment) When coming ac*
home( 3 loo*ed into a stairway leading to a asement( which used to give me the creeps with its dim
lights at night) The moment 3 loo*ed in that direction( 3 saw my deceased rother standing on the stairs
trying to say something) 3 was completely unprepared for such an encounter( which terrified me so
much( that for a moment 3 was unale to move from where 3 was standing) .s soon as 3 regained my
senses( 3 dashed in the direction of the *itchen where my family was sitting) What terrified me even
more was that neither my parents nor 3 were ale to open the *itchen door for several minutes) The
door never had a loc*( ut for some strange reason the door*no got stuc* and would not move) When
the door finally gave in( 3 was neither ale to tal* nor to wal*) 7viously( 3 was not the ravest child
in the family) .fter this encounter( 3 saw my rother only in my dreams) 5e would never attempt to let
me see him in his etheric ody again) The relationship etween astral influences and violence)
Seeing the spirits of deceased loved ones is a positive experience( even if it may scare one initially)
Such good spirits attempt to ma*e contact with the physical world for a reason( either to soothe the
suffering of those left ehind or to resolve their own confusion at an accidental death) These spirits
will not do anything that could cause harm and( with the assistance of their own spirit-guides( they
eventually move into the higher su-planes of the astral realm and ac* home into 1evachan(#&A$ the
mental plane *nown to 6hristians as 5eaven)
~ &" ~
But the lower su-planes of the astral realm( particularly the seventh su-plane located closest to the
human plane of existence( are populated with myriads of selfish and unfriendly discarnate eings who
do not follow any rules and laws ut their own that support their own interests) These entities will
ma*e every possile attempt to reach those in the physical world who can respond and will help them
achieve their selfish goals) These astral entities will assume any shape and personality to help them
communicate with their target) The most vulnerale to such influences are people with developed
extrasensory ailities - the most useful eing clairaudience and clairvoyance - and who have not yet
learned to use them in a safe and responsile way) The astral entities *now full well how to approach
those who crave such experiences as they can provide) They have access to the emotional history of
every person through the .*ashic records stored on the astral plane) Therefore( they *now well what
such a person lac*s( or desires most( and they are willing to provide him or her with exactly that to get
the medium Mhoo*edN) They will say whatever an inexperienced MmediumN wants to hear and will
promise a whole lot more if he or she will agree to cooperate) The process of MmoldingN the intuitive
person will continue until the victim is completely immersed in the service of those fa*e entities and
ecomes dependent upon their advice in daily life)
What these intuitive people are not aware of is that the moment they leave the door open to one of
these entities( the door remains open for many others who will arrive in legion( and the entity that
made the initial contact will not e ale to protect its collaorator from them) .ll of these entities have
one primary goal and that is to draw from people living on earth the life-giving energy which they can
no longer touch themselves ecause of their atrocious acts of selfishness) Since they are disconnected
from the 1ivine Source of this energy( they do not possess the aility to protect the Mmedium)N
Moreover( these entities are not capale of feeling either compassion or gratitude for the accomplices
who helped them draw the life-sustaining energy from others alive) When they can no longer use the
services of their mediums( they will dispose of him or her and move on loo*ing for another Mvictim)N
They only care for their own existence( no matter how pretty a MpictureN they would paint during
initial contacts with a potential collaorator)
7ne of the most gruesome results of such astral influences can e oserved in acts of violence
committed y young people) 2or example( etween &FFA and -GG"( there were more than -G cases of
school shootings in which more than /G teachers and students were *illed) 3n the cases studied( &/ of
&A were lin*ed to acute or chronic social re,ection( which too* the forms of ostracism( ullying andIor
romantic re,ection) ;lliot .ronson( a Stanford 0niversity psychologist suggests in his oo* M>oody
=eft to 5ateE Teaching 6ompassion after 6olumineN that high schools are largely hostile
environments which may stimulate aggressive ehavior in those students who have a particularly hard
time Mfitting in)N The young people who participated in school violence were characteri:ed y three
other ris* factors O an interest in firearms or oms( fascination with death or Satanism( or
psychological prolems involving depression( impulse control( or sadistic tendencies) #&"$ . youth
with such preexisting emotional prolems and with open extrasensory faculties is an ideal target for
attac*s coming from the dar* residents of the astral plane) These young and sensitive people( feeling
re,ected y their peers and society( may feel thrilled when such astral entities contact them offering
their exclusive Mfriendship(N while at the same time arely suspecting their nefarious motives)
The origin of school violence is a much more complicated issue than can e explained away y
teenage social re,ection) 1avid >orth shifts responsiility from the youth and their parents onto all of
society and its modi operandi ) #&B$ 9et all who attempt to find the cause of adolescent violence fail to
recogni:e the influence of astral entities and that of the dar* forces that use them) These entities play a
ma,or role in all acts of violence ranging from household quarrels to armed assaults) The mental
condition called Mtemporary insanity(N when a person commits a hideous act and susequently cannot
rememer what she or he has done( is an example of temporary possession y an astral entity that
required such an act to generate revitali:ing energy)
~ &B ~
The constant stimulation of young people+s emotionalIastral odies through violent films( games( war
news( etcR( reported on T< and in other media( as well as overtly sexual and aggressive music(
serves to exacerate the prolem) 3n times when many children have to grow up in a single-parent
family( with the parent trying oth to earn a living and raise a child( a well-needed support structure
that families and schools ought to provide( ut frequently fail to do so( is lac*ing) This lac* may
overwhelm the young adolescent and cause them to see* support and acceptance elsewhere which in
turn can lead them to commit a serious mista*e or even a crime)
The signs of potential prolems can e oserved early in a child+s life) These MprolemsN can manifest
as a pattern of unwanted ehavior( which in reality can e interpreted as his or her calling for
attention( help and guidance) This support is required in order for them to deal with the urden of the
life challenge they are expected to live) There are *nown cases of children who have experienced a
complicated childhood( and sometimes an ausive one(#&H$ who grew to e valuale adults and an
inspiration to many) Without intervention and help such cases as these are few and far apart) 3t is
much more common to hear aout a prolematic youth( who received no assistance or support( grow
into an adult that is depressed and dissatisfied with his or her life) 0pon close examination( one can
clearly see that such a person can hardly e lamed for his or her failure) . sophomore student when
as*ed to write aout the roots of violent ehavior of children and adolescents pointed out
dysfunctional families and lac* of parental and school support as the foundation of all violence)#&F$
The medical field seems to e overwhelmed with the growing numer of children( often under five(
who are diagnosed with learning disailities that frequently fall into one of these categoriesE .11(
.151( ipolar( or autism) 3t was reported that efore the &F"G+s these medical terms were
nonexistent)#-G$ 3n &FHA( AGG(GGG children in the 0S were diagnosed with .151I.11 and A to B
million were diagnosed y year -GGG) That is an alarming &GGG to &-GG percent rise within &A years)
Similar trends have een reported in .ustralia and other developed countries) The numer of
preschool children eing treated for .151I.11 in the 0S tripled etween &FFG and &FFA( and HGS
of the && million prescriptions written for Ritalin each year are written for children) #-&$3n fact( aout
-G-/GS of all children with such a diagnosis require medical Mcoc*tailsN #cominations of two or
more medications$( ecause the application of a single medicine is not wor*ing) The child is often put
on the predominantly used Ritalin first( ut if no visile improvement is seen within a year( the doctor
is li*ely to prescrie another pill) This process will continue until a proper medication or comination
of medications for a child is found( if such a solution exists)
The question that must e as*ed is( MWhat is the prolem with our children?N Teachers and parents
complain that the children are inattentive during class sessions( disruptive to their classmates(
disoedient and in general prolematic) 3n most such cases( the children will report that they cannot
concentrate on the lesson in class ecause they Mcan hear the thoughts of their classmatesN or hear
other voices in their heads) Sometimes( the children report seeing o,ects( animals and people that are
non-existent to others)#--$( #-/$The adults who receive these explanations and who are not ale to
verify them quic*ly ,ump to the conclusion that the child is having psychological prolems) They loo*
for the sources of the ManormalityN inside the child+s rain and attempt to MfixN the prolem with
chemical stimulants) Thus egins a vicious cycle for the child who is li*ely to fall even further into
deep conflict with his environment ecause he or she is eing misunderstood y his or her parents(
teachers and peers) .s a result( the child shuts himself from the outside world and( y drawing deeper
into himself( ma*es others elieve that their initial diagnosis( of psychological prolems( is indeed
The danger of treating childhood psychological and ehavioral prolems with chemical stimulants
may ring life-long consequences) Research has shown that many children who have ta*en drugs for
.11I.151 continually have drug addiction prolems with either legal andIor illegal drugs for the
remainder of their lives) The reason for this could e that these children ecome attached to the idea of
~ &H ~
solving life+s prolems and difficulties y ta*ing a pill) -& The consequences of drug overuse for
treating childhood prolems may e far graver than those in the medical profession might suspect) 3n
addition to drug ause( suicidal attempts( and even the delierate will to hurt others( a person whose
mind has een controlled or stimulated y chemicals since early childhood ecomes more vulnerale
to negative influences directed at them from the astral realm)
While we *now that there are genuine cases of children with psychiatric prolems requiring medical
intervention( we are also convinced that it is not logical to conclude that more than -GS of all children
and youth these days have psychiatric prolems and thus need to e medicated) When a child reports
that he or she can hear voices and see people whose existence others cannot verify( we should remind
ourselves that the ma,ority of children orn after the year &FFG are orn with activated extrasensory
faculties) .stral vision and hearing is as normal to them as physical hearing and seeing is to us) The
lac* of such ailities in parents is equally frustrating to their children) .s adults( we simply need to
learn to find a MmiddleN path( where we will e ale to wor* with these children) 4arents *now
intuitively that they need to protect their offspring from strangers in the physical world) >ow( they
need to understand they also have to learn to protect their child from the strangers in the astral realm
who are invisile to them) The danger coming from the astral plane is as real as the danger in the
physical world and children lac* the aility to recogni:e it) We( the adults( need to help them
understand the potential dangers and teach them to discern etween the good( the ad( and the
Ta*ing charge over one+s affairs
We are not wea* and helpless MslavesN when facing the challenges of the astral plane) 3n reality( we
have een MarmedN with all that is necessary to resist astral attac*s and temptations) We have the full
right to say M>oN to those who approach us( even if they portray themselves as the Masters of
Wisdom( if our common sense tells us there is something wrong with their Moffer)N .stral entities will
say anything and will ta*e any shape they find fit for the situation to achieve their goals) They will
first study you in order to figure out how to approach you in a way to which you are li*ely to respond)
3f you crave communication with a Master( they will ecome the MMasterN for the occasionK if you feel
lonely and re,ected( they will offer their MeternalN friendship and careK if you desire to meet your soul
mate( they will conveniently find you oneK if you crave glamour and sensation( they will promise you
that as well( as long as you are willing to cooperate in their tric*y and vicious plans)
>evertheless( ,ust as we are ale to ta*e a charge of our own affairs in our physical existence( if we
decide to do so( we can ta*e charge of our entire life O in our wa*ing hours and in our sleep) The
choice is always ours) We are the masters of our own lives and no one can force us to do anything that
we do not want or give permission to do) This includes those in the astral world) 5ere are a few
examples of how easily we can ta*e charge of our own affairs)
The first story came from my son) 5e related this story to me recently( ut it too* place when he was "
or B years old) This was happening during his dream state and ecause several years have elapsed
since then( some details of those dreams have een forgotten) 5owever( the important lesson of this
experience came not from the events of those dreams( ut from the way he dealt with the prolem at
hand) 5e reported that for eight or nine months( he had the same dreams every night in which ;Ts #he
prefers to call them aliens$ would visit him in his room) Their primary purpose was to ta*e him into
other places( possily their Mships(N against his own will( which filled him with terror) 5e said that he
was so scared that ,ust the sight of one of them in a dream would cause him great discomfort) There
were several who would come on different nightsK through the walls and the roof without any
prolem) 5e would fall asleep each night wrac*ed with anxiety that they would come ac* to other
him) 0ntil finally one night( he reali:ed that this was his dream into which these uninvited guests were
intruding and( that he should e ale to do something aout it) 5e decided to stand up for himself) .s
~ &F ~
the ;Ts returned again that night( he stood on his ed to e as tall as they were and punched one of
them in the face) 4utting up a fight he yelled after them Mto get out of his room and his dream and
never to come ac*QN 5e said that after that standoff( he never had any more dreams with the Mscary
