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Mount Saint Vincent University

School of Education
Project Proposal GEDU 6140 2821

Name: Jan Ross Mount ID# 0640723

Critically exploring and reflecting on a significant educational problem or issue in the use of technology in
Program: Master of Education (Curriculum Studies) AVRSB Cohort
Please outline in 2-3 paragraphs an overview of the topic you wish to serve as the focus of your project. Use the back of
this sheet if necessary.

The topic I have chosen for research is the benefits and challenges of integrating iPads into the classroom with a focus on
how to best provide PD support to teachers who are using new technology for the first time. I have been interested in the
integration of technology into the classroom since I sat in front of the first Commodore 64 brought into my school in the
early 1980s. I have endeavored to incorporate the changing technologies into my resource programs to enhance
students learning. I am particularly interested in the integration of iPads into the classroom with a focus on enhancing
student learning. As a resource teacher I have first-hand experience working with children who require differentiation,
adaptation and/or individualized programming to meet their curriculum outcomes. With the challenges my students face in
mind I have immersed myself in the study and research of a vast array of apps that are available to teachers and students
supporting cross curricular outcomes. Having worked as an Assistive Technology mentor for AVRSB I have become
familiar with both the benefits and challenges of integrating iPads into the classroom. I have found myself frustrated by
the additional challenges students face when they are trying to use technology that is new to them and their
teachers. The lack of teacher understanding or familiarity with the technology being given to the student has at times
resulted in the iPad not being used. With this in mind I have been exploring the implementation of professional
development, to increase the benefits of integrating iPads in the classroom, to enhance learning and minimize the
challenges of the teachers using the new technology. The readings that I have undertaken for this research focus on the
strategies used to incorporate iPads into the classroom; promoting student and teacher success. These include
Messinger-Willman and Marinos Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology: Leadership Considerations for
Promoting Inclusive Education in Todays Secondary Schools, Pegrum, Oakley, and Faulkners, Schools Going Mobile: A
study of the adoption of mobile handheld technologies in Western Australian independent schools. Henderson and
Yeows iPad in Education: A case study of iPad adoption and use in a primary school. Guzman and Nussbaums
Teaching Competencies for Technology Integration in the Classroom, as well as Harris and Koehlers What is
Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge? I have also looked at the following articles to investigate the flipped
classroom model as a possible platform for developing teacher PD focusing on technology in the classroom; Sankey and
Hunts Using technology to enable flipped classrooms whilst sustaining sound pedagogy, Rohl, Reddy, and Shannons
The Flipped Classroom: An Opportunity to Engage Millennial Students Through Active Learning Strategies.

I propose to review the available literature related to challenges faced by teachers striving to incorporate new technology
into their classrooms to enhance student learning. In this review I will achieve the following two goals:
(1) develop a deeper understanding of teachers attitudes and concerns towards using technology
(2) investigate the implementation of a flipped classroom as a platform to build a sustainable professional development
network for teachers to access independently and in collaborative learning communities

Advancing my understanding of these issues through the review of academic papers will allow me to develop a clearer
understanding of the steps required to provide professional development to teachers who are integrating iPads into their
classrooms. I will follow this up in my summer course by developing strategies and programs that may be used to provide
professional development to teachers working with iPads to enhance learning.
In my research I will consider both groups of people affected by the integration of iPads into the classroom. Teachers and
students alike must be taken into consideration when developing programming for the use of iPads to enhance
learning. Programs introduced to the students must meet their challenges and strengths and teachers must be familiar
and competent with the technology to boost student success. Programming created for professional development for
teachers must be sensitive and respectful of their various skill and comfort levels of using the technology. The
professional development would be created using Web 2.0 technology that allows teachers to develop their skill set as
they support the students in their classrooms. The success of the programming would be measured in the correlation
between increased successful integration of iPads in the classroom and an increase in students success in their reading
and writing programs.

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