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Questions to Ponder

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Answers to be known by conclusion of season
Editor’s note: ThisWeek sportswriters gath- sport. Eleven guys need to execute their assign- those team goals are getting accomplished.” because we’re two totally different teams,”
ered this summer to plan for the football sea- ment, work in unison and they need to coor- Yet, a common theme at last season’s smaller- Coffman coach Mark Crabtree said. “Hilliard
son and our second edition of our preview dinate.” school state championship games featured a Davidson is a tough, hard-nosed team that’s
guide. As the writers conversed, questions Crockett does rely on teammates to block dominating running back on the winning teams. overachieving because of hard work and great
arose. We then offered these questions to area or provide a decoy, but the team’s offensive •Division III: Steubenville’s Zach Collaros coaching. We use a totally different scheme
coaches. Below, we provide the questions as firepower would reduce substantially without had 79 yards and two touchdowns on 26 car- and have a different kind of athlete. I think we
well as coaches’thoughts beginning with: Can him. ries as his team beat Kettering Alter 34-33. have the potential to be a great team, but
a small school achieve big results with a dom- Is it possible a small school can reach lofty •Division IV: Youngstown Mooney’s Dan whether we’ll find the right chemistry, the way
inating running back? heights on the shoulders of a running back? McCarthy had 165 yards on 22 carries and one Hilliard Davidson did last year, is yet to be
“Look at schools that have deep runs in the touchdown as his team beat Jonathan Alder known.”
By DON DELCO playoffs and eventually win the state title,” 26-12. It is difficult to deny the talented players
ThisWeek Staff Writer Barren said. “You’ve got to have the whole •Division V: St. Henry’s Andy Puthoff had Coffman has this season, led by Division I
package as a team. You may find those star 215 yards on 37 carries and three touchdowns recruits Mike Adams (OL), Trey Fairchild
Ron Hinton took a seat on the bleachers in players, but one thing you’ll also find is they’re as his team beat Warren John F. Kennedy 28- (WR), Steve Gardiner (RB), Jake Stoneburner
the Teays Valley High School gymnasium. It a good team that’s solid across the board.” 7. (WR) and Zack Stoudt (QB). Adams and
was late in evening Nov. 11, 2006. Earlier, his At Eastmoor, Isaiah Pead also enters his •Division VI: Maria Stein Marion Local’s Stoneburner made verbal commitments to Ohio
Amanda-Clearcreek football team had defeated senior season. Last year, he rushed for more Ben Schaefer had 102 yards on 22 carries as State.
Columbus Academy 36-9 in a Division V than 1,800 yards, averaging 10.1 yards per his team beat Shadyside 17-0. “I don’t know that I would say that Coff-
regional semifinal. carry, and scored 23 touchdowns. Behind “They all have players who are capable of man will be like us,” Davidson coach Brian
Hinton’s game plan succeeded. With the Pead, the Warriors finished 7-4 overall after changing a game,” Barren said. “They can take White said. “Coffman is favored to be the best
victory in hand and the coach’s 26th season losing to New Lexington 42-14 in a Division a play that’s no gain and go 75 yards for a team in central Ohio with that number of big-
extended another week, he revealed his game IV regional quarterfinal. touchdown and the tide of the game turns and time players. We’re not talking Division I going
plan in the postgame conference with reporters. Unlike Academy, Eastmoor’s quarterback, that team is out of their game plan. to Eastern Michigan or Northern Illinois, we’re
“As soon as Chris Crockett moved, we tried Terrence Drakeford, is not returning, forcing “If you have a Division-I caliber athlete, he talking Division I BCS schools. They have an
to get numbers at him,” Hinton said. “You win Pead’s offensive responsibilities to grow. will stand out. He’s a man amongst boys. Those opportunity to make something happen.”
with numbers, and we had to dictate where he “I feel a lot of pressure to perform even bet- guys always have the capability of taking your •QUESTION: Is the central Ohio football
wanted to go.” ter,” Pead said. team to the next level.” scene becoming more of a factor on a statewide
Crockett finished with 86 yards on 16 car- Even if Pead performs equal to last season, Whether that player takes that team all the level?
ries, bringing the first-team all-state selection’s can he lead Eastmoor back to the playoffs? Or way to a championship, most coaches like Of the six divisions in football, three had
season totals to 1,936 rushing yards and 34 does a team need other parts contributing? Carter harp on teamwork to achieve such a teams from central Ohio in the championship
touchdowns on 191 carries. For Johnstown coach Mike Carter, one player goal. games last year.
Crockett, along with Academy’s top receiver does not equal wins for his Division III pro- “Just because one person might get a lot of Davidson became the second Division I pro-
and quarterback, return for their senior sea- gram. press and publicity, that shouldn’t, at least from gram from the area in seven years to win as it
son, thus raising the expectations. “It’s a team effort and one person can’t do the coach’s side, overshadow the hard work defeated Mentor. Pickerington Central (Divi-
“No doubt Chris is a key part of our team it all,” Carter said. “If a young man is doing that the rest of the team is providing.” sion II) and Jonathan Alder (Division IV) fin-
and to us having success,” Academy coach fantastic things at that school, even if he is one •QUESTION: Is Dublin Coffman this year’s ished runner-up.
Mark Barren said. “But as I tell the guys before of the best players in the nation, he has a lot Hilliard Davidson?
the season starts, football is the ultimate team of other people out there working to make sure “I’m not sure if that’s a good question See QUESTIONS, page 75

Motorists Group offers scholarships

From staff reports
Motorists Insurance Group is looking for
a few excellent student-athletes — 10 to be
able to reward young people and help them
attain post-high school educational goals is a
pretty important thing.
exact. “We felt that those young men and women Be the one
In a program sponsored by Motorists Insur- who not only display athletic ability but also
ance Group and its independent agents, 10 stu- do so in the the classroom and the community
dent-athletes from central Ohio will receive need to be supported. That’s what this program
scholarships, totaling $35,000, based upon is all about.”
excellence in the classroom and community The 10 winners will be selected from a group Give blood
as well as on the playing field. of student-athletes nominated by their high
Two scholarships — for one boy and one schools.
girl — will be worth $7,500. The remaining Every school located in Franklin, Delaware,
Help save lives

August 22, 2007 • Central Ohio High School Football Preview ’07
eight, again equally divided for boys and girls, Licking, Fairfield, Pickaway, Madison, Union
are for $2,500. or Morrow counties can nominate two student-
“We’re always looking for ways to give back athletes.
to the community,” said Paul Richards, Assis- The scholarship winners will be announced
tant Vice President Corporate Communica- in May 2008 during a broadcast of WBNS-
tions and Advertising. “We felt that by being TV’s “Wall to Wall Sports” show.

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