aliens)N =ater on( he would have MvisitsN from aliens who would act as his friends) But the dream
MvisitsN were to end as he grew up)
The positive outcome of the standoff in his dream was the reali:ation that he can e as much in charge
of his own affairs during his sleep hours as he is when awa*e) 2rom that point on( he learned to
MnavigateN in his dreams at will) 6urrently( he very much en,oys doing many of his favorite things in
his dreams( some which we could never afford in our physical existence) 2or example( he loves to
travel and thus he often MvisitsN various places in his dreams) 5e explained that at first he would
MtravelN to places that he *new well to ma*e sure that he could actually identify the place and verify
the authenticity of his destination) 5e would visit cities that he visited efore and he would also go
snowoarding( which is his favorite thing to do in winter) >ow( he explained( he started MtravelingN to
places that he had not yet visited in person) Recently( for example( he MvisitedN Jamaica ) When as*ed
how he could do that( he explained that when he is in his dream( he simply thin*s what he wants to do
and Mimagines himselfN doing it and so it happens) 5e seems to have lots of fun MplayingN with this
aility) 3 guess he will e ale to verify his dreamtime adventures once he actually ma*es trips into
these new destinations in person) But( he assured me( he is fully in control of his affairs while asleep)
3s such a thing possile? 3 can only say MyesN since 3 have witnessed it) 3 should perhaps mention that
my son is very much in control of his daily affairs and the terms Mdum luc*N or Mgood luc*N do not
seem to e part of his vocaulary) 5e says that life is as he ma*es it to e)
The event 3 experienced was not as ,oyous as my son+s adventures since it too* place shortly after the
funeral of my nephew( who died in an accident at the age of -&) 3 was on a usiness trip which
required staying in a hotel at a small place in Texas ) 1evastated y the sudden death of this young
man and tired from the stressful events of the past wee*( 3 fell asleep as soon as 3 got into my room)
But restful sleep was not to e my lot that night) 3t seemed to me that no sooner had 3 dropped off( 3
awa*ened in the same( ut rightly-lit room( which was now full of Mguests)N 3 recogni:ed one of them
as a college roommate whom 3 had not seen for more than &A years and who happened to live on a
different continentQ The MvisitorsN seemed to come in and out of my room through walls and closed
doors) The ma,or MpartyN was ta*ing place in the main hallway area of my hotel) There were many
people un*nown to me( drin*ing and having fun - 3 was completely dumfounded at such a ,oyful
party as 3 lay grief-stric*en) But then my MroommateN filled me in on its purpose - 3 was to e the
Mmain courseNQ The entity announced to me that it was my turn to die) >ow of course( 3 was feeling
very sad and exhausted y the death of my nephew ut nowhere near suicidal depression so it did not
ta*e me long to reali:e that 3 was eing MpreparedN to commit suicide( an event that might have
produced enough energy to feed all these astral party-goers) .nd the moment 3 reali:ed that 3 was
interacting with energy-thirsty astral vampires( 3 too* charge of my own affairs and MthrewN them all
out of my room and hotel( anishing them all ac* to where they came from) 3 also suggested to my
MroommateN that if 3 was to die( she should lead the way) These entities did not li*e my attitude at all)
When the hurdle was over( 3 wo*e up feeling more exhausted than the night efore) But in my
morning meditation( 3 invo*ed the violate flame protection and the event has never happened again)
3t is apparent that no one in this society is exempt from astral influences) ;very human eing
possesses an astral ody through which he or she is lin*ed to events that ta*e place on the astral plane)
The grade or quality of the astral matter from which an individual uilds an astral ody depends on
their level of evolutionary development( in accordance with the principle that Mli*e attracts li*e)N The
quality of one+s astral ody will also determine levels of resistance to temptations offered y an astral
~ -G ~
entity) The higher the quality of the astral ody and the greater control one has over it( the lower the
chance that one will yield to the glamour of astral maya)
Therefore( the est thing one can do is to continue MupgradingN and gaining control over the
astralIemotional ody until the time comes when one can lierate oneself from it forever) .chieving
this is a life-long process that requires a strong commitment and lots of hard wor* involving the
mental( physical and emotional odies) There are no short cuts to perfection or an easy way out of the
mess that we have created for ourselves throughout our many past lives) The new race of children( the
sixth-root race( which is currently incarnating in all human races and cultures( is coming to help us ut
they cannot do the wor* for us) .nd efore they can help us( we need to help them first to adapt to life
on earth and assist them in retrieving the level of their souls+ evolution( through responsile rearing
and education) When the sixth root race children ecome of age and are ready to ta*e over societal
responsiilities( they will e ale to help us to raise ourselves into the next level of our evolution) This
process requires oth parents and children to ta*e responsily for their specific place at their point on
the ladder of evolution( and this requires teamwor* and diligent input from each and everyone in the
What can parents do to protect their children from astral influences?
Become a responsible parent. The ovious truth is that we cannot help them unless we *now how to
recogni:e the situation for what it truly represents) This requires from the parents and caregivers a
prior *nowledge and study of the su,ect of astral influences) The most important and first step that
every parent should ta*e is self-education on the su,ect) Become literate in the *nowledge aout the
astral plane) =earn what protection methods wor* for you and use them for protecting your children as
well) The Sanctus 8ermanus wesite offers a few methods of protection( the invocation of the
protective <iolet 2lame eing the most efficient method that can easily e taught to children)#-@$ 3n
the oo* MRa,a 9oga(N we find the following adviceE
There is mantra that is taught y yogis as a protection against harmful influences( particularly those
coming from the astral sphere through the agency of inharmonious disincarnate entities) Modern man(
with his hyper rationalistic attitude toward life( may scoff at such influences as the products of a
ferile imagination( ut the scorn is not shared y the few souls in every religion who have attained to
higher-than-physical vision) .stral possession( many cases of which are recorded in the >ew
Testament( is a fact) 7nly those persons( however( can e so possessed or influenced whose auras are
wea*( ecause their will power is wee*)
To practice this technique( ,oin your hands efore you( then ring them out to the side and ehind you
to form a large circle( ,oining them again at the ac*) Deep swinging them forward( outward( and
ac*ward in a large circle( ,oining them in front and ehind( while reciting this mantra M.0M Tat
Sat)N .t night( when you go to ed( write .0M three times on your pillow with your forefinger( and
feel as you go to sleep that you are resting in .0M) #R$
.s you practice the posture( feel that you are delierately moving in( and at the same time creating( a
sphere of protective light) .s you wal* or go aout your daily duties( feel yourself surrounded y this
light) Rememer( more is required than a pious imagination) The greater the will( the greater the flow
of energyK the greater the flow of energy( the greater the magnetic field)N#-A$
Take your child seriously. When your daughter or son comes to you to tell you aout something you
neither can see nor hear( try to give them a credit of dout( for their enefit( as you would give it to
any other person that comes to you and tells you stories whose authenticity you may not e ale to
verify) 6hances are that your child is telling you the truth and he or she needs your help to deal with
the un*nown)
~ -& ~
Always have time for your children. >ever let them stray off of your Mradar screen)N Ta*e interest in
their daily affairs and when you see them in troule( assist them from the position of the est friend
they can have in their parents( and not from the position of authority) 3f you notice disturing ehavior
in your child( do not ignore it) 5elp them to resolve their difficulties with their est interest in mind
and not yours or the school+s)
Teach your children to be wary of astral strangers. Just as you teach your child not to tal* to
strangers on the street( you have to teach the child to avoid those dangers( which you yourself may not
e ale to see) M.s aove( so elow(N so what is not considered good for your child in life on earth( is
not good in interactions with astral entitiesK what is safe for your child on earth will *eep him also safe
in interactions with the astral world) 3t is as simple as that)
What can teenagers and young adults do to protect themselves?
Talk to an adult. When you are faced with an unfamiliar situation( tal* to an adult who can help you)
3f you do not feel comfortale tal*ing aout your issues with your parents or teachers at school(
contact an adult whom you trust most and who is willing to listen to you) 3f you feel frustrated with
those around you who do not understand and cannot help( write to the Sanctus 8ermanus 2oundation
>R;4 committee) 5ere you will find the assistance of adults who have dealt with issues associated
with supernatural phenomena that are related to astral plane activities) 6hances are that one of us will
e ale to assist you with your particular issue and situation)
Do not try to deal with the astral entities on your own. 3f you *now nothing aout them( assume
that they are intelligent( clever( heartless( and selfish and the only enterprise they truly care for is their
own survival) They would have no prolem sacrificing your life for their ends) The astral entities are
disconnected from the source of life-giving light and you are a source of the energy they need to
sustain their existence) Without you fueling them( they would disintegrateK We purposely do not use
the term MdieN for the ma,ority of them are already dead and soulless shells which are in the process of
disintegration ,ust as the physical ody disintegrates and returns to its source after death O as MdustN
must return to Mdust)N
Learn to recognize the good spirits from the bad. This is one of the most difficult things to do and
many advanced souls may still fall prey to the tric*s of evil spirits) MBy their fruit ye shall *now themN
is a profound statement and requires an acute aility to discern and discriminate information you
receive through all your sensesE not ,ust hearing( seeing( and feeling( ut especially through
clairaudience( clairvoyance( and clairsentience) The *ey to success is D>7W=;18; ecause
M*nowledge will set you free)N There are specific steps that you can ta*e to achieve this goal( for the
sa*e of your own safety) This is what we recommendE
Learn to discern and to discriminate between the good and the bad information and
influences.The only way to achieve this goal is through studying availale ancient sources of wisdom
and through meditation)#-"$ The .ncient Wisdom will provide you with the *nowledge that will
always light your path and meditation will help you to reconnect with your soul( the Mighty P3 .M+
4resence( the 8od within) Both will serve as a MlighthouseN assisting you during any stormy night on
the Msea of your life)N
Develop discriminative clairsentience. When an entity approaches you and tells you that it is a
Mmaster of wisdom(N a potentially legitimate memer of the Brotherhood of =ight( the only reliale
way you can recogni:e it for what it truly represents is y sensing their virations) 3f its virations do
not feel right( tell it to leave) 3f you feel tired or exhausted after its visit( you should ecome wary and
suspicious for the true Masters of Wisdom will never deplete your personal energy) .fter interacting
~ -- ~
with one of the memers of the Brotherhood of =ight( you are li*ely to feel more energi:ed( ut not
first emotionally excited and then depleted of energy)
Clarify your motives. .s* yourself why are you see*ing the company of these entities? 3f it is to
satisfy your craving for glamour and attention( then you are leaving the door wide open for the low
grade astral entities that will e more than willing to cater to your desires) The Masters of Wisdom
have no time for flattering one+s vanity) They are interested in selfless wor*ers that will help them
implement the 1ivine 4lan on ;arth and not in uilding your human ego that leads only to satisfying
your selfish ends and eventually serves to destroy you)
f you still have doubts about whom you are in contact with! seek the advice and help of those
who have more e"perience in dealing with such entities. The >R;4 committee has een created to
provide you with assistance with such questions) 1o not hesitate to contact us) We are here for you
and we will e happy to assist you in the est possile way)#-B$
)incere thanAs for editing this article go to the >R?. committee members H 2r. Michael Mau, Ianet
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~ -@ ~
=essons 1rawn from the 6urrent 0S ;ducational System for the
>ew Race ;ducation 4ro,ect
Reyna-Michel Trapaga
!7ur lives should e dedicated to something good and worth while- to e of service) The more good
we can accomplish the etter off we are) This should e the focus of education- to do that which is for
the good of all) The day of selfishness and materialism is at an end) We must prepare) =earning and
*nowledge of the truth heals all troules and leads to peace)! Manly 4 5all
3n the study of educational systems and their effectiveness it is important to as* the questionE what
*ind of person do we want the educational system to produce? 3n essence( what is the goal of
education? The answers to this question have changed since the eginnings of our traditional pulic
education system to the present) 8enerally the needs of society have dictated what the education
system should focus on ( ut as these needs and society have changed( education has een slow to
follow) .s society moved from agricultural ased to one of mass production and scientific
advancement( the education system was ale to successfully produce the wor*ers and thin*ers) .t that
stage of development humanity was well suited to fulfill those roles) But as humanity changes and
grows eyond this factory wor*er mentality( the current educational system is not changing with it and
does not foster an environment that is ale to provide for continued development mentally and
spiritually) The educational system still teaches the same goal for life as it ever hasE complete lower
education( get a degree( the spouse( two children and a F to A ,o with all the material possessions that
comes with it) This antiquated idea of self fulfillment and happiness actually fosters self limitations)
6hildren today do not fit into this old model( and as humanity continues to evolve( life will e seen
and truly felt as limitless in its evolutionary scope and this will aid in the revolution of education)
