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THE ARMENIAN QUESTION Before The Peace Conference” Re ost 2 oa In the name of the entire Armenian nation, whose elected Dele- gates from Armenia and from all the other parts of the world are note assembled in Conference in Paris, the Armenian National Dele~ gation has the honor to submit to the Peace Conference this Mema- Taadum hich summarises the claims and aspiration of the clrme: nian Nation Atter centuries of oppression and of suffering, our nation, at the end of the World War, finds itself torn up and Dieeding, but vibrating with life and determined with a faith stronger than ever before to set itself free and to attain the realization of its national ‘deal through the vietory of the Associated Powers, which have inscribed on their banners the principles of Right, of Justice and of the right of peoples to dispose of their own destiny. Relying upon these great principles, the Armenian National Delegation, interpreting the unanimous will of the entire nation, a part of which has already constituted itself into an Independent Republic in the Caucasus, proclaimed the independence of Integral Armenia and brought that fact to the attention of the Allied Governments by a note dated November 30, 1918. Meat of the Armenian National Delegntion the" ArmeatanReputic ithe Cattae, feared tefore the Peace Conference a Qual Orsay and presented to that ify tts fim memoranda which emis the claims ofthe ene Armenian tation (ie French orginal flows this in this book) Mr Abaromiany a reid of the Delegation of the Armenian Rei, handed tothe Presiient af the Peace Couferctze separate memorandum which summarises the feios, af ein Neth: Armen oat th eae of he RRegaiie of Armenia, The French orginal and English transiaton of that tmeordamn af pitied tewhcre tn te book 3