;ducation must rea* out of the old idea of happiness and fulfillment and start teaching and reflecting
the higher purpose of life)
3n short we need an educational system and curriculum that is flexile and that can change with
changing environmental and societal conditions) 3t must also teach our children to once again live y
the 0niversal =aws and to connect to their internal truths) To do this we must separate ourselves from
the old educational models and thin* outside the current graded rewardIpunishment system most of us
participated in)
Bac*ground or 6urrent situation
;ducation ma*es up a large part of every state+s and city+s udget and the money is supplied y tax
payers) ;ach year taxes go up to support a system that no longer seems to e ale to adequately
educate our children)
Statistics gathered throughout the years show steady numers in the areas of dropout rates( violence in
schools( and performance measures) Most aspects of traditional education have not changed since its
inception) 0nfortunately this has contriuted to the current difficulties we see today) Statistics show
dropout rates continue to increase at a steady pace( *ids graduate only with rudimentary fundamental
s*ills( and they are ored and increasingly frustrated with schools that do not allow them to participate
in their own educational goals) ;ducation al system seems to e unale to significantly improve on
~ -A ~
these numers) 2or example( 3 i n .merica since the &FAG+s over one million #how does it loo* S-wise
and in regard to those actually graduating$ youths have dropped out of school each year( and i ncidents
of violence and vandalism continue to e significant are at an all time high ) The following are some
statistics compiled y the >ational 6enter for ;ducation Statistics #>6;S$) 2or exampleE 3n -GG/ -AS
of the freshman class either dropped out or didn+t graduate on time) #&$ 3n -GG@ approximately four of
every &GG students enrolled in high school dropped out without completing the school year) #-$1uring
the -GGA-G" school year H"S of pulic schools reported at least one violent crime( theft( or other
crime occurring at their school) 3n -GGA -AS of students in grades F-&- reported drugs were made
availale to them on school property and HS also reported eing threatened or in,ured with a weapon
during the previous &- months)#/$
These numers serve to show a system which is unale in part to serve a youth population in their
educational needs) The purpose of education has changed) We no longer need factory wor*ers ut
those who are creative thin*ers) We need to allow children and young adults the freedom to learn
creatively without competition or threats) Today+s graded school environment does none of these
things) 7ur traditional pulic schools mainly function with rigid lesson plans forcing children to
memori:e not learn) This does not effectively hold their interest K it creates oredom( anger( and
frustration) This is what in part drives the numers aove)
3t is the intent of this paper to explore the traditional pulic educational system as well as some of the
most prevalent and popular models in .lternative ;ducation and to compare their commonalities) 3n
conclusion we will then explore what the .ncient Wisdom tells us education must accomplish in the
new .ge which will ring enlightenment of humanity+s purpose and an age of peace)
Traditional ;ducation
Traditional education in its early years though served a valuale purpose) There ecame an institution
created to develop and spread the wealth of *nowledge and mental development) ;ducation is what
aided the development of many countries as a whole) Without this institution of education( we can
surmise most countries would not have developed into the same post agrarian industriali:ed nations of
today) With the creation of mandatory formal education( culture expanded( science( music( math( and
the arts flourished and we en,oy a level of sophistication and civili:ation that otherwise would most
li*ely not e) The purpose of schooling was to improve a child+s aility to thin* and reason through the
study of certain essential su,ects) Behind this purpose was an understanding that access to education
was a democratic right and the role of the school in a democratic society was to provide academic
learning as well as access to *nowledge once reserved y to the elite few) Schools were seen as the
great equali:er) That through education anyone could rise aove humle origins and ma*e good on the
nation+s promise of equal opportunity for all) .long with the estalishment of formal education( there
egan many deates over curriculum some of which persist even today) These deates too* the form
mainly over what was to e taught( i)e) should children e taught mainly vocational training suited to
their station in life or should they all receive the same academic education regardless if they were to
go to college or not)
8regory Smith in his oo* 4ulic Schools That Wor*E 6reating 6ommunity( aptly stated the goals of
traditional education) That they are !8eared to help children ecome successful wage earners and
acquire material possessions( positions that will require them to fulfill tas*s upon which their
performance as wor*ers will e ,udged)! This purpose is outmoded in today+s society) We no longer
need factory wor*ers and roots who are ,udged y their output and their consumption of material
goods( ut those who are creative thin*ers) .s a historical note( our modern educational system- the
five core curriculum of social studies( ;nglish( mathematics( science( and foreign languages- was
adopted in &HFF from a structure developed y 6atherine the 8reat of Russia) This system was
~ -" ~
designed to give Russia good soldiers( good factory wor*ers( and good tax paying citi:ens who would
all follow orders and not question authority)
The structure of the Traditional education system is one that relies almost exclusively on intellectual
learning and rote memori:ation s*ills) 2rom its eginning the pulic school system seemed to create
order out of nothing) By grouping children y ageIgrade with teaching materials deemed suitale to
that age( teachers were ale to wor* cost effectively with large groups of children) This is what we
still have today( overcrowded school rooms and outdatedIoutmoded teaching materials and methods)
This system wherey teachers are upfront lecturing with children sitting stationary ehind their des*s
was seen as supportive of discipline and the preferred method of communicating lessons)
0nfortunately this manner of instruction teaches students how to succeed on tests not in life) Students
are taught to see education as a way to otain a piece of paper rather than actual learning) The
.ssociation of Supervision and 6urriculum 1evelopment concluded that !The process of human
learning always has two partsE #a$ confrontation with new information or experience( and #$ the
learner+s personal discovery of the meaning of that experience)! 4ulic schools do allow this type of
learning in limited ways such as in participation of extracurricular activities and elective courses li*e
music( art( and sports) Sadly funding prolems often severely curtail or eliminate many of these
activities ) from the curriculum)
.nother aspect essential to learning which is largely frowned upon in pulic schools is that of
cooperative learning) Relationships are fundamental to the learning process) 3f students collaorate on
a pro,ect they learn not only from the act of completing the pro,ect ut also from each other)
6onversely competition is a fundamental component in traditional schools) Schools stress individual
achievement not cooperation and group memership) This primarily ta*es the form of competition
against external standards of excellence #i)e) Standard .chievement Tests and other Standardi:ed
testing$ and competition #not cooperation$ etween students and faculty) Students are ,udged y these
standards regardless of their unique talents and s*ills) ;mphasis on standardi:ed testing has essentially
eliminated the creative and experiential learning environment) 0nfortunately( teachers are forced to
teach according to these tests ecause school funding and student aptitudes are determined y these
scores) 6hildren are in turn taught they are in a suservient position to their teachers and their primary
responsiility lies in their acquiescence to the school+s ehavioral norms and standards of
achievement) 3n effect they learn that their well eing depends not upon social relationships ut on
their aility to meet standards of achievement determined y impersonal and seemingly inescapale
educational and economic institutions) Success is tied to conformity)
;very school has a stated curriculumK however much learning ta*es place outside this curriculum
#incidental learning$) 2or exampleE learning to cheat in response to academic demands( learning aout
race and racism( peer pressure( and social class) .ll these things have an impact on the student) Some
Recent studies have suggest ed that the academic aspect of schooling( instruction and curriculum( have
little impact on our the students) Their social experiences( after-school hours( and extracurricular
activities are more significant)
8ranted we can conclude educators of the &HGG and early &FGGs did not have the enefit of the studies
and research that has ta*en place during the last part of this century concerning learning and
development) Just in the past /G years or so significant research has een conducted and there is much
literature availale to educators in the areas of human development( human learning( instructional
methodology( school and classroom management( and organi:ational dynamics) These studies have
largely not een incorporated into the traditional pulic school system) This has contriuted to the
statistics citing dropout rates and violence in our schools) We *now children orn today are not the
same as previous generations ut we still see* to try to ma*e them conform to standards designed a
century ago) Many *ids today have opted out of traditional education altogether and have refused
~ -B ~
higher education as well ecause they can not conform to an outdated( rigid( uncompromising school
structure) More and more we see parents at a loss and see*ing alternative modes of education)
.lternative ;ducation
4ulic schools still dominate mainstream education( ut parents today can choose from a wide variety
of alternative education systems) Many of these alternatives have rooted in them more humanistic and
progressive educational approaches) 3nstead of the mainstream authoritarian approach which is teacher
centered( competitive( textoo* oriented( and focused on academic s*ills( most independent alternative
education methods focus on the child( are democratically run( and emphasi:e experiential learning(
social s*ills( arts( and academics) This next section will descrie a few of the more mainstream
alternative education systems active today)
.lternative education programs have een around since the early &F th century and the resurgence of
their popularity egan around the &F"G+s and BG+s) Many of these schools served the population of
students and parents who either did not succeed or who did not agree with the methods and goals of
the pulic school system) .lternative schools offer a variety of teaching methodologies and strategies
generally structured to the learning preference of the student) The enefits of this are self explanatory)
.lternative education structures and methodologies fall into many categories) 4ulic schools can
adopt alternative education strategies especially designed for those students categori:ed as at ris* of
dropping out or failing) These pulic programs however( are not generally offered to the whole student
ody) There are religiously affiliated schools which teach fundamental su,ects as well as the religious
context of their institutions( and there are the independent schools outside the pulic and religious
school systems) They are not controlled y the pulic school oard ut do adhere to state and federal
education law) Th e is focus on this section is going to e on these independent schools ecause they
have offer ed the flexiility of curriculum and teaching methodology that the others do not) They are
generally more democratically run( community involved( and student oriented) Many of these
alternative approaches to education have een around for a long time and have een shown to e
viale and successful programs) 3n fact some programs oast their students are etter equipped to
attend higher learning institutions and enter the ,o mar*et than those who attended traditional
schools) 3n most of these schools students are taught to rely on their own ailities to solve prolems(
ecome self motivated learners and thin*ers( and as a result have developed a more critical and
inquiring mind)
.lternative 3ndependent Schools are those that y their very name indicate an existence and operation
independent of the pulic school oard) There are many types of independent schools) Some of the
most well *nown are the 2ree Schools( Waldorf Schools( Montessori Schools( and although not a
formal school there is the option of home schooling) 3t is eyond the scope of this paper to research all
the alternative independent education models active today so elow is a rief description of the most
prevalent and wide spread in the 0S )
2ree Schools
Some examples of 2ree Schools are the Summerhill( Sudury ( and self named 2ree School
approaches) They all have much in common and veer drastically away from the structure and
curriculum of traditional schools) There are aout /AG free schools in operation today( and each
express the ideal of freedom in education and of the particular ideology of their founders and
supporters) These schools give the students all or almost complete freedom in determining their own
educational goals and day to day day-to-day activities) They are free to pursue any interest and while
asic s*ills are taught they are not pushed upon the students) These schools are self governing giving
~ -H ~
all *ids regardless of age a vote in the decision ma*ing process) The idea ehind these schools is that
learning is a natural tendency and that children want to learn and are good at it given appropriate
surroundings) They are free to explore their surroundings and teachers are there to answer questions(
coach and guide) While these types of schools may not e suitale to all *ids it has een shown to e
viale alternative for children who do not conform well to a structured school setting)
5olistic Schools
5olistic Schools while not as prevalent as the others perhaps comes closer to what education will
ecome) 5olism views the world and the universe as an integrated organism( in which all parts
#mineral( animal( vegetale( energetic( spiritual$ are related) .ll existence is a unity( is related( has
meaning( and is evolving toward higher forms) 5olism also views the human as an integrated eing of
equally important partsE physical( emotional( intellectual( artistic( social( moral( and spiritual) 5olism
holds that human life has spiritual( cosmic( transpersonal( and archetypal dimensions that can not
cannot e logically or scientifically analy:ed and grasped alone) 3t re,ects materialistic( rationalistic(
and reductionistic views that humans are simply processors of information and victims of social and
economic forces) While not as widespread as other schools( since the &FBG+s holism has developed into
its own specific educational movement with its own identity) 5olism attempts to educate for gloal
citi:enship and teaches an appreciation for cultural diversity) 3t stresses that each person is responsile
for the well eing of all eings and the planet) This includes a spiritual concept of the
interrelationships etween all things) So the holism approach focuses also upon the whole individual
and emphasi:es experiential approaches to learning and cooperative strategies in teaching)
The Montessori system has primarily een implemented in the preschool and *indergarten grades(
some schools do educate up to the sixth grade) The system was designed to e very versatile and
adaptale for all grades) Though there are specific types of learning materials associated with this
method( schools are free to design materials which are associated with particular age groups) The
items in the classroom are designed to spar* interest and encourage the students to learn aout the
physical world through their activities) The design of the system is such that learning ta*es place in
multi age classrooms where *ids learn and play in the same room) =earning is individuali:ed and
children are free to learn at their own pace) They are free to move around the classroom and wor*
alone or in groups) This system defines different learning strategies for different age groups) =earning
for the 4reschool child is viewed as focusing on activities which teach them to live in the physical
world) 2or the B-&- yr olds learning can ta*e place more in the astract and through their imagination)
3n elementary grades there is no required wor*( students can pursue their interests( and teachers help
plan and record learning activities such as exhiits( o,ects( time lines and displays) .rt and music are
integrated into daily activities) Though there are many Montessori schools for pre-school and
elementary age children( there are few if any of these schools which go eyond and up into the middle
and high school age children)
The Waldorf schools started in 8ermany after WW3( created y Rudolf Steiner) This was the first
school which was free from government control) 3ts goal was to educate all children the same way
whether they were destined to wor* in a factory or headed for the university) This method has a more
structured approach to the classroom and teaching than the other methodologies and perhaps is more
in line with traditional schooling with the added emphasis on creative activities) 3ts purpose was to
create free( creative( independent( moral( and happy human eings and was a radical deviation for its
time) Today we find these schools widespread) 3ntellectual wor* is alanced y other activities such as
~ -F ~
art( music( and crafts) This structure is ased on the research that rain centers involved in manual
dexterity are interconnected with those involved in higher-order thin*ing) 4hysical activity and play
are emphasi:ed along with small loc*s of lesson time) The Dindergarten curriculum is ased on the
importance of movement( play and fantasy) 6hildren are given time in which to play( there is daily
story time( and their full exercise of fantasy is encouraged and seen as necessary to the later
development of intellect and academic capacity) .t this stage there is no teaching of reading and
writing) ;lementary education #age B-&@$ is centered on a single class teacher and academic
fundamentals are wor*ed into each day) 5igh School gives way to multiple special su,ect teachers
which we see in the traditional school setting) .cademic performance and study are still moderated y
continued emphasis on arts( crafts( music( and trades and assessments are ased on the child+s total
activityE academic( craft wor* craftwor* arts #?$ ( and social interactions) The Waldorf system focuses
on the whole human potential to ma*e a difference in the world which involves unity( harmony( and
dignity) There are competitive sports( and test ta*ing( ut the academics are not the e - all all- end all
to education) Waldorf see*s to develop the whole person- head( hands( and heart)
5ome Schooling
2inally there is the option for parents to home school their children) This right was fiercely fought for
when state governments egan adopting formal education laws) 0ntil the pulic school system came
into eing( parents had the responsiility and the right to educate their children as they decided fit)
With the creation of the pulic school system and the passage of legislation( parents could no longer
decide how and when their *ids should e educated) The state government said children must e
educated( and the state would do this for them) 4arents simply had to pay their taxes and the state
would decide how and what to teach their children) >eedless to say many too* exception to this and
from the mid &FBGs home schooling has een en,oying a come ac*) This !right! to home school too*
many years to pass in legislature) There are of course enefits as well as difficulties with this method
of education) Some of the enefits includeE modest cost of materials( parents can spend more time
with their children( and learning is year round and at the pace suited to the child) =earning ta*es place
in a non non- competitive environment and children are ale to pursue their own interests) Many home
schoolers in the same area will often networ* and support each other which allows for social
interaction and development) There are many forums for parents to communicate with others to assist
each other in their education efforts) 5ome schooling however is not a viale option for many
families) 3t usually *eeps one parent out of the wor*force( something many families can not cannot
afford today) ;very parent today is free to *eep their child out of school and to educate them at home
as long as state requirements are fulfilled) There is are extensive information and support structures in
place which facilitate setting up education strategies and materials for those parents interested in this
;ach of these movements and approaches to education have much in common) Their founders all
reali:ed that education needs to e sustainale in communities rather than a drain on them) Sustainale
education involves all memers of the community and recogni:es each person as having an unlimited
and undetermined value and potential) Many of the common elements these schools share involve
experiential learning instead of rote memori:ation( self directed and self motivated learning ased on
interest in place of a forced curriculum( and creative expression) .long with academic learning(
physical activities( music( and the arts are seen as essential parts of each day and important to overall
development( and emphasis on each of these areas equally is what fosters the development of the
whole human eing) Most of these .lternative 3ndependent Schools agree that the development of the
whole person is of the utmost importance and in order to achieve this( the *ids must e given the
freedom to explore their surroundings( express their interests( and ta*e an active role in determining
their educational goals) .ove all most of these alternative models involve the community in learning)
~ /G ~
This is seen as an essential element in teaching *ids the value of eing of service to others and has
een shown to e a valuale learning tool for social interaction as well as eing a practical learning
experience in academics)
;ducation in the 2uture
While these approaches may e seen as a step in the right direction( we are told y the .ncient
Wisdom that what is truly needed in education is in addition to learning fundamental s*ills( is to e
taught and shown how to reconnect with our higher selves and therefore to learn the purpose of our
!;ducation must meet the needs of the human spirit) 3t must assist persons to develop a satisfactory
personal philosophy and sense of valuesK to cultivate tastes for literature( music and the artsK to grow
in aility to analy:e prolems and arrive at thoughtful conclusions)!#@$
This statement ta*en from ;ducation in the >ew .ge y .lice Bailey sums up what we need to
implement in the future education system) >ot only to teach the fundamental s*ills of reading( writing(
and arithmetic ut that of spiritual connection and understanding of where we fit in( in the world and
what part we are to play in our own development and in service to the world) The current education
system has eliminated the essentials of human yearning for connection to the divine and the higher
self) This we must ring ac* for education to serve the needs of the >ew .ge)
;ducation must veer away from teaching self centeredness and competition to one of cooperation(
harmony( and service to others and society) 7ur sense of self worth must not e tied to what we can
get for ourselves ut what we can do for others) Materialism must e left ehind with the rest of the
trappings that do not serve the world) 3n short we must egin as a whole to live y those 0niversal
=aws of love( peace( and service) This is what must e taught) 3f we are to enter an age of peace and
enlightenment we must start to teach our children what really matters which is the welfare of others
not self)
Manly 5all and .lice Bailey summari:e the concepts of education in the new age as followsE !To do
this education must ring forth the true qualities inherent within all of us which are our true nature)
Materialism and self centeredness self-centeredness is a taught external condition) 3f we cease to teach
that which goes against our natural grain( the true aspects of our nature will come forth and e allowed
to flourish) =earning ta*es place oth through external stimulus and internally y listening to the inner
wisdom) ;xternal teachings should not go counter to internal wisdom) 6hildren should e led to see*
and utili:e their inner wisdom and to help them focus on the higher principles) 0ntil the fact of the
higher mind is recogni:ed and taught( and that the role of the lower concrete mind is that of servant to
the higher( we will continue to have a society which revolves around meeting man+s lower desires( and
this is what education teaches today)! #A$
So it is explained that education must accomplish many tas*s) 3t must ma*e an intelligent citi:en who
is ale to wor* in the world peacealy( helpfully and in harmony) 3t must enale the student to ridge
the gap etween the various aspects of his own mind therey eing ale to access his own inner
wisdom) This will enale him to participate fully in the 0niversal 4lan) True education has een
descried as the science of lin*ing up the integral parts of man( with his immediate environment( and
with the greater whole in which he has to play his part)
This is the challenge we are faced withE designing an educational system which is compatile with the
0niversal =aws and see*s to ring the inner wisdom in all of us to the foreground instead of eing
suppressed) ;ducation should allow *ids to investigate who they are( teach them how to access their
internal wisdom and lin* up with the higher aspects of the mind) They should e allowed to learn in
~ /& ~
ways that wor* est for them and allow them to explore their environment free from competition(
criticism( and punishment) 3n this way they will learn to develop their intuition and manifest their
talents in service to society)
.s we can see( education today in its many forms of traditional and alternative models has served us
well in teaching the fundamental s*ills of reading( writing( and arithmetic) Some programs to their
credit have included what should e considered fundamental s*ills( music and the arts( into everyday
curriculum as well) What is not eing taught however is proper character uilding and a sense of
responsiility to others as defined in the previous section)
6oncerning our >ew Race ;ducation 4ro,ect( it is imperative that we elevate these two o,ectives as
ongoing o,ectives in any curriculum that is developed) The new race children will increasingly
exhiit psychic ailities to include clairvoyance( clairaudience( and clairsentience) These ailities are
not well understood y the general pulic and these children are often as not seen as having mental
impairment rather than extra sensory ailities) We must teach the parents and children that these
ailities are actually part of the evolutionary unfoldment of humanity( not aerrations)
Today the new race children go through all *inds of turmoil and stress ecause of this
misunderstanding when in fact they have the gifts that will ecome part of everyday life) 3f we do not
egin to teach the development and proper usage of these gifts( there lie dangers of misapplication for
selfish and destructive purposes) This is what the >ew Race ;ducation 4ro,ect+s #>R;4$ mandate is)
To fill in the educational gap and devise a curriculum and model focusing on the new race education)
This pro,ect involves defining and identifying the new race children and their parents and researching
their educational needs) The goal is to develop guidance and educational models for the parents and
children in the development and application of these ailities for the good of humanity) We must assist
these vanguard new race children to integrate successfully with the present society as well as to e the
leaders( uilders and teachers of the new society) The ultimate goal of this education is to teach
service to humanity( of putting others efore self) The >R;4 is continuing to conduct research and
wor* towards the accomplishment of these goals)
&s with any pro@ect or study there are people who add essential contributions. ( must give my sincere
gratitude and thanAs to the following people for their input and collaboration on this pro@ect8 2r.
Michael Mau, 2r. &nna .avlovic, and Matthew Thompson.
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~ // ~
~ /@ ~
4arenting the " th Root Race 8eneration
y .nna 4avlovic ( 4h)1)
#3n collaoration with Micheline Ralet( Reyna-Michel Trapaga and Matthew Thompson$
Many great oo*s have een written with the goal of assisting potential parents in preparing for the
most challenging( aleit most rewarding experience of their livesE the arrival of their offspring and
rearing of it into adulthood) The intention of the present article is not to ring forth yet another manual
of !do+s! and !don+ts! in every day parenting) Rather our purpose is to egin a dialogue with parents
aout the new parenting challenges facing them in the current cycle of human earthly evolution) We
are spea*ing aout parenting of the Sixth Root Race #" th RR$ children y the 2ifth Root Race #A th
RR$ parents( a phenomenon which previous generations did not have to deal with to the extent that
today+s parents must)
3n the second volume of the Sanctus 8ermanus 4rophecies #the S84$( we read that !%t'he post-&F"G+s
wave of new race incarnations are made up of &$ souls on the 4ath of 3nitiation or -$ souls from other
advanced evolutions) .ll of these incoming " th RR incarnations naturally possess etheric ailities
such as clairvoyance( clairaudience and clairsentience at irth)! #&$ 2rom this short description( it is
apparent that the caregivers of these new generations of incoming souls will have to face yet !un-
traveled territories! that will challenge relationships etween children and adults on all fronts) This
may sound overwhelming and discouraging at times( ut nevertheless it is our inevitale future that( if
rightly approached( will help in creating the greatly anticipated 8olden .ge of .quarius)
5ow is the " th RR of humanity created?
Whilst the >R;4 6ommittee does not have a definite answer to this question( a proale outcome can
e inferred from an application of the 0niversal =aw of .nalogy including information that has een
given in the many volumes of .ncient Wisdom)
Reviewing the wor*s of 5elena Blavats*y( .lice Bailey( the Mahatma =etters written to .)4) Sinnett
y the Masters Duthumi #D5$ and ;l Morya as well as the wor*s of Michael Mau and Manly 4) 5all(
a !timetale! has een developed that offers the most proale arrival times of the susequent root
races and their su-root races) 1r) Mau presents a graph #-$ of this timetale( from which we read that
the pioneers of the incoming new race tend to arrive at the highest evolutionary point of the preceding
~ /A ~
root race) Their arrival coincides with the incarnations of the A th su-root race of a particular root
race) #/$
7n the creation of the A th RR( Manly 4) 5all writesE !The original .ryas %the A th RR' were of
.tlantean stoc* %the 2ourth Root Race #@ th RR$( then living in the region of Tiet '( proaly
descending from the old Semite ranch of the .tlantean racial distriution) The differentiation
occurred when <aivasvata Manu %A th RR Manu' overshadowed or ensouled one of the old clans or
rood families( ordaining that it should ecome the vehicle of a new race)! #@$ This event too* place in
the middle of the @ th RR cycle( sometime around the A th su-root race of the @ th RR race) 7nce
enough people of the A th RR were created( they egan moving into various parts of the world and
egan peopling earth alongside other evolving root races( ranched into su-root races and their
multiple rootlets and offshoots that differentiated into multiple human races and nationalities)
The chemistries of time and environment and the changes which came from admixture with surviving
=emurian and .tlantean stoc*s produced the vehicles required for the manifestation of the various
potencies of the .ryan lifestream) The first .ryas community is *nown to move from Tietan
mountainside to the 5indu valley where they coexisted with the 5indu people and( in due time(
evolved into the great country of 3ndia from where they further spread into Middle ;ast( ;gypt(
;urope and eventually to .mericas)#A$
The recent discovery of an ancient community of fair-s*inned people in the 8oi 1esert rought some
light onto this theory) 8enetic studies of well-preserved mummies revealed that they carried genetic
mar*ers characteristic not only to white ;uropeans( ut also to those of Tietan origin) While the
scientists concluded that such a mixed genetic origin of the discovered trie indicates intermarriage
etween 6aucasians and the Tietans( we would li*e to suggest an alternative interpretation of this
scientific data) Based on what Manly 4) 5all revealed aout the creation of the A th RR( this finding
could e yet the greatest scientific proof that the .ryan-6aucasian physical vehicles indeed had
Tietan parentage) #"$
.pplying the =aw of .nalogy(? we conclude that it is highly proale that the " th RR vehicles are
created in a similar way) That is( the Manu of the " th RR( the Master ;l Morya( !handpic*s! the most
suitale vehicles from among the existing root races to serve as the entry point for the next incoming
race) 3n our opinion( these new race children are placed in care of those parents who would most li*ely
provide them with a nourishing and loving environment( in which they could freely unfold their inner
talents and ailities) 3t is( therefore( unli*ely that children of the " th RR would e placed in an
environment that is dysfunctional eyond repair and in which their mission would e cut short efore
The " th RR vehicles will come in different colors or shapes( ut they will have one element in
common - they will tend to e lighter in their composition and they will e equipped with a more
sensitive nervous system than those of their predecessors) 2rom 1r) Mau+s charts( #B$ we learn that our
physical expressions have reached their densest form during the incarnations of the @ th su-root race
of the @ th RR #denominated as @)@ race$( which coincided with the end of the downward path( the
involutionary part of the @ th round cycle) 0pon entering the upward path( or the evolutionary part of
the @ th round cycle( incarnating souls will aim at creating lighter vehicles) This will e evidenced y
vehicles more etheric than physical( analogous to that which served the souls incarnated during the -
nd root race #- nd RR$)
3t is popularly assumed that the ma,ority of the children and adults diagnosed with .11I.151(
autism( ipolarity and other mental conditions are in fact the misunderstood incarnations of the " th
RR) While we agree that some of these children and adults may e misdiagnosed and are possily
memers of the incarnating " th RR( we also elieve the ma,ority represents true *armic episodes and
~ /" ~
proper medical assistance should e sought for them) Therefore( we wholeheartedly encourage our
readers who deal with cases of .11( .151( autism or their li*e( to verify their diagnoses y
otaining a second medical opinion to eliminate any dout aout their condition) 3t could e quite
harmful for the evolution of a misdiagnosed " th RR soul to e su,ected to a deilitating treatment
with various drugs that wor* y desensiti:ing the human nervous system)
Root races vs) human races
3t is important to *eep in mind that the various root races have little to do with any specific country or
nationality) ;ach human eing has een incarnating in the preceding root races in the course of one+s
evolutionary development) 2urthermore( when the right time comes( everyone will incarnate again in
the incoming future root races with the same goal - to reach the perfection of the 1ivine and Mighty +3
.M+ 4resence( the only constant factor within each person( and the immortal part of each human
incarnation) These multiple and varied incarnations occur in different parts of the world( in different
cultures and races( and are expressed through various physical shapes of our faces and s*in colors)
They serve only as vehicles that assist evolutionary growth of the human soul and nothing else) Master
D5 writes to Sinnett in one of his lettersE
!;very Spiritual 3ndividuality has a gigantic evolutionary ,ourney to perform( a tremendous gyratory
progress to accomplish) 2irst - at the very eginning of the great Mahamanvantaric rotation( from first
to last of the man-earing planets( as on each of them( the monad has to pass through seven successive
races of man) 2rom the dum offshoot of the ape #the latter strongly differentiating from the now
*nown specimens$ up to the present A th %root' race( or rather variety( and through two more %root'
races( efore he has done with this earth onlyK and then on into the next( higher and higher still) #)$
;ach of the seven %root' races send seven ramifying ranchlets %this is the same as su-root races'
from the 4arent Branch %RR'K and through each of these in turn man has to evolve efore he passes on
to the higher raceK and that - seven times) #)$ The ranchlets %su-root races' typify varying specimens
of humanity - physically and spiritually - and no one of us can miss one single rung of the ladder ) #H$
With such understanding of human evolution( one can see clearly the nonsense and futility of racial
disputes aout which human race is etter or more important) ;very human eing has its own
important place in the 1ivine 4lan) Sooner or later( each individual( regardless of the physical color or
shape we chose to incarnate in at this point of time( will continue to evolve through su-roots of all
root races until we will reach the common and primary goal of incarnating - the perfection of the 8od-
Self within( achieved through a myriad of experiences and lessons learnt on earth)
3t is an asolute truth that one cannot graduate from college without first completing a curriculum in
an elementary and high school) =i*ewise( one cannot e orn as the " th RR human without first
graduating from the lessons of the &( -( /( @ th ( and A th RRs) 5ow we choose to reach the perfection
of that inner 8od remains the choice of each soul exercising his 2reewill with which our 6reator sent
us forth at the dawn of our existence) Thus( !%a'll is exactly as it should e! #F$ at any point of human
The characteristics of the " th RR
3n the letter to the >ew Race ;ducation 4ro,ect #>R;4$ committee( the Master D5 informs us thatE
)%T'hese children will e coming to earth with developed extrasensory talents and ailities( such as
clairvoyance( clairaudience( clairsentience( etheric vision of the physical eye( and continuity of
consciousness( telepathy( and the potential to manifest) 9et these faculties will not necessarily
translate into spiritual development and evolution) 6lairvoyance is not synonymous with spirituality
~ /B ~
and one+s choice of the 4ath) 3n fact it complicates the choice( for no longer will the choice e made on
lind faith( ut on a greater awareness aout the different dimensions in which one resides)
Tooled with these ailities( these young ones will e given the same earthly choices that will lead
them on the 4ath or not( ut none of these ailities will guarantee their 4ath of 3nitiation( as it will
remain a choice to e ta*en) 9et the world with which these children will deal will involve a vaster
dimension than the previous root- race and thus a wider range of conscious choices)
. talented pianist whose fingers respond to the higher mental thought-forms of his mind will produce
those heavenly tones and sound forms that lift the human spirit) But the same choices are put forth
efore him as the day laorer( the clairvoyant as the non-clairvoyant) 7ur aim would e to connect
these ailities to the 5igher Self--the soul--ecause the same ailities could e misdirected to lower
mental and astral endeavors that would stymie their full lossoming)
3n the days to come( these children will face choices that are not tangile to the five senses) Their
playground may e located on the astral plane) Their other odies - the etheric( astral( and mental -
will e fully activated( adding the need for education that will address multifaceted aspects of their
whole personality)))#&G$
The challenges put efore " th RR generations are y necessity greater than those we faced( ecause
they have already graduated from the lessons of previous root races and( therefore( are ready for the
next level of the earthly evolution) 3t is quite ovious that applying current methods of parenting and
education to rearing the " th RR humanity would ma*e as little sense as ma*ing a successful college
student ta*e high school courses again) 2or this reason( it is necessary to develop new methods of
parenting and education to accommodate the needs of these new children)
The challenges that lie efore the parents of the "RR children
The many extrasensory faculties( with which the " th RR children are orn( and which their A th RR
parents will most proaly lac*( will greatly challenge relationships etween the parents and their
children) To e ale to understand their situation( we were advised to study a reality in which lind
parents are faced when rearing children who have all five senses fully developed) There are many
articles availale in which parents with impaired vision descrie their lives with children who can
perfectly see) =i*ewise( children of lind parents offer their perspective on this situation as well) We
will mention here a few examples of their challenges)
The first and most ovious assumption comes from the fact that lind parents might not e ale to
follow their children+s activities simply ecause they cannot see them) 3n spite of this limitation( lind
parents devised ways that allow them to *now well the whereaouts of their little ones) 3n one case( a
lind mother sewed ells onto her daughter+s slippers and shoes so she could follow that sound to
*now where her child was) 3n another case( parents reported that they are intentionally uying loud
toys for their children for the same purpose) ;very lind parent reported that moments of extended
silence on their child+s part was always a reason for concern and they would egin calling their child+s
name to locate him or her as soon as possile) Such precautions wor* well with small children( ut it
is unrealistic to expect that a teenager would e wal*ing around with ells on his or her shoes( or
would e willing to constantly ma*e lots of noise( which would very li*ely annoy him or her as well)
Besides( there are times when a teenager is see*ing solitude and a it of privacy on purpose and that
desire needs to e honored y all parents) The goal of childhood and susequently that of the teenage
years is to develop into a well functioning independent adult) The role of a parent in this process
should e one of a facilitator( and not of an owner( whether the parent is fully healthy or not) Manly 4)
5all states this wellE
~ /H ~
The process of irth( with its attendant growth and development( is the only way in which human
eings can come into this world( ut it is a mista*e for parents to assume possessive attitude toward
their children( nor are children indeted to parents eyond a reasonale degree of appreciation) 4arents
do not own their childrenK rather it is their duty to assist and direct the unfolding life until this life is
capale of directing its own destiny) #)$ 4arental responsiility ends when the child reaches ma,ority) 3t
is then a free agent to live as it pleases( and interference with its life eyond that point usually does
more harm than good) 3f a child has een rought up wisely and honestly until ma,ority( its character
is usually set in paths of integrity) 6hildren( who disappoint their parents later in life( have usually
een disappointed in their parents earlier in life) <ery often our own mista*es live in our children)#&&$
The most important factor in developing a harmonious relationship etween sighted children and their
lind parents was developing mutual trust) .s long as a child maintained his or her parents+ trust( their
relationship would lossom) 5owever( if a child did something that was not part of the initial
agreement etween the lind parent and the child( their relationship would suffer a painful ,olt from
which it was hard to recover) Such a disappointment was usually hard to accept( especially for the
lind parent) The attitude of a child in such a case was one of !no ig deal! and the child would
quic*ly forget aout the situation( while the parent would gravitate towards developing mistrust) 3t
could have ta*en as little as inviting a school friend home without first consulting with the parentK or
leaving a icycle in the middle of a drive way( which had the potential of ecoming a ha:ard for the
lind parent) The asis of such trust( therefore( is communication) . family of lind parents and their
sighted children would communicate with one another even aout the simplest acts or smallest
activities efore they too* place( something that might have een dismissed y sighted families as
trivial and unimportant)
3ndeed( such deep trust demanded well-estalished communication among all memers of the family)
This trust had to e rooted in oth truth and a fully accepted set of rules( etween all the family
memers) .ny changes to earlier estalished rules would first have to e discussed with all grown-up
memers of the family( followed y instruction to the smaller children) 3t is evident that in such a
situation a set of rules would need to e ad,usted as the child was growing and developing into a
young adult( and that this trust would require flexiility and mutual understanding from oth lind
parents and their children) #&-$
=et us now examine how this scenario could e translated into relationships etween children(
teenagers( or young adults that possess developed extrasensory ailities( such as those of the " th RR(
and their parents( who lac* such ailities)
The lind parents eautifully illustrate the A th RR parents( who do not yet have activated extrasensory
ailities and( therefore( may e viewed as clairvoyantly-impaired) Those who cannot see etherically -
such as seeing auras or 1evas - are pretty much lind to the world of spirits) Most of the " th RR
children( especially those who have not yet gone through puerty( have their etheric visions open and
thus they can easily see the !invisile! world around them) 3n addition( these children are clairaudient
and can either !hear! voices or can fully communicate with those eings who occupy the .stral 4lane)
Many of us might have heard of children descriing their invisile playmates or tal*ing aout seeing
various nature spirits) While those who lac* etheric vision will e prone to denying the reality of the
.stral world and will attriute such ehavior to children+s imagination( those adults who themselves
are clairvoyant and clairaudient will confirm that children who descrie an interaction with !invisile!
eings are indeed spea*ing the truth) Many of these children can grow into adulthood with full
retention of their extrasensory ailities( while others( often afraid of eing ridiculed y those around
them( may simply force themselves into forgetting aout their seemingly childish experiences) This
latter group will choose to accept the world uilt for them y the clairvoyantly-impaired adults who
deny any such possiilities( applying here an old scientific pre,udice that !3f 3 cannot see it( therefore it
~ /F ~
does not exist)! ;ncountering such an attitude( we li*e to remind these non-elievers that not so long
ago( in fact a little it more than AGG years ago( nearly all in the Western world elieved that ;arth
was flat( in spite of all the evidence to the contrary) >ot too long after that( the scientific method of
investigation eventually proved such eliefs to e wrong and today we teach in our schools that
8alileo( 6opernicus( and the many great philosophers of ancient times were correct when reporting
that in fact the ;arth is round) This( we elieve( will e the case with the matter of the connection
etween the invisile world and our capaility to sense or see it) We already have sufficient scientific
evidence availale today proving the existence of other( non-physical dimensions) 3t is only a matter
of time efore our schools egin to teach aout the science of the soul as they now teach aout the
sciences of the physical plane)
5ow can we help parents in raising the " th RR generation?
.s a result of the ongoing research on the " th RR phenomenon( we offer our current oservations as
food for thought in hope that this article will generate a discussion etween us and our readers on this
increasingly important topic) We hope that this discussion will aid us to etter understand the needs of
the " th RR generations and will help us in designing a sound foundation for the future educational
programs for the " th RR children( teenagers( young adults and their parents) With this nole intention
in mind( we egin our discussion on preparation for parenthood)
#reparing for parenting$ The world would truly ecome a heaven on earth if we approached
parenting and child rearing from the point of understanding the Masters of Wisdom have) These
Masters offer for our contemplation and use a fair amount of information aout human evolution(
which ta*es place through irth and death cycles( and which( at the fundamental level( is fulfilled
through lifelong relationships etween parents and their children) The Masters+ advice to !Dnow
Thyself! is essential in ma*ing the right decision regarding having a family with or without children)
This important decision impacts not only one+s immediate family( ut invarialy affects society and(
y extension( the entire world) . family unit is to a society as what a cell is to a ody) 5ealthy and
harmoniously functioning cells guarantee a healthy and eautiful ody) Therefore( potential future
parents need to *now themselves and their true motive ehind their desire to have children( for that
desire will eventually help to shape the world in which they will live) The asic and natural instinct of
preserving and propagating a species has evolved into a sophisticated process meant to serve the
evolution of a soul and( therefore( it is very important that we understand its divine purpose)
2ar too many times people decide to have children for the wrong reason) Some have children ecause
they are married and all married people are expected to have childrenK others follow the suit of their
friends who have children( and so decide they should have one tooK others have them out of need to
love and to e lovedK yet others did not really want them( ut a pregnancy !happened! and so they are
stuc* with it) 9ou can add to this list your own reasons for deciding to have children( and then
examine these reasons against what .ncient Wisdom has to say aout the divine responsiility of
childearing) 3n our understanding( none of the aove reasons should serve as the 7>=9 reason to
have a child) %rom a spiritual perspective the highest reason for having a child would come from
a selfless wish to create a physical vehicle that could serve the needs of an incoming soul seeking
a particular e"perience on earth for the purpose of its evolution.
4eople do not contemplate enough this important question of !Why does one wish to have a child?! 3f
we approached the matter of parenting with as great a responsiility as we approach all the other
important decisions in our life( much suffering and grief could e prevented and our world today could
e a true reflection of love( harmony( and lasting peace !on earth as it is in heaven)!
Become a responsible parent$ 3f you come to the conclusion that you are indeed a parent of a " th
RR child( or you yourself are a teenager or an adult that represents this group of people( then this
~ @G ~
should encourage you to see* legitimate information pertaining to this matter) The root races are well
descried y Madam Blavats*y( .lice Bailey( Michael Mau( Manly 4) 5all and in some of the
Mahatma =etters y ;l Morya and D5) 8etting correct information is the first and the most important
step in planning your responsiilities as a parent or care giver of a " th RR child) 3t is never too early
to prepare for this most eautiful( ut quite challenging role)
!)3t is the duty of the parent to sow the seeds of integrity in the child+s life( to train the child wisely and
gently( and then to release it and send it forth into the world to live its own life(! says Manly 4) 5all(
#&/$ and certainly such is true in case of raising any child) 5owever( this issue ecomes a it more
complex in the cases of the " th RR children( for we are not setting ourselves to raise ,ust good
citi:ens of tomorrow in the way many generations efore us were raised) Rather( we are earing the
responsiility for ringing up a generation that represents the next step in our evolution without
actually *nowing much aout that generation) We are to use our five senses to care for a generation
with developed six senses) This may seem li*e !mission impossile(! ut we ta*e comfort in *nowing
that 8od would never give us anything we could not handle( therefore( we should trust that we are
capale of rising up to this challenge through careful research and preparation)
4arenting today
The most frequent mista*e parents ma*e( regardless of which root race they represent( is thin*ing that
they have ownership of their child and( thus( they approach him as they possily would approach a
rand new and expensive !computer)! Such well-meaning parents are aware that their child came with
outstanding !software! - his rain capacity to learn - into which they feel oligated to !input!
everything that they feel and thin* is est for the child) This is frequently done without much
consideration to what the child may thin* or want for him or herself) The most ovious
!programming! ta*es place in ringing a child into his parents+ faith) The same ta*es place when we
sign him into every possile activity offered y local clus and schools) The legendary !soccer mom!
may spend her entire day driving her child from swimming lessons or gymnastics( which start at AEGG
.M ( to school that egins at HEGG .M ( and then driving him or her to the after-school programs such
as aseall or soccer practice( choir( piano lessons( or drawing class) By the time the child returns
home( he or she is too exhausted even to eat) 7ne can only wonder how the child or a teenager could
ever hear the faint voice of his soul spea*ing to him from within through this cacophony of activities(
and the same may e true for an overcommitted young adult)
7n the other end of this spectrum( there are those parents who are so preoccupied with their own lives
that they do not put much effort into a quality rearing of their child) They frequently leave their
offspring to e raised y local schools or their surroundings( which could e a street or the
neighorhood in which the child lives( often tending to the child+s physical necessities only) 3n the
worse case yet( some parents may neglect providing their child with even the most asic necessities(
which may result in poverty that hands the child over to readily awaiting street gangs)
6ertainly many parents fail to understand the simple fact that what children truly need is their
parents& presence in their lives) By !eing present in child+s life! we mean that you should assist
your child in the process of the unfolding of his or her own life and not in imposing your goals on him
or her) Just as a child needs food and clothes( he or she also needs loving attention focused on helping
him or her grow to his or her highest potential( free of any parental-ego interferences) . child is orn
to fulfill his or her own purpose in this life and no one else+s) This purpose must e discovered through
a process of oservation of the tendencies that ecome evident as the child grows( and y careful
listening to the voice of our soul( which attempts to guide us through this process from within)
While attending to the physical needs of our offspring( we should rememer that the needs of the soul
require parental attention as well) 3n order to facilitate this( we need to place ourselves in the position
~ @& ~
of an oserver and an assistant( always ready to help the child when the need arises) 5owever( we
should avoid forcing our own will on him or her( constantly reminding ourselves that the child is here
to fulfill his or her own destiny and not to fulfill amitions and unreali:ed dreams of the parents)
>either is a child here to live his or her life the way we expect or the way we live ours) The following
story illustrates this point well)
Dyle was orn into an affluent family of ivy-school educated parents who owned profitale usinesses
and whose financial status allowed them to provide Dyle with anything he could possily dream of)
Both parents were recogni:ed leaders in their respective careers) There was no dout that they oth
loved their son dearly) 3n fact( Dyle was one of the reasons for which they pushed themselves to
achieve more( so their son would never lac* anything) 4sychology would rightfully categori:e Dyle+s
parents as very successful high-achievers) Dyle of course did not *now any etter and so he attempted
to follow in his parents+ footsteps) . eautiful and a sensitive child whom everyone loved( Dyle grew
into a young man that was doing well in everything he approached - he was an honor student and a
talented varsity footall player that many admired)
Dyle+s father( Den Braid( was on a usiness trip in .frica when he received a tragic call from his wife(
6olleen( telling him that Dyle committed suicide) 5e was only &" years old) The cause of his suicide
was stress and inaility to *eep up with his family( friends and teacher+s expectations) Both parents
were completely devastated with their son+s death) The father immediately returned home from his
usiness trip and( after a long mourning( oth parents decided to sell their profitale usinesses and
use the money to open a summer camp in 6olorado ) They planned to invite to this camp each year
freshmen from high schools around the country to whom they wished to provide leadership training)
5owever( this training was not meant to produce yet another generation of high-achievers( ut rather
to prepare peer advisors and counselors to overstressed high school students) Den and 6olleen+s goal
was to help find children who were under similar pressure and stress as their son+s( and help them
efore it was too late) They learned the hard way what was truly important for Dyle and for them( and
they decided to devote the rest of their lives to doing all that was in their power to never let happen to
any child and parent that which had happened to themselves) #&@$
7n the other hand( we hear too many stories aout tragedies caused y association with organi:ed
street gangs) Those gangs recruit their memers from among children( teenagers( and young adults
who simply lac* parental attention) Many of these children and young adults carry great potential( ut
their life circumstances prevent them from rising aove their ostacle) Thus( these young people
usually ecome lost for their generation( either y ending up in a ,ail or y eing prematurely *illed)
3n such cases( negligence and poverty are the main culprits( ut oth can e avoided if parents choose
to ma*e responsile decisions at the right time for the sa*e of their children)
Between these two extremes lies the vast spectrum of families( to which we elong as well( and to
whom the ma,ority of the " th RR children will e entrusted) These children will ring in themselves
new aspects of human evolution( which will further challenge existing concepts( structures( and
systems oth secular and religious) Such situations may e compared to the irthing process( when
after a period of anticipation %gestation' of the coming new generation( there are struggles and
suffering %irthing' efore we can consciously uild the world in which the new race of humanity will
e ale to thrive %growth period') ;ach family to whom the " th RR child has een or will e entrusted
needs to approach this eautiful and challenging assignment individually and with full responsiility(
long efore such positive change would e possile on a gloal scale) This needs to e done for the
sa*e and enefit of this new generation of humanity and not for the gratification of their parents+
9ou may rightfully as* then( !So( what are we to do ?!
~ @- ~
While every single child has to e treated as an individual case( with his or her own set of talents(
qualities of character( and dreams( and in order to help him or her grow into his or her fullest potential(
we would li*e to offer for your contemplation some general thoughts related to the rearing of the
eautiful children of the " th RR)
#lan to become a responsible parent$ . child is not a toy that you get when you feel li*e having it
and then you do with it as you please) 3t is an individual and independent soul( who has trusted in your
care an important part of his current cycle of evolution) .ny decision regarding your child+s future
should e made while *eeping in mind only the est interest of the incoming soul - that is( the est
interest from the point of view of that soul and not of the parent) This is the most challenging thing to
do( for it requires a completely selfless approach to all matters related to the child - eginning from the
type of food he or she eats( to the type of education he or she pursues)
3t is true that the " th RR children are coming to the earth plane with greater amounts of *nowledge
and experience( which they accumulated in the course of their entire evolution) 5owever( it will still
ta*e some time efore they will e ale to retrieve this *nowledge from the depths of their souls) They
still come to earth through the same channel of irth( where a memory veil is placed upon them as was
done in case of the preceding A th ( @ th ( and / rd root races) 3n the process of retrieving their memory
of who they are and what their purpose is( these children will ma*e plenty of mista*es( ,ust as we did(
and therefore we should not expect them to always e perfect) They came here to continue wor*ing
towards achieving perfection) Because the field of their activities is expanded into the astral realm(
they will have to face many new challenges which we did not have to deal with) Therefore( an attitude
of understanding( tolerance( patience( forgiveness( and readiness to e of assistance when needed(
could prove to e most valuale in the parenting of the " th RR generation)
#repare to be a good observer and listener$ . mother told us aout her son who would often laugh
and wave to the thin air around him while she was oserving him from a distance) The oy was still an
infant when he was oviously responding to something his mother couldn+t see) 5e would laugh out
loud and e playful while no one was around) This *ind of ehavior is not an isolated case( as most
would thin*) 3n fact( this occurrence is quite common since children have their astral vision open and
they can see the !invisile! world around them) 3n the case of the preceding root races( this third eye
vision is gone y the time we reach puerty due to the hormonal changes( ut in the case of the " th
RR children this vision can remain permanent providing there is an environment to flourish) The est
thing a parent can do for a " th RR child is to educate himself or herself aout extrasensory ailities(
oth their enefits and ris*s( and attempt to facilitate a favorale development of those ailities for the
enefit of the " th RR child as well as for the enefit of the society into which this child was orn)
Lack of understanding of what the ' th (( children are e"periencing$ 1on+t e too proud to
honestly admit to yourself and to your child that you really do not have a direct understanding of what
the world loo*s li*e from your child+s point of view) Be open with him or her aout your inaility to
see other dimensions and as* him or her to help you understand the world that he or she sees) 3f you as
a parent could attempt to do that with love and humility( there is a great chance that your child will
respond in the same manner) =earn to trust one another and never( under any circumstances( rea* this
trust) 5ave the courage to let your child lead you through the aspects of the other dimensions( ut
don+t approach this ,ourney completely unprepared) =earn all you can aout the astral world from the
trusted sources of .ncient Wisdom( such as those we researched for this article) 4repare yourself in a
similar way that lind parents prepare themselves to navigate in the world of five senses) 3t may loo*
as if this tas* is too difficult ut( if well prepared( you and your child will derive many mutual enefits
from this experience) 3t may e helpful to remind yourself often in moments of despair that 8od(
indeed( never gives anyone more than one can handle)
~ @/ ~
Try to learn what is best for the ' th (( children$ We all are eginning to understand that
otaining a good education( which will secure a well paid ,o - perpetuating the *ind of life we the
parents have - might no longer e the goal of this new generation) Such a materialistic approach to life
did not wor* for us( and the " th RR *nows etter that it will not wor* for them) They graduated from
the A th RR materialism and they view the world around them more holistically) Becoming a medical
doctor( for example( may e seen y the " th RR child as a way to serve one+s human sisters and
rothers wholeheartedly( and not as a prestigious and well-paid usiness that will allow him to live a
comfortale and materially secured life) >or will the " th RR doctor thin* that a scalpel and a pill will
resolve all prolems of his patients) 3t is more li*ely that the " th RR doctor would want to *now what
caused the condition of his patient in the first place( so he could treat the cause of the prolem and not
,ust its symptoms( as current medicine frequently does) The doctor may use much more sophisticated
technology than what we are used to( ut he may use this technology to assist him in removing the
cause of the prolem and not its symptoms)
Therefore( it is highly important that the child is assisted in choosing for himself a vocation that will
e most in harmony with his or her soul+s path( for the child is li*ely to approach life on earth from his
or her soul+s point of view - using the rain more appropriately as a !computing device! that will aid
the " th RR professional in analysis of facts( and not for ma*ing a final decision from a material
standpoint) 5e or she will use oth heart and mind to arrive at the est solution)
3t is quite li*ely that the " th RR children will tap into *nowledge stored in the invisile world for their
inspiration( since they will e ale to access the mind of 8od more readily than we can) Those who are
in artistic vocations( for example( may even receive more direct help from 1evas( who are waiting for
humanity to consciously recogni:e their existence as we once did in the eginning of our earthly
%inding an appropriate educational program in which the ' th (( child can blossom$ 3t is no
secret that the current educational system fails to meet expectations of all generations) 2rom their
earliest years( children are forced to memori:e su,ects that often have little application in their lives)
The formal !educational drilling! usually egins at age B) 3n recent years( a mandatory preschool was
added with the intention of ma*ing the transition from home to school less stressful for the
*indergartners) .s the !competition! continues to grow( the "-year-old preschoolers are as*ed to learn
that which used to e taught in the first grade to accommodate the constantly growing amount of
accumulated information) This also satisfies demands of increasingly more amitious parents who try
to egin their child+s educational drilling at ever-more younger ages) 3t is no longer a novelty to hear
that children( who cannot yet wal*( already learn how to swim under watchful eye of their parents in
the popular !mom and tot swimming classes)! . child cannot hope to ecome a successful gymnast if
he or she did not egin his or her training in *indergarten) We *now of a very talented musician who
was told that he was late in starting his piano lessons at age ") Therefore( educated mothers are often
unwilling to wait for preschool to teach their children how to read and count( so they egin this
important activity as soon as their child utters their first word in hope of setting the child apart from
the mainstream trend)
The most popular toys for tots are those that can teach one thing or another with the intention of
!programming! a child and preparing him for the !entrance interview! to one of the prestigious
schools for gifted children) The sooner this preparation can start( the etter chance there will e that
the child will !loo* more gifted! than his or her !competitors! and will therefore earn a spot in one of
the few prestigious schools)
When a child+s life is so well planned to program him or her for ecoming a competitive high-achiever
in the world of the @ th and A th RRs( his or her soul+s growth will most proaly ecome delayed until
that moment when he or she is ale to free him or herself from such indoctrination) 3n a more tragic
~ @@ ~
situation( the child will ecome so disenchanted with this world that he or she will feel compelled to
ta*e his or her life to e free from the grip of materialism) 2ar too many young and very promising
souls have een lost to our civili:ation through such senseless mishandling of their ailities and
3n the mean time( progress of the pulic educational system was arrested sometime in the middle of
the -G th century) The pulic school system fails to an even greater extent to address the needs of the "
th RR children) There are fewer teachers each year( as the states have no funds to hire more teachers(
and those fewer teachers have to deal with an increasing numer of students placed each year in their
classrooms) 2requently( classrooms have to accommodate as many as /A students per teacher) 5ow in
the world can one teacher fulfill the needs of /A intellectually diverse students within AG minutes of
class instruction time? Who in such circumstances would have time for( and e interested in(
addressing the needs of the new incoming " th RR souls?
This situation will have to change sooner or later) 3n the mean time( we encourage parents to
investigate alternative ways of education that would meet their child+s needs most appropriately) The
>R;4 6ommittee is involved in continuous research of the " th RR phenomenon and it will share its
findings with the readers of the Sanctus 8ermanus wesite( hoping that from the discussions provided
on our site the parents of the " th RR children( as well as the " th RR teenagers and young adults( will
draw inspiration that will help them find est solutions to their prolems)
The challenges that lay efore the " RR children of the A th RR parents
The A th RR parents of the " th RR generation are not the only ones who face various challenges
related to the " th RR phenomena) Those who elong to the " th RR generation arrive into this world
in the same way as their predecessors) This simply means that they lac* an educated perspective and
understanding of the world into which they came into) Being equipped with activated extrasensory
ailities( they are unaware that many people around them( including their parents( view their talents as
something !out of this world! or anormal) 3n the eginning( a child who can see and hear spirits will
not e aware that others around him cannot) 5e will tal* aout his encounters with fairies and 1evas
as a matter of fact) The invisile #to us$ playmates of our children are as real to them as we are) The
children will tal* to them and play with them as they would with their friends from the surrounding
neighorhood) 3t might e quite a shoc* for the " th RR child to hear( stated luntly( that what he or
she is tal*ing aout is ruish and a product of his or her imagination) .ll children interpret the world
around them exactly as they see it until society !programs! them into different modes of thought and
interpretation of facts) =ying for the purpose of manipulation is an acquired s*ill and not one with
which we are orn)
3f we egin to oserve that our child responds to his or her surroundings as if something or someone
were present( while we cannot see nor hear anything( our est response would e one of vigilant
oservance of hisIher ehavior) Then( if the child has already learned to tal*( it would e eneficial to
converse with him or her aout the experience without any preconceived ideas( ,udgments( or
criticisms) 7ur approach should e that of a loving and understanding facilitator of their experience in
this life( wisely guiding him or her through the invisile world) But to do so( we must first prepare
ourselves as well as possile)
)ith great power comes great responsibility $ !.t the same time children must e taught discipline
and discrimination( when to use their faculties to help society and when it is not appropriate) .
clairvoyant child could easily conclude he is insane in this world( ecause he can see that which the
others or his !superiors! cannot) But the new race can also use these faculties to run rings around the
fifth race in an immoral way) Thus( responsile use of clairvoyance has yet to e achieved y the
~ @A ~
earlier incarnations of the sixth race( as in many instances these faculties have either een suppressed
or used in lower psychism)! #&A$
8od+s 1ivine 4lan never included suffering and harsh experiences for his children during their
evolution on earth) Those are direct products of the selfish use of our 2reewill) .s 8od+s children( we
are vested with power of creation( which is su,ected to the =aw of Darma) 6reation ta*es its irth in
the form of thought that is then lowered into the physical plane y persistent action of its creator)
.ction always egets reaction) The world of thought is thus the world of action( and the physical
world is the world of reaction that originated in our thoughts) Thus( good actions will result in creating
a eautiful world for all people( while selfish actions will lead sooner or later to experiences of
distraught and suffering)
4eople with five developed senses are unaware of the power of their thoughts and are therefore
unconsciously creating formsK on the other hand( those with developed extrasensory ailities are fully
conscious of the world of thought form creation and thus are conscience creators) They no longer are
ale to say( !3 did not *now etter! for they do *now etter and thus are expected to do etter as well)
With their sixth senses open( the " th RR generations have een vested with greater power and
therefore( their responsiilities are li*ewise greater) They will need to account for every use or misuse
of their psychic power efore the =ords of Darma) The =aw of Darma cannot e cheated and it is wise
to live y it accordingly) The selfish use of extrasensory ailities for gratification of one+s needs and
desires will need to e alanced y the lac* of such ailities in susequent incarnations as well as lac*
of that which was created for selfish reasons) .nd( this is not an idle warning)
6losing remar*s
=et us always rememer that the psychic ailities of the new children are not exclusive to the chosen "
th RR only) ;xtrasensory talents are latent potentials that sleep in each human eing waiting to e
rediscovered) This is the way humanity once was( ut we have forgotten our true selves as we have
descended into a denser state of matter on our involutionary path of the @ th round) We have ,ust gone
through the nadir of the current cycle and have recently egun our ,ourney ac* to the source on the
evolutionary path of the @ th round) 7ur susequent incarnations on this path can reawa*en in each of
us our extrasensory perceptions) This awa*ening is otained only y successful completion of the
lessons of the previous evolutionary steps) Deeping in mind that the " th RR children are our
inevitale future( we should do our utmost to assist them in their difficult tas* of pioneering the >ew
8olden .ge of .quarius)
By the same to*en( those who already are on the " th RR evolutionary cycle ought to rememer
always that with the greater power vested in them comes greater responsiility) The =aw of Darma is
always in operation and even the Masters come under its rule) .using or misusing extrasensory
ailities for selfish purposes will result in *arma that will have to e repaid eventually) Therefore(
following the 4ath of Moderation as taught y Buddha seems to e the est 4ath in the world of
duality in which we live for all root races to follow)
7ur sincere thanAs go to Soran .avlovic Ir., Matthew Thompson, Reyna Michel+Trapaga, and >icole
ernshaw for reviewing the article.
5orrespondence regarding this article and other topics related to the >R?. 5ommittee research on
the 6 th RR phenomenon should be directed to >R?
~ @" ~
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-D %e designate sub+root race of any root race in the following fashion8 6.6 + the first number
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of the 6 th root race$ or 4.< means $< th sub+root race of the fourth root race.$
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"*D 9ere we list some examples of the articles on the topic related to the interactions of the blind
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"4D Ken and 5olleen recruited freshmen for their camp in my son's high school and that is how we got
to Anow their story. Their website is8
"6D 1rom the :etter to the >R?. committee as dictated by the Master K9 to 2r. Michael Mau.
*1or information on the 'niversal :aws, Anown also as the 5osmic :aws, refer to the )anctus
,ermanus research on 5osmic :aws, which will be published soon.
TR.>S27RM.T37> T5R7085 .RT
1avid 6lay and 7leta 6lay
LThere will soon be no more priests. Their worA is done. They may wait awhile R perhaps a
generation or two R dropping off by degrees. & superior breed shall taAe their place R the gangs of
Aosmos and prophets en masse shall taAe their place. & new order shall arise and they shall be the
priests of man, and every man shall be his own priest. The churches built under their umbrage shall
be the churches of men and women. Through the divinity of themselves shall the Aosmos, and the new
breed of poets be interpreters of men and women and of all events and things. They shall find their
inspiration in real ob@ects today, symptoms of the past and future...They shall not deign to defend
immortality or ,od or the perfection of things or liberty or the ex[uisite beauty and reality of the soul.
They shall arise in &merica and be responded to from the remainder of the earth.NTWalt Whitman
;ach of us is incarnate at this time ecause we stood efore the Darmic Board( and with our Sponsors
y our sides promised that we would serveK that we would help usher in the >ew .ge and that
together we would erect the pillars over which the Sixth and Seventh Root Races will uild a ridge
that will eventually span into the 8olden .ge)
7ne of the tas*s the lightearers have is to reform the educational system( shedding off that which no
longer wor*s and raising a new system upon that which is still useful) This is a gloal tas* and than*s
to the progress of evolution many are now ready to tread the 4ath of 4roation)
.dded to this is the coming in of the Sixth Root Race with their natural proclivities to thin* and act
out of idealism( and their instinct to tear down outmoded structures and institutions in preparation for
the release of that which the form has hiddenTcreating the opportunity for life to find new and more
adequate forms) .ll of this is part of the natural flow with the 4lan that follows 6osmic order) The
need is great for each individual to egin to sense this 4lan and wor* out his own alignment) =ight
earers find themselves Mat the irth pangs of the new civili:ation and the coming into manifestation
of a >ew Race Mwith group [ualities and consciousness and idealistic vision= !*#, a new culture and a
new world outlooA.$ %/'
We have( at present( the somewhat mouldering institution of education to serve this need( which can
e roadly termed the alignment of the personality with the plan of the soul) This is where education
reform comes in) .s .lice Bailey wrote( M;ducation to date has een largely memory training( though
there is now emerging the recognition that this attitude must end)N%@'
~ @H ~
6urrently( the intention of the pulic education system is to teach down to the standardi:ed tests rather
than to encourage original thought) Where is there time for nurturing the imagination of students? The
attempt to cram round pegs into square holes continues to frustrate teachers( parents and most of all
students who are *eenly aware that they are not a perfect fit into the current modelThow could they
My earliest MmemoryN is of having ,ust graduated and with the entire class ,oyously ,umping from a
precipice into earth service) So many find their ,oy and memories of promised service dashed when
encountering the effluvia and materialistic sludge which man has created) Some of us do awa*en to
our soulUs plan somehow ut some do not) We need an educational system that supports the plan of
the soul)
2irst the existence of the soul must e ac*nowledged) Master 1,wal Dhul dictated( MWhen the
hypothesis of the soul is accepted( when the nature of the spiritual energy which flows through the
soul is admitted( and when the mechanism of the force centers is studied( we shall ma*e rapid progress
towards *nowledge) When( through meditation( experiment is made to produce creatively some of the
eauty contacted( some of the ideas revealed and some of the patterns seen( we shall learn to cultivate
genius and understand how to train people to wor* creatively)N%A' The good news is that many are ripe
for this training)
Master 1,wal Dhul predicted that( MThe study of the super-conscious must e underta*en( and not
simply the study of the self-conscious or of the suconscious) Through this study( carried forward with
an open mind( modern psychology will eventually arrive at recognition of the soul)N%"' M4sychology(
with its emphasis upon the three aspects of manTthought( emotional feeling( and odily organismT
has already made a vital contriution and is doing much to ring aout radical changes in our
education systems)N%B'
4sychology is an evolving science in the study of the mind) .fter three other approaches O
psychoanalysis( ehaviorism and humanistic psychology O transpersonal psychology emerged in the
&F"GUs as the fourth force in psychology) Transpersonal psychology is interested in helping the client
reach hisIher ultimate potential( transcending the personal self toward identification with Spirit)
M;ducation is)))the Science of the .ntah*arana)N%H' The antah*arana is the Mrainow ridgeN that is
uilt consciously y the reincarnating ,iva #man$ etween the lower concrete mind to the soul and then
from the soul to the higher astract mind) The antah*arana connects the reincarnating ,iva with the
spiritual triad( the reflection of the Monad( and is the 4athway home) The Science of the .ntah*arana
produces at-one-ment etween the lower mind( the soul and the higher mind) This ridge uilding can
e facilitated y many methods used in transpersonal psychology including meditation( prayer(
chanting( wor*ing with dreams( ,ournaling( past life memories( artistic expression( etc)
Transpersonal psychology can e emraced y all cultures( therey fulfilling the necessary condition
of inclusivity rather than the separatism and competition fostered y todayUs civili:ations and reflected
in most educational systems) Man uilds the antah*arana Mthrough meditation( understanding and the
magical creative wor* of the soulN)%F' 3t is often through the creative process that the soul spea*s most
.rt Therapy
.rt therapy is an aspect of transpersonal psychology) The term Mart therapyN was coined y artist
.drian 5ill in &F@- while using the therapeutic value of art in his wor* with tuerculosis patients)%&G'
3n a oo* titled .rt <ersus 3llness( he stated his elief that the practice of art( Min sic*ness and in
health))) could turn society away from war y ma*ing artistic creativity more appreciatedN) 5e saw the
Mneed for creative expression as a deeply rooted Presurgent instinctU)N%&&' This Mresurgent instinctN
~ @F ~
when expressed swings the individual in alignment with the >ature of our 6reator) Master 1,wal Dhul
dictated that M6reative wor* proves the fact of the soul)))N%&-'
Transpersonal psychology is MRthe scientific study of spiritual experience and spiritual
developmentRN%&/' and it includes spirituality in emotional and mental healing) MThe height
psychological alternative %within transpersonal psychology')))follows a threefold developmental logicE
human nature is divided into ody( soul #ego or self$ and spirit #Self$) 1evelopment isRseen as a
straightforward %Pupward spiralingU' movement from ody to soul to spirit))) This leads to a
PprogressiveU view of spirituality)N%&@'
Spirituality was deemed duious y 2reud ut was emraced y Jung who himself pioneered the use
of certain art therapy techniques including the creation and interpretation of the mandala and art
,ournaling) 3n fact Mspirituality aligns with therapeutic goals of finding meaning( identity and self-
expression)N%&A' These ideals can ecome challenges for some "th Root Race #"th RR$ individuals)
Transpersonal psychological practices include Mimagery( visuali:ation( and art %production' which are
viewed as Pnonveral mode%s' that ypass the ego %personality' and limitation of language)N%&"'
6reating imagery can put the artist in a receptive state that allows for soul contact and flashes of
intuition) M3mages can symoli:e multiple concepts simultaneously as they exist in a non-linear
dimension where content is not restricted y time or logic) 6ommunicating in images allows for
content that is typically guarded in veral expression to manifest in a less defended( tangile(
o,ectified metaphoric manner that allows for distance( insight and acceptance) The permanence of the
artwor*)))allows for a visual review of growth in the therapeutic process)N%&B' This approach can
foster soul contact as the authentic expression of the soul is revealed in the art process leading to soul
lieration) .ccording to art therapist 2arrelley-5ansen( M.rt ma*ing is inherently spiritual)N%&H' .rt
can e experienced y the artist as the response of the soul to questions arising from the personality)
There the soul will e laid are efore the student)
.rt production can help "th RR children tap into their intuition that will tell them their purpose)
1oreen <irtue( 4h1 noted that( M.s a psychotherapist( 3 discovered that every psychological malady
stems from not wor*ing on our 4urpose)N%&F' 4erhaps this is even more the case with the >ew Race
children who may sense that they have much to do) .rt can help them visually and imaginatively
pro,ect themselves into their own future( giving them a unique perspective of their purpose)
6reativity is a sacred part of human nature and it should e supported) 6hildren seem to express this
natural and exuerant creative imperative in dynamic ways) This need can e at odds with the intent of
most of todayUs classrooms( especially where teachersU pay is lin*ed to standardi:ed test scores) 3t
loo*s li*e a setup for failure) Many teachers are missing the opportunity of Mdealing intelligently with
the innate idealism to e foundN in all children)%-G'
So many of the >ew Race children have een diagnosed with .11 or .151 and often exasperated
parents and teachers fall ac* on drugs to quiet down their chargesK M3s there a more overly prescried
drug than Ritalin?N%-&' What are its lasting effects? 5ow do children feel when they are on Ritalin?
1oes Ritalin support soul contact and the Science of the .ntah*arana? M.rt therapy can e effective
for persons suffering with symptoms of .151) 3n fact( for .151 it might e one of the single most
effective therapies to help children and adults concentrate( slow down and staili:e %erratic
The issue of identity seems to e a central question facing "th Root Race children) Much of who they
are is tied to why they are here) The sooner they can discover their mission and reason for eing
incarnated at this time( there will e fewer cases of suicide( depression and sustance ause which are
all symptoms of confusion or the adication of the mission) 6larity is needed and it will not e found
~ AG ~
in the outer world that feeds on its asence) These children need to find self-acceptance( understanding
and ,oy) What they see is a world that usually does not validate their *nowing( and they are re,ected at
every unsanctioned attempt at expression)
The creative imperative must e encouraged and somewhat guided or that energy may find expression
in less than ideal ways) Since energy is neutral it can e qualified either negatively( or in line with the
soulUs plan) Trends can e seen in creative output and the student properly guided y a trained art
therapist( nurturing parent or caring teacher) These children deserve to e listened to and understood)
They do not respond well to our Msometimes rigid( authoritarian school structureN)%-/' They are
coming in with a Mnew intelligence and wisdomN)%-@' We may see their ehavior as eing willfully
noncompliant ut noncompliance within a fear-ased system is wisdom)%-A'
5ow can we improve our classrooms to help foster a love ased world? Through .lice Bailey( the
Master 1,wal Dhul expressed the following ideasE . careful analysis must e done of the child from
irth) The competitive spirit must e eliminated in favor of the Mcooperative consciousnessN) M.n
atmosphere of love( wherein fear is cast outN must e fostered where the student is treated courteously
and expected to return courtesy) M=ove always draws forth what is est in child and man)N We must
create Man atmosphere of patienceN in which the child is allowed to e a Msee*er after the light of
*nowledgeN without a hint of impatience) 3mpatience sows Mthe seeds of irritation( and more lives are
ruined y irritation than can e countedN)%-"' The teacher should allow time for questions and careful
answers) We must create an Matmosphere of ordered activity( whereinN we teach responsiility)
The new education methods should include an atmosphere of understanding and recognition of a
childUs motives) M9e will understand because he is understood and conse[uently fearless=)%-B' 5ow
many tragedies will e prevented y the acceptance and understanding of a fearless child? 7ne never
turned into a undle of confused( misunderstood energy? 3t is our hope that those innate group
qualities( consciousness and idealistic visions e courageously expressed)
When 3 lived in the Washington 1)6) area( 3 helped develop a program to teach what we called visual
literacy and philosophy to groups of incarcerated children housed in three separate ,uvenile detention
centers) We noticed that art was a staili:ing and healing force for those children) While they were in
the creative process they often opened up in new ways) 7ften these children came from very ausive
situations and had a difficult time focusing) We encouraged them to see self-expression as a process of
inward loo*ing( soul searchingK this process can lead to soul contact) These children usually responded
well to the flow of energy during the creative process that encouraged and supported group
.rt activities can e tailored to the need of the student and his or her proficiency with art materials #a
secondary concern$) .ctivities can include inviting children to illustrate their soulUs plan using
collage( painting a portrait of their 1ivine Selves #divine self-portrait$( illustrating and designing how
they plan to change the world( *eeping an art ,ournal( and of course creating and interpreting
We must help the "th Root Race individuals express their vision of a etter world) .s those eautiful
thought-forms are fearlessly expressed we will egin to see them manifesting in our world of
experience) We will see the alignment of the personality with the plan of the soul)
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